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coolcars · 4 months ago
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maranello · 6 months ago
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“Sometimes people compare me to Jules, and it always brings a smile to my face. He was a good guy and one of my best friends. If my style and mannerism reminds people of Jules, I’m happy about it.”
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pinsaroulettes · a month ago
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“A kiss good luck”
2019 Spanish Grand Prix
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ferrqri · a month ago
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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Sebastian Vettel with ex-teammate Mark Webber on the podium following the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park on March 20, 2016. (Photos by Jerry Andre | Motorsport Images)
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acrosstobear · a month ago
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MICK SCHUMACHER poses on the Boulevard Riyadh with his fellow Ferrari drivers James Calado, Giancarlo Fischella, Miguel Molina and Daniel Serra (x)
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f1vegas · 23 days ago
Daniel to merc au,,,, please I have to know about how wild the relationships would go
so first of all the vibes would be fucked up.
i have a longstanding conspiracy theory/drawn the logical conclusion that: lewis obviously wanted valtteri as a teammate instead of someone who'd actually want to race him, someone who could easily accept being relegated to a second seat (why else would they keep george in a williams for so long while stringing val along on awful 1 year contracts? because they thought george needed to develop? after winning every single lower championship known to man? okay sure) and so when daniel was in talks with mercedes and ferrari (reportedly/rumored/officially who can be sure) i imagine lewis was very perceptively like: “what about our good friend valtteri? he's such a nice dude❤️” and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that except i feel personally slighted lmao
but in my alternate reality circa 2018 where prime daniel gets the car he rightfully deserved instead of the red bull that caught fire or died every time he tried to drive it he goes to merc and gives no quarter to anyone’s ego but his own
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because if you watch races from 2014-2016 daniel’s dick out arrogance is honestly unmatched. he liked destroying seb, he liked being the center of attention, “i like them vulnerable” “thats how it’s done ladies” “my time. my fucking time” flexing showing off for every camera possible etc you put that energy in the fastest car on the grid? 
but at the same time daniel would be compromising his desire to be universally beloved. he’d be dogfighting lewis (5x world champion at that point). their dynamic would be FUCKED. stodgy old british men on podcasts i’ve listened to from 2018 etc who know far more than me have noted lewis really, really doesn’t like it when he has competition within the same team. i think that’s true of all top drivers. you always want to beat your teammate. you want to know everyone has your back and supports you, but when strategy and resources have to be diverted amongst teammates battling each other it can get extremely tense. cloak and dagger nightmares if you think about 2016. i think it’d be no different in this au! 
it seems like Daniel and Lewis have always gotten along and respected each other but they’ve never faced each other directly. never really been on a level playing field. I think they wouldn’t have drama per say? im not joking when I say stodgy podcast men did refer to them as “two alpha males”. and Like lmao but. hahaha …..unless? They were Right. IMO both of them in 2018 very much enjoyed projecting “I’m unbothered I’m not threatened I’m the best” and would try to outdo each other on flexing their unflappability to the media. Lewis would probably find Daniels annoying showboating annoying and Daniel would probably enjoy that a lot in a very underhanded way lol
like I said: daniel to merc where he wins championships and any part of his soul he had to kill to get them ultimately doesn't matter, no regrets. “soul” being the overwhelming desire to give give give to light up the room, to joke, to make people laugh, to self deprecate “well amongst the three of us we have 8 world titles. We’d like 9 though” but if he was winning and focused on being world champion I’m not sure you can have it all.
chose between: being that loved or being that fast
but now (2018 Merc au) daniel‘s in a car that’s expected to win. even when Daniel was performing really well you couldn’t say the Red Bull was ever a championship winning car until this year. The Merc has been a championship winning car for a decade. There would have been no excuse, except perhaps Lewis hamilton, why Daniel shouldn’t have won a championship. the bottom line is that if he were in the Merc he would have.
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racingseries · 3 months ago
Charles: Are we fighting or flirting right now?
Carlos: My hand is literally around your throat.
Charles: That doesn’t really answer my question.
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smashing-lando · 10 days ago
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These pictures are amazing😍
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bluesourkiwi · a month ago
Some Ferrari doodles I guess
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galaxy-jar · 23 days ago
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sebastonmartins · 3 months ago
seb's cute little button nose peeking out of his mask,,,, reblog if you agree
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coolcars · 4 months ago
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Black Ferrari California Car
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maranello · 2 months ago
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QATAR, 2021 — Charles Leclerc doing his seat check.
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pinsaroulettes · 2 months ago
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Saturday, USA, 2021
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 9 months ago
My Football Charles Collection!
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Charles playing football and supporting his home team is incredibly sexy to me so I had to share! Bask in the glory that is Football Charles everyone!!!!
Supportive Football Seb:
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helpagirlout-lander · 12 months ago
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CAITRÍONA. FREAKING. BALFE. We owe a lot to this fair Irish lass of ours, don’t we? She gives and she GIVES and she SERVES the tea and she SLAYS the scenes. Here’s a look at her non-Outlander work... but dinna fash, there's itemized Outlander posts dedicated to Cait to follow, I promise. 
