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lustfulromances · 7 months ago
having a teacher crush means staring at that one blurry, almost unrecognisable photo of them because it’s the closest thing you have to a selfie of them
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retarq · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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sweet-but-stoned-tcc · 28 days ago
June TCC Challenge
I thought I would try to write a cute TC challenge for June 🥰
Do you and your TC have any hobbies or interests in common? If so, do you talk about them together often?
Does your TC ever talk about their childhood/teenage years? If yes, what were they like and what sort of childhood did they have?
If you could choose one from the following from your TC, what would you choose? An hour alone with them to chat about what you want, a hug, a present, a handwritten note or then complimenting you in front of the class?
Do you think you’ll buy them a leaving gift? If so, what are you thinking of getting them?
When and where did you first meet them?
What was your first impression of them?
Do they give out much homework in their classes? What type of homework do they commonly give out?
Do they talk a lot in their classes or do they do more activities?
What’s their funniest moment this far?
What’s their cutest moment so far?
Have you gone on a field trip with them yet? If so, to where?
Have you got any selfies with them? If yes, where were they taken?
Do you usually prefer older people or is your TC an exception?
Are you and your TC close? Do you talk to them often?
Do they have any pets?
Is there anything about them you wish you could change?
Is there a particular song that reminds you of them?
Do you have dreams about them? If so, what is the best dream you’ve had about them so far?
What sort of girlfriend/boyfriend/partner do you think they’ll be?
What’s their sense of humour like? Can they make you laugh?
Are they usually your ‘type?’ If not, what attracted you to them?
Are they more of an introvert or an extrovert?
What is their classroom like? Do they put a lot of pictures up?
Has anyone in your life caught on to your crush for them?
What caused you to realise that you have a crush on them?
How long have you had a crush on them now?
What is their body type?
Do they have any school events they especially enjoy? How about ones they don’t like?
How long have they been teaching for?
Are they younger (20s-30s) or older (40+)?
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sheismyteacherr · 7 months ago
Hey Spotify play "teachers pet" by Melanie Martinez
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sun-of-grace · 9 months ago
i'll choose you over and over again.
in this lifetime, and the next, and the next after that.
i will choose you until the universe gets tired of me choosing you.
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mybeloved-tc · 3 months ago
Ya’ll I don’t know what to get her for her birthday and it’s in 5 days!! If anyone has any ideas PLEASEE let me know!!
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fantasytc · 3 months ago
Bro that moment when you spend nearly an hour on call with ur tc (ex student now social media friend) and she spends half the call gushing about her man she’s moving in with 💀💀 graduated life is wild.
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popsicklee · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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swagsib · 3 months ago
tik tok ruins everything
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my-tc-is-an-angel · 6 months ago
when you’re venting to tc and she advises you to get professional help 🤡😭✌️
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lustfulromances · 7 months ago
“how old is your crush?”
you don’t wanna know.
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lesbianismbabeyyy · 9 months ago
today we had a cooking extracurricular and we made omelettes but I didn't really want mine so I gave it to g and she was so cute and kind about it I'm screaming AWRFGJ
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sweet-but-stoned-tcc · 7 months ago
Having to listen to most lecturers: 😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄😴😴😴🥱🥱🥱
Having to listen to my TC: 😍😍😍❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💓💓💓🤤🤤🤤🤤
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sheismyteacherr · 8 months ago
I wonder if you've ever
thought of me
At night before you went to sleep
I doubt that you ever do
seeing as how i am only your student
But i sure think of you alot
it's hard to shake you from my every thought
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sun-of-grace · 8 months ago
what if i don’t like you at all?
what if i was just fixated?
you were there in the first place.
you weren’t meant for me.
maybe i needed another reason to try again. to write again.
just happened you were there.
shining, smiling like your soul was pure honey
and i tried dipping.
what if i don’t like you at all?
you were just there and i was just in a broken place.
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mybeloved-tc · 22 days ago
She got covid… and theres 5 days left of the school year.
So I’m legit terrified I’m not gonna be able to see her until next school year. She said she wasn’t coming in for the rest of this week but I hope she comes in feeling better for the last 2 days of school.
The crazy part is that SHE NEVER TAKES HER MASK OFF and the one time she does. She gets covid😐 that’s what has me bouncing off the walls right now.
But she’s so cute. She sent a message in our class chat saying she got covid and she decorated the banner of the text with germ emojis wtf😭😭
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fantasytc · 4 months ago
Yoo wassup she doesn’t see me as a student anymore I’m just a mate who used to be her student woot woot now if I could just get rid of that pesky boyfriend I’d probably have a solid shot with her lol
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snuffiegirl · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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palebluelovepages · 9 months ago
i always try to remind myself that she is literally just a normal human like i am just going thru life but then i remember how insanely smart she is and i automatically feel threatened and intimidated but also completely, utterly smitten
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s0bb1ngsapph1c · 4 months ago
jskdjd not T following me upstairs and yelling “I remembered your test today!!!!” and giving me a heart attack😍
then calling me into her room to talk to her👺
my voice went high pitched I’m gonna cry-
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