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Mixed Drinks and Smoke Rings 15: You Got A Friend In Me.
Tumblr media
Chapter Fifteen: You Got A Friend In Me
We are the reckless, We are the wild youth, Chasing visions of our futures, One day, we’ll reveal the truth, That one will die before he gets there.
Summary: New to town, you didn’t need a friend, you needed a dealer. Thankfully, a girl from your Narcotics Anonymous meetings knew just the guy.
Characters: Fezco (euphoria) x Non-descriptive Reader
Words: 4,017
Chapter Warnings: Drug use, abusive relationships, mentions of attempted suicide, mentions of mental illness, crude terms in regards to mental illness, gross exes, jealous bitches, no appearance from fez in this but our man is back soon, majority of this is unedited so i apologize for any errors 
Series Warnings: Addiction, sexual themes, cursing, abuse (various), smut, drug use, teenagers being fucking idiots. 18+ only, minors DNI
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Next Chapter: coming soon
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Tumblr media
The days that followed Mouse's death all blurred together, and you felt as if you had lost any concept of time.
Being on winter break didn't help, and you found yourself awake all night, partying with Rue, and getting high, before passing out and waking up the next afternoon, only to start the cycle again.
Fez hadn't tried to call you, but he had sent a single text. A simple 'I'm sorry' that you didn't think merited a response. He was sorry? Well, good. That night was a hard one, causing you to trip badly, and Rue spent the night holding you until you eventually cried yourself to sleep.
Rue's emergency stash dwindled quickly, and you'd promised her that you'd buy a few extra pills at Devon's to pay her back. You still had a little money stored away that some relatives had sent on your last birthday, and what better to put it towards, if not a great night out with a friend.
You were led on Rue's bed, ignoring the sheer audacity that you had, doing drugs and staying at the house of a woman who had previously questioned whether your friendship was good for her daughter.
Unable to hold it in, you released a giggle, turning until you were upside down on her bed, head grazing the floor as you watched her slowly dance around the room. 
A knock came from Rue's door, leaving her to quickly dart toward her bed, jumping on it and nearly sending you off, both of you giggling again. 
"Come in!" Rue managed to get out, opening a book in front of her.
Leslie stood in the doorway, observing the situation. She wasn't sure what had got into Rue as of late, but she at least seemed happier. She couldn't remember the last time she'd heard her daughter actually giggle.
"Everything good in here, girls?"
You lifted your head, accepting Rue's helping hand to pull you up the rest of the way, "Yeah... Yeah. Sorry if we're being too loud, Ms. Bennett."
Leslie pressed her lips together, watching as her daughter skimmed through a book before placing her face into it, "Why are we even doing the reading? It's so boring..."
"Because we have a pop quiz the first week we're back, and Mr Richards is an asshole." You told her simply, turning the page of your book.
Leslie couldn't help but smile, watching as her daughter sighed, but pulled her head up, continuing to read, "You staying tonight?"
Part of you felt bad, wondering if you were putting them out. But Leslie never seemed to worry, in fact, she had offered a few times. You wondered if maybe Rue had mentioned your father to her, but the thought quickly slipped your mind,
"If that's alright with you?" 
Sending you a smile, Leslie nodded, "Sure thing. Dinner will be ready in about half hour."
Before she could close the door properly, she stuck her head back in, calling your name, "You can call me Leslie."
You grinned, even after she closed the door.
"You can call me Leslie," Rue mimicked, prolonging her mother's name and making kissing noises at you. 
Giving her a shove, you scrunched your nose, "Don't be gross, Rue. That's your Mom."
"Oh, I know that. I just wanted to make sure you did, too."
Giving her another shove, you had to quickly catch her before she fell onto the floor, causing you both to giggle again.
After dinner, you sat watching a film with both Gia and Leslie, curled under a blanket with Rue. Your brain was barely able to keep up with the plot line, feeling yourself coming down. Rue had passed out not even twenty minutes into the film, snoring every now and then as she rested on your shoulder.
You pulled out your phone, ignoring the fact that you hadn't heard anything from your father -- or Fez -- despite not being home for several days, and you'd found yourself living out of Rue's wardrobe.
"I hope you don't mind, but I was grabbing Rue's washing this morning, and I found a white dress that I can only assume is yours. It had a red stain down the front, but I wasn't sure if you wanted it washed. Kinda looked expensive..."
You turned to face Leslie, eyebrows high as you took in her words. The last time someone had done your washing was before your mother left, and for some silly reason, the sentiment had you choked up.
"Oh, I uh... I spilled ketchup down myself after the formal. Burgers and white dresses really don't go hand-in-hand. But uh, no that's fine. I'll be heading home tomorrow anyway, so I'll just chuck it in with everything else."
Leslie nodded before placing a soft kiss to Gia's head and returning her gaze to the TV.
Trying your best to inconspicuously look around the room at each Bennett woman, your heart felt bruised. Although you knew Rue's family wasn't perfect, and a member was missing, you still felt your heart tug for something you missed, something you longed for.
You were certain if you just followed the path that your yearning heart tried to pull you down, eventually it would lead you to wherever your mother was. So you could lay in her arms as she pressed a soft kiss to your forehead as a film played on in the background.
But your mother never really was a very affectionate person. Even when she was there, she wasn't really there.
Turning your attention back to the TV, you tried to blink away the tears that were fighting their way out.
Tumblr media
The music was thumping so loudly that the floors were shaking a little. You had absolutely no idea whose party this was, just that Devon had text you the address telling you he could find you there.
So, you and Rue hopped on the train making your way back to your old hometown.
"We'll never find him, this place is fucking huge," Rue's eyes were round as she glanced around the ridiculous-sized kitchen. You knew by the time she'd see the pool, you'd be propping her chin back up so she didn't catch flies.
Houses in this gated neighborhood were basically mini-mansions. You should know, after all you’d spent enough time at Liam's house. Big houses filled with lots of expensive furniture that they hoped would fill the void in their sad, lonely lives. Your parents did the exact same thing.
Except now, your father tried to fill that void with alcohol.
Ignoring the slew of wide-eyed glances thrown your way, you pulled Rue through the throng of people that were loitering around, chatting as they poured themselves a drink from whoever’s parent's very expensive whiskey collection.
"Why do people keep staring at you?" Rue asked obliviously.
Rolling your eyes before sending a sharp glare at a group of teens -- all quickly turning their backs, pretending they hadn't been gossiping about you -- you huffed out a sigh before grabbing two cups and filling them with whatever you could find.
Rue gracefully accepted the drink, but wrinkled her nose when the taste hit her tongue, "Shit, rich people really got no taste."
"It's for display, mainly. They sit swinging their dicks around over who has the oldest bottles."
"That's... Fucking weird, actually."
You shrugged, taking your own sip before resuming your search for your old dealer.
"If this was Fez, we'd just have to find a couch." Rue mumbled, losing both her patience, and any tact that she had.
You grimaced at his name before taking a deep breath, "Maybe he's outside."
After managing to find him, surrounded by a group of girls as he always was, you practically ran to him, the thrill of knowing you were about to get your next high forcing you forward.
"Well shit, didn't think I'd be seeing you again so soon."
His deep voice caused a smile to crawl onto your face as he shooed away the girls that surrounded him, all except the girl who was sat on his lap.
"Who's that?" His dark eyes were set on Rue, watching carefully as she looked anywhere but him, arms rubbing her arms.
"Oh, uh. This is Rue, a friend from school."
"You lookin' a little nervous, baby."
Rue's head snapped up at the nickname, eyes boring into the side of your face, but you barely paid attention, "She's fine, Devon. We just wanna get what we came here for, and go."
"How you doin' tonight, Rue?"
Shrugging her shoulders, Rue continued to look around the garden, "I'm fine."
"Devon, c'mon. Don't be a dick."
His attention snapped back to you as you crossed your arms, pushing your breasts together. Men could be very, very simple and -- lucky for you -- easily distracted.
"Fine. What can I interest you in tonight, ladies?"
Tumblr media
With the drugs in your pocket, you were rushing toward the door when a shrill voice from the crowd stopped you in your tracks,
"Oh my god, is that really you?"
Rue almost ran into the back of you, her face screwing up in confusion. Before she could ask why you'd stopped, a girl pushed her way in between you, pulling you into an uncomfortable hug.
"I can't believe it. You know, we thought you'd like, died or something. Liam should-"
"Jen, hi. We were uh, we were just heading out. Bit of a rush, sorry."
You tried to pull Rue to your side, but Jen stepped in front of you before you could step forward.
"Oh, c'mon! We haven't seen you in forever. It'd be good to catch up. We all really missed you."
Lying bitch, you thought silently, trying not to allow the memories of her sneaking off with your ex-boyfriend to infiltrate your mind.
"I'd love to, but really, we need to catch our train..." Rue was beginning to get antsy, and you felt like the drugs were burning a hole in your pocket. At this rate, you'd both be sniffing off the sidewalk.
"We got some pills earlier, you should totally stay and hang out for a bit!"
A single brow raised as you turned toward Rue, her eyes darting to yours as a devilish smile broke out across her face. 
If there was one thing better than drugs, it was free drugs.
Jen let out a squeal once you'd agreed, pulling you into another hug before she ushered you both along towards where your old friends sat.
After a chorus of 'Oh shit's and 'I can't believe it's you's, you finally sat down, Rue remaining close to you like a shadow, and you could only be grateful.
"So, where have you been? We haven't seen you since... Well, you know."
"Oh my God, Jake, shut up. I'm sure she doesn't want to relive that.”
You swallowed thickly, feeling Rue's knee knock yours as she insistently bounced her leg. You had honestly never been so thankful that Jen couldn't go more than 30 seconds without making the conversation about herself than when she changed the subject, talking about her Christmas plans to fly out to Colorado to ski with her family.
Gnawing your bottom lip, you wondered if Ash's invitation still stood now that you and Fez weren't exactly on speaking terms. Could you even sit across him at the table in his own house after the things he said to you? Did you even want to anymore?
You attention turned toward a guy you'd never seen before as he opened up a small baggy and began to crush up the pills, ignoring Jen's drivle of why she prefers Aspen to Vail -- apparently the instructors were hotter there -- and separated the first line, looking toward you as he gestured for you to take it.
Certain that Rue's leg was going to eventually break off from her body and run on it's own, you nudged her, allowing her to take the first hit. It wasn't long before almost everyone had snorted a line and your body finally started to relax.
Rue had pushed herself back on the couch, lazily bobbing her head to the music as the group tried updated you on the town's gossip, but Jen barely took a breath between sentences, and you were too high to keep up.
"Getting the party started without me? Man, I'm crushed. Heartbroken, really."
Your body froze, a breath stuck in your lung as you willed this to be some fucked up, bad trip, but the greetings from the group forced you to face the hard fact that this was really happening. This was your reality. If only you'd left earlier, if only Jen hadn't found you when she did. If only...
"Holy shit, Liam, look who finally came back. It's like nothing changed." Jen laughed, standing up to pull the boy into a tight embrace.
His brows pulled together as he looked around the group, all color draining from his face as your eyes met.
Jen pushed him toward a chair, and he collapsed down in it without much of a fight before she climbed onto his lap, placing a kiss on his slightly ajar mouth.
Turning to you, she released a high-pitched giggle, "Well, not nothing I guess."
Smiling triumphantly, she returned her attention to Liam and turned his face when she realized his eyes were still on yours, "Baby, c'mon, we saved you a line."
Rue's eyes darted between you and Liam, and if she were more sober, she'd of had the sense to get you out of there. Hell, if you were more sober, you'd of dragged your damn self out of there.
But neither of you were, so you remained sitting as you forced your lungs to work as they'd seemingly lost all autonomy.
"I hope this isn't awkward for you." Jen's eyebrows pinched together, but her tone was nothing less than patronizing.
If you weren't in shock, you would've backhanded her into next week. Instead, you quickly shook your head and peeled your eyes away from the boy who had colossally fucked up your life.
At least, partially.
"It's been a couple of months now, but we're still in the honeymoon phase, right baby?"
Liam grunted, using the excuse of snorting his line to slide her off his lap before finally addressing you,
"You look good."
Jen's smile faltered for a moment, before becoming much more malicious. Turning her attention to Rue, she cleared her throat in an attempt to garner her attention, "So, Rue. How long have you two known each other?"
As usual, Rue shrugged, waving a hand around in the air aimlessly, "I dunno, couple of months."
"So I guess she told you why she left our old school, right?"
"Jen, can you go get me another drink."
Liam handed her his empty cup, and you almost cracked a smile when her lips pressed into a thin line, cheeks tight as she forced a smile in his direction, "Oh. Of course."
Knowing he didn't have much time before the girl returned, Liam's eyes bore into your, "How have you been?"
You wanted to roll your eyes, throw your drink at him, even ignoring him would've been better than the weak 'Fine, thanks' that escaped you.
Nodding, he took the card from his friend, cutting another line as he continued, "How have things been with... You know. Everything."
The last time you'd seen him look this vulnerable was when you were first dating, and he seemed almost scared that he'd harm a single hair on your head. It no longer made your heart skip a beat, instead, you felt it sink into your gut.
Rue turned her attention to you when you didn't reply, "Everything alright?"
"We got what we need... I think we should go."
Rue wanted to argue, but one look at your bouncing leg changed her mind. Nodding, she pushed herself up off the chair, holding your hand to help you up.
"Hey, c'mon, you haven't got to leave-"
"Yeah, we haven't even caught up yet." Jen smirked, returning with Liam's drink, glaring when he ignored her attempt of handing it to him.
Standing up, Liam followed you a few steps before placing his arm on your elbow, trying to stop you. Spinning around on the spot, you yanked your arm from his grip, sending him a disgusted look, "Don't you dare touch me."
Jealously coursed through Jen's veins as she pushed herself between you both, any slither of friendliness gone, "Don't you dare talk to him like that. Who the fuck do you think you are?"
She pushed you back a little, shoving you into Rue, who had no idea what was going on, "Who the fuck are you, bitch."
Making her way around you, Rue pressed herself against Jen using her height to her advantage. Rue might not be much of a fighter, but she was definitely protective.
Grabbing her arm, you pulled her back, "C'mon, Rue. This isn't worth it. Let's just leave, please."
"What a good idea. Let the trash take itself out."
"Jen, for fuck sake, stop." Liam pushed the girl away from him, causing her to send him a dirty look.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that crazy bitch was a kink of yours. Maybe she'll let you join her junkie friend and her next time-"
Your blood was boiling, and all you could hear after the sound of your palm hitting Jen's cheek was the blood rushing around your head. Everyone remained silent for a moment, unsure of what to do.
With her hand pressed to her face, Jen's lip wobbled slightly as she turned her head back to you, "You think a psych ward was bad? You'll go to prison for this, bitch."
Your chest heaved as she walked away. Sure, Jen's family had money, but her threat didn't worry you in the slightest. Her words, however, made you begin to hyperventilate. Turning on your heel, you marched through the party, only stopping once you felt the cold night air hit your skin.
"Glad to see your taste in friends has improved."
Rue linked her arm through yours, gently tugging you along to make your way back to the station, hoping to catch the next train home.
Tumblr media
The Bennett household was silent by the time you'd crawled into Rue's bed. You should've probably felt bad about spending so much time here, but after tonight you didn't want to be alone. As if she could read your mind, Rue didn't even bring it up as she led you toward her house.
"I have a question," She said into the darkness, not wanting to push you, but curiosity always led her astray, "What did that girl mean? You were in a hospital? Did you overdose?"
Biting at your bottom lip for a moment, you wondered if you could successfully convince her you were already asleep. But it didn't really feel fair. She'd been open enough with you, and over the past few weeks, you'd become a lot closer than you thought possible, bonding over more than just your addictions.
Taking a deep breath, you felt her wrap an arm around your waist as she rested her forehead against you, gently reassuring you, "No, not an overdose."
"Did it have something to do with why you came to town?"
You swallowed the lump in your throat, trying to keep your tears at bay. You hadn't spoken a word to anyone about the time between your schools and what led to your move to East Highland. And now you didn't have Fez to share that with, maybe Rue was the next best person.
Tumblr media
"Liam, c'mon. This is fucking stupid, just admit it!"
Following him up the stairwell, you didn't want to confess that you were scared to lose him, but you couldn't carry on pretending that you didn't see him sneaking off at parties with other girls.
Pushing the heavy door open, he stalked onto the roof, pacing around, "You're fucking crazy, you know that?"
"I've seen you, Liam. Everyone has seen you. It's fucking embarrassing, all of our friends know-"
"What's fucking embarrassing, is having this conversation with you. What I do, is my fuckin' business and you have no fuckin' right to scream at me and accuse me of-"
"You aren't exactly hiding it! Fucking Hell, I'm sure if she thought she could get me out of the way, Jen would tell me herself what was happening."
Grabbing your face in his hand, Liam leaned in close, "Jen is a fucking slut, alright? She'd do anything, with anyone, for a bit of attention. She's just trying to get a reaction out of you, and clearly, it's fucking working."
"I saw you, Liam. I'm not blind, and I'm not fucking stupid, alright? I saw you both. Fuck, you don't even try to hide it."
"Do you blame me? Look at you, look how you're fucking acting. You're an embarrassment."
Pushing his chest, you tried to shove him off your face, which only led to him grabbing your arm, pushing his face into yours, "We all know you're not gonna leave me, so what is the fucking point of this argument?"
He was right, you had no intentions of leaving him when you'd first brought up the subject of him sneaking off during parties, and the fact he'd walked into lunch with Jen, both looking a little disheveled. 
"You're a fucking asshole, Liam. A fucking-"
"You think I give a shit? I can be whatever the fuck I want, and not a God damned person is gonna stop me. You can't handle what I do? Then fine, fuck off. You're not exactly irreplaceable, baby. There's a hundred other girls at this school alone who would jump at the chance to ride my dick. You could kill yourself tonight and not a single fuckin' person would give a shit. You're not fuckin' special, understand?"
Tears were flowing, blurring your eyesight as you sobbed. Liam knew how fucked up you'd been since your mother left, and with how he was acting, your father may as well have packed a bag and fucked off too. Liam knew exactly how to fuck with your weakness.
You shoved him again, yanking your arm free from his grip. Between the force of your pull, and the lack of visibility, you felt yourself wobble, not aware of how close you were to the edge.
"What a piece of shit," Rue mumbled into your back, her arm holding you tight.
"A part of me can't blame him for it, I mean, I was a fucking mess and not all of my problems were because of him."
Scoffing, you felt Rue shake her head behind you, "Yeah, but he didn't fucking help. What happened after?"
"I woke up in hospital. They said even though it wasn't too big of a fall, I was lucky I wasn't badly injured. Apparently, Liam had told the police that he had ended things with me because he'd just found out about my drug habits. I went psycho and threatened to kill myself before jumping. The hospital confirmed I had drugs in my system, and with everything going on at home... They believed him. They sectioned me on a 5150 before sending me to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks. NA is part of my outpatient treatment."
"And he got away with it? None of your friends said anything?"
You couldn't hold the laugh in, wiping the stray tears that had begun to fall, "He's a rich, white, American man. Nobody questioned it. And they weren't my friends, they were his. They weren't going to incriminate him, or themselves like that."
"I fucking hate this place," Rue sighed as you shifted, snuggling your face into the pillow, "I fucking hate him."
"He's my own Nate Jacobs," You joked, voice void of any humor.
You weren't sure how long you laid in Rue's bed as she quietly snored away behind you, silently wiping away the tears that didn't seem to stop.
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don’t touch my girl- Fezco x Reader
summary: you get roped in into a drug deal
wc: 2,514
warning: cursing, guns, nakedness, drug use/description
a/n: now this one i’m a bit proud of😂 lmk if you like and if you wanna tagged in any future fez content ❤️ and as usual, happy reading🦋 
Tumblr media
Fezco is like a giant teddy bear. Whenever you’re alone he hugs you, cuddles you, gives you lots of kisses and tells you endlessly how much he loves you. In front of other drug dealers or just other people, he was very protective. If he saw any weird look or heard an inappropriate comment he went ballistic to defend you. If it was Rue or Jules, he didn’t do anything. Fezco knows how much love you all have for each other and he also knows that the girls would protect you, the same you’d protect them. 
You were currently in the back seat of his car, sitting next to high Rue as she rapped the song playing on the radio. Fez didn’t tell you where you were going and you’ve learned to stop asking questions. Rue snorted a line and kept rapping the words. The redhead looked at the back to see you looking out the window. She kept singing, some parts louder than others as all of you began to feel annoyed. 
“Yo, can you tell her to shut the fuck up?” Ashtray asked, looking at Fez. 
“Please.” You mumbled, rubbing your temple.
“Yeah, Rue, you gotta chill out back there for real.” Fez said calmly as he continued to drive. She turned to you and back to the front of the car. 
“Me and Ash gotta handle some serious business right now, so..”
“Yeah, for sure. No, I can do that.” Rue replied, leaning back on the seat. 
“I can just stay back here. It’s real comfy.” She slumped on the seat, stretching her arms to the side and bringing them over her head. 
Fez drove a bit more until he stopped in front of a closed gate. The gate opened to reveal the back lot of apartment buildings. The car came to a stop in front of a girl with plump lips and a guy with a broken nose. 
“Who the fuck is this bitch?” Fez mumbled, taking off his seatbelt before stepping outside. 
“Yo!” The guy shouted.
“Who the fuck is this, man?” He asked, closing the car door. You kept your eyes on him the whole time. 
Surprisingly, Rue stayed quiet next to you, watching everything unravel outside of the car. The girl outside waved shyly as the guy walked behind the car with Fez. Rue looked behind her and back to the floor as she began to fidget with her fingers. The girl walked towards the car and opened the backseat door, sitting next to Rue. You shifted a bit closer to the door, feeling uncomfortable. Fez came by the driver’s side door, leaning against it as he looked at you and Rue. 
“Ten, twenty minutes tops, all right? Y’all just please stay in the car.” He said as Ash got ready to get out of the car. You nodded in understanding. 
“No fucking funny business. Let’s go.” Fez said and nodded his head towards Ash. He opened the door and got out, following his brother inside the building which left you alone with the girls. 
“Hi, I’m Faye.” The blonde slurred looking at you and Rue. 
“Yo, fam, uh, Rue.” She replied, pushing her fist in front of the girl for a fist bump. 
“How ‘bout you?” Faye asked, leaning forward to look at you. You turned to her and stayed quiet before turning back to the window. 
“That’s Y/n.” Rue answered for you.
 “How’s your New Year’s going?” She continued.
“What?” Faye muttered in confusion. 
“New Year’s.” 
“It’s fucking New Year’s?” 
“I believe so.” Rue answers, looking at you and back at Faye. You stopped listening after that. Letting junkies talk to junkies as your mind drifted to Fez. Time was going extremely slow which made you nervous, knowing perfectly well how these meetings could end up. 
“Um.. I don’t think- I wouldn’t do that here.” Rue said as she tapped your thigh making you look towards the blonde to see her taking out a needle from a small box. 
“Woah, what the fuck?!” You exclaimed, causing her to roll her eyes at you.  
“It’s just heroin.” Faye replied calmly and placed the needle between her teeth. 
“No, I, I see that. But, maybe, like, I don’t know. I just feel like it isn’t… the best place to do that.” Rue tried to get her stop as you looked out the car window to see people peeking out their apartments, looking down at the car. 
“Faye, this isn’t the right place to do that.” You warned once again. 
“Listen, I fucking know what you are. You’re just a fuckin’ junkie-ass bitch, and you’re probably fucking eating that ginger’s ass for fuckin’ oxys or whatever the fuck you’re into.” She told Rue, really slowly. Faye lit up her lighter, passing it under the silver spoon until the substance began to bubble. 
“Yo, what the fuck are you doing? What, what the fuck?” Rue said desperately, looking around everywhere. 
“Faye, stop doing that shit!” You shouted as she lifted her leg over the passenger's seat. 
“Are you just putting that in there? What are you doing? Oh my god… okay.” Rue said as the blonde injected the needle in the top part of her thigh. 
“What the fuck are you doing?!” You asked completely in disbelief with what you were seeing. Rue kept talking as you covered the side of your face, not wanting to look at Faye’s privates that were slightly exposed. 
Suddenly, a pair of arms went under Faye’s arms, pushing out of the car, through the car window. You looked up in fear, Rue turned to you and was about to speak but a hand came from behind you, covering your mouth. You screamed against the hand as your body was pulled through the window and onto the ground where the person grabbed your waist. There were three men, carrying you and taking you to an apartment where Faye was thrown on the floor as Rue was pushed against a wall. 
You, on the other hand, were pushed towards Fez, who immediately caught you. Ash was standing next to Fez in silence and the guy from earlier was standing across from them, closer to Rue. One of the men hit the guy in the face as Fezco kept his hands on your hips, holding you close to him. You looked over Fez’s shoulder to see a lady sitting in a recliner. She turned her head towards your way and spoke. 
“Brucy.” She called out as the man, who just gave you all a dumb speech, walked towards slowly. You couldn’t understand what she said but the man came back pretty quickly. He turned on the small stereo on top of the microwave and walked to the middle of the room. 
“All right, check this out. All y’all, let’s get naked right fuckin’ now.” Bruce ordered, pointing at all of you. 
“Come on, man. Let’s go! Get naked right fucking now.” He shouted and Ash began to take his jacket off. 
“Except for you man, no one wants to see you naked.Yo, take his ass, put him in the closet.” He said stopping Ashtray from getting undressed before another man grabbed him and pushed him down the hall. 
“Yo, yo,come on now, y’all. Chill.” Fez said, seeing how aggressive they were. 
“Nobody, Nobody got no fuckin’ wire.” 
“Prove that shit. I don’t know who the fuck you are! For real!” Bruce shouted at his face, causing the redhead to put his hand behind him to keep you there. 
“Far as I’m concerned, you’re a fuckin’ cop!”
“Obviously, I’m not wearing a fucking wire. You paranoid-” Faye started but was quickly cut off by the man slamming her head back against the wall. Her boyfriend protested and got his head slammed as well before desperately taking his shirt off. Fezco followed, taking off his sweater and pushed you behind him. Faye took her top off, followed by her skirt. Your hands shook as your fingers went to the zipper of your dress, pushing it to make it pool at your ankles. You stood there behind Fez, only in your lace panties as Rue stayed frozen in place. 
Bruce randomly began to dance to the rhythm of the song as he moved around the room, watching as you all undressed. He saw you hiding behind Fez which annoyed the shit out of him because he stomped towards you and pulled your arm, taking you away from the red head. 
“Yo, chill! Don’t fucking touch her!” Fez shouted, walking towards Bruce but was quickly stopped by another man pointing his gun at him. Your arms immediately covered your chest as he pushed you against the kitchen counter. 
“Or what?!” Bruce shouted, causing you to flinch. 
“Don’t fuckin’ touch my girl!” Fezco yelled again, pointing his finger at the bald man who then looked down at you. 
“You stay here and don’t fucking move.” He said with gritted teeth as he grabbed your jaw tightly. You nodded and he threw your head back before moving back to the rest. 
Bruce continued to dance around the room as you stayed at your spot shaking in fear. You turned your head to Fez to catch him already staring. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Rue taking off her jacket before turning frozen again. Fezco tried mouthing some words to her but she refused to take off her clothes. Bruce came up next to her, muttering something before grabbing her hair and pulling her towards the hallway. 
“Yo, yo, hold on, man.” Fez started but was held back by a gun once again. 
“Rue!” You shouted, moving from your spot but another guy pulled you towards his chest, pressing a gun to your forehead. 
“Bruce told you stay right fucking there, slut!” He shouted in your ear as you flinched. 
“Don’t you fucking call her that!” Fezco shouted, moving slightly towards you as the gun pressed harder against his jaw and the guy let go of you. 
You were all moved into a line, standing next to each other in the kitchen. Fez grazed his pinkie across your thigh, attempting to calm you down. After almost a minute, Bruce came back down the hallway and then followed Rue. She was unharmed but drenched, holding a towel as her body shook in fear. 
The lady from the recliner walked in and Faye’s boyfriend seemed to know her. Her name was Laurie and apparently they were there so she could meet Fez. After the guy’s dumb introduction, she asked for Mouse and that situation was…. complicated. 
“You think I could, like, put my drawers on, and talk to you in the other room for a sec?” Fezco asked calmly, covering his dick with both hands. 
“Okay.” Laurie replied before moving back to the living room, to look at her fish tank. Fez moved toward his clothes and put on his boxers before throwing you your dress. You quickly put it back on and turned your back to Rue so she could zip you up. You stayed next to Rue as you tried to eavesdrop on the Fezco’s conversation.
“Mouse ain’t be comin’ around no more.” Fez started. 
“Why’s that?” Laurie questions with her eyes on the tank. 
“ ‘Cause I didn’t like the way he did business.” He muttered and turned his head to look at you. 
“Says the guy who brings a kid to a drug deal.” 
“That’s not a kid. That’s my business partner.” 
“Says the guy who brings a high school girl to a drug deal.” She said turning to face him. 
“That’s my family.” 
“She an addict?” 
“She might fuck around but.. nah.” He replied, shaking his head
“And who’s the other girl?” 
“My wife.” Fez replied almost immediately. 
“Oh, you're married?” 
“Nah but.. we will be someday.”  
“So you trust her?” Laurie asked, looking at his eyes in search of a lie. 
“With my life.” He said, turning his head back to you. They talked for a bit more as Faye and her boyfriend got dressed while another guy went to get Ash from the closet. Laurie walked out of the living room and unlocked a door as Fez walked over to you. 
“You okay?” He asked and you nodded as he cupped your cheeks.
“You sure? He didn't hurt you or anythin’ right?” 
“No, I’m okay. Just a bit shaken up.” You whispered and Fez leaned down, pecking your lips quickly before pulling you to his chest for a hug. 
“I’m sorry, baby, you shouldn't be in this shit.” He mumbled against your head. 
“No, Fezzy, it’s okay.” You began, parting from his chest. 
“No, it’s not. You could’ve gotten seriously hurt and I’d never forgive myself for that.” Fezco said, looking at you with worry. 
“But I’m okay. I promise I’m okay.” You answered one last time before Laurie called Fez over to a small room next to the kitchen. He pecked your forehead and moved to the small room, Ash following as Laurie opened the suitcase. 
There were drugs of every type in there. Pills, weed, powder, anything you could imagine. Ash handed Fez the cash and after that you left. Rue was in front with Ashtray as you walked next to Fez with his arm around your shoulders. He walked around the car and opened the backseat door for you to get on but stopped you. 
“You sure you okay?” He asked, holding your hands. 
“I’m fine.” You nodded. Fez smiled and pecked your lips before letting you get into the car. He drove out of there and the car ride to the party was quiet. 
The house was crowded as Fez pulled into the driveway. Rue and Ash piled out almost immediately which left you alone with Fez. You grabbed his hand to walk towards the house but he pulled you towards him. He leaned against the car and held your hips as your hands found his chest. 
“You gon be my New Year’s kiss?” Fezco asked with a smirk which made you smile. 
“Yeah, unless you wanna, I don't know, kiss someone else.” You shrugged, pretending like you were going to move away from him which caused to move his hands up to your waist. 
“Nah, ma. You gon be my fo’ever kiss.” 
“Yeah.. Ion wanna kiss anyone else.” He smirked and leaned down kissing you softly. Your hands moved to his neck, pushing his head closer to yours. Fezco swept his tongue over your bottom lip and you gave him immediate access. Your lips kept moving in sync as the space got a bit faster. 
