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#ffxiv rp
ffxiv-angora · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Been wanting to do this for a while and saw @wisteriaphyte do something similar for their character, so I finally sat down and did it <3
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lavender-hemlock · a day ago
Tumblr media
✧ The Alchemist |
A master in her craft and her research foci. Insatiable hunger for knowledge and superiority in her prowess.
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lemures-slice · 2 days ago
LFRP:: Isaiah Osirin {-Balmung-}
Tumblr media
The Basics ----
Name: Isaiah Vara Osirin
Age: Forty one | 41
Race: Thavnarian Viera | Temp Hyur
Gender: Male | He/Him
Sexuality: Heterosexual Demiromantic.
Marital Status: Devoted.
Appearance ----
Hair: A slightly fluffy Caramel feature that curls and decorates his face.
Eyes: One of lavender, soft and gentle in it’s stare. While the other reminds hidden. 
Height: 6′3 |  190.5 cm
Build: Well built
Distinguishing Marks: Aged skin with the odd scar decorating here and there. 
Common Accessories: A leather eyepatch marked with a sigil of gold. A compact weapon on hip, folded and unrecognisable in it’s state. A coin pouch, hunting knife and small rope all seated upon his belt. 
Personal ----
Profession: Reaper Debt Collector | Bartender 
Hobbies: Relaxing. Sleeping. Lounging. 
Languages:  Eorzean, Thavnarian, Hingan, Amalj’aa
Residence: Wandering | The Goblet 
Religion: None and all. |  “Whatever's listening”
Patron: The voidsent Serventis
Fears: Death, The void, Helplessness.
Relationships ----
Spouse: Adaliah Rayne.
Children: None.
Parents: Deceased.
Siblings: Only Child.
Other Relatives: Estranged
Pets: None. Had a few in his younger years that he outgrew. 
Traits ----
Extroverted / In Between / Introverted
Disorganized / In Between / Organized
Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded
Calm / In Between / Anxious
Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable
Cautious / In Between / Reckless
Patient / In Between /  Impatient
Outspoken / In Between / Reserved
Leader / In Between / Follower
Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic
Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic
Traditional / In Between / Modern
Hard-working / In Between / Lazy
Cultured / In Between / Uncultured
Loyal / In Between / Disloyal  | Relationships 
Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful | Religion
RP Hooks ----
Reaper for Hire  - Isaiah is a reaper, soul bound to a voidsent patron and works along those lines. With this comes a knowledge of information and handling with voidsent activity, magics and the sort. Isaiah is of the mindset “Isn’t a problem till it’s a problem” so he can get along with some voidsent in peace but has no issue hunting harmful ones.
Monster Hunter - Spending his time taking job board flyers to get by the man has developed a knack for tracking and hunting the more dangerous creatures of these lands. Open to the odd Hunt for some coin or his next meal Isaiah enjoys the thrill and chase, giving him an excuse to limber up and often get his bones rattled. 
Information Broker - Working here and there, travelling there and here Isaiah keeps an open eye and ears to the words on the street or the gossip of men too drunk to recognise they’re not whispering. Poking some clients for information personally or simply speaking to the right people he comes across some useful information regarding the cities and the state of things.
About the Player:
UK Based, GMT / BST 
M/D themes welcome. 
Prefer to RP with 18+
ADD haver, tend to get distracted or busy so please don’t expect back and forth replies to rp posts. DM’s are fine and communication is fine. 
Discord: Upon request in PM. 
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miqojak · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
He says he wants a nice girl I'm that "fuck up your life" girl I don't wanna be a nice girl Bad, bad, I ain't right, girl
Tumblr media
Cyanide on the side, ooh, I love the limelight Woah, woah, we're a lousy bunch To tell the truth, role models weren't around me much
- Nice Girl, Ashnikko
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stardancereivor · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
An absolutely stunning piece by @britishmuffin I've been wanting to get art from them for years, and finally Eivør is looking like a straight up g o d d e s s
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absolutely-bunbelievable · 2 months ago
Hello!! I'm looking for more XIV Tumblrs! It's been a long while, but I've remade and would love to get back into the XIV RP scene
I'm on Crystal with my soon-to-be bunny boy and would love to meet more people
RB this if it's okay for me (or anyone else) to follow!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Runi Luckborne: dancer, thief, and certified cuddle bunny. 
