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amoc94 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing : Namjoon x female reader.
Genre : Romance, non yandere.
Warning : Angst, infidelity, (somewhat) happy ending- I guess?🤧, slight smut.
Word count : 6.5K+.
Tumblr media
"Are we celebrating something?"
He looked so fine today, even when he had yet showered, but he always looked good, smelled so good too - you could guarantee that. Your mouth was already salivating imagining to kiss the crevice of his neck where you knew he always spritzed his favorite perfume on.
You watched as his wrist bent over, fingers clasped on the bottle, pouring in the ruby red liquid into the red wine glass along with few drops spilled over the tapered rim with burbling stream accompanying the jazzy instrumental played from the soundbar next to the TV.
He was getting more buff, trips to the gym intensified for the past three months, and you could see the result on his biceps under the shirtsleeves that were rolling up to his elbows. The Breitling on his wrist only amplified his elegant hand, and you closed your eyes, trying to shove the indecent thought away for later.
"Just ... to let you know how grateful I am to have someone like you by my side."
His dimples were prominent when he smiled, his pillowy lips stretched out to give you that warm smile you always missed everytime he wasn't around.
"You should let me cook instead."
He brought chinese today, everything were your favorites. Five types of dishes, one lemon dessert and a bottle of napa cabernet.
And of course, a plate of jjajangmyeon.
"I don't want to trouble you, I want to pamper you. And you look so beautiful in that dress."
His eyes were at you with praising look, the red bandeau dress he bought you yesterday left almost nothing to imagination, accentuated your breasts and hip all at the right angles. You knew why he didn't want you to cook. He wouldn't want to waste time while waiting for you to get ready for him.
"You went to Jodaepo too? That's like, what? Thirty minutes in between?" You ran your forefinger on the rim of the glass, the middle note of the wine was fruity, something like blackcurrant or blueberry.
"Well, you know I can't pass a special occasion without this. I swear if Jungsik can include this in their menu, I won't hesitate to pay a hundred thousand won for every other day. Besides, Dal was the one who drove."
You snorted over his remarks, watching as he scooped up the gong bao chicken onto a serving plate. You had always liked food from Yu Yuan. Their black-pepper wagyu was heaven, and the stir fried king oyster mushroom never failed to make you craved for another serving.
"So, it's just that? You being ... grateful because of me?" You dig on your first spoon, watching him gulped his wine before worked on his chopstick to dive in his noodle. Waiting until he made a full swallow, you tried to ignore the view of the ring on his digit, wondering when you would finally able to wear one that match with the diamond on his ring finger.
"We have been together for almost three years, and lately I have been thinking of how lucky I am to have you. Sometimes I even thought, I don't deserve you."
You stalled on your next fix, looking at him, face laced with earnest, and your heart fluttered with the familiar feeling everytime he said those kind of words to you.
Namjoon had his way with words, he always did. It was like he was born with the ability to sway his way with sweet talks, purposeful or otherwise. But then again, he wouldn't be this successful if he didn't score his social and networking skills.
"There must be something else too, you know, other than me being the reason."
You tried to contain the blush to vein your cheeks, busied yourself with the beef cut on your plate. It was tender and fragrant, but you seemed to have more interest in him than the food.
This kind of night was regular, he always spare a slot between his hectic affair at least twice a week. But you could tell tonight was different, watching as he splurged on a bottle of vintage napa. It probably costed him almost a million won at the lowest range.
"That's the main reason of course, and another thing, I got ten containers of silky crepe orders from buyer in Poland. And they also hint for future monthly order commitment." He reached to the table and took your hand, fondled your fingers in his large palm.
"You are the first one I want to celebrate with. Hell, your face is the one that came in my mind when I got the news."
Then, take me to Jungsik, not here. You almost blurted out, the voice inside your head almost demanding, not questioning.
Celebrating should be with eight course fine dining, not with some chinese take-out and certainly not in the confines of this apartment, no matter how luxury. It had been a while since the last time you visited the fine Michelin star diner, the one you remembered was on your birthday last year. You could still taste the divine texture of the juicy lobster on your tongue, and that sweet heavenly lemon custard pie they served with intricate cursive "Happy Birthday" writing in mint sauce.
He had been busy, he always told you that. And you, being the understanding girlfriend you were, just swallowed it up and went on without persisting.
It wasn't like you couldn't pay for yourself, but it was different to go there without him. He was the one who took you there for the first time, and your visit after that wasn't the same. Would never be the same.
"Anyway, I'm planning to take you for holiday, maybe around mid next month. There is this textile trade fair in Poland, and I might be there for two weeks. I can take you for sightseeing and dinner in the afternoon after the show is over."
You didn't want to be overly excited, but you couldn't help it, and it showed well in your expression. Holiday with him was rare, especially where he could take you overseas, new places to visit. And Namjoon was a good travel companion, he was always knowledgeable about local cultures, art and tradition, you would never run out of ideas of where to go or what to do with him.
"Is it fix yet? Can I buy the ticket?"
He took a sip on his wine, his smile etched on the glass rim, looking at how keen you were.
"Yes, you can book that ticket, and the hotel too. This is one of the reason I want to celebrate with you tonight."
He gave a comforting squeeze on your hand on the table, his dimpled smile was the thing that gave you faith in this relationship. No matter how many times doubt peeked its ugly head inside your mind.
Namjoon didn't finish his bottle of napa wine like usual, he left a quarter from the bottom.
You didn't know why he did that, until he got you under him on your bed, where he drank a mouthful of the red wine, before kissed you and passed the wine through your lips, the warm bittersweet liquid grazed your tongue bringing in those familiar addictive tingling sense traveled down to your core.
With his mouth, he daubed it to coat your body, smeared it just a little by a little -alternating with licking your skin clean. Started from your neck -drawing some darkened crimson hickeys amid your protest, to your collarbone, lingering on your nipples- he poured a bit more in that area, since your moan was the loudest while he was at it, and ended on the last few drops by drank it and licked your pussy until the hint of berry flavor disappeared, replaced by the sweetness of your essence coated his tongue.
He gave you one of the best orgasm that night, the aftermath wave was still coiling inside even after he finished and pulling out from you, leaving traces of his release to mark his irreplaceable presence in your life.
He gave you a necklace, a simple white gold chain you'd been eyeing the last time he took you to Hongdae. It was one carat diamond pendant with the price of almost ten million won, you saw the price tag at that time. Simply designed but eye catchingly beautiful stone at the center reminded him of you, he said.
You were the center of his life, many times he tried to kiss your doubt away after those post-orgasm bliss.
The necklace was beautiful, as you stare at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, an hour after he was gone. He had wanted to stay over, but that would mean an additional hour commute the next morning, and he had appointment at eight a.m. sharp.
You should have been used to it, now that you were on your third year with him. But still ... there was always a feeling of reject mixed with desperation everytime you were faced with the same situation.
"I personally think love is always overrated."
Jin used his chopstick to put some garlic on the grill, then stirred two kind of sauces for dipping in a small bowl.
You stared at him with the most impassive look you could muster, bracing yourself for another lecture. He had never agreed of you to be with Namjoon, and seemed like he made it his forever mission to make you see his point no matter what.
"People say that you can't live without love, love is the thing that put relationship together, love is the key to happy marriage. I beg to differ. So many times they mistaken love with another feeling."
Jin was your regular companion during Namjoon's absence on your weekend, and you would spend your time at his apartment, enjoying his cooking or watching movie together. As long as he didn't have a woman or man to stay over the night.
"They always try to justify the reason they stay in a relationship as being in love. While for me, it's more of lust, obligation, or friendship, instead. You know, as in -friend with benefits?"
He flipped the sliced pork on the grill, before lifted it up and put it on your plate. It was samgyeopsal night, one of Jin's expertise. You were practically just sitting down, watching him did all the grilling and wrapping for you with admirable speed. You only had to dip it in gochujang after that.
"You are just too sceptical. Love does exist, you know. You just need to believe in it."
He shook his head stubbornly. "I still can give you a mind blowing orgasm without you having to love me, you know?"
You gave him a heated glare. "That's not the point here, Jin."
"I know. But you see, what I'm trying to tell you is, you don't need love just to live happily. Sex can give you happiness. Friendship too. You don't need to stay in this relationship just because you think you love him."
"I do love him." You almost poked him with your chopstick. He could be so insisting and this side of him was difficult to stop.
You knew Jin since both of you were still in college, but the Cupid probably missed his aim when he shot that gold tipped arrows, that no matter how close you were with him, somehow both of you never crossed that platonic friendship line. Which it certainly worked on your favor in this case. It was hard to imagine Jin to settle down and give up his philandering lifestyle.
"Babe, why don't you sleep with me just once and I'll show you that you don't need him to feel happy with your life."
You smacked his shoulder while throwing him another glare his way.
"I don't want to be one of those women that you forget the name once your morning alarm goes off."
"I will always remember your name, silly. I'm just giving you options. It's not healthy Y/N, you know that. Your relationship with Namjoon won't bring you any good."
"Can we just move on from this? I don't want to waste this food by talking about him with you. I'm losing my appetite here."
He handed you another shot of soju and a sliced pork wrapped in lettuce, his eyes were still admonishing.
"Do you know what is the worst feeling that often justified as love in a relationship?"
He put down his chopstick before looked at you in the eyes.
You weren't lonely or desperate, you loved Namjoon, that one you knew for sure.
You fell in love with him since the first few months after you started working in his company as secretary to CEO, before you were promoted to accounting director.
He was your boss before switched the role to your close friend, the one who pulled an all nighter when your work piled up, your brain was too overwhelmed and helped you to finish it as well as massaged your stiff shoulder and neck.
He was the only man who could ditch Jin from your movie binge night at your apartment every third Saturday of the month, which Jin complained every time, but you were willing to compensate by cooking for him at his place the weekend after.
It wasn't long before Namjoon became a staple in your life, and you weren't alone anymore at most nights after he asked you to move in with him.
He proposed to you six months later, over a candlelight dinner where he cooked jjajangmyeon that looked so sickeningly black and you couldn't see the noodle shape since it was sticky and lumpy, a result from his lack of skill in the kitchen.
But for you, it was the best dish you had ever tasted, when you spotted that ring among the piles of overcooked noodles, glinting so beautifully before he popped the question.
You could consider your relationship blessed beyond average, among other things. Having your fiancee to work in the same office had all its perk, from lunch companion, problem solver aid, and a quickie in the man's restroom cubicle whenever you and him needed to let out some steam.
You always thought that your relationship was more than solid, you didn't even hesitate of your answer when he asked you to marry him.
You were sure that the foundation you built with him was able to withstand any storm coming your way, holding it together for any bumps in life that both of you had to go through later.
Until you were served with the reality that indeed when something looked too good to be true, it wasn't meant to be in the end.
It was after a big fight, one that caused you to say things that you didn't mean, and he pulled the act that also wasn't his intention. You said that 'break up' word, and he stormed out from the apartment, he didn't come back that night. A day stretched to a week, you continued with the cold war even at the office, which worsened the miscommunication since both of you weren't working at the same floor.
On day ninth after the 'break up', you were about to leave your apartment, the deep blue lingerie that he liked so much clad your body under the long coat you wore, ready to go to his penthouse. You were determined to make an amend with him, your dignity and ego could go to hell.
When you opened the door, he was at the front, ready to knock with a big bouquet of red roses in hand. Your mind apparently worked in sync with him, and you believed that no matter what happened or would happen, he was your soulmate. And you were willing to fight for this relationship.
You told yourself that you could brace every obstacle coming your way when you and him having each other back. The bad break up only proved that you indeed loved him, despite everything else.
Never crossed in you mind that your faith in him would be challenged right away.
You were browsing the wedding magazines two months after the reconciliation, when he came home that night with devastating news that even reminiscing the scene had your heart twisted painfully at the memory.
He never told you that three nights after your break up, he went for karaoke night with several directors from marketing and sales division, where Seri- his secretary also joined.
He didn't tell you that he downed five shots of long island iced tea during the escapade, nearly passed out on the lap of one of the strippers, before Seri and one of the directors helped him to get into his car and she drove him to his apartment.
He didn't tell you that the next morning he woke up with Seri naked under the sheet tangled over him, he was trying to recollect the event of previous night with clear head, but only a few were made sense. He realized he had slept with her, the white stain on the bed was a silent proof of their affair.
He didn't tell you that he asked Seri to forget everything, because he still loved you -he would always love you, and that night was a big mistake that wasn't supposed to happen.
He only told you the truth after Seri came to him with a pregnancy test, stating that she was already late for more than a month.
He bent on his knees, crying over your lap, hugging you on your hip, begging you not to leave him. Telling you that somehow, someway, he would find a way to fix the messed up situation. Because he loved you too much to lose you.
But neither he could let Seri go. She was the mother of his baby, he wanted to give a full family to his children. Namjoon was a family man at heart. He was always fond of the idea to be a father, so it wasn't a surprise that he wanted the best for his baby.
But he also wanted you to be with him, he would never be able to live without you. So he begged you to wait for him. After the baby was delivered, both of you would wait until he was old enough to wean, until Seri was well adjusted to the life as a new mother, then he would divorce her.
"I can't just leave her like that. She has a problematic pregnancy, her womb is kind of weak. She will need full bedrest for the last trimester. Please understand Y/N. I only love you. But I can't just abandon her like that."
You couldn't say no, you didn't even have the heart to refuse. How could you? Neither of these were their fault or your fault. It was a mistake, a terrible fate. The many times you tried to reason your decision over, and over again.
On his wedding day with Seri, you locked yourself in your bedroom, with a bottle of his favorite vintage wine in one hand. The tears from your eyes had been dried out, but the wound inside your heart would forever bleed through the pain. Mulling over his text on your phone, you read his message, the tenth time on that day.
"Please remember, these are only for a show. I love you, only you. There will be no other woman that can replace you in my heart. Y/N, please wait and believe in me. We will go through this together."
"I'm assigning Boram and Dal to be with you. Please don't do anything reckless, Y/N. I love you so much."
The rest of the messages were pretty much similar, he was begging you not to leave him.
As the only son of a chaebol family, his parents wouldn't want an unwed pregnancy to tarnish their reputation and name. Refusing to marry Seri was out of the question. He had to do it under the pressure of his family. It was a rushed affair, they had to expedite everything before the bump was too obvious to camouflage under the seam of the wedding dress.
Once the wedding was over, everything seemed to fall into a normal routine for you. Namjoon would come twice or three times a week, had dinner with you, sometimes sleeping over, more often he couldn't.
He told Seri about you, which he pointed to her that he would never leave you, he only stayed in the marriage for the sake of his son. Whether she agreed or not, you never knew, and you didn't want to.
You tried to look past her existence, pretending that you and him were still a normal couple, without Seri and the baby in the picture. You tried to imagine yourself in Namjoon's life, once the charade was finally over, you could claim back your man into your arm.
The many nights that followed, when Namjoon brushed his lips on your neck, you tried to forget that Seri was at his house, waiting with swelling belly on her fourth month of pregnancy. Other day you tried to ignore that Seri was on her way to the obstetrician with Dal- Namjoon's driver, when he was at your apartment, pushing roughly into you while you screamed his name, begging him to fuck you into oblivion, so you could overlook the guilt that poisoned your mind with each passing day of his infidelity.
Along the time he always convinced you that he loved you, and only you. Nothing had changed and never it would be.
He assigned his penthouse for you, and you still met him at the company, having lunch together in his office or that japanese restaurant a few blocks from the building, sometimes he would took you for shopping after work hours, or went to cinema to watch the new released movie. Everything between you and him felt almost the same, you had him every other day in your apartment like a normal girlfriend would have.
A week after the baby was born, he proudly showed the picture in his phone, boasted about how the boy looked so much like him, nothing in his features resembled Seri. The little bean was handsome, something that should have bring joy in your heart -seeing how happy he was to be a father, but you couldn't help that painful stab each time the plump face reminded you, the baby was his with someone else. Not with you.
Even then you still believed your relationship with him was quite fine. Just a couple of years before he could leave her for good.
You could still brace the nights you spent debating with your inner self, wondering what Namjoon was doing with her right now. It was a torture to imagine all of the possibilities that might happen between the two, but it was impossible to stop the train of thoughts. Even if it happened, she had all the rights to hold and touch her husband, to have him as the father of her baby.
Did he hug her just like he hugged you an hour ago? Did he bring her favorite food just like he brought those chinese take out you had a moment ago?
Did he kiss her on her forehead, just like he did everytime he came inside your apartment? Maybe he bought her necklace too, even bigger and more expensive than the one he gave to you?
You really hoped that he had not or would never fuck her, just like he fucked your brain out a mere hour ago, you couldn't stand the possibility even if it was only in your imagination. Namjoon said he wouldn't sleep with her again, but how could you know for sure? They were husband and wife after all.
There were several things he needed to do to keep the dynamic of a family, and you almost sure he lived the double life with her, just like he did with you. So many unanswered questions you wanted to ask him just ceased at the tip of your tongue, ready to fire, but you didn't have enough courage to continue.
You were scared if what you were wondering were all true. You were afraid of his answers that might or might not be true, that in the end he probably had no choice but lie to you. You didn't want to hear the truth because indeed ignorance was a bliss, and it was better for you if you pretend not to know, living in the bubble of comfort zone you had created since Seri came between you and him.
Because whatever reason you tried to justify with, it wouldn't change the fact that she was his wife, you were the other woman. No matter how often Namjoon said that you were the only woman for him, -still, you were nothing but a glorified mistress, clandestine home-wrecker.
Staring at your reflection in the mirror, you thought about all the things that happened for the past year. Namjoon treated you well, so well, that you almost didn't feel the need to press on the matter at hand anymore.
He had promised you he would leave her, but you were almost sure, once he arrived at home, at some point maybe the family role playing felt too real to ignore. Hajun would be one year old soon, and you were wondering if Namjoon still remember his promise, whether he was too invested with his family instead of the possibility of future with you.
You loved kids, you were sure you would have no problem to love the boy as your own, if he decides to divorce Seri and get the custody later, you told him that already.
But it has been quite a while since the last discussion, and everytime you tried to bring that up, he would dodge the question, or distracted you with mind numbing sex.
Many times you wondered if Seri or his mother would reach to you, to tell you to leave Namjoon and his family, to find your own man, instead of someone's husband. But there was no such thing, seemed like his threat worked after all, he made an ultimatum that when he married Seri, his family had to leave you alone, and that rule applied to his wife as well.
But it didn't make you feel any better.
You couldn't even present yourself next to him in public, his reputation being at stake, therefore both of you needed to be as discreet as possible. The last time he took you to Jungsik, you had to hide in the bathroom halfway on your main course, because one of his father's business colleague went to the same restaurant.
You felt cheap and desperate. It was tiring to live day by day, hanged by the thread of hope that someday, things between him and you would finally look up the way you wanted to.
You scanned your overall figure, your face and your body. You had always believed you were attractive, enough to ease your way to get any boy or man you wanted. But it was probably years ago, before you met Namjoon, definitely before Seri happened.
Maybe Jin was right. Loneliness was a terrible excuse to be justified as love. You didn't even know who you were and what was your life purpose anymore, when his presence already defined that for you, intentionally or otherwise. You were just a complement to his existence.
You missed those kind of feeling, to be carefree and confident. You wanted your life back. You wanted to feel worthy, good enough for a man to come home to you, to make you the only woman whose finger he put the ring on. You didn't deserved to be treated like this.
The loud vibration from your phone on the vanity indicating an incoming message, and you didn't need to read the sender to know whose the message was from.
'I'm home. Sorry for late reply, Hajun suddenly awake and wanted to play for a while. Sleep well, and see you tomorrow, okay? I love you.'
Home. The simple word felt like another dagger to your heart, his words of love did nothing to ease the ache. That was his home. With his wife and his son, a family that his parents fully acknowledged. Not with you here.
What were you doing all this time? What exactly you were waiting for?
You pressed the compose message button, for a moment you were clueless of what to reply to him, before your fingers worked on its own, driven by the consciousness in the back of your mind.
'I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry.'
It took you a while staring at those words before you finally pressed the send button.
Then you switched your phone off, didn't want to read his sweet messages of nothingness, empty promises that had expired beyond its due. Walking to the minibar, you took a bottle of soju from the fridge, something light to numb the pain. When the alcohol started to kick, you told yourself, tonight you would cry out the heartbreak, your failed relationship, and your pitiful destiny.
Tomorrow would be a new day.
You would look for another job, -with your resume it wouldn't be difficult, Jin could help you too. You would turn a new blank page and leave everything about him behind.
It was one of those mornings when you were awake but felt like a complete shit. You couldn't remember when was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed and spirited, ready to go up and about your daily routines. It was a feeling all too familiar ever since Seri became a fixture in his life, - your life. Your heart would need more time to heal apparently.
It had been six days since you sent that message, and you hadn't heard from him anymore. Maybe because you already blocked his number, or maybe because he finally gave up on you.
You moved to Jin's house, taking his guest bedroom, while looking around the listing for your own apartment. The man had offered you to permanently stay with him, his monster of a house had two other vacant bedrooms you could choose anyway.
But you decided that it was too dangerous to live with him, the convenience would probably get you carried away into another relationship problem. You didn't want to complicate the situation and risk your friendship with him.
Raising to your feet, your eyes fell onto the strip of Unisom tabs on the bedside table, you had to take it everyday to help you clear your mind and doze yourself to deep sleep. You couldn't fall asleep without the pill.
Wearing your kimono on your way out, you went downstairs to the kitchen, intended to get a cup of caffeine fix. You didn't have work today, you already submitted your resignation once you made up your mind, and you knew even the CEO would not do anything about it. Not when he was the culprit behind your departure from the company.
The amount of idle time that you had now, helped you to think about your goal and your life in general. Although you had not yet recovered from the heartache, but the changing of residence and ambience helped a lot to distract your mind.
You didn't realize you had been daydreaming for almost an hour, the half filled cup of coffee already went cold, when the bell buzzed loud, breaking the silence around the room.
Looking at the clock, it was almost ten, you couldn't guess who would come around this hour, other than maybe some online delivery.
However, when you opened the door, standing behind it was the last person you wanted to see now.
You tried to close the door in reflex, but he was fast to put his foot to wedge in between the frame, his hand was not your match when he pushed it open.
"Y/N, please, I just want to talk."
"There is nothing to talk. I don't want to see you." You tried to hold on the door and prevented it from ajar, but of course he was stronger than you. You sighed in defeat before stepped aside and finally gave him a way.
Six days not seeing him felt too long, but you could never forget how good looking he was, even only in a pullover and jeans. He had never showed up in casual clothing during working hours, and his face looked oddly tired and dull, in contrast with his usual appearance.
"You have five minutes." You glared at him, but inwardly you had to refrain from running your fingers on his hair, the silver locks looked so soft and pretty. But then, being soft was the least you needed right now.
He tried to hold your hand, but you took a step back, avoiding his advance, a reminder rang inside your mind that you probably wouldn't able to control yourself if you let him touch you.
"Half minute already. You better get going."
"I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say, beside I regret everything that I did to you. I had never thought from your position, but the last week without you with me really open my eyes and I now realize what I'd done."
You swallowed the hot tears that clogged your throat, ready to spill with your remnant of determination.
"Namjoon, I can't go back being your ... your-"
It was hard to say the truth, voicing out was only an affirmation of your status in this relationship.
"I know, and I'm sorry for that. I realize that now. And I swear ...-"
"You have your family, you need to go back to them. We are over, Namjoon. I want a future, a husband that is solely mine. And I won't settle for anything less. So, if you'll excuse me, I still need to- ..."
"She signed it."
" ... find an apartment,- ... what did you say?"
You were late to catch his last three words, it took a few seconds longer to register in your brain.
"She signed the paper. The divorce paper. I'm not a married man anymore."
You held onto the wall, almost couldn't believe the turn of event, he had to hold your waist to prevent you to flop on the floor.
"But ... how? How did you do that? And, your parents?"
Guiding you to the couch, he let you sit before took the place next to you. Holding your hand, he stroked your palm, and you finally noticed, his wedding band wasn't there anymore.
"I was stupid, Y/N. That night when I slept with her, the memory was like scattered pieces of puzzles that I could never put it together, how the hell I could do it when I wasn't even conscious was beyond me. At the time, the only thing I thought about was guilt and fear. Guilt that I betrayed you, and fear of losing you. I didn't even question her about the whole thing. I only asked her to forget. I thought since we broke up, I didn't need to tell you. Just thought of it like a one night stand."
The memory when he finally told you the truth was coming back to you like a flashback of a sad movie.
"So when she told me that she was pregnant, I was panic, totally losing my mind. I couldn't lose you, that was the first thing that came to me. So I went to you and begged you to stay, and everything was spiraling down from there. Since you agreed, I felt like I could keep you both, you and my family, separately."
It was painful, now that the memory of his wedding and many nights you spent imagining him in her bed, you had never realized how it was eating you inside, until now.
"And then when you sent that message a week ago, it was like a wake up call for me, how I took you for granted all this time."
He cupped your face in his big palm, caressing your cheeks and wiped the tears that ran through your eyes.
"Namjoon ... I -, I don't know what to say -..."
"It took me a while before I can come here, because I know if I want you back, I have to do something drastic. So I confronted her. She was never indecent or made any improper gesture towards me, so I always put the blame on my side, never tried to think with common sense. She was the one who initiated the sex, Y/N, it wasn't me. But I was too drunk, I didn't fully realize what I was doing, so she took advantage."
You were still trying to recover from the surprise, staring at his pretty face, too afraid to hold onto another false hope. You've been living on the sideline for too long, to be back at the right track would need sometime to adjust.
"How about your parents? And ... Hajun?"
"It took me a week to handle the business, I split the company, and registered my own firm under my name. It was quite a challenge because I need more capital and cash injection, but there are several contacts who trust me enough and willing to invest, so I did it in the end."
The look in his eyes told you that the process was a turbulent one, you knew his parents, especially his father, and you could imagine what length he had been through. What he had done to be with you.
"As for Hajun, I don't think children will be happy when they see their parents unhappy. I don't love Seri, and I never will. I had never slept with her anymore, we even have our separate room. I even wondered how to explain to him later when he come to know that his father visits other woman while still living with his mother. I still can give him all the love he deserves, even when I don't live with him. I think that's most important."
He looked tired, but there was a flash of brightness in his eyes now, different from what you saw a while ago.
"So ... does it mean ... we can be together again?"
"I know it will be too fast, so I won't rush if you are not sure yet. But I want to marry you whenever you are ready. I always love you, Y/N, nothing could ever come between us again, I promise."
When he finally pulled you in his embrace, you told yourself that you deserved this, it was what you would settle with him, even if that meant someone had to be sacrificed for your own sake.
You had thought about the boy all this time, about his happiness first and foremost, you forgot about your own.
Looking at the ring that he just slipped on your finger, you thought that for once, you wanted to be selfish and didn't care about how people would think about you, nor about everything Namjoon had to go through to have you back.
This time, ... you chose to love yourself.
Tumblr media
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jessikahathaway · 16 hours ago
Vegas, Baby - Part V
Tumblr media
Okay so I'm new at banners so take it easy on me.
But hi! Sorry i haven't really been active on here, I had a family member pass away and things have been hectic since. But I'm here, and this was prewritten so I have some time to work on new content, but here it is!
Hope you Enjoy <3
Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V) X Reader
Genre: Mafia!AU, Accidental Marriage!AU, Romance, Smut (Future)
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Explicit language, Injury, Blood (Nothing terribly bad)
Words: 2.9k - I know it's super short forgive me :'(
Summary: They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens when there’s a little more legality to it than that?
Before you knew it, a month had passed.
And you hadn’t left the house except for the day with Yeri, Yoongi and Jimin.
You were slowly going stir crazy desperate for any kind of outdoor time. But Taehyung was far too busy to go with you, and he didn’t like the idea of you going by yourself. But after days of begging when you managed to see him, he finally cracked.
But not in the way you expected.
You were sitting in the library reading when Mrs. Blight came in. Someone who was still not too fond of you.
“Master Taehyung would like for you to meet him in the parlor,” she said, leaving you with that.
Standing up you headed to the parlor, but instead of just seeing Taehyung, there was another man there too.
“Ah, Y/N, there you are. Come sit down,” Taehyung said, patting the seat next to him. You did as he asked, sitting down next to him.
Looking across from you, there was a man in all back, a gun strapped to his side and a ear piece in his ear. His brown hair was pulled to the side and his eyes were covered with sunglasses.
“Y/N, this is a good friend of mine, Jung Hoseok, and he will be your personal bodyguard,” Taehyung said.
“What?” you asked, turning to look at him with an incredulous look on your face.
“You keep asking if you can go out and do things, and while I can’t go with you everywhere, Hoseok can. That way you still have your freedom and I can do my work and not feel so guilty about trapping you in the house,” he said.
“Taehyung, I don’t know,” you said, trying not to overthink it.
“It’s fine, Hoseok is a skilled fighter and master marksman, you’ll be totally safe with him,” Taehyung confirmed.
“I know but, do you think I need a bodyguard? Why can’t I just go out on my own?” you asked.
“Y/N, there are members of the mafia who aren’t too happy about our union. I will work with them to try to ease these fears of outsiders, but they are set in their ways. If you were taken from me, it would make me look weak, and my hold over Korea and the states would begin to crumble,” Taehyung explained.
“So this is a power play,” you said, not liking the thought of being a possession to be kept behind glass.
“No, no Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that,” he said.
“No, I get it. I’m just a mistake that you need to cover up and hide away, it’s fine,” you said, standing up.
“Y/N, don’t twist my words,” he said, sighing.
“I’m leaving,” you said, heading toward the door, when you heard a pair of footsteps following you.
Turning around you saw Hoseok standing behind you.
“Uh, you don’t need to follow me,” you said.
“That’s his job Y/N,” Taehyung reminded.
“Shut up Taehyung,” you said, turning around and leaving the room, a bewildered Taehyung in your wake.
The footsteps behind you didn’t cease, much to your dismay.
They followed you all the way to your room. You turned to see Hoseok, who stood there like a guard dog, reeled in on a tight leash. You sighed and rubbed your forehead.
You snapped at Taehyung, who was only trying to give you what you wanted. But to say that if you died it would make him look weak, to hear him talk about you as if you weren’t important. That really grinded your gears.
Opening your door, you left it open, expecting Hoseok to follow. But when the footsteps didn’t continue, you looked out to see him standing at the entrance, his back to you.
“Uh, you not coming in here with me?” you asked, looking at him.
“No, this is your personal space, I won’t invade that unless absolutely necessary,” he said, keeping his back to you.
“Thank you,” you stated.
“Taehyung insisted upon this. That I’m not to follow you in here unless specifically directed or it is unavoidable,” he said.
“God I’m such a bitch,” you groaned, throwing your head on the pillow.
“I don’t think that’s true. Taehyung can be a bit of a jerk, so, I think your reaction was justified,” he commented.
“Yeah, but he’s only doing this to give me what I want. Since he can’t give me absolute freedom, he’s doing the next best thing,” you said, mostly to yourself.
Hoseok remained quiet, standing guard at the entrance of your room. You went to the bathroom and washed up a little, trying to keep the guilt from eating you up inside. But it still remained throughout the night.
Hoseok stayed at your door, never leaving.
You read a little, and as the night got late you heard Hoseok answer a call.
“Hoseok,” he answered plainly.
You waited, holding your ear against the door.
“He what?!” he said, sounding concerned.
You wondered who they were talking about.
“I’ll have to leave my post to come pick him up,” Hoseok said.
You strained your ears to continue to listen.
“Taehyung is injured? How badly,” he asked.
Taehyung is what? Your heart dropped into your stomach.
“I’ll be there shortly,” Hoseok said.
You scrambled away from the door and sat on your bed, picking up your book and looked at it with practised ease. Hoseok knocked and opened the door, looking at you.
“I must leave you for a moment, but please, do stay here. I will be back shortly,” he said.
You nodded, waving to him before looking back down at your book.
Hoseok bowed to you before leaving the room. You rushed to the door, listening for his retreating footsteps. When you couldn’t hear them anymore you rushed to the staircase, flying down them like a little kid on christmas. But you knew something had gone wrong. You felt it in your gut.
As you spotted Hoseok out in the front lawn, there you saw Taehyung. He was being carried by two other men, holding him by his shoulders. You looked and saw Hoseok take over for one of them, bringing him towards the house. You flew open the front door and looked at him properly.
His lip was bloodied. Cheek swollen and already beginning to bruise. There was a cut in his shirt with blood around it. And worst of all, he was holding his side with a bloodied hand. Your heart plummeted through the earth and settled in the fiery pits of it’s core. Something had gone terribly wrong.
‘Taehyung!” you cried, getting the surprise of Hoseok and Taehyung both.
“Let me go,” Taehyung said, pulling his arms out of the other two men’s grasp.
You rushed forward, and looked at his injuries. His side was bad, but at least it didn’t hit any major organs from what you could tell. The cheek would heal, so would the lip.
“What happened?” you asked, looking at his state with fear.
You thought Taehyung was untouchable.
But he is merely another human.
Even though he would like you to think otherwise.
“Got caught in a scrap between two of my newer recruits. Turns out one of them was working for Jeon. He struck to kill,” he said, gritting it out like the betrayal ran deep.
“Here, let me help you,” you said, taking his good side and holding him up.
He didn’t fight you, but the other two men looked on in surprise as the pair of you made it to the house.
Taehyung was breathing heavily, making you concerned about how much blood loss there has been. But that was when Mrs. Blight decided to rear her ugly head.
“Taehyung! What happened?” she asked, pushing you aside.
You looked as she checked him over, you were hurt, but not shocked at what happened.
“Mrs. Blight, please. I’d like to go get some rest if I could,” he said, sounding exhausted.
“I will call the doctor for you,” she said, moving to turn around.
“That’s okay, Y/N said she was going to help me,” Taehyung said, moving to hang onto you again.
“She has no medical experience, and you expect her to stitch up that wound? You are insane,” Mrs. Blight scoffed.
“She said she wanted to help me, let her help. I can stitch up my own wound anyways, I’ve done it before,” he said.
“That’s Master Taehyung to you,” he warned, beginning to walk forward with you.
“Fine, get an infection and die! See if she’ll be there for you then! You pitious fool!”
“Yeah yeah, whatever, go scare some kids or whatever you do on the weekends,” Taehyung groaned.
You helped him to your room, him saying it was closer than his. So the pair of you got to the bathroom and you found an emergency medical kit stashed underneath the sink. Taehyung sat on the sink, holding a cold washcloth to his face.
You worked diligently, letting the only kind of medical knowledge you had take over. Taehyung watched as you moved around the bathroom in silence. He was uncomfortable, you could tell, but you wanted to make sure that he would be okay before you started your apology.
After about half an hour, you helped Taehyung stitch up his side, holding onto a light so he could see it better. He grunted in pain each time the needle went in, but it was for the best. He knew that.
Eventually it was all done. His wounds were cleaned and bandaged and his stitches were tight and secure.
He looked at you and you stared right back.
“I’m sorry-”
You both said at the same time.
Chuckling, Taehyung moved to speak first.
“I’m really sorry about what I said earlier. It’s not my intention to keep you locked up in here all day. I don’t see you as a possession, I see you as my equal in this house, but I know with the way I act sometimes it can be hard to feel that way. I really try not to bother you, but it’s really nice having you here. I-I don’t feel so alone anymore,” he confessed, a small smile on his face.
“Thank you Taehyung, I really like being here. It’s odd and not like what I thought it would be. But everyone is kind, except for Mrs. Blight but that’s not an issue. What is an issue is our communication. We need to tell each other how we’re feeling and what we are experiencing. You avoiding me won’t convince anyone we love each other. So if we are going to play this role, then we need to be friends,” you said.
Taehyung seemed to mull it over.
“Friends,” he agreed, holding his hand out.
You pushed his hand away and wrapped your arms around his neck carefully, pulling him in for a hug. Taehyung patted your back gingerly, not wanting to hurt himself any further. You pulled back and smiled at him.
“You think you can make it to your room?” you asked, looking at his state. He was obviously feeling a little better, but his gate worried you a bit.
“I think I can manage,” he stated, moving to step forward, when his legs gave out and he hit the floor on his knees.
“Taehyung!” you said, coming forward and placing your hands on his shoulders.
“It’s okay, I’m okay,” he said softly, rubbing his side absentmindedly.
“You aren’t okay, why don’t you sleep in here tonight?” you asked. Taehyung looked at you quickly, astonished.
“What?” he asked, looking for confirmation.
“Not like that you weirdo. I’ll sleep on the floor or something, you take the bed. You’re hurt,” you said, brushing the hair out of his face.
“I will not allow my wife to sleep on the floor. That is ridiculous,” Taehyung stated, moving to stand up.
“It’s fine,” you said, helping him to his feet.
“Let’s just sleep together,” he said, exhaustion creeping into his voice.
You tried to keep in your gasp, but Taehyung heard it loud and clear. He sent you a wicked smile, already toying with you.
“Oh? Something on your mind Y/N?” he asked.
“For someone who is hurt, you are making it far too tempting to throttle you right now,” you said, helping him get into bed.
“Ooh, promises promises,” Taehyung smirked.
“I’ll just go sleep in one of the guest rooms,” you said, heading towards the door.
“Y/N, Y/N wait, I’m sorry. I’ll quit teasing, I promise,” Taehyung said from the bed.
You turned and raised a brow.
“You promise?” you asked, looking at him doubtfully.
“I will, for tonight anyways,” he smiled.
You sighed.
That was as good as you were gonna get.
“Fine,” you said, coming over and crawling into bed next to him.
You laid stock still, waiting for him to fall asleep. Laying there in the dead silence was uncomfortable, but you tried your best to keep everything together.
Eventually you started getting tired, when Taehyung’s voice echoed throughout the room.
“Y/N, do you plan to lay like a log the whole night or are you going to get comfortable?” he asked, turning over to face you.
“Um,” you said, scooting further to the side of the bed.
“You can get comfortable, you know, it is your bed,” he stated.
“I just-ah!” you gasped, getting pulled into Taehyung’s chest. You wiggled around a bit, before you heard Taehyung groan in pain.
“Ouch, ouch ouch,” he grunted.
“Sorry Taehyung!” you said, turning.
“That’s alright, just, don’t move so much,” he asked, moving to adjust his hold on you.
“Taehyung,” you breathed, as you felt him relax.
“It’s alright, just try to get some sleep,” he said.
You nodded quietly, before closing your eyes. You tried to focus on the feeling of the sheets beneath you. The feeling of Taehyung’s arms wrapped around you, made your heart clench in your chest. What was this feeling you had? Like you were at peace, but your heart was racing.
Your mind was reeling, when Taehyung's voice entered your ears yet again.
“Relax, Y/N. I’ve got you,” he said. Rubbing his thumb on your hip before taking a deep breath.
You did the same, and slowly, sleep fell over you.
You woke up the next morning and Taehyung was gone.
Sighing, you got up and got dressed. Sleeping in your clothes from the day prior did make you feel a little gross, especially since there was blood staining your clothes. But you walked down to the kitchen to find Seokjin already plating some waffles for you.
“Ah, Lady Y/N, good to see you,” he said, adding a little whip cream on the top.
“Good to see you too, Seokjin,” you smiled, sitting down at the island where you waffles sat waiting for you.
“I hope waffles are okay. If you want something else I can make that instead,” he said, turning to head towards the stove.
“No! These look great,” you said, already digging in.
Seokjin just smiled, cleaning up his station diligently.
You ate in silence, just enjoying the flavors of the waffle dancing across your tongue. Seokjin came back over to make small talk with you, just something to keep the atmosphere light.
When you finished he asked if you wanted anything else and you shook your head and thanked him for the meal. He smiled and waved you out of the room.
You went to the library and picked up your most recent book, enjoying the serenity that was this space. You always felt relaxed in here.
That is, until you noticed someone sitting in the corner.
“Good morning, Hoseok,” you said, looking up from your book.
“That didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Taehyung is right, you are pretty sharp,” he said, standing and coming over closer.
“Maybe you’re just bad at hiding,” you smiled, looking back down at your book.
“Something tells me that’s not the case,” he said, sitting across from you.
The pair of you sat in silence for a moment before Hoseok spoke up.
“Thank you,” he said softly.
“For what?” you asked, not looking up from your book.
“For being with Taehyung,” he said, making your head snap up to look at him.
“Well... it’s not like I have much choice. But... He’s not so bad,” you said, fiddling with your fingers.
“It’s not just that, though, is it? There’s something more there,” Hoseok said.
“I don’t know what you mean,” you said, not looking in his direction.
“There’s something more about you and Taehyung. He seems a little different,” he declared. You blushed.
“I’m sure it’s nothing,” you reasoned, trying to keep your heart rate under control.
“You can deny it all you want Y/N, but I think you’re both changing. For the better,” Hoseok said.
As you were about to answer, a knock came to the door.
You looked and saw Taehyung entering, a dark look crossing his face. You felt your back stiffen in concern. Something had gone wrong.
“Y/N, you need to go change, quickly,” he said, not acknowledging Hoseok in the room with you.
“What’s going on?”
“Just, please, go get dressed,” he said, coming forward.
“Why? Just tell me Taehyung,” you said.
Hoseok stood up and looked at him as well.
“We’re in deep shit, Y/N,” he said.
Your blood ran cold.
“What can I do?” you said, already trying to think of what could be wrong.
“My parents are here.”
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chateautae · 17 days ago
ready or not? | jjk. (m)
Tumblr media
➵ summary :  jungkook’s too riled up to stay in a tiny closet with you, and taehyung’s bed looks perfectly inviting.
↳ second part of here i come.
➵ pairing : jungkook x f. reader
➵ genre :  college!au, smut, pwp
➵ rating : 18+
➵ word count : 4k
➵ warnings : sexual content, swearing, dirty talk, breast fondling/worship (jungkook really loves her tits), petting, fingering, pussy-eating (panties on and off), finger sucking, cum tasting, big dick!jungkook cause wbk, desperate, needy sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up lovelies) slight name kink, begging, creampie
➵ a/n: YES i’m back with a smutty second instalment for jungkook’s ‘here i come’ pwp, just my small gift for our born singer’s birthday today, can’t believe he’s 24 now 🥺 thank you endlessly to my love @inkedtae​ bee for beta-ing!! as always, your comments and feedback are appreciated! enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Jungkook tosses you onto the mattress faster than you can speak. 
You spring onto the bed and a shocked yelp escapes you, the transfer from Jungkook’s warm, muscular body to Taehyung’s mattress tantalizingly abrupt. 
“Jungko- '' He instantly smothers you with a heated kiss, slotting his fingers with yours gently as he presses your entangled hands into the sheets. Taehyung’s once impeccable bedding is now messed up by the sheer force of Jungkook’s kiss, and your two entwined bodies passionately making out. 
The weight of his strong frame above you fills you with fireworks, squeezing his hands back as you hum and moan into the kiss with him. Jungkook’s knee presses between your legs, squishing them together at even the slightest feeling down there. Your insides are raw and sensitive from his previous onslaught, and your pussy folds are still damp with your cum and arousal. 
But despite having your pussy torn apart just moments ago, you still openly invite Jungkook between your legs as though it were his home, spreading them wider. Jungkook moans at the feeling and instantly brings his knee higher, lodging himself right at the base of your cunt and your breath hitches. 
You purr like a kitten into his mouth, tasting him in all his glory as Jungkook shoves his tongue down your throat. He can taste the cherry flavour of your lip balm and shit, does it make him want to consume you, devour you like a ravenous animal.
But for now, this position is ideal for Jungkook. Being able to hold your hands like this, feel your body arch up into his from underneath, sense your legs squirming around him; this is exactly where he wants to be. 
“Jungkook.. we’ll-we’ll mess up Taehyung’s bed...” 
“I don’t give a fuck.” 
Jungkook’s merciless with his kiss this time. You moan and whimper into his mouth as he ravages you underneath. Your arousal is already building within your abdomen again, feeling Jungkook’s cock slap against your body sometimes with how much he dips below and rubs himself against you. 
You pine to touch that delicious cock of his, but it’s as though Jungkook reads your mind, and detangles a hand of his to slither down to your core. He rapidly hikes your dress again up over your ass, and his fingertips slowly press into your sensitive clit. 
You gasp, free hand jutting out to bunch his shirt into your fist as he supplies your neglected pearl with small, calculated ministrations. Your blissed out eyes meet his, and the dark red of desire that taints them leaves your lungs losing air, lip tucked between your teeth.
“Fuck, Jungkook..” 
“Yeah? You like this?” 
You lightly moan and nod a yes, Jungkook’s lips brushing yours as he breathes unevenly and collects your essence all over his fingers. 
“Fuck, you’re dripping like honey, baby. Wanna taste you so badly.” Jungkook groans as he rubs your oozing slick all over your palpitating pussy, before gathering some more all over his two fingers. He feels his skin coated in your cum and removes himself from you, funnily whining at the loss of his touch. He brings his wet digits to his lips, popping them in mouth as he finally gets a taste of you. 
“Shit, princess. Taste sweeter than fucking honey.” He nearly growls, softly grabbing your chin and tipping you upwards to engulf you in a breath-taking kiss. You grow impatient for his cock knowing it still stands tall and proud. You’re restless, snaking your hand, clutching his shirt down his body, feeling every inch of his beautiful torso and brawny muscle until you reach his exposed cock. 
Jungkook bucks forward slightly with a moan, his face burying to the side of your cheek. You can feel the slick of your previous orgasm still wet and sticky all over his dick, and begin slow pumps of twisting that rile up Jungkook more than you’ll ever know. His breaths grow hotter and heavier as you teasingly fist his dick just to hear the way he sexily groans into your ear. 
“Y/N.. ah fuck.” He breathes out shakily, managing his weight above you as you handjob the life out of him, relishing in his deep, throaty sounds. 
“Want your cock so badly, Jungkook.” You whine, your own breaths heated as your ears welcome the low sounds of Jungkook moaning your name. “Fuck my mouth, baby.” 
Jungkook lets out a pleasured groan at such a request, returning to your mouth for another head-spinning kiss. He kisses hard and fast and it leaves you breathless once he takes your bottom lip between his teeth, before releasing it with a lewd pop. 
 Jungkook then grabs your chin and teasingly thumbs your lips, running over your swollen, plushy petals. “You know I’d love to fuck this pretty mouth,” Jungkook breathes against your mouth, peering down at you with obsidian eyes though with a contrasting, endearing smile. “But next time, princess. Right now I need to fuck you senseless on Tae’s bed.” 
He supplies you with a quick peck before he crawls off the bed. Jungkook begins stripping himself of his jacket, shirt and jeans as he steps over to Taehyung’s bedroom door. You take the opportunity to shred off your dress, only left in your bra and panties as you anticipate a nearly naked Jungkook. Your ogling vision lands on his broad, sexy back as you lustfully watch him lock the door. 
And fuck, is his back so hot. Is it normal to be attracted to backs? Why do you suddenly feel like riding the hell out of his back muscles?
Jungkook’s gaze shifts towards you, and he sees your pliant body laid out across the sheets like a gift made just for him. His eyes are tainted with sheer desire, that’s for sure, but you can see his irises gleam with almost this certain.. admiration? You could feel your heart fluttering and suddenly become shy about your exposed skin, arms clutching around your bare midsection. 
You watch the bunny-smiled man crack his signature grin before he joins you in the bed, shuffling himself over you. He clasps your hands gently and unravels them to reveal your skin, eyes flitting over you with kind eyes. 
“You are so fucking pretty.” He confesses, and your heart blooms in your chest. You nibble on your lip as your hands sweep over his thick muscles, palms curling around his biceps and giving them a light squeeze. He’s truly an Adonis, his body crafted to be worshipped in a museum, each muscle and divot and groove made to be loved by anyone who earned the pleasure of touching him. 
“You’re so fucking hot.” You breathe out when his hands slowly slither up your sides, lighting up a fire inside you to feel his rough, calloused hands over your smooth, delicate skin. 
“Says you.” Jungkook’s low timbre resonates in your ear where he’s lowered himself now, pressing a peck to your cheek before he instructs in a spine-shivering whisper. “Get on all fours, princess.” 
You follow his command, positioning yourself until your panty-clad ass is presented to him, and Jungkook squared his shoulders behind you. He hisses at the sight of you below once you’ve secured your position, wetting his cute lips with a curse. 
“Fuck, I’ve been dying to see you like this.” He admits with a hint of desperation. 
You smirk proudly, bucking your ass back on him because fuck, is it just so fun to tease a man. 
Especially a sexy one like Jungkook. 
“Then don’t wait anymore, Koo.” 
Jungkook ignites at the nickname, smugly grinning as his fingertips meet the pliant spine of your back. You shiver when he dances his fingers down slowly, but surely until you’re arching. You can feel his rampant breaths fanning against you as he does so, imagining his flushed face and slightly dampened hair with sweat behind you.
He suddenly grabs hold of your hips, tugging you flush against his crotch and you purr in approval. Jungkook hooks his fingers onto your blush panties, but doesn’t exactly remove them. He brings his nose and lips towards your core, and you spasm at just the feeling of him so near. His nose nudges against your twitching folds and you shudder, breathing hotly as your pussy gushes.
“Jesus Christ, you’re dripping.” Jungkook juts out his tongue to lick at your already soaked panties, mewling when you feel the weight of his wet muscle. 
“Jungkook-- Oh.” 
You sigh when he swipes another lick through your clothed core, biting your lip to contain the screaming urge for him to just shove his tongue through your bare pussy. 
A whimper escapes when he does it again, clutching the white sheets of Taehyung’s bed between your fingers. You gently push your core back onto his face more, voice weak and desperate as you beg him. 
“Jungkook, please.” 
“Mmm, such a sexy girl.” Jungkook hums, fiddling with the waistband of your underwear. “Always knew you would be.” 
God, he’s teasing the fucking hell out of you and you only crave him just like you crave air. His tongue keeps slithering through your underwear as he diligently eats you out with your panties on. The satiating rub of your slicked material against your clit feels good for your pulsing cunt, but you want more, need more of Jungkook because otherwise, you’ll turn into a madwoman. 
Just as you squeal his name, the muscly man practically rips your panties off your core and nose-dives into your bare pussy, smothering himself with your delicious heat. 
The second he gets a taste, Jungkook moans and hums against your sopping core as he makes out with your cunt, veiny hands full of your ass as he holds your wriggling body in place. 
“Fucking shit, always knew you’d taste this sweet.” Jungkook breathes harshly before plunging in for more. Your toes curl and your eyes roll back in sheer ecstasy when you feel the fleshy touch of his tongue against your soft folds. No man has ever eaten you like this and you could see stars in your clouded vision. His tongue feels so wet and long, even reaching down and over you until he prods your clit with the tip of his tongue. 
He wiggles and snakes his tongue through your pussy until you’re arching almost inhumanly and shaking on the bed, close to ripping up Taehyung’s godforsaken sheets. Jungkook seems to notice how hard you’re grasping them and mewling tiredly, breaking away to gently coo.
“Not too much, baby. You’ll hurt yourself.” Jungkook splays his palm underneath your tummy and elevates you, straightening out your back. You physically and internally gush at the sweet gesture, head falling limp against the mattress under the spell of his intoxicating touch.
“Fucking- Jungkook..” You moan his name so seductively, it elicits a groan from Jungkook behind you, the deep sounds rippling through your walls. Never has her heard a voice as pretty as yours, and fuck, do you sound absolutely gorgeous moaning his name like that. 
“Shit, your pussy is dripping wet, princess.” Jungkook attempts to catch his breath, your essence coating his lips, chin and nose. “Need to finger-fuck you raw.” 
“Fuck, oh shit, Jungkoo-” You’re cut off by a lewd moan when Jungkook plunges two thick fingers into your pulsing cunt, reaching out before you and latching onto one of Taehyung’s pillows for even a semblance of control. 
“So fucking pretty when you moan, you know that?” You moan again, face burying into the pillow because Jungkook’s fingers are just so perfectly-shaped and delicious, he could’ve felt like a real cock. 
Jungkook immediately unclasps your bra with a single hand and rapidly removes the damn thing, chucking it aside. His free hand collects a breasts of yours in his palm, and begins kneading your tits he vowed to avoid staring at all fucking night, but now couldn’t contain himself anymore.
“Do you know much..” Jungkook thrusts his fingers inside you deep, bucking forward when he does so. “I’ve thought about you and your sexy body?” 
You shudder underneath him, the deep octave of his voice vibrating in your ears. “How much I had to avoid looking at you in this dress tonight?” 
He shoves his fingers even deeper and dares twist them inside you, teasingly stroking against your engorged g-spot with a ‘come hither’ motion. “How fucking much I stopped myself in that closet with these perfect tits of yours?” 
Jungkook squeezes one in his hand and you mewl, his fingertip drawing tight circles over a hardened, plum-coloured peak. 
“Jungkook, please. Need your cock inside me-ah!” Jungkook suddenly wraps his hand around your throat, lightly applying pressure to the sides as his lips whisper sinfully into your ear. 
“Not so loud, princess. Can’t have the whole party hearing you moan for me, huh?” 
You melt. You shiver and shudder and gush and melt into Jungkook’s arms at the sheer head-spinning depth of his voice. It drips fiery, red hot desire and lust and God, are you the most desperate whore for him. You nod your head compliantly and Jungkook removes his fingers from your fluttering cunt, bringing them before your mouth as he bends over your frame, bare core pressed to his crotch. 
“Taste your cum for me, baby.” He taps his soaked fingers against your lips as almost a cheeky knock, and you open up. You wrap your tongue around and over his digits, little noises of pleasure escaping the back of your throat as you taste your sweet cum. Jungkook groans out shakily as he draws himself out. 
You breathe like a wild animal as you hear the bed rustle behind you, peeking back to see Jungkook removing his boxers. He’s got them off and now completely exposes himself to you, left naked behind you knowing damn well he has a flushed, angry red-tipped cock you’ll get your mouth on one day. 
Jungkook’s all but licking his lips with dilated pupils at the prospect of fucking you properly, lining himself up with your entrance eagerly until.. 
“Fuck!” Jungkook loudly curses. 
“What? What’s wrong?” 
“I don’t have a fucking condom.” He laments. “I gave mine to Taehyung ‘cause he forgot one before coming here.” Jungkook huffs with grave annoyance, rolling his eyes. “I’ll call him and get it from him. He should still have it-” 
“No, no! Jungkook, it’s okay.” You immediately jut out your hand for him to stay, somehow finding his hand when he offers it to you. “It’s okay, go in raw. Just go in right now.”
“Are-are you sure?” Jungkook’s hesitant voice inquires. “Don’t feel like you need to-”
“No, Jungkook. Just go in, please, I need you so badly.” You desperately tug at his hand to beckon his thick cock back to your core. 
“Okay, okay. I got you.” Jungkook kisses your lower back before he sets himself up again, lining his cock with your dripping, pulsing entrance. You feel his meaty tip kiss your spasming cunt, moaning at the sheer feeling. 
“Deep breath, okay?” Jungkook instructs, knowing the size of his cock and waits for your intake of air, and pushes himself right in when you do. You transform into jelly the second his cock invades you, your walls frantically smothering his dick as you adjust to his monstrous size.
Jungkook feels big, fucking colossal like this and shit, can you feel every ridge, vein and unique lining of his delectable, heady cook. “Oh fuck. Fuckfuckfuck-Jungkook..!”
“I know, baby. You’re okay, just breathe, Y/N.” Jungkook soothes a hand to your back as you notice the tension in your body, exhaling deeply to release the tightness of your muscles. Your walls flutter to create more room and you search for Jungkook’s hand again, reaching out behind you. 
He interlocks his fingers with yours and squeezes tight, proceeding into your warm cunt as he groans at the tight, firm fit. “Ah shit, Y/N. You’re still this tight even after I fucked you?” 
“Want more, Jungkook. Fuck!” You hiss feeling the drag of him inching his length inside you, stuffing you full of his cock until Jungkook bottoms out completely. He hilts himself inside you and groans shakily, his pleasure almost blinding as you squeal in ecstasy underneath him. 
Jungkook wastes no time, he’s been waiting for this for too long and now that he gets to see your pretty body like this, he’s all business. Jungkook secures a hand around your hips as he pulls out of your warm, fluttering cunt only to fit himself right back in, cock nudging your damn guts. 
You grip his hand like a vice, mewling at the heavenly feeling of his cock dragging in and out of your walls, attempting to fit his large cock inside you. He thrusts again, another time, a third time until he begins a pace of quick fucks that buck you forward and hit your pussy just right. 
And you realize once he slowly increases his speed, Jungkook isn’t just fucking to fuck. No, he actually knows what he’s doing as a man. He’s got himself angled in this particular method that’s stroking this buzzing spot inside you, feeling sheer euphoria invade your bloodstream when he fucks himself into your warm cunt with meaningful, though hard thrusts. 
“Oh, Jungkook.. oh.” 
“Yeah? You like that? Can you take more, baby?” 
You nod immediately, feeling Jungkook pick up the pace as he sheaths his cock inside you until the very brim. He harshly grips your hips in place as he slams you into the mattress, cocking sliding in and out perfectly with the help of your oozing essence. You clamp down even harder on Jungkook’s cock just to give him hell, and he throws his head back as he relishes in the God-like feeling. 
“Jesus fuck, Y/N. If you keep doing that I’ll fucking marry you.” 
You smirk despite your submissive position and having your pussy battered, only to fuck back on him more just to see where it gets you. “Put a ring on me then, Koo.” 
