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laylaswriting · 2 days ago
Someone With a Good Heart
my masterlist | how to request
Pairing: Jayce x fem!reader Word count: 2k Warnings: None Tags: flff, h/c Request by anon: "Can you please write an imagine with Jayce where he is in love with another councilor but who is quite different from the others, she is very intelligent she spends a lot of time reading, she is quite shy so she doesn't speak much but every time she does it it's to make a very specific remark that people hadn't necessarily thought of" Prompt/Summary: When Jayce gets appointed as a Councilor, his life turns upside down. Lucky for him Councilor L/n always knows what to say to calm his nerves. That also might be the case because he's insanely in love with her. A/N: As with every new thing I do I'm extremely nervous about this one as well. I really really hope the sweet anon who requested it will like it, and the rest of you Jayce simps (affectionate) as well 💖💖 I love y'all. Please let me know if this sucks haha.
Tumblr media
Jayce has been a wreck lately. Ever since the Hextech gems were stolen from their lab his life was an absolute madness. Being a Councilor, continuing the research, watching over the Hexgates and Viktor’s illness all seemed to be too much for him to handle.
He was standing alone in the vast halls of the main Academy building, looking out of the window. Not so long ago he was the golden boy of Piltover, he looked at the future with an indescribable hope in his heart. Now it didn’t seem so bright after all. All he wanted was to help people in need with the power of magic, the power of Hextech. Instead, this was the second time he put the city in danger because he wasn’t careful enough with guarding his invention. He let out a shaky breath and closed his eyes. He only looked up when he heard familiar footsteps.
‘Councilor L/n! What a sight for sore eyes.’ He teased, a smile creeping onto his lips. It seemed like his worries were long gone the second his eyes locked with hers.
‘Councilor Talis.’ She replied, slightly nodding her head and smiling. She held a book in her hands – she always did. He didn’t see her wander around the academy a lot, she usually spent her time in the library or her own office. Occasionally in the great chamber when it was absolutely necessary. Like the day Jayce was made a Councilor.
‘What do I owe the pleasure?’ He asked, reaching out his hand to take hers and pressed a gentle kiss on the top of her palm. Her smile just grew wider by the action. He was just as much of a gentleman as he was a silly young man sometimes.
‘You seemed to be stressed lately. Just wanted to check if I can do something for you.’ Her voice was calm and sweet as she hugged the book to her chest looking him up and down. Her gaze made his insides flutter. He had lots of thoughts how she could help him. Most of them were inappropriate, given their current position.
‘That is very thoughtful of you, Miss. I really appreciate it.’ He smiled down at her, words stuck in his throat. He wasn’t sure what to say to her. Everything he wanted her to know couldn’t be said. This didn’t happen with him often, he always knew his way around women, but she was different. She could make him feel things he never felt before.
‘I know this whole ordeal must be hard for you, Jayce.’ She broke the silence instead. ‘Being a Councilor for someone like you must be challenging.’
‘Someone like me?’ He scoffed, his shoulders getting a bit tense. What did she mean? Did she think he couldn’t live up to the task?
‘Someone with a good heart.’ Her voice was just as knowing as the look on her face. Jayce’s heart skipped a beat as she looked up at him, her eyes were like if they could see inside him. The deepest secrets of his soul.
‘Are you saying you don’t enjoy being on the Council, Miss L/n?’ He continued his teasing, the tension leaving his body. He always felt comfortable in the world of teasing and lighthearted jokes. Talking about his feelings – not so much.
‘Politics is not a game I like to play.’ She replied, a small laugh in her voice as she shrugged her shoulders.
‘Why are you on the Council then?’ He asked, playing dumb. He just wanted to make her talk more, their conversations were never long, her sentences always short, right to the point. Never beating around the bush. Witty and sharp, her remarks in the grand chamber were rare, but ever so valuable.
‘I’m my father’s only heir. The L/n house is one of the oldest ones in Piltover. You can imagine the disappointment when my poor father had to admit that his name will die out with me. With no other prospect, I became the councilor from our house when he got too sick.’ She said, leaving a short pause after her monologue. ‘But Councilor Talis, I’m sure you already knew that.’ A knowing smirk found its way onto her lips as she looked up at him. She was too smart for her own good.
‘I did. I just wanted to keep talking to you.’ He confessed, straightening his back a bit. She let out a low chuckle and put her hand on his shoulder.
