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mysticalmusicwhispers · 5 months ago
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More information:
US EPA overview on nitrogen pollution, EPA overview on acid rain Nitrogen fertilizer impact on soil acidity Nitrous oxide as a greenhouse gas Information on red tides Nitrogen pollution + algae blooms Impacts of nitrogen pollution and the legacy of nitrogen pollution (highly detailed and highly recommended)
Most of this post was focused on nitrogen pollution and its effects on aquatic ecosystems and the industries and humans that rely on them. However, nitrogen pollution can take many other forms, and it’s a rather large issue to tackle precisely because of its broad range of effects that range from air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to soil pollution to water pollution.
In the U.S., most nitrogen pollution that affects aquatic ecosystems is from agriculture and the overuse of fertilizer, and more efficient methods of growing crops are needed to overcome this issue.
However, nitrogen pollution via the air is from burning fossil fuels, which boils down to transportation/driving vehicles, and manufacturing industries.
Edit: someone noted in the comments that nitrogen makes up 78% of our atmosphere and that the pollution is coming from nitrogen compounds like ammonia, nitrates, and nitrous oxides. That is correct and a good clarification to make. 
Earth Day post: 3/?
Other infographics: outdoor cats, ocean acidification, orgs to donate to
Reblogs are greatly appreciated!!! HAPPY EARTH DAY!
Transcript for images below:
Nitrogen pollution is one of the lesser known yet equally problematic forms of pollution.
In nature, nitrogen is an essential nutrient for life. Plants take in nitrogen from the soil. It is then passed up the food chain and distributed to all organisms.
However, when humans let too much nitrogen escape into the environment, it can have disastrous consequences.
Over applying fertilizer, which is very nitrogen-rich, or improperly disposing of manure (feces and urine from either farm animals or pets) deposits excess nitrogen into the environment.
The excess nitrogen eventually flows into streams, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean via rain or runoff. There it promotes the rapid growth of algae and algal blooms.
However, the algae die quickly too, and as the dead algae decay, they use up all the oxygen in the water. Other aquatic life gets choked out, and a dead zone is created.
Two images of algae blooms: one image shows a body of water covered in a bright green-yellow algae bloom; the bloom covers the whole image and not one spot of clear water can be seen. Two ducks are swimming in the middle of the algae bloom. The second image shows several dead fish lying belly up in a dark green algae bloom. The images are captioned “Examples of algae blooms”
Nitrogen pollution leads to:
Loss of biodiversity in ecosystems because of creation of dead zones
Money lost decontaminating drinking water
Tourism losses from algae blooms (not a pretty sight)
Fishing industry losses from dead fish and shellfish
Health problems and disease from toxic algae
Another image of an algae bloom follows. The image is a zoomed out picture of an ocean or sea, and over most of the image is a red algae bloom. The image is captioned: “Famous red tides like the annual algae bloom in. the Gulf Coast kill many fish, shellfish, mammals, and seabirds, and make a lot of seafood.. dangerous to eat.”
Other types of nitrogen pollution contribute to:
acid rain. Nitrous oxide from burning fossil fuels mixes with water and increases precipitation acidity
greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrous oxide has 300 times the effect on atmospheric warming as the same amount of CO2.
soil acidification, which can lead to crop failures. Ammonia fertilizers (which contain nitrogen and hydrogen) are the main cause of soil acidification. groundwater and drinking water contamination. 
Nitrate, another fertilizer compound, can find its way into groundwater and well water.
How to reduce nitrogen pollution:
If you walk a pet, pick up after them (for the sake of the envi- ronment and your neighbors)
Use public transportation when possible, and increase your car’s fuel efficiency
If you have a yard, DO NOT OVERUSE FERTILIZER!
Most of all, use only the necessary amount of anything. Don’t overuse household or lawn chemicals.
As with reducing carbon emissions, much of the change will have to come from industries, companies, and government legislation.
Lastly, spread the word and educate others! As more people become aware of this issue, greater change can happen.
