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#ffxiv oc

Pincushions and Poisonous Roses

This was written in response to this piece by @meepsthemiqo and it turned out waaay longer than I expected XD

Including @emetspersephone ’s OC as well.

Anais had warned Fae and Persie about bothering Lahabrea again but they didn’t listen, so she took matters into her own hands.

Don’t mess with an Alchemist’s lover again lol.

Word count: 1195

Lahabrea always caused a racket whenever he came to the alchemy department, whether it was because he was yelling or because the new recruits were going wild over seeing that “genius” up close… Yet, this time, it was completely different. Looking up at her lover, Anais’ jaw dropped “What the hell happened this time?” he was covered in… Needles? And his face was as red as the mask that he removed to reveal the most pissed off look on his face that she’s seen in a looong time. “Fae!” was the only word he spat out before asking her to pick the needles from his skin.

He was silent for the most part after explaining what happened and knowing him, Anais knew that it was not a good sign. “What’s going on in that brilliant big brain of yours?” “Brilliant things. I’m going to make Fae regret-”. It was never ended well when Lahabrea thought of taking revenge. “You already suspended her for a week and I’m pretty sure she regrets it since her dear Elidibus was hurt as well.” she tried to calm her lover, even though Fae deserved some sort of punishment at this point…

“No don’t even try. You convinced me to let it go last time and it only made her more annoying and wild. This time, I’m putting her in her place. I’ll burn-” The Alchemist interrupted him by plucking the last and biggest needle out, causing him to wince in pain. “Please don’t burn anything. Let me handle Fae, ok? I promise you’ll be satisfied with the result” Anais said as she got up to fetch a potion that should help sooth the pain of the stings. “Will you make her suffer?” Lahabrea knew it was best to let her handle it, if only because he didn’t want to accidentally burn his department down in the process. “Thoroughly.” she rolled her eyes as she said that, he could be so childish sometimes. “Then include goobbue girl too.” “Why? Persephone has nothing to do with it, right? It was Fae’s doing.” “Oh, please. That spiky little demon is her creation, you can smell her aether even on the bloody needles!” Anais picked one of the needles up and smelt it and Lahabrea was right, it smelled like Persie’s aether… When were her friends going to learn that they shouldn’t piss Lahabrea off more than he naturally was? “Fine, Persephone too. Just relax and trust me on this.” she kissed his forehead before continuing her work.


A week later, Fae and Persephone found a tiny fairy like green creature with thorns on it head and roses for hands on their desks, and both of them, being too weak for cute things, decided that it was ok to play with it instead of reporting finding an unknown creature in their offices. But who could blame them, anyone would be be enchanted with the tiny leafy creature when it fluttered its long eyelashes and danced so elegantly, jumping from their hands to their shoulders and heads, rubbing its soft roses on their cheeks and noses, to make them inhale the relaxing fragrance. Little did they know.


Originally posted by bbdeathz


Later that day, they met outside of the alchemy department when they came to see Anais about the weird symptoms they were experiencing. The sneezing, runny noses and itchy red spots on their skins, the signs of certain allergies that they were sure they didn’t have.

They explained everything to the Alchemist as she pretended to check on them. She knew the exact cause and she was quite pleased with the results she saw, it was all part of her little plan.

“By the way, did you like my little gifts?” Anais asked innocently when she finished her check ups. She didn’t exactly leave a note stating that they were from her but they’ll know soon enough.

“Gifts?” “I didn’t receive anything.” Fae and Persephone replied as they tried to recall if they had received anything from Anais. “The tiny green fairies I left in your offices… The ones hiding in your robes. I can smell the aroma of their roses from here.” she explained as she clapped her hands twice, prompting the creatures to come out and float back to her.

“Oh, they’re yours? I didn’t smell your aether in them.” Fae inquired, suddenly feeling skeptic. “Oh yeah, these are my Roselias, they’re still just prototypes though. But you probably didn’t smell my aether because the aroma of their roses covered it. Anyway, what do you think?” Anais smiled a little too nicely as she said that.

“They’re adorable! And the roses smell so lovely.” Persephone said, a little too excitedly, making Anais slightly regret doing what she did to her. Maybe it was a little too cruel to exploit their weakness for cute and flowery creatures like this…

“What do they do?” Fae asked, her unease growing by the second. “They cure all sorts of allergies! But they can also inflict them if I reverse the spells. Wonderful, right?” “Then why don’t you use them to cure us?” Fae had already figured it out but she wanted to make sure. “Because you need to suffer a bit more, but don’t worry, it’s nothing life threatening or anything and it’ll go away in 2 days, or less, if Lahabrea decides that you’ve suffered enough, but I wouldn’t count on it.” Anais explained calmly as she sealed the Roselias away.

“But why?” Persie asked, sounding a little too sad for Anais’ comfort. “Because you two need to pay for all that you did to Lahabrea, so consider this a lesson… And a warning. This time I was nice and merciful despite promising him to make you thoroughly suffer. Next time, it’ll be more severe and it might be aimed at your beloveds. If only to give you a taste of your own medicine.” She didn’t really enjoy doing this, but they deserved some sort of punishment for bothering her dearest Lahabrea. He may not be the easiest person to get along with but their shenanigans went a little too far.

“Now, you’re lucky I could convince him to let me handle it this time instead of subjecting you to his true wrath.” which was scary and little too “fiery”, and Anais didn’t want her lover to get in trouble for it. “So now that we’re even, I’ll kindly ask you to leave him alone. You may not be so lucky if there was a next time.” Anais hoped that they learned their lesson as she ushered them out of her office.

She could hear Fae and Persie call her an “Evil Witch” and “Poisonous meanie” respectively as she closed the door, but she didn’t mind. They’re the ones who played with fire, so it was only natural they got burned, although Anais hoped to keep the severity of these burns to a minimum.

Thankfully, Lahabrea had enough of seeing them suffer by the end of the first day and asked Anais to cure them, thus they were spared another 2 days of misery. She even gave each of them a correctly working Roselia as an apology.

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Another one of my older alts - Yursa Zalmer

18 years old very smart girl with big talent to pay attention to details. She studied in Sharlayan’s school next Leveilleur’s twins. Thanks Urianger’s recommendations young Yursa got to Scions with scientist role. Because of her weird being and predisposition to stalking others, she is not liked by people and rather being called “creep”. Since studies times her full attention is into Ryu…

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I’m bored and tired so I decided to mess around with ffxiv character creation.

Note that this is the benchmark so I’m probably missing so many things.

I’m really proud of the highlander lady and the miqo'te. This is my first highlander and she’s just so pretty?? Is it normal to like my own character so much? Idk but I do.

And man miqo'te are so elegant no matter the design 😍

The Au Ra is also my first from the species and man, there’s so much potential 😍

The elezen is supposed to be Ser Ausbasch but no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get the image I have in my head. Then again, he’s heavily based on Zenon Ausbasch from Romancing Saga Re: Universe so that’s probably why. Just needs the elf ears, eye bags and a slightly older look to fit his age.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the lala lady. I was trying to see if I could make a slightly mature looking lala (and I think I succeeded in that) but idk, it feels weird lol she’s pretty but I can’t shake the feeling that I got something wrong.

I have no story for either of them (except for Ser Ausbasch of course) but the lala lady is giving me Shantotto vibes lmao.

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POCWoLWeek Day One: Vacation!

Elaine loves vacationing in Yanxia, especially now that they’re not under Garlean rule anymore. She loves visiting her wifes homeland, and taking catnaps in the sun. 

The hot springs are one of her favorite spots to visit as well, but she’s sad that the good ones don’t get as much sunlight as she’d like.

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