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#fernando alonso
cinnamonstroll · 19 hours ago
Alonso and Raikkonen during the Austin GP in colour
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europe as it waits all day for f1 to begin
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crashstappen · 18 hours ago
Alonso after causing chaos today:
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babysdrivers · 17 hours ago
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nothing but respect for MY dilfs ❤️
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sirroscoehamilton · 18 hours ago
Fernando waking up today:
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gp2engine · 2 days ago
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Fernando basket edition is so hot🥵🥺
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sebastonstroll · 19 hours ago
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@ Nando and Kimi
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chiliswithmilk · 6 hours ago
Michael Masi always sounds so clinically depressed.
“No, it’s not okay... 🙄 No, it’s not okay for anyone. 😑”
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 20 hours ago
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They're too many things going on at once here.
Danny Ric in full cowboy cosplay, Lance wearing a cowboy hat with sunglasses.... for some reason, Lewis giving sage advice to the williams boys while Pierre looks on in envy and Charles who is glued to his side as usual. And right at the very back you have Seb and Nando observing Sainz who is about to wave with his cowboy hat or throw it overboard (unclear) and so small you can barely spot him you have Yuki next to Pierre.
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forelsketparadise · 2 days ago
US GP FP2 Highlights
Lando has some issues with his car. I couldn’t hear what exactly properly.  
Max and Hamilton are already racing each other this weekend. 
If I was given a dollar for every time a driver calls other driver an idiot. I would be a millionaire by now.  
No Penalty for Perez for his incident with Mick in FP1.
Considering how many laps times are getting deleted today. Qualifying tomorrow would be interesting.
Now Charles has some issues with his car.
There is something loose between my legs- Charles Leclerc
Helmets issues showing up again this time with Mazepin. Commentors recon everyone would need different helmets on this track than their regular ones.That’s what they said Right?
Watching Antonio’s onboard makes me sad. He deserves better than what Alfa Romeo is doing to him. Just give him an answer to his future Alfa!
A little incident for Lando. 
Lance got something in his eyes apparently. He is doing surprising well this session.
Max and Lewis jumping one up each other wow. This is only practice not racing relax man.
Mick - What lap time did Giovinazzi do? Mick wanting to up a direct rival.
In the car development chart that they showed for the season, Mercedes are the fasters. Alpha Tauri are the only one who gained in time rest of the teams have lost times over the season.
There’s something at the end of the cockpit touching my leg in the corner- Esteban Ocon.
Fernando Alonso goes over the gravel into the barrier and he too manages to driver himself into the pit.
Again so many lap times are deleted. I can’t wait for the qualifying. 
To conclude the session Antonio misses the pit entry after the checkered flag and had to reverse his car for the entry. 
Perez, Norris and Hamilton the top 3 of the session. 
Max is P8, again a rare occurrence. 
Daniel P5, Charles P7, Carlos P9, Antonio P10, Pierre P12 and Yuki P16. Another good session for Antonio. 
Sebastian Vettle does the most number of laps that is 30. Antonio and Latifi are next with 26 laps each. 
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watermelonseb · 19 hours ago
"Can we just confirm that it's okay to overtake off track?"
"But it was okay for Raikkönen?"
BESTIES, ALPAIN, puh-lease!
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Fernando giving Esteban a tow and then, Esteban thanking Fernando through the radio and Fernando being proud about his tow even though it didn't work....
My Alpine feels.
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goldfish-in-a-bowl · 2 days ago
Welcome Friday with Mr. Friday aka Lando Norris
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Let's get started.
So it started off rocky because there was something wrong with Fernando's car which brought out a red flag.
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Tumblr media
The session restarted and then the other haas driver spun and brought out yellow flags. Also Charles spun but he managed to not hit the boards and there was no damged to the Ferrari
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and kimi spun later on in turn 19 I think. There was some times deleted for track limits and there was a little collision with a haas and a red bull, it was mick and checo.
So that was FP1. Some more news valtteri will have a 5 place grid penlty for taking his sixth ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). George will also have a grid penlty so he will be starting in the back with sebby. Result time
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So there was a lot of traffic. Also Fernando spun turn 19 late in the session.
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There were deleted times just like FP1 for track limits and some of the drivers had problems with a part of the car touching them on the leg.
here are the results
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russellscuffle · 18 hours ago
The give the position back Grand Prix
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babysdrivers · a day ago
fernando gently kissing stoffel on the cheek saved f1 actually x
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gp2engine · 2 hours ago
My theory is that Kimi and Fernando became aware on Tuesday that that press conference might be the last one ever together and realised that whatever rivalry they have had for the past 20 years is definitely NOT done yet and decided to show it on track for us as well
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