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Mixed Drinks and Smoke Rings 15: You Got A Friend In Me.
Tumblr media
Chapter Fifteen: You Got A Friend In Me
We are the reckless, We are the wild youth, Chasing visions of our futures, One day, we’ll reveal the truth, That one will die before he gets there.
Summary: New to town, you didn’t need a friend, you needed a dealer. Thankfully, a girl from your Narcotics Anonymous meetings knew just the guy.
Characters: Fezco (euphoria) x Non-descriptive Reader
Words: 4,017
Chapter Warnings: Drug use, abusive relationships, mentions of attempted suicide, mentions of mental illness, crude terms in regards to mental illness, gross exes, jealous bitches, no appearance from fez in this but our man is back soon, majority of this is unedited so i apologize for any errors 
Series Warnings: Addiction, sexual themes, cursing, abuse (various), smut, drug use, teenagers being fucking idiots. 18+ only, minors DNI
Previous Chapter:
Next Chapter: coming soon
taglist: @iamasimpingh0e @chelseagirl77 @zeida @thepawn1999 @alanis-altair @purplebtsmagic​
Tumblr media
The days that followed Mouse's death all blurred together, and you felt as if you had lost any concept of time.
Being on winter break didn't help, and you found yourself awake all night, partying with Rue, and getting high, before passing out and waking up the next afternoon, only to start the cycle again.
Fez hadn't tried to call you, but he had sent a single text. A simple 'I'm sorry' that you didn't think merited a response. He was sorry? Well, good. That night was a hard one, causing you to trip badly, and Rue spent the night holding you until you eventually cried yourself to sleep.
Rue's emergency stash dwindled quickly, and you'd promised her that you'd buy a few extra pills at Devon's to pay her back. You still had a little money stored away that some relatives had sent on your last birthday, and what better to put it towards, if not a great night out with a friend.
You were led on Rue's bed, ignoring the sheer audacity that you had, doing drugs and staying at the house of a woman who had previously questioned whether your friendship was good for her daughter.
Unable to hold it in, you released a giggle, turning until you were upside down on her bed, head grazing the floor as you watched her slowly dance around the room. 
A knock came from Rue's door, leaving her to quickly dart toward her bed, jumping on it and nearly sending you off, both of you giggling again. 
"Come in!" Rue managed to get out, opening a book in front of her.
Leslie stood in the doorway, observing the situation. She wasn't sure what had got into Rue as of late, but she at least seemed happier. She couldn't remember the last time she'd heard her daughter actually giggle.
"Everything good in here, girls?"
You lifted your head, accepting Rue's helping hand to pull you up the rest of the way, "Yeah... Yeah. Sorry if we're being too loud, Ms. Bennett."
Leslie pressed her lips together, watching as her daughter skimmed through a book before placing her face into it, "Why are we even doing the reading? It's so boring..."
"Because we have a pop quiz the first week we're back, and Mr Richards is an asshole." You told her simply, turning the page of your book.
Leslie couldn't help but smile, watching as her daughter sighed, but pulled her head up, continuing to read, "You staying tonight?"
Part of you felt bad, wondering if you were putting them out. But Leslie never seemed to worry, in fact, she had offered a few times. You wondered if maybe Rue had mentioned your father to her, but the thought quickly slipped your mind,
"If that's alright with you?" 
Sending you a smile, Leslie nodded, "Sure thing. Dinner will be ready in about half hour."
Before she could close the door properly, she stuck her head back in, calling your name, "You can call me Leslie."
You grinned, even after she closed the door.
"You can call me Leslie," Rue mimicked, prolonging her mother's name and making kissing noises at you. 
Giving her a shove, you scrunched your nose, "Don't be gross, Rue. That's your Mom."
"Oh, I know that. I just wanted to make sure you did, too."
Giving her another shove, you had to quickly catch her before she fell onto the floor, causing you both to giggle again.
After dinner, you sat watching a film with both Gia and Leslie, curled under a blanket with Rue. Your brain was barely able to keep up with the plot line, feeling yourself coming down. Rue had passed out not even twenty minutes into the film, snoring every now and then as she rested on your shoulder.
You pulled out your phone, ignoring the fact that you hadn't heard anything from your father -- or Fez -- despite not being home for several days, and you'd found yourself living out of Rue's wardrobe.
"I hope you don't mind, but I was grabbing Rue's washing this morning, and I found a white dress that I can only assume is yours. It had a red stain down the front, but I wasn't sure if you wanted it washed. Kinda looked expensive..."
You turned to face Leslie, eyebrows high as you took in her words. The last time someone had done your washing was before your mother left, and for some silly reason, the sentiment had you choked up.
"Oh, I uh... I spilled ketchup down myself after the formal. Burgers and white dresses really don't go hand-in-hand. But uh, no that's fine. I'll be heading home tomorrow anyway, so I'll just chuck it in with everything else."
Leslie nodded before placing a soft kiss to Gia's head and returning her gaze to the TV.
Trying your best to inconspicuously look around the room at each Bennett woman, your heart felt bruised. Although you knew Rue's family wasn't perfect, and a member was missing, you still felt your heart tug for something you missed, something you longed for.
You were certain if you just followed the path that your yearning heart tried to pull you down, eventually it would lead you to wherever your mother was. So you could lay in her arms as she pressed a soft kiss to your forehead as a film played on in the background.
But your mother never really was a very affectionate person. Even when she was there, she wasn't really there.
Turning your attention back to the TV, you tried to blink away the tears that were fighting their way out.
Tumblr media
The music was thumping so loudly that the floors were shaking a little. You had absolutely no idea whose party this was, just that Devon had text you the address telling you he could find you there.
So, you and Rue hopped on the train making your way back to your old hometown.
"We'll never find him, this place is fucking huge," Rue's eyes were round as she glanced around the ridiculous-sized kitchen. You knew by the time she'd see the pool, you'd be propping her chin back up so she didn't catch flies.
Houses in this gated neighborhood were basically mini-mansions. You should know, after all you’d spent enough time at Liam's house. Big houses filled with lots of expensive furniture that they hoped would fill the void in their sad, lonely lives. Your parents did the exact same thing.
Except now, your father tried to fill that void with alcohol.
Ignoring the slew of wide-eyed glances thrown your way, you pulled Rue through the throng of people that were loitering around, chatting as they poured themselves a drink from whoever’s parent's very expensive whiskey collection.
"Why do people keep staring at you?" Rue asked obliviously.
Rolling your eyes before sending a sharp glare at a group of teens -- all quickly turning their backs, pretending they hadn't been gossiping about you -- you huffed out a sigh before grabbing two cups and filling them with whatever you could find.
Rue gracefully accepted the drink, but wrinkled her nose when the taste hit her tongue, "Shit, rich people really got no taste."
"It's for display, mainly. They sit swinging their dicks around over who has the oldest bottles."
"That's... Fucking weird, actually."
You shrugged, taking your own sip before resuming your search for your old dealer.
"If this was Fez, we'd just have to find a couch." Rue mumbled, losing both her patience, and any tact that she had.
You grimaced at his name before taking a deep breath, "Maybe he's outside."
After managing to find him, surrounded by a group of girls as he always was, you practically ran to him, the thrill of knowing you were about to get your next high forcing you forward.
"Well shit, didn't think I'd be seeing you again so soon."
His deep voice caused a smile to crawl onto your face as he shooed away the girls that surrounded him, all except the girl who was sat on his lap.
"Who's that?" His dark eyes were set on Rue, watching carefully as she looked anywhere but him, arms rubbing her arms.
"Oh, uh. This is Rue, a friend from school."
"You lookin' a little nervous, baby."
Rue's head snapped up at the nickname, eyes boring into the side of your face, but you barely paid attention, "She's fine, Devon. We just wanna get what we came here for, and go."
"How you doin' tonight, Rue?"
Shrugging her shoulders, Rue continued to look around the garden, "I'm fine."
"Devon, c'mon. Don't be a dick."
His attention snapped back to you as you crossed your arms, pushing your breasts together. Men could be very, very simple and -- lucky for you -- easily distracted.
"Fine. What can I interest you in tonight, ladies?"
Tumblr media
With the drugs in your pocket, you were rushing toward the door when a shrill voice from the crowd stopped you in your tracks,
"Oh my god, is that really you?"
Rue almost ran into the back of you, her face screwing up in confusion. Before she could ask why you'd stopped, a girl pushed her way in between you, pulling you into an uncomfortable hug.
