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not-rude-ginger · 16 hours ago
I'm toying with a fic idea where everyone from MDZS reincarnates in the modern era, and reunites, and that includes a lot of the parents, but everyone is remixed, like JFM and YZY are teenagers, JYL and JZX are in their fifties, and WQ and LWJ are their kids, JL is in his seventies etc
Edit: WWX is LQR's kid and they're both horrified when they get their memories back.
Except for Jiang Cheng. Who they can't find. They search and search and no luck, he doesn't seem to have been reborn.
Then WN finds a hashtag that leads him down a rabbit hole of a guy being stalked around the world by TikTok-ers because he's gorgeous, kinda ethereal and walks around in hanfu a lot.
Turns out Jiang Cheng never died, he's lived on and on and is not thrilled to be getting stalked. So he tries to deter everyone by sharing a video telling people to leave him alone.
His account is "StopFollowingMe"
It doesn't work, people think he's an extra level cosplayer and he kinda gets hooked on the attention because it's a lonely life.
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freedomseeker91 · 2 days ago
Had a fic idea pop into my head in which Chloe’s family is semi based off of the Walker family from the tv show Brothers and Sisters.
Chloe grew up with a Republican father and Democratic mother and all of the siblings went one way or the other depending on which parent they were closest to.
Chloe growing up bisexual and the youngest of the family, was always closer to her mother as she felt her father, though loving towards her, could never fully accept her sexuality.
She often butted heads with her elder sister and eldest brother who were conservative Republicans like their father.
She was much closer to her other two brothers who, while also closer to her in age, were also much more liberal in their beliefs and accepting of Chloe’s sexuality.
When Chloe eventually falls for and marries the love of her life Beca Mitchell, things seem to be going okay for awhile, the family accepting Beca into the fold like any of the in laws.
However when Beca, a heart transplant recipient in her teenage years, is struck down by Covid and desperately in need of another transplant when the virus causes her body to reject her heart, political divides within the Beale family reach an all time high as they wonder can blood really transcend personal political, scientific and moral beliefs.
While her parents may have found a way to love one another through their different belief systems, with Beca in the hospital, this might be one sibling/parental debate Chloe’s too exhausted to engage in.
“I’m done fighting for my place in this world, in this god damn family. It’s exhausting. Beca’s the only family I need and she needs me now more than ever. I’m sorry Mom but, I’m done.”
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mzminola · 12 hours ago
It’s not 100% Robin order reversal, but AU premise: Duke as the first Robin, and then he heads off to Bludhaven as the Signal because it’s the only place gloomier than Gotham.
Stephanie Brown hits Batman with a brick when he hands her supervillain dad over to the cops (her mom is out of the picture for whatever reason), and promptly gets herself adopted, becoming the second Robin.
Tim Drake makes himself into the Spoiler, a corporate espionage agent that started by reporting Jack Drake’s under the table dealings and then moved on to whistleblowing other companies. Janet’s not involved, and may or may not be aware of Tim’s extracurriculars.
Steph & Tim are tiny vigilantes having an adorable romance for a few years, and then everything goes to hell in a handbasket. The citywide war in Gotham ends with Steph dead and buried. Duke cannot fucking believe Bruce didn’t tell him Steph had gone missing while he was in space. What the fuck Bruce. His sister is dead and you didn’t tell him in time to make it to the FUNERAL???
Jason Todd doesn’t set out to pull Batman out of his depression spiral, but that’s what happens when he steals the Batmobile’s tires. Duke may be a wee bit paranoid about ever going to space again, and babies the shit out of Jason. Lady Shiva teaches Jason hand to hand combat at his request, “Because lady, a weapon’s only good until you lose it.”
Post-resurrection Steph comes back to Gotham after essentially a multi-year Assassins Girls’ Night with Talia al Ghoul, beheads Sionis as the Red Hood’s opening act for the Crime Alley takeover. Her antihero name has nothing to do with Harley Quinn’s ex and everything to do with Little Red Riding Hood Defeats The Big Bad Wolf aesthetic. Guns and knives are her primary arsenal but everyone knows that axe on her hip isn’t just for show.
