ilyberrymuch · a day ago
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This came to me after my last doctor appointment and I had to send it out into the world
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bunnysystem · 2 days ago
Me to my aunt: "I can't walk that far, I'm disabled."
My aunt: "No you're not"
Thanks I'm cured :D
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thedenofravenpuff · 2 days ago
Life Update
So, after slow months of showing recovery, not too long ago it suddenly all dropped back to zero. All it took was seemingly a couple of days sick with daycare plague provided by my baby niece, and I lost all my recovery I worked so hard for in my battle with chronic illness.
Would not recommend fibromyalgia to anyone. 
Tried going back down in hours at work rather than go back to full time sick leave again, but stubbornness alone isn’t enough to help on a health issue. 
The other day I had another meeting with my consultant and my supervisor and we all agreed I had struggled enough. I had nothing to prove other than the will to keep working cannot push a failing body forever. Best every party involved I gave up on keeping a physically draining work position in a career that’ll always be physical labor oriented. 
Just signed the paper today that shows it is a mutual agreement, I’m not quitting and they are not firing me for being sick. We merely agree is best for everyone I leave. I get my benefits and liquidation, they got their back free in case anyone questions I’m not staying after fighting illness so long. 
I gave at least 7 years of my life to that place. I started in apprenticeship to learn the trade, I had the education behind me to show my dedication. It was my life and identity, and that was part of my downfall because that only made me push myself for too long to stay, when my symptoms became more and more insistent. 
Now I’m back to focus on recovery to at least be functional. Can’t even draw right now, due to the pain and trembling in hands and arms. Even that was something I pushed, as art is my way of expression.
I’m lucky living in Denmark, I have all the safety nets I can hope for as I focus on health. My contract doesn’t fully expire until August and thanks to the state’s support, I’ll still receive full payment until then. 
I’ll be in process still to figure out something else for me with help from the many wonderful people working the system to help people like me. It has been brought up more than once that maybe, just maybe, I should consider disability pension at this point. But that’s still up in the air until I’ve talked in full with my case worker. 
I won’t be in any dire situation economically, but I still got a lot of struggle ahead to focus on getting better and functional again. Future is rather unknown and scary. But I know I won’t be left to struggle on my own. Just gotta take it one day at a time. 
So yeah, on art break again, dunno how long. 
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wardinpanties · a day ago
so today my doctor said she believes i have fibromyalgia, but due to her inexperience with the condition she would feel more comfortable if i saw another doctor at the practice to seek diagnosis
so i have an appointment with the doctor she recommended for early july. here’s hoping i can get him to listen to my symptoms, including the dislocations and subluxations, and not have him dismiss me as a hysterical mentally ill woman
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mahougirlmaddie · 23 hours ago
Can't afford my Mom's medication, is there anyone able to help me?
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putting this freddy meme to make this more noticable superstars
tdlr, I need twelve dollars for my mom's pain medication. Can anybody donate or loan me that until next Friday? My donation links are from fundraising, so please put a note that says it's for maddie, or add a heart emoji.
my c/ashap and venm/o are savegodprovides
My Mom's pain medication for her fibromyalgia arthritis and bursitis is ready to be picked up in the morning. Unfortunately, I gave my very last $15 to my best friend Yazid to help with medical expenses, and now can't afford my own! She's in a lot of pain, and really needs that medication!
Thank you!!!
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thelupuslady · 3 months ago
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arsonistblue · 2 months ago
if you have a chronically ill person/someone with chronic pain in your life, sometimes the best thing for you to do is just sit with them and watch a movie. understand that they are in a lot of pain, and there isn't much you can do but be with them, bring them snacks, and let them know that you care
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disableddyke · 3 months ago
my body is a group project and no one is doing their part correctly
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peach-scented-chupacabra · 5 months ago
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Accepting myself, even the parts that hurt me, has been a struggle. But I'm trying.
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dykeabled · 7 months ago
i wish all my followers with chronic pain a safe, (relatively) painless winter. i know this time of year is hard for a lot of us, but i hope you all can find ways to cope with the flare ups.
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opal-enby · 4 months ago
I’m tired of people telling me “no wheelchairs are bad bc your muscles will atrophy!!!”
Do they not realize that like...my muscles are going to atrophy anyway if I don’t get a wheelchair??
I am less likely to leave my bed during a flare up if I know I will have to walk. This causes me to miss out on a lot of things. I will end up not moving at all and my muscles will become weaker.
At least with a wheelchair I can actually go out and do things during a flare up instead of staying in bed. I will have more energy to keep my body healthy in the long run.
Mobility devices mean freedom, not chains.
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writetomemydear · 2 months ago
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bunnysystem · 2 months ago
I made a bunch of disability userboxes! I wanted them a bit more inclusive & the other one I posted has a bad source, so new ones!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also I decided to start a userbox blog! @spaghettiuserboxes
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disabledprincesses · 29 days ago
As a disabled person, I'm telling you right now:
Act disabled.