"I can't believe it. You know, we thought you'd like, died or something. Liam should-"
"Jen, hi. We were uh, we were just heading out. Bit of a rush, sorry."
You tried to pull Rue to your side, but Jen stepped in front of you before you could step forward.
"Oh, c'mon! We haven't seen you in forever. It'd be good to catch up. We all really missed you."
Lying bitch, you thought silently, trying not to allow the memories of her sneaking off with your ex-boyfriend to infiltrate your mind.
"I'd love to, but really, we need to catch our train..." Rue was beginning to get antsy, and you felt like the drugs were burning a hole in your pocket. At this rate, you'd both be sniffing off the sidewalk.
"We got some pills earlier, you should totally stay and hang out for a bit!"
A single brow raised as you turned toward Rue, her eyes darting to yours as a devilish smile broke out across her face. 
If there was one thing better than drugs, it was free drugs.
Jen let out a squeal once you'd agreed, pulling you into another hug before she ushered you both along towards where your old friends sat.
After a chorus of 'Oh shit's and 'I can't believe it's you's, you finally sat down, Rue remaining close to you like a shadow, and you could only be grateful.
"So, where have you been? We haven't seen you since... Well, you know."
"Oh my God, Jake, shut up. I'm sure she doesn't want to relive that.”
You swallowed thickly, feeling Rue's knee knock yours as she insistently bounced her leg. You had honestly never been so thankful that Jen couldn't go more than 30 seconds without making the conversation about herself than when she changed the subject, talking about her Christmas plans to fly out to Colorado to ski with her family.
Gnawing your bottom lip, you wondered if Ash's invitation still stood now that you and Fez weren't exactly on speaking terms. Could you even sit across him at the table in his own house after the things he said to you? Did you even want to anymore?
You attention turned toward a guy you'd never seen before as he opened up a small baggy and began to crush up the pills, ignoring Jen's drivle of why she prefers Aspen to Vail -- apparently the instructors were hotter there -- and separated the first line, looking toward you as he gestured for you to take it.
Certain that Rue's leg was going to eventually break off from her body and run on it's own, you nudged her, allowing her to take the first hit. It wasn't long before almost everyone had snorted a line and your body finally started to relax.
Rue had pushed herself back on the couch, lazily bobbing her head to the music as the group tried updated you on the town's gossip, but Jen barely took a breath between sentences, and you were too high to keep up.
"Getting the party started without me? Man, I'm crushed. Heartbroken, really."
Your body froze, a breath stuck in your lung as you willed this to be some fucked up, bad trip, but the greetings from the group forced you to face the hard fact that this was really happening. This was your reality. If only you'd left earlier, if only Jen hadn't found you when she did. If only...
"Holy shit, Liam, look who finally came back. It's like nothing changed." Jen laughed, standing up to pull the boy into a tight embrace.
His brows pulled together as he looked around the group, all color draining from his face as your eyes met.
Jen pushed him toward a chair, and he collapsed down in it without much of a fight before she climbed onto his lap, placing a kiss on his slightly ajar mouth.
Turning to you, she released a high-pitched giggle, "Well, not nothing I guess."
Smiling triumphantly, she returned her attention to Liam and turned his face when she realized his eyes were still on yours, "Baby, c'mon, we saved you a line."
Rue's eyes darted between you and Liam, and if she were more sober, she'd of had the sense to get you out of there. Hell, if you were more sober, you'd of dragged your damn self out of there.
But neither of you were, so you remained sitting as you forced your lungs to work as they'd seemingly lost all autonomy.
"I hope this isn't awkward for you." Jen's eyebrows pinched together, but her tone was nothing less than patronizing.
If you weren't in shock, you would've backhanded her into next week. Instead, you quickly shook your head and peeled your eyes away from the boy who had colossally fucked up your life.
At least, partially.
"It's been a couple of months now, but we're still in the honeymoon phase, right baby?"
Liam grunted, using the excuse of snorting his line to slide her off his lap before finally addressing you,
"You look good."
Jen's smile faltered for a moment, before becoming much more malicious. Turning her attention to Rue, she cleared her throat in an attempt to garner her attention, "So, Rue. How long have you two known each other?"
As usual, Rue shrugged, waving a hand around in the air aimlessly, "I dunno, couple of months."
"So I guess she told you why she left our old school, right?"
"Jen, can you go get me another drink."
Liam handed her his empty cup, and you almost cracked a smile when her lips pressed into a thin line, cheeks tight as she forced a smile in his direction, "Oh. Of course."
Knowing he didn't have much time before the girl returned, Liam's eyes bore into your, "How have you been?"
You wanted to roll your eyes, throw your drink at him, even ignoring him would've been better than the weak 'Fine, thanks' that escaped you.
Nodding, he took the card from his friend, cutting another line as he continued, "How have things been with... You know. Everything."
The last time you'd seen him look this vulnerable was when you were first dating, and he seemed almost scared that he'd harm a single hair on your head. It no longer made your heart skip a beat, instead, you felt it sink into your gut.
Rue turned her attention to you when you didn't reply, "Everything alright?"
"We got what we need... I think we should go."
Rue wanted to argue, but one look at your bouncing leg changed her mind. Nodding, she pushed herself up off the chair, holding your hand to help you up.
"Hey, c'mon, you haven't got to leave-"
"Yeah, we haven't even caught up yet." Jen smirked, returning with Liam's drink, glaring when he ignored her attempt of handing it to him.
Standing up, Liam followed you a few steps before placing his arm on your elbow, trying to stop you. Spinning around on the spot, you yanked your arm from his grip, sending him a disgusted look, "Don't you dare touch me."
Jealously coursed through Jen's veins as she pushed herself between you both, any slither of friendliness gone, "Don't you dare talk to him like that. Who the fuck do you think you are?"
She pushed you back a little, shoving you into Rue, who had no idea what was going on, "Who the fuck are you, bitch."
Making her way around you, Rue pressed herself against Jen using her height to her advantage. Rue might not be much of a fighter, but she was definitely protective.
Grabbing her arm, you pulled her back, "C'mon, Rue. This isn't worth it. Let's just leave, please."
"What a good idea. Let the trash take itself out."
"Jen, for fuck sake, stop." Liam pushed the girl away from him, causing her to send him a dirty look.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that crazy bitch was a kink of yours. Maybe she'll let you join her junkie friend and her next time-"
Your blood was boiling, and all you could hear after the sound of your palm hitting Jen's cheek was the blood rushing around your head. Everyone remained silent for a moment, unsure of what to do.
With her hand pressed to her face, Jen's lip wobbled slightly as she turned her head back to you, "You think a psych ward was bad? You'll go to prison for this, bitch."
Your chest heaved as she walked away. Sure, Jen's family had money, but her threat didn't worry you in the slightest. Her words, however, made you begin to hyperventilate. Turning on your heel, you marched through the party, only stopping once you felt the cold night air hit your skin.
"Glad to see your taste in friends has improved."
Rue linked her arm through yours, gently tugging you along to make your way back to the station, hoping to catch the next train home.
Tumblr media
The Bennett household was silent by the time you'd crawled into Rue's bed. You should've probably felt bad about spending so much time here, but after tonight you didn't want to be alone. As if she could read your mind, Rue didn't even bring it up as she led you toward her house.
"I have a question," She said into the darkness, not wanting to push you, but curiosity always led her astray, "What did that girl mean? You were in a hospital? Did you overdose?"
Biting at your bottom lip for a moment, you wondered if you could successfully convince her you were already asleep. But it didn't really feel fair. She'd been open enough with you, and over the past few weeks, you'd become a lot closer than you thought possible, bonding over more than just your addictions.
Taking a deep breath, you felt her wrap an arm around your waist as she rested her forehead against you, gently reassuring you, "No, not an overdose."
"Did it have something to do with why you came to town?"
You swallowed the lump in your throat, trying to keep your tears at bay. You hadn't spoken a word to anyone about the time between your schools and what led to your move to East Highland. And now you didn't have Fez to share that with, maybe Rue was the next best person.
Tumblr media
"Liam, c'mon. This is fucking stupid, just admit it!"
Following him up the stairwell, you didn't want to confess that you were scared to lose him, but you couldn't carry on pretending that you didn't see him sneaking off at parties with other girls.
Pushing the heavy door open, he stalked onto the roof, pacing around, "You're fucking crazy, you know that?"
"I've seen you, Liam. Everyone has seen you. It's fucking embarrassing, all of our friends know-"
"What's fucking embarrassing, is having this conversation with you. What I do, is my fuckin' business and you have no fuckin' right to scream at me and accuse me of-"
"You aren't exactly hiding it! Fucking Hell, I'm sure if she thought she could get me out of the way, Jen would tell me herself what was happening."
