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#femslash february
nonopiimagines · 12 days ago
gold pisha x fledgling
She was meant to be draped in gold. Flanked by opulence. A goblet of blood in one hand, one pomegranate seed between the fingers of the other. Her eyes piercing the flesh of anyone in her line of sight, a hunter on the prowl.
But she had none of those things now. 
Now she was Pisha, the name of her beloved draped in gold beneath the earth. Alone for so long but she had finally caught another. Her undead lover.
The fledgling would send her feasts to sate her hunger while she studied necromancy in the bowels of the abandoned hospital. Opulence of a different kind. Just as she finished, blood still dripping from her mouth, bones scattered about the operation room, her fledgling would emerge from the dark hallways and utter one word.
Something she had heard time and time again, millennia passed and it was still the same, but her voice sang a different tune. A tune of reverence.
“Monster,” she would whisper into Pisha’s ear before looking into her hollow white eyes, before licking her lips and stealing a kiss that tasted of iron. Her open mouth trailed down her chin, her neck, her empty chest, devouring her in a way that she only vaguely remembered from her namesake. If she had a heart, she thought it would ache at the feeling. But she let the fledgling continue because she was meant to be draped in gold. And this was as close as she had ever come since her death.
day 19 of femslashfeb’s prompt list
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nonopiimagines · 13 days ago
pride julie farkas x courier
Night in the Mojave. All was quiet at the fort. Any passerby would think that the Followers and their wards were asleep. But they would be wrong. 
Julie Farkas was always working. By what little light there was, huddled close to a candle or lantern. Normally she was alone, focused solely on her tasks, but tonight was different. And the day that preceded that night was different too.
"You're so much more than a pretty face, Jules." The courier crowded her lightsource, casting long shadows on this week's supply reports. She had ways of distracting her like no one else could. Sometimes it was nice, sometimes it was infuriating.
"Yeah, I am." Julie swatted the other woman out of the light. "It took a lot of work to get here. Blood, sweat, and tears. Shit like this doesn't just happen."
The courier moved to the other side of the table, closer to Julie and masked in the shadows. "Mmm, especially not with the NCR around. Or the Legion." A warm hand appeared on her neck, gently rubbing, applying pressure in a way that only her hands could. "Good thing the smart and talented leader of New Vegas took care of those guys for you."
"You're so full of yourself." Julie's eyes slid closed as one hand on her neck became two on her shoulders, kneading and soothing.
"Am I? We've both achieved some amazing things, we should get to acknowledge them more often than we do." 
Julie huffed in reply, realizing just how tired she was now that her eyes were closed. It wasn't often she pushed things off until morning, but maybe she could be convinced tonight.
"Come back to bed. You can be little spoon."
She laughed in response, giving in to the tug on her arm. "Alright."
day 2 of femslashfeb’s prompt list
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ami-v-dragnire · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 22 // Body Positivity
Happy #TransDayOfVisibility🏳️‍⚧️💚🌈! Sending all the love to everyone!! I had this in the works from femslash feb but @sungmee and all the other artists working on the Make Trans Rights Stick (x) got me motivated to finish this asap (but still kinda late)! If you have money to spare please consider having a look and the wonderful stickers and postcard up for sale or even just donating! Limited time left!
event hosted by @ineffable-wives-central
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lebibish · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Fandom: My Next Life as a Villainess (So this is a harem (novel/manga/anime) with a clueless main who transmigrated into the main villainess in a dating game. Sweet, ridiculous, oblivious Katarina manages to capture the affection of all the (male) love interests of the game…and all of the (female) rivals too! It's hilarious, but if you find ambiguity frustrating (is it romantic attraction or just really, really intense friendship?) this might not be the best for you. Badly labeled, image is actually in order Maria, Mary, Katarina, Sophia
wake the moonlight by moon_jelly (5300 words, Katarina/Sophia - Sophia remembers a past life)
Like a seed dropped by a skybird by readythefanons (900 words; Katarina/Mary - Mary character study and also hanahaki disease)
DLC: The Noble Lady's Kindness by MarsDragon (less than 7000--it's complicated; Katarina/Maria - Social Media posts related to the brand new DLC for Fortune Lover game, a Katarina route for Maria!)
