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#feyre acheron
cptjazz · 17 minutes ago
Okayyy. So I just read A court of Frost and Starlight and I have to rant. I quitted Instaframm because of all the ranting done their and I hope you guys can forgive me. Let's start.
I absolutely loved Feyres Story and Rhy. I don't wanna know opinions about how Rhys acted wrong in someone's eyes and how he is a fake feminist. I don't see it that way and everyone should consider that you would act exactly the same way as he did to protect those you love. He has to live with his choices and he regrets a lot of what he had to do, but some people should get off their high horse and be honest and say yes, I would save a friend or someone I love over someone I don't know.
That about him.
I really wanted to discuss Nesta.
I don't mind spoilers so I read a lot about her before even beginning the Book. And I was ready to like her. But I was frequently disappointed with her. I just don't understand how she could treat Elain this one way and Feyre like complete trash. She acts like she doesn't care about anyone else but Elain. And yes. She went through some shot but as the oldest sibling it should have been her job to take care of her sisters. I am the oldest of 5 and I know if something should happen to my parents that none of them would have to suffer like Feyre did because of Nesta.
In the end of the 4 book we got the start of her POV Book and I was like.. Nesta. Of course no one wants you at a party. Because you don't care. Not care too much, like Feyre once said. I don't get that feeling. I was prepared to like her because everyone deserves love and from most posts I read about her, everyone was defending her and I thought she can't be that bad. But she is. I haven't read A court of Silver Flames yet, but I will. Because I read some posts about how her story wasn't one of healing and coming to love oneself. Like Feyres Story.
But than I think. Yes. It is not like Feyers Story because Feyre actually cared. She didn't act like a cold b*tch. She caref about both her sisters. She doesn't have as much to regret as Nesta. And Ndsta should regret a lot. I feel like the only thing she feels is hate for everyone and I just don't understand her, poor Cassian. I like him a lot and I totally shipped them, but now I feel like he deserves so much more.
Soooooo yes. Nesta probably won't have a story of healing. Because even before she became a Far she made so much mistakes. And I can't really see a way in which she could forgive herself. Or how she could learn to live with it.
She just doesn't really have a story besides making as much trouble and being a b*tch.
On the other hand I don't really see Elain becoming a villain. Before that happens Nesta will be a loving and caring person. I don't really like her with Az and I don't like her with Lucien. Lucien deserves better. He is like one of my favorites together with Jurian. I hope we get to see more of the band of exiles. I can see Lucien with Vassa, love her or even with Jurian and I just want them to be happy. But Elain. I don't know about her.... She is not a bad character and I think she just should stay alone and get time to heal and just F*CKING HAVE ONE CONVERSATION WITH LUCIEN to get over their shit. It's so frustrating and I hope he gets over her quickly. And with Az. They are both to sensible I thing and I don't really see a connection between those two. Like yes. He gave her his dagger and they make each other laugh but it's just seems so forced because Az still loves Mor. So it's a No. I have to be patient and see if he clicks more with Gwyn.
On another note I hope Tamlin can get a story, not a love story where he learns to control himself. I don't consider him a bad or evil person he just is like. Hmphhh. Not a good partner. Mad I want to see him grow out of it because we saw the first steps when he saved Rhys for Feyre and just wished her to be happy.
That's it. I am open for controlled and respectful arguments but please don't be crude.
And just one more thing. Amen and Varian are so cute. I want more of those two
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romaisamaria · 3 hours ago
Cassian: “I see. I get a little too close and you shove me away again. Back to where it’s safe. Better to marry a viper like Eris than be with me.”
Nesta: “I am not with you, I am fucking you!”
Meanwhile outside the bedroom:
Tumblr media
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batboyazriel · 2 days ago
Famously In Love Chapter Ten: Azriel
Genre: Modern AU, YouTuber AU, Romance
Relationships: Feyre Acheron x Rhysand, Elain Acheron x Azriel, Nesta Acheron x Cassian (this story is told from all six POVs)
Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Death mention, Abuse (child, physical, and mental), alcohol mentions
Description:  Feyre, Elain, and Nesta Acheron are popular YouTubers with their channel Sisters Three. One day they received requests for them to react to three brothers that have reacted to their own videos and it throws them into a whirlwind of new friendships and possibly a new romance. Will old flames come back to haunt them and how will people react to their new relationships with each other?