You hum that nickname in your sing-songy voice and Jungkook’s mind goes haywire. Pleasure courses through his veins like a drug, and he begins practically blowing your back out. Jungkook penetrated deeply and harshly into your fluttering pussy, his movements hot and desperate, indulging in him hitting that one delicious spot inside you. 
You moan so loudly Jungkook detangles your hands and curtains your mouth, lips by your ear for a hot whisper. “Quiet, princess. Don’t want everybody coming in here to see me fucking you.” He practically growls in his lust-ridden tone. “Unless you like to be watched, huh? Cock hungry princess?” 
“No, no..” You breathe, pitchy moans escaping you as your flimsy arms barely manage your arched position. “Just you.. only want you to see, Jungkook.” 
You feel Jungkook smirk, suddenly taking the hand that’s clasping your hip and slithering it down to your lonely clit, touching the flushed, pulsing bud to your pleasure. You squeal into his palm, walls hugging him inside you so tight, your mind and air dwindling out so fast you’re an incoherent mess for Jungkook. 
Something akin to his name escapes you, feeling him wreak havoc over your pulsing pearl and your fingers can’t help but grasp Taehyung’s sheets like a vice. 
Jungkook keeps up his pace, fucking into your sex with so much heated passion you can feel your skin burning. Face flushed, hip imbued with his bruises and your pussy fucked raw, the addition of his hand clutching your mouth silent resurfacing that familiar twisting in your gut. 
He’s fucking you like he has no other purpose, whispering the filthiest, yet prettiest of things any woman would die to hear. 
“So fucking pretty when you take my cock, you know that?” 
“I’ll fuck this gorgeous mouth one day.” 
“Need to feel you cream my cock, princess.”
You nod for Jungkook with every devilish whisper, every cell in your body on fire because his dick feels that good. His backshots are slamming your guts in the best way possible as he grunts behind you, fucking like two horny dogs because shit, that’s what you feel like. 
You mewl and moan and yelp into his hand until eventually, Jungkook provides you with an earth-shattering thrust into your g-spot and your orgasm bursts through your gates like a tsunami. You cum all over Jungkook’s cock, producing your oozing slick so abundantly Jungkook can’t keep quiet. 
“Oh shit, God. So much cum, baby. You’re so wet.” His lips hang open as he manages his orgasm, breathing out grunts as he loses himself. 
“Fuck, I don’t wanna pull out.. I can’t..” Jungkook seems so lost in your ocean you reply rapidly through your gushing slick. “Fill me up, Koo. It’s okay, want your hot cum!”   
And you instantly feel Jungkook release inside you with a feral grunt, stripes of his white hot seed shooting inside you. He fills you like he was always meant to, pussy creamed to perfection and so abundantly that some of his cum drips down your folds and onto your buzzing clit. 
Jungkook has shoved himself to the brim where he slowly, and gently penetrates you through your orgasm, letting you use his cock to ride out your high, fingers decreasing speed over your clit and rather rubbing in soft circles. 
He eventually stops and your breathing normalizes, feeling Jungkook’s throbbing cock finally halt. He pulls out of you carefully with delicate hands on your hips, and his cock slips out as he views the way his cum dirties your gorgeous pussy. 
Securing his grip on your body, he considerately turns you over and rests you on your back. He reaches over your head and adjusts Taehyung’s pillows. He curls a hand underneath your neck and brings you to one of the pillows, setting you down. You nestle back into the comfortable plush and smile as Jungkook’s thumbs smooth your sides, peering down at the mess between your legs; the way a delectable mixture of your cum and his drips onto Taehyung’s sheets. 
“Shit, Taehyung’s gonna be pissed.” Jungkook snorts, slotted between your spread legs. 
“It’s okay.” you ease him with a charming smile as your palms smooth over his. “We’ll get scolded together.” 
He chuckles with you as you beckon him over with grabby hands, and Jungkook happily complies as he slides up your body and wraps his strong, warm arms around your torso, his head falling against your breasts. Your hands fit into his soft, silky hair, hugging him to your chest. 
“Mmm, you’re so soft.” Jungkook hums, the sensation of being able to rest over your boobs the epitome of heaven of heaven to him. You giggle at his openness and just how endearing he is, Jungkook squeezing you tighter as he feels laughs vibrate your body.
“You’re so warm, c’mere.” You snuggle him closer and nuzzle your nose into his hair, catching a whiff of his crisply-scented shampoo that smelled almost orgasmically good. 
Jungkook lifts off your chest and looks into your eyes, something indistinguishable in them, but his sincerity was telltale as ever. His thumb and index finger grasp your chin as he pushes your cute lips together, creating a pout he cracks a smile at and kisses ever so softly. 
He doesn’t say anything when your eyes meet next, instead watching that beautiful smile of his decorate his face. Jungkook elevates himself and fits beside your smaller form on the same pillow, fixing Taehyung’s sheets over your naked bodies. He huddles with you closely underneath, and pulls you flush against his large frame as his nose buries into your vanilla-scented hair. 
You settle into his muscly arms, clutching onto his tattooed one. You feel your eyes flutter shut as you breathe in the smell of sex and his cologne, and Jungkook holds onto you for the rest of the quiet night.
Tumblr media
Hard raps at the door are what stir you and Jungkook awake, groaning at the little light that pokes through the blinds and compromises your sleep, Jungkook lazily rubbing at an eye with a lifted head. 
Five seconds later, a hungover Taehyung bursts into his room and appears to you both as the equivalent of a zombie. He’s clearly freshly woken up, barely open eyes and messy-haired, finding you two with a groggy voice. 
“Oh, shit. I finally found these two-” But Taehyung freezes, rubbing his eyes vigorously to clear his vision and attempting to discern if he’s actually seeing this. He blinks rapidly as his eyes adjust to the vibrant sunlight, and groans in grievous complaint as he smacks his forehead. 
“Oh fucking-c’mon.. did you guys have sex on my bed!?” 
Jungkook breathes a chuckle as your tired head hits Taehyung’s pillow, too exhausted to deal with this. You blissfully slip back into dreamland while the two boys endlessly bicker; Taehyung listing the grand ass-whoopings he’ll graciously provide Jungkook with, only for Jungkook to criticize Taehyung’s sorry-assed hide-and-seek skills. 
Tumblr media
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ppersonna · 7 months ago
swipe right - jjk | m
Tumblr media
“ i wanna ruin our friendship. we should be lovers instead. i don't know how to say this, cause you're really my dearest friend “ - jenny, studio killers
♡ summary-  after a horrible breakup, you sign back up for tinder and ironically match with your best friend, jungkook. a date for fun is harmless, right?
♡ genre- best friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, jk is a minecraft streamer, brother namjoon, brother-in-law jimin, namjoon is kind of a himbo stay at home dad ngl, ex-boyfriend seokjin (mentioned but doesnt show up)
♡ word count- 9k
♡ warnings- mentions of a bad breakup (smh seokjin wtf??), penetrative sex, unprotected sex (u know the business folx), oral sex (m receiving), teasing, SO MUCH BODY WORSHIP, jk is a simp, slight dirty talk, lots of just talking during sex yall it happens, creampie, cum play, praise praise body worship praise, did i mention body worship, tit-fucking, cum eating, i think thats all.
♡ a/n - helloooo and thank you for your wait for this fic! i’m so happy its done and i loved writing it! it’s a little bit different feel for my usual style of writing (smut-wise) so please tell me your thoughts! i didn’t use dom/sub themes OR a daddy kink LMAOOOO praise me please. i hope you enjoy!! pls feel free to comment, chat, message, carrier pigeon, email, mail, WHATEVER U WANT, me. i love u babies. thank you to @kimtaehyunq​ for the sexy banner. and for @xjoonchildx @ladyartemesia​ @untaemedqueen​ for the writing support and idea generation. i would be nothing without my council. and thank you to my beta editors @hobi-gif and @ughseoks​ and @hongism​ for the perusal and help in writing this!
Tumblr media
Jungkook is the person you call when your world falls apart.
He answers, voice raspy from the late hour, and the second he asks you what’s wrong, the downpour of torrential tears you’ve been holding back finally escapes and you’re sobbing through the phone that you just lost the love of your life—that he left and with little effort on his part, and a lot on yours.
Jungkook listens to you—his heart aching deep in his chest at hearing the utter heartbreak that’s clear in your voice. You’ve never been hurt like this, and he’s desperate to hold you, to make it go away. He wants to drive over to Seokjin’s house and throw a left hook into his stupid, handsome face for making you feel you weren’t worth it.
Because if there’s anything in the world that Jungkook knows, it’s that you’re worth it. You’re worth everything. Add up all the money and all the gold in the entire world, and it still doesn’t meet a fraction of what you’re worth to him.
“Where are you?” He asks as he cradles the phone against one arm and pulls on his jeans.  
You sniffle. “Jungkook, it’s 3 am.”
“So? I was up playing Minecraft,” He lies. “Where are you?”
You can’t help but laugh the tiniest bit, a sliver of warmth wrapping itself around your raw and exposed heart. Like a balm to a flesh wound. It doesn’t heal it, not yet.
“I’m at our park.”
Jungkook smiles as he grips the phone back in his hand. The park. The place you and Jungkook spent your childhood playing make-believe games, and formative teenage years loitering around smoking clove cigarettes to look cool.
“Give me five minutes, okay?”
You nod, even though he can’t see you. 
Tumblr media
Jungkook arrives with two minutes to spare. His beat up Nissan that he insists is “vintage” and “priceless” idles next to you.
He can see you through the darkened glass of your car—your mascara is running down your face, tears streaked through your flawlessly applied makeup.
You still look so beautiful.
And it angers Jungkook that all that time you spent looking good for Seokjin meant nothing to him.
He motions for you to come over, pats the passenger seat next to him and smiles as he watches you open the door and slide into the security of his familiar car.
“You cleaned your car,” you murmur as you notice a severe lack of McDonald’s trash.
He sniffs haughtily. 
“The trash added character.”
Jungkook doesn’t give you a chance to respond. Instead, he’s unbuckling his seatbelt and pulling you as close to him as he can get you. The instant his arms wrap around your body, the floodgates open again and your once-quieted tears turn back into full-fledged sobs.
“I loved him,” you gasp through the pain in your throat.
He rubs your back, pats your hair gently, soothing you the way he has for years now. Through every breakup, through every family fight with your older brother Namjoon, through all the mean girls in high school. Jungkook is the north star—always consistent, always guiding you back to safety.
“I know, babe,” he sighs. “You deserve someone who’s going to treat you right, who’s not just going to give up when things get hard.”
You choke back a cry against his Patagonia hoodie and bury your face further into the crook of his neck. He smells like Old Spice and the shampoo he uses, along with the smell of laundry soap you buy for him—he uses dish soap when he runs out and nearly broke his washing machine last time.
“I thought he was the one. I’m so stupid.”
Jungkook swallows hard. Tonight is about comforting you, not about feeling sorry for himself that you’re his best friend and not his girlfriend. He can’t help but think of what kind of life he would give you. He knows it’s one that wouldn’t end with you crying in a parking lot at 3 AM.
“You’re not stupid, you just loved him. And there’s nothing stupid about loving someone, even if it doesn’t work out,” he sighs as he cradles your head against him. It feels right having you there, pressed up against him and seeking comfort from the solace of his arms.
“Let’s go get a milkshake, yeah?” He asks as you pull your head up and look at him with sad, glassy eyes.
“Yeah,” you nod after a moment of staring.
Jungkook’s eyes sparkle with love, with hope. It makes the desperate, alone feeling inside you—disappear. Jungkook presses a soft kiss to your forehead and then starts the shaky ignition of his car, that takes three cranks of the key before it turns over.
He sends you a look, a laugh evident on your face.
“Don’t even start,” he warns. “The engine is fine.”
“Whatever you say,” you snort as you wipe an errant tear from your face.  
“It’s a certified classic car! I could get millions for this baby!”
Tumblr media
As the weeks pass, the pain of losing Seokjin becomes further and further from your mind. You can get through the day without crying anytime you see something that reminds you of him and even start flirting with others without feeling like you’re cheating.
You just still haven’t reached the point where dating someone else even feels possible. You’re terrified of allowing someone close to you, letting them into a place where you’re inviting them to possibly hurt you. You’re not sure your heart is ready for it. 
“I think you’re just scared,” your older brother Namjoon states as he warms up a bottle of milk in boiling water. 
He cradles his new baby in one arm while the other works at the bottle of milk. 
“I’m not scared,” you huff. “I just don’t think it’s the right time.” 
Namjoon sighs and hands the gurgling newborn baby off to you and readies the bottle for you to feed your new niece, Jisoo. 
“Look, Seokjin sucks, okay? I know you two were together for some time, but in the end, he wasn’t the right one for you. There’s someone out there who is the right one for you. You know how many shit frogs I had to kiss before I got my prince?” 
You make a face as you feed Jisoo, who happily sucks and gazes at the lights above. 
“You call Jimin a prince?” 
Namjoon sighs dreamily as he watches the baby and thinks of his husband. 
“The dreamiest prince,” he breathes, eyes closed in bliss. “But back to your problems. I think you should get back out there. Go on some dates, meet some people. No one is telling you to fall in love and get married tomorrow. Just go have some fun.” 
You allow Namjoon’s words to mull through your mind. What could be the harm in joining a few dating sites, perhaps spending some time at the gym or grocery store flirting with someone cute?
“Fine,” you say. “I’ll think about it.” 
“Good. I can’t be the only one giving our parents grand-babies. Soo needs a cousin.” 
You smile down at the tiny bundle in your arms and imagine a future where you have a baby of your own. 
“Okay, I’m not trying to get knocked up, Joon.” 
“Whatever,” he sighs. “Help me choose a wall color for me and Jimin’s new master bathroom.” 
Tumblr media
Tinder’s changed since the last time you used it, years ago. It’s gone from any semblance of dating to strictly an app used to get laid. 
It’s discouraging swiping through all the obvious fuckboys. Sure, a quick and easy lay sounds great, but you’re also trying to go out and enjoy real, traditional dates, and it seems none of these guys want to step foot outside of a bedroom. 
The swiping left becomes almost monotonous. You’re sitting on your couch, watching some documentary about serial killers, when a startling profile pops up on your Tinder feed. 
Tumblr media
The picture that pops up is... Jungkook. You can’t stop the bubble of laughter that leaps from your chest. His profile is so authentically Jungkook that you’re swiping right before you even know it. 
Your brain doesn’t even comprehend what a match with Jungkook means, really. You’re still laughing as you click on the bubble to message him and send him as many laugh emojis as you can. 
Tumblr media
“Hey guys, what’s up, Kookie here with another Let’s Play Minecraft video for ya. Be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy this kind of content.”
Jungkook’s headset is firmly wrapped around his head, mic next to his mouth and hands at the ready on his mouse and keyboard. He’s set and in the zone. 
The game is well into play when the familiar chime of his phone goes off. It’s a Tinder notification—he can tell by the sound. He can’t help but roll his eyes, wondering what sort of boring conversation he’s meant to have with a girl who will probably ghost him, anyway. 
He lazily lifts his phone and glances at the notification, before dropping it back to the desk. 
His hand freezes on his mouse as he finally comprehends what he just read. 
He just matched with YOU. 
His best friend. 
His secret, lifelong crush. 
He sputters something into the microphone and stops recording his game, wildly grasping for the phone and unlocking it. 
YN: 😂😂😂😂 is your bio a Minecraft pickup line?!
He pauses, attempts to collect his thoughts, before desperately typing on his screen. 
JUNGKOOK: Why? 😉😏 did it work?
You spend the rest of your night jokingly flirting with Jungkook, sending GIFs and emojis in between the silly lines you’re using on each other. 
Right before you’re about to head to sleep, Jungkook sends one last message. 
JUNGKOOK: What if we went on a date lolol. Haha jk. Unless?? 👀👀👀
Your thumbs hover over the keys to your phone. 
A date with Jungkook? Even though you matched with him, you’ve never thought of a date with your childhood best friend. 
YN: alright, it’s only fair since we matched 😝 show me how you treat these tinder ladies
Tumblr media
“I have a date with Jungkook tonight,” you tell your brother, Namjoon, over the phone. 
Over the crying of your newborn niece, you hear Namjoon splutter in confusion. 
“You what!?” He nearly screams. “Jeon Jungkook? Like... the annoying kid you’ve been friends with since fourth grade?”
You huff. 
“He’s not annoying! He’s my best friend. We ironically matched on Tinder and… Well, why the fuck not? Nothing serious is going to happen. We’ll go out and have a story to tell about how incompatible we are.”
Namjoon doesn’t reply. Instead, you hear him speak to his husband. 
“She’s going on a date with Jungkook,” he says over the muffle of his hand on the receiver.
There’s a shuffle, and the dulcet voice of your brother-in-law, Jimin, comes over the line. 
“Girl,” he starts. “What the fuck?”
You chuckle as you move about your closet, trying to decide what’s appropriate to wear on a date with your best friend. 
“It’s nothing!” 
“Mm-hmm,” Jimin tuts. “You know the boy is in love with you.” 
“Okay, Chim, you’ve been spending too much time cooped up with my brother. It’s affecting your grip on reality.”
“Sure, honey. I just tell it like it is. Don’t break his heart.” 
You roll your eyes. 
“I won’t break his heart because there’s nothing there, Jimin.”
“I’ll be expecting your call later.”
“Yes, dad. Love you guys.”
“We love you too, sweetheart. But really, don’t break that poor boy’s heart.”
You open your mouth to retort yet another reassurance that there’s nothing to break, but the line goes dead.
“Fucking Jimin,” you mutter as you throw your phone to the bed.
You can’t allow yourself to think that Jungkook might have feelings for you. It’s totally out of the questions. He’s your best friend. The guy who shoves Cheetos up his nose to make you laugh and falls asleep during every movie night with his face in the popcorn bowl. He’s just Jungkook. This date is just a funny way to hang out.
So, why do you care so much about what you wear?
You’re still standing in front of your closet, attempting to find something respectable to wear. It doesn’t matter that the last time Jungkook saw you; it was with mascara streaming down your face and a hoodie from Namjoon’s college swimming days and ripped leggings. Jungkook has seen you in nearly everything you wear, so your indecisiveness gives you pause.
Do you want Jungkook to be attracted to you? Do you want to do your best to look as presentable as you would for a normal date?
The thudding of your heart tells you that maybe you’re more interested in this being a date than you’re allowing yourself to believe.
You shake all thoughts off. 
No, you won’t allow yourself to overthink a night that should just be fun.
You settle for a fitted and simple summer dress, tights and heels. Simple, easy, respectable but also showing enough cleavage and sculpt of your ass to ensure you look more dressed up than not.
With one last look in the mirror, you’re ready.
JUNGKOOK: I’m outside!
ME: See you soon!
Tumblr media
Jungkook taps his foot anxiously as he sits on the bench outside your apartment. His tight black jeans feel like a second skin on his legs, and the black button-down shirt he’s tucked in makes him rethink his choice of outfit.
Is he too casual?
He’s never really worn something like this around you. This is what Jungkook wears when he wants to seduce. This is what every girl he’s desperately wished was you got to see. The girls who swooned over his messy hair, the way his jeans display his toned thighs, the peek of skin at his throat.
Maybe it’s too much.
Maybe he’s afraid he’ll scare you away.
Maybe he’s afraid you won’t like it.
He’s given no chance to ruminate anymore because you’re exiting the building and walking straight towards him.
He doesn’t think he remembers how to breathe.
It’s as if you walk towards him in slow motion. Angels chorus around him and the setting sun sparkles on your face like a spotlight. There’s nothing in the world anymore, nothing but you.
You’re the most beautiful human he’s ever seen in his life.
“Hi,” you smile as you approach him.
He continues to stare, eyes traveling over the soft curves of your cheeks and jaw, trailing down to the way your dress clings just right to each dip of your body. His throat goes dry.
You are without a doubt the girl of his dreams. 
It pushes him out of his reverie, eyes widening as he realizes he’s been staring at you for maybe a few minutes too long to play off as normal.
“Hey!” He coughs, attempting to right himself.
“You okay?” You ask, eyebrow lifted in concern.
“Yeah! Yup! Totally! I’m okay—a-okay, absolutely great.” He internally slaps himself.
“You clean up nice,” you smile as your eyes elevate up and down the lean form of his body.
“Oh?” He asks, taken aback. 
In his daze, he never even realized what you’re thinking about him, rather only how intensely he was thinking about you.
“This must be the Jungkook that all the girls in college couldn’t stop begging me to hook them up with.”
His cheeks flame with sudden embarrassment, hand moving to the back of his neck to rub it awkwardly. 
“Ha, yeah,” he swallows. “You look r-really nice too. I don’t think I’ve seen you in a dress since your brother’s wedding.”
The smile that he’s rewarded with nearly knocks him on his ass. “Thanks! It’s fun to dress up cute again. Jin hated this dress.”
A stab of pain eeks its way into Jungkook’s heart. Seokjin. God, how he hates that man.
“Well, uh, you can wear whatever you want with me!” He assures. 
You loop your arm around Jungkook’s, saddling up to his side as you look at him expectantly.
“Well, are we going?”
Jungkook can’t help but smile at the sparkle in your eye, the way you peer up at him with those soft, cherry lips. He wants to capture them with his own, kiss you until you don’t remember Seokjin’s name ever again.
But he resists.
“Let’s go!”
Tumblr media
You never thought you’d admit it to yourself. You never even thought it could happen. 
But the date is everything you’ve ever wanted, and more. 
Jungkook is still Jungkook, still just as silly and easy to talk to as he always is. 
But he’s also charming. Flirtatious, even. He holds doors open for you; he rests his hand on the small of your back as he guides you towards your table at dinner. He feeds you bites of his dessert and lets his eyes linger on the way your lips look wrapped around his fork. 
Jungkook treats you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated. Like someone he wants to cherish for the rest of your combined lives. Someone he wants to take care of, build a future with, enjoy life with.
And as much as it thrills you, it absolutely frightens you. 
It’s when you’re walking down the small river trail together that Jungkook slips his hand into yours and laces your fingers together. The once-steady beat of your heart becomes erratic. He continues chatting—as if holding your hand was a subconscious act for him. He’s knee deep in a story of his Minecraft server when you stop walking, causing him to pause. 
“What’s up?” He asks curiously. 
Your eyes glitter with anticipation, with fear, as you stare at the gorgeous man before you. He looks like a full course meal in his tight jeans and he makes you feel like a princess. You can suddenly see doing life by his side—no longer his platonic best friend, but as his lover and lifelong partner. 
You say nothing. Instead, you simply close the space between you two by grabbing the buttons of his shirt and tugging his lips onto yours. 
“Wha—oh, mmmmmm.”
Jungkook is still for a second as he battles the surprise, but jumps into action and cups your face with his hands, deepening the kiss by pushing his tongue past your lips and swirling it around your own. 
Your bodies press close together. He can feel your breasts against his chest and he desperately wants to rip the dress off your body and worship you like he’s always wanted to. 
As soon as the kiss started, it’s over. You’re pulling away with eyes wide with fear.
“I’m sorry, I—I need to go,” you stammer awkwardly.
Jungkook’s heart drops to his stomach.
“What? We were going to get ice cream?”
You can feel tears building in the corners of your eyes. You’re so confused, so unsure of what you’re feeling. You want to stay and kiss Jungkook until you’re clawing at the clothing on his body, pressing kisses to the firm column of his neck. You want to run far away, too scared to admit it to him you’re sure you could love him for the rest of his life.
You can’t lose that friendship. You can’t risk everything you love about Jungkook. He’ll only hurt you the way every boyfriend ever has.
“I don’t really feel well,” you swallow hard as you lie. Jungkook always knows when you’re lying.
His body stiffens.
“Okay, let me walk you home.”
You shake your head, already moving away from the man.
“It’s fine. We’re nearby. I’ll just run or something.”
He opens his mouth to protest, but you’ve already turned face and started running the direction away from him.
Jungkook watches, misty-eyed, as the girl of his dreams runs further and further away from him.
Tumblr media
You’re sobbing as you finally reach home, out of breath and confused. The phone call to Namjoon is quick.
“Yo,” he says cooly as he answers the phone. His tone changes when he hears your whimpering sobs on the other end.
“Joonie,” you whisper. “I fucked up.”
“Oh god,” Namjoon quickly shuffles and calls his husband over, before putting the phone on speaker.
“What’s happened, baby?” Jimin’s sweet voice asks.
“I—I kissed him,” you sob, holding yourself close in the comfort of the elevator. 
Namjoon and Jimin look at each other with knowing looks.
“We’re on our way over.”
Tumblr media
Jimin knows the first order of business is to stop the crying. He places sleeping baby Jisoo in your arms, which quiets your whimpers enough as you cling to the tiny baby. He knows your weakness is sleeping babies.
Namjoon looks on anxiously, hates seeing his little sister upset and with no way to make it better.
Jimin’s been asked to take the lead on this, because he knows his husband's response is to cry as well—he gets emotional anytime he sees her cry. Namjoon agreed, knowing Jimin was better suited for the conversation.
“Tell us what happened,” Jimin asks quietly. You’re rocking the baby gently, sobs turned to sniffles. “Did something go wrong on the date?”
Your eyes peer up at your brother-in-law’s, a wounded look that makes Jimin feel sad. Namjoon clenches beside him, and Jimin lays a hand on his lap to soothe the protective brother.
“No,” you whisper. “That’s the thing. It was an amazing date.”
Jimin watches you curiously, but remains silent to let you continue.
“We had dinner, and we played arcade games and we walked around. And he was so… fuck, he was perfect. It was like dating the guy of my dreams.”
Jimin nods knowingly.
“And it surprised you how much you liked him.”
“Yeah,” you sniffle. “At the end, he was holding my hand and just talking about normal, stupid Jungkook shit, but this time it felt like more. Like, I felt in my heart that I wanted to be the one he always talked to about it. I wanted to be the one he came home to at night.”
Jimin pats your cheek lovingly, the care for his sister-in-law clear in his gaze. 
“You don’t just like him, honey. I think you might even love him.”  
You pull baby Jisoo tighter into your grasp and nod, pathetic tears slipping down your face. 
“I just left him. Like, I ran away from him like an asshole.”
Namjoon grunts and takes a spot next to Jimin. “If he loves you, which I’m sure he does, he’ll still be waiting for you.”
Jimin nods and rests a hand on his husband's back. “But you better have one hell of an apology.”
Tumblr media
Jungkook doesn’t answer your phone calls. He doesn’t respond to your texts, snapchats or Instagram DM’s. He doesn’t even look at the TikToks you sent him! It’s becoming infuriating to get in touch with him.
You take matters into your own hands and storm to his apartment after work, the rising tension in your shoulders and stomach full of rocks an indicator of your anxiety about the future of this relationship.
Jungkook opens the door wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweats. All the carefully crafted words exit your mind at light 
speed and you’re left gasping, wide-eyed at the chiseled body of your best friend.
“Can I help you?” He asks, tone flat.
You push past him into the apartment you know so well. “Yeah, you could start by answering your phone.”
Jungkook rolls his eyes and closes the door, then heads back towards the large gaming setup in the living room.
“My apologies for not responding to the girl who literally ran away from me on a date.”
Your cheeks heat uncomfortably as you stand in the center of his living room, arms crossed over your chest. 
“Jungkook, listen. I’m—”
“Please,” he shakes his head as he sits down at the impressive gaming chair. “Save the apologies. I get it.”
“You don’t get it!” You say, exasperated. “You don’t get any of it! That’s why I’m here.”
Jungkook narrows a look at you then stands from his chair. Slowly, he makes his way towards you and stands inches from your face. The proximity of his bare, toned chest to your body makes your throat dry.
“No, you don’t get it.” His voice is threateningly quiet, completely different from his usual chipper tone. 
“Jungkook, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry for what?” He quirks his head sarcastically, and you’re struck by the sharp lines of his jaw. “Sorry for running away from the date? Sorry for going on a date? Sorry for making me feel like I had a fucking chance when you kissed me?”
You swallow hard and open your mouth to reply, but he cuts you off.
“I’m sorry too. For giving myself way too much hope that this could ever be something. I’m sorry for myself for thinking you’d at least respect me enough to reject me politely.”
“You always had a chance!” You can feel tears building in your eyes and Jungkook feels his heart pound in his chest like a drum.
He scoffs, a harsh and mirthless laugh. “Clearly not.”
“I just—,” you start. “I never saw you like that before and suddenly you became everything I’ve ever dreamed of. It was like getting hit by a train, Kook! Suddenly my best friend turned into the man of my dreams.”
He shakes his head, stepping back away from you.
“I really find it hard to believe you,” he whispers. “I can’t let myself hope.”
“Jungkook, please,” you beg as tears start slipping down your face. “Please believe me.”
“Just leave,” he sighs. “I hate making you cry.”
You want so badly to wrap yourself in his arms, cry into his chest like you always do when you’re hurt. But you stand still, frozen in your shame and embarrassment of hurting your best friend so badly.
“I’m sorry,” you murmur, before you spin around as quickly as you can and leave Jungkook’s apartment in a flurry.
He watches as the door slams behind you, eyes full of sadness and regret. As much as he wants to believe you, have faith in every word you said, he can’t allow himself to get his hopes up again.
He can’t watch you run away from him again.
Tumblr media
“Welcome back to Kookie’s Wild Weekly Walkthrough!” Jungkook cheers as enthusiastically as he can through his microphone. “The weekly segment where I react to your Minecraft worlds!”
Jungkook needed to dive back into streaming to take his mind off of you. He hasn’t left his apartment in days, only subsisting on takeout and coffee. At least he was making more money and his subscribers didn’t seem to mind the up-tick in content.
“Tonight I’ll be walking through a creation sent by,” he squints at the username. “‘Kookiesgal95’ Aww that’s cute.”  
He readies the content and starts his camera as he watches the YouTube link. His subscribers love his reaction videos—it’s a highly requested segment.
The video starts off easily, a generic Minecraft world that looks like a park.
“Hi Kook.”
The voice that reverberates through his headphones makes him pause the video quickly, wide-eyed with recognition.
It’s you. He’d know that voice from a million others. 
Shit. He’s going to have to edit so much of this clip. He’s staring at the screen as if he’s just seen a ghost.
Unsteadily, he clicks play again and watches as you lead him through your Minecraft creation.
“I wanted to recreate something for someone very special in my life.”
Jungkook doesn’t even bother to react to this anymore. This entire video is going to be worthless—there’s nothing he can say.
The video pans around the Minecraft setup and he can see what looks like handmade swings and merry go rounds.
“It took me a really long time to do this and an embarrassing amount of help from some twelve-year-olds on the internet.”
He laughs and is stunned by the wet tears rolling down his cheeks. He hadn’t realized he was crying.
“I re-created a park that is really special to my best friend and I.”
He feels his chest tighten and relax. The park. 
“This is the spot where he held me when my dog died when I was nine. I still miss that dog.”
The view is on a spot next to a blocky oak tree. Jungkook remembers that day, remembers your heartbroken sobs as he whispered words of comfort to you. He misses that dog, too. 
“This is where he and my brother got in a fight when we were eleven, because my brother called me a stupid-head. My best friend has always been protective of me, even from my own big brother.”
He can still remember pushing Namjoon around after hearing him call you names. He pushed Namjoon over and threatened to use his “big muscles” if he did it again.
The camera pans to an enormous structure, rather sloppily made, of a slide and monkey bars.
“This is where we first shared a joint in high school. I coughed a lung up and he ran down the street to a gas station at ten pm to get me a bottle of water even though I told him I was okay,”
The memory of the bewildered 7-11 employee plays through his mind. The man watched as a very stoned, very out of breath, Jungkook paid for a bottle of water in coins.
The video continues playing, moves towards what appears to be a parking lot made of cobblestone blocks.
“This is where he held me when my world fell apart.”
The break-up. The way you cried and cried and cried in his arms and he held you as if you were the only thing left on Earth. 
“This is where he reminded me I’m worthy of love, that I’m not broken. This is where he held me like I was delicate, but treated me like I was unbreakable.”
His tears don’t stop. Jungkook feels his heart thundering in his chest like a summer storm. 
He can hear your sniffles through the recording of the video—you were crying too. It pans around to the swing set.
“And this is where I’ll tell him everything, tonight. Where I’ll tell him how deeply I love him and how I want to make him the happiest guy in the world. In all of Minecraft and beyond. I hope he comes.”
Jungkook doesn’t even bother turning his camera off.
Instead, he’s running to change out of his three-day-old clothes and bolt out the door.
Tumblr media
The creaky, rusty metal of the swing set is deafeningly loud in the silence of your park.
It’s dark, just a few street lights around to illuminate the perimeter, but it’s otherwise only lit by the moon.
It’s getting cold. You shiver in your hoodie and kick at the dirt under your swing. 
Maybe he didn’t see the video. Maybe he wasn’t going to show.
Maybe it was too late.
You spent hours working on the Minecraft world, staying up at all hours of the night to build and craft a poor re-creation of this park. The twelve-year-olds on Reddit had been invaluable and Namjoon definitely made fun of you for your creative assistants. But it had all been worth it. 
“Fuck,” you speak out loud to no one, as you try to warm your hands in the pockets of your sweater. “It’s cold.”
“You should have brought a jacket.”
The sudden voice from behind startles you. You hop off the swing and whip around to face  down the intruder.
He looks so good. He’s wearing a thick coat and tight jeans. Your eyes take a delicious journey from head to toe.
He can’t help but preen at your blatant appreciation. He enjoys knowing you’re attracted to him, at least physically.
“You came.”
He nods and takes a nervous step towards you. He’s still far away, more than an arm's-reach away. You’re desperate to bring him closer, to pull him tight against your body and wrap yourself around him. You never want to be without his gentle touch again.
“I felt pretty compelled to come after you made all this in Minecraft for me.” He cracks a wry smile, a boy-ish grin that makes your heart flutter.
“It took me twenty-five hours and some teenagers to help.”
He laughs, a beautiful sound that warms you. “I’m sure they were ecstatic to help.”
You chew at the inside of your cheek, nervous at what he thinks about your in-game confession.
“Did you mean it?” He asks. He steps closer—one more step.
“Every word.”
His eyes are searching yours for the truth, desperately diving into the depths for validity.
“Why did you run away?” Another step.
You swallow hard, heavy tears brimming in your eyes.
“You went from being the silly best friend to being the person I could spend the rest of my life with. It all hit me. It’s always been you.”
One more step and now he’s just within your reach. If you stuck your hand out, your fingers would graze the soft puff of his coat, the delicate skin of his neck. 
“I’ve always felt that way about you. I never thought you’d feel the same.”
You smile softly, timidly. “It just took me a little while longer to realize it.”
All at once, Jungkook closes the gap and holds you gently by your cheeks. His thumbs wipe at the moisture under your eyes. 
“I promise to never make you cry again,” he whispers reverently. 
“And I promise to never run away from you again.” 
Jungkook smiles at that, cradling your face like you’re the most expensive and precious jewel. 
“Can I kiss you again?” He asks, somewhat unsure of himself. 
“I would like it if you would.”
As Jungkook presses his cold, plush lips to your own, you make a promise to yourself to never go a day without kissing him again. 
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you’re in my bedroom,” Jungkook murmurs as he kisses at your face. After the park, Jungkook loaded you into his priceless Nissan and scurried home. You could hardly keep your hands off him as he drove you back to his place—reaching and caressing the spots on his body you’re dying to become familiar with. 
“I’ve been in your bedroom before,” you remind him as he tugs up the hoodie you’re wearing. 
“God, don’t be so semantic when I’m trying to fuck you,” he says before throwing the hoodie to a corner of the room. “You know what I mean.”
Jungkook kisses you again, all lips and teeth and tongue. He kisses you like you’re the last breath of air, and he’s greedy for every bit. He grips your hips, not too tight, and brings your body against his. You can feel him grow in hardness in his too tight, and it feels like bliss. 
Teasingly, you grind your hips against his, making him shudder with desire.
“I want you,” he whines as he nibbles at your lip. 
“Really? I couldn’t tell.”
He opens his eyes to level a look at you, pulling his mouth away from yours. 
“You’re such a little smartass.”
His hands become feverish on your jeans, tugging apart the button and flicking down the fly. He pushes them down quickly, and you kick them off carelessly. 
He can’t stop looking at you in your bra and panties, standing at the foot of his bed. 
“Holy shit, okay, this is happening, right? Like, this is real?” 
You smirk, pleased with Jungkook’s obvious excitement. 
“Let me prove it’s not just a dream.” 
Softly, you spin Jungkook around and push him down to sit on his bed. He complies easily, eyes wide and excited. 
“If this is a dream, would you be able to feel this?” You ask as you unbuckle  his belt and open his jeans. He doesn’t reply, simply watches you as you tug his jeans down to his thighs. 
His cock strains hard against his tight boxers, and you run a teasing finger over the obvious bulge. 
“Oh fuck,” he breathes. 
“Feels pretty real, huh?”
Your delicate hands gently tug at the waistband of his boxers and easily work them down enough to free the length of his cock. It springs out easily and your eyes widen at the impressive size. You assumed he would be at least average, but you’re looking at something definitely more. 
“Oh wow,” you whisper. “You’re fucking huge.” 
Jungkook grins. “All for you, baby.” The cockiness is palpable. 
One solid grip around him wipes the presumptuous smile off his face, replaced with a gasping, shuddering moan. 
“How about this? Not a dream?”
He struggles to find his voice, instead he’s gulping for air like a fish out of water. 
“That’s what I thought,” you whisper before settling into a position on your knees. “I’ll admit, I’ve dreamt about this too. I always felt so ashamed for dreaming about sucking my best friend's cock.”
You press soft kisses to the head of his length, teasing the sensitive areas at the tip before kissing up and down the length. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
His evident desire for you encourages you, and your tongue swipes at the crown of his tip and swirls around it gently. 
“Oh my god.” His eyes shutter closed and you trace the veins in his dick with your tongue. 
“This h-has to be a dreeeaaaaam,” he whines as you make an exceptionally long stripe with the flat of your tongue. 
You pull off for a moment, humming. He springs his eyes open and watches as you reach behind your back and unsnap your bra. Your breasts escape with a bounce and his eyes widen, nearly bulging out of their sockets. 
“What the fuck,” he whines. “You have the most amazing tits.”
He reaches out to grasp them and you slap them away playfully. 
“Not yet,” you smirk. “Still trying to convince you you’re not asleep.” 
He sucks in his breath and puts his hands back to the bed to steady himself, eyes never leaving yours (except to stare at the luscious curves of your body). 
Grasping your breasts in both hands, you smash them together lightly in an elaborate show of what Jungkook wants most. You lean over his body and place the throbbing thickness of his cock in between your tits, allowing him to feel just how soft and warm they are. 
“Shit!” He yelps, grabbing his sheets in a tight fist. “Are you really tit-fucking me right now?!”
Slowly, you lift your body up and down, allowing his cock to feel each stroke of your breasts. You nod at his question and continue to pump up and down. 
“Still dreaming?” 
He whines and shakes his head, already feeling so close to the edge. His cock is slick from your teasing licks and the pressure of your tits surrounding him had his mind spinning with desire. 
“Ahhh, I’m so fucking close,” he warns.
You continue, speeding up the friction and pressure of your strokes. 
“I want you to cum on me, Kook,” you whisper encouragingly. “Cum on my tits, please?”
Jungkook feels like he’s a wire about to snap, and your thick, sultry voice and incredibly perfect breasts are the snips that breaks him apart. 
“Oh, shit,” he grunts. “Gonna paint your titties white, baby.”
His moans echo around the walls of his bedroom, small gasps of pleasure and your name escaping his perfectly plump pout. 
His hot load splatters on your chest, and you stroke him through each pulse of his cock. You’re slippery with his seed now, and when you pull away from his spent length, you make a show of rubbing in his cum over your chest.
“Okay, definitely not dreaming,” he says in a daze as he watches you lift a wet finger to your mouth, popping it in to clean it off. “Who knew you were so fucking kinky?” 
His confidence grows as he catches his breath. He can’t believe he’s sitting on his bed with you on your knees, breasts covered in his load. You’re suckling the cum off your finger like it’s his cock, and he’s desperate for more.
“There are lots of things you don’t know about me,” you shrug. 
Swiftly, he grabs you gently by your bicep and pulls you close, sucking at your lips until you’re both standing. 
“I plan to find out everything.” 
Suddenly, you’re switching positions and Jungkook is pushing you down into the bed. You lay flat in the center, body relaxed and eager for your best friend.
“What are you doing?” You ask. He’s still standing at the end of the bed, watching you get comfortable. Once he’s satisfied that you’re lying exactly how you want, he settles himself by your feet.
“Worshipping you,” he says as he lifts an ankle and presses gentle kisses to your calf. “Showing you how much I adore you.” More kisses, soft and sweet. “Showing you how I plan on treating you for the rest of your life.” 
He takes his time, lavishing your legs with his mouth. He kisses and sucks at any spot, sexual or not. He mouths at the roundness of your knees, your firm hamstrings. He presses his love into the skin of your thighs, mouthing his praises with each kiss. 
He reaches the dip of your hips and he gently kisses your exposed skin as he tugs your cotton panties off you. 
“I have loved every inch of you since before I can remember,” he praises as his lips skim over the mound of your cunt. “And I don’t plan on stopping soon.” 
Your body feels like it’s on fire, as if Jungkook lights a match at every spot his lips press against. Your eyes close, and you allow Jungkook to continue his pious worship of your body. 
He teases around your folds, kissing your labia ever so gently—making you gasp. He doesn’t linger long, only kisses you enough to stir the licking flames of heat in your belly.  
He kisses at your stomach, gently nibbling and laving at the softness there. You try to hide from him, try to hide your insecurities of your body in his thorough exploration, but he moves your hands. 
“I know you don’t like this part of your body,” he murmurs. His voice is so soft, so pure and sincere. “But I do. I love everything about you.” 
His tongue swirls around your belly button, making you gasp at the ticklish sensation. 
“You’re so pretty. So perfect.” 
He continues upwards, lips now trailing to your full breasts. He takes his time there, licking and kissing and flicking at your nipples with his tongue. It feels exhilarating—Jungkook’s mouth feels like everything you want it to feel like. His tongue is warm, and he bites with just enough pressure to make your back arch off the bed into his embrace.
His hands explore, taking stock of every millimeter of skin he can find. He wants to memorize every freckle, every bump, every scar and line. Your body is his paradise, and all he can think of is you, you, you.
One hand travels down your body as he moves his lips up your neck. It snakes down your stomach and deftly slides over your soaked core. You whine as you feel his fingers part your folds and dip into the wetness.
“So wet,” he says out loud, verbalizing every tantalizing detail of your body. “So perfect.”
His lips are finally at your own and you kiss him passionately, tongue swirling around his as he slides his two fingers past your clit and into your drenched hole. You gasp against his mouth, eyes widening as he slowly scissors his fingers into you and pumps slowly. It’s almost teasing, the way he fucks his fingers in you. Slow, firm movements with his powerful hands.
“Jungkook!” You gasp. He doesn’t reply, instead he bites at your lip and tugs, then trails his hot mouth back down to your nipples. He can’t get enough of your breasts and the slightly salty taste of him still lingering.
“You feel so good,” he says as he speeds his fingers up minutely. “So tight and wet for me.”
Your hips writhe in need. He’s giving you what you need, but not enough. You need more, more. You want to feel him, all of him, spearing you open.
“Please, Kook,” you groan. “I need you.”
He laughs softly against your nipple and sucks extra hard, letting it pop out of his mouth audibly.
“And I need you, my love.”
“Fuck me, please.” You’re desperate, thighs quaking from the slow teasing. “I want you to fuck me, Jungkook.”
Chills shudder down Jungkook’s spine and he’s powerless to say no, not when you demand it so well.
“With pleasure,” he agrees. He pulls his fingers from within you and copies your move, sliding them into his mouth to suck your essence off. 
He’s never looked sexier. His eyes are dark chocolate pools of burning intensity, and you feel your breath become shaky as you watch him clean his fingers with precision.
After he’s deemed his fingers sufficiently clean, he settles himself between your legs. Easily, he lifts your hips and shoves a pillow underneath, elevating you to a more comfortable position. He grabs your legs and tosses each over his shoulders so they’re higher in the air. 
“I’m going to fuck you so good, baby,” he promises as he rubs the tip of his cock on your soppy slit. “Condom?”
You shake your head, appreciative of his question but desperate to feel him completely.
“Birth control. Regularly tested. Haven’t had sex in a while,” you blurt out. “You good?”
He nods in agreement. “Same. Well, except the birth control. But, I’d take it if they made it for men.”
“Jungkook!” You whine. Your best friend is so easily sidetracked. “Please, can you fuck me?”
He grins. “Tsk, someone is impatient.”
A low moan is rumbling in your chest as he continues to rub his thick cock at your entrance.
“I swear to god, you’re the biggest tease.”
“Oh, I’m definitely the biggest.”
Before you can react, he’s pushing past your entrance and sliding deep in your walls. Your position makes his cock feel deep, and he bottoms out and stills there, eyes closed in bliss.
“Holy shit,” he gasps. “This is absolutely the best pussy I’ve ever felt.”
You wiggle your hips as you get used to the sensation of the delicious stretch.
“Please don’t tell me how many pussies you’ve felt when you’re balls deep inside of me.”
Jungkook turns his head and kisses at your legs resting on his shoulders, lavishing them with his praise once more as he keeps his cock buried inside your tight heat.
“Yours is the only one that matters. The only pussy I’ll ever be in for the rest of my life.”
“That’s a good answer,” you smile. “Now, fuck me, lover boy.”
Jungkook winks and grips your hips with his hands. He swiftly pulls out, enamored with the way his cock is already covered in your creamy essence, then eagerly pushes back in. He sets a pace and soon the sound of skin clapping on skin echoes around the room.
“Oh god!” You’re moaning loudly, unabashedly. You’re thankful that Jungkook’s old roommate, Yoongi, moved out to live with his boyfriend Hoseok months ago. He’d definitely complain about the noise for months. “Fuck, Jungkook, you feel so good.”
Jungkook fucks into you with ferocity, speed and power gradually rising as he feels his core tighten with the coming anticipation of release.
“Mmm, you look so fucking sexy like this,” he murmurs. “Getting fucked by your best friend’s fat cock.”
He moves a hand from your hip, trails it up your body to squeeze at your breast, before he’s cupping your face once again. His hips snap against yours and he loves the way your mouth utters little squeaks and gasps with each deep thrust into you.
“God, my beautiful girl,” he groans. “Can’t wait to cum in this pussy, shit, you got me so fucking close.”
You open your mouth desperately and Jungkook easily slips his thumb in. You latch on quickly and suck, tongue swirling around the tip like you’re sucking another cock. It nearly sends him over the edge and the speed of his hips matches his desperate need for more.
“Fucking hell,” he bites back. He can feel his belly tighten, driven further and further to the edge by the constricting wetness of your cunt. 
He pulls his thumb out and moves it down to where his cock spears into you, allowing your spit to swirl with his thumb around your clit. Your core tightens around him at the added stimulation and your back arches up in ecstasy.
“I’m so c-close, Kook,” you plead, as if begging for mercy. “Please, I want to cum so bad.”
The speed of his thumb increases, and he watches as your face twists in pleasure and desperation. 
“Cum on my cock, baby, let me see you fall apart. Show me what I’ve dreamt of for so long.”
A high and wanton cry ripples out of your body as he savagely increases his speed, both his cock and thumb working overtime to drive you towards your end. The butterflies that erupt in your lower stomach make your moans louder, higher. You’re so close, closer than ever. It’s building to an incredible crescendo.
He can tell you’re close—he sees it on your face as your back arches and your fists grip his sheets.
“You look like a fucking angel, baby,” he whines as he soaks in the vision of you writhing underneath him. “I bet you cum like an angel, too. Let me see it, let me see.”
With just a few more swirls of his thumb and his deep, hard strokes, you’re soaring over the edge into a pool of nothingness. Your cunt pulsates wildly around his length, milking and stroking it with your tight walls. You throw your head back, moaning out his name at the top of his lungs, letting his neighbors know just who fucks you so well.
“Holy shit,” he gasps, hips stuttering as he fucks into your juicy hole. “That was so fucking sexy.”
You grip his forearms, holding onto him tight and encourage him to go harder. “Cum inside me, Kookie, please. I’m all yours, make me yours.”
His heart feels like it might burst in his chest. He’s always wanted you to say it to him, to hand over your love to him like he does so easily to you. It’s all so much, so overwhelming, and the feeling of your hot cunt still fluttering around him sends him reeling into his own completion. 
He spills into you, warm seed coating your walls and pooling inside your womb. He fucks himself through each throb of his cock until he’s sure he’s drained every ounce of himself into you.
Your legs slip off his shoulders easily, and he gently pulls himself out of you. He falls beside you, panting with exertion, and wraps an arm around you.
After a few silent moments of catching your breath, Jungkook pulls you in close to him until he can koala-cling to you, arms and legs both wrapped around your body.
“Mine,” he whispers as he kisses your head. “All mine.”
You return the favor, clinging to your best friend—boyfriend—like he’s your only lifeline.
“All yours.”
Tumblr media
“So, you’re telling me, you got together because of Minecraft?” Jimin asks, pointing a fork in your direction. It’s been months now since your grand virtual declaration of love for Jungkook. Months of bliss and romance, laughter and companionship. 
You were right all along. Jungkook is everything you’ve wanted in a man and more.
You’re sitting at your brother’s expensive dinner table, enjoying a meal with his family with your boyfriend at your side.
“Yeah, Jimin, I guess that’s what I’m saying,” you retort as you roll your eyes. “Minecraft and Tinder.”
Baby Jisoo is awake and in your brother’s arms, but she’s whining and wiggling to leave him.
“What’s wrong, Soo?” Namjoon asks with a pout on his lips. “Why don’t you want daddy anymore?”
Jimin snorts at his husband and you hold out your arms for your baby niece. “Come here, baby, I know you want auntie.”
Namjoon dutifully hands over his daughter, sulking that he’s been picked over for his sister. 
You cradle the baby in your arms, expecting her to calm once she’s there, but she continues to fuss. She’s thrusting her arms out and nearly crying, reaching towards Jungkook who’s busy chowing down on Jimin’s homemade ramen.
“I think she wants you, Kook,” you murmur. He looks at you, then to the baby, then back to you, before he wipes his hands and face clean with a napkin.
“Oh, okay,” he whispers, slowly taking the baby from your arms with your help. “Hello, ma’am.”
Namjoon and Jimin laugh. “She’s a baby, Jungkook, not an elderly woman,” your brother teases.
Jungkook doesn’t listen. He’s too busy cooing at the baby in his arms and playing with her tiny hands. Namjoon turns his attention away and looks at you.
“Guess I won’t be the only provider of grandchildren for much longer.”
You playfully glare at him and turn away to watch your boyfriend. Watching Jungkook interact with your niece makes your heart swell, your soul sing. He’d be a perfect father.
“I swear, if he teaches her how to play Minecraft, he’s banned from the household,” Jimin grumbles. “This is a No-Nerd-Zone.”
Jungkook cradles the child and rocks back and forth, singing her a soft, made-up song, before he looks over at you.
“Hey, I want one of these,” he smiles. “Can we have one?”
You lay a hand on your stomach, a soft bump not quite visible yet. It’s only been one test, the lines faintly indicating ‘positive’ on the stick. You wanted to make sure, get confirmation before you spill the beans.
“Sure, Kookie.”
He grins and leans over to kiss you, before turning his attention back to the baby. “Okay, Jisoo, now let me tell you all about the Endermen.”
Jimin groans. “Oh my god, do not give Minecraft facts to my infant!”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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concrete king. (m) jjk
Tumblr media
pairing. skaterboy!jk x reader genre. fluff, smut, himbo energy word count. 16.7k ....don’t look at me warnings. sweet summer romance, blonde!jk, brief depictions of drugs (marijuana usage), alcohol, lots of making out, messy car sex, fingering, spit kink !! (duh), light tit play, playful dirty talk, protected sex, overall cute, jungkook is a big fking dork and a softie! summary. when a cute boy in a tacky hawaiian shirt lands a trick in your honor theres no way you could ever say no to him note. thank you to @cutechim @jungkxook for indulging my thirsty rambles as well as @coepiteamare for beta reading this for me like an absolute angel ❣️ ily babes !! ps. @jjkxla​ come get ur mans ! (i also made a bby playlist for the fic here !)
leave some feedback, send a message, tell me u love me pls u know the drill <3
Tumblr media
The California sun beats high from it’s spot in the sky, zero clouds coming between the harsh rays that bounce off the concrete and warm up Jungkook’s body in an almost uncomfortable way. He can feel the sweat accumulating on the back of his neck, leaving the blonde strands damp with moisture, ends curling up as he ruffles his hands through them. 
Jungkook has been here for a little over an hour now, currently perched on the edge of the smaller bowl as he observes Hoseok from inside, laughing as his friend pops up, bottom of his trucks grinding against the ledge before he’s gliding back down. Hoseok had just picked up skating recently; he’s used to cruising on the streets so he has the basics down, just needs Jungkook’s help when it comes to doing anything at the skatepark. The first hurdle? The frontside carve grind that he had been struggling with. 
“Smoother, right?” he calls out to his friend as he pumps himself back around to repeat it on the opposite side with the same success. He cheers briefly before gripping his deck and climbing out of the bowl, settling his ass right next to him, ignoring the slight burn from the concrete below. 
“Much,” he flips the board over in his grasp, fingers wiggling the trucks with a pleased smile. “Who knew loose trucks would be my saving grace.”
Jungkook hums in confirmation, twirling his own board above his lap. “I don’t know how the hell you were carving before. They were tight as fuck.”
“Rookie mistake,” Hoseok jokes, leaning back on his palms and letting his head hang back, face turned up to the sky with his eyes shut. 
Jungkook chuckles as he hauls himself up, fingers pulling at his shirt, his white tee sticking to his back as he flaps the bright blue printed button up around him for some air. His eyes roam the skate park, seeing who occupied what area: the bikers on the far left side, roller skaters in the middle where the half pipe was, and skate boarders to the far left where the shallow bowl and rails were. 
“Why the hell are you wearing that?” Hoseok grumbles when he opens his eyes and really takes a look at Jungkook’s bright shirt, covered in orange and yellow petals, classic hawaiian print that should only belong on middle aged men on vacation. The ridiculous shade of blue contrasts against the dark ink on his arms, thick bold tattoos in all black that are placed sporadically, almost as if he had slapped stickers onto his skin and called it a day. Like most things in life, Jungkook made it work; this hawaiian shirt however was the very rare occasion where it didn’t work. 
“It’s called fashion, asshole,” Jungkook laughs, nudging his knee against his friend’s shoulder and stumbling when Hoseok shoves him back, almost making his legs buckle underneath him. “Fuck you,” he chortles, smacking Hoseok’s head with a nice whack, jumping out of the way before he can retaliate once again. 
Just as Hoseok is about to get up, presumably to put his younger friend into a headlock, Jungkook drops into the bowl on his board, cackling the whole way down. A dorky smile is on his lips, teeth out as he looks back at his friend, legs acting on their own accord while he carves along the bowl. 
His hair flows in the wind as he picks up speed, knees bent slightly to help pump himself around with practiced ease. He feels at home whenever he’s here, muscle memory guiding him through the motions, letting him ride out of the bowl smoothly. 
Jungkook kicks off with his right foot for speed, a grin on his face as he approaches the upcoming ledge, feet wide and stable on his board. With a push up, he’s hopping onto the ledge with the nose of his board, grinding along the surface for a few seconds before hopping off, wheels clacking against the concrete as he rolls away. 
A group of kids cheer on from the sidelines as they watch, all decked out in protective gear as they stare at him with eyes that make him feel as if he had just done something monumental. He gives them a smile in thanks as he glides by them, remembering the times when he was their age and struggling to stand on his own board. 
It makes him want to show off some more, skating a little way past them to get some distance to catch some speed before eventually attempting to pull a trick after clearing the stairs that lead to the lower part of the park. 
He flips his hair back as he nears the edge of the park, right before the concrete meets the patchy grass, and before he can fully concentrate, he hears the sound of laughter. Jungkook has to blame it on his easily distracted attention span, but his ears focus on it, head turning around in search of it, bouncing off the same kids playing a few feet away before finally landing on you. 
He hops off his board now, cool trick momentarily forgotten, kicking the tail up until his fingers curl around the nose as he holds it by his side. That’s when he hears it again, confirming it actually belonged to you, sitting on the metal bench underneath the shade of a tree with a red popsicle in your hand and a wide smile on your face as your friend tells a story. 
Jungkook is definitely not blind, taking note of how attractive you are, your legs barely covered in a pair of dark blue denim shorts and out in the open due to the summer heat. If there was one thing he would always be weak for, it’s pretty girls like you with laughs as sweet as honey and smiles brighter than the sun. 
He wonders for a moment if the heat has gone to his head and he’s imagining you, like some kind of mirage you see just before you pass out because there’s no way you’re real. Hell, maybe he had attempted the cool trick and busted his head open, and you were coming to him in some coma dream. 
Your friend must sense him staring, her eyes looking at him before she’s mumbling something to you, and you’re turning around to look right at him too. You’re giving him a very clear once over, no doubt judging his shirt choice like Hoseok had, but when you don’t immediately look away, he lifts a hand up and gives you a simple wave. 
Tight, you’re real. 
A confused grin is on your lips as you wave back, briefly wondering if he was an acquaintance you had forgotten about, more so when he speaks loud enough for you to hear, his need to impress a pretty girl taking over. 