“Uuuh, get it Y/n!” A voice shouted, making you part from the kiss to see Maddy smirking as she continued to follow Jules and Kat into the party. You and Fezco chuckled as a slight blush crept on both your cheeks. 
“We should, um…go inside.” You smiled. He nodded and held your hand, before walking towards the house. Little did you know that night was going to end up a bit bloody.
fezco taglist: @hansakind​ @idkimjusthereliving​ @romanogersendgame​ @black-fairy3​ @bracefacelaiiiaa​ 
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sageworld · 5 months ago
Telepatía • Fezco x Reader blurb
Tumblr media
“fezzy.” you moan out, pushing his head farther into your thighs. his tongue dipping in and out of your hole, his mustache brushing up against your clit. “oh fuck.” you cry out, your orgasm hitting hard. you try & pull away but his grip around your thick thighs is too strong.
“don’t fucking run.” he mumbles into your pussy. you feel like it’s all beginning to be to much. “i’ll tell you when i feel like you’ve have enough.” fez says, it’s like telepathy. “this is my fucking pussy, y/n. it ain’t yours, it’s mine. everything about you is mine. this pretty pussy, those pretty moans, this whole body & being is mine.” he rambles but never taking his mouth away from the pussy he claimed.
“it’s all yours.” you throw your head back, feeling the ecstasy.
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sultrypotter · 4 months ago
Fezco Fic Recommendations
I just started Euphoria so I know I’ll be writing for them soon! But like all these fics and follow the writers!
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sargeant-bxrnes · 5 months ago
temptation & retribution
Tumblr media
࿐ ˚ . ✦ summary: fez had to work, and you had to tease him while doing so. and when you tempt fez… retribution ensues.
࿐ ˚ . ✦ warnings: slight mention of alcohol & drug consumption, cursing, pda, grinding, dirty talk, thigh riding, manhandling, fez being horny & mad ig
࿐ ˚ . ✦ word count: 3.5K
my masterlist !
my requests are open
Tumblr media
"No, sorry." Fez's voice was soft, yet firm. He didn't want the rejection to sting, but he didn't want to encourage you either.
"Please, just 5 more minutes." you said, holding on to him, trying to keep your boyfriend in bed.
"Sorry baby, can't," he denied, trying to break free from your hold as you peppered kisses down his neck, a sigh leaving his lips mid sentence. "Gotta go, I've got lotta clients tonite."
"I know..." you trailed off, the tips of your fingers caressing his skin as your lips pressed soft kisses down his neck. "But five minutes won't make a difference, will they?"
"If we do this, it ain't gonna be ‘just five minutes’," he closed his eyes and groaned, feeling the blood rushing down to his dick. "and I really gotta go to this thing ma, gotta earn my money and shit."
"Fine," you agreed in a half-defeated tone, leaning back on the bed, removing your body from on top of his. "Go."
Fez hurried to get out of bed, if he spent any more time with you, hearing your voice and touching your skin, he'd stay. And as much as he wanted to, he really needed the money.
"Look," he spoke, putting on his clothes as you stared at him from between the sheets. "Imma come back in a few hours, and promise Imma spend the rest of the nite between yo' legs. Doin' whateva you want me to."
That was a fine proposal, you couldn't lie. The idea of Fez spending hours between your legs sounded promising, even more so as he knows what he's doing.
"Fine..." you said, folding your arms in front of your chest to pretend you were still mad, but Fez wasn't blind, he saw how flustered you'd gotten.
Once he got dressed, he picked up his phone and other stuff, before leaving the room, he walked back to the bed.
"Imma be back later," he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against your lips, lingering closer there. "Don't get dressed, want ya' naked when I get back."
You huffed in amusement, Fezco smiled softly and quickly got out of your shared bedroom. Once he was gone, you threw your head back in the pillow and groaned.
He always said you were the tease. But what about him? The cheesy mf knew exactly what to say to get you wet way before touching you.
Tumblr media
You did intend to wait for him to get back, but the hours felt like whole days. You were growing bored by yourself, the idea of going out was getting dangerously tempting.
After a quick shower, you had been torn between getting dressed up or not wearing anything at all like Fez asked.
Before you chose anything, your phone vibrated on the night stand. You hurried to grab it, hoping it would be Fez to let you know he was on his way back, but it wasn't him.
madz: bitch where r u?
You raised an eyebrow to yourself before replying to her, wondering what she could want. You two were friends, so it wasn't weird of her to text you, but the hour was.
you: fez's, why?
madz: there's a full on party why r u at ur bfs
What were you supposed to say to that?
you: idk
madz: *sent location*
madz: come here 2 have some fun
You were already writing a text to excuse yourself from going, but since Maddy knew you well, she added another text.
madz: if u say no u r a pussy
you: i'll be there soon
madz: k bitch
A rush of excitement washed over you, and in no time, you were wearing a tight red silk dress, finishing up your makeup and thinking about the heels you'd be wearing.
You were supposed to wait for Fez, yes, but he was at that party, you two could just meet there. He wouldn't be able to get between your legs there, but it would be nice to spend some time together.
Tumblr media
An uber later, you were finally at the party. The music could be heard from far away, and it was at its peak. People inside the house seemed like they were having a good time, and it encouraged you to go inside.
You saw Maddy and Cassie dancing in the middle of the crowd, Jules and Kat were doing shots by the side and the rest... you had no clue, but they were there, of that you were sure.
After greeting some people, downing some shots and doing small talk, you began your search for your boyfriend. Although it probably wasn't a 'search' at all, since you knew exactly where he'd be.
There he was. Sitting down on a couch on the edge of the dance floor, with a blunt in his hand, smoke leaving his mouth and an empty stare.
He seemed to be high as a kite, as usual, but he also looked bored as hell, sitting alone on the couch, waiting for someone to buy something.
He had no idea you were there, you could surprise him, convince him that having fun with you at parties isn't a crime.
He had a perfect view of the dance floor, but didn't seem interested in it at all. Maybe, if he saw you dancing amidst the crowd tho...
With a plan in mind, you approached Maddy, who danced with a stranger as Cassie talked with McKay on the side.
"Finally!" Maddy cheered, moving her hips at the rhythm of the music. "I thought you'd gone to get dick from your ginger or something."
"That's the plan." you admitted with a mischievous smile as you swayed your hips at the beat of the song.
She laughed and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you close to her so you two could dance, leaving the boy she'd been dancing with on the side.
At first, Fez thought he was higher than normal. That he must be hallucinating you in the crowd or something, remorse for leaving you back on his bed.
He was almost sure you weren't real. There was no way someone could look so fine and not be a piece of a fantasy. The way your hips moved, your soft skin, your smile, your legs... there was no way you were real.
But then, you locked eyes and sent a wink his way. That's when Fez knew you were real.
Fez sat straighter on the couch, wetting his lips as his blue eyes trailed over your body from head to toe, and back again to your face, holding eye contact to make it clear that you had his attention.
Every single one of your movements was with the purpose of teasing him, the way you moved your hips, bit your lip and threw your head back were enough to send Fez's mind to the gutter.
"Hey man, can I get..." He heard the customer, but couldn't care less. Why now and not earlier? "Man? Hey."
Fezco removed his attention from you and placed it in his drink client, who could barely speak.
When you noticed Fezco was distracted, you felt a little discouraged. You were showing him your best dance moves and it still hadn't been enough to make him stand up and walk to you.
You weren't exactly proud of the tactic you were about to follow, but truth is, you were horny as fuck and needed Fez. And you knew for a fact that this would get a reaction out of him.
Still dancing with Maddy, you turned your back to Fezco and shrugged, a little down. Her brows furrowed in confusion, but then she looked over your shoulder to where Fez sat, talking with a dude, and quickly caught up.
In no time, Maddy pulled the boy in, so you three were dancing. Although the boy kept getting closer and closer to you, placing a hand on your lower back, sliding it to your waist, you removed it from your body and took a step back.
After some seconds, you turned your back to them, locking eyes with Fezco.
Now you've done it.
That's the first thing that crossed your mind as soon as you saw his expression. Furrowed brows, locked jaw, tense shoulders, and his eyes burning holes in your skin.
The boy pulled you closer to him and Maddy, getting in between you two, his hands getting dangerously close to the edge of your dress, and even though you tried to sneak away, his hold was firm.
That was Fezco's last straw.
You saw your boyfriend stand up from the couch, and couldn't help but feel a little excited. His eyes were fixed on you as he made his way through the dancing crowd to where you stood.
Slowly, you inched away from Maddy and the boy, pushing his hand away from you for the last time.
Once Fezco was in front of you, you looked up at him and gifted him the most innocent smile you could give.
"Hey baby."
Fezco didn't verbally reply, he just clicked his tongue in annoyance.
Fez placed a hand on your hip and quickly spun you around, pressing his chest against your back, all while you kept moving your hips to the beat.
His strong hold had your knees weak in wanting, but now that you had him, you wanted to enjoy it a little longer, it's not often when Fez decides to join you in the dance floor.
You threw your arms up in the air, completely getting lost in the music and letting your hips move freely, and yes, against Fez's body too.
Thinking 'fuck it', Fez placed his other hand on your hip and pulled you even closer to him, so his dick would be pressed against your ass as you danced.
And just like that, what seemed to be just a dance, turned into a teasing game.
You were grinding on him, and Fez was shamelessly grinding on you too, making sure you felt how hard he was from all this little game you had going on.
Lost in the music, you threw your head back, placing it on Fez's chest/shoulder, closing your eyes and enjoying the moment.
You couldn't see it, but Fez was smirking. You'd just placed yourself in a silver plate for him to do his bidding— and you didn't even know it.
As soon as you felt Fez's lips on your neck, you opened your eyes, your hips stopped moving for a few seconds too.
Knowing what he was up to, you didn't let him know how turned on that got you, instead you just kept grinding on him, feeling him leaving a trail of kisses from where your shoulder met your neck and up to your jaw.
No shame at all.
Fezco and you had never been the type of couple to show PDA, it was mostly small kisses, or you sitting on his lap if you were feeling bold.
Which explains why when your eyes found Maddy's, she looked genuinely shocked at the scene. You simply shrugged slightly, placing your hand on the back of Fezco's head as Maddy gave you a thumbs up and mouthed 'catch that dick!'
It didn't take long for him to notice you were distracted, and for sure, he wanted all your attention back to him.
He knew your weak spots like the back of his hand. So he quickly pressed his lips against the sweet spot on your neck and sucked, bit slightly and then ran his tongue over it, making sure to leave a hickey.
That made you gasp and almost moan, pressing your body impossibly closer to his, his hand sliding down your body, caressing your leg and toying with the hem of your dress; his other hand pushed your hips back, as he moved his to the front.
"You wanted my attention," he said directly in your ear. "Can you keep up with it, ma?"
You felt a tug on your lower stomach, basically, your pussy in distress cause of how badly you needed Fez.
You turned around to face your boyfriend, your lips crashing with his immediately, both of his hands were back on your hips, your arms around his neck.
Tumblr media
You didn't know you had that in you, the ability to drive Fez crazy like that. From that kiss, things had gotten more heated, Fez proposed going to the bathroom for some relief; but you denied, only to start grinding on him again.
When he was sure that he was going to explode, Fezco asked/ordered you to go home with him, and you said yes, knowing that you two would probably fuck to sleep once you made it back to his place.
But oh boy... no one said it would be easy.
On the drive back home, you attempted to sneak a hand in his pants, but he moved your hand away rather harshly. He wasn't even looking at you, which meant he was mad. Really mad.
His hand was still on your thigh, though. It moved high enough to make you squirm, but Fez always moved it away just when it seemed like he would just give in.
Once back at home, he still didn't talk. He just sat down on the edge of the bed and lit a blunt, acting like you weren't even there.
It was all part of his little game, you knew, and you fully intended to play along; Ashtray wasn't home, so you didn't have to worry about the noise.
You walked to the bed and sat next to him, staring at the wall, letting the silence settle down.
You'd been almost shy, inching closer to him. He didn't move away, so it was a good sign. Slowly, you started kissing his neck, taking your time.
A groan wanted to escape his lips, but he was too stubborn to let it out. Instead he played it off by placing one hand on the mattress.
Your lips were restless as you moved closer, kissing along his neck, up his jaw and straight to his lips. Fezco immediately kissed you back, removing the hand from the mattress and placing it on your hip, holding the blunt with the other.
He bit your lower lip, making you open your mouth enough so he could slip his tongue in, his hand lowering to your ass, while you held onto his shoulder as your other hand slipped under his shirt.
Blindly, he put the blunt on the ashtray placed in his night table, hurrying to put both hands on your ass, pulling you closer to him, swallowing down your moan.
Still kissing him like your life depended on it, you found the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, Fez complied by taking his shirt off, his lips going back to yours immediately.
Sneakily, he began to slide his hand between your bodies, his fingers rubbing your clit just enough to make you squirm on top of him.
Hoping this would be it, you quickly stood up, Fezco sneaked his hands under your dress and pulled your panties down your legs, throwing them across the room, letting his hands slide up your legs, pushing your dress up.
You felt almost vulnerable under his hot stare, his blue eyes were nearly black with lust, and his jaw was so clenched you thought his teeth would crack.
Leaning down, your hands moved to his jeans, and you were trying to pop the button open when he moved your hands away. You tried again and he moved your hands away again.
You raised an eyebrow, not understanding the game. His hands were still roaming over your legs, softly though. His eyes were dark with lust and his dick was clearly hard. What was he playing at?
Fez pulled you down so you straddled his clothed thigh, letting you know what he wanted you to do. "Go on."
Knowing it could lead to an endless amount of teasing, you stood up and raised an eyebrow at him, testing him.
"You wanted to play dirty back there? Teasin me and shit?" he questions, pulling you back down on his thigh. "I know how to play too, mamas."
"Fez," you said softly. "Please..."
"Please what? Get off on my thigh, since you so good at grindin' and shit."
The way he spoke had you weak as hell, biting your lip and all, he gave you a small smirk, as a way to let you know he wasn't that mad, just wanted to fuck with you, in every sense.
You began to move your hips against his thigh slowly, mostly doing a show for him. Fezco picked up his blunt from the ashtray and took a drag from it, his blue eyes trailing over your body.
It was obvious that you were just playing around; Fez didn't like that. He tensed his thigh and began bouncing his leg up and down, getting a couple of moans out of you immediately.
"Go on," he encouraged you, using the hand on your hip to guide you. "I ain't gonna do nothing else to you ‘till you cum on my thigh."
"But Fez..."
"Actin like a brat and shi'? You get treated like a brat."
He was gonna be the death of you.
Now you really started riding his thigh in search for your own pleasure, and to Fez, that was the real show. He relaxed and leaned back, still using his hand on your hip to guide your movements, but mainly focusing on your pussy grinding against his thigh, and the way your tits bounced on the confines of your dress.
With how turned on you were, it didn't take long. You placed a hand on his shoulder for support and moved your hips until you finally reached your orgasm, Fez helping by bouncing his leg.
Time seemed to stop as you came down from your high, Fez being nice enough to let you get back to normal.
He put out his blunt on the ashtray, both of his hands on your hips now, his eyes trailing over your face and body.
"You did so good," he praised you, his voice low. "so good..."
Out of nowhere, he wrapped an arm around you and turned you both around, pushing you down to the bed as he towered over you.
And that's when he lost all his composure, pretending to be mad at you and restraining himself from touching you wasn't working for him any more.
The kiss was intense, heated, and lustful. He nearly ripped the dress away from your body, desperate to feel your skin against his. You felt like you were melting into the kiss, barely knowing what to do with yourself other than kissing him back.
His lips moved down to your neck, your clavicle, the valley of your breasts, and even lower, all over your belly, the top of your thighs, your inner thighs, kissing his way up desperately.
And as much as you loved when he went down on you, you needed him inside you now.
"Fez, I need you now, please." you begged, your hand softly pressed against his back.
That was all he needed. Fez took off his jeans and boxers at once, getting on top of you quickly, kissing the hell out of you again, entering you with a single thrust.
"Oh fuck..." you moaned, clenching at the feeling of Fez filling you up so perfectly.
"You so tight," he mumbled in your ear as he started to thrust deep and slow. "you feel so good, baby."
You couldn't even speak, he was just moving so fucking good that only moans and whimpers left your lips. He placed his hand on the leg you had wrapped around his waist, moving it higher so he could lean in more; getting a new angle.
“Fuck, fuck…” your hand trailed down his back, you were probably scratching his back, but he didn’t mind. He never did. “Just like that, Fez.”
He stopped after a couple thrusts more. You moved away to try and look at his face, but he didn’t even let you, as soon as you moved back, he pulled out, and used the grip he had on your hips to turn you around.
The strength that man has is underrated.
He thrust back in and in no time, found a rhythm good enough to have you moaning his name like a prayer. He hit the spot with every thrust, with a hand on your hip, the other one he used to wrap it around your neck and press your back against his chest.
“I’m gonna cu—“
“Nah you ain’t, hold it.” he said firmly, making his pace faster.
He could be such a teasing bastard sometimes.
He kept up the relentless pace for a while, his hand sliding down between your legs, rubbing on your clit. He was doing every single thing he knew drove you insane, and yet, he said you couldn’t cum yet, not until he said so.
Fez really isn’t half as innocent as he looks.
“Cum.” he all but ordered with a hoarse voice. “Go on, princess.”
As if your release had been literally waiting for confirmation, it washed over you like a wave of pleasure, making your legs shake and all your senses to just… not work. He fucked you dumb. Literally. Fezco’s release followed shortly, accompanied by a hoarse groan of his.
You fell to the bed, utterly spent, and Fezco carefully pulled out and laid next to you, tiredly admiring you.
“Didn’t know you had that in you.” you said with an amused smile.
“Me neither,” he chuckled, brushing some strands of hair away from your face. “Got what you wanted?”
“Good, I want my girl happy,” he said with a lazy smile. “Even if she acts like a fuckin’ brat.”
Jokes aside, you knew he meant that. All these little games where part of your relationship, and at the end of the day, Fezco loved you as much as you loved him.
Although, you made a mental note to tease him more often, especially if it lead to nights like this one.
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bubblegumspacebxtch · 5 months ago
Keep It Quiet
Tumblr media
A/N: so it was only a matter of time before I indulged myself and made a smutty imagine for Fez so here's that. this is just porn tbh because this man does things to me. hope ya'll enjoy
warnings || 18+ smut, minors DNI, oral (f), fingering (f), dirty talk, praise kink, gagging (with panties and fingers), unprotected sex, squirting, creampie
"Fez please," you mewled. Your hand at the back of his head as you lightly scratched his scalp. He kisses down your chest, the rough pads of his fingers were a stark contrast to your delicate tits as he squeezed them. Fezco loved how soft you were. Always so warm whenever he held you. You were driving him crazy the whole day. Walking around in your little sundress, the back of your exposed thighs made him go feral, the overwhelming want to have you sit on his face becoming too much. He could go down on you for hours, but right now, he needed you to be quiet. "Don't be too loud, baby," he whispered to your stomach, before kissing either side of your hips. You squirmed at that.
You knew you couldn't make much noise with Ash just in the other room, but Fezco's mouth wasn't where you needed him. You felt his fingers pull at the waistband of your panties before snapping it back in place, teasing you. You moaned. God, he was being a smug asshole right now, smiling as he watches you clench your thighs to relieve some of the pressure. "You real wet down there, baby?" He peers up at you through his lashes, his eyes darker than they usually are.
After a second you nod, your eyes closing as you feel him drag your panties down your legs. You bend your knees to help him strip you completely. He tossed the drench material somewhere else in the bed before placing his strong hands on each of your knees, spreading your legs and exposing your pussy to him. Fuck, he really has no fucking clue what he did to deserve you. However hard life was to him, you being in it made it all worth everything.
You try to force your legs shut again with the heat of Fezco's stare making you suddenly feel all shy and shit. "It's okay baby. Just wanna get a look at ya," you let him part your legs again, exposing your cunt to the cold air of the room. Fez brings his thumb to part your folds, spreading your lips which made you whine at the contact. "Fez please, no more teasing." He only smirked at that, enjoying the view of you sprawled naked on his bed. He's a bastard for making you beg.
You felt him pull away to stand. You watch him undress at the foot of the bed, leaving only his chain. One of his hands is wrapped around his cock, his tip red and leaking. You watch him pump his throbbing length before getting back on the bed and settling once again between your wide-spread legs. “Oh fuck,” Fez breathes, his face coming close to your glistening folds. “Look how fucking wet you are for me,” he rasps, the gentleness of his tone only causing you to bite your lip. A moan gets caught in your throat as he buries his face in your heat. You let out a small 'fuck' as you try your best not to close around his head. His long licks have you arching your back off the bed.
Fez watches you while he laps up your slick, dipping his tongue into you. It wasn't until he wrapped his lips around your little clit and started sucking that you let out a small scream, prompting you to cover your mouth with your hand. "Can't fucking keep quiet, can ya?" Fez takes his hot mouth off your pussy, replacing it with a thick finger. With his other hand, he grabbed your panties from the corner of the bed. He meets your face to kiss you. You taste yourself off of him, and you moan. When Fez pulls away, he stuffs your panties in your mouth. He smirks at you before going back between your legs.
Fez flattens his tongue over your cunt. You squeal through your gag as he continues slurping up your juices. You feel a familiar pressure spread in your belly, and by now Fez has his facial hair soaked. "Cum on my face, Y/N. C'mon." He starts fingering you, curling his digits to hit that patch within you. You let out a muffled scream as you squirt out against his awaiting mouth. You hear Fez groan before licking you clean, raising his head to watch your chest breathe in and out deep.
He meets your face again to take your panties out of your mouth. "You did so good," he mumbles as he kisses you. Fez then moves to kneel on the bed, grabbing your shaking legs in each hand and shoving them back to bend your knees. He runs his cock up and down your slit, watching your eyes roll back. Fez lines himself up with you before sinking in. You gasp at the stretch. His cock stretching you good. He hooks his arms under your legs to open you up even more to him before pounding into you. He thrusts into you, his tip going so far that your mind goes blank and you go dumb on his cock.
"Look at you," Fez groaned. "So fucking pretty under me." You whimpered at that, unable to do anything but moan his name. A particularly deep thrust of his had you crying out, making him stuff his fingers in your mouth. The way you were clenching around his cock told him you were close. He took his fingers out of your mouth to rub them harshly on your clit. You caught your mouth in your hand before you let out a scream. He was fucking you so good you swear you might pass out.
Your release hits suddenly, and Fez fucks you through it, before following soon after. He came with a groan, chest vibrating as his cum pours into you. Fez thrusts a few more times causing you to mewl because you're so sensitive, pussy tingling. He pulls out with a groan, watching his cum leak out of you. You don’t know how long he stares between your thighs as you try to catch your breath. You meet his gaze a few minutes later and give him a tired smile. Fez returns it, crawling over to kiss you again.
"Lemme get something to clean you up," you watch him put his boxers on before heading to the bathroom. Fez returned a moment later with a cloth, using it to wipe between your thighs. You gasped as he brushed over your sensitive clit. “My bad, baby," he apologized. You only hummed in response as you felt your eyes get heavy with sleep. You felt yourself drifting off as Fez pulls you to his chest, his heart thumping beneath your head. "Get some rest, Y/N," Fez mumbled before kissing your head.
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Tumblr media
Y’all omfgggggg 😭😭😭😭
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World’s Away - Fezco
Tumblr media
Pairing - Fezco x F!Reader
Summary - In which Fezco wouldn’t trade his girl for the world.
Warnings - 18+, minors absolutely DNI, mentions of drug dealing and use, implied smut, strong language
A/N - highly requested fezco x high maintenance gf fic <3 it started out as one thing & then she kinda ran away from me & said bitch i got the wheel move but i hope u enjoy xoxo requests & feedback are always welcome (pls be kind)
It'd happened on a Thursday afternoon, sun high among the puffy white clouds as it beat down on the blacktop.
Fezco could remember the way the thick, stagnant air of summer melted peanut M&Ms in his palm, the candy coated shell staining his hands as he dared at glance at the mounted clock and counted down the hours until he could grab Ash, close shop and call it a fucking day. Business had been slow, customers far and few willing to brave the California summer heat as they dropped in for last minute supplies.
    Fezco had been anything but prepared when you breezed through the open doors, all strappy heels clicking on concrete and shimmery eyeshadow, asking him if they sold peach lip gloss.
     For a split second, he'd been sure his brain had short circuited but he couldn't tell if it was from the shock of someone genuinely thinking this looked like an establishment that carried lip gloss, or if it had more to do with that fact that you'd been standing so close he could smell the sweetness of your perfume.
     "So, is that a no?" He must've been quiet for too long because you were speaking again, head tilted with an amused smile playing on your painted lips, voice ringing in his ears like bells.
    Looking back, he wishes he could drag himself outside by the collar and bash his head off the pavement for acting like such a goddamn fool, fumbling around his thoughts like a thirteen year old boy who just brushed hands with the pretty girl from math class.
    "Yeah, nah, sorry, ma," Rising from his chair, Fezco came to stand beside you, leaning casually on the counter behind him as some Eazy E song continued to drift faintly from the old speakers. "I don't think we got no lip gloss, but I'd be happy to help you with somethin' else."
      A perfectly sculpted brow shot up at that, grin widening on your pretty face as you shifted on your heel to scan the humming coolers behind you. "Damn," You mused, pretending to peruse your options. "Got any grape soda?"
He'd charged you fifty cents and sent you on your way with a bottle of Fanta clutched in one manicured hand, making a mental note to add peach lip gloss to the next stock order.
You'd stopped by for a second time in the week that followed, sparkling pins scattered strategically throughout your hair and cat eye sunglasses pushed low on the bridge of your nose as you tilted them at him in greeting.
     "You feel like you were missing out on a prime business opportunity or am I just special?" It wasn't long before you were in his line of vision again, beaming up at him as you placed three tubes of shiny peach lip gloss on the countertop.
    "Nah, ma, you just special." The teasing tug of his lips and the way he kept his cerulean eyes trained on yours over the rim of your glasses made your head fuzzier than you were willing to admit.
“Cute,” You prayed to whatever higher power was listening that the heat flooding your cheeks wasn’t noticeable as you ducked your head, carding through the wasteland of your purse. “How much do I owe you, player?”
He’d taken your name and number and called it even, savoring the feel of your skin against his as he plucked the slip of pink paper from between your fingers.
“You better use it,” You’d thrown over your shoulder, hips swaying in a way he tried not to focus too hard on as you walked away from him. “And you’d better not leave me waiting too long.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, pretty girl.”
Fezco thought of those first moments often, the pivotal points that lead to where you lay now, sleeping serenely on his chest with your fist curled into his neck and legs twisted around his beneath the sheets, playing over and over in his head like one of his grandma’s old records on loop.
Sometimes he felt as if someone had hit fast forward on his life, his days moving past him at warp speed like he was on a rollercoaster that went on and on, never stopping to let him off regardless of the twist in his gut and the ache in his bones. The worst part, the part that wriggled into his brain like a worm and burrowed into the gray matter like it was home is that he couldn’t remember ever getting on the ride.
Shit, he couldn’t even remember buying a ticket.
Whichever way you spun it, Fezco was on and all he could do was pray his seatbelt held and tighten his white-knuckled grip on the safety bar when shit got bumpy.
There were few things that made him feel as if he could breathe, like the soles of his sneakers were planted on solid ground, safe among the dirt and the grass and the bugs even if it was just for a moment.
Blue Sour Patch Kids and cold orange soda.
His tired body sunken into the old sofa, blunt smoke curling in the air as Ashtray’s favorite show flickered across the television screen. The laughter of his little brother who’d grown up far faster than he should have had to, putting the role Fezco wished he’d never had to play to bed ‘til morning.
There was a sweet brand of solitude that came with being in your orbit, a silent kind of reprieve from the incessant noise that followed him like a pesky fly buzzing in his ear.
He found it in the way you said his name and the soft drag of your knuckles across his back when the weight of the world held upon his shoulders felt as though it was suffocating him, the oxygen filling his lungs suddenly so thick he thought he might choke if it weren’t for the delicate brush of your mouth against his skin in the dead of night.
In the way your brow creased and a pretty pout puckered your lips, soft whine bleeding into your tone when things didn’t go according to your plan, and the way you looked at him like he hung the stars in the sky as he kissed it away, murmuring hushed reassurances into the soft flesh of your neck.
You’d even managed to grow on Ash in the months that had passed, and that was saying something considering the kid regarded newcomers with a steely disposition and indifference like no other. He liked that you didn’t treat him like a kid, acknowledged him as an equal. The fact that you fed him like it was your day job probably didn’t hurt your case either.
Fezco spent more time than he’d ever admit to you wondering what kind of saint he had to have been in a past life to deserve you in this one. Your world was one that should never have been be meshed with his and yet they were entwined, gnarled together like the roots of a tree.
He could recall the first drop meeting you’d been present for like it was yesterday, could see the way your legs that’d been swinging carelessly from your spot on the kitchen counter stilled and the resounding pop of pink bubblegum between your lips quieted at the sight of men you didn’t know taking residence in your place of comfort.
Your stubborn nature had refused to let your intimidation seep through the cracks of your carefully constructed facade, but Fezco knew. He knew in the tense set of your jaw, the way your eyes flicked exclusively between his frame and your rhinestone dotted nails as your spine straightened.
It made his chest ache and his throat tighten, the shame and the doubt wrapping itself around him like thorny vines digging in.
You shouldn’t have been there. You should have been somewhere warmer, somewhere safe, flashing those eyes shining with cherries and wine at a better man on a better path. Those notions that hung over his head like a guillotine carried him all the way to the couch that night, arm wrapping you up and holding you to him like it’s the last time it ever would.
“Imma need you to listen, baby,” The words tasted bitter in his mouth and you were already pulling yourself from his grip, looking into his eyes like you were looking through glass. You’d always been able to see his thoughts more clearly than he could himself.
“No,” Your voice was hard and even as you regarded him with fire in your stare despite the unshed tears already welling in your eyes. “No, absolutely not. You don’t get to pick now to be a coward.”
Fezco spoke lowly, words rumbling quietly from his throat as he felt his heart splinter in his chest. “This ain’t the life for you, baby.”
“That’s not up to you to decide,” You asserted, anger burning hot in your veins. “My life is mine, you don’t get to choose it’s course just because shit gets a little scary.”
“I know who you are, what your life is, and what it means to be part of it and I’m still here,” You were pressing yourself against him now, fingertips framing his bearded jaw like they were made to find their home there, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. “I’m staying here.”
With that, he was pulling you to him by the nape of your neck, hand twisting into a fist in your hair as he licked into the cup of your mouth. It didn’t take long before he was flipping your skirt up over your hips, lips drifting down to press a kiss to the cute little bow just below the waist band of your panties before pulling them to the side and fucking you stupid against the cushions.
His pretty baby, whose face lit up like a billboard every time you climbed into the passenger seat of his car and flashed a fresh set of nails at him, too damn cute to be fair. You turned his minutes into hours, every memory with you suspended in freeze-frame behind his eyelids.
He wasn’t sure what to call the space in between but he always thought of you in those intervals.
