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#fic hunt

I need help finding a fic.

It was written awhile ago and I have no idea who wrote it, but it was like Alex accidentally got sent into space and so Michael tried to hurry to get to him, but by the time he got there Alex was dead, so he spent the whole fic going back in time over and over and over to try and get to Alex before he was gone and it had a happy ending. Pls help because its been months but I need to reread it

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Hi! Yes, Cherik fandom of tumblr! I am desperately looking for a fic I read once for the ship, and if anyone could locate it that’d be excellent. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was about Erik winning in the end instead, and him taking over the world. But, he spares Charles and takes him in and Charles is a prisoner, but there’s a hell of a lot of sexual tension and stuff. I think I remember beast and Charles try to escape at some point? But it doesn’t work? I don’t think it was finished, but I’m not sure. Actually, the most defining feature I can remember is how the chapters were done. In each Ao3 chapter, there would be sub chapters that were labeled with Roman numerals instead. If anyone knows what this fic is, or has a link, please do tell!! It was really good and I want to reread it so badly!

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Idk of this is a long shot but I'd like to ask you about a jonmartin fic I can't find. It basically went like this, Jon, after Daisy tried to kill him, quetly broke down in his office and Martin found him and held his hand to comfort him. I'm really not doing it justice but yeah it was really well done and I'm kicking myself for not saving it. It was posted on tumblr, idk if op put it on ao3 too. Sorry for bothering you with this!

Hmmmm. Not on the top of my head no. Sorry. 

But if anyone has any idea of this fic, feel free to reply/reblog it with the title! 

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Hi! So I know you write a lot of female Tony fics, (which I love btw, you are of my favorite marvel writer), and I was hoping you might have an idea about this female Tony fic I remember reading, but for the life of me can’t find.

So first off, this is a time travel fix it fic, with Tony(Toni) being sent back I believe just after Stane dies, and has a panic attack in her room locking herself in it. Happy, Pepper, and Rhodey all realize that maybe they shouldn’t be expecting so much from her after going through so many traumatizing events.

Tony (or Toni), has 2 brothers Gregory and Arno Stark. Gregory I believe was in a SHIELD holding cell, with no chance of freedom(anytime soon), and Arno was stuck inside an iron lung(can you feel the irony??) I also believe there was something about getting stark satellites in space and finding unmined vibranium that isn’t in Wakanda

 I also remember that Toni decided to make Pepper COO instead of CEO, and that Pepper shouldn’t trust SHIELD as she first did, and instead are slowly going to be using them(I think, I’m a little effy on that). I also believe that Tony was figuring out a way to get Arno out of the iron lung, and trying to figure out how to help Gregory, I also think that she and her brothers are triplets in this story, and that she is the youngest of them. I think Arno was poisoned as a child, from a failed assassination.

Last thing it was also on ao3…… Thank you for any help you are able to give me!


I don’t know this one but if anyone does please drop a comment!

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I’ve been looking for this fic for a while now, Thomas and Jimmy met on a plane and they spend the flight watching rom coms and I think they found eachother later on a party?

It’s very vague, I know, but I can’t stop thinking about it, does anybody know the name?

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So besides Beastly, are there any versions of Beauty and the Beast told from the Beast’s PoV? That’s what I’m In the mood for. And while I do want it to be Beast POV, I would prefer it to be written in third person.

Also fanfiction is fine, if you have a fanfic rec that fits this description. I don’t really have a fandom preference, since well, I don’t think I’d have to know the characters well for a fairytale retelling.

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Does anyone know the name of a Terror fic where someone stays behind at Rescue Camp to take care of the sick and for last rites, but some of them get better (?) enough to be found (??)

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I was wondering if you recognized this plotline... It's a A/B/O au and the reader is one of the British Men of Letter's minions similar to how Mary was. Dean is her alfa and he and Sam are trying to work with her when they find out she was given a mission (and programmed) to assassinate the brothers. I'm only two parts in but now I can't find it. I don't remember the author or the title. Help?

Ahhh i’m afraid I don’t, nonnie! I’m sorry :( 

Can any of my lovely followers help locate which fic this lovely nonnie is looking for? 

