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I read The Electric Heir - 480 pages - in a day (well mostly night). Now I’m just going to curl up in a corner muttering “what the fuck” until I recover

This book is a LOT and covers very heavy topics like abuse, assault, depression, suicide attempts, addiction, etc (content warnings and resources for survivors are provided). The story of Noam and Dara is harrowing and heartbreaking but Victoria Lee handles all of their trauma so well and writes a truly unforgettable novel

(fyi feel free to shout at me or ask about this book!)

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Noam: From now on, we will be using code names

You can address me as Eagle One

Ames’ code name is Been There, Done That

Dara is Currently Doing That

Leo is It Happened Once In A Dream

Taye’s code name is If I Had To Pick A Dude

Bethany is Eagle Two

Bethany: Oh, thank God

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March 2020 Anticipated Releases

    Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow (Book 3 in Nevermoor)

     Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare (Book 1 in The Last Hours)

     The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee (Book 2 in Feverwake)
     The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

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I’ve seen other people do this, so here we go! Some of these I’m rec'ing because they’re less popular than others of that month, also!

January: Worthy (Zelda/Mipha) Botw


“Of all the things Zelda has been told she is, worthy has never been one of them… But can Mipha change her mind about that?”

February: Do You Remember When… (Dick Grayson/Roy Harper) Teen Titans


It started out as a joke: Roy and Dick were so affectionate with each other they were basically dating, right? Who knows how far it’ll go, though, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner…

And neither of them want the relationship to be fake anymore.

March: What We Always Do (Revali/Link)Botw


Link and Revali have always gotten a little bit on each other’s nerves, but as they get closer, feelings start to surface… And the truth will come out one way or another.

April: Migraines (Dara/Noam) Feverwake


Telepathy is both a blessing and a curse. Dara Shirazi thought that he knew that well enough before Noam Alvaro joined Level IV, with his handsome face and constantly screaming thoughts.

May: Bones on the Seashore (Mipha/Zelda) Botw


Zelda has been coming down to the shore for years now, watching the tide go out… And talking to the siren who patiently waits for the day she’ll give in.

June: Face the Music (Wally West/Dick Grayson) Teen Titans


With Pride Month starting, and all of his friends embracing it full force, Wally is left in the same familiar spot: the closet. It isn’t that he doesn’t want to tell the other Titans the truth, it just it’s not safe.

And if they know one secret, it could lead them to the others: from sexuality, to gender, to his crush on Robin… All the way back to his life at home.

July: The Road Leading Up (Link/Revali) Botw


From when they were picked as ten year old Initiates, Link has always seemed like the one on his way to greatness. Revali, well… He’s the kid dragging his heels.

But six years later, that can all change, and Link finds he may not want to be the one on his way up.

August: Angel (N/A) DC


It isn’t worth it, for Jason, to correct his mom. Not when she thinks dad is alive, not when she thinks they can still go to church on Sunday, and not when she calls him her Angel.

Not when she’ll just forget.

September: Mockingbird (Link/Revali, Mipha/Zelda) Botw/Loz


Revali was excited about two things about college: the education, and his roommate and fellow archery buff, Harth. Other than that? He supposed he would just have to suffer through it with a book. But when a “Small problem” with one of the dorm buildings changed their arrangements, his new roommate Link just had to be cute…

Link didn’t really want to go to college in the first place. So when everything started getting strange, from his beautiful but cold roommate to the arson rumors around campus, he supposed he would just have to roll with it and hope for the best… Right?

But what could happen when they’re forced to work together on a group project spanning the whole semester? Will Revali finally warm up to Link, or will it all go up in flames?

October: Arranged Running Buddies (Revali/Link) Botw


When Zelda convinced Link to come out for cross country, he was expecting to run for a long time, and for that to be unpleasant, yeah, but bearable, since he’d have a friend.

He was not expecting to fall for the Revali, the fastest - and least humble - runner on the team.

A.K.A. The one where there’s only one water bottle.

November: ~ I had a depressive episode~

December: The Best (The Worst) (N/A) BNHA


Bakugou Katsuki has known who he was since he was four years old. He was a boy, it was as simple as that. Around his friends, at school…

But things couldn’t just be that simple, could they?

(I realize this isn’t intuitive. There are only copy paste links. I’m sorry.)

Thank you!

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