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2dart · 15 minutes ago
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anime-headcanons-fanon · 17 minutes ago
Feral Gudako Headcanons
Okay, because I am supposed to be an anime headcanons blog, I'd like to make my first batch of headcanons in commemoration of the [FERAL GUDAKO] archetype. I love reading tumblr posts about her, so I'd love to add in my two cents as well.
Tumblr media
At a first glance, Gudako doesn't seem feral at all. She's pretty polite on the surface, and is easy to approach.
However, her recklessness and overall madcap energy comes out at the strangest of times.
Sometimes, she'll be discussing strategy and admin with the staff, and make strange references to things that nobody else understands.
Servants are often left confused when she cracks jokes sometimes. It seems like her sense of humor is limited to herself alone.
Gudako has a messy sleep schedule. Some nights, she'll wake up at like 5am, or sometimes even midnight. Whenever she can't sleep, you may catch her wandering around the Chaldea Halls- mumbling random things to herself.
However, Gudako's most dangerous side comes out in the midst of battle.
Even though she makes detailed strategies that she rehearses over and over again, and discusses what plans would be best with her servants...she always ends up being the one who goes against the plan.
Sometimes, she rushes to attack the enemy whilst they're engaging other servants, or even jumps ahead to fight them on her own!
ignoring the pleas of her allies, she also tries to leap in to defend servants sometimes, which leads to Mash having to flank her side.
Mash is very concerned about Gudako's impulsivity. It frightens her when Gudako rushes into battle like that. She doesn't want to lose anybody else.
In particular, Archer Emiya is quite put off with her behavior. The way in which she'd leap into battle without giving a second thought to anyone reminds him of his own ideals.
Because of this, Gudako is regularly lectured by him after battle. Emiya just doesn't want to see anybody making the same mistakes that he did.
However, when Gudako points out how Emiya is still every bit as reckless as her when it comes to helping others, Emiya can't help but agree. But he can't help but worry, either!
If Gudako ends up with an extra large serving of food when she goes to the canteen, its guaranteed to be from him. If Emiya can't stop her from being so reckless, he'll do his utmost to make her feel cared for in Chaldea instead.
Gudako tries to remain in the vanguard to avoid fighting, she really does! But seeing her fellow servants get injured, watching people die right in front of all becomes too much to handle sometimes.
She often ends up twitching and trembling with agony on the battlefield, desperately trying to rein in her desire to fight.
But sometimes, she can't hold back.
If any of her servants are about to fall, or look severely injured- Gudako develops tunnel vision, voices screaming 'destroy! destroy! destroy!' in her mind.
Her goals shift from trying to protect her servants to utterly eviscerating the enemy.
In this state, she becomes even more reckless than before, her expression as calm as a glacier- but her movements are jagged, strange.
Her fighting style is a mixture of the martial arts and skills that her fellow servants have taught her, and her own pure instinctual animal instinct.
Although she's only gone completely berserk a few times, one can't help but wonder how long it'll be until she loses herself entirely.
In fact, some of the berserkers worry about this too. Heracles will sometimes pick Gudako up and thrust her on his shoulders in battle, in order to keep her out of the tide of battle entirely.
Although Gudako can't particularly understand the Berserkers, they make her feel right at home. Amongst them, she can relax.
Xuanzang Sanzang often tries to get Gudako to meditate a little bit more. Even though Gudako sucks at tuning out all of her worries and thoughts, she feels honored to have such an opportunity. On good days, she even falls asleep mid-meditation. Although that irks Xuanzang a little bit, she couldn't be any more proud of her disciple.
Gudako also LOVES TO EAT. However, the collectives of Saber ALSO love to eat. You'll most likely catch them competing against one another, or bugging Tawara Touta to lend them more rice.
Actually, Gudako's love for food is a bit dangerous. When Serenity gave her the poison dessert for Valentine's, Gudako gulped it down in one bite- and promptly passed out for a week. Although Hassan was very moved by this, she was kinda freaked out as well.
She also plays with the children, who go absolutely ballistic at Gudako's jokes and stories. They may be the only group of people who get her weird sense of humor. Especially Jack and Nursery Rhyme. They love hearing her confusing tales about monsters and inner demons.
Gudako also likes to train. Often, you'll catch Quetz there as well- so sometimes Gudako gets roped into the most hardcore training practices there. But she loves Quetz' positive energy and sense of humor.
When Quetz and Fergus went to do their special training together, she felt left out (lmao she didn't know what kinda training it was)
Despite Gudako's off-kilter, assertive and very unpredictable personality, she gets along pretty well with the staff and servants. They can trust her.
