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chatonnoir · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
when your bug wants to smooch before going on live television you don’t ask questions fool!!!!!!!!
for reasons unknown I had @rosekasa ‘s fic honeytrap stuck in my mind
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shameboree · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
fic is Healing and so many of my favs updated in the past few days. im revitalized.
HP RESTORERS!! READ THEM this ISNT a suggestion:
one does not love breathing my LOVE im obsessed w this fic as u all know since at this point i am chronically insane over it
metamorphosis every update im like *heavy breathing*
final girl ONE MORE CHAPTER LEFT???!!! this whole time i was like why is it titled that and now im like oh. hell yes.
after all fastburn fastburn fastburn THANKS!! the mystery is UNFOLDING im so hype
pink such a good sweet little chaser after the others on this list burn you 🔥💖
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alwaysxlarrie · 2 days ago
my fav fics masterlist part 1 (A-M)
i’m currently procrastinating learning autocad & editing youtube videos, so here i am. i’ve found that the major reason this post is going to be so long is due to how the summaries are formatted - sorry about that, wanted to keep them formatted how the authors had them! anyway, this is a masterlist of all my fav fics, alphabetically. this is part 1 (first 13 letters of the alphabet). part 2 (last 13 letters) will be coming...at some point. hopefully soon. we’ll see. anyway, i think that’s about it! grab a snack, grab a beverage & settle in friends. :)
as small as possible by mickey_d
“Harry is a rather shy omega who's quite convinced everyone (except his best friends) laughs at him behind his back and sometimes to his face.
Louis is a confident alpha who is taken with his best artist's friend.”
a million roses (bathed in rock n’ roll) by deLILAh
“au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning.
(aka - harry is lana del rey, and louis makes him a star.)”
adore you by @isthatyoularry
““We invited our new acquaintances from uptown. You’ve simply got to meet their oldest son!” said his mother with a flourish, and suddenly it became abundantly clear as to why his parents had so adamantly demanded he join them in Deansville for the entirety of the summer.
Against his wishes, Harry spends the holidays at his family’s summer estate, and is reluctantly pulled into a courtship he didn’t ask for. Harry doesn’t want to get married, but Louis does. They don’t fit, but then again they really, really do.
Vaguely set in the 1920’s. Headpieces, jazz, fashionable canes, and flapper dresses, and that.”
are you taking clients? by @jaerie
“Escaping had been the hardest thing Harry had ever done. They'd stolen his child and nearly stolen his life. Being homeless and pregnant gave Harry few options. It's a last resort to let men fetishize his body, but the luxury of choice is something Harry doesn't have.”
and the truth shall set you free... by @jaerie
“Betism: A religion based on the belief that the beta gender has been chosen by God to protect and defend the purity and dignity of the human race by resisting and condemning the lustful ways and flawed biology of the alpha and omega”
ain’t that a kick in the head! by @karasunonolibero and keysmashlesbian
““Well.” Niall unlocks his phone. “It wasn’t getting the traction I wanted on Snapchat. So…I tweeted it.”
“You tweeted it,” Harry states, nearing a state of brain dead. “To your ten thousand followers.”
Niall nods, handing Harry the phone. “You’re a meme, Harry.”
“I’m a what?”
“A meme. It’s like an internet—”
“I know what a fucking meme is, Niall! Why did you make me into one?”
Niall has the fucking balls to cackle at that while Harry looks at the mess his former friend created. Videos of him screaming at Tomlinson about Tide Pods and his ass are being quoted and combined with memes to a create a level of memeception Harry has never seen before. That isn’t even including the thousands of tweets of him falling up the stairs remixed with random Top 40 songs.
In which Harry’s a disaster gay who doesn’t know shit about soccer, Liam drinks too many blue raspberry Coolattas, Niall knows everyone, Zayn looks dead, and Louis is Not Happy about sharing his breakout moment with “Drunk Hawaiian Guy.””
atlas at last by louisandthealien
“He doesn’t know what he had been expecting out of the road trip itself besides burping contests and too much shitty gas station food with Oli and Stan, but in the brief moment before Harry ambles up his driveway, Louis idly wonders if this is about to become some sort of Gay Coming of Age story.
Maine to California in ten days. In which Zayn’s an open-shirt hippie they meet somewhere in Ohio, Liam’s the pastor’s son running away from home, and Niall’s the number they call on the bathroom wall.
It’s 1978. Harry and Louis are just trying to get to San Fran in time for the Queen concert.”
all i want is to fall with you by @2tiedships2
“The pair looked at each other for a few moments before Harry moved forward and gathered Louis in an unexpected hug.
It was nice, but why the fuck was an unknown alpha hugging him? Maybe an even better question would be why did Louis feel so secure in this stranger's arms?
Harry quickly let go and Louis felt something pull at him.
"Sorry," Harry said, holding his hands up in surrender. "Shit, um, that just seemed a natural response for some reason. I’m so sorry."
Louis smiled up at the alpha. "It's okay. Thanks again, Harry."
"You're welcome. I know it's horrible weather, and less than optimal circumstances, but this was a brilliant meet-cute."
What the fuck was a meet-cute?
Or the weekend ski trip where omega Louis discovers that he can’t change a tire and his skiing skills are debatable but still manages to find the alpha who will change his life.”
ask and i’ll obey by orphan account
““So, tell me what you want?” The younger boy demanded, and Louis’ mind filled with inappropriate images of Harry. Everything to do with Harry.
“I…” He couldn’t think. Could barely breathe, and his dick was so fucking hard in his track pants he didn’t know why Harry wasn’t pointing it out.
“You…have to do whatever I say for a whole day.” Louis blurted out.
“Deal.” Harry said without missing a beat, his green eyes shining like the light in The Great Gatsby. His easy agreement had Louis groaning, because Harry already did whatever Louis told him to do.
Or, the one where Harry and Louis challenge each other not to get off to see who will break first.”
and that’s the tea by @2tiedships2
“I’d like an Earl Grey with milk and sugar, please.
Louis had the phrase memorized, even though it had disappeared off its place on his upper arm over thirteen years ago now.
At fourteen he didn’t understand. Soulmarks don’t just disappear. Not unless…
Unless one of them dies.
Or, the one where Louis loses his soulmate before even getting the chance to meet them, and he is in no way prepared for the kind of distraction his new friend Harry proves to be.”
a cauldron of love by @zimriya
““Oh for Merlin’s sake, yes,” Niall interrupts finally. “Harry’s been in love with Louis Tomlinson since that time in second year when he went and accidentally peed on him.”
Harry turns to face him, horrified. “Niall!” he squeaks out. “You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone about that!”
Niall just shrugs and wipes his mouth with a napkin. “Aw, come off it, Hazza, was it really a secret?” When Harry doesn’t say anything, he pauses and looks up. “It was?” he says. “Ah, bollocks.””
a fully armed battalion (to remind you of my love) by @mediawhorefics
““He was flirting with you by the way,” Niall says casually once he’s finished saying goodbye to Louis and he’s joined Harry outside.
“No he wasn’t,” Harry replies automatically, feeling his heart clench at the thought. Was he?
Niall simply raises a mocking eyebrow in response before wrapping his scarf twice around his neck.
“Not that it matters!” Harry says quickly, eyes widening. “I wouldn’t care even if he did because he’s awful and the worst.”
Everyone at Hogwarts knows that Professor Styles and Professor Tomlinson absolutely despise each other. It's too bad that they're in love.”
all your mates are here by @londonfoginacup
“"The pack is... It's folding, Harry."
Like every werewolf does when they get to a new town, Harry joined one of the many local packs when he started university. Now, three years into his program, he's hit with the news that his pack is giving up, going their separate ways. In the wake of the holidays, the three single wolves from the Majestic pack are pointed in the direction of a new pack to join; one that's got struggles of its own.
A new pack, a new house, and two new roommates with personal space issues... Plus exams, of course.
Happy Christmas, here's to many more.”
a cage for every ugly spirit by @povverbottoms
“First-year uni student Harry gives up orgasms for Lent, featuring a cock cage and weekly prostate milkings on Sundays. Warning for religion kink. Written for the 1D Novena Ficathon.”
at last, at last by @suspendrs
““Come with us,” Tommo says, stopping at the other end of the gymnasium, near the doors. “Don’t let them make you suffer any longer. Come with us, and be human.”
Before Harry has even finished thinking it through, he’s on his feet, gaining the attention of every single person in the gymnasium. What has he got to lose, anyway?
Or, Harry is born into a cult in a post-apocalyptic world, and Louis is the leader of the rebel group tasked with the mission of shutting them down. Together, they make a rather effective team.”
all we have by colourexplosion
“He looks at the person who’s asked him a question and then immediately wishes he hadn’t. He’s beautiful, is the thing, and Harry’s met him before.
“No, sorry,” he says, shaking his head, averting his eyes. It’s an old habit, one he’s gotten better about resisting, but he supposes seeing Louis Tomlinson out in the wild transports him right back to youth club.
“Ah, s’fine really,” Louis says, instead of just walking away like a normal person, “Pretty boy like you shouldn’t be smoking anyway, yeah?”
Harry’s cheeks flood with heat before he can stop it, and he squeezes his eyes shut. Of course. Of course Louis Tomlinson — the boy who basically made Harry realize he’s gay — thinks he’s cute now. Ten years after the fact, and much too late for it to do any good at all. Or, a 'Grown' au”
a million one, a million two (a million more will never do) by @littlelostpieces
“While Harry doesn’t want to spend his final year at Wilshire Academy sharing his space with yet another idiot roommate, he figures he could have ended up with a lot worse than Niall. As the school’s newest scholarship student, Niall provides a fresh perspective on Harry’s privileged life, as well as a grounding presence when Harry’s other friends, Liam and Zayn, are acting like lunatics. Most importantly, though, Niall introduces him to Louis, a cynical townie with zero interest in spending his time around entitled boarding school kids. Convincing Louis that he’s more than a trust fund and a charming smile won’t be easy, but Harry’s never been one to back down from a challenge.
An AU loosely inspired by the short-lived WB drama, Young Americans, and the Gotta Be You music video.”
a life that we share (i owe it all to you) by @all-these-larrythings
“When Harry's son came home from school crying he didn't think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.
Harry's son get bullied until Louis' son shows up :)”
all the right moves by @cherrystreet
“This is the third game in a row that Harry has been distracted by the noisy boy in the stands, five rows back.
There’s really no reason that he should feel compelled to stare into the audience as frequently as he is, but he can’t help it. This boy is a nuisance. And he’s loud. Even from basketball court with nine other players running by him, shoes squeaking on the shiny hardwood floor, and thousands of cheering college students, Harry can hear this boy nearly shrieking, his laugh more like a cackle than anything.
It’s seriously obnoxious.”
boys fall like dominoes by orphan account
“Harry slips into an early heat while riding the tube. Naturally, that's when he meets Louis.”
baby we could be enough (i’ll make this feel like home) by orphan account
““Did you clean the table?” Harry asks Louis once Rose is done speaking, now occupied with trying to see if she can reach over and touch Harry’s hair from where she’s sat. At Louis’ nod, Harry frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. You’re my guests here, I could’ve dealt with it later.”
Louis just smiles easily, though, adjusting Rose on his lap so that she’s facing Harry better. She manages to tug on a loose wave of hair, and she makes a noise of triumph that both Louis and Harry smile at.
“I don’t mind,” Louis murmurs to Harry, even though he’s looking at Rose. “This one here seemed very excited to talk to you.”
And, okay. Harry can’t help but think of how domestic this feels, all of a sudden.
[harry is a photographer who's trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.]”
but if you close your eyes does it almost feel like by pukeandcry
“Marcel’s not sure what the draw is for Louis, but he finds himself looking forward to it, glancing out into the hall several times an hour to see if Louis might be walking by. Louis is just -- he’s magnetic, like he’s got his own gravitational field around him, and it makes Marcel’s stomach jump around nervously just being around him, but it only takes him a few days to realize how much he likes that feeling, the hitch in his chest he gets when he spots Louis across the office and smiles at him.”
burn this flame by @rainbowninja
““You’ve played keeper before?” Tomlinson asks suspiciously, hands on his waist.“
Er, yeah,” Harry coughs. “Loads of times.”
“Alright Popstar, if you’re sure,” Tomlinson tells him with a shrug, his professional expression already curling into laughter. Harry tries not to read too much into it. After all, how hard can goalkeeping really be?