Stephanie never tries to kill or maim Jason, she just squishes his chubby baby cheeks and calls his Robin antics cute, which is mortifying.
Damian does try to kill Jason. Everyone is very upset about this.
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smartlanceisreal · a day ago
MLB Salt Fic Ideas #5
Anonymous Article: [Adrien Salt, Alya Salt, Bustier Salt, Class Salt (All, Half, or Some of Them; Author's Discretion), Lila Salt, Alya Sugar and Class Sugar optional] Alya is feeling confused about the Lila and Marinette situation so she decided to write an article about to ask for the viewer's advice. She made sure that the article is anonymous so she changed the names or said it was a 'fictional' story she was working on. In the article, Marinette is portrayed as the aggressor and Lila the victim. To Alya's shock, the comments say things like: "This is just like what Lila is doing to Marinette" ,"That sounds like that lying snake (no offense Viperion) Lila", "I saw Lila do X once", etc. Alya thought she didn't put enough information and added more but the comments stayed the same. She either learns Lila's true nature or she becomes stubborn and dig her heels and accuse commenters of being bots and Marinette's behind it.
Collab with Clara: [Adrien Salt, Alya Salt, Bustier Salt, Class Salt (All, Half, or Some of Them; Author's Discretion), Lila Salt, Alya Sugar and Class Sugar optional] Clara has come back to Paris for a new video and she decided to hire her new favorite designer. Marinette is ecstatic for this opportunity and to help out her new friend. Marinette had to sign a new NDA because Clara wanted the music video to be a huge surprise. Marinette is on cloud 9 at school and Lila's lies about Clara stealing her dance moves and being her best friend in the same break didn't affect her. Lila is suspicious. She gets even more suspicious when Marinette firmly says no the class request for free outfits and food. Saying no seems like the only thing she says now because she is so focused on her big commission. Then Clara gave a hint that there will be a big change and as there will be new dancer dancing with her in music video. It's Marinette because Clara saw her ability to be able to mimic her moves to see if the outfit will be able to move without hampering Clara's mobility. Lila claims to suggested her 'other best friend' to Clara as the new dancer. Lila's lies crumbled when she sees Marinette dancing alongside Clara in amazing outfits.
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set-wingedwarrior · 2 days ago
Me: alright brain, i got that very hard exam tomorrow morning and I really need to rest. So could you let me sleep peacefully for once? Pretty please?
Brain: mhm mhm. Yeah, no, I totally hear you, but what if I gave you a cute fanfic idea instead?
Me: ...what?
Brain: yeah! So, I was thinking, how about a bumbleby oneshot where Zwei plays matchmaker? And, hear the best part, he could also be the narrator!
Me: ...unfortunately, that does sound cute.
Brain: i know right!? Here, let me show you this 456876565 sentences examples I just came up with to give you a vibe
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ivecarvedawoodenheart · a day ago
5 times Bobby had a chance encounter with Alicia + 1 time they actually dated
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immxrtalbi · 14 hours ago
Jegulus amnesia au where regulus gets amnesia and when he finds out James is his husband, the very same person who was a bully to his friends during Hogwarts, he’s horrified. He doesn’t want to go home with him and he doesn’t want to talk to Sirius either, not believing that they’re on good terms now. And James has no clue what to do to make Regulus understand that they’re each other’s everything
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softimaginescity · 2 days ago
It's called Gym Rat on Ao3
Ok, I'm ngl... This is a pretty good fic 😭😭 As a girly who is also very into weight lifting and muscular, this speaks to me. ALSO the damn contrast like sjflkdjsdjkdfj chonky, adorable doc and sleek reader KAKAKAAKAAK AAAAAAAAAA
Y'all... Don't make me come up with ANOTHER fic idea 😭
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bloodydilf · a day ago
so earlier today I googled this word (flagellation) because I wasn't certain what it meant.
