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Can we talk about how stupid it was for Feyre’s mother to make her promise to take care of her family? Because I want to talk about that. Feyre was TEN when her mother died. Why did her mother even do that in the first place instead of, idk, making their dad promise to keep providing for their family. It makes no sense that the mom would make her youngest daughter promise that. That seemed like it was one of the big reason Feyre started hunting and idk it just seemed like lazy writing on sjm’s part.

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I want Nesta to become or figure out that she is a goddess/queen (maybe queen of Illyria if they have an uprising) because it just sounds like she is, could, and would be an amazing Queen/goddess. BUT ALSO, can you Imagine the IC being like “we don’t like Nesta,” and then she becomes a literal queen. PLEASE (like I hope they can all tolerate each other again, and maybe be friends in a few hundred years but like I want to see their ‘oh shit’ faces.)

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So I was reading and I was really really deep into the book and I fargot that I had my online math class so I kinda panicked and I got into class in the last 5 minutes and my brain was like : “What’s gonna be your excuse now, huh? Sorry teacher, I got lost in Prythian? Or even better : ” Sorry teacher, I was in Velaris and the Wi-Fi isn’t so good there “ 😂😂😂

No regrets! Velaris is my home, math class can wait!

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For the employees of Terra and Cadre magazines, the Annual Prythian Printing Holiday Away was usually a weekend full of festivities. However this year, with less than twenty fours before the trip, haunted memories cause two employees’ secret affair to fall into shambles–their hearts along with it. Will a weekend in the mountains be a time of healing  or are the scars left behind too deep to overcome

Trigger warnings: non/con, abuse, ptsd from abuse

content warnings: NSFW

prompts used: 

Anon: inner circle-secret santa exchange

Anon: Feysand- friends don’t do this kind of shit

@justgiu12: Nessian- just shut up and take your pants off, best sleep I’ve had in a long time

@sjm-things:  Nessian- counting freckles while the other one sleeps (to both of you I know I’m months late on these prompts. they were written down in a notebook and I lost them. sorry! but I found it so hey! better late than never!


A/N: Y'all here we are the end of this lovely tale. Meg and I would love to issue our thanks to all of you for reading and supporting our story. We couldn’t have done with you ❤. As we mentioned previously, we will be continuing a writing journey together with more fics on the way. If you’d like to keep tabs on our future works be sure to follow @starborn-illyrian. Our next big, Archeron, will be soon and were so excited for you all to read it!

Since we’ve been hitting you guys heavy with angst these past couple parts. Enjoy the filth and fluff that is part 6.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you,

@starborn-faerie-queen & @illyrianwitchling

Find out more about Archeron here:

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A Holiday of Healing




With a well rested groan, Cassian shifted slightly, careful to not wake Nesta, removing his arm from underneath her body. He hated to move, but his own body was stiff crying out in pain. He needed some relief. That sadly the warmth of Nesta’s body couldn’t provide. Strands of her honeyed hair stuck to her face, an affectionate grin tugged at the corner of his lips. Brushing away the stray pieces with a swoop of his hand, Nesta burrowed into the pillows with a relaxed groan. 

Cassian reached out to the night stand, grabbing the bottle Rowan dropped off, taking his dosage. Tossing the pills into his mouth, he caught the shimmering reflection of crimson. Nesta’s gift. For later, she told him. Then she unleashed her past on him. He was sure some of the ache, especially in his chest, wasn’t from the accident. But her story. Nesta was one of the strongest people he knew. For her to suffer like that and keep it inside to continue on every day… Cauldron, he admired her more for it. 

Taking one long look at her sleeping form, Cassian went for it. Taking the small box quietly, he unwrapped it. Inside there was a scarlet tie and a piece of paper. He chuckled. It’s been months since he saw that tie. He remembered Nesta pulling him down on her, undoing the silken fabric, tossing it aside as it landed perfectly into her wine glass. Sure enough upon further inspection, half of the tie was darker than the rest. 

His attention dropped to the neatly folded slip of paper. Nesta was silent still, breathing heavily. He picked up the paper, unfolding it. Her elegant script covered the page along with random splotches of ink smeared across discolored parts of the paper. He realized she must have cried writing this. He held his breath and read.

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All My Girls Like to Fight

Inspired by the song “All my girls like to fight” by Hope Tala

Summary: Devlon trains Nesta. Devlon’s POV

Disclaimer: I personally am on the fence about Nesta training because she’s more magically powerful (probably) than anyone else. However, I will not lie and say it does not intrigue me, because I tend to like anything involving Nesta Archeron. And, I think it would be cool to have her fight (and inevitable) and the sexual tension with Cassian would be through the roof if they ever trained together, which is just chef’s kiss* I just don’t like that Nesta learning to fight feels like she’s giving up more of her values, which doesn’t sit well with me, since she’s had to change so much already and not by choice. But the thought of Devlon being the one to train her satisfied all of the check boxes in my head because I could then work out subtly his own views about female’s fighting. That was very interesting and the fic practically wrote itself. 

Anyways…. here it is! 

General Masterlist, AO3, Fanfic


Devlon awoke to the sound of cutting air. It whirred and disappeared. Whooshed and was no more. He clamped his pillow to his ears, half-awake and in the middle of dreaming—some nonsensical dream that he knew he would not remember in the morning.

But the sound erupted again, this time a heavy clash, and his eyes burst open once more stinging.

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(tags: @thron3ofbooks, @df3ndyr, @courtofjurdan, @art-e-mis, @herondamnn, @the-third-me, @im-still-trying-here, @emikadreams, @paytin77, @mis-lil-red, @sleeping-and-books, @lucieisabooknerd, @amandaraey-sunshine, @easy-p-lemon, @azymondias05, @dagypsygirl, @makeshift-utopia) *bold tags don’t work ;-;

A little late today, and with some minor tumblr glitches ><, but here’s chapter 19! Enjoy loves! 