‘I believe you have lot more important matters to attend to than talking to me, isn’t that right Councilor Talis?’ She asked teasingly and he nodded in response. ‘I will see you around.’ She said as she turned away from him, opening her book and starting to read it as she walked away.
Jayce was pacing back and forth in his lab. He was alone, Viktor was nowhere to be found on that late afternoon. He was nervous, he kept shaking his head, the whirlwind of thoughts making it hurt a little. Did he make the right decision? Was this the only way to go forward? He betrayed his mentor. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he exhaled sharply. A loud knock on his door snapped him out of his thoughts.
‘May I?’ He heard Y/n’s voice coming from the other side of the door. His arms dropped to his side as he replied. The large door opened with a loud creek as she stepped into the dark room, and her presence seemed to light it up immediately as she looked at him with worry in her eyes.
‘What can I do for you?’ He asked, his voice just a bit more distressed than he would have liked it. He didn’t like to seem weak. But the truth is he felt weak at that moment, and he wanted to share his pain with her.
‘I came by to check If you are doing okay. You seemed very upset earlier in the Council Chamber.’ She settled next to one of the desks, leaning against it, putting her book down next to her.
‘Of course, I was upset!’ Jayce snapped, then immediately his features softened, looking at her with a regretful face. ‘Excuse me, Miss.’ He whispered, pinching his nose again in frustration. She was the last person he wanted to take his anger out on. He finally settled and sat down into one of the chairs in the lab, burying his face into his palms.
‘Do you remember what you said to me about politics a few days ago?’ He asked, but the question was rhetorical. ‘I feel like politics is not a game I like to play either.’ He sighed. She walked over to his hunched over form and put her hand on his back.
‘I am afraid we don’t have a choice. We can just make sure to play it our way.’ She said and he looked up at her, a questioning look started to form on his face.
‘I thought I am.’ He answered.
‘Do you?’ She crossed her arms, looking away from him. He could see the way the thoughts were forming behind her beautiful eyes as she was looking at the distance. ‘Do you think letting Heimerdinger go was truly the right decision?’
‘If you want to throw blame my way now, I have to ask you to leave.’ He replied quickly, pressing his lips into a thin line. His heart was racing now. He felt bad about his actions earlier. He felt even worse because hearing these words from her were like a thousand stabs in his heart. He loved her so much – the way she carried herself, her wits, her ever so useful inputs, the way she viewed the world. The way she could get so lost in a book that she wouldn’t notice herself making faces at it. Her judging words felt like they could kill him.
‘I am not blaming you, Jayce.’ His name rolled off her tongue like it was something sacred. ‘I was just simply asking you a question.’
‘ I- I don’t know. I had to. To save Viktor.’ He answered, messing with his fingers in his lap.
‘You really think so?’ She replied with a question, her eyes searching his face. She was not judgmental at all, it was not like her. It was not her place to decide whether Jayce was in the wrong or not. She was just curious to hear his thought process, to help him clear his head.
‘He wanted to delay our research. He said we need to finetune it for decades!’ He put the emphasis on the last word as he threw his hands in the air, leaning back in the chair. ‘I am afraid we don’t have that much time.’
‘And I presume Councilor Medarda had no part in this decision, right?’ She leaned back against the desk where she originally stood, crossing her arms, looking at her feet. Jayce couldn’t read her expression. Was she hurt?
‘Pardon?’ He looked up at her in disbelief. He was close to Mel, he couldn’t deny it. But what was she implying with that question?
‘Councilor Talis, I just want to make sure that you will stick to your beliefs. Don’t let your decision be in vain. If you wanted to get Heimerdinger off the Council to help people with science – then do it. But don’t let anyone-‘ she interrupted herself by scratching her throat to hide her mistake ‘anything mislead you on your way. Don’t play the game their way, Jayce.’ The way she addressed him by his first name was so different than the way she called him Councilor Talis.
She was right. If he wanted to make a difference, and get redemption for his betrayal, he had to focus on his way. On his purpose, his dream.
‘I don’t think I can take this anymore.’ He muttered, looking at the ground. She let out a short sigh as she stepped to him once again, standing in front of him. She put her hand on his shoulder, and at that second Jayce looked up at her, the upcoming events all a blur for her.
