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This is an animaniacs fic recommendation post. Feel free to recommend me more, as I am now in the mood to read nonstop. I enjoy angst but just a little of it. If they’re long I probably will read them during the spring holidays. Anyways, I’ll start. 

I don’t know how many of you have already read this fic, but I just read it and cried real tears. Its name is “Lavender’s Blue” by JanetBrown711. It’s kinda angsty at the start, but then it gets so wholesome… One of my favourites so far. It’s kinda a Wakko’s wish prequel??? It’s so lovely. I’ll leave the link to the fic and the lullaby they sing in case y’all wanna listen. It’s a beautiful song. 

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“Stuff is sprawled everywhere; I don’t often get black-out drunk, so the confusion here is drastic. Why is there a bandana around my neck?”

Far Gone, pg 29

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Give Thanks to Broken Bones - thepartyresponsible - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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🦋Random asks to spice up your life🦋

1. Which Greek god/goddess do you relate to most and why?

2. What’s your love language?

3. Which stereotypical trait about your zodiac sign do you have? Which trait do you not relate to at all?

4. Who is your favorite talk show host? Who’s your least favorite?

5. What is your favorite kind of juice?

6. What is a weird interest/obsession of yours that you probably wouldn’t bring up unless someone else mentioned they liked it first?

7. What piece of jewelry is your favorite?

8. If you were getting married, what would you wear?

9. What store would you want to live in?

10. Which restaurant/food chain is really good and refuse to take any criticism on?

11. What song makes you feel like life is worth living and makes everything feel okay and like you’re the main character and could make you cry or fall in love regardless of the actual meaning it just makes you feel whole and you consider it YOUR PERSONAL SONG?

12. What’s your favorite number and why?

13. Everyone has a dream, that vision of ourselves in an alternate reality with a career or hobby that you know won’t happen irl. What is that skill, hobby, career for you?

14. What practical subject do you wish they taught in school?

15. Which impractical subject do you wish they taught in school?

16. Who is a celebrity you fear or dislike for absolutely no reason?

17. Who is a celebrity you have zero connection to and you’ve never gone out of your way to see, hear, or indulge in their work, but would die for regardless?

18. What was the big scandal at your school?

19. What was your favorite show as a toddler?

20. What’s the story of the first time you drank alcohol?

21. Do you have a favorite vine or tiktok video/sound?

22. What is your comfort youtube video? (That video that you’ll never get tired of watching. It can be literally anything. Instant serotonin. You watch it at 3am and all is right with the world)

23. What romantic gesture would you absolutely melt over if someone did it for you?

24. Is there a location that you lowkey think doesn’t actually exist? What/Where is it?

25. Favorite animated movie?

26. A book that changed your life, made you cry, and/or when you finished it your sense of purpose was renewed or completely destroyed? lmao

27. Is there a name that nobody you know personally has that just pisses you off bc it sounds stupid? What is it?

28. Favorite color of crayola crayon?

29. Favorite early 2000s toy?

30. Favorite early 2000s trend?

Ask me, feel free to reblog, tag your friends!

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slow burn? what’s that. all my fics are doused in gallons of kerosene and lit up via flamethrower.

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Oh lord, this was a prompt from…4-5 YEARS ago??? I have no idea where the ask is anymore, but I believe it was “The sound of thunder.”


Solas awoke to the rumbling of distant thunder and the discovery that the bedroll beside him had been vacated. After an instant of blind groggy panic, he sensed the familiar magic of the Inquisitor’s mark coming from somewhere nearby. A heavy sigh of relief mixed with mild exasperation slid from him as he sat up and began rummaging around for his clothes.

The air in the Frostback Basin was cool and cloying, with a weighty dampness that seemed to seep into his very bones. Between the layers of thick furs and the warmth of his lover’s arms, Solas had been perfectly comfortable sleeping in just his breeches, but he certainly was not about to stroll around the camp that way.

After a few moments of fruitless searching, he heaved a defeated groan. Aili must have walked off with his sweater. Again.

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“Right,” Yuuki says, “I forgot you actually hated storms.”

shouyuu | rating: G | words: 529

I Can Feel the Rain (I Know Now I Will Be Safe)

Thunder rumbles overhead, the vibrations rattling in the windows.  Shougo freezes, staring down unseeingly at the manga he’s reading as his hands tighten minutely around the edges.

