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soulwr1ter · 2 days ago
And If ever
We forget
In another
Time And place
Let Your soul
Find mine Again
And let Us love
Once More
-J.Wool, Once More, Soul Whispers
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sarahthepoet · a day ago
Tumblr media
I saved you and you broke me.
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trashandwriting · a month ago
"I'm a writer" ok how often do you write
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hokkyokuro · a month ago
Character mannerisms to consider!
Mannerisms, in this case, are the little details that are unique to each character of your story! These are perfect ways help the reader know more about your character’s personality without needing to read through multiple sentences of description or dialogue. Mannerisms also become incredibly useful when you need to convey things like social status, upbringing, mental health status and how they interact with the world/people around them.
There are hundreds of unique ways to use mannerisms, for example linking one character to another despite their lack of interaction in the story. The dialogue and description might point to Character A having never met Character B, but they might share the same mannerisms, which would hint to some kind of past link between the pair.
How much space do they take up? Do they spread out when they sit or stay curled-up? Do they flail their arms to gesture? Do they speak loudly or quietly? Who listens when they speak up? Do they make a sound when they move?
How does your character sleep? What position? Do they sleep restlessly or soundly? Do they prefer covers, or do they sleep without?
How does your character greet people? Are they welcoming or reserved? How genuine are they being?
How much do they mirror others? Do they mirror everyone? (Mirroring is a subconscious behaviour where two+ people in a conversation will copy one another’s body language. This usually means there is a connection of some kind being made. Lack of / exaggerated mirroring might indicate towards a mental disorder or other (ex: personality disorder, neurodiversity, anxiety etc)
Which part of their body is the most expressive? Does your character use their hands a lot or do they tuck them away? Do they need movement to ground themselves (swaying, rocking, fidgetting…)?
Who would your character turn to in a group of people for comfort? Would they acknowledge that person more? Would they engage in a conversation with only them or would they just glance their way?
Do they have a re-occuring habit to indicate a mood? Do they crack their knuckles when excited? Do they bite their lip ring when angry? Do they look at their hands when sad?
How do they gesture? Do they speak with their hands? Do they point, nod or use their eyes to show something? Which movements are conscious, and which aren't?
Do they have a comfort item or person? Is there something they always think of? Is there something they hold with care? How much do they value that thing more than others?
How would they react to another person’s misfortune? Would their eyes light up? Would their heart hurt? How genuine would they feel? How genuine would they act?
Is there anything that makes them OOC (out of character)? (This is a good thing! One tiny OOC aspect can make a huge impact on that character) Perhaps they’re cruel but love cats? Perhaps they’re known for being the kindest but smile when they think of something tragic? How often do they act strangely? Do they do it in front of anyone? Do their actions indicate this or solely their thoughts?
I hope this helps you develop your characters! If you have anything to add, feel free to do so!
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harryssunflowerkiwi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Every single one of the fics/writers listed here have made my life exponentially better. And I would defend them with my life. Welcome to my happy place. They are in no particular order, I stand by all of them equally. Please show these writers all the love they deserve or else 😡 Also! I will be updating this every time I find new favourites + please let me know if you have any recommendations
In my feelings - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: this series is the series that got me into reading full length fics. Everything about it is absolute perfection. Her writing is unbelievably good. It’s so long and incredibly detailed. I’ve never been more personally attached to two characters in my life. If you want to feel something read this (or really any of her writing). My all time number one fic)
Somebody else - by @harrystylescherry
(Personal review: Again, her writing is top notch. As painful as this story is, every moment in between the pain makes it feel so real. I’m not usually someone who likes reading fics with heavy angst but this one is one that I’ve read time and time again)
Blacking out and breaking hearts - by @dont-call-me-baby-posts