Taglist: @elriel4life​ @courtofjurdan​
Tumblr media
Azriel’s cactus was sitting beside him in the car seat.  It was fifteen to ten and he was getting closer to Elain’s house.  Cassian had been more than happy that morning to poke fun at him for going to the bookstore and looking for information on how to keep his cactus alive.  He found all sorts of amusement from the fact that Azriel was the grim reaper of plants.  It was probably the only reason why he still bought plants for Azriel.
“Don’t worry little buddy,” Azriel murmured.  “I’m going to make sure you don’t die like all your predecessors.”
The cactus did not respond and he hadn’t expected it to.
His mind drifted to the bet and he wondered what his brothers would make him and Elain do if the cactus died.  He didn’t want her to have to do anything that would go down in internet history as one of the most embarrassing moments to happen.  Knowing his brothers they were going to be absolutely merciless with their practical joke.
The Acheron house came into view and he saw Nesta on the front porch reading a book while Elain was in the front flower beds.  Both sisters looked up when they heard his car pull into their drive.  Elain was smiling, but Nesta… well Rhys did say the eldest wasn’t the easiest when first meeting her.  Plus Azriel had dealt with scarier women in the past.  Nesta Acheron was low on his scary meter.
He grabbed his cactus and exited his car, Elain had already stood and was dusting her hands off on her overalls.  “You made it!”  Cheerful as ever, and it made Azriel feel warm inside knowing that she was just as excited to see him today as she had been yesterday.
“Hey El,” he stood on their sidewalk a bit awkwardly.  “I brought the cactus,” he cringed inwardly at the words as they came out a bit stiff.  Why was he so nervous around her?
She gingerly took the cactus from him and beamed at it, “Well it looks healthy, and I don’t see any signs of rot.”  She looked up from the cactus, “Does it have a name?”
He gave her a curious look, “A name?”
“Elain likes to name her plants sometimes,” Nesta chimed in.  “She says it’s good to talk to the plants.”
“There was a scientific study on this!”  She turned to her sister, her brow furrowing.  “The Royal Horticultural Society says that if you talk to your plants then it will help them grow faster and that they respond better to female voices.”  She turned back to Azriel, “But that doesn’t mean they don’t like hearing your deep voice!”
He chuckled, “It’s fine El, most people like listening to me for my voice.  I think that’s the only reason why I’m so popular.”
She frowned as if she didn’t like that he was talking badly about himself.  “Don’t sell yourself so short, Az.”  She began heading inside, “I’m going to go take this little guy to the greenhouse and start checking it over.  We can think of a name later once I’m sure it’s not going to die any time soon.”  She began heading off talking calmly to the cactus.  
Nesta spoke once her sister disappeared inside, “You don’t find this weird do you?”
Rhys had also warned him that the eldest might test him.  He crossed his arms over his chest, “Why would I find it weird?  Elain loves plants and if it makes her happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone else I don’t see a problem with it.”
Nesta slowly gave him the once over, “Go before she comes searching for you and I get the fifth degree for interrogating you.”
With Nesta’s blessing he headed through the house, said hello to Feyre, and then met Elain in the back.  She was in the greenhouse as she had said and when Azriel entered it was like a whole other world.  Ferns and various green plants hung from the ceiling beams, and there were various sized flowers and plants lining the shelves all throughout the space.  Azriel felt as though he was in a jungle and wouldn’t have been surprised to see a parrot perched on one of the beams.
Elain was flipping through a book and checking out facts on his particular cactus.  She glanced up at Azriel and said, “So far so good.  I think everything is okay with your little cactus.”  She pointed to a camera in the corner trained on them.  “I’ve already started recording and told everyone you’d be joining.”
Azriel waved a little awkwardly at her camera, “Hello.”
Elain giggled and Azriel relished in the sweet sound.  “I also texted Feyre and told her to paint a pot for your cactus.  We’re going to transplant it so that it has more room.”  She pointed to a section in the book, “It says that when you can see the roots from the drainage holes that it should be moved.  And I can see the roots.”  
She lifted the pot and showed him, “How are we going to do this?”