When Harry gets invited to play in a celebrity charity match with Louis Tomlinson, Manchester United's star player, he's determined to impress him with brilliant football skills. The only flaw in Harry's otherwise foolproof plan? He has absolutely no football skills, brilliant or otherwise.”
but why wonder, why wonder? by @100percentsassy
“The one where Marcel Styles has improbably landed a job in the fashion industry, and Louis Tomlinson is the actor-turned-lingerie-designer he’s been infatuated with for years.”
babydoll blues by @thedevilinmybrain
“Louis is a high profile, filthy rich label executive who has the world at his feet - a music god.. Harry is the sugar baby trying to make a name for himself singing in shady bars and hanging off the arm of Louis' biggest rival. What Louis wants, Louis gets. But what if the game gets too hot and hits a little too close to the heart?”
back to seventeen by @ireallysawanangel
“As a first grade teacher in a small town in Illinois, Harry’s life is pretty simple. He loves his job, is close with his family, and has a best friend he would go to the ends of the earth for. When a new soccer coach starts at the local high school, things start to get a bit more exciting for Harry. Because that coach just happens to be Louis Tomlinson; the guy Harry was unrequitedly in love with in high school.
Or the one where Louis moves back to his hometown and Harry realizes he’s still not over his high school crush.”
business or pleasure by therogueskimo
“Boss: Know why I called you in here? Employee: Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic. Boss: (stops pouring 2 glasses of wine) Accidentally?
or the one where Harry sends a snapchat to the wrong person, who just so happens to be Louis Tomlinson, aka his boss.”
baby shut your mouth and turn me inside out by ballsdeepinjesus
“And it’s good. It’s really, really good. Except they haven’t really talked about any of this and Harry can’t muster the courage to bring it up. Niall’s words at the bar run through his mind nearly every day. Fresh meat. Is this a thing Louis does, then? Find a toy to play with for awhile until he gets bored?
He knows Louis, though. He’s been friends with him for months now and he knows that he’s not just some heartless asshole. But he doesn’t know if this is just a nice convenient hook-up to him or something more, like how Harry feels. And he knows he should ask, but he’s not brave enough. Not brave enough to possibly ruin everything when Harry can take what he’s being offered without complaints.
[harry and louis meet in a mcdonalds. louis is everything harry needs.]”
be my little good luck charm by @100percentsassy
“In which Harry is a promising amateur golfer making his debut at the PGA Championship, and Louis is a Sky Sports anchor who would really rather be commentating on footie.
The other boys are around too: caddy!Niall provides victory pints, Liam is Louis's Very Serious co-anchor, and poor Zayn just gets his face drawn on.”
baby thinking of you keeps me up all night by ballsdeepinjesus
“Louis sputters in response, shaking his head wildly. Harry moves closer, placing his hand on Louis’ chest and trailing it up towards his neck to curve around. “I am younger than you. Bet you like that. Think you can push me around.”
Louis fishmouths, glaring at Harry who reminds him suspiciously of a shark at the moment. He smells blood in the water.
“Is that what this is about, Louis?” Harry asks. He leans in and fits his mouth against Louis’ earlobe, huffing hot breaths into his ear. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”
[harry is a 19 y/o singer and louis is a 29 y/o actor with no love for teenage popstars.]”
but when we kiss... by @indiaalphawhiskey
“Louis only nodded, still smiling. “Right, okay. As much fun as this has been, I really doubt the lovely heated seating of my car will dull our banter. Or...” he dragged out the ‘r’, eyes mischievous. “Are you really going to let a…” he assessed Harry. “Twenty? Twenty year gap,” he confirmed. “Be the reason you get hypothermia? Is that really the hill you want to freeze on, Mr. Principled?”
–– Or, while Harry and Louis adore the chase, they find they adore each other much, much more.”
boom, boom, don’t you wanna go by anonymous
“It doesn't take much to convince Harry to participate in Lambda Sig's annual ceremony for graduating seniors. She's hooked up with a few of the brothers already anyway, as lackluster as they were. She has to have her legs and bare bottom half on display for the rest of the brothers in the senior class to see, but she's always kind of liked being played with and definitely likes being on display. She's graduating in a few weeks anyway. What's the worst that can happen?
She doesn't expect contestant number fifteen to blow her mind in the first round. He doesn't let up.”
caught in your gravity by @lululawrence
“It felt like the blood froze in Harry’s veins even as he got a bit lightheaded. He hadn’t even made it two practices, only one of which he was remotely in charge of, without giving it all away and now he and Liam were both absolutely fucked.
“Shit,” Harry breathed out. “Who all have you told? Does everyone know? I thought I covered it better than that…”
“No, no,” Louis said quickly. "They’ll figure it out soon enough, though, because they’ll get used to you changing things up, but you’re only going to trip over your so called Americanisms for so long before they realize it’s because you don’t actually know fuck all about football.”
Harry sighed. “Yeah. I figured. I just need to bullshit for long enough to allow Liam to get the situation figured out from his end.”
“Right, which brings me to my entire point. I think we can find a mutually beneficial arrangement with all of this.” Louis leaned forward. “You need to learn the ins and outs of the sport incredibly fast. I can help you with that.”
“What do you want in exchange?”
Or, an AU inspired by a 30 second trailer of Ted Lasso that doesn't actually have much in common with the show at all.”
counting the steps between us by zarah5
“AU. So, yeah. That year abroad helped Harry establish that he is in love with his best friend. Now, if Louis would stop treating him like a little brother, that would be awesome. (Additional ingredients: a collapsing tree house, a lot of pining, the other three boys as Louis' new best mates from university, and a camping trip. Serve hot.)”
come in and change my life by @lightwoodsmagic
“He’d had the same neighbours since he’d moved into the building, a lovely, wealthy couple in their late sixties who had always invited him around for tea on Sundays. Martha had dropped off homemade biscuits the day he’d moved in, so Harry figured he may as well repeat the sentiment. He could hear someone getting closer to the door just as a flush ran through his body; oh fuck. His heat was close, too close to be knocking on a potentially unknown alpha’s door, but it was too late. The door swung open, and Harry’s mouth dropped. He’d never been overly interested in football, couldn’t find the fascination in watching men run around after a ball for hours aside from their uniforms, but he knew who this was. Louis Tomlinson, alpha, captain of Manchester United, star in a number of Harry’s heat addled fantasies, was his new next-door neighbour.
Or, Harry and Louis become friends when Harry looks after Louis' cat during away games, until one night at a party changes everything between them. It's just a shame Louis' going to be away for the FIFA World Cup for three months.”
cookie jar by fanshae
“Louis catches Harry with his hand in the metaphorical cookie jar and stays to watch.”
counterculture by @sadaveniren
“It all culminated to this: Harry in the middle of a crowded basement, music blasting from the live show on the far side, shirtless amongst alphas and omegas who all weren’t covering their scents. He took a deep breath of the heavy air and he felt alive.”
convalescent boy (with a heart of gold) by @londonfoginacup
“Just as the professor beginning to mess with his powerpoint, the door at the back of the balcony creaks open and Marcel looks back to notice Louis Tomlinson, The Louis Tomlinson, slip in and take a seat in the very back.
Marcel is starting to feel like his life is a comedy. Only yesterday was Louis Tomlinson on his floor at the library. Now he’s in his seminar. What is happening?
“Hey Mars,” Nick says, not particularly quietly as he leans over. “Isn’t that your crush?”
Marcel smacks him.
Or, the one where Marcel is a nerd who loves to learn but loves to go to theatre productions even more, and may or may not have a long time crush on the lead in most of the plays, Louis Tomlinson. The same Louis Tomlinson who seems to be appearing wherever Marcel is. Funny, that.”
drape me in your warmth by @husbandau
“TMH era fic where Harry is an omega whose heat comes a little earlier than expected and really, who is Louis to deny him his knot?”
deep in my heart i know there’s only you by ballsdeepinjesus
“"Will you do it?” Harry whispers. Louis has to lean closer just to hear him. He furrows his brows and shakes his head, not knowing what Harry means. “Would you donate for me?”
Louis is dumbfounded. “I’m sorry, I thought you just asked if I’d donate my sperm. Can you repeat yourself?”
[harry and louis are best friends who engage in some platonic baby-making. very platonic.]”
don’t move in (don’t move out) by @2tiedships2
“Only one more week and Harry would be living under the same roof. Gone would be Liam’s alpha scent, quickly replaced with Harry’s. All Harry. Louis was going to fucking die. You’d think Louis would be used to it by now, that Harry’s scent would simply fade into the background like Liam’s did. But Louis had a feeling he would simultaneously be living in Heaven and Hell once Harry moved in.
Louis was pulled out of his thoughts when Niall smacked him on the back of his head.
"The fuck was that for?" Louis asked, rubbing his head and looking at the bloody Irishman he called his other best friend.
"You were basically drooling, mate,” Niall said. “That was a courtesy smack to keep your daydreaming from seeping into your pheromones."”
do you like my sweater? by @icanhazzalou
““Look, for a Sadie Hawkins dance the omegas are supposed to invite the alphas instead of the other way around.”
Niall and Liam shared a look. “That… sounds like the sort of thing you would usually be all over, Lou,” Liam said, face pinched in confusion. Niall nodded his agreement.
“Yeah, if omegas were hosting it,” Louis replied sourly. “It’s one thing if we decide that we’re going to ask the alphas for a change. It’s insulting that they think we need their permission.”
When Harry's alpha fraternity decides to host a Sadie Hawkins dance, outspoken omega Louis has a thing or two to say about it.”
don’t have to go to the pool by @kingsoftheimpossible
“Louis is the captain of the swim team, Harry is in love with him a bit, and there's this ritual before Big Meets. Everything goes fine. alternative summary: a suspicious lack of swimming for a story involving a swim team.”
dom louis by @comebackassholes (summary is from first work in the series)
“Dear Mr. Louis, Hello. I’m Harry. I got your contact from a good friend of mine and was wondering if I can get your services. My 30th birthday is coming up and all I’ve ever wanted is to get spanked, maybe more? If you’re interested, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you. Sincerely, Harry Marcel reads over the words. He guesses there isn’t a much better way to ask for what he needs. He almost changes the name again but decides Harry is fine. It’s generic and nothing that can be traced to him. At least he doesn’t think so. Okay, he’s overthinking again so he clicks the send button before he can talk himself out of it. His heart races as soon as he does. He almost wants to take it back, figure out a way to undo it, but he takes a big gulp of his wine to calm down. It’s fine. This is fine. He can do this.”
do not falter (there’s a star ahead) by @londonfoginacup
“It's Christmas Eve, and every single one of Louis' family members are crowded inside his little flat. Really, what more could he ask for on his birthday?
The present he never knew he wanted - in the form of an omega from his past - might just make this his most memorable Christmas.”
enjoy the ride by @2tiedships2
““Stop sulking and get up. I have a proposition to make.”
“Niall?” Louis questioned. “Do you think I should put glow in the dark stars on my ceiling?”
He looked over and found Niall giving him an unimpressed look.
“So, no?” Louis asked. “No stars?”
“We’re going on a road trip,” Niall stated.
Louis looked back at his starless ceiling and waved farewell to Niall. “Cool. Have fun!”
“No, you idiot.” Niall let out a frustrated sigh. “You, me, Liam, and Harry.”
Louis glanced over to Niall and back to the ceiling. “Who’s Harry?”
Or the one where Louis, an omega more than tired of being treated as lesser than alphas, is forced on a road trip by his beta besties only to meet Harry who might just be the alpha he never knew he wanted.”
even as young as you are by ologist
“Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital.”
everywhere and nowhere by @2tiedships2
“Niall took a seat and said, "Apparently Louis' downstairs neighbor is a fan of giving Louis creepy gifts. Maybe I should go introduce myself and tell him that Louis actually prefers food."
"What has he given you?" Liam asked.
Louis shrugged as it were no big deal. "There was a rabbit's foot keychain on the door a little after he left from introducing himself and there was a small teddy bear sitting by my door tonight. Obviously I can't prove it's from him, but they seem to have his scent. I could be wrong though."
"Wow," Liam said, looking deep in thought. "That's old school."
"What's old school?" Niall asked. "Giving creepy gifts?"
"I've never known an alpha to do it, to be honest, but he's courting you."
Louis couldn't contain his look of disbelief directed at Liam. "He's courting me. Like some sort of romantic shit they'd do in the 1800s or something?"”
from eight until late, i think about you by supernope
“After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. They fall for each other long-distance, but put off meeting face-to-face as long as possible, too nervous that they'll screw it all up.
