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#fern art

i made art, my first time drawing a black lady and in this style. i hope it’s good


I’ll take you to the sun,

all the way

i’ll take you to the sun,

all the way .

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YES i can hate a piece of media

YES i can draw art for it

we exist

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Here is a headshot of Fern, by the incredible @rhosavirgoart !! As always, I’m stunned by how accurately she brings my characters to life 😍


Here is a link to another piece @rhosavirgoart did, of Fern in a flower crown!

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Hi I drew a fan art of fern. Hope you like it 😃

Awwww she looks so pretty!! Thank you!! And I’m loving the outfit o((*^▽^*))o
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new mod time. - Mod Green.

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casual weiss? AU perhaps? it is a mystery

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casual roob? AU perhaps? who knows

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Piecing Things Together: The Fern Art of @helenahpornsiri

To see more of Helen’s tiny masterpieces, follow @helenahpornsiri on Instagram.

The biggest occupational hazard of working with tiny ferns? “I have to be careful not to sneeze or move too quickly,” illustrator Helen Ahpornsiri (@helenahpornsiri) explains. “The leaves go everywhere.” Many of Helen’s creations consist of anywhere from 50 to 100 individual fern pieces from as many as 20 species collected from her garden in East Sussex, England. Helen transforms her foraged treasures into tiny masterpieces with a wooden flower press she received as a child. “I used to love opening it and finding pieces of summer in the winter,” she recalls. Her advice to other small business owners on Instagram is simple: “Just keep posting pictures,” Helen says. “It’s always great to see progress, so people can see how things are coming along, almost like a story being told.”

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