“When Feyre finishes with the pot I can show you how to best plant it in a new pot.  But for now, I’m going to get your feet wet with these!”  She showed him six, small sword ferns in those black, plastic containers.  “I’m doing a series on how to properly take care of these bad boys and you are going to help me plant them.”
“O-okay,” Azriel began to feel a little nervous, but Elain’s calming presence made this a bit easier.  He was used to killing people off in games and making sure that he and his brothers were the only three left standing.  Taking care of plants was a whole new game to him.
A game.
Maybe he should think of this as a game.  He’s learning new skills in order to advance in life.  The more good he does and the longer they’re left alive the closer he is to winning.  He could do this.
Elain went into teaching mode as she began explaining to Azriel how to safely remove the ferns from the plastic cartons.  Azriel watched with rapt attention making sure his much larger hands didn’t tear at the ferns.  He felt himself blushing when she praised him for his first successful attempt at removing the fern from the container.  He watched Elain talk, how her brow furrowed slightly due to concentration and how she bit her lower lip when she went to remove another fern.
He felt his pulse race and when he gulped his Adam’s apple bobbed slightly.  He prayed to whatever gods were listening that none of this was being picked up by the camera.  He could already imagine the comments and how the fans would say, “Elriel is real.”
“Az?”  Elain was now focused on him and she looked concerned.  “Are you all right?  You look a little flushed.  I know it’s kinda humid in here so if you need to take a break that's totally okay.”  Her innocence on where his thoughts had taken him made him want to smack himself.
He cleared his throat, “I’m fine… just a little worried I’m going to damage one of the plants is all.”
“Oh don’t worry you’re doing beautifully,” she patted his arm and he felt gooseflesh form where her hand brushed his skin.
He turned back to their task at hand and learned how to properly pot the ferns.  It was going to be a long day.
A few hours later Feyre arrived with the newly planted pot.  She had made it look like a desert scene from somewhere like Arizona or New Mexico.  She showed them a spot in the sky and told them that they could write the cactus’s name there if they wanted.
“I know Elain likes to name her plants,” Feyre explained.  “So I intentionally left it open for that purpose.”
Elain thanked her sister and turned to Azriel, “All right, ready to learn how to plant your cactus?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be,” he admitted.
“You’ve been doing fine all day, this is no different,” she told him as she filled the bottom of the pot with a little bit of soil.  “It's much like what we were doing with the ferns.”  She then grabbed his cactus and its old pot and carefully began trying to carefully dig it out.  Azriel watched what she was doing carefully.  “How long ago did you water him?”
“About a week ago.”
“Okay well once I get him potted let’s water him again and then you can go another week before watering him,” she explained.  She then instructed him to put more soil around the edges of the pot where the cactus didn’t touch when she transplanted him.
He did as he was told, and then asked, “So do you want to name him?”
She shook her head, “He’s your cactus, you get to name him.”
He looked at the cactus and said, “Buddy.  It’s what I’ve been calling him anyway.”
“See!  I knew you’d be good at this,” Elain said excitedly.  “You already named him and didn’t even know it.”
They wrapped up the video and Azriel hesitantly asked, “Would you like to go get dinner with me?”
“I’d love to,” she said.  “Let me go wash my hands and change my clothes real quick and then we can go.”
He followed her into the house so he could wash his own hands.  Buddy was in his hands as he made his way inside.  He found Feyre in the kitchen drinking tea and looking at her phone.  He wondered if his brother was currently messaging her.  “Hey Feyre,” he said, trying to grab her attention.  When she looked up he asked, “Could I borrow a brush and some black paint?  I want to paint Buddy’s name onto the pot.”
“Yeah!  I’ll be right back,” she got up and he heard her talking to Elain briefly.  The two sisters returned together.  “Here you go, Azriel.”
“Call me Az,” he said with a grateful smile.  He turned to the pot and neatly wrote Buddy’s name onto the pot.  Once he was done he looked back to Elain, “Are you ready?”
“Yep!  Don’t wait up,” she called over her shoulder to her sister.
Azriel opened her car door for her and made sure she was in safely before closing it and rounding the car to his own side.  The radio was on low when the car started, the sounds of classic rock coming through the speakers.  “You can change it,” he offered.  “I have CDs in the glove compartment.”
She flipped through it and glanced at Azriel, “Classical?  You don’t strike me as the type of man to like that.”