He stood up incredibly fast, one of his arms wrapped around her waist in the blink of an eye, his other hand cradled her face gently as he pulled her into him, their bodies pressed together so tight she could barely breath. Mostly because his actions took her breath away. Jayce’s lips were on hers by the time her brain processed the events. It took her a second to return the kiss and Jayce felt like that second was an eternity, but after she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, he felt happier than ever. The problems of the world seemed so far away at that peaceful moment, the love of his life in his arms, her lips on his. He slowly moved his hand from her cheek to her neck, his other hand slowly caressing the small of her back as she gently tugged on his hair. After a few minutes they broke the kiss to get some air, their foreheads pressed against each other.
‘I’m afraid this was highly inappropriate, Councilor’ She said teasingly, a wide grin on her face.
‘Always the tease, Councilor L/n.’ He replied and he felt like his heart could explode at any given second from the overwhelming feeling.
‘I’m sure you can call me Y/n at this point.’ She chuckled and kissed him again, her lips were just as soft as perfect as he imagined them every time he looked at her.
‘You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.’ He whispered against her lips which made her smile into the kiss.
‘I do, actually.’ She said, and he looked at her with a shock on his face. ‘It was just too much fun teasing you.’ Jayce laughed and shook his head at her words.
‘When I thought I couldn’t love you any more.’ He answered and kissed her again while lifting her off the ground.
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timotheusrietbergen · 2 days ago
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every-foofighters · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Vol.8 Ch.75 Father; Jotaro Kujo; Daughter; Jolyne Cujoh
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godihateanna · 17 hours ago
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one-time-i-dreamt · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
God, I know this is long, but please open this image by image and read the worst possible take I've ever seen anyone have on why writing fanfiction about real people is okay, please I beg you read this because it's hilarious! I'd like to thank the person who sent me this yesterday because I've been thinking of it ever since.
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demilypyro · a month ago
Out of all the Final Fantasy summons Alexander is by far my favourite and I wanna know how it was pitched because it is a buckwild concept
It is a massive steampunk robot the size of a castle
The robot can be summoned by magic for some reason
The essence of the robot has multiple times been summoned directly into existing fortresses which then turn into the robot
The robot uses "holy" type magic for some reason
Its signarure attack is called "Divine Judgement" implying it has a code of ethics it enforces
The robot can sometimes control time for some reason
The robot has no legs except sometimes it does
It is sometimes depicted as having four giant angel wings
It was named after Alexander the Great for some reason
Just look at it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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catboy-majima · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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captainpommy · a year ago
any early 2000s game that includes swimming:
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loveaudiogasm · 3 months ago
Car sex F21 & F20
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thesuperheroesnetwork · 7 months ago
Feige himself noted that, “The three live-action movies all did pretty poorly, and no one liked the cartoon show with the robot, or the cartoon show without the robot. Frankly, I don’t even know if anyone likes the comics. Our accountants even sent me a memo that said “it is fiscally irresponsible to invest in this property” but we’re going to plug millions of dollars into it anyway because we’re Marvel and I need to know if that genie wish I made for everlasting success was actually real.”
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gojosattoru · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello my cuties!! Hope you are doing well *hugs* HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! I have been in a lil semi hiatus, I wasn’t feeling all too well since some stuff that happened weeks ago on my blog so I have been a bit away from tumblr to relax, just been passing by to finish some icon requests and to queue stuff but I’m thinking on coming back! :) Fortunately my motivation to create graphics is coming back and my mood/emotions are getting better thanks to some of you guys that have been with me through the process of recovering, I’m really grateful for all the words of encouragement and sweetness you gave to me, you can’t imagine how it made me feel better, made me stand up, start looking forward and think positive!! I give special thanks to Daisy @okkotsu-yuutas May @karura Amina @rubydragon16 Steph @hanae-ichihara and Kyra @megumints!I love you guys with all my heart!!! I’m really grateful you guys were with me in all this absent time I was on tumblr ; u ; for