Involves a bunch of YouTube challenges (AKA excuses for Harry to get naked), some awkward snapchat mishaps, and a whole lot of pining.”
face your fears by @sadaveniren
“Harry is a single father, pretending to be a beta after his alpha mated him and left him. He’s getting by just fine raising the twins when Louis walks into his bakery. Too bad him and Louis will never be a thing.”
foolishly, completely falling by dea_liberty
“"Now that he’s actually gone and done it, there seems to be no way of going back - no rinse and repeat, no ctrl+alt+del, no abort button, no help to be had. He’s fallen into a black hole and he cannot seem to find a way out. The black hole is also known as Tumblr. More specifically, it’s known as Tumblr’s Larry Stylinson tag."
OR: The one where Louis becomes a Larry shipper by accident.”
faking it by @donotdialnine
“A uni AU in which Louis has been Harry’s best friend since he offered him cubed fruit on the playground, and they spend more time cuddling in their dorm beds than they do apart, but it’s not like that. Or is it?
Aka Harry pretends to date his best friend to escape unwanted attention from a too insistent classmate and hopes it won’t blow up in his face. Featuring embarrassing dildo accidents, awkward boners, longing, first times, late night conversations, emotional discoveries and Niall as the exasperated friend with bad advice.”
feel so foolish by @juliusschmidt
“Louis and his friends keep laughing at Harry; he's sure of it. But he's not sure why.”
fever started long ago by @mediaville
“"Stay." His brain is skipping backwards but his mouth is skipping forward. "Like, in this bed? With me."
The words hang in the air, somewhere in between their naked chests. Louis licks his lips, and a tiny crinkle appears between his eyebrows. "Why?"
Does there have to be a reason for everything? Does everything have to be a debate? Why does Louis ask 'why?' and not 'why not?' Harry's already annoyed that he wants him to stay. "I'm ill," he says, sniffling for good measure. "I need supervision."
Louis hesitates, looking uncertain, and Harry doesn't like that look on him. "It's late," he says eventually. "You need your rest."
"We'll sleep," Harry promises, and as if on cue, he yawns. He is rather sleepy. "It will be restful."
SPOILER: Styles gets his way. It's not restful.”
fiction romance by orphan account
“Harry has a type.
He likes older, sophisticated, mature men. Well-educated men. Men with life experience and passion for arts and social causes. Men who are established in their careers, who've sorted their lives out.
Niall knows this.
And so Harry can't understand why he's sat here opposite Louis Tomlinson.
A punk Louis/uni Harry blind date AU.”
freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this by @rosesau
“Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him.”
follow me down this time by supernope
“Harry first noticed Louis in his second term at Hogwarts, and despite three years of inventing ways to stumble across Louis, he's never managed to actually work up the courage to speak to him. Also known as, self-indulgent Hogwarts AU, because every fandom needs Hogwarts AUs.”
faith, trust, and a little pixie dust by orphan account
“Louis loves Halloween. Harry hates everything about it, but he loves Louis. And Niall loves vodka and glitter so there's that.
Or the one where Harry has been pining for his best friend and roommate for years. It takes a costume party, an Irish fairy and a sprinkle of pixie dust to give this fairytale prince his happy ending.”
foolishly laying our hearts on the table by @runaway-train-works
““You think Harry wants that?”
“Dunno. Maybe. Wanna make him happy.” Harry takes advantage of the red light he’s pulled up to turn and look properly at Louis’ face. He’s not even looking in Harry’s direction though, focused instead on something out of his side window, head drooped, mindlessly playing with the string of his hoodie between his fingers, lost in his own world somewhere. For some reason, it makes Harry’s spine straighten. 
“Because he’s your best mate?” Harry questions carefully. 
“He’s my boyfriend.”
He couldn’t have heard him right. “What?”
Louis releases a deep breath, still not turning around. Harry wonders who he thinks he’s talking to right now. “He’s so pretty. Want to kiss him all day long. And buy him a big house and give him presents and marry him.”
The one where Harry is in love with his best friend Louis but doesn't think he stands a chance until some wisdom teeth and a rather unusual confession might just change his mind.”
give you my fever by beautlouis
“And he’s wanted it even more since he met Louis, it's driven him insane, he spends 90% of his life turned on because of Louis and he’s had no relief at all. He’ll wake up at night too hot and itchy, with Louis warm and sweet smelling next to him, and unable to do anything but wank unsuccessfully, with no release. “I can try,” Louis says, close enough that Harry’s eyes cross a little trying to look at him. “I want to, I’ve never been with anybody, like, I’ve snogged people, lots of people, but I’ve never—touched anyone.” He clears his throat. “I’d touch you, Hazza.”
Harry’s breathing picks up. “Yes.” He doesn’t think there was a question but he’s a little overwhelmed. “Yes,” he repeats, dizzy.
*x-factor era. harry's never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first”
gathered on wings by @twopoppies
“As Harry lay by Louis’ side, covered in sweat and come, he knew he should feel ugly, messy, ruined, like the life he’d left behind. But something about the way Louis looked at him, the way he stared at him with want and awe, made Harry wonder if he’d ever feel this beautiful again.
Harry rolled his eyes at himself for his momentary romantic dreaminess. As good as this was, he knew it was nothing more than sex. He literally couldn’t afford to fall for just anyone, no matter how fit they were.
What Harry Styles wanted was to be taken seriously as an artist. What he needed was a new sugar daddy to pave the way. Louis Tomlinson is an artist who isn’t what Harry is looking for. Somehow he still manages to turn Harry's world upside down. “
gorgeous (it makes me so mad) by @artxghoul
“Harry’s a coffee barista with nothing really going on for him except for the occasional flirting with, some, particularly hot male customers. But when a new guy starts coming in, he suddenly doesn’t know what to make out of any single situation anymore.
or: Harry is a hot mess. Liam is a brilliant roommate. Niall is a wise lesbian co-worker. Clifford is a good boy. Louis is a bad boy. Circumstances are bizarre.”
got my eyes on you by @eleadore
“Harry’s not supposed to take off his clothes, but it’s one of those unspoken rules, much like don’t have a wank with your best mate and definitely don’t make that a regular thing, fuck, what the fuck.”
give a little sing to the singles by @londonfoginacup
“Harry Styles is an adult now, with a real adult job (and benefits! Whatever those are!). He spends his days at the copier. Copying things.
That being said, no one told Harry that being an adult came with a confusingly chaotic boss, a copier machine that would be hell-bent on ruining his life, and a coworker so good looking that Harry might just have to quit. After all, Christmas is coming and if their office doesn’t win the decorating contest, Louis has threatened to break several laws and kneecaps in retaliation.
Happy Christmas, here’s to many more.”
haven by orphan account
“"I take it you’re not a new student?” “What?” Harry mumbles, caught up in the way his eyes are quite literally sparkling in the light. “Oh—No. Not a student.” “Are you a sub?” Louis asks. Harry clenches his hands into fists, holding them behind his back as he stumbles a bit. “I don’t, uh—I mean. I’ve never really gotten a chance to be a true sub, you know? My ex-partners were always scared they’d hurt me. But, like—If I trusted someone a lot, and if we used a, a safeword. And talked about, you know, boundaries, then—Yes, yeah, I-I’m a sub.” Louis’ eyes are so wide, his cheeks puffing out in the effort to not burst into laughter. “Oh shit, oh my god,” Harry whispers. “You meant—Oh god."”
horizontal like a quarter to three by orphan account
“The worst part is that Louis just wants to get really rough with him. He's wanted it right from the start, and it doesn't make sense, because Harry's always been so gentle and understanding and sweet, and yet all Louis wants to do is fuck him up.”
homegrown by casuallyhi
““It wasn’t an easy decision, if I’m honest,” Harry admits, shoulders sagging in on himself. “Moving is really difficult. My whole life was in Manchester. But Manchester didn’t want me. Leeds did.”
“Well, Leeds is happy to have you,” Louis says, giving Harry a kind smile.
Harry brightens a bit at that, undeniably pleased. “Yeah?”
“Yeah,” Louis replies, expression soft and lips curved.
Or, a gardening AU where Harry is new to town and the newest volunteer at the local gardening club, Louis is the attractive grandson of one of the members, and the nosy volunteers hatch a plan to get them together.”
hike up your skirt (and show your world to me) by anonymous
“Louis has a very hands on approach to training his new secretary. How else can he make sure Harry realizes his full potential?”
have a nice trip by @kingsofeverything
“While Harry and his roommate Louis are stuck at home practicing social distancing, they decide to take a little trip to pass the time.”
holiday greetings (and gay happy meetings) by @2tiedships2
“"Onwards to drop me off at Robert's before you go to Harry's!" Louis proclaimed when they were safely in the car. Or at least Louis was safely in. Niall was still brushing the snow out of his hair that Louis had accidentally dropped on him.
"We're picking up biscuits first," Niall grumbled as the snow melted into his hair. "You can wait in the car."
After three times of the car sounding like it was dying a slow and tragic death, it finally decided to start.
"This is what happens when you try to change the name of your car after five years," Louis said as a reminder of Niall's stupidity. "You'd be upset too if you were a car named Greased Lightning with a passenger trying to get it renamed to Dusty."
"To be fair," Niall explained, "the name Dusty does seem a bit more accurate."
"Make sure to leave the car running while you're getting whatever you're getting from Harry," Louis said in disgust. "This car is going to choke for good after that comment and I don't want to be stuck at Harry's place when that happens."
Or the one where Niall's dead car and and a foot of snow conspire to force Louis into spending time with an alpha he hates.... or does he?”
hard for me to know i might see you around by @coffeelouis
“The next profile shows a guy and his horse both crashing into the ground, the bio below reading:
"Hi, I'm Louis, I suck at riding horses so I ride dick."
Harry rolls his eyes and swipes left, but before he can consider the next profile in his feed, there’s a quiet “Oof” from right behind him.
[or, a TINDER AU where Harry swipes left on Louis' joke of a profile, then ends up stuck next to him on a trans-Atlantic flight.]”
in all its imperfections by @briannamarguerite
“From: Louis Tomlinson To: Undisclosed Recipients
I’ve asked the front desk and you lovely folks are the ones who are on the same level as me in the car park. I found a to-do list today that looked somewhat important because it has lines of poetry scribbled at the bottom that seemed like they might be for a card project. The stationary has a moose in a canoe at the top of it (and he is quite adorable). Let me know if it’s yours!
“Oh. My. Fucking. God,” Harry whispered, his eyes darting over the sentences again willing them not to make sense. They did, they did make sense. “Oh. My. Bloody. Fucking. God.”
The next thing he knew he was on the floor, staring at the ceiling, with a very concerned Liam hovering over his head.
"What happened, mate?" Liam asked.
Harry just pointed to his computer.
Liam bent over Harry’s desk to read the email. “What? This isn’t bad. Is that your to-do list? Did you finally come up with the inside text for those cards?”
“Leeyum" he groaned. “It’s what’s on the list.”
“Oh,” Liam paused for a beat. “Is it dirty stuff?”
Harry nodded.
There was more silence. And then, “Dirty stuff with Louis?””
i wanna get dirty with you by awriterwrites
““You good?”
The man’s voice rang out like clear bells from a church tower, light and airy with a gentle rasp like a knife on toast.
It took Harry a moment to realize he was talking to him.
“Me?” Harry squeaked out, his voice a bit wobbly around the edges.
“Just waiting for you to get settled, sweetheart.”
This guy was a naturalist? The headmaster of an outdoor preschool? Harry felt a little woozy. Like he might collapse or propose. He wasn’t quite sure.
**** Harry is a kindergarten teacher. Louis is revolutionizing education--one child at a time. A conference may be an unlikely place to meet someone, but somehow Harry finds Louis and Louis helps Harry find himself.”
i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck by crybaby
“Harry has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for four years, five months, and thirteen days.
Harry had fallen in love with Louis Tomlinson like how he’d seen in movies, and how he’d read in all the books he’d stolen from Gemma, headfirst and shameless.
The only problem was, that in films and books, love was always either returned instantly, or else it took time for unrequited love to lose the first two letters, and since the first option was obviously not true, Harry decided he would wait for the second to become reality. And so Harry waited, three years, eight months, and four days, before his heart had been broken by a gentle rejection and a misplaced blowjob, before Louis and Gemma had packed up and gone to Manchester for university.
(Harry is a hopelessly romantic omega and Louis is his sister's best friend)”
i want your high love and emotion, endlessly by deLILAh
“au. louis is sick of vajazzling, harry is saving up for a tandem bike, and they master their own destinies.
