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Joining @something-tofightfor @suchatinyinfinity and @the-blind-assassin-12 on their WIP wednesday

  • BiW 3 & 4: these 2 have been done for a while but I’m #nothappywiththem so I’ve held off on posting them. Theres guns, Billy’s wrist knife coming a second appearance, a certain black hat wearing host I love more than life itself and the entrance of everybody’s fave confederado. 
  • Untitled Billy thing that takes place after enlisted man that gives us a peek at how Billy kinda became like that
  • Part 1 of who said gambling’s for suckers. A billy thing I’ve been refining for a while now, takes place after that last robbery and instead of going back to the manipulative psycho, billy gets the hell outta dodge and doesnt look back. 
  • Part 2 of change o’ plans, we find out exactly what Nicky has planned for getting out of boston and where hes taking you.
  • And finally, a Lafayette thing that takes place during the continental army’s stay at valley forge. (I’m just a sucker for daveed as lafayette

Also, so many fan arts, it’s not even funny, but each and every single one is worth it, I can promise you that. 

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i’m rei and this is a new writing blog!! i will be writing nct dream scenarios, fics and blurbs here. i might also write some of other units too, so please support me through my journey here!! request will also be taken until i decided to close it :)) no nsfw please, I’m minor.

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Is that a thing on tumblr, or just twitter? Whatever, here’s some baby thieves from the Leverage AU! 

“Oh?” Wei Wuxian said, perking up. He had memories of other terrible parties like this, made less terrible by the tiny friend in green he’d made when they’d both decided to hide under the same table during his first time attending. They made a point to find each other at these things every year after that– but first he had to steal a lot of money from a terrible man.

For fun! And also revenge.

“Off you go,” Jiang Yanli said with a fond smile as she moved away from them. “Don’t get caught.”

Wei Wuxian shoved his phone into his pocket, untucked his shirt and unbuttoned the first three buttons. Then he winked at a long-suffering Jiang Cheng, went limp against his brother, and loudly slurred, “Jiang Cheng, I want another glass of champagne!” 

Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes but played along. “You’ve had enough,” he said harshly, gaining a few sympathetic smiles from the people around them as he half-dragged Wei Wuxian towards the bathrooms. “If you throw up again, I’ll kill you.”

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So, I’m working on this fic. It’ll probably end up being one of the longest I’ve written(which isn’t really saying much, I tend to stick to the 1000-2000 words range), and I just wanna say; You people who can write these 20,000-100,000 word fics are freaking incredible. I have no idea how you do it. Good for you and all of your amazing writing abilities. I’ve been working on this thing for like a week and I’m only nearing 2,000 words. You guys are AMAZING!

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I just had to make the POV, person POVs, and Format as hard and complicated as possible.  I want to make sure things stay consistent and/or make sense as much as possible.  And having gone through the fic so many times to do that too.  I’m at Page 16 of 29 of looking through and editing it again.  

I hope I can get done soon and in time for that zine.  I probably shouldn’t have taken on such a hard to do fic for a zine that has a due time, and as one of my first fics.  I’m stupid and like to torture myself apparently.  

I will get it done though, hopefully by today or tomorrow, and send it to that person that said they will look at it to beta it, maybe they can me help out and make the fic read better.  God, do I know I need help with it.  

Man, though my fic is like 10K+, which is long, but there is some people that do even longer than that, like all the time.  Or do that length or a bit less on a more regular basis, and that is just amazing to me.  Hopefully I can improve to such a extent too.  

This post if just me venting, because while I like writing this fic, I have had spent so long working on this fic, and I want to finish it.  I thought I was done with it already, but nope, uhhhhh.  Ok, I feel a bit better, now time to get back to that fic.

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Save the Archer updated!

I actually posted a new chapter both yesterday and today and just forgot to tell Tumblr. Sorry! But both new chapters have a lot of quality platonic Glitra goodness which is appropriate because it’s Catra’s birthday!