(Personal review: this is one of my newer finds, and it is ongoing. Somehow every chapter feels so complete yet always leaves you wanting more. These characters are very personal to me. I’ve been following it since she posted the first chapter and I’ve been hooked ever since. Beautiful and emotional writing. 10/10)
Dancing with myself - by @givemesomeboobies
(Personal review: I love a good best friends brother trope, and this series does it so well. The smut is great and so is the conflict around all the main characters. I love the readers relationship with Harry and the way they write about mental health. Great great read)
Smooth operator - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: What an original concept, I’ve never read anything quite like this and the writer did such a fantastic job at making such a complicated relationship feel so relatable and hot. Very well written smut and dialog)
Jamaica me happy - by @for-fucks-sake-h
(Personal review: I read this one a few months ago and it is the fic that made my fall in love with this writer. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favourite tropes thanks to this series. Honestly can’t say enough good things about the writing. I literally squealed out loud so many times while reading this. No complaints)
To love and be loved - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: I just finished this about a week ago and i still think about it all the time. This is truly one of the only fics I’ve read that has a single dad Harry that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, it’s not usually my trope of choice but this one is so heartbreakingly good that I couldn’t stop reading it)
Desire - by @watchmegetobsessed
(Personal review: Honestly this series has some of the hottest scenes ever. This writer does sexual tension so well. I adore this concept and was so excited to read it when I first found it, and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. All of their writing is very original and creatively impressive)
1923 - by @hrina
(Personal review: Prior to reading this I didn’t think I enjoyed fics that are set in the past but I can not explain how happy I am that I ended up reading this one. Everything about it I am obsessed with. The smut, the love/hate relationships, the wirlwind of emotions, everything. Also one of my favourite dynamics)
The ring - by @hrina
(Personal review: I LOVE a good llh boxer Harry and this series is easily my favourite one. The smut is so hot and the storyline is so effortlessly complete in only three parts)
Daddy issues - by @fkinavocado
(Personal review: Honestly there’s not much I can say about this one, other than oh. My. God!! It’s so perfectly dirty and sweet at the same time. It’s truly reawakened my daddy kink and I’m not mad at it at all. Such a thoughtful storyline and an incredible dynamic between two such emotionally complex characters. I look forward to every update)
Aster - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is my most recent read and I am so completely in love with these characters. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine Harry as the bad boy prototype but she did such an amazing job making it realistic while including all the things I love about Harry. The character development is unreal)
chiaroscuro - by @moonchildstyles
(Personal review: This is the only vampire!Harry fic that I have read that I liked. Something about the way she writes Harry (in this and all her fics) is so realistic and loveable. Never once did I feel like anything was forced or contrived which is a must for this type of story. Definitely recommend even if you’re not usually into the vampire trope)
Oh Anna! - by @stylesloveclub
Roses and Vanilla - by @stylesloveclub
Residue - by @bopbopstyles
Better now - by @bopbopstyles
Behind the bar - by @bopbopstyles
Aubade - by @meetmymouth
Never coming back down - by @for-fucks-sake-h
Hey angel - by @watchmegetobsessed
Kisses - by @hrina
Popsicles and kiwis - by @hrina
The 24-hour bookstore - by @harrystylescherry
Ungodly hour - by @harrystylescherry
Needy - by @harrystylescherry
Pearls - by @moonchildstyles
The boxer - by @moonchildstyles
Stablehand!Harry x Princess!reader - by @angelsanddaisies
I live in the neighbourhood - by @finestoflines
“I am not going to join your band” - by @finestoflines
Quarantine with a view - by @fkinavocado
“You horny fuck” - by @finekisses
Changes - by @sunflowervolvimp3
NFWMB - by @sunflowervolvimp3
42 hours - by @sunflowervolvimp3
Liberation - by @watchmegetobsessed
Cupid’s chokehold - by @meetmymouth
Doctor’s orders - by @havin-a-wee
Needy baby - by @harryforvogue
Tell me you love my cock - by @stellarboystyles
Nervous - by @watchmegetobsessed
Studio session - by @harrygivenchy
~I only did reviews for the series’ and not the one shots simply because there was much more to say considering the length of the fics. I would rate every single one of the fics listed (both series and one shots) 10/10~
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theonewithwords · 10 days ago
I wish little shits would stop saying
YoU liKe OthEr lAnguGE sOnGS?? dO yOU EVen unDerStanD tHem?