[or, camboy harry goes in for some intimate detailing, and something big happens.]”
if tomorrow never comes (we had last night) by @fallinglikethis and @all-these-larrythings
“Louis accepts the call without bothering to look at the caller ID. Only Zayn would be a big enough asshole to call him at two in the morning. This fucking better be important. “This fucking better be important,” Louis greets.
On the other end of the line comes a soft giggle. “Li, you don’t usually curse. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.” 
Yeah, that’s not Zayn. Louis sighs, his anger melting into resignation when he realizes that it’s some poor bastard probably drunk dialing his ex or something. “Sorry, mate. Think you’ve got the wrong number.” Based on this Tumblr prompt: "Accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au"”
i’ll crash until you notice me by @aliensingucci
“Louis sets off to Barbados to oversee the massive resort his family owns known as Sandy Hill. For years, he's been looking for a change in the monotony of his life, seeking adventure and perhaps love too. What he doesn't expect is the bright eyed boy who spills a milkshake on his shoes.
Cue the summer loving.”
into another (another) serotonin overflow by mercutionotromeo
“Harry wants this year to be different - wants it to be the year that he finally gets over this stupid crush. He’s going to uni, he needs to decide what he wants to do with his life.
Instead, he’s deciding what he wants to do to Louis Tomlinson.
Or: Sweet first time sex wherein Harry's adorably awkward, Louis is achingly cool, and Harry rides Louis wearing his jersey.”
i’ve been thinking ‘bout it all day lsforever
“When he heard about the job opening, from his nosy Aunt of course, Harry was ecstatic to go down there and talk to the shop owner. Her name is Perrie, and she and her best friend Louis opened the shop together not too long ago. Harry remembers the pair well from when he was in school.
or, Harry gets a job in Perrie and Louis' potion shop. He wasn't planning on the huge crush he develops on his boss.”
i’m not that other guy by @jaerie
“Harry has just come back from maternity leave when he unexpectedly goes into heat. He runs into a coworker on his way out.”
introduction to dynamics by @juliusschmidt
“Louis Tomlinson is the outspoken omega in the 'Introduction to Dynamics' course Harry wishes he didn't have to take. He's nearly certain to present as a beta, after all. Things will be simple for him.”
it’s not what it looks like by @kingsofeverything
“Quarantine allows Harry the time to improve his sewing skills, thanks to the face masks he makes for friends and family. Proud of his work, he posts a picture on Instagram, but it's not what it looks like.”
i’d burn this city down to show you the light by @nobodymoves 
“Harry's a sheltered rich kid and Louis's a punk with a heart of gold. They meet when Louis breaks into Harry's house, Harry obtains an instant and all-encompassing crush, and they spend the summer falling into a whirlwind romance.”
i made a map of your stars by @brightbluelou 
“Harry does not have a crush on Louis Tomlinson. Yes, Louis is very pretty and funny, and Harry may have had more than a few inappropriate thoughts about him, but he certainly doesn’t like him. (Except for the fact that he totally does.) or, Harry is the shy boy in the back of the class that no one really notices. Louis is the loud, outgoing football player that everybody likes.”
in dreams by @haydolce
“AU. When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face.”
i do not feel the fear of falling (thought i could fly) by turismoemocional
“"After months of being showered with attention from the gorgeous boy, Louis feels like he’s experiencing a drought, and he yearns for even a single look in his general direction. He's pining and he knows it, feels like he's wilting. He can’t decide if being fired and arrested and disowned by his mum would have been the better outcome at this point."
Or - Harry is 19, Louis is 25. Student/Teacher relationships should remain strictly professional at all times... That's not to say they always do. Things get messy quickly.”
it’s halftime. are you ready to go? by @gaycousinlarry
“Reason #12 - Because it's halftime.
Harry would like to think that he doesn’t know how he got himself into this. Only… he’d be lying. Because he knows exactly how he got himself into this. Oh man, does he know, and it’s all because of a certain Louis Tomlinson. Alternatively - football is gay and Harry is trying to cope.”
it’s like i breathe you by orphan account
“Louis shrugs, grabbing the smoothie and taking a sip of it. He’s not really bragging. But. “I’ve kind of always had everything I wanted.”
“Everything?” Harry asks, genuinely interested, his green eyes wide.
Louis looks at Harry, smiling at him across the table and twirling a curl around his finger. Not everything.
or the one where louis volunteers to teach high school students about the ropes of business and running a company of your own, but he certainly does not plan on running into harry styles.”
i know how to whisk (but teach me anyway) by @2tiedships2
“Louis scrunched his eyebrows in confusion. “I don’t understand. Unmated alphas don’t just go into a rut out of nowhere. Unless…”
Louis grabbed onto Niall’s arm in desperation. “Am I a homewrecker? Does Harry have a mate? Oh my God, was he not flirting? Did the change in his scent not have anything to do with my smell yesterday? Did I just make that up!?”
Louis let go of Niall and dropped his face in his hands. “I knew it was too good to be true.”
“You’re an idiot,” Niall stated. Louis looked up to find Niall rolling his eyes. He snapped his laptop closed and moved to stand up. “I need to get some work done. Why don’t you stay here and think back to ABO dynamics 101.”
With that Niall hopped off the couch and headed to his room. He stopped and turned to Louis before he made it to the hall and said, “Oh, and Lou. You may want to reconsider your outlook on soulmates.”
Louis yelled after him. “Soulmates aren’t a thing, Niall!”
Or the one in which banana bread just might make Louis change his mind about soulmates.”
it’s in the contract by anonymous
““I can’t make rent this month,” Harry says.
“Awesome,” says Mitch. Mitch is the house leader. He’s the one leading the house meeting. “Free your schedule on Friday, Phi Sigma Kappa are coming over for game night anyway.
Harry swallows, nodding. “Alright,” he says.
Harris puts a hand on his thigh. “Hey,” he whispers into Harry’s ear. “I’d pay at least thirty for you.”
Harry snorts. “Thanks,” he says. “Good to know I’m an expensive bitch.””
just jump by @jaerie 
“Finally, after years of suffering alone, the insurance plan at Harry's new job covered omega heat services. As a grown omega adult, it finally felt like the right time to try it out. And, since taking an entire week of heat leave would really put him behind at work, using a service to shorten it seemed like a responsible decision. At least that’s how he rationalized it. He was nervous about his decision but it was too late. The doorbell rang.
“Hi!” The alpha said again and Harry took the hand he offered and shook it firmly. “I’m Louis from Omega Services. It’s nice to meet you.””
just for me by @canonlarry
“Harry is a supermodel with a fake boyfriend. Louis is the captain and star forward of Manchester United with a fake girlfriend. They should have no problem having a completely platonic lunch between friends.
(They do.)”
just one look (and i fell so hard) by @disgruntledkittenface
“Louis takes a small step back, breaking the moment first. “Well, I should–” 
“Do you want to come up?” 
The words are out of Harry’s mouth before he’d even planned them, and he bites his lip. 
“Oh, thank god,” Louis laughs, stepping back into Harry’s space. “I wasn’t, um…” “Wasn’t ready to let go of you yet,” Harry finishes quietly, glancing up at Louis. “Yeah,” Louis nods, reaching up and twirling one of Harry’s curls in his fingers. “Yeah, exactly.”
Harry has wanted to go to the Shubert Theatre ever since he moved to New York and lucked into a rent-controlled apartment just outside of the Theatre District. When he finally gets his chance, he hopes the night can meet his sky-high expectations. But the last thing he could have expected was the man seated next to him.”
know you better. by @wabadabadaba
“It didn't help that oftentimes Niall and Zayn's other friend, Louis joined them and from all the stories Marcel has heard about Louis, he was positive they wouldn't get along. From their description, Louis was loud, annoying, and competitive. He liked to tease Niall and Zayn mercilessly and he was creative. Being a tattoo artist, Louis knew things about art that Marcel would simply never understand due to his analytical mindset. He was the complete opposite of Marcel and Marcel didn't think he would ever last in a social setting where he had to be with Louis.
or the one where Marcel and Louis fall in love.”
kiss me on the mouth and set me free by @maggieisalarrie
“Louis has his head thrown back in a laugh, his wet fringe hanging in front of his eyes, and a beautiful flush to his cheeks. From this angle, the sun hits his face just right to where the beams of light are shining in between the spaces of each individual clump of watered down eyelashes. His chest is showing through the soaked material of his white jersey and it seems that his biceps are attempting to break free from the sleeves that are clinging to his skin.
And Harry can do nothing except take it all in. He doesn’t even think he’s breathing at this point. He is literally stuck in place, admiring the true beauty of Louis Tomlinson, while being surrounded by fit footballers and generally attractive people. He doesn’t think he’s ever been in love before, but if Louis let him, he’s pretty damn sure he could change that in the matter of a few nanoseconds.”
kiss from a rose by @chloehl10
“Harry is the quiet one in the office no one ever notices. Until Louis does, that is. When notes start appearing on Harry’s desk, he ponders who is behind the kind words, oblivious to Louis’ attempts to get his attention...”
knock knock, i love you by beautlouis
““Well,” Louis says, searching for something to relieve this tension. “I think if a bloke gets kicked out of his stats exam for a knock knock joke, he deserves to hear the punchline, yeah?”
“Oh!” Harry says, beaming. “I forgot where we left off, what was it again?” He looks overjoyed to be exchanging a shit joke.
“Ah, you said knock knock, then I said who’s there, and then you said Noah,” Louis supplies helpfully. He hates that he's actually curious about the rest of the joke. “So, Noah who?”
“Oh,” says Harry, in a much different tone, dragging out the syllable. He looks bashful now. Louis cannot keep up with this boy, it's going to kill him. “Right, well.” He shuffles his feet. Fuck, what kind of knock knock joke gets a boy nervous? “Noah a good place we could get something to eat?”
[Harry and Louis get kicked out of a statistics exam for passing a knock knock joke note, and subsequently fall in love. Harry's a virgin, there's a cat, a hot cocoa date, a lot of sex, even more knock knock jokes, and everything is lovely and happy.]”
love is divine by @aliensingucci
“Being a witch doesn't help when it comes to unrequited love.”
let me outshine the moon by sarcasticfluentry
““Fuck,” echoes Liam, shaking his head at them with a small smile on his face. “Just don’t get yourselves killed.”
“You can come too, if you want,” says Niall, standing up.
“I wouldn’t be caught dead at a vampire bar,” Liam scoffs, standing up as well. “Wait. Fuck.”
...or, boarding school students Niall and Harry chance a trip to the local vampire bar.”
let’s talk about making love by istajmaal
““That’s my name, baby, I’m Louis.” The voice on the phone inhales sharply, then says, “Gonna take my cock now, princess?”
Harry lets out a high-pitched mhmm and shudders as he pulls his fingers out of his hole, groping for the vibrator. “Nice to meet you,” he says, feeling a bit dizzy with how hard his untouched cock is.
Louis is just a simple phone sex line operator, but to Harry, he's Daddy.“”
loving you is free by @littlelouishiccups
“Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn't been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry.”
laundry room by beautlouis 
“The third Wednesday of the new year, Louis finds himself in the laundry room, just as he was the last Wednesday and the one before that. He’s doing pretty well with his New Year’s resolution. The only problem so far is the company he finds in the laundry room. It seems that it’s just him and one other boy who’ve chosen late Wednesday nights as prime laundry-doing time. That wouldn’t be a problem except for who the other boy is.
He’s seen this boy around; it’s hard to miss the long-legged, long-haired dream that lives in Louis’ complex. He likes to wear very sheer shirts and very high boots; he is incredibly fucking gorgeous and yeah, Louis’ noticed him but he’s never spoken to him. Until tonight, apparently.
[Louis and Harry are both students living in the same apartment complex. They end up having the same laundry night and time. Louis can't stop staring at Harry and he can't figure out why Harry consistently points out Louis’ inside-out shirts, and his untied shoes, and messy hair. Enter slow burn-ish flirting, banter, awkwardness, and a lot of laundry.]”
lead me out on the moonlit floor by @scrunchyharry and @beauxbatonslouis
“In all honesty, Harry was long forgotten, cast aside by a dimpled stranger and too much champagne. He was almost glad, now, that Harry hadn’t come, because he wouldn’t have met this stranger, this tall man who could make his heart flutter with a single glance. 
