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rosallorona1 · 19 hours ago
I should tell you to fuck off.
But I stay silent and die with resentment.
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bristokeswrites · 21 hours ago
Gonna push myself to write today.
I haven’t chipped away at my YA WIP in about 5 days, ughh... sometimes I just get such tremendous anxiety working on it, and then I’m shell-shocked and end up not making any progress on it for, like, a week. I might’ve mentioned this before, but my poetry book is a LOT easier for me to write. I tend to approach poems almost like diary entries--and as such, they flow out of me very easily, very naturally, because they serve as mini time capsules of whatever my particular state of mind was when they were written. 
The WIP, however, will have me on my ASS, lol. I get so hyper-fixated on every minute detail, word choice, sentence structure, all of it, all of it, ALL OF IT. But recently I’ve been using music to help the process/help get me out of my head and focus on the rhythm of the piece, rather than the finer details that can be cleared up in editing. It’s helped me a LOT, but I still find the process kinda daunting + scary.
But I’m gonna push myself this evening. I’m gonna sit down and write this damn thing and kick its ass. Pray for me, lol.
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bristokeswrites · 21 hours ago
Time is a trickster; the ticking clock: its vicious heart. It impregnates. It destroys. It heals. It unravels. It dons the skin of an imposter in the coldest stretch of night: a magician weaving fantasies that sear. Neutralize. Inspire. Though I wonder-- I worry-- are the days too long? Are the nights too dim and fleeting? Do I dance through each crescendo in a lurid, patchwork nightmare? Or are my dreams so full of pain, that soon, I'll shatter beneath them and finally wake up?
- Bri Stokes, 2021.
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Imma bout to play a game called ‘every time I cringe while editing my first draft I drink water’ needless to say I’m about to be so fucking hydrate.
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soulwr1ter · a day ago
Born For This
The world
wants nothing
More than
To smother
You into
But that
Is not why
You were
Born a poet.
You feel
So much
You were
Born to
express it,
not bury it.
It flows
Through you
As naturally
As a breath;
Silencing it
Can push
You right off
The edge
Into a shadowed
There is always
This strange
Even to
Art itself.
We must feel it
And release it.
This is what
We are born
So don’t
Forget to
Set it free
That is how
You open
The cage
Up and set
Your soul
All writing belongs to me.
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rosallorona1 · a day ago
Daddy issues.
I wish I didn't think about you.
I wish I didn't care about you .
But yet I do.
It's sickening to want you.
When you never cared.
When you were never there.
You weren't there when I was healing.
Scars I made myself.
You weren't there when my therapist told me.
There is something wrong in my head.
It's sickening to want.
Something you never had.
Something you saw on tv.
Father's dancing with their daughters.
Father's giving loving words to their daughters.
Father's fighting to protect their daughters.
You were and always will be a ghost.
Something that one day was a father figure.
When I was inside my mother.
And transformed itself into a nightmare.
When I came into the world.
You wanted a daughter.
Perfect for your pictures.
You didn't want me.
The daughter who is sick , fat , and has curly hair.
It's okay, dad.
I'm not crying anymore.
At least not because of you.
Like and reblog.
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bristokeswrites · a day ago
Ahhh! I’ve reached 70 followers! And I started this blog a little under 10 days ago! Thank you so much for all of the kind words and support you’ve sent my way since I joined this lovely little community of readers and writers. Everyone here is truly so sweet, warm, welcoming, and talented. I love reading your stuff, I love getting your messages and notifications, and I love seeing the way everyone on this corner of the Internet collectively supports their fellow creatives. That is a RARITY to find online these days. Tumblr is awesome.
I truly couldn’t be more grateful for each and every one of you! <3
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Tumblr media
Revelations of Divine Love of Julian of Norwich - women in history (27/?) + manuscripts (7/?)
Just because I am a woman, must I therefore believe that I must not tell you about the goodness of God, when I saw at the same time both his goodness and his wish that it should be known?
(You can see this quote in the part above the blue initial)
In the late 14th century the anchoress and mystic Julian of Norwich was striving to be heard when she said "Just because I am a woman". Julian addressed the structural inequality which made writing so difficult in the medieval period in her work. As you can read in her own words, it was often impossible for women to be given a voice, even though women were not less capable than man. These obstacles didn't stop brave women like Julian of Norwich to write down their ideas.
Julian of Norwich wrote the first work in English which we can be sure was authored by a woman. She lived her whole life in the English city of Norwich. We don't know much more of her life. Her name Julian refers to the church of St Julian, to which she was attached as an anchoress.
Being a mystic, she wrote about visions or shewings she had in 1373 when she was heavily sick. These visions are described in the Revelations of Divine Love. Of this text are two versions. The Short Text was produced after Julian made a full recovery of an illness that almost killed her. The Long Text was a more extended version of her visions, written after Julian developed her ideas in the following decades after her illness. Her work was later preserved by others, multiple manuscripts of both versions have survived.