Fingers crossed you find it hun! There’s nothing more infuriating than finding something really good then losing it! 


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So, some time back I read an IDW Gen1 fic.  Megatron/Optimus, where they end up sparking each other up, and the big thing I remember is that Optimus had a really easy time of it because something in his coding basically had him high as balls through his carrying.

Does anyone happen to know that fic, maybe have a link?

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I was wondering if you recognized this plotline... It's a A/B/O au and the reader is one of the British Men of Letter's minions similar to how Mary was. Dean is her alfa and he and Sam are trying to work with her when they find out she was given a mission (and programmed) to assassinate the brothers. I'm only two parts in but now I can't find it. I don't remember the author or the title. Help?

That does ring a bell but I wouldn’t have read it as I barely read ABO tbh

Hopefully one of my followers can help 😘

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I'm looking for a fic in which Charles promised to wait for Erik, but marries Shaw. Erik has a week? long affair with Charles while Shaw is away, but instead of it being a reunion Erik treats Charles badly (not knowing Charles was coerced). There's a necklace Erik gives Charles because of the Bible verse about a virtuous wife being more precious than jewels. Erik is business partners with Emma trying to take down Shaw, and secretly Charles is trying to take down Shaw too. Thanks for your help!

Sorry anon I avoid all hints of Charles/Shaw like the plague so I would have skipped right past this. Hopefully one of my followers recognizes it.

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Wordsplat's fics are all gone on AO3. Do you know if anyone had them downloaded/or can share?

Hi Anon, You could always try the wayback machine.  Otherwise I’ll leave this here in case anyone wants to share.

If anyone knows why Wordsplat took everything down and thinks I should remove this post please let me know.


A very kind soul has started archiving what can be found: Link here

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Hi! First, thank you so much for this blog, I recently got back into reading GADGE and this was the best starting place :) also I remember there being a fic where gale takes viagra and has to ask madge for help and she takes him to hospital. Does anyone remember what fic that is? Thanks in advance :)

It’s the first chapter in It’s Complicated by Loudmouth Lamb.

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Can I get some help finding a fic?

Alright I’m having trouble finding a bnha fic. It’s one where izuku can take the injuries of other ppl onto himself and heal a bit faster. He can also transfer injuries onto other people. He also still receives one for all.

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Fic hunt!

Friends, I am reading a book on sociolinguistic from Mooney and Evans. This gives me ideas.

Now, I’m sorry but there must be a fanfiction of Lily who gets pressured by all her friends to go out with this popular boy James, but actually has feelings for his nerdy quiet friend. And Lupin absolutely pining for her, but he couldn’t do that to his best friend. I know, i know, Wolfstar forever, but I kinda feel this might work.

Do you know any good fics of this nature, people of Tumblr?

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Hello! I'm looking for a humanau fic where Charles is the rich heir to some company. Erik owns a company that is Charles' competitor and so they're supposed to hate each other, but they see each other secretly. Charles is very much in the public eye. Raven is his sister who's a mess and was cut off from the family fortune if I remember right. I think Erik beats people up on the side for his company and Charles sees him with bloody knuckles or bloody clothes or something, I can't remember. Help?

I have no idea how to search for this, so here’s hoping one of my followers recognizes this one.

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Hey! I'm looking for this fic where Erik is in the military and Charles gets his students to write letters to soldiers and writes one himself. Erik gets it and responds-- I think most of the first part of it is just their letters

I don’t know this one and searching for fics with letters didn’t turn up anything. Hopefully one of my followers recognizes this one.


Dear Soldier by Lindstrom, ToriTC198 (116k, T) - "Dear Soldier,
I pray that this package finds you well. The organization gave us a list of odds and ends that you might need, but I thought that a person so far from home might appreciate something more than soap and tube socks.“
When Charles’ school decides to send care packages to the soldiers fighting in Vietnam, he chooses to also include a letter and a few personal touches. When Staff Sergeant Erik is the recipient of that particular care package it will spur a relationship that will change them both.

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