Victorian!AU where Louis is a wealthy lord throwing a masquerade ball for his birthday and Harry is a toymaker who's only confident when he's wearing a mask.”
let our hearts collide by @crinkle-eyed-boo
““Liam is in a coma.” “Yeah, we can see that,” the father says, throwing his hands in the air. “God, this is the most depressing Christmas ever,” the blonde sister mutters. “His vital signs are strong,” Dr. Higgins assures them. “Brain waves are good–” “Brain waves?” the mother wails, taking Liam’s hand in hers. “Oh my God!” “How did this happen?” the father demands. “Um, he was pushed from the platform at the subway station,” Harry pipes up. The entire family turns to look at him, confused. Harry shrinks back, wishing he could have just kept his big mouth shut. “Who’s this?” the father asks, pointing at him. “Um, I’m Harry–” he starts. “He’s Liam’s fiancé!” Jade adds helpfully from where she stands by the door. Every jaw in the room drops, including Harry’s. Oh, shit. Shit shit shit. What?
When Harry, a lonely transit worker, saves the life of the handsome commuter he's been secretly pining for, an innocent mistake results in Liam Payne's family believing that Harry is engaged to their son. In the Paynes, Harry finds the big family he's always longed for...and a love he never saw coming.
A While You Were Sleeping AU”
lemon eyes by @turnyourankle
“It's not proper for omegas to mess around with alphas before finding their bondmate. But Harry doesn't give a damn what's proper and fully intends on getting as much experience as he can before even trying to find one. As far as he's concerned, the right alpha won't care, and he'll have some fun on the way.
And who better to start with than Louis Tomlinson, the alpha with the worst reputation on campus?”
like how your hands feel me up and down by ballsdeepinjesus
““How do I look?” Harry asks lowly. He turns around and gestures towards the unzipped back of his skirt for him to help. Louis stumbles forward and places a cold hand on the exposed side of Harry’s stomach, steadying him while he pulls the zipper up the rest of the way. He pushes Harry back into the dressing room and stands behind him in front of the mirror. “It’s -- you’re tight,” Louis chokes. “It’s tight, I mean. It’s. Yes.” His hand is curved around his hip now, squeezing lightly.
“Tight’s good, right?” Harry murmurs, batting his eyelashes. He almost can’t believe himself.
“Very good,” Louis grunts.
[louis works in a halloween shop and harry needs a costume]”
my pleasure (to make you mine) by @zanniscaramouche
““Think about it.” Niall raises an eyebrow at him before amiably leading the interrupting customer to the other side of the store.
And the thing is, even a day later, Harry's done nothing but think about piercing his nipples.
Harry decides to get his nipples pierced. Louis is the piercing artist with a smile that breaks every rule of the universe.”
my service, your pleasure by @hershelsue
“Harry moves in with Louis, his childhood best friend. He had always enjoyed doing things for him, never putting much thought into it. What happens when they're in the same space all the time and Harry can't keep his hands to himself? Surely, his adoration bursts at the seams and a very suspicious Louis tries his best to keep up.”
milk kinship by @jaerie
“Harry had aspired to become a wet nurse since first learning about the honored and respected tradition when he was a teenager. The first documentary he’d seen had been detailed and brutally honest and Harry had still fallen in love with the idea. It’s origins were rooted in highly regarded positions of the royal staff and were credited in playing a role in the lives of some of the most famous children in history. There were medically trained wet nurses and other milk services for mothers unable to feed their babies, but true wet nurse nannies could only be afforded by the rich and famous. The glamorous life appealed to Harry even if his understanding of his role changed to a more realistic view over time. As a starry eyed kid, that was where he wanted to be.
Or Harry is a wet nurse and isn't allowed to have an alpha. He may or may not break his vows.”
make tea, not war by @whateverdelusional and @popsongnation
“"Is he the messiest?"
"Does he do the washing up?"
"Does he make his bed?"
"Hopeless, hopeless flatmate. Would you rather be with one of these guys?"
Or: Louis attempts to become a better flatmate, much to Harry's dismay.”
masterpiece by @rainbowsandlovehl
“Harry stared at his phone for five minutes, waiting for a response before giving up. He scrolled through instagram for a while but nothing caught his fancy. He sighed deeply, glancing up for a second before looking at his phone again then blinked. Wait a second... Harry’s head snapped up quickly and he did a double take because this guy surely hadn’t been there the last time Harry had checked the place. No, this person was new and beautiful and different and Harry was pretty sure he was openly gaping at him.
Harry is unwillingly dragged to an art gallery by Niall and his evening turns out better than he expected when he meets Louis. Featuring bad pickup lines and ample flirting.”
meow or never by velvetnoodle (goldfishsunglasses)
“Harry is having a terrible, no good, very bad day.
He’s holed himself up in the back of the university library, stealing an entire sofa for himself. The fact that no one has said anything to him about it just goes to show how much his feelings must be on display. That’s nothing new; Harry’s always worn his heart on his sleeve. And cried easily. Not that he’s crying yet, but he’s close. It’s been a right shit day, and Harry just wants to go back to his room and bury his face in Evie’s soft fur. Unfortunately, he no longer has that luxury.
When Harry is forced to choose between getting kicked out of student housing or giving up his cat, a moment of self-pity leads to the discovery of a third, and much more appealing, option”
my things aren’t the only thing you’ve stolen by beautyhaz
“Harry thinks he's gone insane when things begin to go missing at school and only one boy knows where they are. It turns into more than he expects.”
midnight memories by grand buzz
“Louis Tomlinson is the successful author of several children's books. Those books happen to be the favourites of Eve Styles, Harry’s six year old daughter. Never one to deny her anything, he takes her to a book signing where Louis will also be reading an excerpt from his new book
Of course, Harry doesn't expect to fall in love with the author whose books he reads every night--but that's exactly what happens.“
make him want to sin by @becomeawendybird
“The stranger’s sharp gaze landed on him immediately, the eye contact shattering through Harry’s defenses. For the first time in his life, Harry had an instantaneous reaction to someone. The man stared down at him with interest, like he wanted to take Harry apart and put him back together again, piece by piece. Harry wanted that more than anything, and he wanted it right now. It took every ounce of strength he had ever possessed to not drop down to his knees instinctively.
All from one glance.
Harry is a curatorial assistant at the London Museum of Natural History, on the day of the big annual gala he catches a glimpse of someone unexpected.”
thank you to all the authors for creating wonderful fics! you’re all so talented and valued. i hope i tagged all the right people and if i linked your ao3, it’s bc i couldn’t find your tumblr or it wouldn’t let me tag your tumblr.
i did a-g at like 2 am after taking my sleeping aid, so there is a slight chance that i’m missing a few fics that i love / there are potentially some mistakes in this, but .... what can u do. i did my best lol
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theresthesnitch · 2 days ago
Would ye tell us your favourite ✨non✨text fics?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ask and you shall receive, eh? 🤣 This is part 2 to this rec post!
Rules for this one: I’m skipping WIPs. There are some WIPs that I love, but this list could be MILES long. I also love some of the big ones, but I’m going to more or less skip those. So if you’re looking for this to be Sweater Weather, Liebestraum, Currents, The Barista, the Burglar, and the Sofa, Discards, etc., etc., it’s not. It could be, and they’re all fantastic fics, but they’re on a thousand lists, so let’s go a little different. 
The Road Not Taken by @mollymarymarie​
This. Fic. I cannot rave about it enough. First, Molly just has gorgeous writing in general, and absolutely everything she writes is gold. But this fic? Mirror language to show the feelings that Remus and Sirius are both feeling. The pining and lost love. The coming together. The chocolate. I still want to eat this fic, but only if it’s fed to me by Remus Lupin. 
Rourke by @smodernlife​ 
This fic is so deeply beautiful. Reluctant, reclusive Remus and passionate, patient Sirius. the slow burn, the hard end-of-relationship, the surprise ending. I devoured this fic in one night, and it was a picked it up and couldn’t put it down. It’s gorgeous and beautiful, and definitely have a cup of something warm before you dive in. ​
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by @krethes​ 
This fic is hilarious. They’ve got a lovely relationship, and then the smut (though do you expect anything less from Krethes? lmao). Chapter 3 is my favorite! Check it out. It’s so fun. 
No Matter the Wreckage by @greyeyedmonster-18​ 
This fic is almost as gorgeous as the person who wrote it. It’s an absolute love letter to Sirius Black, and if you aren’t already a little in love with him when you start, you will be by the time it’s over. It’s not all fluffy or fun or perfect, but neither is our boy. He hurts, he grows, and it’s such a journey to take with him. Want more details? I did a full review of it here. 
Fault Lines by @greyeyedmonster-18​
I’m here to hurt you, but it absolutely deserves to be on this list. This fic wrecked me so hard. It’s so pointed and poignant, and UGH, deliciously painful. But it hurts. It hurts so bad that I haven’t been able to make myself reread it, even though I intend to. I literally cried, chapter by chapter. SO, so well done. 
The Things We’d Do For A Coffee Maker by AllThisAndLoveWillRuinUs
This fic is so funny. Remus and Sirius send a wedding registry to Lily--who is famous--in the hopes that her assistant sends them a new coffeemaker and that’s it. Except... she RSVPs and now they’re planning a wedding. It’s basically a game of wedding chicken until.... well, read it and find out! 
I’m going to stop there because I could literally keep going. 
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Do you have anything with twilight and wind fluff?
Here's some
Hair Ties and Lullabies by Wr1t3myWr0ngs - Every now and then, Wind gets to step back into the role of being a big brother. Even if its only for a little while.
Wolves and Waves by Wr1t3myWr0ngs - Twilight gets a guide while exploring Outset in his wolf form.
I'll Walk With You by sister_dear - Wind is badly injured, and Four and Twilight help him.
Adult Fear by Rick_KTish - Wind comforts Twilight after a nightmare.
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fullofstyles · 5 hours ago
nerd harry
jarofstyles - part 2 - 3 - 4
hstyles-1994 (let me love you serie)
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wysteria-clad · 20 hours ago
Fic rec list #2
These are my fav fics 💎
fluff 🌻
Moon knight
✧ Sleep in by @spectors-moon
✧ your smile, you're everything by @dailydoseofchoices
✧ Figs and Honey by @imgoingtofreakoutnow
✧ untitled by @luke-o-lophus
✧ untitled by @dragon-baron
Natasha Romanoff
✧ Just like family by @friendlyneighbourhood-parker
Matt Murdock
✧ Thinking about by @murdocksluvrr
Tumblr media
smut 🔥[minors dni]
Benedict Bridgerton
✧ Acting up by @fayes-fics
✧ Lightning and Lilies by @fayes-fics
✧ Beg by @fayes-fics
Moon knight
✧The suit stays on by @moonlight-presence
✧ Earnings and rewards by @syrma-sensei
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loki-hargreeves · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey lovelies! Here’s some fic recs of the wonderful fics I’ve read this June. As I’m always looking to read more fanfiction, I would be delighted if you recommended me stuff to read as well.
This month has yet again been quite a moon knight centered one...
Fluff - 🌻 Angst - 🥀 Smut/Explicit - 🍑
Some fic writers I’ve discovered this month:
Moon Knight:
Fallen from heaven, grown on earth [Steven Grant x f!Reader and Marc Spector x f!Reader] by @davosmymaster  🍑 🌻🥀
I’m getting to know someone [Marc Spector x f!Reader and Steven Grant x f!Reader] by @davosmymaster  🌻 🥀
No Simple Man [Steven Grant x f!Reader] by @michinnyun 🍑
A Future Without You [Marc Spector x Reader] by @mkfluffluv  🥀
Favourite toy [Steven Grant x f!Reader] by @myfictionaldreams  🍑
Homecoming [Marc Spector x gn!Reader] by @luke-o-lophus 🥀🌻
Knight...Mr Knight [Steven Grant x f!Reader] by @the-archxr  🍑
Our Little Thing [Marc/Steven/Jake x Reader] by @wysteria-clad  🌻
DON’T BLAME ME (LOVE MADE ME CRAZY) [Marc Spector x f!Reader] by @jakelcckley  🍑
How I imagine Steven Grant cuddles [Steven Grant x Reader] by @thisisarcanereverie  🌻
Iced Out [mainly Marc Spector x f!Reader] by @charnelhouse 🍑
Cheer Me Up Before You Go Go [Steven Grant x f!Reader] by @missdictatorme  🍑
Familiar Voice [Steven Grant x f!Reader] by @eloisegrant  🍑
Repeat After Me [Jake Lockley x f!Reader] by @thepsychewrites 🍑🥀
Keepsake [Marc/Steven/Jake x f!Reader]by @wysteria-clad  🌻
Sleepy Thief [Marc Spector x Reader] by @slightlypossessed  🌻
Marc helping you shower after you’ve been attacked [Marc Spector x Reader] by @grantfilms  🥀
dlz ; jake lockley. [mainly Jake Lockley x gn!Reader] by @masterninjacow 🥀🌻
Baking Lessons [Marc Spector x f!Reader] by @bensolosbluesaber  🌻🍑🥀
It’s All Your Fault [Marc Spector x gn!Reader] by @kindaephemeral​ 🥀
Flowers [Marc Spector x f!Reader] by @mrsknightt​  🥀🌻
Star Wars:
The F Word [Poe Dameron x gn!Reader] by @the-little-ewok  🥀🌻
Green, Green Dress [Poe Dameron x f!Reader] by @disabledameron  🍑
The Night that Follows [Poe Dameron x f!Reader] by @roanniom​ 🍑
Guilt [Anakin Skywalker x Reader] by @dracowars​  🥀
Marvel Characters:
Never Worn White [Stephen Strange x f!Reader] by @gaitwae​  🌻
My Pet [Loki x f!Reader] by @sarahscribbles​  🍑
Caught you! [Loki x Reader] by @gaitwae​ 🌻
Other Oscar Isaac characters:
Praise [Santiago Pope Garcia x f!Reader] by @millenialcatlady​ 🍑
In Too Deep [Blue Jones x f!Reader] by @relatable-trxsh​  🍑
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blouisparadise · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here are some amazing bottom Louis fics that were posted or completed during the month of June. We really hope you enjoy this list. Happy reading!