He shrugged, “Rhys’s mother was the one that got me into it.  I also like The Princess Bride.”
“So do I!”  Elain excitedly said.  “It’s my favorite movie of all time.”
The two quickly began bonding over music and movies finding they had similar tastes.  Their conversation continued as they were seated at a table at Rita’s and Azriel felt himself relaxing around Elain.  Talking to her wasn’t a chore and he felt like he could be himself with her.  He got her to laugh a couple of times, and one of those times she nearly spit out her drink.
It was a little after ten when Azriel brought Elain back home.  They had stretched the evening on for as long as they could.  He walked her to her front door, “I enjoyed today, despite being nervous I was going to break something or destroy one of the plants.”
She laughed, “I knew you’d handle it like a pro.”
“And thank you for being a wonderful dinner companion.  I don’t think I’ve had that much fun with someone in a while,” he confessed.
“Same, and I won’t tell your brothers that you think they don’t make fun company,” she teased.
He smiled at her and shifted a bit nervously before leaning down and brushing a kiss against her cheek.  When he pulled away she was staring at him wide-eyed and her mouth parted slightly.  He almost leaned in and kissed her fully, but held back.  “Goodnight Elain,” he murmured before turning and heading back to his car.
“Goodnight Az,” he heard her say a bit breathlessly and he grinned to himself.
Azriel had just finished getting ready for bed when he felt his phone buzz and checked to see Elain had messaged him.
Elain🌺🌸🌼: You left Buddy here
Azriel: It’s okay, I’ll be back to get him soon
Elain🌺🌸🌼:   And maybe next time you’ll give me a proper kiss
That comment made him stare at his phone for a moment before he grinned.
Azriel: As you wish
Yeah, tonight had been a good one.
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vidalinav · 5 days ago
Do you ever think about the fact that the only warranted apology that Nesta should/could have made if that’s the argument, the only apologies that would have actually made sense if nothing but for Nesta to grow and gain those relationships back with her family because they do and have loved each other which has already proven in prior books (remember that scene in ACOWAR! You know which scene!), was to Feyre and Elain. If NOTHING but for the fact that they’re her sisters, and she owes invariably nothing to the rest of them. At all! Before or after they said horrible things. But SJM wrote an apology scene to Amren???? Amren!!!???
Tumblr media
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batboyazriel · 5 days ago
Famously In Love Chapter Nine: Elain
Genre: Modern AU, YouTuber AU, Romance
Relationships: Feyre Acheron x Rhysand, Elain Acheron x Azriel, Nesta Acheron x Cassian (this story is told from all six POVs)
Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Fluff, Death mention in later chapters, Abuse (child, physical, and mental), alcohol mentions
Description:  Feyre, Elain, and Nesta Acheron are popular YouTubers with their channel Sisters Three. One day they received requests for them to react to three brothers that have reacted to their own videos and it throws them into a whirlwind of new friendships and possibly a new romance. Will old flames come back to haunt them and how will people react to their new relationships with each other?
Taglist: @elriel4life​ @courtofjurdan​
Tumblr media
Elain pulled into a parking spot at the GameStop and scanned the area for any sign of Azriel.  She stopped him leaning against the wall of the building scrolling through his phone.  She felt excitement flood through her when she noticed him there.  She had been looking forward to this since they had made the plans.
She hurried out of her car and practically skipped over to Azriel, “Hi.”
He looked up and offered her a smile, “Hey, you ready?”  She nodded her head and he held the door open for her.  “Hey Chaol, how’re you?”
Chaol looked up from what he was doing and smiled at Azriel, “Az, hey man.  Long time no see.  I’m doing pretty good, and you?”
“As well as one can be,” he responded.  “Hey, do you have any Nintendo Switches available?  My friend Elain was hoping to get one along with some games.”
Elain smiled at Chaol, she felt like she could take flight when she heard him refer to her as his friend.  Chaol turned his gaze to her, “Have you ever had one before?”
She shook her head, “I’m not much of a gamer.  Azriel and I are doing a collaboration and I wanted to play Animal Crossing. ”
Chaol chuckled, “All right, well I have several colors right now.  I’ll let you look at them and I’ll go pick out some games.”  He busied himself and pulled out several boxes with the Nintendo Switches and excused himself to get the games.  
