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#femme fatale
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Femme Fatale Placements
-a woman with a dominant personality, who is seductive and attractive in a mysterious way, maneater and independent
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Lilith-Ascendant harsh aspect:
these people are very taboo on their own
they have this devilish and seductive look to them, look kinda demonic and about to eat you whole
gifted with great leadership
dark and sexy beauty
these people are also likely to lead a double life
can get unwanted attention from literally everybody
can get sexualized a lot
these people have a very intense sex appeal
all the people with this placement tht I met have a very twisting smile/smirk
Neptune in 1st house/Neptune conjunct Ascendant:
-I know that sounds strange but hear me out
lure people in by accting innocent or confused
most secretive people I've ever met
they are somewhere between reality and a dream
captivating beauty, especially the eyes are piercing
these people also have many personality traits, amulti-facete persona
they don't have much interest in the material world
can have escapist tendencies
are artistic and have big dreams
all of them I met were also pretty detached nd always in their head
sleepy eyes
Venus square Ascendant:
are gifted with a charming aura
indicates beauty
people don't look deep within you and just assume you are superficial
unwanted attention is also quite common
can also attract a lot of jealousy
their appearance can be different from their actual personality
people see you as social
they can be insecure in their youth but they will eventually become mire confident
walk graciously
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Capricorn placements:
these people are graceful and practical
they are persistent and ambitious
they are goal-oriented nd willing to work long and hard to reach their goal, whatever it takes
very blunt and direct people
they have a mature aura
don't get in their way
they have high expectations and if you don't fit in these, then leave
will be successful
8th house placements:
very mysterious and secretive
elude a taboo aura, this can make people curious but intimidated at the same time
very sensual
have a knack for psychology
they know how to get what they want
aren't afraid of their dark side
very intense individual
hard to resist or to ignore
are power-hungry
always transform and aren't scared of changes
control their surroundings, hate loosing control
Mercury in Libra:
get people on their side with the use of flattery
can indicate a very attractive voice
gentle way of speaking
talk in an elegant way
people often forget that libra is a cardinal sign, so they also have great leadership skills
believe in justice
can also be kind of insensitive, they think in a rather logical way
very charming and charismatic
able to see all pov's
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Cardinal dominant:
they are independent and authoritative
can be kind of intimidating
don't like people standing above them
they need to be a leader
natural leaders
quick and people find it hard to keep up with them
are able to change people
they are ambitious and restless
when an opportunity shows they are quick to take it
know how to make use of everything and anyone
Fixed dominant:
very strong beliefs and opinions
it's impossible to change them
work on their own
don't like people questioning them
very intimidating aura, people shouldn't get tooo comfortable
determined and goal-oriented
won't stop till they get what they want
strong-willed and stubborn
Water dominant:
water dominants are very seductive
emotionally intelligent
they are very secretive
imaginative and passive
empathetic and sensitive
don't get on their bad side honestly, they will be gentle and kind to you, but if you fuck up they know no mercy
protective over everything that belongs to them
psychic and spiritual
deep personality
they can also be quite romantic
people are easily attract to them
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“'L’Oeillard' by Stephen Mackey
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