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alexanderavery998 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Femslash February Day 19: Gold & Day 26: Silver
Fandom: Hannibal
Pairing: Chiyohdelia (Chiyoh/Bedelia)
Read the corresponding mini-fic, “Gold & Silver”: (AO3) (Wattpad) (FFN)
All posts: (prompt-based) {Day 1} {Day 5} {Days 8 & 17} {Days 12 & 16} {Day 18} {Days 19 & 26} {Day 20} {Day 27} (non-prompt-based) {Marleddie}
Interested in joining #femslashfeb2021 with fanwork(s) of your own? Check out the prompts here!
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merryfortune · a month ago
Day 28 / Castle
Clover and Violets 2021
Ship: not applicable | Asana/Tiger
Universe: Sevens
Word Count: 912
Rating: G
Tags: Fluff, Dialogue Heavy
   “Do you have interest in being the King of Games?” Asana asked as she moved forward a pawn on her opening turn.
   “Of course not.” Tiger replied as she listened for the click of the timer going down. She moved her own hand next, and went for a more brash, opening turn: beginning with a knight.
   “Truly?” Asana asked, blinking. This time, she heard the click of the timer being reset.
   “Yes, truly, I could not think of a bigger waste of time.” Tiger said as she watched Asana make her move.
   “Or, could it be, you do not want to triumph against your brother should he become the one last one standing against you if you were to decree yourself an entrant?” Asana asked. She then pressed down the button on the timer with a satisfying click.
   Tiger chuckled as she considered using the rook on her board as it was now her turn in this match of chess. She was playing black; Asana was playing white. Ultimately, Tiger elected not to though the temptation was quite real since they had mentioned her brother, Rook. She instead chose another pawn.
   “I want to see him grow up strong,” replied Tiger, “and I believe, with the road in his own heart that he is following, then he would defeat me if it meant that he would become the King of Games. This is a certainty.” She clicked the timer with a sense of purpose. Emphasis. It did not go unnoticed.
   “Interesting.” Asana chirped. Her expression was blithe. Her hand was even quicker as she managed to make the first kill of the game.
   “What do you think of him as a candidate?” Tiger asked as she hid a tut of irritation under her breath.
   “I have my eye on Yuga, of course.” Asana replied with a smile, she tilted her head slightly. She clicked the timer.
   She watched, dreamily, as Tiger continued. Asana, of course, had her own eye on Tiger but it was different to the competitiveness that she felt unto the boys who vied for the crown all the same as she did. It was a gentler feeling than that. 
   Tiger’s hand hovered near one of her rooks again but she decided not to again. She made another bold move: choosing her bishop. A shame. Asana would have picked the rook. And Tiger clicked the clicker.
   “And what of Kirishima Roa and Saionji Neil?” Tiger asked. “What are your thoughts on them?”
   Asana laughed. “They would be both tyrants, I believe,” replied Asana as she played with her hair, “Roa would make a bad king, I think. He’s self-absorbed; caring only for himself and his own game. He’s frivolous. Neil would be a cold, cruel rule. Do you agree with that assessment?” She then finished her turn, collecting another black piece. Click and all from the box beside them on their little table that they shared out in the garden; including another click from Tiger’s tongue.
   “I do, actually.” Tiger nodded. “My brother may be a fool but he has a good heart. He cares about the game, and it being fun for all participants.”
   “Same as Yuga.” Asana nodded.
   “I will be interested to see how that duel would play out.”  Tiger murmured. She was beginning to feel boxed in by Asana’s advancements on her field: knights, pawns, and bishops. She played a crafty game where Tiger was, perhaps, too hard-headed. So, she played a hasty move. One that involved moving her rook, of all pieces, after so long.
   “I think it would be a stupendous duel.” Asana agreed.
   Tiger flicked over the clicker on the timer. “And what of us?” she asked, eyes flicked up to Asana’s which were such an electric and acrylic blue.
   “What do you mean?” Asana asked. “I would hope that in either outcome, with either your beloved Rook or my beloved Yuga, we would be able to have fun either way.”
   “Correct, but what I was trying to say, is what if there were to be a Queen of Games, unrelated to the kingliness the boys are vying for.” Tiger said.
   “As much as I love you, Tiger,” Asana began adoringly, her eyes lit up, “but I would hope it would be me.” She giggled. “Checkmate.”
   Tiger flinched. It was bizarre how such a sweet thing could hide such steel in her demeanour. Tiger then checked the checkerboard and she sighed. She didn’t like losing but if she had to, then yes. She would prefer it to be to Asana. Both in chess and in card games. That, she found, some palpability to the odious act of losing. Tiger sighed. And to think it was because she had moved one of her precious Rooks and because Asana had, at long last, used her Queen.