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taglist 🧸 : @cloudybrea @bigpoppajes @huang-the-geek
(if you’d like to be added to the taglist just let me know ! <3)
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alone with you; [fezco imagine]
— Pairing: Fezco (Euphoria) x F!Reader — Summary: He was never good at making good calls, but Fezco knows you're too good to be in his hands since the first time he kisses you. He's not the best at letting go of things, either, especially if those things felt good, and you felt the best of them all. Fezco still had to let you go. — Word count: 2.5k — Warning(s): This is an 18+ work. Minors DNI. Mentions of drug use, drug abuse, drug dealing, violence, implied sexual content, weapons, domestic violence, murder, and death. You know. Just all things Euphoria-related. I also do not give permission for my work to be copied or distributed anywhere.
Tumblr media
— A/n: 'Cause nonnie asked for "fez breaking up with the reader because he wants to keep her safe because she’s going places and he doesn’t want her to get caught up in his shit especially if she was at the drug deal in 2x01". So here we go!
all my lists | tv master list | ko-fi ❥
Tumblr media
Fezco becomes aware of the fact he needs to let you go when he sees you crying against Laurie's wall.
His blood runs cold, the heart inside his chest going still at the sight of the tears that spill over your cheeks.
There aren't many sights in his life that can be considered pretty but, so far, anything that had something to do with you in his head was all made of gold.
Baby G.
His baby was made of gold—your smile, your skin, the way you touched him. Fez kept the cheesy thoughts to himself, but he knew he saw you through the eyes of a fool.
He didn't care.
You looked like you came out of a painting.
Fezco knew jack shit about art, but what he did know is that it was supposed to make you feel something, and you made him feel everything.
That's why he knew he had to let you go.
"Yo, yo, don't touch her!"
"Shut the fuck up, pretty boy! You wanna hole in that empty head, huh? She gonna take off her clothes like everybody else or everyone's gonna get the fuck outta my house!"
He stank of cigarettes. You weren't supposed to be there.
"Fez, Fez—it's ok. It's ok." Your hands go up in the air slowly, and you remove your top.
"At least she's got a brain."
Fezco wants to look away, wants to pin everyone else in the room under his eyes so he knows their eyes ain't on you. He can't. His eyes are glued to your frame and the tear stains on your cheeks.
You take off your pants, and Fezco feels ill.
The stinker moves from you to Rue, and now the problem's a whole other one.
Since when shit's gotten this messy? Why's he got his best friend who's almost a little sister and his girl at a place he never stepped foot in before?
When the man grabs Rue by the back of the neck and you're done proving there are no wires on you, Fezco balls his hands into fists and talks to the one whose gun is still pointed at his head.
"Let her put her clothes on now." It ain't a request, and Fezco needs this player to not try anything funny because he may be butt naked, but he'll do something stupid if that turns to be the case. "She ain't got any wires on."
Whether it's the tone of his voice or the way you manage to avoid eye contact with the dude, he just flicks the gun around as if he doesn't care.
You put your clothes back on in quick movements and then move to stand next to Fezco against the wall.
"Where did he take Rue?" You whisper.
Fezco feels sick. You're worried about Rue while trying to pull the strap of your top over your shoulder, and he could cover the entire kitchen floor in puke.
His grandma raised him better.
"Bathroom, I think." He swallows around nausea and the spiky adrenaline running through him, and watches as you look up to him. You give him a watery, shaky smile. He forces his left hand to unclench so it can hold yours. "'m sorry, ma."
"Yo, shut the fuck up the two of you!"
It was the kiss you gave on his shoulder when he apologized that sealed it for him.
Fezco said, ''m sorry, ma', because he was.
You shouldn't be there, but when Fox called him and said he was gonna hook him up but it had to be now, Fezco had no time to drive you or Rue home.
You should be at your place.
Better yet, you should be studying. Reading the books you liked. The spicy novels, the comics, the articles. Shit he never touches.
It's what called his attention to you in the first place.
Fezco met you at the skating rink, sitting on your board with a Spider-Man comic on your hands and earphones, looking cuter than anything he's ever seen, and Fezco watched Sailor Moon once.
He was fucked the second you looked over to his side of the rink and blushed at catching him staring.
Fezco was fucked.
He said ''m sorry, ma' at Laurie's house and in response, felt you comforting him.
The thoughts flood him.
I ain't the one she should be with. Baby G deserves more.
The thought floods him like a drug or one of his black spots.
It hurts just as much as one of them too.
Business with Laure goes well, which is the one good thing about that evening, but everything else feels like a bust.
Fezco feels the failure of putting himself in this position in the first place. Ash notices it too—he asks Fezco, "Yo, you good?" When he thinks none of the girls are listening.
The open look on his brother's face, searching all over his for something he doesn't know, it makes him itch. Fezco looks away, blowing smoke up in the air.
He looks over to where you're saying goodbye to Rue. You're talking, gripping both of her arms in your hands. Probably lecturing her about something.
Fezco chuckles, as sad as he's ever been. "I'm good." Usually the lie bothers less than this. "Just thinkin'." And feeling sad.
"'Aight." Ash looks away and the lack of credibility on his face tells Fezco he's a shitty liar.
Baby G deserves more soon turns into I gotta let her go.
You go back to his place that night.
It's probably the only reason why instead of leaving him, the thought grows like a vine. He's usually good at ignoring the shit he doesn't wanna think about and thinking about how too good you are for him is one of his least favorite thoughts.
That night, it's all he thinks about.
You notice he's off, too. "You okay, Fez?"
Because you're too good to him, Fez has this problem where he can't lie to you, even if it were to save his life.
Instead of answering, he pulls you by the back of your knee and your lower back. "I don't wanna think about tonight too much, lil' mama." It's the closest to the truth he can get to.
He opens his mouth and closes it a couple of times, and you wait until he gathers his words.
"I know this ain't what you signed up for." He picks his words carefully, taking a drag of his blunt to think better, and you still wait. "...I just wanna say I'm sorry about tonight. And—," he closes his lips.
Most people don't got the patience to wait for his racing thoughts to come outright.
It's why people assume he's stupid—Fezco can be uneducated about shit and mix up a thing or two every once in a while, but lack of thinking is not one of his problems.
How can people buy from him and go to the store he's kept running since he's thirteen and still assume that dumbass shit is beyond him.
You're not like most people. Fezco passes you the blunt. "And you should never have to go through that shit, ma." He sighs. Rubs his buzzcut, feeling the growing hair. "That was fucked up." He looks up at you. "You ain't never coming to a deal again, 'aight?"
Through the cloud of smoke, he can see you nod.
The smile on your face makes his stomach feel uneasy all over again.
"You didn't know they were gonna catch us in the car, Fez." The words are true, but it doesn't make the danger you were in any smaller. You're too sweet, though—saccharine sweet, smelling of peaches, tasting like pancakes.
You were always a dream.
As you speak, you straddle his lap, then hold his face in your free palm. "I know you'd never take me to shit you know is dangerous."
"You right about that," he nods curtly.
You nod again, smiling at him even though he doesn't deserve it. "It was scary, but..." You settle your hips fitted on top of his, then close your heels on his back. "I don't really worry much when I'm with you."
That's wrong, Baby G, he thinks. Shaking his head, Fezco holds your face in his hands. "That ain't how it should be either, girl." He feels himself getting upset all over again, images of your cheeks stained with tears flashing behind his eyes. "You too good to be involved in my crap."
The sentence must come out with more emotion than he anticipated because you sniff out what's underneath it.
After putting out the blunt on his tray by his bedside table, you grab his face in your hands.
You're frowning at him, and Fezco knows that look.
"Yeah, well—too bad, playboy," you whisper to him, knowing it'll get a rise of him. The nickname you use when you want to tease him makes Fezco's jaw tighten, but it's because you know what you're doing with it. "I'm with you."
A nice sentiment and promise, but it seems to coat in varnish the dooming sentence he carved earlier.
Baby G deserves more.
"I know you are, baby g." Fezco can hear the drop in his voice.
He feels you circling your hips against his, and the kisses you press all over his face make him lightheaded. "I don't worry 'cause you got me. You got me, right, Fez?"
Fucking hell. His hands are big enough to grab you by the ass and maneuver you. Fezco sits back against the headboard and lets the warmth of your kisses ride his high even further.
"I always gotchu, ma." Even if he lets you go—no, when he lets you go, Fezco will still care for you. "No matter what, you hear me? I always gotchu."
He feels the relief in your exhale, and your smile breaks his heart for the first time. "Kiss me."
Fezco kisses you.
It's hard to do what he usually does to you without being overwhelmed by the waves of emotion he feels every time he hears you grunting his name or giggling when he does something you like.
He never thought your kisses would taste so bitter.
Never knew he could make you scream and still feel like crying.
Making decisions is hard, but it's easier than following through with them, and Fezco hates himself that whole night, except when you're underneath the sheets with him, safe and asleep.
He's incapable of hating anything when he's got you in his arms, but the realization he had earlier that night is still running in his veins.
The next week, Fezco catalogs all the things he's gonna miss.
When you message him and tell him something crazy that you just found out on the Internet and you sum up all you read for him, a bunch of crazy emojis in the middle and he reads it all, laughter bubbling out of him, he thinks—I'm gonna miss this.
When you drop by at the end of the night after spending your afternoon studying and you make some sandwiches you learned through a Tik Tok recipe, making even Ash smile—I'm gonna miss this.
The kisses and the taste of you are the worst. Fezco loves you, and knowing you love him back would be easier to let go if it didn't feel so damn fucking good. It's like you exist in the same frequency as him. You enjoy the dirty shit he says on your ear, you indulge in his fantasies and even share your own, all the good girl and sweet innocence flies outta his bedroom window when you're circling your hips like you're trying to spell your name or bound him in a fucking spell. It works. You moan his name like a good girl, you tease him, drive him crazy, drain him out of his every last drop and Fezco almost cries every time he's buried inside of you—I'm gonna miss this so fucking much.
"Where you goin', Baby G?"
"Oh, you're awake! Hi, handsome."
[chuckles] "Hey. Where you goin'?"
"To get some food."
"What you mean? There's food here."
"Real food, Fez." [rolls eyes] "Ash hasn't eaten anything but crap since your new roomie arrived. Imma cook us some chicken sandwiches, I'm just going to the store real quick."
"What? What's that look?"
"Nothin', lil mama."
"You're smiling at me."
"I know. I like what I see, that's all." [his heart sinks] "Did you get money?"
[rolls eyes] "Bye, Fezco!"
"Yo, why you rolling your eyes at me? This damn brat—Y/n! You better come back with a receipt."
Out of all the things Fezco knows he'll miss, the way you and Ash get along is one of the biggest.
Ashtray gets along with only a handful of people, Fezco and their grandma included in this head count, and watching Ashtray watch stop motion movies, eating crap and laughing his ass off with you as two in the morning—that's why he does whatever the fuck he needs to live good.
For that kind of sight.
Fezco catches you two having a marathon of that nerdy shit you two like and just stands there in the corridor, watching.
He must watch for almost half an hour.
You two laugh a lot together.
Ash throws food at you and unlike when it's Fezco, you don't get mad or bite him—you slap a pillow on his face with all your strength, and then tell him he's wrong about whatever it is you two are talking about.
Fezco stands there until he feels his nose clogged, and that's when he realizes he's crying.
You're smart, and sweet, and real fucking driven. At one point in your life you'll have a nice partner and a career and shit that Fezco can only dream about, and he'll only be a memory of that year before you entered the college of your dreams and you were being adventurous.
Fezco knows you really love him.
He feels it, sees it.
But he knows love can be blinding.
It's the one instinct you can't trust.
Grandma was right about that. How can you trust in your gut if it leads you here, to this place in the middle of nowhere with a dead-end drug dealer and his twelve-year-old brother who a couple of weeks ago murdered a grown man with his hand a fucking hammer?
Fezco sniffles, then swallows his bittersweet tears and goes back to his room.
He feels you sneaking back in bed when the marathon is over. He feels you kissing his neck, whispering sweet things to him even though you think he's asleep.
Fezco hugs you as tight as he can that whole night.
He sleeps clinging to you like an octopus. You sleep smiling.
He knows that 'cause he gets very little sleep and watching you is one of his favorite activities.
While the night is there, Fezco still has you and can say that. He can say you're his girl, and kiss your hair, smell the peaches behind your ear, trace the outline of your cute tattoos.
When morning comes, Fezco has to break your heart, too.
Even though his is already in pieces when he does so, it still breaks all over again.
Tumblr media
🏷 fezco tag list ☆ @jarah2006 ; @itsdawnashlie ; @dreaming4you ; @wizza103103 ; @poisxnedmind ; @newasskid ; @waiting-till-im-okay ; @kelsistumbs ; @oopsdevil ; @10blurredsmoke10 ; @edencherries ; @spooky-stoner ; @ibryo ; @alex--awesome--22 ; @asimpwriter ; @goals108 ; @asuperconfusedgirl ; @rangotangomango ; @lokismidnight ; @not-again-bestie ; @lindseyrae20 ; @estereomnisciente ; @purpleflamebluesparkles , @ariianelle , @blackravena , @jessyballet ; @nunya7394 ; @dariequeen ; @criesinlies ; @sorceresss ; @jointherebellion215 ; @moonlightplanet ; @didanrxbma ; @sengencko ♡
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scarlet-star-witch · 5 months ago
Since I’ve been loving you
Fezco x Female Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: The story of how Fez fell in love with his ray of sunshine
Word Count: 13.6K
Warnings: Drug use, mentions of sexual assault, anxiety and mental illness, mention of Nate Jacobs being an asshole and smut!
Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
Fez was a picture of pure contentment as Rue practically skipped into the convenience store. The way the drug dealer stood, leaning against the wall with the beautiful woman draped over him, cemented him as one of the luckiest bastards in this small, cursed town. Anyone driving by could see it.
Rue smiled instinctively as she saw the couple, the blatant display of affection she still wasn’t quite used to seeing from good old, sweet and quiet Fezco, despite the fact that the couple had been together for years.
The two of them seemed meant to be, a concept she still had trouble wrapping her mind around.
Fezco and Stevie had a way about them, they always seemed to defy the odds. 
As soon as she saw the young girl walking towards the store, Stevie gasped, a bright smile growing on her face.
“Holy shit, Rue?” 
Rue waved weakly, but couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her as she was brought into a fiercely tight hug. Stevie was good that way. She had a way of making you feel like the most important person in the world. 
That was probably why Rue allowed her to hug her the way she did. Stevie was just about the only person who was allowed to treat Rue like the damaged person in serious need of love that she was.
Rue never felt threatened by her affection. She knew it was always genuine. 
“I’m so happy to see you.” Stevie gushed, still crushing her in tight grip. “How long have you been out?” 
“Like 5 days.” Rue shrugged.
Stevie finally let her out of her hug and planted a big kiss on her cheek. “You look amazing.” 
“Hey, there’s some new girl I think you’re gonna be friends with. She looked all sailor moon and shit, thought she looked like your kinda girl.” Fez drawled as he took a long drag of his cigarette.
“She seemed pretty cool.” Stevie told her, her bright smile, like the light of a thousand suns, never wavering. “So… how do you feel?” 
“Well, ever since I gave my life over to my lord and savior Jesus Christ, things have been like, really good.”
“Word? That’s what's up.” Fez responded, ever the supportive friend.
Stevie snickered, knowing exactly what Rue was pulling.
“I’m fucking with you, Fez.” Rue laughed, making the drug dealer scoff and shake his head in amusement.
“Well, I’m glad to see Rehab hasn’t stolen your Rue-ness.” Stevie nudged her playfully. 
“Speaking of, is Ashtray in the back?”
The question made the couple bristle and look at each other, sharing equal looks of uncertainty. That definitely hadn’t been the question they had been expecting from their newly rehabbed friend. 
“You serious?”
“What, you think ‘cause I went to rehab, I stayed clean?”
“Ain’t that the point?”
Rue looked at Fez like he was crazy and shook her head with a laugh. “Well, the world’s comin’ to an end and I haven’t even graduated highschool yet.” She commented as she stepped into the store to find Ashtray and the plethora of drugs he had to offer.
Stevie crossed her arms over her chest, her gaze following Rue, her expression falling into one of troubled worry. Turning to her boyfriend, she found the same concern written across his face.
“We should’ve stopped her, shouldn’t we?”
Fez sighed heavily, taking another drag of cigarette and shrugged. “Rue’s gonna do what she wants. We sure as hell ain’t gonna stop her.”
“We could.” 
“Stevie, c’mon, baby. There ain’t nothin’ you can do for someone who don’t want your help.” Fez told her and beckoned her closer. She stepped forward and perched herself in his lap, her eyes closing in contentment as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.
“Don’t stress ‘bout it.”
“I know.” She mumbled, forcing herself not to dwell on the horrible feeling churning in her stomach, the worry she had for Rue, and nestled in closer to Fez, allowing herself to feel comforted by his arms around her.
That was how Rue found them as she exited the hidden freezer. Her lips twitched, a strange feeling of longing growing in her as she saw the couple curled up in each other, the perfect picture of a healthy relationship, one not common in this area. 
The story of Fez and Stevie was an interesting one, one that was the talk of the town for a long time. But despite all the gossip, no one could deny how perfect they were for each other.
Stevie was a rarity, that was for sure. She was just about the most genuine, real person Rue had ever met. It was no wonder she had found her way to Fez. On the outside, Stevie seemed too good for him, too prim and proper for a man like Fez, a man who made his living by selling drugs. 
But they didn’t know the full story.
Stevie was born to drug addicts. It was a miracle she was born healthy and functioning. Her mother certainly hadn’t been careful about making sure her baby was safe. She had smoked and drank throughout her pregnancy, not giving a damn about how it might affect her daughter.
With all the drugs her mother had pumped into her system ever since she was a teenager, her heart was weak, barely functioning without a daily line of cocaine. She couldn’t take the delivery.
Her mother’s heart stopped the second she came into the world. 
Her father, just as oblivious to the world as her mother had been, didn’t shed a tear the day her mother died. She wasn’t the love of his life, she was just a woman he had gotten pregnant. 
Her father, high as a kite the day she was born, thought it would be hilarious to give her a ridiculous name. He could barely breathe, he was laughing so hard, as he signed the birth certificate of his new, beautiful baby daughter ‘Steve’. 
Her father thought it was the funniest prank he ever pulled, no matter if it was at the expense of the person he was supposed to love and cherish the most.
By the time she was old enough to talk, she penned herself Stevie, albeit, with all the bitterness she possessed in her young body. She wanted to be named something lovely, something delicate like most girls she knew were named.
She wanted to be named Daisy or Lily, after a beautiful flower. She didn’t want to be the butt of a joke and she resented her father since the day she understood what the emotion resentment was.
She wanted nothing more than to meet the nurse that let her junkie father’s stupid joke slide and slap her across the face for the years of torment that damn ‘prank’ earned her.
Each first day of school from kindergarten to her senior year was hell. The mumbled and bitter ‘it’s Stevie’ each time the teacher called her given name made the others in class snicker and look at her just like her father wanted, as the butt of the joke.
She was almost thankful she didn’t have to grow up with that jackass.
A motorcycle accident when she was four years old took him away from her forever. She didn’t cry the day he died. She had no reaction as the woman who lived next door who was babysitting her fell to the floor in sobs as the cops at the door told her the news.
She didn’t cry as she was taken into the policewoman’s arms and brought to the station. She didn’t cry as a woman she didn’t know who claimed to be from Children and Family Services told her she was going to live somewhere else.
Stevie always wondered if that made her a bad person. 
At the age of five, after spending only a year in foster care, her prayers were answered as The Warren’s, a picturesque family, rescued her from the hell that was a life in the system. They were a put together, well-mannered couple who, by some unfortunate miracle, couldn’t have kids of their own.
They were nice enough. They didn’t abuse her, they didn’t neglect her like she was used to with her biological father. 
They were the embodiment of what she saw on a sitcom from the 1950s. Her father went to work, came home, opened a beer and watched tv while dinner was made for him. He never had to lift a finger, he never even had to look at his family. 
Her mother, the sweet woman that she was, always had her hair styled to perfection and pearls around her neck, no matter the occasion. She didn’t seem to mind having to cook everyday. She didn’t seem to mind having to do the dishes after every meal. In fact, she seemed happy to do it.
It made Stevie’s skin crawl.
She loved her parents, but not in the conventional sense. She loved them because she was grateful for the care they gave her. She loved them because they kept a roof over her head and put food on the table every day and gave her an education.
But she didn’t like them.
She hated that they never talked about her culture, where she came from. They wanted her to fit in with their white, nuclear family ideal. They were so scared that if they talked about her life before she was adopted by them, she’d remember all the bad memories of her living with her absent and addict of a father.
They didn’t know that she already had memories of him, bad memories she thought of daily. She never told them that. She never told them that she was old enough to remember her biological father and they never knew how that neglect she faced at a young age affected her her entire life.
She thought they were too soft, too naive to know the truth.
Stevie was always a pacifist, looking out for others, not wanting to stir up trouble in fear of making someone else’s life difficult, even if it meant her suffering. And she suffered a lot.
As a child, she had trouble making friends. She watched her peers easily create lasting connections, but she was always too scared to try. When she was seven years old, her mother put her in ballet classes and the night before the first recital, she had her first panic attack. 
By the time she was ten, panic attacks were a regular, practically weekly occurrence. Her parents, who had no idea what to do, who had no idea that they stemmed from the trauma she experienced as a child, threw her in therapy. 
She was medicated by the time was eleven, dosed with a heavy prescription of anti-anxiety medication in the hopes that she would maybe someday be a functioning member of society. 
In the eighth grade, Stevie had her first boyfriend. Nate Jacobs was a picture of perfection. He was the perfect boyfriend - well, whatever a boyfriend could mean when you were that young. 
He would hold her hand as he walked her home from school, planting a sweet and innocent peck to her lips as they said goodbye, he would sit and eat lunch with her, he would cheer her on at her soccer games. It was all so sweetly innocent. Until it wasn’t.
She lost her virginity to Nate Jacobs and he lost his to her. 
It soon went downhill. After they had sex, Nate became possessive, he became jealous and at times, he became downright mean. It scared Stevie, to see this other side of him she had never seen before. 
She was strategic, scared of his reaction, so she broke up with him the day school ended, right before she left for a family vacation for the summer so she didn’t have to face him or the wrath she feared he’d have against her.
Even after all these years, she made sure to stay clear of Nate Jacobs. She saw a darkness within him that she wanted no part of. 
Stevie had meaningless encounters with men throughout her young life. 
None of it meant anything like she thought it would.
She was a quiet, anxious person who was desperate to fit in. She didn’t have sex because she wanted to, she had sex because she felt like she had to. She loathed to have any trait that separated her from her peers, any reason for her to be ridiculed.
She had enough of them, her name, her parentage, her history, she didn’t want anything else to separate her from the pack.
She hooked up with boys from her class at parties, seeking validation she felt she’d never received before. Every fumble with boys was a manifestation of her twisted daddy issues, something she was sure no one even knew she had. 
By the time high school came around, she had a good group of friends. She was known as the quiet, slightly awkward member of the group but she had a heart of gold no one could deny. 
She listened to Cassie talk about falling in love with a boy from their class. 
She listened to Kat fantasize about a man who didn’t exist but would treat her like a queen. 
She listened to Maddy have unrealistic standards of boys in their grade.
Rue and Lexi at least didn’t talk about boys. They didn’t seem to care, something she appreciated greatly.
Sevie thought she was the only one who was aware of what the reality was of what boys were like at their age. She expected average, she expected to be disappointed. It was the only thing she knew.
It wasn’t until she met Fez that her standards changed drastically.
She met him the first day of her sophomore year. She had thankfully skipped a grade, something her parents had boasted about at every family function for the next year. Stevie was just relieved because it got her further away from Nate Jacobs and the constant scowls he had on his face whenever he looked at her.
Stevie sat next to Fez in biology, the course he struggled with the most. As she took her seat next to him, she smiled, a quick and nervous smile, but it lingered with Fez to this day, even after all the time they had been together. 
He thought she was the sweetest person he’d ever met and he knew it since that first smile. He knew he was doomed since that first smile.
As the teacher went through attendance and called her name, picturing a well to do young man in her place, forcing her to correct the male name to the one she gave herself monotonously, Fez was the only one to not snicker at her expense. 
She always remembered that.
One day, just two weeks into class, as they worked on a pop quiz, Stevie finished quickly and moved to the front of the room to hand in her work. As she walked back to her seat, she noticed Fez scratching at the back of his head nervously, his tormented and stressed gaze locked onto the paper in front of him. 
Her eyes lingered on his quiz as she passed, noticing the question he was stuck on. She grabbed her backpack, throwing it over her shoulder and as she moved to the front of the class to exit, she turned on her heel, clearing her throat to subtly gain his attention.
His eyes lifted at the sound, meeting her playful gaze. 
“B.” She mouthed, giving him the answer to the question he was struggling with. 
Fez perked up in his seat, looking back at her with a bewildered expression. She just raised an eyebrow, a smirk growing on her lips. Fez eagerly looked back down at the quiz and circled in ‘B’. 
At lunch time, Fez elbowed his way through the crowds, desperate to find his savior. He found her sitting at a table by herself, her nose buried in a book, her headphones planted over her ears. 
He approached her nervously, his fingers anxiously playing with the strap of his backpack over his one shoulder. 
“Hey,” He called out softly. 
She looked up at him, her brows furrowing in confusion. “Hey.” She said, taking off her headphones.
“Thanks for helpin’ me out in class.”
“Oh… that was nothing.” She waved him off, downplaying her actions, something Fez hated in that moment. It was something he hated even years into dating. 
“Nah, wasn’t nothin’. You saved my ass back there. If I got another fail I’d be in some deep shit.” 
Stevie smiled shyly, not used to the praise she was getting. 
“I’ve never seen you ‘round before. You new in town?” 
“No, I uhh, I skipped a grade.” Stevie admitted shyly, slightly worried her explanation would come off as bragging. 
“Damn, really? So, You’re like, smart smart, huh?” 
“I just… I dunno, I guess so.” She shrugged, unsure of how to respond to his niceness. “I could… help you out, if you want.” She offered before she even knew what she was saying.
“Yeah?” Fez looked at her in surprise. He hadn’t expected such a request from her. He could tell she was shy, that she was the kind of person who liked to keep to herself. “You don’t gotta. Think I’m pretty much hopeless with that science shit.”
“No, you just have to have the right teacher.” 
Fez looked down at her, biting his lip to repress the smirk of amusement that threatened to grow. “You don’t mind?”
“Of course not.” She smiled widely, ignoring every anxious instinct that told her to keep to herself. 
“Cool.” Fez nodded, smiling lightly. “I’m Fez.”
“Stevie.” He repeated slowly, a smile forming on his lips. “That’s a pretty dope name.” 
A wide smile grew, her heart racing in her chest at his words, a compliment she knew he didn’t realize how much meant to her. 
That was the beginning of their friendship. 
Fez would meet Stevie at the library, always showing up ten minutes early to their tutoring sessions. He didn’t understand why, but those sessions with her were the only time he showed an interest in school at all. She had a way of talking him through the things he didn’t understand without making him feel stupid, something his teachers throughout the years hadn’t managed. 
Fez thought about dropping out of school all the time. He later realized the only reason he lasted so long was so he could keep seeing Stevie everyday. 
They met up every Monday and Wednesday after school and it soon became something they both looked forward to. Their friendship developed quickly and easily. 
They found themselves in some sessions not even opening their books. They would spend hours talking and for someone like Fez, who spent his entire life only putting forth few words when needed, it was monumental. 
He found he liked the way she talked about life. 
Fez soon realized how easy she was to talk to and Stevie soon realized how unlike Fez was from the other boys at school. He listened to her when she spoke. His eyes wouldn’t wander down her shirt as she spoke, he wouldn’t make a pass at her, hoping to get into her pants. 
Fez loved that Stevie didn’t judge him when he talked about wanting to drop out. He appreciated that she didn’t look down on him like so many others did.
“I don’t blame you. I get it, I’m counting down the days until I can get out of this hell hole.”
“But you’re smart, you ain’t got nothin’ to worry about here.”
“Being smart doesn't mean I have it all figured out. I feel like I’m just going through the motions here, just waiting for it to be over.”
Fez looked at her intently, feeling his stomach doing a strange flipping feeling, one he had never felt before. 
He had never heard his own feelings put to words so perfectly. 
“Damn.” He mumbled, shaking his head in slight disbelief, a small smile growing across his lips. “You really a genius, huh?”
Stevie laughed and nudged him lightly, mumbling a quiet and bashful ‘shut up’. 
One day, they had lost track of time talking and, before they knew it, the library was closing. Looking at the time on her phone, she cursed under her breath, knowing her mom would have stern words for her when she got home hours later than she said she would be home.
“I gotta go.” She announced, closing the open book they had only read one page from and ignored for the rest of the time. 
Fez watched her pack up her things, disappointed but already looking forward to their next session.
“You need a ride?”
“No, I’m good, I got my bike.” She said with a bright smile as she slung her backpack over her shoulder. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
Before Fez could even form his next sentence, she leaned down and kissed his cheek. He was left to sit there with his face blank, all words gone from his brain, his wide-eyed gaze locked on her until she was out of sight.
Fez knew she was an affectionate person, he had seen her kiss her friends on their cheeks many times and he knew that was her way of showing she cared for them. He felt honoured to be one of them.
He just wished it had been more than just platonic. 
They found themselves texting each other every day, their eyes glued to their phones all hours of the night as they talked about random things they thought of. None of it meant much, but it meant the world to them.
“Huh?” She looked up from her phone to catch her mother’s disapproving glare. 
“Phone away at the table.” 
“Sorry.” She mumbled and placed her phone down, continuing to eat the dinner in front of her. When her phone buzzed, her eyes locked onto it, trying to read the text Fez had just sent her on her lock screen before it faded to black.
“Stevie, what is so important that you’re ignoring us?” Her mother called out impatiently. 
“Who’s Fez?” Her father asked, his head craned towards her, his narrowed gaze on her phone screen.
“You’re texting a boy?” Her mother asked, her annoyed expression now one of excitement.
“He’s in my class. I’m tutoring him.”
“Oh, so you’re texting about school, then?” 
Stevie’s eyes flickered between both her parents and their waiting gazes. “Yeah, we have a test coming up.” She answered swiftly, her heart pounding in her chest as she lied. 
Her parents shared a look, neither one of them believing her answer, the nervous tone of her voice gave it away instantly, but they didn’t say anything. They spent the rest of the dinner in silence and as soon as Stevie placed her plate in the dishwasher, she was racing up the stairs, ignoring her mother’s scolding for running in the house.
Closing her bedroom door, she flopped onto her bed and pulled her phone out from her pocket, a smile gracing her lips effortlessly as she finally read Fez’s latest text. 
Their friendship was progressing quickly and despite the fact that there were things in both their lives they kept private, not yet divulging to the other, they both felt as though they could tell the other.
They were at a point of no return, where it would be impossible for them to go back to the way things were before the beginning of the semester. They wouldn’t be leaving each other’s lives any time soon, not if they both could help it.
One Wednesday, Stevie was running late to their tutoring sessions and she was practically jogging through the halls, while still being mindful not to draw too much attention to herself. She was panting with exertion as she made her way inside the library and she began to make her way through the maze of stacks to get to their usual spot.
She stopped in her tracks, her eyes going wide as she saw Fez do a not-so-subtle handshake with a senior football player, the exchange clear to her. 
With the interaction finished, Fez pocketed the money and turned on his heel, finally meeting Stevie’s bewildered gaze. His heart dropped to his stomach as he knew he was caught red handed. 
