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Ayyy I can’t wait!!! I’m also coming with some Harry stuff and I’m hypedddd and I stg I’ll go feral if I get to read something from you about him! 💖

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Attention all CSSNS participants!!!

Today’s the day everyone!!!! Fics and art start dropping today!!!! I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!


Originally posted by milkaetc

When you drop you fic or art make sure and tag @cssns so that I can reblog as soon as possible!!! If I have not reblogged within 12hrs, please message me on my main blog @kmomof4, or any of the other mods because I obviously missed it or tumblr ate your tag. Thank you all so much for your participation!!! It’s gonna be an AWESOME event!!!

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I said this to someone earlier today, and they know who they are, but I wanted to share this here as well. 

 Part of being a writer is second-guessing every single thing you write, and finally, at the end of it, being so exhausted of reading you either hit “Post” or scrap it. And sometimes when you post it, you might not be proud of it, but someone will find it and they might love it more than you do. And that alone is the assurance you need.

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I’m not sure I’ve seen any for Henry but check out @messymartyrs for some latina!reader content!

I am in the process of writing something for Henry + everyone I write for with a latina/afro latina reader tho so it’s coming soon!!! 💖

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I’m outlining the Creek pwp and I’m so fucking AHHH about posting a Creek fic???


mainly because I’ve dabbled in rarepairs for a YEAR now, and even then my stuff on ao3 have been sparse, but since Tumblr is dying down a lot SP wise I kinda have to branch out?

and I realllly wanna start doing more Creek fics and drabbles because I live for them these days!

the drabbles and one-shot AU’s will be posted here, and after I get this pwp out of my system I will start writing the multichap Creek fic over on ao3 too!

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Sooo I may already have a little something with Harry and a little!reader in progress cause I mean…I couldn’t resist!

I hear you tho I love seeing him in that daddy role 🥺

Check out @saturngirlz who wrote a daddy!harry blurb and the next two aren’t specifically ddlg but @harryforvogue has some great dom!harry stuff and @gyllenwh0re is like…the goddess of daddy kink/dom!harry writing so !!! 💖

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Random question for fics readers and writers.

Fic Authors: Do you find yourself paying any attention to length of your story before posting… or do you just focus on solely the story and who cares about the length?

Fic Consumers: Do you enjoy reading long chapters? Or would you find yourself dreading these?

Reason I’m asking is… my AU first chapter is about 40 pages long… and I’m thinking I got a little carried away and wondering if I should cut it down…

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‪Things I wanna get done before 7 PM tomorrow (24 hours ish):‬

‪- starting to re-do my AC Island, AGAIN‬

‪- finish the Creek art I’ve had aaalmost done for days now

‪- write that a style/aesthetics headcanons for the SP characters and post it on here

- bake chocolate chip cookies for dad

‪- start and get going with a actual fic, oneshot or multi chap doesn’t matter I just wanna start writing SOMETHING‬

Do we have faith, bois?

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you know what’s great about writing fanfics? It’s the fact that I wrote some spicy ass shit that I’ve been foreshadowing throughout the story, but it’s in my folders, I can’t upload it yet, and I get to sit there and LAUGH knowing exactly how it goes down, but my readers don’t. 

But when they DO

It’s going to be GLORIOUS(hopefully)

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I am wildly proud of myself for Rich’s “pretend sleep” during the sock-throwing, and I’m legitimately suprised you caught onto that after the fact! It was such a little throwaway bit, but really does serve to show a neat little “ohhh, so he was faking” type thing xD

“That” sunrise is still probably my all-time favorite moment (so far; my actual favorite has been written but won’t come up for quite a few more chapters, yet).

And oh god, the fork <3 I got blessed with that idea on a whim, and it paid off in spades as a running joke, and even a way to show Till’s maturity in a relationship. Which, in retrospect, sounds absolutely ridiculous to say but somehow works in the fic xD

Thank you so much for the ask <3

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3.  How long do you usually spend writing a chapter? (considering only the actual hours you spend writing/typing!)

This one varies ever so slightly from fic to fic. With Penance, that third chapter took me, oh man, like hours and hours and hours. I would write something, stare at it for a very long time, hate it, delete it, rewrite it, stare again, hate it less, then sat on it for months because I got busy with other fics and stuck in the storyline. Just writing it though, all in all maybe 7 or 8 hours. Now, with stuff like my latest series, some of those chapters took less than an hour total. They’re also way shorter and very dialogue-heavy, which seems to speed my writing along. I’d say a chapter runs me on average, like two or three hours if I’m ONLY counting time I’m sitting and actually writing.

4. How does your writing happen? Do you visualize scenes playing out in your head, or do they come out in words as you type?

This sorta goes with the earlier question, I think, because I spend approximately half of my “writing” time talking about my writing with people. I have one person here on Tumblr that I pester incessantly with one particular fic, one person on Discord who is my muse and can come up with ANY fic idea if I ask, and I’ve been meeting new people both here and on A03 who keep asking great thought provoking questions about fics and encouraging with great ideas. I suppose I spend about 25% of the time on my own playing a scene out first, 50% of time pitching ideas to the above-mentioned people, and then another 25% taking my scene ideas and squishing them together with what I’ve pitched and gotten feedback on and turning it into a chapter or one shot.

Thank you so much for the ask <3

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