   “I relent.” Tiger said, bowing her head. “You make an admirable adversary, my Asana.”
   “Thank you.” Asana replied. It felt good to be praised by Tiger. And to honour that feeling, Asana got up from her chair. She came down to her knee and she took Tiger’s hand.
   “You are a secret lecher, methinks.” Tiger admonished the chivalry, even as it made her heart flutter and her eyes, beneath such a stern countenance, soften.
   “You are too wary to be a princess, I digress.” Asana lovingly scolded Tiger as she thanked the game and good sportsmanship with a kiss upon Tiger’s knuckles like a King would leave a Queen.  
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FEMSLASH FEBRUARY 2021 #21: In which Donna gives Cameron a gift
[CN: food and eating mentions; alcohol mentions]
It was early in the evening on a breezy summer Friday toward the end of June, and as Cameron pulled up to Donna’s house she wondered, not for the first time, if she was ready to be done with commuting and splitting her time evenly between the trailer and Donna’s house. She turned off the ignition, grabbed the bunch of wild flowers she’d picked from her own garden patch, got out of the car. Or at least, maybe it’s time for a break? she thought to herself as she walked up to Donna’s front door. I’ve been going back and forth for a year…maybe I could just stay here for the summer…or even just for this month? Or the next few weeks? 
Donna had left the door open for her, and Cameron let herself in, expecting to find Donna listening to music and maybe even dancing in the den or maybe the bedroom, happy and energized from her weekly manicure and lunch outing, buzzing with news from Tanya or Diane, as well as ideas for what they should do that evening and later that weekend. Instead, Donna was in the kitchen, in a black knee-length full slip and apron, hair half up in rollers, behind the stove, which was covered in simmering pots and pans. Cameron’s eye immediately went to the table, which was set with Donna’s good plates and candlesticks, and an empty vase waiting for Cameron’s wildflowers. 
“Honey!” Donna called out. “You’re home! Just give me a second and I’ll fetch your slippers and bring you a gin and tonic!”
The very idea of gin made Cameron go ugh. She went to the dining room, and turned around. “What is all this? Did we get married? Is this our anniversary that I forgot? Did I miss something?”
Donna chuckled at her, stirring one of the pots in front of her. “Well, it is almost the 4th of July, which is sort of an anniversary for us.”
Cameron nodded. “I’ll allow it.”
“I figured,” Donna said, checking one of the other pots, “that we could get a jump on celebrating, since we’ll be preoccupied with the 4th, on the 4th, and all.”
Cameron sighed and looked over at Donna, hit with a wave of affection for her. “Okay, Boss.” She went up to the kitchen island, and said, “You look very alluring in your slip.”
“Thank you!” Donna said brightly. “Are you wondering if I’m planning on dressing up, and if that means that you’ll have to dress for dinner as well?”
“You can read my mind. Just like a perfect wife should,” Cameron joked.
Donna shrugged. “I was gonna put a blouse and shorts back on after I was done cooking. The slip was just so that you’d have something fun to look at.”
“Mission accomplished,” Cameron grinned. “I’m a little grimy from the drive, though, so. Meet you back here after I get the flowers in some water and shower?”
Donna grinned back at her. “Sounds like a plan.” 
An hour later, the flowers were in the vase, the candles were lit, and dinner was served. Cameron and Donna enjoyed their eggplant parmesan, spinach, and angel hair pasta with two glasses of one of Donna’s favorite red wines, and a lot of happy chatter about how their weeks had been, what the girls were up to, and their weekend plans. 
When they were done, Donna got up and took their plates. As she walked them back to the kitchen, she said, “I made some red velvet cake for dessert! I know that you prefer the store bought, but, what can I say, I woke up in a mood today.”
Cameron, who was in the bad habit of overeating but only when Donna or Bos cooked for her, groaned, “That sounds great and all but I might literally barf if I try to eat more right now?”
Donna put away their leftovers, and then she returned to the table with two black velvet jewelry boxes, and set them down in front of Cameron. “Then maybe you can open these first?”
Wide-eyed, Cameron stared at the boxes with undisguised terror.
“Don’t get all excited,” Donna huffed. “Neither of these boxes contains an engagement ring, the only engagement ring in this house is the one that Gordon gave me and that I refuse to ever part with.“
Cameron looked at her uncertainly. “And one of them,” Donna continued, “isn’t even jewelry.” She picked up the smaller box and held it out toward Cameron.