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quelfabulous · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s been a weekend... but everything came out in the end :) Some little personal RP sketches of a couple of queer parents and their bunazen.
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brambles-n-biscuits · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The Basics — – - 🦔
Name: Qirin Age: Early 20's—He doesn't keep track! Birthday: Qirin doesn't celebrate it! Race: Rava, Viera Gender: Male (He/Him) Sexuality: Asexual / Aromantic Marital Status: Single
Appearance — – - 🌻
Hair: Chocolate Brown Eyes: Green-hazel Height: 5'8" Build: Wiry Distinguishing Marks: A faded sequence of runic tattoos under his left eye, over the bridge of his nose and over his lower lip and chin. Distinguishing Features: He has digitigrade feet; they're hare-like and predominantly brown, with creamy toes and undersides. Their fur is dense and a little unkempt, with feathering along the back of his metatarsals to the back of his hocks. Common Accessories: He wears a green-blue feather in his hair. You'll rarely see him without his travel backpack and his weasel, Loah. (But don't call her an accessory if you value your fingers!)
Personal — – - 🌼
Profession: (Unofficial) Local veterinarian. Part-time troublemaker. Hobbies: Pestering • Cooking • Baking • Lounging • Bantering • DIY Home Projects • Archery • Whittling • Gardening • Mostly Pestering, though Languages: Wood Speak • Common • Druidic • Elementals' BS Residence: The Black Shroud Religion: While Qirin is spiritually attuned with nature, he holds no beliefs in any religion. Patron Deity: None. Fears: Failing those dependent upon him • Losing an animal's trust • Deafness • Guns • His Aeromancy • Needles
Relationships — – - 🐾
Spouse: None Children: None Parents: Alive, though estranged. Siblings: Alive, though estranged. Other Relatives: Presumably alive and, you guessed it, estranged. Pets: They're more like friends—and there's many!
Traits — – - 🍂
Extroverted / In Between / Introverted Disorganized / In Between / Organized Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded Calm / In Between / Anxious Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable Cautious / In Between / Reckless Patient / In Between /  Impatient Outspoken / In Between / Reserved Leader / In Between / Follower Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic Traditional / In Between / Modern Hard-working / In Between / Lazy Cultured / In Between / Uncultured Loyal (To Friends/Partner) / In Between / Disloyal Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful (Religion)
RP Hooks — – - 🍄
The Local Vet : Being unusually close with animals, Qirin is able to commune with them. This makes treating the wounded and unwell much easier—if you have a pet that needs to see a vet and don't mind a long walk in the woods, he's your druid. He'll even do it free of charge! Animal Sanctuary : For some reason, what began with tending one stray... turned into a small unmarked sanctuary on his property. Nowadays, it's normal to see animals come and go. They're an eclectic bunch and it's one of the rare places you'll find predator and prey peacefully coexisting. Have you lost your cat or dog? Your whole chocobo? Might check in with Qirin! Hearer : Though Qirin can commune with the Elementals—he really doesn't get along with them. You may sometimes overhear him fussing at seemingly no one in the woods. He considers them melodramatic bullies. Despite this, he'll lend an ear if you ask him what drivel they're going on about today. Green Thumb : It comes as no surprise that he's great in the garden and loves playing in the dirt. Qirin tends to some of the neighbors' gardens in exchange for some trade and good gossip. For this reason, it isn't unusual to see him visiting local tea and herbal shoppes, florists, etc. Whippersnapper : He's curious. Some might say nosy. The point is: He rarely just leaves things be—leaves no stone unturned, as the saying goes. Qirin is often sniffing around the neighborhood and checking the markets out! Warden: Underneath the sunny disposition waits a lethal hunter. That's right, this effervescent troublemaker's a great archer—and he guards the sanctuary from poachers and other threats. Loah : She's a wily 'lil weasel and she may have stolen your coin purse or bracelet. Maybe your earring. How about that nice belt buckle you've got? If she can lift it, she'll probably try. Good news is she's rarely far from Qirin! Bad news? She's rarely far from Qirin! Why don't you take this theft up with him? 🔒 Aeromancer : Have you decided to take a potentially fatal plunge from somewhere really high up? Great! You'll probably get all kinds of debris, bugs and stuff stuck in your teeth and hair when an unnaturally strong gust catches you. (Qirin can control the winds to some degree, but this is a closely guarded secret of his.)