“Watch this!”
And you do, turning fully around to observe the blonde boy as he angles his board before getting a head start and hopping onto it with just enough speed to execute his trick. You watch as he crouches low on the board, pushing off the tail until it scoops up under him, front foot rotating it in time with his body in a full 360 before swiftly landing it. 
Jungkook smiles wide at landing the beta flip after having practiced it earlier in the day, wheels crunching over the cracks as he cruises on and comes to a stop right before the stairs. He holds in his cheer as he hops off his board with his shoulders pulled back in pride, only increasing when he realizes you had in fact watched him pull it off. 
“That was for you!” he shouts out, placing his fingertips to his lips to blow you a kiss, not at all phased by the look on your face. It’s a clear display of amusement mixed with confusion, your hand pointing at your chest to confirm he was talking to you. 
“Do I know you?”
That’s the golden ticket he needs, bending down to clutch his board and make his way to you. “Glad you asked,” he laughs, approaching you with that same toothy smile, blonde hair framing his face and flowing through the wind as he speeds up his pace. 
“I’m Jungkook,” he announces, coming to stop right in front of the bench and hunkering down into the spot right next to you. He takes up space comfortably, almost as if he thinks he belongs absolutely everywhere, thighs spread out and back resting along the tabletop casually as he leans onto his elbows. 
“Okay Jungkook, do I know you?” Your friend snickers at your tone, taking note of the way he smirks, hands raking through his hair as he stares at you with doe eyes that you know help him win over the ladies. 
“You do now. What’s your name?” 
There's a small moment where you have an internal battle, wondering if it would be wise to give your name out to the cute skater who had just landed a trick in your honor. It’s not until your friend gives you a look that tells you to do it that you finally respond. 
“Y/N,” you smile, bringing the red ice pop back to your lips for another taste, desperately needing it to ward off the sticky heat surrounding you. His eyes are locked onto the motion, seeing the way your lips wrap around the edge of it until suddenly, you’re biting into the slowly softening treat. 
“Oh man, you bite ice cream? I’m out,” he laughs, going to stand back up as he feigns being alarmed. Your joyous laugh fills the air once more, your palm slapping over your mouth to prevent the chunk from slipping out. “What flavor is that anyways?”
“Watermelon,” you laugh, “and don’t judge me, it’s hot.” Your words are hard to make out as you mumble while chewing, snickering when he slumps back into his spot with a wide smile. He gives you a moment as you finish up your treat, his eyes crinkled up as he stares at you with clear amusement on his sun kissed face, nodding in approval at the flavor of choice. 
“I don’t know. I came over here ‘cause I thought you were cute but you’re clearly–“ his finger circles around near his temple, the slight grimace on his face a clear indication that he was calling you crazy, and it only makes you giggle some more. 
“You think I’m cute?”
Jungkook’s jaw drops, a silent laugh leaving him as he stares at you incredulously. “I also think you’re crazy. Did that slip your mind?”
The popsicle finds its way back into your mouth as you hum in indifference, choosing to suck on it instead of biting it to save him from the absolute agony of watching. He swears he could feel his own brain rattling and teeth aching when you did it. Maybe you are crazy. 
“No, I heard cute, and the rest just got tuned out.”
He laughs fully at this, and you take a second to admire him, getting a good look at his profile as his head drops back, light strands of hair no longer obstructing your view, allowing you to see the way his nose scrunches up and his top teeth push out in an endearing way. 
Your eyes drop to his arms now, the black lines calling your attention as you admire the bold artwork covering the entire expanse of them. Each piece is relatively small, individually placed with a small gap in between the tattoos next to them instead of it being a fully connected sleeve. The one that really catches your eye is the noose tucked into his bicep, right above his elbow with the words 'I'll be cool when I’m dead’ lined around it in all caps. It’s an interesting style that somehow suits him. 
“Alright,” he scoots closer to you smoothly, turning to fully stare at you with his head tilted slightly. “Yeah, you’re cute, for a girl who bites ice cream.”
He pauses for another second as you pull out the popsicle, eyes looking at him with a sly smile on your red coated lips. it doesn’t prepare him for the low blow you’re about to deliver. “You talk a lot of shit for a guy wearing a hawaiian shirt.”
His hand clutches over his chest, fingers gripping onto the fabric of his white tee as he hunches over and winces at the second jab to his fashion sense. “Damn, no need for the personal attack. What brings you to this beautiful park?”
Normally he’d assume you were here to skate, or to just stare at the boys since that’s what a lot of girls did to pass time, but you were lacking in gear and anything that had wheels. You also didn’t seem interested in anything going on in the park. 
This park was on the slightly shittier side of town, covered in graffiti and barely held together by the people who inhabited it, everyone coming together to fix anything that broke in an effort to keep it alive. It was a nice little community, and without it, this place would’ve become a run down skeleton of what it is now. 
Whatever was beyond the concrete, though, was left to its own methods of survival. Grass patchy and half dead, too many crazed squirrels that didn’t fear humans, and the occasional run in with an aggressive stranger made people who weren’t here to ride stay far away. 
You know this: it’s the main reason you never come here, especially when the weather is as nasty as it is today. 
The red treat is now pointed at your friend as you speak. “Her boyfriend is over there by the big bowl. I’m just here to keep her company and help ward off the squirrels.”
Jungkook looks over to the area in question, seeing the same bikers huddled around the deep bowl as someone drops in. “Sick, who is he?”
“Taehyung,” your friend speaks up, chin resting on her palm as she stares dreamily at the boy with the wide smile that catches air on his bike. They had only been dating a few weeks, but it was clear she was absolutely smitten with him. 
“No way,” Jungkook chuckles, raking his hands through his hair again. It’s become a habit ever since he let it grow out, but each time he does it, you’re given the perfect view of his forehead and strong eyebrows, so you’re not complaining. “We go way back. You must be Jia then?”
Her face beams up at that, proud that her boyfriend talks about her to his friends, and when Taehyung comes to a still and stares over at her, she waves at him frantically. Jungkook stifles a laugh when his friend does the same, long arm swinging side to side as he smiles at his girlfriend. 
“Yeah, glad to know he talks about me.”
“Oh, he doesn’t shut up about you,” he playfully rolls his eyes, chuckling when she gets even happier, deciding to stand up and make her way over to Taehyung for a moment. 
“They’re cute,” you sigh, resting your arm on the cool metal table as you stare at the couple, smiling as Jia sits her butt on the handlebars and screams when Taehyung pretends to drop into the bowl. 
“The cutest.” Jungkook humors you, eyes bouncing over to Hoseok and seeing him practicing some simple flat tricks off to the side. That’s when the idea pops into his head, turning back to stare at you with a grin on his lips. “Since you know Taehyung and Jia, are you coming to the kickback?”
“What kickback?”
“My friend Hoseok’s throwing a small get together. His parents are loaded and on this weird hippie retreat, so it’s free real estate for a party. Those two will be there, so I’m just passing along the message.”
Your roll your lips in thought, remembering the brief invitation Jia had given you a while back, an invitation you had turned down because you didn’t know anyone that would be there besides her and the last thing you wanted was to be alone once she disappeared with Taehyung. But if Jungkook would be there, then maybe you’d have a reason to go. 
“Is this a direct invitation?” you wonder, finishing off your treat and setting the stained stick aside. 
“Sure is. There’s also a pool in case my presence isn’t convincing enough.” His thick brows wiggle while he speaks, a quick wink sent your way, and a cute smile spreads onto his lips when you roll your eyes at his antics. 
“I don’t know. Land another trick for me, and I’ll consider it.”
Jungkook never backs down from a challenge, so he nods in thought, bending forward to grab his board from the dry grass, mind whirling as he thinks of the right trick to do to impress you. 
“You’re gonna make me work for it huh?” He stands up fully now, adjusting his atrocious shirt as it sticks to his back once more. There’s a playful smile on his face that only spreads when you nod your head in confirmation. 
“Sure am. Go on and try to impress me with something cute.” Your words poke fun at him, your foot coming out to nudge at his leg for him to get going when he remains by your side. 
“I hope you have an outfit planned for it because I’m totally gonna blow you away with my cute trick.”
Tumblr media
Of course Jungkook lands the trick, making it look like a piece of cake without breaking a sweat as he once again blew a kiss your way, managing to rope you in and get your number as well as a verbal confirmation that you’d be at the party. 
It makes him feel a little jittery as he roams the aisles of the nearby 7-11 with Jimin, in search of drinks and some snacks. He can faintly see his reflection in the glass doors as he eyes the shelves of drinks, blonde hair split down the middle and styled off his face, a look of thought on his features. The rings adorning his fingers rattle against his board leaning on his legs as he taps them along the nose, looking far too conflicted over the choices displayed in front of him. 
“It’s just alcohol Kook. Pick something.” Jimin speaks up from beside him, playfully shoving his shoulder to snap Jungkook out of his deep concentration. 
“Girls like white claws, right?” he wonders outloud, fingers curling around the handle of the fridge before yanking it open. The chill hits him instantly, something he welcomes since the summer heat was still going strong. It sends a shiver through him so he keeps the door propped open, choosing to stare without the glass obstructing his view. 
“Bro, I like white claws.” Jimin huffs, sliding in between Jungkook and grabbing his own case of the mango flavored drink, not wanting to linger in this store longer than necessary.  
“So, yes?” 
Jimin gives his friend a pointed look as he juggles his board and the drink case in his arms. “Yes, grab two of the assorted cases. I’m sure Hoseok has enough alcohol in case they happen to hate great tasting seltzer.”
That’s good enough for Jungkook, grabbing two cases and letting the fridge door slam behind him as he follows after Jimin. The silver haired boy was already at the counter, grabbing a pack of original backwoods and setting it on top of his beloved white claw case, an array of snacks beside it. 
“What if she flakes?” Jungkook wonders as he slides the cases besides Jimin’s junk, grabbing his wallet from his pocket to flash his ID to the cashier before fishing out some bills to pay for it all—something he had promised Jimin after losing a bet yesterday afternoon. 
“Then she flakes,” Jimin shrugs, asking the cashier for extra bags to ensure the plastic wouldn’t give out on their ride to Hoseok’s. 
“Fuck, don’t say that.” Jungkook whines, pocketing the change and smiling in thanks when the cashier triple bags their items. If you flaked on him, he would feel like such a loser, excited at the prospect of getting to see you again only for it to be made clear that you really weren’t interested. 
Jungkook shakes those thoughts out of his head as they exit the store, his leg propping open the door for the next customer. Jimin can see the worry on his younger friend’s face, heaving a sigh as he lets his board fall to the floor. 
“She’s not gonna flake. She’s probably already there.”
That doesn’t seem to make it any better, Jungkook’s eyes bulging out as he adjusts the bags in his grip and drops his own board in a haste. 
“The fuck are we doing here then?” he huffs, hopping onto the deck and pushing himself off in a hurry, not even waiting for Jimin to situate himself as he rolls down the parking lot and onto the sidewalk. 
“Okay, fuck me right?” Jimin shouts out, rolling his eyes as Jungkook doesn’t seem fazed. If anything, he picks up more speed. Jimin knew the way to Hoseok’s: it was only a few blocks away, plus Jungkook was carrying the bulk of the items so he shouldn’t even be complaining. 
The strain of his arms is starting to ache from the weight pulling on them, paired up with the blaze of the late afternoon sun, and Jungkook can already feel the prickling of sweat on his skin. His button up of choice today doesn’t provide him much airflow compared to his favorite hawaiian shirt, something he had forgone in order to not get absolutely roasted from you and his friends again. Instead he picked out a loose fitting red shirt with the depiction of dragons printed on it, tucked into his ripped black jeans to showcase the black belt wrapped around his waist. 
Sure, he had decided to dress up a little. It might be to impress you, or it might be self care, but he reassured himself that he still looked casual because of the dirty converse laced on his feet. 
He smiles a bit as the streets grow wider, rolling onto the smooth pavement instead of the cracked sidewalk. Rich people loved their streets pothole and gravel free, and it made for perfect cruising conditions. It lets him get more speed as he nears Hoseok’s house, blonde strands flowing through the wind, silver earrings dangling in time with each kick he gives until finally, he sees it. 
Both feet rest on his board now and he spares a glance behind him, laughing when he sees Jimin doing his best to catch up with a middle finger aimed right at him. Jungkook juggles the bags in his grasp before throwing the bird back, leaning to the right to turn onto the driveway and hopping off the board altogether. 
He doesn’t even bother grabbing his board, choosing to kick it until it rolled onto the green front lawn. There was no way someone would steal it here anyways, so he feels no guilt as he makes his way inside the air conditioned home. 
“Hobi!” he calls out, not in the mood to try to find his friend wherever he might be in the house. Jungkook just shuffles through the entryway, making a beeline for the kitchen like he always does when he’s here. “Oh, there you are.”
Hoseok hums in confirmation as he pulls out some water from the fridge, fingers pointing at the bags in his friend’s grasp. “What did you get?”
“White claws,” Jungkook grunts, hauling the cases up onto the oversized island and shaking out his arms to get the feeling back into them. 
“Nice, where’s Jimin?”
“He’s coming.” The door opens then, and Jungkook gestures to signify that it must be him. “Anyways, is she here yet?”
“Who?” Hoseok frowns, not even able to conceal his laughter when Jungkook gives him a stone cold look. “Damn I’m kidding. Yeah, she’s here. Everyone’s outside by the pool. Come bring the drinks out.”
Jungkook hops in place for a bit, a goofy smile on his face when Hoseok shoves his shoulder with a laugh. You were here. You didn’t flake, and now his nerves were back to overflowing his mind. 
With a small breath, he contains his smile, trying to keep his face neutral as he grabs the cases and follows behind Hoseok to the backyard, Jimin right behind him. Jungkook doesn’t even react when Jimin kicks his thigh like an annoying brother. No, he’s too focused on finding you in the small group of people lounging under the canopy beside the pool. 
He hears Taehyung instantly once the doors open, his wild laughter kickstarting everyone else's. Jungkook’s eyes roam around, spotting Namjoon standing by the grill as he ensures the burgers and hotdogs don’t burn. Taehyung is currently kneeled on a bright pink floating bed, playing what appears to be a game of chicken with Jin in the pool, the two of them fully clothed and swatting at each other in an effort to have someone topple over. 
“Wait, shit, my phone’s still in my pocket!” Taehyung shouts out as Jin gets his hands around the other’s wrist, fully intent on sending him over. 
“Nice try,” Seokjin calls his bluff, yanking his friend over with full force, wobbling on his own floaty as Taehyung splashes into the water with a scream. 
That’s when he hears your laugh, having it embedded in his mind since last week. It’s easy for him to find you now, seeing you tucked into the cushions of the couch in the shade, snug right between Jia and Yoongi’s girlfriend, Sena. 
He freezes in his spot, making Jimin collide into his back with a curse before he’s pushed out of the way. That same dorky smile spreads across his lips as your eyes move from the scene in the pool to Jungkook, a grin sent his way as you shimmy out of your wedged spot. 
Jungkook tries not to be a typical boy that gawks at pretty girls, but you make it so hard, legs taunting him in another pair of denim shorts and a cropped distressed vintage tee of a band he just so happens to love only makes him swoon just a little more. 
“You look really pretty,” he breathes out as you get close enough, abandoning a typical greeting in favor of a compliment that makes you laugh as you look down at the grass beneath your shoes. 
“Thanks,” you smile, hand reaching out to tug at his shirt, admiring the pattern that covers it, favoring it to the bright blue vacation shirt from before. “You do too.”
He catches your words before you can try to fix them, a teasing smile on his lips as he raises his brows. “You think I look pretty? Thank you.”
You don’t even fight it, grabbing the top case of white claws to ease the weight off of him with a smile, instantly walking towards the outdoor fridge Hoseok had told you was where all the drinks would be. “You’re welcome. Keep wearing shirts like that, and I’ll call you pretty all the time.”
Jungkook whistles as he walks beside you, softly bumping into your shoulder, “How’d you know my love language is words of affirmation?”
“Is it?” you laugh, setting the case on top of the outdoor counter and opening it up, ready to hand them over to Jungkook as he kneels to open the mini fridge. 
“Sure is. Hearing it from you just makes it hit a little different though.”
Your teeth bite down on your lower lip, trying to conceal your smile at his honest flirting, urging the butterflies in your stomach to settle down. There’s a glimmer in his eyes as he stares up at you, and it makes you want to match his energy, so you nod as you crack open the can in your hand and pass it over to him before opening one for yourself. 
“Noted. You’re gonna be sick of my compliments by the time the day is over.”
Jungkook doesn’t think that’s true at all, but he’s not going to stop you from calling him cute or pretty because it makes his cheeks hurt from how hard he tries to keep from smiling. 
As the evening progresses and the sun slowly dips beyond the horizon, the two of you find your way beside the pool with your feet dipped in, and you stay true to your words. Jungkook lets you boost his ego as you compliment his tattoos, allows you to grip his hands while you inspect the chunky rings adorning his fingers and even try to slip a few on to see how they’d look on your own. The final push is when you run your fingers through his hair, nails gently grazing his scalp in an innocent way as you comment on the shade of blonde, sweet voice telling him how nicely it suits him.  
That’s when a shiver wracks through him, and he can’t even attribute it to the soft chill the summer night brings or the cold pool water. No, it was solely because of you. Your soft spoken comments were sending his mind into overdrive, and he desperately needed to mellow out before he made a fool of himself in front of you. 
So he does what he thinks is best, fishes into his deep front pockets and pulls out one of the joints he had stuffed in there this morning. It was his emergency joint and Jungkook wasn’t sure if this classified as an emergency but he was about two minutes from going all heart eyes on you, so he had to calm himself down to not scare you off. 
“Is that weed?” you laugh, your hand coming up to cover your lips as you giggle, his chunky ring still loosely wrapped around your index finger glimmering in the night light. 
“Yeah, wait–do you smoke?” he stutters out, breathing a sigh of relief when you slowly nod. “Jimin has a blunt if you prefer that,” he shrugs, index finger and thumb holding the joint up between you. 
“I hate how blunts taste so, this is fine.” 
Jungkook smiles as he pulls out his lighter, handing you the joint first, hands urging you to press the crutch to your lips as he lights it up for you. The flame casts a soft glow on your face as he holds it at the end, watching as you gently twist it between your fingers, lightly dragging until the cherry glows solid. 
The smell hits you instantly, nose wrinkling as you inhale and pass it over to him, letting your feet gently kick in the water as you slowly exhale, the slight burn in your lungs making you cough. Jungkook can’t even tease you for it, taking too big of a puff he can barely hold in before he’s coughing with you, a cloud of smoke billowing out as he laughs. 
And just like that his jitters are gone, able to calm his racing heart and fully stare at you as you speak, the two of you passing the joint between you until it was all gone. It leaves you feeling warm and floaty, not too high where you want to ball up on the couch and sleep, but comfortable and mellow as you sit pressed to his side. 
Jungkook has now figured out that your love language must be physical touch, your need for smoothing your hands over his shirt, fiddling with his rings and hair, and now gently wrapping your fingers around his bicep as he spoke to you. He enjoys it, scoots even closer to you until your thigh is practically pushed up onto his, but you don’t even mention it. 
You’re too lost in what he’s telling you, the weed making you hang on to his every word. It doesn’t help that Jungkook makes conversation like second nature, knowing just what to say to keep the laughs flowing from you, giving you small peeks of his life in forms of animated stories and rambles. 
Even without the help of drugs, his way with words pulls you in without you realizing. The added daze simply aids in having you cling to him with bright eyes as you follow along to every syllable he says. 
It leaves you wondering for a minute, cloudy brain zoning out as you think of all the loose facts you’ve been presented with since meeting him. Jungkook was hot—that much was obvious—and he had to know it. There was no way he doesn’t know how easy it is for him to wrap anyone he wants around his fingers. At least, that’s what you think with how smooth the words flow from his mouth. 
It fills you with the tiniest bit of uncertainty, wanting to get some clarification before you allow yourself to pursue him the way you desperately wanted to because, right now, he’s ticking off all the boxes at an alarming rate. 
You don’t snap out of that small trance until he’s finishing up his story and shyly excusing himself to go to the bathroom, having chugged three white claws in record time before smoking. It’s no surprise he hauls himself up and scurries inside, ignoring Hoseok’s yells about getting the floor wet. 
That’s when you get your opportunity for clarity, turning to face the canopy and seeing the people who would give you the answers you needed. Seokjin and Yoongi don’t give you a second glance from their spot splashing in the pool, not noticing the way you get up and make your way to Taehyung and Namjoon. 
The two of them are currently stuffing their faces, hair damp and dripping, still shirtless from swimming, but as you approach them they grin at you through the food in their mouths. 
“What’s the catch with him?” you ask instantly, arms crossed over your chest, eyes a little droopy and a small smile on your face when you hear Jia giggle at your interrogation stance. 
“Wow, you’re baked,” she cackles, but you fully ignore her, pointed eyes staring at Taehyung. 
“Catch?” Taehyung mumbles, hotdog mush still stuffed in his cheeks, lips pouty, and Jia takes it upon herself to sit up and wipe the ketchup smeared onto his cheek. 
“Yeah,” you laugh, pointing your finger towards the house. “Is he like a serial heartbreaker? Does he have an extensive criminal record?”
Namjoon just chuckles at your questions, fingers wiping his mouth as he finishes chewing and leans forward, staring at you through the dark strands falling over his eyes. “The only thing Jungkook has broken is his arm two years ago. Also, he doesn’t have a record, unless you count the time he ran from some cops after we snuck into an abandoned property to skate.”
“So he’s not some sweet-talking womanizer?” you tease, only half meaning the questions. He hasn’t given you a definite reason for you to assume anything at all but something about him seemed too good to be true. Maybe you’re just used to the sleazy men who know just how to butter you up, but you need to double check that you’re not missing any obvious red flags that your rose colored glasses are concealing. 
Taehyung finally laughs, a sly smile on his face at the opportunity to tease Jungkook. He’s known him the longest, going back to when they were awkward preteens with side swept hair and chunky DC’s on their feet, so he knew Jungkook’s true personality. He’s charming without realizing it, has the art of playful flirting down to a science. But when it comes to actually pursuing girls, unless you make it glaringly obvious that you’re into him, his nerves get the best of him. 
Just as Tae’s about to clown his friend, Jungkook walks back out from the house, eyes squinty as he wonders where you went, and Taehyung chooses not to embarrass him. 
“If there's anyone I can vouch for, it’s Jungkook. He's a good guy, I promise.” 
“Yeah, and if for whatever reason he’s lying, I’ll make sure to bite his dick off.” Jia threatens, small hand dipping in between her boyfriend’s thighs to grip his junk. It seems to have the opposite effect, Taehyung facing her with wiggling brows, and you’re luckily saved from witnessing the rest when Jungkook sneaks up behind you, fully grabbing your attention as you turn your head to stare at him. 
“You snuck off,” he whispers, wrapping his arms around you as he hunches over, chin resting snugly on your shoulder. 
“Yeah, I came to get the inside scoop from your friends.”
Jungkook hums at that, looking up at the friends in question, neither of whom look particularly guilty, especially not Namjoon who waves his fingers and blows him a kiss. 
He just rolls his eyes at the gesture, head still too floaty to even bother asking his friends what they could have said to embarrass him. The only thing on his mind now is how good you smell, whatever perfume you must have sprayed along your neck filling his senses. It smells sweet, and for some reason, it makes his stomach rumble, something you clearly hear as you turn around and giggle. 
“You know what sounds good?” he questions, standing up straight and looking down at you. “A mcflurry.”
That did actually sound good. “M&M’s or oreo?”
Jungkook scoffs at that, letting a hand trail down until it grasps one of yours, fingers lacing together as he starts to tug you away from his friends. He takes a small detour to grab your discarded shoes to be put on before heading towards the side gate that leads to the front yard. 
“Oreo, duh. I’m not an animal.”
Jungkook keeps his hands interlaced with yours as he bends forward and grabs his skateboard from the same spot he had kicked it to when he first got here, keeping it tucked by his side as he continues pulling you towards the street. 
“Where are we going?” you laugh, not resisting as he leads the way, familiar with the neighborhood and the places around it. 
“To get that damn mcflurry. There’s a Mcdonalds not too far from here.”
That's fine by you, squeezing his palm as you walk down the street, illuminated by the streetlights lining the sidewalks. The small high you felt had slowly faded away, only leaving a light feeling in your chest that lingers the rest of the way. 
The walk only takes about fifteen minutes, easily spent as you joke with each other, your camera roll now full of videos of Jungkook with ridiculous filters on his cute face. It makes you smile like an idiot as you wait for the food you ordered, deciding once you were here that a mcflurry alone wasn’t gonna cut it. 
Before you know it, you're walking out of there with a stuffed bag and a cup holder to keep your precious mcflurries safe as you head down the street once more. Jungkook mentioned a nice park on this side of town that doesn’t come with a warning once the sun went down, so that’s where you were headed to indulge in the fried food. 
“Cheers,” Jungkook mumbles between a mouthful of fries, holding his chunky spoon in the air for you to tap against before taking the first taste of the oreo-vanilla goodness. 
“You know,” you pause to shut your eyes, getting a brain freeze as the ice cream sticks to the roof of your mouth, and Jungkook laughs at the irony of the notorious ice cream biter finally suffering. You can only flip him off before continuing your sentence, “If you would’ve picked M&M’s, whatever this is that we have going on wouldn’t work out.”
Jungkook doesn’t deny it, nodding along enthusiastically as he pulls out the hamburger from the bag, popping open the box and dumping his fries in the opposite flap. “Definitely. I mean, I already turned a blind eye to your crazy tendencies, but M&M’s is a no go.”
He smiles as you cackle, pulling out your own food, and only laughs harder as you flip the bag upside down and an absurd amount of spicy buffalo sauce comes tumbling out. “My crazy tendencies? Jungkook, what the hell.”
“Hey,” he threatens, pointing a finger at you as he chews his burger. “We all have our weaknesses. Yours is watermelon popsicles; mine is spicy buffalo sauce.”
Your hand raises in surrender, as you peel back a sauce for yourself to enjoy your nuggets, pushing the rest towards him with a smile. 
“So, do you bring that thing everywhere you go?” you tease, swatting his hands as he grabs some fries and chooses to dip them in the sauce you just opened instead of getting his own. 
When his wide eyes stare at you in question, you point at the skateboard set beside his feet with the wheels pointed up, letting you see the colorful art underneath that was scratched up from how often he used it. Jungkook has a car for actually getting around this large city, but his favorite method of transportation was his treasured board: it was convenient and he didn’t have to worry about parking. 
“Of course I do. I’m the concrete king, baby. I always have to be prepared.”
His face scrunches up in delight when you laugh. “Concrete king? What does that even mean?”
His tongue prods at his cheek while he wipes his hands, a smile beginning to spread on his lips as he stares at you. There's a similar smile on your own face, teeth shown as you bite into a fry and motion for him to explain. 
“It means I’m the best.”
“Okay,” you agree, scooping out another spoonful of your mcflurry and pointing it at him. “Show me something cool, Concrete King.”
Jungkook leans forward and wraps his lips around the spoon, stealing your dessert with a satisfied smile as he stands up. He just snickers when you call him a thief, savoring the sweetness in his mouth before bending down to grab his board. 
“I’ll do you one better. I'll show you how to do something cool.”
Your brows pinch together as you think it over, eyes focused on the board that he rolls back and forth under his foot. “So what I’m hearing is, you wanna take me to the ER tonight?”
His laughter fills the air at that, mixing in with the sound of the occasional car driving down the street. “C’mon,” he approaches you, large hands reaching for your own and gently tugging you out of your seat. “I won’t let you fall. I promise.”
The small feeling of success blooms in his chest when you reluctantly stand up with him, head hanging back as you stare at the night sky and playfully groan, only leveling back out for you to narrow your eyes at him. “Fine, but you’re not allowed to let go of my hands.”
He looks like a giddy child as he nods, blonde strands falling back around his face while he kicks the board into place. The only smooth area for you to attempt whatever he had planned was the basketball court a few feet away, luckily void of anyone to witness you potentially break a bone. You can already feel the ache in your body as you picture flopping onto the hard, unforgiving pavement. 
“We’ll start easy, get you comfortable with just standing on it, okay?”
The wheels scrape against the ground as he adjusts the deck in front of you, one shoe tucked in front of the wheel to prevent it from moving too much. When you simply stand there, his thumb rubs along your knuckles in an effort to get you to look up at him to see the sweet smile on his lips. His soft eyes are encouraging you to try, and since you trust him, you do. 
With unsteady feet, you cautiously place your left foot onto the board, feeling the slight friction from the grip tape on the bottom of your shoes. You still feel secure with your other foot on the ground, experimentally wiggling it into the spot he tells you to. 
“Okay, now the other one.” 
Your hands grip his even tighter as you do that, body tensing up when the board wobbles slightly under the uneven weight, but Jungkook keeps you steady until you spread your feet wide enough. He doesn’t mind the death grip you have on him, pads of his thumb still rubbing along the back of your palm as you laugh at your feet no longer being on solid ground. 
“Alright. I’m on it, now what?” Your body trembles a little with nerves, the fresh breeze only making your exposed skin break out into goosebumps as you stand with your knees slightly bent. 
“Eager now, huh?” he teases, stepping back a few inches to give you some space to do what he wants to do next. “Alright, all you have to do is jump and land with both feet. I’ll do the rest.”
A tiny squeak leaves your mouth, and he snickers at the panicked expression on your face. “You want me to jump?”
“Yeah, there’s nothing cool about just standing.” The way he rolls his eyes only makes you laugh with him, hesitantly nodding your head, reassuring yourself that you can trust him. 
“Oh god, okay.” 
Jungkook holds back the smile as he stares down at the board, telling you to keep your feet exactly where they were as he takes the top of his shoe and places it right underneath the center of the board. “You’re gonna have to jump a little high, but it’s simple. Ready?”
With a small hum of confirmation, he counts to three, hands holding you tight as you jump up, allowing him to kick the board up from under you and flip it around until it’s landing onto the ground and your feet are reconnecting with the grip tape once more. Your body wobbles from the impact, but the grip he has on you prevents you from toppling over, so you let out a cheer at not wiping out. 
Your hands pull away from his grasp, choosing to wrap your arms around him to pull him in for a hug. “That was so cool,” you boast, hearing the rumble of his laugh as you place your head against his chest, feeling his arms snake around your frame to hold you close. 
“Told you so,” he gives you a squeeze, foot still pressed against the wheels to keep the board from sliding out from under you. “So, what’s my reward for teaching you something cool?”
With a small hum, you’re turning to look up at him, arms snug around his waist and a smile on your lips. “I don’t know. Any suggestions?”
He can feel his heart hammering against his ribs, those same nerves from before slowly creeping up as he builds the courage to unscramble the words in his brain.
“Let me take you out, on a date.” His chest only tightens when you look at him in confusion, the creeping fear of rejection making his stomach twist, hoping that he hadn’t horribly misread all of the signals passed between you. 
“Isn’t tonight a date?”
And just like that, the weight lifts off of him, the familiar toothy smile you’ve grown so fond of being sent your way as he sighs in relief. “It can be, but I want to go on an actual date. Just us. No crazy friends playing chicken in the background.”
“I’d like that,” you whisper as you look up at him, licking over your lips when your eyes flicker down to his. 
Jungkook knows the universal signs before a first kiss, the way you slowly lean your face closer, eyes locked onto the curve of his lips, head angled up just before swooping in. And he makes the first mistake of the night, getting so caught up in the moment he removes his foot to stand closer, the center of balance from you leaning in, making the skateboard fly out right from under you. 
The shriek leaves your mouth instantly as your body rocks to the side, his loosening grip on you unable to keep you up right, but the grip you have on him makes the two of you come tumbling down together. He cushions your fall as best as he can, arms wrapped around your head when your back meets the cold pavement, the weight of him clambering on top of you and pressing onto your chest as you lose yourself in laughter. 
The ache in your butt is felt instantly, but luckily you’re unscathed otherwise, heart thrumming from the scare but mouth wide open as you giggle. When you finally open your eyes, you’re met with a curtain of blonde strands, Jungkook’s hair draped over you as he does his best to not totally crush you under his weight. 
“You broke your promise,” you laugh, loosening your solid grip from his waist as you bring your hands up to push back his hair, letting you see his worried expression. His knees are bruised without a doubt, having hit them on the way down, now slot on either side of your thighs as he slowly kneels, hands slipping out from around your head to press against the pavement. 
“Promise?” he wonders, momentarily having forgotten everything when he thought you were hurt, but then he remembers. He let you fall. 
“Fuck, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you breathe out, the fan of your laughter felt against his cheeks from your close proximity, hands still carding through his hair like you hadn’t just wiped out. You still have that look on your face, the same one you wore before he had let you fall, eyes staring at his lips in anticipation. 
Jungkook lets out a shaky breath with a smile of his own before slowly leaning forward, the small adrenaline rush he felt aiding him in concealing his nerves, allowing him to finally press his lips against yours in a sweet kiss. He tests the water for a second, eyes fluttering shut until you’re putting more pressure into it as you kiss him back. 
The small throb of pain you felt earlier is pushed away as you let your hands tangle in his hair, hearing the way he breathes against you mixing in with the rustling of the trees around you. Jungkook can’t think of anything else as he kisses you harder, bringing one hand up to softly cup your cheek before you’re separating from him. 
“You taste sweet. I like it,” you mumble with a dopey laugh as you lick your lips, the sugar on his lips from the bite of dessert he had stolen from you minutes prior still lingering. His eyebrows raise up at the compliment, heart skipping when you erupt into laughter as he kisses you once more, lips obnoxiously puckered and pressing against yours with a wet smack. 
“Yeah?” he teases, biting down onto his lower lip, thumb gently caressing your cheek. “Did I just blow my chances of that date?”
You let out a soft hum as your fingers trail to the nape of his neck, wrapping a strand of hair around your finger as you twist it in thought. “Definitely not,” you smile. “Kiss me again.”
Tumblr media
In a surprising turn of events, Jungkook sits behind the wheel of his car, right arm casually draped over the center console with his fingers interlocked with yours. A small smile is on his lips as you play with his hand subconsciously, softly muttering along to the song he is playing on the radio, preferring the sound of the Neighbourhood when it’s coming from you. 
The landscape glows with remnants of orange and purple, the sun just about to hide behind the sea while he drives along the coast. Jungkook wanted to hang out with you without the added stress of the summer sun making him sweat through his shirt, and you very eagerly agreed, deciding that the evening would be best. 
It’s an odd day in the middle of the week, allowing for ample parking which saves you both from the headache that usually came with driving to the pier. You had suggested the activity, wanting to beat him to it before he could plan something over the top. At first, Jungkook couldn’t understand why you were so against having a typical dinner date, but something about it just didn’t feel natural to you. Being forced to sit across from each other as you made small conversation in between bites of food, surrounded by a sea of couples and families with someone constantly coming in to check on you seemed like too much for a first official date. 
This though, the smell of the sea salt and sweetness of funnel cakes, the crash of the waves below blending in with the bells of a game just being won a few feet away, felt right for the two of you. Jungkook gets it now, and he’s grateful for your suggestion, knowing his jitters would have been too much for him to handle if he had done what he originally wanted. He’s able to relax in this setting, familiar with the pier, and you are too, easily dragging him along the boardwalk as you approach the ticket stand, wanting to get on all of the rides this place had to offer. 
“Scared?” Jungkook teases, watching as your eyes look at the colorful roller coaster a little further down, the elated screams from riders being heard as they zoom through it. 
“Never. You?”
He lets out a sigh when he leans back onto the metal railing, arm slung casually around your shoulder as you both stare at the rides around you. It’s a little chillier now that the sun is gone, but the fresh breeze is inviting, giving him another reason to keep you snug by his side as the skirt of your dress flutters around.
“Of course not. I’m an adrenaline junkie, babe. I live for this.”
Your laugh makes him look back down at you, catching a glimmer of the necklace you have on. It's the same ring you had taken from him the other night, holding it hostage and looping a dainty chain through it so it could rest against your chest. The chunky ring that had become one of his favorites being a casual accessory for you makes Jungkook’s heart skip, urging him to pull you even closer as he gently presses a kiss to your forehead. 
“Let’s make it interesting then,” you mumble, trying to play off how warm your face feels from his display of affection. 
“Keep talking.” His love for a challenge makes itself known as you creep up the line of people, his eyes boring into yours to try to figure out just what you had in mind. 
“First one to scream has to win the other the most obnoxious prize there is here.” This seemed too easy, the roller coasters on the pier didn’t have intense drops or spins that would make Jungkook scream like Six Flags would, but the sly smile on your face makes him a little wary. 
It doesn’t stop him from agreeing instantly though, hand outstretched to meet yours as he smirks. “Deal.”
With determination set on both your features, you’re starting the challenge, grabbing your wristbands and running off to the first coaster. It looks off into the ocean, painted a bright yellow and definitely not scary looking in the slightest, although the little kid crying as he exits with his parents might think differently. 
“No screaming,” you remind him as you strap into the ride, fingers tapping along the lap bar, feeling the way his thighs bounce from excitement. 
“Easy,” Jungkook huffs, wiggling in his seat as the attendants clear the ride and step back. 
His enthusiasm heightens once the ride is set in motion, and before he knows it, you’re speeding down the tracks at a surprising rate. It catches you both off guard as a sharp turn makes your shoulders ram into his, desperately biting down on your lips to not scream as the wind flows through your hair. 
Jungkook cracks first, not with a scream but a laugh, unable to contain it as he’s sliding across the seat and squishing you against your side at the next turn. 
“That wasn’t a scream!” he defends, only laughing harder as the whiplash continues, entire body vibrating from the rattles of the cart. You agree to it for your own sake, breaking out into belly aching laughter as you’re shaken around on the small coaster. 
That small loophole Jungkook created seems to be his saving grace for the following rides, concealing all of his shrieks with laughter so giddy it makes your cheeks hurt as you join him. 
It’s not until you’re hauling him to some weird single ride called the Gyro Loop that he begins to think he’ll actually lose, and the knowing grin on your face only makes him even more sure. He’s proven right a few seconds after you strap on, blindsided by the controls the riders are in charge of. 
The attendant had instructed you on what to do, saying there was a prize to be won if you completed a certain number of rotations but Jungkook doesn’t catch any of it, so the second the ride swings back and you’re pushing one of the buttons around the harness he gasps as you’re shot up. He’s given no warning, and with another push of a button, the seats flip upside down in a woosh, everything blurring around you. It’s not like Jungkook sees any of it, as you turn to look at him you take note of his eyes squeezed shut, a grimace painted over his usually soft features. 
His fingers grip the metal handles tightly to brace himself, accidentally pressing one of the buttons and making it flip over a second time, so fast it whips his hair back and that's when Jeon Jungkook loses. A shriek of surprise spills past his lips the second his head is upside down and you’re laughing instantly, pushing it further as you continue hitting the controls, finally joining in with his screams now that he lost. 
It’s safe to say you don’t win the prize, too busy laughing at his screams to bother pursuing it and as you step off the ride you can’t help but wipe under your eyes for any stray tears that slipped through your laughter. 
“That was a planned attack,” he accuses, hunching over to rest his palms on his knees, thankful to be on solid ground without the world spinning around him. 
“It was,” you admit, softly rubbing his back as he takes a minute to breathe. “But I saw this cute plushie when we got here and I wanted it, so I did what I had to do.”
He peers up at you, eyes a little glassy from what just happened, but he stands up instantly, a little more life in his face now that his stomach stopped flipping. In theory, if you wanted a plushie, he could have just won it for you instead of enduring the horrible Gyro Loop, but he’s determined to win it for you now. “What prize?”
Your hand reaches over to grab his, fingers lacing together to tug him back towards the game section. His head feels dizzy again, no longer able to blame it on the horrible ride he had just got off. Something about the warmth of your hand as your fingers fit snugly against his, the gentle pull as you lead him with a smile that shows just how much you're enjoying yourself, makes his chest tighten and head spin in the best way. 
He’s too busy staring at your face while you lead the way, tracing the slope of your nose, the curve of your lips as you speak, slowly morphing into a pout that’s aimed at him when you realize he isn’t paying attention. “Sorry, you’re just really beautiful.”
The pout is replaced instantly as your lips press together, internally squealing at the way compliments spill from his mouth, so casual and genuine it's clear he means them. Damn him and his words of affirmation. 
“Thank you,” you mumble, a bashful look on your face as you squeeze his palm before pointing in front of you with your free hand. He follows the invisible line from your fingertips until he’s met with the plushie you want. “That’s the one.”
Jungkook can’t stop himself from chuckling as he gets a good look at the stuffed animal. It’s a medium sized yellow bunny, but the cherry on top comes in the form of an atrocious blue hawaiian shirt with the word ‘cali’ embroidered to the left of the buttons. 
“Is this another jab at my shirt? I haven’t even worn it since I first met you.” He takes a baby step back from you, stretching his arms out to make sure that you didn’t somehow believe he was currently wearing it. The truth is, it’s currently deep in his laundry basket, but he isn’t gonna tell you that. 
“You know, it kinda grew on me,” you shrug, looking at the loose fitting gray shirt he has on now. As obscene as that hawaiian shirt is, it’s also really cute, fitting his personality in a strange way. 
Jungkook looks shocked at your admission, having only been roasted by his friends since the day he bought it, and you, this one comment is going to be the sole reason he goes out and buys even more colors to wear. “Alright, if you want the bunny, I’ll get you that bunny, babe. I got this.”
The teenage boy standing in charge of the Mini Hoops game looks totally uninterested, barely mumbling out the rules after Jungkook hands him some money. The lack of enthusiasm from the boy doesn’t faze Jungkook, simply palming the tiny basketball in his large hands, turning to shoot you a wink before he’s lifting his arms and throwing the ball. 
It swishes into the net with ease, settling into the bottom as he follows it up with three more, a proud smile pushing his cheeks out when you cheer for him. With the final ball in his grasp, he leans over the small distance between you and presses a soft kiss to your lips before standing straight once more and sending it off, a shrill bell going off as it swishes through the net like the ones before.
The boy unhooks the bunny from its spot and gives it to Jungkook before moving on to the next couple ready to play. Jungkook gives it another good look, slightly catching the resemblance now that the fluffy bunny is in his hands, and when he hears you call his name with your phone pointed in his direction, he brings it up beside his face, scrunching up his nose for a picture. It’s the cutest thing, the bright lights shown in the background, face lit up in hues of purple and yellow, and you decide then that it’s becoming his contact photo.
He passes it to you with another kiss, feeling the way your lips curve into a smile against his, stuffed animal held to your chest as his thumb holds your chin when he pulls away, half lidded eyes staring down at you with so much emotion it makes your stomach flip. 
The feeling never settles, only getting stronger with the additional time spent together. The bunny is kept protectively at your side when you eventually make your way onto the sand, funnel cake in between you to share while you look at the night sky. The pier stays illuminated even as the rides and food stands shut down, taking the crowd of people with it until only a few stragglers remain. It gives you a small sense of privacy as you settle beside each other, the cold grains of sand felt against your thighs and making you shiver. 
Jungkook takes note of it as he takes a bite of the funnel cake, and although his legs won’t provide much warmth—jeans having large holes that expose his muscular thighs—he knows it’ll be better than the sand. So when he pats them, giving you a powdered sugar covered smile, you slowly turn to the side and rest your legs over his thighs. 
“Better?” he wonders, picking up the plate and placing it on your shins to cut you a piece. 
“Yeah, thanks.” 
“Sorry if it’s too cold now. I just don’t really want this day to end.” He admits it so quietly you almost don’t hear it through the crash of the waves. 
“Me either,” you agree, letting him feed you the piece of funnel cake he had meticulously cut, enough chocolate syrup and banana on it for you to get a good taste of everything. 
In pure honesty, you had grown to love the light, airy feeling that came with being around Jungkook these last few weeks. His boyish charm brings out your playful side full force: it reminds you of the time spent in school, the second you’re out for summer break when just about anything seems possible. 
Being with Jungkook leaves you looking forward to the next time the sun comes back up, welcoming the heat that comes with it if it means seeing him. It's the bubbling of a crush lit inside of you, makes you feel every soft touch tenfold, makes you want to savor each small moment to treasure forever. You know you’ll one day look back on it and feel nostalgic over the time spent laying on the cold sand, under the night sky with the blonde boy with a charming smile. 
“I had a lot of fun today,” he shyly adds on, feeling the same emotions you have coursing through you. It's been a while since Jungkook has felt like this, simply going through life with his friends and the casual fling that never lasted long, but he desperately hopes this doesn’t become that. He doesn’t want this to burn out once the summer goes, hoping to still have your hand to hold as the season changes, but those damn nerves from before keep him from admitting anything. 
Luckily, you’re not as timid about admitting to anything, giving his palm a squeeze as you reach forward and stare directly at him. “I really like you Jungkook.”
His free hand grips your legs, thumb rubbing against the soft skin as he gives you a look of wonder, needing to make sure he actually heard you right and it wasn’t his ears playing some sick trick on him. But when your smile never fades, eyes crinkling up as you take note of his expression, he snaps back into it. “I really like you too, a lot.”
The waves crash hard to your left, matching the explosion in your heart as you beam at him through the moonlight. That stomach flipping, puppy-love sensation you’ve felt all day spreads throughout you, urging you closer to him in the sand. You’re not satisfied until his face is in your hands, cheeks cold from the sea breeze, lips pulled into a soft smile as you observe him for a minute. 
You take him in like a slow, steady breath, eyes following the strong shape of his eyebrows, the flutter of his lashes as he blinks, the twinkle reflected in his pupils, the slope of his nose topped with an adorable mole on the corner, leading to the matching one beneath his lower lip. And as he smiles at you, you decide that's the one feature of his that you love the most. 
Jungkook knows it’s coming, but even when you finally lean over and press your lips to his, he still lets out a tiny gasp, hand on your legs gripping tighter as he kisses back. With light pressure, he slowly starts to push you back. He’s mindlessly setting the half eaten funnel cake aside to be forgotten, favoring the sweetness of your lips to it, needing to get a better taste. 
The cold sand meets your back as he maneuvers you, easily slotting in between your legs when he kneels over your body. You can feel your heart hammering in your chest with each quiet smack of your lips, and you’re sure Jungkook can feel it too with his hands gliding up your sides, gently sliding up your neck until he’s cupping your jaw. 
Kissing him is intoxicating, your lips desperately chasing his as he pulls back slightly, bringing him back for more and he groans into it. That small sound ignites something within you, fills you with warmth and jittery excitement, thighs gently squeezing around him while you suck on his lower lip. Jungkook must like that too, letting out another breathless moan of your name when you let it snap back against his teeth, leaving it plump and glossy with a coat of saliva on it. 
His breathing mixes in with the sea, eyes glazed over as he stares down at you, desire clear on your features, teeth biting down on your lower lip when your hands slowly slide down his chest. Jungkook wants to remember this forever, the image of you splayed out on the sand with want so evident on your face, want for him. 
Jungkook can only curse under his breath at the sight, lips reconnecting with yours with more fervor, tongue lightly licking at your lips until your mouth is opening up, and when you let out a soft moan at the sensation, he feels his cock stir in his jeans. The hands on his chest start to slide down, gripping his waist, toying with the top of his jeans until you get to where you want to be. 
When you lightly trace over the growing bulge, wandering hands intent on making him lose his mind, he groans into your mouth before he pulls back. His harsh breath fans against your face, lips inches from your own. “Wait, ah fuck–“ he sighs when your lips move to suck on his neck now, gentle licks to his skin that only tease him further. “I wasn’t expecting this.”
You hum into his skin, retracting your hand to stare at him with a genuine smile. “That’s okay. We can stop.”
“No, that’s not what I mean.” He shuts his eyes to concentrate, not able to focus when he can see how swollen your lips are from kissing him, only making him want to dive back in. Jungkook didn’t want you to think he had brought you here just for sex, disguising a first date and pulling you onto the sand just to get in your pants—even if you’re the one getting handsy with him. 
“I get it Jungkook. Don’t worry,” you breathe, cold hands cupping his cheeks again when he finally opens his eyes. “I want this. I promise.”
A small moment of confirmation is passed between you before he’s swiftly getting up, dusting the sand off his clothes and extending a hand out for you, smiling when you give him a look of confusion. 
“Not here though.” Jungkook didn’t want to fuck you on the questionable sand on this beach, also too afraid of running into other beach goers as they strolled through.  
He pulls you up, grabbing the plushie before hurrying to the car with you giggling right behind him. With the time of night, the lot he had parked in is practically empty, the nearest car too far away to pay any mind to. It was the best case scenario for you. 
Not wanting to waste anymore time, you yank open the back door, grabbing the bunny from his hands and chucking it inside before pinching his grey shirt and tugging him closer until your lips are slotting between his like the perfect puzzle piece. 
“Here?” he wonders through the kisses, not expecting you to want him to defile you in the parking lot, but you couldn’t help it: getting a taste of him now and having to wait felt like torture. 
“Yeah, I thought you were an adrenaline junkie babe.”
Your teasing words only make him laugh, large hands gripping your waist and pushing you against his car to intensify the kiss. All you can taste is him, sweet with the hint of funnel cake, lips soft and smelling suspiciously familiar, but before you can comment on it, he’s pushing you back onto the seat. 
“Dont wanna fuck you in the car either,” he groans, lips moving to mouth at your neck in sloppy kisses that make you shiver. Each touch feels like electricity, the slide of his hands pushing you further into the back until he’s shutting the door behind him, entirely grateful that he had his windows tinted way beyond the legal limit. 
“No?” It comes out as a sigh, feeling the skirt of your dress bunch up as his knee slots in between your thighs. The denim felt against your bare legs has you spreading your thighs further apart, wanting him to fit perfectly between you, needing him closer. 
“No,” he confirms, sucking on the skin and enjoying the way your hands tangle in his hair, nails gently scratching his scalp, tugging at the strands with enough force to have his cock fully hardening in his jeans. “Wanna fuck you right. The way you deserve.”
“And how's that?”
“Hmm,” he hums before licking at the purple splotch he just made on your neck, soothing the aching feeling that came with it. “I’d make you a late night picnic. Candle lit, you know, for romance—“
“I do love romance,” you giggle as you shimmy further onto the back seat, hands now anchored around his slim waist and urging him to settle above you properly. 
“Then I’d take you home—” another kiss to your skin, wet and sloppy. “Walk you to your front door like a gentleman.”
“Yeah, then what?” you groan as he nips your skin, hips finally slotting in between your thighs, letting you feel the bulge in his jeans pressing into your core. 
“I’d kiss you goodnight, like this.” He pulls away from your neck, one hand cupping your cheek as he stares down at you with a glimmer in his eyes and softly presses his lips to yours. The familiar scent fills your nose once more and you finally pinpoint it, remembering flashes of the watermelon chapstick he had been using all day. He knew it was your favorite flavor, incorporating it in such a minuscule way, knowing you’d love the taste of his lips even more with it.  
It makes you smile in appreciation as he gives you a gentle peck, pulling away a bit with a smile before connecting your lips once more. 
Your hands slide up his sides, gliding up his shirt and over his shoulders until you’re holding onto the sides of his face with equal tenderness. Jungkook groans into the kiss when your tongue peaks out, licking at the seam of his lips and begging to slip inside. You only allow yourself a small taste of it before you’re pulling back, a string of spitting connecting your lips together that breaks when you speak. 
“And if I ask you to come inside for a drink?” you tease, fingers finding their way into his hair and twirling the strands, knowing having his hair played with was a weakness. 
“I’d never say no to that,” he smiles, kissing you once more, peppering them on your cheek, down your jaw, until all you can hear is his jagged breath by your ear. 
“We’ll go inside for a drink, and because you just can’t keep your hands to yourself—“ he teases, gently biting your ear and smiling when you squeal in surprise. “I’ll probably end up bending you over and fucking you in the kitchen.”
“Oh,” you groan dramatically, throwing your head back against the cushion. “That’s so romantic!”
He snickers too, large palm gripping your cheek to get you to stare at him once more, seeing the hunger swirling in his eyes. “Only the best for you baby.”
“Well, until then…just fuck me here once,” you beg, so pretty and sweet, eyes batting at him with such innocence he almost feels bad for how much it turns him on. You have no business making a request that filthy with a saccharine smile coating your lips.
“Fuck baby,” he sighs, eyes trailing over your body, seeing the thin straps of your dress hanging off your shoulders, swells of your chest peaking out over the top of your dress, rising and falling with each breath you take. Your thighs glide along his, rubbing his jeans and bringing his attention further down. That's when he takes note of your dress bunched up, revealing the pale pink of your underwear to him and the small patch of wetness gathering at the front. 
“Give me all that romance later. C’mon Kook.” Your back arches slightly, hips lifting up in search of anything, desperate for him to actually touch you. Slowly, your hands drop down to your hips, fingers dipping into the sides of your underwear and teasingly tugging at it, smiling when Jungkook drops his head back and groans. 
A playful laugh fills the car as he pulls the underwear off of you in a haste, sliding them down your legs and letting the soft fabric drop onto the car floor. Without an ounce of shame, your hands trail up your skin, leading his eyes up your thighs and directly onto your pussy. Any words he wanted to say leave him instantly, taking a moment to admire the view, groaning as your own fingers glide up your slit with a low hum. 
Jungkook can’t take it anymore, bringing a palm up to his mouth to messily spit into it. Your jaw drops at the sight, a soft moan spilling out as he brings his fingers down onto your cunt. He’s gently pushing your hands away as he spreads his spit around your entrance and back up to trail along your slit, tender touches mixing it in with your sticky arousal. 
“Gotta get you ready for me baby,” he sighs, fingertips tapping onto your clit, a mirth laugh reaching your ears as he sees the way your body jolts at the sensation. 
“Fuck, hurry. I wanna feel you,” you whine, hands gripping his shoulders and pulling him closer to you until your lips are on his again. 
Jungkook melts into the kiss, rubbing slow, deliberate circles onto your clit, just enough pressure to have you mewling softly into his mouth. With wet smacks of your lips, he trails his fingers down again, feeling the added wetness of your slick as he circles your entrance, the flutter of your walls felt when he teasingly pushes into you. 
Your walls suck him in easily, and the warmth of your pussy has him kissing you harder, already picturing the way you’d feel wrapped around his cock. A satisfied hum passes between your mouths as he buries his fingers deep inside you, pumping them slowly before a second finger joins in. 
His tongue tangles along yours, swallowing each moan you let out, teasingly pushing and pulling like a dance and once you find the perfect rhythm you can’t pull away. Jungkook soaks it all in: each quiet breath, each tug at his hair, the gentle nips to his lips and the subtle clash of your teeth when you can’t seem to get enough. 
There's just something about sloppy, desperate kisses that spur Jungkook on, the mess born from passion making his skin heat up with each smack of your lips. His need for mess makes him pull back slightly, gently licking at your lips to get you to open up for him, waiting until your eyes are fluttering open to stare at him. A soft tap to your cheek passes the message along, and you’re sticking your tongue out for him before he lets a thick trail of spit dribble out of his mouth and into yours. 
It makes your eyes widen in surprise, more so when his free hand is placed beside your throat with his thumb pressing along your jaw. His eyes focus on the glob of saliva on your tongue, biting onto his lower lip as you groan and bring your tongue back into your mouth. The swallow is felt against his hand, instantly starting a slow simmer within you. Your warm walls tighten around his fingers at the act and he curses when he feels it. 
“More, please,” you plead, lifting your head up to chase his mouth, tongue tracing the outline of his lips sinfully. 
“Mm, I knew you were crazy, but who knew you were filthy too.” His tone is playful, brow cocked up as he looks down at you and winks. A teasing laugh escapes you, blending in with a cry of his name when his thumb presses into your aching clit, working in tandem with his fingers. With a satisfied smirk, he repeats it again, a thick glob of saliva gathered behind his lips, slowly dropping into your mouth while you patiently wait, lids heavy as you watch him intently. 
Jungkook doesn’t even give you time to swallow it this time around before he’s crashing his mouth into yours once more, tongue tickling the roof of your mouth as he picks up the speed of his hands. 
“Shit,” you gasp, pulling back from the kiss, biting down onto your lip when he spreads his fingers apart, stretching you out with each glide against your velvety walls. The wet thump of his palm meeting your skin fills the small car, mixing in with the stuttered breaths you exhale each time his fingers graze the sweet spot inside of you. 
“You’re so fucking wet,” he marvels almost breathlessly, pressing sweet kisses onto your cheek that don’t match the way his fingers fuck into you. He can feel his palm growing sticky with each thrust, folds messy with your arousal, but you’re begging for more, so he quickly slides a third finger in. 
“J-jungkook,” you cry out, fingers tugging his strands in desperation as the lust clouds your mind. The air is getting thick around you, slightly fogging up the windows and getting worse with each choked breath you let out. “Wanna feel you, please.”
You couldn’t take it anymore, needing to feel him beyond his fingers and soft kisses. Jungkook gets it, his cock aching in his jeans so hard it was a shock he hadn’t blown his load from the pretty sounds you make. He wanted to sink into you, see the way your face twists in pleasure when he fills you up. 
“Okay, alright baby.” Reluctantly, he pulls his fingers out of your messy cunt, strings of your arousal coating his digits, popping them into his mouth to lick clean and humming in satisfaction. 