→ definition: flogging or beating, either as a religious discipline or for sexual gratification
and it put thots into my head, especially because of the religious discipline part
Tumblr media
y'all catch my drift 👀👀👀
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marymauk · 2 days ago
M9 superhero au where Beau has the 'girlfriend falls off a bridge' moment and that's when the Yasha wing reveal happens
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azaleapormia · 2 days ago
OKAYOKAY I GOT THIS IDEA, so it’s a Genshin school AU and it’s going to be a series and you’re the student everyone knows but they don’t bother to talk to you. You’re not going to immediately meet/talk to the characters because where’s the plot?? There’s going to be seven sections in the school which is called “Tevyat” like in Genshin there’s seven nations. You are going you being in the uhhhh fuck idk how to spell snezhnya(??), then later on you have to move to Liyue and then you have to keep moving to different sections for some reason and you’re tired of it. Some of the characters will be shipped(only a few) and get together, and uhh the reader is unstable because I’m pretty sure most of us reading is unstable. The reader is gender neutral and is aromatic, all relationships with Genshin characters are platonic!!!
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2yara · a month ago
i have a great idea
What if Madrigal family swapped their gifts for a day
That would be a great episode if Encanto had a continuing serial
Dolores, with Tia Julieta’s gift: I don’t know how to cook.
Julieta, has Luisa’s power: That’s okay dear, first you need to— *tries to grab a plate but breaks it in pieces* oh dear.
Pepa, with Antonio’s power, gossips with animals: No way Camilo did that!- What?— Nooo, he wouldn’t do it,— he’s only 15!!- Wait, what did Bruno said then? Oh mY GOD—
Mirabel, shapeshifter: *mocks Isabela changing into her* LoOk aT Me! I’m sUpEr PuNkY iDeAl GrAnDcHiLd!! WHOMP WHOMP!! *smacks own butt*
Isabela, still tia Pepa’s power: *creates a storm cloud and zaps Mirabel*
Camilo, with Dolores’ gift: *sells secrets and periodically having a panic attacks because of all that noise he can hear now*
Antonio, having a future vision: *prophecies that there will be an explosion of plants and vines*
Bruno, with Isabela’s gift: *fricking MAKES A SUDDEN EXPLOSION OF FLOWERS AND VINES*
Luisa, having Mirabel’s power of being the candle of house: *chillaxes and having a great time of not doing anything for the first time after YEARS*
And Abuela, seeing this kerfuffle: There wasn’t that shit when Pedro was alive *leaves this mess and locks up in her room*
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batkidsaremadkids · a month ago
What if Jason hadn't gone back to Gotham after his time with the League?
And when Damian goes to live with Bruce he keeps making scathing remarks and comments on "Todd's inadequacies" or something. Someone tries to teach Damian that you shouldn't speak ill of the dead and that everyone is still grieving Jason.
And Damian would be like "But that doesn't apply here?? And why are you grieving?? He's just going to college in Europe??"
I would love to see how that would play out
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river-soul · 13 days ago
Late night thots.
I want to write a story where soft dark alpha Steve is forced to bond an omega during a traumatic event for ✨ r e a s o n s ✨. He’s normalish before but the bond triggers something deep in his alpha dna (a surprise enhancement from the serum?) and he becomes obsessed with marking and scenting her. Super possessive too. I blame this on @sgt-seabass for encouraging me.
Tumblr media
More thots under the cut. Warning for A/B/O dynamics, dubcon and explicit sex, 18+ only.
No plot just Steve obsessing over marking her and laying his scent over her. Biting her wrists, inner thighs, and both sides of her neck. Coming inside her alllll the time…rubbing his cum on her skin.
“Shhh, a little more,” Steve encourages, lips sliding over your wrists. He bites, hard enough to bruise but not break the skin. Another claim on your body. Everything hurts but he can’t seem to stop himself. You’re leaking him between your thighs, your lips sticky with the spend he painted them with earlier. “Gotta let everyone know you’re mine, Omega.”
“They know,” you promise your Alpha. The claim mark on your neck is deep and jagged. Impossible to miss. “Please, it hurts,” you whine.