Being on strict bed rest was going to be a lot harder than I originally anticipated.

After the first couple of days, wherein Madja assured my mate and I that I was making excellent progress in my recovery, I began to grow mindlessly bored. During those first few days, Rhys continued his vigil at my side, but mercifully slept and ate when I did. He reopened his line of communication with our friends in the estate, talking with them mind-to-mind and updating them on my condition. He also relayed any messages they had for me, allowing me past his mental shields so I could hear their words directly. After hearing Mor practically beg to see me after the umpteenth time, I informed my mate that it was time to put an end to our isolation period. His male-bonded instincts made him reluctant at first, but after I reminded him of the instructions given to him by our healer—to allow our friends, our family, to take care of the both of us, he acquiesced.

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I get that the Archeron sisters are related but did they have to look so much alike.

I hope Cassians not attracted to Nesta just because she resembles the High Lady

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I would actually go with Virginia! Outside of the fact that her whole character is chef kiss, she was such an empowering figure in the book. She reminded me of a vengeful greek Goddess, determined and deadly. Her dynamic with her family made for such an interesting character and she felt like a strong leader (which, as much as I love Feyre, is not necessarly how I perceive her as a High Lady… but this might also very well be linked to the importance each of these authors gave to politics and leadership in their book. At the end of the day, ACOTAR remains a romance/fantasy). 

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Both because both had me squealing like never! I remember thinking “Yes queen” when Nesta scared tf out of Hybern with just a finger but also the intense feeling of pleasure when Feyre lead Ianthe into the Weaver’s Cottage… 

In all honesty, that was two badass Queen moves and I can’t pick! That’s the energy I’m manifesting for ACSF

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I don’t know what story y'all be reading. Cause Nesta has never ever said, “Hey Feyre go into the woods and hunt food for us” Feyre took it upon herself to go hunt for food nobody forced her. Nobody controlled her. Feyre got off her ass and did something because she decided that is what she wanted to do in order to keep them alive. I respect that about her. Sure Nesta may not have always obeyed what Feyre said like when she told her to get wood, but I’m tired of people twisting the narrative and turning this into an abuse story in order to justify their dislike. Use textual evidence not what you made up.

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To the people who look up at the stars and wish, Rhys.

To the stars who listen, and the dreams that are answered.

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I really hope Azriel don’t feel to bad when he officially have to lay to rest his feelings for Mor.. I think since he already know how she feels he’ll handle it well.

I think the fandom should point out that while Azriel did continue to like her… he NEVER forced his feelings. He never made her uncomfortable or ignored her.. he stayed a true friend all this time and fought with her for centuries…. he don’t even have bad feelings towards Cassian when he could’ve seen as a betrayal.

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I flew around today, needed the air after a very hard training with cas and elain

My wings are stronger every day and i really love flying

You feel everything and see everything

And its just a whole new perspective

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A lot of Feyre Stans are not ready for this but in my eyes Feyre was more at fault when she enabled her fathers abusive behavior of being idle and inclination of letting their entire family die, whereas Nesta snarled and did everything she could to get a reaction out of him. 🤭  Feyre wanted to marry Nesta away when she had her own dreams to travel (and elain). As if they were burdens to her and she had the right to decide on what a good life is. Admit or not, since the beginning Feyre’s self-righteous behavior had always led her to believe that she was better than her sisters. All because her young age spared her from a lady-like mentality that her mother groomed into Elain and Nesta.

I don’t know but maybe it’s Nesta straightforward attitude that brightens my day. But Feyre is so passively aggressive it hurts to read the first four chapters of acotar again.

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So the Archeron sisters really fucked up the inner circle and how they work 🤣 Not only that but they rearrange it and Acosf is gonna show that 😘

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Can we just talk about the raw power and sheer audacity of both Clarissa Adele Fairchild and Rhysand (who could have made my point cooler if he had a full name). How both of them even if they are different characters with different personalities, have the same warm heart for the one and only person they love.


Here we see the small force called Clary refuse to do a favour for the QUEEN OF THE WHOLE ASS SEELIE COURT even if she is one of the most powerful allies that could be won, because in the end the Queen doesn’t have anything of value to offer her since Clary has everything she needs because she has Jace.


Here we see, the cold and sarcastic Rhysand refuse to bargain for the release of Feyre from their agreement. And it’s the fact that he is refusing Tamlin, a man with obvious anger issues and capable of breaking anyone in half that gets me. And the reason again is that Tamlin doesn’t have anything to offer him that would be of any interest, because Rhysand, now that he has the girl that WILL definitely capture his heart wholly, has everything.

And of course let’s not forget the dramatic exit from both of them before the person talking to them could even think of an answer.

There’s a reason why Clary and Rhysand are in different universes and it’s because the world wouldn’t be able to handle them together.

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Things I want to happen in ACOSF

The Archeron sisters sit down WITHOUT… I REPEAT… WITHOUT… the inner circle and talk about their issues

Cassian, Mor, and Azriel figure out their issues as quickly as possible.. no one want to see another 500 years of this

Amren and Rhysand shut up and sit down challenge… I only want to hear their opinion if someone ask

Feyre, Elain, and Nesta finding friends outside the Inner Circle

More Elain.

Feyre and Nesta relationship blooming

Flashbacks of young Archeron sisters

Cassian recalling the Mor incident over 500 years ago

Azriel moving towards getting over Mor

More high lords

I don’t want Eris

NO pregnant Feyre

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