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Angel of Truth
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S/O Having Nightmares - Alphinaud, Hades, Urianger
Tumblr media
Hi! Thank you for your request! I’ve never written for Hades or Urianger before, so I hope they’re okay. And it’s a bit short because I wanted to stick with the feelings I was getting and not draw it out. Enjoy!
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You Have Frequent Nightmares
Alphinaud isn’t immediately aware there’s a problem until he begins to notice your fatigue.
Then he begins to notice your reluctance to head to bed.
At first, he chalks it up to you being a night owl
Until he notices you’re also up before anyone else.
So when he gets a chance to snag some alone time with you, Alphinaud lures you away from the others to his room.
There he sits with you and asks what the problem is.
If you resist, he’ll persist in asking you while trying not to be pushy.
Keyword is trying.
When you finally give, he finally puts all the pieces together.
He’ll talk about your worries with you, trying to ease what he can.
But after that day, if the problem continues, he’ll take every chance he can to share a nap with you.
Holding you in his arms.
And whispering that you can relax.
Because he’s there to guard you.
Being a finnicky sleeper, Hades wakes up frequently to your restlessness.
So he knows within a few days something’s up.
At first, he just lets it play out.
It’s not his problem and if you haven’t told him yet, he’s not going to step in.
But then it continues.
And he continues losing sleep.
And you’re losing sleep.
And you’re tired and irritable.
Making him tired and irritable.
So as you can guess, this isn’t working for him.
Before bed, on his last nerve, he asks you what’s wrong with you.
He means well but you know he’s sharp.
You might as well tell him because he’s not going to let up.
He’s sick and tired of being tired.
He listens very intently to your issues and takes the extra effort to assuage any fears that may be spawning these nightmares.
At the very least, he speaks of how you have nothing to fear as long as you’re with him.
He would do anything for you.
Even if he won’t say it so plainly.
This man is so perceptive of you, he’s immediately aware you’re having a nightmare.
Every time you have a nightmare.
However, it takes an extra night or two to realize that this particular streak isn’t just a one-night stand fuck it, I said it.
In the morning, when you’re dragging yourself from bed like the living dead, and yes he’s already awake, he will subtly probe about how you slept.
If you don’t admit to the nightmares right away, he’ll start with the suggestions.
“Perhaps thou wouldst sleep better if…”
“Could it be thou cannot sleep because…”
He knows none of those are the actual answer, but perhaps your reactions will steer him in the right direction as to why you could be having such fitful dreams.
Once the truth is out though, he’ll ponder your dreams with you.
Be the reason blunt, he’ll try to help you see reason.
Should it not be so easy, however, he may try to provoke those deeper meanings from you.
Regardless, Urianger will lay with you at the end over every night, weaving tales of fiction and truth to lull you to sleep.
Anything to keep your mind from the worries.
And perhaps guide your dreams to a better place.
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Take me back to the night we met...
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I’m so sorry 😢
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Phobos, near tears: Dad says he doesn't love us anymore!!
Hades: I never said that! All I said was no dessert before dinner.
Deimos: That's the same thing!!
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