everything you have done for me, to the small and endearing messages to chatting with you to lift my mood up day by day and sending me your strength!! They mean so much to me seriously it was great to have someone on my side these past weeks, you are always in my heart cuties!! *hugs you tight and never lets you go* Thank you again!! ^^ For coming back, I tho on making a follow forever ^^ It’s been ages since I’ve done one so here it is <3 A way of showing you all my thanks through these years I have been on tumblr and to send my love for each one of you! It’s been such a wonderful time I have spent here and I really hope I can stay for more years together with everyone ^^ Without you all this tumblr experience wouldn’t be the same, you bring me so much joy, inspiration, enthusiasm and fun to my every day life, THANK YOU!!!!! I love you guys so so much! It’s a blast to see you guys on my dash everyday posting and rebloging such amazing content ^^ I truly am blessed that I have come to this website  and meet such amazing and talented cuties:D hehe Always sending you great vibes and all the happiness love and health from the entire world!!! *smooches you all* Wish you a spooky and fun holiday guys, eat lots of treat and stay well and safe cuties hehe ILYSM!!! Follow all these amazing people, they are my biggest inspiration and my mos precious babies in all time of tumblr!! <33333333 You deserve only the best guys!! <3333333 
@25th @1tobio @ackernen @ackersoul @alabastas @aimeramie @airaishi @akhermans @alice-chan-chan @alphonseelriic @alucardss @aominne @arata @asagao​ @ayukii @ayumiko @bajitorafuyu @bajiis @beekugou @brokuro @byakuyas @celiabowens​ @chidoroki @chiisanahoshi @childeapologist @crimsonrosee @d-a-z-a-i @dabibones​ @deafmic​ @deaddleaves​ @dicennio @diyeoracha @dotwav @eijunes @elliejoys @elriccs @eulaas @fumikage @fuyutake @fyodcrs @getocentric @getosatoru @getouru @girlbossakito @ginsichimaru @give-me-egg-rolls @gizaoyas @gojjo @gojous
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not-so-goodomens · 3 months ago
Aziraphale: Did it hurt when you fell?
Crowley: From Heaven? Oh, angel I think you got it wron-
Aziraphale: No, when you fell out of the car. I watched you trip over your own feet and just lay there on the floor for six minutes.
Crowley: I-
Aziraphale: I saw that
Anathema: We all saw that
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laylaswriting · 7 days ago
Welcome to The Lanes
my masterlist | how to request Pairing: Viktor x fem!reader Word count: 2.3k Warnings: Swearing, asshole guy uses the word cripple Tags: little drama, little fluff Request:
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi loves! I hope you will enjoy this one, I loved writing this, this request was amazing!! ✨ I hope it is everything you wanted it to be anon! Feedback, likes and reblogs are highly appreciated! 💖 Also thank you so much everyone for the love on my previous Viktor x Reader fic you guys are the best! Now back to work on other requests!
Tumblr media
’I told you I don’t need company!’ Jayce said, his back facing the others while he was still focusing on assembling some delicate machinery. ‘I won’t let them charge me double this time, I swear.’ His voice was a little annoyed, thinking about the times he went to the Undercity to buy equipment, only to be told off by Viktor for the ridiculous amount of money that he paid for them, although he found it kind of funny how oblivious Jayce was to dealing with everyday people.
’It is not because you need the company, it’s because we would like to come with you.’ Viktor replied, standing next to his desk, looking over at Y/n. ‘It’s been a while since I visited home anyway.’
Y/n crossed her arms on her chest, smiling to herself. She has never visited the Undercity yet, and the truth was she wanted to see where Viktor grew up. She wanted to know him better, know everything about him that there was to know. Of course, he didn’t know that.
‘Ugh, fine!’ Jayce gave up protesting, took his wielding goggles off and threw them on the desk. He looked at them, as always, a beaming smile on his face. ‘Get prepared then, I don’t want to wait for you!’ Viktor nodded at Y/n, his lips curving into a small smile, which made the tip of her ears turn pink.
She turned away, trying to hide her awkwardness, picking her bag up and putting a few things in it to prepare for the trip. The only problem was she didn’t really know what to prepare for. All the stories she heard growing up about the Undercity were scary, horrible tales to keep people from wanting to go there. But at the same time, she couldn’t imagine it being a bad place, because how can someone so pure and good as Viktor come from a place so vile?
‘Being nervous?’ A low, accented voice asked from behind her, startling her.
‘More like excited.’ She replied as she turned to face him, his tall figure hovering over her as he stood this close.
‘Are you not scared of the horrible people down there?’ He continued, and for a second she thought she could hear teasing in his voice.
‘From my experience Viktor, the people from the undercity are everything but horrible.’ She flashed a huge smile on him, her insides doing somersaults as she couldn’t hide the excitement that took over her every time she flirted with Viktor. He closed his eyes and smiled to himself, savoring the moment. A small hum from the distance broke the moment.
