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forbidden-feelingsss · 11 months ago
Damn there's something going on and immediately I'm too hyperanalysing to talk so I just smile like an idiot🥰✨❤️
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bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
the mix of anxiety and excitement on the walk to ur tc's class is sumn else
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allthetc · 4 years ago
B watches my WhatsApp stories!
Every once in a while I post something in my WhatsApp story hopeing that B sees it. And like two days ago she actually did see what I posted, so I posted more just to see if it was just random that she saw it. But no I posted something new every few hours an she saw everything. My friends probably think I've gone mad because no one fucking uses WhatsApp stories🙄😂 But I can't stop now🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😍
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promsongldr · 20 days ago
another night creating fake scenarios with him that will never happen to the sound of songs by lana del rey
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tc-blossom · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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forbidden-secret-and-desire · 3 months ago
Remembering the time I sat on his lap😩😩, it was so hot and he made an excuse so I can stay longer 😏😏 😳🤫
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freshmanyearhistoryteacher · 4 months ago
history male teacher X female student
at school, after class or in a free period
SFW, just some fluff, like a first hug or talking about books ? im desperate for something soft ^-^'
Warning, Contains: - spoilers for dead poet society - fluff (cuddling) - more teacher perspective but kinda both?
Word count: 1, 592
I’m sorry it’s so short it’s late and the last day before I start uni 💀 This is also my 40th story :)))))) epic
When she arrived at class that day, he had had to turn away before he blushed or smiled too wide. It wasn’t something he could explain nor was it a feeling he could pin down. She just had this… effect on him. Like when she walked in the room, his day would get better and the sun seemed to shine brighter. She would merely wear her hair in a different style and it sent butterflies through his stomach or derailed his entire lesson plan.
Today, she had clearly forgotten her jacket because her arms were snapped tight to her body, rubbing the smooth skin of her upper arm. Her face was flushed across her nose which crinkled as she laughed her way to her seat near the back of the room.
This was his favourite lesson. Four days of the week, they had a study period together and, in at least two of those classes… the other students would neglect to attend. He knew he should be mad because well, he was trying to run a class. But the way they talked and laughed made up for the disappointment in them ten fold. It was his favourite classroom too. The walls hadn’t yet been ripped down and replaced with blue plaster so, the boarding of dark wood still ran around the bottom half and around the chalk boards. Even the floor made more noise when you stepped on it, the wood creaked with ever shift you made in your chair. The paint had yellowed slightly from a blinding white to a beige, cream that softened the rays of sunlight that occasionally peaked through a slim window across the top of the furthest wall.
In an uneven voice he called;
“Good morning, miss.”
He sounded nervous even in his own ears but she was kind and smiled her usual smile anyway as she said goodbye to her friends and set out her books. It was obvious to everyone but him that she was shy in the same way he was. That she had also darted her eyes away when they nearly found him at the front of the room. That her friends also laughed at the way her steps became lighter as she walked to his classes.
“Hi,” she eventually said in an equally uneven tone that made his stomach swirl and twist.
“You must be cold,” was the only thing he could come up with, and his hand nearly smacked himself in the face. The weather? After nearly a year of conversations and hours spent together? She huffed a laugh through her nose and nodded, still shivering. “Here,” he said, making his way across the room without giving the idea any thought. His jacket wasn’t overly comfortable and was more for the formal dress code the staff room teachers always expected but, it was better than nothing. He gently placed it over her shoulders which were drowned in the fabric. It was at least 2 sizes too big and looked entirely too good on her for him to make any snide remarks.
For a second he swore the blush of her wind blown cheeks deepened but he looked away to avoid staring and found his place on a desk next to hers. It was silent and they both knew they were getting too comfortable but, she smiled with shining eyes and he didn’t seem to care.
“Uh thanks,” she all but whispered, “I’ve uh, nearly finished that book you mentioned.” She fished around her bag for the tiny copy of ‘dead poet society’ she had stored away and spent far too much of her other class time reading. “It’s good… really good. I watched the movie too- it just seems so….” She was at a loss, there was so much that the book seemed and had come to mean between them.
“It’s only of my favourites,” he meant back to lean on his hands, “sometimes working there seems better than here but I think an all boys school would be, in the nicest way, a VERY difficult situation to teach in.” He chuckled to himself shaking his head.
“No I can’t think of anything worse, but the characters-“ she pressed on, and they talked for the better part of twenty minutes. This poem was better or, the school was wrong and right or, the boys all deserved better than to be forced into a perfect image by their parents … it didn’t really matter what they said.
A knock at the door broke it all. The atmosphere of comfortable disagreement and bashful insults. The way her body had curled into the scent of his jacket and how much closer he had leaned throughout the period.
“Open,” he said jogging back to the front. The door swung open with a heavy thud and the face of a terrified first year appeared.