Elain eyed each of them, there was turquoise, pink, yellow, and grey.  She was torn between the turquoise and pink.  She looked up at Azriel unsure of what to do.  “Do any of them have anything special other than different colors?”
“Nope, they’re all the same except for the colors.  Just pick whichever one you like the best and you’ll be good to go,” he told her.
She picked up the pink and nodded her head, she was going to go with this one.  A moment later Chaol came back with Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Disney Classics, and Kingdom Hearts III .  “These should be good games to get you started with.  None of them are scary or anything like that.  You can play some of them with Azriel as well,” he told her.
“Great, I’ll take them and this Switch,” she handed over the box she had picked out and let Chaol ring her up.  When he was done helping her she waited while Azriel browsed the games for a moment to see what new releases there were.
When they were done Azriel walked her back to her car.  He hesitated for a moment as they lingered by the driver’s side door, but then asked, “Would you like to come over?  We can get you set up and play together if you’d like.  Rhys may be home, but Cassian is at a meeting.”
“Sure!  I’ll follow you,” she said and got into her vehicle.  She followed Azriel to a nice neighborhood and an even nicer house.  There was a single car in the drive and Elain recognized it as Rhys’s.
Azriel came and opened her door for her and helped her out of her car and led her inside.  “Make yourself at home,” he told her before calling out to Rhys to let him know that Elain was with him.
Rhys appeared several seconds later and smiled at her, “Good to see you again, Elain.”
“Nice to see you too, Rhys.  You all have a lovely home.”
“Ah it’s not as nice as yours and your sister’s home, but it’s perfect for us guys,” he chuckled.
Azriel returned with his Switch in hand, “I’m going to help Elain set up her Switch and play a few games with her for a bit.”
“I’ll stay out of your way, I need to go see Tarquin as it is and give him the shells from the other day.  It was nice seeing you again, Elain.”
“You too!”  She called after him as he sauntered out of the room.  She turned back to Azriel, “So what first?”
For the next several hours Elain and Azriel sat side by side on the couch and set up her Switch and played games together.  The two of them laughed as they played Mario Kart and tried to bump the other out of the way.  She suspected that he let her win several times, but she didn’t care; she was just happy to be spending time with him.
All she could think about was how Azriel’s leg was pressed up against hers and how every time his arm brushed against hers it caused butterflies to flutter in her stomach.  Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the tattoos peeking out from underneath his shirt sleeve and she wanted to ask him about what they were.  She even wondered how far they went and if they extended down his back or his chest.
She was a little ashamed to admit that she had imagined what he would look like shirtless.  He had even made a cameo in one of her dreams the night before.  It was sexier than most of her dreams, she could have sworn she felt his lips against her throat when she woke up.  And she wasn’t going to lie, she was disappointed when she woke up alone.
A door opened and closed and Elain looked up to see Cassian entering the home.  He grinned when he noticed Elain on the couch.  “Az, you didn’t tell me Elain was going to be here.”  He leaned against the back of the couch and said, “Was Rhys here?  I’m hoping he showed you the baby photos of Az.”
Azriel whipped his head toward his brother as Elain giggled, “He didn’t get a chance.  He said he had to go see someone named Tarquin.  But why do I have a feeling that you’re going to show them to me?”
“Oh God, please don’t,” Azriel said as he nervously fidgeted with the game console in his hands.  Cassian’s grin only widened.
“I’ll be right back,” and then he dashed off before Azriel could say anything else.
“I’m going to get him back for this,” Azriel sighed as he shut his game down and put it aside.
Elain turned her attention back to him, saw how stiff he looked.  No one liked it when their family pulled out the baby photos, but she wasn’t going to sit here and say she didn’t want to see them.  “If it’ll make you feel any better I’m sure that Feyre would be more than happy to share my baby photos with you.”
He turned his gaze on her, “I’m sure your photos are not nearly as embarrassing as mine.”
She went to refute him and say that she had some pretty bad ones with her face covered in icing and cake from one of their birthdays.  Or the time her father had taken of her streaking through the yard as her mother tried to catch her.  Before she could though Cassian returned with a photo album.
“Here we are!”  He said cheerily and stuck his tongue out at Azriel as Elain made a grab for the photo album.
Rhys entered just as she opened the book to the first page, “Cass are you trying to embarrass poor Az.”