He awkwardly reaches over to the passenger seat, leaning across to open the glove box and pull out the condoms he keeps there for emergencies. Before leaning back he does a double take at the bunny you had thrown onto the seat, button eyes staring at him—judging him—so he hesitantly turns it around to face the window instead. Only then does he settle onto the back seat once more, square packet held between his teeth as he fiddles with the buttons on his jeans. 
“You know, I love your thighs.” Your hand reaches forward to trail your fingernail along his skin, muscles exposed in the distressed jeans he wore. 
“Yeah?” he mumbles out as he unzips them, tugging the material down a bit before pushing his boxers down with them. 
“Mhm, they’re thick...wanna bite em.” He laughs at your horny rambling, pulling his aching cock out with a small hiss, heavy in his hand as he gives it a languid pump. Your lips purse out when you realize how big it is, wide eyes not daring to look away, glued to the way his thumb comes up to roll over the mushroom tip. 
A cocky smile is on his lips, continuing to pump himself purely for your entertainment; you’re transfixed on the grip of his palm, the subtle veins leading to the pink tip. “Like what you see?”
You don’t even care about the tone he uses, knowing damn well you did by the way you’re drooling over him, nodding along like a sex crazed zombie because of course you do. The need to touch him has your small hand reaching for it, and he releases his grip to allow you to wrap your palm around him. A content sigh leaves you when you feel the weight of him in your grasp, warm to the touch, and he groans as your thumb gently presses under his tip before pumping down the shaft. The translucent beads of precum dripping from his tip are spread around his engorged head, leaving it shiny in the dim lighting inside the car. 
“Here, let me.” The square packet is taken from between his teeth, slipped between your own as you tear it open. Jungkook can only watch with bated breath as you pull out the condom and slowly start to roll it on. It’s torture, the subtle squeeze your hand gives on the way down, palm now sticky with lube. His hips have a mind of their own, gently rutting into your fist with a groan when you tighten your grip before pulling away.
Jungkook lets out a breath as you lower yourself back down, resting on your elbows with your head tilted and a sultry smile on your lips. His large hands grip your knees, trailing up your inner thighs to urge you to spread them further apart, palms gently pressing into your skin in a touch that starts a fire inside you. The exhilaration spreads when you see the lust filled look on him, soft doe eyes half lidded and swirling with hunger, only growing as he once again grabs his cock and inches towards your awaiting core. 
“God, always look so fucking pretty,” he whines, head of his cock nudging against your center, slowly pushing into you, feeling the way your walls wrap around him. He means it, always means it too. Jungkook wants to keep a photo of you in his wallet, wants to always remember the sweet sounds of your laugh, the playful scrunch of your nose when he tells a lame joke, the psychotic way you bite into your ice cream. How do you make every single thing you do look like the most effortless, beautiful thing he has ever seen.
A shuddering breath slips past your swollen lips as he sinks further into you, thick cock stretching you apart in the most delicious burn. It has your tummy tensing up, fingernails digging into your own thighs until he spots the indents in your skin and grabs them in his own instead, lacing them together and bringing them to rest by your sides as he leans over you. A shared gasp is passed between you when he finally bottoms out, sinking into the hilt and freezing when your walls tighten around him.
“Fuck, you’re so big,” you mindlessly babble, gripping his hands tighter while you let yourself get used to his size. Jungkook really doesn’t need the ego boost, but it sounds so right coming from you, looking absolutely delectable underneath him, eyes glazed over and the cutest pout on your lips. He wants to hear more of those pretty sounds you make, slowly inching back out, feeling the glide of your walls against his cock before he’s thrusting back into you.
It sends a shock down your spine, sparking up your skin, as he repeats it again, low grunts meeting your ears until he’s fucking into you with fluid hips, skin slapping together each time. A smirk pulls at his lips when your thigh lifts up, hooking over his waist when the head of his cock curves just right inside of you. 
“Feel good baby?” he rasps out, blonde hair swinging around his face in time with his thrusts, jaw tense as the warmth blossoms inside him each time your walls spasm around his cock. 
“Y-yes,” you can barely utter, breathless and stuttering, hips rutting up into his in search of more. Desperation looks good on you, whiny cries spilling from your mouth and bringing him closer to you, brows pinched together as you plead for him to go faster, harder until you’re an absolute mess beneath him.
His lips press against yours once more, swallowing each of your cries when he picks up the pace, pounding into you so hard you have to pry your hands free from his to place behind your head to not get rocked into the car door. A muffled laugh is shared when he takes note, hips not slowing down in the slightest, knowing you were enjoying his roughness by the fluttering of your walls.
“Love your pussy,” he moans, kissing down your neck and licking the previous hickey he had sucked on your skin. A gentle nip of his teeth is delivered to the juncture of your neck before he moves on with a chuckle, fingers gently playing with the straps of your dress, something you don’t take note of due to the intoxicating roll of his hips. You don’t notice what he’s doing until your dress is yanked down and he’s groaning at the sight of your tits, totally bare for him to admire.
“Your tits too,” he adds with a smile, pressing soft kisses around the swell of your chest, puffs of laughter felt on your skin when your hand tangles into his hair and leads him directly where he needs to be. 
“What about my personality?” you joke, back arching as his cock reaches deeper inside of you when you spread your thighs further apart. 
“Mm, it’s top tier babe.” His lips wrap around your nipple as the words leave his mouth, warm tongue flicking against it while his hips never slow, silver charm of his necklace sliding off your chest from the movement. Jungkook loves your personality just as much and he hopes he’s made that obvious, entirely enjoying himself whenever he was with you. This point of view was just a definite plus.
Your eyes fall shut now, fully immersed in the feeling of it all, the pleasure wrapping around you tighter each time he hits the right spots inside of you, grinding into the sweet patch of nerves that leaves you writhing around. With a slight pop he’s lifting his mouth from your nipple, taking a moment to admire the pebbled bud covered in a sheen of his saliva.
“Kookie,” you whimper when you begin to feel the first wave of ecstasy flaring within you, coil tightening up with each deliberate roll of his hips. Jungkook knew what he was doing, practiced thrusts filling you up perfectly with each wet squelch. It makes you realize that you’ll always crave this. Now that you’ve seen Jungkook like this, face slightly sweaty as he pants above you, filthy moans reaching your ears, cock splitting you open just the way you craved, you’ll never want anything else again.
“Shit, you just got so tight.” It comes out as a strained gasp, his own eyes rolling back when you deliver a harsh yank to his hair, other hand clinging onto his shoulder when his pelvis rubs against your sensitive clit. “You gonna cum for me?”
Another mumbled cry of his name sounds like music to his ears, chest arching up until your tits are pressed against the soft fabric of his shirt, hips twitching from the beginning signs of your orgasm creeping up on you. “Fuck, I’m close. Please,” you don’t even know what you’re begging for, heady with pleasure, moans swirling in the thick air surrounding you.
“Don’t worry. I got you.” A tender kiss is placed to your lips, large palm sliding down your body until his fingers meet your swollen clit. The intoxicating warmth of your walls has him groaning into your lips, feeling them tighten around his cock as he rolls your clit between his fingers, jolts of pleasure shooting through you and aiding in pushing you headfirst into a lust-filled daze. He can feel you gush around his length, arousal dripping from your entrance and soaking into the car seat beneath you, leaving a stain in its wake, but it fills Jungkook with pride to know you were this much of a mess because of him.
“Ah, right there,” you cry, gasping lewdly when he repeats it, keeping the same rhythm of his hips, never slowing his teasing fingers with the perfect amount of pressure you swear you forgot how to breathe. Jungkook looks absolutely entranced with you, taking in each trembling breath, analyzing each of your movements to ingrain into his mind forever.
“S-shit,” he chokes out when your walls get impossibly tighter around him, sucking him further into your heat each time he pulls out, thigh hooked around his waist keeping him as close as you could. Your head is thrown back onto the cushion, mouth dropped open in a silent moan as the warmth brews inside of you, finally spilling over with a final flick to your clit, released with a shout of his name.
He doesn’t think his name has ever sounded better, raspy and urgent in the filthiest way as you cum around him, body tensing up briefly before your back is arching up when you cry out. The euphoric sensation of your walls squeezing his cock has his own release speeding towards him, spurred on by each twitch and mewl you let out from sensitivity, eyes glassy and spent as you look up at him. 
His eyes are locked onto yours, feeling how easily he glides into your messy cunt with the obscene amount of wetness that creamed his cock. Your face is giving him a look so tender it makes his heart skip, twisting inside of him as your hands softly cup his cheeks. “Wanna see you cum Jungkook, please.”
The soft touch of your hands has him melting above you, cute bunny teeth biting onto his lower lips as his face scrunches up, hips continuing to piston into you, slowly losing their grace as his need to cum takes over. A needy whine of your name makes you tighten around him, ignoring the slight throb of sensitivity that comes with it, loving how vulnerable he looks above you while he nears his orgasm. His mind is floating now as he gasps, harsh thrusts into you that jostle your body, stuttering for a few seconds before his mouth drops  open with an unabashed moan of your name.
“Fuck, fuck, baby,” he whines out, desperately slotting his lips against yours as he fills up the condom in warm spurts of cum. Your noses knock together in his urgency, harsh pants of breath felt on your skin as he continues to shallowly thrust into you, hips coming to a halt once he’s finally spent, tender lips pecking your mouth once more before slowly pulling back with a dazed smile.
A brief moment is shared between you, dopey smiles on your faces as you take it all in, realizing that you had in fact convinced him to rail you in his back seat. Jungkook places a tenderhearted kiss to the tip of your nose before shyly readjusting your dress to cover your boobs, acting as respectful as he could, as if he hadn’t just made you see stars with the orgasm he gave you. 
With a small breath, he’s sliding out of your warmth, eyes focusing on the absolute mess between your thighs, something he has to look away from to prevent his thoughts from steering back towards inappropriate. Instead, he unrolls the condom and adjusts himself back into his jeans, once again reaching across your body to lean over towards the glove box to grab tissues.
A teasing smile is on your face when he very gently cleans you up before helping you slide back into your adorable pink underwear, pulling your dress back down like nothing ever happened.
“I still want to give you romance. The right way.” His words make you sit up, raking your hands through your hair to tame the hot mess it surely became. Jungkook’s eyes look soft as he stares at you, lips pressed together earnestly as he softly rubs the skin of your thighs.
“I’d like that a lot, Jungkook.” With a small kiss to his cheek he’s relaxing again, a smile spreading on his lips when you speak again. “Not that I didn’t totally enjoy this entire date as it is, but if you wanna wine and dine me, I’m not going to say no.”
He laughs now, that hearty laugh that makes your own smile hurt your cheeks and has your stomach flipping like it has been all day. Then his eyes focus on the windows, wide in awe as he takes note of how fogged up they are, barely able to see the dimly lit parking lot outside. “Oh fuck, if anyone’s outside they definitely know we fucked in here.”
“Yeah, I’m not getting back out,” you decide, choosing to shimmy over the center console and onto the passenger seat. The act of having sex in the backseat of a car in public was definitely hot, but having to step out and potentially face your consequences was a hard no. Jungkook’s car was the safe space so you’d be staying here. 
The yellow bunny comes into view as you navigate your way onto the seat, your hands grabbing the plushie from it’s spot, laughing when you see the way Jungkook had positioned it. “Why is he staring out the window?”
Jungkook follows behind you with a grunt, knee knocking harshly into the steering wheel and setting off the horn briefly as he hunkers into the driver’s seat. “He was staring right at me!”
“Jungkook, it's a stuffed animal.”
He huffs as he turns the car on, instantly cracking the windows and turning on the air conditioner to clear up the fogged windows. “Hell no, I’ve seen Toy Story. I’m not risking it.” Even as he drives off, focused on getting out of the parking lot as quickly as possible, he still joins in as you cackle at him, bunny placed on your lap.
“So, where are you taking me for romance, Concrete King?” His eyebrows wiggle at the title, hand reaching across to rest on your thigh, giving the flesh a soft squeeze.
“You’ll just have to wait and see.” You sigh at his words, settling comfortably into the seat as you stare at him with those same heart shaped eyes. 
Jungkook's own heart is currently somersaulting in his chest when he meets your gaze, desperately wanting to keep you close, experience the rest of the seasons with you before coming back full circle and repeating it all over again in a never ending cycle. But the summer is still young, and you make it feel endless, leave him believing in summer romance so sticky and sweet, clinging to his skin in the best way. He knows only time will tell how this plays out, but his mind hopes for the best, willing to let it unfold the way it’s meant to be.
You feel the same way, and when you sneak your hand under his, tangling your fingers together and having your clasped hands resting on your thighs instead, there’s only one thing you know you’re certain about. Even if by the time the seasons changed and you were somehow no longer holding his hand as the leaves covered the floor in an array of colors, you’ll always cherish the day the blonde boy with too many tattoos and a tacky hawaiian shirt landed a trick in your honor.
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jimidol · 7 months ago
valentine’s date | jjk
Tumblr media
⏤ pairing: reporter!jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: fake dating au, coworkers to lovers, friends to lovers, idiots to lovers, angst, fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: M
⏤ warnings: dom!jungkook, big cock!jungkook, long-haired!jungkook, alcohol consumption, a lot of making out, oral sex (m receiving), swearing, some teasing, pet names, praising, a bit of jealousy, hickeys, penetrative sex, protected sex and unprotected sex, rough sex, creampie, overstimulation, and multiple orgasms
⏤ words: 12,199
⏤ summary: Every year, on the 13th of February, your family gathers together to celebrate love, it’s your own kind of Valentine’s Day before the actual day. This year is going to be different since, for the first time in years, you’re single but your parents pressured you to find someone otherwise they’ll bring someone for you. Although you love your parents, and you know this comes as a caring act, you don’t trust their tastes. So, you propose to your coworker, Jungkook, to come with you to save you from embarrassment. But nothing goes as planned since both of you have feelings for the other.
⏤ author’s note: so in the end, i managed to post it on the 14th! so it makes me truly happy although i wrote this in like three days. i wish you all a happy valentine’s day! 💜 i hope you’ll like this one-shot, love you all 💜 as always, feedback is most definitely appreciated 💜
Tumblr media
As every day you enter the building of the biggest broadcasting company in the country, Jung Broadcasting Corporation, known as JBC. This is where you have been working for the past five years, and you love what you do. But today is not a normal day for several reasons. Reasons that you just don’t want to think about right now.
You quickly run to the elevator whose doors are about to close. Since you’re in a rush, you don’t pay too much attention to the people inside, only noticing how full it is. The only thing you want is to quickly go to your desk and disappear for the entire day like every day. You just want this day to be a normal one although you feel it’s never going to be a normal day at all.  
Readjusting your glasses, you jump when a very familiar voice in the back of the elevator says your name.  
“Hey, Yn.”
Your heart starts pounding hard in your chest while a big bright smile appears on your face. This deep but cute voice is a voice you could recognize everywhere, even in a very crowded room just like right now. This voice comes from the one and only, Jeon Jungkook. Yes, you read it well, Jeon Jungkook.
Not only is he the most famous sports reporter in the country but he’s also the hottest man of the year. Just a quick look at this elevator is a proof of it. All the women inside it are completely mesmerized by him, and all the men are just jealous that he’s inside this small metallic cabin.
But as he raises his voice to speak to you, everybody raises an eyebrow, wondering who he’s even talking to. As cliché as it might sound, you literally look like a nerd girl coming straight out of a crappy romantic movie. You’re very insecure about yourself, you barely put any makeup on, you wear glasses and you work in the IT department of this huge company. Most people here don’t know who you are because you’re invisible.
Never in five years, you’ve done anything to draw any attention. The less people know about who you truly are, the better it is. You’ve grown up in a world where your last name could open all the doors you want, and it definitely helped to be where you are today. But you don’t want everyone here to know who you are because you know that they’ll speak to you by interest.  
But sometimes, some people notice when you speak to Jungkook. Every single employee of this company knows who he is, and when he’s with a girl, everybody sees it. But somehow, they all just figure it out that you two are just friends. You always thought that maybe it’s because a man like him is supposed to date some kind of model and not a girl like you.  
As you turn your head, your smile grows when you see his handsome face. God, you hate him for being so perfect. How can even a man be this perfect? You only see his face at the end of the elevator, and you’re thankful you don’t have a full view of his body, knowing just perfectly how it would drive you completely crazy. His face is enough although you know he’s going to haunt your entire day.  
“Good morning, Jeon.” You answer before looking away.  
You look away to avoid letting everyone know in this room the huge crush you have on this man. You don’t want him or anyone to know about it because you prefer to live in your own bubble, imagining that maybe a tiny little part of him is interested in you. Although you’re convinced that he doesn’t give two shits about you in a romantic way.
The doors of the elevators open on the fifth floor where you work, making you walk as fast as possible. If you disappear under your workload, nobody will notice you. Jungkook watches you walk away with a bright smile on his face. Nothing bad can happen now that he saw you.  
“Today, Jin is coming.” Your coworker, Ha-neul says with excitement.
This is what you’re avoiding today, and one of the reasons why today is going to be different. Jin is non-other than your brother but also a very famous actor that is coming today to your workplace to sign a contract with JBC for a new drama.
From what he told you, he’s going to play the main character in a historical drama. Of course, he didn’t give you more details because he just can’t but the fact that it’s a historical drama makes you want to know more about it.
“I know.” You reply, sitting down on your chair while your computer starts.
Being his sister is one of the things you hide from everyone. Why? Because everyone would suddenly notice you and would want to speak with you just to get somehow closer to him. You don’t want that. You want people to look at you because they’re interested in you.
“That man is just so handsome!” She says, imagining his sweet face.
He’s your brother so you just don’t find him attractive at all. Annoying, for sure but not handsome.  
“We most probably won’t see him.” You add.
You’re sure of that, you’re working in the IT department, a place where an actor would never come. Jin promised you yesterday that he wasn’t going to visit you because he just knows how uncomfortable it would make you feel. Your big brother grew up, watching you blossom in a totally different way than everyone in your family. You’re shy, extremely shy and he respects that although he really wants to show the world how smart you are.
“I know, I was just hoping that in a way, we’d see him.”
As you look up at one of the screens that broadcast the show of Jungkook, you feel completely hypnotized by him. A year ago, you would have never imagined that you’d be single by now and have a huge crush on Jungkook, the coworker that you always saw as a simple friend.
But today everything has changed. Taehwan broke up with you almost a year ago, just a week after Valentine’s Day. That was devastating but you had to turn the page. You simply couldn’t live a life crying over a man that just didn’t care about you anymore. The three years spent with him were amazing but you needed to move on from it. It was easier said than done but eventually, the heartbreak faded away.
Today, just a couple of days prior to Valentine's Day, you’re completely single, something that your parents don’t really seem to accept. They loved Taehwan but your mother insulted him of all the possible names when he broke up with you. All they want now is your happiness and they have seen how miserable you have felt for the past year. So, to help you to find your happiness again, they pressured you to find someone for the annual 13th of February family gathering otherwise they’ll find someone for you.
You desperately need to find someone because you don’t really trust your parents’ tastes. They’ll probably invite the son of their neighbor, Taehyung but you don’t want to be with someone whose name sounds just like your ex’s name. You’re sure that he’s a good boy but you’ll just think about his name.
You growl with frustration before focusing on your work.
Tumblr media
Although you consider that Jungkook doesn’t like you, the truth is that he has a massive crush on you. The man only thinks about you all day long.
Unlike what everyone thinks, Jungkook is not interested in models and other kinds of superficial women. That definitely is not his type. He values more than just the appearance of someone because a woman can be interesting in so many ways. And with you, he talks a lot, making him learn tons of things about you in the past five years.
What he loves is to join you at lunch breaks to hear you talk about what you did the previous day or what you thought about the show he presented the day before. It’s always feedback that he appreciates and that he takes into consideration for the next shows. Sometimes, he feels that he owns a huge part of his success to you because without your honest feedbacks, he wouldn’t have evolved this much.  
“This is Yn, how can I help you?”
Jungkook smiles as he hears your voice, he has been waiting for this moment since the second he saw you entering the elevator in a rush this morning, finding you extremely cute as you were walking fast.
Five years ago, when you were both starting in the company, every time he’d call the IT department, it was always you that would answer him and help him with his IT issues. But now that you’ve both grown inside this huge company, he knows your number by heart and calls it every time he faces an issue, or at least a ‘supposed’ one.  
“Hi, Yn.” He replies. “It’s Jungkook.”
He didn’t need to introduce himself, you already knew it was him. Just like him, you know now his number by heart. Every time it appears on your desk phone’s screen, you smile like an idiot because it makes you truly happy that he chooses you over all the people in the IT department.
The sports reporter knows how lucky he is that he can deal with you when he has an issue. The structure of the company allows him to contact you because you were assigned with the VIP Team, a team that Jungkook is part of since he’s very important in the company. Only a few people of the IT department are assigned to the VIP Team, something that you’re really proud of because you managed by yourself to be assigned to those persons.
It’s not easy every day because some of those important persons are always mean but Jungkook is far from being like that. Seeing his number always warms your little heart because you know that with him, you’ll laugh.
“I know it’s you, Jeon.” You reply.
The simple fact that you admit knowing his number makes his heart swell with happiness.
“Tell me what’s your issue today.”
He takes his time to explain what’s the matter today with his computer, a problem that you easily solve. You always solve his problem quite quickly but you both start talking about some other random things.
“Every girl in the office is fangirling over Jin today, completely ignoring me.” You giggle when he mentions the fact that nobody is paying attention to him today.
“It’s temporary, Jin is just here for today.” You reply. “Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.”
You desperately want things to go back to normal, you’re just tired of hearing your coworkers talking about your brother. To you, he’s just a regular guy but it seems that everyone in this office finds him extremely handsome, but you’re the first one to admit how talented he is as an actor. You’ve been his first fan and supporter since he has dreamed of becoming an actor.
“I hope so!” He says with a big smile on his face. “I don’t like sharing my fans with someone else.”
You know he’s joking, he doesn’t like to brag about his “hottest man of the year” award because it makes him uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem like it but Jungkook can be very shy, extremely shy even though you’re convinced that he’s not shy at all. The man seems to breathe confidence all the time.
“You should let him know that.” You tease him a little.
“He’ll just tell me to go fuck myself.” He giggles while he quickly looks around, noticing that it’s almost time for him to present his daily sports show but he doesn’t want to leave you.
You desperately want to defend your brother but Jungkook doesn’t know, so you just don’t do it. Maybe one day, you’ll find the courage to tell him the truth and to let him know who you truly are. But it’s probably not going to be anytime soon.
“Maybe not.” You reply. “Maybe he’s a nice person, and he’ll just accept the fact that you don’t want to share your fans.”
Jungkook can’t help but smile even more. He loves that side of you, the side that just sees the good in everyone and everything. That side of you has given him so much hope, making him see also the positive side of life when it gets too hard.
“I have to go, Yn but thanks for your help and time.”
“Don’t worry, Jeon. It’s my job.” You say. “Good luck with your show.”
With your good wishes, he knows everything is going to be fine.
Tumblr media
When you leave your desk and walk to the elevator to go to the restaurant of the building for your lunch break, you find Jungkook waiting for you in front of the elevator. That’s where you both meet before going to the restaurant together. Once there, you usually join Jimin and Yoongi, two other colleagues with whom you get along very well.
You don’t have many friends due to the fact that you’re extremely shy but the few friends you have are literally the best persons on earth. Nothing would ever make sense in your life without them. You simply can’t imagine having your lunch break without those three crackheads.
“I’ve been waiting here for an eternity.” He says with a grin on his face. “I had the time to die and come back to life.”
You laugh, shaking your head. That man is always exaggerating as if he doesn’t know any limits.  
“So now JBC's hottest sports reporter is some kind of phoenix?” You say, raising an eyebrow before bowing to him.
“You’re so slow, Yn.” He bows back to you before pressing the button to call the elevator. “Next time, I’ll let you go by yourself to the restaurant.”
You roll your eyes, knowing perfectly that he’ll come every day. He keeps repeating that every time you take a bit more time than usual but he always waits for you, a fact that warms your fragile little heart. You deeply cherish everything he does for you.  
“Next time, I’ll make sure to take even more time.” You say, making him chuckle at your words. What he likes about you is that you’re not scared to tease him back. He doesn’t do it with a lot of people because he’s not sure how they’ll react but with you, he knows that you won’t hold back.
The elevator arrives, the both of you entering the small cabin. This time around it’s empty, there’s just you and Jungkook inside of it. Weirdly enough, you don’t feel awkward or embarrassed to be just with him. Your phone rings, letting you know that you’ve received a message. You take it from your bag before taking a quick look at it.
Jungkook glances down at you, smiling as he notices your reaction. You scrunch your nose as you sigh before quickly playing with the end of your hair. Without an ounce of hesitation, he’d say that you’re most probably exasperated with what you just saw. You always do it when something bothers you.
In fact, you’ve received several messages from your mother. She sent you pictures of the famous Taehyung, most probably pictures that she asked her friend because she wants to show you how handsome the man is. The pictures are followed by a little description of what he does in life, it seems that he’s working as a saxophonist in the orchestra of Seoul. That’s very prestigious, not everyone can enter that orchestra, only the best of the best can make it.
For a mere moment, you take the time to look at the pictures. For sure the little glasses give him a certain charm but he looks too serious. He isn’t ugly at all but you’re stuck with the Tae, reminding you once again of your ex. It’s not his fault at all but everything would have been better if his name didn’t start with Tae.
Plus, you have a man that is a million times hotter than him just next to you. At least that’s your opinion. But it just makes you laugh how your mother is trying hard to put you with her neighbor’s son. You know it comes with a very good intention, she just wants you to be happy. Although, you’re not sure that this Taehyung can make you happy.
“My mother is terrible.” You roll your eyes for the millionth time today.
“I guess that’s how mothers are.” Jungkook replies. You gaze up at him, biting the inside of your cheek as you take in how beautiful he is.
“My mother is extra terrible.” You add before taking a deep breath to explain to him what is going on. “Every year, my parents organize a Valentine’s Day with all the family on the 13th and basically, we have to bring someone with us. For the past couple of years, I was with Taehwan so he was coming with me but this year, I don’t have anyone.”
You look away, not wanting to stare into his eyes as you admit that you’re completely alone. But as you look in front of you, you just realize that maybe Jungkook can be the one to save you from the embarrassment of having to spend the whole day with Taehyung. Things are for sure going to be awkward with him because you both don’t know each other, and you’ll have to discover him through a very embarrassing dinner with your family.  
“So, if I don’t find anyone, they’ll invite their friends’ son.” You look at the pictures on your phone before shoving it on his face. “That’s him.”  
Jungkook is surprised but glad that you show it to him. His hands rest over yours while he looks at the man in the pictures. He’d be lying if he said that Taehyung is ugly, making him feel kind of jealous. What if you end up liking him?
The elevator’s doors open, announcing that it’s your way out. You walk with Jungkook, your fingers playing together as you wonder how you can even ask him anything.  
“I don’t want my parents to bring someone that I don’t know and that would make me feel deeply uncomfortable.” You start saying, halting in an empty hallway. Jungkook looks down at you, understanding that this has taken a serious and deep turn. “Would you accept to go with me?” You don’t even let him say anything that you’re already explaining why. “We are friends and I trust you a lot,” you’d entrust your life to him without any hesitation, “plus, my parents will leave me alone if I bring someone…”
Jungkook smiles while shaking his head. Even if you hadn’t asked him, he would have probably ended up proposing to save you from your crazy parents. His chest swells with happiness because he feels like a superhero.
“You don’t have to give me any explanations, Yn.” His hand goes to your shoulder before moving down to your arm, caressing it in a comforting way. “I’d love to go with you.”
Tumblr media
Today is finally the 13th of February.
Jungkook should be coming at any minute to drive you both to your parents’ house. For the past three days, you’ve been trying to tell him who your father and brother are. But it has been very difficult, you never knew how to explain that he’ll be sitting in front of the man that stole his fans when he came to the JBC building.  
You take one last look at your figure, checking the blue dress you put on. This dress is the one you bought last year in hopes to wear it this year and impress Taehwan but unfortunately, you won’t impress him this year. For the past three days, you were overthinking if you should still wear the dress, only to make you realize that this day is about celebrating yourself first. So, you decided to wear it no matter what. But you secretly hope that Jungkook will love it.
For the makeup, you decided to go with something very simple, just some foundation and mascara. That’s already a lot for you, you always preferred to not wear any makeup but for special occasions, you love to get pretty. Since your eyes can’t bear contact lenses, you have to put on your glasses otherwise you don’t see anything.
When you announced two days ago to your mother that you were coming with someone, she was a bit disappointed because she really wanted to introduce Taehyung to you. She’s truly convinced that he’s the man for you. So, in the middle of a panic situation, you just told her that you’ve been dating Jungkook for a little while but since it was still the beginning of your relationship, you hide it.
The moment you hang up, you hated yourself for not being able to say the truth to your mother but weirdly enough, Jungkook just agreed to pretend to be with you as if it was totally normal. What you ignored was that he was more than happy to pretend to be your boyfriend and to have an excuse to touch you just the way he has been craving for a couple of months.
Somebody knocks at your door, you’d say that it’s Jungkook since it is already 7 pm. The dinner is supposed to start around 8 pm but your parents asked you to be there around 7.30 pm. Your mother desperately wants to start dinner at 8, so everyone has to arrive at least thirty minutes before.
As you open the door of your apartment, you’re graced with a Jungkook wearing a long black coat that prevents you from seeing what he’s wearing under it although you can see the end of his black skinny jeans with the black classic boots. He’s all handsome. You feel blessed to see him like this but you definitely can’t wait to see his outfit under his long coat.
Jungkook is completely blown away by your beauty. That cute blue dress embraces your body perfectly, revealing your insanely perfect curves to him. Just with this view, he knows it’s going to be hard for him to hide how attracted he is to you.  
“Hey, Jeon.” You say with a bright smile on your face.
His eyes ride up to meet yours. “Hey, Yn.” He says swallowing hard. “You look really pretty.”
Jungkook can count the moments a woman left him speechless, but this right here surpasses everything. He just doesn’t know what to say or what to even think other than you’re fucking sexy and hot. He feels more than lucky to be able to spend the night with you in this blue sexy dress.
“I just need to put on my coat and scarf, and to take my purse.” You inform him before letting him in inside your apartment.
The man from Busan is surprised to see how huge your apartment is, he was expecting something much smaller since you’re not a woman of excess. But he ignores that your mother bought this apartment for you when you decided to leave your parents’ house because she wanted you to still have a very comfortable place to live.
It is too big for you but this makes you think of your mother. This apartment is just a proof of all the love she has for you. A caring love that helps you to sleep at night when you miss her dearly.
Nevertheless, your apartment is decorated just the way he envisioned it. It’s mostly white with just the necessary things to live. Everything is perfectly organized, nothing is out of its place. This apartment is just a material image of who you are, Jungkook sees it which makes him smile.  
Barely a minute later, you appear with your coat, shoes on, and bag in your hand, ready to leave your place to join your family. Your heart is hammering harshly in your chest as you realize that you’re going to pretend to be dating your crush. This is going to be a very intense night, you know it.
“Let’s go!” You tell him with still a smile on your face.
He nods before you both leave your place and walk to his car parked not too far from the building where you live. Unconsciously his right-hand goes to your lower back while you both walk, holding you close and warm against his body.  
“So, just to be sure we have the same version.” Jungkook starts saying, glancing straight in front of him. “We’re working in the same company, JBC, we’ve been friends since we both started there and two months ago, we realized we had feelings for each other and started dating.”
That’s a very simplified version of what you both decided to tell your family. Basically, everything is based on your real relationship, everything will be easier if you keep some truth, but a small part will change. Two months ago, Jungkook wanted to thank you properly for all the help you’ve given him for the past five years and he invited you to go out. That night, you both realized that there was more than friendship between the two of you which led to you trying to date. Apparently, it seems to be working since you’re still together.
“Yes, that’s it.”
Even though it’s a lie, Jungkook knows that he won’t have any problem pretending that he loves you. The feelings are already there, he just needs to finally let them out which makes him kind of nervous because he’s scared that you’ll realize that he truly loves you more than a friend. He’s convinced that it’s not a mutual feeling, that you just don’t like him the way he does. It’d be hard for him.
“Let’s just hope my parents don’t start asking too many questions.” You say.
You know you’re a terrible liar, you won’t be able to invent something more than what you have already elaborated with him. You know that if your parents start asking too many questions, your true feelings for Jungkook will just bloom out, something you don’t want your friend to discover.  
He stops walking in front of his Mercedes GLC. It’s not the first time you see his car but damn, every time you’re impressed by it. You’ve seen much more expensive cars but this car is a hell of a pretty car. Jungkook loves to look that wonder in your eyes, it just makes him realize how life can be precious.
“Always so in love with my car.” He says.
“How can I not love this car?” You reply. “Have you just seen it?” Your eyes look up, locking with his.
“I see it every day, Yn.” He winks at you before opening the passenger door for you, letting you get inside. Your eyes can’t stop looking at it with marvel, it’s like you’re a kid receiving a Christmas gift two months later. The car is even prettier inside.
This is your first time inside his car, and his strong scent completely fills it. It almost feels like you’re hugging Jungkook, his scent being the only thing your nose seems to smell. But it also feels like you’ve invaded his personal space, like you’ve come into Jungkook’s life, and you’re for sure not going to complain about it.
Seconds later, he enters the car and starts driving to your place. As you give him the address, he instantly knows that it’s where the wealthiest people of Korea live. It makes him a bit more nervous because it means that your parents are not just some random Koreans.
During the drive, you both sing along to all the songs, making you giggle when one of you starts singing off key. Jungkook purposely keeps singing off key just to hear you giggle, nothing makes him feel happier than your giggles filling his ears.
After the ten minutes ride, you arrive in front of your parents’ house, Jungkook completely impressed by the huge house. Now, he’s a hundred percent sure that you’re the daughter of someone very important but he doesn’t get why you have never told him anything. He knows you’re very secretive about your private life but you can trust him.
“I just sent a message to my brother to open the portal.” You inform him.
Jungkook only nods, still very confused about the situation. He’s a bit nervous because he knows he’ll be dining with important persons, he just doesn't know who yet. He tries to stay calm, driving the car inside when the portal opens. While you get closer to the house, he feels like it’s even bigger. This is massive.
When he comes closer to the property, your parents appear on the porch. Your mother is smiling widely, more than happy to finally see her daughter again while your father stays there only looking at the car coming closer. Jungkook’s heart almost drops when he sees your father.  
“Your father is Kim Seokwoo?” He stops the car, his eyes looking at you.
You bite your lower lip, your eyes avoiding him at all costs. “I’ve been trying to tell you that for the past days but I was just scared of your reaction.”
Jungkook’s hand rests on yours, trying to reassure you in any way. “You don’t have to be scared with me.” Your eyes finally meet his, only seeing some form of love. “And I admire your father and brother.”
Your father, Kim Seokwoo is the biggest producer in the country, winning tons of awards for all the dramas and movies he produced. All actors dream to work with him because once they work for him, they become a huge name in the industry. Your brother, Seokjin, who goes by simply Jin, has never worked for him because he doesn’t want his career and success to be associated with his father. He has been working hard to make a name for himself, he just doesn’t want people to think that he owes everything to his father. That’s why he’s just known as Jin and not Kim Seokjin.
That’s what you hide from everyone, nobody knows who they are for you. If anybody in the company finds out that you’re Kim Seokwoo’s daughter, they’ll just speak to you just to get to him. His name is huge, and you could have used it to open all the doors you desired but that’s not who you are. Your father taught you to fight hard for what you wish, and he’s more than proud to have raised two amazing persons.
“Now, let’s go before they start wondering why we don’t leave the car.” Jungkooks says as he opens the door.
You mumble a thank you while you squeeze his hand, more than thankful that he didn’t start fangirling over your father and brother. Jungkook only nods before you both leave the car, walking towards your parents. Your father smiles when he sees you, and your mother is more than surprised when she sees Jungkook.
Like everyone, she perfectly knows who the hell Jungkook is. The hottest man of the year along with the best sports reporter of JBC. She for sure wasn’t expecting you to bring him or to even know him.
“Jeon Jungkook.” Your mother says. “It’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” She reaches out her hand to him when he approaches her. “I’ve heard so many amazing things about you and your work.”
You hug your father, happy to finally see him. You’re a family person, always wanting to be around your parents and brother but that only happens on the weekend because you work during the week. Of course, you call them every day after work to at least hear their voices once a day but everything is so much better when you’re around them.
“You could have informed us that he’s your valentine.” Your father whispers in your ear. “Your mother would have directly stopped with Taehyung.”
You step back a bit, looking at the man you love the most on earth. “You know how I am when it comes to my love life.”
Even with your family, you don’t speak much about your love life. It’s something you’re not comfortable with. If it was possible, you wouldn’t speak about it to anyone but it’s nearly impossible with your mother who's always trying to put you with some of her friends’ sons.
You go to your mother that is trying as hard as possible to hide her emotions but it’s crystal clear that she’s a tiny bit mad at you for not telling her that you’re dating Jungkook. But she can understand it because she knows you too well. After all, she birthed you, so she perfectly knows how you always try to hide everything from everyone.
“We’re going to have a very serious conversation, young lady.” She berates you with a small smile.
“Mom, don’t be awkward.” You roll your eyes. “I don’t want you to traumatize Jungkook when he has only arrived now.”
Your mother sighs before you all enter inside since it’s extremely cold outside. Jungkook is smiling while shaking his head, realizing that you’re truly yourself with him. That makes his heart flutter.  
When you’re all inside the house, he takes in how beautiful the house is. The entrance hall is super huge like the houses you see in movies. Everything is perfectly organized and cleaned just like in your apartment but this is just another level. Jungkook feels like he’s in a dream.
He can understand that you don’t want people to know who your family is but he would have loved to know minutes ago that he was going to have dinner with Kim Seokwoo and Jin. Especially, that he’d be in a fucking dreamy house.
“You grew up here?” He whispers in your ear.
“Only a part of my life.” You look up at him with a smile on your face. “We used to live in a much smaller house until I was twelve. My dad was becoming too well-known, it was not safe for any of us to live in a normal house in a normal neighborhood. So, we moved here where it’s much safer, the house has guards, and even the neighborhood is controlled.”
This is the only way to ensure the safety of all the people living here and to ensure your family’s safety. When your father became too famous, he wanted to try to keep living the same simple life he used to have but it was impossible, especially when the fans find out where he was living.
That was scary to go home and see all those people around your safe place. While your parents were looking for a new safer place to live, you and Jin were living with your grandparents but you also changed schools because the other kids were always annoying you and your brother. In less than a week, your parents found a new place, this house and since then, everything has been better.
“This is something else.” He says.
Jungkook lives in a very controlled building because his success has been growing a lot lately. But this house seems to be coming straight from a movie.
“I know.” You don’t stop looking at him, now he’s the one looking like a kid, and you can’t help but find him extremely adorable. His hand grabs yours, holding it tight while you all walk to the living room. You smile like an idiot, loving the fact he unconsciously holds your hand.
“You have a wonderful house, Mr. Kim.” Jungkook says to your father.
Your father looks back at the two of you. “You don’t have to call me Mr. Kim, Seokwoo is enough.” He informs your fake boyfriend. “You’re part of the family now, Jungkook, no need for formalities.”
Your father never loved to be called Mr. Kim outside work, especially by people that date his children. Just as he informed Jungkook now, he did the same with Taehwan and with Soomin, Jin’s girlfriend.
As you enter the huge living room, you notice Jin with his longtime girlfriend. They’ve been together for almost seven years but no marriage seems to be in sight which despairs your mother. She wants to organize a dreamy wedding for her firstborn and she wants him to have children with his lover. She always keeps repeating that at his age, she was already married and a mother but Jin just doesn’t listen to her because he doesn’t feel ready yet to get married.
“This is my older brother, Jin, and his girlfriend, Soomin.” You introduce them to Jungkook. “And that’s my boyfriend, Jungkook.”
It feels incredibly weird to say that but this is all just pretending. In some days, you’ll just announce to them that it’s over with Jungkook and you’ll be back to dreaming about being with him. He’ll just be your crush all over again.
You all take a seat on the couch, Jungkook sitting down next to you and placing his hand over your exposed leg. As time passes, he realizes that this night will most probably end with him confessing his feelings to you. This entire fake situation makes him feel way too comfortable.
Quickly, your father brings an old whiskey that he had in the cellar in the basement. Of course, he gives a glass to everyone to taste his amazing whiskey. Your father has weird collections of wines, whiskeys, and other types of alcohol. The good thing is that when you want to get drunk, you just have to go to the basement and choose whatever you want. That’s what happened when Taehwan broke up with you, your father’s basement became your best friend.
At 8 pm precisely, you all go to the dining room, eating what your parents’ chef prepared for tonight. During the entire dinner, Jungkook keeps being touchy, your heart squeezing with pain every time you realize that he does it to fool your family. In a way, you’d love that every gesture and attention was real but what you ignore is that everything is real. Your ‘fake’ boyfriend is not doing it to fool your family, he’s doing it because he wants to. He wants to enjoy the fact that he can do it without it being weird.
Your parents also explain to Jungkook where this tradition of the 13th comes from. It all started when you were very young. Your parents didn’t want the 14th to be just about romantic love, they wanted to celebrate all sorts of love. They simply wanted to include their children during Valentine’s Day. So, they decided that from now on the 13th would be about celebrating all kinds of love.
Jungkook can’t help but find the gesture absolutely adorable, and even if nothing happens between you two, he’ll make sure that from now on, he’ll celebrate all types of love on the 13th.
The night goes perfectly well, your parents adore Jungkook and they absolutely approve of him which breaks your heart because sooner or later you’ll have to announce to them that this was just a masquerade.
During the entire night, you all drank too much alcohol and after a long discussion, you agreed to sleep here. It’s definitely not a good idea to drive with a lot of alcohol in your system. Jungkook will borrow some clothes from Jin since he doesn’t have anything to wear tomorrow but the stressful part is that he’s going to sleep with you in your old bedroom. You simply can’t ask your parents if he can sleep in a guest room because it’ll raise too much suspicion.
“Your bed is not really big.” Jungkook says when he steps inside your room.
“It was the bed of a single twenty-year-old girl.” You inform him. “I didn’t need a huge bed for myself.”
Jungkook looks around, admiring where you’ve spent a part of your life. Your room is simple but still beautiful, just like you. It doesn’t seem at all that a teenager lived here, it almost looks like you only left two days ago and not some years ago.
“I have a bathroom just there in case you want to undress yourself.” You show him the bathroom.
Jungkook shakes his head because he actually doesn’t mind at all undressing in front of you, this being most probably due to all the alcohol he drank earlier.
“No, it’s okay. You can use it if you want.”
You also shake your head, also being comfortable with undressing in front of your crush. Jungkook is for sure not going to complain to see you in underwear. But although you have drunk a lot, you’re still a bit shy so you turn your back on him and quickly change yourself, putting on your black nightie. You don’t have many clothes left here but you left some sexy pajamas since most of the time, Taehwan was staying with you and it was a reason to tease him a little.
When you turn your back to face Jungkook, the first you see is his insanely perfect body.  He’s on the other side of the bed, so your bed hides his legs but his torso is so damn toned. It’s like he is hand-carved by God himself. You never imagined that Jungkook was hiding such a perfect body under his clothes. You bite your lower lip, your eyes slowly going up to lock with his.
Jungkook is also biting his bottom lip as he glares at you. That nightie barely covers your body. Your cleavage is on full display, revealing the beginning of your breasts but he’s craving to see your legs, more especially if the nightie covers your ass. He’s obsessed with asses.
“Let’s get to sleep.” Jungkook says before you both lay down on your bed. The bed is extremely small for the two of you. That wasn’t the case when you were sleeping here with your ex. Now, with your crush sleeping just next to you, you feel like you’re about to die because he’s way too close to you. You’re looking at the ceiling to avoid looking at the man next to you.
After a little while, you move on the bed, turning your back to him. As Jungkook loves to sleep in the same position that you’re right in now, he also moves his chest pressed against your back. His breathing brushes against your neck, sending shivers down your spine. You try to not focus on the fact that your bodies are too close, trying to fall asleep as fast as possible. The sooner you fall asleep, the better it is.  
But of course, your brother needed to start fucking Soomin right when you were about to fall asleep.
Your brother’s bedroom is not too far from yours but Soomin moans like a crazy girl, almost as she’s being tortured or something like that. The creaking bed, Soomin’s moans, and Jin’s low groan are just too much for you.
“Fuck.” You growl as you cover your ears. You hate hearing them fucking, it’s just disgusting.
The fucking session is also too much for Jungkook, his mind keeps imagining that the moans of Soomin are yours as he fucks you. The whole situation is driving him completely crazy, and you feel it. His member is getting hard, his tip touching your uncovered ass. A sudden heat takes over you, making you get wetter as you imagine your crush completely turned on by the fucking session of your brother.
You don’t really know what to do. Do you pretend you don’t feel anything? No, it’s impossible. He must feel that he’s touching your ass. Then, what do you do?
“Sorry.” Jungkook mumbles as he tries to step back a bit, embarrassed that he got turned on by your brother and his girlfriend.
“It’s okay, Jungkook.” You whisper. “My brother can’t keep his cock in his pants.” You add. “I already told him that I hate when he fucks his girlfriend here.”
Jin doesn’t just care about what you think or say but never have you done anything with Taehwan in your parents’ house. It’s just gross, plus none of you wanted your family to hear you having sex.
“It’s a natural thing.” Jungkook says, defending your brother.
“Yeah, but he purposely does it when we’re here because he knows how much I hate it.” You reply, never turning to face him. You’re beyond embarrassed about all this.
Just as Jungkook, the entire situation is turning you on in a way you never expected it. Your panties are completely soaked with your arousal but there’s nothing you can do right now to make it go away.
Jungkook chuckles because he just knows how siblings can be a pain in the ass when they want. His brother also turns his life miserable from time to time, teasing him about his crush on you when they see each other.
“If you want, I can help you with your boner.” You tell him. His cheeks turn red as he was not expecting you to offer him some help but you’ve drunk too much tonight, so you don’t properly filter your thoughts.
“No, it’s okay, Yn.” He replies. “It’s going to go away.”
Now, it’s your turn to chuckle at his words.
“We both know it’s not true.” You tell him, still chuckling. “Plus, I’m also turned on so we could use each other's help.”
The fact that you don’t even filter your words surprises Jungkook because he knows that normally, you’d never say those things.
“Yn, do you even think what you’re saying?” He asks with a trembling voice.
“Of course, I do.”
You finally turn to face him. You want to look him in the eyes as you’re about to confess the feelings you have for him. Now is the moment. You feel it. You’ve been avoiding this for months because you’ve been too scared of rejection.
“Jungkook, I thought it was pretty obvious that I like you.” You cup his face in your hands, locking your eyes with his. “I’ve been having a massive crush on you for a little while but I never came around to tell you anything because I was so scared that you’d simply tell me that the feelings aren’t mutual.” You take a deep breath, your thumbs caressing his cheeks. “Because I’m not the dreamy type of girlfriend.”
Without thinking, Jungkook’s face leans closer to yours, his lips pressing against yours. This right here, he has dreamed of it too many times but never in his dreams, he saw you confess your feelings for him. This is for sure bold coming from you but he loves it. He loves the fact that you blurt out your feelings for him because he knows that he would have never had the courage to take the first step.          
Kissing Jungkook is not at all how you imagined it.
It’s so much more than you pictured it. The kiss is sweet and tender, there’s no rush or anything else in it. You both have been desiring this for so long that there’s no need in rushing things. In fact, you’re actually convinced that if you rush it, it would destroy the magic behind this exact moment.
His lips are so soft on yours, the tenderness of the kiss making your heart melt completely. Never a man has kissed you like that as if you’re made of glass. Your heart is pounding extremely hard on your chest, ready to burst at any moment while the butterflies on your lower stomach are making you feel completely alive.
His hard length brushes against your leg, making you moan in the kiss. By the looks of it, this kiss is for sure going to take a heated turning. A turning that both of you want. All this holding back has been just too much and has let to this exact moment. Holding back for almost a year was not easy which has led you to become extremely needy, and tonight is the moment that you’re going to let go of it.
Tonight, there are no more reasons to hold back.
His impatient hands run up and down your waist, making you more than happy to have his large tattooed hands on your body.  
“I fucking love you too, Yn.” He whispers as he breaks the kiss. “I’ve been having a crush on you since you’ve been single.” He kisses you again but this time with passion and fervor. “It’s almost like I only realized how fucking pretty you are when Taehwan left you.”
Jungkook presses a peck on your lips before he’s kissing the corner of your lips down to the underside of your jaw, causing you to moan each time his lips touch your skin. The alcohol mixed with his confession and how needy you are is driving you completely euphoric.
“I stopped counting the times I dreamed of kissing you in a deserted hallway of the JBC building.” He drops his head to your neck, kissing the base of your throat. “And leaving you hickeys here and there to let everyone know that you’re mine, and only mine.”
You moan as he starts nipping at your skin, the feeling of his mouth on your throat is divine. Everything he does exceeds all the dreams you had. Your hands run through his hair, tugging at the roots. A moan escapes his pretty lips, his voice vibrating against your skin. When he starts sucking your sensitive skin, he licks it with his tongue, a proud smile dancing on his lips.
“I feel like a horny teenager around you, Yn.” He admits as he looks up at you. “Craving you in every fucking way.” His large hands caress your waist while you both look intensely at the other.
“Then let me help you with your boner.” He nods, letting you uncover both your bodies from the bedsheets.
Jungkook lays on his back while you go down on his body. You’re actually very surprised by his erection, it’s huge which makes you want to desperately rip his underwear off to have a proper view of his cock. Without an ounce of hesitation, you take out the only clothing piece from his body, his cock slapping against his abs.
He’s big. Very big. His cock easily surpasses Taehwan’s cock, and god, you always thought your ex had the biggest cock in the world. Jungkook is proving you wrong.
“God, you’re massive.” You look up at him. “How have been hiding this monster in your pants?” You cock an eyebrow, making him giggle at your words.
“I ask myself this question every day.” He says, clearly making you understand that he gets pretty hard around you every day.
As you’re so desperate in pleasing him, you wrap your hand around the base of his dick. His head is red, precum running down his length and over that prominent vein that lines it. You rub your thumb over the tip before going down on his shaft, spreading his arousal all over him. A deep moan leaves his lips as your hands finally touch him, his head falling completely on the pillow.      
“Oh, fuck.” He growls.
Slowly, you start pumping him, taking your time, your hand gliding up and down his length. A trail of groans leaves his lips while you pump him nice and slow, giving him a dreamy handjob. Every time your hand reaches the base, Jungkook shivers, loving deeply how you’re helping to make this boner disappear.
But you want to give him more. You know your hand is just not enough, he needs more to come undone. So you dip down to kiss the head of his cock, his eyes opening directly as this surprises him a lot. You lick his tip, his precum coating your wet muscle before you wrap your mouth entirely around his cock, sinking down fully on his length.
“Fuck, Yn.” He groans, loving the warmth of your mouth around him. He swears that he’s about to fall apart, covering your mouth with his cum.
Your eyes look up to meet with his. The moment they lock, both your eyes completely filled with lust, he looks away, too scared to bust right there. As much as he’d love to fill your pretty mouth with his seed, he wants it to be inside you. He wants that the first time that he comes with you to be inside your pussy.
“Baby.” He says while his hand goes to your hair, grabbing it before pulling your head a little. “I don’t want to come right now.”
Your lips leave his length, letting it slap again against his lower abdomen. You crawl up his body, kissing him again languidly. Jungkook can taste his salty precum on your lips and he loves it.
“Do you have a condom?” You whisper on his lips.
“Always.” He replies.
While he stands up to grab his wallet, you lay on your back, taking off your nightie and underwear to reveal your body to the man of your dreams. Who knew that all you needed to confess your feelings to him was to invite him to the annual 13th of February gathering? If you only knew that sooner, you’d have invited him months ago.  
When Jungkook gets back on the bed with his condom in his hand, he bites his bottom lip. “You’re fucking beautiful, princess.” He growls, scanning every part of your body. He wants to spend the night dreaming about your insanely perfect body. All he wants is to be haunted every single night by your body.
The man doesn’t waste any time ripping the plastic, putting the condom on his length. You spread your legs, letting him see your soaked folds. All he craves now is to have you moaning under him. On his knees, he gets closer to your body, brushing his cock against your pussy, and getting you even wetter. He wants you to be as wet as possible to be ready for his massive cock.
“Can I?” He asks, wanting to be sure that you’re ready for what’s coming.  
When you nod, he slowly buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your velvety walls. His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin while his doe eyes filled with lust look into yours. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you.  
“So good.” You mumble as your eyes roll back.
You have to admit that it hurts a bit since he’s pretty huge but the fact that he’s slowly filling you up to the brim helps. It gives time to your body to get used to this massive intrusion. But it feels so damn good to have him inside you. This is even better than in your wildest dreams.  
Jungkook leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a loud moan out of you. “You feel so fucking good, princess.” His deep voice groans in your ear. “Even better than in my dreams.”
The fact that he has been dreaming about this too gets you wetter. How on earth could you two be so stupid to not notice that you were both completely in love with each other? You feel like you’re in some crappy romantic movie, only it’s taking a dirty turn.
“Let’s just show your brother and Soomin how louder I can make you moan.”
He wants the world to hear you moaning because he doesn’t plan on going nice and slow on you. All he wants is to fuck you rough and good all night long, and that’s also what you want. You want him to fuck you until all you know is to scream his name. You want to get revenge for all the years you had to hear your brother and Soomin fuck like animals.
“Fuck, do it, Jungkook.” You swear as he pulls back a bit to look at you in the eyes, and a smirk arises on his face.
“I plan to fuck you all night long until you beg me to stop.”
Jungkook slowly pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. He never imagined that he’d love hearing you moaning under him. That sound is for sure his new favorite music.
“Please do it.” You tell him, making him smirk, satisfied to hear you begging him to show you no mercy tonight.
Brutally, he pushes his cock fully inside you, and a loud moan leaves your lips. For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes look down on your body. He’s surprised by how insanely perfect you are. Your body is for sure the prettiest one he has ever seen, and he has seen tons of bodies.
Unlike what everyone thinks, he’s not fond of skinny bodies. He loves curves and imperfect bodies because they show life. They show that their owners eat to live, and the curves drive him crazy. He could come just by looking at your ass.  
His lips meet yours for a sloppy kiss before going down to your neck, leaving another hickey on your skin. On Monday, he wants everyone to see them. He wants everyone to know that he’s the only one who can make you feel good. Once he has tortured your skin enough, his eyes get lost on your body again, groaning as he watches himself buried deep inside you.
“Your cunt takes me so fucking well, princess.”
You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. You’re completely euphoric and drunk on the feeling of him stretching your walls. Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he pulls back brutally before slamming himself back into you. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you.
For sure, your brother hears the two of you enjoying some good time, and you already know that tomorrow morning he’ll make some nasty comments.  
Jungkook once again stops when he’s fully inside you, torturing you just to hear you begging him to fuck you. This is of course not enough for you. You need more. You need him to fuck you rough on this bed.
“Please, Jungkook,” you start saying, “fuck me.”
He leans closer again. “Never thought I needed to hear you begging, princess.” He whispers before licking the spot just under your ear. He pushes his cock back before slamming into you with both hands on your hips, pulling you back to meet his thrusts. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your moans quickly fill the room.
“Shit,” you gasp while he thrusts into you with no mercy, “you feel so good.”
You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust he makes. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock. Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing. His cock is buried deep inside you, brushing against that spot that causes you to moan even louder each time. You grip the sheets as hard as possible to steady yourself from Jungkook’s hard thrusts.
Neither of you can believe that you practically missed this opportunity. Without your mother and her insistence on wanting to settle you in with Taehyung, none of you would be having sex right now together. Without your brother and his girlfriend, none of you would be completely turned on. Basically, without your family, you’d still be dreaming about this exact moment.  
“You’re so fucking wet, baby girl.” He hisses before biting his lower lip. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him. “And making such a mess on my cock.”
Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. Nothing drives him crazier than seeing this, it is as if your bodies were made for each other.  
Jungkook bends down, pressing a sloppy kiss on your lips while his thrusts slow down. A desperate whine gushes from you, a sound that Jungkook swallows proudly. His hands go up on your body, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them to make you moan with desire before his fingers start playing with your nipples. Moans flood out of your mouth as he tortures your body.
“It feels so good.” You whine. His thrusts are slow and harsh again, and his fingers on your nipples are just too much for you. Gradually, Jungkook begins to thrust hard into you again, and you moan at the feeling of his brutal thrust. Your walls suck his cock as he slams his hips into you with more force. His fingers keep playing with your very sensitive nipples, pushing you closer and closer to the edge.
His eyes look at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. Your moans are getting louder, and right now, you’re sure that your parents that sleep on the complete opposite side of this floor are able to hear your moaning Jungkook’s name.
“Moan louder, baby.” He says as he goes deeper and harder to make you scream with pleasure. Your voice moaning his name is the only thing he wants to hear.  
His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further. He just knows how to pleasure you perfectly like he became a master of your body in just some minutes.  
“Fuck.” He groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, baby.”
As you look up at him, you can’t help but find him extremely attractive. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He simply can’t believe this is really happening. He can’t believe that he’s having sex with the girl of his dreams. He keeps growling your name, thrusting into you with more urgency each time.
Jungkook leans again forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. He loves to feel your lips on his, even if the kiss is a disaster. Feeling your lips makes him realize that this is real, you’re really under him.