‘Are you two ready to roll?’ He asked in an excited voice, looking at the two of them. They replied with a nod, Y/n put her bag over her shoulder as they headed towards the door.
They left the lab and picked up a comfortable pace heading towards the bridge which took them to the other side of the town. When they reached it, her heart picked up a faster pace. She couldn’t really tell if she was nervous because she never been down there, or because she was about to see Viktor’s home for the first time. It was probably a mix of the two. As they walked through the bridge, her eyes were wandering over the landscape, the surface of the river was shimmering beautifully as the sunshine reflected on it.
Viktor never took her eyes off her. She was beautiful in the warm morning light, her hair framing her face in such a perfect way it made his heart flutter. He always felt grateful when he could sneak a peek of her unnoticed when she was so lost in something, let it be her work or the scenery. Jayce poked his side, raising his eyebrows at him, looking between the two of them. Viktor just rolled his eyes and chuckled back at his partner, shaking his head.
It was easier for Jayce. His natural charm was all he needed to steal anyone’s heart. He found his way with words easily, not overthinking it. Viktor on the other hand found happiness in their small exchanges, the occasional subtle flirting, the mornings when she brought her coffee, their fingers touching on the mug for a second. He didn’t want to ruin anything.
They slowly reached the other end of the bridge, Piltover seemed far behind them. They walked slowly when they reached something that seemed like an elevator. They stepped inside, Viktor pulled the lever and the wonky construction started to descend. She knew it was called the ‘undercity’ but didn’t expect to see that the city indeed was deep. The houses and the buildings were incredibly tall, or were they deep? Several bridges and narrow paths connecting one side to the other midair. She was somehow fascinated by it. When they hit the floor, Jayce stepped outside first, while Viktor looked at her, question in his eyes.
‘Welcome to the Lanes!’ He said, gesturing for her to step out of the elevator. The people around them were occupied by their own business, they paid almost no attention to them. Occasionally she met the eyes of someone staring at them, but she figured that was inevitable. All of a sudden, she felt like an intruder and coming down here maybe wasn’t the best idea.
‘I’ll have to visit a shop down this way.’ Jayce pointed to his left, onto a crowded street. ‘Want to join?’ He asked, and even before she could open her mouth, Viktor shook his head.
‘No, we’ll meet you here. Is that alright with you?’ He asked his partner, who replied with a short nod and a big smile.
‘I’ll meet you here soon. Don’t be late!’ He replied, disappearing into the crowd.
‘I thought we can take a walk. If you don’t mind, of course.’ He said, standing next to her, looking around the Lanes.
‘I would love to.’ She replied, being a bit unsure in her answer, but she had no doubt that she wanted to see what he was about to show her. They started to walk next to each other in the narrow streets of the Undercity.
‘You used to live here?’ She asked, looking at the tall brown-haired man next to her. Her voice was full of admiration.
‘Well, you could say that. I used to reside in the upper parts of the Undercity.‘ He answered, but she could see that his mind was somewhere else.
‘Do you miss it?’ She was so eager to know what kind of thoughts he had behind his amber eyes. She couldn’t see through him a lot of times.
‘There is not much here for me to miss. People are dying. From starvation, sickness… murder.’ He paused before the last word, and she felt a weird feeling in her stomach. ‘But from time to time I come here to remember why I do what I do. To help these people.’ He continued, more to himself than to her.
As they were walking further, a man in front of them stood up from his seat next to an old door, crossing their paths. He was almost as tall as Viktor, his hair was black, his west showing off his toned body. He took a few steps towards Y/n, bringing his body way too close to her.
‘Wanna go for a ride, sweetheart?’ He asked, his voice dripping with condescending, and it made the hairs stand up on her neck. She suddenly felt Viktor’s arm wrap around her waist as he pulled her away from the stranger, close to his body.
‘While I am sure she appreciates the offer, I’m afraid she already has a ride.’ He said, and there was an edge in his voice she never heard before. She felt his body tense up as he pulled her closer. If not for the situation at hand, she would be lost in his touch, the feeling of his body so close to hers. But the circumstances were less than ideal.
The stranger scoffed, looking up and down at the two of them. A shit eating grin appeared on his face as he leaned closer to Viktor, whose eyes never let his go for a second.
‘Doesn’t seem like a fun ride to me.’ He basically spat the words into his face, while Viktor didn’t even flinch.
