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Commander HawkeShep by polarityplus on DeviantArt
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“long time no see”

picture it: 2 ppl who haven’t got to kiss in a long time are about to kiss again. )OwO(

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NEW #ART! Maeve Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.

As many of you know, the Dragon Age series is one of my favorites, both as a narrative and for pure gaming entertainment. But Dragon Age II is my absolute favorite, and while I certainly love my Warden-Commander Amell* and Inquisitor Trevelyan, Hawke will probably always be my favorite. The combat, the banter, and the narrative were all far better than they had any right to be in a game rushed by an uncaring studio who simply didn’t understand what makes a BioWare game great. Fortunately, BioWare did understand, and managed to produce something incredible despite the common complaints of repeated assets and a limited narrative framework.**

I played Hawke as sarcastic but caring; purple with a tinge of blue. And while everyone has their preferences, I feel like Fem!Hawke was meant to be a mage, even if it means you’re saddled with Cranky Carver the Boo-Hoo Baby™ instead of Bethany.

The mage combat in DAII was amazing and has yet to be matched, by my lights. Nothing like a little Pull of the Abyss followed by Fist of the Maker and Chain Lightning to put the fear of god (or at least Hawke) into a wave of baddies.

I’m excited for Dragon Age 4, but they could make 10 more games continuing Hawke’s adventures and I’d be happy to play them all.

I rendered this at a hefty 5120 x 2880 so as to maximize appreciable detail. Please note the special polished metal and colored glass used in the focus of Hawke’s staff, as well as the custom fabric textures on the ribbons. Hawke’s signature facepaint is hand-painted by me, with some light cosmetic touches to the lighting (and lightning!) effects.

Made with love. And #Daz3D.

*Canonically Maeve’s cousin.

**Personally, I like that Hawke’s story is personal, and I think keeping Hawke and the Gang confined largely to Kirkwall and its environs (with the obvious exceptions of the DLC) makes good sense.

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My most recent Hawke. I finished her pt last night. I love her very much, and I already feel bad for Stroud, but… That’s just how it will have to be. 

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My Hawke girls <3

Giselle (Anders romance), Scarlett (Isabella romance), Ivy (Merrill romance), and Marianne (Fenris romance)

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found an ancient comic left unfinished. 

Probably unpopular opinion but I am actually happy that varric cannot be romanced and i hope they dont give in and keep it that way for future games..its great to have a character you know is great not because of shag option but because they just that awesome and you want them around ya all the time for no obvious reason :D!

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Drinking Rogues - Commission by RebelATS on DeviantArt
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Time to start stealing jokes from comedy shows for Dragon Age now.


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Elliana Hawke, Champion of Kirkwall in DA2 & DAI It’s really hard to customise her to look similar 😅

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