Grabbing your face in his hand, Liam leaned in close, "Jen is a fucking slut, alright? She'd do anything, with anyone, for a bit of attention. She's just trying to get a reaction out of you, and clearly, it's fucking working."
"I saw you, Liam. I'm not blind, and I'm not fucking stupid, alright? I saw you both. Fuck, you don't even try to hide it."
"Do you blame me? Look at you, look how you're fucking acting. You're an embarrassment."
Pushing his chest, you tried to shove him off your face, which only led to him grabbing your arm, pushing his face into yours, "We all know you're not gonna leave me, so what is the fucking point of this argument?"
He was right, you had no intentions of leaving him when you'd first brought up the subject of him sneaking off during parties, and the fact he'd walked into lunch with Jen, both looking a little disheveled. 
"You're a fucking asshole, Liam. A fucking-"
"You think I give a shit? I can be whatever the fuck I want, and not a God damned person is gonna stop me. You can't handle what I do? Then fine, fuck off. You're not exactly irreplaceable, baby. There's a hundred other girls at this school alone who would jump at the chance to ride my dick. You could kill yourself tonight and not a single fuckin' person would give a shit. You're not fuckin' special, understand?"
Tears were flowing, blurring your eyesight as you sobbed. Liam knew how fucked up you'd been since your mother left, and with how he was acting, your father may as well have packed a bag and fucked off too. Liam knew exactly how to fuck with your weakness.
You shoved him again, yanking your arm free from his grip. Between the force of your pull, and the lack of visibility, you felt yourself wobble, not aware of how close you were to the edge.
"What a piece of shit," Rue mumbled into your back, her arm holding you tight.
"A part of me can't blame him for it, I mean, I was a fucking mess and not all of my problems were because of him."
Scoffing, you felt Rue shake her head behind you, "Yeah, but he didn't fucking help. What happened after?"
"I woke up in hospital. They said even though it wasn't too big of a fall, I was lucky I wasn't badly injured. Apparently, Liam had told the police that he had ended things with me because he'd just found out about my drug habits. I went psycho and threatened to kill myself before jumping. The hospital confirmed I had drugs in my system, and with everything going on at home... They believed him. They sectioned me on a 5150 before sending me to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks. NA is part of my outpatient treatment."
"And he got away with it? None of your friends said anything?"
You couldn't hold the laugh in, wiping the stray tears that had begun to fall, "He's a rich, white, American man. Nobody questioned it. And they weren't my friends, they were his. They weren't going to incriminate him, or themselves like that."
"I fucking hate this place," Rue sighed as you shifted, snuggling your face into the pillow, "I fucking hate him."
"He's my own Nate Jacobs," You joked, voice void of any humor.
You weren't sure how long you laid in Rue's bed as she quietly snored away behind you, silently wiping away the tears that didn't seem to stop.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Vibes aren’t too dissimilar, y’know?
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incorrectfexi · 14 hours ago
fez: i want to wake up with you for the rest of my life
lexi: i wake up at 5 am
fez: i want to go to bed with you for the rest of my life
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I literally DO NOT care what Cassie did I love her soooo fucking much 💕💕💕
Tumblr media
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fezho · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fez beating the shit out of nate!!!
Tumblr media
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dumb-bitch-that-ships21 · 5 months ago
Honestly Fez being raised by a pistol packing grandma explains a lot. Definitely why he drinks his respect women juice daily.
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fezco with lexi:
Tumblr media
fezco with other customers:
Tumblr media
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bold of euphoria writers to show ash and fez fighting for their life and expect to care about elliot singing for four minutes straight
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A person like Nate could only be taken down by humiliation. And that’s what Lexi gave him. No bc Fexi is going for Nathaniel’s throat from start to finish of this season.
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don’t touch my girl- Fezco x Reader
summary: you get roped in into a drug deal
wc: 2,514
warning: cursing, guns, nakedness, drug use/description
a/n: now this one i’m a bit proud of😂 lmk if you like and if you wanna tagged in any future fez content ❤️ and as usual, happy reading🦋 
Tumblr media
Fezco is like a giant teddy bear. Whenever you’re alone he hugs you, cuddles you, gives you lots of kisses and tells you endlessly how much he loves you. In front of other drug dealers or just other people, he was very protective. If he saw any weird look or heard an inappropriate comment he went ballistic to defend you. If it was Rue or Jules, he didn’t do anything. Fezco knows how much love you all have for each other and he also knows that the girls would protect you, the same you’d protect them. 
You were currently in the back seat of his car, sitting next to high Rue as she rapped the song playing on the radio. Fez didn’t tell you where you were going and you’ve learned to stop asking questions. Rue snorted a line and kept rapping the words. The redhead looked at the back to see you looking out the window. She kept singing, some parts louder than others as all of you began to feel annoyed. 
“Yo, can you tell her to shut the fuck up?” Ashtray asked, looking at Fez. 
“Please.” You mumbled, rubbing your temple.
“Yeah, Rue, you gotta chill out back there for real.” Fez said calmly as he continued to drive. She turned to you and back to the front of the car. 
“Me and Ash gotta handle some serious business right now, so..”
“Yeah, for sure. No, I can do that.” Rue replied, leaning back on the seat. 
“I can just stay back here. It’s real comfy.” She slumped on the seat, stretching her arms to the side and bringing them over her head. 
Fez drove a bit more until he stopped in front of a closed gate. The gate opened to reveal the back lot of apartment buildings. The car came to a stop in front of a girl with plump lips and a guy with a broken nose. 
“Who the fuck is this bitch?” Fez mumbled, taking off his seatbelt before stepping outside. 
“Yo!” The guy shouted.
“Who the fuck is this, man?” He asked, closing the car door. You kept your eyes on him the whole time. 
Surprisingly, Rue stayed quiet next to you, watching everything unravel outside of the car. The girl outside waved shyly as the guy walked behind the car with Fez. Rue looked behind her and back to the floor as she began to fidget with her fingers. The girl walked towards the car and opened the backseat door, sitting next to Rue. You shifted a bit closer to the door, feeling uncomfortable. Fez came by the driver’s side door, leaning against it as he looked at you and Rue. 
“Ten, twenty minutes tops, all right? Y’all just please stay in the car.” He said as Ash got ready to get out of the car. You nodded in understanding. 
“No fucking funny business. Let’s go.” Fez said and nodded his head towards Ash. He opened the door and got out, following his brother inside the building which left you alone with the girls. 
“Hi, I’m Faye.” The blonde slurred looking at you and Rue. 
“Yo, fam, uh, Rue.” She replied, pushing her fist in front of the girl for a fist bump. 
“How ‘bout you?” Faye asked, leaning forward to look at you. You turned to her and stayed quiet before turning back to the window. 
“That’s Y/n.” Rue answered for you.
 “How’s your New Year’s going?” She continued.
“What?” Faye muttered in confusion. 
“New Year’s.” 
“It’s fucking New Year’s?” 
“I believe so.” Rue answers, looking at you and back at Faye. You stopped listening after that. Letting junkies talk to junkies as your mind drifted to Fez. Time was going extremely slow which made you nervous, knowing perfectly well how these meetings could end up. 
“Um.. I don’t think- I wouldn’t do that here.” Rue said as she tapped your thigh making you look towards the blonde to see her taking out a needle from a small box. 
“Woah, what the fuck?!” You exclaimed, causing her to roll her eyes at you.  
“It’s just heroin.” Faye replied calmly and placed the needle between her teeth. 
“No, I, I see that. But, maybe, like, I don’t know. I just feel like it isn’t… the best place to do that.” Rue tried to get her stop as you looked out the car window to see people peeking out their apartments, looking down at the car. 
“Faye, this isn’t the right place to do that.” You warned once again. 
“Listen, I fucking know what you are. You’re just a fuckin’ junkie-ass bitch, and you’re probably fucking eating that ginger’s ass for fuckin’ oxys or whatever the fuck you’re into.” She told Rue, really slowly. Faye lit up her lighter, passing it under the silver spoon until the substance began to bubble. 
“Yo, what the fuck are you doing? What, what the fuck?” Rue said desperately, looking around everywhere. 
“Faye, stop doing that shit!” You shouted as she lifted her leg over the passenger's seat. 
“Are you just putting that in there? What are you doing? Oh my god… okay.” Rue said as the blonde injected the needle in the top part of her thigh. 
