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Not a big fan of some of the Rockbreakers skins (not because they’re bad, they’re all beautiful and everyone did such a great job! I just personally don’t have a taste for yknow. Rocks.) but bedtime story, Glowing Cave Walls and Gravedigger are just- so good?? A shame I don’t have an F pose Veilspun but I might just have to get the two fae skins 

also the fest fam is really nice i like centaurs

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Enjoy this weird wonky tune! Link is in my bio:)🖤

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2020 서울 인디 뮤직 페스타 - 제주대구부산서울교류전

서울인디뮤직페스타 - 제주대구부산서울교류전 정말 멋진 라인업이었지만 관객분들을 많이 모시지 못하여 후기 영상을 남겨 봅니다😊😊 내년에는 공연장에서 직접 만나요!!✨✨ #인디교류전 #제주대구부산서울교류전 #서울인디뮤직페스타 #simf

서울 인디 뮤직 페스타 - Seoul Indie Music festa

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rockbreakers stuff lookin tasty. ddon’t really care about the apparel though, since it don’t like the goggles, but the floating gems are neat. familiar and scene rock though.

the scene seems to hint at the body type of the next ancient, most likely the lightning ancient. seems to have a long body, thick legs, and claws. really hope the lightning ancient will break the usual format of dragon body types that 2/3 ancients atm have. maybe there will be an in lore reason why the head of this statue is so broken while the others are mostly intact. probably not though, since i don’t think earth and lightning have any lore connections.

for the familiar, i very much like the bones on it. makes me think its a dragon killer. (even though it’s probably just old fossils, it’s more fun as a recently dead dragons.) and it’s neat how it’s legs has rocks caked onto it, wonder if it’s rock all the way through.

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Happy St Catherine’s Day! 💛💚

On St Catherine’s Day, the fashion houses of Paris celebrate the skilled women who work in their ateliers. Work finishes at midday, and the champagne is popped!

Single women who are in their 25th year are known as ‘Catherinettes’. These days, the men are included as well - they’re known as 'Nicolas’. They are crowned with elaborate handmade hats, and are guests of honour at the celebrations.


Milliner Stephen Jones with the Caterinettes and Nicolas of Christian Dior in 2008.


Caterinettes from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Kenzo and Sonia Rykiel in 2018.


A Covid-safe St Catherine’s Day 2020 at Chanel (📷 jpburucoa).

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