Like for the fucking love of God I read the fucking lyrics the first time and loved how they made me feel and whenever I listen to them I might not remember each word butt
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approaching-nonfiction · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
— Joan Didion, “On Keeping A Notebook” (1966), Slouching Towards Bethlehem
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Writers need to understand the fundamental difference between a woman who chooses to reject femininity for themselves versus a woman who tries to reject femininity for all women and belittles and mocks any women who choose to be feminine. Femininity is not the enemy. The problem is the lack of agency that prevents women from choosing whether they want to be traditionally feminine or not. Attacking and totally rejecting femininity only upholds the notion that masculinity and men are superior. Women who cut their hair short, wear pants, don't want to have kids, and know how to use a sword or a gun can and should coexist with women who wear dresses, enjoy makeup and jewelry, and spend most of their time in the domestic sphere. The idea that these two kinds of women negate or impede the other defeats the entire purpose of feminism, which is CHOICE and AGENCY. Instead of vying for a world where women have to reject femininity to be considered strong, create a world where women have the choice to fall anywhere they want on the spectrum.
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velvetkisses28 · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
I turned out the way I am because I read The Bell Jar when I was 15.
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xogabbiexo · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Synopsis: MHA AU- Y/n is forced to marry Demigods Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya, Future rulers of western lands. Current southern lands ruler and Demigod of fire and Ice Shoto Todoroki has a reputation that precedes him. Being old frenemies with Katsuki and Izuku gets even more interesting when he takes interest in their human wife, who since being married they don’t speak to... that is until Todoroki wants her.
Word Count: 3397
Tumblr media
Warning| This is a general warning for the series as it progresses. This work contains adult themes such as. Drinking, sex, penetration, quirk play, anal, foul language, threesome, same sex relationship, poly. blood kink smut, fluff, and more. Nothing spicy in this part.
Shoto is a whore !!!
This is a series I randomly thought about. Please keep in mind it is modern times mixed with old themes. Such as treaties, sacrificial brides and so forth. Forgive any mistakes and poor grammar.
If tried to to post this 6 times but tumblr keeps changing text and deleting paragraphs. Hopefully it doesn’t do it again.
You were being shaken awake and groan out in annoyance. “Yes, I'm awake Mina,” you say monotonously. “Good morning beautiful” You turn to see the pink nymph Mina with a large, sweet smile spread across her cheeks, from ear to ear. “You’re always so damn chirper, in the morning Mina.” She rolls her eyes at you and jumps onto the bed. “That’s because I get to serve the prettiest girl in all of the lands. Who happens to be my best friend even though she is a whiny bitch.” She begins to tickle you drawing out loud obnoxious laughter from your lips.
You shake with mirth as you beg her to stop. “Ok..., no more please.” You wiggle down off the elevated bed, finally free from Mina’s attack. “Your dear husbands are downstairs, getting ready for that big treaty meeting with King Todoroki they sent me up here to get you ready.” Your body stiffens “Don’t call them my husbands. They’re more like my keepers, babysitters, dick head roommates if you shall. Husbands? no, I sleep alone in my own room while those two shitty demigods tickle each other's balls all night." Mina holds in her giggles and follows you to your bathroom so you can get ready. “Honestly’ I wish someone else was picked as that sacrificial bride for those two. If I had it my way I would be in my little cottage, making breakfast for a husband that actually liked me enough to have a conversation.” You say bitterly, you were chosen for the two demigods four months ago. As part of a truce between local humans and their future reigning rulers. You’ve been married for two and half months officially. However, Katsuki and Izuku still don’t speak much.
They find you annoying just an extra thing around the house, and you know it. At first, it slightly bothered you but that quickly passed once their indigestible personalities started to pick at you. So instead of being the obedient wife, you frequently tell them to go fuck themselves. Which they just ignore. “Just try to be good, they have to try to come to an agreement with demigod Shoto about the shared lands.” Mina continues to talk to you as you bathe.