“What the fuck are you doing?!” You asked completely in disbelief with what you were seeing. Rue kept talking as you covered the side of your face, not wanting to look at Faye’s privates that were slightly exposed. 
Suddenly, a pair of arms went under Faye’s arms, pushing out of the car, through the car window. You looked up in fear, Rue turned to you and was about to speak but a hand came from behind you, covering your mouth. You screamed against the hand as your body was pulled through the window and onto the ground where the person grabbed your waist. There were three men, carrying you and taking you to an apartment where Faye was thrown on the floor as Rue was pushed against a wall. 
You, on the other hand, were pushed towards Fez, who immediately caught you. Ash was standing next to Fez in silence and the guy from earlier was standing across from them, closer to Rue. One of the men hit the guy in the face as Fezco kept his hands on your hips, holding you close to him. You looked over Fez’s shoulder to see a lady sitting in a recliner. She turned her head towards your way and spoke. 
“Brucy.” She called out as the man, who just gave you all a dumb speech, walked towards slowly. You couldn’t understand what she said but the man came back pretty quickly. He turned on the small stereo on top of the microwave and walked to the middle of the room. 
“All right, check this out. All y’all, let’s get naked right fuckin’ now.” Bruce ordered, pointing at all of you. 
“Come on, man. Let’s go! Get naked right fucking now.” He shouted and Ash began to take his jacket off. 
“Except for you man, no one wants to see you naked.Yo, take his ass, put him in the closet.” He said stopping Ashtray from getting undressed before another man grabbed him and pushed him down the hall. 
“Yo, yo,come on now, y’all. Chill.” Fez said, seeing how aggressive they were. 
“Nobody, Nobody got no fuckin’ wire.” 
“Prove that shit. I don’t know who the fuck you are! For real!” Bruce shouted at his face, causing the redhead to put his hand behind him to keep you there. 
“Far as I’m concerned, you’re a fuckin’ cop!”
“Obviously, I’m not wearing a fucking wire. You paranoid-” Faye started but was quickly cut off by the man slamming her head back against the wall. Her boyfriend protested and got his head slammed as well before desperately taking his shirt off. Fezco followed, taking off his sweater and pushed you behind him. Faye took her top off, followed by her skirt. Your hands shook as your fingers went to the zipper of your dress, pushing it to make it pool at your ankles. You stood there behind Fez, only in your lace panties as Rue stayed frozen in place. 
Bruce randomly began to dance to the rhythm of the song as he moved around the room, watching as you all undressed. He saw you hiding behind Fez which annoyed the shit out of him because he stomped towards you and pulled your arm, taking you away from the red head. 
“Yo, chill! Don’t fucking touch her!” Fez shouted, walking towards Bruce but was quickly stopped by another man pointing his gun at him. Your arms immediately covered your chest as he pushed you against the kitchen counter. 
“Or what?!” Bruce shouted, causing you to flinch. 
“Don’t fuckin’ touch my girl!” Fezco yelled again, pointing his finger at the bald man who then looked down at you. 
“You stay here and don’t fucking move.” He said with gritted teeth as he grabbed your jaw tightly. You nodded and he threw your head back before moving back to the rest. 
Bruce continued to dance around the room as you stayed at your spot shaking in fear. You turned your head to Fez to catch him already staring. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Rue taking off her jacket before turning frozen again. Fezco tried mouthing some words to her but she refused to take off her clothes. Bruce came up next to her, muttering something before grabbing her hair and pulling her towards the hallway. 
“Yo, yo, hold on, man.” Fez started but was held back by a gun once again. 
“Rue!” You shouted, moving from your spot but another guy pulled you towards his chest, pressing a gun to your forehead. 
“Bruce told you stay right fucking there, slut!” He shouted in your ear as you flinched. 
“Don’t you fucking call her that!” Fezco shouted, moving slightly towards you as the gun pressed harder against his jaw and the guy let go of you. 
You were all moved into a line, standing next to each other in the kitchen. Fez grazed his pinkie across your thigh, attempting to calm you down. After almost a minute, Bruce came back down the hallway and then followed Rue. She was unharmed but drenched, holding a towel as her body shook in fear. 
The lady from the recliner walked in and Faye’s boyfriend seemed to know her. Her name was Laurie and apparently they were there so she could meet Fez. After the guy’s dumb introduction, she asked for Mouse and that situation was���. complicated. 
“You think I could, like, put my drawers on, and talk to you in the other room for a sec?” Fezco asked calmly, covering his dick with both hands. 
“Okay.” Laurie replied before moving back to the living room, to look at her fish tank. Fez moved toward his clothes and put on his boxers before throwing you your dress. You quickly put it back on and turned your back to Rue so she could zip you up. You stayed next to Rue as you tried to eavesdrop on the Fezco’s conversation.
“Mouse ain’t be comin’ around no more.” Fez started. 
“Why’s that?” Laurie questions with her eyes on the tank. 
“ ‘Cause I didn’t like the way he did business.” He muttered and turned his head to look at you. 
“Says the guy who brings a kid to a drug deal.” 
“That’s not a kid. That’s my business partner.” 
“Says the guy who brings a high school girl to a drug deal.” She said turning to face him. 
“That’s my family.” 
“She an addict?” 
“She might fuck around but.. nah.” He replied, shaking his head
“And who’s the other girl?” 
“My wife.” Fez replied almost immediately. 
“Oh, you're married?” 
“Nah but.. we will be someday.”  
“So you trust her?” Laurie asked, looking at his eyes in search of a lie. 
“With my life.” He said, turning his head back to you. They talked for a bit more as Faye and her boyfriend got dressed while another guy went to get Ash from the closet. Laurie walked out of the living room and unlocked a door as Fez walked over to you. 
“You okay?” He asked and you nodded as he cupped your cheeks.
“You sure? He didn't hurt you or anythin’ right?” 
“No, I’m okay. Just a bit shaken up.” You whispered and Fez leaned down, pecking your lips quickly before pulling you to his chest for a hug. 
“I’m sorry, baby, you shouldn't be in this shit.” He mumbled against your head. 
“No, Fezzy, it’s okay.” You began, parting from his chest. 
“No, it’s not. You could’ve gotten seriously hurt and I’d never forgive myself for that.” Fezco said, looking at you with worry. 
“But I’m okay. I promise I’m okay.” You answered one last time before Laurie called Fez over to a small room next to the kitchen. He pecked your forehead and moved to the small room, Ash following as Laurie opened the suitcase. 
There were drugs of every type in there. Pills, weed, powder, anything you could imagine. Ash handed Fez the cash and after that you left. Rue was in front with Ashtray as you walked next to Fez with his arm around your shoulders. He walked around the car and opened the backseat door for you to get on but stopped you. 
“You sure you okay?” He asked, holding your hands. 
“I’m fine.” You nodded. Fez smiled and pecked your lips before letting you get into the car. He drove out of there and the car ride to the party was quiet. 
The house was crowded as Fez pulled into the driveway. Rue and Ash piled out almost immediately which left you alone with Fez. You grabbed his hand to walk towards the house but he pulled you towards him. He leaned against the car and held your hips as your hands found his chest. 
“You gon be my New Year’s kiss?” Fezco asked with a smirk which made you smile. 
“Yeah, unless you wanna, I don't know, kiss someone else.” You shrugged, pretending like you were going to move away from him which caused to move his hands up to your waist. 
“Nah, ma. You gon be my fo’ever kiss.” 
“Yeah.. Ion wanna kiss anyone else.” He smirked and leaned down kissing you softly. Your hands moved to his neck, pushing his head closer to yours. Fezco swept his tongue over your bottom lip and you gave him immediate access. Your lips kept moving in sync as the space got a bit faster. 
“Uuuh, get it Y/n!” A voice shouted, making you part from the kiss to see Maddy smirking as she continued to follow Jules and Kat into the party. You and Fezco chuckled as a slight blush crept on both your cheeks. 
“We should, um…go inside.” You smiled. He nodded and held your hand, before walking towards the house. Little did you know that night was going to end up a bit bloody.
fezco taglist: @hansakind​ @idkimjusthereliving​ @romanogersendgame​ @black-fairy3​ @bracefacelaiiiaa​ 
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sageworld · 5 months ago
Telepatía • Fezco x Reader blurb
Tumblr media
“fezzy.” you moan out, pushing his head farther into your thighs. his tongue dipping in and out of your hole, his mustache brushing up against your clit. “oh fuck.” you cry out, your orgasm hitting hard. you try & pull away but his grip around your thick thighs is too strong.
