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paradise2lolo · 2 days ago
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Fernando Alonso has been trying to convince us for years that “British Bias” within the team is why a rookie beat his ass and the whole time the mechanics and engineers didn’t even want to work with Lewis, smh.
I bet those mechanics and engineers would never want to admit to this now because they were proven very wrong.
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one-way-to-do-it · 2 days ago
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fandomchaosgirl · a day ago
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Unless I’m mistaken or I’ve missed it Carlos is the second driver to speak out about this. The porpoising looks brutal on some cars and who knows what’s it’s doing to the drivers brain and spine. There’s the potential for serious long term harm here, and I really hope that something is done to protect the drivers. There’s already way too many incidents of the drivers sacrificing their health for the sport let this not be another one.
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lellalombardigf · a day ago
After an unprecedented eight years of success, Hamilton is suddenly in a very similar to position to Alonso this season - in the midfield, held back by an uncompetitive car.
"This is the nature of the sport," Alonso says. "Sometimes you have a better car, sometimes you have not such a good car and you still need to fight and make some progress.
"Lewis is driving as good as he has been the last eight years. He was dominating the sport and breaking all the records and 100-and-something pole positions. And now he is doing a mega lap - as he said in Australia or somewhere like that - and he is one second behind. So, yeah - welcome."
In an extensive interview with BBC Sport, Alonso is expansive on a wide range of topics, and when asked about Hamilton, he is also referring to himself.
"This is F1," he says. "It is not going to be a fair sport in terms of numbers. This is a team sport more than anything and we tend to forget this, especially when we have success. We are so happy for what we are achieving that even if we try to share with the team, all the headlines are for the driver.
"It happened to me when I won the two championships [in 2005 and 2006 with Renault]. I was beating Michael Schumacher. This was a big topic, but my car was more reliable at that time and had very good performance and you cannot praise enough that package because the headlines will still be the driver. And with Lewis it's the same.
"To have more than 100 pole positions in F1 is something unthinkable. You need to have the best car and package for many, many years." He deserves everything he's achieved in the past but this year is a good reminder that in all those records and numbers there is a big part on what you have in your hands as a package in the car."
Alonso applies this realism to the fact Hamilton is behind new team-mate George Russell in the championship so far this season.
Ask if he is surprised Russell has run Hamilton so close, and Alonso says: "Yes and no. George has been very fast in the last few years and I think everyone was expecting him to be a tough competitor for Lewis.
"But I still believe Lewis will eventually finish the championship in front. This is just a five-race championship, but eventually when things are more tricky or [there are] difficult situations, Lewis will still have more experience and maybe more talent."
- Fernando Alonso speaking about Lewis Hamilton and the recent struggles mercedes have faced
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mcl36 · a day ago
f1 drivers as thai curry ingredients
charles: the meat. the protagonist. the meat gets the storyline, the character arc, and you choose the type of meat you get - i feel like charles is what you make of him, with him you get to pick your own meal
carlos: honestly i could go for some metaphor but i can't, i have to make the joke, i'm forced to make the joke. i'll be predictable - he's chili. providing excitement despite mostly operating in the background, his career is a slow buildup of spice from yellow to orange to red on the hot scale. does best with gallons of water
max: ginger. i feel like this is obvious. the ginger gives a lot of spice to the curry, and you can say it’s integral to the dish, but once in a while you find a piece of ginger and mistake it for a potato and it’s OH GOD; terrible - you have to learn how to approach max before you can like him. manage your expectations and you start appreciating his presence
checo: potatoes. expecting every race to be good without checo is like expecting a curry to fill you up without carbs. sometimes when the front of the pack is lacklustre you just gotta rely on a sexy checo perez recovery race
lewis: the curry (powder). duh. it’s a strong flavour and some people find it overpowering, as if it dominates the sauce too much, but it literally defines the dish. the goat of curry is curry. what else is there to say
george: ok stay with me on this one but george is rice. why? because the merit and importance of the rice in the narrative of the curry doesn't actually have anything to do with what rice contributes to the taste of the sauce - it's more about the way rice interacts with the curry instead. likewise, george's significance in f1 has little to do with his presence on track (hard to find casual watchers who can name more than 10 results of his in his entire f1 career), but the conversation around him has made him one of f1s big players for years now, a centerpiece of f1 talk
lando: cinnamon! fun, sweet, spicy, you wouldn’t think it fits in a curry but it actually goes so well. it’s not necessarily that important to the story of the curry, and some people don’t really like cinnamon, but i can’t understand them. cinnamon’s great
daniel: onion! savoury, flavourful, slightly abrasive but unique - goes great in basically any curry, always a fun time. bit of a mouthful on its own but the soft flavour of the cooked curry onion is nearly unrecognisable from the taste of the real, raw onion, so despite its attempts to steal the show it actually doesn’t stick out too much
fernando: fish sauce. fish sauce is a controversial flavour - many people don't get along with it, and it definitely has the potential to be overpowering if in too big of a quantity. that said, it's absolutely integral to the very essence of the sauce. it adds enough drama to counteract the sweetness of some of the other ingredients
esteban: long beans, baby. not only because he is tall (obvious joke there), but because the long bean is a bit of a chameleon - also known as the asparagus bean, the pea bean, or snake bean, the way it is perceived varies wildly depending on the context it is placed in. also, by nature, a bean pole conceals and protects its own insides; not only is esteban reserved in his temperament, but often his driving requires a push (a heap of pressure or an impossible task) in order for him to shine
valtteri: the coconut milk. a balancing force. understated, sweet, collaborative. gets shaken up by the people wanting to use him (gotta remember to shake the can otherwise the milk separates), but he still pulls through calm and uniform
guanyu: kale. newcomer and slightly american vibes, but it actually blends in quite seamlessly with the rest of the curry. you don't immediately associate it with this particular dish or, vice versa, associate the dish with it, but nothing about it indicates that it might be an unfiting addition
pierre: bamboo shoots. plain in appearance but with a funky crispness to them, if in the right place at the right time they're the perfect little texture kick to make a race interesting. don't expect it to flavour the curry in a major way, but sometimes u just need to add some white shit (pierre in the AT overalls) from a can (the red bull driver academy) so you can chomp chomp chomp.