“If one of them doesn’t take your virginity soon, I will,” Mina says, wiggling her brows at the dress clinging to your shapely figure. The yellow dress drifted down just below the curve of your ass, a lot shorter than you imagined, but you felt pretty. “The meeting is starting soon, go down to the kitchen and grab yourself food! I’ll make up your bed.” Mina demands once she hears your tummy growl. In your normal joyous mood, you make your way through the castle down to the kitchen. Saying hello to the other servants that greet you with smiles. You notice some have pellets of sweat beaded on their foreheads. They must be nervous about having Shoto here.
Most feared the previous ruler of the southern lands, Enji. Even more so people feared his son, who grew a reputation for being an irascible man, who is ill-tempered, with odious characteristics. Part of the reason for you being wedded was for the protection under the current ruler of western lands, Toshinori, who will be passing his legacy down to Katsuki and Izuku since he never got a chance to have children of his own. He wanted to ensure this isn't a problem for future generations.
‘ ‘And so, it stands western lands humans pledge loyalty to the ruler and giveth an of age virgin to be wedded under the All Might decree for protection.’
“Morning Jiro” You beam, grabbing toasted bread and smearing it with honey. You quickly leave trying to make your way to the great room. You stop in the middle of the hall when movement in your peripheral catches your eye. Through the large window, you can easily spot across the courtyard, in the hall that runs adjacent to the one you are currently in, figures migrating towards the great room. You spot a few unfamiliar faces. “Shit. That must be King Todoroki” you say to yourself, peering at a tall man with Stark white hair whose skin has purple discoloration along the sides of his face. You watch intently as people walk behind him and a woman with white hair walks beside him. They disappear behind the large wooden doors, and you feel nervousness beginning to creep up your spine. Not paying attention you back away from the window in a haste, stumbling into something…Well, someone, a large hand catches you from nearly falling onto your face. “Oh my god, I’m sorry,” you say, straightening yourself upwards.
You look up to see a very tall man, towering above your short chunky frame. His unique masculine beauty takes you by surprise. His bi-colored hair stands out to you first being a crisp white met midway through his head, with a carmine red shade you’ve only seen of the freshest of flowers. His smooth beige skin blemished with a burn over his left eye that rivals his red tresses. Your mouth slightly falls open at the beautiful man, but you shut it quickly. His head tilts to the side and his dual-colored eyes look you up and down. A smile etches on his face. “You should be more careful, Little one.” His voice was deep and creamy as he spoke. “Yes, I’m sorry, thank you so much for helping me.” Your voice came out unusually timorous. “What’s a little thing like you doing here?” He asks and your face immediately falls. “I live here...” You see his brow raise, by his expression you know what he’s questioning. “Yeah, I’m Y/n I'm the wife of Dummy-gods Katsuki and Izuku.” You answer unspoken question sourly.
His smile grows. “I’m Shoto Todoroki,” You gulp, and your eyes widen. “Like... K-king S-Shot-to Todoroki Demigod of fire and ice?” Your voice gradually got higher as you struggled to get the words out. “Yes, but don’t believe all those rumors you heard about me. Most of it is just hearsay” He steps closer to you since you step back trying to distance yourself. But Shoto is enjoying the closeness. “Come on little one, we were having a good conversation, don’t be afraid." 'He lifts your round chin with a single digit. “Plus, I wouldn’t dream of damaging something as beautiful as you.” You simply nod, not sure of how to feel. The big scary god you were told to fear. Is standing before smiling and flirting with you. While your own husbands barely spare you a glance. “Now, may I have the pleasure of you escorting me to the meeting? I have business to discuss with your Dummy-god husbands.” He mimics your annoyed tone perfectly from early followed by an eye roll causing you to laugh and nod your head in agreement.
You two walk side by side. The walk isn’t super far but you two take languid strides to the destination sharing a few quick laughs. You two make it to the grand doors and he pushes them open allowing you to step in first. You are met with the grimaces of your husbands immediately followed by questioning furrow brows when they see you’ve entered with Shoto. “What’s this?” Katsuki’s guttural voice sends a shiver up through your bones. You shuffle over to your seat and sit on the cold leather. Shoto gives Izuku and Katsuki a coy smile. “Sorry about being late, I somehow got lost and your beautiful wife helped me,” Shoto gives you a wink and you feel blood dance in your cheeks. Izuku and Katsuki just glare at you observing your odd behavior. “Heh, yeah… Whatever IcyHot… can we get down to business now.”
