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yes, i have a whole fic rec page and i keep asking people to send me any nct fic or writers they know so that i can read and reblog. so yes, if you want to recommend someone or recommend a fic of your own, feel free. i usually get to reading it immediately ^-^

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making me choose between make it better and dummies in love (by my girl @bceky i have the honor of being in a mutual with her now LOVE that for me!!! y’all know i stay recommending this one!!! she’s so sweet i geeked when we met) is simply unrealistic they’re both too good but i think i’m going w wee dummies in love for the whole finished factor thank you for coming to my ted talk

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I just read all 350,000 words of The Bureaucratic Error (and it’s not even finished yet. A regularly updated WIP if you’re looking for one!) Come for the Remadora feelings, stay for the amazing characterization of Remus and Sirius. I’m especially enjoying the author’s exploration of who Tonks, Sirius and Remus become in an alternate reality when they know what ought to have happened. To really get meta with it, this story considers if we’re fated to become the same version of ourselves in every reality, and if one man can screw with time enough to save lives without changing the people he’s meant to love.

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Comments: I do recall enjoying this fic and I hope y’all like it too.

Title: Time Masters Apprentice

Author: RaeSoul

Fandom(s): Danny Phantom

Synopsis: Danny died and became full ghost and is now working as Clockwork’s Apprentice. When Clockwork see’s trouble in the Human Realm two years later, he sends Danny back into Casper High as a new student named Daniel Time. But trying to hide his true identity and stop the rising threat is no easy task.

Word Count: 129,224

Rating: T

Status: Complete

Location: Fanfiction

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By: penhaligon

Itamen hides, Avad worries, and the constellation of the Palace orbits the Sun.

Words: 24654, Chapters: 4/4, Language: English
Fandoms: Horizon Zero Dawn (Video Game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Avad (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Marad (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Itamen (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Erend (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Vanasha (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Nasadi (Horizon: Zero Dawn), Uthid (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
Additional Notes From Me: So I freaking adore this fic - it’s so rare to see any Horizon characters without their focus on Aloy that this is such a treat! We get a look into all of them and their surroundings as they tackle a difficult question, and it’s handled so well and I love it. Please read this fic!

Read it on AO3 at


“The things I learned when I was young led me to where I am today,” she said, a little warily. She wanted to see Itamen safe, and though being able to fight with sword and bow and spear was no guarantee of that, it certainly helped. It would take years to build the requisite skill; better to start now. “Some of them are distasteful, yes, but this world is not kind.”

Nasadi nodded slowly, like it was an answer she’d expected. “And if it was,” she asked, “would you have chosen to learn them?”

Vanasha faltered then, trailing to a halt, and Nasadi slowed and turned, facing her. They were alone in the hallway, though Vanasha’s eyes and ears, on instinct, sought out the slightest change – a flicker of shadow or a whisper of feet. But there was only the pale morning light and the faintest breeze filtering in through the nearest window.

What would she have chosen, if the world had been different? If she’d grown up during a reign like Avad’s, if her family had not suffered so much? Vanasha was perturbed to find that she had no immediate and certain answer. “… I don’t know,” she said, but it wasn’t as honest as it could have been. No, she thought. Perhaps not.

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Man to Man

Morty’s a creep and Rick doesn’t let him forget it. He sneers at him, degrades him at every opportunity. Calls him a nasty, disgusting little preteen sweat monster who can’t stop jerking it long enough to fetch his grandpa a goddamn screwdriver.

Morty can’t exactly fault him that assessment. He resents it, sure- so what if he doesn’t quite change his briefs every day- but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy Rick calling him a piece of shit adolescent fuckboy every now and then. Just another little reminder that Rick didn’t give a shit what Morty called himself. Or rather, he gave just enough of a shit to shuffle the intestines of the last piece of Rick-trash who called him a Morticia, but not quite enough of a shit to let Morty get away with smuggling half as many megaseeds as he was technically capable of smuggling.

Rick didn’t mock Morty’s cup size anymore either. Nowadays it was Morty’s pitiful attempts at growing a mustache- a goal that was aspirational at best, until late December, not long after Beth and Jerry’s latest shouting match about whether they had two daughters or one.

“J-Jeezus Christ, Morty,” Rick laughs as he slouches past the open bathroom door, leaning in when he sees Morty standing on his toes in front of the mirror. “Learn to sh-eurrgh-ave for f-fuck’s sake, y-you look like you post fucking r-reaction vids on YouTube.”

“Shut the f-fuck up, Rick!” Morty snaps, kicking the door closed on Rick’s leering face with his foot. He leans right up against the mirror and examines his upper lip so closely that his breath fogs up the glass. He rubs his dirty fingertips under his nose. Yeah, it’s there alright. The beginnings of a really shitty-looking mustache.

Morty’s heart feels like it’s going to beat out of his chest. He drops his hands to the sink and clenches both sides of it, head bowed, taking shaky breaths.

He’s there. He’s on his way.

He doesn’t want to shave it, but…

Morty’s face is bright red with embarrassed frustration. He shoves the door open and stomps halfway down the stairs, leaning down over the railing so he can see the back of Rick’s head where he sits on the couch. He’s lying with his feet up, limbs sprawled in every direction, watching something mindless and vaguely improvisational on the cable box.

Morty wanders over and flops down onto the couch next to him. “Y-you’re right, it sucks,” he admits. “H-how do I shave it off?”

“Fucking f-eurrgh-inally,” says Rick, already turning off the TV and getting to his feet. “Alright, come on, w-we’re finally going to get you th-that shaving lesson. Man to man, y’know, since Jerry’s not fucking likely… The fuck are you standing there for you f-fucking asshole? Go get my lasers from the garage and meet me upstairs.”

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Hello my loves!

I’ve got a bunch of fics in my head that I want to get out and on paper (screen?). I’ve come to find writing as being therapeutic lately and I’m needing some therapy.

That being said, I want to see what YOU want to see. I may write for myself but I also write to entertain you. So please drop me an ask, a message, a comment on this post. Send me your requests or tell me which of my nuggets sounds interesting to you, even if you think I should tweak them. I AM OPEN FOR ANYTHING.

Some fic ideas that I have:

  • A blurb based on on Louis Capaldi song Forever
  • A male escort Harry fic
  • Fic where Harry hits his head and his world becomes a Rom-Com
  • An angsty widow MC fic
  • A multi-part Demon Harry fic
  • My Adore You series - MC becomes Harry’s creative director; friends to lovers, all the pining

Please let me know what tickles your fancy, if you have any requests. My ask box is ALWAYS open!

Also any feedback on my previous fics, where you think I could improve, what you like and don’t like. Your feedback makes me a better writer.

All my love and treat people with kindness 🧡💛

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