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don’t touch my girl- Fezco x Reader
summary: you get roped in into a drug deal
wc: 2,514
warning: cursing, guns, nakedness, drug use/description
a/n: now this one i’m a bit proud of😂 lmk if you like and if you wanna tagged in any future fez content ❤️ and as usual, happy reading🦋 
Tumblr media
Fezco is like a giant teddy bear. Whenever you’re alone he hugs you, cuddles you, gives you lots of kisses and tells you endlessly how much he loves you. In front of other drug dealers or just other people, he was very protective. If he saw any weird look or heard an inappropriate comment he went ballistic to defend you. If it was Rue or Jules, he didn’t do anything. Fezco knows how much love you all have for each other and he also knows that the girls would protect you, the same you’d protect them. 
You were currently in the back seat of his car, sitting next to high Rue as she rapped the song playing on the radio. Fez didn’t tell you where you were going and you’ve learned to stop asking questions. Rue snorted a line and kept rapping the words. The redhead looked at the back to see you looking out the window. She kept singing, some parts louder than others as all of you began to feel annoyed. 
“Yo, can you tell her to shut the fuck up?” Ashtray asked, looking at Fez. 
“Please.” You mumbled, rubbing your temple.
“Yeah, Rue, you gotta chill out back there for real.” Fez said calmly as he continued to drive. She turned to you and back to the front of the car. 
“Me and Ash gotta handle some serious business right now, so..”
“Yeah, for sure. No, I can do that.” Rue replied, leaning back on the seat. 
“I can just stay back here. It’s real comfy.” She slumped on the seat, stretching her arms to the side and bringing them over her head. 
Fez drove a bit more until he stopped in front of a closed gate. The gate opened to reveal the back lot of apartment buildings. The car came to a stop in front of a girl with plump lips and a guy with a broken nose. 
“Who the fuck is this bitch?” Fez mumbled, taking off his seatbelt before stepping outside. 
“Yo!” The guy shouted.
“Who the fuck is this, man?” He asked, closing the car door. You kept your eyes on him the whole time. 
Surprisingly, Rue stayed quiet next to you, watching everything unravel outside of the car. The girl outside waved shyly as the guy walked behind the car with Fez. Rue looked behind her and back to the floor as she began to fidget with her fingers. The girl walked towards the car and opened the backseat door, sitting next to Rue. You shifted a bit closer to the door, feeling uncomfortable. Fez came by the driver’s side door, leaning against it as he looked at you and Rue. 
“Ten, twenty minutes tops, all right? Y’all just please stay in the car.” He said as Ash got ready to get out of the car. You nodded in understanding. 
“No fucking funny business. Let’s go.” Fez said and nodded his head towards Ash. He opened the door and got out, following his brother inside the building which left you alone with the girls. 
“Hi, I’m Faye.” The blonde slurred looking at you and Rue. 
“Yo, fam, uh, Rue.” She replied, pushing her fist in front of the girl for a fist bump. 
“How ‘bout you?” Faye asked, leaning forward to look at you. You turned to her and stayed quiet before turning back to the window. 
“That’s Y/n.” Rue answered for you.
 “How’s your New Year’s going?” She continued.
“What?” Faye muttered in confusion. 
“New Year’s.” 
“It’s fucking New Year’s?” 
“I believe so.” Rue answers, looking at you and back at Faye. You stopped listening after that. Letting junkies talk to junkies as your mind drifted to Fez. Time was going extremely slow which made you nervous, knowing perfectly well how these meetings could end up. 
“Um.. I don’t think- I wouldn’t do that here.” Rue said as she tapped your thigh making you look towards the blonde to see her taking out a needle from a small box. 
“Woah, what the fuck?!” You exclaimed, causing her to roll her eyes at you.  
“It’s just heroin.” Faye replied calmly and placed the needle between her teeth. 
“No, I, I see that. But, maybe, like, I don’t know. I just feel like it isn’t… the best place to do that.” Rue tried to get her stop as you looked out the car window to see people peeking out their apartments, looking down at the car. 
“Faye, this isn’t the right place to do that.” You warned once again. 
“Listen, I fucking know what you are. You’re just a fuckin’ junkie-ass bitch, and you’re probably fucking eating that ginger’s ass for fuckin’ oxys or whatever the fuck you’re into.” She told Rue, really slowly. Faye lit up her lighter, passing it under the silver spoon until the substance began to bubble. 
“Yo, what the fuck are you doing? What, what the fuck?” Rue said desperately, looking around everywhere. 
“Faye, stop doing that shit!” You shouted as she lifted her leg over the passenger's seat. 
“Are you just putting that in there? What are you doing? Oh my god… okay.” Rue said as the blonde injected the needle in the top part of her thigh. 
“What the fuck are you doing?!” You asked completely in disbelief with what you were seeing. Rue kept talking as you covered the side of your face, not wanting to look at Faye’s privates that were slightly exposed. 
Suddenly, a pair of arms went under Faye’s arms, pushing out of the car, through the car window. You looked up in fear, Rue turned to you and was about to speak but a hand came from behind you, covering your mouth. You screamed against the hand as your body was pulled through the window and onto the ground where the person grabbed your waist. There were three men, carrying you and taking you to an apartment where Faye was thrown on the floor as Rue was pushed against a wall. 
You, on the other hand, were pushed towards Fez, who immediately caught you. Ash was standing next to Fez in silence and the guy from earlier was standing across from them, closer to Rue. One of the men hit the guy in the face as Fezco kept his hands on your hips, holding you close to him. You looked over Fez’s shoulder to see a lady sitting in a recliner. She turned her head towards your way and spoke. 
“Brucy.” She called out as the man, who just gave you all a dumb speech, walked towards slowly. You couldn’t understand what she said but the man came back pretty quickly. He turned on the small stereo on top of the microwave and walked to the middle of the room. 
“All right, check this out. All y’all, let’s get naked right fuckin’ now.” Bruce ordered, pointing at all of you. 
“Come on, man. Let’s go! Get naked right fucking now.” He shouted and Ash began to take his jacket off. 
“Except for you man, no one wants to see you naked.Yo, take his ass, put him in the closet.” He said stopping Ashtray from getting undressed before another man grabbed him and pushed him down the hall. 
“Yo, yo,come on now, y’all. Chill.” Fez said, seeing how aggressive they were. 
“Nobody, Nobody got no fuckin’ wire.” 
“Prove that shit. I don’t know who the fuck you are! For real!” Bruce shouted at his face, causing the redhead to put his hand behind him to keep you there. 
“Far as I’m concerned, you’re a fuckin’ cop!”
“Obviously, I’m not wearing a fucking wire. You paranoid-” Faye started but was quickly cut off by the man slamming her head back against the wall. Her boyfriend protested and got his head slammed as well before desperately taking his shirt off. Fezco followed, taking off his sweater and pushed you behind him. Faye took her top off, followed by her skirt. Your hands shook as your fingers went to the zipper of your dress, pushing it to make it pool at your ankles. You stood there behind Fez, only in your lace panties as Rue stayed frozen in place. 
Bruce randomly began to dance to the rhythm of the song as he moved around the room, watching as you all undressed. He saw you hiding behind Fez which annoyed the shit out of him because he stomped towards you and pulled your arm, taking you away from the red head. 
“Yo, chill! Don’t fucking touch her!” Fez shouted, walking towards Bruce but was quickly stopped by another man pointing his gun at him. Your arms immediately covered your chest as he pushed you against the kitchen counter. 
“Or what?!” Bruce shouted, causing you to flinch. 
“Don’t fuckin’ touch my girl!” Fezco yelled again, pointing his finger at the bald man who then looked down at you. 
“You stay here and don’t fucking move.” He said with gritted teeth as he grabbed your jaw tightly. You nodded and he threw your head back before moving back to the rest. 
Bruce continued to dance around the room as you stayed at your spot shaking in fear. You turned your head to Fez to catch him already staring. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Rue taking off her jacket before turning frozen again. Fezco tried mouthing some words to her but she refused to take off her clothes. Bruce came up next to her, muttering something before grabbing her hair and pulling her towards the hallway. 
“Yo, yo, hold on, man.” Fez started but was held back by a gun once again. 
“Rue!” You shouted, moving from your spot but another guy pulled you towards his chest, pressing a gun to your forehead. 
“Bruce told you stay right fucking there, slut!” He shouted in your ear as you flinched. 
“Don’t you fucking call her that!” Fezco shouted, moving slightly towards you as the gun pressed harder against his jaw and the guy let go of you. 
You were all moved into a line, standing next to each other in the kitchen. Fez grazed his pinkie across your thigh, attempting to calm you down. After almost a minute, Bruce came back down the hallway and then followed Rue. She was unharmed but drenched, holding a towel as her body shook in fear. 
The lady from the recliner walked in and Faye’s boyfriend seemed to know her. Her name was Laurie and apparently they were there so she could meet Fez. After the guy’s dumb introduction, she asked for Mouse and that situation was…. complicated. 
“You think I could, like, put my drawers on, and talk to you in the other room for a sec?” Fezco asked calmly, covering his dick with both hands. 
“Okay.” Laurie replied before moving back to the living room, to look at her fish tank. Fez moved toward his clothes and put on his boxers before throwing you your dress. You quickly put it back on and turned your back to Rue so she could zip you up. You stayed next to Rue as you tried to eavesdrop on the Fezco’s conversation.
“Mouse ain’t be comin’ around no more.” Fez started. 
“Why’s that?” Laurie questions with her eyes on the tank. 
“ ‘Cause I didn’t like the way he did business.” He muttered and turned his head to look at you. 
“Says the guy who brings a kid to a drug deal.” 
“That’s not a kid. That’s my business partner.” 
“Says the guy who brings a high school girl to a drug deal.” She said turning to face him. 
“That’s my family.” 
“She an addict?” 
“She might fuck around but.. nah.” He replied, shaking his head
“And who’s the other girl?” 
“My wife.” Fez replied almost immediately. 
“Oh, you're married?” 
“Nah but.. we will be someday.”  
“So you trust her?” Laurie asked, looking at his eyes in search of a lie. 
“With my life.” He said, turning his head back to you. They talked for a bit more as Faye and her boyfriend got dressed while another guy went to get Ash from the closet. Laurie walked out of the living room and unlocked a door as Fez walked over to you. 
“You okay?” He asked and you nodded as he cupped your cheeks.
“You sure? He didn't hurt you or anythin’ right?” 
“No, I’m okay. Just a bit shaken up.” You whispered and Fez leaned down, pecking your lips quickly before pulling you to his chest for a hug. 
“I’m sorry, baby, you shouldn't be in this shit.” He mumbled against your head. 
“No, Fezzy, it’s okay.” You began, parting from his chest. 
“No, it’s not. You could’ve gotten seriously hurt and I’d never forgive myself for that.” Fezco said, looking at you with worry. 
“But I’m okay. I promise I’m okay.” You answered one last time before Laurie called Fez over to a small room next to the kitchen. He pecked your forehead and moved to the small room, Ash following as Laurie opened the suitcase. 
There were drugs of every type in there. Pills, weed, powder, anything you could imagine. Ash handed Fez the cash and after that you left. Rue was in front with Ashtray as you walked next to Fez with his arm around your shoulders. He walked around the car and opened the backseat door for you to get on but stopped you. 
“You sure you okay?” He asked, holding your hands. 
“I’m fine.” You nodded. Fez smiled and pecked your lips before letting you get into the car. He drove out of there and the car ride to the party was quiet. 
The house was crowded as Fez pulled into the driveway. Rue and Ash piled out almost immediately which left you alone with Fez. You grabbed his hand to walk towards the house but he pulled you towards him. He leaned against the car and held your hips as your hands found his chest. 
“You gon be my New Year’s kiss?” Fezco asked with a smirk which made you smile. 
“Yeah, unless you wanna, I don't know, kiss someone else.” You shrugged, pretending like you were going to move away from him which caused to move his hands up to your waist. 
“Nah, ma. You gon be my fo’ever kiss.” 
“Yeah.. Ion wanna kiss anyone else.” He smirked and leaned down kissing you softly. Your hands moved to his neck, pushing his head closer to yours. Fezco swept his tongue over your bottom lip and you gave him immediate access. Your lips kept moving in sync as the space got a bit faster. 
“Uuuh, get it Y/n!” A voice shouted, making you part from the kiss to see Maddy smirking as she continued to follow Jules and Kat into the party. You and Fezco chuckled as a slight blush crept on both your cheeks. 
“We should, um…go inside.” You smiled. He nodded and held your hand, before walking towards the house. Little did you know that night was going to end up a bit bloody.
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World’s Away - Fezco
Tumblr media
Pairing - Fezco x F!Reader
Summary - In which Fezco wouldn’t trade his girl for the world.
Warnings - 18+, minors absolutely DNI, mentions of drug dealing and use, implied smut, strong language
A/N - highly requested fezco x high maintenance gf fic <3 it started out as one thing & then she kinda ran away from me & said bitch i got the wheel move but i hope u enjoy xoxo requests & feedback are always welcome (pls be kind)
It'd happened on a Thursday afternoon, sun high among the puffy white clouds as it beat down on the blacktop.
Fezco could remember the way the thick, stagnant air of summer melted peanut M&Ms in his palm, the candy coated shell staining his hands as he dared at glance at the mounted clock and counted down the hours until he could grab Ash, close shop and call it a fucking day. Business had been slow, customers far and few willing to brave the California summer heat as they dropped in for last minute supplies.
    Fezco had been anything but prepared when you breezed through the open doors, all strappy heels clicking on concrete and shimmery eyeshadow, asking him if they sold peach lip gloss.
     For a split second, he'd been sure his brain had short circuited but he couldn't tell if it was from the shock of someone genuinely thinking this looked like an establishment that carried lip gloss, or if it had more to do with that fact that you'd been standing so close he could smell the sweetness of your perfume.
     "So, is that a no?" He must've been quiet for too long because you were speaking again, head tilted with an amused smile playing on your painted lips, voice ringing in his ears like bells.
    Looking back, he wishes he could drag himself outside by the collar and bash his head off the pavement for acting like such a goddamn fool, fumbling around his thoughts like a thirteen year old boy who just brushed hands with the pretty girl from math class.
    "Yeah, nah, sorry, ma," Rising from his chair, Fezco came to stand beside you, leaning casually on the counter behind him as some Eazy E song continued to drift faintly from the old speakers. "I don't think we got no lip gloss, but I'd be happy to help you with somethin' else."
      A perfectly sculpted brow shot up at that, grin widening on your pretty face as you shifted on your heel to scan the humming coolers behind you. "Damn," You mused, pretending to peruse your options. "Got any grape soda?"
He'd charged you fifty cents and sent you on your way with a bottle of Fanta clutched in one manicured hand, making a mental note to add peach lip gloss to the next stock order.
You'd stopped by for a second time in the week that followed, sparkling pins scattered strategically throughout your hair and cat eye sunglasses pushed low on the bridge of your nose as you tilted them at him in greeting.
     "You feel like you were missing out on a prime business opportunity or am I just special?" It wasn't long before you were in his line of vision again, beaming up at him as you placed three tubes of shiny peach lip gloss on the countertop.
    "Nah, ma, you just special." The teasing tug of his lips and the way he kept his cerulean eyes trained on yours over the rim of your glasses made your head fuzzier than you were willing to admit.
“Cute,” You prayed to whatever higher power was listening that the heat flooding your cheeks wasn’t noticeable as you ducked your head, carding through the wasteland of your purse. “How much do I owe you, player?”
He’d taken your name and number and called it even, savoring the feel of your skin against his as he plucked the slip of pink paper from between your fingers.
“You better use it,” You’d thrown over your shoulder, hips swaying in a way he tried not to focus too hard on as you walked away from him. “And you’d better not leave me waiting too long.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, pretty girl.”
Fezco thought of those first moments often, the pivotal points that lead to where you lay now, sleeping serenely on his chest with your fist curled into his neck and legs twisted around his beneath the sheets, playing over and over in his head like one of his grandma’s old records on loop.
Sometimes he felt as if someone had hit fast forward on his life, his days moving past him at warp speed like he was on a rollercoaster that went on and on, never stopping to let him off regardless of the twist in his gut and the ache in his bones. The worst part, the part that wriggled into his brain like a worm and burrowed into the gray matter like it was home is that he couldn’t remember ever getting on the ride.
Shit, he couldn’t even remember buying a ticket.
Whichever way you spun it, Fezco was on and all he could do was pray his seatbelt held and tighten his white-knuckled grip on the safety bar when shit got bumpy.
There were few things that made him feel as if he could breathe, like the soles of his sneakers were planted on solid ground, safe among the dirt and the grass and the bugs even if it was just for a moment.
Blue Sour Patch Kids and cold orange soda.
His tired body sunken into the old sofa, blunt smoke curling in the air as Ashtray’s favorite show flickered across the television screen. The laughter of his little brother who’d grown up far faster than he should have had to, putting the role Fezco wished he’d never had to play to bed ‘til morning.
There was a sweet brand of solitude that came with being in your orbit, a silent kind of reprieve from the incessant noise that followed him like a pesky fly buzzing in his ear.
He found it in the way you said his name and the soft drag of your knuckles across his back when the weight of the world held upon his shoulders felt as though it was suffocating him, the oxygen filling his lungs suddenly so thick he thought he might choke if it weren’t for the delicate brush of your mouth against his skin in the dead of night.
In the way your brow creased and a pretty pout puckered your lips, soft whine bleeding into your tone when things didn’t go according to your plan, and the way you looked at him like he hung the stars in the sky as he kissed it away, murmuring hushed reassurances into the soft flesh of your neck.
You’d even managed to grow on Ash in the months that had passed, and that was saying something considering the kid regarded newcomers with a steely disposition and indifference like no other. He liked that you didn’t treat him like a kid, acknowledged him as an equal. The fact that you fed him like it was your day job probably didn’t hurt your case either.
Fezco spent more time than he’d ever admit to you wondering what kind of saint he had to have been in a past life to deserve you in this one. Your world was one that should never have been be meshed with his and yet they were entwined, gnarled together like the roots of a tree.
He could recall the first drop meeting you’d been present for like it was yesterday, could see the way your legs that’d been swinging carelessly from your spot on the kitchen counter stilled and the resounding pop of pink bubblegum between your lips quieted at the sight of men you didn’t know taking residence in your place of comfort.
Your stubborn nature had refused to let your intimidation seep through the cracks of your carefully constructed facade, but Fezco knew. He knew in the tense set of your jaw, the way your eyes flicked exclusively between his frame and your rhinestone dotted nails as your spine straightened.
It made his chest ache and his throat tighten, the shame and the doubt wrapping itself around him like thorny vines digging in.
You shouldn’t have been there. You should have been somewhere warmer, somewhere safe, flashing those eyes shining with cherries and wine at a better man on a better path. Those notions that hung over his head like a guillotine carried him all the way to the couch that night, arm wrapping you up and holding you to him like it’s the last time it ever would.
“Imma need you to listen, baby,” The words tasted bitter in his mouth and you were already pulling yourself from his grip, looking into his eyes like you were looking through glass. You’d always been able to see his thoughts more clearly than he could himself.
“No,” Your voice was hard and even as you regarded him with fire in your stare despite the unshed tears already welling in your eyes. “No, absolutely not. You don’t get to pick now to be a coward.”
Fezco spoke lowly, words rumbling quietly from his throat as he felt his heart splinter in his chest. “This ain’t the life for you, baby.”
“That’s not up to you to decide,” You asserted, anger burning hot in your veins. “My life is mine, you don’t get to choose it’s course just because shit gets a little scary.”
“I know who you are, what your life is, and what it means to be part of it and I’m still here,” You were pressing yourself against him now, fingertips framing his bearded jaw like they were made to find their home there, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. “I’m staying here.”
With that, he was pulling you to him by the nape of your neck, hand twisting into a fist in your hair as he licked into the cup of your mouth. It didn’t take long before he was flipping your skirt up over your hips, lips drifting down to press a kiss to the cute little bow just below the waist band of your panties before pulling them to the side and fucking you stupid against the cushions.
His pretty baby, whose face lit up like a billboard every time you climbed into the passenger seat of his car and flashed a fresh set of nails at him, too damn cute to be fair. You turned his minutes into hours, every memory with you suspended in freeze-frame behind his eyelids.
He wasn’t sure what to call the space in between but he always thought of you in those intervals.
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alone with you; [fezco imagine]
— Pairing: Fezco (Euphoria) x F!Reader — Summary: He was never good at making good calls, but Fezco knows you're too good to be in his hands since the first time he kisses you. He's not the best at letting go of things, either, especially if those things felt good, and you felt the best of them all. Fezco still had to let you go. — Word count: 2.5k — Warning(s): This is an 18+ work. Minors DNI. Mentions of drug use, drug abuse, drug dealing, violence, implied sexual content, weapons, domestic violence, murder, and death. You know. Just all things Euphoria-related. I also do not give permission for my work to be copied or distributed anywhere.
Tumblr media
— A/n: 'Cause nonnie asked for "fez breaking up with the reader because he wants to keep her safe because she’s going places and he doesn’t want her to get caught up in his shit especially if she was at the drug deal in 2x01". So here we go!
all my lists | tv master list | ko-fi ❥
Tumblr media
Fezco becomes aware of the fact he needs to let you go when he sees you crying against Laurie's wall.
His blood runs cold, the heart inside his chest going still at the sight of the tears that spill over your cheeks.
There aren't many sights in his life that can be considered pretty but, so far, anything that had something to do with you in his head was all made of gold.
Baby G.
His baby was made of gold—your smile, your skin, the way you touched him. Fez kept the cheesy thoughts to himself, but he knew he saw you through the eyes of a fool.
He didn't care.
You looked like you came out of a painting.
Fezco knew jack shit about art, but what he did know is that it was supposed to make you feel something, and you made him feel everything.
That's why he knew he had to let you go.
"Yo, yo, don't touch her!"
"Shut the fuck up, pretty boy! You wanna hole in that empty head, huh? She gonna take off her clothes like everybody else or everyone's gonna get the fuck outta my house!"
He stank of cigarettes. You weren't supposed to be there.
"Fez, Fez—it's ok. It's ok." Your hands go up in the air slowly, and you remove your top.
"At least she's got a brain."
Fezco wants to look away, wants to pin everyone else in the room under his eyes so he knows their eyes ain't on you. He can't. His eyes are glued to your frame and the tear stains on your cheeks.
You take off your pants, and Fezco feels ill.
The stinker moves from you to Rue, and now the problem's a whole other one.
Since when shit's gotten this messy? Why's he got his best friend who's almost a little sister and his girl at a place he never stepped foot in before?
When the man grabs Rue by the back of the neck and you're done proving there are no wires on you, Fezco balls his hands into fists and talks to the one whose gun is still pointed at his head.
"Let her put her clothes on now." It ain't a request, and Fezco needs this player to not try anything funny because he may be butt naked, but he'll do something stupid if that turns to be the case. "She ain't got any wires on."
Whether it's the tone of his voice or the way you manage to avoid eye contact with the dude, he just flicks the gun around as if he doesn't care.
You put your clothes back on in quick movements and then move to stand next to Fezco against the wall.
"Where did he take Rue?" You whisper.
Fezco feels sick. You're worried about Rue while trying to pull the strap of your top over your shoulder, and he could cover the entire kitchen floor in puke.
His grandma raised him better.
"Bathroom, I think." He swallows around nausea and the spiky adrenaline running through him, and watches as you look up to him. You give him a watery, shaky smile. He forces his left hand to unclench so it can hold yours. "'m sorry, ma."
