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#fic recs by lisa

thank you for asking this cause you inspired me to finally organize what used to be my “favorites” tag !!!


i would make a shorter list of favorites but fuck it’s way too hard to pick 😭

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idk if these are all really my top 5, but they are definitely some favorites

they’re all shorter works except for one bc not many longer hoon smuts are out there, unfortunately

there was one from dreamydeobis, one abt a sex toy shop, that was my all time favorite but dreamydeobis is now deactivated :(

  • untitled (helping with homework)
  • untitled 2 (he can’t stop thinking abt you)
  • you are mine (longer, jealousy smut)
  • 11:02 am (a bit longer, face fucking)
  • can the fifth one be my own 😭 i’m sorry there just aren’t a lot of real hoon smuts published, at least not ones that i mostly enjoy
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