However, Gudako is a closed book. Underneath that personality, and that reckless will of hers is a person who is softly crying inside and has no idea how to deal with the tumultuous situation surrounding her.
Gudako doesn't know how to be a hero, nor can she handle the burden. In truth, her feral persona gives her the right to lash out angrily at the world for placing her in such a situation.
It would hurt her much more to show others just how sad and isolated she feels, and how much she misses the life that she lived before.
It'd be much easier for her to beat the crap out of a demon pillar instead.
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arianights · 22 minutes ago
Next pull target: Astraea.
Wish me luck, I’m getting me a Ruler!
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demytasse · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
For the explicit reason of not wanting to burn extra copies of Izo, I hesitated pulling for Okitan again, as last year I failed.
Despite that I did anyway— and failed. Again. But Okitan was much too important to me, so with much deliberation I decided to reallocate my Godjuna funds in order to try again again. To which this time, thank Godjuna, she came easy... did Izo. Many times. Again.
But like I said, I just couldn't bear the thought of burning any extra Izos.
So therefore I'm proud to announce that my second archive will now be home for my lovely Izo brigade and I have no regrets. What can I say? When I'm sentimental I'm sentimental.
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timmaryderii · an hour ago
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instantramune · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Finished best boi astolfokun!!!! <3
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Day 51
99 Big Nobus left to fight, 99 Nobus to fight, take one down, go to the next round, 98 Big Nobus left to fight....
This event is really trying my patience, but that’s not Spartacus’ fault, so n- STOP TRYING TO JOIN THEIR SIDE, JACKASS!
Maybe a little.
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fateandphantasms · 2 hours ago
Fate and Phantasms #143: Enkidu
Tumblr media
Today on Fate and Phantasms we’re forging the Chains of Heaven and world-famous actor best known for their part in the 1990 smash hit Ghost (they were the pottery), Enkidu!
Our fair enby is a Monster Slayer Ranger, mixing in their anti-divine properties, self healing, and ability to sense movement through the earth around them. And that’s it. I know, I was surprised too.
Check out their build breakdown below the cut, or their character sheet over here!
Next up: If you haven’t watched No Evil yet, you should. 
Race and Background
You’re made out of clay and have a lot of robot tropes slapped onto you, so Warforged is a pretty good pick for you. This gives you +2 Constitution and +1 Wisdom, as well as Constructed Resilience. This gives you  advantage and resistance to poison, and you don’t need to eat, breathe, drink, or sleep. You’re also immune to disease. 
To supplement the whole “not sleeping” thing, you instead take a Sentry’s Rest, standing still and conscious for 6 hours instead of sleeping over a long rest.
You look like you’re not wearing armor, but that might just be because of the robe. Regardless of your stance on putting Enkidu in armor, they still get Integrated Protection anyway, giving you +1 AC, and making your armor unremovable if you’re not incapacitated. This also means it takes an hour to put on and take off, but y’know, checks and balances.
Finally, your Specialized Design gives you proficiency with one skill of your choice. You were made by the gods, so it might be a good idea to remember their names. Religion it is!
Thanks to hanging out in the woods for a while after being made you’re an Outlander. This gives you proficiency with Athletics and Survival.
Ability Scores
Since Enkidu’s stats are literally described in terms of point buy, we’re going with that too. You’ll want your Wisdom as high as possible at 15 for the sharpest senses points can buy. We need to be able to speak to animals and sense vibrations through the earth, dammit! After that is Strength set to 14... and I just realized that despite going with point buy I ended up with a stat array identical to the standard array. Oh well. Anyway, strength is next, gotta hold together when you’re locking gods in place. After that is Intelligence (13), you’ve got a perfect memory and you’re great at adapting to change. Your Dexterity (12) isn’t amazing, but your body’s tough enough to deal with issues. Your Constitution’s (10) even lower, but it gets bumped up with your racial bonus. Finally, dump Charisma(8). You have a lot of issues when it comes to understanding other people.
Class Levels
1. Starting out as a ranger gives you proficiency in Strength and Dexterity saves, as well as three ranger skills. Animal Handling will help you get along better with your master, while Investigation and Perception make finding new information to digest a lot easier.
You also make celestials your Favored Enemy, giving you advantage on survival and intelligence checks about them. It’s a shame this doesn’t enhance your magic against them, but we’ll take what we can get. You’re also a Deft Explorer, making you Canny with one skill, doubling its proficiency bonus. Double down on Perception for an even stronger radar sense.
2. Second level rangers get a fighting style, and Blind Fighting lets you feels through your feets, sensing any creatures within 10′ of you as long as they aren’t specifically hiding from you. You can also cast Spells now, using your Wisdom to do so.