Cameron accepted it slowly, like it might pop open like a trick snake nut can. She opened it, and saw that it had a set of keys inside. 
“I know, I know,” Donna said, sinking back into her chair. “You don’t have a key to your trailer for me. What if that’s okay though? What if the lesson the last 15 years have been trying to teach us is that reciprocity and being a good partner doesn’t have to mean everything is even steven all the time? I don’t need the key to your trailer. I know that I’m welcome there. And I’m also okay with usually calling before I come over.”
Cameron frowned at her. “Are you sure?”
“I’m positive,” Donna smiled at her. She pushed the other box toward Cameron.
Warily, Cameron picked it up, and opened the top. Inside, there were anodized silver pendants, on what looked like two anodized silver chains. One pendant was a small silver compass, and the other was a small anchor. Smiling sadly, Cameron said, “So I’ll always be able to find my way back to you?”
Gently, Donna said, “Or to wherever. You’ll never be completely lost, though. You’ll always have some help figuring out what direction to go in.”
“I don’t have anything to give you,” Cameron sighed.
With the same sad sort of smile, Donna said, “You might not have any jewelry for me, but that’s okay, because I already have all the jewelry I need. And also, my house is full of plants and fresh flowers and I have a garden full of fresh herbs and lavender out back, and I have homemade breads and hummus and preserves in the kitchen because of you. I get how that might not sound like a fair trade to some people,” she said, leaning forward and resting her elbow on the table. “ But I think it is. I think it’s more than fair.” She sighed, and then she said, “My house doesn’t feel empty the way it used to. That sounds terrible, I know. The girls used to live here. It didn’t feel empty because of them or anything that they did wrong, it felt that way because of me. But I don’t feel like that anymore. Now I wake up every day and I think, ‘Maybe things will actually be okay? Yeah, I think so.’”
Eyes starting to glisten, Cameron closed the jewelry box, and set it back down on the table. She looked back at Donna, and said, “Yeah. I know what you mean.” When Donna smiled at her, Cameron said, “I love you.”
“I know,” Donna said, wiping a tear of her own off her face. “I love you too.”
Unable to resist, Cameron asked, “Last and best?”
Donna’s smile grew broader, and brighter. “You know it.”
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FEMSLASH FEBRUARY 2021 #20: In which Cameron and Donna talk over a movie
[CN: spoilers for Gia (1998); adult women talking about sex and their sex lives]
Since it was well-known amongst their friends just how easy it was to get Donna to invite people over, Risa unashamedly telephoned her, on a Sunday afternoon, to ask her to host a watch party for the premiere of Gia. Donna, taking the call in the kitchen, agreed immediately, and wasted no time in contacting Dr. Katie Herman, and then when Haley heard about the party, she invited herself and Vanessa. They gathered at 7pm on January 31 of 1998 in Donna’s media room.
Cameron, of course, had been the very first invite, though she had declined. “Uh, as uplifting as watching a movie that inevitably ends with a tragic death due to AIDS complications with the girls sounds, I have plans. Bos and I are going out.”
“Oh,” Donna had pouted. “Well, maybe we can watch it another time, then! Just the two of us?” When Cameron looked up from the copy of Scientific American she’d been skimming through to side-eyed her from across the kitchen island, mug of coffee in hand, Donna wheedled, “Oh come on! It’s about a hot gay woman! Played by a hot, potentially gay woman!” When Cameron gave her another look, Donna crossed her arms over her chest and said, “According to Risa, there are rumors. Something involving an on-set romance during the making of a movie called Foxfire.”
Cameron looked back down at her magazine. “It is so weird to me that they let a gay woman be a hugely successful supermodel. Or not weird, just, I don’t know.” Irritated, she flipped a page, and then added, “I don’t really wanna be interested in something just because it’s about someone gay. But also, like, sure I am? It’s, stupid.” 
With a forlorn little shrug, Donna said, “You’re right, it’s stupid. Might as well use it as an excuse to have your friends over and have fun with it then, right?”
“Again, I feel like ‘fun’ isn’t the word I’d use for watching a tragic story of addiction and terminal illness, but, sure,” Cameron said.
Despite her misgivings, Cameron happily helped Donna get the house ready that day, making sure that the spare rooms and trailer were all habitable for potential overnight guests, as she always did before they had company. When Bos came to pick her up at 4, he came in for a while, and had some coffee with Donna, and then when they were ready to be on their way, Cameron kissed Donna and wished her a nice time with their friends and their sad movie. 