Stop telling yourself you're acting more disabled than you are.
Crawl to clean your room, use a wheelchair when you're "only" at level 3 pain, wear all the wraps and ice packs
Allow yourself to act disabled and you'll see that it helps you a whole lot when you allow yourself to use any and all tools
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thefibrodiaries · 6 months ago
Patient: *has a bunch of different symptoms without a clear cause*
Doctors on medical shows: right I’m ordering every single test or scan available, I want a specialist from every department paged to take a look at this case and I want this group of interns looking into every possible rare disease that this patient might have. We won’t let this patient leave until we’ve gone above and beyond to help them. Let’s go people!
Doctors in real life: lol idk the three basic blood tests I did came back normal so it’s probably just in your head or something.
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webkinzpossum · 2 months ago
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i’d like to exit
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feral-anthropologist · 2 months ago
I’m gonna say something controversial.
If a hypothetical completely abled person is using a mobility aid that they don’t need like crutches or canes or a rollator or god forbid a wheelchair, so what? Who are they hurting? They’re not making less resources for disabled people, if anything they’ll drive the price down and make mobility aids more accessible because more people are buying them. Who are they hurting by using a mobility aid? If mobility aids were more widespread and used by people who don’t strictly “need” them, maybe we’d have more accessibility.
The disabled community tends to focus a lot on saying that yes, you do need a wheelchair and that nobody who doesn’t need a wheelchair would chose to deal with a wheelchair but as someone who’s felt a great deal of guilt over not being bad enough for a chair... so what if you don’t need it? So what if you just like not having to walk everywhere? So what if walking just mentally exhausts you even when it doesn’t physically? So what if you just like sitting in a chair and going nyoooom?
You’re not hurting anyone by using a chair or any other aid. Even if you don’t technically need it, so fucking what? You want a chair and you have access to a chair, use the chair. Ableism is bullshit. You deserve to do what makes you comfortable and happy.
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a-spoonful-of-pain · 11 months ago
Lockdown gave abled people the opportunity to experience some of the things disabled people have been experiencing their whole lives. This resulted in a lot of contradictory statements...
Disabled people were often scolded for spending so much time on social media / on our phones, yet when lockdown came, everyone realised the value of technology to keep in touch,
Disabled people were told they were lucky that they could spend so much time in bed, yet when lockdown came, mental health illness cases rose because people had to do just that.
Disabled people were laughed at for suggesting socialisation virtually with friends and family, yet when lockdown came, group calls and virtual family quiz nights held relationships together.
Disabled people were rejected when asking for the flexibility and accomodations to work from home, yet when lockdown came, these accomodations were easily made.
Disabled people asked for virtual doctors appointments and were told it wasn't possible, yet when lockdown came, it was the only option.
Disabled people were crammed into crowded places causing accessibility issues, yet when lockdown came, social distancing improved access.
Disabled people requested more online shopping and deliveries for essentials, yet when lockdown came, this was seen as a necessity.
Disabled people who wore masks before Covid were mocked, yet when lockdown came, wearing a mask was enforced.
Disabled people were met with jealousy when they stated they were unemployed, yet when lockdown came, many realised the true struggle of not having anything to occupy their time.
The hypocrisy of the abled people who would mock, deny and minimise the disabled experience who were then forced to live in a similar way needs attention. I hope that there is more compassion now. I hope that knowing the changes and accomodations disabled needed are possible results in more accomodations being made. I hope that companies choose to continue to support those with disabilities, even if that was never their intention. I hope that something good could come out of this devastation.
Comment below any more Covid contradictions you can think of!
ID: green background with cream text reads "covid contradictions" brown text reads "disabled people often asked for requirements that were rejected, yet during the pandemic, these became essential." Below is an image of a white woman wearing a yellow coat and brown mask.
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The problem with being chronically ill is that when you become more sick, with more symptoms, people do not understand why its so upsetting.
"But weren't you in pain before?". Yes but this is a new pain that I haven't dealt with before.
"I thought you already had stomach problems?". Yes but this is a new symptom of it that scares me.
"Arent you used to this by now?". No, and I never will be.
Symptoms that have been had for months or years are hard enough to manage in the first place. Developing a new one is scary, and trying to find ways to cope while still juggling everything else is even more so. We are allowed to be upset at our symptoms progressing. It doesn't mean it wasn't bad before. It just means now its bad in another way we arent familiar with. And that sucks.
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dysphorie · 3 months ago
Me: please body, please just regulate your temperature for five minutes, please
My body: 🖕🏻❄️🧊🥵🔥🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🔥🧊❄️🖕🏻🖕🏻🔥🖕🏻🥵🔥🧊🧊🧊🔥🖕🏻🖕🏻🔥🥵❄️☠️
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