They all begin to talk and discuss things you couldn’t care less about. You notice Shoto throwing looks your way and smiling. While your husbands would snarl at you for just breathing too loud. Soft meowing causes your ears and body to perk up in your seat. “Shh,” you say absentmindedly, Izuku's head snaps to you. “Did you just shush me?” You wave your hand dismissively as you gradually stalk towards the noise. Izuku continues to talk, setting aside your weird outburst. Shoto’s eyes are trained on you as you walk over to the wall-sized cabinet. The meowing is clearer and sounds like a kitten could be stuck. You bend down looking for the boisterous kitten, totally forgetting the short length of your dress. Shoto displays a pleasurable smile at the view before him. The dress already exposed your thick supple thighs. Now with you in this bent position searching between the shelves. Shoto can see your plump cunny lips choking behind the thin fabric of your underwear.
Izuku and Katsuki notice the look on his face and turn their attention back towards you, annoyed. They then understand the look Shoto is giving you, a look of attraction. Izuku turns pink slightly and Katsuki turns his head to see Shoto definitely enjoying the view, with prurient thoughts running through his head. “I know we’re here to talk business, but you may want to get your wife before my brother claims her for his own.” Touya blurts out. Shoto grins widens, shooting his older brother a look that affirms his vulgar statement. Fuyumi swats at him telling him to behave. You return with a tiny orange kitten close to your chest as you pet its head, and it purrs its gratitude for you saving him. “I found a kitty,” you say happily. “I did too, '' Shoto mutters under his breath. But your husbands hear him loud and clear. “SIT DOWN, Y/N'' Katsuki's voice was rough and louder than normal, taking you by surprise. You resist the urge to tell him to go fuck off and obediently sit down, putting your focus back on the orange kitten in your arms.
The conversation drones on, the door opens and Mina, along with four other servants bring in carts of food. You skip over to her with the kitten sleeping against your chest. “Hey, I found this little guy in here stuck. Can you bring him to my room?” You ask Mina and begin to chat with her. When you hear Katsuki mention your home village. “You can’t do that” You cry angrily, handing the furball off to Mina and stomping back over the group of Demigods. “That is not beneficial to humans at all, prioritizing the land that way would cut crops down by at least half.” The blonde scoffs and rolls his eyes at you. “What makes you think I give a shit,” your blood swelters as your anger begins to rise. You and the tetchy blonde bumped heads a lot, way more than you and Izuku.
But that's because Izuku pretends you don’t exist and ignores you. While Katsuki would yell at you, call you names, pick at you for just about anything. You didn’t just take it, you yell back and stand your ground against the large demigod “Katsuki you’re an asshole, I’m pretty sure your parents made you out of bull shit and butt holes.” Shoto watches you enamored as you sass your husband with your hand on the top of your protruding hips. His older brother looks over at him and they share coy smiles. Touya knows his brother well and understands that at this moment his brother is infatuated with a little feisty human.
The servants eye you as you two continue to yell at each other. They are amazed at how you are so sweet to them but pugnacious and fearless when engaging in stand offs with Katsuki. His voice gets rougher, more scratchy as his words twist more into undecipherable growls. Izuku jumps in so now they are tag teaming you. Waving your hands around animatedly expressing yourself; you accidentally knock a goblet into Shoto’s lap. You drop to your knees to grab a nearby cloth without thinking. “I’m really sorry this is the second time I’ve bumped into you.” You swipe, rub, and tap at his silky blue pants attending to the stain. Muttering apologies and cursing your clumsiness. Shoto, completely amused as you get closer to his cock decides to take charge.