“No,” Cassian said just as Azriel said, “Yes.”
Rhys chuckled and took a spot behind the Acheron sister leaning down to point at one of the photos.  Elain saw a frowning Azriel covered in what appeared to be pie.  A young Rhysand and Cassian were laughing and pointing at their brother.  “That was one April Fools Day.  Azriel is very good at practical jokes you see,” Rhys began explaining.  “So Cassian and I called a truce and we decided to get him back.  We pooled our allowance and bought two pies.  He never saw them coming.”
“I got them back,” Azriel said in a stage whisper as he leaned in closer to Elain.  “Let’s just say they found that the sugar had been turned into salt when they went to put it on their grapefruit.”
She put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh, Azriel giving her one of his rare grins.  They continued to flip through the book and Elain stopped them when they came to a photo with all three boys, an unfamiliar woman, and a little girl.  “Who are they?”
The three of them grew somber, “That is Adeena, my mother.”  Rhys’s voice was raw.  “And the little girl is my sister Farren.”
“Adeena and Farren were killed in a car accident a few years ago,” Cassian clarified as Rhys stepped out of the room to compose himself.  Even Cassian seemed to be struggling to hold himself together.  “Rhys was supposed to come pick them up, but he was going to be late and Adeena said she would just drive them up to come see him.  A drunk driver hit them and killed them instantly.”
Elain’s heart broke, she could see how much these two women meant to the brother’s.  She looked at Azriel and saw that his eyes were locked on the photo, tears in his eyes.  As one fell down his cheek she reached up and wiped it away.  His gaze landed on her then and they stared at one another for what felt like an eternity.  Cassian had gotten up to go check on Rhys.
“Rhys blames himself,” Azriel said quietly.  “To be honest we all do.  Anyone of us could have gone to get them, but we didn’t.  It’s been nearly three years, but it’s still as fresh as the day it happened.”
Elain laid one of her hands on one of his scared ones and he looked down at it, his eyes widening a fraction.  “I don’t think either one of them would have blamed any of you,” she said carefully.  “You couldn’t have known something was going to happen.”
“No, but parts of us still think that something could have been done.”  He closed the photo album slowly.  “I hope you had fun today,” she knew he wanted to get off this subject and she wasn’t going to push him any further.
Instead, she offered him what she hoped was a cheery smile, “I did.  Thank you for helping me with this.  And next time we can record ourselves for the channel.  And I’ll help you with your cactus.”
“Oh ho, she knows about the Cactus?”  Cassian had rejoined them, he seemed to have pulled himself back together, but as Rhys trailed behind him she noticed that his smile seemed a bit forced.  “Did Azzy go to you for help?”
“I found him in the gardening section of the bookstore the other night,” Elain told him.  “I told him if he needed help then he could contact me any time.”
“Well let’s hope cactus number six makes it this time,” Rhys said.  “I’m tired of Cassian buying cacti for Az and then them dying a week later.”
“Six?”  She asked Azriel.
He sighed, “I don’t have a green thumb like you.  I struggle to keep my plants alive.”
“Well I can’t sit by and let another one die,” she announced.  “I’m going to personally see to it that this cactus lives.”
“Good luck,” Cassian chuckled.  “I don’t even think you could save his cactus from his touch of death.”
“Nonsense,” Elain shook her head.  “Azriel seems like a very gentle person, he just doesn’t know what he’s doing.  And that’s what our collaboration on my channel will be.  I’ll teach you how to properly care for your plants.”
“It’s a lost cause,” he warned her.  “I doubt that I’ll ever be able to keep a plant alive.”
“I’ll make you a bet,” she said.  “If you can keep a plant alive for a month we get to make these two,” she hooked her thumb toward his brothers, “do something extremely embarrassing on camera.”
“Hey now!”  Cassian complained.
Azriel was grinning again, “Yeah?”
“Yeah,” Elain said, her chest feeling light at the way Azriel was looking at her.
“And if I lose?”
“Then we get to make you do something embarrassing on camera,” Rhys said.  “Both of you.  I’m not going to agree to this any other way.”
“All right,” Elain shrugged.  She had enough faith in Azriel and herself to know they weren’t going to fail.  “But you can’t tamper with the plant in any way.  If you do then it’s an instant disqualification and you have to do whatever embarrassing thing Az and I cook up for the two of you.  Deal?”