Baker, Denise Nowakowski, Julian of Norwich's Showings. Princeton University Press, 2014.
Herbert McAvoy, Liz. A Companion to Julian of Norwich. Boydell and Brewer, 2008.
Mary Wellesley, "Women's voices in the medieval period" (British Library)
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trishsugar1 · 2 days ago
What Does It Look Like?.....From 'no book' to 'finished book'?
What Does It Look Like?…..From ‘no book’ to ‘finished book’?
Recently a fellow writer and friend asked me this question:  “What does the process of going from “no book” to “finished book” look like?”   My first novel, Women Outside the Walls began as a full length play.  I used my play script my book outline/treatment.  As the scenario was so current (because it was a play), I found that flashbacks were a great way to flesh out each woman’s story and it…
Tumblr media
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statingeuphoria · 2 days ago
You define my Playlist.
My playlist speaks like you. What is it you said "My Love Will Never Die", now hozier knows these lines. My eardrums are sensing his voice but the words come out of your lips.
My playlist regrets you. When I get home and you "Shy Away", Twenty One Pilots advised you, but just like "This bird has flown" in Norwegian Woods you left me singular to deal with all these prone roads to sins. Under the tree I sit synchronizes shedding leaves with my tears in this spring.
My playlist loved you. Sitting in "The Love Club", I reminisce the era when "I worshipped like a dog at the shrine of your lies", when I sang "can't take my eyes off you" because "I have nothing" but your time. Those days are imprinted wherever I walk, my earplugs are now shivering as they listen to my blood dripping into cold beside this velvety path.
My playlist had you. I called "My lover is a day", when you would shine like a sun on my window but you disappeared when the "New Moon" appeared. You were a day until you thought "Let her go" and I was in "Burn", my own hell because my eternity was constricted, my salvation was gone and betrayer liberation left me alone.
My playlist wants to forget you. My hands shake, sweat resides in my throat, my head is sore, fingers are crushed as my playlist request to delete its existence on numbers. She cries and my heart rips out, she is only for me after the necessity of you."Wish you were here" to save my playlist from this wave of pain plague, I am aware will not survive through.
~tanushree // statingeuphoria
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statingeuphoria · 2 days ago
You define my Playlist.
-tanushree // statingeuphoria
Swipe or read caption.
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soulwr1ter · 2 days ago
even the stars in
the night sky
discuss among
all of the secrets
hidden in your eyes
-J.Wool, In Your Eyes
All writing belongs to me.
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mrudul · 2 days ago
This is for the first time I have not planned and written this...
This poem was very spontaneous and it was neither a free verse nor a rhyming one....
Hope you like it😊👍
This is not a movie, just a small story
It's a story of a memory in my head
Bringing it back turns my face red
Flushed outside, rushed inside
Warm inside, freezing cold was my body outside
All I wanted to do was to talk it out
But the thought never blossomed
And I, left alone in my lucid shell
Looked at you from the corner of the eye
And smiled to myself thinking you're happy
All I wanted was a turquoise throat
Bringing the serene views of the world
On just the tip of the tongue
Forever forever forever
Laughed 'cause you did, cried 'cause you did
Oh this is too dramatic but this was it
A glance was enough to make me gasp
Never told anyone 'cause I would be dead
Those feelings I preciously preciously hid
All I wanted was a turquoise throat
Bringing the serene views of the world
On just the tip of the tongue
Forever forever forever
We shared a part of the same heart
Or this is what the vibe I got
I knew somewhere I was wrong
You were everything I was nervous about
Good grades good looks, in everyone's good books
We shared one class we shared books
Oh how happy I was when you helped me
I couldn't deny, smilingly I said ok...
It made me feel eeire but still I was happy
But never could say that one word to you
Amour Amour.... Vous etez mon amour.
-- _______ MRUDUL
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freedomanddisorder · 2 days ago
It was like a dream.
So very soft
So very warm
I could have stayed in that place forever
But then
Like all dreams do
It Ended
And the place I wake to
Is Clear
And so very awful
And for the rest of my Days
The only peace to be found
Was in my dreams
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flytoinfinityy · 2 days ago
Looking to double up on discord! I'll play your crush, you'll play mine. 18+ there will be dark/mature themes. No one liners, please be literate and descriptive. Comfortable with pretty much anything except a few obvious things. Kink friendly. Self insert friendly. 3rd person or first.
My discord is ToInfinityyy#3748
Fandom rp for mine, I'm cool with OC for yours!
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magicinwords · 2 days ago
For I must get back my soul from you; I am killing my flesh without it.
Sylvie Plath, from The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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