His hands attach to your waist, and he pulls you into his lap. “Little one, you're yelling and not making much sense… how about you take a second to breathe, then use your words like a big girl for me.” Your body goes rigid at the quick action. You hear laughter, you turn to look at his siblings who are trying to calm themselves. “Y/n,” Shoto calls for attention to be back on him, he is completely composed, while you're mentally panicking. “No need for such a pretty girl to be so upset. We can discuss an arrangement that will protect the humans, okay?” You nod and shift to remove yourself from his lap. “No stay, we have lunch to eat.” Shoto pulls a grape from the cluster, you watch his long fingers grip the grape and a sheen of ice covers the purple skin of the fruit. “This is my favorite way to eat these.” He says moving it to your lips. You hesitantly part your them, a chill graze the skin as Shoto pushes the grape into your mouth. An intense sweetness coats your taste buds as you chew the iced fruit. Shoto finger swipes your bottom lip “delicious,” he states simply. Your breathing hitches as a growl comes from across the room. “Y/n get over here.” Izuku and Katsuki have been watching this entire time completely in awe.
Unexplained feelings started to arise in both of them. Their annoying human wife has been pressing their buttons all day. Izuku kept thinking about what Touya said earlier about Shoto claiming you as his own. Is that what he’s trying to do? Claim you for his own? Steal you away from us? The thought runs through Izuku's mind, leaving a displeasing taste on his tongue. He recalls how Shoto was staring at you earlier as you were bent over. Izuku will admit that he didn’t really look at you before. But seeing the hunger in Shoto’s eyes as he peered at your clothed pussy; in view for all to see. As if the full lips between your rotund thighs were just waving hello to anyone willing to reciprocate the attention. Katsuki’s no better, seeing how you kneeled before Shoto so easily shifting from the fiery women insulting him to an apologetic, biddable angel, made him furious. You never apologize to him, not that he deserves one, but still how could you be so different with him, a stranger, was it fear? Maybe adoration. He watched as Shoto pulled you into his lap and you swung your feet like children do when they're excited. Are you excited? Having someone that isn’t your husbands to give you notice? to regard you in this way? Knowing that Shoto wants you, made a fire burn in him that he didn’t know could even be ignited, especially not for the human he was forced to marry. “Y/n” Katsuki's voice was stern. Shoto smirks and tilts his head so you could walk over to your angry husbands.
You shuffle to them, and they stand, they don’t speak as they pull you through to a connected side room. “What the hell do you think you're doing?” Katsuki says, gripping your cheeks tightly in his rough hand. “Are you trying to get us mad?” Izuku chimes in with a low voice. You simply shake your head. Still a little speechless from your interaction with Shoto. “Why are you letting him touch you?” Your brown eyes shift upward to the gods. A little dumbfounded by their peculiar conduct. You wiggle free from Katsuki's unyielding grasp. “He pulled me into his lap, I was simply trying to dry the mess I made, I wanted to help since he's being so nice to me.” You smile to yourself thinking about his finger caressing your lip. Izuku steps forward, cornering you. “I’ll show you fucking nice.” His tone takes you by surprise; He's normally the claimer of the two. But right now, the look in his eyes makes you almost fearful… Almost. “Don’t pretend to be the caring husbands now, you big jerks.” You slip past their enormous stature and head straight out the door, not interested in bickering with your oddly acting husbands. Izuku catches up and wraps a long arm around your waist. Guiding you to his chair. “I'm not standing here-” You begin to speak but are cut off when he graciously pulls you into his lap much as Shoto had earlier. “I wasn’t asking you to, Wife” He says the last word harshly.
“You're supposed to consummate once vowed, correct? “Shoto says, breaking the staring contest between you and Izuku. “Judging by the purity I smell from her. Your little wife is still a virgin.” He says matter- of - factly. “You two must be too busy …” His eyes flicker to you with amusement. “What did you tell me earlier little one,... ahh, yes too busy digging for gold in each other's asses… to please your beautiful wife.” You slap a hand over your mouth when a laugh escapes you not expecting Shoto to say that. Piercing emerald and vermillion eyes shoot to you. As you stare at Shoto not wanting to answer the glares of the fuming demigods. “Our wife is of no concern of yours,” Izuku says, clenching his jaw tightly. You could feel the energy of vexation permeating the atmosphere. “Well I have a proposition, I'll give you an extra thirty- three percent of our shared lands, and you… give me your wife?” Your eyes widen. Why would he want me?