OoC — – - 🌱
'Ollo, call me NoiZe! Which is more of an oxymoron because I'm only really noisy when I'm laughing. BUT HEY. Been RPing for over 20+ years now—no one's counting. I'd like to think I'm pretty chill-going and just come with the basic RP guidelines. Communication really is important. You hear about that everywhere but it's not practiced as much as it's preached. So! Honestly, if you RP with me—just spill the beans! We're both here to have fun! While I focus most of my RP on Discord, I do eventually plan to do some in-game RP when Qirin becomes available there. That said, I prefer a more laidback-style of RP on Discord. I can normally get you anywhere from one or two posts a day, depending on the day. But I don't expect that in return—just let me know if you'll be gone for a while or feel like bringing the RP to a close.
What I'm Looking For — – - 🌷
• Honestly? Being such a clean-slate, I'm looking for just about any contact for him! Friends (old and new), rivals, enemies, potential neighbors, etc.! • I'm not currently seeking any romantic relationships for Qirin. • Pre-established relationships are okay with enough communication and planning! I'd like to make sure any of these connections will be made with likeminded RPers beforehand—and would still like to follow-up with RP in the future. I'm not really into "just saying" they're friends but never actually RPing together.
Contact Info — – - 🐿️
Server: Balmung Main Blog: @cigarettes-n-daisies Discord: Upon request! Contact: If you're interested in RP and hashin' out ideas, feel free to contact me via DMs here on Tumblr!
( Updated: 10.12.2021 – Closed for now! )
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clouded-vxle · 3 months ago
Hey, i'm (mostly) alive.
I'm really trying my best to return here since i miss aesthetics and ranting about my OC far too much.. however..
My dash is pretty dead. So i could REALLY use some active ff14 blogs to follow.
So maybe help me out here and like or reblog this? ♡
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miqojak · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
J Tribe - Jackal
The Jackal is both guardian and guide to the dead - in their primary role. The Jackal is also a trickster, and a consummate survivor - it's well known on Gyr Abanian sands that a deal with a 'Jackal' must be carefully worded, lest you lose more than you thought you bargained for. The desert is a harsh place - searing days, and frigid nights, ravenous beasts, sandstorms...and in more recent years, the oppressive presence of Garlemald, to top off the more natural threats the desert wields; here, survival of the fittest can often mean 'survival of the cleverest'.
The Jackal teaches survival in the face of harsh odds, and it teaches this by virtue of patience, cunning, and intelligence. 'Better to have the last laugh, than the first bite,' being a common anecdote among their people.
In their primary role - when not serving as patron to thieves, travelers, tricksters, desert-dwellers, survivors of every sort, and all those in-between - the Jackal serves as a guide to the departed souls of the tribe, and other of its followers. This belief varies in intensity from one individual to another...some believing this with a real, religious fervor, while others consider tales of the Jackal, be they guardian or trickster, to be fireside tales for kits...mere legends, and nothing more.
Whether guarding the souls of the departed on their way to the life stream, or swindling another to ensure the survival of its own, the Jackal is rarely thought of as a particularly 'savage' being, though that's far from the truth - but survival always takes priority. Why fight, when even a mere injury could spell your demise, in such a harsh land...not to mention risking one's life? Why fight first, when you can manipulate your way out, and come out ahead? When pressed, however, tales speak of the creature's ferocity in sobering tones.
You don't survive such a harsh place without learning all the best ways to survive. You have to be prepared for anything - even to bring death, rather than be its shepherd.