“don’t fucking run.” he mumbles into your pussy. you feel like it’s all beginning to be to much. “i’ll tell you when i feel like you’ve have enough.” fez says, it’s like telepathy. “this is my fucking pussy, y/n. it ain’t yours, it’s mine. everything about you is mine. this pretty pussy, those pretty moans, this whole body & being is mine.” he rambles but never taking his mouth away from the pussy he claimed.
“it’s all yours.” you throw your head back, feeling the ecstasy.
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imdumbhi · 4 months ago
it’s always been you
summary: you and cassie had been hooking up for some time and you eventually had fallen in love with the blond but when you come to find out she’s been fucking her best friend’s ex boyfriend behind your back, your feelings for her have change. maddy comes along to comfort you but what happens when it turns into something more? and what happens when cassie finds out?
pairings: cassie howard x reader , maddy perez x reader
warnings: smut.
a/n: this was a request, i really hope you like it. @tremendouscoffeeprincess
Tumblr media
it was only supposed to be a fling.
a soft small kiss to her inner thigh made her spread her legs wider, inviting you to take a taste, and when you take your fingers to spread her wet folds open, the blond couldn’t help herself but reach down and tangle her fingers within your hair, waiting for your next move.
you look up at her for a split second and saw how gorgeous she looked. she had her shirt bunched up under her chin, breasts at display, chest moving up and down from breathing too hard, her bottom lip tug under her teeth, and skin blushing pink. you slowly lean down while never breaking eye contact and your tongue makes contact with her clit, and then she reacts; her brows pull up together in pleasure and her mouth drops open.
“oh f-fuck.” she moaned loudly and her fingers twisting in your hair, toes curling, tossing and turning as you give her head — she was in heaven and you knew she was by her fingers tugging at your hair, she would rather be here than anywhere else.
you then unexpectedly, thrust in two fingers causing her to gasp and quickly grab ahold of your wrist and keep you from doing anything else. “what’s wrong?”
“i’m-i’m very sensitive righ-right now.” she whispers, her bottom lip trembling. you move up so your face is near hers and raise your other hand and cup her cheek, feeling her soft skin under your palm.
“i’ll start slow?” you suggest to her, your eyes searching hers and when she nods, you start to slowly thrust your two fingers inside her, feeling how soak she is, and when she starts moaning again, her open mouth brushing your cheek, you whisper near her ear, “you’re so wet for me.”
that being said, you pull back to watch her face as you began to pick up the pace and while you did, her juices were running down your hand and you thought it was so hot that you could hear how wet she was — which might you add, was very much, you couldn’t believe someone could get this wet.
you could tell she was getting close with the way she kept grinding down hard on your fingers and then without a word, you lean down and use the hand that was on her cheek to grope one of her breasts and suck on it. with that, it lead to her hugging you close, her open mouth press hard against your head and moaning out, “i-i’m c-coming, im coming!” then it happens. you watch her freeze up, her back arching, hands gripping tightly at the sheets, jaw dropped open and she slowly shudders. “fu-fuckkk…” she cries silently.
after a few minutes of silence, you start to get up and move yourself off her and proceed to put your clothes back on but a hand on your wrist stops you. looking back at her, cassie’s crystals blue eyes begged for you to stay and hold her, they always did.
“please? just this one time.” you always decline because you were always so fucking scared of the idea of giving yourself to someone and trusting them enough that they would never break your heart. you knew it was just cuddling but your heart said otherwise.
you laid your head on her chest and got comfortable. listening to her heartbeat, her fingers run through your hair and for a moment, just for a moment, everything felt okay. you didn’t think about anything other than cassie.
she’s paradise.
until she’s not.
“-and did you know about this?” maddy then spins around to look at you, fire in her eyes but the fire slowly went out when she saw the tears in your eyes. maddy was still angry, of course, but she’s confused now with the way you were staring at cassie, with such a hurt look.
instead of responding, you give cassie one last look and turn around, leaving the house, leaving everyone around confused, and cassie? she stood there looking guilty as ever.
later, you found yourself at the park. you were sitting on a bench and staring at nothing. if anyone looked at you, you would seem to be enjoying the view or the peacefulness of it all but inside that head of yours, millions of thoughts were scattered everywhere and you couldn’t help but picked at these thoughts and fall very deep, meaning, overthinking and hurting yourself more than you already were.
“hey.” you look up and squint your eyes, and see maddy. you arch a brow at her and she stares at you for a moment, and then sighs, joining the bench right next to you. “are you okay?”
you give her a confuse look, “aren’t i supposed to be asking you that?”
she chuckles, “yeah but you look way more fucked up than i do. so, what’s wrong?”
you bit your bottom lip and looked away from her, your eyes beginning to water again when those thoughts appeared again. should you just tell her?
“look, you don’t have to tell me anything-”
“i want to.” you cut her off, surprising her.
“okay.” she nods and waits, her eyes never leaving your face.
taking a deep breathe, you tell her, “cassie and i have been hooking up for the past few months.” now, you expect her to look shock or at least something close to that but she just stares, waiting for you to continue. “i was never supposed to fall for her and i didn’t plan on it but over the months, she just started to be more affectionate than before and i assume maybe she could like me back but, you know.”
“fuck her.” is the first thing maddy says and then goes on with, “she doesn’t know what she’s missing on.” she pushes her arm against you making you shrug, “look, i know you and i never really know each other that well but i kind of figured something was going on but i didn’t want to believe until i saw it.”
“you believe it now?”
“yeah and im sorry that bitch did that to you.”
“me too, i mean, with the-you know.”
she laughs softly and nods, “yeah, i know what you mean.”
it was the first time you ever heard maddy laugh like that and it felt weird because you felt something deep within you trying to spark, like a lighter. you didn’t know what it meant exactly but fear was creeping up.
“i should probably head home now.” you blurt out and stood up fast, your cheeks feeling red. what the fuck is this? you thought, as you awkwardly avoided her eyes.
“wait what?” she caught your hand before you could leave. “let me drive you home.”
you bite your cheek, being indecisive, and then finally nodded when maddy tilts her head to the side, waiting for your answer.
she looks cute, you thought, wait, hold up-
you were leaning your head against the window as she drove you home. it was quiet between you and her, and it would’ve been awkward but for some oddly reason, it didn’t. it felt just right and part of you didn’t wanna leave her side.
giving her a sneaky glance, you watch how focus she was on the road but her nails were digging into the wheel. you frown, without even thinking, you reach over and grab that hand, intertwining your fingers together. maddy doesn’t say anything while this is happening because she doesn’t know what to say.
you got her speechless.
“cant have you driving and being angry at the same time.” you squeeze her warm hand and hold it in your lap.
“i-okay.” she eyes the hands in your lap before turning her attention back on the road.
you didn’t know what it was and you didn’t know how it happened but once she arrived at your house, you still hadn’t let go of her hand. you know she’s waiting for you to let go but when you look over at her and saw her already staring at you with this look, you couldn’t help but reach over to cup her face and kiss her softly on her lips.
she lets out a small noise when you do and you immediately pull back apologizing, “shit, im sorry. i-i don’t know-never mind, um, thanks for the ride maddy.” you quickly get out of the car and fast-walk to your front door, opening it and then shutting it.
what the fuck did you just do?
the next day, you were walking the halls of east highland high school. you woken up that morning feeling like shit but you were also scared as fuck of maddy and what she was going to do or say. you avoided maddy at all costs. however, that plan did not end well. because as soon as you were about to step into your final class, a hand on your wrist stops you.
looking back, you see maddy standing there and your whole body freezes.
“we need to talk.”
next thing you know, you’re inside a storage room with her. you stood there awkwardly, shifting to one foot to the another until you couldn’t bare the silence anymore. “what did you need to talk about?”
she chuckles, shaking her head at you, “you know damn well what i want to talk about.”
“i really am sorry about that. i-i don’t know what came over me, you know?” you rushed out, your face feeling warm.
“hm.” was all you got and that made you wanna die.
“kiss me again.”
your eyes instantly meet hers, wide and confused.
“say what?”
maddy rolls her eyes and wraps her arms around your neck, and pull you close as she can. your heart is pounding hard and you think you’re going to pass out because of how close she is and how she’s press up against you. “i want you to kiss me again.” she whispers, her breath hitting your lips.
your breath hitches — then you lean down to kiss her but you pause when your lips barley touch hers and you stare into those brown eyes, making sure to see if it was truly okay to. her eyelids were low, as of yours and when she tried to lean in, you pulled back a little, your eyes still roaming her face and when you kiss the corner of her lips instead, you didn’t expect for her to smile at that.