Cameron and Bos went to the local shopping mall for a stroll and some browsing at a large chain retailer of books, where neither of them found anything, and then to their favorite diner, where they sat for a long time after they had their burgers and fries and slices of chocolate peanut butter pie, talking about Bos’s most recent fishing trip, and how things were at Phoenix, and how Haley and Joanie and Bos’s grandson and step-grandchildren were doing. 
Cameron returned around 8:30, and went straight to the media room to see how the watch party was going. From the sound of it, it was in full swing, Cameron could hear cheering and shouting from the hallway. She went into the room, about to say, ‘Hey, guys,’ only to be distracted by the television screen, on which Angelina Jolie had just walked out into the hallway, wearing nothing but a bemused expression. There was a full length shot from behind of her entire, naked body, and then a waist up shot of her from the front, as she tried to talk to another character. Utterly beguiled by Angelina Jolie’s extremely bare, extremely full breasts, Cameron audibly said, “…whoa.”
Everyone laughed (and Vanessa deadpanned, “I mean, we were all thinking it, right?”), which made Cameron blush slightly. 
“Hey! You’re back!” Donna said, smiling brightly. “Wanna join us?” 
Face still pink, Cameron said, “No, no I’m good, thanks! I think I’m just gonna go get my pajamas on!” They laughed more, and Cameron said, “I’ll see you all later, after the movie? Okay cool bye!” She hurried up to the bedroom, where Licorice the cat was hiding from the unexpected invasion of unfamiliar humans. 
Three and a half hours later, after the movie had ended, and they’d all discussed their reactions, questions, and critiques of it over hot chocolate, and Cameron and Donna had thanked everyone and shown them out, Donna went up to the bedroom (Licorice was still there, napping on their bed), but Cameron wasn’t there. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, changed into her pajamas, and then went back down to the kitchen, and then to the media room, where she found Cameron, box of Good’n’Plentys in hand, watching the midnight re-airing of the movie. 
“Couldn’t resist after all, then?” Donna said. 
Cameron literally jumped, sending candy flying. “Jesus, Donna!” 
“Want some company?” Donna offered.
“If you really wanna watch it again, I guess, sure,” Cameron said, trying to collect all of the licorice bits that had fallen into her lap. Donna sat down, getting as close to Cameron as she comfortably could, and crossed her legs underneath her. Aggrieved, Cameron complained, “The stuff with the parents? Depressing.”
“Yeah,” Donna agreed. “In some ways she kinda reminds me of someone, though? I don’t know. Tall and outrageously beautiful yet weird and intense, streetwise yet naive, in love with a lovely if seemingly square woman....”
Cameron smiled bashfully. “If only I’d liked looking pretty, and being seen! I too could be a bisexual supermodel!” She shook some more candy into her mouth. Thickly, she said, “I can’t believe I ever did beauty pageants. I’m so glad I stopped, Christ.”
They sat quietly, Cameron becoming even quieter as Gia and makeup artist Linda met, participated in a what turned into a nude photo shoot together, and proceeded to have sex back at Gia’s apartment. When the movie came back to the scene where Angelina Jolie went out into the hallway naked, Cameron said, “Not to sound cliche or whatever, but, I feel like I didn’t fully get the big deal people make about sex until you. I mean, not like I didn’t enjoy it, just, even when I did really enjoy it, it would feel like something was off? Or like, it didn’t matter what I did or how I did it, because it would feel like, something about me was fundamentally off. Or wrong. I think that’s why it took me so long to break up with J0e,” she admitted. “I never felt like there was something wrong about how I was with him.”
“Aw,” Donna said. She took Cameron’s free hand in her own, looked up adoringly at Cameron, and said, “…that’s gay.”
Cameron snorted, and then said, “I asked for that, huh?”
Donna let go of Cameron’s hand so she could put her arm around Cameron’s shoulders. “Seriously though. I think we have skewed ideas about sex. Unrealistic expectations about how easy or how naturally it will come to us. We think we’re gonna have the best and wildest sex of our lives in our 20s, but it doesn’t work like that? Figuring out what you really like, and what you need to feel fully comfortable, and then finding partners who you’re really compatible with, that takes time, a lot of time, and a lot of effort, too! Every woman I’ve ever talked to about it was well into her 30s when she figured it out.”
“So it’s not just me, then?” Cameron said.
“No, it is definitely not just you,” Donna said.
Quietly, Cameron said, “Do you ever kind of feel like sex is maybe just, like, a little overrated? I really, really like you and all, but….”
