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These are from the pumpkin party platter & ghost candlestand housing items in FFXIV!  I missed out on these since they were from events before I started playing, but they’re so cute I wanted to draw them.                                    

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It begins with an invitation to join him for a moonlit evening in Amaurot. Emet-Selch offers you a complex white wine pressed from grapes from some little island. He assures you that you’ll enjoy it.

This was done for an art-collab with two other artists for a merchandise set featuring Ardbert, Emet and G’raha.  The premise was draw something for “date night” with grandpas xD … I wanted to do wine in his classy Amaurot apartment. lel.

Alright, we’ll see how this goes before I post more art here. Otherwise please follow me on twitter for sketches, paintings, merchandise peeks, etc!   

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I haven’t posted much of my own stuff (besides prompted dailies) lately so here’s something I drew up really quick the other night to wind down. I really enjoy painting like this and when it’s someone I’m familiar with, it’s so much easier to take the image from my head and put it on canvas.

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