"Yo, shut the fuck up the two of you!"
It was the kiss you gave on his shoulder when he apologized that sealed it for him.
Fezco said, ''m sorry, ma', because he was.
You shouldn't be there, but when Fox called him and said he was gonna hook him up but it had to be now, Fezco had no time to drive you or Rue home.
You should be at your place.
Better yet, you should be studying. Reading the books you liked. The spicy novels, the comics, the articles. Shit he never touches.
It's what called his attention to you in the first place.
Fezco met you at the skating rink, sitting on your board with a Spider-Man comic on your hands and earphones, looking cuter than anything he's ever seen, and Fezco watched Sailor Moon once.
He was fucked the second you looked over to his side of the rink and blushed at catching him staring.
Fezco was fucked.
He said ''m sorry, ma' at Laurie's house and in response, felt you comforting him.
The thoughts flood him.
I ain't the one she should be with. Baby G deserves more.
The thought floods him like a drug or one of his black spots.
It hurts just as much as one of them too.
Business with Laure goes well, which is the one good thing about that evening, but everything else feels like a bust.
Fezco feels the failure of putting himself in this position in the first place. Ash notices it too—he asks Fezco, "Yo, you good?" When he thinks none of the girls are listening.
The open look on his brother's face, searching all over his for something he doesn't know, it makes him itch. Fezco looks away, blowing smoke up in the air.
He looks over to where you're saying goodbye to Rue. You're talking, gripping both of her arms in your hands. Probably lecturing her about something.
Fezco chuckles, as sad as he's ever been. "I'm good." Usually the lie bothers less than this. "Just thinkin'." And feeling sad.
"'Aight." Ash looks away and the lack of credibility on his face tells Fezco he's a shitty liar.
Baby G deserves more soon turns into I gotta let her go.
You go back to his place that night.
It's probably the only reason why instead of leaving him, the thought grows like a vine. He's usually good at ignoring the shit he doesn't wanna think about and thinking about how too good you are for him is one of his least favorite thoughts.
That night, it's all he thinks about.
You notice he's off, too. "You okay, Fez?"
Because you're too good to him, Fez has this problem where he can't lie to you, even if it were to save his life.
Instead of answering, he pulls you by the back of your knee and your lower back. "I don't wanna think about tonight too much, lil' mama." It's the closest to the truth he can get to.
He opens his mouth and closes it a couple of times, and you wait until he gathers his words.
"I know this ain't what you signed up for." He picks his words carefully, taking a drag of his blunt to think better, and you still wait. "...I just wanna say I'm sorry about tonight. And—," he closes his lips.
Most people don't got the patience to wait for his racing thoughts to come outright.
It's why people assume he's stupid—Fezco can be uneducated about shit and mix up a thing or two every once in a while, but lack of thinking is not one of his problems.
How can people buy from him and go to the store he's kept running since he's thirteen and still assume that dumbass shit is beyond him.
You're not like most people. Fezco passes you the blunt. "And you should never have to go through that shit, ma." He sighs. Rubs his buzzcut, feeling the growing hair. "That was fucked up." He looks up at you. "You ain't never coming to a deal again, 'aight?"
Through the cloud of smoke, he can see you nod.
The smile on your face makes his stomach feel uneasy all over again.
"You didn't know they were gonna catch us in the car, Fez." The words are true, but it doesn't make the danger you were in any smaller. You're too sweet, though—saccharine sweet, smelling of peaches, tasting like pancakes.
You were always a dream.
As you speak, you straddle his lap, then hold his face in your free palm. "I know you'd never take me to shit you know is dangerous."
"You right about that," he nods curtly.
You nod again, smiling at him even though he doesn't deserve it. "It was scary, but..." You settle your hips fitted on top of his, then close your heels on his back. "I don't really worry much when I'm with you."
That's wrong, Baby G, he thinks. Shaking his head, Fezco holds your face in his hands. "That ain't how it should be either, girl." He feels himself getting upset all over again, images of your cheeks stained with tears flashing behind his eyes. "You too good to be involved in my crap."
The sentence must come out with more emotion than he anticipated because you sniff out what's underneath it.
After putting out the blunt on his tray by his bedside table, you grab his face in your hands.
You're frowning at him, and Fezco knows that look.
"Yeah, well—too bad, playboy," you whisper to him, knowing it'll get a rise of him. The nickname you use when you want to tease him makes Fezco's jaw tighten, but it's because you know what you're doing with it. "I'm with you."
A nice sentiment and promise, but it seems to coat in varnish the dooming sentence he carved earlier.
Baby G deserves more.
"I know you are, baby g." Fezco can hear the drop in his voice.
He feels you circling your hips against his, and the kisses you press all over his face make him lightheaded. "I don't worry 'cause you got me. You got me, right, Fez?"
Fucking hell. His hands are big enough to grab you by the ass and maneuver you. Fezco sits back against the headboard and lets the warmth of your kisses ride his high even further.
"I always gotchu, ma." Even if he lets you go—no, when he lets you go, Fezco will still care for you. "No matter what, you hear me? I always gotchu."
He feels the relief in your exhale, and your smile breaks his heart for the first time. "Kiss me."
Fezco kisses you.
It's hard to do what he usually does to you without being overwhelmed by the waves of emotion he feels every time he hears you grunting his name or giggling when he does something you like.
He never thought your kisses would taste so bitter.
Never knew he could make you scream and still feel like crying.
Making decisions is hard, but it's easier than following through with them, and Fezco hates himself that whole night, except when you're underneath the sheets with him, safe and asleep.
He's incapable of hating anything when he's got you in his arms, but the realization he had earlier that night is still running in his veins.
The next week, Fezco catalogs all the things he's gonna miss.
When you message him and tell him something crazy that you just found out on the Internet and you sum up all you read for him, a bunch of crazy emojis in the middle and he reads it all, laughter bubbling out of him, he thinks—I'm gonna miss this.
When you drop by at the end of the night after spending your afternoon studying and you make some sandwiches you learned through a Tik Tok recipe, making even Ash smile—I'm gonna miss this.
The kisses and the taste of you are the worst. Fezco loves you, and knowing you love him back would be easier to let go if it didn't feel so damn fucking good. It's like you exist in the same frequency as him. You enjoy the dirty shit he says on your ear, you indulge in his fantasies and even share your own, all the good girl and sweet innocence flies outta his bedroom window when you're circling your hips like you're trying to spell your name or bound him in a fucking spell. It works. You moan his name like a good girl, you tease him, drive him crazy, drain him out of his every last drop and Fezco almost cries every time he's buried inside of you—I'm gonna miss this so fucking much.
"Where you goin', Baby G?"
"Oh, you're awake! Hi, handsome."
[chuckles] "Hey. Where you goin'?"
"To get some food."
"What you mean? There's food here."
"Real food, Fez." [rolls eyes] "Ash hasn't eaten anything but crap since your new roomie arrived. Imma cook us some chicken sandwiches, I'm just going to the store real quick."
"What? What's that look?"
"Nothin', lil mama."
"You're smiling at me."
"I know. I like what I see, that's all." [his heart sinks] "Did you get money?"
[rolls eyes] "Bye, Fezco!"
"Yo, why you rolling your eyes at me? This damn brat—Y/n! You better come back with a receipt."
Out of all the things Fezco knows he'll miss, the way you and Ash get along is one of the biggest.
Ashtray gets along with only a handful of people, Fezco and their grandma included in this head count, and watching Ashtray watch stop motion movies, eating crap and laughing his ass off with you as two in the morning—that's why he does whatever the fuck he needs to live good.
For that kind of sight.
Fezco catches you two having a marathon of that nerdy shit you two like and just stands there in the corridor, watching.
He must watch for almost half an hour.
You two laugh a lot together.
Ash throws food at you and unlike when it's Fezco, you don't get mad or bite him—you slap a pillow on his face with all your strength, and then tell him he's wrong about whatever it is you two are talking about.
Fezco stands there until he feels his nose clogged, and that's when he realizes he's crying.
You're smart, and sweet, and real fucking driven. At one point in your life you'll have a nice partner and a career and shit that Fezco can only dream about, and he'll only be a memory of that year before you entered the college of your dreams and you were being adventurous.
Fezco knows you really love him.
He feels it, sees it.
But he knows love can be blinding.
It's the one instinct you can't trust.
Grandma was right about that. How can you trust in your gut if it leads you here, to this place in the middle of nowhere with a dead-end drug dealer and his twelve-year-old brother who a couple of weeks ago murdered a grown man with his hand a fucking hammer?
Fezco sniffles, then swallows his bittersweet tears and goes back to his room.
He feels you sneaking back in bed when the marathon is over. He feels you kissing his neck, whispering sweet things to him even though you think he's asleep.
Fezco hugs you as tight as he can that whole night.
He sleeps clinging to you like an octopus. You sleep smiling.
He knows that 'cause he gets very little sleep and watching you is one of his favorite activities.
While the night is there, Fezco still has you and can say that. He can say you're his girl, and kiss your hair, smell the peaches behind your ear, trace the outline of your cute tattoos.
When morning comes, Fezco has to break your heart, too.
Even though his is already in pieces when he does so, it still breaks all over again.
Tumblr media
🏷 fezco tag list ☆ @jarah2006 ; @itsdawnashlie ; @dreaming4you ; @wizza103103 ; @poisxnedmind ; @newasskid ; @waiting-till-im-okay ; @kelsistumbs ; @oopsdevil ; @10blurredsmoke10 ; @edencherries ; @spooky-stoner ; @ibryo ; @alex--awesome--22 ; @asimpwriter ; @goals108 ; @asuperconfusedgirl ; @rangotangomango ; @lokismidnight ; @not-again-bestie ; @lindseyrae20 ; @estereomnisciente ; @purpleflamebluesparkles , @ariianelle , @blackravena , @jessyballet ; @nunya7394 ; @dariequeen ; @criesinlies ; @sorceresss ; @jointherebellion215 ; @moonlightplanet ; @didanrxbma ; @sengencko ♡
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fezcosbluntroller · 4 months ago
hey babes i hope you’re doing good! can i ask you do more platonic ash x reader please they warm my heart 🥺
I am doing amazing 🥰 and yes of course I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do some platonic ash fluff 🥺 that boy needs some love in his life :’) also I just checked and we hit 100 followers! I know it’s small but it’s such a big step for me ❤️
Pillow forts and arguments - platonic ashtray x reader, fezco x reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Pure angst for a bit, you and Fez are dating but are on a break, season 2 spoilers, you and Ash are super close.
Whenever you and Fezco decided to go on a break you thought who would be more upset, you or Fez, never in a hundred years would you think that Ashtray would be the one losing his fucking mind over it. Alas Fez called you, panicked and not knowing what to do “I don’t know what the fuck happened…I was chillin in the livin room and he fuckin started breakin shit” fez explained, you could hear Ash in the back ground. It broke your heart, you grew up with Ashtray, you helped raise the kid along side Fez and their grandma, taking the role of his mother or older sister figure.
“I’ll be over it in a minute, just make sure he doesn’t hurt himself breaking things, I’ll text you when I’m there love you!” You rushed out hanging up the phone, it had been two weeks since you had really spoke with Fez, you both agreed after a fight you both needed space, and so far it was nice, not that you didn’t miss Fez, you just enjoyed the time to yourself. Your mind raced a mile a minute, worried about Ash, you had been texting him a few moments before and he was perfectly fine, what happened? Stopping your bike in front of Fezco’s house you knocked rapidly biting your nail, the door opened and you saw Fez, his face was painted with hurt, muffled screams and clashes from Ashtray’s room followed “I don’t know what the fuck happened…everytime I ask what happened he just screams at me so loud I can’t fuckin understand” he mumbled shoving his hands in his pockets. You cupping his cheek smiling at him, this is why Fezco loved you, you were that burst of pure sunshine in his life "I'll talk to him okay?.."
Nodding a bit at Fez you walked past him glancing at the blonde in confusion keeping eye contact as you walked past her and to Ash’s door knocking lightly “Fez I fucking swear to!-“ Ash went silent seeing you on the other side of the door after he swung it open ready to cuss his brother out again for trying to get into his business. “Can I come in to talk with you?” You asked looking at him, Ashtray had very little self control not to tell you to fuck off and to just leave and let him down like you did before, but he didn’t, he found himself hugging you tightly once you had sat yourself on his bed. You smiled a bit knowing you always had this effect on either of the boys, no matter how big and tough they thought they were, get them alone in the room with you and they’re the sweetest most respectful men you’ll ever meet. “Fez said you just started breaking stuff….what’s goin on bub?..” you asked softly rubbing his back determined to find out what’s making your adopted son so upset.
“You can’t fuckin tell Fez…I don’t want him thinkin I’m some little bitch or something…” Ash said slowly sitting up in his spot next to you on his bed “when have I ever told fez about our talks?..” you whispered to him looking at him smiling softly cupping his cheek “so you gonna talk to me or just keep giving more rules for you telling me what’s wrong?” You asked shaking his head with your hands before he pouted looking at you laying his head on your shoulder. “Are you and Fez gonna stay apart?…” You heard Ash whisper, you heart melted and broke, Ash was this upset over you and fez going on a break “well…I hope not…we don’t plan to..we plan to get back together..is that why you’re so upset?..” you asked taking notice to him playing with the rings on your fingers “I just…you’re like the only chick in my life that’s stable….I don’t wanna lose you…plus you helped raise him…you’re just as special as fez to me” Ash admitted, you took in a shaky breath tearing up, kissing Ashtray’s head “you are too sweet, my dear” you whispered hugging him tightly, After a good minute long hug you pulled away looking at him “I promise…fez and I will get back together, maybe not right this moment...but we still love each other the same.." You whispered rubbing Ashtray's back frowning "You've been saying that shit for weeks!" He yelled jerking up looking at you, his mood shifting again "Ashtray.." You whispered looking at him, that's when you noticed, Ashtray had smoked a blunt earlier, he was probably stoned and trying to fix his anxieties.
"Stop lying to me!" He yelled, you looked at him grabbing his chin "okay, starters. you do not raise your voice at me, I may have upset you but you do not talk to me like you are" You snapped before standing up "Now. Just because Fez and I aren't together right now doesn't mean I'm gonna disappear or stop coming around, You are still like my baby brother and I am not gonna leave you behind" You whispered hugging him tightly "He brought another girl here to stay.." He whispered, you raised your eyebrows at him "Who? Blondie in the dining room?" You smiled looking at him, he looked up at you frowning with a soft nod "Oh my god...Ash..if you woulda' talked to me..or fez..you would've known, Faye is staying here yes, but Fez is doin it as a favor, trust me" You whispered, you saw Ashtray's cheeks heat up with embarrassment. "Don't...tell Fez" Ash whispered hugging you again "Just don't want the dumbass to make the mistake of losin you" you heard him mumble, you just nodded and lead him out of the room and to the living room.
You sent Fez to the store for snacks while you set up a pillow fort in Ashtray's room, sometimes Ash felt like you were the only one who was still worried about him doing kid things. He just stood in the doorway watching you put it all together and turn the movie onto the tv. Climbing into the pillow/blanket fort, followed by Ash and then eventually Fez. The three of you laid together watching the Halloween movies, almost like magic you watched as Fez fell asleep and then Ash, Fezco's head resting on your shoulder, and Ash using Fez as his personal pillow, sprawled out across his side of the bed making you giggle. Looking over you sighed, kissing their foreheads and covering them both up with a cover, after a mental battle that lasted about two minutes you curled up next to Fez falling asleep next to him, finally feeling at home after two weeks.
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bubblegumspacebxtch · 4 months ago
jealousy fic of reader seeing fez and lexi at the party and feeling jealous so trying to distract herself and fez gets jealous and it gets kinda heated and ahfjskjx confessions
A/N: hi!! so here's part 2 of Drunk, High, and Oblivious and it's based on this prompt so thank you to anon who sent it. i haven't written smut in a hot minute so hope ya'll like this one.
warnings || 18+ smut, minors DNI, oral (f), fingering (f), dirty talk, a smidge of degradation, praise kink, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, squirting, a bit of overstimulation, creampie
find part 1 here: Drunk, High, and Oblivious
Main Masterlist
Hungover and Lovesick
Tumblr media
Fez looks up from his phone at the sound of your groan. The curtains on the glass windows facing you had not been entirely drawn, leaving a small gap for sunlight to stream in. You pull the blanket over your head to shield your eyes from the bright light. "Good morning," Fez calls from the dining table. You only grumble in response. He stands to fully close the curtains before making his way to the couch, sitting down by your feet. "How you feelin'?" You peel the blanket off your face to see his lips in a shy smile. “Terrible.” You rub your eyes as you sit up. “I’ll get you water.” Fez stands to get you a glass while you look around, noticing how quiet it was. “Where’s Ash?” You take the drink off of his hand. “He’s at the store," Fez replies as he settles across from you.
It was awkward. You both could tell. The two of you silently going over the events of last night in your heads. Fez cleared his throat, catching your attention. “Do you need anything? For uh your headache or something,” he trailed off. He can’t seem to keep eye contact for longer than 3 seconds. You take note of him scratching the back of his neck, a nervous habit of his. “No. I’m good. I think I need to shower though.” You grimace because you were still in last night’s party dress. “For sure. Let me get you some clothes." Fez stands to head to his room. You're up on your feet right after him to make your way to where the towels were. At this point, their place might as well be yours too, with the amount of time you've spent there.
Fez kept pretending to be doing something on his phone, but really he couldn't drown out the sound of the shower. He was uneasy, already dreading the conversation you'd be having about the party. Fez knew why he was mad last night, and while there was no excuse for him manhandling you, he also knew he didn't have the right to be upset in the first place. He wasn't your boyfriend. You were just friends. As much as he tried to remind himself, Fez couldn't deny that you've been more than a friend to him for months now. There were times he'd take the stares that lasted a few seconds too long or the lingering touches and smiles, as signs that you liked him too. Still, he couldn't bring himself to initiate anything.
When he was young, his grandma told him, "Don't ever fall in love. It's the one instinct you can't trust." It was hard to follow that advice with you around. You who never judged him. The only person other than Ash to come running whenever he needed help. It wasn't hard to fall for you. Your laugh that he swears is actually contagious. The way you carry yourself with enough kindness to warm anyone. Your hugs, and your occasional sass, all the little things Fez has grown fond of. It wasn't like he didn't want to be with you, because he did. He was held back by the gnawing thought that you were too good for him. "Hey," you call out to him softly. "You okay?" Fez was lost in thought he didn't notice you were already dressed, and staring at him from across the living room. "Yeah uh all good." You smile at him as you made your way to the couch.
A tense silence had settled between you two. You pick at your nails to avoid looking at Fez. "I'm sorry about last night." He blurts out which made you look up. "Shouldn't have dragged you out of there like I did." You nod slowly at his apology. "Why did you though?" Fez knew what you were trying to get at, and his brain scrambled for an answer. "Didn't want you to get taken advantage of, that's all." He saw your face drop. Fez knew you were giving him a chance to fess up, and still, like all the other times, he chose not to. "So, just a friend looking out for a friend?" You knew you were pushing, but after last night, you just couldn't take being friends with Fez anymore, especially if that meant watching him want to be with someone else.
Fez hesitantly nods at you, and your shoulders slump in response. "Right... okay. I think I need to go." You swiftly stand, making your way to his room to grab your things. Fez calls your name as he follows behind. You ignore him because you already felt like crying. "C'mon Y/N, I-" you cut him off. "Fez just stop, alright?" You pause, still hesitant to blatantly tell him how you feel, but you couldn't take it anymore. "You don't... see me that way. I get it, and it's okay." You swallow down your tears. "I just need space right now, so please." You turn around to make your way out the door, but Fez blocks you, leaving you no choice but to gaze up at him.
Looking at you on the verge of tears, Fez wanted to kick himself. He felt dread settle in his chest. By the looks of it, he was going to lose you. Without thinking, Fez grabbed your wrist to pull you close before leaning down to plant his lips on yours. You're taken aback, and you raise your free hand to push at his chest. "Fez, what-" You didn't get to finish. "I love you." His admission was quiet, but even with the loud beating of your heart in your chest, you heard him.
Tumblr media
Everything turned into a blur after that. The two of you not wasting another second. Months of tension and obvious yearning had led to this. You helped Fez out of his shirt as you sat at the end of his bed. He cupped the side of your face before kissing you again. The clear desperation making you moan into him. "You don't know how much I wanted to fuck you last night in that dress." You whimpered as he squeezed your breast through your shirt. "And now you're in my clothes. Fuck, Y/N I swear, the things you do to me," You felt yourself clench at his words. His stare sent goosebumps through you, looking like he wants to ruin you. You rid yourself of his shirt, and Fez groaned above you. He pushed you to lie down further on the bed. Fez kneels in between your legs before bending to kiss down your chest. You feel his breath on the sensitive skin of your tits, and you moan as he sucks one into his warm mouth. His tongue laps at your nipples, and your hand reaches out to grab his head when you feel his teeth lightly graze you skin. "Please," you whisper as Fez kisses downward, slowly pulling your bottoms off.
You close your eyes briefly, and for a moment you feel his touch leave you. When you open your eyes, you see Fez staring at your center. Oh, god. Fuck. He's going to tear you apart. Fez grabs an ankle in each hand before you could even think about closing your legs. Spreading you wider for him, Fez leans down to leave kisses on your inner thigh. You squirm at the act, feeling even more wetness gush out of you. His thick finger runs through your pussy, barely brushing your clit. Your legs instinctively try to close at the sensation. Fez brings his palm down to slap your thigh. "Open up." His voice was deep, almost like a growl, and you writhed under his demand. You spread yourself wide again. You let out a surprised whine as Fez spits on your cunt before bringing his fingers to spread it all over your slit. "Please, Fez I-" you stutter at his thumb rubbing your clit. "What do you want, baby? Tell me." Fez wanted to take his time with you, but your begging was making him impatient. "I want... I want your mouth," you answer in a shuddery breath, turning your head to side shyly.
Fez dips down to lick a stripe up your pussy. Your moan is loud, and Fez couldn't help but smirk. His lips close around your clit, sucking harshly on the bundle of nerves. "Fez! Fuck." You arch, making Fez lightly press down on your abdomen to keep you in place. He pushes a finger into your opening while he continues to lap at your cunt. Fez moaned into you as you clenched around his fingers, dripping down his chin in the process. A tingle spreads as Fez curls his digit, hitting a spot in you that made you yelp. You feel your orgasm approaching, and the lewd sound of your soaked pussy made Fez smirk. Just last night you were acting up, now, as he fervently eats you out, you're put in your place.
Fez grunts as you come suddenly, surprising him. He works you through your orgasm, lapping at your core till you're pushing his head away. Fez withdraws to watch you catch your breath. You look up at him, eyes glassy, and mouth parted. In no time, Fez was lowering himself again between your thighs. "One more. Give me another." Fez grumbles, and before you could protest, he's going down on you again. “Fez!” You squeal, and he slaps your clit in return. You feel Fez push in two fingers. It was overwhelming, but even as your mind blanks, your hips grind down against his tongue. Your orgasm comes quicker than the first one. You let out a scream as you squirt. “Already?” You couldn’t see Fez, but you knew he had a smug smirk across his face. Fez licks up all your release before bringing his fingers up to your lips. You suck on them, and you avert your eyes from his as he watches his fingers on your tongue.