He never wanted to divulge this part of his life with her. It was the part of him that always stopped his thoughts of her from wandering into that territory. It was the part of him that made him certain she was too good for him to even be thinking of her in any romantic capacity.
“Hey.” He called out, plastering on a fake smile, though it was weak, portraying just how scared he was of what would come next.
He expected the inevitable look of disgust, the toss of her hair over her shoulder as she turned her back on him and stormed off. 
But none of that came.
“You ready to study?”
Fez’s brows furrowed at her words and he looked at her incredulously, briefly wondering if he had imagined the look on her face when he had first turned around. He wondered, incredibly hopefully, that his cover wasn’t blown, that she hadn’t seen the true him.
But he could tell she had. She was withdrawn from him, her eyes barely able to meet his. He knew he fucked up. 
They walked to their usual table, Fez stealing looks at her every few seconds, his heart still racing, still reeling from getting caught. 
“You ain’t gonna ask ‘bout all that?” Fez asked quietly, wincing slightly as he prepared himself for the barrage of insults he worried would come his way. He’d heard all of them before, the petty names of ‘junkie’, ‘low-life’, ‘dumbass’. But he knew he couldn’t handle hearing it from her.
“Don’t think it’s any of my business.” 
The sentence, no matter how simple, practically knocked Fez off his feet. 
“But… I don’t-...” He stammered, unable to put words together to convey just what he was feeling in that moment. “You still wanna tutor me?” He asked, his voice laced with worry. He feared she would end this and he wouldn’t get this treasured time with her.
“Of course I do.”
“You… you ain’t… judgin’ me ‘cause’a that?” He asked, still in disbelief by her calmness.
To be honest, what she saw scared her. But Stevie wasn’t one to be hesitant around drugs, her upbringing made sure of that. If anything, the only thing that terrified her was Fez getting in trouble. If he got caught, he’d be far out of her life.
“Everyone has to make a living.” She stated simply with a shrug. 
Stevie kept her head down, her eyes focused on the textbooks she brought out of her backpack as she flipped through the pages to get to the chapter she and Fez were working on. As she moved, she felt his eyes on her. 
Turning her head slowly, her gaze met his and she smiled lightly, feeling her heart flip at the amazed look in his eyes as he stared at her. 
No one had ever looked at her like that.
Fez cleared his throat and scratched the back of his head nervously, unsure of what to think of the new feelings surging within him. He pulled his chair closer to her, his arm brushing against hers and they both ignored their racing hearts, both overwhelmed at how such a simple touch set them alight.
From there, it was getting harder and harder for Fez to ignore the thoughts of her that were constantly swirling around in his head
As he worked at the store, he looked at the selection of candy before him, wondering which one was her favourite. As he watched tv, he wondered if she ever saw the show he was watching, he wondered if it made her laugh like it did to him. As he drove and a song played on the radio, he wondered if she had ever heard it, if she liked it.
He wanted to know these things about her. He wanted to know everything about her.
On a friday night, Fez was working at the store, Ash at his side as the young kid sat on the counter, rolling joints like a pro. 
He could hear the girlish giggles from around the corner and he sighed heavily, preparing himself for the onslaught of annoyance that came with young high school girls who thought they were playing out a Tarantino fantasy as they asked for drugs. 
But he was pleasantly surprised as he noticed a familiar face in the group of girls. 
Stevie scanned the aisles, grabbing a bag of cheetos and a can of cherry cola, ignoring the droning of Maddy as she continued to talk about Nate Jacobs. 
Maddy didn’t know about her brief relationship with the man and while Stevie wanted to warn Maddy about Nate and his toxic traits, she was hesitant to tell Maddy that she had a history with the man she was crushing on hard. Her friend could be temperamental at times and that was putting it lightly. 
She looked up, her passive expression morphing into one of surprise as she saw Fez at the counter.
“Hey, I didn’t know you worked here.” She grinned as she stepped towards the counter, ignoring the confused looks her friends sent her. 
“It’s a family business.” 
“Is this your brother?”
“Yeah, this is Ashtray.” 
Stevie’s brows raised in surprise at the name, but she didn’t exactly feel like the person to judge anyone’s name. 
“Nice to meet you, Ashtray.” She said politely to the kid who looked over his shoulder at her and nodded in greeting.
Stevie laughed slightly, the child the embodiment of a twenty-something drug dealer. She turned back to Fez, biting her lip nervously.
“So my parents are out of town this weekend and I’m having a party at my place tomorrow night. You should come.” 
“For real?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Dunno, you just… don’t seem like the type to disobey your parents.” 
Stevie’s expression fell, her chest aching with an uncomfortable feeling that was all too familiar for her. Noticing the change in her expression, Fez stood up straighter, worry coursing through him that he’d made a grave mistake.
“Sorry, didn’t mean shit by that. Just… you seem like one of the good ones.” 
“Well, I won’t be shooting up heroin in the bathroom, but I still know how to have fun. I’m not a total prude.” 
Fez chuckled, taken aback by her blunt words, but he found he liked it. She was slowly showing parts of her, the real her, that both surprised and delighted him.  
“Nah, didn’t think you were.” The way she reacted to his drug dealing certainly proved that. “But, umm, I'd love to go.” He said, hoping he didn’t sound as nervous to her as he did to his own ears. And he wasn’t about to tell her that he showed up to every party to deal. 
Stevie smiled and grabbed his hand, making his smile falter as he stared down at her in shock. It wasn’t until she grabbed the marker on the counter beside him that he understood and he watched, entranced, as she wrote her address on his palm. 
“Stevie, come on, let’s go.” Kat called out, the group of them ready to go. 
Slightly disappointed, Stevie stepped away from the counter, smiling at Fez. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
“Yeah, see you.” 
As Stevie left the store, fighting the urge to look back over her shoulder at him, she heard Ashtray’s mumbled voice.
“That’s Stevie?”
She bit her lip, her stomach flipping at the knowledge that Fez had talked about her. 
“What’s up with you?” 
Stevie was startled out of her daze and looked at Cassie who was eyeing her suspiciously, though the coy smile on her face was telling that she knew exactly what was going on.
“Since when are you friends with Fez?”
“We have bio together.” She shrugged innocently, not yet ready to divulge just what she felt for the quiet drug dealer. 
Cassie’s knowing smirk made Stevie blush and she quickened her steps to get to the car faster and end the conversation. 
By the next night, her house was crawling with teenagers, most she didn’t even know. She never understood how parties got this crazy. Looking around the crowds, she kept her head on a swivel, looking for the one person she was desperately wanting to see.
She felt nervous at the prospect of seeing Fez in such a casual way, one that had nothing to do with their tutoring arrangement. She downed the spiked fruity punch in her cup in one swallow and quickly made her way to the kitchen to get more to sate her nerves. 
When Fez arrived at the party, he was on the lookout, his eyes scanning every face that passed him in search of her. 
It took awhile to get through the crowds but he eventually found her. He smiled at the sight of her, a strange feeling settling within him as he watched her laugh, leaning heavily on Rue for stability as her laugh shook her entire body. Fez was enamored with the sight.
She was quiet around him but he got the feeling she was the type of person to give you her all once you had her trust. He longed for the day she could laugh like that with him. 
He stepped into the kitchen, sending a nod to Rue who greeted him happily, equating his presence to an incoming drug haul. 
“Hey, you came!” Stevie called out excitedly over the loud music. Without a thought, she stepped forward eagerly and practically jumped into his arms. 
Fez was stunned by the tight hug and his arms floundered for a second before he snapped out of his daze and hugged her back. 
Rue watched, her face creased in confusion as she saw the expression on Fez’s face change. His usual passive and uncaring demeanor was nowhere to be found. He looked downright gleeful in that hug. 
Rue placed her hand over her mouth to hide her laugh. 
As the two pulled away from the hug, their eyes met and they shared a small smile, the both of them nervous as any teen with their crush would be. 
“You, uhh, you look great.” Fez stuttered, cursing himself for the hitch in his voice but when he saw the blush bloom on her cheeks, his humiliation quickly turned into triumph.
“Thanks.” Stevie said as she curled a strand of hair behind her ear, a nervous tick she’d had since she was a kid. 
“You two know each other?” Rue asked, eyeing the drug dealer wearily. She knew her friend didn’t partake in hard drugs, nothing more than weed, and she found it hard to believe they would be close friends.
“She’s helpin’ me with school.” 
“Oh, cool.”
“Do you want a drink?” Stevie asked, quickly changing the conversation. She knew how uncomfortable Fez felt talking about school, something that was a big insecurity for him. He nodded and followed her to the table stacked full of alcohol.
“Hey, so I was wonderin’ if maybe, on Monday, if you wanna study at my place, ‘stead of the library.”
Stevie looked at him, her heart racing, her mind running wild as she thought of what he could possibly mean by his proposition. Surely, it had to mean more than just studying, right? She was sure Fez never did anything with a hidden meaning, he was the type to tell people what he meant, straightforwardly, but she couldn’t help but hope.
Suddenly realizing she hadn’t said a word and Fez was looking at her, nervously awaiting her answer, she shook herself out of her thoughts.
“Yeah, yeah, of course.” She replied, hoping she didn’t sound as eager as she worried she did. 
“Cool.” Fez nodded, his lips twitching upwards. 
Suddenly, the sound of a loud crash from the other room broke the moment. Stevie sighed heavily, rolling her eyes in frustration.
“Fuck, I gotta go deal with that.” Stevie said and began to make her way out of the room but turned on her heel to look back at him, only to find his eyes still on her. “I’ll be back.”
Fez nodded and continued to watch her leave. 
It wasn’t until Rue laughed that he was forced out of his trance-like state. 
“Damn, you got it bad, Fez.” 
“The hell you on about, Rue?” 
“You and Stevie. You in love with her or something?”
Fez shook his head, ignoring the way his heart jumped at her accusation. 
“You’re crazy, bro. You know that?” 
“Oh come on.” Rue admonished with a roll of her eyes. “Your eyes turn into cartoon hearts when you look at her. You’re whipped, dude.” 
Fez didn’t have a response. He had no rebuttal because it was true. He couldn’t deny how he looked at her, he couldn’t deny the strange feelings within him whenever he thought about her. He couldn’t deny what Rue was teasing him about.
“Holy shit, you’re really in it, aren’t you?” Rue asked in disbelief, noting that he had no teasing comeback. He was serious in what he felt, something she’d never seen from him before.
“Fuck,” Fez sighed, scratching the back of his head. “Don’t say shit ‘bout it, kay?” 
She could see how agitated he was getting at the prospect of her telling on him and her expression of shock never wavered, she had never seen Fez so worked up before. 
“Alright, I got you. But it’s gonna cost you.”
Fez sighed heavily, regretting not walking away from Rue when he had the chance. “Fuckin’ hell, Rue, you know I ain’t givin’ you shit for free.”
“Not free, just a discount.” Rue offered, giving him an innocent smile.
“Shit, you know you owe me like a hundred bucks already, right?” 
Rue opened her mouth to argue back, but it quickly shut when she realized Fez was right. He scoffed in amusement and clapped his hand on Rue’s shoulder as he passed her and began to make his way into the hoard of people in search of Stevie. 
Across the house, with her arms full of vases, Stevie pushed her way through the crowds to get to her room. She knew her mom would freak out if she came home to find her best crystal shattered. 
The music was muted upstairs, away from the chaos the main floor held. She pushed the valuables under her bed, making a note to remember to put them back tomorrow before her parents got home and realized what had happened in their absence. 
Stevie jumped in fright and turned abruptly, placing a hand over her racing heart. A cute guy stood in her doorway, a charming smile plastered on his face.
“Shit, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”
“That’s ok, I just wasn’t expecting you.” Stevie assured him, shifting on her feet, feeling slightly uncomfortable in his presence. “The bathroom’s down the hall.”
“I wasn’t looking for the bathroom. I was looking for you.”
Stevie’s hackles raised immediately and she crossed her arms over her chest protectively. “For me?”
“Yeah, I’ve seen you ‘round, thought I’d finally make my move.”
Stevie looked at him in confusion, her expression one of shock and hesitance, weary of what brought him up to her room. 
“I’m Jeff, we have english together.”
“Oh right, sorry. I think I’ve had too much to drink tonight.” 
“Nah, that’s ok.” He smiled and began to slowly make his way into her room, closing the door behind him.
Stevie’s shoulders tensed, her eyes zeroing in on the closed door. A sense of dread began to overtake her and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand at attention as every instinct told her to get out of the room as quickly as possible.
Downstairs, Fez was still on his quest to find her. He was stopped multiple times by other party goers looking to buy drugs off of him. He didn’t care that he was making money, he was only getting annoyed that they all kept slowing him down.
Fez began to make his way up the stairs, his eyes falling over every picture that lined the walls. He smiled to himself at the sight of her childhood self, noting that she looked nothing like her parents. 
He wondered why that was something she had never talked about before. 
As he got to the upper level, he flinched slightly at the sound of a slamming door. His brows furrowed, his expression morphing into one of concern as he saw Stevie storming down the narrow hallway, her face dark like a thundercloud, a look he had never seen on her face before, a look he could never even fathom on her face before.
“Hey, you alright?”
His words seemed to startle her and she looked up at him, her dark expression changing into one of fear and it made Fez’s stomach twist uncomfortably. He never wanted her to look at him like that.
He stepped closer to her, his senses now on high alert.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, his voice low with worry. 
“Nothing, I’m fine.” 
He raised a questioning brow, knowing she was trying to blow off his question. “You sure you’re-”
“I’m gonna get another drink, you need one?”
Fez faltered for a moment, taken aback by her obvious brush off. “Nah, I’m good. You wanna talk-”
“I’ll meet up with you later.” She interrupted his questions of concern again, giving him a fake smile and breezed past him to make her way down the stairs. 
Fez watched her go, feeling as though his heart cracked more with each step she took away from him. He ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily, trying to wrack his brain for a reason, if there was something he’d said that ruined her night.
The sound of a door opening behind him broke him out of his thoughts and he looked over his shoulder, his entire body going rigid, his blood running cold as a preppy looking douchebag came out of the same room he’d seen Stevie exiting from.
The man gave Fez a jovial smirk as he fixed his jacket which was askew on his frame, evident that he’d thrown it on hurriedly. 
Fez felt his hands clench into fists as his mind raced with the thousands of possibilities of what that interaction meant. He didn’t know what happened in that room, but one thing was for sure, he hated the smug smile on that douchebag’s face.
Downstairs, Stevie found solace outside, her shaking hands trying and failing to light the joint at her lips.
“You need some help?” 
Stevie jumped and cursed under her breath. “The fuck, Rue? Where the hell did you come from?”
“I’ve been out here this whole time watching you struggle. You good?”
“I’m fine.”
“Where were you? I think Fez was looking for you.” Rue teased as she moved to sit next to her on the grass. 
“I saw him.” She answered monotonously. 
Rue eyed her friend curiously, noting the clipped tone of her voice, one so unlike the Stevie she knew. 
“Did something happen? Cause if Fez overstepped a boundary you know I have no trouble getting my hands dirty. I’d take him by the shoulders and just- pow!” Rue mimicked a groin-kicking motion, though it did nothing to make Stevie crack a smile.
“No, Fez is fine.” She said quietly. 
Rue’s face turned serious, all traces of joking, she even felt more sober at the very quickly unfolding reality that something was seriously wrong with her friend.
“Who did something?” She asked, having a pretty good, yet horrendous idea about what had her looking so haunted.
Stevie turned her head, looking at Rue head on for the first time in the interaction. She looked almost scared that Rue had correctly guessed just what had her shaken.
The young woman sighed and leaned back in the grass, tossing her joint to the side, giving up on lighting the damn thing. Rue laid back with her, scooting in closer so her shoulder brushed against hers, awaiting her explanation with bated breath.
“Some guy from my english class.”
“Shit.” Rue whispered, placing a hand over her eyes as she winced. “We can go to the police and nail that asshole to-”
“He didn’t rape me.” Stevie interrupted, stopping the revenge train Rue was full steam ahead on. “He wanted to, I’m sure, but I… I shoved him off before he…”
Rue remained silent, taking in her words with a heavy feeling settling on her chest. She felt disgusted, she felt beyond angry and she felt sad that her friend, the sweetest fucking person she knew on this planet had to go through something so twisted. 
“I just don’t get it.” 
“Don’t get what?”
Stevie let out a ragged breath, her mind replaying the incident over and over again. “I said no so many times and it… meant nothing to him.” 
Rue squeezed her eyes shut, loathing to hear the details. 
“I know I’m overreacting, It could’ve been a lot worse. Girls have been through a lot worse and here I am freaking out over nothing.” 
“It’s not nothing.” Rue said fiercely. “That asshole violated you. It doesn't matter if it went all the way or not. It’s fucking wrong.” 
Stevie felt her eyes sting and she settled for just nodding in response, not trusting her voice not to break if she spoke. 
Reaching into her pocket, Rue pulled out one of the few remaining pills she had. She wordlessly handed one over to her friend. Stevie looked down at the small white, seemingly completely innocent pill she knew was anything but innocent.
“You wanna forget tonight ever happened, right?”
Stevie nodded and without any more explanation or thought about the matter or the possible consequences, she grabbed the pill and dry swallowed it like it was her only salvation. She let her eyes fall closed, preparing herself to forget about the disastrous night.
It didn’t take long for the drug to start affecting her.
The world turned on its side and she hummed softly as pure relaxation settled over her. Behind her closed eyes she pictured Fez and despite what had happened that night, she felt herself smile. 
By Monday, as Stevie was walking into her last class of the day, english class, she felt a pit of dread as heavy as lead in her stomach at the thought of seeing the man who had pushed her too far. 
She kept her head down as she took her seat, but her brain, as if trying to torture her, couldn’t help but force her to look up each time someone entered the classroom. As Jeff finally made his way into the room, Stevie’s lips parted, her jaw falling slack with shock.
The teenager’s face was black and blue, his bottom lip swollen nearly tripled its normal size, his left eye almost completely swollen shut. 
Throughout the entire class, Stevie couldn’t keep her eyes off of the guy, drinking in every last inch of his bruised face with a delight that should’ve been off putting to her, but honestly, it was just downright satisfying to see him busted up.
As the final bell rang, she eagerly made her way out of class, a strange sense of happiness she didn’t have at the beginning of the day coursing through her. She saw Fez waiting by the front doors and she waved when his eyes found hers. 
She navigated her way through the throngs of people to get to Fez, not noticing how he watched her fondly. Her smile was dazzling as she made her way to him and Fez couldn’t help but find his own smile growing at the sight of her.
“Hey, how was your day?”
Stevie laughed slightly, still not quite used to his genuine nature. 
“As good as it can be here.” 
“Yeah, I feel you. You ready to go?” 
She nodded eagerly, her heart beginning to race within her chest at the prospect of going to his house. 
As she moved to follow Fez to his car, she noticed his shoulders tense. Turning her head, she saw Jeff passing by them. The injured man’s eyes widened when he saw Fez and they averted to the ground, not daring to look at her as he practically scurried past them. 
She watched the scared man leave, her eyes narrowing as the pieces began to fall into place. Her gaze moved to Fez and when he refused to meet her eyes, she knew she had her answer. 
Fez was the one who put those bruises on Jeff’s face.
They wordlessly got into his car, neither one of them commenting on the situation at hand as the car was started and they pulled out of the parking lot. 
Stevie was taken aback, wondering why the hell Fez had done what he did. She couldn’t help but feel her stomach twisting with excitement at the mere thought that he had done it for her. She didn’t think she’d be the type of girl to swoon over violence, but Fez was making her feel like she didn’t even know herself anymore, but in the best way possible.
“It was you, right?” She finally blurted out, desperate to break the tense silence that was driving her crazy. 
“What?” He asked as he shared a brief glance with her before quickly averting his eyes back to the road. He knew exactly what she was asking, but he was reluctant to speak on it, suddenly fearing that he’d overstepped, that he grossly misread the situation. 
“You beat the shit out of Jeff.” 
Fez just shrugged, trying to hide his nervousness. “Asshole had it comin’.”
Fez just shrugged again, not willing to say what he feared that scum of a man had done to her at her party. He became furious just thinking of it.
“Did he do something to you?” 
He couldn’t help but laugh, a soft sound of shock that he couldn’t hold back. It was obvious to him that something had happened at her party, something deeply upsetting and here she was, concerned for him. 
“You serious?”
Stevie was even more confused and she shifted in the passenger seat, worried this would spiral into a conflict she had no idea how to deal with. The shock and anger in his voice scared her, not because she worried he would hurt her, but the idea of being on his bad side, of being someone he no longer wanted around, was terrifying to her.
“I know that asshole did somethin’ to you at your party.” 
She opened her mouth, but no words escaped her and she was left to gape at him. 
“He left your room right after you. Knew you were actin’ weird, knew he hurt you.” 
“And you beat him up because of it?” 
“You angry?” He asked, his voice low with barely contained worry. 
“No, why would I be?”
“Cause I beat the shit outta your boyfriend.” 
“He’s not my boyfriend.” She corrected quickly, desperate for Fez to know she wasn’t a taken woman, especially not for a man like Jeff. 
Fez just nodded slowly, trying not to show how elated he felt at the knowledge of her lack of relationship. But there was still one burning question that wouldn’t leave his mind, no matter how much he feared to know the harsh truth. 
“So what the hell did he do to you?”
Stevie opened her mouth to refuse that there was ever a problem with that night, that there hadn’t been a fear inducing moment with that asshole, but Fez beat her to it.
“And don’t give me any shit, kay? I know you, Stevie, I know you were upset that night and I know it has somethin’ to do with that asshole.”
She was left to stare at her shoes, refusing to meet his eyes. She didn’t think she could look into those deep pools of blue that captivated her so greatly as she told him about that night. 
“It’s not…” She began but trailed off, sighing heavily as she tried to buck up the courage to say the words to the one person she really did not want knowing. “It’s not that bad. He just… it took him some time to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’.” She admitted quietly, her fingers picking at a thread on her jeans anxiously. 
The car came to an abrupt halt, a flurry of horns sounding from pissed off drivers behind them. Fez then cranked the wheel, maneuvering a rapid u-turn.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Gotta teach that playboy a lesson. Fucker can’t be walkin’ ‘round after that shit.” Fez said, his voice low and simmering with anger.
Stevie had to ignore the feeling that bloomed in her stomach that was definitely not anger.
“You already beat him up, what else are you gonna do, kill him?” 
“Would be doin’ the world a favor.”
“Fez, stop. Just leave it alone.”
“Why?” He yelled, angered beyond belief by her insistence. He wanted to see the man suffer for what he did. 
“Because you’re not going to prison over me!” 
His jaw clenched, his teeth grinding together so hard it was a wonder his teeth didn’t crack from the pressure. His hands clenched on the wheel tightly, his bruised knuckles turning white. 
“Fez, please.” She pleaded, her voice softer, portraying just how worried she was.
With a heavy exhale, Fez eased his foot off the gas pedal and put his blinker on to turn around, seizing his rampage for revenge. 
Stevie let out a loud breath and slumped back in her seat, running a hand through her hair that was tangled from the wind breezing in from the open window. Fez looked over at her, his chest tightening at the sight of her looking so stressed. 
“I’m sorry.” He said quietly, shamefully. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”
“You didn’t scare me.” She assured him, looking over at him with reverence. “You could never scare me.” 
Fez felt his throat go tight, like he could no longer breathe. It was quiet in the car, the radio playing on a low volume the only sound between them as he tried hard to force his brain that felt like it was short-circuiting to think of something to say to her. 
It was silent between them for a few minutes before Fez finally gained the courage to speak again.
“I’m sorry he did that to you.” 
Stevie felt her heart swell at the genuineness in his voice, one that always blew her away because it was something she seldom ever heard from anyone else in her life. 
“It’s ok. I’m fine, I’ll move on.” 
Fez frowned and looked over at her. “Yeah, well, I think..” He cleared his throat, shifting in his seat nervously. “Think at the next party, you should stick with me.” 
Stevie felt her lips twitch, wanting so badly to grin like a madman as happiness swelled within her, pushing down every anxious thought she had just seconds ago. She was amazed how he could turn her to mush with such innocent words.
“I can do that.” 
As the car pulled into the lot in front of his apartment complex, the energy around them had flipped, a lighter air around them now that everything had been aired out. Stevie still felt as though a cinder block was resting on her chest as she thought about everything that had happened on the weekend.
She was an anxious person and stewing about events were a constant. 
But with Fez, it seemed easier to brush them off. It seemed easier to think of anything bad as a nothing but a fleeting, passing thought.
She couldn’t help but look around, drinking in every inch of his home, hoping it would tell her everything she needed to know about the guy she was quickly falling for. He guided her to the couch and they got their textbooks out, making her shoulders slump in disappointment. 
She should’ve known this was truly just to study. 
Stevie tried her hardest to focus on the words on the pages in front of her and answer every question Fez had about the homework for the night, but her mind was scattered. On one hand, she wanted nothing more than to confide in Fez about all the bad shit she was feeling. But on the other hand, scaring him off was the last thing she wanted to do.
And letting the skeletons in her closet roam free for him to see was something she definitely couldn’t do if she wanted to be desirable to the man. 
She didn’t want to screw this up. 
But, Fez, someone who had been observant all his life, knew something was nagging at her.
“You ok, you seem lost.” 
“I think I’m a bad person.” Stevie said before she could second guess herself. Her desire to get things off her chest outweighing her insecurities. 
Fez looked over at her, his face twisted with disbelief. “That’s bullshit. You’re the coolest fuckin’ girl I’ve ever met. And you’re dealin’ with me, there’s no way you a bad person.”
Stevie laughed softly at his words, though it was weak, like she wasn’t convinced. Her smile slowly faded as she thought about the past weekend and the many things that had happened that made her look back in regret.
“I did oxy with Rue at my party.” She blurted out before she could stop herself.
Fez’s eyes widened and an instant shock of protectiveness swelled within him at the thought of her spiraling down a dark path of addiction. He wanted to shield her from everything bad in this world and the thought of her getting hurt because of his own supply made his chest ache in a way it never had before.
“Shit.” Was all he was able to say. 
“I don’t- I’m not like going crazy to do it again. It was cool, but… I dunno, I think it just stressed me out more than anything.”
Fez blew out a long breath, feeling like he could relax knowing she wasn’t about to start asking him for drugs now. He didn’t think he could live with himself if he sold to her and ruined her life. 
“Wait, that why you think you’re a bad person?” He asked, looking over at her with disbelief.
She floundered for a few seconds before nodding slowly. 
“Both my parents - my birth parents - are dead because of drugs. But one of my best friends in the world is an addict. You deal drugs and I love spending time with you.” Her words made his heart jump and he fought hard not to show just how fucking elated he felt.
“I should hate drugs, I shouldn’t be experimenting, I shouldn’t feel so… neutral about them.” 
Fez felt out of his element, but he would be damned if he didn’t try his hardest to soothe every worry in her mind that to him, had no business tarnishing any part of her beautiful spirit. 
“You don’t gotta base your entire life ‘round other people, even your family. You’re a person, your own person and you gonna do what you want. You gotta live your life without worryin’ what other people think.”
Stevie was pleasantly surprised by his words. His very Fez-like delivery made her smile, holding back a smirk, but she couldn’t deny that what he was saying made sense. 
“And you’re last person capable of bein’ bad.” He added, suddenly feeling courageous to say exactly what was on his mind, just to make her feel better. “You’re smart, funny, you actually give a shit about other people and… you’re beautiful. You’re a ray of fuckin’ sunshine.” 
He shocked himself and the courage he possessed in that moment as he looked her directly in the eye, needing to make sure that she knew that he meant every word. But all he saw was disbelief in her gaze, the instinct to disregard his compliments and tell him he was wrong.
“Don’t look at me like that.” 
“Like what?” She asked, her voice weak, still reeling from his words. 
“Like what I’m sayin’ ain’t the truth.” 
Stevie was stunned to silence. No one in her life had ever spoken to her with such a genuine need to show her how special she was. Not even her parents had ever tried this hard to pull her away from the negative lens she placed over herself. 
Her eyes slowly moved upwards, finding Fez still looking at her with nothing but that pure-hearted, genuine gaze of his. 
The moment shifted suddenly, the air around them no longer innocent, no longer a moment between two friends. It was electric, heavy with unspoken words and ignored feelings. It came to a head in that moment, both of them too fucking sick of holding back what they felt, what they had been dancing around for weeks.
Stevie noticed Fez’s eyes flutter down to her lips before quickly averting upwards, like he had done something wrong by wandering, by the silent gesture of wanting more. 
“Fez,” She said softly, barely a whisper, and he swallowed thickly. “You can kiss me.” 
He swore his heart stopped. He hadn’t meant for his gaze to wander, to give away just how much he wanted to kiss her, not after what she’d told him about Jeff and that asshole trying to force himself on her. 
He wasn’t about to put her in that situation, not so soon after what she’d been through.
He shook his head and let his gaze fall from hers. She moved in closer to him, placing her hand on top of his that was nervously plucking at the couch cushion below him. Her other hand surprised him, landing softly on his cheek and she gently coaxed him to look at her again.
“I want you to.” 
His blue eyes were wide and though there was still a lingering sense of hesitance, worried how this would change the nature of their relationship - neither one of them wanted to say goodbye to their friendship - there was excitement. They couldn’t deny that this new step into strange territory was one they wanted so badly.
Fez leaned forward slowly and he heard her breathing hitch slightly, making his eyes fall closed with a heavy breath because, goddammit, that was the sexiest fucking thing he ever heard. His heart was thumping fiercely as he gently pressed his lips to her, still tentative, worried she would think of Jeff and what he tried to do to her and push him away in fear. 
Stevie’s stomach twisted and flipped and rolled into knots instantly as he kissed her with all the gentleness she knew he would possess. 
A colorful firework display was happening behind his closed eyes and he knew he was doomed. He wanted this feeling to last forever.
The kiss was slow, hesitant and brief, innocent in the way only two friends exploring their deeper feelings could be. 
But as their eyes opened, a shared look of realization passing between them, something shifted. They knew there was no going back now. 
Within a second, Fez crashed his lips to hers again, Stevie meeting his kiss with equal fervor. His hands traveled down the length of her body to grip at her waist, needily pulling her in closer to him. 
Stevie gripped the back of his neck, tilting her head to deepen the kiss as she felt his tongue swiping against her own, the moment now much more lustful than curious. She held onto him tightly, letting him guide her into his lap.
Fez’s hands slowly started to rise, his touch gentle as he felt her bare skin beneath her shirt’s rising hem that was too tantalizing not to touch. 
“Fucking hell.” 
They broke apart abruptly, Stevie practically throwing herself off his lap. 
Ashtray glared at both of them. “You two better learn to take it upstairs ‘cause I ain’t gonna be walkin’ in on this shit everyday.” 
“Sorry, bro.” Fez mumbled, his cheeks burning with a blush of embarrassment. 
As Ashtray stomped out of the room, grumbling about needing to wash his eyes out with soap, Fez and Stevie shared soft, knowing smiles. 
“Sorry ‘bout him. He’s an ass.”
“No, no, it’s ok.”
Fez nodded, biting his lip anxiously, a question burning in his mind. “So… was that-”
“It was perfect.” She interrupted what would have been a nervously stuttered question. 
“Yeah?” He perked up, looking at her with barely contained excitement, still quite not believing this was how the day had turned out.
