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#ffxiv asks

“Silf likes to stick to a few select outfits, anything that allows for easy mobility at the drop of the hat is preferred. Form and Function and all that~”

- Blade Dancer: Her go to outfit for most days, especially if she knows there might be fighting involved. Great for training in as well as lounging about her house.
- City Attire: While out and about in any major city, Silf likes to try to fit in more with more common garments one might see. Leaning a little more with the locals but still adding her own Viera flare.
- Crafting Gear: This tried and true outfit is Silf’s go to not only for crafting, but when she goes out to gather materials as well. Allows her to carry all the necessary gear while being comfortable and breathable.
- Night Out: Silf likes the finer things in life, but tends to avoid wearing garments that are too restricting like fancy dresses. This outfit allows her to feel comfortable while on a night out with Leona, but still allows for her to flash a few battle moves if the need arises. 


Thanks for the ask, @muffinsandglasses​ ! AND SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT AS WELL! *silently ree’s* I wanted to do four outfits for four hearts and couldn’t decide on which ones ;o; so many to choose from…ahhhhh! I went with some of my most common and loved/well worn outfits for this. You can really tell what I pretty much never leave home without :3 I’ve got a lot of fav’s though so top ones I’m sure will change eventually! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE ASK!


(feel free to send me some anytime!)

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Smash or Pass: Hilda, Aymeric

Serella flushed to the tips of her ears even as she grinned. “When I met Hilda and she asked me who I was, my brain went stupid and I said, "Single.” Were she of like mind, and not also taken? Smash. Absolutely. Without question. As for Aymeric- well…“

A rustling came from the other room, and with it the distinct sound of someone padding around. Serella’s grin turned into a beaming smile as the Lord Commander, in a state of half dress most unbecoming a gentleman, stumbled past the doorway on his way down the hall.

"Have smashed, and will absolutely smash again. For forever, if I be lucky and he be foolish.”

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Smash or pass - Hien and Lyna!

Serella laughed brightly. “A pass on the little lord. Attractive though he may be, I can’t see myself with him.” Her eyes drifted over to the Crystarium Guard Captain silently looking over her reports. “Lyna, on the other hand…smash. Unquestionably. I’d let her completely destroy me and thank her for it.”

“As if we haven’t already.” Lyna said matter of factly without looking up from her papers.

“But I’m always up for it again.” Serella shrugged, earning her a thorough eyeroll from Lyna.

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Smash or pass... Zenos?

Serella gave an indignant snort. “If I didn’t think he’d get off on it, I’d smash him through a fucking wall. Pass.”

Zenos, reclined on an oversized chair and playing some sort of mobile game with little animals on an island, turned his head lazily toward her. “Should I presume you won’t smash me through a wall, then?”

“Not if I thought you’d survive it.” Serella replied without deigning to even glance at him. When he opened his mouth to interject,, she added, “Not even if you instigated a fight with me.”

Zenos went back to fiddling with his game, pouting.

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09. “Kind of a pretty boy, isn’t he?” For Akira

As Akira walked around Camp Drybone, inquiring from the locals about the surge of missing people and trying to not make it seem she was overtly knowledgeable of the area, a hushed voice spoke to her as she passed. A person Akira knew from before she became an adventurer.

“Kind of a pretty boy, isn’t he?” The woman asked, nodding towards Thancred as he was speaking with another. A soft laugh left Akira’s lips as she gives a nod.

“He is.” She admitted, a little quieter than she would’ve liked, as she was slowly developing a soft spot for the rogue. As her eyes lingered briefly on him, laughter coming from the woman snapped her attention back to the matter at hand.

“Ah… so you two are together, Astra?” She asked with a wink and a laugh.

“W-what?!” Akira gasped, flushing brightly as her eyes flickered towards where she last saw Thancred before composing herself.

“No! He and I are just- I mean-“ She fumbled, before coughing and giving a weak smile, "…I believe you have me mistaken with someone else, ma'am. My name is Akira Gin, and I was wondering..”


Eventually she managed to pry herself from the conversation, having learned nothing more than what the other citizens had told her, and only managing to at least convincing the woman to call her by her current name if nothing else. Akira sighed and ran her hand over her face before attempting to find Thancred, so they could compare what they both had learned.