Fez removes the rest of his clothes, and your eyes go wide at his cock. You did think he was big, you just didn't know he was that big. Your heart pounds against your chest as Fez strokes himself above you. "Gonna make you feel so good, baby." Fez leans down to kiss you before you feel his tip slide against your folds, gathering your wetness before pressing in. "Fuck, you're tight." You clench at his praise, and Fez moans as he starts moving his hips. There's a slight burn to the stretch, but Fez has stroked that spot inside that had you throwing your head back. You grab his shoulders to pull him closer, kissing him as he thrusts into you.
As your moans get louder, Fez drives into you faster, hitting deeper spots. "Fez... Fuck! Please I'm gonna cum." His fingers start to rub harshly against you swollen clit. Your legs start to shake as he brings you to the edge. "Fuck. Look at you." Fez drawls out and you preen at his admiration. "You like when I fuck you stupid?" What the fuck happened to the shy Fez you knew? You didn't know he had a mouth on him.
He grabs your tits in his hands, squeezing them as you go dizzy. He starts slamming into you, heat sweeping through you as you come undone again. Your cum spurts out, soaking the sheets underneath you. You clench hard one more time around his thick cock, and you tremble as Fez unloads deep in you. He groans as his cum seeps into you, and you whimper as you feel his length throb against your walls. His final thrust have you mewling. Feeling overstimulated, you can't help but wince when Fez pulls out. Fez wordlessly stands to find something to clean you up with. Your eyes try to refocus as you desperately try to even your breathing. You gasp as you feel Fezco's hands on you again, wiping off his cum and yours.
He fixes your limp body to lean against his side as he lies down on the bed. With your legs tangled together, and your cheek against his chest, the silence is comfortable. "I meant what I said," Fez mumbles, feeling shy once again. You nod. "I know you did." You feel Fez let out a deep exhale. "No more dancing around assholes at parties," Fez jokes, and you smile before moving to lean on your elbows to face him. "Fez, were you jealous?" you tease. "No more than you, baby." Fez smirks as you blush. You slap his chest as he laughs. "Shut up. I wasn't jealous," you defend. "Sure you weren't." He smiles again before leaving a kiss on your head. "Ash is for sure gonna rub it on our faces and say he told us so," you say. "Well, it ain't his fault we're idiots," You laugh, and Fez pulls you tighter against him, sighing in complete bliss.
Tumblr media
part 2 taglist below:
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slutobrien · 4 months ago
Could You?
Tumblr media
Fezco x Female Reader
warnings: violence, blood, mention of drugs and basic Euphoria themes.
words: 1.5k+
You have been by Fezco’s side since childhood. The two of you going through thick and thin together. But at the two of you grow up it’s hard to keep the lines between friendship and love blurred.
You had known Fez since the two of you were kids. You’d grown up in the house next door to his grandma. You remember how quiet he was when you first tried to play with him. Those blue eyes shone towards you and the freckles that danced along his skin. You didn’t understand it then, but now you knew, Fez was your person.
You helped him with Ashtray after he just suddenly appeared in his and his grandma’s life. It fascinated you how much older he acted even though he was still a kid. And when his grandmother got sick and he had to take over the family business, you were there. He never involved you in the business aspect but you made sure to keep an eye on Ash whenever he needed it.
The only one he trusted fully outside of his family. He knew that you’d be by his side no matter what. Fez cherished the friendship that was between the two of you. Even if the two of you knew deep down there was something more there.
Fezco remembers his grandmother telling him to never fall in love. That it was an emotion that he couldn't trust. But that rule didn't apply to you.
Fez was someone you could read like the back of your hand. This is why you couldn’t understand why you didn’t catch what was going on.
You should’ve known the moment he took his sweater off. But you watched as he moved through the crowd of people towards the other side of the room. Your stomach dropped for a second when you saw who he was walking towards. To say Fezco has been tense the last few weeks since the raid would be an understatement.
Your attention was pulled away when you heard your name being whispered harshly in your ear. You turned your eyes to see Ashtray beside you.
“Car is leaving soon if you want a ride outta ‘ere,” He spoke, his face cast in complete seriousness.
Before you could even say a word he was gone, disappearing into the crowd with his bag strapped at his back. You stood from the chair you were sitting at and looked towards Lexi. She had the same look on her face as well.
“Catch you later, Lex” You spoke.
You didn’t follow Ash like you knew that you should’ve. But your gut told you that Fez needed you. So you stayed.
The moment you saw the bottle crash across Nate Jacob’s face it was like everything moved in slow motion. You watched as Fezco’s fists met with Nate’s face over and over again. The room exploded into chaos as you heard Maddy and Cassie scream. The moment Nate was thrown to the ground you moved through the crowd and pushed people out of your way. You saw Cassie try and push Fez off but only was thrown to the ground herself.
“Fez! Fez!” You screamed the moment you were close enough. You saw the blood across his knuckles and the floor, spraying into the air every time his fist landed. Your hand wrapped around his arm and pulled on it.
Fez looked up towards you and his eyes were dark and his face cast with a look that you were familiar with. A look that you knew that his anger was at a point of nearly no return.
“Let’s go!” You shouted and pulled on his arm again.
Fez moved from atop of Nate Jacob’s and allowed you to pull him out. You looked over your shoulder and watched as Maddy and Cassie tried to carry Nate out. The moment you walked out into the cool air it was like for a moment you were able to breathe.
Fez reached down and grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the car, Ashtray already behind the wheel with the car already running. Fezco slid into the passenger seat as you climbed into the back. Ashtray didn’t even wait for the doors to be closed before he was peeling out onto the road. The entire drive back to the house was tense and silent.
Fezco could feel the anger radiating off you as you sat in the backseat, face turned to look towards the window.
When the three of you got back to their home you immediately searched for the first aid kit that was in the bathroom. When you walked back out you saw Fezco in the kitchen and Ash sitting in the living room. He warily looked between the two of you. It was rare for either of you to be mad at the other. But whenever it happened he knew it was best to stay out of it.
You scoffed as you watched him try to clean the blood from his hands in the kitchen sink.
"Stop it, you're going to make it worse." You spoke before grabbing his hands and turning off the sink.
"I got it ma," Fezco mumbled but stopped talking the moment you looked up towards him through your lashes.
"I can't believe you fucking did that." You spoke, your tone was even and it sort of scared Fez. He felt it would be better to have you screaming at him.
"He had to be taken care of. You know I 'ouldn't let that shit go." Fezco explained as you reached to grab a few cotton pads and the rubbing alcohol. He hissed the moment it was pressed against his bruised skin.
"Nate's dad owns half this fuckin' town, Fez. If he wanted to he could have your ass in prison before you knew it."
"That ain't gonna happen, ma."
"How do you know that?" Your voice rose and you stepped back away from him. You could feel the tears rising to fill your eyes.
Fez pushed off the counter and moved towards you the moment he heard the sniffle.
"Don' cry...please, know I hate that..." He spoke softly, his arms wrapping around you and pulling you close.
You shook your head and stepped out of his arms before reaching back into the first aid kit. Fez stood by and watched as a tear moved down your cheek. He didn't know what to do. He didn't regret what he did to Nate Jacobs. He had it coming the moment the cops were pounding on his front door.
"Ion know what you want me to say, y/n" Fezco spoke softly
"You don't have to say anything." You shook your head, making sure to clean off his knuckles, before applying the ointment. "Just was scared...usually you tell me things."
Fezco shook his head, "Not this time. Had to keep you safe."
"Same reason I couldn't come tonight to meet the new supplier?" You cocked a brow as you wrapped his knuckles. Fez looked towards you confused. "Ash told me."
Fez clicked through his teeth, "Don' listen to the kid. He 'on know what he talkin' bout."
You rolled your eyes and cleaned up the supplies. "Don't play that shit with me Fez. I've known what's up since we were kids. I don't know why you try and keep me in the dark."
"Cause I gotta protect you from shit sometimes."
Fezco reached and gently brushed the hair that had fallen into your face away. His eyes softened as he looked towards you and slowly you could feel the anger you had fade. It truly was hard for you to be mad at him.
You loved him.
"Who's gonna protect you then?" You asked, "Who's gonna protect you from shit?"
"That not ya job," Fezco spoke
"Why not? I can't stand by and let things happen...not when that could result in not having you anymore. Cause that can't happen, Fez, I can't lose you."
He softened and moved towards you again, holding you tightly as he pressed you against the counter. You could feel the edge of it pressing into your back but you didn't care. The smell of his cologne and weed surrounded you and began to calm you slowly.
"You're not gon' lose me." Fezco spoke, "Never, you hear me?"
You nodded your head against his chest before closing your eyes. Standing there in his arms calmed you a little bit but in the back of your mind, you knew that the threat of what happened tonight still loomed.
"Now let's get some sleep, ok?"
You pulled away and nodded your head, "Gonna shower quick first."
Fezco stood there and watched as you disappeared down the hall before turning into the bathroom. He let out a deep and heavy sigh before walking towards the living room where he knew Ash still sat. Ash looked towards him with a blank look on his face.
"You got somethin' to say too, kid?" Fezco spoke after a long moment of silence.
"When are the two of you gonna finally pull your heads outta ya'lls asses and just say how ya feel?"
Fezco's brows pulled together, "What are you talkin' bout?"
Ashtray stood from the couch and rolled his eyes "The two of you have been in love for fuckin' years and it's gettin' really annoyin that neither of ya'll sayin' anything."
Fezco watched his brother walk past him and go down the hall into his room.
You couldn't feel the same? Could you?
“Ain’t no fuckin’ way.” Fezco spoke to himself before heading towards him bedroom.
Part Two
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eufezco · 4 months ago
Could you please make one where y/n tells ash that she’s pregnant because she was scared to tell fez. But like only if you have the time <3
CW: mention of abortion, panic attacks and anxiety.
You were sitting on the toilet in Fezco's bathroom, hands and legs shaking with nervousness. Your head resting on your hands as you waited for the result of the pregnancy test. The sound of the alarm you set on your phone for 20 minutes made you stop shaking. You grabbed the test and clenched your jaw. Two lines. No way. You thanked God Fezco wasn`t home so you could sneak out of the house without having to give explanations because you knew Ash wasn't going to ask. "I gotta go." You got out of the house as fast as you could, pregnancy test in your pocket and leaving Ashtray with a frown on his face.
"Yo man where's y/n?" "Dunno. She left like an hour ago."
Four days passed and you haven't been able to confront Fezco yet. You didn't know how you were supposed to tell him that you were pregnant. What if he didn't want to have the baby? But did you actually want to have the baby? You haven't thought about having an abortion but you understood what a child was gonna suppose at this point of your lives and you weren't sure if you were ready for all of that. Fezco texted you and called you, he even called your mum asking for you. He was truly worried about you.
"Fezco is calling again, baby. Is everything okay with him?" She sat on the edge of your bed, phone in her hand with Fezco's name on the screen. You nodded. "Tell him I'm not feeling well please." Your mum agreed. She spent at least half an hour on the phone talking with your boyfriend.
You were scared. Every time you thought about having to tell Fez you felt like throwing up, you had trouble controlling your breathing and sometimes you couldn't even get out of bed. Any advice from any of your friends would be so welcomed, you needed to tell anyone but neither Rue nor Maddy were good options since one of them would tell your boyfriend straight up and the other one would freak out, so you got out of your house to Fez's store. On Saturday evenings Ash was in charge of the store while Fezco was out dealing with some business so it was the perfect time to visit him.
"I thought yo ass was dead." Ash joked when he saw you going into the back of the store. When he saw your face he really thought you were dead; the only color you had on your face was the red on your eyes and two big black semicircles under them. "I wish It was." You huffed and sat in front of him as he worked with the pills on the table. "What's that shit about?" Ashtray was loyal. You trusted him and he trusted you, and he would understand why you've been this distant from them. "I need to tell you something but you can't tell Fez." The boy stopped what he was doing, he leaned back on the chair and intertwined his fingers, resting his hands on his stomach. "Look, if you're gonna break up with him do it already because-"
"I'm not breaking up with him! This- This is serious Ash." He went silent. It was good to know you didn't want to break up with his brother because he has been a pain in the ass these past days. "There's no way you can tell Fez about this." Ash rolled his eyes, he did get that the first time you said it. You took a deep breathe. "A few days ago I took a pregnancy test." Ashtray's posture went rigid, "no fucking way," he thought. "And it was positive" You bit your lower lip, trying not to burst into tears. "A-And I don't know what to do because I don't want Fezco to leave m-"
Ashtray tried to stay calm for you, but he couldn't deny he was kinda shocked. "Calm yo ass down and listen to me." He found a tissue in his pocket and gave it to you. "Fez ain't gonna leave yo for nothing in this world but this is some huge shit we're talking about y/n." You understood. "What you wanna do?" You played with the tissue after wiping away your tears with it. "You wanna have it?" Ash rephrased his question, probably making it even harder for you to answer. "I-I don't know." He nodded. "So you ain't dismissing the option of havin' it." You looked at the boy with your eyes wide open. "Don't say it like that."
"Look, it's the truth. You gon' have to talk to him either you like it or you don't. You'll figure something out together, you have this great ass communication between you too, you'll be good." A car appeared on the screen of the security cams' Ash had next to him. You both stared at the screen, knowing who that car belonged to, and then looked at each other. "I-I can't do it Ash." Your breathing was heavy, your hands starting to get sweaty and shaky. You wanted to run but you felt like your feet were cemented to the ground. "Yo yo yo! Fucking breathe! It ain't have to be right now. Go out with him, get something to eat, and go home. He's gonna understand. Imma stay here at the store until late so you'd be alone." Your eyes were glued to the screen, following your boyfriend's figure until you saw him going directly into the back of the store.
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fezc0swife · 4 months ago
say it again?
summary | after being with fez for almost a year you start picking up on the way he talks and when he starts to notice he can’t help but laugh at how cute you are.
pairing | fezco x fem!reader
a/n | hi! this is my first ever fic! i hope you enjoy it!!!! i love how this came out and hope you do too!!!! <333
Tumblr media
you and fezco had been dating for a little over a year now. you spent almost everyday with him as much as you could. he would pick you up and drop you off at school. then you’d go to the shop with him. then you’d go home. this was a reoccurring thing. you were always together. and when your always with someone you kinda start to catch onto the way the talk and phrases they use. so you didn’t even notice the slight accent you had or phrases you’d been using. but fez and ash noticed right away.
“hold up…say it again ma?” fez said after you’d been ranting to him about the newest movie you had watched
“i said ion’ know how i still have money in my bank account cause i’ve seen this movie so many times it-” you stopped when you saw the wide grin on his face.
“what? did i say something?” you said quickly trying to remember what you had said wrong
“nah baby. you good.” he said kissing your head and letting you continue talking.
the second time it happened was with ash. you and him were laying on the couch watching a movie when he chuckled after you said something.
“what’s funny?” you said looking over at him
“nah nothing just say it again?” he said trying to cover up his laugh
“say what again?” you said confused
“what you just said!” he said like it was so obvious
“all i said was i hate thanos…” you said recalling what you had said.
“and then after that…”
“he’s a lil’ bitch?” you said confused on what was so wrong with what you said.
“oh my god.” he said as he slightly laughed leaving you confused.
the next few times it happened you didn’t even bother to ask why they were laughing but this time you needed to find out what was going on.
“guys im so fuckin’ hungry!! can we get some pizza or sum’?” you said from the couch instantly standing up when you heard snickers from behind you
“okay what is so funny? cause im genuinely confused you guys!” you said with a slight frown on your face feeling like you were missing out on an inside joke.
“nothing ma it’s just that…” fez said trying to think of how to word it.
“you’re starting to talk like us y/n.” ash said once again looking at you like it was obvious.
“what do you mean? how do i talk like you we all talk the same?” you said still confused
“you’ve picked up on my phrases and my slang i guees you could call it. it’s cute baby!” fez said smiling at you from the kitchen table.
“oh. well i didn’t even notice.” you said in realization “if you guys want me to stop doing it i can jus-”
“no no it’s cute ma!” fez said immediately walking over to you and placing his hands around your waist looking down at you.
“you sure? i don’t wanna seem annoying…” you said looking up at him
“i’m sure baby. hundred percent sure!” he said tilting your chin up to meet his lips
“mm i love you fezzy!!” you said pulling away and looking up at him
“yeah the slang can stay but that nicknames gotta go!” he said pecking your lips once more
“what why? it’s so cute!! right ashy?” you said looking over fezcos shoulder at ash
“oh yeah soooo cute fezzy!!!” ash said mocking you cause you didn’t drop the nickname for him either.
“god i love that you two get along but hate it sometimes.” he said rubbing his head with his hand
“we love you though!” you said as you flopped back down onto the couch opening the dominoes app on your phone and he went back to counting money.
“yeah yeah!” he said in defeat knowing he wouldn’t trade you guys for anything.
“she’s def a keeper.” ash said as fez sat down.
“yeah she is.”
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vngeqnce · 4 months ago
─ streets.
Tumblr media
pairing: fezco x f!reader.
word count: 1,107.
warnings: slight jealousy. violence. fluff(?
A/N: i was running out of ideas with this one, but i deeply hope you like it<3. english is not my first language so let me know if you find some grammatical mistakes.
Tumblr media
people didn’t need to be friends with fezco and you to know you loved each other deeply, easily being one of the healthiest relationships in the whole town.
neither of you mistrusted the other, fezco only had eyes for you and you only had eyes for him, it had been that way since you started dating, and planned on keeping it that way till the end.
you were sitting between fezco and lexi, talking to her while he listened to you, his arm around your shoulder, keeping your body warm; the brunette excused herself so she could go and try to find cassie, leaving you and fezco alone again.
you rested your head on his chest while he smoked, listening to the beat of his heart, new year’s party wasn’t as funny as you expected, but you didn’t need much to feel happy, with fez’s company was enough.
you slowly raised your head from his chest, looking at him while you said: “i’m gonna go get a drink” he moved your hair behind your ears and dropped his hands out of your body, letting you get off the couch.
you walked where the drinks were, grabbing the bottle of aguardiente and adding a little of the mixer to make it less strong, you could feel fezco’s eyes on you the whole time.
he admired while you served your drink, how delicate you looked with your black dress and how well done your makeup was, he only fell more in love when he watched you.
but the moment got ruined when he saw nate jacobs get closer to you, serving himself a drink only a few inches away from you, he saw how nate tried to talk to you, and you only looked up and down at him.
“what do you want nate?” you asked while you looked up to meet his eyes, the height difference being very noticeable, he looked down with a small smirk on his lips.
“i can’t talk to a pretty girl now?” he said getting closer to you once again, making you leave your drink on the nearest surface.
a small smile painted your lips at the compliment, but you erased it from your face as fast as you could, not wanting to give him any satisfaction, but that little gesture didn’t go unnoticed by him, fezco saw it too.
your boyfriend started to feel that warm feeling on his chest, not in a good way, but in a angry way, he didn’t like the fact that nate was talking to you, flirting with you, but he didn’t want to be that kind of boyfriend, so he just kept watching you, the feeling not leaving his chest but not planning on doing anything about it.
“it’s weird seeing you without your little boyfriend, so i wanted to talk to you” nate said, repeating fezco’s movement from minutes ago and moving your hair behind your ear, his hands slowly traveling to your necklace, the small f on the gold accessory having an obvious meaning.
that was it, that amount of touch was enough to get fezco going─ he had a million reasons to do what he was about to do, but nate just gave him one more, he didn’t want to feel jealous, no, he didn’t need to feel jealous; but the fact that nate had the courage to flirt with you was enough for fezco to get his thoughts clear and decide what he was going to do.
he got up from the couch, walking towards you and nate, he could tell you were slightly uncomfortable, not liking the way he was talking to you and not liking his company either.
“‘sup man” fezco said from behind your body, your body relaxing to his voice, his hands went to your waist and gently moved you to his side, his body now being in between yours and nate’s. “you havin’ a good time with my girl?” he continued, you looked up at him only to realize he wasn’t even looking at you, one of his hands holding a bottle of liquor.
nate coughed, moving his body uncomfortably. “yeah, i was” he said looking at you, your eyes never leaving your boyfriend’s figure.
“made any new years resolutions?” fezco asked, pouring some liquid from the bottle into one of the black plastic cups.
“no, you?” nate answered him, finally looking at your boyfriend’s eyes.
“a few” fez said, turning his head to look at you, you smiled softly when his eyes met yours and then moving it back to where it was, looking again at nate,
“the last time we talked. didn’t you said you wanted to kill me?” the smile left your lips as soon as he said those words, fezco still has the bottle on his hand, you were starting to understand what was going to happen.
he shrugged. “yeah well..” he looked one more time at you. “happy new year playboy” he said, raising his cup, waiting for nate to raise his to make a toast, and as soon as the cups touched the bottle fezco was holding collided to nate’s head.
you moved your body away as soon as you heard the glass breaking, you stared at your boyfriend while everyone gasped and shouted at him; nate’s body collapsed to the ground while fezco was still hitting him.
“don’t. touch. my. girl” every word he said was remarked by a hard punch on his face, going left and right, making his whole face bleed.
“y/n do something!” you heard cassie’s voice, you looked at her while she and maddy tried to help nate, obviously failing, you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything, you only stared at him, you only stared at the blood that was pooling on the floor.
you were snapped of your tracks when mckay separated them, walking fast towards fezco, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the party, everyone’s eyes on both of you, ashtray already waiting for you on the car.
fezco felt guilty, did he take it too far?, of course he did not, after everything he did to rue and jules he deserved it, he knew you knew he deserved it, and as soon as he saw the look on your face he knew he didn’t do wrong.
you weren’t looking at him with disgust or anything like that, it looked more like a look of admiration on your eyes, your hands went to his, positioning them of top of his bigger ones, the blood painting your palms, you couldn’t care less.
you left a small kiss on his lips before going inside the car, he didn’t need words to understand how you felt. we belong to each other, he thought.
Tumblr media
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sargeant-bxrnes · 5 months ago
fezco | nsfw alphabet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
࿐ ˚ . ✦ warning(s): definitely +18. this one is nasty. [my english is a warning on its own, as always]
requested: yes !! thank you anons ;)
my masterlist!
my requests are open
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they're like after sex)
Fez is the GOD of aftercare. He is so sweet, no matter what. If you want a bath, he'll get it ready for you, if you wanna eat, he'll order something and take it to you, so you don't have to move.
If all you want are cuddles, then he's down for it. He really loves to hold you in between his arms, caressing your skin and whispering how good you were and how much he loves you.
If he didn’t love the sex so much, aftercare would probably be his favorite part.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner's)
Ask him this and it will legit take him hours to answer. Fez wouldn't be able to choose just one thing about you because in his eyes you're flawless. Utterly gorgeous. He loves all of you.
His favorite part of himself... he'd have to say his hands. They bring you so much pleasure, and he uses them to keep you safe. It sounds odd, but it makes perfect sense to him.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically... I'm a disgusting person)
He is pretty responsible, let's state that. He knows that getting you pregnant is literally the last thing you two need at the moment, so normally he'd use a condom.
And even if you happen to be in the pill, he doesn't like to take much risks, he may cum inside you once or twice, but most of the time he does it on your chest, your thighs, your back, or your mouth. It’s hotter that way.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Since you two are really secretive about your affairs, he can't help but wonder how thrilling it would be to fuck in a place where you can get caught.
He’ll never admit that, though, he respects you too much to put you out in the open like that.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they're doing?)
Fez hasn't really had the time to go fucking around and having lots of sex, but he knows enough to have you moaning his name.
Still, he's a quick learner, it didn't take him long to pick up on what you liked and get really good on it.
