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azaideen · 2 days ago
My Little Fire
Chapter 9
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During the day after Azriel’s visit I spent the whole evening writing the letters I would ask Cassian to take with him. At least until Elain called me for dinner.
Nesta and I still hadn’t spoken since the previous day. After our fight. I almost didn’t see her at all, and if I had I might have tried to squeeze some sense inside her head. I didn’t want to argue again so soon. So I avoided her too.
I sat on her left side and Elain in front of me. Nesta took the head of the table, just like she had been doing since our father left. We didn’t look at each other, didn’t talk to each other, but when I saw her expression - distracted and light, different from her hard exterior - I knew she was thinking about what had been said the day before. And I hoped she would understand what was happening.
I went to my room after doing the dishes. I laid on my bed but didn’t sleep. Through hours and hours I let my thoughts travel. I let myself imagine what the Fae lands would be like. So similar to the fairytales I read about.
I thought especially about the Night Court, where I had a better description.
As soon as I fell asleep my dreams were about a shiny city, surrounded by high snow capped mountains. A river cutting its middle and the sea on the horizon. While I flew above it, side by side with the stars.
Waking up early in the morning I didn’t want to lose dawn. So I ran to the outer side of the manor still in my sleeping gown, and only a robe to protect me from the cold. I went to the furthest part of the garden, so then I wouldn’t be seen by anyone who could possibly be spying through the manor’s window.
I climbed up one of the trees to have a better view and waited.
Minutes went by and soon the firs bursts of light apeared, spreading and covering the land. It gave life to the dark sky and shooed the mist clinging to the air.
Then I turned around to see the night, still dark and cold, on the other side of the horizon. Their balance was mesmerizing. Night and day, moon and sun, cold and warm. It was peaceful.
I stayed there, sitting on a tree branch for a couple more minutes. Just feeling the sun warm
my skin until I could not bare the warmth any longer.
I climbed down back to the ground and cleaned the barbs that were stuck on my dress.
But then I heard something behind me. Close. I clenched my fist tightly and spun around fast. Too fast. But not fast enough. The person held my fist and, when the blur on my vision eased and the adrenaline flowing in my blood calmed down, I saw who was standing in front of me.
He grinned, noticing the movement I would have made, was it not for him.
“Good morning for you too, clever girl.”
“Cassian,” I said, “you scared me. I thought it was someone with bad intentions.”
“I pity the poor human being that ever tries to harm you. If you hit them with the strength that you were about to hit me with they could easily faint.”
I smiled at - what for me - was a compliment. He was a warrior after all, the leader of the Night Court’s tropes, as Feyre had told me.
“Thank you.”
“But your posture is not good. If you didn’t blank them out your ribs would be exposed for a punch that would leave you breathless, and you wouldn’t be able to react. You’ve got the strength, but you’re missing the tattics. Who teached you how to fight?”
I didn’t know if I should say this. Fighting was a secret that I kept from everyone, no one knew. And I liked it that way. But I trusted Cassian, even if we had only met a few days ago.
“I learned alone.” His eyebrows knitted together and lifted almos above his hairline. I wanted to laugh at his face, but I held it so I could explain. “I was afraid of the men from the village, so I decided to stop fearing something I didn’t need to be afraid of. I started going to the forest every morning to punch trees,” it was kind of ridiculous now that I was speaking it out loud. “I would protect my fists with a piece of old cloth and release all the tension and anger in each punch. I got as strong as I could, since I didn’t have enough food to get the energy from. I used to get the techniques from a book or two. But gratefully I never had to use these abilities, especially when you’re saying I’m doing it wrong.”
When I finished Cassian had a look that I knew well on his face. Pity and comprehension. But also determination.
“I’ll teach you. If you want, I mean.”
I looked at him gaping. A fighter wanted to teach me, not only that but a warlord, a powerful one, if the seven siphons were any indication.
“Cassian, I - I don’t even know what to say. Yes, I’d love it! Thank you so much. How can I thank you?”