“Just one more,” Steve says, helping you turn over on your stomach. His teeth find your throat again and he works his cock inside with a groan. You tremble beneath him, so exhausted that he has to manipulate you body and force your hips back to meet his desperate thrusts. You pant into the soiled sheets as he jolts you forward. “Such a good Omega,” he praises, “Taking my knot and my seed.”
You want to make him happy, he’s a good man and a good Alpha but it’s nothing like you thought it would be. He’s so needy, forgetting his own strength sometimes. “Alpha,” you gasp as you feel his knot swell. Relief washes over you. He’s almost done. You’ll be able to sleep soon.
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echoghost1 · a month ago
So I had a random little thought this morning...
Does anyone besides the Fenton's, Sam & Tucker (and Vlad obvi) even know about the portal?
It took a month for the Lunch Lady to show up and it wasn't until Spectra that Jazz even realized ghosts were real so...
is everyone in Amity Park just super confused about where the ghosts are coming from? Do they even bother wondering about it or are they too busy running away from the ghost of the week to really think that much about it?
So then I had this idea (which I don't know if I'll write it cuz honestly I have too many other WIPs, but if you wanna go for it let me know so I can read it!)
The idea is this:
The Fenton parents are having an assembly at the school about their ghost inventions. Most people are probably tuning it out because to the kids it's just "yeah yeah sure. ghosts are bad and here's how we blast 'em! we get it" that is until they start to talk about their crowning achievement. the invention they are the proudest of is The Fenton Portal.
suddenly everyone is paying attention. "The Fenton what now?" someone asks loud enough to be heard so Maddie happily explains the very technical and jargon-heavy version of what it is.
everyone of course is confused, so then Jack sums it up "we punched a hole in our reality straight into the ghost dimension!"
to which everyone (even the teachers now) went 👀 "You did what?!"
and someone else asks "where/when did this happen?"
"in our basement, about [insert however long after the accident you want it to be] ago. I know we made an announcement at the time." Maddie says clearly not getting how horrified and confused everyone is right now.
the announcement she's referring to is just that time they went and celebrated in wildly the streets for hours and only stopped when the cops came
Then she adds, "And really if you want to thank anyone for that all the credit for getting the portal to work to goes to my darling son Danny. Without him, we might have never been able to figure it out. We've gotten so much research and had so many breakthroughs because of it."
and everyone turns to Danny, glaring, as they realize they have someone to blame for every bad ghost-related thing that has ever happened. it wasn't all random. it was all because this one person decided to do something as stupid as to turn on a portal to the ghost zone.
and maybe no one says anything right then, because it's still the assembly. maybe the Fenton's change the subject. maybe the crowd decides to hold off on mob mentality for a bit. maybe they don't want to do anything rash in front of his parents.
but I could see Dash being even meaner and bullying him even more after that.
Maybe some of the teachers are a little harsher too... their jobs are a heck of a lot harder with the ghost attacks
maybe even Valerie gets mad at him because her life was ruined and it was his fault all along. maybe she thinks he was pity dating her as a way to apologize?
and Danny is just super overwhelmed because he's always thought that this was his fault. all the ghost attacks, all the bad things, it's all his fault.
and now everyone knows.
and they all agree.
it's all his fault.
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jaskierisbi · a month ago
okay but if season two doesn’t have an influx of that’s my wife fics then what’s the point
5 times jaskier casually refers to yennefer as his wife + the 1 time he means it
5 times jask and yen refer to each other as husband and wife + the 1 time they call geralt their husband
5 times jask and yen pretend to be married + the 1 time they’re married for real
5 times jask and yen pretend to be married to each other + the 1 time they both pretend to be married to geralt
5 times jaskier defends his ‘wife’ + the 1 time yennefer defends her ‘husband’
⬆️⬆️⬆️ ~or vice versa~ ⬆️⬆️⬆️
5 ways they act married + the 1 way they actually marry
5 times geralt is jealous of them acting married + the 1 time he doesn’t have to be
5 times yen and jask joke about being married + the 1 time they realize they don’t want it to be a joke
edit: if you write any of them please tag me 🥺🥺
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madammuffins · 7 months ago
I need a luca/alberto fic that follows the boys through their summer breaks as they grow up.