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it's ya boi, Mika and uhhhh. He's not fond of vegetables and will normally avoid eating them, unless they're cooked into/hidden away in a stew etc. :3

@finalvalor I mean we all know he’ll die before the lack of veggies catch up with him :3 yulu my fwiend. Gives him a lil’kissy. 

1st Impression: Counting Stars - OneRepublic 
Lately I been, I been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby I been, I been prayin’ hard
Said no more counting dollars
We’ll be counting stars

Assumption:  Diamonds - Rihanna 
You’re a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I’m alive
We’re like diamonds in the sky

Bonus: Castle of Glass - Linkin Park 
Take me down to the river bend 
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin 
Show me how to be whole again  

(Bonus: :33  & :”((

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So after a long wait, I have finished the fruit questions for Akira. 😅 Apologies for the near month wait.


🍍 – For the most part, Akira is rather comfortable in her own body. Of course, growing up an elezen in Thanalan meant that once she grew up, she towered over most of the population, despite being short by elezen standards. Only qualm she has with herself, is when she’ll sometime watch couples, and seeing how cute it is being the shorter person, which is something she’s never experienced. Despite that, she doesn’t have any fond memories involving being called attractive, and tries not to think on those matters.

🍅 – Closest to either cosmetic/plastic surgery would be using Fantasias, and she doesn’t have much of an opinion about others using it. Hell, she’s contemplated drinking the one she found in the Praetorium, after the bloody banquet, but she couldn’t ever commit to it because of how permanent it would be unless she found another one.

🍏 – She doesn’t go to a physician or anyone to check on her health, giving that she never did growing up, with a conjurer as a mother. That said, since joining the Scions, she’s regularly looked after and made to rest in the case of her getting an illness. Or if she starts overworking too much.

🍎 – She hasn’t ever been diagnosed with anything properly, but she does have PTSD from all the bs that comes with being a warrior of light, as well as anxiety. It would be noted as well that due to how she grew up, she still has a lot of codependent thoughts and feeling that she’s trying to get over… but, well. We’ll see.

🍐 – If you was to ask her, she would avoid answering. Mostly because she was solely schooled from home, and ends up feeling inadequate in her knowledge. In actuality, despite not going to some fancy school to learn, she’d be considered above average. Many things she learned about the world was through whatever books she could get her hands on in her youth, and couples that knowledge with intuition to get by until she can manage to truly learn about where she’s at.

🍉 – Summer or Autumn would suit Akira best, Summer for the heat(she despises the cold), while the colors that show during the autumn fits her well.

🍌 – I mean… she’s a warrior of light. But all joking aside, she genuinely enjoys helping others, even if sometimes that help means putting her either in life or death levels of danger, or earning the ire or someone, she would still prefer to try at the least.

🍋 – Akira tries to eat healthy, but many times she focus in on a quest and the next think she knows is she’s about to go to sleep and hasn’t ate since much earlier that day. She does better when she’s in Mor Dhona, at the Rising Stones because someone will end up nagging at her if they’ve realized she hasn’t ate in a while. Same can be said while she’s on the First, it’s not likely the other Scions, nor the Exarch, is going to allow her to pass up eating regularly. When she has time though, and not overworking herself to half death, she does cook for herself. Normally meals she grew up with, although she finds it a little disheartening giving the other person who would know these meals is no longer around.

🥭 – By any means, she wasn’t considered much of a hero or anything grand, at least in any way that mattered to her. Due to being one of the few individuals who was elezen in the Drybone area, and with her seemingly innocent appearance, she was normally touted as a rare flower, fleeting and beautiful. Something which she still despises to this day, and was glad to see that other than maybe a handful, no one recognized her now as the same person as she was even a year prior.

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Can't use emojis on my phone now but sword!!

Awwh don’t worry!! Thank you for the ask though!! 💕💕

sword 🗡️ - is there anything you always carry with you?

- Xavier can be seen writing in several notebooks, in fact he carries a specific number with him, 3! One for his studies on Aether, one to which he notes the wildlife and its Flora, and then his spell grimoire! He’s had it ever since he was a younger lad, and previously filled his first grimoire, while it’s reliable its outdated, so his new one helps out much more! He always tried to be ready for new experience but tends to also be overwhelmed with how much he has in his bag,,, but will never stop carrying them!