“Gonna be a good girl and come for me?” He asks, and you nod. You want to be a good girl for him, especially on your first time together although Jungkook wants to hear you begging for it, he wants to know how badly you want to come. “Use your words, baby girl.”
His fingers pinch your nipples harder, making the wave of pleasure growing bigger inside you. “I want to come.” You manage to say. “I wanna come so bad.”
Jungkook feels his cock twitching inside of you, a low groan rumbling in his throat as you practically beg him to let you come. He smirks while one of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot as his cock keeps hitting that sweet spot that drives you crazy.
“Beg for it, baby girl.” He says. His fingers show no mercy on your clit, and you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to beg for anything before coming.
“Please, Jungkook.” It’s impossible to even form a proper sentence with the way he’s torturing you.
“Tell me, baby girl.” He keeps teasing you with a smirk on his face.
“Let me come.”
His smirk grows bigger on his face, happy to have you begging him to come. Jungkook never thought he’d be into teasing but with you, he seems to discover what he truly likes. The wave of pleasure inside you is growing bigger and bigger, almost becoming overwhelming. You’re moaning like a mess, but at this stage, you couldn’t care less.      
“Do it, princess. Come for me.”
Those words are what you need for the wave of pleasure to hit you intensely, making you come hard around him. Your arousal covering completely his cock and your walls squeezing him over and over again.
While you’re completely euphoric from your orgasm, he speeds up the pace of his hips slamming into you, wanting to chase his own high. The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. The only thing he sees is the image of you coming under him.
Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. A desperate moan leaves his mouth when his orgasm hits him hard. His eyes roll back with pleasure as his body tenses up and release his load inside the condom. Loud cries of euphoria leaving his lips.
He collapses next to you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this intense sex session. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in your bedroom.
“I think the entire neighborhood heard us.” You say while running your fingers in his hair.
“That’s exactly what I wanted.” He presses a sweet kiss on your forehead before covering both your bodies with the bedsheets. “I guess we should try to sleep now.”
You nod, resting your head on his chest and slowly falling asleep on his arms. To say that you’re happy that this night took a dirty turn is more than an understatement. But tomorrow, you’ll for sure need to discuss about what just happened. You can’t just fuck like this and expect things to stay the way they were. Everything has changed now. Jungkook just loves you the way you love him.
Tumblr media
Sleeping peacefully with him by your side was easier said than done. It’s around 4 am, you’re both awake but you’re not staring at the ceiling. No, now that you’re both aware of the feelings consuming the two of you, you’re using this time to make up for all the time lost.  
His cock is buried once again inside you, only this time you’re riding him. This time he’s also not wearing any condom since he only had one left in his wallet, he actually never imagined that he was going to have sex with you tonight.  
“Shit.” You gasp, palms resting on his toned chest for leverage as you lift yourself up and drop back on his cock.
You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips working in tandem with yours while your arousal drips down your thighs, pooling around the base of his cock. Jungkook can’t help but love the way your body contorts with delight as you’re both fucking again.  
“You’re so fucking wet.” He groans, his hands holding your waist tighter when your walls squeeze him. “You’re making such a mess on my cock, princess.” His deep voice sends shivers down your spine. At this rhythm, you’ll be coming undone at any moment. A desperate moan falls out of your mouth, your nails digging into the skin of the muscles on his chest.
Jungkook groans when you speed up the movement of your hips, the warmth of your walls wrapping around him tighter than before as his hands go up on your body, cupping your breasts in them. He pinches your nipples between his fingers, causing you to moan louder and louder.
It’s 4 am, everyone is supposed to be sleeping while the two of you are moaning like nobody else is in this house. For sure, Jin is going to complain about your night activities with Jungkook but you just don’t care. You just want Jungkook to stretch you out open and fill you up to the brim.
“You’re fucking hot, princess.” He groans. “You’re riding me so well.”
You can feel his cock twitch inside of you as you rock your hips at a steady rhythm, your palms still pressed against his toned chest while his hands grip onto the sheets.
A small moan leaves your lips as you look down at him. His long wet hair sticking on his face turns him into an even hotter man. His eyes are staring up at you in that stunning way that shows you how lost in the pleasure he is. His tongue licks his lips as he moans out your name, tugging at the sheets and thrusting up into you with more urgency each time.
“You look like a sin.” You whisper, trying as hard as possible to avoid making more noise this early in the morning. You lean forward to press a kiss on his lips because that’s the only to muffle your moans.
“Can we just talk about you?” He replies back when your lips leave his. “You’re here, using my cock as if you own it and moving your hips in a way that completely hypnotize me.”
You moan at his words because damn, you’re really riding his cock as if Jungkook is yours. Well, for him, he’s completely yours. He doesn’t want any other girl to ride him like you’re doing it right now.
Your walls clench around his length, squeezing him hard. So far, he has let you set the pace and use him the way you wanted but this is just too slow for him. He wants more. He starts thrusting up to you in a harsh way. He goes deep inside of you, and you are loving it. Tears start to roll down your cheeks because of the way he’s pounding inside of you. He’s stretching your insides so much with his rough thrust and it makes your whole body tremble.
The wave of pleasure inside has grown suddenly so strong that you feel like you’re about to come.
“Gonna cum, Jungkook.” You whimper.
Your nails sink into his chest, making him groan at the pain and pleasure it gives him. He grips the sheets harder as he continues to roughly thrust inside you.
“Go ahead, babe, make a mess for me.” He groans as he keeps thrusting hard.
Those dirty words are all you need to let your orgasm go. You are coming, biting your lower lip to muffle your moans. Your thighs are shaking but he keeps thrusting into you while you’re completely high from your orgasm. Jungkook is completely loving the way you’re creaming his dick.  
His pace becomes more brutal as he’s chasing his own orgasm, making the bed creaking under you. Your walls keep clenching around him and that is all he needs to come. He closes his eyes, enjoying this moment of release and you are sure he’d never look so sexy.  
You collapse over Jungkook as you both try to catch your breath for a little while, and you leave a lot of kisses on his sweet face. He’s loving it and he could stay like this forever.
“This a beautiful way to start Valentine’s Day.” He whispers before falling asleep in your arms. You hold him tight against you, loving to have him pressed against your body. This is for sure the best night of your life.
Tumblr media
It’s Monday morning.
You’re entering the building of JBC with Jungkook. Everybody looks at the two of you although they don’t pay too much attention since they all think you’re just friends. But they ignore everything that happened the last two days.
Yesterday, after all the sex, you had a real conversation with Jungkook. You both expressed the feelings you had for each other, you swear you’ve never been happier than you were yesterday. That conversation made you realized how stupid you both are. You’ve been in love for months but you were both so scared to lose the other that you never said anything.
Yesterday, you agreed to give a try to this whole relationship thing. You want to see if this can work even though you’re both convinced that it’s going to work.
So, you’re not entering this building as friends but as a couple. You both have that stupid smile glued on your faces while you talk to each other. Like every morning, you enter the elevator already full of people but when it arrives on the floor you work, you kiss Jungkook with passion, drawing the attention of everyone in the small cabin.
“Have a nice day, my princess.”
Tumblr media
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ladyartemesia · 6 months ago
Once Upon a Bracelet
Tumblr media
Pairing: Prince Jungkook x Sorceress Reader (Featuring Platonic Jin x Reader Friendship)
Genre: Fantasy • Soulmates • Enemies to Lovers • Fairytale
Word Count: 12.5K
Warnings: explicit sexual content • mentions of death • injury with a knife • passing mention of patricide • mentions of blood in relation to magic • literally none of this is graphic at all • I am just trying to be safe • loss of virginity • some hurt/comfort elements • social inequality and classism • pseudo-infidelity but not really •
Rating: Explicit (18+) 
Summary: You were born to nothing, but your powerful craft caught the eye of a charming prince. However, his distinctly un-charming younger brother challenged your betrothal and is routinely challenging you. Jeon Jungkook is (probably) a former necromancer and (definitely) the wrong prince…
But the bracelets tell a different story.
Author’s Note: This story would not be here without the love, support and friendship of my incredible support system. You talk with me, you laugh with me, you listen when I’m crying, and you read my chaotic drafts when I am ready to pull my hair out of my head in frustration. I love you all. @ppersonna @xjoonchildx @untaemedqueen @underthejoon @lemonjoonah Special thanks to my lovely beta Hope @hobi-gif who keeps my work sharp and gives so generously of her time to help me. If I shine, its because you ladies are lighting up my life. And finally, shout-out to the lovely @wwilloww who read the very first version of this story year before we ever connected through BTS. I hope you like this new version--my brain clearly ran away with me...
Tumblr media
Content Note: In this universe a necromancer is defined as a magic user with the ability to drain and/or manipulate the life force of living beings to fuel their own power. Using life force magic temporarily grants them advanced abilities—most of which are forbidden or illegal in the Kingdom of Dionysia where this story is set. Most mages with the ability to use this type of magic do not elect to do so. Magic users in this universe are typically proficient in three to four varieties of magic generally determined by their genetic make-up (meaning you are likely to inherit the same type of magical abilities as your parents or family members). 
Tumblr media
꧁ Prologue ꧂
It is said that the world of mortals contained three sacred wells where ancient magic rose up within the waters like springs from the depths of the earth. 
One such well could be found in the Kingdom of Dionysia—a nation of great warriors and powerful crafters who served as its caretakers for generations.
The Dionysians called this place Sanguine Well and, as a reward for their devotion, the gods honored them with a remarkable gift...
Bonding Bracelets
—a set of unique magical artifacts used to join, identify, and empower soulmates. 
On the first day of their twentieth year, Dionysian youth traveled to Sanguine Well for the ritual creation of a bonding bracelet pair. 
When the appointed hour arrived, a young seeker ventured into the depths of the well and held their breath beneath its waters till the currents receded—leaving a bracelet pair behind. 
One bracelet formed fully clasped around their wrist. The other remained open and would only close for the seeker’s destined mate.
Naturally the people of Dionysia did not take the gift of bonded soulmates lightly...
All proposed matches were registered and approved by the Ruling Council before an open bracelet could even be tried on by a potential partner and both parties were required to present evidence of their commitment to one another. 
If the alliance was approved, the betrothed pair participated in a public ceremony where the first seeker’s intended would activate the bond by placing the open bracelet around their wrist.
When an unclaimed bracelet united with its true owner, the open ends stretched and intertwined to form a rune.
From that moment on, the seeker and their soulmate were blood bonded in a supernatural union of their hearts, powers, and abilities that was—to all known craft—unbreakable. 
Dionysia believed that this care and reverence honored the craft and the gods, thereby allowing the sacred tradition to continue.
In 900 years of recorded history, only five bonding ceremonies ended with a bracelet that did not close.
Now there were six…
꧁ Once Upon a Time ꧂
Your voice echoed through the elegant corridors of Solemn Truth Palace as you chased after your betrothed. “I’m sorry! I—”
Jin whirled on you, shaking his head vehemently.
“None of this is your fault.”
“There are many reasons why this could’ve happened,” you offered breathlessly.
“There’s only one reason why this happens.”
He sighed and you rubbed your temples in frustration.
“I don’t understand… The Council gave permission.”
The Ruling Council was a sovereign governing body of three kings and three queens—one monarch from each of Dionysia’s six royal bloodlines.
“The Council isn’t all knowing…” Jin collapsed against a nearby wall. “This is a disaster,” he whispered.
And it was.
You had no family, but all of your friends and colleagues from the Academy were there.
Jin was technically an orphan as well, but his adopted family, the Jeons, were there.
Jeon Alaya was high queen of the Ruling Council, so half the kingdom was there to see the prince, her (adopted) son, bond with the craft prodigy from The Wastes.
Half the kingdom, but not her blood. Not her youngest son...
The two of you were silent for several moments as you struggled to process the shock.
“Do you think the rumors—what they say about me—is true?” 
Jin’s head shot up in an instant.
“No,” he swore, “they’re absolutely not true.”
Your heart warmed at his fierce defense, but after today’s debacle you were beginning to question yourself…
Whispers that ‘Wastelanders’ like yourself were citizens of no nation and loyal only to their own desires had plagued the majority of your academic and professional career.
You were forced to work twice as hard as any of your peers for each of your achievements, relying on nothing more than your natural talent and a stubborn determination to succeed in spite of the prejudice you faced. 
And you did succeed.
The gatekeepers of Dionysian society may have sneered at your background, but the powerful craft in your veins and the mastery with which you wielded it earned you undeniable respect and acclaim. 
Yet—even then—you were still an outsider. 
A strange girl with strange magic. 
Most Dionynisians practiced forms of elemental and illusion crafts. Your primary abilities, however, were every bit as foriegn and hard to define as you were.
Strictly speaking your magic fell under the umbrella of transfiguration arts (manipulating matter and energy to transform one thing into another), but you had been known to affect everything from the taste of tea to the weather—abilities far outside the norms of that designation. 
Nevertheless, transfiguration mages were rare and most of their lore was outdated—a situation which allowed you to establish yourself as a leading authority in the field almost by default. 
Between your fortuitous betrothal to Prince Seokjin and the widespread recognition of your achievements, you had hoped—after a lifetime of challenges—that the path ahead might be an easier one. 
But nothing ever came easily to you...
“Jin, it didn’t close—”
“It didn’t close because we aren’t soulmates—not because you aren’t one of us.” His expression softened. “We were a good idea… Just not the right one.”
Bitter tears welled up in the corners of your eyes.
On some level you were not surprised. You cared for Jin but–
Yours was not an overly romantic attachment.
It was a strong friendship—one that spanned several years. When you decided to apply to the Royal Council for bonding, it seemed…
Friendship was an excellent criteria for identifying a potential mate and over the centuries many bonded pairs applied as friends.
You trusted in the wisdom of the Royal Council—everyone did.
If you and Jin were not meant for one another, surely the Council would see it. They would turn down the application—someone would object—
Someone did object.
But you were approved, nonetheless. 
The date was set. Announcements were made. Invitations were sent out. 
Then, at last, the ornate golden cuff was placed over your wrist and…
Nothing happened.
Jin’s bracelet remained stubbornly un-closed.
And you had never felt so mortified—so exposed—
So profoundly alone in your entire life.
It was a scandal of epic proportions, one which potentially called into question the judgement of the entire Ruling Council.
“Listen,” Jin spoke at last, “I need… I need to clear my head and think about the next steps. I know an expert on bonding bracelets. Perhaps I can convince her to help us figure out this mess.”
His hands settled over your shoulders in a familiar comforting gesture.
“Head to my house outside the city for a while. No one will bother you there, and I’ll be back tomorrow.” He gave your arms a brotherly squeeze. “We’ll work through this—I promise.”
Tumblr media
Neither of you were keen to face the commotion unfolding in the grand ballroom of Solemn Truth Palace (where the failed ceremony took place), so Jin suggested a discreet escape through the secret entrance in his mother’s office. 
The two of you parted ways with a final hug before the prince set off for the Hall of Records—leaving you to trudge miserably toward his beautiful mansion by the lake. 
Technically, Golden Starlight Manor was just one of many homes owned by the Jeon family. This one, however, Jin shared with his younger brother…
You kicked a stone irritably at the mere thought of his name. 
Prince Jeon Jungkook was rather a sore subject for you. 
In fact, over the course of your acquaintance, you expended considerable energy either avoiding him or engaging in dramatic shouting matches with him.
As such, Starlight (the family’s affectionate nickname for the sprawling ancestral holding) was normally the last place in Dionysia you wanted to be. 
But that was no longer the case. 
Jungkook had been gone for weeks. He left the very day your betrothal was announced…
“Why do you bother with those ridiculous gloves? Anyone who’s watched you cast knows what you’re hiding.”
You sighed heavily. 
“Good evening to you as well, Jungkook. Nice of you to finally show up.”
“Mother made some very explicit threats against my person when I told her I was busy so I assumed it was important—and, judging by your fancy gloves, I was correct.”
“Honestly I’m beginning to suspect you’ve never seen a pair before.”
“I’m just baffled by their purpose. It’s only a scar—your hands are not disfigured… So why cover it up?”
Only a scar…
You shook your head. 
Only a scar you earned in a back alley knife fight when you were a mere ten years old. With no proper medical care it had become infected and what should have been a simple wound became a permanent reminder of your ugly past. 
Tonight—of all nights—you would rather not be reminded...
“Is there a purpose to this discussion, Highness, or are you just interrogating me for fun?”
Jungkook scoffed at your cool reply. 
“That scratch on your hand isn’t even noticeable, you know.” He opened up his own palm to reveal a thick band of gnarled tissue slashing diagonally across the center. “Mine is significantly more impressive.
Something that might have been a smile tugged insistently at the corner of your lips but you covered it quickly with a blistering scowl. 
“Comparing scars—really? Can’t you be civilized for one blasted evening?”
“Why would I do that? Think of how bored you’d be.”
You groaned and threw back the rest of your drink with a frustrated gulp. 
“Believe it or not we common folk long for a bit of peaceful boredom now and then.”
The prince snorted and clasped his hand dramatically over his heart. 
“So righteous.”
“Someone ought to be.”
“Enough you two,” Jeon Alaya called from across the family’s spacious day room. “I just replaced those curtains and I don’t want them exploding into a herd of butterflies—or some other such nonsense.”
In any other context, that would have been a profoundly strange comment.
Disagreements between yourself and Jeon Jungkook had become downright legendary over the last several months. 
A heated argument in Night Meadow Park caused several trees to burst into bright multicolored flames and start shooting all their fruit at peaceful park-goers like tiny delicious cannonballs. 
A dispute over the best ingredients to use in vegetable casserole ended with an entire bowl of green beans growing legs and chasing the family dog out onto the lawn. 
The two of you got into a row at the Centennial Peace Celebration and sent all of the lightning swans (specially flown in for the occasion) into a static-electric mating frenzy that plastered everyone’s clothes to their bodies obscenely—including the ninety-five year-old high priest. (The chief matron from the Knitting Guild was so scandalized that she fainted into a bowl of punch.)
And just last week Jungkook’s stubborn refusal to acknowledge your point in an ongoing debate about teleportation made you so mad that your hair literally turned red for an entire day. 
As such, you both had the decency to look abashed under the high queen’s wary gaze. 
“I don’t know, Mother,” Jin chuckled before offering the assembled guests a dazzling grin. “Perhaps you should have let them go. Butterflies are good luck after all.”
You sighed happily—impressed yet again by your partner’s elegant diplomacy. 
The two princes of House Jeon could not have been less alike. 
They shared a deep affection for one another and for their parents, but that was where the similarities began and ended. 
Seokjin was a playful charmer with a silver tongue and a delightfully mischievous demeanor. 
He was remarkably similar in both looks and temperament to Alaya and her husband Roomin—so much so that people often assumed Jungkook was the adopted sibling.
The elder prince was also a natural politician. He enjoyed appearing in charitable competitions for cooking and fishing where his flirtatious habit of blowing kisses into the crowd would unlace corsets and purses strings left and right. 
Not that he had ever been unfaithful—Kim Seokjin was every bit as kind and loyal as he was beautiful. 
And he was very beautiful. 
Jungkook on the other hand…
Beautiful was altogether the wrong word. 
The sharp sensual planes of his face seemed shaped for something darker and wilder than beauty.
Jin was clever and outgoing, but Jungkook was brilliant and quietly intense. His abilities and impressive spell lore were both highly sought after, but he was difficult to draw out and generally preferred to practice his science and experimental craft far away from the public eye. 
Most people agreed that he was an enigma—and a wickedly handsome one at that. His fiery brown eyes and impressive muscular physique were only enhanced by the apathetic confidence of his demeanor. 
The younger prince’s most arresting feature was unquestionably his hair.  
Once, it had been brown—like the rest of the Jeon family…
But he returned from ‘the incident’ several years ago with a distinct new color—one no dye or spell could replicate. 
Ashen Gold.
The mark of a deadly necromancer. 
A constant visual reminder that he had taken a life.
And yet even that could not detract from his seductive allure—if anything it made him appear more poetically ethereal.
Like an Angel of Death.
Women all over the kingdom were obsessed with the mysterious Jeon prince—
Not you of course.
That raw, unruly magnetism might cause some hearts to flutter—but certainly not yours. 
After all...
Jeon Jungkook was still a true-born prince.
And you—even with all of your accomplishments—would always be a street waif from The Wastes with a little too much magic in her blood. 
You had no business noticing the soft curve of his lips or the strong line of his jaw or—
… anything below that. 
As such you shot the man in question one final dirty look before turning your attention back to Jin. 
The elder prince finished thanking the assembled guests for accepting his invitation and finally arrived at the true purpose for the evening.
“Honored loved ones… I am pleased to announce that a bond between this incredibly beautiful woman and my unworthy self has been unanimously approved by the Royal Council! We are betrothed!”
A predictable burst of applause and excited murmuring erupted as you stepped forward, prepared to graciously take your place at Jin’s side and accept congratulations when—
Strong fingers suddenly wrapped around your wrist—holding you back decisively. 
Shocked silence fell over the room as you turned to face Jeon Jungkook (resolutely ignoring the fact that his unyielding grip was sending the strangest sparks of heat all through your body).
“No,” he growled with startling finality. “You cannot be with him.”
… Perhaps that humiliating spectacle at your betrothal party should have been the first indication that today’s ceremony was bound to end in misery. 
Jeon Jungkook was a menace, but he adored his brother and his impassioned objections to the match were wildly uncharacteristic.
Considering the turbulent nature of your relationship, you were rather relieved that he had not been there this morning to witness his own belated triumph. 
It was a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless. 
The repercussions of today’s disastrous ceremony loomed overhead like the Sword of Damocles. There would be no escaping the fallout.  
It was well past the eighth hour when you finally reached the manor and the staff were already gone for the night… 
There was no one to greet you or ask any well-intentioned questions about your sudden appearance.
Thank the gods for small favors.
Normally you took a moment to appreciate Starlight’s elegantly carved entryway and vibrant woodland wallpaper (a stunning and expensive feature which made the entire house feel like an enchanted forest)—but the reality of the day was already beginning to take a physical toll. 
You were entirely too drained to attempt the stairs, bypassing them in favor of the main drawing room where you intended to simply collapse fully-clothed on a chaise when—
“Shouldn’t you be off playing princess literally anywhere else?”
Of course. 
A mirthless laugh bubbled up before you could stop it.
“Jeon Jungkook.”
Just what I needed right now.
The prince crossed his arms and offered you a condescending tilt of his head.
Years of social training had you dipping slightly into an informal bow—hoping it would hide the way your body always seemed to go haywire in his presence. 
Jungkook’s tall muscular frame leaned indolently against the fireplace, dressed head to toe in his signature black garb. Two silver earrings—priceless heirlooms of the Jeon bloodline—dangled rakishly from his ears beneath riotous waves of golden hair. 
He looked more like a renegade pirate than a high born prince.
And his effect on you was maddening. 
“What are you doing here?”
Jungkook raised a single imperious brow in response. 
“It is my house, Sandflower.”
You bristled at the familiar nickname. 
Sandflowers were native to the desolate region you grew up in. 
It was an easy way to remind you of your place into the world. 
And his. 
A prince of Dionysia forced to interact with a foundling from The Wastes simply because you happened to catch his brother’s eye.
How that must grate his delicate sensibilities.
You tapped your chin thoughtfully. 
“I heard you ran off to pout over Jin’s terrible taste in women on one of those South Sea pleasure cruises.” Condescension dripped from your tone like poisoned honey. “What happened? Couldn’t find any lost souls willing to partner you for naked badminton?”
He grinned devilishly. 
“Quite the opposite in fact. There were far too many volunteers.”
You rolled your eyes, firmly pushing aside the unwelcome heat his words evoked. 
“Please spare me the details. I recently ate.”
“Yes, how was that overblown betrothal banquet?… Boring?… Pretentious?” He sighed theatrically. “Such a shame I missed those speeches—especially King Tiemore. His habit of loudly sucking snot up into his skull really adds a special something.”
You just barely managed to bite back a snort—
King Tiemore’s speech was rather excruciating—and for that very reason. 
“The dinner was lovely—naturally. Of course the younger prince’s absence was keenly felt by all—though I confess some of us enjoyed it more than others.”
“I knew there had to be something about me you enjoyed.”
“Indeed. Your absence is by far your most attractive quality. I find myself powerfully drawn to it.”
Jungkook laughed and offered you a wry grin. 
“You know—you play so coy, but I’m sure you missed me a little.” He leaned forward ever-so-slightly. “Or were you truly content with all that ‘peaceful boredom’ I left behind?” 
No. I wasn’t. 
“Yes, of course I was,” you snapped.
“I don’t believe you.”
“You’re free to believe whatever you like.”
A sudden scuffle erupted from the corner as Pippin (the family dog) scrambled nervously out into the kitchen. Ever since the green bean incident he refused to be in the same room with the two of you together. 
Jungkook sighed and ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation.
“What are you even doing here, Sandflower?”
A sharp burst of anxiety spiked in your stomach. You were in no way prepared to reveal the extent of your humiliation to him just yet. 
“I could ask you the same question.”
His eyes narrowed curiously. 
“A man hardly needs to explain why he’s present in his own home. The same, however, cannot be said for you. Now why are you here when you’re supposed to be hanging off my brother's arm like a good little bride-to-be.” 
“Perhaps I’ve come to plan,” you answered coolly. “Golden Starlight House would make a lovely venue for the wedding, don’t you think?” 
You gestured toward a worn leather chair near the fireplace (one you knew to be his favorite). “We just need to clear out all the trash and it will be absolutely perfect.”
“Over my dead body.”
You shrugged. 
“If you insist—though I’m afraid your hideous corpse will clash with the decor.”
“Oh you don’t have to worry about all that, Sandflower. I wouldn’t be caught celebrating that union dead or alive.”
“Well now that is fortunate,” you sighed in a sickeningly sweet tone, “—as I would rather not share the joy of my wedding ceremony with the man who publicly objected to it.”
Jungkook pushed off his perch against the mantle, rising to full intimidating height.
“I had good reason.” 
The words were quietly spoken, but his eyes burned with conviction—just as they had the last time you saw him. 
“What reason could you possibly have for obstructing your brother’s happiness?” 
The prince took a full step closer and you tried very hard not to be unnerved by the reduced space between you. 
“Jin is not right for you, little Sandflower—”
“You do not have permission to address me informally!” 
Your voice cracked through the air like a whip as you sought to reestablish a safe distance (whether real or metaphorical) between the two of you. “I may have been born a nothing from The Wastes, but I am a ranked crafter and the betrothed of a royal. You will refer to me accordingly.”
Jungkook could feel his normally frigid heart pounding madly as he stared down his brother’s woman with unrepentant heat. 
His eyes drank you in as you stood before him—teeming with barely controlled fire.
Gods but you were magnificent.
He still remembered the day Jin brought you home to the family estate.
You seemed so serene, so proper… an ideal contrast to his charmingly brash elder sibling. 
Within minutes, Jungkook dismissed you as vapid and uninteresting. 
The girl at his brother’s side spoke very little, smiled very tightly, and sat very straight. 
You would make a lovely decorative addition to Jin’s political career—one that would never distract from his efforts or clash with his carefully maintained persona. 
But oh…
He’d been so very wrong.
Some months later Jungkook was called out to the Academy on unavoidable business. After several hours of work the prince was eager to leave the crowded campus and return home—until he heard something that stopped him in his tracks. 
It was you. 
Several classes were gathered to watch you debate a renowned authority in the field of experimental alchemy. The man’s theories had been the gold standard (literally) for decades, yet you challenged his findings with methodical precision—letting your infectious zeal color every word as you reduced his pretentious ramblings to ash. 
That was the first time he saw you—the real you—not the shallow little angel his brother brought home—but a woman brimming with vibrant energy and irresistible passion. 
He had no idea how you managed to suppress the force of your true nature, but he suspected that the pleasantly tepid persona you adopted with his family was meant to compensate for your ignominious origins. 
He was certain, however, of one thing:
You and Jin were a terrible match. 
His brother would never make you happy and he could not bear to see Jin’s spirit broken by the anguish of an ill-fated entanglement.
Naturally, this newfound conviction had nothing to do with the way his own blood stirred at the sight of you rising up in glorious fury. 
Nothing at all. 
From that moment on, everything changed. 
Jungkook went from passively ignoring your presence to deliberately baiting you at every turn. Time and time again he pushed and prodded until that mesmerizing fire blazed in your eyes and you were alive with riotous animosity instead of cold and distant.
“Forgive me, Mistress,” he tilted his head thoughtfully, “or is it Princess now?”
You snorted and shook your head. 
“You know I will never be a princess.”
“Oh? So you’ve finally given up this ridiculous alliance with my brother?”
“Your brother is a royal, but not a true born prince. His title is just a courtesy—one his mate and descendants cannot share.”
“In you? Frequently.”
“Fair enough—but Jin is a far better person than either of us and he does not deserve to have his heart broken.”
Your mouth dropped open in outrage. 
“I resent your entire implication. I know you do not think very highly of me but—”
“You have no idea what I think of you, Mistress,” he interrupted fiercely.
Anger flared in your gaze as you stepped defiantly into his space, fueled by the familiar wave of restless energy you encountered every time the two of you clashed.
“I am a powerful crafter in my own right, I don’t need a wealthy mate to survive. I have done exceptionally well for myself—by myself.”
“Then why are you with him?”
You drew back incredulously.
“Is it so hard to believe that I do not want to be alone anymore? Is it wrong to look at my gorgeous best friend and consider that perhaps we could create the one thing I cannot earn or buy or craft—not with all the gold and power in the world?”
“Love?” Jungkook sneered.
“Family,” you shot back. “Something you take for granted. Something you don’t even want. You’re not even looking for a bond mate!”
Jungkook met your cutting accusations with an icy glare. He knew you were baiting him, yet for some masochistic reason he refused to stop you. 
Lines were about to be crossed, but—as usual—the prince had torn away your genteel civility and unleashed that penniless spitfire who clawed her way up from the rotting streets and into the hallowed halls of Dionysia’s Academy. 
“Ah, yes. I forgot,” you drawled, not bothering to conceal the venom in your words. “The great Jeon Jungkook lives a life of self-imposed solitude—as the walking eulogy of a traitor.”
“How dare you!” he snarled.
You crossed your arms defiantly. 
“How dare I what? Call her a traitor? She was a necromancer! A dark crafter using evil—and highly illegal—magic!” 
“I suppose we cannot all be walking, talking saints like the Mistress of the Wastes!”
“Well, her immaculate bloodline certainly wasn’t a guarantee of any notable virtue! Really what is the point of nobility if so few of you are actually noble?”
The two of you pressed progressively closer with each traded barb and now stood nearly nose to nose seething in reciprocal fury. Every atom in your body was engaged and—for the first time since he stormed away all those months ago—you felt gloriously alive. 
At heart you would always be a fighter and there was no better opponent than Jeon Jungkook. 
“Careful little Mistress, you’re starting to sound awfully judgemental. Ridicule me and my advantages all you want, but birthright is not the shield from suffering you believe it to be. I endured a loss you cannot possibly comprehend.”
“A loss?... That woman was a disgrace. And yet you still have the audacity to mourn her?”
Jungkook scoffed. 
“Gods, why am I even bothering? It is impossible for you to understand such things… You only know how to gain—how to advance. Loss is not something you’re accustomed to—a fringe benefit of being born with nothing I suppose.”
“Spoken like a privileged prince!”
His eyes narrowed dangerously. 
“Do I look like a privileged prince to you?”
You knew what he was getting at and with anyone else it might have been an effective shut down, but you were a master debater—able to quickly reclaim his point for your own cutting riposte. 
“Of course you do! Do you think anyone else could turn up with a necromancer’s mark and just waltz back into the fold without consequence? What have you lost? Certainly not your position—and certainly not her because everyone knows that your relationship was nothing more than an accursed spell!”
Jungkook’s jaw worked in silence as he fought to control his emotions. 
For a moment he looked almost… 
And you could not help the wave of sympathy that suddenly rose up for him—for the young prince of so many years ago who placed his trust—and his heart—in the wrong hands. 
Your tone was noticeably softer when you spoke again. 
“At first I thought it was just a ridiculous rumor spread by the Royal Council to justify your pardon... but when the Academy called me in to help permanently dispose of her spell books last winter I saw…” You bit your lip. “It really was possible.”
A soft, empty laugh left Jungkook’s lips as he shook his head. 
Of course it was possible. 
But the truth—that he was a fool too blinded by love to recognize the evil he allowed to flourish—was so much worse. 
Elaena was heart-stoppingly beautiful—the kind of lovely that could haunt a man’s thoughts and ruin his mind. 
She was a vision.
When she sought him out, it was like nothing he had ever experienced before. 
She dazzled him, flattered him—left him breathless and enchanted—taunted and teased him till he adored her with obsessive intensity.
In time he eagerly offered her both his heart and his body—
But Elaena was after his soul...
Jungkook’s grandfather, Jeon Olin, was the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years. 
The gift (or curse) of necromancy was genetic. Only a few bloodlines could use it. 
When his beloved wife died giving birth to twins, Olin turned to dark craft in a desperate attempt to get her back.
The cost of necromancy, however, was impossibly steep.
It drained life force. Exposed the wielder to dangerous dark energies—
And slowly drove them insane.
In the end, Jeon Olin was put down by his own children.
Elaena wanted Jungkook’s power desperately. Her own necromancy was weak, but a blood bond with the grandson of Jeon Olin could make her invincible. 
The young prince, however, remained stubbornly blind to her true motives, even as she convinced him to explore the dark edges of the magic in his blood.
After a series of passionate arguments with his concerned family, Jungkook declared his intent to marry Elaena in defiance of their express wishes.
In response, his uncle, Jeon Anjin, did something unforgivable. He removed Jungkook’s bonding bracelet from the Jeon vault and disappeared with it.
The theft and its dramatic aftermath tore the royal family apart.
Jungkook was convinced that his mother and father conspired with Anjin to keep him from bonding with Elaena. Roomin and Alaya swore they had not, but openly admitted that they were grateful for Anjin’s actions. 
Neither Alaya nor her brother could forget the trauma of killing their own father and both were determined to protect future generations from the poison in their family tree. 
Necromancy was a curse and, though they had no proof, the twins could sense its hold on Elaena. 
When Jungkook told his beloved what Anjin had done, she flew into a violent fury—and for the first time he experienced a sliver of doubt in his previously unshakable resolve. 
But it was not enough to free him. 
Consumed by his bitterness and resent, the young prince cut himself off from his heritage—from his people—
And disappeared entirely.
After a few tearful pleas, Elaena persuaded him to cloak their life force using forbidden blood spells, effectively concealing them from even the most powerful seeker mages. 
Daily cuts across his palm to maintain the cloaking spell left him with a thick gnarled scar—one that had not faded even after years of treatments. 
For months no one knew the prince’s whereabouts… or even if he was still alive. 
Elaena believed that if they held out long enough the royal families would relent and welcome them back with open arms. Her obsession with finding Anjin and his stolen treasure put an incredible strain on their relationship...
“You have… no idea what you’re talking about,” Jungkook whispered angrily. 
“Of course I do,” you scoffed. “I’ve worked with mind and heart spells for years. Once the magic is broken or the caster dies—the feelings cease to exist!”
Fury sparked chaotically in the prince’s gaze as he shook his head in frustration. 
“You’re so sure of yourself—of everything—and you never stop to consider that you might be wrong.”
Your fingers pressed into your temples as you tried to ease the headache he was giving you. 
“What could I possibly be wrong about? The entire kingdom knows the story! You were bewitched until Elaena cast a dark spell that rebounded and killed her—”
“That,” he hissed, “is the story—but it is not the truth.”
His hand shot out to grasp the back of your neck and with a sudden flash of heat you found yourself yanked roughly into his memories...
The door to Elaena’s makeshift workshop slammed open with a deafening crack. 
“Ju-Jungkook—what are you doing here, my love? I thought you were out hunting for our dinner.”
Something was wrong. She could see it in his eyes. For months they were filled with open adoration... 
Now they burned with hurt and mistrust. 
“I was looking for the knife,” he whispered quietly, “I remembered seeing you with it last night...”
Elaena paled. 
He’d gone through her chest. But that didn’t have to mean anything—he could have missed—
“I found this.” 
Jungkook slammed an old leather scroll down on the table between them, confirming his lover’s worst fears. 
“That… that isn’t what it seems—I promise I—”
“Enough!” Jungkook shouted—his voice was already beginning to shake. “These are experimental incantations to force an unfated bracelet bond… Tell me—why would you need such a thing?”
His pain and anguish grew every moment she remained silent. 
“Elaena... if you believe that we are soulmates—why would you need to force the bond?”
Elaena rushed toward him, sliding her hands up to cradle his face imploringly. 
“It isn’t like that, my love. This is just research. Of course I believe—”
A soft whimpering sound suddenly cut her off and Jungkook drew back in alarm. 
“What is that?”
He pushed past her, making his way toward the source of the noise—a small moving object covered by cloth in the middle of the room. 
“It’s nothing! Wait!”
Elaena tugged frantically at his shirt but he shook her off and pulled back the cloth to reveal—
“Elaena—gods what have you done?”
It was a little girl—one he recognized from the village they were hiding in. She was bound and laid out over strange dark casting symbols he did not recognize. 
“I discovered a spell, Jungkook. It’s an ancient necromancer incantation. With it you can find anything—anyone.”
A hard hollow feeling gripped his chest tightly. 
“... Why is the girl here?”
“Don’t you see? Now we can finally take your bracelet back from Anjin! You and I—we can truly be together—”
“THE GIRL, Eleana! What are you doing to the girl!?”
His hands came up to grip her arms, but she pushed him away in disgust and extended her palm toward the child. 
“I told you—she’s nothing. Just a bit of collateral damage.”
Eleana’s eyes darkened to an inky black and the little girl began to cry, struggling as the primal essence her life force was cruelly ripped away. 
“Eleana stop! Let her go! You can’t do this!”
“OF COURSE I CAN!” she snarled. “I’ve done it before.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened. 
“But-but your hair—”
“I’ve been brewing a potion to cover it for years! How could I be satisfied with the meager energy of animals when a single human life can make me more powerful than the high queen!”
The girl screamed again and Jungkook ran to her side, yanking and pulling at the ropes around her small wrists in horrified desperation. 
“It’s too late!” Eleana shouted. “The ritual has already begun. You cannot save her now!”
The prince cradled the shaking child in his arms and sobbed out in anguish. 
He knew in his heart what had to be done—
… And that he must be the one to do it. 
“I can save her...” he whispered. “It is you who cannot be saved.”
A single tear drifted down the side of his cheek as he stretched out his palm toward the woman he loved. 
“I’m sorry...”
You gasped as the memory began to darken—holding your breath as the last few moments played through your mind—
—watching as the prince’s beautiful brown curls lightened to an unmistakable gold...
—watching him run to the lifeless Elaena and pull her against his chest in despair.  
“Oh my gods…” you whispered. “It wasn’t a spell. You—”
“I loved her.”
The words fell heavy on your heart like molten lead. 
It hurt to hear them—and you could not bear to think about why. 
Heavens above I’ve been a fool. 
Jeon Jungkook was far more complicated than you realized. 
Though… perhaps a part of you had always known that. 
“Your hair was dark in the vision until…” You swallowed convulsively. “Was… was that—”
The prince’s eyes were strangely hollow. 
“I’ve only ever taken one life.” His gaze held yours with quiet intensity. “Hers.”
The word lingered like poison in the scant space between you—even as emotions too strong and too numerous to identify churned chaotically through your senses. 
This man was such a fascinating force in your life—a question you kept trying to answer over and over again without success. 
After a moment Jungkook slowly turned his back to you, resting his weight against the mantle with a weary sigh. 
For the first time you realized just how close the two of you had come to one another. 
“I’m sorry…” you whispered.
“I can’t imagine why you’re apologizing. You’ve made it quite clear what you think of me.”
“I don’t know what to think of you at all… Why won’t you let them tell the truth?”
Indignation and self-loathing warred over his features as he swung around abruptly. 
“Because the truth is—that I would rather they all believe I was a spoiled, bewitched pawn and not a monster who used his own grotesque abilities to kill the woman he loved!”
“No!” You shook your head fiercely, “You saved that little girl!”
“And I lost myself!”
You gasped at the violent bitterness behind his words. 
The raw pain in his voice—in his expression—was heart wrenching; such a departure from the normally arrogant and apathetic prince. 
“Jungkook,” you breathed sympathetically, but he kept going—almost as if he hadn’t heard you. 
“My honor, my dignity, my self-respect —perhaps even my chance to forge a bond… All of it died with Elaena.” 
“That’s not true! You chose to do the right thing—to protect an innocent life—even if it meant sacrificing someone you loved! That is a truly noble act.”
“Noble?... Are you blind, Mistress? Everyone, including you, regards me with fear and distrust. All anyone sees when they look at me is a monster.” 
“Stop saying that. You’re not a monster—”
“Oh?” He leaned in again, crowding your space, “Then what am I?”
Your breath caught. Your eyes widened in response to his proximity—
—and Jeon Jungkook forcibly bit back a groan. 
Gods but you were so unpardonably beautiful up close it was almost painful. 
He couldn’t say what compelled him to reveal the truth of his past to you or why all of his carefully maintained defenses routinely seemed to fade away in your presence. He spent so much time pushing others back and yet—by instinct rather than by choice—he was always trying to bring you closer. 
Even now—as uncomfortable as it was to have the darkest parts of his soul laid bare before you… 
He could not bring himself to regret it. 
“To that little girl… you’re a hero,” you whispered softly.  
Surprise flickered briefly acros his gaze. It was clear he had not expected such an admission from you. His eyes seemed to search your face for signs of mockery and for a moment you were thoroughly ashamed of yourself. 
“Then what am I to you?” he asked finally. 
You paled. 
There was nothing but a whisper of space separating you now. You could practically feel his breath against your skin when he spoke.
“If I am not a monster… then I must be something else.” His eyes locked with yours significantly. “So what am I to you?”
Oh gods, help. 
It should have been such a simple question. 
But it wasn’t. 
And it became increasingly more complicated with every moment that passed between you. Something dark and inviting stirred restlessly beneath the surface each and every time your paths crossed...
You could feel it. 
But you could not afford to acknowledge it—and he could never seem to let it go. 
“Eleana was the monster,” you insisted firmly, twisting your response away from dangerous territory, “—and you cannot continue to let her control your life like this.”
Jungkook drew back with a frustrated growl. 
“She is not controlling my life! You think I’m mourning her? The person I loved was a lie. She never even existed!”
“Exactly! You were the victim every step of the way… So why are you punishing yourself?”
His eyes hardened. 
“You’re taking shots in the dark now, Mistress,” he warned.
“Am I? You’ve locked yourself away in that dungeon you call a lab for the past four years. Barely twenty five winters, but you walk like a beaten man. Elaena may not have bewitched you, but she still has her hands wrapped around your throat.” 
Jungkook snapped forward with a strangled roar and seized both your arms—yanking you close to him once more. Sharp, spiraling heat shot through your veins as you met his livid black gaze.
“You have no right to speak to me that way. You have never been in love. You don’t know what it is to lose it!”
“I love your brother—”
“You do not know my brother! And he does not know you.”
“Of course he knows me!”
“Does he, Sandflower?” Jungkook addressed you intimately once again—not caring that he was forbidden to do so. “Does he know how you light up the moment you win an argument? Or see the smile you save for finding that solution no one else could? Does he even realize that you hide an insatiable passion behind that chilling calm? Answer me, woman!”
But you could not.
Jeon Jungkook had seen you.
He had seen you.
—and the truth he threw in your face cut deeply.
For years you searched for a partner who would suit you. Someone who needed you. Someone safe and comfortable... 
Someone like Jin who was kind and charming and often benefited from your perspectives.
… And yet—
 Something was missing.
You didn’t want Jin as a woman should want her mate… and you always suspected—on some level—that he did not want you (in that way) either.
Perhaps it will come with time. Perhaps I’m just nervous—you reassured yourself over and over again.
But here and now—after everything that had happened—the truth was unavoidable.
You did not feel with Jin.
Not like when you argued your theories at the academic tribunals. Not like when you traveled to every corner of the kingdom just to satisfy your curiosity. Not like—
Your breath caught.
Not like with Jungkook.
All at once the truth crashed over you like flood waves from a broken dam. 
It wasn’t anger, or resent, or even frustration that flared chaotically through your system every time he got too close—
It was desire.
When the prince saw his accusations confirmed in your troubled gaze, he lashed out and seized your wrist.
“How can you even wear his brace-”
He stopped cold. 
It wasn’t there.
“Where is the bracelet?” 
His entire being seemed to suspend within a single question.
“It didn’t close,” you said breathlessly.
Then your eyes changed. From guarded to almost… hopeful.
Just for an instant.
But it was enough. 
Every urge—every impulse—every desperate longing he caged out of self-preservation suddenly broke free with a vengeance.
Jungkook dragged you completely into his arms, bringing your face mere breaths from his.
“You can never belong to him,” he growled as his lips came crashing down on yours.
Oh sweet merciful heavens.
You had allowed Jin to kiss you before. He was your betrothed after all and the few tender kisses you shared with him were quite sweet, very pleasant, utterly polite—
And nothing—absolutely nothing—like this.
Dark, wicked heat poured through your body in relentless waves as his mouth moved against yours, giving and taking with unmistakable hunger. 
He tasted like summer and wonder and every wish you ever whispered into the wind under the stars. 
Jeon Jungkook was definitely the wrong brother and you were an upstart from the wrong class—but oh...
This was so indescribably right. 
Your breath caught as the prince bore you back into the wall, desperate for any part of you he could touch— and you opened to him willingly—eagerly—as if you had done so a thousand times. 
As if you belonged to him...
You shouldn’t want this. You knew better—but instead of pushing him away you pressed forward shamelessly, tangling your fingers into his hair as you melted against him. 
The contrast of his muscular frame intertwining with your supple curves was unspeakably erotic. Everything about this man was unspeakably erotic and your body responded to his with hedonistic fervor. 
One of his hands slammed against the ornate surface behind you and suddenly the beautifully rendered woodlands frozen within that absurdly expensive wallpaper hummed with magic—coming to life beneath his fingertips even as he poured his passion into you. 
Trees began to bloom. Animals began to move. The sky shifted in between previously inanimate branches. Spring broke forth from the four walls around you—
But neither of you noticed. 
For you and he there was nothing beyond the explosive longing that had waited too long and too bitterly for release. 
"Gods woman, you drive me crazy,” he rasped, drawing back momentarily for a breath before plundering your lips again. The rough timbre of his voice—so obviously dazed with desire—shot a fresh wave of arousal down your spine. 
There would be a reckoning for this moment, of that you were certain—
… yet it no longer mattered. 
The pain and humiliation of the last several hours lifted off your shoulders in favor of an incredible lightness. Everything in your world narrowed down to the feel of your heartbeat next to his. 
You had slept on the streets of the Wastes, claimed unprecedented academic prestige, ascended to the gilded halls of the Grand Palace—but nothing had ever felt like him. 
And nothing had ever felt like home—
Until him. 
Jungkook—for his part—did not intend to kiss you, or hold you, or hoist you up against the wall as he was currently doing, but when his hand closed over your bare wrist an unholy triumph had blazed to life in the depths of his defeated soul. 
Elation the likes of which he’d never known suddenly flooded his senses. 
Jin may have found you first, but he would be the one to claim you. 
You were his. 
He knew it from the moment he watched you dismantle that overblown alchemist like a warrior queen. 
The day the council approved your betrothal he felt as if his world was ripped in half. 
It was unthinkable. 
How could you belong to his brother when it was his soul that burned for you?
Watching you stand next to Jin, smiling and accepting congratulations with that pleasantly vacant smile on your face, had been the last straw. 
That night he ran as far away as he could, hoping to escape you… but it was never far enough. 
You haunted him relentlessly.  And he soon discovered that there was no point in putting distance between you—
Not when you were already in his heart.  
In the end he returned to Dionysia determined to face his fate—only to find that he had been right all along. 
“I’ve always loved Sandflowers. Did you know that?”
You gasped as he began to press hot open-mouthed kisses down the column of your throat. 
“I-I didn’t know.” 
You didn’t know your own name at this point, so that wasn’t saying much. 
“It’s true,” he hummed, sucking a trail of pretty pink marks into the soft skin along your collarbone. You whined breathlessly at his boldness, losing yourself in each new sensation until he spoke again. 
“Sandflowers flourish and grow where nothing else can. They’re incredibly strong,” he pressed forward, melding the hard lines of his body into yours till his center ground against your throbbing core, “yet still so beautiful and soft.”
Nimble fingers pulled at the laced sides of your elegant betrothal dress—loosening the ties till he could slip through and brush over your bare skin. 
“They cannot be kept in vases on desks or in little glass houses… Nothing so fragile could ever contain them.”
You moaned needily and his breath caught as the sound of it curled through him like an echo from his wildest dreams. 
“I thought—”
“I know what you thought,” he whispered, fisting his hand in your hair to gain better access to the delectable curve of your neck. “And I let you think it because it was easier if you hated me.” 
Your eyes flew open as he reached lower, sliding his hands under your dress to fully reveal the smooth legs wrapped around his body. One firmly muscled thigh suddenly pressed directly into the warmth of your swollen cunt—
And then he began to move. 
“Jungkook—oh my gods!” 
Pleasure—urgent and messy—rippled out from your center in all directions, overtaking you in a way that felt utterly primal and uncivilized. Your body trembled as he rutted against yours folds, opening even further to accommodate that glorious new friction. 
The sounds he drew out of you were incoherent—unhinged even. Mindlessly, you moved to cover your lips but his hand suddenly closed over your wrist and pinned it to the wall. 
“You sound so sweet,” he murmured in between thrusts, “so perfect.”
Your gown was slowly coming apart, slipping further and further down till it barely clung to the swells of your breast.
The need building between your legs was fast becoming unbearable. You were racing toward some sort of breaking point when you felt his hands latch around your hips and lift you onto a nearby decorative table—shattering the lamp and what was certainly a priceless antique vase as he swept them aside to make room. 
The sound of glass breaking against the tile barely registered through the haze of desire pulsing between you—and neither of you noticed when the larger shards sprouted shimmering gossamer wings and began to flutter whimsically around the light fixtures. 
Instead you were mewling pitifully at the unacceptable emptiness between your thighs and pulling at him in an attempt to soothe your frustration. 
“Shhh,” he chuckled, “I’ve got you.”
His mouth played lazily over your skin as he leaned you back, lowering himself till his lips hovered over the greedy tips of your breasts.
Some distant part of your mind knew that this was beyond scandalous. 
The once beautiful betrothal garment pooled at your waist, leaving your top and bottom bare to the hungry gaze of a man who was definitely not your betrothed. 
Then his tongue darted out to give one tightened peak the slightest flick and you hissed as sensation twisted through you. 
“These are exquisite,” he mused naughtily and you whined in response—arching toward him without conscious thought as his words wound around you like the strangest spell—warming you from the inside out with their simple forthright magic. 
Finally he leaned forward and drew one tormented nub into his mouth with obvious obscene pleasure and—heavens above—it felt so good you almost blacked out. 
“Oh my—please yes,” you keened as he sucked noisily. 
Wetness flooded between your thighs as that desperate need for release continued to build recklessly. Your fingers curled into his hair as he serviced you, switching between the twin swells of your breast with greedy satisfaction till the stimulation was nearly overwhelming. 
“Gods what a dream you are” he growled, worrying your swollen nub gently between his teeth, “so bare and needy.” 
He moved forward to kiss you again and you gasped as his hand slid down to stroke the wet linen of your undergarments. 
“Does it feel like this when he touches you?” he whispered against your lips, letting his fingers trace your sodden slit with deliberate intent. 
You could only whimper in response as he continued, drawing the fabric aside to caress your bare folds. 
“Do you make these noises for him?”
You shook your head frantically. “No, Jin never—ah!”
Jungkook growled at the sound of his brother’s name on your lips and slid his fingers forward, breaching the tight heat of your virgin cunt for the first time.
The pain and pleasure were so sharp and deliciously potent that you threw your head back and cried out loud. 
“Of course not,” he snarled, “because he doesn’t want you like I do. He isn’t driven near to madness at the thought of you in another man’s arms.”
Your hips swayed forward desperately at the sudden foreign fullness—searching instinctively for more. Jungkook wasted no time locating that sweet secret spot inside of you, pressing and coaxing it with such reverent persistence it was almost spiritual. 
“That’s it, pretty one,” he murmured heatedly. “Take what you need.”
Wanton cries poured out as you rutted against his hand, rubbing your swollen clit lewdly over his knuckles while he moaned filthy praises against your skin. 
“Let me have you, Sandflower,” he whispered, curling his fingers into your soaked cunt till the arousal slid messily over his hand. “Let me show you what it’s like to be adored.”
“Yes!” you sobbed as a sharp peak of pleasure finally overtook you. 
Jungkook growled in triumph as he pressed his lips to yours again—savoring the sounds of your pleasure while he worked you gently through your first release. 
How could there be such a feeling in this world? 
And why was he the only one who had ever let you feel it—this indescribable thrill that transcended mere physical pleasure to approach something almost like…
You had barely a moment to recover from your high before Jungkook was hauling you off the table and fully into his arms. 
Vaguely you acknowledged that he was taking you to his room (and what was probably going to happen there) but you were too preoccupied with tearing him out of his shirt to worry about the consequences now.
Your bridges were burning and you fully intended to dance in the flames. 
Every room you stumbled past on the way to his chambers was steadily overtaken with the same strange magic that had bloomed through the drawing room. 
Fires spontaneously flared in dormant fireplaces, figurines twitched to life, newly sentient ancestral portraits looked down in scandalized confusion at the oblivious (and enthusiastic) couple staggering through their halls...
And Pippin went tearing out to hide in his miniature outdoor doggie castle after seeing a fox chase a colony of rabbits through the wallpaper in the dining room. 
Your clothes were fully discarded by the time you finally crashed over the threshold of the prince’s quarters in a scramble of limbs and hungry desperation. (The tattered remains of your expensive betrothal gown would later be discovered beneath a traumatized painting of Jungkook’s great aunt Mildred.)
“You cannot possibly know what you’ve done to me,” he whispered, lowering you onto his bed, “—how I’ve ached to be close to you...”
Part of you was so afraid that this was a trick. That you would wake up to discover that the words he was saying were nothing more than a cruel and elaborate lie—
But there was such utter conviction in his voice as he spoke—such awe in his gaze as he took in the sight of you uncovered before him. 
Yet you barely had time to be moved by it before he was kissing you again. 
An irresistible magnetism charged in the air between you, mixing potently with palpable relief and the downright joyous acceptance of a passion that—in hindsight—felt oddly inevitable. 
All you could think about—all you wanted— was him. The spark between you had been building for far too long. Now it blazed out of control.
Technically you had never explored this level of intimacy with a man before, but your body seemed to find rhythm with his instinctively—as if it had waited for the perfect moment to shake off its mask of civility and revel in its true primal purpose. 
You should have been self-conscious—shy even—but those impulses simply never arose … Not in his arms. Not with his words wrapping around you like the warmth of a morning sun. 
Arousal soaked the soft core of your body and Jungkook hissed in pleasure as the thick solid length of his cock slid messily over your folds. 
“This might hurt.”
“Doesn’t everything?” you asked softly. 
The words were out of your mouth before you could think to stop them and the prince’s eyes flew up to lock with yours. 
There was nothing between you now—no clothes, no defenses...
No regrets. 
“Yes... It did,” he whispered, “until you.”
Tears drifted down your cheek as you lifted your hand to his face. 
Then he surged forward—sinking himself into you entirely with one perfect thrust. 
The feel of him nestled deeply in your sensitive heat was equal parts overwhelming and addictive. Your body bowed back in primitive gratification and for a moment you swore the sky mural on the ceiling sparked with literal lightning. 
Power unlike anything Jungkook had ever experienced surged violently through his blood causing him to throw his head back with a mighty roar. 
What are you? he thought dizzily as pleasure and magic raged over him. What is happening
The initial pain from being stretched so tightly morphed instantaneously into hot molten pleasure and you surged forward, bringing your mouth to his again.
Jungkook leaned back against the headboard, pulling your intimately joined bodies upright till you were facing one another. 
“So good,” he gasped against your lips and your walls tightened at the sound of his praise. 
His hand drifted down between to stroke your clit and you shuddered, reveling in the combination of fullness and stimulation. Your hips jerked forward involuntarily and you both groaned at the delicious friction.
“Hold on to me,” he whispered. 
Then his hands clamped into the soft curve of your waist as he lifted you, sliding your heat up the solid length of his shaft only to slam you back down over him again. 
“Yes!” You were nearly incoherent with pleasure—reveling in the sheer strength it took to work you up and down on his cock.
Words spilled out past your lips like the tides of a rising flood—words of adoration and want whimpered prettily into his skin like a prayer as he worked himself in your cunt.
That explosive release was building up again; Jungkook could tell by the way your body trembled wantonly against his own. 
“Look at me,” he growled, “I wanna watch you fall apart.”
His words were like kindling on an already raging fire. Every time he spoke it made you hotter. 
Look at me, Jeon Jungkook. 
Look at what you’ve done to me. 
You drew back, opening your eyes to let him see you—dazed and euphoric as you bounced like a toy on his cock. 
The sound of him pistoning in and out of your sloppy wet cunt filled the air around you, braiding in between your keening and filthy lascivious moans—
But everything else fell away when your gaze finally locked together with his. 