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itsplantbased · a year ago
Plants love starch, so if u have cooked pasta or boiled potatoes save the water, let it cool and give it to ur plants. DO NOT GIVE THEM BOILING WATER THEY WILL DIE, I REPEAT THEY WILL DIE. I add a bowl under the pot with the holes (I forgot the name of it but you know what i mean). Then I put it in the refrigerator to cool and water my plants with it once its cold.
Plants loves coffee grounds. My friend gave her aloe plant coffee grounds and it grew like crazy.
Eggshells are a natural fertilizer. Wash out the slimy stuff from the eggshell and then ground it up into a fine powder, you'll know its ready when it look like fresh crack you can snort (please dont snort the eggshells). You can use a food processor if that helps. Sprinkle the powder on the soil.
Banana peels are a natural fertilizer too. Sun dry the banana peel, you can cut it up into smaller pieces for it to dry quicker. Its ready when its looks like bethany's heat damaged hair: crunchy. When the peels are crunchy, crush it up into a powder. Sprinkle the powder on your soil.
Talk to your plants. It actually helps them grow. Talk to them bout random shit, my plants are literally my therapist.
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forsythiahill · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Comfrey in the garden on Forsythia Hill. Make sure you give it lots of room! Very aggressive and long tap root. Where you put it, it’s there to stay!
The bees love it.
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lovestereo · 2 months ago
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botany-and-zoology-rants · 5 months ago
Here is a small list of somewhat-easy-to-get, and natural fertilizers for your plants (in this post I am mainly referring to plants that are mainly grown for food):
(DISCLAIMER: Most of the info I have gathered is from my own rather strange gardening experiences, so it might not work the same way for you as it does for me. However, that is also unlikely as I have double-checked my methods with other sources)
-Coffee grounds : They contain nitrogen, which is very important for a plant’s growth. It helps the foliage of the plant grow, and it gives it the energy to help it grow the fruit or vegetables well. Some plants do not require too much nitrogen, as they may either produce their own nitrogen, or, for some plants, too much nitrogen will not help them grow as you desire them to.  Nevertheless, all plants require at least some nitrogen, which you can give them through coffee grounds. When putting coffee grounds into the soil, you can either just scratch it into the first couple inches/ centimetres of soil, or you can just sprinkle it on top of the soil.
-Eggshells : They contain calcium, which is quite essential for a lot of plants’ growth. Calcium is essential for the plant cell walls’ developement and growth. If a plant has weak cell walls, then pathogens can easily invade and harm the plant. Strong cell walls prevent this.  Plants also need calcium for enzyme activity, for metabolism, and for other functions too. Eggshells are an easy source of calcium.  Before you put them in the soil of the plant you wish to fertilize with them, make sure to wash and clean the shells well and gently, and then crush them into tiny bits and pieces before you put them in the soil. 
Banana peels : These contain potassium and phosphorus , which helps play an important role in increasing crop yields and overall quality of the plant. Banana peels also contain magnesium, which is the central atom in a chlorophyll molecule. Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green color and it carries out the process of photosynthesis. Magnesium also helps in the activation of many plant enzymes needed for the growth of the plant and contributes to protein synthesis. The peels also contain some calcium, which I already spoke about in the previous part about eggshells. Before you put the peels in the soil, dry them, or preferably cut them up into small pieces and then dry them. This helps them dry more quickly. If you cut them up into more smaller pieces or blend them, they have a lower chance of attracting pests.
Onion skins : These are rich in potassium and calcium. To use them, you can either: a) Simply use the leftover, dry onion skins for mulching. The dry peels will decompose soon and enrich your soil with potassium and calcium. OR b) You can make fertilizer. Use the onion peels to create organic potassium-rich fertilizer for your plants. This will increase their disease resistance, their growth, and for strong stems. This fertilizer will be rich in potassium, calcium, and other nutrients.  To make the fertilizer: Take 2-3 handfuls or a bowl of onion skins and soak them in 1-liter water for the next 24 hours. The water will be colored and thick, strain it in a jar. Your onion peel fertilizer is ready. Give it to your plants about 3-4 times a month. !![DISCLAIMER : I have not yet tested out the above fertilizer, but I intend on doing so soon. I will share the results with y’all later] !!