1) Effervescent Opal, Say My Name | Mature | 3463 words
Louis has an oversupply of milk after his first pregnancy and Harry wants nothing more than to suck him dry.
2) Tide's Deathless Death | Explicit | 4350 words
The Red Serpent gleamed in all of her marvellous glory from where she was anchored a meagre few miles away from the land. Her flag waving proudly in the afternoon sun. The image was certainly memorable, of the flag, that is; a serpent coiled viciously around a human heart, fangs sunken into the organ and blood oozing from the very spot. If not for the ship herself, the flag had its own repute of conveying the message that the captain was not to be trifled with.
There was no single man who had survived after taking up arms against the captain. Well, there was one man, but including him amongst the hoard of common faces would be a foolishness on the feared-by-all captain’s part.
That man currently stood silently staring after the captain, palm curled around the handle of his blade, and teeth clenched in anger. He was certainly going to relieve all the navies of their plight by taking down the captain. At least then, in his relatively newfound life of piracy, he would have done one good deed.
3) Nothing Even Matters (As Long As You’re Mine) | Explicit | 5826 words
“Nothing?” Harry can’t help the dry chuckle, running his free hand through his short, wavy hair, messing up his anteriorly perfectly styled locks. “I don’t think grinding on strangers is nothing.” His low, hoarse voice reverberates throughout the empty bathroom and he notes the slight shiver that courses through Louis’ body. The boy fidgets in place and squeezes his thighs together.
4) Is Ur Muffin Buttered? | Explicit | 7053 words
He knew what he was getting into when he began to hook up with Harry Styles. How could he not? Everyone on campus knew about him, the type of player he was, ready to break hearts and beds and all that. But it wasn’t as if he had planned the mess he was getting into it, at least not in the beginning.
5) Taking The Long Way Home | Mature | 12499 words
The line is quiet for a moment before the man asks. “What kind of car you got, honey?” “Uh,” Whether it’s from the pet name or the question, his brain freezes for a second. “It’s pink.”
The man huffs out a laugh. “That doesn’t tell me much, love.” “Sorry, I don’t know cars well.”
The man hums, before saying. “Tell you what, i’ll come out there and get ya, then we’ll talk about the charge on the way back.”
“Really?” He asks. “That’d be amazing.”
“It might take me a minute to get out there, at least thirty or forty. So just sit tight.”
“Alright, thank you. I really appreciate it.” He does a little victory dance in his seat. “My names Louis’ by the way.”
“I’ll see you soon, Louis.”
6) Bundles Of Pride | Teen & Up | 12796 words 
As far as Louis can remember, Harry has always been extremely vocal about his feelings, always making sure to remind him he loves him. It could be overwhelming at times, but endearing most of the time and Louis picked up on the habit as well. Now, married with three kids, the love is only tripled, and thus even if they do have a teenager in a somewhat rebellious phase who is starting to venture the relationship scene - meaning he is trying to distance himself from his parents. Harry finds it amusing while Louis is trying to be okay watching his boy grow and go through the motions the way he once did.
7) Baby, You're The End Of June | Explicit | 13684 words
“Up for it, Harold? We can go over the rundown when we get back. If you’re not busy then.”
“Yeah, sounds good,” Harry says, closing his laptop and setting it on Louis’ desk. “It’s just Harry, though.”
“You look like a Harold,” Louis says, standing up and brushing some brownie crumbs off his t-shirt. Harry briefly wonders how he’s still hungry for lunch after demolishing half the plate of brownies as he stands and moves into the hallway. “It’s the cardigan, I think.”
“You guys can flirt on the way,” Niall says over his shoulder, beckoning for them to follow him as he strides down the row of cubicles. “Come on, I’m starving.”
Harry looks at Louis, but he just laughs as they follow Niall. Oh. He thought he’d been picking up a vibe while they hung out, but apparently not. Well, it’s better to know how Louis feels now, so he can nip his growing crush in the bud. Louis is a great guy, at least they can be friends as well as coworkers.
8) Three's A Crowd, Four's A Party | Mature | 16569 words
"Morgan, sweetie, mommy and daddy have something we want to talk to you about."
The little girl looks at them confused, having no idea what's about to happen.
"First I want to tell you that we love you very much and nothing will ever change that, okay?"
"I love you too!"
Louis smiles. "What we wanted to talk to you about is that there's going to be some changes around here soon."
"Because mommy's having a baby."
9) Angel Of Small Death And The Murder Scene | Explicit | 20634 words
Ever since Louis read about the new up and coming Detective in town, he had immediately disliked the man, despite never having met him. So, naturally, it can only be the worst thing that could have happened to Louis when he gets stuck with Detective Styles trying to solve a murder during his supposed to be relaxing vacation over the seas.
10) Lonely Shadow Dancers | Explicit | 20838 words
“Mm,” Harry’s arms circle him, and their fumbling somehow turns into a cuddle session, “still can’t believe we’re here together.”
Growing up with someone, one tends to become used to another. Used to the mannerisms and personality of them. Used to the changes and the things that stay the same.
Harry hit puberty and sprung up into this cheeky curly flirt of an alpha and Louis still hasn’t found the time to get used to it. His stomach flutters and he bites back a stupid smile and wonders if he ever will.
11) Worth the Wait | Explicit | 29262 words
In all the words Louis would use to describe a baby shower, the last one he’d ever thought to use was depressing.
12) You Fill My Lungs With Sweetness (Can I Be Close to You?) | Explicit | 29884 words
Busy picturing Harry’s stupid face on the stupid dummy, Louis goes through a series of kicks before returning to a low guard and cycling through punches. Harry’s still talking, gesturing with his hands as he rounds Louis, standing to his back. “You do a few butt-shaping exercises, tighten this up a little bit,” he smacks Louis’ arse and the omega freezes while Harry cheerfully continues, “you could pull this off.”
“You know what?” Louis snaps, lifting on his tiptoes to get the leverage so he can wrap his arm around the alpha’s neck, forcing him to bend in half while Louis locks him in a chokehold. “Pull this off,” he snarls. They stagger over a few steps, Louis gritting his teeth as Harry tries to break free. “Is it because Payne hates me?” he complains, voice edging on an annoyed whine, “Or is it, like, an omega thing?”
Too late, Louis realizes that Harry has got a grip on his leg and this time as he pulls against Louis’ hold, it loosens, the alpha lifting him in the air before slamming his back into the mat, breaking Louis’ grip completely. Harry kneels on the mat, hovering over him with a sneer, “Don’t kid yourself. Nobody thinks of you that way.”
13) Code Blue | Teen & Up | 40546 words
During their last show, Louis, unexpectedly, passes out backstage. When he comes to, Harry forces him to go to the hospital. What the doctors find is about to change their lives forever.
14) Insane | Mature | 47013 words
"Did you hear that? "
Truth or dare is said to be a fun, innocent game played among children and young adults at parties or with friends, so no one expected two high-school boys' lives to be at risk all because of one stupid dare.
15) Home Is Where The Heart Is (But God, I Love The English) | Explicit | 47458 words
“Niall, there is absolutely no bloody way your club shelled out over £400,000 to have Harry Styles ugly mug plastered all over London’s bus stops.” Louis scowls from the passenger seat as their car flies by yet another bus stop with his sworn enemy’s face on it.
“Harry was a proper diva that day too,” Niall fondly reminisces of the alpha. “Kept demanding they redo his hair and swatting away any of the players who touched it.”
“They could've done his hair six ways to Sunday and he still wouldn’t look any more attractive than some bigheaded giraffe type,” Louis continues on his tirade, hoping to get his best mate to commiserate with him, but it’s becoming increasingly far-fetched, especially since said best mate is also on the same football team as said giraffe.
16) Heat Wave | Mature | 64100 words
Italy, 2018. Summer in Italy is sticky, especially in Marina di Pietrasanta. Louis Tomlinson, a soft and independent omega, goes to spend his holidays there with his daughter Alice. He has rented a vacation home built on a large estate owned by one Harry Styles, a kind-hearted alpha who is not very fond of children, but he tries.
A lot can happen in fifteen days.
17) These Still Waters Run Deep | Explicit | 64602 words
“You and your brother are very different in that way,” Louis hums, noticing the subtle tick in the alpha’s jaw.
“Andrew and I are different in many ways,” he states, nostrils flaring the slightest.
Louis sighs from his nose. “I have never been one to conform to the conventional standards of royal morals. They’ve placed me in a box that I do not fit in, leaving me always wanting what I cannot have. It’s natural, at this point, to hold my words and pray everything blows over without a fuss.”
“You are free to speak as you wish,” Harry says intently, the ‘with me’ goes unsaid but it’s there, reassuring. “What do you want, Louis?”
Clacking hooves outside the house and the whinny of the horses for their carriage are loud in the silence as Louis thinks, staring at the alpha painted in orange and yellow and thinking ‘you’—knowledgeable and confident and willing to speak. I want to be like you. I want you.
18) Late Nights And Good Intentions | Explicit | 71808 words
“About last night,” Harry says suddenly, as if he’d been debating on whether to say anything. Louis whips back around to look at him.
“Do not finish that thought,” Louis says just as abruptly.
Harry looks at him oddly, as if assessing him. With a small frown, it seems the assessment is over. “I only wish to say that you do not have to dwell on it. The rest of the men will surely forget by tonight.”
“And you?” Louis asks, raising an eyebrow. “Will you forget?”
“I will remember every second of it fondly,” the Lord says, no trace of a tease in his words.
19) Lost & Found In Oblivion | Explicit | 74779 words
Everything wasn’t at all like he had planned. He was supposed to answer the door calmly and coolly, like a proper experienced adult dressed in protective hoodie and joggers. Not like this. But this was what he had and he had no choice but to roll with it.
“I fucking paid for this, didn’t I?” Louis muttered to himself and took a huge inhale.
20) Cherry Red And Gloomy Blue | Explicit | 94940 words
There was an alpha in his kitchen.
There was an alpha in his kitchen and he was in his panties and he reeked of sweat. Oh my God, he thought, what—
Suddenly, their eyes met. A strangled sound came out of Louis’ mouth as he got caught staring, his lips still parted as he scrambled to find something, anything, to say. The alpha preceded him.
“Cazzo,” he cussed, the glass he was holding in one of his hands almost slipping from it. He looked as surprised as Louis felt.
21) Locked Hearts | Explicit |100486 words
England, 1840. Triggered by a heart filled with ambition, the powerful Pack Alpha Harry Styles decides to create an alliance with the neighboring pack through marriage. The de Winters, having heard of Styles’ reputation as a charming yet abusive lover, refuse to put their only omega son through a life of misery—although they have no qualms coming up with a plan to make the advantageous alliance happen, even if it means subjecting someone else to that fate.
Enters Louis Tomlinson, a servant with a pitiful past who, against his wish, finds himself roped into a dangerous scheme that might very well cost his life in the end.
22) Sweet Lou | Explicit | 115949 words
The Sweet Lou is a mafia romance between Louis and Harry. Louis is the son of a mafia don, and Harry heads his own crime family. Though he's destined to marry Louis’ sister, they can't escape their obvious connection.
Check out our other fic rec lists by category here and by title here.
You can find other monthly roundup fic rec lists here.