“Deal,” both me said.
They asked Elain if she wanted to stay for dinner, but she told them she needed to get home since it was growing darker outside.  She thanked Azriel once again for the wonderful day and was out the door.
When she returned home she realized Azriel had sent her a text.
Azriel🌵:  Did you make it home safely?
Elain: Yep!  Just walked through the door.
Azriel🌵:  I’m glad.  Do you want to meet tomorrow to do/start our respective collaborations?
Elain: We can!  Why don’t you come over to my house?  I have my garden and greenhouse here and I have a feeling you’d rather not have me around your brothers right now
Azriel🌵:   You would be correct.  How does 10 sound?
Elain: Sounds perfect, I’ll see you then
Elain went in search of her sisters, she couldn’t wait to tell them everything that had happened today and about her day with Azriel tomorrow.
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The fact that the A Court of Thorns and Roses TV series is being produced by the same guy who worked as an executive producer on Outlander, tells me things are going to be extra saucy.
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e-llieoo · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gwyn Berdara.
An illustration of Gwyn in her Valkyrie armour. Characters belong to Sarah J Maas.
“I am the rock which the surf crashes. Nothing can break me.”
In love with ✨her✨
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romaisamaria · 10 days ago
Every female main character in SJM series have ended up somehow with a tattoo on their back during their journeys.
🔥Aelin Galathynius🔥
Tumblr media
✴️ Bryce Quinlan ✴️
Tumblr media
💫 Feyre Archeron 💫
Tumblr media
⚔️ Nesta Archeron ⚔️
Tumblr media
Which makes me think, what type of tattoo will Elain get?
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mysadsjmheart · 11 days ago
Archeron sisters zodiac signs, specifically their sun, moon, and rising.
This is purely based off of the energy I see from each of them. Nesta’s was a guess due to her birthday being in late spring and knowing Feyre’s birthday already. Elain’s I just pulled together with not knowing anything about her canon birthday.
Nesta: Gemini☀️ Scorpio🌙 Virgo ⬆️
Elain: Virgo☀️ Cancer🌙 LIBRA⬆️
Feyre: Sagittarius☀️ Capricorn 🌙 Cancer ⬆️
I might do another one for the bats boys...
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For some werid reason I can not picture Feysand having a daughter. Feyre to me is a boy mom. I just can't see her with a daughter.
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vidalinav · 15 days ago
I think it is very strange how you can read one post and then scroll down and read another and it is entirely the opposite of the first one you read. I have never seen that in any fandom I’ve ever been in. But in the ACOTAR fandom, no one can agree on anything. It’s so obvious that everyone is extremely biased. Even myself included. It’s just so weird because it’s to the point where I’m like are any of us even right?? Like do we even know these characters or are we making this stuff up? What book series are we even reading?
It’s to the point now that I feel that either the characters are confused or were confused about the characters. Because this happens for every character I’ve seen posts on and to a certain degree of course everyone reads a book a certain way... but not this differently. You can’t ignore what’s actually in the book but then... why do we have drastically different readings on the same situation?
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myworldofbooks · 16 days ago
ACOMAF first read Part 4:
So it's been a little while... Uni work is currently ruling my life right now and I cannot wait for all my assignments to be done! 🙌
Ok so I still haven't quite gotten over the bone carver but hey ho...
So I just realised FEYRE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN REPAIR THE BOOK AND READ IT!!! well actually maybe Armen can too??? Coz she was remade wasn't she??? Hmmm.... I have a sneaky feeling it's gonna be Feyre's job tho...
THERES GONNA BE A WAR... ITS BREWING AND BREWING FAST!! AND THE KING OF HYBERN IS LIKE WAAAY WAAY WAAAY AHEAD OF PEOPLE RIGHT NOW.... Cassian and Mor seem delighted about the whole getting back with the whole spy's in the court thing... I feel like they like to play spy and sneak around and mess with people...