“Ever since we were kids, you were always an asshole Shoto, trying to take things that weren't yours. Now you want our wife. No '' Katsuki dryly chuckles. '' Shoto,” Fuyumi's tone was unapproving, matching a frown on her face. “Shoto, the last human you fucked needed a healing nymph, you need to calm down.” Touya interjects just to stir the pot.
Shoto shrugs with his eyes focusing on your shocked expression. “You haven’t even bedded her yet; doesn’t that null and void the decree.” Shoto acknowledges. “I also need a bride, I find yours charming, and obviously you two don’t. You two haven’t even had the opportunity to appreciate how beautiful she is or to properly worship her body. I’d bet she sleeps alone, in a separate room from you two.”
“YOU.CAN'T. HAVE.HER.” Katsuki’s coarse voice vibrated the walls. “Why not?” you whisper, fiddling your hands in your lap. The gods all look to you still seated on Izuku's lap with your head down. “He’s right, You two hate me, Izuku you barely talk to me, never even looking my way. Katsuki, you yell at me consistently and we bump heads nonstop. You're annoyed with me even when I'm not around you… so just find another bride, one you want, and give me to Shoto. As long as humans are safe, I'll do whatever is easiest on you.” Your dulcet voice was as soft as a hummingbird's song. Your big brown doe eyes peek up through your lashes. The hard faces of your husbands are softened, but still firm “We said no '' Izuku retorts. “Bu-” before you could object further, Katsuki cuts you off. “Go to your room Y/n '' with an extended arm pointed at the door. A pout appears on your lips. “B-but I" “Go to your goddamn room.” Izuku seething anger escaping the facade he was trying to keep up. By the look he and Katsuki give. You slide down off Izuku’s lap and head for the door.
“Oh, Little One, don’t fear you’ll be seeing me again.”
POWERPUFFS: @pervysenpaix @plussizeficchick @blkchxrryblyss @bookwormsenpai @nasty-quillz @riozakii @luna-indigoduh @namjoonswifeyy
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fudgybrowny · 2 months ago
and when I kissed you, It didn't feel like fireworks in the night sky, it didn't feel like a delightful symphonies. It felt better.
It felt like finally returning home.
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cafeinevitable · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Agatha Christie (centre) roller-skating c.1911
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nolossforwords · a month ago
the epic eternal struggle
me when I have a packed schedule: I have GOT to write something soon my SOUL is DYING from lack of artistic EXPRESSION
me on break: what....what am I supposed to do.....words.....suddenly ...disgust me???
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wordsbyhisheart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Mahmoud Darwish, from Memory for Forgetfulness: August, Beirut, 1982 (tr. Ibrahim Muhawi)
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hungryfictions · 4 months ago
the concept for this list was: fifty books written by women about women, published within the past five years, (2017-now), that aren’t normal people and whatever else sally rooney just released. i also tried to avoid anything that gave explicitly rooney vibes. (here is why.) i stuck mostly with realism, though some have elements of fantasy or magic or horror. if you have questions about triggers for any particular book feel free to reach out.
Everything Here Is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee
We Play Ourselves by Jen Silverman
Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi*
Goodbye, Vitamin by Rachel Khong
Sweet Lamb of Heaven by Lydia Millet*
The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray
No One Is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood*
All’s Well by Mona Awad*
The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett*
Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson*
Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata*
The Push by Audrey Audrain
Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo
A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G. Summers
Sad Janet by Lucie Britsch
Weather by Jenny Offill
If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha
The Comeback by Ella Berman
The Farm by Joanne Ramos
Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami
Writers & Lovers by Lily King*
Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite
My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell
Supper Club by Lara Williams
Vacuum in the Dark by Jen Beagin
In the Dream House: A Memoir by Carmen Maria Machado*
Severance by Ling Ma
Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder
Lurkers by Sandi Tan
Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo
Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner
Edie Richter is Not Alone by Rebecca Handler
Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett
Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls by T Kira Madden
Godshot by Chelsea Bieker
Betty by Tiffany McDaniel*
The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Daré
Ordinary Girls: A Memoir by Jaquira Díaz
The Memory Police by Yōko Ogawa
Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland
Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin
My Life as a Rat by Joyce Carol Oates*
Tell the Machine Goodnight by Katie Williams
The Power by Naomi Alderman
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng*
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
Penance by Kanae Minato*
Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito
a note: this list is obviously limited to books that i have either personally read or know a lot about.