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Thank you so much!! 💕🌸

birch 🌳 - what’s something you’re proud of?

- Xavier’s most proud of his growth as a person, when he was horribly beaten by Zenos whilst trying to protect people he loved he swore to himself that he’d be done losing. He sought out Red Magicks and learned both how to wield a sword and control more than just healing magic. He quickly became wildly proficient, his long studying hours doubled! He won’t let anyone down anymore.

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Tagged by @meepsthemiqo !! 💕💕

I… had posted this already but was unaware it was on my art blog so UHHH here we go again im so sorry 😭 this was a lot of fun!!! Tysm for the tag!! Sorry it was so late!!

Tagging: Everyone, like everybody who sees this and follows me for ffxiv goofs, do this and tag me cause its cute facts and it was alot of fun!!! DO IT! >:3c 💕💕

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📜 📜 about whomever!

I’ll do one of each then ^-^


Whenever Akira is stressed over the amount of responsiblity that the title of Warrior of Light/Darkness has with it, she’ll go and ride on Mr. Chubbs, her fatter cat mount. He may unnerve all of her allies with his soulless eyes, but whenever it’s brought up that he may be a voidsent in the flesh of a dead cat, she just smiles before commenting:

“We don’t talk about Mr. Chubbs condition.”

Of course, she also doesn’t mention that when he came wobbling up to her, in Camp Drybone, it had been right after the Waking Sands being attacked, nor does she ever mention that he had a wind-up Thancred with him either.


Normally he has high levels of insomnia whenever he tries to sleep, and when he does sleep, he has dreams or nightmares of creatures that he’s heard of, but as far as he knows, he’s never seen. Dreams of an anata with many arms and swords who guards an orange, fire-like crystal, a Kraken in a sunken temple who ends up ripping his left arm off, and a demon-like being that had been at the center of time.

He normally chalks it up as him reading so many fairy tales when he was young of a group of people saving the world, and looking up to the magicians in those old tales.

As for how he combats his insomnia? Well he will either go drinking until he’s pass out drunk, or go and find the hardest thing to fight and kill without dying himself.

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G : GIFT. is your muse good at gift - giving or do they struggle to get it right? (Jellal and Tsirae)

Gift giving is actually not much of an issue for Tsirae.  He’s fairly observant and takes mental notes of things people mention they like or want, and depending on the person, he will go to great lengths to obtain and give them the gift they seek.  His partner is thankfully fairly easy to gift to, as she loves books and in his travels he comes across allot of different ones that, if possible, he’ll bring home to her.  


Gifts…..  That’s not something the Miqo’te is very good at.  He does like to get gifts for those really close to him, but when it comes down to giving it to them, it’s sort of a, “Here you go…”  and just hands it to the person…  Not the most romantic thing, though the man is not exactly the romantic type either.  His gifts are generally platonic in nature and it’s often that he sees something he knows a friend likes, so he’ll just get it for them, just because.  Jellal is also horrible as receiving gifts but that’s a whole other situation…

(Thank you for the ask!!! <3

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new leaf: what message would your muse send to their past self, if any? (For Isanii)

It would be a very simple message,

“Everything will be alright.  Just keep going forward.”

Her upbringing was difficult, her mother died in childbirth and because of it her father rejected her and abandoned Isanii as a newborn at the Shard of Nhaama, claiming that she was cursed and a terrible omen.  She was adopted and raised by her mother’s close friend, but when she was still a child, her adoptive family was killed and her brother missing.  She spent much of her teen years looking for him.

After everything that she encountered however, by continuing to push on wards, she not only found her brother, but managed to find a place for herself and a loving partner. It was certainly not easy, but with determination and stubbornness she succeeded, and it’s that bit of wisdom she would offer her past self.

((Thank you for the ask <3))

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♥  When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know? Sending again b/c I forgot to specify muse, APOLOGIES!! We’ll pick Isanii and Jellal for this one!! :D)

Isanii is a funny one, she’s not likely to make the first move when interested, however she’s also a little bit of an airhead so the chance of her noticing subtle things is… Slim.  If anything, she would make an effort to be around the person she’s crushing on, as well as offer them little gifts (Usually hand made items, like a talisman for protection, or a pretty flower she found).  There is one entertaining factor in it though, Isanii as part of her morals and life as a priestess, refuses to lie.  So in a situation where her crush might inquire as to her interests, it goes against everything she is to deny it or lie about it, and she would most likely just openly admit her interests, regardless of how embarrassing it would be for her to say.


