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#fic talk
afro-elf · 6 days ago
i've done it! like a fucking idiot, i've done it! i split the alt black babe mixtape into ten mini-tapes. no one asked me to do this. i did not need to do this
the head honcho - the alt black babe mixtape: all 385 or so songs
for fun babes: the party bangers, stuff you can twerk to (includes bey, bree runway, kelis)
for loud babes: the loud, sweaty songs (includes rico nasty, straight line stitch, big joanie)
for ethereal babes: the songs that are there to help you float off in your mind (includes fka twigs, mereba, spellling)
for sad babes: self-explanatory (includes willow, arlo parks, fefe dobson)
for chill babes: songs to relax to, great for wash days (includes the internet, kennie, nao)
for goth babes: and also the vampires (includes adia victoria, moor mother, light asylum)
for folksy babes: folk and country folk and bluesy folk yee-yee (includes rhiannon giddens, kaia kater, kimya dawson)
for quirky babes: all sortsa sounds in here to embroider your converses to (includes janelle monae, santigold, brittany howard)
for classic babes: sounds from the 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, etc (includes sister rosetta tharpe, skunk anansie, tina turner)
for poetic babes: we love a lyricist (includes noname, jamila woods, esperanza spalding)
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ao3commentoftheday · a month ago
short fic challenge
Write a fic of no more than 2000 words for each of the following prompts. Post each one as a standalone story. If you wish, gather them together in a series or a collection, but do not post them as chapters of a single fic.
A conversation you wish had happened in canon.
An expression of love (romantic, platonic, familial - you choose)
Character meta
Episode meta
That emotional moment that you can't find a plot for.
A scene fully without context.
The meeting part of a meet cute AU.
A shocking announcement (or the reaction to it)
A missing moment from canon.
An alternate ending to an episode or scene.
Someone just having the worst luck.
An exchange of gifts or mementos.
That great line that you can't find a plot for.
The aftermath of a scene you'll never actually write.
The scene that will give you, personally, the most joy.
Minimum length: 10 characters (as required by the AO3 posting form)
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dadstiel · 3 months ago
do you by any chance have a baby jack specific fic rec list??? either your recs or a list you know of that already exists? I’ve tried to find one and had no luck bc tumblr’s search feature sucks lol
for everyone who has a huge brain
In Small Ponds, 2.6k, post 15x18 soft fic with toddler jack
can you hear the bumblebees swarm? 2.5k, another great domestic fic from jess lobotomycastiel
Jack Goes to Kindergarten, 2.4k, outsider POV of Jack’s kindergarten teacher so funny
i will come back, 3.6k, fix-it where cas shows back up with 3 year old jack 
dean's coworkers vs the heteronormative agenda, 4.1k, another great outsider POV fic. dean’s coworkers
Nothing More Than a Shattered Mirror, 4.4k, baby jack widower arc fic ft. big sister claire helping dean care for jack 
Now We're There, And We've Only Just Begun, 6.6k, post 15x18 fic. baby jack!!! some hurt/comfort too. breaking the cycle of abuse 
you’re fooling yourself, 13k, jack is 2! dean and cas living together raising baby jack and getting together. farmer’s market content, beekeeper cas
Trial and Tribulations of Raising a Nephilim, 14.9k, the og baby jack widower arc fic. simply superb, 
listen to the song in my soul (only you can hear), 16.8k, sobsicles! set in canon but has soulmate au too. kelly and baby jack are in it. great fic 
A Moment’s Respite, 19k, SEQUEL to Trial and Tribulations! 
all the skeletons you hide (show me yours, I’ll show you mine), 19k, deancas coparenting baby jack, avoiding feelings, fake relationship. domestic fluff
multiple baby jack widower arc fics from @lobotomycastiel
multiple baby jack one-shots by @doctorprofessorsong!!!
there are also many tumblr authors who write baby jack ficlets! take a browse through my ficlet tag (@smiledean is one specific author that comes to mind!) and here’s a link to my general baby jack truthing tag for all your baby jack needs :) 
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kureally · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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joanwolfe · 11 months ago
goal as a fanfic writer: actually write the fic instead of just talking about it
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gendice · 3 years ago
anyone who argues that one sided pining is better than mutual pining is a FOOL. i want fics that are all or nothing babey they’re both stupid and in love and unable to see that the other is just as smitten as them. that’s where the good stuff is. 
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artsy-alice · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes, Natsu would shout “Incoming!” and jump into some poor guy’s back. He got dared to try it on Lucy once, just for kicks. Lucy budged a couple inches max, then simply shifted a bit and carried him all the way to the classroom. It was a lesson to all that a) you should never underestimate cheerleaders, and b) there’s a reason Lucy Heartfilia got along so well with Natsu Dragneel.
Thanks for the ask, anon! <3
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gendice · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gays writing fics 
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lookslikefairytale · a year ago
Tumblr media
fic title: for neither never nor ever
pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles
rating: NC-17
word count: ~29.000
summary: Then Harry looked down. A newspaper was on the steps in front of him, looking new, like it had only just gotten delivered but no one had bothered to carry it inside yet. That, in itself, wasn't unusual. The unusual thing was the headline, Chernobyl - Half a Year Later, and the date in the corner. 5th November 1986. He looked up to stare at the girl in the doorway one last time, before he did the only logical thing his body knew how to do in this situation. He bolted.
or, the one where Harry travels through time and has to come to terms with losing everything he's ever known. Louis might be the only thing that feels real.
Read on Ao3
written as part of the @hltvshowficfest 2019
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sterekficrecs · 4 months ago
Hey guys! So, while I was gone, I ended up trying my hand at writing fics! It would mean a lot to me if you guys would be willing to check them out! P.s. thank you to @christinesficrecs for reccing the first fic-twice! Those recs made my whole day!
I’d Take Care of You if You Ask Me To
Make Me Remember You Like You Remember Me
I also worked on some fics (beta-ing, making banners/mood boards, writing with, etc.) with @evanesdust ! Here are a few of them:
We co-wrote Until I Wrap Myself Inside Your Arms (I Cannot Rest)
And worked together on For A Good Time Call... and It’s Obvious, You’re Oblivious
These are some of the banners I’ve made, so please let me know if you’d like me to make one for one of your fics! Thank you guys for checking everything out!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gendice · 3 years ago
my new favourite thing is out-of-context pictures of tags on ao3 that shouldn’t be together put side by side
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gendice · a year ago
must a fanfic be good? is it not enough to see two idiots, in love?
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sobsicles · 26 days ago
sobs whatever you're cooking....i'm scared
here, have an excerpt, because it's funny:
Maybe if Dean just—got on top of it, it'd be fine. Just head it off before Sam can say or do anything. Just say hey, listen, Cas says I'm severely lacking in heterosexuality, and maybe he's right, but I really don't wanna talk about it ever, so can we leave it at that and can you be normal about it? Or hey, remember when I always used to say I don't swing that way? Well, it turns out I tossed the whole bat aside and Cas caught it. Or, hey, we're all whores, aren't we, deep down? Yeah, well, turns out I'm a whore for Cas. And maybe dudes are hot sometimes, whatever.
Dean snorts out loud at that one. So, okay, maybe dudes are, but he'd never tell Sam that.
"What's funny?" Sam asks, not looking up from his phone.
"I almost told you I think dudes are hot," Dean replies, snorting again, then he freezes.
Oh, come on.
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