Cure Wounds is a good way to get your healing factor started early, and Hunter’s Mark is effectively mandatory for rangers. Deal more damage when you hit the thing and track said thing easier.
3. Joining the Monster Slayer conclave sets you down the path a turn against your creators and chain the heavens. (This also works for bunch of other types of creatures, but hush.) Your Monster Slayer Magic gives you a bonus spell each time you reach a new spell level. Right now you get Protection from Evil and Good, which forces disadvantage on extraplanar creatures attacking them, and makes it so they can’t be charmed, frightened, or possessed by them. Fighting gods would be a lot harder if they could just assume manual control, wouldn’t it? 
You also get a Hunter’s Sense, letting you spend an action to learn a creature’s damage immunities, resistances, and vulnerabilities. Despite what FGO has taught you, taking down Godmode Ishtar will be harder than slapping every lancer you have into a team and hitting red buttons.
Your last Slayer bonus for now is the Slayer’s Prey, a bonus action to tack on even more extra damage to your first weapon attack against a designated creature each turn. You can only keep it up on a single creature at a time though.
That’s not all, though! You also get Primal Awareness, giving you even more spells when your magic levels up, and you can cast these spells once per long rest without using a spell slot (or whenever if you use a slot, like duh). Right now you get Speak with Animals. I don’t know why your master is a wolf, but you make it work.
Finally, the spell you normally learn at this level is Ensnaring Strike. You go Enkidu! Ensnare those strucken enemies!
4. Your first Ability Score Improvement is going towards Strength so you can stab things deader.
5. Fifth level rangers can make an Extra Attack as part of their attack action. You also get a bunch more spells. 
From your subclass, Zone of Truth. Force a charisma save (dc 8+proficiency+wis) against creatures in the zone, and if they fail they can’t lie. It’s not really in character, but it is neat.
Primal Awareness gives you Beast Sense, letting you see and hear through a beast’s... senses... (hence the name) for up to an hour. This one’s a bit closer.
Your normal spell for the level is Barkskin, giving you a minimum AC of 16 for up to an hour. It’s not ideal since it’s a concentration spell, but it’s there if you want to be a stickler about not wearing armor.
6. At sixth level you can apply your Favored Enemy feature to Beasts as well. I don’t think Enkidu’s one to hold a grudge, but I doubt they like snakes much by this point. You also become Roving, adding 5 feet to your movement speed, and giving you a climbing and swimming speed equal to your walking speed.
7. Your next slayer goody is a Supernatural Defense, which adds 1d6 to your saves and grapple escape rolls against a creature you stuck your Slayer’s Prey on.
To further increase your adaptability, you learn the spell Enhance Ability this level, giving you advantage on any one kind of skill check for the duration.
8. Use this ASI to bump up your Wisdom for stronger spells and senses. You also become Fleet of Foot, letting you pass through difficult terrain without extra movement. You also ignore nonmagical plants when moving through them, and have advantage on moving through magical plants.
9. Another spell level up, another massive burst in how many spells you can use.
Thanks to being a slayer you learn Magic Circle, letting you trap an extraplanar creature either inside or outside of a 10′ radius circle. It’s... almost the chains of heaven, but there’s still some leeway in there. 
You can also Speak with Plants thanks to your Primal Awareness. This one’s more of a stretch, but it’s part and parcel of speaking with animals now, so have at it.
Finally, the spell you learn by choice is Meld into Stone, giving you the perfect hiding spot for up to 8 hours. You are clay after all, this really isn’t much of an issue for you.
10. Tenth level rangers are Tireless, giving you a nonmagical healing factor you can activate as an action, and your exhaustion levels get reduced on short rests now too.
You can also shapeshift into Nature’s Veil, effectively making yourself invisible for a round as a bonus action.
11. Eleventh level slayers are a Magic-User’s Nemesis, letting you react to a creature casting a spell or teleporting nearby to foil it. The creature has to make a wisdom save against your spell save DC or waste its spell/teleport. Gods tend to cheat, and the easiest way out of chains is teleportation. Don’t let them do that. You can use this feature once per short rest.
You also learn the spell Healing Spirit for another long-term healing solution. It does require you staying put for a bit, but you can always meld into stone first if you really wanna.
12. We generally front-load feats, but there’s never a bad time for a Keen Mind. This feat rounds up your Intelligence, you always have a good sense of direction and time, and most importantly you have perfect memory for up to a month. Your memories are literally carved into your being, they’re hard to get rid of.
13. Thirteenth level rangers get fourth level spells, and you get three of them!
From the slayers: Banishment lets you force another creature back to its own plane. That’s literally the opposite of the chains of heaven, but it might be the best option for something like Tiamat.