“Sir, mister, s- I mean.. so, miss Tr- miss Tracy wants to know if you have a um, a uh, spare whiteboard marker?” The poor kid babbled. But he was gone within seconds when the pen seemed to appear out of no where in his hands and the door swung softly closed.
“Is Miss T ever not losing her pens?” She questioned at the man standing shaking his head at the door. His tongue clicked in agreement and he made his way back, eyebrows slightly creased as if he was debating something life threatening.
“Are you o-“ she began with concern but was cut off.
“Come sit,” he motioned, throwing himself down on the never used couch against the back wall. Whoever had used this room years before had left it here and, the hassle of moving all the tables and chairs with the potential it wouldn’t fit though the door seemed too much. It was only a two seater but he waited to see her reaction. She seemed tense, her shoulder raising as soon as he asked. They had sat together before, with their hands awkwardly locked in their own laps and eyes glued to the ground while the class ran through random improve situations. This was different though. His arm was stretched across the back of the seat and, if she moved, she’d wind up tucked into his side… in his jacket…. Stealing his warmth … maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. She pulled her lip into her teeth with hesitation, silently debating.
Would it make it awkward? She was cold so… would they keep talking normally? She really didn’t want that to end.
“It’s ok I promise, you’re cold and it’s more comfortable than the plastic chairs so- why not?” He smiled it off easily but inside his mind was sounding alarms with flashing sirens. This was a stupid, rash, unprofessional idea. But to his shock she nodded and picked up the book from her table, covered the few steps to the couch, and ever so slowly placed herself beside him. Without even meaning to, her head was nearly resting on his shoulder and her legs were bend beneath her, making her smaller in his hold. He wasn’t breathing, but nearly was she. Both of their hearts hammered and she cleared her throat too many times in a row. The red in her cheeks definitely deepened this time. The number of times she had dreamed of being this close, cuddling, holding each other…
She coughed. “Thanks,” she muttered, twisting to find a comfortable spot before leaning her back against him and using the arm of the couch to plant her book. She just began reading, and it blew his mind. She was acting like it was casual while his heart nearly ran out of his chest.
There was still an hour of the class left, with his head leant back against the rough pillowed fabric, staring up at the roof. His arm had long since slid to find its way around her waste and, without a word from either of them, she slowly turned back around and shifted into his side. Quietly they both prayed he had remembered to lock the door before they sat back down because there was no way to justify resuming this position.
He was sat frozen while her hot breath tickled the side of his neck and send goose bumps rippling across his skin. His fingers toyed with the ends of her hair and the buttons on the too big sleeves of his jacket.
“ if we shadows have offended, has to be one of the best written lines ever,” she huffed and broke the silence before it lapsed again. It wasn’t uncomfortable, more familiar and warm. It felt like a warm coffee in the middle of a winters day, like a hug from a friend you hadn’t seen in months or, a weighted blanket in front of a fire while it rained outside. He felt a spark light in his heart but he pushed it to the side and let his eyes slide closed.
Her head eventually rested entirely on his chest and her book slid from her hand to the floor as they slept in a feeling so hard to achieve. Complete peace, love, warmth, the feeling of home, friendship, something more and indescribably perfect. Students ran around outside, yelling, laughing, crying, making fun of each other. Teachers grumbled as they lugged too much paper to each new class, the top sheets covered in snow from the few journeys made between buildings. But they rested, holding onto each other in the small, two seater arm chair in the back of some classroom.
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officehrs · 7 months ago
fuck having a married tc,, HAVING A SINGLE TC IS EASILY SO MUCH WORSE?? you know theyre available but you cant even pursue anything 😭 whats the point of it all
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tryoutstc · 7 months ago
30 random tc questions for when you miss them ♡
i'm yearning and i love these sets of questions that people make, so this is the result :> feel free to use these, and you can ask me some as well!
if your tc were the same age as you and studied in your class instead of teaching it, would you still have a crush on them?
what overused romance trope would you use to describe you and your tc?
pov: it's your tc's birthday. what are you giving them as a gift?
did you become a teacher's pet to get close to them?
what's the most embarrassing thing you've done in front of your tc?
have you ever been on a school field trip with them?
what are they like as a teacher? are they strict, laid-back, passionate, etc.?
do you find it difficult to hide your crush on your tc? have you ever done anything around them that made it obvious?
what do you think is the first thing that goes through their head when hearing your name?
if your tc saw you crying, how do you think they would react?
do you prefer their looks or personality? which made you fall for them first?
have you ever been jealous because your tc spent time with another student?
can you picture yourself staying in contact with them after graduation? if you are graduated, is this the case?
do you have a favorite outfit that your tc wears?
has having a crush on them had an impact on your grades?
what do you have in common with your tc? are your personalities similar, or are you polar opposites?
do you think you're their favorite student?
has your tc ever done something that made you upset or angry?
if your tc wasn't a teacher, what occupation do you think they would have?
has your tc ever given you a gift?
is there a color that you associate with them?
do you know if any of your classmates like your tc as well? can you see this being the case?
if you could call your tc a pet name, what would it be?
what's a song that you would use to describe them?
have you ever done something dumb to get their attention?
what are your interactions with your tc like? are you teasing with each other or strictly professional?
if you saw your tc outside of school, would you go up to them? how do you think they would react?
has your tc ever done anything that made you wonder if they knew about your feelings for them?
what do you think is their biggest fear?
if you found out that your tc was leaving your school, how would you feel? would it be easy for you to get over them?