Ok so Feyre is a detector?? Like a metal detector but for magic?? Wtf!!! That's kinda cool! 🤣🤣 Can you imagine Rhys like Feyre I've lost my shirt can you find it?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ahahaha
Ok so WHO THE FUCK IS THE WEAVER??? DAMN SJM IS TREATING US TO MANY DIFFERENT AND INTERESTING CHARACTERS..... like there's the suriel who's creepy but cool, the bone carver so just down right creepy and kinda scary too, and now the weaver???? Tickle me intrigued.... Ok so Azriel doesnt like the idea of testing Feyre with this weaver thing....
Ok I am SWOONING over the way Rhys keeps calling Feyre 'Feyre darling' I FUCKING LOVE IT!! can someone call me darling??? 🤣🤣🤣 AHHHHH when he came to wake her up and get ready to go to the weaver! 'your drooling on the carpet' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 FUCK YES!! I WANT MORE OF THIS!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 OMFG WHEN HE BUCKLED THE KNIFE BELT ON HER!!! 🤤🤤 and he was bowing HE WAS FUCKING BOWING!!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Rhys you can bow for me anytime..... AND THEN.... 'you are my salvation, Feyre'..... Where's the fainting emoji??? 🤣🤣
OMG the flirting in the creepy ass forest!! 👌👌👌 OMG THE WEAVER IS CREEEPY!!!! I got serious Hansel and Gretel vibes but like with the creepiness dialed WAAAAY UP 🤣🤣 spinning far and humans to be able to weave them.... Damn.... a roof made of human hair! No thankyou!!! And omg Feyre got stuck in the chimney!!!!! 😲😲😲 ALL FOR A RING?! NOW RHYS WHY IS THIS RING SO SPECIAL? I have my suspicions of it being like his mother's engagement ring or something and she gave it to the weaver so he wouldn't give it to anyone just willy nilly... but I could be waaay waaay off...
OMG THE DINNER PARTY AT FEYRES FAMILY HOUSE!!! FUCKING LOVED IT!!! there cold stares between Nesta and cassian! The almost loosed powers by Feyre... And Rhys helping her control them! 🥰🥰 CASSIANS OUTBURST AT NESTA!!! Damn that was 🙌🙌🙌 Az being a cutie pie helping ease and chill the situation.... FEYRE MAKING A JOKE AT RHYS' EXPENSE!!! 👌👌👌👌 AND THEN THEY SHARED A ROOM!!!!! I thought it was gonna be a one bed kinda situation but Rhys the gentlemen provided his own bed 🤣🤣 although I loved the comment about Feyre's undergarments 🤣🤣 'i couldn't decide which scrap of lace I wanted you to wear so I brought you a few to choose from' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 YAAAS!! and then the cute pillow talk of different things! 🥰🥰🥰 And both of them betting Nesta would win in a fight against cassian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
AND THE FLIRTING IS BACK! 🙌🙌🙌 Rhys comment before leaving Feyre to practice her magic! 👌👌👌 'you could try rubbing it on certain body parts and I might come faster' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yaasss Rhys yous sassy cheeky man! 🤣🤣🤣 And the note writing between them after a while! SO FUCKING CUTE!! Why isn't the ability to write magic notes a real thing???? Like think of the mischief you could get up to with it! 🤣🤣
OMG THE ATTOR IS BACK!!!!! Ok ok so the king of Hybern wants Feyre and somehow knew where they were..... Ngl the attor got what it deserved and I kinda hope it drowned in the sea where it was dumped.... I love that Rhys is sharing everything with Feyre tho! Like he trusts her to share it and doesn't deem her to be a doll in need of protection! 🥰🥰🥰
Omg the dinner in Velaris with everyone 🥰🥰 loved it! AMREN EATS BLOOD..... WTF IS SHE 🤣🤣🤣 AWWW walking along the river with Rhys! 🥰 Super cute! Sharing more secrets and stories! LOVE IT! OMG IT WAS RHYS THAT SENT THE MUSIC TO HER IN THE CELL UNDER THE MOUNTAIN! 😭😭😭😭 HE IS JUST 😍😍😍
OK I AM LIVING FOR THESE MAGIC NOT CONVERSATIONS!!!! I love them so much and the flirting that comes with them! 😍😍 You can just picture them smiling to the paper as they right flirty notes to eachother! I fucking love it!!! Ahahaha 'try not to moan too loudly when you dream of me. I need my beauty rest' FUCKING YES!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I WANT MORE OF THIS!! 🤣🤣🤣
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