Alberto slowly getting bigger, filling out, learning more lingo, being always up to date on human trends but hilariously bad at fashion.
Luca growing taller, but being physically more small - stayed a regular with biking so he has a slimmer physique that really cuts through the water when he swims.
Luca slowly realizing his feelings for Alberto, who has NEVER been able to imagine his life with anyone else by his side since that first day.
Alberto still pushing Luca to do dumb/reckless things, but occasionally Luca is equally as bold and meets Alberto's challenges head on - shocking, pleasantly - both men.
Neither one realizing their feelings are romantic until Luca comes back from high school to talk about college and the idea of going abroad comes up and it shouldn't hurt because they've done that before, but this time it's different and it's killing them because they can't understand why.
Giulia being a catalyst for Luca when she gets her first serious s/o and Luca realizes 'oh. OH. That's why it hurts so bad'.
Because the boys share an emotional braincell. And Giulia has possession of it 98% of the time.
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lectorel · a year ago
AU where Jon fucks up all of Elias' plans by looking up what the job of 'archivist' actually involves.
Jon spends the weekend after his promotion frantically researching what archivists actually do. Come monday, Jon tells the archive crew to focus on digitizing, and if a statement won't record digitally, just mark it as 'audio unavailable at this time' and move on.
They can't waste time fighting the recording equipment when the archive's documents are literally in the process of disintegrating, and they're going to be way too busy getting statements properly transcribed, tagged, and appropriately preserved to bother assessing whether or not statements are true.
That's research's job.
Elias is tearing his hair out. He can't even kill Jon, because apparently the Eye appreciates proper cross-referencing.
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tossawary · 2 months ago
Elaboration time: SVSSS AU where Airplane Bro is given the choice between the role of Shang Qinghua and an “original role” (he’s not high-ranking enough, according to the System, to get a better role). Airplane Bro is of course like, “Shang Qinghua?! Fuck, no! That role sucks! I don’t want to die!”
So, he gets the “original role”, which means he just transmigrates in as himself, as an adult, and the System of course gives zero support. Airplane Bro gets to be like, “Oh, boy! I’m homeless in my own fantasy world! Fuck!”
Airplane Bro is a resourceful little bastard, so he manages to survive and create a living for himself. I like the idea of Airplane Bro actually managing to become a merchant and inventor. I also like the idea of Airplane Bro striking a deal with the An Ding Peak Lord, who takes a chance on this dirty man saying wild shit because why not, and becomes a sort of consultant / researcher for Cang Qiong Mountain Sect in exchange for 1) money, and 2) learning how to cultivate. It’s not exactly a stable living, but it’s interesting and it is a living!
Maybe Airplane Bro forms a connection with Original Shang Qinghua, because the System just dumped him in the vicinity of the Shang family, and Airplane Bro feels some “bro, I am SO GLAD that I am not you” guilt over the kid. It’s not like an Uncle-Nephew relationship, it’s more of a “Weirdo Friend Of Family and Long-Suffering Son Of Family With Great Ambitions” situation, but it compels Airplane Bro to be in the area when Original Shang Qinghua is an An Ding disciple and on a mission, and ends with Airplane Bro accidentally intercepting an injured Mobei-Jun before he can meet the An Ding disciples.
So, Airplane Bro meets Mobei-Jun when he is fifty-ish, probably forty-seven-ish at the youngest. He’s an “immortal” cultivator now thanks to desperate hard work and possibly some cheats, but it took a while and so he looks his age.
Mobei-Jun has been saved by this fifty-year-old man who is putting on the eccentric old man act a little too hard and treating him kind of like a misbehaving disciple (because Airplane Bro knows the ONLY control he has over this situation is what he can convince Mobei-Jun to give him), but the guy is also relentlessly kind to young, injured Mobei-Jun. He treats Mobei-Jun like he’s worth being taken care of and protected and spoiled.