Like really, really good at it. Fez has positively ruined you for other men.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying)
Any position that lets him look at your face while he fucks you, it feels more intimate, and yes, it does wonders for his dick to see your eyes rolling to the back of your head while he thrusts into you.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Fezco being Fezco will definitely say a funny thing or two, but wouldn't turn the whole thing into a joke though. He likes the intimacy of it, it's very important for him.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
Being honest, he doesn't really care. He'll trim it just so it won't bother you.
He has no problem with body hair. It's natural. He likes natural. So all it matters to him is that you’re comfortable.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect...)
Your lives can be pretty hectic at times, so when you are having sex is one of the few moments where you two are completely alone and able to enjoy each other's company. So it is a pretty big deal to both.
He's not sweet to the point you cringe, but he is sweet enough to have you blushing the entire time.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He's never had much time to do it. Before he met you he did it to blow off some steam and relax after a long day.
He doesn't do it so often now that he's with you, he knows that if he's ever in the mood, you'll welcome him with open arms. Or legs, for that matter.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Fez is kinky, but not too much, y’know? He doesn't consider himself a freak, but he does have some kinks he's afraid to voice in case you get too freaked out.
He's into praise, both giving and receiving. It makes him feel even better when he knows you like what he's doing to you.
And on a more... kinky side, he's slightly into overstimulation or orgasm denial, having complete control of your pleasure drives him crazy. Marking your body with hickeys, also a bit of bondage, but that one is reserved for when you've been teasing him for too long.
And for sure, he can really turn into a teasing bastard when he combines bondage with orgasm denial, to then switch to overstimulation.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
No matter what, his bedroom or yours will always be god tier to him, nothing compares to the comfort and privacy you have there; it allows him to truly do whatever he wants to you, to not hold back.
But if the urge presents, he's willing to fuck in other places too, like his car, a bathroom during a party, an empty room in the store if things are really heated. May Ash forgive him.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
It's not hard to turn Fez on. It goes from little things like biting your lip, to doing a whole show, like striptease.
Simple things get him going, like knowing you want him as badly as he does. Seeing you wearing his clothes.
Also, knee socks really do it for him, especially when you’re wearing nothing but his shirt and a pair of knee socks.
But truth? The one thing that will make him give in no matter the situation, is neck kisses. Fez lives for neck kisses, those are his kryptonite.
N = NO (Something they wouldn't do, turn offs)
Sharing. He really, really doesn't like to share, especially not you. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, the answer is still no. You’re all his, he’s all yours. That’s the end of it.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Fez loves to receive, but more than anything he loves to give. He's simply a giver and that's it.
If it were up to him, he'd spent the rest of his life between your thighs, making you cum again, and again, and again, until all that leaves your mouth is his name.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
It depends a lot of the mood and the type of sex.
If he's making love to you, then he'd be slow and deep, whispering softly how much he loves you and how good you make him feel, caressing your skin.
If it's jealous/angry sex, then he'd be rough most of the time, pounding you to the mattress or whatever surface you're on, while reminding you you're his and his only, marking your body with little love bites and hickeys.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He'd rather have his time with you to do things right, but if the opportunity presents, Fez will never turn down a quickie. At least not when it's on a decent moment.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He's willing to experiment as long as you're not at risk, if it involves harming you, he's not really down for it unless you promise you're completely okay with it.
And yeah, for you, he's willing to experiment. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover new kinks together.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last...)
Fez will last for two rounds, three when he's feeling restless. But do not worry, those two rounds will last a loooong time, rest assured, you'll be completely worn out & satisfied by the time he's done with you.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He doesn't own any, but if you do, then he'd be down to use them only with the purpose of teasing the life out of you, but he'd never, ever let you cum because of them.
He'd tease you until you're begging for release, and he'd help you finish by burying himself deep inside you and finishing the job himself.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
As calm and innocent as Fez looks, he can be such a teasing little shit. He knows exactly what to say, where to touch you and what to do to get you turned on. And all while pretending to be oblivious to what he's doing to you.
If you're into that, then he can tease you until your begging for him to fuck you senseless.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
He's not loud. But he'd whisper things in your ear, whether it's praise or dirty talk, and would often let out a groan.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Fezco has like... the dirtiest mouth ever. The first time he talked dirty to you, you genuinely let out a gasp, getting caught off guard.
And ever since that moment, Fez knew dirty talk got you going, and oh boy, doesn’t he enjoy making you blush and wet your panties left and right.
X = X-Ray (Let's see what's going on in those pants, picture or words)
He's a good 7.5 inches, which is really impressive. He doesn't really like to brag about it though, he's the type of guy that only smirks when asked.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
It's pretty high, there's no point in lying. There's days where he wakes up and the only thing he can think about is fucking you.
And even on normal days, the thought of having sex with you is on his mind at all times. After all, he's still young and his hormones are all over the place.
Z = ZZZ (... how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He never falls asleep before you do, he wants to make sure you're comfortable and happy before sleeping, and mostly, watching you asleep in between his arms—most of the times with your head against his chest—, is what eventually lulls him to sleep.
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eddiesprincess · 4 months ago
rue: go away fez in taking the biggest shit right now
fez: you like want some pepto bismol
Tumblr media
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jeyramarie · 5 months ago
don’t touch my girl- Fezco x Reader (Part 2)
summary: fezco gets a new roommate and you don’t love the idea
wc: 2,949 
warning: guns, drugs use/description, cursing, almost smut (there will be in the future), cal jacobs 🤡
a/n: here it is!! as people requested. i hope everyone enjoys it, i’m feeling a bit anxious about it since the first part did so well sooo hopefully y’all like this one just as much 🥲 feedback is appreaciated, lmk if you wanna be tagged and see y’all next week, happy reading 🦋
part 1~
Tumblr media
You stayed with Fezco that night. He wanted you close, having the slight fear that Nate was fine and was going to come back for him. You helped him with his knuckles and basically questioned him the whole night about why he would do such a thing. Why do it in front of so many people? Why risk it that much? But instead of a full constructed answer, he answered with: 
“Ion wanna get you involved, ma.” 
“Involved in what?” 
“Stop askin’ so many questions, babe. I ain’t gonna answer shit.” He replied and stood up from the couch, walking towards the bathroom to get in the shower. 
“I’m sorry, Fez!” You shouted before slumming against the couch again, sighing in defeat. 
You stopped asking questions and a few days after that Custer, Faye’s boyfriend, called asking Fezco for help. Apparently, the bitch pushed the motel manager over the railing from the second floor and of course, the cops were after her. And Custer’s brilliant idea? To send Faye, a junkie, to a drug dealer’s house. Saying that you were pissed was an understatement. You were furious. 
You couldn't believe that someone could be so stupid but yet, there you were. Sitting next to Fez in the car, on your way to pick up Faye behind a dumpster. You both pulled up in an alleyway and the headlights shone brightly which made it easy to find the blonde peeking her head out of a corner. She bolted towards the car, getting in the backseat before Fez drove off as you turned around in your seat to look at her. Her nose was bloody and it ran down to her lips. 
“Don’t look at me like that.” Faye said with a defensive attitude causing you to raise your eyebrows and turn back around. 
“The only reason that I went so crazy is because the motel manager kept saying such mean things.” She continued, trying to explain. 
“I honestly don’t give a fuck.” Fez said, never taking his eyes off the road. 
You all made it back home and Faye sat down on the little stairs that led to the living room while you walked past her to go to the kitchen. You grabbed a paper towel and handed it to her so she could clean up before going back to do the dishes. Fezco finished emptying his pockets and walked in Faye’s direction. 
“Yo, don’t touch nothin’ “He said walked past her. 
“Don’t talk to Ash.” 
“Okay.” she muttered. 
“And don’t go in my fuckin’ room, all right? That’s private for me and my girl.” Fez sat at the dining room chair, going back to the sandwich you made him for dinner. 
“I promise.” Faye replied looking up to see you in the kitchen. 
“Want some of my sandwich?” Fez offered, feeling nothing but pity for the girl. 
“Okay.” She stood up and walked up to the dining room area before sitting next to him. 
“I can make you one if you’d like.” You said from the kitchen. You didn’t see this, but Fezco was mouthing ‘say yes, they’re fuckin’ amazing’ to the blonde which caused her to slightly chuckle. 
“Um.. yeah, I’d love one!” Faye shouted back. 
Ash didn’t talk to Fez after seeing Faye in the house. He was that pissed. You attempted to be the mediator but it went to shit when Astray slammed his bedroom door. Everything you all say for breakfast, Ash would stand up and leave whenever Faye sat down. Like that particular morning. 
You gave the boys some cereal and as they ate you made yourself some coffee. After a moment, Faye walked out with the shortest skirt you’ve ever seen, an open vest and her bralette underneath. You looked at her for a second and went back to what you were doing but the shock was too much. 
Faye was bending down with the fridge door wide open to grab a Coca Cola can which made her ass peek out from the back. You looked towards the boys to see Ash looking at her in annoyance and slight disgust before turning his eyes back to Fez, giving him a death stare. She closed the fridge and walked towards the dining room which made Ash get up and leave. 
“Good morning!” She said, opening the sofa can with her foot on the table. 
“Morning.” Fez muttered and continued eating his cereal. He finished his bowl and stood up, going to the kitchen. 
“Thanks, ma.” He muttered and pecked your forehead. 
“You’re welcome. Now… who's gonna tell her to stop wearing that?” You whispered and turned off the faucet before turning around as you crossed your arms over his chest. 
“Wearing what?” 
“Did you not see that skirt?” You questioned. 
“The only ass I have my eyes on is yours, ma. Don’t worry ‘bout anything.” He whispered as he walked closer to you.
“She’s been looking at you funny…wearing sexy outfits and shit… it’s annoying as fuck, it doesn’t feel good from my point of view.” You looked at him with a slight frown before you hit the inside of your cheek. 
“She just gon be here for a bit longer, I promise.” Fezco said and pecked your lips before moving away to his room to get showered. 
That night, he invited you and Faye to go over to the convenience store with him. So you wouldn’t have to stay alone with her for so long. You decided to go, suddenly feeling trapped in the house. 
The store was empty at the moment and you were leaning against the register counter talking to Fez as Faye sat at a corner looking everywhere. Ash was behind the fridges, working on the drugs and the money as usual. You were looking at the ground, chuckling at some Fez said when a customer walked in. 
“Lexi Howard.” Fezco called out with a smile. 
“Hi.” She smiled back before waving at you. 
“How you doin’?” 
“I’m good, um…” Lexi began as she walked to stand in front of the red head but stopped when she saw Faye. 
“Hi, I’m Faye.” The blonde said and smiled. 
“I’m Lexi, um.. weren’t you guys..” She said pointing at you and Fez, referring to your relationship. 
“Yeah, yeah, we together. She’s just statin’ with me for a bit, but, but she’s cool, though.” He replied, intertwining your fingers with his. 
“What brings you out here anyway?” 
“Oh, I just came to get a, a drink.” Lexi smiled and turned, walking towards the last fridge. 
“Okay, well, we got plenty of those. Um…do you need help finding anything?” 
“No, I'm okay.” Lexi replied with her arms over chest as she continued to stare at the fridge. 
“Um…Lex, that’s the malt liquor.” You said softly as you stood up straight. 
“Yeah, I know.” She muttered and looked to the side, watching Cal Jacobs walk in. You could tell she was nervous. Lexi’s body language changed and her face radiated fear along with uneasiness. 
“Good evening.” Cal said, causing you to look at him, as well as Fezco. 
“Hello.” You smiled and almost immediately frowned when you saw an odd shape in the pocket of his jacket. 
It looked like a gun. Of course, you didn’t want to risk it so you acted like you were reaching for something next to Fez which made you end up next to him. So, in case anything went south, you were covering him. Cal walked down the side of the store, walking in front of Faye, who followed him with his eyes. 
“What’s up, man?” Fezco muttered, following him with his eyes as well. He turned to Lexi scared and then turned to look at Ash in between the shelves of the fridge. The teen looked at Cal and as well as in there, you could feel the tension in the store. 
“You got any spearmint gum?” He asked, looking at you. 
“I’m not sure, the gum’s over there.” You replied, pointing behind you with your thumb. Cal walked slowly past you, looking down at you which made you reach back to grab Fezco’s leg. As he got closer, Lexi walked away to the back of the store, trying to get away from him. 
“This your store?” He asked, grabbing the gum packet before walking to the back of the store where Lexi was hiding. 
“It’s a family business.” Fezco replied, grabbing your hand that was on his thigh. 
“Do your parents own it?” 
“You usually ask this many questions, man?” 
He appeared back in front of you, with a bag of chips in hand. Your eyes drifted to the side a bit, sneaking a look at Lexi to see that she was unharmed but still looking down in fear. 
“Just you.” Cal said, looking at Fezco. 
“She tell you who I am?” He asked, nodding his head towards Lexi. His eyes drifted to you, looking at you up and down which caused you to shift in your spot. Now you know why Nate always made you feel uncomfortable. His father was the same way. 
“Nah, man.” Fezco replied. 
“Are you a cop?” Faye asked. 
“No.” He turned to her and placed his hand back in his pocket. The shape of the gun came into view again, causing you to stand up straighter, attempting to cover up Fez a bit more. Ash was seeing this so he grabbed the cereal box and reached his hand inside to grab the gun, getting it ready to shoot. Cal’s hand moved out of the pocket to reveal a 20 dollar bill, which he slid next to you, under the register. 
“Just a concerned father.” He muttered before turning around to walk back to his car. Fez stood up and walked out, watching him drive away as the lights began to flicker over him. 
You walked towards the back to find Lexi but saw her run out to her bike. You followed but she paddled fast, getting far away from the store. 
“Lexi!” You shouted but she kept biking away. 
“Shit.” You muttered to yourself and turned around walking back inside. 
“Where’s Lexi?” Fezco asked, walking inside. 
“She probably went home, I don’t know but she’s long gone by now.” You sighed, leaning against the register. 
“Don’t stand in front of me like that.” Fezco said harshly. 
“Why not? I was just protecting yo-”
“Don’t ever stand in front of me like that… If he had a gun he would’ve shot you and that’s the last thing I wanna see. We clear?” He asked, raising his voice. You nodded and crossed your arms over your chest before walking to stand next to Faye. You didn’t talk to Fezco for the rest of the night. 
Around midnight, he closed up the store so it was time to go home. The car ride was quiet and you kept looking out the window as you fidgeted with your fingers. When you arrived at the house, Ash went straight to his bedroom and Faye went directly to the couch as Fezco emptied his pockets at the front door. You went to the kitchen, looking for some water as you replayed the store scene in your head. 
Fezco changed the temperature on the thermostat and walked into the living room with a shotgun. He walked across the room and closed the curtains as Faye exhaled a cloud of smoke from her blunt. You placed the empty glass in the sink and walked out of the kitchen. 
“Night.” You muttered and walked towards the bedroom without looking at Fezco. You got into the shower and after into your pjs before getting comfortable in bed. 
You must’ve been really tired cause you fell asleep waiting for your boyfriend cause a loud clutter woke you up. You lifted your head from the pillow to see Fezco peacefully sleeping next to you. His eyes fluttered open, immediately looking at you to check if you were okay. You rubbed your eyes as you got out of bed and opened the door to see a dark hallway. 
Fezco came from behind you, gun in hand as he slowly checked every room. All that was left was the bathroom so you tiptoed towards it and slowly opened the door to see Faye. She was laying on the floor, in front of the toilet with a needle in her thigh. 
“Oh… I’m sorry.” Faye whispered. 
“Fez!” You called out before walking to stand next to her. He walked in a few seconds later and just stared in shock. 
“I fell.” She whispered again. 
“Come on, kid. Let’s get you to bed.” Fez muttered and placed his gun on top of the toilet as you kneeled next to her, carefully taking out the needle. You threw it in the sink, getting it out from everyone’s reach before helping Fez pick her up to get her in the shower. You stayed with her while the redhead looked for clean clothes to put her in. After a few minutes, Fez carried her back to the couch, pulling the knitted blanket over her as you threw away the drug residue left on the coffee table. 
“Is it true you killed Mouse?” Faye whispered, causing you to whip your head to look at her. 
“Go to sleep.” Fezco replied before walking towards you to tap your shoulder. You looked up and he nodded his head towards the hallway. You stood up and cleaned your hands off on your pj shorts before grabbing Fezco’s extended hand. 
“You should call Custer tomorrow. See what’s gonna happen with her.” You whispered, walking into the bedroom. 
“Yeah, for real, I can’t let her havin’ an OD ‘ere.” He muttered, getting into bed. You hummed, walking over to your side of your bed but stopped seeing the redhead’s back towards you. 
“Are you mad at me?” You asked, making him turn on his back to look at you. 
“I ain’t mad.” 
“Look, I know it bothered you… what I did at the store but I’m not gonna apologize for wanting to protect you.” You said, shaking your head as you looked at the ground. 
“It was obvious that he had a gun and-”
“He was gonna shoot you if he decided to whip that shit out.” Fez spoke, cutting you off. 
“So? So?!” He raised his voice. 
“Yeah, why does it matter?!” You raised your voice as well. 
“Why?! Fuck, Y/n. You don’t understand, you don’t get it.”
“What don’t I get?!” 
“That if somethin’ happened to you I would die ‘cause I can’t fuckin’ live without you!” Fezco shouted, sitting up on the bed with his back against the headboard. He sighed and rubbed his shaved head as you carefully got into bed, crawling towards him. You swung your leg over his lap and cupped his cheeks, pulling his head upward to look into his blue orbs. 
“I can’t live without you either and that’s why I stepped in front of you. I’ll cover you…as many times as I need.” You whispered.
Fezco lifted his hands from your thighs and cupped your face as your hands lowered to his chest. He pulled you in and connected your lips together. They moved in perfect sync as your hands moved lower to the hem of his white t-shirt, lifting it slightly. You pulled back from the kiss and lifted his shirt over his head before going back to cup his cheeks. 
The kiss continued, getting heated by the second as Fezco’s hand traveled under your shirt, touching your whole back. You pulled away once again and took your shirt off, giving him a clear view of your tits. Your nipples hardened almost immediately as you leaned in again to continue the kiss. Your hands traveled down his torso to the strings of his pajama pants to untie it before burying your hand inside to notice that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. 
Fez grabbed your waist and turned you around so you were underneath him as his lips traveled down your neck. You began to whimper, feeling his beard scratch your skin as he continued to create hickeys over your skin. His lips trailed down chest and engulfed them around one of your nipples, sucking on it slightly. You bit your lip to contain your moan as Fezco pulled down your pajama shorts along with your underwear. 
“I wanna hear you, ma. Let me ‘ear you.” Fez muttered causing you to whimper as your hands ran over his shaved head. He kept kissing lower and lower until finally reaching your navel where he gave you a peck before parting from you. His lips reconnected to yours in a soft loving kiss. Your nails went down his back and onto his lower back to begin pushing down his pants. His ass was exposed, giving you the chance to lightly squeeze it, knowing it would annoy him. 
“Ey, yo, what is that?” Fezco asked in surprise as you laughed, pushing your head back while your hands went up to his shoulders. 
“I had to.” You laughed hysterically as he began to laugh too, burying his head in your neck. 
“Why you gotta grab it like that?” 
“You have a really nice ass, Fezzy.” You laughed as one of your hands went to the top of his head and the other to the back of his neck. Fezco lifted his head and looked at you as you chuckled with a wide smile. He couldn’t help but admire you for a second. 
“I love you.” He muttered as you looked into his eyes with a small grin. 
“I love you too.” You whispered, tracing your fingers down his beard. 
fezco taglist: @hansakind​ @idkimjusthereliving​ @romanogersendgame​ @black-fairy3​ @bracefacelaiiiaa​ @sorceresss​ @mrsjubelova @damn-i-woke-up​ @rafecameronswhore​ @mandowhatnow​ @illumi3​ @suqarszn @joonieshoney​ @hnslchw​ @stylesyourmine​
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unhoelyplaces · 5 months ago
Past The Castle Walls - Fezco
Tumblr media
Pairing - Fezco x F!Reader
Summary - In which Fezco will take you however he can get you.
Warnings - 18+, minors absolutely DNI, unprotected sex, oral (f), drug abuse, vaginal sex, pussy slapping, dom!fez, they are so toxic pls
a/n - hey besties this was written in the middle of the night & i honestly could not tell u what it is other than absolute filth - she’s kinda all over the place & was mainly to distract me from my fez x oc fic (coming soon!) feedback is always welcome (pls be kind) n feel free to make requests mwah don’t be shy <333
As far back as Fezco could remember, his life had been a never ending series of what if’s.
What if Grandma had never gotten sick, never collapsed into an unconscious heap onto the matted green carpet?
What if he had stayed in school, stuck around long enough to learn the powerhouse of a cell or how to understand whatever the fuck that guy Shakespeare went on about? Would any of it have actually mattered in the grand scheme of things?
What if his mother had loved him enough to stay?
That one hurt the most, and the ache that made it’s home in his gut at the thought was the reason Fezco rarely allowed himself the slack of having it. It’s not like feeling sorry for himself or fantasizing about the many lives he could have lived but never will was going to miraculously change the course of the one he had now. Life was what it was and the way he saw it, he could either roll with the punches or take ‘em on the chin.
He had Ash, a roof over his head, and food on his plate at the end of the day. There wasn’t much Fez could bring himself to complain about. Sure, slinging pills to a clientele predominantly made up of bored, privileged adolescents certainly wasn’t a career path he’d have chosen for himself but it payed the bills. Not to mention, he was good at it; an odd sense of comfort found in the familiar routine of his day to day. His main constant, the rules of the game the one thing he could always count on to remain as they were.
Then there was you.
Some moments Fez was sure he couldn’t stand you, his blood boiling hotter with every disdainful arch of your brow, every snotty remark passed from between your gloss coated lips as you leaned your elbows on the counter of his store like you owned the place. The spoiled little girl blind to the gritty, callous ways in which the world spun beyond the pristine castle walls, jerking him around every which way to your heart’s content. He knew that wasn’t a particularly fair assessment but neither was the way your eyes narrowed when they landed on him, appraising him like he was hopeless. Like he’d already been ruined, a dead end street you could never seem to turn back from. He tried not to take it too personally.
It’s not like you thought all that highly of yourself anyway, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing in front of him every Tuesday, eyes glittering under the neon lights overhead with your palm outstretched and waiting impatiently for your weekly dose. You never gave and Fez never asked, the skeletons hidden away in your closet kept tightly under lock and key, only kept company by the cobwebs. He was sure even if he did prod, poke at the boundary you’d hung pointedly between you to get a peek at what lay beneath that you’d offer nothing but an eye roll and an ‘I’m so not paying for this session.’
You reminded him of the wildcats he saw on those National Geographic specials Ashtray liked to watch, swallowing any and everything that crossed your path, teeth gnashing and grinding whatever had been deemed a threat into tiny pieces until you spewed out the carnage. The tension that knotted your spine when his fingertips traced the plane of your jaw in manner that was too gentle, too intimate for two people who were just really good at fucking each other. Too much like someone who saw you.
He let you pretend he didn’t.
His hard headed, abrasive girl; all sharp edges and even sharper words. He didn’t mind getting cut, not if it meant he was the one who got to make you go soft, all breathy whines and baby blue fingernails digging into his flesh like you’d die if he let you go. It was times like this, times where you opened yourself up for him like a flower blooming in the springtime that he was sure he needed you like his lungs needed oxygen.
You could be so damn sweet, saccharine coating his tongue with each pass over yours as you let him split you open on the kitchen counter. He tried not to let himself get too hung up on the desperation with which you clung to him, begged him with your face crushed into his neck and his name slipping from between your parted lips like an oath.