No one had ever looked at you like that. 
Like you were priceless.
Like you were everything. 
“I never hated you,” you gasped, unable to let the truth go unspoken for another moment. 
A beautiful smile bloomed over his features. 
“I know.” 
You came then—tightening brutally around him like a velvet vice. Jungkook shook with restraint as he worked you through it, letting the feel of your release build into his own. 
“Your sweet little pussy is holding on to me so tight, Sandflower. Let me come inside you please? You like being full don’t you? Isn’t that why you’re so messy, baby? You just want to be filled.”
“Yes!” you screamed. 
“Say it,” he growled, digging his fingers into the soft rolls of your hips for leverage as his pace increased. “Tell me who made your little pussy this needy.”
“You did!”
“And what do you want me to do about it, huh?” 
“Fill me up please,” you sobbed deliriously. 
Your pretty begging sent him over the edge with a carnal groan. His head dropped heavily onto your shoulder as he spilled into your womb, filling you till the evidence of his pleasure ran down your leg.
“I’ll give you anything,” he swore. “Anything you want.”
Tumblr media
Dawn trickled in slowly through the windows, spreading soft tendrils of light over the bed where you lay next to him.
Your mind was torn between elation and guilt. But your body...
Your body could still feel the imprint of his fingers where they cupped your jaw—could still hear the tender words he whispered across your skin…
Anxiety and reality begin to claw through the haze of pleasure.
Oh gods… 
What have I done?
You were betrothed to his brother.
… Yet it was Jungkook’s name you called into the darkness.
Jungkook who broke through your maidenhead as you writhed and begged beneath him.
Your passion raged well into the night, and now you lay in knots beside him, watching his chest rise and fall in soothing rhythm even as your own thoughts spiraled out of control.
In the end, you wrenched your gaze away out of self-preservation. 
Dawn provided enough light to make out the books and artifacts lying haphazardly on the small drafting table next to his bed. Notes lay strewn among piles of discarded quills and glass bottles...
Then your eyes caught on a distinctive shape resting in a glass case near the center of the desk.
After a moment’s hesitation—you reached forward cautiously to retrieve it.
This must be his.
Jungkook’s bracelet was very different from his brother’s. Jin’s was ostentatious—covered in sparkling rubies and square-cut diamonds—it didn’t suit your tastes at all. In fact, you remembered cringing at the thought of wearing it for the rest of your life...
But this piece was exquisite.
Thick golden vines and delicate leaves braided intricately around each other in a complicated pattern to form the width of the band… 
It was the most beautiful bonding bracelet you had ever seen.
Suddenly Jungkook stirred beside you and your heart broke all over again.
How could I have been so blind?
Stifling a gasp, you could no longer hold back the tears that drifted down your cheek as you studied the bracelet—knowing you would hate whoever wore it.
Or perhaps it would never activate—not if Elaena was his soulmate. It would have died with her life force.
You turned to make sure Jungkook remained asleep.
For a moment… I can pretend...
I can pretend he’s mine.
Holding your breath you carefully slid the bracelet over your hand and pressed it to your wrist—right at the pulse point—
And it burned. For several seconds it burned everywhere—inside and out.
Then it stopped as abruptly as it began. Your eyes flew to your wrist in alarm–
It can’t be. 
The golden vines of Jungkook’s bracelet wove together in a perfect fit, bound irrevocably beneath a glowing rune directly above your pulse—the same rune that sealed every bracelet pair.
An Integra rune.
It meant complete.
Frantically you began to tug at the bracelet, but it molded stubbornly to your wrist and would not disengage. Panic closed in from every side.
This cannot be happening! I had no right! The Council will be furious—
And Jungkook…
I never meant to trap you.
“... Sandflower?”
The heat of the bond forming had roused the prince from a heavy slumber. For a moment his gaze was soft and disoriented—until it landed on the glowing bracelet wrapped around your wrist and his eyes widened in shock. 
You opened your mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Your soul was laid bare before him and he could destroy your with a word.
Tentatively he reached forward, lifting his fingers to trace the rune.
“Complete…” he breathed reverently. Then his eyes found yours. “It's complete.”
You gasped as he pulled you close, tenderly brushing away your tears.
“You are mine,” he whispered, unable to disguise the wonder in his voice.
Hope swelled in your chest.
“I love you.” 
The words escaped without conscious thought, but his smile came too quickly for you to regret them.
He kissed you then and you moaned happily against his mouth as he lifted you from the bed to gather you fully into his arms. After a long moment he drew back, resting his forehead tenderly against yours.
Joy warmed through him for the first time in nearly a decade.
“It’s so much more than I imagined.”
You smiled and shook your head. “What is?”
“Love,” he sighed against your lips. “Love when it’s real.”
This was real. 
Jeon Jungkook was yours. 
And you were his...
Happiness swirled around you in glorious waves—
Only to be replaced by absolute shock when your mind finally registered the state of Jungkook’s bedroom. 
“Oh my celestial gods! What happened?”
The entire chamber was—for lack of a better word—alive. 
Glass shard butterflies fluttered romantically around the windows. Thick leafy vines sprouted out from the wooden frames of the bed and chairs. The clouds painted over the ceiling drifted lazily across the plaster sky. The tea service on his dressing table was serving itself and the ancient sea battle painting positioned above the fireplace raged violently within its frame—complete with canon fire and tiny little pirates sword-fighting across the canvas decks. 
Jungkook huffed out an astonished chuckle as he took it all in. 
“Actually… I think it was… us.”
A hysterical laugh bubbled up in your throat. 
Perhaps the rush of the bond forming has made him delirious. 
“Jeon Jungkook… I’m not sure what you were up to last night, but I was certainly far too busy to enchant your bedroom furniture with…” you shook your head incredulously, “wildly advanced magic.”
Jungkook crossed his arms and leaned forward in mock disapproval. 
“There you go again, Sandflower, assuming the world revolves around you—”
“It should, you know. I’m very important.”
“Of course you are—but do recall that I said it was us—not you. And it's true—we are absolutely the cause.” He smiled softly, letting his gaze wander around the room again. “Honestly it was so obvious every time we fought—I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out sooner...”
Jungkook’s expression was radiant when he finally turned back to you. His whole body seemed to hum with barely contained excitement. 
“You’re a polarity mage.”
“I’m… I’m a what?”
“A polarity mage—it’s an ancient magic—no one’s seen it in centuries because all the bloodlines that carried it were lost but…” his eyes darted over to where his quills were writing nasty notes to each other about who had the sharper tip, “it’s the only explanation.”
You drew back and began aggressively massaging your temples. A lot had happened in the last twenty-four hours and your brain was starting to hurt. 
“Jungkook, you’ll have to walk me through this—I’ve never even heard of polarity magic and now you’re saying I’ve used it—”
“Polarity mages can reverse the nature of any magic. They’re the natural counterpart of a necromancer because their abilities combine to form a balanced symbiotic pair.” 
He turned toward the dresser and carefully retrieved his favorite set of earrings. Then he held out his hand to reveal the two little jewelry bits dancing excitedly over his palm. 
“A necromancer can drain and manipulate life force—but we cannot increase or transfer it. However, when our energy combines with the aura of a polarity mage the result is—”
“Creative magic...” 
Your eyes widened in shock. 
Creative magic was nearly impossible to perform—the skill and experience required was extraordinary. What he was saying could not possibly be true…
And yet everything around you testified that it was. 
“But... how could I not have known?” 
Jungkook grinned. 
“Because polarity magic is mostly dormant until activated by a profound emotional catalyst—which—in this case…” he leaned forward to brush his lips gently over yours, “was me.”
“Mmm,” you hummed as he leisurely explored your neck with his mouth as if he hadn’t just dropped a life-altering revelation in your lap. “So am I going to have to hear about how you awakened my magic for the rest of our lives?”
“You really do know me so well,” he sighed, nosing playfully at the silky skin beneath your jaw. 
Unfortunately, the earrings—sensing they were about to be dropped—chose that moment to dig their spiky hooks into the meaty flesh of his palm. 
“Nasty little beasties aren’t you,” he chuckled. drawing back to dislodge the bloodthirsty jewelry. 
Your eyes widened in shock once again. 
“Jungkook… your scar…” Your gaze flew to your own hand and you gasped—not quite believing what you were seeing. “Our-our scars they’re—”
They were gone.
Completely gone—as if they had never been there to begin with. 
You ran your fingers over that small patch of flesh that had once symbolized the inescapable stain of your past. 
But there was nothing. 
Jungkook had fallen completely silent. After a moment you finally lifted your head to discover that his eyes were welling with tears. 
“I understood—somewhere in the back of my mind—that creative magic had healing and restorative potential, but I never expected—” the words caught painfully in his throat and he clenched his jaw as the emotions threatened to overwhelm him. “...I thought I would die with that scar.”
The significance of his words—of this moment—was not lost on you.
You had both come to believe that the damage inflicted by your pasts was irreversible. 
And you were wrong. Gloriously wrong. 
Healing and restoration were entirely possible when the two of you were together. 
Jungkook wrapped his arms tightly around you and for a long while you simply held on to one another in tearful silence. 
“My abilities were a curse,” he whispered, “but you have made them a redemption.”
Tumblr media
Six Hours Later...
Jungkook shifted uncomfortably as his brother paced about the room.
“And she just… went to bed with you like she wasn’t betrothed to me two hours beforehand?”
“I’m not sure if answering that is—”
“She did. It… happened.” He cleared his throat. “Repeatedly.”
He tried very hard not to grin.
Jin pretended not to notice.
“And you’re willing to face the consequences of this? To potentially fight our parents—the Council—centuries of sacred tradition… For her?”
“I was willing to cross many lines for Elaena,” Jungkook’s fists clenched, “—but nothing will separate me from her.” He rose to his full height and loomed menacingly. “And that includes you.”
A small smile twitched at the corner of Jin’s mouth.
“Good. That’s what she deserves.”
Jungkook’s jaw dropped. His eyes narrowed suspiciously.
“You’re being awfully accommodating and supportive right now, big brother…”
“Well… The thing is—” Jin shook his head. “Okay. Let me start over.” He took a deep breath. “Do you remember that deranged woman who drives me absolutely insane?”
Jungkook blinked several times and Jin attempted to be more specific.
“You know—the one from work who keeps bothering me with her face and her hip swaying and her total inability to see reason—”
“… Lin Yuna? That sweet archivist who bakes cookies for everyone?”
“Everyone but me!”
“My mistake,” Jungkook coughed.
“Yes… Well—she’s an expert on bonding bracelets. So I headed directly over to her office when my bracelet didn’t close to see if she could check it for some sort of… hex–or something—”
"You have no idea how craft works, do you?”
“None whatsoever.”
“Alright then—”
“Well we got in a fight—because she is the most unreasonable woman in the entire kingdom. And I accused her of being jealous—for some reason. Then she accused me of being an impulsive hot-head—which was rude. So I grabbed my bracelet and shouted ‘how’s this for impulsive!’ and I slipped it right over her hand and–”
“It closed.”
“It bloomin closed! On the wrist of a woman who has literally dumped tea on me five separate times!”
“Well… What did she do?”
“She screamed at me for a solid hour.” Jin’s face broke into a slow grin. “Then she screamed my name for several solid hours.” His eyes glazed over a bit. “I am unreasonably in love with her.”
Jungkook groaned and ran his hand over his face.
“Ooh, we are in so much trouble.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Mom is going to kill us.”
“Exactly—which is why I think it might be best if we approach the Council together and explain to them—and our parents—why we’ve been casually slapping sacred bonding bracelets on women.”
“Technically my woman was the one slapping—”
“-the bracelet.” Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Gods, you’re an animal.”
“That’s what Yuna said–”
“I am formally begging you to stop.”
Jin chuckled, raising his hands in mock surrender while Jungkook indulged in a generous chug of his wine. 
“That reminds me, little brother… Is there a reason all of our silverware can talk now? It made for a rather off-putting snack.” He shivered. “My fork started screaming every time I tried to take a bite of cheesecake.”
“... And you still kept eating it?”
“Of course I did. I’m a grown man. Wailing flatware is not going to keep me from cheesecake.”
Jungkook bit his lip—his eyes squeezed shut—
“It wasn’t that funny,” Jin grumbled several minutes later while his brother wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. 
“Yes. Yes it was.”
The elder prince just shook his head and sighed. “So… the Royal Council. Together?”
“I think that’s probably for the best.”
“... You have any idea what you’re going to say?”
Jungkook let out a long breath.
“How does ‘I seduced my brother’s betrothed the moment I found out she couldn’t marry him’ sound?”
Jin winced.
“Needs work.”
Tumblr media
Endnote: This story gave me a ton of trouble and I had to tear it apart and put it back together so many times I lost count. It has been through a hundred different versions (I originally posted a very different version of it for another fandom, but it barely resembles that early draft). Feedback and support is incredibly powerful magic. Even just the love you guys left on the teaser helped me with pushing through and posting. Please let me know what you thought of my story. I promise to treasure every word you say. The love people show my work fuels my creativity and keeps me posting. Truly it means so much...
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ot7always · a year ago
Oh My God, They Were (Quarantined) Roommates
Tumblr media
ty to my love @wwilloww​​​​ for the banner!
Word Count: 22.8k 
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: College/Roommates AU, fluff, smut
Warnings: *takes deep breath* soft dom!Jungkook, sub!reader, dirty talk, vibrator use, fingering, size kink, hair pulling, pussy slapping, degradation, praise, unprotected sex, overstimulation, creampie, multiple orgasms, cum-eating, oral (m&f receiving), marking, spanking, face-fucking, rough sex, morning sex, soft sex, body worship, teasing, rimming, ass-eating, anal fingering, butt plug use, anal sex, cumshot, aftercare (don’t stress, this isn’t all one scene fhkfdlghfd)
Rating: 18+
Summary: What do you do when you’re quarantined for months on end with Jeon Jungkook - S tier cuddler, workout robot, and thirst trap extraordinaire? Fuck him, you guess.
A/N: Here it is a day early because I finished editing it and I have approximately 0 self-control when it comes to holding my works back to post at a later date. Hopefully this doesn’t inconvenience anyone FHKFDLGHFD
I literally worked away at this fic everyday for the past 3+ weeks, and I’m so glad it’s finally here! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and please do let me know what you think. A comment means the world to me! 
Big thank you to everyone who showed interest in this fic as I was working on it, as well as the lovely people in the BSH discord who gave me motivation to write every day along the way!
You sat on the couch of your shared apartment, scrolling mindlessly through social media once again. It wasn’t as though you had many other choices of activity. Being university students on break, the quarantine had ripped both yours and Jungkook’s summer job opportunities right from beneath you.
So here you were, month three of minimal contact with the outside world, sitting on the couch you may as well call your home within a home.
You learned very quickly that Facebook was definitely not the app of choice to pass time on, seeing as you only ended up angry at the amount of bad takes visible within the first 5 minutes of browsing. No, you chose to favour Instagram instead, seeing as you could just scroll through food porn, beautiful people, and memes for hours on end.
It definitely was not because your roommate’s thirst traps tended to dominate your feed there. Definitely not. At all.
No, you definitely were not staring at a picture of Jeon Jungkook half naked on your screen right now. His pecs were definitely not glistening, his hair was not pulled back into a messy man bun and he was not wearing grey sweatpants so tight you could see the outline of his c-
Glancing up from your phone, you confirmed that Jungkook was still across the room from you. Luckily for your self-control, he still had his clothes on as he did his bicep curls. Unluckily for you, though, he happened to be sitting down, legs spread wide. Which meant his black Adidas trackpants were stretched deliciously over his bulging thighs, the fabric moulded perfectly to his skin.
You whipped your gaze down to your phone and back onto him just one more time. Just to make sure he wasn’t looking. Finally certain he was physically unable to teleport from across the room to right over your shoulder, you allowed your thumb to hover over his username. The black text was calling out to you, fearsome and daunting. bunwithguns97. You took a deep breath. You knew what was awaiting you on the other side.
You brought your thumb down with a tap. And-
You’d made a terrible mistake. There was skin everywhere. Biceps. Abs. Thighs. Calves. Pecs. Rows and rows of them. God, how much did this kid post?
You needed to get laid. Except the only lay-able human being you could come into contact with in good conscience was the man across the room, breathily counting reps. Was that how he sounded when he-
Nope. Not going there.
You hadn’t always been this thirsty for one Mr. Jeon Jungkook. In fact, you had lived together for over a year, and been friends even longer. Of course, you’d always known of his attractiveness and his gym rat tendencies. You’d even lived for months and months with him without any issue at all. Hell, you’d even filmed some of those damn workout videos for him in the past.
But you missed people. It was nothing against Jungkook, but you missed warm touches and gentle caresses and cuddling and kissing and fucking. And yes, maybe you were at a point with Jungkook where you could sit closely and he’d think nothing of it. But god, you wanted more. You didn’t even have an excuse to hug him hello or goodbye when neither of you even left the apartment.
If you were being honest, you could feel the desire growing with time. The impulse to crawl into his lap when he lounged around in his huge comfy shirts and navy-blue sweats. To hug him from behind when he was making food on the stove. To shove your face into his freshly washed hair. You didn’t even think it had anything to do with the fact that it was Jungkook. More than anything, you just missed intimacy, missed the comfort of being wrapped up in another human being.
You sighed. Jungkook’s arms were so big, the least he could do was envelop you in them. For the good of your health and sanity.
A notification sounding into your earphones had you glancing back at your phone screen, once again met with the sight of golden skin and a startling lack of clothing. Did he think it was subtle to pull his pants down just enough to have your eyes yearning to follow the happy trail?
Right in the middle of your screen, you noticed a video you hadn’t seen yet. Not that you kept close tabs on his videos.
Checking just one more time to make sure Jungkook wasn’t looking (he was just sitting drinking water), you tapped. No going back.
When the video loaded, you were greeted by the sight of Jungkook laying on a bench, sheer white t-shirt soaked through with sweat, dumbbells held above his head. But no, that was not the deadliest thing about the video. You had, after all, seen the thumbnail.
No, the most dangerous thing was the sound directed straight into your eardrums. You wished you could say the breathless groans he let out as he brought the weights down and back up were exaggerated. But no. You could attest to the fact that he really was that... loud. And maybe that was partially the reason you would sometimes sit at the nearby table for much longer than it should take any one person to eat a meal.
You couldn't help the shiver that went down your spine at the breathless pants delivered directly to your ears with startling clarity. The loud groan not a second later had you biting down on your lip. Did he have to sound like... that? Unwilling to admit to yourself that heat did indeed flare in your lower region at the sinful noises, you quickly tapped the home button, calling off Instagram for the rest of the day. Perhaps Tumblr would actually load images for you today so you could browse there instead.
You almost pinched yourself when the noises didn't stop. Was your phone already broken?
Ripping the buds from your ears, you lifted your gaze only to be met by a sight that had your mouth dropping open. He had since stripped his top half bare, his back facing you. Only metres away, Jungkook was dangling from the pull-up bar, grunts forced from his chest as he brought himself up. His skin was ridiculously smooth, muscles rippling as he moved. The bulge of his biceps, the arch of his spine, the little moans, they were all just so close. Would it be weird to go up to him and drag your fingers along the length of his back?
Good lord. You needed a nap.
You awoke to light rapping at your bedroom door, accompanied by Jungkook's soft voice. "Y/N! Can I come in? I'm gonna order food."
You groaned at the disruption, moving to rub the sleep from your eyes. You hadn't even noticed you'd fallen asleep. Having gotten more than your daily dose of Jungkook-watching, you retired from the couch to your bed to continue your important scrolling duties in peace.
Fumbling around for your phone, you checked to find that you'd thankfully only been asleep for around 20 minutes. "Sure," you called out weakly, brain still half-foggy.
He strolled into your room, laptop in hand, but paused when he took in your sleepy form under the covers. "Sorry, I didn't think you were sleeping. I can come back later-"
"No, no, don't worry," you assured, wanting to quickly erase the wide-eyed alarm that had taken over his features. You patted the bed beside you, cracking a smile at his grin, his massive body still finding a way to bound over to your bed cutely. Oh, the duality of man.
He settled into bed beside you, laptop resting on crossed legs to show you everywhere available to order from. You leaned in, resting your head against his bicep. Purely for laptop-viewing purposes, of course. He glanced at you in surprise. While you were usually physically affectionate with some of your friends, he didn't think he was one of them.
He suppressed a smile at the sight of you in the corner of his eye. You still looked half-asleep, eyes blinking heavily, a slight pout decorating your face as you looked at the screen. Cute, he thought.
As muscular as he was, you were startled to find that he was actually quite comfortable to lay against. Unless that was the lack of recent comparison talking.
“What did you want to get?” you mumbled, adjusting yourself against Jungkook to get more comfortable. He was always incredibly warm for some reason. He must have taken a shower while you were asleep, the faint citrus scent of his shampoo evident whenever he shifted.
“I was thinking maybe Thai. Or Japanese?”
You hummed your agreement, eyes shuttering closed. You had gotten up earlier than usual to call with a friend across the planet, the lack of sleep finally seeming to have caught up to you.
“I opened up the usual places. Did you want to decide-” he started, but cut himself off when he felt your head slump forward. He turned, taking in the peaceful expression on your face, your breaths quiet and even. He felt a pang of guilt flow through him. He should have let you rest, knowing how little sleep you'd gotten.
Using his one free arm, he quickly placed your usual order at the Thai place 10 minutes away, shutting his laptop once done. Hopefully you weren’t harbouring the need to spontaneously change the same order you’d been getting since he met you.
Not wanting to disturb you, he slowly and carefully pulled his phone from his pocket, resigning himself to the fact that he would be sitting in the same position for half an hour at minimum. But he couldn’t bring himself to move. You weren’t exactly known to be a heavy sleeper, and he doubted his ability to extract himself without waking you up.
And... maybe he liked it a little bit.
It had been so long since he’d had someone close like this, the fact that you felt comfortable enough to sleep next to him creating an unexplainable warmth in his chest. Would it be weird if he tucked you under your arm to bring you closer? He was certain it would be more comfortable for you than simply resting against his arm.
Recognizing that it might be strange to stare at his roommate who only accidentally fell asleep on him, he shot his gaze away. Electing to focus on his phone instead, he opened up Instagram, grin lighting up his face as he scrolled through the comments on his most recent selfie. After scrolling through what had to be over 100 comments (majority of which included the eggplant emoji), he jumped at the sound of the buzzer ringing through the apartment earlier than expected.
The noise had you blearily blinking your eyes open, taken aback when the sight in front of you didn’t include restaurant choices on Jungkook’s laptop. When you realized your room was significantly darker than you remembered, embarrassment ran through you.
“Did I fall asleep?”
“Yup!” came his oddly-chipper reply, Jungkook pulling away from you to walk towards the front door.
You followed him out, grabbing hold of the laptop he’d left behind. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”
“It seemed like you needed it.”
His response had you pause, momentarily caught off guard. As much as you were good friends who talked daily, you didn’t realize he paid attention to you that closely. Nor did you realize he wouldn’t find it awkward to have you that close.
“Thanks,” you shot him a shy smile, returned by one of his own. Why did this feel so awkward? You didn’t usually think twice about using your friends as a pillow. What made Jungkook any different? The fact that he was your roommate? The fact that he was one of the most attractive men you’d ever seen in your life?
You set up the living room as he grabbed the food, settling into your usual place on the couch. When he joined you, setting your favourite noodle bowl in front of you, your eyes lit up, mouth salivating.
“God, you know you’re my favourite person in the whole world?” you breathed, the day’s hunger hitting you all at once. All former awkwardness was forgotten as you lifted the lid from your dinner as if unearthing a sacred treasure.
“Aren’t I the only other person in your world right now?” he laughed, digging into his own food without further ado.
“Take the compliment,” you pouted before following suit. Normally, you would have set up something to watch on the TV, but you were far too hungry to focus on anything else. To be honest, you couldn’t even remember what time you’d last eaten. Time seemed to pass differently when you spent all day, every day at home.
It wasn’t long before you’d both finished eating, room quiet except for the clinking of chopsticks and slurping of noodles. It was a comfortable silence, one that you were more than used to after living together so long. Both of you loved food a bit too much to waste time talking when you could be eating while the meal’s hot.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” you asked, dinner having been eaten and cleaned up. It was tradition by now that you two would sit here after dinner to chat, watch TV, or game. At least one good thing that had come out of this quarantine was that you’d been able to grow a lot closer to each other, now somewhere between “friends” and “best friends.” You thanked the heavens every day that you were stuck with someone who meshed with you so well.
“Sure. What are we feeling?” he replied, opening up Netflix on his laptop nearby. You’d need to send a personal thank you to Netflix for continuing to add new content so often for how much you lived on their website.
“Anything’s fine. I trust that your taste isn’t awful,” you teased.
“It isn’t!”
“I know. Relax, big guy.” You patted his shoulder, giggling at the affronted look on his face, pout threatening to take over. It was at that moment you realized how firm that shoulder really was. It really did seem that every inch of his body was laced with muscle. Did he make a sacrifice to some god so he could be both rock hard and comfortable to lay on? Sure, seeing him shirtless was one thing, but touching was another. And like hell if you weren’t going to take every opportunity for touch you could get right now. You squeezed gently before you could talk yourself out of it, amazed when the flesh barely gave beneath your fingers.
“Wow... are you, like... ripped everywhere?” Wh-
Why did you say that? Did they slip alcohol into your noodles? Has it just been scientifically proven that lack of physical contact deletes brain cells? As you opened your mouth to backtrack, change the topic, scream, anything - you were cut off by the sound of Jungkook’s soft laughter.
“I don’t know, Y/N. Am I?”
You furrowed your brow, pulling away from him slightly. “Huh?”
“Wouldn’t you know better than me?”
“Excuse me, sir. What is that supposed to mean?”
“You’re the one who lurks on my Instagram.”
You were sure you were gaping like a fish right about now, Jungkook looking like he’s won at life. “I do not lurk on your Instagram!”
“That’s not what Yoongi told me.”
“WHAT!?” You were going to kill that man. To tell something to your best friend in confidence and have him betray you like this. While you were busy fuming, it appeared that Jungkook pulled up a conversation on his phone.
“’Hey kid, can you do something so Y/N can stop texting me about how thirsty she is? Either put a shirt on or f-’”
“Hey!” he interjected, grabbing at your wrists to stop you from turning away. When you directed what you hoped was an angry glance his way, you felt heat shoot to your face at the sight of him still chuckling.
Yanking a hand from his grip, you used it to poke aggressively into his chest. His very, very, firm chest. That you’d seen numerous times. The chest that was golden and perfect and crafted from marble-
“Look here, Jeon Jungkook,” you started, head held high. “This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that you are just a human being.”
“Are you sure those things are mutually exclusive?”
“Shut up! As you know, these are very trying times. Times where we need to get used to new normals. Times never before seen.”
“Are you aware that you sound like a Spotify ad?”
“And I am doing my best to adjust!” you raised your voice, hoping to tune out Jungkook and his witty responses and his still laughing face. “But you see, I am but a feeble human myself, just a lone creature in a big world. A slave to the limitations of humanity.”
“I have literally no idea where you’re going with this, but please, continue.”
“Jungkook, did you know there is a real biological consequence for a lack of human touch? Because I didn’t. But because of Google, now I do. Did you know touch is one of the best ways to relieve stress? Did you know touch helps to remove stress hormones?”
“I did, actually, I took anatomy-”
“And I am stressed! I am suffering! I haven’t been held by another human being in 3 months! Three months! Do you know what that feels like?
“Our experiences are quite literally the same-”
“I am going crazy! Can you blame me for being attracted to an attractive man? The attractive man in my house? Can you!?” Your breaths were coming out in pants, finally out of air after your little tangent.
“...So do you want, like, a hug?”
“Yes, I want a hug! I’ve never wanted a hug more in my entire life! I feel so lonely-”
You were abruptly cut up by Jungkook’s chest colliding with your face, his arms coming around your back to hold you snugly to him. While you’d momentarily tensed up in surprise, you wrapped your arms around him in return, nuzzling your face into his chest. And if anyone asked, no, you did not make a noise somewhere between a groan and a whimper at the first hug you’ve had in what felt like years.
You just knew he would give incredible hugs. Nobody could be that big and wear such soft clothes and have such soft hair and smell faintly of vanilla and lavender and not give amazing hugs.
You didn’t know how long you stood there like that, but what you did know is that you didn’t want it to end. You let yourself melt into his embrace, eyes closed, simply basking in his warmth. You couldn’t help the tiny hum you let out when his hand rose from your waist to cradle your head.
“You know you could’ve just hugged me this whole time, right?” he said, voice low and close to your ear. You tried not to shudder at the sudden intimacy of the situation.
“I was afraid of making things awkward,” you mumbled into his chest, slightly peeved at the interruption to the best thing you’ve experienced in ages.
When he started pulling away from you, you made a noise of protest, tightening your hold so he couldn’t leave. You felt, rather than heard, the rumble of laughter in his chest.
“Come sit,” he instructed, tugging you over to the couch. It was a bit of a messy shuffle considering you wouldn’t let him put more than an inch of distance between you. However, it was all worth it when you settled curled up in his lap, face tucked into his neck. You laid there together in silence for several minutes, his slow breathing easing you slowly toward dreamland.
“I missed having this too, you know,” he said lowly, muffled partially by the fact that he had his face pushed into your hair.
“You smell good,” you muttered sleepily, brushing your nose along the smooth skin of his neck. The soft touch brought goosebumps to his skin, his neck arching imperceptively in search of more attention. Truly, if he knew you wanted – no, needed, to cuddle that bad, it would have happened already. Especially when he wanted this just as bad as you seemed to.
“You’re cute.” He breathed a laugh at your antics over the past 20 minutes or so. All he wanted was to tease you a bit, wanted to watch you flounder for a response. He didn’t expect to get yelled at about human needs, and certainly didn’t expect to end up here. Here, with his roommate in his lap, your slow breaths gentle against his skin. You let out a tiny noise of content when he sunk his hand into your hair to scratch lightly at your scalp.
It didn’t take long for him to notice that you had fallen asleep like this, your body completely limp against his. He really didn’t have it in him to wake you up, not when you seemed more at ease than you had in weeks. He’d known you were having a tough time dealing with the frustration and lack of productivity that came from quarantine, and part of him wished he’d known it would’ve been this easy to make it better for you.
So, as much as he wanted to tease you, he understood. The comfort he felt having the weight of your body on his was proof enough that he understood. Now that he thought about it, you had always been a subtly touchy person. Casually leaning on everyone, grabbing onto your friends’ elbows when walking side by side... it was no wonder the loss of all that affected you.
Settling back comfortably into the couch, he let his eyes flutter shut, shifting until his head was properly supported. If you were going to nap, he figured he might as well nap too. It wasn’t as though the options for activities with a grown adult moulded to your front were very broad.
It was with the warmth of you laid against him, your head tucked neatly into the space between his shoulder and neck, that he fell into the most restful sleep he’d had in months.
Jungkook’s escape from slumber came in several stages. First, the slow rise to consciousness, the dark fog receding from his brain. Then, the subtle stretch of his limbs, shifting to release the stiffness. With this came the realization of the weight on top of him. Wait-
Eyes whipping open in panic, his gaze darted around the room before settling on the sight of you in the exact same position as earlier, the memory rushing back. The way you’d so passionately shared your case for why you found him attractive. The way you practically melted into his embrace soon after, the notion of your bodies disconnecting too ridiculous to fathom.
There was a faint sheen of light cast over the living room, a stark difference to the pitch black of the sky he last remembered. Reaching out to grab his discarded phone, he was startled to find that it was 5:30 in the morning – you two had slept the whole night away.
“Y/N,” he called out softly, rubbing nonsensical patterns into your back. It was only moments later that you let out a quiet groan, shifting within his hold. It was unsurprising – you were always notoriously easy to wake up.
“You’re comfy,” you mumbled, making no effort to move from Jungkook’s lap. He was warm, firm yet comfortable, and most importantly, the first person you’ve been able to cuddle with in months. No, there was no way you were moving on your own accord.
“You’re cute,” he responded, trying and failing to stifle the laughter escaping his chest. He was expecting you to complain about his teasing, but you only moved to wrap your previously-limp arms around his waist.
“Can we do this again?” you asked, a twinge of fear making its way into your voice, your hold on him tightening. What would you do if he said no? Would you need to make this one night last for another 3 months? You tensed, prepared to take his rejection.
“Of course we can do this again.”
You pulled away from him, surprised at his lack of hesitation. “Really?” you asked, your wide eyes meeting his sleepy ones.
“It’s not like I didn’t enjoy this. I need it too.” Boy, did he ever.
“Promise?” You stuck out your pinky finger, the look on your face alarmingly serious.
He had to bite his lip to keep himself from laughing, but brought his pinky to wrap around yours. He tried not to think about how small your hands were in comparison. “Promise.”
With that, a smile took over your face, mood completely turned around. You hopped off your newfound body pillow, mind feeling lighter than ever before. “I’m gonna go shower. I’ll make breakfast when I come back!” You made your way to your room, the slightest skip in your step.
With you finally out of sight, he allowed the chuckles to break free, hand raising to run his fingers through his hair. He couldn’t help the blush that rose to his cheeks at the memory of your body and all its softness right up against him.
Fuck, you were cute.
And thus began your... odd relationship. Well – odd at first. You’d quickly become accustomed to holding each other close, exchanging casual hugs over the course of the day. At night, you huddled together on the couch, sometimes falling asleep there and waking up cozy, but with sore necks. Weeks went by with your newfound routine, your mood lifting more and more as the days went by.
There was only one unspoken rule.
You never brought it to your rooms. Why? You didn’t know. Neither of you had ever suggested it, and so your sometimes-horizontal cuddling sessions remained on the couch. Neither of you knew why your bedrooms would be strangely off-limits, but something just felt too intimate about sharing a bed. Somehow more intimate than what you already did together.
Maybe it was for the best. Maybe it would put a hamper on the dwindling of your self-control, made worse by the press of Jungkook’s hard body against your own.
Yes, you told him quite ardently that you only creeped his profile and complained of his attractiveness because of your lack of human contact.
So why were you still sitting on the couch right this instant, scrolling through his Instagram?
Well, the answer to that was simple: you were still a thirsty bitch. Maybe your need for cuddling was quenched, but it didn’t change the fact that you hadn’t gotten good dick in ages. Your vibrator and fingers could only do so much. And, well, who could blame you for getting more and more horny for a man who not only had a beautiful body, but has also proved his talent in cuddling?
You’d need to check if there was a scientific explanation for this, too.
He kept calling you cute, right? And you knew for a fact that were multiple occasions where he’d called you attractive, occasions where you’d dressed up for the club and he’d comment on how good you looked. There had to be something there, right? How hard would it be to convince him to fuck you into next y-
Jungkook’s voice ringing through your apartment shocked you out of your thoughts, your phone falling from your hand to the cushion below. What were you thinking? If your past self saw you here fantasizing about fucking your roommate, she would slap you.
“Yeah?” you called out in response, rising from the couch to make your way towards his voice. Where was he? You hadn’t been paying very close attention to what he was doing, and so you made your way towards his bedroom. When you saw that his door was open and he wasn’t there, you paused.
“Can you grab me a towel?”
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.
When you’d so kindly decided to throw Jungkook’s towel in with your own when you went to do laundry, you didn’t expect this as a consequence. You didn’t expect the gods to be testing you yet again, and yet there you were, grabbing a towel from the linen closet and taking deep breaths in preparation.
The bathroom door was unlocked, your hand slowly reaching out to grab hold and turn it.
“I’m coming in, yeah?”
This was anything but okay. You turned the knob. The mere thought that Jungkook in all his naked, muscled, wet glory would be separated from you only by a foggy glass door had your heart racing. You stepped into the room, your gaze immediately going to the shower stall, and-
Holy fuck.
The blurry silhouette of Jungkook you expected to receive was definitely not what you got. No, he must take cooler showers than you because fuck.
Your view of him was almost entirely unobstructed, the minimal fog doing nothing to hinder your vision of his backside. Thank god his back was turned to you, because you didn’t know what you would do if he saw you gaping right now. His wide shoulders tapered to a tiny waist, his ass firm, thighs huge – fuck. How were you ever going to get this image out of your head?
“Leave it on the counter?” came Jungkook’s calm voice, completely oblivious to the fact that you were shamelessly ogling his naked body. Was he aware you could see through the door perfectly? Did he care?
“I-you-right!” you stammered, tossing the towel onto the counter and hightailing your way out of there, slamming the door on your way out.
You went straight to your room, shutting the door behind you and quickly making your way to your nightstand drawer. You pulled out your bullet vibrator, your new best friend since quarantine had started. The heat between your legs was only growing, and you refused to sit there and do nothing about it.
Tossing the vibrator to the bed and shedding your clothes, you climbed onto the mattress, adjusting yourself until you were lying comfortably on your back. You had no intention of drawing this out - you needed relief, and you needed it now. Lest you jump a certain person whose name begins with ‘J’ and ends with ‘ungkook.’
You spread your legs without further ceremony, fingers dipping into your folds immediately. A shiver shot up your spine at the contact, and you had half a mind to be embarrassed at the slickness you found there. Fuck Jungkook and the effect he had on you and his perfect body and his beautiful voice and his stupid existence. Why couldn’t you have been quarantined with someone who wasn’t literally the most immaculate being on the entire planet? Would that have made things easier or harder?
Your pointer finger rose to lightly brush against your clit, your spine arching at the rush of pleasure that flooded your veins. You bit your lip as you started making harder circles around the bud, your hips rising to push closer to the source of your pleasure. Breaths beginning to come out in pants, you brought your other hand down to run through your folds, your arousal more than enough to coat your fingers.
You let out a low whine as you pushed two fingers inside, your walls warm and wet, clenching at the intrusion. You were already impossibly wet, the thrusting of your fingers met with no resistance, your movements on your clit only quickening. As good as it felt, you needed more.
You groaned as you slipped in a third finger, the stretch glorious as you scissored your fingers inside, your eyes slamming shut. As much as the stretch that came was satisfying, your mind couldn’t help but to wander to someone else’s hands. Hands that held your waist so assuredly, hands that made you feel so small in their hold. Hands that were so much bigger than yours, that could fill you up so much better, fingers that could stretch you wide in preparation for something more. Hands that were more than strong enough to just hold you down and take.
Your walls clenched at the thought, a new rush of wetness soaking your fingers. Euphoria rising, the familiar twist in your abdomen inched closer and closer, and you were eager to get the most out of your pleasure. Removing the hand from your clit, you reached blindly at your sheets beside you, clenching in anticipation when you finally wrapped your fingers around your vibrator.
Patience dwindling, you flicked the power on quickly. Pressing it against your bud, your hips bucked up in response, heat flowing through you in waves as the vibrations spurred new wetness in you. You allowed moans to fall freely from your mouth as you fucked yourself on your fingers, your body creeping closer and closer to the precipice.
When you shifted the toy against you, metal hitting your clit more directly, your orgasm hit you all at once. The pleasure filled up your veins, your walls clamping down on your fingers like a vise as a loud whine escaped your chest. You rode out the waves until the bliss turned to discomfort, tossing the vibrator onto your sheets and removing your fingers with a hiss.
It was when you came down from your high, breaths evening out, eyes blinking open, that the realization of what just happened hit you all at once.
Did you really rush to your room to get yourself off after seeing Jungkook’s naked backside?
Did you really fantasize about his thick fingers thrusting into you while you lost yourself to his touch?
Was heat really returning between your legs again at the notion?
Frantic footsteps sounding through the hallway followed by Jungkook’s bedroom door slamming broke you free from your thoughts, mind freezing at the sound.
He couldn’t have just come from the bathroom. He should have been out of the bathroom less than 5 minutes after your departure – it didn’t take that long to dry off and get dressed.
You were certain you’d left the bathroom at least 15 minutes ago.
The kitchen and living room were in the opposite direction from where you heard him walking.
So, where was he?
After dinner that same day, you were laying on the couch with Jungkook, as per usual these nights. You were both lying down, your body entirely on top of him, head resting against his chest, eyes in the direction of the television. You could hear his strong yet calm heartbeat in your ear, the sound along with his warm hand on your waist bringing to you a sense of tranquility.
But, still, there wasn’t enough peace that could distract you from the hard planes of Jungkook’s body pressed up against you. The firm muscles of his thighs and calves pressed against you where you’d tangled your legs together, the ridges of his abdomen pressed against yours.
You’d thoroughly convinced Jungkook to watch the Hamilton movie with you. Considering you’d already watched it by yourself twice as soon as it dropped, you figured it would be nice to share your passion with someone else.
He was surprisingly more receptive than you’d anticipated, never having pegged him for a musicals fan. Maybe when he was locking himself up in his room to “game” he was really watching Disney movies. You were truly proud of him. He laughed at all the right parts, sighed at others. Yes, you were checking.
But if you were being honest, you had to admit that you were paying more attention to Jungkook than you were the show. Considering you knew the entire show by heart after all these years, you were sure you could be forgiven. It seemed there had reached a point in your “relationship” where the relief at human touch was overtaken by the need to be touched elsewhere, more intimately.
You were doing fine, controlling your brain to the best of your ability perfectly well. That was, until Say No to This. You should have seen your demise coming when Jasmine Cephas Jones’s sultry voice rang through the room, the mood shifting almost imperceptively.
Was this really what happened when you went so long without getting laid?
The bass playing in the background settled over the room, and you became painfully aware of Jungkook’s breaths moving his body against yours. You gripped his shirt a little bit tighter, your body tensing against his. Were you truly hearing the quickening of his heart, or was that just your imagination?
You stared at the screen, determined to tough this out. You were sure you’d forget all about this once you were crying later.
But when they sat on that chair together, bodies moving together, faces screwed up in mock-pleasure – you couldn’t help the rush of desire that went through you. It wasn’t weird to want that when you were seeing it on screen in front of you, right? Your reaction was completely normal, right? It didn’t help that you didn’t even feel fully sated from earlier – Jungkook’s presence made sure of that.
When you shifted your hips in search of some semblance of relief, you paused when nails dug into your back, air rushing from Jungkook’s lungs. It was at that moment you realized you’d practically ground your hipbone into his crotch, the bulge pressing against you. His breaths were quickening, an audible exhale leaving him when he shifted himself against you.
He was horny too. The proof was literally right in front of you.
Overcome by a surge of bravery, you reached out to pause the movie, pulling back to stare Jungkook in the eye. He stared at you wide-eyed at your sudden movement, his pupils dilated, a slight blush dusting his cheekbones.
“Hey, uh – listen, I’ve been reading again,” you began, scanning his face quickly for any reaction. When you were only met by confusion, you continued.
“So, uh, as you know,” you paused to take a deep breath, praying you’d get a hold of yourself and stop stumbling over your words. “Stress hormones are bad. They, uh, do a lot of things that aren’t good for you.”
Was it possible to sound dumber than this?
“I mean... yes, that’s true?” he replied, sounding dumbfounded. You didn’t blame him.
“And touch is a good way to get rid of stress. As we know. Something-tocin, and all that.”
“Right. Anyway, do you know what else increases oxytocin?”
“Lots of things increase oxytocin-”
“Sex!” you practically yelled, eyes flying around the room so you could avoid Jungkook’s eyes that were probably looking at you like you were insane. “Sex increases oxytocin! And we’re both adults here, so why shouldn’t we optimize our oxytocin levels?”
“Are you propositioning me?” he asked, attempting to keep the laughter from his tone.
“...Maybe?” You refused to look back in his direction. Your heart was beating so crazily, you were surprised it hadn’t leaped out of your throat. You could feel your palms getting sweatier and sweatier where they were placed against Jungkook’s chest, nerves only increasing with time.
This was the worst idea you’d ever had. How did this happen? Why didn’t you just know how to shut up?
“Okay, never mind, can we pretend this didn’t happen? I think I’m getting sick or something, don’t mind me,” you awkwardly chuckled, moving to climb off Jungkook and retreat to your room for the rest of eternity.
But the arms around your waist didn’t let you.
“What, your vibrator isn’t good enough for you anymore?”
Your eyes snapped to his face in shock, unsure if you were hearing correctly. He was just speaking generally – right? But when you were met by Jungkook’s eyes, expression dark, his pupils dilated enough that you could barely see the brown of his iris, a shiver went down your spine. You couldn’t help the tiny noise that left you at the sight.
“I-What?” you stammered.
His hand traced its way down your arm before picking your hand up in his own, turning it around as if to inspect it. “These little hands aren’t doing it for you anymore? Kitten’s so desperate for cock to fill her up, hm?”
It was as if staring at him in shock was the only thing you were capable of. You couldn’t help but to feel naked under his stare, his normally-soft gaze piercing through you.
“Isn’t that right?” he goaded.
Would it really be that easy? You really didn’t know what your brain was thinking when you brought this up, but it certainly wasn’t his unhesitating consent or his current behaviour. You felt feverish, the thought of where this was heading shooting heat through your veins. You eventually collected yourself enough to make a weak noise of affirmation.
“Sorry, kitten, what was that?”
The fog only took over your brain more and more as you looked at Jungkook’s hand enveloping your own, his own so much veinier, so much thicker. You swallowed harshly.
“I need it.”
“Need what?”
“Need your cock.”
It was as if you’d flipped a switch in him, his hands tightening on you as his mouth surged toward your own. It only took a moment of surprise before you were surrendering yourself to his kiss, your lips parting to let him in further. You arched against him to pull yourself impossibly closer, gasping when he pressed his teeth into the cushion of your lower lip.
The relief and joy you felt in that moment was like the glorious rain after a long drought, the first melt of snow after a long winter.
You were more than happy like this, but when you shifted your hips to grind your clothed centre against his, you both groaned open-mouthed into the kiss. You could feel that he was already half-hard in his sweatpants. The knowledge that his willing cock was so close to your needy cunt erased your mind of any thoughts that weren't of him. When you dragged your covered clit against him again you keened, the pleasure incredible despite the barriers between you.
He let out a low chuckle at your actions, his head pulling back, a hand dipping lower to aggressively palm at your ass. “So needy... one orgasm isn’t enough for you, huh?”
When he spotted your frozen features, he only grinned.
“Fuck, you really do sound so sweet...” he reminisced, the hand on your ass moving to cup your heat, but his fingers weren’t close enough to provide the pressure to your clit you wanted so badly. He ground his hand against you, taking pleasure in the way you desperately tried to inch him closer and closer to your bundle of nerves.
“I didn’t even mean to hear you today, you know? But you were so loud, sounded so needy... what were you thinking about, kitten?” He punctuated his question by finally moving his fingers to rub against your clit, the firm circles having you buck your hips into him. You let out a wanton whine as you ground your hips even further into his hand, your eyes fluttering shut, head tipped forward as you focused only on his touch.
When that same hand delivered a blow to your clothed pussy, you gasped. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt you, but enough to shock you and catch your attention. “Answer me.”
“Y-You,” you stuttered, head rolling against his chest at his continued ministrations on your clit. Your underwear was sticking to you uncomfortably, and you were almost certain he was able to feel your arousal even through the fabric of your shorts.
His other hand wound its way into your hair close to your scalp, tugging firmly to bring your eyes up to his. The pleasure-laced stinging wrought from the tug brought goosebumps to your flesh, your teeth biting into your swollen bottom lip to ground you.
“Me?” he smirked, pride flowing through him when he saw the hazy look in your eyes and felt the way you pushed back against his hand in your hair, offering up your throat. “What about me?”
“Your hands...” you breathed, embarrassment gone out the window now that you were under his touch, under his control.
“What about them?”
“Thinking about how good they’d fill me up, so much better than mine. So much bigger.”
He didn’t give a response right away, instead digging his fingers into your waistband, yanking your shorts and panties down in one go. The fabric got stuck at your thighs, but neither of you cared the moment he ran his fingers through your sodden folds, his other hand gripping your ass.
“Ah, you already came once today and you’re this wet for me again? Does everyone else know how much of a whore you are?”
“Only for you,” you moaned, pushing back against his fingers as if it would force him to slip them inside you. You shoved your face into the crook of his neck, your lips messily kissing at the skin there. You needed to feel him inside of you so badly, the shifting of your hips not stopping until he forced them down.
“You’re so greedy,” he mocked, smirking when you keened at just the press of his fingertips against your entrance. “But it’s okay, I’ll take care of you.”
He eased a single finger into you easily, your arousal making it incredibly easy. But his one finger felt nearly as big as two of yours, the thought having you bite into his neck. He grunted at your harsh actions, slipping a second finger into you in response.
The stretch ignited something in you, even moreso when he scissored his fingers inside you. You arched your back, your hands burying themselves in Jungkook’s messy hair as you moaned out.
“Mm, you’re so tight... are you sure you can handle my cock?”
“I can, please...” you pleaded, Jungkook hissing when you tightened your grip in his hair.
But your hands went slack when he added a third finger, the burning stretch making you wince. The fullness only got more overwhelming when he started thrusting lightly.
“So big,” you whimpered, your hands moving to dig your nails into his abdomen.
“Shh, look at me...” he gently prodded, his fingers deep inside you at a standstill.
When you tilted your head up to fix your needy gaze onto his, you expected him to kiss you. Instead, he moved his mouth towards your ear, his hot breath on your neck making you shiver.
“Relax,” he whispered, his sultry voice right in your ear making you whimper. He immediately started kissing down your neck, suckling lightly at the tender spot just above your collarbone. With his low voice and gentle kisses, you gradually let go of the tension in your body. When he felt it, he started thrusting his fingers slowly, working you open as he continued pressing his soft lips to your neck.
The discomfort quickly bled into pleasure, a gush of wetness coating his fingers as you clenched around him.
“That’s it,” he hissed when you started moaning louder and louder, the sound vulgar as he thrusted his fingers into you harder and harder. You saw stars when he scissored all 3 fingers apart within you, the stretch making you feel deliciously full. You felt so wet under his touch, the glide of his fingers within you easy.
You traced your hands down Jungkook’s body, sliding a hand beneath the waistband of his sweatpants, startled when you wrapped your fingers around his hard cock immediately. No underwear? When you took in the feeling of him in your hand, you clenched around his fingers.
“Fuck, you’re huge,” you moaned, pumping it within your grasp. He let out a strangled whine when you smeared the precum from the tip, using it to quicken your motions. The thought of him inside you had you grinding down onto his fingers, but he slipped them out of you before you could do much more.
“Bend over the couch,” he commanded, pushing you upwards and off of him. His voice was husky and laced with want, his eyes bleeding into yours.
Eager to finally get stuffed with cock, you did as he said, resting your upper body against the backrest, your head lolling over the back. You made sure to arch your back, shoving your dripping cunt out in full view. You heard him groan at the sight.
“You listen so well for me,” he praised, trailing fingers down your back, pressing lightly to encourage you to arch further. “Just how badly do you need cock?”
“So bad, Jungkook, please,” you begged, the knowledge that he was behind you, just watching you spread out for him raising your arousal to new heights.
When you felt the head of his cock smearing through your wetness, you could’ve cried. Your grip on the couch increased tenfold, your chest heaving.
“Please, Jungkook, please!”
“Shh... I’ve got you, okay?” he soothed, rubbing circles into your back before dropping a chaste kiss to your shoulder.
You almost cried out again before you felt him pushing in, your walls gripping the head of his cock with fervor. When he pushed in further, you whimpered lowly. Despite taking his fingers not minutes ago, the stretch of his cock burned, your entrance feeling as though it was at its limit.
He drew in close to you, your back plastered to his front. Brushing the hair from your face, he leaned in to press feathery kisses to your face and neck.
“How are we doing?” he prodded gently, his hips shifting slightly only to hug you closer.
“So-So big,” you panted, the area between your thighs feeling like it was on fire.
“Can you take it?” Not pushing, not pressuring. An honest question, concern lacing his voice as he stroked your skin. His care for you summoned a warmth in your chest.
“I want it, please,” you pleaded, hand reaching back to tangle into his hand and pull him closer.
“You beg so nicely,” he hummed into your ear, his hand dropping to rub circles into your clit. The sudden assault to your bundle of nerves made you gasp, your hips pushing yourself further onto his cock.
Your discomfort didn’t last much longer with his ministrations on your bud, his mouth sucking bruises into the supple skin of your neck. You released a long, drawn-out whine when he pulled himself from you, only to slowly push further inside.
You swore you could feel every ridge of his cock inside you as he thrusted gently, tiny moans coming from his mouth. When he bottomed out you both gasped, both of his hands moving to simply grip your waist and pull you close. His panting near your ear had you clenching around him suddenly, the obvious effect you had on him only increasing the heat flooding your veins.
You felt so deliciously full, the sensation mind-numbing. You shut your eyes, your thoughts only of him and every place on your body where he touched you. When he ground his hips against you slightly, your walls squeezed him reflexively.
He choked out a loud moan. “Fuck, you feel so good around me,” he whined, neediness filling his voice. His noises only increased in volume when he started thrusting shallowly. “So wet for me, fuck.”
He was so unapologetically vocal, his voice so sweet, so affected, right into your ear. It drove you crazy, your hips grinding back onto him as you moaned.
He continued his shallow thrusts, your mouth letting out little noises as he fucked you open so well. When he pulled all the way out only to slam himself in to the base, you whined loudly, the breath utterly knocked out of your lungs.
You should have known what was coming when Jungkook moved a hand to grip at the back of the couch, only inches from your own. You didn’t realize his purpose until his hips snapped towards yours, his cock pistoning inside you to send your mind reeling.
It felt like he was splitting you open in the best way possible, his cock brushing against every nook and cranny inside you until you felt like you were splitting at the seams. When his other hand dropped down to rub firm circles onto your clit, the pleasure mounted quickly, the bliss filling your veins until you felt like you were going to burst.
“Fuck, I’m gonna-” he cut himself off with a breathy whine, “Gonna cum, I want to feel you cum around me.”
His thrusts turned quicker, sloppier, as he approached his end, his desperation combined with the nonstop motion of his hand tipping you over the edge. Moans fell from your open mouth as your walls convulsed around him, squeezing him tightly. Tiny sparks flew across your closed eyelids, all conscious thought succumbing to the pleasure he gave you.
The tight grip your cunt had on him broke down the last of his resilience, Jungkook thrusting shallowly as he released inside you with a loud groan.
The room was silent except for the pants coming from both of you, Jungkook’s hands caging you in against the back of the couch. You barely registered the sloppy, open-mouthed kisses he was leaving against the side of your neck. Your body felt as though it was floating, aftershocks still leaving your muscles trembling.
You hummed when he slipped out of you, your body still limp over the back of the couch. But when fingers shoved their way inside you, stroking against your sensitive walls, you cried out.
“We can’t be making a mess of the couch, now can we?”
It was all you could do to moan in response, his fingers within you too distracting. His digits were thrusting quickly inside of you, filthy sounds filling the room as they passed through your combined juices. Everything felt so sensitive after your orgasm, every touch of him inside you amplified.
You didn’t think much of it when Jungkook pulled away, no longer flush against you. But you must have screamed when he removed his fingers from you only to replace them with his tongue.
“Jungkook, fuck-” you moaned, putty in his hands as he held your legs spread, his tongue moving fervently within you. When he moaned right against your folds, the vibrations sent goosebumps down your flesh. The fact that he was licking his own cum from your cunt felt so dirty, your legs trembling from the effort of holding your body up. It was fucking disgusting, and you loved it.
He circled a hand around to your front, fingers making light contact with your clit. Despite your oversensitivity, it felt so good, so overwhelming, and you nearly crested again not long after.
“So-so close,” you cried, feeling the tightening of your abdomen as your orgasm approached. When he pulled back his hand to deliver a harsh smack right to your clit, your release hit you all at once. You couldn’t even make noises as the waves of pleasure hit, Jungkook moaning in response as he lapped up your juices.
He didn’t stop until you whined, attempting to shift away from him.
When he finally moved from you, he tugged your panties and shorts back into place – they'd barely made it to your knees in your desperation. You stayed in place, still winded from your activities.
When the full realization of what you’d just done hit you, you didn’t regret it as much as you thought you would. You had sex with Jungkook. Your roommate. Who you’d be stuck with for many more weeks to come.
And it was incredible. You didn’t know if you’d ever felt so sated. If you have, it’s definitely been a very long time since then.
You grumbled when he tugged you from the back of the couch, lowering your feet to the floor. You stumbled slightly at the sudden need to support your own weight, stabilized only by Jungkook hugging you tightly from behind.
“Come to my room?” he asked, resting his chin on your shoulder. You didn’t know how he made it sound so casual, as if he didn’t just fuck you with his fat cock then eat his own cum back out of you.
“Okay,” you agreed without hesitation, the thought of laying against Jungkook in a warm bed absolutely enticing.
He abruptly spun you around and bent to pick you up. You yelped, legs tightening around his hips as you stuck your face into his neck.
“I can walk,” you humphed, though in all honesty you were more than happy to be doted on.
“We both know you love this,” he chuckled, making his way into his room. You tried not to huff at the fact that you definitely wouldn’t be able to fool him of all people. Not when you’d always cling to him like a baby to its mother. You’d always been a cuddling fiend, and that fact that he always seemed to enjoy it just as much as a massive relief.
As you entered his room, you glanced around. You were always surprised when you peeked into Jungkook’s room. It was surprisingly clean for a college student. Sure, there was sometimes laundry tossed around in random places, and the bed wasn’t made. But it was still neat overall, everything seeming to have its place. It smelled faintly like mango and peach – he must have been burning a candle earlier.