“i love this and all but kiss me already.”
so you did.
kissing her felt so good that you had her up against the storage wall and when she tried pulling away to breathe, you pulled her back in with an open mouth kiss, your tongue slipping with hers. moaning against you, maddy seem to not hold herself back because she says all breathy, “touch me.”
you swallow hard as you slowly rose her dress up her thigh, your hand finds it’s way inside her underwear and when the pad of your finger slowly slides between the slit of her pussy and you feel how wet she is, you tell her, “spread your legs a little wider for me.”
she gasps softly near your ear, her legs proceeding to open a little wider, just for you, like you ask.
“good girl.” you can’t help but smirk and surprise her when the pad of your finger starts to slowly put pressure on her clit, rubbing it around in circles.
“fuckkkk…” she moans loudly and you’re quick to lean forward and kiss her. she starts to moan into your mouth as you continue but when you go a little faster, putting a little bit more pressure, her hips began to follow your hand. “i-i need more.” she pants, her brows furrowed.
you never seen her like this, desperate and out of control. you wish you could stare at her like this a little longer but unfortunately you can’t stay in this storage room forever.
“what do you need, baby?” it slips from your mouth and it gets maddy all red and shy. “come on, tell me.” you kiss her cheek and then her jaw, “ill give it all to you.”
“i need your fingers inside me, please.” she begs quietly, her eyes looking up at you in such a way that it made you feel like this was a dream and you would wake up.
when your fingers found their way inside maddy’s dripping pussy, you started off with a slow pace and moans filled the small closet. you tried to keep her quiet with your mouth or your hand but when you started to fuck her harder, maddy couldn’t seem to handle being quiet.
“oh fuck!” the brown eyed girl cried loudly when you suddenly slap her pussy, the palm of your hand hitting at her clit. it wasn’t like you meant for her to be loud but fuck, she sounded so good. you do it a few times and when you hit her harder on the last slap, she buries her face into your neck and unexpectedly squirts all over your hand. “o-oh f-fu-fuck.”
her whole body uncontrollably shakes in your hold and you cannot believe she came like that and that any of this would ever happen but when she settles down a few minutes later with her face still bury and holding you tight against her, you ask, “i thought it was just a kiss?”
she laughs into your shoulder and then pulls back to look at you, “shut up.”
you smile at the sound of her laugh and kiss her nose, “should we show those motherfuckers what they’ll be missing on?”
“oh baby, you totally are the one for me.”
when you both stumble out of closet, giggling and fixing each other up, you both don’t notice cassie stepping out of a classroom and then finding the both of you. she watches as you lean down and kiss maddy, and then maddy smiling into the kiss.
“what the fuck?”
part 2
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eddiesprincess · 4 months ago
rue: go away fez in taking the biggest shit right now
fez: you like want some pepto bismol
Tumblr media
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divine17 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
angus and his manager, the third edition of the saga… in less than 24 hours
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sargeant-bxrnes · 5 months ago
temptation & retribution
Tumblr media
࿐ ˚ . ✦ summary: fez had to work, and you had to tease him while doing so. and when you tempt fez… retribution ensues.
࿐ ˚ . ✦ warnings: slight mention of alcohol & drug consumption, cursing, pda, grinding, dirty talk, thigh riding, manhandling, fez being horny & mad ig
࿐ ˚ . ✦ word count: 3.5K
my masterlist !
my requests are open
Tumblr media
"No, sorry." Fez's voice was soft, yet firm. He didn't want the rejection to sting, but he didn't want to encourage you either.
"Please, just 5 more minutes." you said, holding on to him, trying to keep your boyfriend in bed.
"Sorry baby, can't," he denied, trying to break free from your hold as you peppered kisses down his neck, a sigh leaving his lips mid sentence. "Gotta go, I've got lotta clients tonite."
"I know..." you trailed off, the tips of your fingers caressing his skin as your lips pressed soft kisses down his neck. "But five minutes won't make a difference, will they?"
"If we do this, it ain't gonna be ‘just five minutes’," he closed his eyes and groaned, feeling the blood rushing down to his dick. "and I really gotta go to this thing ma, gotta earn my money and shit."
"Fine," you agreed in a half-defeated tone, leaning back on the bed, removing your body from on top of his. "Go."
Fez hurried to get out of bed, if he spent any more time with you, hearing your voice and touching your skin, he'd stay. And as much as he wanted to, he really needed the money.
"Look," he spoke, putting on his clothes as you stared at him from between the sheets. "Imma come back in a few hours, and promise Imma spend the rest of the nite between yo' legs. Doin' whateva you want me to."
That was a fine proposal, you couldn't lie. The idea of Fez spending hours between your legs sounded promising, even more so as he knows what he's doing.
"Fine..." you said, folding your arms in front of your chest to pretend you were still mad, but Fez wasn't blind, he saw how flustered you'd gotten.
Once he got dressed, he picked up his phone and other stuff, before leaving the room, he walked back to the bed.
"Imma be back later," he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against your lips, lingering closer there. "Don't get dressed, want ya' naked when I get back."
You huffed in amusement, Fezco smiled softly and quickly got out of your shared bedroom. Once he was gone, you threw your head back in the pillow and groaned.
He always said you were the tease. But what about him? The cheesy mf knew exactly what to say to get you wet way before touching you.
Tumblr media
You did intend to wait for him to get back, but the hours felt like whole days. You were growing bored by yourself, the idea of going out was getting dangerously tempting.
After a quick shower, you had been torn between getting dressed up or not wearing anything at all like Fez asked.
Before you chose anything, your phone vibrated on the night stand. You hurried to grab it, hoping it would be Fez to let you know he was on his way back, but it wasn't him.
madz: bitch where r u?
You raised an eyebrow to yourself before replying to her, wondering what she could want. You two were friends, so it wasn't weird of her to text you, but the hour was.
you: fez's, why?
madz: there's a full on party why r u at ur bfs
What were you supposed to say to that?
you: idk
madz: *sent location*
madz: come here 2 have some fun
You were already writing a text to excuse yourself from going, but since Maddy knew you well, she added another text.
madz: if u say no u r a pussy
you: i'll be there soon
madz: k bitch
A rush of excitement washed over you, and in no time, you were wearing a tight red silk dress, finishing up your makeup and thinking about the heels you'd be wearing.
You were supposed to wait for Fez, yes, but he was at that party, you two could just meet there. He wouldn't be able to get between your legs there, but it would be nice to spend some time together.
Tumblr media
An uber later, you were finally at the party. The music could be heard from far away, and it was at its peak. People inside the house seemed like they were having a good time, and it encouraged you to go inside.
You saw Maddy and Cassie dancing in the middle of the crowd, Jules and Kat were doing shots by the side and the rest... you had no clue, but they were there, of that you were sure.
After greeting some people, downing some shots and doing small talk, you began your search for your boyfriend. Although it probably wasn't a 'search' at all, since you knew exactly where he'd be.
There he was. Sitting down on a couch on the edge of the dance floor, with a blunt in his hand, smoke leaving his mouth and an empty stare.
He seemed to be high as a kite, as usual, but he also looked bored as hell, sitting alone on the couch, waiting for someone to buy something.
He had no idea you were there, you could surprise him, convince him that having fun with you at parties isn't a crime.
He had a perfect view of the dance floor, but didn't seem interested in it at all. Maybe, if he saw you dancing amidst the crowd tho...
With a plan in mind, you approached Maddy, who danced with a stranger as Cassie talked with McKay on the side.
"Finally!" Maddy cheered, moving her hips at the rhythm of the music. "I thought you'd gone to get dick from your ginger or something."
"That's the plan." you admitted with a mischievous smile as you swayed your hips at the beat of the song.
She laughed and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you close to her so you two could dance, leaving the boy she'd been dancing with on the side.
At first, Fez thought he was higher than normal. That he must be hallucinating you in the crowd or something, remorse for leaving you back on his bed.
He was almost sure you weren't real. There was no way someone could look so fine and not be a piece of a fantasy. The way your hips moved, your soft skin, your smile, your legs... there was no way you were real.
But then, you locked eyes and sent a wink his way. That's when Fez knew you were real.
Fez sat straighter on the couch, wetting his lips as his blue eyes trailed over your body from head to toe, and back again to your face, holding eye contact to make it clear that you had his attention.
Every single one of your movements was with the purpose of teasing him, the way you moved your hips, bit your lip and threw your head back were enough to send Fez's mind to the gutter.