These are all the suggestions for you guys that I’ve got for now, I’ll come back later with more tips and info later. If you are curious or have any questions for me, feel free to ask!
If you felt this was helpful, please please reblog!! <3
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qr-closet · a year ago
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fruit-themed feritilizer bags for cushion customization
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pumpkin-patch · 2 months ago
What fertilizer do you use for your pumpkins? nearly all the fertilizer in stores dont have enough phosphorus and potassium.
I know! I think they're all so nitrogen heavy because most people don't know about different nutrients and will just think that new green growth = Results!! even though that might not be the result they want at all.
Anyway, Miracle Gro is what I'm using and usually suggest to people, not because I'm thrilled about it, but because they're the only ones that come in a range of water soluble formulas and are widely available in a home-garden-friendly amount instead of some huge industrial sack.
I have these three:
Tumblr media
Default ("all purpose") MG is 24-8-16, ok for the vegetative stage, but would never use this past bloom time.
There's another formula called bloom booster that is 15-30-15. I switch over to this once I see first flowers getting ready to open.
Then there's another one that's 18-18-21. They call it Tomato but it's good for vegetables in general. I use this once fruit starts setting.
I suspect that if I just used the 15-30-15 from start to finish, everything would come out exactly the same, and once I use up the rest I plan to do that.
Tumblr media
I also have these bags of bone meal (0-10-0) and muriate of potash (0-0-60) for when I seriously want just P or K. I usually work a little of both into my soil before I plant, add another dose of bone meal at bloom time and another dose of potash at the end when fruit's on the vine. I don't use an N-only product but if you wanted one I think blood meal is good.
Honestly, I bought all these when I was newer and more excited to be super involved in fine-tuning every step of the process, and would custom mix all of these products to feed to each individual plant. I didn't understand that that matters more for the competitive giant growers I learned from, and less for someone just growing small pumpkins in my backyard. I intend to simplify!
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apeironfarm · 5 months ago
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Inoculating pea and clover to sow in front strip of the yard! What is inoculation and why? Inoculation is covering legume seeds in certain bacteria bc all legumes fix nitrogen through the colonization of those bacteria with their roots. Nitrogen is the main food plants eat so sowing legumes with nitrogen feeders fertilizes them naturally!
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disenfranchisedchads · 3 months ago
I love my co-worker but he's a dummy sometimes. Yesterday he was telling me all about this gross tea our boss was making and how bad it tasted and then he says, "Yeah, and it's even weirder that it's for the tomatoes." And I'm like ??? What do you mean? And he explains how our boss had mixed it and said it needed to set up for 24 hours and that he said it was "tea for the garden."
My boss is incredibly sarcastic and also assumed (incorrectly, it seems) that his staff would know better than to drink some random liquid sitting in the back stairs. What my boss had been mixing was fertilizer, as I was there the night before when he started it. My dear, darling idiot of a co-worker drank liquid fertilizer and assumed it was just some nasty tea.
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celestialtitania · 4 months ago
Une Rose Pour Toi (Part 2)
Written for Day 13: Flowershop of Marichat May. Can also read on AO3.
Marinette was taken aback when she heard a furious pounding on her roof. Exchanging glances with Tikki, Marinette slowly climbed her bed with her math textbook in hand. She pushed the balcony hatch open ready to smack the book in the intruder's face when she came face to face with Chat Noir.
"Chat? What are you doing here?" She blinked at him owlishly as she lowered her arm. He'd leaped back in surprise but moved closer to her again.
"Marinette! I need your help!"
"M-my help?" For a moment, she was utterly lost. Then her face drained. "Is there a supervillain on the loose?" Then she paused, suddenly suspicious. "Why are you coming to me for help instead of Ladybug?"
Her heart was hammering in her chest. If he'd figured out her secret identity somehow...Marinette didn't know what she would do. She couldn't lose Tikki!
"N-no, there's no supervillain!" Chat clarified, waving his hands to dispel her worries. Marinette sagged with relief, her anxious thoughts dissipating.