“This is gonna make studying a lot harder now.” Stevie drawled and Fez snorted, placing a hand over his face as he leaned back into the couch. 
After that day, their relationship was different. 
Instead of meeting up to study, Fez took her out on dates, real dates that any other budding relationship would have. 
He would take her out on the weekends, eating greasy fast food on the hood of his car, driving around town, the radio blasting at an ear-splitting level. He loved to watch her sing, her hair wild with the blowing wind, completely uninhibited for the first time. 
He took her to see a scary movie and as everyone screamed in fright at a jump scare he heard her laugh. Looking over at her, his lips quirked upwards in amusement, she caught his gaze, still giggling and shrugged at the questioning look in his eyes. 
He couldn't resist her. They spent the rest of the movie tangled in each other, making out like the pair of wild teenagers that they were. 
She was beginning to spend more time at the store than her own home. She would make her way there after school and spend hours with Fez, sitting on the counter as she finished her homework as he worked. They would talk about nothing and everything. 
He told her about his grandma, how he got started in drug dealing. She told him about her adoption, about her sometimes crippling anxiety. 
One of the first things they loved about each other was the way they listened. 
Ashtray was getting to know her better, he no longer glared at her untrusting whenever she was around. He wouldn’t admit it, but he liked when she was around. He liked to see his brother smile. And he loved it when she would come over and make mac and cheese. He didn’t know what she did to it, but it was the best he ever had.
Stevie supported Fez through everything. She was there to sneak him into her room in the middle of the night after a stressful deal with Mouse. She would hold him tight, soothing him of the anxieties he had in his crazy life of his. 
He sometimes worried, wondering if he was being selfish for letting her be in his life that would inevitably have its moments of danger. But when she would hold him, when she would gently graze her fingers over his buzzed hair and kiss his forehead, he swore he would never let her go. 
She was there to help out with his grandma, loving to hear the stories of the badass woman she used to be and wishing she could know her now, secretly longing for the woman’s approval.
She was there when he finally decided to drop out of school.
She supported every decision in his life. 
And he was always there for her when her brain got too loud, when she had trouble discounting the negative voice in her head that told her she was being judged, that told her to retreat within herself and protect herself by never letting anyone in. 
Fez was always there in the bad moments, reassuring her of how special she was, how much he needed her. 
He always told her she was his ray of sunshine. 
On the nights she’d sleep over at his place, he was always there in the morning, reminding her to take her meds as he made breakfast for her and Ash. She blushed everytime. 
She wouldn’t never say this to anyone, knowing the roll of the eyes and judgemental looks that would follow, but they were perfect. Fez was perfect and the beautiful relationship they’d built was perfect.
After a month of dating, Stevie found herself lounging on his couch, watching some B-list action movie. Ash had already gone to bed, leaving the two of them to tangle together without the kid’s snarky comments ruining the mood.
Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t keep her mind from wandering, wondering just what would happen with the two of them, wondering what their relationship was. 
Fez looked down at her from her place on his lap and he smiled, running his hands through her hair. He soon noticed the concentrated look on her face, one that wasn’t reserved for the movie. 
“What’s got you thinkin’, sunshine?” 
“You’re thinkin’ bout somethin’.”
She turned to look up at him, her face twisted in amusement. “How’d you know?”
“You get this look on your face when you’re thinkin’, like you a million miles away. You bite your lip, your eyes get all squinty and you get that crease right here.” He explained, gently rubbing his thumb over the spot between her brows. 
A grin broke out onto her face, touched by how observant he was with her, how he could read her with such ease. 
“You worried ‘bout somethin’?” He asked, his tone more serious now. She sat up and leaned against the couch next to him, winding her arm through the crook of his elbow and resting her head on his shoulder.
“Nothing bad.” She assured him softly. “I was thinking about us, what we’re doing.”
Fez narrowed his eyes and looked over at her, slightly worriedly. “And?”
“And… I was wondering… what we are. We haven’t really talked about that yet.” 
He reached down and intertwined their fingers, bringing her hand up to place a kiss on her knuckles, reveling in the way she snuggled in closer to him.
“You’re my girl.” He said simply. 
Lifting her head from his shoulder, she looked at him with a barely contained smile. “Yeah? So we’re in a relationship, the whole deal?”
“Yeah.” He said with a slight scoff, like he couldn’t believe she even had to ask. “The fuck else you think we’ve been doin all this time?”
She laughed quietly and leaned over, kissing him softly. Fez kissed her back hungrily and with the movie long forgotten, he pushed her back against the couch and hovered over her, his lips never breaking from hers.
Making sure to still make time for her friends, which had gotten harder since she’d skipped a grade didn’t see them as often in school and now especially that she was in a relationship, she found herself at Maddy’s house one Saturday evening as they got ready for a party. 
Stevie was lounging on the bed, scrolling through her phone aimlessly as Maddy droned on about Nate as she did her makeup in front of the mirror. 
“He walked me home from school yesterday and I swear to god, I've never met a man as sweet as him. He’s like, the only good guy left on this planet.” Maddy gushed and Stevie could barely contain a roll of her eyes. 
She knew what Nate Jacobs was like and sweet was definitely not an adjective she’d use. 
She contemplated finally speaking up, finally telling Maddy of their past relationship and warning her to steer clear of that controlling asshole, but Kat’s exclamation of her name stopped her.
“Is that a hickey on your neck?!”
“What?!” Maddy and Cassie yelled simultaneously, looking at Stevie with excited, teasing smiles.
Stevie covered her neck and sat up, moving away from Kat who was poking at the dark spot she knew Fez had given her last night. 
“Who are you fucking?” 
“How long has this been going on?”
“Are you dating or just fucking around?”
“Why haven’t you told us?” 
Her friends’ questions came back to back and they all stared at her, waiting impatiently for the dirt. 
“I’m not fucking anyone.” Stevie lied. She loved her friends but they could be a lot, especially when it came to the topic of boys and sex. 
There was a part of her that wanted what she had with Fez to just be theirs and no one else's. 
“You’re so full of shit.” Maddy admonished, crossing her arms over her chest as she stared her friend down. “Just tell us, we aren’t gonna judge you.”
Stevie sincerely doubted that. But the more they stared at her impatiently, the more they wore her down and she eventually sighed heavily in relention. 
“I’m in a relationship. I have been for a couple of months now.” 
“Is that why you blew me off last weekend?” Maddy asked with a narrowed gaze and Stevie nodded slowly, wincing at the admittance that she worried made her a bad friend.
“Who is it?” Kat asked her eagerly, her kind eyes that longed for details making Stevie smile lightly. She knew Kat was a kind soul, a good friend who genuinely wanted to know because she was happy for her. 
“It’s Fez.” 
The room went quiet for a moment before it erupted chaotically in even more questions.
“You’re dating a drug dealer?!” 
“Jesus christ, Cassie, why don’t you say it louder, I don’t think my parents 5 blocks away heard you.”
“Didn’t he drop out of school?”
“Yeah, he’s got the store to run.”
“And a drug dealing business.” Maddy mumbled under her breath.
“Hey, he’s a lot more than just a drug dealer. And you visit him before every party so what’s your issue?” She defended, feeling her anger rising at the barrage of questions. She would defend Fez until the end. 
“Whatever.” Maddy rolled her eyes and turned back around to continue with her makeup.
“Is he good to you?” Kat asked her quietly and Stevie nodded, smiling at the genuine question. 
“Yeah, he’s…” She trailed off, a goofy smile overtaking her. “He’s the sweetest.”
“Is he good in bed?”
“Cassie.” Kat scolded with a blush on her cheeks, the topic now verging into territory that made her bashful. 
“What? Come on, you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. Fez is so quiet and chill, I can’t imagine him having sex.”
“Well, I would prefer if you didn’t think about my boyfriend having sex.” 
Kat snickered at the banter, but she had to admit, she was wondering that too. Looking over at Stevie, she leaned in closer, raising a questioning brow.
“Is he good?” She asked quietly.
Stevie bit her lip as her thoughts drifted to Fez and the many times she had ended up in his bed. 
“Yeah, he’s good.” She answered vaguely, her voice slightly dazed as she continued to reminisce.
“That’s it?” 
“Yeah, come on, give us some details.”
“Does he go down on you?”
Stevie felt her cheeks warm, another memory taking over and she laughed, leaning back on the pile of pillows behind her as she grinned like a woman in love. 
“He went down on me for like two hours last night.” 
Cassie’s jaw dropped and she looked over her shoulder at Stevie in disbelief before laughing loudly. 
“Wow.” Kat whispered, her mind wandering to fantasies as it usually did when her friends talked about their sex lives, making her lack of a sex life all the more obvious to her. 
“Damn, go Fez.” Maddy said with a soft laugh. Looking at Stevie in the mirror, she smiled. “You’re a lucky bitch.”
Stevie knew she was lucky, she had been lucky since the first date. She knew she was a lucky girl to have captured his attention. Fez wasn’t the type to drool over girls, he was more pragmatic than people gave him credit for.
But she was counting her lucky stars that she was the one to turn his head. 
She’d been with other guys before but they never excited her, they always made her long for something more, something better. But everything was different with Fez.
She had the best now. 
Stevie could’ve spent the rest of the evening gushing about Fez, gushing about how her entire outlook on life had changed. 
She used to see sex as an itch to scratch, or even a social liability, something you better get done before people start looking down on you, thinking there was something wrong with you for not getting to it. 
Of all the cliches she’d heard in her life, sex was infinitely better with someone you love, was one she knew was true. 
Fez could make her toes curl, her eyes roll into the back of her head, her back arch, her vocal chords to sing without restraint. 
He touched her with a desire no one else ever had for her. He sent her into a desire no one ever had before. 
“Fez,” Her soft voice sounded in the dimly lit room. Her hands trailed up the length of his back to grip onto his shoulders, leaving goosebumps to rise on his skin in the wake of her touch. 
He moved deliberately but slowly, thrusting into her with reverence. He pulled away from where he had been lavishing her neck with desperate kisses and held himself above her, looking down at her in awe, relishing in the way her lips parted with a gasp at his next thrust.
His face was one of concentration and when her hand reached up to cradle his cheek, his eyes fluttered closed and he leaned into her touch, keening softly as he very subtly quickened his pace. 
He leaned down, letting his forehead rest against hers and his one hand, which had been clutching to her waist, moved to grab hers, intertwining their fingers and holding them against the bed below them. 
He kissed her sporadically through their panting breaths, using his other hand to grasp at her thigh, hiking her leg upwards further on his waist. 
She let out a shuddering breath, her head falling back onto the pillow below her, her eyes squeezed closed as he moved steadily, his hips grinding against her in the perfect way that never failed to make her shake. 
“You close, baby?” Fez panted, his voice ragged and desperate. He needed her to fall off the edge and soon because he knew he was close to losing his control. 
She nodded frantically, her chest heaving with her heavy breaths as he drove her to ecstasy. She could’ve cried at the gentle way he held her, at the way he looked at her with a gaze filled with nothing but love. 
“Fez, please.” She breathed out, begging for more. 
He groaned lowly, a raspy sound that sent shivers down her spine. Her mouth dropped open, a whine escaping her, and her hand clenched in his own as he quickened the pace, fucking her deeper, with more vigour, making her head spin pleasurably.
He felt his control slipping from him each time his name fell from her lips. The way she dug her nails into his shoulder and tightened her legs around his waist, holding him in closer to her brought him dangerously close to the edge. 
Fez moved deliberately, looking for that one spot he knew drove her crazy and he knew when he found it when she let out a loud whine and shuddered against him. His breathing became ragged, his hands moving to cradle her head, his fingers tangling in her already messy hair. 
He crashed his lips to hers fiercely, muffling her moans which were getting louder and louder. Her body seized against his, her lips parting from his, a sharp cry escaping her as she crashed head first into her orgasm. She clenched around him even tighter, making Fez squeeze his eyes shut, his face twisting with effort to work her through her high.
He grunted loudly, his hands pulling at her hair unknowingly as he reached his earth shattering peak. His hips stuttered against hers as he breathed heavily in her ear, his pace slowing until eventually stopping. He slumped over her, resting his weight on top of hers comfortably.
They basked in silence as they caught their breaths. 
Fez held her just a little tighter, placing a gentle kiss to her shoulder before rolling off of her with a hearty exhale. But he didn’t move too far. He kept her in his arms, planting his lips on every inch of her that he could find in his exhausted and sated state. 
“Do you gotta go home tonight?” He asked quietly and she shook her head, leaning in closer to his touch.
“No, I’m staying right here.” 
His touch eased her mind, something no amount of medication could ever do for her. 
She found solace in his arms. She found her problems meant absolutely nothing in his arms. 
But, as she knew from living in this town, peace was never a lasting image. 
I will definitely be writing more about this couple! The next part will be based on the show’s plot and shit will go down with Nate and Mouse and all that angsty goodness. 
Hope you enjoy xx
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eddiesprincess · 4 months ago
rue: go away fez in taking the biggest shit right now
fez: you like want some pepto bismol
Tumblr media
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fezcossidepiece · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My bae in prison rn he kill ppl 🤦🏽‍♀️🥰😂👎🏽
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jeyramarie · 5 months ago
don’t touch my girl- Fezco x Reader (Part 2)
summary: fezco gets a new roommate and you don’t love the idea
wc: 2,949 
warning: guns, drugs use/description, cursing, almost smut (there will be in the future), cal jacobs 🤡
a/n: here it is!! as people requested. i hope everyone enjoys it, i’m feeling a bit anxious about it since the first part did so well sooo hopefully y’all like this one just as much 🥲 feedback is appreaciated, lmk if you wanna be tagged and see y’all next week, happy reading 🦋
part 1~
Tumblr media
You stayed with Fezco that night. He wanted you close, having the slight fear that Nate was fine and was going to come back for him. You helped him with his knuckles and basically questioned him the whole night about why he would do such a thing. Why do it in front of so many people? Why risk it that much? But instead of a full constructed answer, he answered with: 
“Ion wanna get you involved, ma.” 
“Involved in what?” 
“Stop askin’ so many questions, babe. I ain’t gonna answer shit.” He replied and stood up from the couch, walking towards the bathroom to get in the shower. 
“I’m sorry, Fez!” You shouted before slumming against the couch again, sighing in defeat. 
You stopped asking questions and a few days after that Custer, Faye’s boyfriend, called asking Fezco for help. Apparently, the bitch pushed the motel manager over the railing from the second floor and of course, the cops were after her. And Custer’s brilliant idea? To send Faye, a junkie, to a drug dealer’s house. Saying that you were pissed was an understatement. You were furious. 
You couldn't believe that someone could be so stupid but yet, there you were. Sitting next to Fez in the car, on your way to pick up Faye behind a dumpster. You both pulled up in an alleyway and the headlights shone brightly which made it easy to find the blonde peeking her head out of a corner. She bolted towards the car, getting in the backseat before Fez drove off as you turned around in your seat to look at her. Her nose was bloody and it ran down to her lips. 
“Don’t look at me like that.” Faye said with a defensive attitude causing you to raise your eyebrows and turn back around. 
“The only reason that I went so crazy is because the motel manager kept saying such mean things.” She continued, trying to explain. 
“I honestly don’t give a fuck.” Fez said, never taking his eyes off the road. 
You all made it back home and Faye sat down on the little stairs that led to the living room while you walked past her to go to the kitchen. You grabbed a paper towel and handed it to her so she could clean up before going back to do the dishes. Fezco finished emptying his pockets and walked in Faye’s direction. 
“Yo, don’t touch nothin’ “He said walked past her. 
“Don’t talk to Ash.” 
“Okay.” she muttered. 
“And don’t go in my fuckin’ room, all right? That’s private for me and my girl.” Fez sat at the dining room chair, going back to the sandwich you made him for dinner. 
“I promise.” Faye replied looking up to see you in the kitchen. 
“Want some of my sandwich?” Fez offered, feeling nothing but pity for the girl. 
“Okay.” She stood up and walked up to the dining room area before sitting next to him. 
“I can make you one if you’d like.” You said from the kitchen. You didn’t see this, but Fezco was mouthing ‘say yes, they’re fuckin’ amazing’ to the blonde which caused her to slightly chuckle. 
“Um.. yeah, I’d love one!” Faye shouted back. 
Ash didn’t talk to Fez after seeing Faye in the house. He was that pissed. You attempted to be the mediator but it went to shit when Astray slammed his bedroom door. Everything you all say for breakfast, Ash would stand up and leave whenever Faye sat down. Like that particular morning. 
You gave the boys some cereal and as they ate you made yourself some coffee. After a moment, Faye walked out with the shortest skirt you’ve ever seen, an open vest and her bralette underneath. You looked at her for a second and went back to what you were doing but the shock was too much. 
Faye was bending down with the fridge door wide open to grab a Coca Cola can which made her ass peek out from the back. You looked towards the boys to see Ash looking at her in annoyance and slight disgust before turning his eyes back to Fez, giving him a death stare. She closed the fridge and walked towards the dining room which made Ash get up and leave. 
“Good morning!” She said, opening the sofa can with her foot on the table. 
“Morning.” Fez muttered and continued eating his cereal. He finished his bowl and stood up, going to the kitchen. 
“Thanks, ma.” He muttered and pecked your forehead. 
“You’re welcome. Now… who's gonna tell her to stop wearing that?” You whispered and turned off the faucet before turning around as you crossed your arms over his chest. 
“Wearing what?” 
“Did you not see that skirt?” You questioned. 
“The only ass I have my eyes on is yours, ma. Don’t worry ‘bout anything.” He whispered as he walked closer to you.
“She’s been looking at you funny…wearing sexy outfits and shit… it’s annoying as fuck, it doesn’t feel good from my point of view.” You looked at him with a slight frown before you hit the inside of your cheek. 
“She just gon be here for a bit longer, I promise.” Fezco said and pecked your lips before moving away to his room to get showered. 
That night, he invited you and Faye to go over to the convenience store with him. So you wouldn’t have to stay alone with her for so long. You decided to go, suddenly feeling trapped in the house. 
The store was empty at the moment and you were leaning against the register counter talking to Fez as Faye sat at a corner looking everywhere. Ash was behind the fridges, working on the drugs and the money as usual. You were looking at the ground, chuckling at some Fez said when a customer walked in. 
“Lexi Howard.” Fezco called out with a smile. 
“Hi.” She smiled back before waving at you. 
“How you doin’?” 
“I’m good, um…” Lexi began as she walked to stand in front of the red head but stopped when she saw Faye. 
“Hi, I’m Faye.” The blonde said and smiled. 
“I’m Lexi, um.. weren’t you guys..” She said pointing at you and Fez, referring to your relationship. 
“Yeah, yeah, we together. She’s just statin’ with me for a bit, but, but she’s cool, though.” He replied, intertwining your fingers with his. 
“What brings you out here anyway?” 
“Oh, I just came to get a, a drink.” Lexi smiled and turned, walking towards the last fridge. 
“Okay, well, we got plenty of those. Um…do you need help finding anything?” 
“No, I'm okay.” Lexi replied with her arms over chest as she continued to stare at the fridge. 
“Um…Lex, that’s the malt liquor.” You said softly as you stood up straight. 
“Yeah, I know.” She muttered and looked to the side, watching Cal Jacobs walk in. You could tell she was nervous. Lexi’s body language changed and her face radiated fear along with uneasiness. 
“Good evening.” Cal said, causing you to look at him, as well as Fezco. 
“Hello.” You smiled and almost immediately frowned when you saw an odd shape in the pocket of his jacket. 
It looked like a gun. Of course, you didn’t want to risk it so you acted like you were reaching for something next to Fez which made you end up next to him. So, in case anything went south, you were covering him. Cal walked down the side of the store, walking in front of Faye, who followed him with his eyes. 
“What’s up, man?” Fezco muttered, following him with his eyes as well. He turned to Lexi scared and then turned to look at Ash in between the shelves of the fridge. The teen looked at Cal and as well as in there, you could feel the tension in the store. 
“You got any spearmint gum?” He asked, looking at you. 
“I’m not sure, the gum’s over there.” You replied, pointing behind you with your thumb. Cal walked slowly past you, looking down at you which made you reach back to grab Fezco’s leg. As he got closer, Lexi walked away to the back of the store, trying to get away from him. 
“This your store?” He asked, grabbing the gum packet before walking to the back of the store where Lexi was hiding. 
“It’s a family business.” Fezco replied, grabbing your hand that was on his thigh. 
“Do your parents own it?” 
“You usually ask this many questions, man?” 
He appeared back in front of you, with a bag of chips in hand. Your eyes drifted to the side a bit, sneaking a look at Lexi to see that she was unharmed but still looking down in fear. 
“Just you.” Cal said, looking at Fezco. 
“She tell you who I am?” He asked, nodding his head towards Lexi. His eyes drifted to you, looking at you up and down which caused you to shift in your spot. Now you know why Nate always made you feel uncomfortable. His father was the same way. 
“Nah, man.” Fezco replied. 
“Are you a cop?” Faye asked. 
“No.” He turned to her and placed his hand back in his pocket. The shape of the gun came into view again, causing you to stand up straighter, attempting to cover up Fez a bit more. Ash was seeing this so he grabbed the cereal box and reached his hand inside to grab the gun, getting it ready to shoot. Cal’s hand moved out of the pocket to reveal a 20 dollar bill, which he slid next to you, under the register. 
“Just a concerned father.” He muttered before turning around to walk back to his car. Fez stood up and walked out, watching him drive away as the lights began to flicker over him. 
You walked towards the back to find Lexi but saw her run out to her bike. You followed but she paddled fast, getting far away from the store. 
“Lexi!” You shouted but she kept biking away. 
“Shit.” You muttered to yourself and turned around walking back inside. 
“Where’s Lexi?” Fezco asked, walking inside. 
“She probably went home, I don’t know but she’s long gone by now.” You sighed, leaning against the register. 
“Don’t stand in front of me like that.” Fezco said harshly. 
“Why not? I was just protecting yo-”
“Don’t ever stand in front of me like that… If he had a gun he would’ve shot you and that’s the last thing I wanna see. We clear?” He asked, raising his voice. You nodded and crossed your arms over your chest before walking to stand next to Faye. You didn’t talk to Fezco for the rest of the night. 
Around midnight, he closed up the store so it was time to go home. The car ride was quiet and you kept looking out the window as you fidgeted with your fingers. When you arrived at the house, Ash went straight to his bedroom and Faye went directly to the couch as Fezco emptied his pockets at the front door. You went to the kitchen, looking for some water as you replayed the store scene in your head. 
Fezco changed the temperature on the thermostat and walked into the living room with a shotgun. He walked across the room and closed the curtains as Faye exhaled a cloud of smoke from her blunt. You placed the empty glass in the sink and walked out of the kitchen. 
“Night.” You muttered and walked towards the bedroom without looking at Fezco. You got into the shower and after into your pjs before getting comfortable in bed. 
You must’ve been really tired cause you fell asleep waiting for your boyfriend cause a loud clutter woke you up. You lifted your head from the pillow to see Fezco peacefully sleeping next to you. His eyes fluttered open, immediately looking at you to check if you were okay. You rubbed your eyes as you got out of bed and opened the door to see a dark hallway. 
Fezco came from behind you, gun in hand as he slowly checked every room. All that was left was the bathroom so you tiptoed towards it and slowly opened the door to see Faye. She was laying on the floor, in front of the toilet with a needle in her thigh. 
“Oh… I’m sorry.” Faye whispered. 
“Fez!” You called out before walking to stand next to her. He walked in a few seconds later and just stared in shock. 
“I fell.” She whispered again. 
“Come on, kid. Let’s get you to bed.” Fez muttered and placed his gun on top of the toilet as you kneeled next to her, carefully taking out the needle. You threw it in the sink, getting it out from everyone’s reach before helping Fez pick her up to get her in the shower. You stayed with her while the redhead looked for clean clothes to put her in. After a few minutes, Fez carried her back to the couch, pulling the knitted blanket over her as you threw away the drug residue left on the coffee table. 
“Is it true you killed Mouse?” Faye whispered, causing you to whip your head to look at her. 
“Go to sleep.” Fezco replied before walking towards you to tap your shoulder. You looked up and he nodded his head towards the hallway. You stood up and cleaned your hands off on your pj shorts before grabbing Fezco’s extended hand. 
“You should call Custer tomorrow. See what’s gonna happen with her.” You whispered, walking into the bedroom. 
“Yeah, for real, I can’t let her havin’ an OD ‘ere.” He muttered, getting into bed. You hummed, walking over to your side of your bed but stopped seeing the redhead’s back towards you. 
“Are you mad at me?” You asked, making him turn on his back to look at you. 
“I ain’t mad.” 
“Look, I know it bothered you… what I did at the store but I’m not gonna apologize for wanting to protect you.” You said, shaking your head as you looked at the ground. 
“It was obvious that he had a gun and-”
“He was gonna shoot you if he decided to whip that shit out.” Fez spoke, cutting you off. 
“So? So?!” He raised his voice. 
“Yeah, why does it matter?!” You raised your voice as well. 
“Why?! Fuck, Y/n. You don’t understand, you don’t get it.”
“What don’t I get?!” 
“That if somethin’ happened to you I would die ‘cause I can’t fuckin’ live without you!” Fezco shouted, sitting up on the bed with his back against the headboard. He sighed and rubbed his shaved head as you carefully got into bed, crawling towards him. You swung your leg over his lap and cupped his cheeks, pulling his head upward to look into his blue orbs. 
“I can’t live without you either and that’s why I stepped in front of you. I’ll cover you…as many times as I need.” You whispered.
Fezco lifted his hands from your thighs and cupped your face as your hands lowered to his chest. He pulled you in and connected your lips together. They moved in perfect sync as your hands moved lower to the hem of his white t-shirt, lifting it slightly. You pulled back from the kiss and lifted his shirt over his head before going back to cup his cheeks. 
The kiss continued, getting heated by the second as Fezco’s hand traveled under your shirt, touching your whole back. You pulled away once again and took your shirt off, giving him a clear view of your tits. Your nipples hardened almost immediately as you leaned in again to continue the kiss. Your hands traveled down his torso to the strings of his pajama pants to untie it before burying your hand inside to notice that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. 
Fez grabbed your waist and turned you around so you were underneath him as his lips traveled down your neck. You began to whimper, feeling his beard scratch your skin as he continued to create hickeys over your skin. His lips trailed down chest and engulfed them around one of your nipples, sucking on it slightly. You bit your lip to contain your moan as Fezco pulled down your pajama shorts along with your underwear. 
“I wanna hear you, ma. Let me ‘ear you.” Fez muttered causing you to whimper as your hands ran over his shaved head. He kept kissing lower and lower until finally reaching your navel where he gave you a peck before parting from you. His lips reconnected to yours in a soft loving kiss. Your nails went down his back and onto his lower back to begin pushing down his pants. His ass was exposed, giving you the chance to lightly squeeze it, knowing it would annoy him. 
“Ey, yo, what is that?” Fezco asked in surprise as you laughed, pushing your head back while your hands went up to his shoulders. 
“I had to.” You laughed hysterically as he began to laugh too, burying his head in your neck. 
“Why you gotta grab it like that?” 
“You have a really nice ass, Fezzy.” You laughed as one of your hands went to the top of his head and the other to the back of his neck. Fezco lifted his head and looked at you as you chuckled with a wide smile. He couldn’t help but admire you for a second. 
“I love you.” He muttered as you looked into his eyes with a small grin. 
“I love you too.” You whispered, tracing your fingers down his beard. 
fezco taglist: @hansakind​ @idkimjusthereliving​ @romanogersendgame​ @black-fairy3​ @bracefacelaiiiaa​ @sorceresss​ @mrsjubelova @damn-i-woke-up​ @rafecameronswhore​ @mandowhatnow​ @illumi3​ @suqarszn @joonieshoney​ @hnslchw​ @stylesyourmine​
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sageworld · 5 months ago
The boys reacting to a reader with nipple piercings • Euphoria
Tumblr media
nate would absolutely be the one to convince you to get them, it’s apart of his corruption kink
tbh he wouldn’t really care about after care, the second you get them he’s trying to suck all on them
i could see him taking a selfie with them right after you get them pierced-
he likes to irritate them for some reason so he’ll be flicking them
but if you get mad at him for so, he’ll take care of them, clean them for you, be soft
overall he thinks they’re a straight 10/10
Tumblr media
you were his good girl, you barley had a stud in your nose.
he was in complete shock when you came home after hanging out with jules for a day
“fezzy, can i show you something.” “of course baby.”
that led to you standing up & taking off your shirt in the living room, him sitting on the couch.
“what the hell? when the fuck did that happen?” he stares
you explain to him when and why it happened
“well do you like em?” you ask him, nervous. “as long as you like em. now c’mere.”
he pretty much became obsessed with them
how you looked laying on the bed with a tank top and no bra
flicking them
he’d let them heal before all this ofc
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vngeqnce · 4 months ago
More Fez smut please 😮‍💨
— addiction.
warnings: unprotected sex. creampie. chain kink(?
Tumblr media
there were a lot of things you loved about fezco, his eyes, his smile, the small dimple that formed on his cheek every time he laughed, but you especially loved the chains that hanged around his neck.
they were always laying on top of his chest, displayed on his cotton shirts, the gold material shining whenever he moved.
but when you’re under his body like you are now, the chains hold much more power than usual, with his hands spreading your legs apart and his thick cock dragging against your walls, the way they clank against his chest with each snap of his hips is music to your ears.
and you always seem to get wetter when he wears them to bed.
“you love when i fuck you like this, don’t you, ma?” he grunted while pounding on you.
his pelvic bone grazed your clit with every movement, the little hairs at the base providing even more pleasure, making you whimper each time.
his hands kept your legs apart for him, the position making your toes to almost touch the bed; his eyes where fixed on your cunt, he loves seeing you take every inch of him, he loved the way he could see the small bulge his dick made on your lower stomach, and it made him crazy.
“you feel how deep i am? gonna fill you so good” he said leaning his body over you while placing his hand on the small hump, his chains rested between your tired bodies.
he changes the position of your legs, your legs are now placed tightly around his hips, his thrusts are more pointed in that position, hitting your soft spot with every thrust.
your legs keep him in place, not allowing him to pull all the way out, but making him go deeper and deeper with every movement, you feel more accurately now, the way he was stretching you out, his balls slapped hardly against your ass.
fezco’s eyes were focused on you, how you rolled your eyes every time his thrust went deeper, he noticed that his chains were hanging on top of your face, and he moaned loudly when you took the metal on your mouth.
you immediately felt the metalic taste on your tongue, your eyes focusing on fezco while you bite down the gold material, trying to silence your moans.
he reached behind his neck and pulled them off, stuffing the rest of the metal in your mouth. “you look so good with my chain hangin’ out of your mouth.” one of his hands traveled to your neck, grabbing your throat roughly, the coldness of his rings felt like heaven on your heated skin; your back arched, your hips meeting his to fuck yourself on his dick.
“that’s it princess” he moaned. “work fo’ that dick” he applied more pressure along your neck as he chases his high, all while giving you yours.
your eyes rolled to the back of your head and your body seized up, your orgasm hitting you so hard that you almost stopped breathing, too overwhelmed by his movements, which started to become erratic once you came all over him.
he shoved himself as far as he could into you before he spilled himself inside your wet heat, the feeling of his warm cum filling you is lovely in the most debouched way.
you both went down your highs a few minutes later, fezco pulled the metal from your mouth, his lips going straight to yours, kissing them without compassion, sucking and biting on them before finally talking. “i fucking love you”
Tumblr media
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sargeant-bxrnes · 5 months ago
on cloud nine.