It was these moments in which the what if’s fell away, fading away to black until you were all that was left in their wake. Fez thinks he’d stay here forever if he could, wrapped safely between your arms, your thighs. You welcomed him like he was home, and in some twisted way it felt like he was.
“Shit, there you go, baby,” The praise rolled off his tongue like silk, your walls gripping him like a vice as the head of his cock punched against that spongy patch of flesh that made you made go liquid under his fingertips. “That feel nice, pretty girl?”
A high pitched whine bubbled out of your throat, heel pressed into his back in an attempt to pull him impossibly deeper as he thrust between your thighs. He was everywhere, teeth grazing the soft skin of your neck while his fingers dug into the flesh of your thigh, knee slung over his elbow as he held you open. He liked to watch himself slide inside of you, see the slick you coated him in with every push and pull.
His hand came up to grip your jaw with such force you almost thought it’d bruise, lips puckering in his grasp. “You gon’ use your words for me? Huh?” His breath was hot against your skin, the squelch of your pussy swallowing him whole sounding between you as you blinked up at him with a honeyed stare. “You gon’ be good?”
“Yes, yes, god,” You keened, brow furrowing and hands clutching his shoulders as he rut into you. The cool edge of the countertop bit into the skin of your thighs but the way Fezco was filling you up was too good to care, the knot in your gut pulled impossibly taught as your cries permeated the air. You were so close, teetering on the edge of your release and any second- and he was pulling out of you, dropping to his knees on the linoleum floor and dragging you to the edge of the counter.
Your eyes flew open, narrowing down at him like sharp little daggers, mouth opened to ask what the fuck he thought he was doing until his lips pulled your swollen clit into his mouth and sucked. You would’ve smacked the smug look painting his features clean off if it wasn’t for the way he was absolutely wrecking you, thighs cuffing his head as he flicked his tongue over the sensitive bud. Your hips jerked in his hands, limbs stiffening as you wet into his mouth.
It was as if your orgasm had set you on fire, electricity licking at your skin as your hands grab at his jaw, desperately pulling his face to yours and crushing your lips together. The kiss was all clacking teeth and tongue, his fingers tangling into your hair as he jerked your head back to take your mouth deeper.
“Please,” You panted sweet as molasses, the pads of your fingers sliding over his chest. You weren’t sure exactly what it was you were asking for, you just wanted him. Needed him, the way he turned you to putty, made you feel like you were floating.
“What you want, baby?” He spoke softly, lips brushing against the dip of your shoulder, thumb reaching down to pet the overworked nub between your legs. “You want me fuck this pretty pussy you got right here?”
Your jaw want slack, nails digging into the back of his neck as your head nodded of it’s own accord. You were practically itching for him, hot and needy as he crowded over you. Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for Fezco; The strike of his palm against your raw cunt forcing a sob from your chest, fingertips ghosting over your slick folds.
“That ain’t an answer, baby,” He hummed, voice rough like gravel as tugged you to look into his eyes. You could feel the hard length of him digging into the meat of your thigh, warm and promising of what you ached for. “You know I don’t play that shit, how do we ask?”
“Please, Fez, Please,” You cried hoarsely, knees coming up to cage his sides as you pulled him into you. “Please fuck me now, please,”
The sweetness in your voice is what did him in, the teasing air tinging his actions bleeding into something softer as he buried himself into the warm, slippery flesh of your cunt, relishing in the way you clutched at him when he did.
He liked you like this, sweet and pliable under his touch, moaning prettily on his dick as your eyes glazed over with something too close to love - too tender, intimate.
If this was the only way Fezco could have you, he’d take it.
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dawnwriterimagines · 3 months ago
debt that’s owed : Fezco
Summary: Laurie needs someone to pay her the debt that’s owed to her, Rue ran from her, which gives her the perfect opportunity to use Fezco’s words against him. But, is she worth you?
Warning(s): Angst, Fear, Drugs, mentions of sex traffick, Laurie’s crazy ass, etc.
Author Note: Always wondered what Laurie would’ve done given that Rue got away, so I wrote a piece after the finale. 
p.s. I’m having a lot of trouble with college tuition right now, rent for my apartment, I’d really appreciate it if you guys could help me, I love you guys  Buy me a Coffee? Ko-Fi please spread the word, if you can’t donate! Bless your hearts, my loves! Now, enjoy!
Tumblr media
- - -
The woman sprinkles the little pellets into the tank, her fishes swarming the pebbles of food, she taps at the glass lightly, the ambient light making their vibrant colors stand out in the dark room.
“Says the guy who brings a high school girl to a drug deal,” Laurie spoke simply, a light retort.
“That’s ma family,” Fezco answered, surely.
“She an addict?” the woman wondered, glancing over her shoulder at him.
Fezco debated his answer, but did so easily. “She may fuck around but nah,” he was more than aware how deep Rue was into her addiction, but he didn’t need her to know anything more about the girl.
“So, you trust her?” Laurie questioned, her finger flipping the lid of the container closed as she looked at Fezco closely. 
“With my life,” he answered immediately.
She nodded, accepting the statement, putting down the tin and gently pulling the fish tank lid closed with a simple tug. “What about the girl? The girl you were next to, with the (h/c) hair?” Laurie twirled a lock of her own hair as if recalling how yours behaved, absently as she referred to your hair, putting her hand down after. The woman was obviously high off of something, although that was obvious enough, she did seem like she was on the brink of drifting off somewhere, and yet somehow seemed to be staring right through Fezco.
“Ma wife,” Fez responded without an ounce of hesitation, “She ain’t into any a that drug stuff, she been with me the longest,” he said, nodding his head behind him where you and Rue stood just around the corner, if he turned just a little he could’ve caught your eye. 
Laurie made a thoughtful noise, tilting her head. “I didn’t see a ring.” A fond tone in her voice, although it may be amusement. He wasn’t too sure.
Fezco hummed a laugh, faintly. “Oh, nah,” he ran his thumb over his own bare finger, knowing she was referring to your own. “We ain’t married yet. But, I’m gon’ make it official one’a these days,” he didn’t want to say much of anything else to this woman, something about her didn’t feel as genuine as she seemed. 
Laurie, his new dealer, a replacement supplier of Fez’s with the disappearance of the late Mouse, smiled, hardly, almost contemplating, the softened narrow of the aged corners of her eyes gave the notion that she had made up her mind something. “I’d suggest you not waste any time, young man,” she walked over to a little bar table, grabbing the pitcher that sit atop it and pouring herself a glass. “why wait when you can ask her now? time is precious, you know,” she took a sip from her cup, keeping a pensive stare with him.
Fezco nodded, slowly, not exactly liking how this conversation had shifted to bring attention to you. “I hear you,” he acknowledged before standing. “Can I grab my fam now? We try’na catch a movie by 10. Promised my bro,” he spoke as nonchalantly as possible, he’d have rather grab you, Ash and Rue like the place was burning down and bolt out of the house but he had to be cool about it. 
Laurie cast a humored expression, even if her face mostly remained passive before nodding. “Sure, no problem.”
Leaving the house, you walked with Fezco pulling you into his side tightly, a guilty, yet fuming expression on his face, you let him squeeze you to his side as you made your way back to the car. You made sure Ashtray was in front of you both, reluctant to take your eyes off the boy after all of this. You dared to look back over your shoulder, your eyes linking with the woman, the head of the towns drug game apparently, there was something about her that made a chill roll down your spine. Especially as she hadn’t moved from her spot on the porch step of the apartment, two of the many men with guns making sure you all actually left. 
She was staring right at you, her hand raising as she locked eyes with you, your blood running cold. Her hand pausing in the air, a motionless wave directed to you.
- - -
It had been weeks since the whole drug deal gone wrong situation happened, Fezco had made it his personal mission to make it up to you, even if you’d remind him that you were okay and everything was fine. He was not having it.
You weren’t complaining though. You enjoyed the extra attention. But, you did wish he’d stop beating himself up about it
After almost a month, he started to ease up about it, setting a schedule to begin dealing with the woman. She gave him his supplies and he gave her the funds, it was a quick equivalent exchange and then go home, which you deeply appreciated. You didn’t want him there longer than five minutes if he could help it.
It wasn’t until you heard about Rue’s forced intervention from Jules that everything went to shit. 
Your phone had gone off, a single vibrating buzz, in the middle of you making some lunch for the guys, you take your phone from the counter but before you can look at it, you feel Fezco’s hands around your waist, pulling you into his chest from behind. You smile, with a giggle as he looks over your shoulder, eyeing the prepped food with a hum, “That’s lookin’ mad good, ma,” he moaned out, hungrily, his hands trailing down to your thighs, “But, we might have to skip to dessert,” he teased, you laughed with splendor, squealing as he held you in, chuckling close to your ear.
“Fez!” you tapped at his hands as his fingers poked into your sides, pleasantly. 
“It can wait,” he squeezed your sides, tickling you with a devilish smile, picking you up by your waist and heading out of the kitchen. “Come ‘ere.”
“No, no, I’m not done,” you crane your head up to his neck, watching him pout, half-heartedly, giggling at him, “I’m almost finished,  leaning back and turning out of his grip before he can do anything more. “Unless you wanna finish up?”
Fezco blinked, before sliding back up next to you. “In what way?”
‘Get your head outta the gutter,” you nudged him with your hip, turning off the stove and taking the bowls for the rest of the meal and setting them aside before Fez chuckles, getting the plates off of the top shelf. You take off your apron and hang it up on the hook, peering out into the hallway, “Ash, babe, lunch is up!” a few seconds later, after setting up a plate for your boys and yourself, he comes up, a clipboard in his hand, which he hands to Fez. 
Ashtray grins as soon as he sees food, “Fuck yes,” he grabs a plate, and heads to the couch, plopping down on it and looking back for you, “Whatchu waitin’ for? Sit down already,” he calls over to you as Fezco reads through a few of the finance details, pill counts and such left that Ash had made on the clip. “It’s fucking movie night, people!” You laugh at Ash’s frustration, passing your boyfriend with a slap to the ass, to which he jumps before shaking his head with a chuckle. 
Climbing over the back of the couch, you plop down beside Ash, the two of you facing the television, turning it on and finding the recording of the movie you all had been waiting to see. A few seconds later, Fezco sits down beside you, all of you digging into your food, staring intently at the television, as the movie began to play, all of you squished together like one big family. Your boys leaning on you on either side.
After finishing your portion, you moved to get back to the kitchen for another, but Fez pulls you back to the couch and gets up, taking your plate, “I got it,” he says, before you can protest, instead you chuckle lightly and settle back into your seat.
“Can you fill mine too?” Ash extends his plate to his brother.
“Got you, bro,” Fez takes all the plates back to the kitchen, refilling them until he hears your phone buzz, he glances over at it. Picking it up, “Yo, ma, your gettin’ some action on yo phone, over here,” he alerts you.
You perk up, “Yeah, actually I think I got a text, what’s it say?”
Fezco opens it and sees a text from Jules, “It’s jewel,” he says, stepping out of the kitchen with yours and Ash’s plates balanced on his arm. “Uh, it’s about Rue,” he said, slowly, eyes lifting to yours and you whip around to look at him, Ash glancing up briefly in curiosity.
“Rue?” you took your phone from him as he set the plates down on the free space on the couch, Ash taking his and continuing the movie, although listening carefully to any added details. 
You read the text carefully, cursing, quietly to yourself. “They’re having an intervention, but that was almost half an hour ago,” you scrolled down a little to the last text sent. “Rue had some pills?” you looked up at your boyfriend, “Didn’t you cut her off?” you knew full well he did, it was more of just a question of how she got them in the first place. Fezco nodded, visibly worried about their friend. 
“Anything else? How she doin’?” your boyfriend leaned over to you, hoping for another text that said Rue was okay, maybe going to rehab, she was at home maybe. But, that didn’t matter because later, Rue was at the front door, obviously in pain and in need of relief. She charged into the house, hoping for some drugs to ward off the pain in her stomach, but even if you guys kept the drugs in the house anymore, you wouldn’t have given her any to begin with.  She knew that, opted to ask for the bathroom instead. 
You offered her some food but you knew she wouldn’t keep it down so you decided against it. You stood by the door for her, worriedly, Fezco lingering in the background pacing, asking her if she needed anything, or needed you to call her mom or Jules. She explained briefly that Jules was a backstabbing bitch, the one who ended up selling her out to her Mom in the first place, and may have cheated on her. Rue cried for a moment in the bathroom, leaning against the bathroom door with you for only a few minutes until she feigned having to use the toilet, with urgency, warning you to step away from the bathroom, continue your movie, that she’d be fine. But, nothing was fine after that.
That day, Rue tested every limit of their friendship and came too close to completely losing them, having become completely dependent and desperate for those drugs enough to try to steal from grandma Marie’s prescription pills and physically hurt anyone in the house. But, when Rue put her hands on you, Fezco had had enough, grabbing her roughly, the girl screaming and resisting before he throws her out of the house, the girl begging to be let back in, apologizing, meaninglessly before leaving the porch.
Fezco checking on you, rubbing your shoulders as you wonder to yourself what had happened, he pulls you into his arms the two of you holding onto one another tightly, hoping that she’d be okay in the end.
And she was. Although you weren’t too sure what had happened to her after you had seen her that night, she was back home the next day, as reported to you by Gia. You go over to help them with Rue, at her bedside for a few nights as she battled through her withdrawal symptoms, struggling to move, sleep properly or even eat without someone’s help. But, she got through it, cried on your shoulder when she could feel more than the pain, her guilt, her sorrow, the wish in the back of her mind to take all the bad shit she said back. 
But, you just kissed her forehead and held her close, and she continued to cry, sniffling against you, holding you like a lifeline.
It took a week and a half to get Rue back on her feet, smiling, walking around, making amends, she was rebuilding the pieces of herself that had been broken down, little by little.
There was only one problem. 
Rue had never told Fezco about the 10k worth of pills she had taken from Laurie, and couldn’t pay back. She had never spoken of the night she had ended up spending, drugged and nearly avoided being sold for sex in her apartment. She didn’t think it would matter anymore, the night forgotten, stashed away to the back of her mind to be forgiven and set aside. 
But, Laurie always gets her money back, one way or another.
- - -
You had been home alone at the time, Fezco and Ash at the store, you had online class to deal with, giving your history presentation for your course, finishing later on, maybe an hour or so before your boys would be home.
You laid down on the bed, scrolling through some videos on your phone, smiling softly as you found a few that made you laugh, like Ash’s birthday party, or more like his first beach day. You all had gone to the beach, it ended up being Ashtray’s first time seeing the ocean in person, nearly burying Fezco alive and all of you got sunburn. It was the best day you’d had in a long time, seeing them smile so hard, you hadn’t ever heard Ash laugh until that day. 
You scrolled through a few more, before perking up as you heard a knock at the front door, it was soft, but loud enough to hear. You rolled off the bed, rushing out of the bedroom and towards the front door, you knew that Ash sometimes would just knock instead of using the key, knowing you’re already inside. “Ash, you know you can just use the...key...” you opened the first door, the storm door, a see through, netted doorway was all that stood between you and Laurie, the drug dealer from before, Fez’s new supplier, standing in front of the house. “Laurie...um, hi.” 
She’s the only one that stands there it seems, she just stares at you, perfectly still and calm a few steps from the door as if she hadn’t just been knocking.
The woman smiles, faintly, a hardly visible motion. “Hello, (y/n), you must be wondering what brings me here,” she said, you hadn’t noticed too much before but she was quiet soft spoken, as oddly intimidating as she was.
You swallowed, you tap you phone at your side, trying to keep calm. “Um, not, well, a little yes. How-er, what brings you here? Fez, will be here soon if you’re looking for him,” you cleared your throat, licking your lips as your mouth suddenly felt dry. 
She hummed, “Do you know anything about the exchange rate, (y/n)?”
You felt sick, all of a sudden, the question felt random, was random. “Euros and dollars?” you re-twist the handle lock to relock the door for when you close it.
Laurie just kept talking. “Like, when you give one single dollar to a bank somewhere like, Spain, or Europe, for example. They don’t give you back a dollar, they give you less than what you gave them,” Laurie kept hard eye contact with you, and you held the door handle, trying to keep yourself from shaking, taking deep breaths as she continued. “best case scenario, you get more out of your dollar, but that doesn’t happen too often does it?” the woman beyond the storm doorway, hummed a short laugh. “So, now, imagine me. I gave you a dollar and you give me back less than what I gave you, but you promised me an equivalent exchange,” your eyes widening at what Laurie was implying, shaking your head fast, your head hurts and your heart sounds like its in your ears.
“No, no, wait, hold on,” you took a shaky breath, pressing down on your phone, unlocking it behind the door, “Fez would never, he pays you what he owes every time, on time, this is a--,” Laurie interrupts you with an amused sound. You press down on the call button for your boyfriend, holding the phone at an angle she won’t see.
“I’m not talking about Fezco, honey,” Laurie says, simply. “Your family, Rue came by a few weeks ago, took a suitcase worth 10k in pills, hasn’t paid me back,” you freeze up at that, your knees could go week right there, you hold you breath as you feel a little lightheaded. 
“10 grand worth of...ok, well, we can pay you back,” you’re sure that you and Fezco can think of something, anything to get Rue out of this mess, you actually feel sick now, “We can get that, I’m sure. Just give us some time and we’ll be sure to...” someone steps into frame in front of Laurie, a large man obstructing the doorway in front of her, a hand gun in hand and a menacing look on his face. You gasp upon seeing him, horrified as he comes into view, having been standing there the whole time, you stumble away from the doorway, kicking it closed as you had already locked the handle. 
“I’ve already given Rue time and she didn’t deliver,” Laurie spoke on the other side of the door, her voice faint but there, as you ran into the living room, heading for the patio doorway, “I’m sure you’re different. But, I’ve already promised someone new to my clients,” you push away the curtain blinds to the handle but scream as you come face to face with another man already trying to pick the lock to get inside. He grins, pressing his face into the window, slamming his hand against the glass, you push away from the door running down the hall to the bedroom.
You close it, just as you hear a gun shot, screaming with your hands over your head, you curl up into the corner of the room, shaking as frantic tears run down your face. “-/n)!” You forget your phone is still in your hand, “(y/-,” you think you’re going crazy when you hear your boyfriends voice next to you, a faint shout, you bring the device to your cheek, pressing it to you as you cry. “(Y/N), BABY! Answer me!” you hear him scream, you can hear him slam the car door closed, starting the car.
“Fez, Fez, please,” you cry, hearing the glass window shatter in the living room, making you cover your mouth, holding in a terrified wail, breathing harshly as fast footsteps approach them room. 
“(Y/N)! Ma, WHAT’S HAPPENING? I’M ON MY WAY, I’M RIGHT HERE!” he yells into the phone, you can hear Ashtray screaming at him to drive faster, a click of a gun that stuns me into what’s really happening.
“Fezco!” you could hardly think of what to say but his name as you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the door, the shadow of the men walking up to the doorway made you cry harder, you hiccup as you can hardly breathe. “Fez! Please, help me!” 
“WHO IS IT BABY?! (Y/N), WHAT”RE THEY DOIN’, MA?!” he sounds like he turns a sharp corner, you can hear the engine throttle from here, going way over the speed limit. “BABY! I’M RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, I’M RIGHT HERE! I’M RIGHT HERE!” 
You cry out as the door swings open with a brutal kick into the wood, pieces flying as the handle breaks off and the door hits the back wall, “FEZCO!” you’re ripped from your corner and onto your feet, as he screams for you on the phone, the large man taking your wrists, making you drop your phone. “FEZ!” you kick at the man, pulling from him, he toss you back towards the open doorway, hands digging into the splinters of the door, you stumble up and straight into the man from the window, he smirks and reaches for you, the two men blocking you in. 
You have no where to go, you push away from them, trying to get through only to be pushed back into the other. Laurie sitting down on the couch in the living room, blowing a puff of smoke from her nostrils before glancing back, sighing and heading to the door. “We should start heading home now,” she spoke simply. 
Your head is forced back into the wall, hitting it, you choke back a scream, hardly managing a gasp, clutching your head as you slide down the wall, the biggest man hauling you up and effortlessly carrying you through the front door and into a car waiting out front. The three driving away just as Fezco’s car comes screeching to a halt down the street. He hardly parks it when he’s rushing inside, leaving the keys in the ignition, he and Ash storm inside, Ash aiming his shotgun ready as Fezco searches the house.
“(Y/n)!” He shouts, running down to the hallway, his heart stopping at the sight of the broken door, the stain of blood on the splinters, “Ma! Baby!” he rushes into your shared bedroom, breathing harshly, “fuck! FUCK!” he looks all over the room, in the closet, and rushes out, going into Ash’s room. The boy frantically searching for you as well, realizing the patio door is broken as he steps on the shards remaining of it. 
The boy’s eyes widening with fear, “(y/n)?” he calls for you as his older brother tears the place apart search for you, Ash stands in the middle of the living room, the gun slowly slipping downwards, almost out of his grip as he comes to a realization. “(Y/n)?” he calls for you once again, absently, staring at nothing. His eyes reddening, watering, he bites down on his tongue. 
Fezco swipes a lamp off the desk, in a fit of rage. “FUCK! FUCK! GOD--! God damnit!” he puts his hands over his head, sinking down for a moment, unable to believe what had happened, what was happening. “Oh my fuc--” he puts his hands over his mouth, hands shaking, as his back hits the wall and he slides down, unable to stop the panicked tears that threaten to spill. “Shit, shit,” he curses, breathing into his fist. 
“No, no, no,” he repeats to himself, crying silently. “No, no. No, no, no!” He dials your number, shaking as he begs for an answer, the phone having hung up abruptly. “Come on, ma, come on, pick up,” he waits as it rings, before he hears something, a light ring from inside the house, the phone having slid under the bed, the screen cracked.
Fezco stares at the phone, almost blankly, unable to believe it, holding it, he runs his thumb against the screen hard enough to slice his finger open on the broken pieces. 
He hears Ash coming up behind him, taking a good look at the phone in his hand, “’Ey, man,” his little brother says to him, quietly, “We’re gonna figure this out. Off whoever we got to to get to her,” Ash promises, the boy is visibly shaken, but he’s angry enough to hide it. “I found this.”
Fezco’s eyes flicker to a badly written note, just one little thing written on it, it’s not your handwriting and it’s neither of theirs. And knowing that, he glowers hatefully at the piece of paper, his grip on your broken phone tightening, enough to hurt.
(PART 2)
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glodessa · 4 months ago
secret things and bloody rings - fezco
Tumblr media
© glodessa 2022, do not repost, modify or translate!
synopsis: Being friends with benefits with Fez was far from easy, but you had no idea in how much trouble it could get you. All that didn’t matter, though, right? ‘Cause love is stronger than his dangerous lifestyle.
a/n: took inspiration from this anon. i honestly have no idea what this is, i just hope you like it <3
warnings: angst, mentions of alcohol, being roofied/drugged, mentions of guns and syringes
wc: 4.6k
“Girl, you’ve been keeping this from us since forever. Don’t you think it’s time to come clean about whose dick you’re sucking?” Maddy complained, having been frustrated with you for months now ‘cause no matter what she’d say or do, you just wouldn’t reveal who your sneaky link was. You had good reason for it, though, or so you thought. 
Maddy would judge you so hard you ended up feeling bad about the entire situationship you found yourself in. The other girls wouldn’t probably say a thing, they’d be just glad that you were getting it but Maddy loved being judgemental about anything and everything and the popular-girl-status certainly didn’t help. She was one of your closest friends, but man was she intimidating.