He dropped you gently by his pillows, and you watched as he pulled away. When he reached behind his head to yank his t-shirt off (how did men do it?), you swore you salivated as his skin was revealed to you. It didn’t matter that you saw him shirtless literally every day, whether on your phone or in the living room. He was just as breathtaking every time, and if you didn’t see him like this in person you would have assumed his photos were edited.
“I hope you’re not getting ready to go again. I think you killed me a little bit.”
He giggled, the innocent sound effortlessly bringing a smile to your face. “That good, huh?” Clad in only his sweatpants, he dropped on the bed beside you, pulling you in to lay against him.
“You know it was good,” you pouted.
“That doesn’t mean I don’t like hearing it,” he teased, his hands slipping under your shirt to rub patterns into your back.
“It was good,” you mumbled, pressing your face into his bare chest to hide your face, the heat rushing to your cheeks.
“Aw, thank you. How kind of you to say,” he replied, as though he hadn’t asked you seconds ago to say such a thing.
“Shut up,” you snorted, flicking him in the side. You both only laughed, the atmosphere in the room no less comfortable than it’s ever been. It felt ridiculous of you before to even think of having sex with your roommate, but now that you have, it truly felt no different than before. You were still good friends. You were just good friends to cuddled and had sex. No biggie.
You both laid in comfortable silence for a while, but you still felt too wired to sleep. And there was something you couldn’t stop thinking about.
“Uh, hey,” you started, cursing your awkwardness when the atmosphere was so calm.
“What’s wrong?” He must have heard the nervous lilt to your voice.
“Did you really hear me earlier?”
The way you felt his chest bounce as he tried to hold in his laughter already had you wanting to hide.
“I’ve heard you a bunch of times. You’re really not that quiet, you know?” he snickered.
Dear lord. Was there any way for the universe to open up and swallow you whole right this instant? You’d have to settle for pulling away from Jungkook to bury your face into the sheets instead, groaning obnoxiously. You felt nauseous. It didn’t help that you could still feel the mattress bouncing from his laughter.
The sheer embarrassment you felt left a pit in your chest. It didn’t help that you felt that familiar post-sex vulnerability already, and you desperately fought the tears you felt rising in your eyes.
But when he realized you weren’t laughing with him, he was by your side in an instant, a hand placing itself on your shoulder.
“Hey, look at me,” he urged.
When you turned your head to meet his gaze, your eyes glassy, his face fell immediately.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” He cupped your face in his hands, and you darted your gaze away.
“I’m not upset. Just embarrassed,” you bit your lip. “It’s fine, it’s stupid.”
“Not stupid. But I hope you won’t let it bother you too much. I would have said something if it bothered me.”
“So you liked it?” you responded, fixing your eyes back to his face.
It was his turn to look embarrassed, the cringe evident on his face. “I... uhh... yes?” he squeaked out, and he physically had to stop himself from facepalming. You had to admit that seeing him flustered did indeed lift your mood significantly, a smile creeping its way onto your face.
“That’s a relief, I guess,” you said, scratching at the back of your neck. His reaction brought you some semblance of comfort, seeing that at least some part of him felt just as awkward as you did.
Before long, though, his face settled into an expression you couldn’t quite place. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter much now, since it won’t be an issue.”
You should have known to brace yourself upon seeing the salacious upturn of his lips right before he spoke. “You won’t need your vibrator anymore if you have me, right, kitten?”
It only took you a second to get over your shock before you were attacking his lips with your own, pressing his body down into the mattress. His cocky attitude should have annoyed you – would have annoyed you, maybe, if he were anyone else. But he sounded so zealous, so firm, you couldn’t help but believe him. Not when he’d already proved himself.
And if he was offering himself up to you, who were you to say no?
When you were coaxed from sleep, it was by warm breaths against the shell of your ear, lips tracing the nape of your neck so gently you thought you might’ve imagined it. The soft press of bare skin against your back brought the memories of last night rushing back.
Thoughts of his dominating presence bent over you, knees held over his shoulders as he hammered into you. Or thoughts of later, when you’d moulded your body atop his, the gentle grinding of your hips bringing a slow crest of pleasure, like the sunrise gradually lighting the new day. Or finally, when he’d maneuvered your bodies to lay beside each other, your back to his front, slotted together like you belonged there. And when you’d succumbed to slumber, it was with a happy humming in your mind, limbs tired in the best way possible.
When you pushed back against him, arching slightly to give him better access, his cock slipped between your thighs. He was already hard, and you angled your hips so that you could grind him between your folds, moaning at the sensation.
“Good morning,” he whispered, his hand moving to grip at his cock, guiding the head to slick through your wetness.
You only whimpered in response, the feeling heady as he brought his other hand down to pass over your clit, grinding the palm of his hand against it. You still felt sensitive from last night, but the surge of want you felt was already at the forefront of your mind.
“So wet for me already, kitten,” he breathed, teasing his cock at your entrance. “Were you dreaming about me? I think I could slip in just like this... would you like that?”
“Please,” you begged, voice hoarse from sleep. You tried to push yourself back on him to get him inside you, but he held you still before it could work.
“There’s no rush. Just let me,” he soothed against your ear, his cock slowly easing its way inside.
Despite how many times you’d had him inside you the night before, the stretch was still palpable, a twinge of discomfort wringing through you. But he continued his slow rubbing on your clit, kissing at your neck as he urged you to relax. Under his tender care, it wasn’t long before pleasure bloomed in you, radiating from where he thrusted shallowly inside you out to your fingertips.
“Good girl, there you go,” he hummed, easing in to the base when he felt the tension leave your body. “How does it feel?”
“So good,” you moaned, trying and failing to push against him, wanting so desperately to make him go faster. “Please, please...”
He hushed you, his thrusts within you deep and languid, his strokes on your clit restrained. “Don't worry. Stop fighting me and just let yourself feel good”
At his urging, you let yourself melt into his hold, muscles relaxed, taking everything he was giving you and not asking for more. You let your mind blank, giving yourself up to him entirely as you just let yourself feel. And when you gave into it, the warmth that took over was comforting, the pleasure a slow build that you felt everywhere. It was overwhelming in a way you’d never felt before.
“Jungkook,” you whimpered, a hand tightening in the sheets, overpowered by this unfamiliar sort of pleasure.
He let out a small moan at the grip of your walls on him, reaching out to lace his fingers with yours. He nuzzled into your neck, sweet sounds escaping him as he continued his slow grind against you. “You feel so good,” he whined.
When you let yourself go, let your defences fall, let Jungkook control your pleasure for you entirely, it was as though your senses heightened tenfold. You felt hyperaware of his breath against your neck, his barely-audible groans, the lazy drag of his cock against your walls feeling much more intense than what you’d felt the night before.
The pleasure built in you slowly, mewls escaping from your open mouth as it only built and built despite his pace never increasing. Your breath was starting to escape you in pants, and Jungkook sounded just as affected behind you.
“I’m-” you gasped, the bliss only continuing to build within you until you felt like you were going to burst at the seams. Your whole body felt like it was on fire, but you’d never felt so good. You’d never been driven to the edge of orgasm at such a slow pace, never viewed this speed as anything other than torturous. But he knew exactly what to say, exactly what you needed to get you to this point.
“Cum for me, kitten,” he groaned in your ear. Despite his thrusts never quickening, despite his attention on your clit never increasing, his words were all you needed to lose yourself entirely to sensation.
You’d never had an orgasm so powerful yet so calming, the feeling never-ending. The waves of pleasure continued to flow through you, knocking the breath right from your lungs. It was all you could do to grip Jungkook’s hand for dear life, each thrust of his cock between your walls creating a new rush of pleasure.
So overwhelmed by your release, you hardly registered when Jungkook spilled within you with a breathy whine, the hand on your clit moving to wrap around your abdomen, pulling you snug against him. He held you there as though he was afraid of you pulling away from him. You didn’t think you could move even if you tried.
“You’re incredible, you know?” he panted once he had come down from his own high. He pulled from you with a low groan, but kept himself glued to your back.
“You give me the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life and I’m the incredible one?” you scoffed. It felt like all the cells in your body were singing. You were amazed at your ability to formulate a sentence after having sex all night, then waking up to have calmer, but somehow even better sex. Maybe that actually did make you a bit incredible, after all.
“You are,” he said sweetly, kissing along your cheek and neck. You were quickly coming to recognize his penchant for kissing and sucking along your neck. You were sure if you looked in the mirror your neck and collarbone would be covered in yesterday’s bruises.
You made some sort of noncommittal noise in response, resting comfortably back into the pillows with no intention of getting up anytime soon. When the high subsided, you were left with only the aching of all your limbs, a slight soreness between your thighs, and a heaviness in your mind.
You made a weak noise of protest when Jungkook detached himself from you, unwilling to let go of his warmth and comfort.
“I’ll be back. Go back to sleep if you’re still tired,” he said quietly, replacing the empty space beside you with blankets and pillows, cocooning you in.
You murmured your content at the comfort, his footsteps barely receding from the room before consciousness left you.
When you finally woke up feeling significantly more well-rested, the sun was high in the sky. Stretching your limbs out, you realized Jungkook had left bed already, but left you surrounded by fluffiness.
You sat up, body still sore, but the discomfort was bearable. You shucked the blankets from your naked body and glanced down, inwardly cringing in preparation for the ugly mess you were sure was between your legs. But when you were met with the sight of the clean skin of your thighs, the insides only slightly red from Jungkook’s teeth, you blinked. And blinked again.
Unsure whether you were imagining things, you tapped your index finger at your entrance. The skin definitely felt raw, but when you looked at your finger there was nothing.
He’d cleaned you up. And somehow you hadn’t woken up.
Heat flew to your cheeks at the realization, an emotion you couldn’t quite place budding in you. He was beautiful, considerate, had a perfect body, smelled good, cleaned up after himself, had a big dick and used it well, and always prioritized your comfort after.
Did that man have a single flaw?
You wobbled slightly when you stood from the bed, hissing at the ache between your legs that made itself more present whenever you took a step.
There was a black hoodie thrown across the foot of Jungkook’s bed, and you tossed that on without hesitation, reveling in the faint scent of him that engulfed you. It was warm and comfortable, coming down nearly to your knees. Jungkook already liked to wear his sweaters big, so it was utterly massive on you. You loved it.
You slipped from his room and into yours to get panties. You would absolutely not be putting the mess that was yesterday’s underwear back on your body. You figured you would forego shorts, seeing as Jungkook had already seen all of you anyway, and his sweater covered a decent amount. There was also the fact that your muscles screamed enough from bending to put on panties that you had no desire to put yourself through that again.
After quickly washing up, you gingerly made your way to the living room, trying not to jostle your body too much. Jungkook was already on the couch, grey sweatpants on but no shirt, scrolling on his phone. He didn’t notice you at first, but when you came into view he grinned warmly, tossing his phone aside as he opened his arms to you.
You plopped into his lap as soon as you reached him, a faint oof leaving him at the way you dropped all your weight onto him all at once. You tucked your face into his neck, noting the way he smelled fresh, the scent of citrus and apple tickling your nostrils. He must have showered when you were still asleep. You, on the other hand, probably smelled like sweat and sex, though it didn’t seem to bother him with the way he was holding you tightly.
“How are you?” he asked, hand coming up to scratch lightly at your scalp.
“Sore,” you whined. “You fuck like a beast.” The thought crossed your mind that maybe he could be sore too, but then you remembered he was approximately infinity times more fit than you. Maybe he could just lay off the cardio for today or something.
His laugh bounced you along with him. “Sorry,” he mused, though he sounded more amused than anything.
“Don’t be. It was amazing.”
“I thought so too,” he replied, hands moving to rub at your sides through his sweater. “You’re very cute in this,” he giggled lightly.
“It’s comfy,” you said, humming when he pressed gently into your muscles.
“Do you want a massage?”
“Really?” you perked up, lifting your head to give him a wide-eyed look of desperation. Jungkook was well-known within your group of friends to have magical hands, but you’ve never been on the receiving end of a massage from him. You weren’t sure whether his skills had something to do with his goal of being a sports therapist, or if he just happened to be good at literally everything.
“Really,” he grinned, ignoring the melting of his heart at the adorable expression on your face. “Lay down.”
Eager to get his hands on you, you clambered off his lap, lying flat on your front once Jungkook got up off the couch, a cushion beneath your stomach. He had to stifle a laugh at your excitement. Maybe he should have offered you this ages ago if he knew it would make you this happy.
“Where hurts?” he asked, stroking lightly at your calves.
“Everywhere hurts, you fiend,” you grumbled. You wished you were exaggerating. But he really had put you through it last night, not that you were complaining. But after being folded up every which way, you could feel the strain everywhere. Maybe you needed more exercise.
“Aw, kitten,” he cooed, and you couldn’t tell whether you wanted to be offended by his tone. But you lost that entire train of thought when he pressed his thumbs firmly into the meat of your thigh, rubbing the digits into you as he continued the motions down your entire leg.
You groaned at the sensation, grabbing another cushion to rest your head on. You melted under his touch, his warm hands the perfect medium between soft and callused. You weren’t sure how much this would cure the soreness you felt, but it felt so, so, good that you would sooner die than have him stop.
“Tell me if it’s too much, okay?” His voice was saccharine sweet, and you had to admit to yourself that his care for you was affecting you.
“You’re perfect,” you mumbled, mind blanking as he pressed into your calves, the pressure at that perfect point right before it edged into pain. You were putty in his hands, so focused on his touch that you didn’t even notice your vocal slip-up.
But he did, blood rushing to his face when he took in your words. Luckily you were face down and therefore couldn’t see the sudden pinkness colouring his cheeks. He pushed his sweater up to get access to your lower back, and you didn’t react at all as your panty-clad ass was exposed to him.
He hadn’t realized you didn’t have shorts on under his sweater. The unexpected sight had his cock stirring in his pants, recalling the way he’d had you bent over, face down, ass up as he pounded into you, raining down blows onto the meat of your ass. Maybe you were sore and needed a massage there too.
Jeon Jungkook, pull yourself together, he scolded. You didn’t tend to be much of a complainer, at least not to him, so he knew you really had to be feeling the effects of last night.
You moaned loudly when he circled his thumbs into your lower back, arching slightly into his touch. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d been to a spa for a proper massage (being a broke student will do that), but you were sure this had to be better. Pleasure radiated from wherever he touched, and you were sure if you relaxed any more, you’d become one with the couch.
You let tiny noises escape as he dug his palms in, any desire to hold back already gone from you. He’d already heard you sobbing as he fucked you stupid, so what need was there to stifle yourself?
But you went blissfully unaware of Jungkook’s situation above you, biting into his lip in an attempt to reign himself in. As much as he loved that you felt comfortable enough not to censor yourself around him, every little noise you made hit him like a tiny bullet. He would’ve thought with how many times you’d gone at it in the past 15 hours or so he’d have nothing left in him. He didn’t know if it was the effects of his “drought” or just that you were you. Maybe a bit of both.
Besides, it was normal to be a bit turned on when had an attractive person below you who was moaning as you touched them, right?
“How are you so good at this?” you breathed. He had his hands stuck up the back of the sweater, kneading hard right below your shoulder blades. It was very clear his nickname was not for nothing. You’d been living with someone who could do this for almost a year and a half? Perhaps later you’d have to grill him to see if he had other talents you could take advantage of.
He exhaled a laugh at the fact that you sounded almost offended. “Practice, kitten. How do you feel?”
“Like I’ve been touched by god.”
He couldn’t quiet his laughing this time, but also couldn’t stop himself from preening under your praise. It always felt good to be appreciated, especially when you were so matter-of-fact about it.
He finally moved from your back and shoulders to your neck, rubbing gentle circles into the nape. He felt a bit embarrassed to come face to face with all the deep purple marks he’d left you with, but a sense of pride came over him too. Pride that you’d let him pleasure you, let him mark you, let him inside you, let him use you for his pleasure too.
When he finished, he covered you back up, crouching beside you to get a look at your face. You looked calm, peaceful. It felt good to put that expression on your face.
“Do you feel any better?” he asked, reaching to lace your fingers together.
You opened your eyes, startled to find his pretty brown eyes much closer than you’d expected. “I should’ve listened to Hoseok when he said you gave him the best massage of his life,” you grumbled. “I thought he just wanted to make his baby happy.”
“I’m not his baby!” he exclaimed, effectively breaking the quiet atmosphere of the room.
“You are a little bit.” You muffled a giggle at the pout on Jungkook’s face. You could add “cute as fuck” to the growing list of reasons why Jeon Jungkook was perfect.
“Anyway,” he urged, eyes determined to avoid the amused expression he was sure decorated your face. “Are you in pain?”
You stretched your limbs a bit, rolling your shoulders experimentally. As skeptical as you were before about this helping you, you had to admit that you felt a lot better. “I’m okay, my head just hurts a bit. I think I need coffee.”
You made to get off the couch to get caffeine into your system, but gentle pressure on your waist pushed you back down.
“I’ll make it,” he said.
“What? It’s fine, you don’t have to-”
“Just let me do it, it’s no big deal, stay here,” he pouted.
Well, if he insisted.
But when he stood up, you noticed something. Your gaze dropped to his crotch – he was wearing grey sweats, could anyone really blame you? And just before he turned to head towards the kitchen, you realized – he was hard. At least, kind of.
He was turned on from giving you a massage? Really?
You couldn’t deny that you were flattered. Or that you felt a flash of heat in your abdomen. Where was your body’s self-control? Self-preservation? Your horny brain really wanted you to die for the dick.
You were about one thousand percent sure your pussy was out of commission for the day, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t help him.
Standing up from the couch, you slowly made your way to the kitchen, being careful not to make too much noise. Now that you were standing, you really could tell that the massage helped. All the more reason to give him something in return.
When you entered the kitchen, his back was to you, his hand carefully spooning coffee grounds into the press. Perfect.
You crept up closer until you were standing right behind him. Before he had the chance to sense the presence of another person, you reached out both hands. One splayed across his bare chest, the other rubbing at his cock through his sweatpants.
He let out a high-pitched yelp, the spoon slipping from his hands, coffee grounds spilling across the counter. “What-”
“Let me help you,” you interjected, already releasing him and sinking to your knees.
By the time he turned around, you were already knelt at his feet, looking up at him with wide, innocent eyes. He let out a strangled groan as you blinked up at him, pouting. “Please?” you asked sweetly, hands stroking their way up his legs, scratching at his inner thighs. It was obvious he had nothing on under the sweats again.
“You don’t have to,” he gulped, but he couldn’t ignore the stirring of his cock. You looked so pretty, so willing, at his feet. Just waiting for his permission to suck him off, begging for it.
“But I want to make you feel good. Please?” You did the best impression of Jungkook’s doe eyes that you could muster, hoping you looked more cute than pathetic. But it seemed to work, because Jungkook was moving to cup your jaw, his thumb tracing over your bottom lip. When you opened your mouth to suck at it, he audibly exhaled.
“Okay.” He reached with his other hand to push his pants down, his cock springing free, already mostly hard. Your mouth watered at the sight of it, and you stuck your tongue out and looked up at his face invitingly.
When he tapped the head of his cock against your tongue with a hiss, you closed your mouth around him without hesitation. You sucked at the head, tonguing at the underside, smiling when you heard his low groan.
You tugged his sweatpants down further so you could grip at the meat of his bare thighs, stabilizing yourself as you took him further. You let your eyes flutter shut as you bobbed up and down on the shaft, letting saliva gather. Determined to pull an array of noises from him, you relaxed your throat, taking him further into your mouth, fighting the urge to gag.
You opened your eyes to look up at him, met with the sight of his head tipped back, his mouth open but no sound escaping. You sucked hard around him, and you were rewarded by a whine leaving his lips.
Wanting more from him, wanting him to let go completely, you released him from your mouth with a pop, grabbing his hand before he had time to question you. You placed it on the back of your head before looking at him, carefully feigned innocence colouring your expression.
“Fuck my mouth.”
He had to bite back a moan at the sight of you, looking like an angel while filthy words left your lips. “Can you take it, kitten?” He shoved his fingers into your hair at the root, already tightening his fingers in preparation. He gave an experimental tug, tipping your head back further, making eye contact as you bared your neck to him.
“Of course I can take it,” you breathed, lips forming a pout. Your eyes fluttered closed when he gave another firm tug to your hair, already feeling a piece of your mind slipping away at his treatment and the thought of what was to come.
“Open up. Hands behind your back.” Despite his commanding words his tone was still soft. You followed without hesitation, lacing your fingers behind you as you stuck your tongue out. “Just push me away if you want to stop.”
He rested the head of his cock on your tongue, hissing as he pushed back into your mouth slowly. “Such a good little kitten for me. Still so hungry for cock after everything I gave you, hm?”
You hummed a noise of agreement as he pushed you onto his cock, thrusting deeply in one go before you could register what he was doing. You couldn’t stop yourself from gagging, tears springing to your eyes, but you sucked around him as best as you could, eyes shutting.
You relaxed the muscles of your throat as he started thrusting more harshly, the hand in your hair tightening as he pulled you on and off along with his own movements. Abruptly, he shoved himself in to the base, the hand on your head shoving your nose into his pelvis. You choked around him before swallowing reflexively, the loud, depraved moan he gave in response stoking the flames of your desire.
He kept you there for a few more seconds, tears finally escaping you as you continued to gag. He pulled back only to start up a more brutal pace, his constant battering on the back of your throat only summoning more tears to your eyes. But you enjoyed it, enjoyed driving him wild, enjoyed being the source of his pleasure. To get to experience the frenzied movements of his hips as he lost control, the frequent grunts and moans leaving him – you would do all of this again, and so much more.
“Look at me,” he panted, and you opened your eyes at the sound of his voice. You tried your best to look him in the eye, but your eyes were blurry with tears, unable to meet his gaze properly.
He cursed when he saw you – eyes hazy and unfocused, cheeks wet with tears, hands behind your back, and your mouth stuffed full of his cock. He almost came right then and there.
“Fuck, you’re so beautiful, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned, speeding up his thrusts, the movements turning sloppy, his fist tightening in your hair. You moaned wantonly in response, the vibrations on his cock his tipping point. He whimpered as he spilled onto your tongue, the shocks of his orgasm travelling through his whole body.
You shivered at the warmth in your mouth. It wasn’t much – unsurprising, since he was probably unbelievably spent by this point. But you swallowed nonetheless, sticking your tongue out to show him once he removed himself from your mouth.
You panted heavily once you were free, your throat feeling so raw, but your chest feeling so warm. There was a mild throbbing between your legs, but one that you elected to ignore considering the circumstances. You let your eyes fall shut again, leaning in to lay against Jungkook’s thigh, your hands coming from behind you to hug around his legs.
You were sure you looked pretty silly, knelt on the floor, clinging to Jungkook’s legs like a koala, his sweatpants still halfway down his legs. But you didn’t feel ashamed in wanting his comfort anymore.
“Hey,” he called out softly, crouching down to get level with you, pulling his pants back up and maneuvering your body so you were sitting rather than kneeling. He wiped the wetness from your face, pushing your hair back out of your face. “You did so well for me. I’m sorry if it was too rough.”
You only shook your head, too nervous to try to speak lest it come out in a croak. As much as you hated to add a sore throat to your growing list of aches and pains, you didn’t regret a single moment. You liked watching Jungkook fall apart, liked being the cause of it.
Once he was sure you were sitting upright on your own, he stood. You watched as he opened the fridge and poured you some water, returning to you with a glass in hand.
“Drink,” he said firmly. He sat before you, eyes not leaving you until you downed half the glass.
“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” you whispered, voice only slightly raspy. You were sure your throat would feel good as new within a couple hours.
“I wanted to take care of you, but I feel like you came out with more problems than what you started with,” he scolded, but his heart wasn’t really in it. He was sure you knew what your body could handle, and he just wanted to do his best to make you comfortable after.
You finished the rest of the water, setting the glass onto the floor before stretching your limbs. Your knees felt a bit achey now, but you weren’t that much worse off than earlier.
“Well, we can’t all be ripped. Do you even feel that tired?” You got to your feet, Jungkook rising with you. When you spotted the coffee press on the counter, you remembered what the purpose of this entire kitchen visit was in the first place.
“Not really, no.” He wrapped his arms around you as you finished making your coffee.
“If we keep at it like this maybe I’ll have abs by the end of the week.” You gave an exaggerated gasp. “Maybe I’ll make my own thot Insta to rival yours!”
“Excuse you, it’s not a thot Insta,” he chuckled. “But you should. I can help you!”
It was you who laughed then. You couldn’t decide if the notion of you having a workout account was funnier, or if it was the fact that Jungkook sounded 100% serious. “Hard pass on that one, I think.”
“I think you’d do great!”
“Maybe I could make like a... food Instagram.”
“Really? You’re not that good at-”
The glare you turned around to send at him could have frozen a pool of lava, muting him instantly. “Finish that sentence and see if you’ll ever get shrimp alfredo from me again.”
“I think you would be great with a food Insta!” he said a bit too enthusiastically, cringing inwardly at the slight break in his voice.
You muffled a laugh as you turned to pour the finished coffee into two mugs, breaking free from Jungkook’s hold to make them to your preference.  You stirred cinnamon-vanilla creamer into Jungkook’s mug, recalling how he’d always try and fail to hide his disgust at the bitter taste of normal coffee. Perhaps that was his one weakness as a human being.
“Hey, I just realized something,” you said, handing Jungkook his coffee, smiling at his quiet ‘thanks.’
“We never finished Hamilton.”
The next week went by in a blur of shared moments, passionate embraces, and quiet intimacy. You were certain you spent more hours in Jungkook’s bed than your own, which was pretty impressive for someone who spent her time lying down like it was a job. But it wasn’t just that you were there for sex, though you had your fair share of that, too. The reality was, you felt comfortable there. He never made you feel clingy or awkward, pulling you in to cuddle as much as you did to him.
You felt safe in his arms.
No, you weren’t exactly sure what you were doing. You weren’t exactly sure of where the line was drawn. He wasn’t putting a name on it, and neither were you. And in all honesty?
You didn’t really care.
This was nice. The nicest thing you’ve had in a long time. And you’d bet money that he felt the same. You’d never met someone as sincere as Jungkook, and you could tell he felt something.
But for now, you would let everything go unspoken.
You would typically spend the night in Jungkook’s bed, limbs wrapped around each other, relaxed in each other’s embrace. But that night Jungkook and Taehyung were gaming until obscene hours of the morning, and so you retreated to your own bed, scrolling through your phone until you fell asleep unintentionally.
You woke up confused, the warm beginnings of sunrise streaming in through your windows. Your lights were off and the door was closed, while you were pretty sure you fell asleep before you could have done so.
Did Jungkook come to check on you at some point in the night?
The warmth you felt at the realization was cut short by a buzzing sound in your room. You furrowed your brow, wondering whether you imagined it. You checked your phone, only to be greeted by the sight that it was 5:30 in the morning. You gave your room a once-over, curious as to whether that sound was the reason you woke up when you’d normally sleep through the night.
You weren’t confused much longer, because when something with wings whizzed by only inches from your face, you yelped.
Nope. Nope. Nopenopenopenopenope.
You hopped up off your bed as if your limbs were made of springs, backing yourself as far away from the demon in your room as possible. You watched on in abject horror, heart rate increasing exponentially, as the... whatever it was... crawled up your wall. Jungkook was usually the one who killed bugs in the house, but judging by the lack of cursing and clicking from his room, he was already asleep for the night.
It looked like you were going to have to fend for yourself. You glanced around your room, looking for some kind of wide, flat object you could obliterate this villain with. When all of a sudden, it flew off the wall and started circling around the room.
Never mind.
You pounced for the door, ripping it open and launching yourself into the hallway, slamming it shut behind you. You winced at the volume, but you knew it wouldn’t be enough to wake Jungkook. The man slept like a log, only waking up on his own terms. You almost felt bad that he would creep around the house to keep you from waking, whereas you could do almost anything you wanted while he was asleep unless you screamed at the top of your lungs.
Once you were out in the hallway, you realized your situation. Your phone was on your bed, you had no extra blankets, and you were clad in only a thin, oversized t-shirt and panties. But there was absolutely no way you were going back in there alone, and you certainly weren’t going to wake up Jungkook when you were sure he’d only been asleep for an hour or two at most.
It looked like you were sleeping on the couch.
But when you made your way there and laid down, you cursed your luck.
You and Jungkook were the type of people who liked to run the air conditioning colder, then cover up to reach the perfect temperature. And since the utilities were included in the price of your rent, you’d never felt bad about it.
Until now, when you were trying to fall asleep half naked in the living room.
Knowing Jungkook sometimes tossed his hoodies places then forgot about them, you gave the room a quick once-over, chanting a chorus of ‘pleases’ in your head. Anything to not have to go back in your room.
When you spotted something black draped over the pull-up bar, you immediately sent up prayers to whoever might have been listening. Plodding across the room, you picked it up and gave it a quick whiff, relieved when it only smelled of fabric softener and not sweat. Which shouldn’t have been surprising, considering Jungkook liked to undress before he even did his actual workout.
Returning to the safety of the couch, you exhaled a laugh when you saw that Jungkook had basically the same plain black hoodie in yet another brand. What did that make now – four? Five? And that was only the ones you noticed.
Grateful that his clothes were so huge, you laid your head on a cushion, draping his sweater over your body. You curled your legs up so that you were completely covered. You were still cold, but it was better than nothing.
On the living room couch, curled into a ball under Jungkook’s clothes, you fell into an unsatisfying, fitful sleep.
You woke to a concerned voice and a hand gently shaking your shoulder.
“Y/N? Why are you out here? Are you okay?”
You groaned, blinking at the light invading your eyes. The brightness of the room told you that you’d been there for at least several hours, but it certainly didn’t feel that way. You felt like death.
But when the fog lifted from your mind and you registered the sight of Jungkook bent over you, you grasped onto his sleeve tightly.
“Jungkook. You have to save me.”
“What?” He instantly tensed up, eyes flying around the room. He looked ready to fight someone, as if you would’ve slept on the couch because there was a dangerous person in the apartment.
“There’s a bug in my room. Huge. Flies. Terrifying.”
He would’ve laughed if not for the frightened glint in your eyes. Everyone was afraid of something, and he was very well aware by this point that you were petrified of anything that had more than six legs. It was kind of cute, if he was being honest.
“Why didn’t you come get me?”
“I didn’t want to wake you up,” you pouted. “Can you kill it?”
“If you let go of me.”
Realizing you were still clinging to him like a lifeline, you released him, scratching awkwardly at the back of your neck. But he just gave you a reassuring smile before grabbing a shoe and disappearing into your room.
A couple minutes later you heard a bang, Jungkook returning to sprawl beside you once his kill order was complete.
“Is it dead?” you asked.
“I couldn’t find it, actually.”
You sat up stiffly, gaping at his nonchalant attitude. “Please tell me you’re kidding.”
He stared at you, expressionless, for what must have been at least 10 seconds. With each passing moment you only felt your dread build and build. But he was never very talented at keeping a straight face, and a grin broke out as he started snickering.
“I killed it, don’t worry.”
“Oh my god, I HATE you,” you cried, crossing your arms and fixing him with your deadliest stare.
But he was having none of it, scooting closer and pulling you to lean against him. “You love me.”
Your heart skipped in your chest, but you couldn’t act like you’d never said such to each other before. Considering you told all your friends you loved them, that must have been all he meant. Right?
“You’re okay sometimes,” you mumbled, relaxing yourself against him. He smelled like he just got out of the shower. Or did he always smell this good? It must have been a rest day for him, considering it made no sense to shower before working out for hours. You hoped that meant you could hang out a bit more today, or get up to... other things with the spare time.
“But, uh, hey...” he started, a bit of nervousness coming through in his voice.
“Next time, you could, you know, come to my room instead.”
“I wasn’t going to wake you up at 5 in the morning.”
“No but, you could just come sleep, you know? My bed is always open for you,” he spat out quickly, cursing once he realized his words. “I don’t mean like that. You know. Just to sleep. Together. But not sleep together. I just-” He paused momentarily to take a couple breaths, clearly not having breathed at all through any of his previous statements. “I don’t want you to have to sleep on the couch, okay?”
As Jungkook went on and on in his frantic tone, your smile only grew. Why was he so sweet? And why did it stir something in your stomach?
“Thanks, Jungkook.” You hugged him tightly around the waist. “And thanks for saving my life.” Your happiness only grew when you felt his chest rise and fall as he laughed at your words. “I’m gonna go wash up. I’ll make pancakes or something when I come back!”
At the sound of incoming pancakes, he started pushing you upright immediately, and you swatted away his hands, giggling at his antics.
When he watched you bound away, clearly in much better spirits than when he found you on the couch, he couldn’t help the way his eyes lit up, his lips upturning subconsciously.
You had him wrapped around your little finger and you didn’t even know it.
But little did he know that you thought the same of him.
The rest of the day felt more productive than usual. Which was always a relief, considering quarantine with no job and no classes didn’t make for the most productive daily life.
But you cooked breakfast (you would die on the hill that if your first meal is at 1 pm it’s still breakfast), hung out with Jungkook, did a workout (though, nowhere near Jungkook’s level of working out), planned some courses, and video chatted with Yoongi. It was after dinner (which you also cooked – yes, you were proud), and you and Jungkook were relaxing in your respective rooms. It sounded like he was Facetiming his brother at first, but it had since gone silent in his room.
Finally growing a bit bored with scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram, you got up to grab water from the kitchen. That was something to do, right? Maybe once you were back, you could ask Jungkook if he wanted to watch a movie with you. Or do other things. Maybe both?
Unfortunately, however, you didn’t make it to the kitchen.
Perhaps you should have cursed your inability to pay attention within the comfort of your own home.
But could anyone blame you for not expecting for there to be a dumbbell in the middle of the floor?
You let out a loud yelp when your bare foot hit metal, an even louder groan when you hit the floor.
Fucking hell.
You turned to glare daggers into the offending object, rubbing gingerly at your knees, sore from hitting the floor and almost definitely forming bruises. Luckily, your ankle felt okay despite turning awkwardly at first.
It wasn’t long before Jungkook was running out of his room after hearing you, rushing even quicker when he saw you on the floor.
“Oh god, are you okay?” He was instantly by your side, giving you a once-over, eyes panicked.
As much as you were annoyed, the feeling dissipated when you saw how freaked-out he was. “Relax, Hercules. I’m fine. Promise.” It wasn’t a lie. In fact, you were already feeling okay, more surprised than anything. “Maybe next time don’t leave your stuff in the middle of the floor though.”
He winced, at that, promptly rising to put the dumbbell in the corner, where it normally was. “I’m so sorry.” He helped you to your feet, and you stood, head tipped back to look at him.
“Don’t worry about it. Besides, what happened to not working out today?”
“I, uhm, needed a bit of a distraction.” He looked unreasonably uncomfortable, enough that you didn’t push the issue. He reached to pull you closer by the waist, his hands slipping beneath your loose shirt. “Can I do anything to make you feel better, kitten?”
As much as the words might have seemed innocent at first, the shift in mood was immediate. His voice was breathy, his fingers pressing into your skin. His eyes were intense where they were usually soft, pupils dilated as he looked at you like he wanted to eat you alive.
Well, this was sudden, but you weren’t going to complain.
“Maybe,” you breathed, baring your neck to him when he leaned in. He didn’t hesitate to begin sucking new bruises into your already fading ones.
“Name it.” He spoke directly into your ear, the low tone sending shivers down your spine, your hands rising to fist into his shirt.
“Maybe you should kiss it better.”
You felt, rather than saw his grin, his mouth still pressed into the skin of your neck. “Maybe I should.”
Gentle hands reached for your head, turning you before soft lips met your own. The tender movement of his mouth on yours was in stark contrast to his attitude only moments before, but you simply allowed yourself to melt into his touch rather than dwell on it.
You brought a hand up to run through his hair, silky soft between your fingers. You scratched lightly at his scalp before digging your fingers in to give a harsh tug, revelling in the gasp you received in return.
Seemingly done with holding back, Jungkook crouched suddenly, picking you up at the thighs before you had time to protest. You wrapped your legs around him reflexively, taking the opportunity to suck bruises into his neck. Maybe you didn’t go as wild as him, but there was something beautiful about seeing him covered in the evidence of your shared passion.
So occupied by your task, yanking his head back even further to give you better access, you didn’t notice you were already in his room until he was tossing you onto the bed, your body bouncing up off the mattress. You made to sit up, but you were abruptly pushed back down by a hand on your chest.
“Just lay back, kitten,” he drawled, pulling you upward only momentarily just to pull your shirt off, his hands removing your bra in record time. “Didn’t you ask me to kiss it better?”
The expression on his face was devious, his hands quick as he yanked your panties and shorts down your legs in one go. He took hold of your ankles, spreading them wide as he sat in the space between, fixing his gaze on your centre as soon as it was visible.
“Wet for me already, kitten?”
You scowled. “I won’t be for much longer at this rate.”
His eyes narrowed, his grip on you tightening. Your breaths quickened at his obvious displeasure, excitement and arousal coursing through you. “Good things come to those who wait,” he hummed, bending your knees so that you were spread wide for him, pussy on full display. “Isn’t that right?”
Heat shot to your face at the obvious reference to your activities in this same spot only days ago, where Jungkook edged you for what felt like hours. You ended up cumming so hard around his cock that you cried, zonking out almost immediately after.
You made some sort of noncommittal noise in response, but he didn’t seem too focused on reprimanding you for your silence.
Instead, he dropped his head lower to mouth along your shin, dropping messy, wet kisses along the skin. When you raised your head just enough to look at him, the sight before you had you biting into your lip. His eyes were shut, his fingers tracing lightly up your leg, his mouth dragging against you like he had all the time in the world. You had to keep yourself from making any noise when he suckled at your calf, his teeth biting at the muscle hard enough to leave marks.
He continued his treatment up your other leg, moving along at a snail’s pace. When he moved to your inner thigh, the tingles you felt increased tenfold, every kiss only making you more and more impatient. You could feel the arousal in you building, but he didn’t even look towards your core, let alone provide you any relief. You dug your fingers into the pillow beneath your head, your legs squirming under his touch, hips canting upward ever-so-slightly.
“Stop moving,” he demanded gruffly, tone so much harsher than the attention he was laving you with.
You did your best to follow his instructions, but when he bit cruelly into the soft skin of your inner thigh, you couldn’t stop the cry that left your lips, hips bucking under him.
“What did I just say?” came his exasperated reply, his forearm coming to press across your abdomen, preventing any chance of you doing the same thing again.
Having to lay there and take his languid kisses interrupted by the ruthless marking of your skin was like the most pleasant sort of torture. You could feel yourself trembling from the effort of holding back, the fire in you only growing with every nip, lick, and caress.
“Jungkook, please...”
He only hummed in response.
“Touch me,” you begged.
“I have been touching you.”
“Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.”
Was he really going to make you beg? “Can you move faster?”
Your soft spot for this man was really about to harden real soon.
“You’ll have to forgive me...” he droned, his lips trailing up your thigh, stopping frustratingly close to your core, enough that you felt the heat radiating from him. “I like to play with my food.” He punctuated the statement by a sharp bite at the delicate skin between your pussy and thigh.
A gasp was forced from your lungs, your hand falling down to wind its way into Jungkook’s hair. His words did nothing to quell your restlessness, only electrifying your nerves, every lingering touch only leaving you more and more desperate for stimulation where you needed it most.
“Please, please, I’m going crazy,” you whined, attempting to push his head further towards your centre, only to have your hand ripped from his head and thrown to your side.
“Aw, kitten,” he cooed, condescension clear in his voice. “We can’t have that, can we?”
So unlike his previous unhurried demeanor, he shot his head to your core suddenly, licking a long, slow stripe from your entrance to your clit.
A moan was ripped from your chest at the unexpected deliverance of pleasure right where you needed it. Despite his recent burst of speed, he continued his leisurely pace, giving tiny flicks of his tongue at your entrance, taking his sweet time as if savouring every shiver, every release of breath coming from your lungs.
“So wet for me, you taste so good,” he groaned, nuzzling his nose into your clit as he kept at your sopping entrance with his tongue. You wouldn’t stop shifting in his hold as you whimpered, trying so desperately to push your hips up, but you were no match for his strength holding you down.
“Kitten, relax,” he hummed, taking a break to leave wet kisses on your abdomen. “We talked about this, right?”
You knew he was right. He’d proven to you time and time again over the past week or two that everything felt so much better once you let the tension go. He’d introduced you to seeing how much better pleasure ebbed and flowed when you were relaxed, how incredible it felt to give yourself in to it rather than seek it out. But you couldn’t deny that it was difficult to go against your instinct to lean into the pleasure even when he only wanted to deliver it to you.
He stroked softly up your leg, reaching up to lace your fingers together when he felt that you stopped fighting him. “Good girl.”
You keened under his praise, tightening your hold on his hand when he dove back into your pussy, his tongue dipping into your entrance. He kept up his teasing strokes, his attention only aiming for your bundle of nerves a second at a time before he was right back tonguing at your folds.
But when his tongue dipped even lower, you gasped.
He circled his tongue experimentally at your rim, pausing when you gave a choked-out mewl. “Is this okay?”
You shivered at his hot breath on your wet asshole, the sensation foreign but nowhere near unpleasant. “Yeah, I just – I've never...” you trailed off quietly, embarrassed.
“You haven’t done this before?” he prodded, no shame in his tone, only seeking to ensure he heard you properly.
You only shook your head, avoiding eye contact.
“Hey,” he called out, not continuing until you met his gaze. “We don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”
“I think...” you paused, but he only smiled encouragingly, not pushing you. “I think I want to try. With you.”
“Are you sure?”
You nodded, biting at your lip.
“Just say the word and I stop, okay?”
Searching your eyes one more time for any hint of doubt, he lowered his head back between your legs. “Lay back, kitten. I promise it’ll feel good.”
When he circled his tongue around your hole again, you let your head sink back into the pillows beneath you, basking in his attention. You couldn’t help the strange, flustered feeling that settled over your mind, but you tried your best to relax under his tongue.
It was a different sort of pleasure, but you weren’t sure if that was just because you were unused to it. It was a pleasure that swam through your limbs, more of a tickle than a wave. Different, but good different.
You gasped loudly when his fingers rose to drag through your folds as his ministrations with his tongue continued, a low moan leaving him when he felt how soaked you were. But when two fingers eased their way into you, you couldn’t help but let out a long, drawn-out whine. Sure, the stretch was nowhere near as overwhelming as the first time after all the times you two had fucked, but the sensation of him scissoring his fingers inside you still left you reeling.
You were completely soaking his hand, enough that he added a third finger without much preparation. When he scissored those fingers apart at the same time as he pressed the tip of his tongue ever-so-gently against your entrance, you clenched around his fingers, back arching slightly as your mouth fell open.
“Ah, Jungkook,” you cried out, your fingers tangling themselves into his hair. He didn’t stop you this time, allowing you to press him in closer to you. But when the tip of his tongue breached your hole, your limbs stiffened.
“Don’t tense up,” he ordered, though his tone was soft. “Remember, I’ll stop if you ask me to.”
Relax, you told yourself. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust Jungkook – you just felt out of your element. As if you were going to mess up, despite not even being the one doing anything.
But he was already making you feel so good, and so, you let go.
He threw one of your legs over his shoulder, shooting you a cute, reassuring smile when you loosened your limbs. Only he could manage to look cute with 3 fingers inside of you.
At the same time as he started pressing his tongue into you again, he crooked his fingers inside you. Stars flashed behind your eyelids as you slammed your eyes closed, the brush of his fingers against that spongy spot inside you leaving you whimpering. The overwhelming sensations didn’t stop, the tip of his tongue pressing you open, gradually moving deeper inside as he continued rubbing at your g-spot.
He slowly thrusted his fingers as he worked his tongue deeper, your body heating up even as goosebumps rose to the surface. Getting stimulated both ways felt like too much at first, but you were becoming more and more comfortable, pushing yourself closer to his tongue and him closer to you. You felt almost dazed.
After working you open with his tongue, he pulled his fingers from you, shushing you gently when you whined at the loss of fullness. But you only moaned when he circled a wet digit at your lower entrance, the sensation once again different but pleasant.
When he begun to ease a single finger into you, the glide was easy. You’d already become more familiar with the breach. The combination of your arousal coating him, the presence of his saliva, and your (finally) relaxed state had him able to slide in to the first knuckle with ease.
“That’s it...” he breathed, almost seemingly for himself rather than for you to hear. “Good girl.”
You arched your back as he thrusted slowly with his finger, tiny noises escaping your throat as he stretched you open. It felt stranger to feel the firmness of a finger as opposed to the malleability of a tongue, but wonderful all the same. When he was able to insert the length of his finger with minimal resistance, he called out to you.
“Would you like more?”
You nodded emphatically before he even finished the question. As much as you already felt good, the feeling of a stretch always sent you alight, and you were certain this would be no exception.
He pulled away from you to reach into his nightstand drawer, returning with a bottle of lube and something you didn’t quite catch sight of. He shifted to briskly shuck his clothes to the floor, leaving him just as naked as you, his cock fully hard, the tip red and angry. Despite the fact that he hadn’t received anything at all, he only focused on squirting a generous amount of lube onto his fingers.
“Kitten, it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but try not to tense up, okay? If it hurts at all, tell me.”
“Don’t worry so much,” you smiled shyly, though you appreciated his words. You let your eyes close, your arms coming up the bed to rest by your head.
When slick fingers brushed against your rim, you gasped, the digits cold. But you quickly reigned yourself in, adjusting your hips to give him better access.
When the tips of two fingers entered you, it wasn’t as bad as you had come to expect. But as they pushed a bit further, the slight burn had you squirming. He paused, giving you time to adjust.
“How are we doing?”
“I’m good.” This was expected, and nothing you haven’t felt before. You didn’t doubt that only amazing things were waiting on the other side of this hurdle.
He waited several more moments before resuming his actions, your walls expanding around his fingers as he pushed forth. The pressure felt unusual, a peculiar tightness in your lower abdomen, the sensation of fullness prevalent despite only having a portion of two fingers inside.
He thrusted them shallowly within you, rubbing against nerve endings you never expected to house such pleasure despite the assurances of several of your friends. You felt the familiar gradual building of warmth in your abdomen at his touch, though nowhere near the breaking point.
When he eventually seated his fingers fully within you, the moan couldn’t be kept from you, the stretch leaving you warm, the sensation of being filled fogging your mind. You gave an experimental thrust of your hips, gasping at the feeling of his fingers moving deep inside you. When he dropped a hand to circle your clit, you continued to thrust yourself against his hand, mewls leaving you.
“How does it feel, kitten?”
“So good,” you panted, shivers going through you when he took over the movement of his hand for you. He scissored his fingers apart within you, the additional stretch only building the pleasure more and more.
“Do you want more?”
“Please,” you cried, craving the sense of euphoria that came from the stretch inside you.
“I have a butt plug that’s a bit bigger than my fingers right now.” He held it up for you to see – it was glass, presumably the second thing he grabbed from the drawer earlier. “Do you want to try it?”
“Yes, yes, please.” You sounded pathetic even to your own ears, but you felt no need to hide your desire. He was between your legs, after all – you were certain he could see it for himself, could see your arousal dripping from your core down to your ass.
“Okay, kitten. Give me a minute.”
You exhaled as he removed his fingers from you, his hand reaching back into the drawer to pull out a wipe for his hands. You’d have to find out what else was hidden away in that drawer after this.
True to his word, it wasn’t long before he was warming the plug between his hands, squirting out another obnoxious amount of lube onto it. As you watched him fiddle with it methodically, your arousal only grew.
You widened your legs when he pressed it lightly against your entrance, eager to have something back inside you. You watched as he brushed your clit gently with his index finger as he started pushing it inside.
You did your best to even out your breathing as he pushed it deeper, gasping as the widest part started entering you. But the sensation was everything you wanted and more, your eyeballs rolling back in your head as he moved the hand on your clit to insert two fingers into your cunt.
Just when you thought the plug would keep going on forever, you squeaked as it bottomed out inside you, the toy snug inside your ass.
You couldn’t catch your breath, especially not when Jungkook inserted another finger next to his two already inside, his other hand nudging at the butt plug inside you. You felt dizzy, every nerve ending in your body singing. You slammed your eyes shut only to see sparks every time he thrusted his fingers or fiddled with the butt plug. Any trace of discomfort was long gone, only the glorious stretch of both of your holes leaving you a trembling mess.
He unmercifully continued to play with the toy inside you as he pistoned his fingers into you, twisting and pushing against it, pulling almost all the way out only to push it back in to the base. He only watched as you fell apart beneath him, a stream of wanton noises escaping your open mouth, too overwhelmed to clench your jaw.
When he curled his fingers to rub expertly at your g-spot, you almost screamed, your muscles limp.
“J-Jungkook,” you moaned, your tongue struggling to wrap around the syllables in the midst of your bliss.
“Hm?” He slowed down his motions to give you the chance to collect yourself. You greatly appreciated it – you didn’t trust yourself to form words otherwise.
“Want your cock,” you slurred, clenching hard around his fingers. You wanted to feel him replace the plug with himself, feel his warm body against your own as he ruined you, made you feel things you’d never felt before. More than anything, you wanted it with him.
“Oh yeah? Where do you want me?”
Despite the fuzziness in your mind, you were still embarrassed at the notion of detailing exactly what you wanted. Instead, you bit your lip bashfully, moving your eyes away from his piercing gaze towards the ceiling. “You know where.”
You could tell from the slight chuckle you heard that he knew exactly what you meant, but that didn’t mean he was going to let you off the hook. “Tell me, kitten.”
You fixed your most challenging stare onto him, though you weren’t sure how menacing you managed to look, considering your chest was heaving, your body was wet with sweat, and you were trembling on the other end of his hand. Your pseudo-staredown continued, his motion inside you completely ceased as he only gave you an unbothered look in return. It was clear you weren’t going to get your way.
Internally declaring him the winner, you looked away. “My ass,” you mumbled, sounding quiet even to your own ears.
“Sorry, what was that?” he said in a sing-song voice, evidently loving how flustered you got whenever he asked you to tell him what you wanted.
“Jungkook, please,” you pouted, giving him a pleading look.
“Okay, okay,” he conceded. He was much weaker to your begging than to your threatening tactics – he'd made that clear on multiple occasions, though never telling you outright. It was something you’d learned to utilize well recently.
As he pulled his fingers from you and reached for the bottle of lube, you called out to him. “Wait.” He gave you a look of confusion, but you sat up quickly and plucked the bottle from his hand. “Let me.”
His cock looked painfully hard, precum leaking from the swollen tip. You couldn’t imagine the self-control he possessed to be able to go so long untouched. Your mouth watered at the sight, memories of him fucking into your throat crossing your mind. But this wasn’t the time for that – there was always later, after all.
Following his example and squirting more lube into your hand than you thought you needed, you reached for his cock. He whined loudly the moment you made contact, the hardness twitching within your grasp. You heard his breath quicken as you spread lube over him, but your eyes were fixed solely on his cock in your hand, thoughts of him inside you shooting new waves of arousal to your core.
When you were finished, you wiped your hand on the sheets and laid back, eagerly yanking him forward by the wrist. You spread your legs shamelessly, your cunt and your ass, still stuffed full with the plug, on full display. He hissed at the sight, stroking himself loosely.
“Fuck me,” you urged, attempting to pull him closer, wrapping your ankles around his thighs.
“You’re so needy today, kitten,” he teased, slowly removing the butt plug from you. You hissed as your body released it, trembling at the notion of being full of something bigger.
He hovered over you, teasingly rubbing his cock through your folds, a whimper pulled from your throat as the head nudged your clit. The lube paired with the build-up of your arousal made for an easy slide, but soon enough he was pulling away, the tip prodding at your ass.
“Are you ready for me?” he asked, pausing.
“Yes, yes, yes-” you chanted, cut short abruptly when he started pushing into you. The pressure you’d felt earlier returned, but this time you did your best to take deep breaths through the slight discomfort. You dropped a hand to your clit, the strange feeling in your gut replaced by pleasure as you circled the nub, your hips arching and pushing back further onto his cock.
He groaned obnoxiously as he slid further and further into you, made easier by your body’s distraction. But when he was almost fully inside you let your hand fall back to your side, whimpering at the fullness.
“Fuck,” you whined, his almost pained expression only riling you up more. “Feels so big.”
“You’re taking it so well, kitten,” he replied, voice strained. “So fucking tight-” He threw his head back, his mouth falling open, a whine coming out when he finally bottomed out.
As he grinded his length into you, it was all you could do to squirm against him, gasping at how stuffed deep you felt. You whimpered when he started thrusting slowly, reaching for him.
“Come here,” you begged. You wanted so badly to feel his skin against your own as he fucked you open, craving the sense of intimacy that came with being held.
You wrapped your arms around his shoulders as soon as he bent over you, your back arching to plaster your bodies together. He kept up his slow pace, but all you wanted was to be ruined by his cock.
“Please, faster,” you hummed, mouth falling open when he did just that. When he heard only your cries of pleasure and stopped feeling the same resistance as earlier, he sped up even more, his thrusts deep.
You felt more and more intoxicated with each thrust, his cock filling you wide, brushing against sensitive spots you didn’t know existed.
Jungkook didn’t seem to be faring any better, breathy moans coming from him with every thrust. He fisted a hand in your hair, yanking to bare your neck to him as he let his thrusts grower wilder at your reactions.
“So fucking perfect, for me, kitten, fuck,” he choked, dipping his head to suck harshly above your collarbone. His rough treatment and the unforgiving thrust of his cock inside you lit your body on fire, your eyes open but unable to focus on anything.
After being worked up so long it was no surprise that the pleasure of finally having a cock inside you had you approaching your end more quickly than usual. But this pleasure felt deeper, different, fuller, overwhelming.
And when Jungkook bit particularly hard at your neck, everything multiplied a thousandfold.
You couldn’t make a single noise as the waves of rapture hit every cell in your body, your back arching obscenely as your vision went white. He fucked you through your orgasm, whines slipping from him as his thrusts became sloppy.
It was only seconds later when he pulled from you, fisting his cock roughly. You felt rather than saw the heat of his release hitting your abdomen, just the thought of opening your eyes too exhausting for your spent body.
You made a noise of complaint when he moved your legs to lay flat against the bed, the lingering soreness lighting up at the movement. He kept a firm hand stroking your thigh, grounding you as he stretched to reach back into his drawer.
You focused on the warmth of his touch cutting through the cloudiness in your mind, the sensation of a cool wipe against your skin and between your legs giving you shivers.
“Are you sleeping, princess?” he asked, his voice still raspy but calming nonetheless.
You gave a small shake of your head, forcing your heavy eyes open, vision fuzzy but able to see Jungkook bent over you from his place beside you.
“I’m gonna sit you up, okay?”
When you nodded your consent, he shifted you up gently, slipping himself behind you. Caged in with his chest supporting your upper half, his legs on either side of your body, and the blanket he pulled over both of you, you’ve never felt safer.
He reached out to grab something from the nightstand, a water bottle appearing in front of you. If you had the capacity for higher thinking in this moment, you would’ve questioned how he had everything prepared already.
“Drink for me,” he instructed, holding the lip of the bottle up to your face.
After helping you take a few sips, he put it aside, wrapping both arms around your waist and nuzzling into your hair.
“Did so well for me, princess,” he hummed, dropping kisses to your forehead. His tender treatment had you humming, relaxing fully into his arms, feeling lighter than ever.
“Jungkook,” you whispered, only continuing when you heard the quiet ‘hm’ in response. “Thanks.”
You couldn’t define exactly what you were thanking him for, but it felt right. The way he made you feel, the way he always took care of you – it was a reassurance you didn’t know you needed.
But he didn’t ask you to elaborate, only brushing back the hair that had become stuck to your face from sweat.
“Are you tired?” he asked. It must have been clear to him that you were, what with the way your eyelids would shut and then struggle to flutter back open.
“Sleep, princess. I promise I’ll be here when you wake up.”
With that, it was only moments before you were out like a light, fully encompassed in all that was Jungkook.
A week (with many nights spent together) later, you were once again lounging in your usual spot on the couch, shamelessly ogling Jungkook as he did the cooldown for his workout. You’d already filmed a video for his Instagram earlier, the man calling you out of your room insisting you took the “best angles” and made him look “more muscular.”
With all the “research” you’d done you were positive he was quite good at setting them up himself, but you weren’t going to complain.
When he was done, body glistening with sweat, only wearing those infamous black Adidas trackpants, he made his way over to you.
“Hey, uh, Y/N...” he trailed off before seemingly gaining his confidence back. “Can we talk?”
As much as you would normally be fine holding a conversation and texting at the same time, the tinge of nervousness in his voice had you putting your phone aside, focusing your attention onto him.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes! Fine! But uhm, I’ve been, uhh, thinking,”
“Always a relief,” you quipped.
He only gave a pained smile in response, your anxiety increasing when he didn’t give some kind of sarcastic reply. “I’ve been having some thoughts, and I took a page out of your book and turned to a very reliable source-”
“No, Reddit.”
You muffled a laugh. “Go on.”
“So you see, I uhh, went on to AskMen because I thought I needed some advice and you usually find some good advice there,” he spat out at a rapid-fire pace, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I said, ‘There’s this girl I live with who I can’t stop thinking about, and the time we spend together is always my favourite time of the day even if we don’t do anything, and the sex is also the best sex I’ve ever had. What should I do?’”
You could feel your heart pounding in your chest, your blood rushing through your ears as you took in his words. You bit your lip to prevent the grin that wanted so badly to spread across your face, crossing your arms to stop yourself from springing yourself into his. “And what did they say?”