Tumblr media
࿐ ˚ . ✦ summary: fez & you have been best friends for years, and you’d never gotten high together, until now. what neither of you two knew, is that it would change your lives forever.
࿐ ˚ . ✦ warnings: drug mention & consumption, cursing. sexual tension, manhandling, dirty talk. (high) sex, oral sex (f receiving), fingering. kinda dom!fez [this one is FILTHY, fr]
࿐ ˚ . ✦ word count: 4K
my masterlist !
my requests are open.
Tumblr media
Fez could've sworn that you would be the death of him one day, you got him feeling all sort of shit he couldn't put a name to.
He felt his heart racing as you looked up at him from the couch, your hand carefully holding his wrist, not letting him go.
You were giving him your best puppy eyes, those you knew got Fez weak as hell. Looking up at him though your lashes, pouting your lips just a little.
"Please, stay," you asked your best friend. "You barely spend time with me anymore."
"'s not because I don't wanna, I've been busy, that all." Fezco replied, looking down at you with his pretty blue eyes.
"Well, are you busy now?" you raised your eyebrow at him.
"Well no but—"
"Then stay, please, Fez."
You missed hanging out with him. Lately he'd been really busy and barely having time to do anything else. You missed having him around, but couldn't exactly explain why to him.
"What you wanna do?" He asked, eyeing you suspiciously, as he was getting an idea.
You'd called him earlier, asking for some hallucinogens, and since you'd had a crappy week and needed to unwind, Fezco had agreed to give you some.
Surprisingly enough, Fez and you had never gotten high together, so you weren't sure of how to bring it up or even imply the thought.
So you did what seemed easier to explain it, holding the tiny plastic bag he'd given you earlier in front of you, raising an eyebrow to question him silently.
"Oh no, ma..." Fez trailed off, not knowing what excuse to give.
"Ion get high with my own stuff, y'know dat."
"Technically speaking it's not your stuff anymore, I already bought it, so it's mine now."
"Stop playin with ma'head." he said, huffing in amusement. There was no flaw to your logic.
"Oh, c'mon Fez, this one's on me," you said and he just looked at you. "Last time you paid for my shit, let me invite you this one time."
Fez did want to get high with you. But there were several things that made him wanna say no, especially with the drug in question. It heightened everything, and he was afraid of the shit he may say in his high state.
But it's not like he could say 'no' to you either. You've been best friends for years, and Fezco always gave you what you wanted— except when it put you at too much risk, that's when he'd say no.
He'd never give you something bad, which was highly hypocritical considering he was a drug dealer, but Fez promised to himself to keep you as safe as he could, despite the money he could've been making if he sold you harder stuff.
"Alrite," he accepted with a small sigh, sitting down next to you on your couch. "Jus' this one time tho."
"Yeah right," you said with a small snort, taking two pills out of the small bag.
You gave a pill to Fez, who popped it in his mouth, leaning back on your couch to let it hit. His eyes were attentive on you though, of the way you placed the pill on your tongue and swallowed, closing your eyes and letting out a sigh.
He had to force himself to look away to interrupt the thoughts forming in his head, wondering why the hell he agreed to this.
You too laid back on the couch, staring at the ceiling as you waited for the pill to make effect. You felt Fez's eyes on you, and it was making you nervous, not in a bad way tho.
He felt it first, you knew as you heard him sigh heavily. You chuckled at his state, and just when you were about to tease him for being a 'lightweight', you felt it too.
It felt like a sudden wave of peace. All the sounds around you drowned out, replaced by silence. As for your body, it felt like when you're laying back on water, all your limbs relaxed and mind calm. The colors of everything around you seem brighter, more alive, almost like they had a life of their own.
The relaxed sound you let out made Fez turn to look at you, sitting there in pure bliss. He felt almost hypnotized by how you looked. Your skin seemed to be glowing under the light, your lips looked softer than ever. You looked gorgeous, and he wished he could somehow remember this moment forever.
"What?" You asked with a giggle, deciding to acknowledge the staring. "Do I have something on my face?"
"Nah, you just look..." Fez trailed off at the lack of words.—It's not that he didn't have a word to describe you, since about 10 crossed his mind— it's just that he didn't wanna screw things up.
You turned to look at him and understood why he couldn't explain it. He looked... god, his eyes looked as blue as the summer sky, the freckles on his skin seemed like galaxies. Fez looked... ethereal.
"Oh shit..." you muttered, still admiring him. "You look so, so pretty Fez."
Fezco felt dumb as fuck already, so definitely the blood that rushed to his neck and cheeks with that statement didn't make it any better.
"You kiddin me?" He rasped out, still too hypnotized with you to look away. "You be lookin like a whole angel rite now.”
“Oh don’t be silly.” you giggled, looking away so he wouldn’t notice your reddened cheeks.
“I ain’t playing with you,” he assured you. “You look like a fuckin’ angel, with the halo and shi’. For real, you glowing.”
Fez always said nice things to you, being as sweet as he is; but the way he'd said it now had you feeling a whole fucking butterfly sanctuary in your stomach.
Not trusting your own voice with an answer, you inched closer to him. He didn't move away, instead, he leant closer to you. Slowly, you moved your hand so it would rest on his cheek.
He exhaled heavily, the feeling of your soft skin touching his had him feeling all sorts of crazy shit. His eyes met yours, and by the look in them, Fez knew you were feeling the same.
With the tips of his fingers, Fez began to trail over your skin, the back of your hand, your wrist, and up your arm. It was nothing more than subtle touches, but they were more than enough to make your nerves feel electrified, excited in anticipation.
It felt so good and you wanted more.
You moved even closer, your body so close to him you could feel his warmth. With your thumb, you softly caressed his face, his cheek and getting dangerously close to his lips.
Fez kept trailing up, enjoying the feeling of your skin under his fingers, noticing how you got goosebumps as his hand got closer to your face.
Soon, his hand was in the side of your head, his eyes staring deeply into yours as he wetted his lips. Slowly, the space between both began to reduce, until your faces were inches away from each other. You could feel his lips brushing against yours, enough to have you wanting more.
And that's when the thread holding both of you back snapped.
Fez's lips crashed against yours roughly, while his hands held the sides of your face, cradling it. You welcomed the kiss by reciprocating it, your lips moving over his as you placed a hand over his.
It wasn't just any kiss. It was passionate, emotional, hungry, desperate, lustful.
Your bodies were pressed close as his tongue slipped into your mouth and you grabbed a handful of his shirt, tugging at it. One of his hands was now firmly placed on your hip, right over your clothes, his fingers gripping tightly as if trying to touch through the material as he pulled you closer.
A bite on his lip was all it took for him to completely lose himself in the kiss, completely forgetting everything else. All that existed to him was you. Just you.
The kiss turned even more intense once you straddled his lap. It was all teeth and tongue, desperate and filled with lust, you kept tugging at his shirt, trying to take it off and he grunted over your lips as he drew your body closer, wanting to feel more, to feel what the clothes were keeping away from him.
The realisation was kicking in, but instead of making you want to stop, it only encouraged you to keep going.
You were kissing Fez. Not just a peck on the lips or a small kiss. You were actually kissing him, a teeth-crashing-tongues-fighting-kiss.
He was the one to start the kiss, and he was the one to break it as well. Fez kept his hand on your hip so you wouldn't take it as a rejection, his eyes seeking yours immediately.
For a couple of seconds, the two of you did nothing but stare at the other, why? Hard to tell. It was as if you were waiting for Fez to pull back; and he expected the same thing.
His eyes moved from your eyes to your lips, to your neck, your cleavage, and then his eyes met yours, darker than before and carrying a question within those blue orbs.
Without a word needed, you nodded your head at him, giving confirmation. You wanted it. You wanted him.
That's all he needed before crashing his lips against yours with the same desperation as before.
Things moved quickly from there, still with your lips pressed, you tugged at his clothes in an attempt to blindly take them off his body as his hands slowly but surely moved to the edge of your floral dress.
His jacket and shirt were off his body and your dress fell to the floor, his eyes trailed hungrily over your body before he smirked and pressed his lips back to yours, your hands immediately moving over his biceps and his back muscles, trailing the warm skin.
Slowly, you two had began to lay down on the couch, Fez gave you small kisses, constantly pulling away to throw the cushions away from the sofa, to make more room for both.
Your back was pressed against the couch as Fez crawled right on top of you, his lips pressed against yours as his arms caged you against the soft sofa. Anxious to feel something, you moved your hands to his back, trailing your nails down his muscles in a way that made him groan over your lips as his hips buckled into yours out of instinct.
The feeling of his sweatpants' material making friction with your core elicited a moan from your lips, dying on top of his lips as he swallowed the sound with the kiss. Since you'd arched your back, Fez could easily unhook your bra and get rid of it.
His lips started moving soon, kissing the edge of your jaw and down your neck, making a trail of kisses along its side and down to your collarbone, the valley of your breasts and even lower.
All you knew vanished when you felt his beard tickling your stomach, getting rid if your panties as his lips pressed softly against the insides of your thighs, up and down, kissing and licking everywhere except where you needed him.
"Fez..." you whispered a plea as his lips kept pressing softly against the inner side of your thighs, sucking messily enough to leave a mark.
"Yea'?" he asked, his breath tingling your skin.
Fez knew what you wanted, he wasn't blind, your wetness basically glistened, and he could smell how aroused you were.
But where's the fun in giving in? He wanted to hear you beg at least once.
"You know what."
"I-" he left a kiss just below your knee, on the inner side.
"dunno-" higher, at the middle of your thigh.
"what,-" so close you could feel his beard tickling.
"ya'-" his lips were back on your inner thighs, his tongue trailing over a bite he'd left earlier.
"mean." you could feel his breath against your folds, his lips probably inches away from where you desperately wanted him.
He was being such a fucking tease, and as much as it made you desperate, you had to admit it felt amazing. He was unbelievably hot.
To annoy him, or encourage him (you weren't sure), you closed your legs with a smirk, or attempted to, but Fez quickly placed one hand in each of your thighs, opening them again as his eyes moved to your face, where he caught sight of your playful smirk.
And when he smirked back at you... fuck, you knew you were in for a long night.
His lips finally pressed against where you needed him the most, his lips wrapped around your clit, twirling it around before sucking it, eliciting a moan from you.
One of his arms kept your legs spread, while the other one slowly moved along your skin, the tips of your fingers reaching one of your nipples, twisting it as his tongue slid inside you.
If possible, your back would've arched in pleasure, but Fez was doing a very good job at keeping you under his mercy.
His mind worked so clearly under intoxication, it was amazing.
One of his hand slid between your legs, his tongue flicking your clit as his thick fingers slowly slid inside you, pumping their way in as he slowly stretched you open.
"Fuck-" you mumbled, biting your lip as your back arched either way, your head pressed against the back of the couch as your eyes shut in pleasure. Fez's eyes were fixed on you, and he was sure he'd never been harder in his entire life.
His fingers fucked you while his tongue sucked and twirled around your clit, making you feel completely overwhelmed by the pleasure, moans escaped your lips without control and it encouraged Fez to keep going, his fingers curling against your special spot, and his tongue moving quicker.
In no time, your walls started to clench, you were so tight his fingers were slowed down, which only turned him even more. Your breath was erratical, walls clenching around his fingers, thighs shaking and nothing but his name escaped your lips.
You were close and he knew it. So he kept going, he didn't stop until you came so hard your entire body shook, it was such a pretty sight to see, Fez thought.
You opened your eyes and stared at him, your breathing still erratical and messy, your skin glistening with sweat.
The cocky smirk that appeared in Fez's wet lips caused a tornado inside you. You were barely recovering from one orgasm but that damn smirk made your walls clench around nothing.
You attempted to move away to return the favor, but his hands quickly took a hold of your hips, getting you back into place.
"I ain't done with you yet." he assured you with a rough tone and husky voice, though the smirk never left his lips.
His lips started to trail up your body, your inner thighs, pressing a kiss against your core to tease you further, his kisses were slow and tantalising, trying to get a reaction out of you.
His lips trailed up your lower stomach, he softly bit skin and licked after to ease the pain. He eventually made it back to your lips, where you tried to let him know how much you needed him by sliding your tongue in his mouth, your left hand holding the back of his head while the other one aimed to unbutton his jeans.
Your fingers worked quickly in getting rid of his lower clothes, after the relentless tugging on his hips, Fez decided to part his lips from yours to stand up, taking off his pants and boxers all in one. Your eyes trailed his body without shame, all the way from his broad shoulders, strong chest, the V line that directed to his dick, it was big. But you suspected that already (not that you'd admit you'd given thoughts to it)
Fez wanted to make a teasing comment about you, ogling his body, but all his remarks faded into a cloud of lust when you opened your thighs again, giving him a perfect sight of your arousal.
He quickly leant back on the couch, positioning himself on top of you as he trailed his warm tip over your folds, to get himself wet in your arousal and yes, to keep teasing you as well. He knew you were still sensible from the orgasm he'd caused you; you squirmed under him and hid a moan behind your bit lip when his tip grazed your entrance.
Just to make sure you wanted this, Fez glanced at your face again, eyes meeting yours as he raised his eyebrows. "You sure you can handle me, ma?"
"Get inside me already." you assured with a playful smirk, placing a kiss on the edge of his jaw.
"Whatever my girl wants." he mumbled over your skin as with a simple thrust of his hips, he buried himself deep inside you. Your hands automatically moved over to his shoulders to have something to hold on to, as your eyes widened in surprise. He was big, and he was stretching you out in a way that stinged, but in a good way.
Sensing the way you immediately clenched around him, Fez stood still, giving you time to adjust to him, his breath tingling your neck and his arms trapping your body against the sofa.
"What?" he couldn't keep himself from teasing; this is something he'd been dreaming of for years. "Too big for ya', Y/N?"
A sassy comment was about to escape your lips, but all it took to replace it with a moan was for Fez to thrust again, sliding out of you and thrusting inside you, pulling out and burying himself inside you again; setting up a pace and slowly but surely stretching you with his dick.
Your nails buried themselves in his strong freckled shoulders as he kept thrusting, you moved your hips slowly as well, meeting halfway with his, you clenched your walls just as he moved his hips back, making the thrust feel a thousand times better.
The pace was fast and rough, the couch squeaked underneath both, its wood and springs squeaking every time his body met yours with a thrust of his hips. He gripped the edge of the sofa and lifted his body up, so this way he had a new angle, the tip of his dick hitting your g-spot with every thrust as he used the edge of the sofa to pull himself up and down with more strenght.
He was completely ravishing you, leaving you speechless. You'd dreamt of this moment, and it definitely didn't compare to the real thing.
Your legs wrapped around his hips as you pushed your body against his, his dick going deeper now and reaching parts of you no one had ever touched before, his pelvic bone pushed against your clit with every thurst of his hips against yours.
"Fuck, Y/N," he mumbled over your skin as his hips kept their merciless rhythm. "You feel so fuckin good. Being so good t’me, angel.”
You wanted to say something in return, but no coherent sentence managed to make its way out of your lips, all you could do was moan and repeat his name like a prayer, which only encouraged Fez to move faster, even if he felt close to finishing.
His hips moved against yours, your hands held onto his shoulders firmly as you tightened your walls around him, letting him know you were close to finishing.
He kept going until you were screaming his name into the crook of his neck as you came undone around him, nails scratching down his back, walls clenching, thighs shaking and hips jerking into his.
He followed you shortly, and you felt him finishing inside you, his warmness filling you as his hips kept moving erratically, riding the feeling out as he panted in your neck.
Eventually, he stilled. Both took deep breaths to regain your composure, his body was slightly pressed on top of yours as he regained his strenght, two minutes later at much, Fez raised his body from on top of yours and pulled out of you slowly, taking a seat next to your body on the couch.
Your back was still pressed against the couch as you regained your breath, your eyes fixed on the ceiling while you recovered. It had felt so fucking good, and even though you wanted to, you didn't regret it in the least.
Fez let out a small sigh as he pressed his back against the backrest of the sofa, his head against the edge of the sofa as he closed his eyes for a few seconds.
You were completely spent. Too exhausted to move again, so you were almost falling asleep on the couch.
Fez noticed and sighed, getting up to clean himself and put on his boxers, walking down to the couch to clean you up as well, finding you asleep.
He couldn't just leave you there, so he picked you up on his arms and took you to your bed, where he carefully put you down, covering your body with the sheets.
He didn't know what to do, but luckily, you made a decision for him by holding onto his wrist, still tired but now awake at least.
"Stay the night," you mumbled, barely audible. "Please, baby."
Tumblr media
You woke up to an empty bed. Your memory was clear, and you remembered the previous night to such detail that you blushed immediately.
Where was Fez?
Right as you were about to get out of bed to look for him, the door of your bedroom opened and Fez walked in with a tray in hands.
He froze when he noticed you were awake, but eventually kept walking to you while you sat down. He placed the tray softly over your thighs, standing awkwardly next to the bed.
There was fruit, water and some chocolates on the tray, you smiled softly at Fez and mumbled a thank you, picking up a piece.
The silence was... awkward, to say the least. Even looking at Fez brought back memories of the previous night, of the way he'd quite literally fucked you to oblivion.
"Look..." he trailed off as he thought, taking a seat next to you.
Oh god. The worst scenarios crossed your mind. He was gonna tell you that it was a mistake. Or a one time thing that would never repeat. Or blame it on the drugs.
"I kno' we was high as fuck and shi' happens..." he nervously licked his lips. "But Ion want this to just be a fuck, y'know? I want more, like... more than just sex," he said, careful of his words. "S'somethin I been wantin’ since I saw you for the first time."
"Really?" you said, hoping the surprise would cover the genuine relief you were feeling.
"Shit, of course," he assured. "You the prettiest girl I kno'. And the smartest too. Bein' 'round you makes me happy, makes me feel chill, on fuckin' cloud 9," he was being so sweet. "I wanna be with you, for real, all in, if you want me."
It took you a few seconds to speak, because even though Fez had just confessed his feelings to you, confessing your own feelings for him was scary, admitting out loud that you were in love with your best friend. It would definitely change everything.
Fez took the silence as a negative answer, and it sure hurt like a bitch that you didn't feel the same way, but he wasn't going to force anything to happen. You two fucked, and that's it. He'd just have to get over—
"Of course I want you, Fez," you admitted with a shaky breath. "How could I not?"
Relief washed over both. The cat was out of the bag, finally. No more hiding feelings, no more pretending to not want to kiss the hell of each other. No more secrets.
Fez had never been good with words, they tripped on the way out and fucked things up; actions, however, were his thing. Which is why he smiled softly and leant closer to you, pressing his lips against yours.
The kiss was soft, his lips moving carefully and slowly over yours in devotion. A few seconds in tho, you felt him smiling in the middle of the kiss.
"What is it?" You asked in amusement.
"Nothin, I'm just happy," he replied with a little smile, and a light in his eyes that you'd never seen before. "I'm 'appy to finally get a chance to be with ya, you feel me?"
"Yeah, I 'feel ya'." You nodded, mimicking his voice and the way he spoke.
"With how we fucked last nite, bet yo’ ass you do."
"Oh my— Fez!" You exclaimed, feeling the blood rushing to your cheeks as he started giggling like an idiot.
"Just sayin' you gonna be feelin me for days, angel."
"Oh, shut it now, you cocky little shit." You complained with a laugh, shoving a piece of fruit in his mouth to shut him up.
Fez bit the fruit and quickly swallowed before leaning down and pressing his lips against yours sweetly, trying his best to not smile again in the middle of the kiss.
You really had him on cloud nine.
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bubblegumspacebxtch · 5 months ago
Make a Mess
Tumblr media
A/N: I'm back with another smutty Fez imagine LOL but this time it was requested by @werejustlefttodecay thanks for the prompt boo!!
summary: again not really a summary but this takes place during Euphoria season 1 episode 7, the part where Rue goes to Fez about Nate
warnings || 18+ smut, minors DNI, thigh riding, dirty talk, praise kink, drug usage
"Because all of this shit, it's connected, Fez." You watch Rue ramble like a crazy person while you and Fez awkwardly watch. "Word," he replies back. Rue was definitely going through something right now, and why you agreed to drive her to Fezco's house, you don't know either. "Do you still have that gun?" You turn your head to Rue, raising a brow at her. "What you worried about my guns for?" Fez answers back, glancing at you as you watch Rue just as confused. "Okay, well. I was thinking that maybe you could use one to scare Nate Jacobs," she says, tilting her head. "Are you serious?" Fez glares at her. "Yeah Rue. What the fuck?" Fez turns his attention to you, his stare making you tug at the ends of your skirt, feeling your cheeks warm a bit as he looks you up and down. "Rue, that must be the dumbest shit you've said all fucking day."
Before Rue could respond, you all hear Fezco's phone chime in his pocket. "Fuck, Mouse is here." He stands and heads for the door. "Alright, so stay in here. Be quiet," Fez orders the two of you. "Fez, I can't." Rue starts walking towards the door, but he stops her. "Yes, the fuck you can," Fez snaps back. He turns to you, giving you the same intense glare. "Can you make sure she doesn't do anything mad stupid please?" You give him a small nod before lightly holding Rue's arm. "I think we better listen to him." With that Fez closes the door behind him. You and Rue look around before finding chairs to sit on. "Fuck, Rue. We shouldn't have come here." You whisper to her after a couple of moments in silence, but she wasn't paying attention. "I can't stay here," she mumbles after a couple minutes. You watch her quietly open the door. "Rue!" you whisper her name to call her back, but she was already tiptoeing down the hall then out of the house.
Contemplating on whether you should follow her lead, you remember you left your purse on the kitchen counter. Fuck. You knew you couldn't get it without risking being seen by whoever was in the living room. Minutes felt like hours while you waited for them to leave, but when you heard the sound of a door opening then closing, you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. "Yo, you can come out now," you heard Fez call out from the living room. You timidly opened the door, and walked towards where he was seated on the couch. "Uh Rue left," you stand behind one of the couches awkwardly. "Yeah. I saw her sneak out." Fez stares at you, and you shy away from his intense blue eyes. Fuck. He's got to stop looking at you like that or so help you God.
Not knowing whether it would be a good time to leave, you open your mouth to say something, but Fez started talking before you. "You smoke?" he asks as he pulls out a blunt from his pocket, lighting it while maintaining eye contact. "Uhm yeah sure." You grab your bag from the counter before sitting down on the opposite end of the couch. You watch Fez take a drag before turning to hand the blunt to you. He watches you take it between your lips, inhaling as you do so. You slowly throw your head back as you exhale, already feeling much less tense than you were minutes ago.
Tumblr media
"What kind of name is Mouse?" You giggled before taking another drag. You and Fez have been talking for what felt like hours, your thighs occasionally touching as you both have shifted closer together on the couch. The molly making you at ease as you casually conversed. The truth is you always found him attractive. Fez didn't talk much, but you liked how chill he was. That's probably the reason you couldn't hold a decent conversation with him without getting all flustered, until now. "I don't fucking know," he grins as he takes the blunt from you. "But I ain't judgin' I mean Fezco isn't a normal name either." You turn to him, smiling. "I actually really like your name. It's pretty unique." He smirks at that. "I like your name too, Y/N." Oh shit. You absentmindedly cross your legs, feeling yourself get turned on at the sound of your name from his mouth. Your reaction didn’t go unnoticed. Fez winks at you, making you blush as he puffs out smoke.
Fez stares at your lips, watching you wrap them around the blunt. He coughed lightly to cover up the groan caught in his throat. The things you do to him. He swears if you keep looking at him, all doe-eyed and shit, he was gonna lose it. You pass him the blunt, but he takes it and puts it down on the table. You furrow your brows at him in question. Before you knew it, he grabs the side of your face to kiss you. You were caught off guard, letting out a small gasp. Fez pulls away. "Shit, I-" you cut him off kissing him again. You move to straddle his lap, moaning into the kiss. He pulls away to leave open-mouth kisses to your neck as you grind your hips down. You grab his face again to kiss him before you feel Fez cup your tits through your clothes. You pull away to tug your shirt over your head, and Fez wastes no time kissing your chest. "Fuck, you're so beautiful," he murmurs against your skin. You feel his fingers unhook your bra, exposing your nipples to the cold air of the room. He takes one in his hot mouth, flicking your perky bud. You moan his name as you continue to grind on his bulge. You feel him underneath your skirt, squeezing your ass in his rough hand.
"I want you to get off on my thigh," he says looking up at you. Jesus Christ you swear you felt yourself gush hard, pussy clenching at his words. This man and his filthy mouth was going to be the death of you. You nod at him, and Fez is quick to hold you by your hips, shifting you completely to straddle his right thigh, but not before taking your panties off. You whine as you felt his denim-clad leg make contact with your bare pussy. Fez grabs your hips then rolls them, your pretty cunt sliding over him. "Oh fuck, Fez." You hold onto his shoulders, feeling your slick smear around your thighs and on his pants. You continue to circle your hips down over his thick thigh, moaning at the friction.
You try to hide your face in the crook of his neck, but Fez wasn't having it. "Don't you hide that cute face from me. I wanna see all of you." You whimper at him as he flexes his thigh, making you bounce on his leg harder. "You look so pretty like this." Fez whispers before taking your tits back in his mouth, groaning at the taste of you. You push your chest further into him, holding him for dear life while you kept the back and forth motion of your hips, hitting your clit. "I can feel you throbbing, baby." Fez kisses you again, making you moan against his lips.
The wet sounds of your cunt fill the room, as Fez presses you down even harder on his leg. "Look at the fucking mess you're making of yourself, Y/N." You feel him bunch the front of your skirt in his hands, exposing you to him. He intently watches your pretty pussy soak his jeans. "Shit... Fez, I'm close." He grinds you harder and faster, bouncing his leg to meet the roll of your hips. You let out a scream, feeling the pleasure boil over. Another sloppy grind of your clit over his thigh, and you cum. "Fuck yes," you sob, and Fez allows you to bury your face in his neck. “You look so fucking pretty when you come," Fez mumbles as he continues to grind you on his leg. You whine at him, feeling oversensitive before your hips still. Small aftershocks make your thighs shake uncontrollably, and Fez couldn't help but smirk at how spent you were just from making yourself cum on him. A thick silence surrounds the two of you as Fez keeps himself wrapped around you, rubbing your back as he whispers what a good fucking girl you've been.
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knightsofkenn · 5 months ago
High Enough | Fezco x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You just want Fez’s attention.
Tags: Dom!Fez, Jacobs!Reader, Euphoria!AU, Drug Use, Brat!Reader, Teasing, Praise Kink, Dirty Talk, Throat Fucking, Knee Socks, Cumshot, Euphoria Shenanigans, Mentions of Addiction, Mentions of Sobriety, Aftercare✨
A/N: Omg thank you all for your love on part 1!! I just wanted to preface that the reader’s definition of sobriety means she still smokes weed and doesn’t see it as a harmful drug :) I also wanted to touch on the more chaotic side of dating a drug dealer. I hope you all enjoyyyy✨💗
If you had to describe Fez in three words it would simply be A Motherfucking G.
He somehow managed to supply drugs to your entire city with minimal hiccups, or at least that was how it would seem to the typical outsider.
People often viewed your boyfriend as someone untouchable, someone who you shouldn't fuck with- but there were plenty of people who had tried.
And if you had to count how many times you had been stuck in his car during a deal or had a gun pressed against your head by Mouse then it would easily be more than a handful (thankfully the latter of the two issues was taken care of by Ashtray).
Regardless, the so-called glamorous life of being with a drug dealer was far from perfect.
You were currently lounging on Fez's couch bored out of your mind, Tupac blasting through his speakers as he separated and weighed prescription pills. The soft aroma of weed wafted through your nostrils, the smell comforting.
While a lot of shit came with being his girlfriend, there were some perks of being with him. You could have any drugs you desired at any moment, though your recent sobriety kept you from it.
Not to mention Fez always seemed to be carrying stacks of cash on him, and though he was never the flashy type, he loved letting you spend his money on ridiculous shit. Like the small pink bags, you had roped him into using.
"Fez" You had whined, a glossed pout on your lips in the grocery store. You had been eyeing the small bags for a few trips now, only just getting the courage to see if he liked them.
"I am not getting that" He groaned, beginning to laugh from the way your pout turned into a scowl.
"But Fezzz! They're perfect. It's just like what you normally used except they're pink" You tried, practically on the verge of tears if he didn't get them.
It honestly wasn't that big of a deal, but if you had to sit around and help him bag pills then you were allowed to pick what the bag looked like.
He pinched the bridge of his nose, tossing the pink bags into the cart with the reward of your gleeful thank you.
Ashtray had always teased him for being soft around you, but how could he resist? In the past three months, he had found his soulmate in you. He could tell you anything and you wouldn't run scared; he liked that about you.
Of course, you had your own past and a good understanding of his world, but you never tried to control him or change him into someone he wasn't. So, if you wanted some pink fucking bags, then you would get them.
He took a hit of his joint, in a groove of sorts. Separate the pills, weigh the pills, bag the pills. It wasn't hard work by any means, but it required him to be able to focus.
And one thing he had learned about his precious girlfriend was that she loved to distract him.
"Fezzz" You whined, in that sweet saccharine voice that he had come to recognize. It was the voice you used when you wanted something from him- like his undivided attention.
Resting your head on the back of the couch you gave him your best puppy dog eyes, staring at him.
"I'm bored" You groaned, watching him continue to work and package the pills.
Fez knew what this was. You would sit and annoy him intentionally until he was pushed to the point that he couldn't get any work done. And only then would you let him be.
"Watch some TV then. You're right in front of it" He suggested, knowing that it would be of no use. If you wanted something you always found a way to get it, and right now you wanted your boyfriend's attention.
You sighed loudly, dramatically turning your body around to face the television. There were two options at the moment: you could listen to him and watch the tv, or you could take what you wanted.
And it was incredibly obvious which of the two choices you would pick.
Fez continued to work, back into his rhythm. Business had been just as good as always- hell there was always someone out there willing to buy drugs. And that meant there couldn't be any slowing in distribution.
He was expected to sell a certain amount by the third of each month and so far he was ahead of the curve. But there was no room for mistakes. He did feel guilty at times- for leaving you at random hours to work or for putting you in dangerous situations. But he had to make money somehow.
It was then that he noticed the room had gotten extremely quiet, you weren't whining for his attention and the tv was off.
"Y/N!" He called out, loving the way your name rolled off his lips. It reminded him of the first night he spoke to you, and how he had asked everyone he knew for your name. Of course, no one knew you at that point, which led to him searching the entire city to find you.
He was anxiously circling the neighborhood, having gone to nearly every house to try and find you. And now he was parked up the street from Nate Jacobs' house.
It was the last place he wanted to be, but he had a strong feeling it was where you were staying. Between Nate practically dragging you out of the party, and the fact that you left with him, Fez figured Nate wasn't a threat to you. But, he could never be too careful.
Fez snuck behind the house, thankful that he hadn't been made yet. And in a rom-com like effort, he began to throw stones at what he hoped was your window.
When you pulled the curtain and looked down, he swore he saw heaven in your smile.
While your conversation was wordless, you managed to toss your phone down for him. With a successful catch, he put in his phone number and set the phone in the grass for you to retrieve once he left.
And he never forgot that feeling of when you first texted him your name.