Airplane Bro’s situation here is better than canon, so he lets Mobei-Jun stay until he’s all healed, then sees him off with some extra supplies and dubiously useful words of wisdom, like, “Wow, that was a weird encounter! At least I got to see my favorite character as a kid (Mobei-Jun is either a teenager or a very young adult, but to Airplane Bro that’s “kid”)! He’s such a brat! But so cute!”
Meanwhile, the entire time, Mobei-Jun has kind of been in a state of shock. Partly a “oh shit, this is AWAKENING something in me” shock, but Mobei-Jun isn’t self-aware enough to recognize that his father-figure issues just grew three times in size this day.
And of course Airplane Bro and Mobei-Jun keep running into each other somehow, and built a deeply strange almost-friendship built on weird favors of “chance” encounters. But since this is Moshang, it definitely takes 10-20 years before anything romantic happens, because Airplane Bro and Mobei-Jun are both dense as bricks. Does Mobei-Jun know why getting a head pat from this incredibly bizarre man does something to him? Absolutely not at first. Airplane Bro thinks, “Ah, shame I’m too old for him,” and shelves the concept for at least ten years, while everyone surrounding them is like, “I am Uncomfortable with the amount of DESPERATE LUST coming from that young ice demon.”
(Side note: You ever look at Canon Era Mobei-Jun and think to yourself, “Holy shit, that man is FORTY YEARS OLD at minimum. Sir, you are FORTY+, get your SHIT TOGETHER.”)
One way to keep their relationship going is to have the System summon another event to force Mobei-Jun into the whole spy shenanigans with Original Shang Qinghua, and Airplane Bro runs into Mobei-Jun again through his vague, almost “fairy godfather” relationship with Original Shang Qinghua, or through the fact that he likes to show up at Cang Qiong to get shitfaced with the An Ding Peak Lord, who thinks this guy is weird as fuck but strangely useful and incredibly entertaining, and still better company than the other peak lords.
I headcanon Original Shang Qinghua as being extremely ambitious and Mobei-Jun originally had some vague plans to conquer the Human Realm, but neither Mobei-Jun nor Original Shang Qinghua have any practical idea on how to achieve this or why this would be a good thing to have. Meanwhile Airplane Bro’s stance on these world domination plans is mostly just, “Okay, first of all, calm the fuck down, you’re both, like, twelve.”
I have no idea where exactly this would diverge from canon or how, but it probably would, because most of my fics end up being canon divergence in some way or another. The important thing here is that Airplane Bro really is Just Some Guy that Mobei-Jun is head-over-heels for, despite the fact that there’s a significant age difference between them (visible to everyone else now).
If Original Shang Qinghua ends up having a role in this fic, it is to hate Mobei-Jun’s guts for trying to steal HIS mysterious mentor/benefactor in his world domination plans, until he realizes that Mobei-Jun is hot for the guy, and then he’s like, “OH MY GOD. I’M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR REAL NOW.” If he reforms on becoming a traitor, his role is to be Deeply Unimpressed With Everything. Why does he have to witness this nonsense?
When Shen Yuan comes along and Binghe becomes A Problem, Original Shang Qinghua looks him dead in the eye and says, “You know your disciple wants to fuck you, right? God, I’m sick of this shit.”
I like the idea of Moshang at least getting their shit together before Bingqiu because of this scenario:
Sha Hualing looks at Mobei-Jun embarrassingly in lust and love with this totally average, middle-aged man who is a little eccentric but clearly deeply fond of him and prone to spoiling him, and says, “Gross.”
Then she looks beside her, where sits Demon Emperor Luo Binghe, still wretchedly single in the face of Shen Qingqiu’s (Shen Yuan’s) obliviousness, and the protagonist is seething with envy.
This continues my “Airplane Bro is an Old Man” and “Mobei-Jun desperately wants to be topped by Shang Qinghua (Airplane Bro)” agenda. Thank you for listening.
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maybe-some-ideas · a month ago
A Bruno Madrigal Fic Idea
A single mom reader raising 2 boys on her own. Her kids befriended the madrigal family so shes often over there and Bruno is just a fucking simp but too awkward to actually do anything about it so his family is /not so subtly/ trying to set them up.
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