(Page 2 here)
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newmorgue · 3 months ago
The New Morgue
Tumblr media
Dearly beloved,
We gather today to tell you about our new venue, the New Morgue Tavern, located on Malboro Goblet, Ward 22, Plot 19. Want somewhere to let off some steam and beat some poor sucker to within an ilm of their life? Looking for an atmospheric bar-hopping experience? Then join us for Fight Night on the first and third Thursday of every month from 8:00 pm to midnight CST. Hop in our Discord for info about our events, news, and priority fight sign-ups: Join our Discord here!
Send 'em to the Slab!
Veladrys Moonspeaker Funeral Director
When: Every First & Third Thursday 8PM to Midnight CST Where: Malboro Goblet, Ward 22, Plot 19 (Crystal Data Center) What: Tavern and Fight Night RP Venue Discord: Link here! Twitter: Follow here! Carrd: Link here!
@ffxiv-crystal-rp @crystalxivrp @finalfantasyxivrp​ @mooglemeet​
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absolutely-bunbelievable · 2 months ago
Uji Aritame
Tumblr media
Basic Stuff ---
Age: 150
Birthday: 18th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon (6/18)
Race: Viera - Veena
Gender: He/They
Sexuality: Yes
Marital Status:
Server: Brynhildr
IC Job/Class: MNK/WAR
Physical Appearance ---
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Periwinkle (Blue-violet)
Height: 172cm (5′ 6″)
Build: Athletic, toned
Distinguishing Marks: Freckles; Numerous scars on his body.
Common Accessories: A small metallic coin given to him by someone he cherishes. He believes it to be a good luck charm.
Personal ---
Profession: Hunter
Hobbies: Leatherworking, Cooking, Gambling
Languages: Veena, Eorzean (speaking only)
Residence: Nomadic; At home in any forest or wooded area.
Birthplace: Skatay Range
Religion: Not very religious. However, he does believe in a sense of Luck and Karma.
Patron Deity: Oschon, the Wanderer
Fears: Becoming too close to others; Being too reliant or dependent on others; Losing those he holds close.
Relationships ---
Children: Unknown
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Other Relatives: Considers the Wood-warder who took him in as a father figure.
Pets: Absolutely and will happily adopt more.
Traits ---
Extroverted / In Between / Introverted
Disorganized / In Between / Organized
Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded
Calm / In Between / Anxious
Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable
Cautious / In Between / Reckless
Patient / In Between / Impatient
Outspoken / In Between / Reserved
Leader / In Between / Follower
Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic
Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic
Traditional / In Between / Modern
Hard-working / In Between / Lazy
Cultured / In Between / Uncultured
Loyal / In Between / Disloyal
Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful
Additional Information ---
Possesses incredibly extreme luck. It is not uncommon for a supposed  best and/or worst case scenario to come to fruition around him... Usually the latter, followed by him both willpower-ing his way through the situation and seizing some fortunate opportunity.
He is somewhat aware of his luck duality, and feels responsible when others are caught up in his numerous disasters. As a result, he has developed near unmatched determination and persistence, as well as a hardened resolve to help others around him.
Gambles much more than he probably should.
RP & Contact Information ---
Personality: Uji is a very care-free, easy-going individual. Relaxed and reserved, it’s sometimes hard to get a rise out of him. He is mostly well-adjusted despite living through many disastrous events, but fiercely passionate about sharing what little he has and providing for others. While he tends to be naïve to the ways of the world outside of the Skatay Range, he remains open-minded and eager to learn more of what life has to offer.
Hooks: If your character is also a hunter-type or frequently travels through the woods, those are the easiest ways to find him. It also could be a fortuitous coincidence that he’s crossed paths with you.
If you would like to start something or want to know more, please feel free to send me a message!
