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#fic talk
cascreamtiel · 12 minutes ago
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funkinlove · 27 minutes ago
Ah, dang- So just Pico and Gf? Not all of the fnf characters?
i only have inspiration and ideas for them right now, m sorry!!! they just grip my lil heart in a way the others don't....
which is to say they bring me A Lot of happy brain chemicals and i need all of that i can get bc im not home right now and anxious as FUCK
so ye!
i. May be tempted to open requests for others if you..... ✨ 💵💵💵 persuade 💵💵💵 ✨ me....... /j
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marvelgirlonamarvelworld · an hour ago
8 am me, Sleep deprived after working for 12 fucking days in a row with no day off, realizing how to tie a lose end from my fic while eating jello
Tumblr media
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transfetts · 4 hours ago
weirdly upset that they killed taun we off. like her showing up in kyhot was one of my favorite parts of the fic but now its canon divergent or whatever :/
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ace-in-a-shopping-cart · 6 hours ago
I just loaded my likes up with prompt lists for fluff and things I can use for fluff. I desperately want to write fluff for Reed900 but can’t come up with anything on my own so I’m resorting to prompt lists. Expect some of them to go out sometime this weekend!
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hi this is for the ask prompt!! i am intrigued to hear about the writing :DD 📕
ok so ive had this convoluted idea for a balance/amnesty crossover since like 2019 and only wrote like a little and probably won't get around to finishing so buckle in
the basic premise is that for some reason angus and indrid swap places and everyone is trying to figure out why they got swapped and how to get them back to their correct universes. other fun things include when one of them is sleeping and the other one is awake, they see what the other person sees. for example, if angus is sleeping and indrid is talking to taako, angus sees the conversation through indrids eyes. when theyre both sleeping, they can talk to each other in their dreams.
there was also a whole thing i had with the character dynamics bc i thought it would be funny. on one hand, you have angus hanging out at amnesty lodge and everyone loves him. ducks teaching him about trees, aubreys showing him her magic tricks and giving him piggyback rides, etc. on the other hand, you have indrid hanging with the thb and taako hates him for messing with his magic boy. magnus and merle kind of vibe with indrid eventually but taakos just "youre ugly, youre disgusting, give me 200 dollars"
also i had this scene in my mind where ned is just being himself and within like 2 seconds of meeting him angus just goes "ohhh, you're a conman" and everyone just stares at angus
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ace-in-a-shopping-cart · 7 hours ago
On one hand I love that all I’m writing is angst at the moment (oops) for all three WIPs but on the other hand I really want something with fluff.
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mimicteruyo · 7 hours ago
Junior ficcer Mimic: Oh no, I can’t write this ship! There’s this whole thing X in the way that’s impossible to address!
Modern Mimic: or, you know, the characters could have a frank discussion about X... like adults... which they are...
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shoyokuns · 8 hours ago
#im sorry im trying to go to sleep but#tw discourse#i try very very hard not to be negative#but its not fun to write anymore if i know my concepts will inevitably be ripped off#ive had so many of my fic concepts ripped off#and sometimes i brush it off and sometimes i just block the blog#but its been piling up and writing is not wnjoyable for me anymore.#which is why ive only been writing hinata timestanp fics these days#just because u dont copy and paste a fic word for word doesnt mean its not plagiarism#literally rewriting someones fic in slightly diff words is not original work#this happened to three of my fics that i can name off the top of my head#and i have stopped writing about those things because it upset me so much#the superlatives (which hq boy would) were fun too until they werent#they were fun cuz i didnt have to think too much#but then other people started doing them too which is ok#but they put them in main tags and wtc and racked up thousands of notes#and idc about notes per se but it felt like i couldnt just post them randomly anymore#if other people were going to post them with so much more effort#anyways i hate talking about The Fandom and discourse#but going into main tags these days to see people putting their shitposts personal posts and plagiarized fics#i only joined last september hut Back In My Day we kept shitposts and personal posts on our own blogs#thought up our own ideas#and main tags was where u could browse for good fics#anyways sorry u had to read this#and the only reason im still here is that i have amazing friends#lots of them have left#but fbrv i love u guys so much im about to start cryingJahwjerhHSJESNAKAJabsksk#i think im stressedd idk KEKEKENEKANAKARNJ#mous.delete
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aloera · 8 hours ago
underrated struggle is when you change your mind on a character but your reader base is full of people who still dislike that character bc u USED TO and now when u write about them and youre like!! this is what i wrote :) theyre all like FUCK this character i HATE this character DEATH UPON this character and youre like. this is what i wrote :(
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the-grimm-writer · 8 hours ago
When I was 12 I wrote a Steve smith x roger smut fanfic and posted it on I had guts back then
You're bold bold I had a notebook I kept all my smut in and I almost got caught writing in it during class and I died a lil bit that day 💀
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namodawrites · 9 hours ago
i keep forgetting that the naruto characters are children i be checking their heights and am like “oh only 5′4″? :/” i’m over in my corner making naruto oc reference sheets like its 2012.....
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I both love and hate the Top Posts feature. Like on one had its only recent posts, so my Top Posts are filled with a bunch of 10-40 note posts that are one sentence long...
...on the other hand i happen to know my top post is a 6k note post on what was essentially a shatt crack fic for voltron from back in the day (like season 2, you know when you weren't cool if you didnt watch voltron (haha how the tables turned) and shatt was hardly even a rarepair/crack ship (and the tables turned on that too)) and tbh i dont really want that post to see the light of day ever again
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