‘Gentleman, I would advise you to leave us now. We mean no trouble, we were just taking a walk. If you excuse us’ he said, turning their bodies away from the stranger as he said the last words. He quickly looked at her to see if she was okay. Her body was trembling, but it was barely noticeable. They couldn’t completely turn their back on the man before he spoke again, trying to taunt them further.
‘Or what? Am I supposed to be afraid from a crippled topsider?’ He spoke loudly. Her eyes darted to Viktor, her heart bursting with anger. His face however was completely unaffected, nodding in the other direction, signaling to her that it’s time to leave.
‘So protective of that little whore, aren’t we?’ The man said, followed by a short laughter. She felt Viktor’s body tense up, his movements stopped. He turned to the black-haired stranger, gently pushing Y/n behind him. Viktor was not a hot-headed person. He occasionally got angry, mostly at himself. But at that moment his insides felt like they were on fire, every inch of him screaming in anger. The man took two slow steps towards him, his grin never faltering. A loud scoff left Viktor’s lips, to both Y/n’s and the stranger’s surprise. He looked at him with his amber eyes.
‘Here’s a bit of advice from this cripple from the undercity. You should learn when to stop talking.’ He said, and in almost an instant, his fist met the strangers face, which made Y/n gasp, unable to process the events.
The man took a few steps back from them while trying to save himself from falling, putting his hand on his chin where the punch hit him. He looked up at Viktor with furious eyes, but before anything else could cross his mind he felt the grip of Viktor’s cane hit the back of his head with serious force.
The scientist quickly leaned back on his cane as he saw the black-haired man collapse onto the ground. He furrowed his brows into a disgusted look then turned to her, who stood there, looking at her shoes, still visibly upset from the events that just took place in front of her. He put one hand on her shoulder, hunching down to try to look in her eyes.
‘I’m so sorry, are you alright?’ He asked in a gentle voice, the anger completely gone from his eyes, now replaced with worry and care. She shortly nodded before embracing Viktor into a tight hug, burying her face into his chest. The action took him by surprise, but after a second, he put his hand on her back, caressing slowly, a smile finding its way on his lips. He couldn’t help but notice the sweet smell of her hair. All of a sudden, the events that played out before the hug meant nothing. He couldn’t help himself but pressed a soft kiss on the top of her head. She muffled something into his vest but he didn’t understand it.
‘Pardon?’ He asked, lifting her chin slowly so she would face him.
‘I said I love you.’ She replied, her eyes sparkling from the tears she was trying to hold. He was stunned by the sudden confession, his expression frozen. The words played in his mind like they were on repeat. It seemed like time has stopped for him, but in reality, it was only a second before he pushed his lips on hers, embracing her in a tender kiss. He moved his hand to cradle the back of her neck, his fingers caressing her chin.
‘I love you too, Y/n. I loved you for so long. I am sorry you had to find out like this.’ He broke the kiss only to reply. He kept her as close as possible, she was so perfect he never wanted to let this moment go. He couldn’t help but smile into the kiss which made her smile too. A familiar voice broke their haze.
‘What am I looking at here exactly?’ Jayce asked, his eyebrows raised, but smiling, arms gesturing around him. Viktor looked at him, his hand still on her cheek before letting go and turning around to look at the man lying on the street a few feet away from them. She sheepishly held onto Viktor’s arms, feeling the heat turn her face pink as she darted her eyes away from Jayce.
‘I think you could say we got into a… disagreement?’ He replied, checking on Y/n from the corner of his eye.
‘And then into an agreement if my eyes don’t deceive me!’ He came up to them, wrapping an arm around Viktor’s shoulder, silently congratulating him for finally making a move on her. ‘What would I give to see that scene! And I thought I bring the muscle into our operation!’ Jayce joked as the three of them started to walk back towards the elevator.
‘You can take the boy out of the Undercity, but you can’t take the Undercity out of the boy I suppose.’ Viktor chuckled, while subtly reaching for her hand and squeezing it. Her smile grew wide as she felt like the whole world was hers.
‘If I knew you were such a troublemaker, I would’ve left you home.’ Jayce answered with a laugh as he looked over the two of them, Viktor’s arm wrapped around her waist as he rested his head on top of hers. He never saw his friend this happy before.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
By @nonalimmenphotography
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The My Immortal Harry Potter fanfiction was to be turned into a Broadway comedy play.  BBC did an interview with JK Rowling on how she felt about it and her statement was, "Fuck. Doesn't matter what I think.  They were going to make it anyway."
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