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Lucy was the first one out of bed and working on things in the room whenever Simon stirred. “She sleeps hard. You won’t wake her,” she said, not facing him. He was startled by her voice, not expecting her, then he looked around, seeing Grace curled up into his side, dried tear stains on her cheeks, blood and dirt in her clothes - and last night came flooding over him like the blood that shed from Samantha’s body. He had for a moment forgotten that everything in his life had been a lie… that he had nothing else left…

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ok but he’d actually be so soft!!! but when you’re being a brat sometimes he teases you a bit, but most times he’s really cute and gentle with you - it’s a side that most people don’t see with this grayson!

sometimes he’s super mean and leaves you by yourself for a bit, it’s a punishment of sorts if you’ve been really naughty. but he doesn’t do it often as he hates doing it to you.

usually he runs a bath for you and you guys end up in there for an hour or sometimes two depending on how far you’ve gone. he always makes you eat chocolate or something sugary afterward too, like a lollipop! even when you don’t want to he still makes you eat it. and kisses, you’re very pouty afterwards so kisses are a must.

and compliments “so good for me, baby” or “you’re so beautiful” - as i said before sometimes hes harsh, but you understand it’s punishment !

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“Hey Gin have you seen Mabel anywhere?”

“She was laying on your bed last time I saw her I think, why?” The fiery redhead questioned her roommate, peaking over the top of her book to look up at the short blonde girl.

A look of surprise crossing her face for a moment when she took in what Luna was wearing. Ginny wasn’t surprised by Luna’s outfits anymore but this had been a particularly flashy one. A silver faux leather jacket, with fringe lining the sleeves which luna wore as a shirt, a fringe skirt, sparkly tights, and matching heels that were so tall she thought the pretty blonde might be towering over her if she stood up.

“I wanted you to take a picture of us for the quibbler, I’ve recently received messages from readers to add a fashion section, asking me what I wear in a week and where I get my inspiration. I don’t quite understand why what I wear is of any importance, but if it introduces new readers I suppose I could give it a try.” Luna explained in that airy voice of hers, Ginny couldn’t understand what any of that had to do with her cat though.

“I see, and why do you need Mabel?” Ginny asked genuinely curious at this point.

“Oh, because Mabel deserves a moment in the spot light don’t you think?” Luna asked completely seriously, tilting her head in question at the redhead.

Ginny had learned that after being roommates with Luna the past few years that she hardly ever cracked jokes, most of what the other girl said was in complete seriousness and that it confused her whenever someone laughed at her well thought out plans, Ginny couldn’t deny it did always work out in the end.

“Just as looney as you’ve always been lovegood.” Ginny sighed, smiling softly and walking towards the direction of their rooms to find Mabel.

Luna had admitted to Ginny one night that she hated the rude childhood nickname and Ginny had promised not to call her that ever again and made a silent vow to ruffle others feathers if she ever heard anyone call her that.

Luna however right after also admitted with a faint blush that she didn’t mind when the Gryffindor girl said it, in a way she knew it was out of fondness not spite or hatred. Ginny made a note of that and only called her looney in moments when she was particularly fond of the other girl.

Luna always smiled so widely when she heard Ginny say it, it made Ginny’s heart flutter, although she would never admit that.

A moment after she left, she had returned with Mabel in her arms. “You know it’s quite unfair that my cat seems to love you more.”

Luna giggled softly. “She loves us both equally.”

“and how do you know that?” Ginny asked, walking over to hand Mabel to Luna and rummage around for the camera.

“She told me of course.” Luna replied, petting the small calico cat in her arms.

“She told you? Like spoke to you?” Ginny questioned, still rumaging around. “Where’s that bloody camera..?

"Yes with her eyes.” Luna nodded affirmatively to herself, walking over to a shelf and grabbing the camera, Mabel still wrapped up in her arms. “Here you go.”

Ginny looked up from looking through an old trunk, grabbing the camera gently from Luna’s hand. “Thank you.”

The redhead was never not astounded by the ferociously cool, unigue, outrageous, gentle girl in front of her and sometimes she wished she could not be.

“Well let’s do a photo shoot!” Ginny shouted, trying to ignore the way her heart tightened in her chest just at the excited look on the blondes face. God she was screwed.

“Are you ready for movie night? Luna asked Ginny as she walked into the kitchen her knee-high sock clad feet not making a sound as she walked, making Ginny jump and turn around.

"As always!” Ginny replied cheerfully, continuing to pull the premade snacks out of the fridge. Luna noticed she remembered the watermelon gummies that Harry had introduced to the magical girl back in 4th year, Luna had been obsessed with them ever since and Ginny made sure to get them every week for movie night. “Draco and Harry should be here any minute, and Ron and Hermione. Apparently their all coming together tonight.” Ginny explained.

As if on cue there was a knock on their door. “I’ll get it!” Luna smiled happily, running to get the door.

