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#fic update

On Far Horizons Chapter 28: The Last Dance


I want to bring back this art that @cullenvhenan did for me ages ago to celebrate finally finishing these winter palace chapters and because its one of my fave pieces of art ever. Shout out to ellie for being a great artist but also a great friend ❤


Knowing that this may be the last time she sees the Inquisition for some time, Amelie only has a small amount of time left to make amends and draw her conflict with her brother to a close, if he will allow her to. But it’s not just him she will have to say goodbye to.

Rated E

Tags: slow burn, strangers to lovers, mutual pining, long distance relationship, canon divergence.

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(I finally made a graphic I don’t loathe for this fic! Yay, also a huge thank you to @kittileepdx​ for beta-ing)

The first time Jughead steals something, he’s five. He doesn’t know what he’s doing at the time, really. All he knows is that he’s hungry, the chocolate bars are at eye level, and his mom is fussing with her wallet above him.

The first time Betty steals something, she’s thirteen. Jughead’s come to school without lunch three days in a row.

A Robin Hood AU with a whole lot of Robin’s not named Robin.

Chapter 3


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chapter four: love him so much it just turns to hate

“Hey, perve, come inside,” his mother calls through the open window. Jug cannot help the instinct to duck his head beneath the sill, but he stupidly leaves the camera hanging on the edge. “Don’t stick the camera in the window, you weirdo! Knock on the door like a normal person. Who raised you? Wolves?” His mother shouts, tossing a hairbrush out the window, and it goes sailing over the top of his head.

He groans and trudges up the trailer steps, yanking the screen door open with not a little petulance. As soon as he spotted their mothers in the kitchen, Jughead hoped Betty would spare him by coming out on her own. If she doesn’t come out soon, she is going to be late for work.

Jug shuffles into the kitchen, hiding the camcorder behind his back.

His mother is seated in one of the two salon chairs, her legs crossed with a copy of Cosmo balanced on her knees. With a cigarette teetering precariously on her lower lip, Alice asks if he is looking for Betty. She wraps another lock of Gladys’s hair in a hot roller and gives Jughead a dissecting onceover. Either woman is a handful in her own right. Put them together and – Jughead can only stomach so much.

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Chapter One - Sweethearts


Disclaimer: This fic is heavily inspired by the movie Just Married. There will be a lot of similarities and there will be a lot of differences. I adore this movie and really thought it fit with our lovely Sackler.

Warnings: You are nasty to one another. There is name calling. The idea of possibly falling out of love. (But my fics will always have a happy ending ;)) Will you want me to continue? There will be smut in future chapters… lots of it. 


Your attention, please.

Flight 510 from Paris, France now arriving at Terminal 4 Gate B37

Please claim all baggage at carousel number two in baggage claim…

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Surprise! Today is my birthday, so when I can I like to update as many fics as I can without killing myself in the process. Only two this year, but after so long without any updates I hope this hits the spot, at least a little.  I was planning to update Pledged in Blood as well, but the start of the chapter needed major rewrites so it wasn’t quite ready in time. 

So, have some updates

As Certain Dark Things Are To Be Loved (shoutout to @twinkle2 for helping make this happen)

Tom was Harry’s best friend growing up and his first love. At eight, Harry gave Tom his first kiss before moving away. As a freshman in college, the name of the RA on the door across the hall is terribly familiar.


Lord Voldemort is up to something. Thomas Slytherin is certain of it. His attacks lately have been nothing more than a distraction, an attempt to divert attention from his true target. A target Tom is determined to discover and use to finally control his counterpart. Upon meeting Harry Potter, Tom knows he has found his answer. Tom soon finds himself obsessed when Harry proves unpredictable, determined to solve the mystery that Harry has become. He soon becomes convinced that Harry is the solution not just to the problem of Voldemort, but the key his own political aspirations, and the end of his search for a suitable spouse.

Harry Potter is far from happy with the situation, but he has little choice in the matter. And the mystery of the connection between Voldemort and Tom Slytherin is too intriguing for him to leave alone.

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