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sometimes i wish my femininity was seen as a power-move instead of conforming to what society expects from me, if that makes sense?

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So cutter 😍😍😍😍 Reminds me of Bridgerton!!

Cute natural hairstyle with beige bow 🌹🌹

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Credit: Sarah Christine

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How to be an exceptional homemaker (vintage-style)

*Adapted from over 50 sources from the 1940’s to present on the subjects of Southern Housewifery & Vintage homemaking. I hope you enjoy!


#1. Establish your purpose

- At times, it may seem difficult to stay motivated as a homemaker and it’s important to remind yourself as to why you’ve chosen your path. A homemaker’s ultimate goal should be to care for and serve those around her who she loves, to take care of her home and to educate & raise her children honorably.

#2. Kindness

-A true homemaker is a woman of virtue, grace and compassion. Always be kind to strangers, and treat yourself with the same kindness as you treat those around you. Always send hand-written thank you cards to those who have gifted you with something or invited you into their home as a guest. Keep track of birthdays and special events for the people you care for and acknowledge them.

#3. Invest in yourself

-Taking time to invest in yourself as a homemaker is so important. Whether it’s self-care or investing in education for yourself, a woman of high value is always well-educated, well-kept, intelligent and aware at all times.

#3. Mornings are a fresh start

-Use mornings as a fresh start every day. Open your windows, draw the curtains and let the light in. Always cook and serve a good healthy breakfast to yourself and family, make your beds, and use mornings to plan out the rest of your day.

#4. Dress the part

-It’s almost impossible to feel productive and take your job as a homemaker seriously if you are not dressing the part. Take the time in the mornings to get dressed before serving breakfast. Stretch, care for your skin, take a few minutes to brush and style your hair, and make yourself fresh for the day.

-Dresses are an essential part of every day wear in the vintage homemaker’s life and you will find that full skirt vintage dresses are comfortable, practical, and easy to move around in to get your daily work done. They are also attractive, functional and feminine. Always be sure to wear an apron when cooking or doing household cleaning duties so as to protect your dress. Full skirts and cardigans are also staple wardrobe items for any homemaker.

#5. Create a routine

-Every successful homemaker has a routine (both weekly and daily) for household duties and chores. Always plan your meals in advance and try to cook and bake things that you know your husband and family will enjoy coming home to.

#6. Be prepared

- Always be prepared to be a good hostess, even to the most unexpected of guests. Keep a mini bar stocked so you may always offer your guests a drink, and have lemonade or sweet tea to serve.

#7. Cooking

-A good homemaker always has a good meal on the table for her family. Meal planning in advance is so important, not only to know what you will be preparing but to also research where to get the most inexpensive ingredients for your meals. Always serve your meals on time and eat around the dinner table with your family. Always cook from scratch and make slow cooker meals often as it’s an easy way to have an affordable delicious meal for the family. It also leaves your home smelling delicious for when your husband arrives home from work.

#8. Prepare the table

-Always set your table for breakfast before you go to bed and set your table for supper after lunch. Your table should be an inviting, warm place to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

-When hosting or having guests over, always set your table with your finer china or dishware and set out folded cloth napkins.

#9. A tidy home

-They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Your home should be inviting, warm and safe for you and your family. Take the extra time every day to tidy your house and follow a cleaning schedule to make sure all of your cleaning is done regularly. Always tidy your kitchen after meals, and keep your laundry well organized and fresh.

#10. Sewing

-Learning basic sewing skills (like sewing a button or mending a rip/tear) will not only save you money, but it is an important tool to have as a homemaker.

#11. Watch your mouth

-Pay attention to how you speak and always try to articulate yourself elegantly. Act like you’ve never heard a swear word (personally this is something I struggle with), and always think about what you say before you open your mouth.

#12. Know your finances

-Take the time to make and keep a budget. Know where your money is going in and out from and learn how to spend frugally and wisely.

#13. Be respectable

-Have self discipline in all that you do. Always take the high road and avoid drama and never go to bed angry. Always resolve things before it becomes a problem, and communicate clearly on any problems you might be having.

#14. Be loving

-Always find ways to make everyone in your home feel loved and cared for. Kiss your husband before he heads to work and when he arrives home from work. Hug your children and take the time to brush their hair and care for their appearances as well as your own. Tend to scratches, scrapes and wounds and always have a first aid kit on hand in your home.

#15. Take your job seriously

-There is no more important job then raising children and caring for your family and home. Remind yourself of this! A good homemaker is a woman of high standards, high value, and good morals and ethics. As such, you should treat your work as a job and exude self confidence in all that you do.

©️The Best Me

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You can never be too feminine.

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