Harry and Draco entered first, with Hermione and Ron not far behind. They all exchanged greetings as they walked into the kitchen to greet Ginny as well.

“So whats the movie for tonight?” Harry asked, as he and Draco sat cuddled up on the big arm chair, Ron and Hermione opposite them on the love seat, and Ginny and Luna sat close but not touching on the big couch.

“I thought we could watch a horror movie since it’s October, I’ve picked it out already if that’s alright with everyone.” Luna suggested, looking around at everyone. Heads we’re nodded in agreement, but Ron spoke up soon after.

“As long as it’s alright with Gin, she used to be scared of bloody everything when she was little.” Ron chuckled, teasing his little sister.

“Shove off Ron.” Ginny grumbled, giving her brother the finger.

Luna lent over to whisper in the other girls ear. “It’s alright I’ll protect you.”

Ginny’s freckly face burned, she was happy they had already turned off all the lights. “Thank you Luna.” Ginny whispered back, hesitating for a moment before grabbing the other girls hand in hers, keeping her eyes on the film the entire time, to scared to see Lunas reaction. However when a jumpscare happened Luna only tightened their shared embrace and Ginny’s smile was worth everything in that moment.

Luna couldn’t tell if the rapid beating of her heart was because of Ginny’s hand clutched in hers or the horror movie. She supposed deep down it was the former option.

Months had passed with soft moments that could be construed as silent “I love you’s” between the two girls, but they both had been to afraid to say anything to one another.

Until one night Ginny had cracked. She had had a particularly bad quidditch practice, almost being knocked off her broom multiple times and being yelled at by their couch even more times then that.

When the tired girl arrived home, Luna had been sat at the kitchen table, glasses on and her usually done up with miscellaneous items braided into her hair, was now up in a very messy bun. Ginny had to admit she quite liked the sight in front of her.

However when Luna looked up at the redhead a smile falling onto her face when she realized she was home was instantly wiped clean when she realized the state of the other girl.

“Oh dear.” and at those simple words Ginny broke.

“I’ve had a bad day looney.” Ginny whispered, her voice cracking.

“I know love.” Luna whispered, standing up and hugging her friend. Ginny clung to the shorter girl.

“Why don’t I draw you a bath and you can tell me about it?” Luna suggested when she pulled away, gently wiping Ginny’s tears.

Ginny simply nodded.

When the bath was done and Ginny had striped down and climbed in bubbles tickling her skin, Luna sat on the floor outside of the tub, her knees pulled up to her chest as she leaned against the wall.

The two just stared at each other in a comfortable silence for a few moments, allowing each other see one another in quite a vulnerable way. Ginny was naked in front of the other girl, and Luna was naked in a way as well, no makeup, no wacky outfit, hair out of sorts acne clear and glasses slightly askew on her pretty pale face.

“Thank you.” Ginny began quietly, not wanting to interrupt the nice atmosphere they had built between each other, the coziness of the small dimly lit bathroom.

“Mmhm” Luna hummed absentmindedly, tracing the freckles on Ginny’s shoulder with her eyes.

“I think I’m in love with you.” Ginny said quietly again after a pause. Lunas eyes immediately snapped up to Ginny’s.

“Say that again.” Luna whispered.

“I think I’m in love with you.” Ginny stated louder this time.

In one moment Luna was leaned against the wall, and next she was kissing Ginny full force on the lips leaning over the side of the tub, her hands tangled up in flashes of red.

When they pulled apart both girls were breathless, smiles gracing their faces. “Im in love with you too.” Luna smiled brightly, grabbing Ginny’s hand in hers.

“Good.” Ginny laughed the smile never leaving. “Since we’re mutually in love would you mind grabbing me a towel?” Ginny asked politely.

“Yeah I’ll be right back.” Luna agreed standing up, not realizing her hand was still locked in Ginny’s, immediately falling into the water and onto Ginny’s lap, water splashing about everywhere and the two girls laughing hysterically.

“Well we are disasters.” Ginny got out in between laughs.

“At least we’re disasters together.” Luna smiled.

Ginny nodded in agreement. “Disasters together.”

Y'all linny is so cute they warm my heart!!!!!! I love writing sweet girlfriends 🥺🥺 I hope you liked and that this had enough mutual pining for you! Not a lot of angst or really any bc I’m kinda in a lovely dovey mood 😉 but I hope this was good friend! As always all my love!