* means the author has other good books that i know of, i just didn’t want to repeat any authors
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the-stars-collided · 2 months ago
Hearts are meant to be broken and mended, broken and mended, broken and mended
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asparklerwhowrites · 4 days ago
writing high fantasy: a series ~ part 1; language
Tumblr media
am i using this an excuse to rant about my new fixations? yes. 
I genuinely feel like linguistics is SUCH a cool worldbuilding aspect but it just isn’t?? explored enough?? LIKE GODAMNIT do you not understand the possibilities of different dialects and just differences in regions? imagine character a asking a question in dialect A and character B giving a long-winded explanation in dialect B which character A just nods along too, but when asked to explain to the other members of their team they're just like “bold of you to expect me to understand that”
disclaimer: this is stuff my mom and i talk about while watching gujarati cooking shows im not a linguist and this is my own personal experience!!
#1. If there’s a nationally spoken language, it ORIGINATED from a certain region
so, basically, spoken (and written) language differs over regions. mostly, the region where it originated from will have the most “pure” and “original” version of the language, with a lot of high-level words other people may not understand. this is so useful for comedy because a lot of people may just go ??? like what are you saying man use simpler language. 
#2. Vocabulary!! and Accents!! Differ!! Depending!! On!! Where!! You’re!! From!!
if there are multiple languages spoken in your country/world, its ineviable that languages will mix. words from another lanuage may be modified and added to another one. it really annoys me when languages are treated as untouchable “wholes” as if they aren’t growing changing evolving things?? some examples of books where different languages aren’t written that well are the Grishaverse. inej learnt kerch but she NEVER used suli words in it by mistake?? or the fact that ketterdam a motherfucking PORT CITY never had misunderstandings due to different accents and vocabulary?? wild. unrealistic. 
#3. the implications of language
okay. lmao. there are studies that show how you literally think differently when using different languages (re: the movie arrival) and ITS SO COOL. maybe a character switches to a different language when bargaining with murderers and talking to their s.o?? or maybe they choose to speak really formally in one language and only knows slang in another. its extremely varied and fun to experiment with!
#4. SOCIOLINGUISTICS and honorific systems
essentially, the way society affects language. when is formal language used? when is informal language used? do women talk differently from men? how many levels of politeness/rudeness are there? additionally, honorific systems are some of my favourite things - an honorific system exists in some languages like Japanese, for example, in which a suffix is added to the name of a person for formalness and is a social norm. there are so many implications of it, and can be used in so many different ways. 
#5. an example (last point i swear)
one of my favourite books that incorporates language SO WELL is these violent delights by chloe gong. the incorporation of different Chinese dialects, switching of languages between English to Russian to French, all with diffrent connotations and implications. it was a DREAM reading it, because i have literally never seen a book have so much detail in languages. 
anywayyyyy be glad i deleted all my rants of my personal experiences witih the amalgamation of gujarati and marathi, you really dont want to know.
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leforetenchante · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
'Plainwater' by Anne Carson, 1995
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a-musingmichelle · a month ago
―slipping away I drive all night looking for you But I’m on the wrong continent I reach out for your hand to hold But I don’t know where you went You are all of the places I cannot go All of the experiences I will never know You are elusive—reflections between mirrors and smoke You are the moonlight shining upon Freshly fallen snow I don’t know where to go from here Are you further away or almost near You are the firefly outside my window Visiting before I sleep I try to catch you in my dreams But you always slip away from me —Michelle Dana Sabado
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blankreflections · 26 days ago
Be too much. Say people I love you too much. Laugh too much. Enjoy too much. Hug too much. Kiss too much. Be positive too much Too much is good, be too much.
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