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#feyre x tamlin
wintersouldier57 · 2 days ago
The High Lords' meeting in ACOWAR:
Tamlin: Why would I want spoiled goods returned to me? The moment you let him fuck you like an-
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pleasesteponmeshmi · 4 days ago
disclaimer: this is just my opinion, you are under no obligation to agree with me. i'm interested in hearing other povs on this!
i'm not a huge fan of rhysand. he's praised by the fandom and in the books for being a hardcore feminist. the biggest thing that he does for feyre, the thing that the books treat as the most serious, is giving her freedom of choice. coming from someone who has survived a posessive, abusive friendships, being granted freedom of choice seems like a miracle, a gift, but it's really not. choice is the bare minimum. rhys giving feyre freedom of choice is not enough to outweigh the hell that he put her through under the mountain, and i'm not talking about the things he couldn't protect her from. i'm talking about the things he did "for her own good." the violation of her space, her mind, and her body. feyre has felt unloved and forced into decisions her whole life. she latched onto tamlin because he was the first person who told her she was worthy of love. it really isn't that surprising that her next true love is someone who treats choice as gift.
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feyre-a · 8 days ago
Yesterday’s dinner was interesting to say the least
We went to cassian and nesta’s as we almost always do
And of course invited lucien to come along
And everything was fine until the tamlin subject came up
Everyone started fighting
And cassian and mor gave lucien a death stare that almost had him crawling under the table
Like i sad interesting dosent even begin to cover it
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harperbrynne · 11 days ago
Imagine this:
You click on the first episode for ACOTAR, and you find yourself immediately immersed in a forest full of great, towering trees where you know a familiar huntress is hunting for food. The words, “The forest had become a labyrinth of snow and ice” are swept across the screen in a flurry of wind and snow...
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stars-and-scripts · 12 days ago
Hi, how are you?. it goes
"Nothing like decades of unbridled hatred to make for the best sex you've ever had"
"Well,well,well look who came to their enemy's door holding presents"
"You keep pointing that dagger at me and blabbering on about how much you've been wanting to kill me.
I am beginning to doubt your commitment"
I hope this helps. God knows how difficult it is to find quality azris content in this mad world.
hello hun!!! thanks for the prompts <3 i couldn’t choose one, so here you go.
we must make the azris content we want to see in the world
send me azris prompts
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theghostwrites · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I would sell my soul; I would give up everything I had for him to be free."
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stars-and-scripts · 12 days ago
azriel shoving eris against a wall and pressing a knife to his throat, I just think Eris would love it tbh
akdjgsk nonnie omfg
sorry this is so short ajkfljak
send me azris prompts
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daggersbehindmysmile · 14 days ago
Nyx x tamlin daughter (y/n)
I found this ship on wattpad and i was like, "why not?"
NOTE : If you hate tamlin or this ship, please scroll down. Hate comments will not be tolerated. And remember, the daughter had nothing to do with what tamlin did
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lectophile · 15 days ago
When you learn that the name Tamlin originated from the Scottish folk talk about Tam Lin, a night forced into the service of a Faerie Queen and saved by a mortal girl.
The more you know.
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sdvisv · 16 days ago
(A little poem inspired by acotar)
You reminded me of summer
With your languid, drowsy smile
Promises of sandy beaches
And dandelion fuzz in the front porch aisle
You'd spin me into delirium
With the things you said and did
Little did I know, you were silver tongued
And you held my heart with a vice like grip
You put your mask on before you came to play
For this was fun and games
I was new to this charade-this dance of death
But you knew all its ways
My love for you withered away
As if it were poisoned from within
The things you said and did
Now pricked me like a pin
Like pins and needles
Words sunk into my skin
In your court of Tudor roses
I became Anne Boleyn
And when the time came to walk away
You did so without regret
I was an oozing mess of feelings
Left behind by your silhouette
It has been two summers since
And I've learned all your ways
Without knowing a way out
I'll never again, wander into your maze
I see you from afar
Play your game again and again
Don't try to use your silver tongue on me
Its effort down the drain
Maybe another girl will fall
A girl with a flower crown on her head
My crown has thorns and roses now
By my countenance don't be misled.
