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This is my second server collab for Haikyuu!!! I’ve not posted any Haikyuu!! things on this blog, but since I’ve changed my URL (and am therefore not exclusively a BnHA blog), here it is heheh. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

I know my blog (and sideblog too, now that I think about it) is in a funny place, since I’m somehow in the middle of moving out, so to speak. But I joined this collab because of the theme, because reasons. I can’t not join this round because of the theme. And the theme for this collab is fantasy! Which is my heart and my soul. I love fantasy things, so there’s no way I’m missing out on this one heheh. (▰˘◡˘▰)

I’ve been rereading “The Cruel Prince” by Holly Black lately (the whole trilogy is out but I’m still waiting on the 2nd book to arrive heheh), and what better way to indulge my recent faerie fan mood than to write a fic? So I did heheh. Just to clarify, this is not TFotA fanfic, and this is not an AU of it. I just like faeries and the folklore surrounding them.

In case you’re not aware, I’m very much in love with one Akaashi Keiji. I couldn’t resist casting him as a prince in this fic. It fits him so well, and I would absolutely kill for some faerie prince Akaashi fanart heheh. Mayhaps, mayhaps. ʘ‿ʘ

The server masterlist is hosted by the lovely @vixen-scribbles​, and has been reblogged. The links on that masterlist should go active in a few hours when the deadlines passes. Please send your love and support to my fellow writers and artists (we have art for this collab too!) from the Haikyuu HQ server as well! Please and thank you heheh.

This is long, so it’s under the cut!

Character(s): Akaashi Keiji 
Relationship: Akaashi/Gender Neutral Reader
Genre: Fluff-ish
Warning(s): -

The waters between Elfhame and the Otherworld have brought Akaashi more than just letters.

Word Count: 3.2k

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Steven stands in a furniture store. For a moment he thinks about how he had a king sized bed in Beach City and he didn’t really need that. It’s a lot of space and his apartment bedroom is a lot smaller. Besides, being alone in a big empty bed is…

He gets the king sized bed.


“Stars!” Connie giggles as she rolls back and forth in his big, fluffy bed. “This is heaven. I just got a cheap little mattress on sale and you bought a cloud.”

He laughs. “I’m glad you like it.”

She’s being silly when she says, “I wasted money buying my own bed. I’m never leaving.”

Steven’s heart skips a beat and he thinks she could, if she wanted to. Not that it would mean anything, not that they would do anything, but he does love the idea of not sleeping alone.

He settles for, “Stay as long as you like.”


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Kaze hikaru though thing

Akesato had actually hoped that her instant attraction to Yamanami would help her block out the strange feelings she had been getting around osei-chan.

Sometimes, like right after Ikedaya when she walked a bit more upright because the women around Shimabara knew she was Kamiya Seizaburo’s lover, and that he was considered quit heroic and fierce, (until that soured quickly), but her first sight of osei-chan had not had her gazing at her lost loves little sister, but at a handsome young man for a moment and her heart had skipped a beat.

It didn’t help that Sei seemed to eel back and forth between masculine and feminine like they weren’t even there. One minute mooning over “Okita-sensei” the next aiding in ousting a guest gone violent from the teahouse. Just once had Akesato seen Sei place her sword to a man’s neck, and both the man and Akesato herself realized that if he did not leave, Sei truly would remove his head.

Many of the women in the teahouse had small crushes on the handsome, brave, but gentle young man. Some had even expressed jealousy over Akesato’s good fortune. Akesato could forgive them that, not knowing the truth, but she herself knew full well osei-chan was a girl and yet, sometimes when the rest of the mibu-roshi were there, and she was leaning with her arms around osei-chan she would find herself admiring her muscular arms, or her eyes, or even wondering what might it be like to have Kamiya-san look at her as he looked at Okita.

She would shake her head and scold herself, at these thought later, but the remained. At first being with Yamanami was wonderful but, after he learned the truth he would share stories of osei-chan and as time went along, he grew from just the funny ones to admiring ones and after a time when he came in red faced, and described a patrol he had been in with Kamiya they both had to admit (awkwardly) that they were terribly in love with the oblivious girl.

Yamanai had never expected it. But Kamiya truly was lovely, even more so when she was fighting. Her expressive eyes becoming flinty in determination, her resolve unwavering when cutting down an opponent. He too struggled with seeing her gender when she seemed to settle in both with ease.

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TW: Suicide

Summary: Trapped by a collapsed building during an earthquake, Bly and Aayla take different approaches to their survival.

