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#ffxiv fanfiction

I promise, I have been making *some* progress on my WIPs, the next chapter of Fangthane’s Folly will, unfortunately, be somewhat delayed due to Nano, so have a POV piece from my FF14 folder instead.

*Be warned: severe spoiler warnings apply as this is based on the post-trial cutscene from the 5.3 MSQ. A warning for some bad language at the end as well, just in case.

The POV is from my main, who is a Viera Bard.

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Stelmaria Molkot knew what G’raha Tia wanted the second he appeared in the workroom. His scarlet ears are tense and he is balancing a full mug of coffee with both hands–creamed and sugared in exactly the way she preferred it.

“I would like to survey one of the higher floors tonight, if you’re ok with that?” he begins without preamble, carmine eyes inscrutable as he sets the coffee next to her computer terminal. Within easy reach of her hand.

In contrast to his eyes, the rest of him is unusually impatient. He perches on the only corner of her desk that was not buried under leatherbound journals of her own magical shorthand, green sprigs of oak, ash, and thorn, a haphazard pile of the half dozen tomes she had recently persuaded to remain quiescent (so they could be cataloged), her current favorite deck of tarot cards, and many other oddments besides. The detritus of an overworked and underpaid bibliomancer.

Just a little AU I’m working on atm. Got to stay in it after FFxivWrite2020 finished.

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This is just a short segment highlighting Scylla’s feelings on learning that Amon’s recovery is leading him back towards unlocking his magic again. She’s not so sure what’s going to happen as a result… much to Amon’s confusion. 

Catch the full archive here! 

  1. Aetherflow’s Return - Part 1
  2. Aetherflow’s Return - Part 2
  3. Aetherflow’s Return - Part 3
  4. Aetherflow’s Return - Part 4
  5. Aetherflow’s Return - Part 5
  6. Aetherflow’s Return - Part 6
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Kinktober Day 6 || Balcony Sex | Hickeys || Read on AO3

“Here you are,” Estinien said as he stepped out to her. “I had been wondering where you went.”

Adriene startled so much at his approach that she nearly jumped back as she tore her eyes from whatever held her attention with a flustered and guilty look. “Estinien!” she said and gave him a somewhat breathless smile. “Sorry, I, uh, got distracted.”

Estinien raised an eyebrow as he saw the flush on her face. “I can see that,” he commented dryly, crossing the short distance between them. “What has you so fascinated?”

Quickly, Adriene stepped forward, arms snaking around his middle as she tried to stop and push him back towards the entrance. “It’s nothing, really, I just… let’s just get back inside, shall we?”

From close by, he could see just how much aflame her cheeks were, her pupils dilated and dark. Now, his curiosity was definitely piqued.

“This definitely does not look like ‘nothing’,” he teased with a growing smile without letting himself be moved. Instead, he turned out of her embrace and leaned over the broad stones that served as a railing, his gaze flickering over the trees and hedges below that lined the pathways through the garden.

Nearly immediately, Adriene wedged herself between him and the railing, hands braced on his chest as she slightly pushed back against him.

“Estinien, it’s— I— it’s really just…” she stammered in a hushed voice, but at that moment, he found what she had been looking at so intently. On a bench not far away was a couple deeply engrossed in each other, oblivious to their surroundings. So far, they were still mostly dressed, but as he looked, the man was pulling down the halter of his companion’s dress.

“Ah, I see,” he said, a chuckle in his voice as he put his arms around her.

Again, Adriene pushed against him, but without putting much weight into it. “Shhh,” she hushed him, stealing another look over her shoulder that served to weaken her already barely more than perfunctory attempt to push him back. “They’re going to hear us.”

Read the rest on AO3

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Suspended in Dusk

“Allagan blood runs through my veins… But tell me Warrior, what does Haedelyn’s chosen taste like?” He asked her, a predatory smile crept across his mouth, his shadowed eyes giving no measure of mercy – he was not one to concern himself with the weak emotions of the living.

Tags/NSFW:- Alternate Universe - Vampire, Blood Drinking, Blood Kink, Praise Kink, Dom/sub, Vampire Bites, Vaginal Fingering, Pain, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

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Compilation time! Thank you @sea-wolf-coast-to-coast for your hard work organizing and hosting another fantastic #ffxivwrite! 

Prompt fills

1. crux | 2. sway | 3. muster | 4. clinch | 5. matter of fact | 7. nonagenarian | 8. clamor | 9. lush | 10. avail |11. ultracrepidarian | 12. tooth and nail | 14. part | 15. ache | 16. lucubration | 17. fade | 18. panglossian | 19. where the heart is | 21. foibles | 22. argy-bargy | 23. shuffle | 24. beam | 25. wish (nsfw) | 26. when pigs fly | 28. irenic | 29. paternal | 30. splinter |

Reading guide & final thoughts below

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A big thanks for the warm welcome to this fandom, and to Moen Moen for organizing all this to encourage the FFXIV writing community in such an amazing way! 

I changed careers not long ago in the hopes of finding more time to write, but the pandemic changed all that, and now my work is in such high demand that I’m still impressed that I managed to get as much writing done as I did this month…in the past, I would never have been able to be anywhere near as consistent - especially this time of year. So all in all, not too shabby for my first go at this.

Here’s a master list of everything below the cut, and a quick link to everything on AO3. My personal faves are italicized. :)  

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Paternal | characteristic of or befitting a father; fatherly


It was a warmth that invaded every part of her, every beating of her heart and every breath she took. She suspected that it had already started to grow back in the cold days of her training with him, but it had been only in these last weeks, during their journey to the Aery that it had blossomed into something that could only be love. Adriene couldn’t quite remember the moment that she had stopped pretending to herself that Estinien was just a friend, but even that admission to herself paled in comparison to the way her whole being lit up in his presence even among the general happiness and joy of Cassia and Haurchefant’s wedding.

For all intents and purposes, the day had been perfect. Both Cassia and Haurchefant were glowing with their love for each other, and even the skies hadn’t dared to blemish the beauty of this day with a single dark cloud. The ceremony had been lovely, but the true celebration was without a doubt happening now, in the warmth of House Fortemps.

The official dinner was already over, all the speeches had been given, and the house was filled with laughter, talk, and music. People were dancing and celebrating, and for this day, it was all too easy to ignore the still looming threat of Nidhogg’s attack on the city. Cid and his team were working with all haste on something called ‘manacutter’ that would allow them to enter the Aery to finally slay the wyrm and end this war for good. But for today, all thoughts about the upcoming fight were banned in favor of celebrating Cassia and Haurchefant.

Estinien had gone to fetch them another glass of wine, and Adriene was watching him with bright eyes and a smile upon her face that didn’t seem to want to vanish. Adriene couldn’t quite suppress the happy and hopeful flutter in her stomach, not since Aymeric had murmured to her how impressed he was that she had managed to get Estinien to dance even though Estinien hated to dance. She didn’t have the opportunity to tell him that the dance had been Estinien’s idea.

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