“Take me down, one day, on the ring, and I’ll know it wasn’t in vain. It will be more than enough as a thank you.”
I smiled broadly to the gentle male in front of me. Nesta didn’t see this, that’s why she hated the idea of him.
“When can we start?” He smiled noticing my excitement.
“I’m training your sister everyday. But with you, it will have to be different. I can’t come here all the time, going through the wall is dangerous when done frequently. So we’ll have lessons once a week, maybe two if I come in Az’s place more times. In the morning, right before dawn.” I smiled, because he remembered that I liked to see the sunrise. “And I also want you to practice by yourself, understood?”
“Understood.” He smiled.
“Well, now that we’ve got the lessons settled, I came here on a mission. Did the queens send news?”
“No, not yet.”
Cassian snorted. He was frustrated with the answer. But he went on.
“And what about your sisters.”
“We’re good.” I said looking at my feet. We really were good, but not between us.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“Nesta and I, we argued. She still doesn't trust Feyre, even after everything that happened.”
Cassian froze, his face blank, leme he was suppressing something. Then I saw his browns knitting and knew he was angry.
“You sister have the ability to make me angry instantly, she really can.” He grunted.
I almost laughed. Knowing that my sister, who barely reached his shoulders, could make him this angry was comical.
“I’ll fix it. At least I was able to make her think about it.”
Cassian nodded.
“In that case I’ll take my leave then, I’ve got to give a lesson to your sister.”
“Don’t you want to come in and eat something? Azriel dined with us, it’s only fair that I offer the same to you.” Cassian laughed.
“Thank you little one, but I prefer to avoid your sister as much as I can.”
“My sister is still sleeping and I have flour to make pancakes. Are you sure that you don’t want to stay a little? Either way I’ll have to go inside to take the letters.”
“Letters? Which letters?” So Azriel hadn’t told him. He might have forgotten, he looked really tired two days before.
“Azriel told that if I wanted I could write letters to my sister and you would take them to her.”
“Oh, okay. So let’s get those letters and make some pancakes.” He grinned and I did too.
I took him to the kitchen and asked him to search for the ingredients from the recipe while I went upstairs to get the letters.
I went to my room and wrapped up the papers in different envelopes, sealed them up and signed.
When I got back downstairs I saw Cassian smiling shyly, with flour covering everything. The floor, his clothes and hair. Even the other side of the kitchen.
“Cassian! How-how did you make this?” I asked, suppressing my laughter.
“I… also don’t know?” He said more like a question.
I shook my head slowly. I sighed thinking about the mess I’d have to clean. I looked at him then and couldn’t hold it anymore. I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. He was covered in flour and embarrassed.
I kept laughing for several minutes until his embarrassed left and he sent me an angry look. Which just made me laugh harder.
Thankfully my sister did not wake up with the noise.
I prepared the pancakes and we sat at the counter to eat. Cassian said that he didn’t care where we ate if he could put the pancakes in his stomach.
“You illyrians destroy my kitchen.”
“What did Az make?” He asked surprised. “He’s usually so under control. What did he make?” He would without a doubt talk about it with him.
“He almost burned the food while I was doing something else. Then he distracted me and I forgot about the food in the oven. Thankfully he remembered about it before it got burned. And lastly he got foam from the dishes all over my face and water on my dress.”
Cassian laughed with his cheeks full of pancake.
“You know, Az is a very good male. He knows how to cook, he’s gentle and loves kids. Did you know?”
“No… I didn’t.” I couldn’t understand what Cassian wanted with this. He was speaking strangely.
“And handsome, don’t you think?” He arched a brow.
“Yeah… I think that… you could say so.”
Cassian smiled satisfied.
“Any female that had him would be lucky, no?”
I grinned.
- Ah, já entendi Cassian, pode deixar, não vou chegar perto dele, e não contarei a ele também - “Ah, I get it Cassian. It’s okay, I won’t get close to him, and won’t tell him anything either.” Cassian looked at me confused. “That you’re in love with Azriel.”