AO3 Link | Whumptober Index 

Bly looked up at Aayla with a smile as she approached him. She stepped into the empty room and knelt down beside him, draping an arm around his shoulders so that she could look down upon the datapad in his lap.

“Any word from the Jedi Council?”

Bly shook his head. “Nothing. I have some of the men working on getting their primary comm tower restored so that we can have a face to holo conversation, but it’s going to take several days.”

“Is that why you’re hiding in this closet?”

He turned his head towards her with a faux look of offense. “I am not hiding in this closet. I’m simply taking an isolated moment away from the men in an area previously used for storage to gather my thoughts.”

She leaned over and brushed a light kiss over his forehead. “Whatever you say, Bly.”

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fic: ed/ling fraternity au

tell your friends it was nice to meet them (but i hope i never see them again)

fandom: fullmetal alchemist

ship: edward elric/ling yao

characters: edward elric, alphonse elric, winry rockbell, ling yao, lan fan, mentions of greed


“Yeah. All we did was smoke –” he began counting on his fingers “– and drink and play corn hole while the brothers talked to the pledges they already knew. The only person to approach me was some lanky dude who flounced around like he thought he was royalty.” Ling… something. Ed couldn’t remember. A Natty Light on its own wouldn’t do too much damage, but his memory of the various Rho Omicron Upsilon brothers was a bit hazy after the fifth beer or so.

(Or: an AU in which Ed, Winry, and Alphonse all attend the same college, and Ed participates in rush. Ling is a fraternity brother, but Lan Fan has superior playlist-making skills.)


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Write a drabble or fic - as long or as short as you want - about the prompt of the day and send us the link to your fic or submit the fic to us. We’ll reblog and post all of your spooky Yoonmin writing!


  • You can send us an ask with a link to your post 
  • You can also submit the link to us through the submit box, or submit to us the writing itself 

There are only 2 rules:

  • Base your writing on the prompt (interpret it however you want)
  • Yoonmin is the main ship (side ships are fine)

Happy writing :~)

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Chapter 2 of Your Kiss and I Will Surrender is finally up

Everything felt even stranger after that night. The night Steve sobbed into Billy’s chest, exhausted and tired. Just wanting someone to understand and to hold him, make him feel like the world made sense. Except, Billy was the last person who could make things make sense, his own world made less and less sense as the hours went by. That didn’t stop him from clinging to Steve’s jacket though, making sure he felt that way as best as he could.

He had been so vulnerable, so close that Billy forgot this wasn’t allowed. That slowly falling in love with a Vampire was against everything he had ever been told, everything he had witnessed or felt. It was wrong but he couldn’t understand why it had to be. The fact Steve wasn’t a girl was something he could get, a reason people would look down on them or call them words that cut right through a person. But their species weren’t all that different when Billy thought about it long and hard at night, both of them capable of immortality and supernatural powers no human could know existed.

The way Steve had cried, let Billy see his heart break in real-time. Even let him catch him as he fell was evidence that he wasn’t an evil monster, no more than Billy himself. He had been there to hold him after his life fell apart, his perception turned to darkness. Made sure he didn’t do anything crazy or stupid.

Yet, he hadn’t seen him after that night. Billy had practically peeled him off and held him at arm’s length to tell him that he wanted more than nothing to stay and make sure he was alright, but if he wasn’t home he’d get in trouble. Steve had nodded, understood and didn’t blame him at all. Then nothing, Billy had run home, somehow slipped inside completely unnoticed, spent the weekend thinking about how their bodies fit together so perfectly and then turned up to school on Monday with him nowhere in sight.

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a halloween fic for @pinkcatharsis!

title from regina spektor’s call them brothers


Because it just had to be their luck to suffer an infestation on the way back to Konoha. The Zetsu collective was a known threat to all spacefaring civilizations in the Interstellar Union, perhaps one of the deadliest. Protocols had been put in place for every spacecraft - but sometimes they managed to slip through.

(It leaves you changed, Kakashi had told him once, quiet and withdrawn. His mechanical eye whirred in place, an ominous scarlet in the dimness of the bar. All that doubt and distrust. An infestation is a hell of its own.)

All Tenzou wants is to survive with Iruka.

read it on: ao3

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“Lie down.”

It’s not an order, but it’s accompanied by a soft pressure on Mercy’s chest. Theo couldn’t actually hold him down, not if he really wanted to get up, but he settles back onto the bed anyway, exhaling slowly.

