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Inktober Day 28: Float

I don’t know how they float so high up, but they do! I mean, without spontaneously deciding to combust at a completely inopportune time like they do in dungeons. But, it’s one of my favorite mounts, so it’s cool. Though, I imagine Lunaire’s first time on the mount went more like, “Oh gods, oh gods. Sweet Menphina, let me down! There are no safety measures on this palanquin!” And everyone laughed as the Warrior of Light cried like a child while she was only a few feet in the air.

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Home is the bed where your Beloved rests with you at the end of the day. It is the pleasure of each other’s company over the course of a day’s chocobo ride through lands both foreign and familiar.

Home is a warm house where Mothers tends to the business of leading the tribe through another year. Where Fathers visit periodically to see the children, taking the Sons out into the world to aid in the discovery of who we are, and what we will become.

Home is where we bond with Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Fathers. Where the simple acts of living are learned. Where we return to heal, to celebrate, to mourn, to love.

- Dal S'ta: Gifts of Love

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The Make It Rain Event was pretty fun this year. Can’t wait to abuse the giant question mark to annoy my friends. Gotta make some more MGP so I can get her the Bunny Chief set for some pics. As for the glamour in the screenshots: Head - Oval Reading Glasses in Soot Black; Body - Scion Adventurer’s Jacket; Hands - Lucian Prince’s Fingerless Glove; Legs - Valentione Forget-Me-Not Tights in Snow White; Feet - Gambler’s Boots [not seen]

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