"Y/N!" He called again, this time making his way to his bedroom since that was the only place you could've snuck off to so quickly.
In the few minutes of your departure you had managed to slip off your clothes, safe for some white knee socks you knew Fez liked. You had also began rolling a joint of your own, slowly rolling it up as you sat on the bed waiting for him.
And the look on his face was priceless when he finally came inside.
"What the fuck" He whispered to himself, his hand already rubbing his jaw in nervousness. His throat was dry, and his clothes felt too warm on him.
"I know you were bored, but damn" He placed his hand on your thigh, slightly pulling on the fabric of your knee socks.
You licked the edge of the rolling paper, the pink of your tongue giving Fez ideas and making his cock swell.
"You still bored?" He teased, watching your hands fumble to undo his belt. "I can give you something to do"
You popped the head of his cock into your mouth with ease, the slight salt of is precum lingering on your tongue. And you felt at ease when you felt his fingers apply pressure to your head.
"There you go. Take it deeper" He encouraged, a rose tint hitting his cheeks from the obscene sound of you choking on him. He was far from small, yet always managed to take him deep into your throat.
You focused on evenly breathing through your nose as Fez held you in place by your jaw, slowly thrusting his hips. It was definitely a challenge; your wanted to be hot for him but you were also trying to keep your body from going into a state of panic.
Thankfully though, Fez gave you sweet praise for your skills.
"Such a good girl" he groaned, his grip one your jaw tightened as he tried to keep himself from cumming so soon.
Of course that was a challenge when you kept the right pace and pressure, and when he had a perfect view of your tits in his periphery.
Though he dealt drugs, Fez was almost always satisfied with weed- but this, your lips wrapped around his cock and taking him in, was better than drugs. The real release of endorphins and dopamine was far superior than the artificial shit they pumped into ecstasy.
He could easily see how the typical drug addict could turn into a sex addict, the two highs filling that need.
You looked up at him, holding direct contact as he continued the sweet torture of fucking your throat. It felt like an extreme rush, your mind fuzzy and lucid and your core burning with need.
"Let me cum on you" Fez plead, pulling out your throat in an instant and keeping his gaze on your face has you stroked him.
And with a sigh you felt his cum shoot onto your face, the substance now rolling down onto your chest.
You laughed at your predicament, all smiles when Fez used a washcloth to clean off your skin.
"Thank you for that" He whispered, placing kisses all over your face and mouth.
"Of course" You replied, pulling him into bed with you. You managed to pull him away from work and got all of the attention you wanted.
He grabbed the perfect joint you had rolled and lit it, cuddling into you for the rest of the night.
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cryptid-cookie · 4 months ago
Strawberry - Fezco x Reader (Smut)
Tumblr media
A/N: I was thinking for a hot minute about how I should classify this one. Is it smut? Is it fluff? But I think if smut and fluff got into a fight and started throwing hands smut would beat fluff's ass, so here it is. This is smut.
I’m taking a break from writing the third part of Diner Date to give myself some time to get my concepts together. I really don’t wanna drag it into a part 4 but I also want it to keep it organic, yk? I’ll figure it out, writers find a way. Take in this oneshot in the meantime.
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: Smut but not as much as the fluff, many mentions of food, swearing, casual drug mention, general Fez pining for you
Ever since Fez knew you he noticed your obsession with Strawberries. It started small; every day at school your mom would pack strawberries in your lunchbox as a snack. You would sit there in the cafeteria with Fez and savour the sweet berries like it was the best part of your day. He admired you even then, wondering what it was like to be able to enjoy such little things in life to the extent you did, the way a kid his age should.
That admiration for your lust for life evolved as you two grew older and closer throughout the years. Your mom no longer packed you a lunch in high school, but you had a stash of strawberry flavoured blow pops in your locker and it was rare to ever see you without one in the halls. Fez, like most of the guys his age, had started to notice different things about you. He’d find himself staring at you as you enjoyed your pop, slowly dragging it out from your mouth and against your lips, letting them give off a satisfying smack before returning it to your tongue. The thoughts he had while watching you do that over and over again definitely weren’t platonic per se, but he had a hard time shooing them away nonetheless.
He dropped out of high school before the two of you graduated but that didn’t stop you from hanging out with him. Every Friday after school was dismissed he would pick you up, then Ash and take the two of you to the local diner for a snack. Without fail you would beam up at whichever waitress was working that day and say, “One strawberry milkshake please, extra syrup, 2 strawberries on top.” You looked fucking delightful sipping the overly sweet, milky drink with your eyes practically closed with how content you felt. The creases in the corners of your eyes made Fez’s heart melt and the tips of his ears go pink like your drink. He thanked God that you never noticed the way you had that effect on him, but Ash definitely did. After he dropped you home he would turn to him and ask since when he was “all soft and shit”, only earning a scoff or a snarky request for him to shut the fuck up. Ash knew that his brother was in love with you, what annoyed him was his reluctance to act on it. Fez wasn’t one to be unsure of any of the decisions he made in his life, it was either yes or hell the fuck no. He also knew that his feelings were reciprocated by you, so why was it so hard for Fez to suck it up already and tell you. That cheesy rom-com shit on TV annoyed him enough; he didn’t want to deal with it from you or his brother.
Ash and Fezco were making their monthly trip to the wholesale store to pick up supplies they needed to keep the store stocked and ready. Sure their main income brought far more to them than the snacks and basic necessities they sold as the shop, but it was just as much their business as the narcotics they sold and they made decent enough money from it. Ash had been on the other side of the warehouse picking up boxes of gum, chips and candy, noting the lines drawn for emphasis under the “strawberry twizzlers” written in his brother’s handwriting. He sighed to himself and mumbles a, “fuckin’ lovesick dumbass.” to himself as he dropped them into the cart either way. Fezco on the other hand was dealing with the crates of soda and malt liquor, sliding them onto the long cart as he made his way through the lanes, checking his list he had made on his phone. They met up at the cash register, ready to pay for their haul. Ash handed the cashier the card, making mindless small talk as he checked their items out. Fez’s mind couldn’t be further from the interaction happening before them, his thoughts fluttering over to perch where they always do: (Y/N). You had said that you would come over later that night to help him pack the items in the store, a task he never enjoyed but was made bearable with you there to keep him laughing and distracted. As he thought about the fun he would have tonight his eyes wandered over to the corner of the counter, seeing stacks of pink boxes there. He read the green words on the side, “Lip Smacker Strawberry Lip Gloss.” His already distracted mind thought about you and if you would like it, if you would wear it, what it would taste like, what you would taste like. Without a second thought he slid the box closer to the haul and the cashier slid it over the scanner, bagging it up and wishing them a good day.
Ashtray had always been the one to calculate their expenses after doing supply runs, so when he checked the bill and saw a charge for strawberry lip gloss his eyes couldn’t roll further into the back of his head. “Fez, what the fuck is this shit?” he asked, exiting the secret back room in the shop. Fez played dumb, knowing it would piss the kid off, “Uhh, that’s the bill from the store. You get those after the dude checks yo’ shit out”. Ash swung his hand, letting the piece of paper slap his brother weakly across the face, “Strawberry lip gloss? Get your head out yo’ ass, how’d you even sneak this shit past me?” Fez was about to give a comeback when he heard his phone ping, a notification from you letting him know that you would be there in 5 minutes. Ash takes that as his cue to leave, scoffing as he heads into the back once more.
Packing the shelves with you is as fun as it always is. You convince Fez to change the station on the radio from his preferred rap to your indie songs. He doesn’t particularly love your music taste but he tolerates it because he likes you. His attention flickers between you and the shelves he’s packing, watching as you sway your hips to the music. You’re slightly off beat but it’s endearing. Fez didn’t like you because you were perfect, nobody is. He liked what he saw and what he saw was the little pieces of you that he had the chance to get to know and fit together like a puzzle. You were one of his closest friends and even if he liked knowing that you cared about him just the same, it hurt that that’s all the two of you were.
He snaps back into reality when he hears you gasp a little, picking up the little red box at the bottom of the bag with the spearmint gum. “No way, Strawberry Lip Smackers? I haven’t worn this since I was a kid!” You reminisce about middle school dances with your friends and how you felt like the hottest girl at school when you put the sticky-sweet gloss on. Fez looks at you in a slight daze, loving that this little gesture of his gave you this much excitement. He followed you across the room as you took one of the little bottles and opened it, giving it a whiff. “Gosh it’s so artificial, but it smells so good”, you take out the applicator and slick on a few swipes of the clear gloss. Fez laughs as you pucker out your lips and walk up and down the aisle, pretending to be a runway model dolled up and showing off the latest trend. “Yo’ ma, who you wearin’ tonight?”, “Lip Smacker darling, only the most exquisite selection. It’s so middle school chic!” You and Fez double over in laughter, holding your sides as they begin to burn from clenching your stomachs so hard. You lean on the desk the register sits on for support and let out a content sigh, absentmindedly licking your lips as you do. Your eyes widen, “Mmmm, wow I forgot how good these taste too.” Fezco tilts his head at you, smirking at your comment, “You say that bout all the strawberry shit you taste”.
He gets up from his position on the floor and stretches high to the ceiling, you don’t fail to notice the way his sweater slides up his sides slightly, exposing the skin there and his happy trail slightly. You rip your eyes away from the sight so Fez wouldn’t notice, but it’s hard to hide. He leans on the desk with you, giving you a gentle smile. “I mean yeah I always say that, but like, this brand tastes particularly good. I’ve probably swallowed pounds of lip gloss since I’ve been in middle school”. His eyes zero in on your lips as you speak. He always liked the way your mouth moved, how they formed your words or the special way they stretched when you smile. He would be lying to say he hadn’t thought of what else they could do, how else they could look doing those other things, but he tried shooing those thoughts away too. “How does it taste?” he asks you, very much aware of the way that question sounds. It flusters you and you stutter a bit before you reply. “You uhh, wanna try some?” Fez’s gaze on you feels hot now and it makes your skin burn in the best way. It wasn’t often that Fez’s words were so smooth, so calculated, but the times that they were they did things to you that you had only ever sneakily read in your mom’s romance novels. “I can put a little on you if you wa-“, Fez grabs your face gently in one hand to make you look up at him, a little toothy smile playing on his lips as he stares at yours shamelessly. “You don’t gotta waste none on me ma’, there’s some right here.”
Fez tilts your head up slightly and brings his lips to the corner of your mouth, pushing his tongue out and across your bottom lip, licking the lip gloss clean off. The action brings a slight moan out from deep in your throat, immediately wanting nothing more than for him to do that again. The look in Fez’s eyes is darker now, the blue in them seeming sharper and he dares not look away from yours, waiting to see your reaction. You waste no time in wrapping your arms around his neck and slamming his lips back into yours, smiling into the kiss as his hands move from your face to grip your hips and push his into yours. His tongue darts out again to lick your bottom lip, groaning to express his displeasure at not having access to what’s inside. You open your mouth feeling his tongue hastily meet yours. It brings another moan out of you and Fez quickly notes the sound as another thing he loves about you, immediately thinking off all the things he could do to keep hearing it from you. He moves his hands from your hips to under your ass, lifting you onto the desk in one swift motion. You tilt your head to deepen the kiss even more as you feel the light touch of his fingers trail over your knee, slowly edging his way up your thigh until he reaches the hem of your skirt. Still exploring your mouth with his tongue, he groans into the kiss as he reaches the hem of your skirt, pushing the fabric up your thighs to expose your underwear. He moves from your mouth to your neck, peppering kisses up and down the sensitive skin until he finds a spot that makes your breath hitch, choosing to stay there and suck on the area. You let out another moan, more audible this time. His fingers find the lacy fabric of your panties, tugging at the edge and pushing it slightly to the side. You whimper as you feel Fez’s rough fingers push into your panties and brush against your clit. “Fez-”, you call out his name in a sigh, making him look at you but it doesn’t stop his motion on your clit. He likes knowing that he could make you feel like this, that he could have you melt in his hands this easily, that you want him just as much as he wants you, just like this.
You move to grab his wrist, pushing his fingers closer to your hole when the two of you hear the screeching of bike tires outside the shop. Fez quickly slides you off the desk and you fix your skirt and underwear, squirming at how wet he had just made you. The two of you turn to the entrance wide eyed and immediately relax when you see Rue enter the shop. “Ayo Fez. G’night (Y/N)…um…y’all good?” she splits her attention between the two of you. You’re both breathing heavily, your hair is slightly out of place from where it was slicked back and Fez’s face and ears are bright red. “Yo Rue, yea we coo’. Whatchu need? Ash in the back countin’ some bills.” Rue narrows her eyes at the two of you, nodding her head slightly, she obviously doesn’t believe him. “Yeah…I just need a few oxy’s. You sure everything’s good with you two?” You look at her and smile sheepishly, “Yeah, yeah we’re fine. Ash will hook you up.” She decides to leave you two be, smiling knowingly as she slips into the backroom where Ash is.
You and Fez turn to each other, staring wide eyed before bursting into a fit of laughter. Fez ropes you in and hugs you tight, kissing your forehead as he does. “You can’t get me caught like that again Fez, that could have been bad.” He rolls his eyes at you, “What Rue? She was probably jus’ gon’ tell Jewel…and Jewel would tell Kat…and then Kat would rat us out to Maddy and Cassie”. Him slowly putting the pieces together makes you chuckle, “…I don’t regret it though. Low-key wish you had done something like that sooner.” He looks down at you in surprise and you look back up at him innocently. “It’s been years Fez, how’d you not know?”, “Well if I’m being honest Ash been telling me to do something for years but I was like, too shy and shii’”, “Fez that was the last thing from shy”. He pulls you closer, placing a chaste kiss on your lips. “Well if you keep wearin’ that strawberry shit and tasting all delicious shii it gon’ stay that way ma’.” You laugh, keeping your eyes on his, “I’m not complaining”, you sigh as he leans in for another kiss.
A/N: Halfway through writing this it turned into smut. And yk what sometimes that's just what happens, so why fight it. This is the Valentine’s Day fic I suppose; part 3 of Diner Date will probably be out within the next 2 days. I hope y’all have a good day/night wherever you are.
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nexusnyx · 5 months ago
godspeed; [fezco imagine]
— Pairing: Fezco (Euphoria) x F!Reader
— Summary: It’s easy to pinpoint why even after running around, screaming and wrecking a little havoc with Rue, you’re still awake. When Rue falls asleep and your conversation with Fezco takes an expected turn, you find yourself sneaking out of the window like it’s 2011 and you’re on your way to trouble, but you’re just on your way to Fezco.
“let me take u 4 a drive.”
You’re not sure trouble could feel this good, anyway.
— Word count: 10.7k
— Warning(s): This is an 18+ work. Minors DNI. Mentions of drug use, drug abuse, drug dealing, violence, implied sexual content, weapons. You know. Just all things Euphoria-related. I do not give permission for my work to be copied or distributed anywhere.
Tumblr media
— A/n: This is PART TWO of a headcanon. Part one is linked below. There might be errors here, feel free to tell me if there are.
all my lists | tv master list | ko-fi ❥
Tumblr media
It’s only ten after two when Rue passes out.
For a moment, you observe the frame of her body sleeping on your bed, the glittery makeup shining with the light of the moon streaming through the window.
Given the night you two just had, it would make sense if you were lying down next to her, just as out from this world as she is, but there’s one thing stopping you.
Sitting on your windowsill, smoking one of the last blunts you bought earlier this night, you thought about it, over and over. Fezco.
Fezco and the simple string of five texts he sent you a few hours ago. Fezco looking at you during the party, his eyes lingering on your frame as you walked away.
ur company all night sounds real fucking cool lil’ ma.
i wish it was me.
You blow the smoke from your lips, then unlock your phone, not for the first time that hour. The same screen’s still open on the messages you and Fezco shared.
Your eyes scan them again, a smiling tugging at the corner of your lips.
take her here. she likes it. there’s some stuff around for her to break n the bikes are in the same place
📍 Location
— Read 11:11 pm
thanks a lot Fez!!! i’ll make sure to entertain her :)
— Read 11:11 pm
cool. she’s lucky
you two have fun lil mama. u looked fly today
like back in hs
— Read — 11:13 pm
that’s flattering ☺️ thanks again
and why’s she lucky? lol imma just try to bore her outta her mind. pray she sleeps idk how high our homegirl is rn
— Read 11:13 pm
well .. ur company all night sounds real fucking cool lil’ ma. i wish it was me
— Read 11:19 pm
He wished it was him.
You block the phone’s screen again, smiling through the thick clouds of smoke.
Looking to your side, Rue mumbles something in her sleep and turns to the other side. She’d been happy that you took her somewhere else in this town other than the usual places she sees every day, she told you; Rue said living here felt suffocating, "all of the time", and you agreed. The people and their prejudices, small minds, the smothering feeling of everyone knowing everybody—one could crack under the pressure.
You did, when you lived here.
There were many factors involved, but you did.
Before you can drown in that memory lane, you close your eyes and think about where you are now.
“Don’t go down that road. See where you’re standing now, accept the journey, keep movin’.”
Ali’s words often echo in your mind, calming you down.
They're like mantras and little anecdotes that at first may seem weak or cliche, even weird; that is until you’re face to face with the situation and they click, falling into place.
There’s something else he taught you that you’re trying to ignore now, but like most ideas one tries to push out of their head, pretending to ignore only makes them louder.
Your fingers itch for the phone. To do what you've been thinking about doing since Rue fell asleep, and you opened the thread of messages for the first time.
“Never refrain from doing something you really want ‘cause you feel you don’t deserve the happiness of it.”
Ali is a wise man.
Rue’s frame stirs again, and you groan to yourself, unable to unseat the words now. You’re trying to convince yourself to go to bed and sleep, and it’s not working. The reason why it’s obvious—you wanted more.
More of Fezco, his presence, the way he talked, how much he’s grown—his smell. Fuck. The way he used a cologne and that mixed with the scent of smoke he was always surrounded by and resulted in something uniquely him.
It's still early, depending on who's asking.
Is Fezco the type who goes to bed early?
i wish it was him.
What if it could be?
You open the messages again but then think about Rue. Leaving her alone with the number of drugs that must still be running on her system is not a good idea, at least not for someone you care about and would like to see wake up tomorrow, but there's an option—your younger sister can be persuaded to come to sleep on your room.
She'd text you if something happened.
What's the harm in trying, right?
You do it. Just a short text, a simple 'if it were you would you have abandoned me so early in the morning?' and you tell yourself that it's okay if he doesn't answer, going as far as locking your phone and putting it down.
When the answer comes not two minutes later, you run back to the phone. It must be a comic sight to the observable universe—how hard you're trying to play it cool until he's in the picture, and all your nonchalance flies out of the window.
The notification center shows you the preview of his message, and you run off again to get ready before you even reply.
she out? lemme take u for a drive.
In ten minutes, you pick an outfit. You're uncertain of why speaking to Fezco spiked such a flame in you, but it did. Maybe it's all the times you wished you had the guts to talk to him. Or when you fantasized about him asking you why are you buying from him anyway.
Life had been kinder to you when it made you lose almost everything in the last month of high school. Leaving to live with Aunt, far away from this town and what it brought out of you made you get better, look for help and find it in the right places.
As you get ready, heart fluttering inside your chest, you send a silent thanks for not being the same person you were those years ago.
That girl projected all her issues and desires onto others—poor Fezco would nothing more than your wish to be saved than anything else.
Now, though, you could see him for who he really was instead of the projections in your mind.
First things first, you ask Little Mockingjay to stay with Rue. With two knocks on her door, she lets you in. LM is a teenager now, something you still have trouble wrapping your mind around. "Hey, LM. You mind sleeping in my room this night?"
LM narrows her eyes, taking off her cat headset. "Why?"
"'Cause I'm going out."
"It's, like, two in the morning," LM frowns at you. She's a nerd, so you forgive her for thinking the night is over.
"Primetime, then," you smile. "Please? I need updates if she wakes up and stuff. Plus, you're the only person in this house I trust to not let her just leave," you add.
LM sighs deeply, then puts the headset back on. "Fine. Is she a light sleeper?"
You scoff. "No."
"Love you."
LM sends you a finger heart in the air, and you leave the house with a smile.
Fezco is waiting inside his car, parked on the other side of the street.
There was no time for you to put a good outfit on or do something nice to your hair and face. Rue had taken out water guns there were hidden in one of the abandoned cars at the place you took her and ensued a water fight, which means you two headed straight for the shower when you came back to your house.
You'd have liked some time to put on a little effort, but Fezco seemed like the guy who'd appreciate the natural look just as much, so you took a chance.
"Hello, Y/n," he smiles, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the gear. The way he drags out the 'hello' makes you smile back. "Who knew I'd be seein' you again so quick," he teases.
"Hello, Fezco," you answer, closing the car door. "Who knew, indeed." You two smile at each other, and you look away from his pretty eyes so you can go at least a few minutes without blushing. "Where are you taking me?"
"Ionknow, but Imma figure it out as we go." He starts the engine and turns to you. "Is that cool?"
You nod. "Totally." You look ahead as he drives out of your street. "I wasn't the biggest fan of this town growing up, so I don't really know this place."
"For real?"
"Yeah. My mother never took me to like, restaurants, or shopping places, and I've always preferred the company of people I like and my own room, anyway," you shrugged. When you looked to your side, you caught Fezco alternating his attention between you and the street, so you continued, but with eyes on him. "I don't know how much you remember of me from back in school, but I was a bit of a mess. And I don't know," you shrug your shoulders, hands coming up to hug your own arms. "Some places have a nice energy to them, some don't. I've always felt like this town wasn't, like, nice. Some people on it may be, but the town itself feels like... this swamp thing. Swamp energy—does that make any sense to you?" you ask with a bashful chuckle.
Fezco takes a while to answer, but you can see he's thinking about it. "It does." He looks ahead and the intensity of his look can be felt even through his profile. "I never thought of it that way, tho." Watching him as he drove was nice. Fezco looked peaceful, and the sitting arrangement gave you an excuse to keep your head to the side, looking. "Like—my grandma always talked about trustin' yo gut, you know? And she said it's 'cause 'the energies never lie'. That's what she used to say. 'Snowflake, people can lie thru their fuckin' teeth, but the way you feel when you're next to them? That shit never lies to you'."
"Exactly!" The way you felt as soon as you were out of here and people no longer stared at you even in supermarket lines, thinking so loud you could almost hear their judgment, it was a freedom beyond words. "Your grandma said it all, man. And it's harder to tell motherfuckers apart in a place where everything feels wrong and hectic. I have memories of me hanging out with people and thinkin, 'man, this town has enough drama and chaos to be the center of a fucking tv show', and while that's funny to watch, it ain't funny to live in."
"For sure." Fezco blows out smoke and you blink in surprise, unaware that he'd lit it. His hands being as distracting as they were, you kept your eyes away from them. "I think about movin' with Ash. But..." he sighs, shaking his head. He turns to you. "I don't remember much about school, but from what I remember you haven't changed much, huh?"
That made you burst out laughing. "Oh, fuck! I hope that is not true."
"What? Why not?" He asked with a confused smile.
"Addicted, remember?" You laugh, and Fezco joins, giving a nod of agreement. "I sure as hell hope I ain't the same."
"Well, you're the same from what I remember. You always been nice to me."
"People aren't nice to you?" You asked with a scoff. Fezco might have the blank look and speak smooth and soft the way he does, but he never looked like someone to be fucked.
"It ain't about being nice. They're just them. People are cruel," Fezco said. "They don't tell me the shit they think to my face, but I ain't half as dumb as they think. I see that shit."
On that, he was right. "You feel like people sometimes think too loud? Like, so loud you can hear it?"
Fez's smile comes back, and he laughs. "Hell yeah." He looks at you, and offers the blunt. "That's why I said you the same. You still got that look."
"What look?"
"The one people get when they got a good heart. Or at least their intentions be on the good side," he answers.
Your heart did the thing where it beats so hard you feel it as if it weighs more out of nowhere. It's warm, and your chest feels full. "Damn," you chuckle, feeling the heat on your face. This is kinda... better than the drugs. "Thanks, Fez."
"No need to thank me. Just sayin' it as it is."
"You got it too," you look at him, saying the words before you lose the guts or you think too hard about how easily he can affect you.
"Got what?"
"A good heart, duh." You take a puff out of the joint so it doesn't go out, and Fezco is looking at the streets like something is wrong.
"Ah. Ionknow about that, Y/n." He sounds like he means it, and it bothers you more than it should.
"'Course you do." The truth is, you don't know Fezco well enough to make the assumption, but you still would sign underneath it. "Energies never lie, remember?"
Throwing the words of his grandmother back to him makes Fezco look baffled for a second before he laughs. "Low blow, ma." He smiles at you, and takes the joint you give back. "I like it."
Your smile widens, and you feel proud of yourself. See, 10-year-old Y/n? It ain't that hard to talk to the cute boy.
"You're pretty much the same, too." You're watching the streets pass by, feeling a little like you're stuck in a movie or a lucid dream for a moment.
The empty streets and the lack of light make everything seem like a movie set, and the fact that The Notorious B.I.G was singing Hypnotize in the background as you trusted Fezco to drive you somewhere—well.
No one can blame you for smiling like this.
"Wait—I'm pretty much what?" Fezco asks, and you giggle in response.
"Shit, I forgot to finish what I was sayin', right?" You laugh.
Fezco laughs too, and this is why I stopped trying to kill myself. "You did. 's all good, this is good weed," he throws you a cheeky smile.
After you control your giggles, you think back on what he is the same, and then remember. "Ah." You turn to look at him. "You're the same as before, I was saying. I remember you in school pretty clearly."
"I don't think I even remember school well—whatchu got a memory that good for?"
"I have no idea, I just always did," you shrug. "I like to use to remember everything you can possibly imagine about fashion and lyrics from way too many songs, so it's not I'm using it for something that exciting," your laughter dies down a little, and you clear your throat. "My mom told me plenty of times it's a shitty use for it."
"Your ma sounds like a bitch. No offense," Fezco adds quickly after his comment just comes out.
God, that's why you're here. "None taken. She is one," you smile. "I hate when people act like parents are above being cunts and dicks. They're people, too."
Fezco nods at you. "You always been this smart?" He asks.
The blush deepens on your face, if the heat is anything to go by. "I... no? I don't think I'm that smart," you say. "Just—people observant, maybe."
"Oh, shit," Fezco mumbles to himself.
"I just noticed I gotta type." It's barely a whisper, but you hear it. Fezco looks to the side, his gaze looking you up and down. "Smart and outta my league," he scoffs, and he is definitely talking to himself as he looks away, smiling around his blunt. "Can't believe Ash was right."
You stop, looking out of the window with your cheeks on flame and your hands gripping the edge of skirt-short.
Did he just call me his type?
"Anyway," Fezco looks ahead of him, tapping on the wheel to the rhythm of Family Affair. You notice Fez's got rhythm, but look away from his hands when he talks again blowing off his smoke out of the window. "What was I like back in school then?"
You stop, thinking for a second. Even though you look ahead, you can feel his eyes on you. "You were... smooth. And very social. Like—everyone knew you, and liked you. Even if no one talked about it, it was just 'Fez is cool' and 'Fez is so chill'. You're real smart, which is why it made no sense to me why some people called you dumb?" You scoff. "You had the best grades in math and you always rocked your science projects. People are thick as fuck. Anyway—you were... very serious. I don't think I remember seeing you laugh once, which, by the way—gangsta."
In the middle of your silly high rant, Fezco bursts out laughing.
It's not the quiet, almost shy chuckle he does when he finds something funny—he's full-on laughing, slapping the wheel a couple of times.
"I mean that shit," you say it again, just to keep the smile on his face. "And you were..." always offering me a smile, you thought. Always with a nice word to say, or a cool comment to make. Sometimes, you were one of the few reasons I smiled in a week. You couldn't say none of that, so you settled for why Fezco did that so easily. "...so nice."
Nice enough to still be kind, even though life never appeared to be kind to him.
Fezco must hear it, or feel it.
The emotion on your last comment carries a lot of short, but important memories. Back then, it was all you had, sometimes; the gentle and kind acts of Fezco, the sweet and easy company of Nelly, the existence of a tiny sister who represented everything that could be.
"I'm glad you think so," Fezco nods, looking very serious again. "I try, I guess."
"It works," you say, then look ahead again. Fezco's driving through the streets of one of the busiest parts in town, and you look out of the window to see the few places that are open. "We're gonna do late-night shopping?"
You hear him chuckling on your side. "Nah. I just needed to grab somethin' to eat."
"You're hungry at this hour?"
"I ain't eat nothin' all day."
You turn to him with, scowling. "Why the fuck not?"
Fezco looks to you, surprised by your anger. He smiles, "'Cause I was busy, lil' mama. When I got home I noticed I forgot to do the fucking grocery shoppin', so I just made Ash somethin' and went to do my countin." He smirks. "I was gonna leave late at night anyway to eat, but then you messaged me just when I was gettin' ready. Shit was fate," he said.
You chuckled. "'s that so?"
"Yeah," he nodded. "So I thought 'what's better than eatin' good food late at night?'."
Since he pauses, you ask. "What is?"
"Eatin' good food in great company, obviously." He looks to you. "You mind if we eat sumn'? Then I actually got a place we could go to if you're not too bored."
"Lead the way," you said, and he did.
Fezco drove while his playlist played in the background and for the next minutes, you two sat in comfortable and perfect silence. The blunt was passed back and forth as the streetlights illuminated you both and you sang along to the lyrics of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre.
When he finally pulls up, you smile at the sight of the diner where Ali likes taking you out for pancakes.
"You gonna eat with me too, right? Just to keep me company," Fezco asks when you two exit the car.
After the blunt you just shared and the fact that it's two in the morning, you cackle laughter at his question. "I'd fucking love some food. You better get me some pancakes, and some fries. A milkshake, maybe?"
Fezco's eyebrows lift. "Word?" He asks, and you nod. He laughs, pleased at your answer. "That's real fuckin' good to hear."
"That you gonna pay for all my food?" You laugh.
"Oh, I'm payin', am I?" He asks you. If it wasn't for the teasing smile he sent you, that phrase would send you straight to your shell where you'd crawl inside and never wanna get out.
Fortunately for you, Fezco is easy to read. Or at least, he is to you. "You are," you reply.
You two enter the diner laughing, and it draws the attention of the few people sitting on booths, spread across the place.
Fezco says hi to the waitress like he knows her, and when she replies with a smile, asking for Ashtray, you know she does.
"What you want, lil' mama?" He asks you. "Can I order all that you said you was gonna eat?"
Pancakes, milkshake, and fries. This man might just be doing a trial for your fucking heart without even realizing it. "Yup."
"'Aight." He turns to the waitress again, orders all the food he wants, and when she leaves, his attention's back on you. "So what did you and Rue did after the party?"
Images of you and Rue make a short, quick movie in your mind. "We talked about a lot of shit."
"Yeah. Rue can talk out of her ass when she's high, man."
Fezco nods with a bigger smile at that. "Word." He picks a napkin in his hands and starts playing with it. "Every time that girl shows up at ma house she's got some crazy-ass ideas. Always on some high fucking trip, man. I can barely keep up with her when I'm sober. I know I ain't able to keep with her when I'm high."
"It was a close call," you reply with a little sarcasm. Rue had depth, and life experience. The only result could be endless streams of conversation that could lead you to all sorts of places. "She's fun, though."
While waiting for the food to arrive, you explain to him just how fun.