Kissing the top of Cameron’s head, Donna said, “Not lately, no! But I know what you’re saying. It’s great but it’s also not worth the indignities a lot of us tolerate for it. People act like it’s a necessity, and it’s not! It’s a luxury! That some people aren’t even that into! And there’s nothing weird about that!”
“It’s a little strange to hear you say that after a year of sleeping with you and seeing first-hand just how much of a freak you are, but I appreciate it nonetheless,” Cameron said. 
“Oh, honey,” Donna arched an eyebrow. “We’re just getting started.” Cameron looked over at her and laughed nervously, and then Donna said, “There’s always gonna be more to us than that, though. Because we started out as more than that, and I’m happy about that. I’m glad that we were partners before we became, you know. Partners.”
Sighing contentedly, Cameron said, “So am I, Boss.”
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avatar-aubrey · a month ago
Tumblr media
Femslash February 2021 day 28 Begin -Lissybell (OCs)
Lissy(L) Bell(R)
*sigh* I’m finally done. Sure February ended 4 days ago but it’s the first monthly challenge with a piece every day I’ve finished in a long time.
DO NOT REPOST! Reblogs encouraged. Uses for edits or videos please ask
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merryfortune · a month ago
Day 27 / Rose
Clover and Violets 2021
Ship: not applicable | Mieru/Ruri
Universe: Arc V
Word Count: 1,509
Rating: T
Tags: Canon Divergent, Implied PTSD, Angst with a Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort
   One for sorrow, Mieru thought to herself, as she found one of those birds all by her lonesome. 
   One of those birds who had pretty eyes of sanguinated magenta and long hair of deep, amethyst purple.
   Funnily enough, even when she was alone and sobbing, she was still surrounded by birds. Just pretty little brown ones. Mieru hadn’t meant to stumble upon this thing but she was a finder of all sorts of things. Including sad things. 
   The starlings scattered as Mieru’s shoes tapped on the ground, upbeat and happy, she had just gone to stretch her legs, she was still immature when it came to parties and she wasn’t the only one. Or, maybe, it wasn’t immaturity at all. It was the worst kind of maturity.
   Ruri looked up at Mieru, through a facade of feathers as those starlings scattered and Mieru didn’t know what to say. She swallowed a hello in her throat. It didn’t seem appropriate. Ruri pawed at her face as she slowly let go of herself.
   “Sorry,” she murmured, “I just needed some space. I’m not used… I’m not used to the peacetimes anymore.”
   “May I sit here?” Mieru asked. She pointed at the ground beside Ruri as she clutched her crystal apple.
   “Y-Yes, that’s fine…” Ruri mumbled though she didn’t understand why. She, personally, saw no appeal in spending time with a stranger who was sobbing.
   Yet, Mieru dropped down beside her, dress flouncing and flapping as she sat beside Ruri, cross-legged. Yet, Mieru leaned into Ruri’s personal space, even though she stiffened. Held herself just that little bit tighter and felt awkward and assessed as Mieru looked up at her with those big, green eyes of her, all glassy and peridot-coloured and gleaming.
   “You have a lot of light in you, Mieru can see it, however do you sleep at night with such brightness inside?”
   Ruri squinted at Mieru, confused and confounded, tears just on the edge of her eyes but Mieru was entirely sincere in her question. Ruri giggled as she wiped away the evidence of her crying off her face.
   “You are very sweet, Mieru.” Ruri told her. “Even if it’s unexpected ways.”
   “Sleep well tonight and count the omens, I’m sure good things are on their way as the future comes for us all, one way or another. There’s no way to stop it but we can at least be prepared. Get a good night’s rest, a full eight hours at the very least, and don’t skip breakfast either, it’s the most important meal of the day, you know, or at least that’s what Mama says.” Mieru lectured Ruri.
   Ruri giggled again and Mieru pouted. “I’m trying to help you, you know, and you spurn the Mieru? You hurt her feelings. Insolent bird. All you Bracelet Girls are the same.” Mieru huffed. She crossed her little arms.
   “I’m sorry,” Ruri said, “you’re just so cute, I can’t take you seriously but thank you. I do appreciate it, truly.”
   “You’re welcome, and you should note, your lucky number is two, I believe. So do things in twos, I would recommend and perhaps skip the sushi on Thursday.” Mieru continued to advise her.
   “Thank you for your wisdom, little one, but how do you know these things?” Ruri asked. “How can you even begin to look into the future and not see anything but misery?”