"Hey man, can I get..." He heard the customer, but couldn't care less. Why now and not earlier? "Man? Hey."
Fezco removed his attention from you and placed it in his drink client, who could barely speak.
When you noticed Fezco was distracted, you felt a little discouraged. You were showing him your best dance moves and it still hadn't been enough to make him stand up and walk to you.
You weren't exactly proud of the tactic you were about to follow, but truth is, you were horny as fuck and needed Fez. And you knew for a fact that this would get a reaction out of him.
Still dancing with Maddy, you turned your back to Fezco and shrugged, a little down. Her brows furrowed in confusion, but then she looked over your shoulder to where Fez sat, talking with a dude, and quickly caught up.
In no time, Maddy pulled the boy in, so you three were dancing. Although the boy kept getting closer and closer to you, placing a hand on your lower back, sliding it to your waist, you removed it from your body and took a step back.
After some seconds, you turned your back to them, locking eyes with Fezco.
Now you've done it.
That's the first thing that crossed your mind as soon as you saw his expression. Furrowed brows, locked jaw, tense shoulders, and his eyes burning holes in your skin.
The boy pulled you closer to him and Maddy, getting in between you two, his hands getting dangerously close to the edge of your dress, and even though you tried to sneak away, his hold was firm.
That was Fezco's last straw.
You saw your boyfriend stand up from the couch, and couldn't help but feel a little excited. His eyes were fixed on you as he made his way through the dancing crowd to where you stood.
Slowly, you inched away from Maddy and the boy, pushing his hand away from you for the last time.
Once Fezco was in front of you, you looked up at him and gifted him the most innocent smile you could give.
"Hey baby."
Fezco didn't verbally reply, he just clicked his tongue in annoyance.
Fez placed a hand on your hip and quickly spun you around, pressing his chest against your back, all while you kept moving your hips to the beat.
His strong hold had your knees weak in wanting, but now that you had him, you wanted to enjoy it a little longer, it's not often when Fez decides to join you in the dance floor.
You threw your arms up in the air, completely getting lost in the music and letting your hips move freely, and yes, against Fez's body too.
Thinking 'fuck it', Fez placed his other hand on your hip and pulled you even closer to him, so his dick would be pressed against your ass as you danced.
And just like that, what seemed to be just a dance, turned into a teasing game.
You were grinding on him, and Fez was shamelessly grinding on you too, making sure you felt how hard he was from all this little game you had going on.
Lost in the music, you threw your head back, placing it on Fez's chest/shoulder, closing your eyes and enjoying the moment.
You couldn't see it, but Fez was smirking. You'd just placed yourself in a silver plate for him to do his bidding— and you didn't even know it.
As soon as you felt Fez's lips on your neck, you opened your eyes, your hips stopped moving for a few seconds too.
Knowing what he was up to, you didn't let him know how turned on that got you, instead you just kept grinding on him, feeling him leaving a trail of kisses from where your shoulder met your neck and up to your jaw.
No shame at all.
Fezco and you had never been the type of couple to show PDA, it was mostly small kisses, or you sitting on his lap if you were feeling bold.
Which explains why when your eyes found Maddy's, she looked genuinely shocked at the scene. You simply shrugged slightly, placing your hand on the back of Fezco's head as Maddy gave you a thumbs up and mouthed 'catch that dick!'
It didn't take long for him to notice you were distracted, and for sure, he wanted all your attention back to him.
He knew your weak spots like the back of his hand. So he quickly pressed his lips against the sweet spot on your neck and sucked, bit slightly and then ran his tongue over it, making sure to leave a hickey.
That made you gasp and almost moan, pressing your body impossibly closer to his, his hand sliding down your body, caressing your leg and toying with the hem of your dress; his other hand pushed your hips back, as he moved his to the front.
"You wanted my attention," he said directly in your ear. "Can you keep up with it, ma?"
You felt a tug on your lower stomach, basically, your pussy in distress cause of how badly you needed Fez.
You turned around to face your boyfriend, your lips crashing with his immediately, both of his hands were back on your hips, your arms around his neck.
Tumblr media
You didn't know you had that in you, the ability to drive Fez crazy like that. From that kiss, things had gotten more heated, Fez proposed going to the bathroom for some relief; but you denied, only to start grinding on him again.
When he was sure that he was going to explode, Fezco asked/ordered you to go home with him, and you said yes, knowing that you two would probably fuck to sleep once you made it back to his place.
But oh boy... no one said it would be easy.
On the drive back home, you attempted to sneak a hand in his pants, but he moved your hand away rather harshly. He wasn't even looking at you, which meant he was mad. Really mad.
His hand was still on your thigh, though. It moved high enough to make you squirm, but Fez always moved it away just when it seemed like he would just give in.
Once back at home, he still didn't talk. He just sat down on the edge of the bed and lit a blunt, acting like you weren't even there.
It was all part of his little game, you knew, and you fully intended to play along; Ashtray wasn't home, so you didn't have to worry about the noise.
You walked to the bed and sat next to him, staring at the wall, letting the silence settle down.
You'd been almost shy, inching closer to him. He didn't move away, so it was a good sign. Slowly, you started kissing his neck, taking your time.
A groan wanted to escape his lips, but he was too stubborn to let it out. Instead he played it off by placing one hand on the mattress.
Your lips were restless as you moved closer, kissing along his neck, up his jaw and straight to his lips. Fezco immediately kissed you back, removing the hand from the mattress and placing it on your hip, holding the blunt with the other.
He bit your lower lip, making you open your mouth enough so he could slip his tongue in, his hand lowering to your ass, while you held onto his shoulder as your other hand slipped under his shirt.
Blindly, he put the blunt on the ashtray placed in his night table, hurrying to put both hands on your ass, pulling you closer to him, swallowing down your moan.
Still kissing him like your life depended on it, you found the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, Fez complied by taking his shirt off, his lips going back to yours immediately.
Sneakily, he began to slide his hand between your bodies, his fingers rubbing your clit just enough to make you squirm on top of him.
Hoping this would be it, you quickly stood up, Fezco sneaked his hands under your dress and pulled your panties down your legs, throwing them across the room, letting his hands slide up your legs, pushing your dress up.
You felt almost vulnerable under his hot stare, his blue eyes were nearly black with lust, and his jaw was so clenched you thought his teeth would crack.
Leaning down, your hands moved to his jeans, and you were trying to pop the button open when he moved your hands away. You tried again and he moved your hands away again.
You raised an eyebrow, not understanding the game. His hands were still roaming over your legs, softly though. His eyes were dark with lust and his dick was clearly hard. What was he playing at?
Fez pulled you down so you straddled his clothed thigh, letting you know what he wanted you to do. "Go on."
Knowing it could lead to an endless amount of teasing, you stood up and raised an eyebrow at him, testing him.
"You wanted to play dirty back there? Teasin me and shit?" he questions, pulling you back down on his thigh. "I know how to play too, mamas."
"Fez," you said softly. "Please..."
"Please what? Get off on my thigh, since you so good at grindin' and shit."
The way he spoke had you weak as hell, biting your lip and all, he gave you a small smirk, as a way to let you know he wasn't that mad, just wanted to fuck with you, in every sense.
You began to move your hips against his thigh slowly, mostly doing a show for him. Fezco picked up his blunt from the ashtray and took a drag from it, his blue eyes trailing over your body.
It was obvious that you were just playing around; Fez didn't like that. He tensed his thigh and began bouncing his leg up and down, getting a couple of moans out of you immediately.
"Go on," he encouraged you, using the hand on your hip to guide you. "I ain't gonna do nothing else to you ‘till you cum on my thigh."
"But Fez..."
"Actin like a brat and shi'? You get treated like a brat."
He was gonna be the death of you.
Now you really started riding his thigh in search for your own pleasure, and to Fez, that was the real show. He relaxed and leaned back, still using his hand on your hip to guide your movements, but mainly focusing on your pussy grinding against his thigh, and the way your tits bounced on the confines of your dress.
With how turned on you were, it didn't take long. You placed a hand on his shoulder for support and moved your hips until you finally reached your orgasm, Fez helping by bouncing his leg.
Time seemed to stop as you came down from your high, Fez being nice enough to let you get back to normal.
He put out his blunt on the ashtray, both of his hands on your hips now, his eyes trailing over your face and body.
"You did so good," he praised you, his voice low. "so good..."
Out of nowhere, he wrapped an arm around you and turned you both around, pushing you down to the bed as he towered over you.