Fezco texted you the location of an abandoned car disposal location at the South limit of Eastland. She'd looked happy there, and when you two found a place where a huge amount of glass bottles were, Rue retrieved two protective glasses from a car with an open door and then proceeded to take out her anger on the vials.
"Did you help her?" asks Fezco.
"I never destroyed something before," you whisper to him like it's a confession. "So of course I did."
He chuckles, and you take note of how much he looks like a cuter skater boy when he smiles. It changes his whole face, and it's very distracting.
Thankfully, Fezco is also good at talking if you prompt him to it.
"How's Ash been?" You ask him after you finish talking about you and Rue.
"Still in school. That's a win, right?" When you nod, smiling proudly for some reason, Fezco's smile brightens. "Yeah. He's doing good. He a good kid, even though he's crazy as fuck. I ain't even jokin' with you—that boy's Batman fucking insane. I love that, but I get scared for him sometimes."
"How come?"
"Well—Ionknow how people can get close to him if he's like that." Fezco's face contorts in worry, and he looks out of the glass window. "I know him. I know Ash's, like—cool. Smart as fuck. He even a lil' nerdy, like you," he adds, looking back at you with a small and short smile. "Likes mangas and that anime shit. But—he ain't a lot of time for that. I try to make him have the most time he can to do, like, school and stuff, but it's hard to have the moral to tell your baby brotha to do sumn' not even you did."
"You don't gotta have morale for that."
"I don't?"
"Nah. My young sister and I got in a lot of shit back then, when I finished high school and got into all the shit that had me moving." It was weird how you and Fezco went from such light and funny talks to this, you thought, but he was also one of the few people you ever felt comfortable talking about real things, no fear of judgment in mind. "I stole, I ran away, almost died, etc, etc. That shit—it fucks you up. Fucks up your family. Every fucking relationship you have. And, it's, like... Hard. Being older."
"It really fucking is," agrees Fezco.
"Yeah. And part of being older is that you do the fuck ups and, as someone who really loves your younger members of the family, you just... try your best to make that they don't end up on the exact same place as you. You know?" Fezco nods, keeping his eyes on you. "So you don't gotta have morale to tell Ash to stay in school and do good. When he fronts you like when LM fronted me, just tell him what I told her: 'I'm not speaking from a high horse, I'm speaking from the ground, where I did what I did and licked the mud and shit from my actions, so I'm telling you not be a dumb fuck like I was.'"
Fezco's eyes widen, and he needs a second before nodding again.
"Shit," he scoffs.
"Yeah," you agree, laughing bitterly. Your fights with LM had been ugly. You remember the first day you met Rue—the tears and sobs of an older sister who had fucked up her relationship with the one that mattered so much. "They're just being mean and big-mouthed in the end 'cause they know we got a point."
"That's true." Fezco finishes doing something to the napkin that resembles a frog. "Who's LM, tho?"
"My little sister," you tell him. "She almost ten years younger than me."
"Ah, that's why I don't remember her then." Fezco looks at you. "Why LM?"
Oh. You forgot she had a name to other people, sometimes. "'Cause she became obsessed with The Hunger Games when she was around nine and started training to use a bow and arrow," you laugh. Fezco does too, probably picturing your favorite little nerd. "She's actually good at it now."
"For real?"
"Yeah," you smile, thinking about her last competition. "She wanted to be Katniss so bad that I just started calling her Mockingjay, then I added Little 'cause she's my little baby and it's been Little Mockinjay ever since. LM. Mockingjay. Brat."
"You're just like my grandma, man," Fezco laughs.
"What?!" You join him. "What's that supposed to mean?"
"Like, with your nicknames and shit—LM, and Butterfly." Fezco smiles. "'s real cute."
Butterfly had been the only friend you had back in school. The fact that he still remembers makes your smile come out all dopey and embarrassed.
"I like 'em," you defend yourself. "Plus—Ashtray?"
"Hey, that wasn't my fault," Fezco puts both hands up in the air. "He ate it straight from the Ashtray and had no name—we didn't mean it to stick."
"Dude, that's even worse," you laughed louder. It was worse and, at the same time, still cute. It was supposed to be just a nickname, a moment in time for them, and it became a part of his identity.
You two stay talking about nicknames and drift back and forth between stuff from the time you knew each other to fill slots of the time since you last saw, and the food arrives before you realize any time has passed.
It's easy to fall back into silence with him.
It feels just as comfortable as the conversations did, just like in the car.
Fezco ordered a big burger for himself, another set of fries and a milkshake, too.
Saying the words 'it's not a date' in your head every time the quietude of the diner hovers over you both is useless when Fezco eats in peace and, every now and then, looks up at you to just look.
Observe, then smile and look back at his food.
Eating is good, too. You'd been hungry since it's been hours since you last ate, and the weed opened up the appetite in your body that you love so much.
There's some small talk, comments here and there about the people passing by, and something you two think on the spot, but it's mostly quiet as the food is consumed.
Fezco, apparently, is not a fan of your humor.
You discover that when a man who resembles a ghost of your senior year enters the diner for a coffee, then leaves. Fezco sees you going a little paler, and asks right away.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothin'." He gives you a look, so you try again. "Just... someone that resembled somebody else."
"Whatchu mean?"
"You know when you see someone and they look exactly like someone else? Just—a ghost of memory or some shit."
"Yeah, I know."
"Yeah. That dude that just got in and out reminded me of a really bad ghost from back in high school."
He stayed in silence for a few seconds, eating his fries.
It took only a few minutes in Fezco's presence to realize that at certain times, all he needed was a few seconds to gather his thoughts. You minded not one bit—it was quite similar to how you felt, too, certain moments. This world could be too fast and too hectic to keep up with, and you were never bothered by silence, anyway.
"You got a lot of ghosts from that time?" He asks, finally.
You hum around the milkshake straw, thinking about it without really diving into the memories of the past. "I guess." Not many, but enough. "He was one of the bad ones."
"There are good ones?"
"Sure. Everything in life's about balance," you smile. "Don't let Casper ruin our night, though."
Fezco frowned. "Why would I?"
"I don't know. You look kinda angry right now," you confessed.
"Sorry," he looked down. "I don't mean to. 's just that when you say ghost I think about... bad things, I guess."
"Well... thankfully, it was just a ghost?" You hate seeing Fezco with a frown. With the blank, or slightly angry tone that is his standard look. "Am I gonna have to call the Ghostbusters? 'Cause I will. You look really mad."
That's when it happens.
Fezco stops with a fry halfway to his mouth, then shakes his head at you, fighting off a smile. He clicks his tongue, going tsk tsk, so an embarrassed laugh comes out of you. "What?"
"Your sense of humor's piss poor, that's what." Fezco throws a french fry in your direction. "You and Rue and your dark humor shit. It's either that or some cheesy ass line, yo. 'Wanna call the ghostbursets,'" Fezco laughs to himself. "I wouldn't even get that reference if my brother wasn't a nerd. You ain't as funny as you think you are."
"Oh, I don't know, you seem to be enjoying yourself," you counter, biting on the straw with a big smile.
"I ain't laughing with you, I'm laughing at you right now," Fezco clarifies, but you know he's joking.
"So cruel, Fez," you reply with fake sadness.
"Finish your fries, Miss Runaway."
Fezco looks at you with a strange pride when he sees you dive in the pancakes, then later the fries.
"Why are you starin' at me?" You ask him when he finishes his burger and starts on his fries, too.
"'Cause I like to see you eat."
"What?" You laugh nervously.
"Lots of girls don't eat. Makes me sad," he tells you. God, who the fuck is this man? "I like seein' a girl eat like she means it."
"Oh, I mean this."
"I can see that."
Fezco’s eyes—he can see anything he wants, you think. I just wanna lay on the grass green of his eyes, you think, too.
The milkshakes were drunk over talks about every single person you thought about in this town. Being who he was, Fezco had tea on everybody. All you knew from Rue was about a New Year’s party where he beat the Nate Jacobs fella, and when he tells you the why, the whole diner hears just how much you are happy that Fezco took matter into his own hands.
“I am happy you clapped that cunt! I am GLAD! I am fucking content. Like what the fuck?”
When Fezco says, “Oh, you don’t wanna hear about what the fuck is goin’ on with that family. Trust me, lil’ ma,” you have to agree with him. It did sound like you wanted to stay away from hating them as much as you knew you would.
You might prefer the comfort of your room, but the idea of someone threatening Rue and Jules makes your blood boil and your mind come up with several answers you’d have to someone like that.
None of them are nice, or kind.
Eventually, the milkshakes run out.
Fez looks at you across from the booth, and tilts his head. “You ready to go?” His voice sounds mellow, like he’s asking something without knowing what the answer will be. “How you doin’ over there?”
I gotta place we could go if you’re not bored.
Fezco’s words earlier in the car come back to you, and you notice he’s checking if you’re still on board. If you’re not sleepy, probably, from the tone he used. “Do I look out of it?”
“You look sleepy as hell, ma.” He smiles.
“I’m not.” You were many things, but sleepy was on the far bottom of the list. “‘m just well-fed.” With one of your favorite meals, too. “And high.”
Fezco smiles, and finishes piling up his dishes like you did. "Well. Does your high ass wanna go home? 'Cause I'll take you home, baby." 
The way he asks makes your skin feel as warm as your insides, and you blink slowly, relishing in the feeling. Definitely better than drugs. Then, your brain registers what he said—baby.
Baby, your mind screams.
Your eyes widen, and you shake your head. "Nope." You love how he asked if you wanted to go home instead of asking if you still wanted to go out. Like he cared if you're tired more than he cared to keep doing... whatever it is you two were doing. You give him a smile, straightening your shoulders. "I thought you had someplace cool to show me, pretty boy."
To say that watching color paint Fezco's cheek is a grand experience is, to say the least.
It's just as good and better as his shy chuckle, somehow. 
He nods to you, and gets up from the booth while taking his wallet out of his pocket. "Well, alright then. Let's go."
Fezco pays, and you walk back to the car almost brushing arms. He asks if you mind being up until late and if you would get in trouble or not, and when you say 'it's all good, Fez. i'm a big girl', he gives you a pleased smile.
Something in you says he's not smiling only about your answer, but he says nothing about it.
In his car, he hooks on the same playlist it was playing before and this time, you two ride in silence at first.
His music taste is quite similar to yours, albeit that's not a good parameter to have—you enjoy a lot of different stuff, but some things stand out for you, and hip-hop is one of them. 
When 2Pac blasts out through the speakers, you start cheering and the smile Fezco gives is a good encouragement if you've ever seen any. Plus—you've never known yourself to keep quiet when 2Pac is playing, anyway.
Hit 'Em Up is a motherfucking hit, too.
"We keep on comin' while we runnin' for yo' jewels, steady gunnin, keep on bustin at them fools, you know the rules Lil' Ceaser, go ask ya homie how I leave ya."
"You and Rue are for sure close," Fezco laughs.
"I know!" It was crazy, and you laughed at how crazy it was. In only three months, Rue became something like a sister. One of the best friends you've ever had. "She loves 2Pac, too."
"I know," he laughs more. "I just had one of those deja vus with you singin' it like that. You got some flow, ma."
It was good that he was driving because it was easier to imagine Fezco wasn't paying attention to how you blushed at his words, even if you felt him looking at you between turns and traffic lights stops. "I like music a lot."
"Me too."
"How come I don't see you giving a show too, then?" You ask. Fezco hadn't sung one song on the way to the diner or driving to wherever he is now.
"I ain't the best at remembering lyrics," he explains.
"Oh, shit, you want some of my music memory card superpower? We can try through like, a brain transplant or somethin'."
Fezco laughs genuinely at that, and you watch him laugh again, biting on your bottom lip.
"And you said I wasn't funny," you scoff, giving him a smug smile. "I'm serious, though. I feel like a fucking jukebox sometimes."
"That's dope, though." Fezco looks so high and so happy driving that moment that you almost beat yourself for not bringing you Polaroid camera. "I like listening to you go off, tho. Go on, lil' Jukebox."
After rolling your eyes, you finish off the last lines of Hit 'Em Up and next, Eazy-E comes out with Real Motherfuckkin' G's.
"Lil' mama, if you know this one, Imma have to give you one of my chains or some shit," says Fezco, smiling wide.
"I like silver," you tell him. "But as a latina, I look fabulous in both gold and silver, so it's your pick, really." Then, turning your body a little to the side, you start rapping as Fezco drives. "Hey-o doctor, here's another proper track, and it's phat, watch the sniper. Time to pay the piper."
Fezco claims he's gonna pick you the gift as soon as he's home when the music is done, and says through a big smile of disbelief. You're happy even though your cheeks are burnin, and with a courage that must come from the amount of weed and calories you have running through you, you say,
"I'll text you about it, if you forget."
"You're on, mama. Don't worry. Imma keep my word."
The place Fezco parks his car turns out to be at the very top of a hill. It's on the outskirts of town, actually, and it says a lot about who he is  — or his energy, as discussed — that never for a moment you worry when inside his car.
You and Fezco drive for almost an hour until you're climbing uphill and not for one second do you stop feeling safe, or content. It's almost four in the morning, the night as dark and black as the ocean's pit and yet, you're singing with Kendric Lamar like you're at a show.
The top hill is gorgeous.
The ground stones are big and there are no dangerous edges where he parks; there's little vegetation around, but you see in the distance a table and a few stools around it.
There's no sign like the Hollywood hill, or big, and pretty trees, but the view is gorgeous and the smooth grass patch which Fezco leads you to is flawless.
It's not even your high mind—you know this place is amazing.
"There's no food here, so it's good we ate somethin'," he says on his way to his spot. He throws the jean jacket he took out of the car's backseat on the floor and gestures for you to sit down.
"Thank you for feeding me," you say, giving him a grateful smile. Looking around, you decide to tease him a little. "What's there to do here? Any hidden water guns?"
Fezco misses the hidden accusation on your tone, and replies with all the happiness in the world. "Oh, shit! That's still there?"
He's smiling when you look back at him—happy as a cute puppy. No idea whatsoever of what he's caused.
"Yeah it is! Why do you think I look like a goddamn housewife right now? Rue fucked me up, man," you tell him. Through your rendition of your and Rue's night, you had focused on what you talked, not what you did. "Found the thing when she was out of my sight ranting about some philosophical bullshit on society's whatever and then came back soaking me wet."
"You two had a water gun fight? Are you fucking serious?" Fezco is laughing, but at least has the decency of looking a little guilty. "It's cold as fuck tonight!"
You throw him an exasperated look, both arms going up in the air. "I know! She's high on coke, dude!" The laughter that follows that comes from both you and him, and it feels wrong to laugh about something you shouldn't, but the situation allows you to. 
Ali lectured you enough on not punishing yourself for still being a person through everything that happened. Sometimes, things were just funny.
"It's why we came back," you tell him when the laughter diminishes. "It was super fun while it lasted, but we're both not prepared for physical activity. Plus, the cold. And we fell on the ground a couple of times—I maaay have been not entirely sober, so—ew. Yeah."
Fezco is still laughing lightly when he answers. "That's awful, ma. My bad—I had no idea I kept that shit in there."
"'s all good." It really was.
How mad could you be with him for saving the night?
You two sit in silence for a few moments, looking at each other instead of the view. That's a rare occasion for you. Sitting under a beautiful sky in one of the few moments where life feels good would call for you watching the stars, but you like this view just as much.
"I'm happy you came back," Fez says eventually. He breaks the silence, but the air between you two still feels settled and peaceful. "When you're going back?"
You pause, thinking about his question.
If anyone else had asked you that, the answer would've been 'as soon as possible'.
Now, though, you're unaware of how much you want to go back.
If you do.
"I don't know, actually," you answer.
"Why not?"
The question begs you to think again, and Fez waits patiently for it.
When you answer, it feels again like one of the conversations you'd have with your therapist, or even your own mirror at four am instead of with a boy on a hilltop somewhere.
He makes it look easy, though.
You talk about what life here now feels like.
'Last week, my mom and I had the first real conversation in... ten years. Actually, I don't remember if we ever had a real talk before this.'
There's a lot of understanding in his eyes when you talk about how your mother made you feel like a worthless piece of shit when she treated you like an idiot just because you were young—a burden.
He talks about Marie.
Fezco's grandmother seems like a mystery. A woman of her own time, and at the same time, of eons ahead of her.
'I think some of the reason I ain't got patience to talk to people is 'cause none of us at home really talked about shit. Grandma talked and talked, but it was almost never a conversation, you know? I try doin' different with Ash on that. I ask him stuff.'
You two start sitting a few feet apart, but as the conversation flows, your knees start bumping on one another. Next thing you know, he's tapping your leg when he says a word, and you find yourself finding any excuse to touch his forearm or any part of his body that seems appropriate and is near your reach.
Discovering that Fezco is touchy about who touches his food and has only four plates memorized in his head is not what you expected of the night, but it's details like that which make it worth gold.
"How the fuck did you two keep the store running alone is beyond me."
"It was mostly me. I just built a simple 'n easy interface to put the balance 'n stuff like that. Ash could use it, so it was less of a mess."
"I'm sorry, did you just say you built a fucking platform? You know how to code?"
"Yeah. Is it that crazy?"
"I mean—it makes sense. You like numbers, you'd like coding. I'm only surprised 'cause you don't seem like a technology kinda guy. You barely touched your phone since you picked me up."
"That's different, ma."
"I'm with you right now. I ain't got any desire of scrolling through random shit or answerin' people I can answer later. Coding is, like—simple. 's just logic."
The next thing you find out is that coding is his favorite thing ever, second only to skateboarding.
"Oh, wait—getting lit 'n watching movies with Ash," he says, as if his mind gave him his utmost favorite thing in a lightbulb moment. "That's the dopest thing there is."
That brings you two back to the conversation of siblings, and that one is enough yarn for a few lenghts.
Fezco discovers the real reason why Rue and Jules are "on a break", and you teach him something that's probably important.
"Her name's Jules, babe—not Juul. Or Jewel? I think you think her name is, like, Juul, as in J u u l, when it's J u l e s."
"Her name is Jules?!"
"Yeah, Fez."
"Holy fuck, I've been calling her Jewel for the longest fuckin' time. Why the fuck did no one correct me?"
"You said it to her face, though, didn't you?"
"Oh, fuck. Don't remind me."
"If she didn't correct you herself, I don't think she minded."
During no time in the conversation does it look like Fezco wants to approach the topic of why you and Rue became friends in the first place.
That's why after a heartbeat of silence, Fezco's apology stuns you into silence.
"Yo, ma."
"Yeah?" You look at him, but he's looking ahead.
"I wanna apologize." It starts that way, and you close up, frozen for a bit. "I mean... I always thought I was sellin' to you and someone else, back then. I ain't got the best memory, but I remember you 'n... Ionknow. I didn't mean for whatever bad that's happened to happen, you feel me?"
Who is Atlas in comparison to the weight you put on your own shoulders, boy.
"What are you talking about, Fez?"
"You know what."
"Fez, look at me." He did. "And listen, too." You took a deep breath. "If I bought a gun tomorrow, and shot myself in the head with it. Would it be the clerk's fault? The person who worked at the gun shop?"
Fezco frowns at you, then shakes his head.
"Then how could it possibly be your fault that I fucked myself over the product you sold me?"
"Drugs and guns ain't the same."
"Of course they are," you argue. "They're tools. Gun is fucking useless one, though, 'cause it's only got one objective, but at least drugs don't."
"You tryna tell me that I don't got a part in the shit that happened to you 'cause I was just selling you somethin' and, what? You had no head to use it?"
Even though it's said through a sarcastic vail, you smile at him for hitting the nail on the head.
"Me or anyone else. I know we addicts are fucking assholes, and I know what Rue's said to you. You have no part in the stuff that went on with either one of us, Fez."
"How the fuck not, Y/n? I sold you that shit. I sold her, too. Shit—I'm still doing it."
"And you will keep doing it for a while, probably. It's your job," you argued again. "You're not responsible for how people use the shit they get from you, Fez. If it weren't you, it would've been someone else. The problem is us and the genes that fucked us over and mixed with this shit, got us fucking nowhere."
Fezco bites on his bottom lip for a moment, then licks it. "Are you doin' good now?"
The question brings a smile back to your face. You breathe in deep, then answer. "Yeah. I took care of the root cause of my shit and I think I got it under control now."
"There's a root cause for it?"
"Every time." You knew so. Yours was neglect, verbal abuse, but mostly, the cruelness you saw growing up. Realizing none of it had to do with you and what you thought for years you lacked made life easier. Rue's was not wanting to be alive, and that one was trickier to solve. "I'm trying to help Rue with hers, but it's a hard one."
"You're trying to help. That's more than a lot of people do."
You agree with him, but it still feels like not enough. You know the reason for that is love. That doesn't make it any less worrying.
"You really think drugs are just, like... a tool?" Fezco asks you, sounding genuinely curious.
Now that is a subject you adore talking about. "Hell yeah. Think about how many communities and cultures use drugs in parts of their rituals and religious stuff. And not even just the plant-based drugs, like weed or Ayahuasca, but synthetic stuff too. The way some studies were drawn with Psychedelics and how they can unlock stuff in our minds that scientists still try to understand."
It's only when you stop talking when you realize how excited you got, but the look on Fezco's face when your eyes go back to him says it all.
"Sorry. I get excited talking about it."
"About drugs," he laughs. "I can tell. And you know your stuff, too."
"I've had anxiety since I'm 10 and back when I started doing pills I got super paranoid my mama was gonna find out somehow so as a defense mechanism I kinda just started googling and learning everything I could about drugs?"
It became a habit. Studying the effects and dangers of drugs was like a high of its own, especially to a drugged-out manic mind.
Sometimes, you could convince yourself what you just did was about to kill you. Your brain went 'mixing coke and LSD can lead to...' in a robotic and soothing voice, and started creating scenarios where someone found you out of it.
It was almost enough to kick you out of the habit.
The one problem—you don't get to just kick out a disease.
"I wanna have somethin' that gets me really passionate," Fezco admits.
The talk changed to passions, and before you two could even get to the next good part, it was nearing five in the morning.
Fez is talking about which one of his childhood fantasies sounds crazy and which sounds plausible when you click on your phone's screen just to check if there are any messages from LM, and the time stares back at you like it's a neon sign.
He sees it too.
"Holy shit—it's ten to five?"
"I know, what the fuck?"
"When the fuck did we talk this much?"
"I don't know!" You laugh. He smiles at you, and you both seem to realize at the same time the dawn sipping through the seams of the night. "Shit. We really lost track of time."
"You got somewhere to be today?"
"Fuck." Why did he have to ask? "I help Ali set stuff for the meeting." When Fez looks back with empty eyes, you clarify. "NA meeting, Fez."
"Oh, right!" He looks around himself, then pats his pocket. "Well. What if we smoked one 'n then I drove you back?"
"That sounds good."
"Yeah? Can we get back to the car?"
Your stomach flipped. If someone took a CT scan of your middle right now, you wondered if they'd see internal organs or just the pancakes Fezco made by asking that short, seemingly innocent question. "Sure. Let's go."
Kiss him.
There it was—the voice you've been trying to ignore since you sat down on his jacket or, if you tried being a little more honest, the voice you heard since he sat across from you at a diner and smiled, his freckles illuminated by the shitty and yellow light.
Inside the car, Fezco gives you the AUX cord and you make a big deal out of it only so that your internal monologue is lower than his teasing, but it fails to work.
It's hard for anything to distract you from the facts.
Being in a closed, small environment with Fezco feels like a recipe for disaster.
Feels, looks, and, even worse, the one that gets to you the most.
People must not know that because they don't get close enough to get a whiff, but Fezco Fucking O'Neil smells like heaven.
In an old car with no air conditioning? You notice.
Your whole body notices.
It's the smell of a cologne that's picked perfectly—wood undertones and amber top notes. It mixes well with the smell of weed, even if that isn't your favorite one.
When he gets close to you to open his glove compartment or the tip of your fingers brush, you feel like your heartbeat is in your hands.
Your heart is beating fast.
Fezco's hands can really spike up my heart rate, huh... it is definitely better than drugs.
You two laugh together about Ashtray's thread of messages to him, pissed off first thing in the morning.
He sends Ash an audio message, and you listen with the blunt in your lips and your mind starting to feel higher than it should.
It may be the weed, it may be the lack of sleep in almost twenty-four hours, it may be him.
It's definitely him.
"You okay, ma?"
"Yup." You pass him the blunt back and hug your arms around both your knees. "High 'n happy."
And with a heart that can be felt at my fingertips.
It can be felt also in your ear, if there's silence, in your thighs because of how tight they are pressed together, and at the core center between your legs.
You can bet that if you get up right now, Fezco's car seat will be warm as a California summer day.
"'das good." He puts the stub inside an empty can instead of throwing it out the window, then looks at you. "You ready to go?"
Your palms start sweating, but you think it's better here than in front of your house.
You shrug your shoulders, trying to see if Fezco would take the leap for you, praying he does. He's braver than you and you fear you might have a heart attack if you put yourself out there and it turns out all this night was his way of trying to make friends with you.
Fezco waits for your answer, and you take a deep breath before trying your best bait. "Sure. I'll just watch the sunrise alone, I guess." It's said in a teasing manner, and you play it as dramatics too, so there's no chance he'll misunderstand.
With the smile he gives you, some of your resolve melts. "You wanted to say 'till the sunrise, ma"?
You did, actually. "A little, yeah." You know Ash's messages were about a big deal for them, though. "You gotta work, tho."
"I do," Fez agreed, looking a little sorry about it.
"Gotta make that profit," you nod, and turn around from him for the next part. "Plus. I always count my wins and take 'em when I can."
"Ali taught you that?"
"I wanna meet that dude, yo." Fezco laughs, but then he turns away from the wheel and rests his back against the car door. "You really sad about leavin', ma?"
"Why's that so hard to believe?"
"I'm kinda surprised you came in the first place, if I'm bein' honest."
What? "Why's that surprising?" You don't know why you're smiling, but something about his bashfulness brings it out on you.
"I kinda thought you were a high fantasy of mine for a sec'. But then you replied to the message and I was like 'nah, she's really here'." Fezco smiles. "I always thought you were a cool chick, and then you just show up lookin' like a Pokemon evolution of yourself. It's mad cool—maybe you'd wanna spend time with other real cool kids."
The list of children cartoon Fezco knew because of his younger brother grew larger each hour.
You laughed at his response, in shock that Fezco lives in a world where you are cool. "Fez, I'm sittin' in the car of the boy boy that made my ten-year-old self think 'you know what, maybe boys are cool and maybe holding their hand wouldn't be that gross' so really, I think outta the two of us, I'm the nerd who's outta pocket."
If you had any hopes of keeping your embarrassing crush to yourself, you feel them fly out through the open pores of your sweaty palm.
Fezco blinks a few times, and licks his lips.
Your eyes follow the motion, and you swallow dry around thick air. "You can't say shit like that 'n not gimme a kiss."
If he wasn't designed to render you speechless and affected, heart thumping like a hummingbird inside your chest, then you knew nothing about anything.
"Can I?" you ask.
Fezco answers by reaching a hand underneath his seat and pulling the level that's out of your sight. His seat goes back many inches and he nods to the side. "C'mere. I promise I'll keep it nice 'n respectful."
The smile on his face tells you he means that.
There's the mirth of a guy who's about to get something he seems to really want—the dirty, cheeky grin Fezco has is something you see for the first time.
When you slide your legs over his and, with a little difficulty, sit on his lap, his smile is replaced by parted lips and an awed face.
You cup his cheeks with your hands and then with deliberate slowness, move your waist closer to his until you're flushed against each other. Leaning closer to his face, you whisper inches apart from his lips. "You don't have to."
"Huh?" Fezco blinks, eyes totally lost on your lips already.
"'Keep it respectful'. You don't gotta." You inch impossibly close, only a breath separating you two. "Kiss me like you mean it."
Fezco looks up to your eyes, then pulls your head by the nape to close the distance.
His kisses are nothing like you imagined.
You never had the time to create too many fantasies, but Fezco's kisses are like a surprise downpour on a summer afternoon.
They feel like one, too.
Fezco starts the kiss moving his tongue so slowly and deliciously you almost forget your name. Nothing else exists other than his lips, the hand on your hair, the movements of his tongue inside your mouth.
It's dizzying how good it feels.
Then, his left-hand grips your ass and a whimper is eaten by his mouth. He swallows it like good. Fezco sighs in return, and his fingers make a fist in your hair.
It's a hard pull, but not enough to hurt you, and all it does is ignite the flame between your bodies like fuel to fire.
After pulling you back for a breath of fresh air, Fezco dives in again and this time, you two are very certain none of this is meant to be respectful.
The way his hands start a journey on your body resembles a lot the journey your own hands make.
Fezco touches all of your back, all of your legs, makes a mess of your hair.
In return, you feel up all of his chest, hug his legs tight with your own and, even though you try avoiding it at first, end up grinding your waist down against his swelling dick. That time, it's Fezco who groans against your mouth.
You pull back this time, trying to contain your hips, but his two hands are on it and they're encouraging you.
He brushes his nose against yours as you both catch your breaths, lips puffed and bright red. You can feel the outline of his dick underneath you, and you know he's only starting to get hard.
That thought makes your head actually spin.
"Fuck. Ohgod, I can't fuckin' leave if you say my name like that."
"I like your name," you whine like a brat, smiling as you lean in to suck on his bottom lip.
"Fucking hell," he groans out loud again, and your eyes roll back a little at how vocal he is. You hate silent people and Fezco is here breathing hard and moaning in your ear, and you might do something stupid and very illegal if you don't get out of his lap right now. "Baby, why your hips feel so fucking good?"
'Cause I'm picturing ride that dick of yours, you think. Thank god you're biting your lip.
"Dunno," you answer, chuckling. "I should get out of your lap if I don't wanna end up arrested for public indecency, though."
Fezco laughs at that. "We ain't gettin' that far."
"We're not?" You arch your brows, grinding down a little harder just to make a point.
He groans, but his hands on your hips stay where they are. "I ain't fuckin' you in a car, Y/n." He takes one hand to your head again. "If I'm gonna fuck you Imma do it right."
"Fezco if you don't take us—" a loud ringtone interrupts you, and it's Fezco's phone on the passenger seat, glowing with the name of Ashtray and the cutest shot of both of them in PJs.
"Apparently, not today," you pout.
Fezco laughs again, and you curse how good the vibrations feel all over — and under — you. "Baby if you want me I'll give you anything you want at any time."
"Just not right now," you pout.
Fezco shakes his head, bringing your head closer to his. "Gotta make that profit, remember?"
"Yeah, I do," you sigh.
Fezco reaches to the side to silence the call. "Gimme a last good kiss before I gotta drive you."
"A good one?"
"A great one," Fezco licks his lips. "Make me feel how much you want me, ma."
All of your body sort of contracts around him. Your thighs grip on the side of his and your hands hold his neck a little tighter, your chest coming closer to his.
Fezco closes his eyes in a flutter at the feeling. "Jesus fucking christ."
"Alright, a great one, then," you whisper. He opens his eyes and they're darker than you've ever seen them, so you smile before leaning to close the distance. "Gonna think about this kiss for the rest of the fucking day," you curse, more to yourself than to him.
"I'll make sure of it," he replies before your lips crash on his.
You think about the kiss at least once for the rest of the day.
Everyone notices it, even if they don't know the source. You're happy at the level that it's gross, and that's only happened a handful of times in your life.
Fezco's text messages make it all even better.
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