She frowned at him instead. "Then, why do you need my help?"
"For our garden!" He spoke so matter-of-factly, Marinette had to take a moment to figure out what he was talking about.
"The rose garden? In the park?" He elaborated when Marinette still seemed a little confused. As understanding dawned on her, Chat looked a little offended. "Does our garden mean so little to you that you could barely remember it?"
"No, of course not. I just hadn't realized you'd want to share it with me," Marinette confessed.
"We planted the roses together, that makes it ours," Chat told her firmly. "And it needs help!" He looked terribly upset. Marinette automatically shifted gears into her planning mode, nodding at Chat to tell her what exactly was the problem.
"The roses are dying!" He wailed. "The leaves are turning yellow and the few roses that do grow; wilt and die way too quickly!"
Marinette's brows furrowed. "They get enough water?" She checked.
Chat Noir nodded earnestly as she hummed to herself. "The roses were planted in a good section of the park, so there's plenty of sunlight. What fertilizer do you use?"
Chat simply blinked at her. "Fertilizer?" He echoed.
"Don't tell me you don't use fertilizer!" Marinette said aghast.
"I didn't know I was supposed to!" He panicked. "Can we fix this?" Chat's big eyes looked into her and she noticed his bottom lip quivering. The garden was for his late mother, of course, he would be protective of it.
She sighed. "Of course, we can. Meet me at the entrance of the bakery."
"At the entrance? Why?" Chat sounded puzzled.
"I have to get a few things and let my parents know I'm heading out. I'll be right there!" Marinette promised, scrambling to grab her purse and gardening booklet. "Let's go, Tikki!" Her kwami zoomed into her purse.
"It's really nice of you to help Chat Noir like this," Tikki observed.
Marinette gave her a soft smile. "He's willing to share something so important to him with me, Tikki. How could I not?"
She rushed downstairs, waving at her parents as she headed out the door. Once outside, Marinette glanced around looking for where Chat Noir had gone off to.
"There you are," he dropped down from the roof, causing Marinette to let out a startled shriek. "Sorry!" He apologized, throwing his hands up. "I didn't mean to scare you."
As Marinette took in deep breaths to calm her pounding heart, she also took in his contrite expression. With a sigh, she let it go. "Give me your baton," she ordered.
He looked curious but obeyed instantly. Squinting at his baton, Marinette opened the GPS function and inputted an address. "We need to go here," she handed the baton back to Chat.
Taking his baton back, Chat took a moment to study the map before scooping Marinette up. She squawked in surprise, her arms naturally looping around his neck and she tightened her legs around his waist, to keep herself from falling. "We'll be taking the express pathway," he had the audacity to wink at her when she tilted her head back to glare at him.
Before Marinette could protest, he was vaulting away. Within moments, they were standing in front of Marinette's favourite flower shop.
"So, what are we doing here?" Chat asked as he set Marinette back on the ground.
"Maybe a bit of warning next time?" She frowned at him.
He nodded. "I pawmise," he said with one hand raised while the other was on his heart.
She narrowed her eyes at him but forced herself to move on. "We're here so we can buy some fertilizer and mulch to make sure the roses grow strong and healthy."
"Mulch?" Chat tilted his head at her.
"I'll explain everything," Marinette sighed. "Let's go." She led the way into the shop while giving him sidelong looks. "I thought you would have researched before starting the garden."
"I did!" Chat agreed while tapping on his baton to let out some of his anxious energy. "I just wasn't very successful." Marinette fondly rolled her eyes at him before grabbing his hand and walking up to the store counter.
"Hi! How may I help you today?" The saleswoman perked up when she saw them. Seeing Chat Noir had her appearing quite excited but she remained professional while speaking to them.
"We're looking for fertilizer and mulch for rose bushes." She turned back to Chat Noir. "Did you say some flowers had appeared?"
He nodded, looking a little distracted at all the flowers around them. "We'll also need several stakes then."
The saleswoman nodded. "Your rose bushes will thank you. It's nice to see young people taking an interest in gardening," she remarked. "Alright, so inorganic mulch," she scanned the shelves underneath the counter.