And you didn’t want the magic of a little friends-with-benefits-thing to be destroyed over some doubts triggered by her stupid comments, so you kept your mouth shut. Also ‘cause Fez straight-up asked you to. He didn’t want the word to spread to keep you from any danger, knowing that his lifestyle was more than threatening to a young, sweet, and innocent thing like you.
“It’s okay, Fez. I can handle it,” you’d said to him, gently caressing his cheek as you both calmed down from your highs. “Nah, look, Y/N. I’on’t wantchu to get in trouble ‘cause of me, you hear me? You gotta focus on yo education and shit. Don’t wantchu ending up not getting into college or sumn.”
So you’d promised it to him.
“Maddy, you can ask like a hundred times more, I’m not gonna say it. It’s not that deep anyways,” you said, continuing to fix your make up in front of the bathroom mirror. “Besides, I’m not constantly commenting on your and Nate’s bullshit either so I think you can totally do me that favor and stop asking.” 
But Maddy wouldn’t be Maddy if she gave up that easily. “So, all I’m hearing is that you’re fucking embarrassed of that dude which means he’s not even close to being in your league. Girl, I hope you know you deserve way better than some ugly ass motherfucker that probably doesn’t even know how to make you cum.” You scoffed, chuckling as you put your lipgloss away. 
“Trust me, Maddy, he knows exactly how to make me cum.” And with that, you left a stunned Maddy Perez behind, making your way back to the kitchen to get a new drink. Walking through the living room to get there, you squeezed yourself through the mass of partying students, being shoved from left to right when they wouldn’t see you. That was the part you hated most about house parties. Not enough fucking room to breathe.
You didn’t even realize he was there, but Fezco had his eyes glued to your frame as soon as he saw your figure appear in the big room, protectively watching you from the other side of the room as you struggled to get to the kitchen. He wanted to get up, push all those disrespectful ass people aside to make space for you, but had to hold himself back. 
He had given you a promise, too. 
“Well, then, if we happen to run into each other at a party or God knows where, don’t even try to give me any special treatment or whatever. I’m good on my own. Promise?” You’d asked him in return. He had nodded. “I gotchu, mama.”
So he sat back on the couch, and watched, being fully aware that he wouldn’t even hesitate to break his promise if he ever saw you getting in trouble. And he could already sense danger was coming your way when a sketchy guy started following you, conspicuously looking back to a group of college guys every few seconds. Fezco knew this would end badly, but he tried to keep his promise. At least for now.
You, on the other hand, didn’t think anything of the guy behind you, not paying attention to him anyways ‘cause you were at a party, of course pathetically horny guys would be walking up to you. “How come I haven’t seen you ‘round here?” The guy asked, leaning against the counter with a red cup in his hand. 
Internally rolling your eyes, you looked up into his, acting unimpressed. Was that an attempt at hitting on you? If so, it was hella embarrassing. “I don’t know. Maybe you were just too busy hitting on other girls?” You said, raising an eyebrow at him as you propped yourself up on the counter with your left hand.
The guy laughed. “Nah, trust me, mama. Other girls don’t even compare, like damn.” Mama. What the actual fuck. Said five fucking words to you and decided to hit you with that nickname already. Even more embarrassing. There was only one guy who was allowed to call you that.
“Aha,” you remarked, hoping he’d get the hint and leave you alone. But, of course, he did not. “I’m Jason, by the way,” he introduced himself. “And you are?” You sighed. “Not interested. Nice to meet you, Jason.”
You were already turning around to exit the kitchen, having completely abandoned your mission to get a new drink when he grabbed your arm. “Come, on, mama. Can I at least give you this drink? Maybe you’ll change your mind. I’ll be waiting for you.” He handed you another red cup, and you took it.
“Thanks. I’ll let you know when I do,” you smiled at him and he send one right back. “Awesome, well, then… Looking forward to seeing you later,” he added, sounding strangely convinced about it which confused you for a second, but you brushed it off as him simply being astronomically confident about his game.
You walked outside, looking for a more remote area to calm down a little. There was a couch on the right side of the house, the most quiet place of the party you’d seen so far so you walked right up to it, smiling when you found a lonely Rue sitting on it.
“Mind if I join?” You asked her and she shook her head. “Nope.” Settling back on the soft two-seater, you quickly emptied your cup, playing with the plastic as you caught up with Rue. “Someone told me you relapsed?” You asked more than stated, although you knew she did. She was on drugs as you were speaking and you were trying to show your concern. 
“Yeah,” Rue stated, looking up at the clear night sky. “Didn’t really plan on staying sober anyways, so.” A beat. “Oh,” you replied. You didn’t really know what to say about that. Of course you wanted to help her, but you knew she had her reasons and that she wouldn’t accept anyone’s help unless she genuinely wanted to become clean herself.
“Well, we all have our bullshit going on so I’m not one to judge,” you finally added, then closed your eyes in hopes of pushing that looming sense of a headache away.
However, it only took a couple of seconds in silence for you to notice this wasn’t some kind of headache. Your entire body felt like it was trapped on a spinning rollercoaster but at the same time you felt extremely relaxed. Fighting your heavy eyelids, you somehow managed to open your eyes again, seeing that Rue was already passed out. 
Confusion took over and all your senses were numbed until you eventually gave in to the tiredness and fell asleep.
Fez had watched the guy you were talking to very closely, and immediately got up when he saw him walk back to his group of friends. He had a bad feeling, but he wasn’t one hundred percent certain about it. And he was still trying to keep his fucking promise. No special treatment.
“Aye, man,” he said as he walked up to the guy. “What were you doin’ over there wit’ that girl?” Jason looked down at him, being slightly taller than Fezco, but that didn’t bother him. He had already fucked Nate Jacobs up and it wasn’t even an issue. 
“Why do you care, bro? You want a piece of that?” The guy laughed, but Fez kept his cool. “Nah, man, just makin’ sure you ain’t about some funny business wit’ her, that’s all.” Holding his hands up in defense, the guy looked Fezco right in the eyes. “I’m very serious about her, don’t worry, tough guy.”
But Fez knew his gut feeling didn’t betray him, so he walked back, stepping outside to where he’d last seen you. He searched for you around the area but you were nowhere to be seen, so he sent a text.
[to: y/n] where u at?
And then another.
[to: y/n] u still at the party?
And another.
[to: y/n] y/n? u good?
Nothing. But Fezco couldn’t ask anyone either. To the outside, you two had no connection. You were the good girl that stayed away from trouble, and especially from drugs. Alcohol was the max for you, so you had no reason to be fucking around with such a bad guy like him. A literal drug dealer. He had to find you on his own.
Fez walked around the house, to the left at first, but only found some chicks having sex, until he walked around to the other side of the property. He immediately recognized the color of your hair and knew from the way you were lying on the couch that something was wrong. Very wrong.
He barely noticed Rue’s sleeping form as he ran up to you, holding your face in his hands as he realized you were completely passed out. He knew it. And he should’ve beaten that motherfucker up before he even got any close to you. Texting Ashtray to get to the car, he picked you up and carried you towards the front of the house, fortunately unnoticed by everyone else.
“Open the back door,” he told Ash as he got to the car, gently laying you on the  back seat before jogging around to get behind the wheel. “So what the fuck you gon’ do now, huh? What the fuck happened, bro?” Ash asked, watching his older brother pull out the driveway and onto the road.
“You wanna take her home? Bro we can’t do that, we got business coming tonight. You always said you’d keep her outta this shit, man,” he added, mad at Fez for dragging you into this now. “Bruh, I know but what the fuck you want me to do, man? She’s obviously been drugged, you think I’mma leave her at this party wit’ these fuckers? Hell nah,” Fezco said, keeping his eyes on the road. “She gon’ be in ma room, sleeping ’til she good. Business ain’t got nothing to do in ma room anyways. She’ll be fine.”
Hours passed and Fezco tried to distract himself with some cheap and trashy movie, but he was restless. He just couldn’t leave you in his room, all alone, even if you were just asleep and most likely okay once the drugs were going to be worn off in the morning. Watching him wander from living room to bedroom several times an hour, his brother was growing frustrated with him.
“Watchu think’s gon’ happen if you leave her out of sight for five minutes? She got roofied, bruh, she’s young and healthy, it’s not gon’ kill her. Chill the fuck out and wait ’til business arrives, you drivin’ me fuckin’ insane, man,” Ashtray complained as he loaded his shotgun, a glance at the clock telling him business had to be there any minute now.
But Fezco didn’t listen to him. Instead, he got up from the couch, placed his gun on the coffee table in front of him, and walked to the back of the house to check on you again. He needed to ease his mind just one more time. One last fucking time. 
He audibly exhaled as he saw your figure on his bed, peacefully wrapped up in his sheets and sleeping without showing any visible signs of discomfort. A soft smile made its way on his face, and he knew this had become so much more than just some friends-with-benefits-thing. For him, at least.
“Ay yo, Fez, come on out,” he heard Ash yell from the living room a short while later, followed by a babble of voice. Shit. He finally had to fucking stop doing business at home.
His annoyed mood quickly shifted to growing unease when he discovered three men pointing their guns at his brother and at him, now, too. He put his hands up, slowly walking towards the bigger area of the house, quickly glancing to his left to realize he forgot to take his gun with him. He was fucked.
���Whatchu want? I thought we were good, man,” he eventually said. It usually didn’t scare him when stuff like this happened. The guys were simply following their boss’s orders most of the time, and it was a purely precautionary thing. But having you here? Man, that changed everything.
Fezco would never be scared for his own life, he knew what came with the drug business. You had to stay out of it, though. Out of it all. You were too pure for his bullshit, he didn’t want you to be affected by his lifestyle. He’d rather die than have anything happen to you.
“We know you be hidin’ something back there,” one of them said. 
“Nah, man, that’s just ma grandma ’n’ you know that,” Fez explained, slowly walking towards them in hopes of somehow getting closer to his gun. A purely precautionary thing for him, too.
“We know yo grandma ain’t sleepin’ in that room, bruh. She be lyin’ over there,” the other one mentioned, clearly unimpressed, as he pointed towards the other room. “You got yo lil bitch in there, huh?” 
Fez gulped. “Ahhhh hahaa, so you got yo bitch in there. Man, pretty stupid of you to take here to this place, aye,” he turned to the guy on his left. “You know what? I think we should take a look… See how she’s doin’.”
The man walked forward, and Fez tried to block his way, but with a gun pointed at his head by one of the other two guys, he knew he had no chance. Getting himself killed right now would lead to far more serious consequences for you. So he stepped to the side, becoming increasingly more nervous as he had to watch the man enter his bedroom.
The last one of the three men made him and Ash follow the others into the room, his shotgun pointed at their backs at all times. “Look, man, she ain’t got nothin’ to do wit’ ma business, aight? Leave her outta this and we good,” Fez said as he entered the room, getting sick as he had to watch them getting closer to your sleeping frame.
They pulled the sheets off of you, revealing your half-naked body, dressed only in your underwear and one of Fezco’s shirts. Anger rose in him. No one should be seeing you like this. Only him. No one else. And especially not those motherfuckers.
“Aye, bro, you got yo’self a cute one over here,” one of them commented, licking his lips as his eyes scanned your naked skin. “Damn, bro. She looks out of it, man. What did you give her, huh? Or did you fuck the shit out of her?” The other one added, getting closer to your face as he observed you closely, pushing a strand of your hair back.
Fez’s blood was boiling and running cold at the same time. The helplessness made him go insane. 
This time, he gave himself a promise. This would have to end. You and him would have to end.
“Listen, man. I’m just taking care of her, aight? She got roofied or some shit at a party and I’m just here to-“ he began, and the guy with the shotgun finished his sentence for him. “Just here to save her? Man, that’s cute.” He walked around him and Ashtray, now facing them from the front. “You delusional? You’re the bad guy, bruh, doin’ business with even worse guys. You can’t save her, man,” he laughed, then turned around to join the other two guys.
“I think we should try sumn,” one of the others said, fishing something out of his back pocket. A syringe. “Fuck yeah, I always wanted to see what would happen,” the other one added, handing him a bottle of liquid. Fez could only watch. He knew he had no chance of getting you out of this situation and it broke his heart right then and there. Fucking ate him alive.
He had to watch as they inserted the needle into the crook of your arm, noticing how your face slightly contorted when it penetrated our skin. He felt so sick he was on the verge of throwing up, but he knew he had to keep it together if he wanted to protect you somehow.
“Yo, man, what the fuck you think is gon’ happen, huh?” Ashtray suddenly yelled, having pulled a shotgun seemingly out of nowhere. “You gon’ kill her, and then what, huh? Gon’ make her addicted to that shit and then what, huh?” He added, pointing the weapon at the three men in front of you. 
“Yo, Ash, chill, man,” Fez tried to intervene. “Let’s just all go back, get done with business and then call it a night, aight?” Much to his surprise, the guys finally let go of you, lowering their weapons as Ashtray did the same, stepping away from you towards the exit of the room.
However, before the last one could leave the room, Fezco held him back by the arm. “Yo, what the fuck you gave her?” He asked, looking deep into the man’s eyes. “Just some amphetamines, she’ll be alright.”
That’s when Fez finally lost it. “AMPHETAMINES? YOU FUCKIN’ JOKING??” He yelled, rage running through his veins. “How much?” The man didn’t react. “HOW FUCKING MUCH?” A beat. “Ten milligrams or sumn, bruh, I don’t know.” 
“Get the fuck outta my house, man,” Fezco said decisively. “We done here. The money’s on the counter. Take it and get the fuck outta my house.” He took a deep breath, then walked closer to the man. “And tell yo fuckin’ boss it’s over.”
As soon as him and Ash got the men out of the house, Fezco rushed to his bedroom, checking if you were showing any signs of overdose. He wasn’t too knowledgable with drugs and mixing substances and what effects they might have, but he’d heard stories about several people overdosing, one of them being Rue.
He’d heard something about increased heartbeat, and he knew ten milligrams wasn’t just some small shot, so he tried to check your pulse when you slowly started to open your eyes. “What the-,” you mumbled, confused about how you got here albeit immediately recognizing the familiar surroundings. 
Your vision was weirdly blurry, and you barely understood what was happening in this moment, but his smell, his touch… You could never be confused about that. But as clear as your perception was whenever it came to Fez, you felt like shit. Like, really, really bad.
“Fez, I-,” you began, reaching out to him with your right hand. “You fine, ma. You fine,” he spoke more to himself after checking your pulse. It seemed normal to him. “I gotchu, I ain’t letting you go, ma, I promise.”
“I feel like shit, Fez,” you continued. “What the fuck happened?” The nausea was pervasive. You were out of breath but at the same time you felt calm, but those were all just physical sensations. Your mind was racing, and you just wanted everything to stop. You heard Fez shout something in the distance, even though he was right next to you. Moments later you heard someone else’s voice, assumed it was Ashtray’s.
“I gotchu, mama, I gotchu,” Fez kept saying over and over again, like some mantra.
You felt him touch you here and there, sensed something cold on your forehead, and warmth wash over your body. And then it all went dark again.
The soft morning sunlight woke you, allowing you to take in your surroundings. How the fuck did you end up in Fez’s bed? Why were you only wearing his shirt? Did you-? No, that couldn’t be. You would certainly remember if you did. 
Your head was throbbing, and you were extremely thirsty. A look to your left told you that Fezco wasn’t by your side, so you got up, groaning at the intensified throb in your head, and the overall dizziness. You could only walk slowly, your whole body was aching. Must’ve been the fucking alcohol.
As soon as Fez detected your weak frame, he rushed over to you. “Fuck, you alive,” he mumbled, helping you over to the couch. You didn’t understand the extreme worry written all over his face. You’d never even seen him like this, either. 
“What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t I be alive?”
He told you everything, making you go through a range of emotions all at once. Inside, you were screaming, but on the outside, you were still. You looked at him with furrowed brows, wanting to say so much but nothing came out.
“I’m sorry, aight. I fucked up, and this whole entire thing is too fucked up. Like, you shouldn’t be here, you know what I’m saying?” He started, and despite the messiness of the situation, and the chaos inside of you, you knew what he was trying to say. No. That was the only thought inside your head right now.
“What the fuck are you on about?” You interrupted.
“All I’m sayin’ is, you and me? This shit ain’t working.”
“Why not?” “‘Cause you almost got killed, bruh. And it was my fuckin’ fault.”
“No it wasn’t.”
“Yes, it was. Shouldn’t have gotten too fuckin’ attached, man,” he mumbled.
You watched him get up from the couch and walk into the kitchen, then come back with a glass of water and a pill. “Take this, it’s some aspirin.”
He just was too good for you. But he was convinced of the opposite.
“Listen, I gave you a promise. No special treatment, remember? Well, this shit? This shit’s way more than some dumb ass special treatment.”
You just looked at him, tears slowly forming in your eyes. You were just fucking, yeah, but neither of you had promised the other not to fall in love. He couldn’t do this right now.
“No, Fez, NO! This was a one time thing, an accident. Unfortunate, yeah, but why would you do this to me?”
He didn’t say anything. He didn’t even look at you anymore. And anger, sadness, and despair had taken over, drowning all the other shitty feelings that still remained from last night.
“Can you fucking say something? ANYTHING?” You yelled, tears running down your hot cheeks now. “Why do you need to end this? It makes no fucking sense!”
“‘Cause I fuckin’ fell in love wit’ you, aight?” He still couldn’t look at you.
“Yeah, and you know what?” You made him look at you. “So did I. So why, why would you do this? ‘Cause we’re living two different lives? ‘Cause I’m ‘too good’ for you? That’s bullshit and you know it, Fez.”
“‘Cause last night when I thought you were gon’ die, I gave myself a promise,” he said, getting up and walking towards his bedroom. You immediately followed him, still weak-kneed but that didn’t matter right now. Why was he pulling some shit like that?
“And? What was that great promise you gave yourself, then, huh?”
“That you and me would have to end.”
You didn’t say a word. You’d known already, but hearing him say it out loud made it real. Made it tangible. And you didn’t want it to be.
You watched him pick up the dress you’d worn last night, then grab a fresh pair of his sweatpants from a drawer. “Here, take these,” he said, handing them to you. “I’ll drive you home.”
It’s been two weeks. Your parents had been worried sick about what happened to you that night. Of course, you’d lied to them about everything. Told them your phone had died but that you stayed at Cassie’s and that the reason you looked like shit was purely the result of too much alcohol. They weren’t amused, but at least they hadn’t given you a hard time because of it.
“Girl, you literally look like you crawled out of a fucking sewer since you fucking disappeared from that party two weeks ago,” Maddy said to you as you sat down at the girls’s table in the cafeteria. “So what? Why do you care? Don’t you got your own fucking business with Nate fucking Jacobs?” You hissed, turning to your food without any intention of actually eating it.
“Y/N, we’re all kinda worried,” Kat said with a genuine look on her face. But you couldn’t tell them. What were they gonna do anyways? You had to accept his decision. It is what it is.
“Is this about that loser you’ve been fucking?” Maddy tried again, and this time actually getting a reaction out of you.
“He’s not a fucking loser, Maddy. He fucking cares about me, and I fell in love with him. He thinks he’s not good enough for me, so he ended it. That’s all. Satisfied now?” You spat, not being able to fight the tears anymore. 
Cassie, having silently observed the whole thing for a long time now, eventually spoke up. “Are you talking about Fezco?” “How do you know?”
“Well, I saw you two at the convenience store like a couple of weeks ago.” A beat. “You looked cute, though. He made you happy.”
You couldn’t fucking handle all of this anymore.
You skipped the rest of your classes, hoping he’d be at home. Banging against the screen door, you called out for him. “Fez… Fez, it’s me. Please open the door. Please, I need to talk to you.”
You were still crying. 
In fact, you’d been crying all the way to his house. You were miserable without him. Everything hurt. You couldn’t sleep, you couldn’t eat, you couldn’t even think. All of this was a thousand times worse than the aftermath of that night. No amount of physical pain could ever compare to the anguish of not being with him.
“Fez, please,” you cried when he wouldn’t open the door. “I can’t fucking live without you. Open the door, Fez. Please.” You knew he was standing on the other side of it, probably — hopefully — being in as much pain as you were. 
An agonizing minute of silence later, you finally heard the key turn, and the door open, revealing an almost equally troubled-looking Fezco. A single tear ran down his cheek, but he didn’t say anything. You’d never seen him cry before. Still standing in front of the screen door, you pleaded one more time. “Please don’t do this to us, Fez. Look what this does to me. I can’t. I’m done. I’m nothing without you.”
“Fuck,” he said, visibly torn but he knew he could no longer keep you out of his life. He felt fucking selfish for it, exposing you to the danger that was his lifestyle, but he needed you just as much as you needed him.
“You too fuckin’ good for me, ma, you know that, aight? But fuck me, I love you so fuckin’ much.”
And he finally let you in. Not only into his house, but into his heart.
i’d be more than happy to receive some feedback, so leave a comment, send in an ask or reblog to share it with others!
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bubblegumspacebxtch · 4 months ago
Hi! Can I request a Fez x Reader! Reader is close friends with Fez and she is jealous of Lexi but hides it. Ash knows reader likes Fez but Fez is oblivious :( maybe a bit angst! Side note No hate to Lexi
A/N: hi so this one ended up longer than I initially planned so I'm doing a part 2 of this request then that imagine will also be based on another similar request lol I'm pretty excited about writing the continuation so stay tuned for that. for anon, thanks for this request. gotta admit I enjoyed writing jealous Fez.
summary: not really a summary but the party scene in this imagine draws much inspo from Euphoria season 2 episode 1, specifically the New Year's Eve party. take note tho that this imagine is not set during that time
warnings || swearing, mentions of alcohol consumption, mentions of smoking and drug use, bit of angst then fluff, grinding and inappropriate touching (if you squint)
Drunk, High, and Oblivious
Tumblr media
You threw your head back as you exhaled, closing your eyes momentarily. The thumping music of the party was loud even as you stayed outside on the lawn, far from the dancing. With how chilly it was, you'd much rather be inside, but right now that wasn't an option. You turned your head to the side to give Ashtray a small smile. "Thought you didn't do weed much?" Ash raised an eyebrow at you as he watched you hit the blunt again. "It's a party, Ash. Of course I'm gonna be smoking." You remarked. "You sure that's the reason you're getting high?" You rolled your eyes at him, but you knew what he meant.
You were close to Ash just like you were with Fez, and even though Ash would never say it out loud, you're one of the few people he tolerates, maybe even likes. "I don't know what you're talking about, Ash." He scowls at you. "You two are stupid. You like Fez and he likes you too. All this awkward tension and shit is annoying." You couldn't help but laugh at him. Ash knew of your feelings for Fez, and according to him, it didn't take a genius to figure out that you and Fez were into each other. You wanted to believe him. You really did, but you've tried to show Fez what you felt, dropping hints here and there, but he never made a move. If the last few months of inaction weren't enough to prove Ash wrong, then the events of tonight surely were.
You got to this party with Fez, Ash, and Rue. The house was packed, but there was still space on the couch. Rue disappeared into the party while Ash settled outside to deal, leaving you and Fez together. "You look good," Fez offers you a shy smile, and you felt your cheeks grow warm at the compliment. "Thanks. I'm gonna get a drink. You want anything?" You stand and look down at where he's seated. "Nah, I'm good." Fez gazes up at you trying to keep his eyes on your face. With the dress you were wearing, Fez thinks he should've been given a medal for resisting the urge to look you up and down. "Alright. I'll be back."