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fallingforfictionalmen · 2 hours ago
June Favs
here’s my favorite fics i read in June!!   ** indicates smut, but if the work says 18+ regardless of sexual content pls respect the author these are all (character) x fem!reader or (character) x gn!reader (i literally only read steve harrington this month so there's a LOT of that sorry)
Peter Parker (TASM)
Drunk!Peter blurb - @luveline
Natasha Romanoff (MCU)
A Nightmare - @mcuwritin
Bucky Barnes (MCU)
Awake My Soul (masterlist) - @foreverindreamlandd
For You - @fandoms-writings
Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
untitled - @teenwolffan-with-nolife
Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)
**Between two scoops** - @hawkins-losers
**7 Minutes in heaven** - @ ↑
drabbles masterlist - @luveline (just read all of them honestly)
**distraction** - @arachine
**untitled** - @indiefilmfatale
**Slick Like Summer** - @upsidedownwithsteve
**All Day** - @midnightreid
Not Far Off - @magicchai
**Untitled** - @ochre-girl
**Needy** - @sharpsapphic666
i told you, a lot of steve...
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icemankazansky · 4 hours ago
Hey, I want to ask what are your favorite IceMav stories? On Ao3, tumblr or whatever side you read fics. ☺️
You have no idea what you've just summoned.
Come sit by me.
You have asked for my favorite Icemav stories, which means that this list is going to leave off some truly excellent Icemav, because for the most part my favorites, the ones I read over and over again, are more lighthearted and sexy and have happy endings.
These stories are all Top Gun, and they're all Icemav, so I've only listed the rating by each title.
In no specific order:
by @boasamishipper :
Since she began creating for Top Gun in 2019, Boa has become a fixture of the fandom, an important voice that is capable of both the fluffiest fluff and the most heart-rending angst. She writes mostly Icemav, but she has branched out more than a lot of people from the pre-TGM era, and written more pairings and more characters than any other TG writer I know personally. This list might look a little odd to some people more familiar with her work, because she has written some amazing, novel-length AUs and crossovers and plotty, heavy stuff, but again, these are my favorite stories, and I like her Icemav when they're soft.
Word on the Street (Teen) Sharon looks down at her wedding ring and says a prayer for the handsome Navy pilot that’s heading their way. He’s got no idea what he’s in for. / Or, Iceman and Maverick versus the Real Housewives of Fallon, Nevada.
This is an outsider POV story in which Ice and Maverick scandalize (and titillate) the suburbs of Fallon, completely on accident. It's funny, it's sweet, and the payoff at the end is so satisfying.
let's talk about sex, baby (let's talk about you and me) (Teen) This is a college AU for the prompt: I keep coming in to take condoms from the health services desk because I think you’re cute and I’m pretty sure you must think my sex life is wild.
In which Pete Mitchell, over the course of a semester of college, continually fails to ask Tom Kazansky to go out with him. This one is light and funny and kind of innocent and hopeful in a way, because they're young and they have crushes, and nothing is more important than that ... except maybe that organic chemistry final.
when i see your face (General) In which Maverick Mitchell wakes up from surgery, high on painkillers, and hits on his husband.
This is everything I want for modern Icemav. They're married, they're so sweet together, and they love each other so, so much. Drugged Maverick is hilarious, long-suffering Ice is gentle and totally smitten; this is comfort food in text form.
'cause the cat's the only cat (who knows where it's at) (Teen) “So you mean to tell me,” Ice says, “that my alien cat is having alien kittens?”
I love Boa's Top Gun/MCU crossovers. I think they're incredibly well done, they are respectful to both canons, and they're innovative and clever. I like the Captain Marvel series the best, I think, and while I reread a lot of those stories, this one has to be my favorite. Chewie the Flerken has kittens, and it totally ruins everyone's life until it doesn't. Sweet, sooooooo funny, unexpectedly warm.
it's centrifugal motion, it's perpetual bliss (Mature) Kiss prompts from Tumblr.
There was a fic meme of kiss prompts going around a couple years ago, and this isn't so much one, unified fic as it is 10 vignettes of important kisses. They range from sweet to passionate to bittersweet, and they show the best of Iceman and Maverick together as a couple. I love, love, love these little peeks into the like Ice and Mav built together.
by @susiecarter :
I'm going to be honest with you: In 2020, @susiecarter wrote me a story for Id Pro Quo, which is an annual ficswap in which you request a pairing and up to 20 freeform tags that are meant to satisfy your id. These are guilty pleasure, don't judge me I'm having an amazing time right now stories, and she absolutely blew my damn mind, and then she did it twice more. So, yes, these stories were all written with my exact specifications in mind, but that doesn't mean they aren't all fucking amazing, because they are. As a writer, @susiecarter is so pithy and sharp and very, very well-balanced, and her prose is visceral and tangible and, occasionally, unexpectedly tender and lyrical. All three of these stories are blistering hot with perfect characterization, great sex that does not shy away from honest emotion and real intimacy, and her use of plane metaphors is spot on without ever being cliche or cheesy.
fire in the sky tonight (Explicit) Graduation from TOPGUN was one thing. It was great, no question, but it was just the warm-up. You hadn't made it, really made it, until you got hitched.
This is a canon-compliant (mostly) arranged marriage fic in which Iceman and Maverick consummate their nuptials just a couple hours after the dogfight for the Layton. It is stupid hot. Maverick is nervous and a virgin but still not wanting to give Iceman an inch, and Ice is cool and deadly, smolderingly competent, and he takes care of Maverick while also taking him the fuck apart. Plus, maybe they actually love each other? So good.
A Shared Cup (Mature) It was only a training exercise. It was only supposed to be a training exercise.
Ice and Maverick fuck up and end up telepathically linked. DEEP deep. Then what happens is they end up learning each other from the inside out, and while the brass is trying to figure out how the hell to fix this MASSIVE error, Maverick is just trying to hide from Ice that maybe his feelings on the matter, and his feelings about Ice, have changed. This is a gorgeous study of both characters, and the payoff at the end is totally earned.
and gamble for the sun (Mature) It's like this: Maverick and the Iceman make bets, sometimes.
This story is kind of like sitting in a pot of water. First everything is still, and you're just floating there, and then you notice that the water is beginning to warm up, and before you know it, it's boiling around you, and you might burn up and you might drown and it doesn't really matter which one. For me, more than anything, the small details in this story are incredibly sexy and incredibly intimate, and the ending is surprising but perfect and handled perfectly, and it's just gorgeous, the prose and the heat and the emotions, how they're all there and all balanced so perfectly. It's a killer.
by chemm80:
What You Don't Know (Explicit) Maverick finds Iceman handcuffed to his bed. He has a hard time getting over it.
ME TOO. I first read this fic when it came out 10 years ago, and it's still one I go back to. Maverick and Ice are still really figuring out how to be around each other as just colleagues and friends when Maverick sees something he was never meant to see, and it sends him into a tailspin. Things get complicated, and it's handled beautifully, with Maverick especially pushing through the quagmire of his emotions to get to the truth, and Ice vulnerable in more ways than one. Plus, hot. Did I mention it's really hot?
by DeeEffGee
Drugs (Teen) “Ice, you have to take the pain meds. Every six hours-”
Maverick is stuck doctoring Ice, and Ice hates it for a different reason than Maverick first imagined. Maverick and Ice are both sharp together here, the push-and-push-back kind of banter and dares as in the film, until they both surprise themselves, and then ... they are, like, 25% nicer.
by Pink_and_Velvet
You took a fall, then you landed soft. (Teen) Iceman comes up with a game, to prevent Maverick’s downward spiral and also, get him naked.
Ice doesn't like seeing Maverick torture himself, so he does something about it. A nice study of both characters in the wake of Goose's death, and also games that involve forfeiting clothing are always a good thing.
The Prom King (Teen) A high school AU in which Iceman and Maverick are seniors with prom around the corner, and some unresolved feelings to deal with.
This is a really cute first time fic where Ice is one of the cool kids and Maverick isn't quite sure what to do with him. (But he figures it out.) Like a teen romcom, but Icemav.
by @genderfluidsodapopcurtis :
A Kiss on the Inside of the Wrist (General) There are parts of Ice’s body that Maverick only ever sees from up close.
This one is short, but very sweet. I love lazy, sleepy Icemav.
by @victimofthemusic :
Bri excels at writing extremely sexy fic that also completely expresses how stupid in love the characters are for each other. Her characterization is sharp and distinctive, and she has no problem bouncing from completely lovesick to desperately horny to lightly teasing in the same page. She's also writing a lot for Top Gun: Maverick and its new characters, so if you're interested in that, take a look at her AO3 profile.
you're trying hard not to show it, but baby i know it (Teen) Ice wants to know who Maverick was before he became Maverick. He wants to know Pete Mitchell, too, because they’re two parts of the same whole and Ice wants to love that part, too. Because Pete Mitchell was worth loving just as much Maverick Mitchell was worth loving. And God, does Ice love him.
This is beautiful characterization of both Ice and Maverick, and it's sweet and sexy and heartbreaking and hopeful all at once. Beautiful, fulfilling, so satisfying.
the further on the edge, the hotter the intensity (Explicit) Five times Maverick and Ice have sex in places they totally weren't planning to.
This is so, so sexy, but more than that, it's a beautiful picture of Maverick and Ice's love story. The sex is scorching, but it's definitely not just sex. There's always an exploration of the emotional component of their relationship, even when Ice is getting fucked over Maverick's desk, and the relationship progresses in a way that will twist your heart but ultimately leave you feeling soft and warm.
by weshes:
Fire or Clear (Mature) It takes Ice and Maverick about ten years and a divorce to figure it out, but eventually they do.
This story has so much packed into it. The characterization is so sharp, and the way Ice and Maverick interact and move around each other after knowing each other for so long is comfortable, familiar, but with an undercurrent of simmering heat building to a boil. The sex is hot, and the dialogue is fantastic, all around well done.
by @guiltyfandomtrashwonderland :
She was made in a lab to destroy me. Nat writes some of the most in-depth, well-researched, layered fanfiction I've ever read. She sees the characters differently than I do, but it's in a way that intrigues me, and I love the way she writes them individually and as a couple. Her stories are so funny and so much fun without sacrificing emotion and vulnerability and the difficult realities the characters sometimes face.
A Chance Engagement (Explicit) In which Maverick sells ass, Ice buys some, and both of them end up with far more than they bargained for.
I cannot tell you how deeply, deeply satisfying it is to read BDSM written by people who actually know what they're talking about. This story, which takes place during the TOPGUN contest that is the focus of the first film, is funny and sexy and complex. It is at turns euphoric and hilarious and tense and devastating. It's a beautiful look at how Iceman and Maverick come together in this universe, and it's satisfying on so many levels.
Stormclouds in a Pale Sky (Explicit) Thirty years later, some people still didn’t get it.
This is a sequel to A Chance Engagement set in the TGM timeline. Thirty years later, Ice and Maverick are still together, still stupid in love, and still sharing a thriving, if slightly unconventional, sex life. This is sexy and fun and less painful, emotionally, than the first story, but it's got deep, true, long-term love and some bittersweet moments reflecting on growing older and the things it changes and the things it takes away ... and the things it can never change. Gorgeous.
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gentrychild · 5 hours ago
I would like to recommend this beauty of a fic don't you just want to go apeshit?by kkachis, MargaritaDaemonelix
Todoroki goes feral
Thank you!!!
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kiyo-maji · 20 hours ago
Have any good bkdk fic recs???
Yes!!! These are a few of them that i have bookmarked-
The Only One He Wanted by Fawn_Eyed_Girl
This one is super cute. Class 3-A sets up a kissing booth and Izuku is the main attraction.
Love and Literature by Fawn_Eyed_Girl
Izuku goes to read in a park where he runs into Katsuki who asks him to read outloud to him so he can get some shuteye. This one was really sweet and so much fun to read.
I'm In Love with My Gym Bro by TargaryenJedii
This is a fic based on this reddit post and asjosjdjdn I'm so glad somebody made a bkdk fic out of it.
Cuddle Buddy by category6
This one was so cute, fluffy, sappy and it made me emotional. It was really, really good! It also has Seroroki!
my hero, my love by @deadwriter16
This is a collection of bkdk drabbles and it's amazing!! It has fluff and angst and humour, and it's just like perfect!
The Secret Ingredient is The Screams of The Damned... and Love, But Mostly The Screams Of The Damned by Palaedeon
We get soft Kacchan and what more could you ask for???
You feel like home (You are home) by @jekacatrina
I love this one sm. Married bkdk and Izuku loses his memories. This is like one of my comfort fics.
Co-op by MikaCrispy
I know this is like in every rec list but i am still gonna rec it to you. Streamer Katsuki x Gamer Izuku. It's absolutely adorable!