And that's when he lost all his composure, pretending to be mad at you and restraining himself from touching you wasn't working for him any more.
The kiss was intense, heated, and lustful. He nearly ripped the dress away from your body, desperate to feel your skin against his. You felt like you were melting into the kiss, barely knowing what to do with yourself other than kissing him back.
His lips moved down to your neck, your clavicle, the valley of your breasts, and even lower, all over your belly, the top of your thighs, your inner thighs, kissing his way up desperately.
And as much as you loved when he went down on you, you needed him inside you now.
"Fez, I need you now, please." you begged, your hand softly pressed against his back.
That was all he needed. Fez took off his jeans and boxers at once, getting on top of you quickly, kissing the hell out of you again, entering you with a single thrust.
"Oh fuck..." you moaned, clenching at the feeling of Fez filling you up so perfectly.
"You so tight," he mumbled in your ear as he started to thrust deep and slow. "you feel so good, baby."
You couldn't even speak, he was just moving so fucking good that only moans and whimpers left your lips. He placed his hand on the leg you had wrapped around his waist, moving it higher so he could lean in more; getting a new angle.
“Fuck, fuck…” your hand trailed down his back, you were probably scratching his back, but he didn’t mind. He never did. “Just like that, Fez.”
He stopped after a couple thrusts more. You moved away to try and look at his face, but he didn’t even let you, as soon as you moved back, he pulled out, and used the grip he had on your hips to turn you around.
The strength that man has is underrated.
He thrust back in and in no time, found a rhythm good enough to have you moaning his name like a prayer. He hit the spot with every thrust, with a hand on your hip, the other one he used to wrap it around your neck and press your back against his chest.
“I’m gonna cu—“
“Nah you ain’t, hold it.” he said firmly, making his pace faster.
He could be such a teasing bastard sometimes.
He kept up the relentless pace for a while, his hand sliding down between your legs, rubbing on your clit. He was doing every single thing he knew drove you insane, and yet, he said you couldn’t cum yet, not until he said so.
Fez really isn’t half as innocent as he looks.
“Cum.” he all but ordered with a hoarse voice. “Go on, princess.”
As if your release had been literally waiting for confirmation, it washed over you like a wave of pleasure, making your legs shake and all your senses to just… not work. He fucked you dumb. Literally. Fezco’s release followed shortly, accompanied by a hoarse groan of his.
You fell to the bed, utterly spent, and Fezco carefully pulled out and laid next to you, tiredly admiring you.
“Didn’t know you had that in you.” you said with an amused smile.
“Me neither,” he chuckled, brushing some strands of hair away from your face. “Got what you wanted?”
“Good, I want my girl happy,” he said with a lazy smile. “Even if she acts like a fuckin’ brat.”
Jokes aside, you knew he meant that. All these little games where part of your relationship, and at the end of the day, Fezco loved you as much as you loved him.
Although, you made a mental note to tease him more often, especially if it lead to nights like this one.
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bubblegumspacebxtch · 5 months ago
Keep It Quiet
Tumblr media
A/N: so it was only a matter of time before I indulged myself and made a smutty imagine for Fez so here's that. this is just porn tbh because this man does things to me. hope ya'll enjoy
warnings || 18+ smut, minors DNI, oral (f), fingering (f), dirty talk, praise kink, gagging (with panties and fingers), unprotected sex, squirting, creampie
"Fez please," you mewled. Your hand at the back of his head as you lightly scratched his scalp. He kisses down your chest, the rough pads of his fingers were a stark contrast to your delicate tits as he squeezed them. Fezco loved how soft you were. Always so warm whenever he held you. You were driving him crazy the whole day. Walking around in your little sundress, the back of your exposed thighs made him go feral, the overwhelming want to have you sit on his face becoming too much. He could go down on you for hours, but right now, he needed you to be quiet. "Don't be too loud, baby," he whispered to your stomach, before kissing either side of your hips. You squirmed at that.
You knew you couldn't make much noise with Ash just in the other room, but Fezco's mouth wasn't where you needed him. You felt his fingers pull at the waistband of your panties before snapping it back in place, teasing you. You moaned. God, he was being a smug asshole right now, smiling as he watches you clench your thighs to relieve some of the pressure. "You real wet down there, baby?" He peers up at you through his lashes, his eyes darker than they usually are.
After a second you nod, your eyes closing as you feel him drag your panties down your legs. You bend your knees to help him strip you completely. He tossed the drench material somewhere else in the bed before placing his strong hands on each of your knees, spreading your legs and exposing your pussy to him. Fuck, he really has no fucking clue what he did to deserve you. However hard life was to him, you being in it made it all worth everything.
You try to force your legs shut again with the heat of Fezco's stare making you suddenly feel all shy and shit. "It's okay baby. Just wanna get a look at ya," you let him part your legs again, exposing your cunt to the cold air of the room. Fez brings his thumb to part your folds, spreading your lips which made you whine at the contact. "Fez please, no more teasing." He only smirked at that, enjoying the view of you sprawled naked on his bed. He's a bastard for making you beg.
You felt him pull away to stand. You watch him undress at the foot of the bed, leaving only his chain. One of his hands is wrapped around his cock, his tip red and leaking. You watch him pump his throbbing length before getting back on the bed and settling once again between your wide-spread legs. “Oh fuck,” Fez breathes, his face coming close to your glistening folds. “Look how fucking wet you are for me,” he rasps, the gentleness of his tone only causing you to bite your lip. A moan gets caught in your throat as he buries his face in your heat. You let out a small 'fuck' as you try your best not to close around his head. His long licks have you arching your back off the bed.
Fez watches you while he laps up your slick, dipping his tongue into you. It wasn't until he wrapped his lips around your little clit and started sucking that you let out a small scream, prompting you to cover your mouth with your hand. "Can't fucking keep quiet, can ya?" Fez takes his hot mouth off your pussy, replacing it with a thick finger. With his other hand, he grabbed your panties from the corner of the bed. He meets your face to kiss you. You taste yourself off of him, and you moan. When Fez pulls away, he stuffs your panties in your mouth. He smirks at you before going back between your legs.
Fez flattens his tongue over your cunt. You squeal through your gag as he continues slurping up your juices. You feel a familiar pressure spread in your belly, and by now Fez has his facial hair soaked. "Cum on my face, Y/N. C'mon." He starts fingering you, curling his digits to hit that patch within you. You let out a muffled scream as you squirt out against his awaiting mouth. You hear Fez groan before licking you clean, raising his head to watch your chest breathe in and out deep.
He meets your face again to take your panties out of your mouth. "You did so good," he mumbles as he kisses you. Fez then moves to kneel on the bed, grabbing your shaking legs in each hand and shoving them back to bend your knees. He runs his cock up and down your slit, watching your eyes roll back. Fez lines himself up with you before sinking in. You gasp at the stretch. His cock stretching you good. He hooks his arms under your legs to open you up even more to him before pounding into you. He thrusts into you, his tip going so far that your mind goes blank and you go dumb on his cock.
"Look at you," Fez groaned. "So fucking pretty under me." You whimpered at that, unable to do anything but moan his name. A particularly deep thrust of his had you crying out, making him stuff his fingers in your mouth. The way you were clenching around his cock told him you were close. He took his fingers out of your mouth to rub them harshly on your clit. You caught your mouth in your hand before you let out a scream. He was fucking you so good you swear you might pass out.
Your release hits suddenly, and Fez fucks you through it, before following soon after. He came with a groan, chest vibrating as his cum pours into you. Fez thrusts a few more times causing you to mewl because you're so sensitive, pussy tingling. He pulls out with a groan, watching his cum leak out of you. You don’t know how long he stares between your thighs as you try to catch your breath. You meet his gaze a few minutes later and give him a tired smile. Fez returns it, crawling over to kiss you again.
"Lemme get something to clean you up," you watch him put his boxers on before heading to the bathroom. Fez returned a moment later with a cloth, using it to wipe between your thighs. You gasped as he brushed over your sensitive clit. “My bad, baby," he apologized. You only hummed in response as you felt your eyes get heavy with sleep. You felt yourself drifting off as Fez pulls you to his chest, his heart thumping beneath your head. "Get some rest, Y/N," Fez mumbled before kissing your head.
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fezcossidepiece · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My bae in prison rn he kill ppl 🤦🏽‍♀️🥰😂👎🏽
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lovebugism · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kaaliyahrogers · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This, Rue may have just lost two very good friends in her life. Also love how Fez and Lexi’s scene always end up paralleling somehow, omg
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