Drink in hand, you made your way back to where Fez was, but you stop in your tracks. Where you previously sat was Lexi. She and Fez were talking, and you watched her say something that made him laugh. An uneasy feeling settled on your chest, jealousy simmering at the sight of Lexi holding his attention. Downing your entire drink, you headed back to the kitchen for a refill before walking out the house. You couldn't shake how at ease Fez was talking to Lexi, how his smile looked bigger as he kept eye contact with her.
Tumblr media
You hand Ash the blunt before standing up. "I'm gonna head back in to get another drink." Ash rolls his eyes at you before muttering a 'yeah whatever' under his breath. Ash didn't know what exactly made you upset enough to need a distraction, but he knew his brother had something to do with it. Ash swears Fez can be an idiot sometimes, so fucking oblivious to the fact that the bestfriend he's been crushing on actually wants him too. If Fez ruins your friendship, Ash swears he might have to beat his brother up. Ash liked having you around, and he knows you won't be able to stand hanging out anymore if things get complicated because of the tension your mutual feelings have made.
You walk back to the house, trying your best not to glance at the couch. Fez caught sight of you walking past, wondering where you've been. "Yo Y/N!" He called out, but you ignored him. He wanted to get up to follow you, but Lexi brought him back into conversation. You stumble back out of the house again with another drink before bumping into Kat and Ethan. "Hey! You're here," you giggle before wrapping your arms around Kat. "And you're drunk," Kat says, laughing as she returns your hug. You shrug your shoulders at her before waving at Ethan who smiles back at you. He then turns, motioning to another person. Ethan introduces his friend, a tall brunette who nods his head at you.
The brunette keeps you company as you chug drink after drink. You would've remembered his name, but in your current state, you really couldn't be bothered to. He keeps talking, trying to get to know you while he tells you about himself. You try to remain polite, pretending to register what he was saying, but the drunker you got the more inconsequential everything became. From where you stood, you could still see Fez. Something about him seeming to not care about you not coming back, pissed you off. You couldn't help but frown. Of course he only saw you as a friend. It was stupid of you to think that all those times you've spent together, just lounging on his couch or spending time in their store, actually meant something other than friends keeping each other company. Somehow the daze you were in coupled by the lingering sadness, gave way to anger. You know what, fuck that. If Fez didn't like you then there was no point in holding back. You were waiting on nothing. Finishing your drink in one gulp, you turn to the brunette. "You wanna dance?" You cut whatsisname off, not waiting for his answer before grabbing his hand.
Fez watched you make your way to where everyone was dancing. The clench of his jaw was immediate as he saw you saunter in with a guy who was shamelessly staring at your ass. Fez had his brows furrowed as you started dancing. You were tipsy and high, and where the guy put his hands was no longer your concern. You were, however, hyperaware of Fezco's lingering glare. The bawling of his fist was notable, the veins on his arm straining. You couldn't help but smirk. Fuck, Fez looked good like this. The satisfaction of pissing him off was becoming an addicting buzz. With the way Fez was staring you down, a silent threat looming behind his eyes, you felt all tingly. You send a wink his way as you pressed closer to the guy, swaying your hips, and subtly grinding on him with his arms around your waist.
Lexi had excused herself to go find Cassie, and Fez merely nodded in acknowledgement. He hadn't broken eye contact with you, even as you turned your head, whispering something in the ear of the dickwad he wanted nothing more than to punch unconscious. Fez saw you two try to make your way out, but he was quick to grab your hand. "Where the fuck are you going Y/N?" Fez didn't know whether to get angrier or to be amused at your playful smile. Clearly, this was a game to you and you were enjoying his attention, even if it was laced with annoyance. "I'm going home with him." The smirk on your face doesn't falter even as Fez becomes even more intimidating. "Dude, let go of her." The brunette tries to meddle, and Fez glares at him. "She came here with me. Ain't no fucking way she's going anywhere with you," Fez spat, and before the other guy could respond, you were already being pulled away.
"Fez let me go!" You try to wiggle out of his grip as you struggled to keep up with him. He doesn't let up and ignores you. "Yo Ash! Let's get out of here," Fez calls out to his brother who grabs his bag and hurries to the car. The ride was quiet at first, but you were still a bit dopey from the weed, so you couldn't help but giggle in the backseat. "Why you acting like that shit was funny?" Fez snapped, his grip on the steering wheel tight. "Because it was," you bite back. "I was having fun with that guy then you come dragging me away like a fucking lunatic. Why didn't you just stay on the damn couch? Seemed like you were having the time of your life anyways." Fez caught you rolling your eyes through the rearview mirror. "The hell is that supposed to mean?" You huff at his reply. You were drunk, but you weren't about to confess to Fez now. It's not like this was the right time to tell him you were really into him, and that the stunt you pulled tonight was because you were jealous. "Whatever. Just take me home," you say as you slump back in your seat. "You're drunk and still high, so no. Sober up at our place."
You flop down on the couch, as Fez walks towards the fridge. He goes to where you're seated with water in hand. "Drink this so you're not too hungover tomorrow." Fez unscrews the cap before handing you the bottle. You nod towards him as a thank you. You finish drinking and hand Fez back the bottle before lying down on the couch. You could barely keep your eyes open anymore. Fez sighs as he watches you fall sleep almost instantly. He takes your heels off and moves your legs on the couch so you're more comfortable. Fez grabs the knitted blanket you once told him you loved so much and draped it over you. "Goodnight, Y/N." His gaze on you is full of affection, and if you could see the way Fez was looking at you now then maybe you'd come to believe Ash after all.
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astrid-sorensen · 2 months ago
His girl ✧ Fezco x reader
AN - Please give me a follow if you like, my page is only fezco fic and i don’t have any plan of stopping soon haha.
✎ Word count - 4,857
✩ Genre - Angst, Fluff
❀ Warnings - drug use, guns, sexual assault
Tumblr media
The dealer pulled up to the apartment complex, driving past the gates and pulled down a small side road, turning the engine off. It was New years and you were excited. Mostly to have a fresh start but also because you looked sexy as fuck and were staying round Fezcos for the first time tonight. Earlier in the night you had noticed his eyes dancing across your bare skin, essentially undressing you with his eyes already. "Aight, me and ash gotta handle some serious business right now you know." He said turning in his seat to you and Rue in the back, before jumping out his drivers seat. "Who the fuck is this bitch?" You heard him ask as he approached Custer, coming out of earshot. They exchanged a few words in the December drizzle as the blonde was ordered over to the car. As she approached you got out, hopping into the passengers side to give everyone some more room. The freckled man came over to your side of the window and leant in.
"Ten, twenty minutes tops. Y'all just please stay in the car. no fucking funny buisness." He glanced your direction a coy smile on his lips. "cmon let's go." he said motioning to Ash who was already waiting by the car.
"Pease don't be long." you pleaded and he brushed your check with his hand for a very brief second that no one else saw.
"Promise." he said sweetly, soon turning round to enter the apartment.
"Hi i'm faye." The pale girl introduced herself, her voice coming out in a low pitch whine.
"Yo I'm Rue." She replied back, friendly. Then introduced you for you. You didn't join the conversation, watching in the wing mirror as you saw the male walk off, ash in tow behind him. You tapped the glass on the window, watching the raindrops dance on the pane the other side. "So uh how's your New Years going?" You heard Rue speak up out of seemingly nowhere.
"It's fucking New Years?" The blonde asked, shocked.
"i believe so." Rue responded, a lightness to her voice.
"I swear my boyfriend doesn't tell me anything." She complained, playing with something in her sock. You felt a twang of sorrow for the girl. Before long you heard the tap on an old mint tin against her acrylic nails.
"Uh I don't think you should be doing that." Rue blurted, uncomfortable. Rue mumbled out your name and you instantly knew she needed help. You whipped your head round to see her flicking a needle with her nails, watching it spout as the air bubbles came out.
"Oh my god." you said astounded. Rue immediately stiffened up and clung to you the back of your seat trying to get as physically far away as possible.
"Shut the fuck up you junkie bitch, you probably eat that gingers ass for oxys, or whatever the fuck your into." You felt your temperature rise and fists clench.
"Don't fucking talk about him like that!" You said going to grab the needle she was beginning to stick into her upper leg to throw out the window. In all the commotion you all failed to notice the figures coming towards the vehicle. In synchronicity you let out a piercing screech as you saw Faye, yanked backwards through the car window. Rue looked over to her with the same amount of fear but before you could process what was happening it happened to you too. The large hands dragged you to the neighbouring apartment, arms strapped to your body so the only thing you could move were your feeble legs. You battled and battled trying to trying to push him off but it was no use. You sandbagged, like a dropped weight in the ocean but it was no match to the mans muscle and he still managed to carry you to the stairway door. He pulled you inside, the cold concrete floors and walls felt clinical but there was nothing clean about that place. Mysterious marks and spills littered the area and you cringed at the thought. You were then tugged through the fire door, your terrified legs struggling to keep up with the mans purposeful strides. 'Please god let me be safe.' You wished as he unlocked the door and kicked you to the floor. Your hands whipped in front of you to brace the fall but it was no use, you had already come crashing onto the tiles, your head making a hard appearance. You moved quickly to sit up, taking in your surroundings as you noticed a familiar pair of sneakers in front of you. Your eyes darted up to see him, eyes soft but jaw clenched. He was angry. He let a hand fall towards you and once you had come round from your injury, you lifted a meek hand to grab it, letting him tug you up and quickly behind his large mass. Protecting you. You hurriedly brought your hands to his jumper clad arm and held onto it closely, nails digging ever so slightly from your anxiousness. You waited nervously, Fez shifted his weight to each foot as he on-looked the whole scene. The gangster then moved toward the stereo, lifting a large tattooed hand so simply press one button. Music quickly flooded your ear drums. Then you noticed Rue off to one side, eyes sunken and pale. She was fucked up but you could tell this whole ordeal was snapping her into reality, a small singular sweat drop ran down her creased forehead. "Right everybody, time to get naked. Cmon let's go." The thug uttered, walking back and forth throughout the kitchen. His glock was pointed to the floor but soon it was raised and looking each one of us between the eyes. Scanning us over. I winced at the thought.
"Obviously we're not wearing a fucking wire, you paranoid-" before Faye could finish, her head was slammed into the thin wall behind, instantly leaving a hole in the plasterboard. She sunk to the floor, defeated, her hair sloppily surrounding her face as she winced in pain. Your knees began to tremble.
"Hey!" Custer began before the same happened to him, smashing his head into the back
of the wall right where Ash had hit him before. Custer hastily began to remove his shoes. Fezco turned to his left to look down at you, your eyes merged together and you looked back, scared stiff as you gripped onto his navy blue knitted jumper tighter. He rested his hand flat to your thigh, to somehow offer some comfort but also to be able to push you behind him fully if anything were to happen. His eyes then swung back up to look straight. Custer swiftly started peeling his clothes off, first his t shirt and then his hands ran to unbuckle his belt. You looked down to the young boy next to you, he started with his hoodie before he was interrupted.
"Not you, no one wants to see a fucking 12 year old undress." You felt the ginger move from where you were behind him. "Put him in the closet." Ash began to put up a fight as he was dragged away, Fezco moving to interject.
"Woah hol' up-" He said angrily.
"Shut it!" The shouted as all the men rapidly lifted their guns to him, one aimed straight at your forehead. He took a deep breath then the ginger moved back the guns lowering as he went to pull his jumper and shirt off in one swift motion, dropping them to the floor. Your arms fell off his bicep as he did so, but quickly rejoined once he was done. You sent Rue a worried look who just looked back at you defensive, neither of you beginning to strip. The man continued dancing through the kitchen, like some old dude you'd see at a deadbeat bar. His weapon flailing around like it couldn't blow your brains apart. The freckled mans fingers moved down to his belt, unbuckling the brown leather accessory before he did his button and eventually his fly. He shuffled the denim at his hips a few times before they went to the floor and he stepped out the leg holes.
Then felt the circular barrel of the gun pressed to your temple.
"Hurry up you fucking slut! Get them off!" He exclaimed. Your lip trembled as your heart began palpitating, you were worried you might faint then and there if it wasn't for all the adrenaline coursing through your veins.
"Bruh, she's not part of this. Leave my girl out of it." You heart raced at those two words, my girl.
"Your girl? She looks like a fucking prossy to me." He laughed, his accent sounding twisted. "If you don't strip here, we're take her to the fucking back room, got it?" A shiver went down your spine at the thought.
Your bottom lip quivered and once again you lifted your eyes up to merge with Fezco's. His lips were slightly parted and there was a slight crease on his forehead. A shaky sigh left your mouth and he turned to fully face you. "Pretend it's just me, okay?" He whispered carefully in your ear as you buried into his warm neck, his large hands moving to the sides of your top to lift it up carefully. You nodded into him, shaky sighs leaving you lips as the tears began to fall, dripping onto his exposed chest. He soon succeeded letting the top fall before running his hands up your back to your bra strap. You closed your eyes tightly as his hands played with the clasp before it shot open and he slid it off your arms to the floor. Your hands were already at your chest, covering your vulnerable body as he moved down and unbuttoned your jeans. But before he could help them off, a strong hand seized you by the arm. You were torn from Fez's grasp and thrown into the room opposite, your hip slamming into the oak wood table as the gunman with long scraggly hair watched. "Taking too fucking long!" The leader screamed, stepping over to join where you had just been thrown.
"Yo yo yo!" The ginger interjected, before being met with a caliber stuffed under his tense jaw. He tried swallowing the lump in his throat but the gun was in the way.
"Get yo ass back down or I will fold yo shit!" You heard a man shout, pushing the gun harder into Fez's skin. "I will fold yo shit!" Fez swallowed his words, stepping back as his eyes followed onto you. You stood there clutching your chest with both hands and eyes closed before they shot open with a harsh slap the the face. You winced in pain. Tears now falling at a rapid speed. He jolted your body to turn over before forcing you down onto the table your ass now in the air. You feared the worst but lacked the ability to fend him off. He pulled down your jeans in one clean motion as you were defenceless to the whole apartment. Your red lace thong was displayed to the room, the one you chose for only Fez to see as you knew he loves red on you, but now you wished you had worn anything else. Tormented bellows leaked from your mouth that you tried to stifle, laying there, too ashamed to move as you prayed Fez didn't see the whole scene. He did.
"There, that wasn't so hard was it!" The thug squawked before landing a hard strike to your ass cheek. Your body froze at the movement as the sting rung though the layers of your skin to the muscle below. He walked back to the kitchen and it took a second or two to collect yourself, before dashing one hand down to pull your jeans up, whilst the other somewhat tried to cover your breasts. Once the jeans were up most the way you paced over to Fezco, standing in his white boxers with pain and guilt cursing his features. He pulled you tightly into him, covering your exposed body from the world as he swayed you gently back and forth to somehow soothe the suffering.
"It's over now." He whispered into your ear before placing a kiss at your hairline and going to pull your top over you again. You didn't bother with the bra, you couldn't stand one more second in that place, let alone naked to them. "let's do business." The dealer said as he shot you a caring look, walking into the living room in still just his boxers. Rue had now returned, her hair soaked and clothes wet too. You wondered what had happened to make her that way. Fezco spoke in the other room as you and Rue sat on the counter.
"Are they addicts?" The long haired lady asked, lounging in her recliner.
"They might fuck around but nah." He said, as slow as ever. You continued to eavesdrop on the conversation.
"So you trust them?" She countered.
"With my life." He replied, arms hung over his bare knees.
"Is the short one your girlfriend?"
"Yeah. nah. She's like my family." He said monotone as your eyes drifted over to join his. his head turned your direction. They met for a moment before you turned quickly away. Your cheeks heated up, upset with his choice of words. Why would he call you that? He's just called you his girl for gods sake. They continued on their conversation before you saw laurie get up.
"Sorry about all the hubbub guys, just being careful." she said monotone, no emotion behind her voice so you couldn't even tell if she was being genuine. She strode past you carrying a large suitcase before dropping it onto the table you had earlier been stripped on. Fezco kept up behind her, watching the ordeal whilst he was handed a stack off cash from the backpack Ash was holding. She unzipped the whole thing, the zipper cutting through the silent apartment like a knife as you realised the stereo had been turned down so far it was practically off. Must've been to lost in your own thoughts. He threw the cash over to the lady before resting his large bicep against the archway. She promptly zipped up the case as Ash moved over to carry it to the floor. Rue hopped off the counter, turning to egg you on to do the same, and you did. The ginger walked over to the floor, pulling on his trousers and doing up the belt. He turned to face you, his jumper and t shirt still in hand.
"Time to go." He stated, unravelling his clothes so he could put them on again, away from the new years icy breeze. Ash began hauling the suitcase down out the door as you chased after him, excited fo finally leave the apartment. Fezco exchanged a few more words before following behind with Rue. Your skin stung at the breeze, a complete polar opposite to the steamy apartment, or maybe it was just your heart rate that made the place feel so hot. Fezco was behind you in seconds, a gentle hand grazed across the small of your back, you flinched at the touch. He quickly removed it.
"Please don't touch me." You whispered sorrowful as you tapped down the stairs before out the door and nearing the car, Ash tossing the suitcase in the trunk. Fez spoke no words but a-
"Ash you're in the back."
"What the fuck? We're supposed to be partners!" He exclaimed angrily.
"Shut the fuck up and get yo ass in the back." Fez said not compromising. Ash groaned annoyed but followed his big brothers actions. Fez was annoyed at Ash's lack of understanding, but knew he had no clue what happened whilst he was locked in the closet, Fez felt grateful for that. Ash would've been too, if he knew what really went on. You didn't really know what was going on, far too fazed out, but Fezco had opened the passenger door and waited patiently for you to sit in. You hesitated before getting in, clutching your body so hard as if it was separate from you now. Fezco started the engine and sped off and soon you were on the highway once again. Your eyes glazed over as you watched out the window. Raindrops splashing sideways at your window from the acceleration. The music played quietly through the speakers.
"That was crazy!" Rue said happily in an excited tone from the backseat.
"Aye, why you acting like that shit was fun Rue. For real you pissin' me off!" He exclaimed. "Acting dumb as fuck right now. Goddamn, all similin' and laughin' and shit. You know half of that shit was your fault, too. Fucking around and shit too." Tears began descending down your cheeks and tapping onto your thighs. Fez glanced over his eyes shutting for a brief second as if when he opened them again this would all have been just a nightmare. Soon Fez pulled up to the party, rue jumped out instinctively.
"C'mon guys, let's go!" She said excitedly leaving the door open and running into the party. Fez glanced at you briefly before turning to Ash.
"Yo we'll come in a sec, don't wait up."
"Okay." he replied, content, then got out next before slamming the door behind this time.
"Do you want to go in?" He asked tentatively, his head cocked to the side as he turned the engine off, keys and phone in his lap. You brushed away your tears taking a deep breath before nodding.
"Yeah, just give me a sec." You answered. You looked up and wiped a hand under your bottom lashes to rid the withered black mascara.
"Take your time, baby." Fez responded, tapping his pockets to make sure he had everything. The word cut like a knife, baby, but you weren't his baby. You were his family, like he said. He leant over you, pulling out a blunt from the glovebox,
popping it behind his ear and then opening the car door, hopping out. He shut the door quietly before coming round the other side. You opened the door as the frame met his hand, he held it open, easing your access out the red vehicle. He latched his hand into yours as you walked into the party, music so loud it must've been heard 3 blocks away. The drug dealer walked you through the crowd, going the least busiest way possible and grabbed you both a drink on the way. He made you a vodka lemonade before grabbing a beer for himself then took you to his usual spot, on the outside furniture and sat down, lifting his leg furthest to you onto the table in front. You joined him, taking a sip from the perfectly made drink and slightly leaning into his presence. He wrapped his hand around your waist stroking it softly, before it brushed up your shirt, his cold rings stinging against your hot skin. You moved away, alerted as he shot you a concerned look. His heart ached at the feeling. 'what if you didn't trust him?' he thought. 'what if you never trusted him again.'
"I'm sorry." You blurted, eyes looking away as you placed your red cup on the table.
"Nuttin' to be sorry bout." He took his blunt from behind his ear, sparking in before putting his lighter away. He offered a couple drags and you accepted, taking the blunt with two fingers and bringing it to your lips, breathing in two tokes before exhaling. You did so a couple more times before handing it back. You stayed there for a while with him, he sold to a couple clients. Couple pills, couples grams and a 3.5 of weed. He was satisfied with that. Maddy came over soon after, gracing you with a hug and a kiss to the cheek. You were dying to spill all your worries onto her, but the business of the party and the fear it would damper her high, stopped you.
"Hey babes, how's the baddest bitch doing tonight." She greeted you, happily.
"Hey sexy, i'm so chill. How are you?" You lied, chewing tour lip to stop your emotional baggage from spilling.
"I'm fucking fuming right now, Nate just walked off to go chat to some bitch. Straight after he was saying how sorry he was." She complained, her hands coming up to point towards the crowd with her long acrylic nails.
"Fuck, babe. That's so not cool." You agreed, your eyes glancing at the people all crammed inside.
"Trust me, i'm gonna fucking kill him when he's done." You nodded in reply before she spoke again. "I gotta go find Cassie, i'll see you in a bit." She smiled, giving you a hug before walking away, strutting in her heels. Why would Nate ever treat a girl so beautiful, so shit. You thought before sitting back down.
"Fez.." You said in a soft voice, turning to face the gingers bright blue eyes. "Can we go now?" You asked meekly, fingers playing together.
"Sure." He said almost happily, giving you a comforting smile as he got up. He adjusted his navy jumper before taking your hand in his again. He took you through the house, leaving your mostly drunken drinks on the table outside as he took you back the direction you had previously come from. He walked past Ash on the way. "Yo bruh, we off, you coming?" He asked not letting his hand fall from yours.
"Nah, imma stay Mickeys tonight. He just got a reload of cali." He smiled, childishly.
"Aight, have fun." Fez nodded, placing one had to the kids shaved head before playfully pushing him away. You smiled at the action, seeing how much it annoyed Ash. Before you got the front door though, you were both interrupted. Your name fell out his mouth in a slimy tone, his footsteps lurking behind you both, like a snake hunting his prey.
"Where's my favourite little slut going?" He asked mockingly, a slur to his voice signalling he was intoxicated. Fez shot daggers to the tall boy as he began stepping closer.
"Watch it." Fez warned. Nate just laughed in return.
"Shut the fuck up Fez." He began. "I know you think you own her tight little pussy, but it was always mine first." He coaxed, continuing. "It was always my name she was moaning first." The words shocked and offended you and you were sure the ginger felt the same. Fez dropped your hand in a heart beat, peeling off his jumper to the floor and snatching a half empty bottle from the side and swinging it across Nate's head. He practically passed out from the impact. It didn't matter either way though as Fez was on top of him in second. Punching his face over and over with such force you were sure Nate skull was caving under the pressure. Your heart was palpitating as you watched the scene play out, the dealer continuing to smash his firsts into the football players face as soon onlookers turned to watch, screaming as the sight of blood pooling over his face was making him almost unrecognisable. Once you noticed he wasn't gonna stop you began to pull on Fez's arm. Yanking on his tense muscles as they continued to mutilate the boy.
"Fez! Fez! Stop!" You shouted, tugging on him to get off. He ignored your first couple of screams before slowing at the second. Jumping to his feet, he spat onto Nates lifeless and bloody body then grasps your fingers and began storming out, jumper in hand. As much as you hated Nate you really hoped he wasn't dead, with all those witnesses there, there was no way Fez would get away with murder, especially since his dad owned the whole town.