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wannabesk8r · 9 months ago
at the beginning i didn’t even want to think about kissing my tc because it felt weird and just looking at her and listening to her talk was enough
but now all i want is her to pin me against the wall and kiss my lips like it’s the only thing she ever wanted to do
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s0bb1ngsapph1c · 4 months ago
any teacher that’s kind to me and is cute: *existing*
me mentally: how could I ignore you, trust me I adore you-
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bauhausluvr · 2 months ago
me when i have to rely on being obsessed with someone/thing to give me true happiness
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sun-of-grace · 9 months ago
i'll choose you over and over again.
in this lifetime, and the next, and the next after that.
i will choose you until the universe gets tired of me choosing you.
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promsongldr · 15 days ago
when he enters the room it's like everything stops
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tc-blossom · 7 months ago
TCC blogs that YOU should follow that are also my swag mutuals PT. ONE :D
Plus even some non TCC blogs too!
Myself (duh)
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forbidden-secret-and-desire · 2 months ago
The urge to physically tease him while sitting on his lap then open his buttons shirt and kiss him all over his lips and neck 😏😳😫😩
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tcceacherspet · 9 months ago
TC Playlist <3
high school sweethearts - melanie martinez
teacher's pet - melanie martinez
daddy issues - the neighbourhood
wildest dreams - taylor swift
knee socks - arctic monkeys
thing's i'll never say - avril lavigne
the only exception - paramore
into you - ariana grande
illicit affairs - taylor swift
i know it's over - the smiths
august - taylor swift
blank space - taylor swift
last night i dreamt someone loved me - the smiths
thinking of you - katy perry
can't get you out of my head - kylie minogue
video games - lana del rey
picture to burn - taylor swift
you belong with me - taylor swift
i couldn't be more in love - the 1975
gorgeous - taylor swift
girls - the 1975
me and you together song - the 1975
break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored - ariana grande
gingerbread man - melanie martinez
damned if i do ya (damned if i don't) - all time low
high definition - waterparks
somebody else - the 1975
linger - the cranberries
Tumblr media
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officehrs · 8 months ago
i cant be the only one who thinks its so embarrassing to show any sign of being young around ur tc?? i used to not mind, and i even used to show it off but now i dont want to be seen as a child¿ i dont want them to give me advice on teenage, immature matters... i dont want them to see my age at all, only our conversations and similarities and thoughts ://
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tryoutstc · 3 months ago
march tc challenge 🌤
hey my lovely tc-ers! most of us seem to have done a tc challenge for both january and february this year, so i thought, why not march? i tried to come up with questions that haven't been asked before, so lmk what you think :))
if you could change one thing about your tc, physical or personality-wise, what would it be?
are they "your type", or was falling for a person like them completely unexpected?
if they were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?
imagine you have a whole weekend to spend with your tc. what would you guys do?
what's their biggest talent?
be honest: would you guys be a power couple or not?
if they knew about your feelings, would they confront you about it or ignore it?
are they a good singer?
if you could choose an outfit that your tc had to wear every single day, what would it look like?
are they more academic, artistic, or athletic? what about you?
do they inspire you as a person?
are they an early riser or a night owl?
have you ever made each other angry or upset? if so, how did you reconcile?
do you ever find yourself imitating them, either consciously or unconsciously?
what do you think their love language is? what's yours?
have they taught you anything that isn't school related? valuable life lessons, insights on how you feel about yourself, etc?
what would they have to do to make you lose feelings for them?
are they introverted or extroverted? what about you?
who's more likely to start rambling about their interests while the other listens?
do you feel guilty about having feelings for your tc?
are you insecure about them liking another student more than you?
what kind of hairstyle would you love to see them in?
do you think they trust you?
what's the most comedic moment that's occurred between you two?
have you ever drawn them or written about them to vent your feelings?
how do you feel when you're around them? are you so nervous that you can't concentrate, or do you just feel happy that you get to spend time with them?
do you guys have any inside jokes?
do their morals, principles, or political views align with yours?
have you ever tried to get over them?
if someone nice your age showed up in your life and you caught feelings for them, would you move on from your tc?
have you ever said or done something that, in hindsight, might have been hurtful to them? have they ever done the same to you?
happy march <33
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wannabesk8r · 7 months ago
people hug their tcs???
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