From Primal Awareness: Locate Creature helps you keep tabs on a creature within 1000 feet of you. Gods are notoriously tricksy shapeshifters. This will help deal with that a bit.
You also become a Guardian of Nature, letting you transform yourself for up to a minute in one of two ways. As a primal beast, you can move faster, get darkvision, have advantage on strength-based attacks, and deal extra damage on a hit. As a great tree, you gain temporary HP, make constitution saves and dexterity/wisdom based attacks with advantage, and the ground within 15′ of you is difficult terrain for enemies. I’d say the former is more useful, but the latter also has its charms.
14. Your last Favored Enemy are Aasimar and Genasi, so you can be just as effective against demigods as you are against their full-blooded family. You also learn how to Vanish, letting you hide as a bonus action. You also can’t be tracked unless you choose to be or it’s done magically.
15. Your penultimate goody from the slayer’s conclave is a Slayer’s Counter. If a creature you’ve hit with the Slayer’s Prey tried to force a save on you, you can use your reaction to make an attack against it. If it hits, your save automatically succeeds. We might not be able to make all your saves good, but we can make it so you can ignore them entirely.
To protect you from physical attacks, you learn Stoneskin this level, giving you resistance to physical damage types while it’s up. Your skin is literally made out of clay, so it tracks.
16. Use this ASI to bump your Strength up more for stronger attacks and a better chance of your Slayer’s Counter connecting.
17. At seventeenth level you finally gain fifth level spells!
Your spell of choice is Greater Restoration, so you can remove all those debuffs from yourself. 
Your final goody from your Primal Awareness is Commune with Nature. Now you can become one with the great outdoors and learn three facts about the area around you, up to a 3 mile radius. You can pick from: terrain and bodies of water, prevalent plants, minerals, animals, or people, powerful extraplanar entities, influences from those planes, or buildings.
Last but not least, your ultimate Slayer spell is your Chain of Heaven, Hold Monster. Force a wisdom save on a creature to paralyze it until it makes one on the end of its turn or up to a minute. No shunting it off to another dimension, no giving it space to wander around, just good old sit the fuck down.
18. At eighteenth level you gain Feral Senses, effectively giving you blindsight out to 30 feet. This renders Blind Fighting completely useless, but don’t worry about it.
19. For your last ASI, max out your Wisdom for the strongest spells, the strongest senses, and the strongest counterspells you can get. Also, in what I think is a first for this blog, you’re going to use Martial Versatility to switch out that useless Blind Fighting for something scarier, like Dueling. Your chains are pretty light if you’re trying to keep your human form, so I’d call them one-handed weapons.
If you want to launch those suckers for some distance though, I can’t recommend Conjure Volley enough. Get this, it conjures... a volley of projectiles, throwing them all over the place for damage.
20. The capstone ranger feature is the Foe Slayer, letting you add your wisdom to an attack or damage roll against your favored enemies once per round. It’s honestly underwhelming, but extra damage is extra damage.
Thanks to blindsight and your obscenely high perception, you’re hard to sneak up on. Also, you don’t sleep, so you’re the perfect guard for a party on the run.
You’re a tireless ranger with a lot of healing spells to burn through, which makes you pretty self-sufficient if you need to go off on your own. You don’t need another person to take watch, and you don’t need another person to lug around healing potions!
You have a lot of ways to lock down enemies, ensnaring them in place for future attacks or escapes. This is especially true of extraplanar creatures, but Hold Monster works on literally anything, especially with your maxed out wisdom.
We weren’t able to invest much in Dexterity, meaning your AC can be a problem if you’re playing to character. Barkskin uses your concentration, and wearing medium armor isn’t super flavorful.
Speaking of, like most rangers you have problems with Concentration. Your con saves aren’t great, and you have a lot of spells vying for the same position.
While you can do consistent, decent damage, it’s damage that takes time to ramp up. You need a turn for hunter’s mark and a different turn for slayer’s prey, and that’s assuming HM stays up the entire time.
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2dart · 2 hours ago
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2dart · 3 hours ago
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2dart · 3 hours ago
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exmeowstic · 3 hours ago
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*points* the detective has fallen in love with the idiot!
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lamama-the-alpaca · 3 hours ago
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I redecorated the shelf! Took me almost a year to figure out this way of organizing the shelf to make more room for my plushies. Well like they said, better late than never.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here's my little model Wei Ying celebrating the "makeover"~
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mechanicaljapan · 4 hours ago
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Tumblr media
La compañía Aniplex informa que el 30 de abril de 2021 abrirá las reservas de sus figuras dedicadas a Foreigner/Katsushika Hokusai -Eirei Matsuri ver.- y Foreigner/Abigail Williams -Eirei Matsuri ver.- de Fate/Grand Order.
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