"Get in." He almost demanded in a calm tone, opening your door before dashing to the other side to hop in. He started the car promptly, then pulling out of the pebbled driveway. His car sped down the highway, the rain still not faltering as he drove with such aggression. Your words were lodged in your throat, you had so many questions but they just stayed in as you watched his bloodied hands on the wheel. His jaw was tense, eyes straight on the road which you were grateful for as you knew his mind was definitely running rampant. The car ride was completely silent, only the sound of rain shattering on the roof above. Soon you arrived back to his and he put the car in park, turning the keys to turn the engine off. His hands ran to his shaved head as he dropped his neck back to the headrest. "Fuck." He uttered out, a deep sigh leaving his chest as you watched it raise up and down. Remnants of Nates blood still across the t shirt, now starting to oxidise and brown. You watched him, slightly fearfully as the scene replayed in your mind, the look of hostility and malevolence on his face as he carried out the bloodshed. The smell made you sick to your stomach. He moved a freckled hand up to the handle, opening it before moving round to your side. letting the door shut by itself. He opened the door gentlemanly and held it open for you. You stepped into the rain that pattered down as he locked the car, guiding you ever so slightly to his front door. He unlocked the black metal gate, holding it open with his shoulder before opening the second door, walking in first as you followed behind. The door swung close as he began to lock them as you stopped walking, staring off into the abyss, far to deep into your thoughts. Once he was done locking up he walked towards you. "Wacha thinkin' 'bout?" He asked walking into the kitchen to the right and up to the sink. Your head sunk down.
"Nothing." You responded, untruthfully. Fez stripped of his stained t shirt, scrubbing his hands under the kitchen tap. The aid of dish soap to wash away all the fluid. The ginger looked up for his eyes to welder to yours.
"Miss, I don' believe that for a second." He let out in a softer tone, seemingly less angry. You felt yourself slightly ease at the sound. You followed into the kitchen and watched him finish, his eyes watching you a couple moments longer, waiting for an answer before going back to what he was doing. Knowing you weren't going to reply. A soft exhale left your full lips as he finished, going to dry his hands with a spare tea-towel. The back of his hip rested on the counter by the sink as he rubbed the material between his fingers. He was practically completely unscathed, only a small cut on his cheek which you presume was from a glass fragment that spun in the fallout, slashing his skin. He dropped the towel to the side, treading towards you, his chest bare. He lifted a hand steadily to your cheek, you could feel the presence but no contact was made. He was scared to touch you. Your brows were still furrowed together as you chewed your lip prior to leaning into his hold, letting his warm hand caress your icy, flushed cheek. "Tell me." He egged on, not letting anywhere else touch you but his thumb slowly brush your face. His pinky ring met your earlobe where it froze for a second before brushing past. You let out a unsteady breath before talking.
"I'm thinking about what you said at Laurie's, or whatever her name is." You said defeated, eyes glancing down at his freckled covered, hairy chest. His pecks in particular catching your attention.
"What you mean?" He asked, genuinely perplexed.
"You called me your family." You responded, somewhat deflated at the thought.
"Oh baby, that's because I can't have Laurie knowing what you are to me. What you mean. She'll use you to get to me. Like my weak spot." He said softly, his neck angling downward to be eye level with you. His Blue spheres melting into you with compassion and care, through his thick lashes.
"Really?" You inquired in a little voice. Looking back at him, eyes dotting back and forth between his, looking for uncertainty.
"Yes." He nodded, short and sweet before pressing a kiss to your forehead, his body closer than it was before. You took the opportunity to snake a hand under his lifted arm and hold onto his back, ever so slightly tugging him closer. The soft hairy skin hot under your touch. He moved at the embrace, the hand on your face moving to your back as the other tucked your head tightly into his neck. "C'mere." He cooed, as you became undone under his touch. "I won't let anyone hurt you again."
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seraqx · 4 months ago
yours truly
pairing: fezco x fem!reader + ashtray x fem!reader (platonic)
summary: you’ve known the two boys ever since their grandma was still in business. their family loved you to death, but your heart really belonged to fezco. the two of you have loved each other for as long as you can remember.
song: sweet - cigarettes after sex
words: 1,134
warnings: slight angst, mainly fluff
authors note: i am beyond sorry for not uploading in awhile! i’ve been busy with school, but i hope you guys enjoy this oneshot!<3
Tumblr media
you knew the day you met fezco your life would change forever. you both met at an arcade, talking about the classic video games. the two of you then quickly became best friends, but your feelings of him began to grow romantic. it was the same for him but he never had the courage to tell you.
and then you met him family, and that day assured you that they would be in your life forever. ashtray was still a baby but quickly became attached to you at an early age. you always took care of him, making sure he was happy and well fed. if he were to say who his first love was, it would be you. but it was more in a motherly way and not romantically.
his grandma absolutely adored you. she knew you would be a good influence on fezco, and always told him to keep you close. “you’re like a ball of sunshine or the rainbow after a storm.” she once told you. their family made you feel something special, and they surely thought you were.
after the incident with their grandma, you knew it was your responsibility to help around the house after everything she did for you. so instead of being at your own house after school, you found yourself coming to fezco’s house. you cleaned and eventually learned how to cook while also watching ashtray and making sure their grandma was okay too. your parents were too busy to even notice you were gone, so in a way you moved in with them.
fezco was really grateful towards you because if you weren’t there things would be hard for him. he had a business to run, and taking care of two people while also still being young would have taken a toll on him. he really appreciated you coming over everyday after the two of you had school to help out. but he also liked that you were there because he loved you.
as the three of you grew up, the boys thought that it was only necessary to protect you after everything you’ve done for them. without you they thought their life was incomplete, like you were the missing piece to a puzzle.
at parties fezco would always be by your side and if you got up to get a drink he would watch you carefully, making sure you were alright. ashtray knew that if anyone were to hurt you he would kill them. he wouldn’t know what to do without you, even if he never showed it that much anymore due to his grumpiness.
you came to fezco’s house after school one day. you were a senior in high school and if fezco hadn’t dropped out he would be in his first year of college by now. you shut the door behind you and removed your shoes by the door. “i’m home!” you called out. you headed over to the living room where ashtray was sitting watching a movie.
you hovered over behind him eyeing the television screen. “what movie are you watching?” you asked. ashtray took a handful of popcorn and popped it in his mouth. “i don’t know, some movie called sharktales.” he said with his mouth full. he quickly swallowed the food and spoke again. “the fish with the red hair is kinda hot though.” you laughed at his little comment, and then headed over to fezco’s room.
you knocked a few times on the door. a few moments later it swung open revealing fezco. he was wearing one of his many white tees with a gold chain. he always looked good wearing them. “come on in.” he said smiling. you stepped inside the room and placed your bag on the bed, rummaging for your textbook and notebook.
you took the items out and laid on the bed on your stomach. you flipped through your notebook to study for your test the next day. fezco laid beside you watching as you carefully read over the material. you groaned and buried your face in the notebook. “maybe i should drop out.”
“you ain’t gonna do that because i won’t let you.” fezco shot back. you looked up at him and rolled your eyes. “and why is that?” he looked in your eyes, his expression slowly resting. “because some day i want you to get out of this town and have a good life.” he said softly.
you stared at him with disbelief. you had zero intention of leaving the town, yet alone leaving the only two people you’ve ever really cared for. you quickly sat up and awkwardly laughed, assuming what he said was a joke. “fezco… i’m not leaving you and ashtray.” you assured.
he looked away from you not wanting to meet your gaze. “well… one day you gon’ be gone for good, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” you were at a loss for words at this point, not knowing what to say or do. as the two of you sat in silence you finally had the courage to speak.
you rested your hand on top of his and rubbed your thumb against it. “nothing would ever make me leave you… and it’s because i love you, okay?” fezco’s face softened as he looked in your eyes with hope. “is that true (y/n)? he asked.
you nodded and slightly smiled. “there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for you and ashtray.” this time he didn’t know what to say to you. there was too much he wanted to do, but he was scared that he would make you uncomfortable. instead, he leaned in and wrapped his arms around you. you hugged him back and rubbed his back.
“i love you too (y/n).” he began. “and it would make me the happiest man in the world if you could be mine.” you slowly pulled away from him as the two of you looked deeply into each other’s eyes. then you both leaned in, your lips finally meeting. your heart was beating quickly and loudly that you thought fezco might hear it.
meanwhile ashtray was outside the room. he was listening to the conversation the whole time. although he was a bit sad to hear that you were going to be his now, he was happy for his brother. he grinned and opened his mouth to speak.
“you still have to share her!” he yelled. immediately the two of you whipped your head at the door as you began to laugh. “nah go find your own girl man!” fezco shouted back. ashtray rolled his eyes “whatever!” he said. he then went away to continue watching his movie.
you were so happy you couldn’t contain it. all you ever wanted was finally yours, and all fezco ever needed was finally his.
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slutobrien · 4 months ago
Red and White
Tumblr media
Fezco x Female Reader
When you first met Faye, you didn’t trust or like her. But as time passed the blonde slowly began to grow on you. Leading to the night of Lexi’s play, you begin to think once again something is wrong. 
warning: violence, blood, character death, angst, small sexual reference - Euphoria spoilers. 
words: 2k+
When Fez first brought Faye home after getting a frantic call from Custer, the first emotion you felt was anger. One because he didn't discuss it with either you or Ashtray. The three of you always respected one another to discuss things that would affect the entire family before they happened.
And when you looked towards Ashtray as the thin blonde walked through the front door, you knew he was just as pissed off. You stood in the hallway with a stoic look on your face. Behind you, Ashtray stomped loudly back to his bedroom before slamming the door to his room shut. Fezco stood there looking down towards his feet, knowing he was in trouble, while Faye went to shower in the bathroom.
"Why didn't you talk to us first?" You asked, your voice so calm and even that it scared Fezco more than hearing you scream at him.
Slowly his blue eyes looked away from the worn linoleum of the kitchen floor before finally meeting with yours. Fezco took pride in being able to read you. He thought of the two of you always being in sync with one another. But at this moment he wasn't able to get a read on anything. He felt his heart thump hard against his chest with panic.
"It was all happin' fast, ma." Fezco shrugged and shifted his weight as he stood in front of you. "I...I had to make a call."
"So you decided to bring someone else into our home? You knew what this was going to do but just piss Ash and me off."
"Please, y/n, don't make this harder than it already is."
Your brows shot up towards your hair and a scoff passed your lips before you turned and walked back to your bedroom. Fezco reached up and rubbed at his face with frustration and knew he'd placed himself in big trouble.
For days neither you nor Ash would talk to him. He explicitly told Faye not to mess around in the house, not to bother either of you and to basically stay in her place. But even with those rules laid down neither you nor Ash would let up.
Fezco could deal with the silent treatment of his brother. But from you? It was pure torture. It only took a few hours of him missing you. Being able to hold you close while the two of you lay in bed. Missing the way you'd gently rub his back while you lounged on the couch. It took another day or so for him to snap.
"I don't know what the fuck you wan' me to do. I cain't kick the girl out." Fezco spoke as he stood at the foot of the bed.
"And I don't know what you expect from me?" You snapped back. "You invited a stranger into our home. A fuckin' girl no less. I'm not a jealous bitch, Fezco. But I also don't like her walking about the house with her ass hanging out in front of my man."
He let out a heavy groan while rubbing his hand over his shaved head. "I haven' even noticed that."
"I don't know what else you want me to say, Fez. It's not going to happen in a day for me to be ok with this."
He cursed under his breath before leaving out of the bedroom and into the living room. Faye was sitting on the couch with a forlorn look on her face, hearing the argument between the two of you. A pang of heavy guilt sat in her gut knowing that she was causing the two of you to fight.
But slowly, over time, you began to warm up to the girl. You still didn't like the fact that Fez had made a decision without you, but also understood he didn't have a chance. Slowly the two of you began to get a little close the more time she spent inside the house. Ashtray still didn't like her, but when it came to him, it took a little more effort.
It was moments laughing at a movie together that made you realize you liked having another girl in the house.
"She's not so bad," You spoke after a few weeks.
Fezco smiled towards you, "So I'm forgiven now?"
You sighed and reached to gently caress his cheek, rubbing your thumb softly, before leaning forward to kiss him. Fezco reached to pull you closer against him as the two of you kissed. It was like his body was finally able to relax after not being this close to you in so long. He moved you beneath him on the bed and made sure to show you how sorry he was. How much he loved you.
But there was a point where things with Faye seemed to change.  You couldn't fully place your finger on when it happened - but she just became distant from you. There would be times when you'd see her dazing off and having this conflicted look on her face.
"Faye? You ok, babes?" You'd ask while the two of you were in the kitchen one night.
"What?" Her blue eyes widened as she looked towards her. She almost looked scared. "Oh...uh, yeah...I-I'm fine."
"You sure? Cause you can talk to me if something is going on."
Faye opened her mouth a few times like she was going to say something. But instead shook her head, before turning back to cleaning up the dishes. You decided not to push it anymore and wait for her to come to you. But she never had the chance.
You stood in the bathroom, leaning slightly towards the mirror, trying to finish up your makeup. Tonight was the night of Lexi's play and both you and Fezco planned to go and support her. You and Lexi have been the best of friends since you were kids. You, Rue, and Lexi seemed to be attached at the hips. There was a period where the three of you became distant, with Rue turning to drugs after her father's death. But lately, you really felt like you were getting your childhood friends back.
And that along with being in a relationship with someone you truly loved. For the first time in a while - life was looking good.
"Damn mamma." You turned around to see Fezco standing in the doorway. You felt your breath catch as your eyes scanned down slowly. Fezco was dressed in a suit and the sight alone was making your heart race. "You lookin' beautiful."
You felt your face heart as you shyly looked away from him. "Think so? Not too much?"
Your hands flattened over the white dress you found at the mall for the occasion.
"Nah, not at all." Fezco stepped towards you and bent down to kiss your lips softly. You giggled slightly as you reached to wipe the small bit of gloss that transferred to his lips.
Fezco took a step back held to the undone tie that was around his neck. "Now...you thinkin' tie..." He then took it off "...Or no tie?"
You watched as he flipped it in and out of place for a moment, before speaking. "No tie. But you look handsome either way, whichever one you choose."
Fezco blushed slightly, "You think I look handsome?"
"I always think you look handsome, Fez. Suit or no suit."
You stepped forward to kiss him again, but from down the hall, you heard a loud commotion that made you jump away from Fezco. The two of you stood there in silence for a moment before you heard a scream.
The two of you moved quickly out to the main part of the house. The first thing you saw was Faye in the kitchen looking towards the living room scared. And as your eyes slowly moved over in the same direction, you felt Fezco step up in front of you.
A gasp loudly left your painted lips as you saw Ash holding Custer down with a knife to his throat. His face was red as he screamed down towards the man. Everything was erupting into chaos you weren't able to make out what was happening.
"Yo! Yo! Ash, man! What the fuck you doin', bro?" Fezco screamed, taking a step towards his little brother.
"This fucker has done something. Been acting all sus since he walked in the fuckin' door!" Ash looked away from his brother towards the man in front of him. "What did you do man? What do you do?"
"Nothing! What the fuck you actin' crazy man!" Custer screamed.
You moved to step around Fezco, but before you could make it far towards Ash, you heard a louder bang along with the sounds of more voices shouting. Your head turned to look towards what once was the front door, your eyes only focusing on the guns now pointing towards everyone.
But before you could even take your next breath, everything exploded.
You heard Faye scream again.
The sound of glass shattering.
And next a burning pain shooting through you.
Your breath left you and soon felt like you were choking, as your body began to crumble to the floor.
Fezco didn't know what he was watching. But the only thing he could think of was watching his life slip away.
The moment he heard the sound of the pop, his instant reaction was to get to you. But he watched as a pained and shocked look crossed your features before you fell to the floor. A scream he'd never heard himself yell drowned out everything else around him.
He didn't notice the officers pulling his little brother away from Custer.
He didn't see Faye get thrown to the ground as she was arrested.
All he saw was you and the red that was staining your white dress.  
Your eyes looked up towards the ceiling and watched as smoke slowly rose and danced into the air. Your chest continued to burn as you fought to catch your breath. All you could focus on was the feeling of the carpet beneath you and how the voices around you sounded so far away.
But your name, you heard your name. Your face lulled slightly and watched as Fezco fell down beside you. You noticed how panicked his blue eyes were, tears filling them and moving down his cheeks. You reached to caress his cheek, or at least try to. But suddenly your hand felt heavy.
"Nah, Nah...come one baby," Fezco spoke with his voice strained with panic. He removed his suit jacket quickly and tried to press down on the would that was right under your rib. "Fuck...fuck,"
But, from behind him, Fez felt two hands wrap around his bicep and pull him from you. He began to fight against the hold and scream. Fezco didn't want to be taken away from you. Not now.
"Stop! The fuck are you doin! Stop!" He felt his chest get pressed into the carpet, his head turned towards you. His cries turned into sobs as the panic took over his frame. "Save her! Save her, man! Please! No, stop."
Slowly your eyes began to close as you watched Fezco being taken away from you. Everything was becoming fuzzy and you suddenly felt the need to sleep - all you wanted was sleep.
Your mind began to play through the things you knew you weren't ever going to get. Tears moved down along your temple as you laid there, feeling your body being lifted from the ground.
But you knew.
You knew you'd never see Rue again
Or Lexi
Or Ashtray
You'd never see Fezco again. Feel his lips against yours. Hear him say how much he loved you.
You'd never get to marry him like he always told you. You would never get to feel your stomach grow with Fezco's child.
The life you thought you were going to build together played out in front of you before slowly, like a movie, it faded to black.
have a theory on what I think is going to happen next episode and that’s what this is based off of. Wrote it in one sitting so, sorry for any errors. hope you enjoyed it!
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vngeqnce · 4 months ago
fez smut!!
─ prey.
Tumblr media
pairing: fezco x f!reader.
warnings: gun kink. dirty talk. degradation. fingering. unprotected sex. size kink(?. mirror sex. a little fluff at the end.
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
“baby, i don’t like this game, it’s dangerous.” you stuttered out, shuddering when the muzzle of his gun pressed against the side of your neck.
“don’t you like danger, baby? i know you love this” fezco whispered on your ear.
your heart was beating out of its cage, and despite the fear that grips your throat, you feel yourself get wetter, and you arch your back against his front, bucking your hips for more.
“you see ma? see how wet you are. are you gonna be a good girl for me?”
you nodded weakly, and he spreads your legs on the mattress, the mirror in front of bed portraying your naked figure, while his body was still completely covered by his clothes.
“i want you to look at yourself in the mirror princess, i want you to see what I do to you, i want you to look at yourself while you fall apart.”
you saw the black muzzle of his gun with the corner of your eyes, a threatening and thrilling presence.
fezco was careful with you, even in situations like this, when he liked feeling the dominance he had on you, he would never put you on danger, so before he even thought about using his gun on you he took all the bullets from it, but he would never tell you that.
“do you trust me, baby?”
you almost say no, you wouldn’t even trust yourself with this game, but you don’t say anything, and nod instead.
“open your mouth.”
you comply, letting fezco slide the barrel between your parted lips, the taste of metal invades tongue, your eyes were still on the mirror, watching the reflection of the redhead admiring you while you took the weapon on your mouth.
“swirl your tongue around it like it’s my cock.” he whispers in your ear, his deep voice causing goosebumps on your naked body.
you let your tongue stroke and circle its front sight, fear and arousal making you quiver, his fingers find their way to your exposed center to start pumping his long fingers in and out of your pussy while he swirls his gun around your mouth, watching enthralled as saliva drips down your chin.
“look you at you. you’re perfect.” he praised you,
his eyes meet the woman in the mirror: to him you looked beautiful, like a twisted, erotitic painting.
you felt yourself get closer, your walls throbbing around his fingers, but he didn’t allow you to release the coil in your lower belly, taking his hand away from where you needed it, his erection only getting harder at the sound of your whines.
fezco trails the gun slowly, tortuously down your body, and the anticipation, the need to feel him inside you almost makes you protest, but when he moves your panties to the side with the muzzle, the words die in your mouth.
“fez-“ it’s almost comical, the way your mouth hangs open and your eyes are blown in fear and lust.
“what, baby? you can have a gun in your mouth but you can’t have it in that pretty pussy?” his eyes connected with yours trough the mirror, a small smirk painting his face.
“it won’t fit.” you protested weakly.
he hummed before responding “i fit in there, and i’m bigger than this.” he said, fingers tapping the gun.
a weak smile reached your lips “are you though?” you joked.
he smirks, and prods your entrance “you’ll regret that, princess.” he said on your ear, biting your lobe.
you gasped when the metal reached your entrance, the cold contrast to the heat in your cunt causes goosebumps on your body, you moan when your walls stretch around the barrel, accommodating its girth as fezco slides it in and out of you slowly, observing in the mirror the way your pussy grips the weapon tightly.
“you like that, baby? what if I told you it’s loaded, huh? would you like that too?” your cunt clamps down on the harsh metal, and the thrill of it all is making the coil in your core build incredibly fast, the pressure unbearable.
you try to keep your hips still, you don’t know if the gun is loaded, one slight mishap and you’re fucking dead, and that’s making your brain go haywire with pleasure.
“mhm, fuck, fuck me harder fez, i need to cum.”
he chuckled and shook his head.
he pulls the gun out of you just when you were about to come, ruining your pleasure for second time that night. “what the fuck, i was about to-”
he hushed you, and you hear him fumble with his belt, your reflection on the mirror being eclipsed by his body, pushing you to the mattress so you would lay down. “you didn’t think i’d let you cum anywhere but on my cock, right?”
you shrieked when he slammed himself inside you, his thrust hard and defined, making you roll your eyes with every movement he did.
“told you I was bigger.” he smirked.
his heavy weight inside you fills you up to the brim, his tip rams against your sweet spot with every thrust, the gun keeps pointed to your throat, poking your jugular with its front sight as he pounds with the desperation of a dying man.
you’re quivering, never in your life having felt this way, this type of pleasure and desire.
“fuck, look how well you’re taking me baby, you’re doing so good.” his grunts and your moans bounce off the walls, the pleasure shooting straight to your cunt.
his thrusts start to become sloppier, his breathing erratic, but the gun never leaving your neck. one wrong move, and i’m dead, you thought, but his cock inside you felt too good for you to worry about it.
“cum for me, i want to watch you fall apart on my cock, i can feel you squeezing me so tight, fuck-” he grunts, “you’re so fucking perfect baby girl, made for me, c’mon, cum all over me, you can do it.”
his hips snap harder against your soaking pussy, and you feel the tight knot in your cunt unravel, you gush all over his cock, clamping down on him and squeezing his dick in a vice, the pleasure blinds you momentarily before you could feel his release paint your abused body.
fezco pulled out, and you wince when your cum drips down your thighs, immediately he grabbed your hand, pumping himself a couple of times with it before he cums with a beautiful moan and his white hot spurt paints your lower belly.
you look at each other for a while, taking in your blissed faces.
“fuck, that was hot” you murmur, adjusting the collar of his polo.
you both chuckle, and you get dressed, putting on your wide t-shirt, which actually belonged to fezco, while he putted back his jeans.
once he is done he lays in the bed with you, your head finding his chest “was it loaded? the gun.” you asked looking right into his eyes the melody of your voice broke the quiet atmosphere, he looked down at you, caressing the hair out of your face, and offers you a sweet smile.
“no, ma. it wasn’t.”
you hum, and let the warmth of your lovers’ embrace lull you to sleep.
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