Cassian choked with the pancakes and I laughed until my muscles were sore.
“I think you like to choke with my pancakes Cassian.” I said between giggles.
“Don’t cry when I make your muscles melt during the training.” I laughed even more at his threat.
We finished eating and I took the letters in my robe’s pocket to give to him.
I never cared about dressing up. I only wore dresses to please my sisters and don’t hear about it later.
Cassian watched the envelopes curiously.
“Two? Whose is the other one? I thought it was only for your sister.”
“Ah, this one is for Azriel. He said I could ask him some questions that he’d answer. So since I didn’t know if he was the one coming I wrote to him.” I smiled a bit shy.
“Sorry to say but he is the one coming next time. To tell the truth, he’ll come most of the time. I’ll be coming when he is tired and Rhys makes him sleep a little. Az have been having a hard time at work. He dedicates himself so much that sometimes he forgets to eat and sleep.”
My heart jumped to learn that Azriel would come more times. But it ached at hearing about his lack of care for himself.
Cassian noticed my mood and changed the subject.
“I’ll give him the letter anyway.” He put both of them away in his pocket. “I’ve got to go now, otherwise your sister will get used to waking up late. I’ll be back in a week for training, okay?”
“Okay. Thank you, Cassian.” I stood up and hugged him.
He seemed surprised at the act, but hugged me back after the shock had passed.
"You’re welcome. And thank you for the pancakes, even at this side of the wall they’re delicious.”
I laughed imagining how it would taste above the wall. I guided him outside and saw him depart with a gush of wind that blew my hair.
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emikadreams · a day ago
This is something that happens in ACOMAF. Is it based on real events...yes. did i get him back for it? Oh fuck yes! No one leaves me at a loss of words expect Rhysand himself.
"Fuck you!" She yelled, her words dripping with venom, yet he seemed unaffected for his grin only widened.
"Fuck me yourself." Came his arrogant reply.
Feyre rolled her eyes,"You're impossible."
"You mean improbable," Rhys replied egging her on, but Feyre was at a loss for words.
" I-you! - fucking rat bastard." Suffice to say, she was seething in anger.
"Damn, you're speechless. Huh, I am that good." He bowed as an agitated Feyre stomped away from him. "See you at dinner, darling."
He added only for Feyre to flip him off, leaving him only to smile at her retreating form, "There's my mate."
@themoonthestarsthesuriel @hellogoodbye14 @thebonecarver @story-scribbler what do y'all say? Should I post the whole thing???
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kayla-2 · 3 months ago
High Lord and Lady Of The Night
Tumblr media
Credit: (Instagram)
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feyrearts · a month ago
Tumblr media
rhys and feyre
on Instagram made by: laarakln.illustration
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nikethestatue · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Feyre, Rhys and Nyx
Art: madschofield via Instagram
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dreaminginvelaris · 2 months ago
y’all, remember when nesta weaponized the knowledge of knowing the truth about feyre and her baby so that she can throw it in feyres face and hurt her, so that nesta could gain some control and feel better bc of the vulnerable situation she was in? and remember how ppl legit praised nesta, acting like what she did was so heroic? as if what she did wasnt as bad as what rhys and the IC did. yeah crazy times. oh wait-nothings changed, ppl still praise nesta for this. yikes
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highladyofdawn · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
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feyre archeron : a moodboard
I was not a pet, not a doll, not an animal. I was a survivor, and I was strong. I would not be weak, or helpless again I would not, could not be broken. Tamed.
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kayla-2 · 7 months ago
Anyways... back to the one woman who will never disappoint me
Tumblr media
Credit: axisnebular (twitter)
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celestisae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
- " I have no regrets in my life, but this. That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta. I will find you in the next world - the next life. And we will have that time. I promise. "
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feyrearts · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 Defender of the Rainbow
on Instagram made by: _nizzy_art_
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