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you were watching the tv, engrossed in the new series you found called the haunting of bly manor. you were obsessed - and basically left grayson deprived. you love it so much you don’t even see him sit beside you.

grayson placed a hand on your thigh, but didn’t notice just continuing to sip of your tea.

“baby” he pouted, you just shush him.

grays grabs your face softly, look at your sternly.

“look at me baby”

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i feel like sebastian would figure it out quicker, because he’s older. he notices ethan staying around way more - and also not sleeping on the couch or the sofa. julie being way more happier and like more normal ?? in the home. i think he would really mind, because he loves ethan and loves seeing his mama happy!

on the other hand, when ethan and julie tell alexander, he throws a bit of tantrum. he’s still young, so he doesn’t fully understand why you and grayson aren’t together anymore etc. but he does come around to a little bit later on, i’d say maybe two weeks after, he sort of just forgets and moves on.

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“are you listening” grayson asked pulling you from your unholy thoughts. you nodded quickly.

you did not want him to know you were thinking about how good his hands would look around your neck. but you being you, couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

“you have nice hands” you say, mentally punchy yourself in the face. this happens quite a bit actually, which worries you a tiny - a lot actually.

“hmm. what else were you thinking about”

how good the would feel around me

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i can’t find the one i wrote 🥺 so i’ll write another one just for you!!!!! <3

it’s definitely not always sexual. sometimes you guys just like the company - or if you’re both running a little later, it just saves some time. and you both absolutely loves it. you try to shower together in the morning as it puts you both in a good mood for the day.

grayson always insists on washing your hair, and it’s actually like going to a spa, it’s so relaxing. he also insists on helping you clean your breasts ?? which he’s obsessed with for some reason. he likes a 12 year old boy. sometimes it’s like he’s never seen tits before. and he’s loves giving you a little shoulder massage too which is always nice with hot water!

and grayson loves showering with you because of your horrible singing and dancing moves in the shower. you actually both put together a shower playlist. and sometimes it’s painful and sometimes it’s not.

gray always makes bubble appear somehow - again 12 year old boy. and always gives you a good smack on the ass after showering.

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i feel like gray is such a cuddly jealous person. like if he’s jealous he just has to be there next to you - actually you have to be sitting on his lap. like you’re not object, but he wants everyone to know that your his and he’s yours ??

so if grayson gets jealous HICKEYS ARE A BIG THING.

for example maybe you bring him to your work christmas party, and this guy keeps trying to talk to you and flirt with you. so grayson gets jealous - at one point he’s see the man trying to get closer to you. so grayson do the only rational thing he can think of: give you hickies. he trails trails them all down your neck, some behind your ear. he makes sure you look like you’ve just had a make out session too.


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Imma do fics an headcanons for TWST òwó which include some of my ocs as well uwu mainly for fics, if they were for headcanons they could probably be a bonus? (It realt just depends )

Upcoming ones i have so far are:

-Foe to Friends , Fanfic (Idia and Arson *oc*)

-How he’d react a genderfluid MC (possible all of them)

-how he’d react to you two body swap (with neutral MC)

- Single Rose , Multi-small fics (Heartslabyul x Reader )

I hope you’ll enjoy them when they’re out ^^

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Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels as though it doesn’t behave in the way it should. It can play tricks on your mind and distract you — resulting in time passing in a rather unconventional way. Occasionally, seconds seem to melt into minutes, and those into hours, and you become hyper-aware of the ticking of a clock, constantly checking the time to see if it has sped up or fallen back into sync. Time drags on. You almost question whether your mind is playing tricks on you, or if it’s true that only five minutes have passed since you last checked the time.

Often, time zooms past, dancing away from your fingertips even if you reach out and try to make it slow down. You almost begin to realise how fickle life is, how short, after it flies past in the blink of the eye and it slowly dawns on you what has been lost. When time is behaving in that way, it’s always a shock when you check the clock and realise that hours have vanished before your eyes, in what feels like a matter of minutes.

Sirius often found that time never did what he wanted. Time was a disobedient mistress, preferring to do as it pleased rather than benefitting him in any way. When he couldn’t wait for something to be over, it would drag on, and on, and on. When he needed more time, it snatched itself away, leaving him reeling in the emptiness. That night, when he was stood in the smoking area, chatting to Remus Lupin, time seemed to be doing the latter.

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