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So FGO got yeet skeet deleted and I am very sad. If we were friends I’m sorry for our loss I really wanted to level up Waver and then grail him but oh well. I doubt I’ll ever play again but it was fun! This blog is mostly gonna be anime content from now on I guess cause I really miss the game and I am kinda sad. 

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I did this same picture 2 or 3 years ago and today i remade it :) what do you guys think? 

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Maxed out MHXX! I hope she can forgive me for throwing a few Saber embers in there.

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Been grinding for popcorn and those little grey stake things at the same time like some kind of efficient dude

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I stole their opportunity to expirenece 7 full singularities and 4 small singularities of pain and trauma

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