Tumblr media
Modeling: VideoFashionVault / Victoria’s Secret, Two / ADO Models Runway Collection / Model’s Talk / The Model Scouts, Ep2 Pt Two, Three / Baader Corp
Spring FLARE Fashion Shoot 2016 / Making of Natural Beauty
TV Spots: SparPremium / St Ives, Two
Note: There are HUNDREDS of runway videos of Cait. I did not include these. Simply YouTube Caitriona Balfe and “Modeling” and you’ll be overwhelmed. 
Tumblr media
Music Videos: First Fires (2003, Grey Reverend) / The Burn (2006, David Milone) / She’s Chemical (2006, David Milone) /  The Damage Done (2007, The Teenbeaters) /  Too Much To Ask For (2007, Radio4) / Maniac (2008, My Best Friend)
PictureMe, 2009: Documentary: ModelToModelTV / CaitBalfeFan / 24 / Plastic Surgery / Theatrical Trailer, Two / Clip
Short Films: A Herculean Effort (2009) / Lust Life (2011) / The Wolf (2012)
Super8, 2011: Clip / Trailer, Two
Lost Angeles, 2012: {{ I can’t find any clips or trailers for this German film. It was directed by Phedon Papamichael who went on to work with Cait again in Ford v Ferrari in 2019 }}
The Beauty Inside, 2012: Full Eps: Ep1 / Ep2 / Ep3 / Ep4 / Ep5 
H+, 2012-13: Ep5 / Ep13 / Ep15 / Ep21 / Ep29 / Ep47 / Ep48 /STMedia / BTS, Two, Three / “In The News” / Google Hang Out: Two & Three
Crush, 2013: BTS / Full Film / Trailer, Two
Escape Plan, 2013: Official Trailer / Full Film
Now You See Me, 2013: Clip (w/Cait) / Trailer (no Cait)
Outlander, 2014-: Season One / Season Two / Season Three / Season Four / Season Five / or See Series Master List
The Price of Desire, 2015: Trailer (no Cait)
MoneyMonster, 2016: Featurette (w/ItalianSubs) / Jodi Foster on Working With Cait / WSJ Cafe // Cannes Festival: Press Conference, Two, Three / Red Carpet / Photo Call / Premiere / GossTV
Ford v Ferrari, 2019: On Set Interviews: FabTV / FilmIsNow / JBWeb / MovieTimes / HeyUGuys / VFX // Toronto Int’l Film Fest: Press Conference, Cait / EW / Collider / HollywoodReporter (w.Portuguese Subs) / Q&A (w.Portuguese Subs) / ETCanada (w.Portuguese Subs) // London Film Fest: TheUpcoming / HeyUGuys / Red Carpet // Trailer One (v brief Cait) & Two (More Cait) / Clips: One, Two, Three
Reads: My Christmas Wish For You (For WorldChildCancer) / Penelope Pt One & Two (For Blooms Day 2020) 
2020 BookClub
What’s In My Bag / Paparazzi 
This Guest of Summer Gag Audition
Tumblr media
Cantor FitzGerald 2020 / Project CaiTREEna / CityWomenNetwork
World Child Cancer: Thank You, Two / In Ghana: Pt One, Two; Jewelry, Cost,  / Gold Walk / Cait’s Caraids / September Campaign (2016) / At Outlander Premiere / 2.6 Challenge
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acrosstobear · 10 months ago
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“You absolute wanker, would you just please get off your arse and make me look hot for Instagram?” Marcus pleads.
Callum rolls his eyes, but he sighs, giving in as he starts to slowly peel himself off the couch. “Fine, but I maintain that this is ridiculous and you owe me one.”
or; Callum and Marcus are stuck in isolation in Italy together when COVID hits, and Marcus asks Callum to take a thirst trap for his Instagram.
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cancelrealbras · 9 months ago
*angrily grabs bullhorn*
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tetrapod7 · 22 days ago
☕ favorite liveries
okay okay okay okay coming in with a hard one here!!! thank u! i think i answered this once with the 2021 cars (i think it was probably ferrari/am/red bull/merc/alpine????) but i cannot find the post anyway im going to use this to look at lots of pictures of old sexy cars to give u five out of....a million here...
1. renault r25 (2005).........rhu powertrains posted a picture of this a few days ago and it literally has not left my brain since. look at it. gorgeous.
Tumblr media
2. ferrari just. ferrari. u know i think the red is sooo sexy. here is the f2007 bc i think the cigarette design is so funny. also it's SHINY!!!!!!
Tumblr media
3. 1988 benneton. i love green. i love color blocking. this car is HOT!!!!!!!!! bring this shit BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im gonna stick this with ordan 191 bc this one keeps showing up on dude lists but u know what. it's a 7up car. they are RIGHT!!! I JUST LOVE A GREEN CAR!!! i love the light green highlight. objectively....sexier than the aston martin this year tho i do love the AM green.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
4. there has to be a real yellow car on this list. 1989 camel lotus for the hell of it.
Tumblr media
5. okay. i think the red bull is sexy. sue me. 2021 bc thats what came up when i googled red bull livery. hot!!! whatever!!!!
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watermelonseb · a year ago
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Seb eras and the vibe they had
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