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shadowburgers · a month ago
LFRP: Brennan Cosgrove
Tumblr media
Age: 20 Race: Midlander Hyur Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Heritage: Dravanian Current Residence: Itinerant Relationships: Single Patrons: Oschon and Halone Vocation: Hunter-Acolyte Hobbies: Wrestling, Marksmanship, Woodworking
Appearance: Auburn hair, dark green eyes, some freckles on his face and shoulders. 5′11″, roughly 170 ponze. Lean muscular build. Has a scar over his left eye. Hair is clean but disheveled. Wears a lot of leather and fur, carries a lance and a bow. Youthful and ebullient.
Personality: RP with me and find out. :)
Hooks I can offer:
Tailfeather: Brennan was born and raised in the small hunting and trapping village of Tailfeather in the Dravanian Forelands. If your character is local to the area or has ever had reason to pass through (for their own hunting, to buy a chocobo, for research or adventure, or anything else), they might have been assisted by Brennan in the past. If they’re looking to go there now, Brennan is willing to offer expert advice, though he has no plans to return in the immediate future.
Oschon: Brennan worships a homebrew aspect of Oschon, in his role as the Ranger, an interpretation of this god that is mostly specific to the people who live in Dravania. He’s a hunter-acolyte of Oschon, and while he isn’t inclined to proselytizing, Brennan is happy to talk about his faith with fellow followers or anyone who might find the conversation stimulating.
Clan Centurio: Brennan is a member of Clan Centurio and will happily assist other members of the clan with hunting marks or other more mundane aspects of preparation for a hunt. He extends the same courtesy to hunters with Alliance marks as well as unaffiliated hunters who may wish for an extra pair of hands and eyes for a difficult job.
Buscarron’s Druthers: When Brennan wants to put down his lance, pick up a mug, and socialize a little bit, Buscarron’s Druthers is his primary hangout. Catch a drink with him, swap stories, or go out back and wrestle a bit or shoot some arrows. I love destination roleplay, so let’s make some spontaneous public RP happen at this non-hub locale.
Hooks I’m seeking:
Hunter-Acolyte for Hire: Brennan is on a pilgrimage in Eorzea as a test of his faith. His mission is to seek out and hunt down “notorious beasts” (loosely defined) in the southern nations, eventually bringing back trophies of his kills to Tailfeather so that he can share with his mentor what he learned from the ordeal. If your character knows of any such marks, or has any helpful tips on where to look, Brennan would love to talk to them. This is a recurring hook; as long as your character has leads to give, Brennan will keep returning to them for business. Your character is welcome and encouraged to join him on the hunt if they desire to, but it isn’t required.
[Please note that Brennan is a hunter of beasts and will not accept jobs that require hunting men, beastmen, powerful voidsent, ascians, sin eaters, etc. Concessions might be made for less powerful voidsent, constructs (e.g., machines or golems), and spirits, depending on the relevance of the hook. His primary interest remains with powerful or pernicious beasts and monsters. Please also note that Brennan does not ICly have access to Othard, nor is he interested in hunting there at this time.]
Pathfinders: While Brennan is an experienced hunter, he's not from around here, and he’s inexperienced with the region’s specific landscape and hazards. While some few tales about Eorzea did make it far enough north to reach his ears, he mostly relies on the help of experienced adventurers. Sit him down and tell him what to bring in his pack when venturing into the ruins of Sil’dih, or explain why it’s customary to dance for Sylphs.
Contact me through Tumblr DM at @shay-ooc​ or in-game on Brennan Cosgrove@Balmung. If you have my Discord, you’re welcome to contact me there.
Players and characters must be 18+, no exceptions.
I’m open to relationships and adult situations that arise spontaneously and organically through in-character chemistry, but if you express an interest in ERP or shipping with my character before yours has even met him, I’d really rather not.
I don’t love one-on-one scenes, and when necessary, I prefer that they be brief and to the point. Let’s meet somewhere public! Or you can bring a friend, or I will.
I’ve done some solo writing for this character. You can find it here.
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surpassing-limits · a month ago
Tumblr media
Semi-selective // Multiverse // Multiship // Crossover Friendly // OC Friendly
Zenos, Fandaniel, Sadu, as well as an assortment of ocs from various walks of life, including characters from alternate realities!
Check pinned post for updates as they come!
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