   “Mieru sees all.” Mieru murmured. Might have been a lament, it might have been a requiem. “But Mieru has eyes and Mieru cannot avoid using them. So, she sees all, whether she likes it or not. The least I can do is use this power for good, even if I do see some bad. And I see things that you cannot begin to comprehend which is saying something given you are already a peculiarity of supernatural proportions I have only begun to understand.”
   Ruri hummed thoughtfully as Mieru rambled. She tucked a strand of her own hair behind her ear. Then, she did the same for Mieru and Mieru blushed.
   She very much did not want Ruri knowing that whilst Mieru was a coward, she had still seen a smidgen of things that left her harrowed and when she was touched, she saw some more. She saw Heartland reflected in the shadows inside her crystal apple that only she could scry. The horrors of how it fell and the sadism of the soldiers who invaded it. 
   Mieru hated it very much and though Ruri’s touch was kind, playing with her gingery coloured hair, Mieru was scared of that touch. She saw more than she wanted through it and through the illusions only she could scry from her crystal apple. So, she rocketed to her feet and Ruri was only very mildly perturbed by it. She blinked.
   “Mieru must be going,” Mieru announced, “see you later.”
   “Thank you, Mieru,” Ruri replied, murmuring softly, “see you later.”
   Mieru turned on her heel and then looked back, “And remember, two for mirth.” she said.
   Ruri nodded. “Two for mirth.” she echoed back.
   Mieru smiled like a cat - so different to an avian, down-to-earth girl like Ruri - and she pranced off with a skip in her step, rejoining the party on the You Show Academy roof as it was Ayu’s birthday today. 
   Mieru didn’t see Ruri upstairs again after that; she must have spent the rest of the afternoon and late evening downstairs, outside in the garden, recovering from her moment of fatigue. And Mieru didn’t see Ruri again until a couple days later, on Thursday, funnily enough. Mieru hadn’t been expecting to see Ruri at all but they ran into each other at one of the malls in Maiami. Such a bit city and they were still able to cross paths at random; it must have been fate, both girls thought.
   Ruri was with Shun but Shun wasn’t looking all that well. He was looking a little green around the cheeks, holding his stomach and Ruri was holding him even though she had stopped to chat with Mieru.
   “You were right,” Ruri very blithely informed Mieru who blinked curiously at what a way to start a conversation, “to skip the sushi.” she said. “This one did not heed your mambo-jumbo and now look at him. He’s got something of a bellyache, unlike me who had a salad from the kebab place across the food court.”
   “S’not a bellyache…” Shun grumbled. “It’s food poisoning.”
   “It is not.” Ruri scolded him. “You ate, like, ten plates. No one else got sick.”
   Mieru laughed. She was an only child but she wondered it what it would be like to be a little sister to someone.
   “Anyways, do you have any other predictions for me?” Ruri asked and her brother scolded her this time for believing such silly things.
   “No, not at the moment, I - I would need my cards for that.” Mieru told her, she had only brought her fortune-telling pencil to help her navigate the mall; she had come to buy school supplies for the upcoming semester.
   “Oh, fair enough,” Ruri replied, “but we’ll have to catch up sometime and oh! I almost forgot!”
   Mieru blinked again as Ruri let go of Shun. He looked fit to faint but he did his best to stand up on his own, as slouched as that was. Ruri dug through one of the cardboardy shopping backs she was bedecked with on either of her arms.
   “I saw this and it reminded me of you so I thought I would buy it, just in case I saw you and now look. We did. Maybe I’m a little bit psychic.” Ruri laughed as she gave Mieru her gift and now she was perfectly like a lyrebird, Mieru thought, if she had an aptitude for small, shiny sparkly things like this. “It’s a purple rose, you can wear it as a brooch, if you like, I thought it would look good on you, please, take it.”
   “Thank you…” Mieru replied softly.
   Her fingers were soft against Ruri’s palm as she accepted the gift. She was a little bit mystified. She had received gifts before as thanks for her powers and using them but this felt a little different. She couldn’t quite put it into words but it was somehow more special coming from Ruri. Her heart fluttered.
   “Anyways, I best be off.” Ruri said and she linked her arms with Shun’s again since he was like jelly. “But it would be nice to hang out again, just the two of us, yes?”
   “Yes, that would be wonderful.” Mieru replied.
   Ruri beamed. “After all, two for mirth, yes?”
   “Yes, two for mirth.” Mieru affirmed and Ruri was satisfied with that. 