"Is it a large garden?"
"No! It's the small one in the park, I don't know if you've seen it," Marinette began to clarify but the saleswoman's eyes lit up.
"Oh! I heard about that! I love knowing the rumors were true," she exclaimed. "Okay, so that's what, five bushes?" She pulled out a large bag of inorganic mulch. "That should be plenty, but feel free to come back if you need more."
"A high nitrogen fertilizer would be best," the saleswoman explained, bringing out yet another bag. "Say, do you kids already have the rose feed?"
Chat stared blankly at her but Marinette gasped. "Oh! No, we don't. I forgot all about the feed."
"No worries, I'm just glad you're aware that they're different things. I get a lot of customers thinking they only need one or the other. I would recommend alfalfa. One cup now, one cup after pruning, and one cup after the spring flush. Think you can remember all that?"
Marinette nodded before Chat could even react. "I'll help with everything," she promised him, making him smile at her in relief.
"Last bud not least: the stakes," the saleswoman began as she took them to another part of the store.
"You're a punner?" Chat asked in delight.
"You stand around flowers all day and not want to make a pun or two," she dared him. "I take it you approve of my punning?" Chat grinned at her in response and nodded; he appreciated anyone who could make a good pun and this woman was taking the time to help him out with something that was important to him.
Marinette resolved to make a few more puns as Ladybug if that was all it took to make her Kitty happy.
"If you have five bushes, then four stakes should be plenty. Do either of you have any experience with stakes?"
Marinette volunteered, so the saleswoman handed them to her. As they paid for their purchases, the saleswoman smiled at them. "Thanks, kids, you guys really made my daisy."
"Thanks a bunch for helping us out," Chat threw back as they picked up the heavy bags and headed out the door.
Chat vaulted away with the bags before Marinette could even suggest walking. She sighed, resigning herself to waiting for him to appear again.
"He's just trying to be helpful," Tikki put in before Marinette could complain too much.
"I know, Tikki. It would just be nice if he'd at least talk with me first instead of making decisions all by himself."
She patted her purse to let Tikki know to hide again as she saw Chat coming closer. He landed and held out his hand to her. "Well, Princess? You ready?"
"Only so we can help the roses faster," she told him, looping her arms around his neck as he held on to her waist. Then they were soaring over the rooftops, wind blowing Marinette's hair backwards until she was set firmly on the ground again, next to the little rose garden.
They took a moment to take their supplies out of the bag and get set up.
"Feed, fertilizer, and then mulch," Marinette told him. "You can start by giving them a very small amount of feed and I'll do the staking."
Chat nodded solemnly, carefully measuring out a cup of alfalfa feed while Marinette expertly put in the stakes and tied the stalks of the bushes to them. She was careful to not get pricked by the thorns and soon enough all of the roses had adequate support.
"It's looking great," Chat gushed.
"Not done yet," Marinette reminded him, handing him the fertilizer. "Pour some fertilizer on and I'll add the mulch."
It was long and tiring work, but both enjoyed themselves. It was easier to garden when a friend was keeping you company. Once they were done with the fun part, they had to clean up as well. They gathered their supplies putting it all back in the large paper bag they had been given with their purchases.
Chat stored the remaining stuff next to a large rock. "I'll take it back home with me," he explained. "But it's easier to store it here for now." Marinette nodded in full agreement.
Finally finished, they collapsed next to each other onto the grass, using each other as support for their aching backs.
"That was exhausting," Chat panted.
"More than fighting supervillains?" Marinette joked, but she was tired too. Gardening in the sun took a lot out of you.
"How about we get cleaned up and go get some ice cream to cool down?" Chat suggested. "We can walk this time," he offered.
Marinette laughed. Chat being considerate now erased all of her previous complaints. It was nice to know that he paid attention to her as well.
"With Andre right over there? Yeah, a little walk works," impulsively, Marinette grabbed Chat's hand.