He….  Is not very good at the emotion thing.  The idea of a ‘crush’ is not really in his mind, ever. He’s not very romantic in any sense, though if he did have a crush on someone he would probably just try and tell them.  Get it over with and admit it that way if they don’t feel the same then it doesn’t waste anyone’s time, and if they do reciprocate the feelings then well…  He wouldn’t honestly know how to move forward.  The guy doesn’t really know what a healthy relationship is like, so even trying to display interest in difficult. It would certainly be a very awkward situation, and probably a little amusing since Jellal very rarely gets flustered.

((Thanks so much for the ask!! <3))

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10 and 16

10. Would your character give up the chance to come back to life as a god so that someone else could be saved?


Originally posted by honoredsage

A: Probably not. It would very much depend on who the person was. And I can only think of one she’d do it for without question.


16. How does the way your character present themselves in public differ from how they are in private?


Originally posted by inkxlenses

A: Some things are the same, but many are different. Miho believes that one should never let another know what you are thinking. She is quick with smiles and diplomatic responses. Even those who know her privately rarely see past her masks.

Miho is a mistress of guile and she likes it that way. It’s easier than looking beneath the surface.

Thank you!! I love these things.

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ffxiv asks 2 & 14?

2. How does your character feel about piracy?

- I approve of any and all piracy so long as its directed toward Garlean ships.

14. Is your character secretive?

- I’d like to think I am, but life is just so much easier when ye dont hide anything.

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What does your character think of vices such as alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs? Do they partake in any of these for leisure? How about as a coping mechanism? If not, are they the sort of person to judge those who partake?

All answers will be under the cut! Thank you for the many asks, @gatheredfates!! <3


Keep reading

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FFXIV : My muse has been dead for some time…
Send ✟ for your muse to meet them in the Palace of the Dead.

Thank you so much for the ask @adellennehocoleux!


No one had believed the tale. Their Warrior of Light had met their match? Truly? Was the world ending? She had fought so many battles, won so many wars, how could she lose? But the citizens of Eorzea had forgotten an important lesson:

                          She was only ONE PERSON.

And now? Now she was LIFELESS. Voices screamed her name as her weapon thumped to the ground. Limbs crumbled as blood dripped. The enemy’s lips curved into a wide grin, revealing sharp wicked teeth, before they dove in for the FINAL KILL. Her allies raced towards her, but Calypso knew it was TOO LATE. She wouldn’t survive; but neither would this beast. And so, with her own grin in place, the Warrior of Light pulled the pin.

Fire blasted the area, flying up as bodies were thrown back. The gurgling of blood sputtered from the fighter’s lips as she lay motionless, staring up a starlit sky. Feet pounded against dirt as her friends tried to heal her. Tried to revive their FALLEN CHAMPION.

Tears were shed, hearts were broken, and the Warrior of Light…

                                      WAS NO MORE. 


It had been YEARS since her death, and life had moved on. Many heroes had come and gone, and yet the title had never been craved for since, for many still remembered their valiant Warrior of Light falling before them. How could anyone want that TITLE after she had carried it for so long? After she had PERISHED with it plastered across her chest?

Dull violet orbs stared at the INVADERS as they advanced towards the final room. The final EXIT. No. She wouldn’t allow it. She had failed her duty in protecting people before, she REFUSED to fail AGAIN. Their hand went for the door handle, ready to open and leave, when something sliced through the air towards them. Quick to get out of the way, the adventurer watched as a bloody AXE pulsed through the door where they once STOOD.

And as they would turn to see where it had come from, their DECEASED Warrior of Light would walk from the darkness, allowing the ambient light to envelop her once more. Blood stained her attire, dirt spread across her face, clothes torn from her last battle. Voice was rasped, for a deep gash spread along her jaw across the warrior’s throat.  She looked just like that day.

Eyes once so full of hope were now dead, and it was her duty to KILL.

                                      TO SLAUGHTER.

 For she was no longer their Warrior of Light, but a MINION to the PALACE. Oh, how low had her SOUL had been THROWN. Would they survive against their greatest hero? SHE CARED NOT.

                               “You will not leave alive.”

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