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OKAY so ive been wanting to write this post since i started the books a few days ago but i have had absolutely no time so here we finally go 
i recently started reading acotar and i finished the first one and im idk maybe 1/3 of the way through the second one and i. Hate. tamlin. okay i never liked him and first of all i thought there was more chemistry between feyre and literally anyone else like they were just having sex i really dont think there was a relationship there because they just thought they were each others only chance but i dont even think hes like a good person i mean yea he made sure her family was well off but that was definitely just to make sure she stayed so there would be that chance that she would fall in love with him and break his curse which by the way super beauty and the beasty anyway he has a damn temper and its not any normal anger issue thing like he could literally tear her apart in seconds if he got angry enough he trashed the manor so much that im surprised anything was ever unbroken and when they were Under the Mountain, not the best name btw, and feyres doing her trials and tamlin, supposedly the love of her life, just fucking sits there i couldnt believe that it was actually tamlin just sitting there and watching her go through everything without reacting at all i didnt even think it was actually tamlin until that one party the night before her last trial when they snuck back to have sex because thats literally all their relationship was and side note, i love rhysand and i always have but well get back to that in a moment because even if tamlin didnt have severe anger issues, control issues, overprotectiveness, or cowardice, i still wouldnt like him because hes boring like hes just not an interesting character Oh and when amarantha was literally beating the life out of feyre, tamlin just sat there. he didnt move. he didnt make a sound. he just sat and watched and then had the audacity to cry over her dead body meanwhile my babe rhysand was kicking and screaming to get to her and healed her after the trials and saved her and luciens lives during the second trial and wanted half the month with her because he cares for her and every single action he takes in the second book so far is because he cares about her okay first of all, he didnt steal her away or force her to go immediately he waited until she called out, until she wanted to leave to go get her and he was there instantaneously to get her out of that situation and i knew he would be she was like get me out of here and i was like rhys is gonna come and whisk her away and he did! he did and he was so sassy about it i love him and oh and back to tamlin being terrible when feyre got back from rhysands the first time and they got in a fight and tamlin bought her an art set even though she hadnt painted for months and rhys knew that but tamlin couldnt be bothered to notice and she upset him and he fucking blew the study apart with her in it and the only thing that prevented her from being showered with all those deadly shards of wood and glass and whatever else was her own new power that he couldnt have known about so if she hadnt instinctively done that, he wouldve hit her and i know it wasnt his hand making the blow but it was his power and thats still him, still his fault and thats abuse so fuck him and when she got back the second time, he literally locked her in the house either not knowing or not caring that shes now terribly claustrophobic and i honestly dont know whats worse because if he didnt know that means he didnt notice that she hadnt touched a paintbrush in months when rhys did, he didnt notice how she couldnt go into certain rooms when rhys did, he didnt notice how she kept having such horrible nightmares she’d throw up for hours when rhys did, and not only did rhys pick up on all of that but he unpromptedly accommodated for all of it he noticed she hadnt wanted to paint and got her a new hobby of reading he noticed she felt trapped in certain closed spaces and his mountaintop castle manor home is completely open her room especially and her room in the valeris house has this big like bay window and shes not waking up at night not knowing where she is and hurling her guts in terror but that one time when she was throwing up he just held her hair and rubbed her back and i love rhysand and the not caring on tamlins part right meant that he did notice all that and chose to ignore it supposedly the love of his life is so damn traumatized that shes half dead from malnutrition and sleep deprivation and he just fucking lets it happen he doesnt even remotely try to help he doesnt even acknowledge it and when she went back to rhys after tamlins explosion and feyre looked all gaunt he was so angry and concerned and when mor got her after her panic attack from being trapped in the house he stayed up all night in some chair by her to make sure she’d be alright and he feigns being unconcerned and uncaring but theres absolutely no way at all that he isnt in love with her
im sure i had something else to say but i cant remember so in short: fuck tamlin and i love rhysand
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haj-is-reading · 21 days ago
my sister just started to read acotar and she told me Feyre is with her future lover, thinking that tamlin was her real love interest hahahahahahahahahahahahaha sure.
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bellewithabook · 21 days ago
My problem with SJM's books is that I lack critical thinking skills when it comes to reading her love interests. I like who she tells me to like, when she tells me to like them. I liked Celaena and Sam and then I liked Celaena with both Dorian and Chaol. Then I fell hard for Aelin and Rowan. Also, Dorian and Manon. On first read, I even liked Feyre and Tamlin (until like chapter 4 of ACOMAF) and now, obviously, I adore Feyre and Rhys. And honestly I'm afraid to read Crescent City because I know it's just going to happen again.
Maybe that only means that I'm gullible and easily led... but I still think SJM writes excellent relationships. She's not a perfect author by any means, but damn, I love the way she writes love.
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jill00s · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
My drawing of Tomlin and Feyre.I really love this drawing and hope everyone will love this too(●’◡’●)ノ
So please like and comment this for supporting me♥︎
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fragmentalyze · 25 days ago
Okay ACOTAR fandom: my husband has asked for a synopsis of the series so he can understand what the f*** I’m on about. He wants a timeline, map, cast of characters (pertinent traits and ties) and glossary. So... I’m going to start working on that, but if anyone has already done this for friends or SOs can you maybe share your wisdom?
I am daunted and delighted by this task.
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