He glanced down before his eyes flitted up to meet hers. Whatever he saw, caused a smile to break out on his face, and then he was tugging her along towards Andre's cart. All Marinette could do was smile back while her heart pounded just a little bit faster than usual.
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moon420goddess · a year ago
i’m so proud of my cousin, who spent 7 years of his early twenties in prison (for a non-violent drug charge) who is now working on his PHD in sustainable agriculture.
This is his thesis project, they created an eco-friendly fertilizer that helps soybeans thrive in drought conditions. It has lots of big sciency words but check it out, super interesting & important work.
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chamomile-and-cotton · 8 months ago
Why I ❤️ Rabbit Shit
I love my bunnies. I also love plants and growing things. One of the (many!) benefits of being a bunny-loving gardener, is that your furry friends crap out gold-standard super fertiliser. Seriously:
-Rabbit manure has FOUR TIMES more nutrients than cow or horse manure
-Rabbit turds are little bombs of nitrogen. Higher than sheep, goat, chicken, cow or horse manure
-Also much higher in phosphorus- excellent for getting lots of big, gorgeous blooms on your flowers!
-Packed with potassium, minerals and micronutrients.
-Rabbit poo is a hot OR cold fertiliser. That means you can compost it, or put it straight in your soil. It doesn’t have to be rotted like cow, horse, chicken etc.
-Try burying a few poops around the roots of your favourite plants, or in your planters and raised beds. Tomatoes absolutely LOVE it.
-You can also use it to make rabbit crap tea - soak a big pile of poops in a bucket of water for a few days, stirring occasionally, then use that to water the roots of your plants. It stinks a bit though.
-For long-term benefits, you can add some bunny poops to your soil to improve the quality as they break down over time. As well as adding nutrients for your plants, it’ll improve the soil’s structure, improve porosity, add stability, and worms LOVE it.
-Speaking of worms - if you’ve got a compost heap, bunny poo is an absolutely stellar addition to that too. For all the reasons mentioned above.
-Safe to use on any plant - no risk of burning, unlike other types of compost.
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sonxofxscars · a year ago
Tumblr media
Having relatives that raise chickens and rabbits have been a unique introduction to what I’d call a simpler way of life. Almost every weekend, I head out of town to visit and help my in laws on their homestead. One of the things I have learned was how to raise rabbits although I don’t do it myself. But what I have taken from them and applied in my garden is their manure.  Rabbit manure is some of the best and most rich fertilizer you can obtain. It’s technically the highest concentrated fertilizer from an animal and I have noticed great benefits in my garden the past few seasons. If you’re planning on growing a garden and are open to using rabbit manure, I highly recommend it. Local farmers who raise rabbits may be available to help you out. 
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quisqueyanavaliente · 3 months ago
Homemade Fertilizer attempt No. 1
What up fuckers, so I broke it the fuck down chemically and heres how imma make my homemade fertilizers:
I’ll have 5 separate bottles for nitrogen and potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur, iron, and calcium
Boiled banana peels for nitrogen and potassium
Mulled nuts like almonds and pecans for phosphorus
Powdered eggs shells for calcium
Epsom Salt for magnesium and sulfur
Hear me the fuck OUT so everyone keeps saying their period blood is magical for their plants and like I don’t know if I’m willing to harvest such a thing but I’m definitely considering it cause where the FUCK else am I getting a pure source of iron OTHER than like... a n o t h e r animal’s blood? or some other plants that doesn’t have nearly as high a concentration? send help.
an overall ingredient these will all have is cinnamon as bug repellent, black tea because the tannins help the roots absorb nutrients immediately, and some ash for the carbon ratio.
someone, please- oh, someone with better knowledge than i, please let me know if these are ACTUALLY a good idea cause im bouta act up
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iheartliquor · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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divine-nonchalance · 7 months ago
Often, women have been in disdain of their menstrual blood, rather than understanding it as the source of their power. The blood carries the genetic code, and because the Mother Goddess is the source of all things, this is where the code comes from. It is where the story is hidden. Menstrual blood can be used to nurture plant life, to mark Earth, and to let Earth know that the Goddess lives again.
Barbara Marciniak . Earth
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