"Right,” Yuuki says not even a moment later as the skritching of his pencil across paper ceases, “I forgot you actually hated storms.”

There’s movement in his periphery as Yuuki sets down his pencil with a soft click and stands from his homework, but Shougo keeps his eyes riveted on the page before him.  "They’re fine,“ he manages.

[continue on AO3]

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Title: Set the Past Aflame (and in the ashes let memories linger)

Summary: He wakes up feeling warm. He’s not in the End anymore, but will this world be any kinder?

Maybe for once, it’ll let them be kids. Maybe it’ll let them forgive everyone. Maybe it’ll let them heal. Maybe it’ll let them be a family again. But then again, Ranboo’s always been a dreamer.

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Funny thing about writing one long fanfic for more than 4 years (with long pauses in between the writing sessions) is that you grow as a writer in the meantime.
Which as a result means that once you finish it, you re-read the first chapter and hate it, because you see all the writing mistakes glaring at you.

And you know people still need to get through them to get to those ‘better’ parts.


Like, literally, at some point I thought I knew the dialogue writing punctuation rules, but it turns out I had learned it wrong, so I am making a fuckton of consistent dialogue punctuation mistakes.

Consistent cause, well, I made them on purpose, cause I thought it was the correct way.


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Mabobber is my new favourite word and ily

“You talk about putting a dog out of its misery?,” Malcolm said, desperation cracking through his voice like gunfire. “Well I’m a thoroughbred racehorse so scarred by the demons it sees you don’t wait for it to break its leg. You shoot it in the head.”

Wynn’s eyes were round in awed understanding. The gun stopped its absentminded oscillation between his heart and Dani’s head as she stepped forward.

“You’re right,” Wynn breathed, gazing up at him as though he’d given her the meaning of life. “You don’t wait. Your pain is greater.”

The weapon rose, dark and duplicitously silent, its ravenous maw drawing Malcolm’s eye, swallowing him into its endless depths. It stopped, squared with his forehead.

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Word Count: 2.8 K

Trigger Warning: Cursing

Author’s Note: This story takes place on March 14, 2015 – the day that Moonwalkers premiered at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Ron Perlman, Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan attended the premier. As the legend goes, Robert had not yet seen the final cut of the film prior to the premiere and did not realize it was such a violent movie. He also didn’t know there was going to be a Q&A session after the film, so he got drunk while it was playing. (Though I took a creative liberty or two for this story…)

Acknowledgements: @salvador-daley​​ for not laughing at me when I came up with this idea and @cher-writes​​ my beta extraordinaire.


The late-morning air was cooler than I expected it to be for March. Sure it was technically still Winter for another week or so but this was Austin, Texas for fuck’s sake. It was 65 degrees on Christmas Day. 

As I walked down Sixth Street, the crisp breeze was really making me regret my decision to wear denim cutoffs and a thin cotton tank. But it just looked so cute with my cowboy boots and turquoise-accented leather belt. It was very much the sweet, Southern Girl aesthetic I was aiming for. 

Sixth Street doesn’t usually come alive until the sun goes down. During SXSW though…the party starts early and doesn’t stop until the last band leaves. Live music poured out of every bar I passed and the street was filled with hundreds of people, most of which were already drunk, but that’s a music festival for you.

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This just in: Bucky = cat

(AKA this is the product of me sitting down to write for the first time in like a month)

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i know it’s been said a million times but ao3 titles are the fucking best. you have the ones where they write a poem within like four words, and the nearly paragraph-long ones that often have that extra bit in parentheses to add to the Victorian Drama of it all, and the ones that are literally just stupid puns, and i LOVE THEM

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Johnlock Anniversary Collection - January 29th

Now up on AO3!

Add your stories to celebrate with the fandom the day John and Sherlock met in ASiP!

Thank you for reading and contributing to the collection!

The collection will remain open if you wish to add your stories at a later date 😊

(Please reblog to spread the word)

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Sirius in Azkaban. Inspired by NK Jemisin’s masterful use of second person perspective in The Broken Earth. 

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one of the best feelings is when you want to read fic and it’s specifically your own fic that you want to read. And you go back and read it and go, “man this was really good!“ and feel really accomplished and proud. 

I hope that all fic writers who haven’t had a moment like this will have one soon! <3

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