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Barret and Nanaki’s arcs and seeing Wutai are high on my list of needs. I love Barret’s back-story and since the release of BC we know more about what happened than OG showed so Remake should fill that out even more. I’m also low key hoping we’ll see Shalua Rui cause I love her and she was in Corel around that time looking for Shelke. Nanaki’s arc always makes me cry every time. The way he thought his father was a coward and in the end learns he gave his life to protect everyone and then the howling and the crying 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’m hoping after that everyone calls him Nanaki and not Red. Tifa tried to find out his real name already, so I think that’s something they’ll do. In otwtas his episode is called Nanaki and everyone in the book calls him by his real name, so that’ll be a nice conclusion to that.

And Wutai is one of my favourite locations and I’m hoping the devs go all out with the Asian influences and culture ❤️

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No, cause it’s a spoiler still at this point and we know how they feel about dropping spoilers. The fact it’s in Tifa’s ps theme and all the hints are still there for it in the game means there’s likely more to that promise night than we were shown and we’ll see the rest of it unfold in part 2. Which is why my fanfiction is called The Wish 😉

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I know a lot of people analyze FF7R as its own entity separate from every other game in the series, but these games are made by the same people, so why not look at other games to understand what’s happening in the Remake?

We have quite the incentive to do that too!

To wet your brain a lil’, this is the red nebula at the end of FF7R, it looks a bit similar to another red nebula found at the end of Act 2 in Opera Omnia (DFFOO). This game is currently early in the 3rd Act while the 2nd Act just ended for the English version.


Later on I’ll explain what DFFOO says about “fate changing” and that portal Sephiroth created to get to this weird place! Also, a scene where Terra asks how one can travel to other worlds. Oh, and Vincent.

These things are a big deal, so don’t shrug them off! This post serves as an introduction to that stuff.

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Around Halloween, @davejolina @tizzie-lizzie and I set out to create a Tseng/Rufus story with a spooky twist-

President Shinra menaces the people of Midgar with his vampire force. Demons and devils walk freely among them. And when Rufus faces losing the one thing most important to him, what lengths will he travel to get revenge?

Is he truly no better than his father??

Hope you enjoy our little miniseries on the YT, there will be updates every week through the end of the year! ♥️

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Cloud:  ティファも行け。(Tifa, go too)

Tifa:  でもこれ 、 ひとりじゃ。 (But here, all alone…)

Cloud:  誰に言ってる?  (Who are you talking to?)

Tifa:  早くね。(Quickly, okay?)

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