Even such a small movement hurts, and he finds that he doesn’t actually want to get up at al.

Theo sighs and the bed dips as he sits down. Mercy doesn’t try to sit up again, but he tips his head so he can see Theo and the rest of the room.

Theo looks so tired, and guilt flares in Mercy’s chest. It’s not his fault he got injured, of course, but he still feels bad for making Theo worry.

“I’ll be alright, darling,” he says quietly, reaching out and cupping Theo’s cheek. “I promise.”

“What if one day you’re not?” Theo asks, his voice ragged with exhaustion. “What if one day you push too far and I lose you?”

“I’ve survived worse,” Mercy promises, pulling Theo’s hand down and pressing his lips to it. “Don’t worry about me, please.”

“I do,” Theo says, and attempts a smile, though it’s only a weak shadow of his usual grin.

Mercy just sighs and rolls back onto his back, wincing a little at the pain. “How long has it been since you slept?” he asks, instead of arguing the point.

“I slept for a couple of hours last night,” Theo tells him. “Serin insisted.”

“Good. Where is he?”

“Making food.”

There’s a short silence, and Theo links his fingers through Mercy’s, careful to avoid putting any pressure on his chest.

“I wish you’d be more careful,” Theo says, after a bit, and Mercy looks over to find tears glistening in the corners of his eyes. “You’re not invincible.”

Mercy thinks about making a stupid joke, but the look in Theo’s eyes stops him. “I know, darling,” he says, instead. “I’ll try, I promise.”

It’s not in his nature to be careful. He’s never had to be; never had anyone who would care if he died. He’s always lived life as fast and hard as he could.

It got him killed once, a long, long time ago, but he barely remembers it anymore.

Things are different now, though. He has Theo and Serin and children, and if something were to happen to him it would hurt them.

He doesn’t want to hurt them, but it takes time to break the habits of centuries. Still, he’s going to try, if he can. For Theo’s sake.

And because bed rest, as it turns out, is really fucking dull.

Theo stays with him as much as he can, but he has a ship to run, and Serin can’t do it all by himself. He needs Theo.

So Mercy finds himself alone an awful lot, and by the gods is it boring. He can’t play cards when he can barely even sit up, and he finds himself staring up at the roof of the cabin and drinking an awful lot.

It gives him far too much time to think, and he finds himself having regrets over things that happened millennia ago.

It’s not good, and the sooner he can start moving around again the better. There are a lot of things that he would really rather not think about.

The worst part is that he can’t talk to either of the others about them. They just wouldn’t understand, though it’s not their fault. They’re just … things Mercy has to deal with alone.

Or not deal with alone.

It’s a blessed relief when he can finally sit up again, even more so the first time he makes it out of bed. He can’t even walk across the cabin, but it’s something.

Baby steps are still steps, after all.

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Chapters: 8/?
Fandom: Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Javert/Jean Valjean
Characters: Jean Valjean, Javert (Les Misérables), Cosette Fauchelevent, Marius Pontmercy, Chabouillet (Les Misérables)
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Angst, Eventual Porn, guys getting through issues, Mental Health Issues, Suicide Attempt, Hospitalization, Recovery, paraplegic javert, Guaranteed happy ending, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Autistic Javert, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Post-Seine, Javert Lives

Chapter 8

He prayed easily and with a light heart, giving his thanks for his newfound strength and good spirits. His state of relaxation afterwards took him by surprise. His mind was experiencing a calm, peaceful version of shell-shock. His near-constant state of anxiety had long been normalised, and it was a rare day when he was free of it or other intrusive thoughts.

Jean’s mind was mercifully blank. He sat in his garden, feeling nothing in the best of ways - cleansed of troubles. He just sat and listened to the birds, who had ventured out when the rain stopped, celebrating the damp soil it left behind and the worms it had summoned.

He remembered Cosette sitting on his knee, keeping very quiet to watch the little birds as he whispered their names to her. How he lifted her up to refill the feeders, and how her eyes sparkled with utter delight when they encouraged a robin to feed from her hand. He remembered when she would bring bugs to him that she didn’t recognise, and how he would put the caterpillars in jars so she could witness what they became - moths and butterflies of all sizes and colours.

She knew that everything had its place and purpose, that everything, no matter how small, was important in some way. She expressed interest in spiders and less desirable insects just the same as the butterflies, and Jean had loved her for that. 

[Thanks to @madmerchant for providing such incredible cover art and realising my concept for it far better than I could ever have imagined!!!!]

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