Trending: #LetDekuSmash by s_the_queen
It's funny and fluffy. You need to read this! I read this fic a while back but it's still one of my favourites.
They Took the Wisdom With the Teeth by asdjfkl129
Another one i read a while back and another one of my favourites. Married bkdk, Katsuki gets his wisdom teeth surgery.
Soft. So Soft. by @missingbk-dkhours
This fic feels like a warm hug.
synthetic boyfriend material by @deadwriter16
Deku's a big'ol simp for Kacchan<33
A Falling Star Fell From Your Heart by @amarettocoffee
This one was one i found in a rec list and i love it sm!
sticky note crushes by ladyofsnails
Ummm... Yes!! This one is so good!! It's so sweet and cute!!!
pretty boy ;D by ladyofsnails
I love this with every bone in my body
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bucksplum · 16 hours ago
can yall please help me find a fic ive been trying to find?
Its a bucky x reader oneshot, where reader sees bucky not being himself. not the winter soldier, but a version before that, like when he was held captive. and hes so scared.
And the scene that i remember was that of reader asking him to take his clothes off (cause she was preparing a shower for him) and he immediatly takes off his clothes, and i remember reader thinking in that moment, that hydra may be asking him that and humiliating him and laughing at him. but thats all i remember:,)
PS: i know it sound like Purgatory from @wkemeup, but its not:>
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Tumblr media
June 2022 Reading List 
Another month down and here is another list of incredible fics that you should definitely check out. I keep my all time favourite fics on @trekkingaroundficrecs as well, so you can find more great stories there too!
Also, massive shout out this month to @youvebeenlivingfictional and @writefightandflightclub for making me absolutely obsessed with the asshole that is Nathan Bateman - you guys are awesome, I think I’ve read everything on your masterlists for him now and don’t know what to do with myself any more aha 
Be sure to read the warnings on each fic, and enjoy!
Key: ^^ angst, ** fluff, “” whump, hurt/comfort, !! smut, ++ personal favourite
** Wanna See A Magic Trick? (Clint Barton x Reader) - @nomadicpixel
** Sky and Stars (Marc Spector x Reader) - @softlybarnes
^^ I’ll Always Stay (Marc Spector x Reader) - @bensolosbluesaber
^^”” Panic (Marc Spector x Reader, Steven Grant x Reader) - @peterman-spideyparker
** Can I crash at Your Place? (Steven Grant x F!Reader) - @scarab-ofmoonknight
**!! French Lessons (Steven Grant x F!Reader) - @thot-of-konshu
**^ A Lasting Impression (Steven Grant x F!Reader) - @writefightandflightclub
““ Make Your Acquaintance (Jake Lockley x Reader) - @howaboutcastiel
Star Wars/Mandalorian 
^^ If I Survive Another Night (Poe Dameron x F!Reader) - @dailyreverie
**” Dream a Little (Poe Dameron x GN!Reader) - @writefightandflightclub
** Tiptoe Around This (Poe Dameron x Reader) - @writefightandflightclub
** Tender Tension (Obi Wan x F!Reader) - @spilledkauffie
* Your Thoughts Are Loud (Obi Wan x Reader) - @spidersbane
** Soft and Honeyed (Obi Wan x F!Reader) - @dolce-peach
^^ Out of Time (Obi Wan x Reader) - @dolce-peach
** Din Djarin Request (Din Djarin x GN!Reader) - @pentechnics
** Fleeting Moments (Din Djarin x F!Reader) - @vi-sinner 
** Real (13th Doctor x Reader) - @noforkingclue
** Heartbeat Headache (Dhawan!Master x GN!Reader) - @hauntingcryptids
** Dragonfly (Javi G x Reader) - @grogusmum
**”“ Hugs (Nathan Bateman x Reader) - @writefightandflightclub
*^! Magnetic (Nathan Bateman x F!Reader) - @youvebeenlivingfictional
**! That Algo is Fuckin’ Scuffed (Nathan Bateman x F!Reader) - @youvebeenlivingfictional
* Just One of the Perks (Nathan Bateman x F!Reader) - @the-infamous-coat-of-baron-zemo
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fullofstyles · 9 hours ago
hey darling! how are you today?
i was wondering if maybe you could do recommendations of fics where the reader is h0rny and he teases her. i know is very especific but i would love to read a good fic with something like that.
send you lots of love, take care !! <3
hii lovie i’m so sorry this is late
i’m okay how about you??
THIS by @kissme-hs
THIS by @mindofharry
THIS - PART 2 by @pornorry
all three have me howling
hope u enjoy <33
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justagirlinafandomworld · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'm excited to share all the new fics I've read for the month of June, from my own exploration to taking part in the Champion Week challenge hosted by the fabulous @cockslutpadalecki and @maladaptivexxdaydreaming. Thank you, both of you for hosting this fantastic event that introduced me to the talents of new writers. And, of course, I want to say a great big THANK YOU to the writers on this list. You are incredible, thank you for sharing your works on this hellsite. ❤️
This list is alphabetical by fandom (mostly), then by character. Summaries and warnings are included as provided by the authors.
Read what you like and share what you love!
2022 reading list | fic rec masterlist
Dividers provided by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Better Than Ever by @jobean12-blog Bucky Barnes x Reader You and Bucky run into your ex. Warnings: soft fluff, fun, teasing, Bucky being slightly dramatic and possessive but in a cute way, little spice :)
Peace of Mind by @firefly-in-darkness Bucky Barnes x Female Reader After Bucky’s return, losing him again is your worst nightmare. Warnings: angst.
Prized Possession by @navybrat817 Dark Librarian!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader You’re Bucky’s rare treasure, his most prized possession. Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Dubcon/Noncon elements (please do NOT read if that upsets you), drugging, kidnapping, cockwarming, mention of minor character death, dark elements, possessive behavior, displays of Stockholm Syndrome, librarian!Bucky Barnes (he’s a warning, okay?)
L.O.V.E by @carrotfantasimp Mob!Bucky Barnes x Plus Size!Female Reader Bucky wants to offer you more than love. Warnings: underage drinking (reader is 20), a little low self esteem, self image issues, smutty (foreplay, implied oral and smut), tiny amount of angst, shitty father (not the reader’s), mention of a gun.
Almost There... by @firefly-in-darkness Bucky Barnes x Female Reader A drive to remember... Warnings: smut, masturbation, a lil praise kink if you squint
Fire and the Flood by @starks-hero Loki x Female Reader A powerful enemy uses a spell that turns Loki into a brainwashed puppet and a danger to the team. However, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to save him from himself. Warnings: Angst with compensating fluff, canon typical-violence, injury
Steve/Bucky by @sweater-daddiesdumbdork Steve Rogers x Female Reader x Bucky Barnes You had a rough day, the soldiers take care of you. Warnings: Smut. Vaginal Fingering. Threesome.
Timid Daredevil by @carrotfantasimp skinny!1940's Steve Rogers x Reader You could barely get words out of your mouth when you were around him, but somehow you managed to ask out Steve Rogers. Warnings: fluff fluff fluuuff and a lil awkwardness
Steve and Bunny by @carrotfantasimp nomad!Steve Rogers x GN!Reader When all hope is lost, Steve looks up. Warnings: idk what this is but it's corny af, use of a pet name, talk of grief, maybe a little angsty?
His Queen by @donutloverxo soft dark king!Steve Rogers x Female Reader Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret. Warnings: explicit sexual content, painful sex, innocent naive insecure reader, dub con/noncon, soft dark Steve, jealous Steve, ooc villain Sharon, like a little breeding kink, some angst.
Moon Struck & Over the Moon by @softlybarnes Steven Grant x Female Reader, Marc Spector x Female Reader Steven asks you out, Marc falls in love. Warnings: mostly fluff, canon-typical violence, threats of violence, angst mostly from Marc because he's just like that
Tumblr media
Run To You by @deanwinchesterswitch Dean Winchester x Kasey Belmont (OFC) Disillusioned by the world around her, Kasey has chosen to live a life of solitude. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Dean escapes custody. On the run from the law and out to prove his innocence, he stumbles headlong into Kasey’s life. The fateful encounter sets them on a winding path of desire, heartbreak, and perhaps the most incredible love they’ve ever known. However, time and the law are not on their side. Warnings: Angst, fluff, slow-burn, language, panic attack detailed (near end of story). Each chapter will have its own warnings.
"I don't mean to bother you." - "You're not." by @trexrambling Dean Winchester x Reader A comfort fic. Warnings: none.
ANGST by @leatherednlace Dean Winchester x Reader Prompt - Playlist #3/Skinny love - Bon Iver Warnings: ANGST
Stay by @fluffiest-dreams Dean Winchester x Female Reader After a night spent together, Dean tried to run. Warnings: none.
This Feeling by @fluffiest-dreams Jack Kline x Female Reader Jack has a question. Warnings: none.
Sinful Sunday: This Ain't Dating by @kittenofdoomage Boyking!Sam Winchester x Female Reader Prompt: Boyking!Sam, obsessed (crushed when he was human, is now an obsession) Warnings: dub-con, restraint with ropes, kidnapping (sort of), possessive!Sam, dark!Sam, dirty talk
Leave Unsaid Unspoken by @mrswhozeewhatsis Sam Winchester x Jo Harvelle, Dean Winchester x Jo Harvelle They don't talk about it. Warnings: I will put warnings in the tags because they will be spoilers. This is angsty as hell, though.
Tumblr media
Outer Banks
The Hills by @cherienymphe Rafe Cameron x Reader Unable to watch JJ look at someone else the way you wish he’d look at you, you start to distance yourself from the Pogues. In an effort to numb the pain, you make a drunken mistake, but nothing is coincidental, and you learn better than anyone that Rafe Cameron always gets what he wants. Warnings: NON-CON, DUB-CON, violence, physical/verbal abuse, public sex, toxic relationship, underage drinking, drug use, non canon ages, one-sided JJ x reader, pogue!reader
Tumblr media
Top Gun: Maverick
Under the Radar by @princessmisery666 Lieutenant Jake “Hangman” Seresin, Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, fem!reader (You. Call sign: Huntress), a few needed OC’s. Being a navy pilot you expected to have your world turned upside down from time to time. Taking to the skies was the easy part, the lessons you learn on solid ground are the hardest. Warnings: angst, fluff, soft Jake, jealousy, asshole Jake, break-ups, cheating (reader is the other woman but doesn’t know until after), preludes to smut, heartbreak, Rooster is a bit of an ass in parts, fluffy Rooster. Parts 3 & 4 include spoilers for Top Gun: Maverick.
Tumblr media
Other Characters
A Canary to Bring My Message Home by @ghotifishreads 1910s Coal Miner!Curtis Everett x Farmer’s Daughter!Reader Curtis is the shift leader at the coal mine and helps on your family’s farm. A collapse at the mine reveals a new direction for both your intentions. Warnings: Breeding kink. (Seriously. It’s breeding kink all the way down, folks.) Vaginal fingering. P in v sex. Unprotected sex. Minor lactation kink alluded to in passing. Mention of parental death. Mention of mining accident and death, no details. Inaccuracies about coal mining and farming and history.
"I need it." - "Then you can ask nicely." by @sweater-daddiesdumbdork Ransom Drysdale x Female Reader You done pissed him off. Warnings: smut.
Promise Made, Promises Kept by @dean-winchester-is-a-warrior Soldier Boy knows she's coming for him one day. Warnings: The Boys level violence, descriptions of torture, brief mentions of drug use and sex, nothing explicit.
Tumblr media
Happy Reading!
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musette22 · 5 hours ago
oh 🥺 does anyone have recommendations of fics with Steve and Bucky first time having sex after tws? 🥺
I had a look in my bookmarks, and I *think* these fics feature more or less that trope? If anyone has any other/better recs though, please feel free to share, I've definitely read a gazillion more that I'm forgetting right now!!
The Threshold by Rend_Herring
To Seek A Nood-er World by jehans
in ten breaths (it's a miracle if we're still alive) by notcaycepollard
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doctorho · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
yes, this is about A Crown of Ink by @madschiavelique
you should go read it.
i don't know shit about tarot but i googled what the emperor card looks like and based this off of the first result. i was supposed to write today, but i had this idea stuck in my head and i had to get it out of my brain. so here u go <3
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amesliu · 2 days ago
"Normally not a soulmate fic person but I’m in shambles over the one I just read holy fuuuuckkkkk "
Which fic???? Please??
It’s pretty old but I’ve been slowly making my way through percabeths ao3 tags so
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