yuki: peanuts! small and fun, they pack both flavour and crunch in a peanut-sized punch. an odd choice in some curries but a perfect fit in others, yuki isn't the most consistent but he sure shines bright in his occasional moments of glory
magnussen: kaffir lime leaf. kaffir leaves are inedible so by default you can't expect them to be the bulk of the meal, but they sure can add to the flavour, and when you see a kaffir leaf you just know that curry's done right. you know you're not getting any of this pay driver insipid tasteless bullshit, you're getting good old fashioned proper thai curry f1 racing. bitter and unpredictable if bitten but does its job splendidly when left alone
mick: lemongrass. often confused or conflated with hugely more popular similarly named lemon - if you go into it expecting the taste of lemon then lemongrass will disappoint you, but that's not to say that it has no merits. light and fresh-tasting, lemongrass may not do the heavylifting in the curry but it's just the right condiment to counteract the weight of the other ingredients
seb: bell peppers. a classic. a staple. not the main character of the show but can't imagine a curry without them. available in red and green:)
lance: i’m giving lance cumin for two reasons - one, it’s a spice that doesn’t draw attention to itself and is basically invisible but the curry sauce very much owes its taste to it, very “i do all my talk on track”. but also, i feel like lance would laugh at the word “cumin” so i’m assigning it to him for his own enjoyment
alex: baby corn. full disclosure here i’m being extremely biased because i just love baby corn. baby corn goes off tbh it’s SO good every time i find it in curry and it’s so underrated. too many curries forego it and it’s actually a crime - i don’t want to have to switch to stir fry just to get the baby corn, but for a year i had to, because christian horner decided no baby corn for us:/ fuck you christian
nicholas: palm sugar - sweet and inoffensive. not only is this a very literal choice because i'm convinced nicholas's blood is 50% nutella, but palm sugar usually acts as a buffer (read: backmarker) in curries to balance out the more powerful or stringent taste of the other spices. a little goes a long way, because it absorbs the oils of some of the spicier ingredients and thickens the sauce, but if it's actually noticeable in the curry then that means something's probably gone wrong. likewise, latifi's name tends to appear in the commentators' mouths only in the most insane of races
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guerkchenseb · a day ago
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Race week vibes. 🤩🔜
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martiniracing · 5 hours ago
In 2012 we had a feisty youngun who won his first WDC in the last race of the season paired with a little more experienced driver with bad luck in the RedBull, and a Spaniard with luscious locks and warm eyes paired with a guy who has terrible luck in his home GP in the Ferrari.
In 2022-
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formulazee · a day ago
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WEBBONSO IN GIFS (1/?) ↳ Brazil 2010
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vettesebas · 2 days ago
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short kings
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catalangp · a day ago
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fernando blink twice if you're in danger
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paradise2lolo · a day ago
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Fernando Alonso is self serving and he always will be.
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andreagrimes · 7 hours ago
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Spanish GP 2022 - 📸 Ricardo Larreina
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lewiseste · 22 hours ago
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shuntedmate · 27 days ago
My sister made her friend a Beginner’s Guide to F1 because they’re watching the race together tomorrow.
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(Part Two to follow)
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catleclerc · a month ago
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brixworthbrackley · a month ago
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so that race was SOMETHING, have a shitpost as a treat
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ef-1 · 7 days ago
The disputed matter regarding Charles' and Daniel's Heights ™️
starting with Fernando's firm #no. followed by whistle blower Seb bringing ferrari insider knowledge, Charles realising he may have lied about his height and Daniel somehow managing to agree with Charles' lies with a celebratory fist pump
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weirdshapedcircles · 8 days ago
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"The picnic" (2022), oil on canvas
I didn't do this, credit goes to a guy I know
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teamgreenheart · 6 days ago
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grill the grid: driver's heights + facial expressions
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the-obsessedone · 5 months ago
Funny how we joked all year long about there being 19 drivers and now we really just have 19 drivers
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