   She hurried off and Mieru just watched with those huge eyes of hers. Green and awed. She smiled though, truly happy to see Ruri in a better mood compared to when they had encountered each other at You Show earlier. 
   Two for mirth indeed, Mieru found herself thinking very fondly with a scant of pink in her cheeks.
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Femslash February Masterlist
I know it’s a couple days late, but I figured I’d make a masterlist for all my Femslash February creations. My goal was fourteen and I only finished eight, but considering how winter messes with my muse, I see this as a win. Plus, I quite like how these all turned out. So, *shrugs* I’ll take it!
Note: I used @fauxghosts‘s FF prompt list from last year to make everything.
Valentine Moodboard (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Hope/Mantis, Valentine Valentine’s Day had never really been Hope’s thing.
Fantasy AU Moodboard (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Wanda/Ava, Fantasy AU Rumors and tales of a haunted suit of armor follow in Ava’s wake.
Song Inspired Moodboard (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Wanda/Darcy, Song Inspired Mistakes. The word echoed in Wanda’s mind. 
Rain Moodboard (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Wanda/Mantis, Rain “Wash away my sorrow / Take away my pain”
Pining Moodboard (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Hope/Betty, Pining As college roommates, Hope and Betty were practically inseparable.
Sunset Moodboard (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Carol/Maria, Sunset A bit cliché, maybe, and the picnic itself wasn’t much...
Like Soft Intentions (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Natasha/May, Hurt/Comfort Natasha was used to the medbay, used to the scrapes and sore muscles. The exhaustion that came with a rough day.
Lure (AO3 / Tumblr) T/Teen, Peggy/Dottie, Enemies to Lovers That’s what Peggy wants to say. What she should say.
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gracekraft · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to get one pic done of these two before Femslash February was over, so here's my lesbirds, Tryss and Artie.
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avatar-aubrey · a month ago
Tumblr media
Femslash February 2021 day 27 Swap- Pekonami
Talent swap is always super fun!
DO NOT REPOST! Reblogs encouraged. Uses for edits or videos please ask
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avatar-aubrey · a month ago
Tumblr media
Femslash February 2021 day 26 Date - Bispearl
yes I will finish Femslash February!
DO NOT REPOST! Reblogs encouraged. Uses for edits or videos please ask
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alterofnaught · a month ago
femslash feb prompts [day 13: beautiful- aoi/sakura (900words)]
Summary: Asahina and Sakura watch a sunset at the beach. 
[aoi/sakura- beach date- non-despair au]
Excerpt: They sat on their towels and watched as the sun continued to dip into the horizon, the blue ocean now painted with colors and bathing the evening air with an orangey glow. She looked over at Sakura who looked ethereal. White hair glowing in dim sunlight and skin bronzed from a day in the sun and the pink lighting, droplets of water still clinging to her skin. There was a small smile on her face. Asahina leaned into her, resting her head on her shoulder.
“It’s beautiful.” Asahina sighed, but she wasn’t just talking about the sunset. 
Sakura looked down at her, warmth emanating from her gaze as she wrapped her arm around Asahina’s shoulder. “Yeah.” And she wondered if Sakura wasn’t just talking about the sunset either.
ao3 link
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socksta · a month ago
Tumblr media
Femslash February day 28 - Perfect
And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for joining me for my fourth Femslash February! It’s always so much fun!
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unwind-myself · a month ago
Kara/Raina; Firefly AU.
you wanna listen what a real girl said?, chapter 28.
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rosalind-of-arden · a month ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: The Great Library Series - Rachel Caine Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Celia Brightwell/Naomi Ebele Characters: Celia Brightwell, Naomi Ebele, Jess Brightwell, Christopher Wolfe (The Great Library) Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Fluff, Past Domestic Violence, Strangers to Lovers, Getting to Know Each Other, giving neglected minor characters a happy ending Summary:
After the events of Sword and Pen, Celia Brightwell is starting a new life. She's separated from her abusive husband, Callum. She's determined to be a better mother to Jess. Thanks to Jess and his Library connections, Celia is opening the first legal bookstore in London.
To get her store off the ground, Celia will have to work with the Library, but that isn't so bad when the Library is represented by the lovely Naomi Ebele. Not that Celia is looking for another relationship. Not that Naomi could possibly be interested in anything more than business.
(To be updated extremely irregularly, I'm sure)
Hey, look, I haven’t forgotten about this. A first kiss for femslash February. The very end of February. In some time zones, at least.
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