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transhyperfemme · 38 minutes ago
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Wanna do something like this when I get my nails done next, but get "butch" across the nails on one hand, and "femme" across the nails on the other.
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redshiftsinger · 39 minutes ago
so everyone on my FB has been jumping on this cartoonifying filter app bandwagon and I got bored. Decided to try it for shiggles. duded me.
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This is not a genderswap filter, it apparently just read me as a guy and rolled with it.
Ain't mad. This is my favorite genderswap me yet, honestly. Faceapp did improbable things to my bone structure (and also made me look a bit too much like my dad).
(other filters on the same app did me as a lady from the same pic, so there's ambiguity here, and tbh I am Here For That)
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blaquefemme · an hour ago
slowly but surely one of this blogs main features is going to be bisexuality again
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bubbele · an hour ago
always and forever thinking about butch/femme as their own genders...transness is good and i love it
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magpiedesigns · 2 hours ago
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renae-okay · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Totally vibing to my urban flora vinyl 💐
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she-loves-coffee · 2 hours ago
I’ve had a bf for along time, but have met someone who is obviously a girl, I don’t know if she is into girls but I can’t stop thinking about her, she is so kind and caring and well drop dead sexy, when we aren’t talking I find myself thinking about her, I don’t know if this makes me gay but I’ve always looked at girls as well as guys but she just does something to me every time we talk, like I don’t want to stop, I’ve heard her talk about her last bf but that’s all. I daydream about her and what I would do to her, What do I do it’s driving me a little crazy but I’m a good way
darling crazy-in-the-good-way girl,
your step#1 is to determine if she's gay, (see my earlier post on how to determine this). once you know or strongly suspect she's gay, your step#2 is to flirt with her.  i used to have a very popular post on lesbian flirting tips but i guess that’s gone now with the rest of femme-adorables (thanks lots tumblr, grr)
if anyone reblogged my 10 tips on lesbian flirting list and can still find it, can you please send to me and i will post again :)
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annabelle--cane · 2 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pink hair dye didn't take so I'm making up for it in everything else I wear
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phoebeatwell · 2 hours ago
just saw han call el a twink and i can’t cope with it... bestie if u see this know that you’re so brave for speaking that truth
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she-loves-coffee · 3 hours ago
I really fd up and got blackout drunk with my gf and I made a move on her when she was clearly not awake. I feel awful, I don’t know what to do? I feel like a horrible person but I can’t remember anything I’m just believing her. She says she still wants to be with me but is obviously very hurt. never my intention drunk or sober :( I can’t even look at her without feeling so physically sick and ashamed
i believe in 2nd chances. goodness knows i've needed them in my relationships. and if you give them, you tend to get them back. kindness is the most powerful superpower, at least that's been true in my life. its definitely the most adorable super power, lol
throw yourself on her mercy, tell her you fd up and you'll do anything for a 2nd chance, tell her how deeply sorry you are. offer to sell your soul to her for $1 because thats all your worth until she takes you back.
if you are the luckiest girl on earth, maybe, just maybe she'll give you a 2nd chance. in which case girl, you are obligated to pay it forward with everyone you know, especially her. only she can free you from your guilt <3
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tyeul · 3 hours ago
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inspiration: @sarahcrazyevening
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2theluna · 3 hours ago
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Can I take a picture with my tongue in my mouth? The answer is simply ✨no✨
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she-loves-coffee · 4 hours ago
Hi, I have met someone and known them for about 2 months now and when ever I get a text from her my heart skips a beat, she is amazing girl but I don’t know if she is into girls as well, I don’t want to come straight out and ask her or tell her, so what’s a way I can ask without just blearing it out, if she is not I don’t want it to change our relationship because I don’t ever want to loose her she is my world.
dearest beat-skipping-heart girl,
here are 5 subtle ways that might help you find out if she's a girl-who-likes-girls without directly asking:
(1) use the secret code: "do you listen to girl in red?" maybe she does :)
(2) check out her social media. gay girls go gay places and do gay things
(3) check her vibe. its very common for gay girls, even semi-closet cases to fly the colors somewhere somehow, look for rainbow pins, rainbow socks, rainbow earrings lol, just rainbow anything.
(4) amp your own vibe and see if she notices. it pays to advertise, lol
(5) talk about other girls with her, like Ooouu she's hot etc, and see how into it she is
bonus tip (6) manipulate the convo so she has to use a pronoun to describe her last partner <3
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