“Well, the top comment was from someone named ‘satansleftnut’-”
You couldn’t stop the peals of laughter from escaping that time, but quickly put a hand over your mouth when he shot you a look of desperation. “Sorry,” you mumbled, voice still muffled by your own hand.
“And they said, ‘you need to wife her or I will,’” he finished, fixing his determined features onto you. “So obviously I took this advice to heart. And I thought, yes, I will ask her to be my wife. No, wait-”
You pressed your hand harder into your mouth, desperately struggling to hold back the boisterous laughter threatening to escape you.
“Wait, fuck, I meant girlfriend, I promise I meant girlfriend, please don’t freak out-”
Finally letting his suffering end, you launched yourself at him, wincing slightly as your cheek came into contact with his sweaty chest. “Yes, I’ll be your wife. I mean, your girlfriend,” you teased, tipping your head back to grin at the blush colouring his cheeks.
“Really?” he responded, disbelief in his voice. He really doubted that you’d say yes, even after you’d spent the majority of the past few weeks glued to his side? Even when you’d practically done everything a couple did, now that you thought about it?
You reached up for his face, pulling his head down to press your lips together. Unlike the other kisses you typically shared, needy and messy, this was soft. Tender, loving, unassuming. Different. Good different.
Pulling away from him, you locked your eyes onto his, melting when those wide brown eyes looked into yours as though you held the universe in your grasp. You reached for his hands, twining your fingers into his.
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bad word | kth drabble
Tumblr media
⇢ 𝒔𝒚𝒏𝒐𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒔; one of the kids in your class curses and you make it your responsibility to break it to her dad, luckily you know him better than your co-workers
⇢ 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: fluff, smut, dilf!taehyung
⇢ 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: protected sex, explicit language, age gap; taehyung is 35 and reader is 28 (although their age is not mentioned in the story, just the age difference of 7 years), mentions of smut, slight biting
⇢ 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 6.4k+
𝒂/𝒏: commissioned anonymously! this was supposed to be 4k but here we go again, another proof that it's a challenge for me to write something short haha
𝒎.𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕 | ☕️ | © 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒐 (𝒏𝒐 𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅)
Tumblr media
“You're doing amazing, Jihoon.” you praise the little boy, patting the top of his head as you glance at his coloring book. The coloring is a little bit off, actually a lot, but you can't really tell him that, can you? He seems to be encouraged by your praise, your heart beaming when he looks up at you and gives you a grin, his two front teeth missing.
You praise other kids at the table, somehow content how silent the room is. Well, apart from the occasional squeals, laughs and toys crashing down the floor every few seconds, but that's just something you got used to very quickly. Now it's just a noise you can listen to without having the need to go somewhere quiet. However, headaches make an occasional appearance once you get back home, the place empty from all the kids noises and their presence. You can't say you hate it though, you actually miss them a lot.
You wouldn't do this job if you didn't like kids. And these particular amazing and cute kids that you get to see five days a week somehow sneaked their way into your heart, so you easily have grown attached to them. You could not see them for one week and feel like they’ve grown too quickly. Not for nothing people say you can see the real time passing by on kids. It's true.
Making your way back to the teachers table, you reach for your bottle of water as you join your co-workers, having a heated conversation while kids have their own play-time without you interfering.
“No, no, no. Mr. Kim has to be the first. Hands down.” Sara says, shaking her head while your other co-worker Katana just chuckles mumbling something along the lines “You've got a point”.
“What are you guys talking about?” you ask them, opening the bottle while taking a few gulps.
“Just ranking the hottest daddies. Kim, Ivy's father is definitely and successfully holding the first place.” Sara waves her hand as if she's talking about weather and not about one of the kids' fathers that is in this very same room.
You choke up, a few droplets of water spilling down your chin as you quickly wipe it with the back of your hand. Katana and Sara burst into laughter, enjoying your sudden and shocked reaction while you glare at them.
“Y/N agrees for sure.” Katana smirks, causing you to frown at her.
“Don't you guys have something else to do?” you mutter, closing the bottle as you feel your heart racing, eyes silently searching for Ivy who's playing with one of the dolls putting them into a kids stroller.
Your heart softens at the sight, her pigtails still successfully holding, the ones you made her once she woke up from her nap time. She always asks you to do them, she can be very persistent when she wants to.
“Loosen up, Y/N. It's not like you don't think Mr. Kim is the perfect dilf out of all daddies here.”
Your head snaps towards Sara, eyes bulge out as you feel your whole face flash while your co-workers laugh at your reaction once again. Your heart beats harshly against your ribcage, feeling their eyes on you as you straighten yourself and clear your throat. Just as you're about to say something, Katana cuts you off before you even have a chance, her eyebrows lifted confidently. Maybe you should be happy they're continuing with the conversation rather than laughing at your reaction and finding you being more frustrated and red with each passing minute.
“He has someone. He clearly isn't with Ivy's mother,”
That's true. Ivy's mother is coming to pick her every second week and it's quite known they're not together. It's not like Ivy's father hides it and besides, Ivy's mother likes to show her frustration towards her ex-husband at every occasion and she definitely doesn't mind if she's doing it in front of her kid's teachers or in the kindergarten her kid is going into. This is definitely not the place to voice out her annoyance towards her kid's father, especially not in front of her even though it seems Ivy has her own little bubble and luckily, doesn't put too much attention to whatever her mother has to say whenever she comes to pick her up, trying to discreetly speak not so fondly about her ex-husband. However, you know better.
Her ex-husband is a very friendly and polite man, loving his daughter like no one else. It warms everyone's heart whenever he comes to pick her up, not because he's handsome or a perfect dilf as your co-workers named him (which to be honest you don't know how to feel about it). Maybe that's why she seems so envious of him because he has a perfect relationship with their daughter. Well, at least that could be one of the other reasons for sure.
However, as soon as those words leave Katana's mouth you feel yourself getting tense all over again as you stare at her with a neutral look. Sara frowns, seeing displeased by the new information and how Katana sounds so sure of herself.
“How do you know that? Has he told you anything?”
Would it be too awkward if you just stepped away from this conversation? Why out of all time, one of the kids can't do something that would require your whole attention and presence? Just like on purpose, there's a complete calm yet cheerful atmosphere in the classroom.
“No,” Katana snickers, “But a man like him has to have someone. I mean, take one look at him. He can't be single.”
You shake your head at her statement, even though partly you'd agree if you didn't know any better. Sara sighs, mumbling a few words of how unfortunate it is that every hot man is either married or dating someone. Not going to lie, you're not blind and it's hard to resist Taehyung's charms. That's what his name is. Kim Taehyung. It sounds nice even in your head. But not even once you were thirsting about him so publicly, especially not in a classroom full of kids even though they can't hear the conversation that's been clearly going on way before you made your way here.
Luckily, someone up there has listened to your silent pleas when two of the kids start to bicker, your clue to turn around and leave from the conversation as you assure Sara and Katana you got it. By the time you kindly explain to the kids bickering isn't nice and give them the pep-talk, Sara and Katana have separated and are playing with other kids.
Later in the day when a few of the kids have already gone home and got picked up by their parents, you're closing the classroom's door while bidding goodbye to one of the kids and their mom. You're opening your mouth, ready to talk to Sara (since Katana already went home because there's no need for the three of you to be here when most of the kids went already home) but before you can, the usual chirpy and soft voice calls out something you'd never expect you'd hear again.
You and Sara stare with wide eyes at each other before you glance at the four year old Ivy, her brows furrowed as one of the toys she was trying to reach fell down on the floor with a loud bang. She seems completely oblivious that whatever she said is bad, her small and neaty hands picking up the toy as she glares at the poor plastic pink car for dolls.
“I got it.” You mouth to Sara, seeing her finger pointing between her and you, her silent way of asking who's going to deal with it.
“Ivy, honey,” you call out to the little girl, her round eyes glancing at you as she sits on the wooden stool taking the car with her as she sets it onto the table where her dolls are sitting.
Should you tell her something? She seems oblivious to the curse word that so freely let out her small mouth. Reminding her and trying to explain to her that she shouldn't be talking like that would just put more attention to it. However, this is not the first time you've heard this word because the same thing happened yesterday. You've no idea where she heard it from, well the most likely option is that she heard it at home. But you also know her father is very serious about language around kids, especially around his own kid to be precise. You mean… stuff like that can happen to anyone. People often curse before they realize they did it, it happened to you a lot – not in front of kids or in your job though.
Did he and his ex-wife maybe get into an argument? Maybe one of them cursed and Ivy obviously heard it.
“What did you say just a moment ago?” you ask her, letting her think about it. Okay, if she doesn't remember you'll let it go and act as if it didn't happen. But if she--
“Fuck,” she shrugs innocently, your eyes widening once more as you look around to see if any of the kids heard her. Luckily, they haven't.
Sara stands nearby, not really hearing your conversation but she definitely heard the word “fuck” coming out of Ivy with no problem. She stares at you, somehow looking both worried and amused at the same time as you take a deep breath.
Oh, fuck. She's not even your kid and you feel your palms getting sweaty. You don't want to cross any lines or interfere with the way she is being raised, you know not many parents appreciate when one of the teachers gets involved. However, it's your job to explain to her certain things when it directly happens in the kindergarten and in front of other kids. The last thing you need is one of the kids to hear her and repeat it after her.
“Ivy, you can't say that word. It's naughty and nice kids don't talk like that,” you start, seeing her tilting her head slightly at you as she thinks about your words for a moment. “I thought you're a nice kid.” you tell her softly, purposely saying it knowing she's always determined to prove that she's nice whenever her dad comes to pick her up and mentions ice-cream. Or even if he asks one of you, the teachers, if she was nice. Ivy is usually the first one to respond which always makes everyone laugh.
She's a good kid. Polite one too. She treats other kids nicely and always shares her toys. So naturally, you're even more surprised to hear her saying such a word that definitely shouldn't belong to the dictionary of a four year old.
“I am!” she insists, frowning as she pouts slightly.
“Well, nice and good kids don't talk like that. It's very naughty.”
“Sorry.” she mumbles apologetically, looking down at her lap.
“I don't want to hear you saying that again, okay? You're a very cute and pretty lady.” you tell her, trying to lighten her sour mood as you tap her cute round nose.
She giggles, nodding as you chuckle at her. “Okay.” she tells you softly once she calms down.
Half an hour later, close to the closing time, Sara informs you Ivy's mother is coming to pick her up as she just parked her car. It doesn't faze you, it's pretty usual for her to come pick up her daughter at this hour. However, even though she's not very nice towards her ex-husband, having bitter remarks which are usually muttered underneath her breath but you – or Sara and Katana – always hear them. She's not trying to mask it that much, even though she thinks she's being sleek with the whole act “I hate my ex-husband”. But she's not a bad mom. She comes this late because she owns a boutique but whenever she sees her daughter, an almost identical copy of her father, she always has a warm smile on her lips. She's nice towards teachers (which obviously includes you as well) and you've never really had any trouble with her.
That can't be said about Ivy's father though.
You know your daily task is to fill up parents about their kids' day and how they behaved, but before Sara can make her way towards the door and open it, you catch her wrist and glance at her nervously.
“Don't say anything about what Ivy said today, please.”
Sara looks a little taken aback by your request, not hiding a mere confusion and probably wonders why are you even asking this of her. It's pretty usual you'd tell whichever of the parents would pick up the kid, the truth. The last time Ivy said clear and soundable “fuck”, you brushed it off after talking to the girls. But now that has happened a second time, you'd usually just have to say it to the parent.
“Are you sure? She should probably know about this.” Sara says, voice quiet and confused.
“Yeah, she should. But she'll just blame Ivy's father for it and the poor kid already listens to that every time she finds something against him. I think her dad will explain this stuff to her better, Ivy listens to him more. We can tell him next week when it's his turn to pick her up.”
Sara is not surprised to hear your reason, she can easily tell the difference of the two parents as well. She's very attentive and knows, even though Ivy loves both her parents, she's way more cheerful when her dad comes to pick her up and he's actually the one that is more strict. Ivy is just a kid and even though she has a good heart and is raised well, she has her own tantrums sometimes. You, Sara and Katana were witnesses to him putting her back in her place whenever she threw a tantrum in the dressing room with his deep and stern voice.
“Okay, I think you're right.” she nods, agreeing with you but before she can say something else, Ivy's mother opens the door and greets you before she calls out to Ivy.
The little girl runs to her and hugs her long legs before she lets go and goes back into the room, cleaning up the toys she played with just a few seconds ago and putting them back to their place. It makes your heart bloom with softness and warmness and when you look at her mother, you see the same look in her eyes as she waits for her daughter, taking her small hand into hers when she finally makes it back to her mother.
Tumblr media
The apartment smells delicious when you enter the spacious entryway, a silent curse leaving your mouth as soon as you take off your shoes and step onto a wooden toy that makes your foot ache. Putting away your thin jacket onto the rack, you make your way through the house, following the little rumble sounds and amazing smell of food that makes your mouth water.
You smile as soon as you see him, standing with his back while stirring something on the pot. You make your way towards him, hugging him from the back as he slightly jumps from the sudden touch but smiles once he looks down and sees it's you.
“Hey, love.”
Heart warming at the pet name, you let out a soft “hi” before he turns around and kisses you on the lips, cupping your cheeks for a moment.
“Ivy?” he asks in assurance, causing you to chuckle as you lean against the kitchen counter, seeing him still wearing one of his work attires, a light blue button-up and black slacks.
He must've come home and straight went to prepare dinner for the two of you.
“Hyerim picked her up.” you answer, seeing him nod even though he already knows the answer to that. He's just in his dad's protective and caring mode, he needs assurement.
“Good, how was your day?”
So you chat, watching him cook as he refuses your help whenever you offer yourself. Once the food is ready, you move to the dining room with a few crayons still sitting on top of the table messily as he apologizes and quickly puts them away.
“Sorry, didn't have enough time to make this place clean.” he apologizes, but it only makes you chuckle because he's acting as if you're not spending your free time here every second week.
Throughout the dinner, you talk and eat in a peaceful silence – something you've grown used to as well. Sometimes you wonder how it'd feel like with Ivy's presence here, considering it feels like she is here but in reality she isn't. Her drawings are attached to the fridge and around the house, clearly making her dad a proud one. And her toys are almost everywhere, even though they're neatly placed in the living room.
It makes you miss her, knowing she is probably having a great time with her mom because apparently, she never complains and always talks fondly whenever she comes back home. It only makes you think of what happened today, wondering if by now the little girl didn't listen to you and already said “fuck” again, this time in front of her mother.
“Taehyung?” you ask softly, putting down your fork as you glance at your boyfriend who's just putting a bite into his mouth as he hums in response, eyes set upon you.
“Did you and Hyerim fight by any chance recently?” you ask him, seeing his brows furrowing, the same way like Ivy did today.
“No,” he answers, looking a little puzzled as he thinks it through for a second before answering more confidently. “No, I told you we haven't fought in months. I think she prefers talking behind my back and in front of Ivy's teachers.” he jokes a little, the corner of his lips curving to a slight smirk.
It makes you chuckle and look down at your plate, obviously knowing you're the reason why he knows all of this in the first place. As much as Sara and Katana daydream about him, they wouldn't go as far as telling him such an uncomfortable and private thing, even if it includes him as well. It's impolite.
Perks of him being your boyfriend, so you can tell him anything you want.
You nod along his words, reaching for the glass of wine as you take a decent sip before he keeps his eyes on you, a silent curiosity and interest crossing his face. “Is there a reason why you're asking? Has she said something about me again?”
“Ah, no. She was actually very polite this time...” you trail off, avoiding his eyes for a moment and you've no idea why.
Maybe it's the way he's staring at you with his dark eyes across the table, or the fact that he looks so hot and stern all of a sudden while he analyzes the way you're acting. Obviously, a few months of dating him, he already knows when there's something you're not telling him.
“Come on, love. Tell me, I'm not gonna bite. At least not now.” he smirks, laughing when you exclaim his name and start laughing too, momentarily hiding your face with your hands as you feel the heat rushing to your face.
“Alright,” you breathe out once you calm down, looking him in the eyes. “Ivy said 'fuck' today.”
Taehyung's brows shoot up in surprise, opening his mouth slightly. “She said what?”
“Fuck,” you tell him, even though you know he heard you the first time. “One of the toys fell when she was trying to grab it. I talked to her but obviously, I thought you should know. I didn't say anything to Hyerim, we both know why…” you tell him and he nods, understanding that Hyerim might've overreacted and just put more blame on him than it's necessarily.
“I don't understand… I don't curse in front of her, neither does Hyerim. We're both very careful about that.”
“You never know, it might've slipped. It doesn't really matter who's to blame for this, but she can't speak like that. Thank god none of the kids heard her. This is actually the second time she said it, the first time she said it was a few days ago.”
“What? Why didn't you tell me?” he asks, surprised, not sounding accusingly at all.
“I wanted to tell you in private and since you had Ivy last week, there was no time. I wasn't about to discuss it in a dressing room where other parents were.” you explain.
Taehyung nods understandably, giving you a slight smile in appreciation before he looks a little disappointed by the news as he sighs. “I'll talk to her when she comes back from Hyerim. Where could she possibly hear it from? I don't understand…”
You shrug, not sure what to answer as he thinks about it for a moment, deciding that he has no answer for that and just lets it go for tonight. Shaking his head, he continues eating while you do the same, a casual talk filling the dining room once again while throwing knowing and flirtatious glances at each other.
Tumblr media
You often think about what you did in your past life to deserve such a man in your life, to have that privilege of snatching not just one of the hottest men in the world but also the kindest and most attentive boyfriend. It was one year ago when you started working at the kindergarten where you're working till this day. You had been working there barely for a week when a new three year old started attending kindergarten for the first time. You can still remember the way Ivy's big eyes were full of curiosity and fear at the same time, her both hands clutching her father's big one. He stayed for a few minutes, lingering close to the wall as he watched his daughter playing with toys and drawing him a picture. Despite his fond eyes that were filled with nothing but love, you could see him looking worried just as equal as Ivy when the door of the classroom full of other kids opened.
The only difference is, that he waited until his daughter wasn't watching him and was too occupied while drawing him a picture of butterflies, house and other random things that the three year old could think of.
And despite you working there barely a week, you already encountered similar situations with other parents as well. You're not going to lie, he did look slightly intimidating from the moment you first saw him. It's not like he was expressionless or coldly looked around himself, he was quite the opposite. One of the kids brought him a toy and he crouched down to the kid, ruffled his black hair and thanked him with a cute boxy smile which later on, you found Ivy has a very similar smile.
So you approached him, listened to him as he explained that he's probably overreacting but ever since she was born, he was with her most of the time and now is the time for her to come here, so he can work and she can finally attend kindergarten like every other kid. Ever since then, you both chatted a lot whenever he came to pick her up. Nothing too serious and you never crossed any boundaries, especially when he informed you Ivy's mother will pick her up every second week. Later on, when he came to pick up Ivy one day, you assumed they're married but busy to come together to pick her up. You assumed they just came to an arrangement to take turns.
You were surprised – okay, maybe even pleased – to hear that they've been divorced and separated for a year already. You kept your reaction low, just nodding in understatement. You remember the way he subtly smirked at you when you shyly looked away.
Somehow over the months, you both became close – friends maybe. He'd always talk to you about his day while waiting for Ivy to tie her shoes because “she's a big girl and she can do it alone”. Ivy's words, not her father's. He went along with it, taking that time to lean against the kids lockers while chatting to you whenever you had the time.
Until one day he finally grew some balls – Taehyung's words again – and finally asked you out. And the rest is a history, bringing you back to present time as you've been dating for five months now.
Taehyung's broad shoulders and the way he's eye-fucking you is definitely worth of not thinking about history, but get ready for present. He cockily smirks at you, standing above you while you're sprawled on his bed completely naked while he takes the last article of his clothes which happens to be boxers.
Oh, you're definitely lucky.
If only Sara and Katana could see you right now, they'd never believe you've been dating this man the whole time they kept talking about him, or more like thirsting over him. He's more than that though.
There are many things you appreciate about Taehyung, being mature is one of them. Him being older than you, seven years difference to be exact, makes him more mature than any of the boys you were dating previously. There weren't that many but even if there were, you know no one could compete with Taehyung.
Even your friendly and blunt co-workers can't keep their eyes off him whenever it's his turn of the custody. Even when it's not, they talk about him on a daily basis. And apparently giving him a nickname that has been sticking to him for a few months now.
Taehyung is in the middle of rolling a condom down his length when you giggle amusingly as your eyes scrunch. He chuckles, even though he glances at you in confusion wondering why the hell you're giggling all of a sudden.
“What?” he asks, breathing out a chuckle as he glances down at his length and gives himself a few testing tugs. As much as he wants three more kids (apparently – it's something he spilled when you had a date night at his house while drinking lots of wine), you still have a long way to go until you go that route.
“You know that Sara and Katana call you dilf?” you giggle, covering your mouth with your palm while Taehyung's eyebrows shoot up in shock.
For the first time since he has slowly led you to his bedroom and pleasured you with his mouth until you were begging for him to stop and let you breathe for a second, he looks quite shocked and taken aback. It's only now that you see the back of his neck flash as he sheepishly rubs it with his hand.
He's no stranger to the names of your co-workers, he hears about them all the time. However, it's the first time you revealed the nickname they gave him, even though he knows they're thirsting over him. Something you spilled that time on your date night.
But Taehyung is not caught off guard for too long, hovering over you for a second as he pulls you closer to the edge of bed, hands on your ass as he lifts it up. His length pokes you right into your clit causing you to stop giggling as you moan.
“Dilf, is it?” he hums, causing you to nod while silent pleas of him filling you up resounds from your mouth. In times like these, you can barely function and control yourself at the same time.
Taehyung listens to you, guiding his thick length into your wet and tight hole as he enters you with a slow yet shallow thrust. You groan, mouth opening and eyes shutting, falling apart from the single feeling of him stretching you out. You missed him. It's been something over a week since you got to have some alone time with him, which includes a lot of sex of course.
“Do they know this dilf gets to fuck you?” he hums against your neck, causing you to realize he's hovering over you once again as he gently bites into the crook of your neck, slowly thrusting in and out.
“Ah, fuck,” you moan out once he pulls back, grabbing you by your thighs as he hoasts your lower body up to his liking. It's just a matter of seconds before he starts fucking you just like he promised a few minutes ago when you entered his bedroom.
His thick length brushes your wet and tight walls, hitting all the right places as you can't keep your moans silent. Taehyung's eyes are focused on your breasts that bounce with each thrust he makes, eyes glancing down at your stomach to see it bulging thanks to his length inside you.
“Shit, love. You're killing me.” he groans, the sight being one of his weaknesses as it ushers him to pound into you even more.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Tae…” you whimper, feeling yourself getting close as his nails dig into the meat of your thighs. But the pain is nothing but pleasing and arousing you even more.
Soon enough, you're falling apart and cumming around his thick length that makes him groan, making it harder for him to move inside you. But somehow he does, pounding into you and following you a minute later while he spills into the condom.
Both breathing heavy, you're not surprised when Taehyung falls down on you as you hug him closer while he peppers your neck and chest with kisses. He slowly slips out of you, groaning at the feeling as he forces himself to stand up and dispose of the condom. He tells you he'll be right back, bringing one of his shirts that he without a doubt found in the bathroom. He cleans you up, tossing it down the floor you scoot further to the bed, finally laying down onto his soft pillows. He cuddles to you, tossing a duvet over your naked and warm buddies as he nuzzles to your neck.
“I want to tell Ivy,” he suddenly mumbles, his hands slowly rubbing your stomach under the duvet. “About us, about you.”
That makes you surprised, your heart skipping a beat and causing you to feel excited.
Ivy doesn't know that you're dating her father. It's something you respected from the moment you felt things between you and Taehyung aren't just about the casual talks between a parent and a teacher. From Taehyung's positions, it definitely makes sense that he didn't want to break it to his daughter that he's dating one of her teachers. You both wanted to make sure you're very serious about each other before he breaks the news to her. It makes sense. You're her teacher and even though it won't affect your work or can get you into trouble, you didn't want to be introduced to her as her dad's girlfriend just yet. No one knows about your relationship, that's one of the reasons.
Ivy is a sweet kid but she's still a kid and she would obviously spill the news. You both can't expect the four year old will keep your relationship a secret before you decide to just announce it to the world. You don't know how Hyerim, Taehyung's ex, will react to the news. Even though you don't care that much about her because she has nothing to do with Taehyung, not anymore – she's still Ivy's mother and probably won't have a pleasant reaction.
There are a lot of things you and Taehyung had to think through before you came to the conclusion that this is nice and you want to be in each other's life like this. Your parents know about Taehyung, and so does his parents know about you. But telling Ivy means that you'll be openly dating and it no longer will be a secret, in other words it’s a bigger step than telling your or Taehyung’s parents. This means Sara and Katana will find out eventually too, however you're not worried about that.
They might feel embarrassed that they've been thirsting about your boyfriend this whole time, but it'll be finally your time to laugh at them and see them frustrated.
Taehyung isn't scared of Ivy's reaction, the reason he didn't tell her about the two of you isn't about that. She loves you. Apparently, she talks about you at home too and according to Taehyung, you're her favorite teacher. Teachers shouldn't have a favorite kid but they always do. Your favorite kid is Ivy. Not because you're dating her dad, she's been your favorite from the moment Taehyung went to work and left her there for the first time alone. She came up to you and clutched to your hand, talking to you sweetly as she drew you a picture. The first one she drew in a class was already took by Taehyung as she made sure she gave it to him before he had to depart.
“Are you sure?” you ask, not hiding the smile in your voice that makes Taehyung smile as he kisses your collarbone.
“I've been sure for quite some time,” he tells you softly, “I don't want to hide anymore. She loves you, I love you and I want to spend my time with both of you. I want you to be here when she's home too, I want my both girls here.”
Your heart softens, heart blooming with love and warmness as your fingers play with Taehyung's dark wavy hair.
“I'd be more than happy about that,” you confess, “I feel like it's the right time too.”
Taehyung agrees, lifting his head off your body as he looks at you and purses his lips, silently asking for a kiss. You chuckle, finding him cute and different than from the man that pounded you into his mattress just a moment ago. You kiss him, letting your mouths mold together for a few minutes until you're forced to pull apart to properly breathe.
“I know where Ivy heard the bad word.”
The bad word. That makes you chuckle as you turn to him with an interest in your eyes. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he nods, smirking a little. “From you.”
You open your mouth. “Excuse me? I don't curse in front of her.”
“Uhm, it might not have been completely in front of her, but you know when you curse the most.”
“No, tell me.” you tell him, narrowing your eyes at him.
“When we have sex.” he smirks, causing your mouth to open.
“You remember the last time when we had sex? I called you over after we both couldn't sleep, Ivy was in her room sleeping back then,” Taehyung starts, causing your heart to stop for a moment as a horrific expression makes a way to your face.
Like Taehyung said, it was one of the nights when you texted and couldn't sleep, the texts becoming slightly explicit and needy which caused Taehyung to call you over. It was the first and only time you sneaked to his house while Ivy was in it too, supposedly soundlessly sleeping in her room while her father fucked you in his own. He assured you she's sleeping and you had to sneak away the next morning before she woke up, like a damn teenager.
You both acted like teenagers that night to be fair. The whole sneaking thing had its own spice though.
“Apparently, the little lovebug was awake or we must've woke her up.” Taehyung says, laughing as he seems amused by the whole situation.
“But--how do you know? Maybe she heard it somewhere else, this doesn't mean anything.” you tell him, not believing your own words too.
Taehyung raises his brow at you, “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he starts mimics you from that night when he took you from behind, your face heating up right away as you slap him in the chest. “You know how I know that?” he asks, voice amused and cocky which makes you roll your eyes.
“Spill it out.” you tell him, ready to hide behind the duvet but he gently takes it away from you and keeps his hold onto it.
“She asked me the next morning who was at our house. Apparently, she heard some noises.”
Okay, now you certainly look mortified. Taehyung laughs, enjoying the way you squeal in embarrassment.
“And you're telling me that just now?” you exclaim, repeating his words from earlier as he laughs with eyes scrunched shut.
“Well, telling you over a text or in a kindergarten with a bunch of parents and kids around wasn't the best option. I forgot to tell you, to be honest.”
“Oh my god,” you groan, rubbing your forehead in embarrassment. “What did you tell her?”
“That she must've had a bad dream.” Taehyung chuckles causing you to laugh.
“And she believed that?”
“Does it matter?”
No, it doesn't.
Taehyung suddenly cuddles you again, leg slouched over your own as his mouth is on your collarbone against, slowly making his way down to your breast as he starts sucking your nipple. You gasp, looking down at him as he keeps his attention to your nipple before he looks up with a smirk.
“Look at you, teaching my kid a bad word and you haven't even been introduced as my girlfriend.”
“It wasn't on purpose.” you gasp, whimpering when he gently bites onto your breast, chuckling lowly.
“I know,” he adds, assuring you that he's not mad or putting a blame on you. It was your both's fault. If you just waited and weren't horny like teenagers, this wouldn't have happened.
He lets go of your nipple with a loud plop, staring you in the eyes while his hands move down your stomach. You already know where this is heading, soon feeling him between your legs. But before he fully touches you where you're aching for him the most, he licks his lips and bites into them before a loving gaze makes its way to his eyes.
“Good thing I love you.”
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kimtaehyunq · 24 days ago
Tanzanite Treasures [KTH]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⟶ Tanzanite Treasures [Taehyung x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: Mermaid AU, Fantasy, Strangers to Lovers, Fluff, Smut, One-Shot ⟶ Warnings: merman!taehyung, human!reader(f), semi love at first sight?, slight mention of death, first kiss, breast play, oral (f), unprotected sex, creampie, fluff, etc. ⟶ WC: 11.8k+ ⟶ Summary: You’re met with a handsome man who hands you back your missing necklace given to you by your late grandmother. What you didn’t know is that the necklace holds such a powerful secret about life under the sea.  ⟶ Teaser: “Would you believe me if I showed you that merfolk are real?” he asks at the same moment a large emarginate fin rises from the water behind him. ⟶ Betas: Thank you for looking over my fic and helping when you can! @balenciaguks & @taegularities​. ⟶ Author’s Note: Entry for The Last Splash collab hosted by @kimtaehyunq​. Thank you so so much to Soph @sunshinekims​ and Ryen @kithtaehyung​ for motivating me months ago for a mermaid fic and coming up with some ideas for the story itself. Which resulted in wanting to do a mermaid collaboration. And here we are! One last final hoorah for the summer! Here is a beautiful merman fic for you!
Tumblr media
The strong current of the waves rock heavily into the side of the bowrider boat, surprising you and the other passengers onboard. As a morning outing among friends, you all decide that today is the day to get some ocean fresh air and water skiing before the club’s festival schedule later in the night. Your younger brother, Jackson, controls the boat and apologizes for the unforeseen rough waters as they continue to ram against the vessel. You, on the other hand, are assisting your friend Haley out from the water after her last turn on the waterski. Beside you is her boyfriend Jungkook, who is just as urgent with helping her up through the rocking waves. 
Suddenly, the boat lifts up under your feet, raising you and Jungkook higher and leaving Haley in the water. The motion causes a panic, you gripping onto the seat beside you as Haley clings onto whatever she can get her hands on. 
One being wrapped around Jungkook’s forearm and the other desperately clutching at your shirt. Ripping your necklace from your neck in the process of the quick action. You don’t feel the initial snap, too worried with holding your bearings and making sure Haley doesn’t go head under water. It isn’t until Haley ends up being dragged up by her ambitious boyfriend that you notice the red claw marks against your chest and the missing pendant that typically rests comfortably between your two clavicles. 
Your mind runs through despair, hands padding down every area as your eyes scan the floor of the boat for the small accessory. There’s a strike of hurt that hits your heart, worry clearly evident on your face. 
“Where is it?” you shout. The anxiety laced in your words has Jackson looking over his shoulder back at you with a confused face. 
“Everything good back there?” 
“No!” you cut, eyes becoming blurry from the threatening of tears yet to shed. “No, no, no!” 
Haley and Jungkook stare at you, looking around to try and understand what exactly you are looking for. “What’s wrong, Y/n?” 
The moment of realization hits you when the next strike of waves crashes against the back of the boat and splashes water at you. You stare out at the wide blue ocean with shaky eyes, watch the way the surface seizes to rest and knowing the depths below promises you nothing but the fact that your necklace may have become a new lost treasure. 
“Oh my God,” a broken sob comes out of your cracking voice. 
There is no time to cut daggers at Haley, it truly isn’t her fault that the necklace is gone. You can only blame yourself for wearing it like it’s a part of you, like a custom. To you, it really is… well now was a custom. 
Your hand clutches the empty spot on your chest, already missing the feeling of the lightweight pendant. When you turn your head to stare back at Jackson, a stream of tears pool out of the corners of your eyes. 
“I-I lost Grandmother’s necklace.” 
Jackson takes a moment before he can respond. Not knowing exactly how to respond is more of the problem for him. He understands your immediate distraught reaction to the missing piece; it was gifted to you by your late grandmother. She and you had such a strong connection, a bond unbreakable and surely a bond Jackson knew he’d never had with her. There was a kindling spirit between the two of you, a rarity to find among families, but the two of you shared that magical relationship. 
“Oh, Y/n…” Jackson sighs, his face deflating. He calls upon Jungkook to handle the wheel of the boat, switches positionings to where he places you down on one of the seats as the boat inches closer to the shoreline and away from the rough current. He hands you a handkerchief from his supply box, kneels down in front of you and pats your knees. 
“It’s ok. It’s just a necklace. Grandma left us behind 一”
“一 It’s not just a necklace!” you shout with hurt. 
“I didn’t mean it like that. I know it’s special to you.” 
“She entrusted me with that necklace,” you sob, rubbing your eyes. “There’s nothing like that necklace in the world. And I lost it.” 
Jackson remains pensive. “Y/n. I understand you’re upset. Nothing that I'll be able to say will help, but I’m sorry. This one is something you’re going to have to deal with.” 
He gets up from his position on the floor to acende back to the front of the boat, but not before checking in with Haley. She holds a towel close to her wet body, a gloomy look to her face. 
“I’m so sorry, Y/n. I didn’t mean to rip it.”
The handkerchief in your hand bunches together after you swipe it over your face. Your eyes return to the neverending ocean, gazing out to the beautiful yet cruel water. 
“It’s not your fault.” 
Your voice sounds distant, but Haley recognizes the sadness weaved inside of it. 
Tumblr media
The water’s undertow feels smooth against Taehyung’s face and tail. A slight cold draft indicates to him that a mild storm approaches his region, nothing that would disturb the beautiful coral reefs but enough to shake some neighboring fish. 
He scavenges and clears up some paths of blockaging debris, cleans up areas of his realm to help promote the aquatic life around him. His kingdom is proud of their waters and holds the responsibility of safe environmental cautions to the extreme. Every single merfolk from his province partakes in this practice, it’s crucial to their lives. 
A small school of fish enjoy following the curve of Taehyung’s tanzanite colored tail with every motion, making sure not to run into the smack of his flipper. He finds it cute and enjoyable to have small companions keep him company, it surely makes him feel less lonely when he patrols the westward sector. Considering that his introverted friend, Yoongi, usually accompanied him. Though, today Yoongi has duties for the realm. Probably helping pass judgement on newfound laws and veto through bills that do not assist the merfolk. 
Taehyung grabs a large piece of glass casing, a sharp and harmful piece that doesn’t deserve to be in such a beautiful and peaceful place on the coral reef. Over one hundred and twenty species of fish live in the same domain as him and across all reefs, each all maintaining their own jobs to support the biodiversity of the euphotic water zone. 
“It’s boring to do this alone,” Taehyung speaks to himself. He keeps a curious pout to his lips every time he places a shard of glass into the knapsack strung around his body. “Yoongi always seems to be busier these days.” 
He gently strokes his finger across some sea grass and sinularia, measuring the vast contrast of textures they have. Taehyung hums to himself as his iris scans the variety of colors before him. There’s no doubt in his mind that his home, the Indian Ocean, consists of the world’s most colorful reefs and kelp forests known to all merfolk. 
A reflection of something catches Taehyung’s eye as it falls from above, only four feet out from where he hovers. Tiny colorful fish chase around the fallen object as they pluck and prod at it with their mouths while it sinks. He swims up fast, sways his hand to grip the small object before inspecting it. 
Within the palm of his hand, Taehyung twists and turns the item. Two pieces of uneven chain hang off of it, a circular coin etched with the trident symbol of his realm dangling freely. Taehyung’s brows furrow with interest, scrutinizing the little piece of mer-money that is tied to a broken cuff. 
“Who would secure Vaponian gold to this?” 
Taehyung tilts his head to the side. A seaward undercurrent sweeps under his tail and raises his satchel, directing his attention to the area around him. He glances up through the thick cloudy waters, far too deep to see the surface from his positioning. The coin fell from above he deems, why else would it be drifting downward with no other merfolk in sight? 
Gradually, Taehyung takes precaution as he swims closer to the surface. The more he swims upward, the easier it is to notice the bumpy currents. There’s a stream of irregular water, leaving an imprinted trail behind. He catches the small remains of a boat casting away toward the mainlands, no other sign of life nearby. Not even the casual lagoon tigerfish would dare be this far up in this temperament. 
Steadily, Taehyung takes his curiosity further and follows the speeding vessel closer to the shoreline. He’s well aware of abandoning his post as routine clean-up crew for the reef, but he knows he isn’t the only one who is cleaning today. Someone will meander in his section, no doubt, and clean what they can find. 
But for now, Taehyung’s interest is to figure out the source of this broken piece that lays secured in the palm of his hand. His trained eyes remain fixated on the butt of the boat, reading the script that says ‘Delphinus’ in blue. 
The merman takes his time staying hidden at the depths he swims at; only occasionally popping his head out of the water to identify his surroundings. Before getting too close to the manmade fixture which the boat docks itself onto, Taehyung carefully swims the perimeter in the daylight. He remains guarded, head perched no higher than water above his nose.
There’s humans, four of them to his count, all exiting the back of the boat. The last to follow is a young woman; quiet and timid. She looks sullen, a deep scowl to her face as if lost in thoughts. Taehyung draws near, hovering his floating body between the pilings deep in the bed of the ocean, just to eavesdrop on the words he begins to hear. 
“We still have a few hours before the festival, is there anywhere you guys would like to eat?”  One of the males in the group speaks out as they pad down the wooden walkways. Taehyung continues to follow as much as possible from the underside, making sure to not create any noise with his lengthy tail. 
There’s more chatter, more plans and preparations for the night. However, he can only detect three of the four voices. That is, until that fourth voice finally speaks up and has Taehyung stalling in his tracks. 
“I’m not sure if I'll be going tonight… I’m not really in the mood to even think about it.” 
There’s a delectable, unearthly chime to that voice which rings through Taehyung’s ears. Tunes in through a secondary frequency and nearly has Taehyung leaping out of the water, ready to chat and meet the owner of the voice. 
“Y/n,” one of the males says. “You know the reason for the festival. If you miss out on it, you’re only causing yourself more harm.”
The beautiful ring of the female voice continues after a moment of silence, “That necklace means so much to me, Jackson. You’ll never understand how I feel knowing that it’s lost.” 
The scurry of feet fall further away, out of Taehyung’s ability to follow as they exit the docking port. He rests himself against the shallow piece of sands hidden under the passageway. Taehyung holds the necklace up in view, eyes examining the accessory once again. Thoughts race through his head, perplexing ones and dangerous ones. 
Half-prepared plans of stepping on land after all these years to properly give back the trinket and finding out exactly who that woman is. There must be a connection to the merfolk, this fallen necklace unquestionably belongs to her. With a voice that breaks through Taehyung’s barriers, touches his eardrums like no other, he is sure that finding her is a new desired mission of his.
Now, he only has to find a simple way to do this without being suspicious.
Tumblr media
The city’s local beach club is run by your family, the L/n’s. Passed down generation through generation, someone takes the reins of the business and continues making history. Perched right above the dusty sands and appropriately safe for coastal guidelines, the club stands tall with an open floor plan and massive amount of wide space for entertainment purposes. 
Tonight’s festivities consist of celebrating the club’s birthday, being as nearly fifty-three years ago in the last week of August this club officially opened to the public. Welcoming anyone and everyone with very few and far inbetween limits. 
It also serves as a remembrance for those who work so hard to put it all together, for those who help maintain it. A festival which your grandmother adored to no end, always with a gleeful smile on her warm face whenever she prepared the itinerary. Seeing as she was one of the family members who was there on opening day.
Now, for your family and the locals, this festival serves for your family harder. It hits you the most, especially after what has happened to you earlier today. Losing your grandmother’s pendant and wallowing in your own self-pity. 
You watch outward to the beachline from the railing, secluded to the most unpopular spot of the deck and cowering away from any social interaction; ignoring most of the crowd in the facility, including the ones who play water balloon toss and badminton from down below. 
Jackson tried his hardest earlier, even offering you a drink or two which you politely declined and walked away from. Haley continued to profusely apologize here and there, not able to portray the amount of sorry she truly does feel. 
You sigh to yourself, contemplating why you even decided to come out in the first place. Probably because your father would have scolded you if he hadn’t gotten to see you at some point in the night, or perhaps the fear your mother strikes into you if you dared disrespect the honor of the festival. Either way, you managed to put on comfortable attire for the event to only slouch over the railing and gaze off into the horizon. 
“Excuse me, miss?” 
A deep and rich voice cuts through your thoughts, alerts you of the presence of another. You turn your head to the source, eyeing a man who stands not even six feet from you with his hands in his beige shorts pockets. 
He takes you aback for a second, stunned how absolutely alluring and gorgeous this stranger looks. Unlike anybody you’ve ever seen before. As if stars sparkle around him, a soft glow radiates off of his skin as he stands there nonchalantly, looking at you. 
A loose white tunic shirt hangs from his torso, a colorful bandana snug around his forehead, pushing back his raven black, wavy locks and exposing a strong brow. The man stands there with a small smile, anticipating your response after you register that he is indeed talking to you. 
Your breath catches in your lungs, having taken a double look-over on this man who must be the same or similar age as you. His crystal grey eyes stare back into yours, his tanned caramel skin tone complimenting the contrast. 
“Me?” You blink in disbelief. 
He lets out a small laugh, flashing you a white set of teeth. “Yes, you.” His hand gestures to the railing you lean against, “May I?” 
Something about this man is utterly charming and warm. Inviting, actually. The way his words roll off his tongue seem so effortless and you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with his presence. Feeling star-struck, yet he is an absolute stranger to you. He leans on the railing beside you, the soft breeze blowing his hair in the air. 
“Excuse me for intruding. You seem a bit lonely out here by yourself. Are you doing well?” 
Instead of staring at the side of your face, he takes the liberty of staring off into the ocean to watch the smooth waves creep up on the shore. 
There’s a sudden increase of speed of your heart rate and you’re not quite sure why. You want to blame the looks themself, how someone like him even exists on this planet. But there’s something in the back of your mind that is telling you there is more than meets the eye. Something about this individual which calls to you, something you cannot put your finger on. As if you feel like you know him. But you know for a fact you have not once even laid eyes on this man before. 
And you’re positive you would remember such a man.
“I’m fine. Sometimes I like to take a little break from social interaction.” 
He hums as a response, not quite falling for the deluded excuse you give him. The man looks over at you through the corner of his eye, slight confusion hidden inside his irises. 
“I don’t believe you,” he’s calm when he speaks. His brows remain stern across his forehead, “There’s a joyless way you say that. Normally people who do not like interacting with others would be happier to have their space.” 
His presence radiates an innocence you can’t oversee, something that feels wholesome and genuine. You don’t take his words as an interrogation at all, even with the way his stoic face remains as he looks over to you. More like blind curiosity, ready to dig deeper into that brain of yours. 
“I’ve had a rough morning,” you sigh as you turn your attention back to the ocean. There’s a brief sting to your heart when you stare at it, knowing how it has eaten your necklace whole all because of your own stupidity of wearing the thing around your neck as if it was glued to you. 
“Want to tell me about it?” the man questions. His eyes are shining over at you, drawing you and branding you into his mind. 
The live band tunes into their next song, ramping up the party go-ers inside the building and distracting you momentarily from the question left unanswered. You glance around at your surroundings, watching the busy people mingle before your eyes lock back to the strangers. He remains against the railing, his entrapping eyes blinking slowly at you as he waits patiently for a response. 
“I…” you ponder for a second, thumbs twiddling with another before you continue your thoughts. “I lost something important to me today. An item which was my Grandmother’s.” 
The man hums, eyebrows flickering down quickly in confusion but rest back to their natural state. He straightens up his stance, his head tilting to the side as his curiosity takes over. There’s a shift to the magnitude of his aura, you can feel it yourself but it doesn’t seem bothersome. 
“Do you know where you lost it?” 
You inhale a deep breath, pursing your lips together as you shift your line of sight to the ocean. “It fell into the ocean. Definitely lost for good.” 
“Ah, that’s unfortunate. The ocean is such a large place.” 
“That it is,” you agree curtly. 
He notices the pain inside your eyes, the hurt you’re trying to overcome. A storm is internalizing deep inside of you, making him question how important that necklace really must be. 
“You said it was your Grandmother’s? Where did she get it from? Maybe you could get another one?” 
“I don’t really know, actually. She’s always had this necklace ever since I can remember. It had a gold pendant to it, nothing like it. I’m pretty sure I can’t find something like it. But that’s beside the point. The point is that it has value. It has history and most importantly, it was given to me as a gift before she... ”
You pause from the way you begin to feel. Sorrow, sadness, and dread. Everything feels fresh and hurtful; remembering times of hearing countless bedtime stories and baking cakes and pies with your grandmother as the rest of the family did other things. Memories flood back quickly, which causes you to choke up. 
“I’m sorry. It’s just a tough subject to talk about,” you weakly smile. 
His deep voice feels like tranquility as he speaks, “No need to apologize. I understand. It must be hard.” 
His eyes look over you, analyzing you. He understands a bit more now why you act so distant. The man also recognizes that his initial impression on you has faltered majorly. He was under the assumption that you'd recognize him right away as he stepped up to you, but you seem atypical. That you did not see him. A human without the sight. 
But what he is positive about is that the fact that those melodious chimes to your voice speaks to him. He’s experienced nothing like it before, naturally drawing him closer to wanting and figuring you out. 
“It was a parting gift,” you abruptly state. Your eyes remain elsewhere, shy from the straightforwardness the man gives you as he glances toward you. “She gave it to me before she passed away. The necklace means many things, but it was one of my only connections I still had with her.” 
You furrow your brows together and you close your eyes tight with frustration. Small tears threaten to glisten but you refuse to accept them. By the time you open them back up you notice the man has stepped a foot closer to you, hand out and palm up, holding a small shiny gold pendant. 
It’s your grandmother’s pendant.
“I think this belongs to you.” His voice is low, not a whisper but instead soft spoken. 
Your eyes transfix to the item laying before you, blinking to clear up the blurry vision that without a doubt gathered. Small tears dress your eyes, nothing preventing them from dripping freely down your face and onto the flooring below you. The stranger’s hand delicately grips your wrist, holds your hand up and gently places the necklace into your small hand. 
With a dropped jaw, you cry out a weak “Oh my God.”
Feeling so defeated from accepting the fact that you would never see this necklace again even though it’s only been less than a day, your body reacts with pure endless joy and appreciation. Your fingers begin to toy with the item, feeling it and all it’s worth. 
As the man releases his light hold on you, he notices the way you begin to shine like a gem with the item of his kingdom. Something unique and different about a human to which he has never seen before. His eyes sparkle at the sight, but it goes unnoticed with the way you’re infatuated with your grandmother’s broken necklace. 
“H-How did you?” 一 you hiccup in between words 一 “Where did you find this?”
His thumb comes up to tenderly remove the tears from your cheek and gradually tilts your head up. His drop dead gorgeous grey eyes examine and study the curves of your face as he continues wiping away the small salty droplets leaking from your eye ducts. He smells like the ocean after a rainstorm, an earthy-wet musk that reminds you of collecting small seashells under the sand. 
“I have to go,” he admits. The light breeze blowing in from the shore pushes the pieces of his hair in the wind. “But I feel like we’ll run into another again.” 
Your hand clutches the pendant tightly in your palm, bringing it up to your chest as you begin to shake with happiness. You blink erratically at the man, disorientated from the lack of explanation and entire miracle of the gift he presents to you. 
“Wait, where are you going?” You desperately look at him. “Where did you even get this?”
He begins to step back from you, scanning the perimeter of the building for his clean escape route. “I found it,” he stares blankly. “I can explain another time.” 
You sputter out incoherent words, trying to form some sort of proper sentencing and trying to wrap your head around what exactly has just happened. 
“What do you mean you found it? There’s no way!”
The man chuckles, a smirk playing at the edge of his lips, “I guess I'm just lucky.” When he turns to walk down the crowded path along the deck of the establishment he adds, “I’m happy to return it to its rightful owner.”
“Before you go,” you reach out to grab his off-white clothed sleeve, “what’s your name?”
“Taehyung,” he smiles. “I’ll tell you where I found your necklace next time. I promise. Please wait for me.” His grin softens up at the sight of your confusion, but he knows he isn’t in any position to explain things now. “You’ll have to excuse me, Miss, but I must return home right now.”
Taehyung admires the way the pendant looks practically normal in your hands, how dear you hold it against your body as you’re protecting it. Like it belongs there and you’ll do anything to make sure you will never lose it again. 
You repeat the special name, letting it slip off your lips. It’s strange to you; it’s a name you haven’t heard of before. But a name you surely cannot forget because of its distinctive differences. 
“When will I see you again? Are you new to town? Because I've never seen you before.” 
“I’ll come find you.” 
It is then when you notice the way his eyes shimmer like sequins when the sun hits them. Sparkle like light reflecting off smooth, rippling waters. A peculiarity resonates from him entirely, an indescribable feeling that sucks you in. 
A slow smile spreads across his lips again before he bids his farewell, stepping down the wooden staircase and around the railing’s bend. You stand there shocked, frozen, and foggy. It is unclear to you how your beloved pendant has returned to you, but one thing you know for sure is clear as day. That one thing is how the very moment this mysterious Taehyung steps out of your sight, the world around you dims down to it’s normal appearance. A beautiful blue haze that you were unaware of at first diminishes immediately. 
From there you know and convince yourself that there is something entirely special about him. 
Tumblr media
Days have passed undeniably fast since the night of the festival. Since you first met the inexplicable, drop dead gorgeous man named Taehyung who has strangely never left your thoughts. Can you blame yourself?
He has only told you his name and nothing more about himself. You are only left to ponder him, his strange atmosphere, and the nearly impossible occurrence of how the hell your necklace ended up in his possession. The ocean itself is far too deep. Even yards from the shoreline people struggle to find their dropped items, so you can only imagine the percentage of possibilities for something so dainty to be found when dropped in the ocean where you cannot see the sea floor from the surface. 
You riddled and rhymed ideas and possibilities of how Taehyung came across your belongings. Even explaining to Jackson (who is equally baffled and started wondering if the necklace ended up in one of your pockets that day) that the situation with Taehyung didn’t make much of any sense has made you nothing but more curious about the man.
After all, the lack of being able to actually receive the answers to the questions you have plays a large role in this. Taehyung has told you that he is going to find you, come see you again. Yet he never exchanged numbers or any form of contact. The more days come and go, the more likely your hopes of figuring him out diminish. 
Small storms scattered the area throughout the days, some leading into the night. Those are times when you lay awake daydreaming about the strange man who you grow completely fascinated with. Whether it be solemnly based on his beauty (looks like that can and should leave an everlasting impression) or because of the wondrous mystery of your necklace; you aren’t quite sure which one you’re most fascinated about. 
You sit at the back deck of your family's beach house, leaning into a lounge chair with a book propped open to the most recent chapter. There’s a beautiful zephyr of air coming in from the shore line, brushing your face and sending a chill over your skin. The shawl that drapes you gives you just the right amount of warmth to keep you comfortable. 
The low setting sun paints the sky in decorative pink and purple hues, pastel colors tinting the clouds with the low angle of the sun’s rays. A small part of you reminisces times when your grandmother and you used to pick out shapes in the clouds. Another part makes you wonder about how her lonely late night walks on the beach made her feel most at ease. 
In the distance of the beach, you see a figure doing exactly that. Walking across the sand by themselves with the occasional kick of sand as they get closer. 
You stand up from your perched area, folding a bookmark in between pages of your book before dropping it down on your seat. From afar you notice something serene about the individual; they are radiating a very small hazy glow. The closer the person comes, the easier it is for you to confirm that it is in fact, Taehyung. 
The man you met nearly a week ago trudges down the length of the beach in the same loose beige shorts and similar, if not, exact oversized long sleeve that falls off his frame slightly. The colorful headband he once wore on his head hangs out of his back pocket, moving by the wind's demand. 
He wears a grin when he stops in his tracks once you two are fully able to see another’s eyes. Casually, that phenomenal blue haze comes creeping out from his entire being, flooding your sights and calming your nerves. 
“Hello again!” he waves, feet now stepping closer to the wooden walkway that leads up to the stairs of your back deck. 
You nearly jump with full blown excitement, feet padding down the stairs as eager-less as possible. 
“Hi. How are you? I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to see you again.”
A small nervous laugh escapes you at the realization of how desperate you start to sound. Your steps slow down upon meeting Taehyung in the middle of your pursuit. The first thing you notice about this lengthy fellow is the full exposure of his forehead, clean and wrinkleless. It suits his eyebrow shape almost perfectly, right down to the point of his nose which is adorned with a small freckle at the tip. All angles of his face look sharp and smooth at the same time; the edges compliment the small puffed areas of his cheeks and the square of his face contrasts the rounds of his eyes. 
Together, the two of you stand apart. There’s an unnerving feeling in the pit of your stomach which you cannot figure out the source of. Whether it is due to the anticipation of this very moment, or the scary pressure of Taehyung’s overall existence. He’s quite the looker and something about him is oddly magnetic. A thing you simply cannot shake. 
“I’ve been well. And yourself?” He smiles with his crystal grey eyes. 
You nod, fingers coming up to press against the necklace that drapes between your collar bones. “I’m good.” 
There’s a stillness in the air from the way the two of you look back into another’s eyes. An experience to which neither one of you can describe, so instead you bask in the moment. He brings the smell of sweet and salty, tantalizing your senses of sugared water. 
“I assume you’re curious about how I came across that necklace of yours,” his rich voice mumbles. His hand welcomes yours as it extends out, bidding for you to take.
So you do it with caution. 
Taehyung’s skin feels silky smooth against your own palm, his fingers grip around yours gingerly as he begins to guide you down the walkway from where he came. 
“Of course I do,” you chime in as you step beside him onto the beach’s sand. “There isn’t really any… possible way for you to find this. I know where I lost it.” 
“The ocean,” he states. 
“Yeah, but 一”
“一 Has your grandmother spoken about that necklace before?” 
You look down at the dangly thing, viewing the upside down image of an engraved trident symbol and unrecognizable lines. “She said it’s special.”
Taehyung’s face remains forward, onward looking at the scenery in front of him and the two of you continue stepping further away from the beach houses and closer to where the beach bends into the cliff side. 
“Has she ever mentioned anything in relation to a place called Vaponian?” 
You ponder the word, never recalling a place that sounds like it in the world. Taehyung looks over at you, eyes sparkling ever so slightly. 
“No, I don’t think I have. What does this have to do with you finding my necklace?” 
“That necklace is actually a piece of money. Made out of precious gold. Did you know that?” 
The waiver in your step causes Taehyung to slow down and turn to you with composure on his face. You look confused, processing the odd questions and information he’s giving you. 
“No,” you eye him with skepticism. “Is this rare?”
He tilts his head with a small laugh and kind eyes, “Well, it’s not something you would find on land.” Taehyung continues to walk you down the length of the beach and out of most sights. “May I get your name?” 
“My-my name?” 
“I have yet to ask until now, I apologize for being so rude.” 
You blink at him, wondering why it had never occurred to you to even tell this man your name. Or thinking that he has already known it all along, so there was no reason to feel like you needed to tell him. 
“Y/n. My name is Y/n.” 
Taehyung smirks, his tongue darting out to dampen his lips before speaking next. “It’s a beautiful name. May I ask, has your grandmother ever mentioned anything about merfolk before?” 
You laugh a little at the flashback of endless fairy tales and night time stories your grandmother would tell. “Mermaids? Sure. I’m positive everyone knows a story about a mermaid. Some of her stories would be cute for a child. I grew up listening to hundreds of them.” 
“That’s all?” he quips, his facial features turning serious while looking over to you. 
“What else is there? They’re usually stories.” 
Taehyung’s eyes flicker down to your pendant. There’s a fluttering storm brewing in his eyes, either of troubled waters or exciting bubbles. But it’s at that time you can see how radiating and captivating the color of them really is. Replicating a glass ball full of several light fractures with deep pupils like the dark depths of the ocean. 
“I need to show you something. Come this way.” 
“Is it where you found my necklace?” 
He pulls you along with his strides toward a secluded cove and hidden from view. You don’t question the unusual man who you’ve only met the other day, but something tells you in the pit of your stomach to trust him entirely. 
“How I found it.” 
Upon finding a boulder for you to sit on, Taehyung mutters small nonsense into the air. Riddles your thoughts with questions about your grandmother, if you’re holding back any information, and your thoughts on all those stories you have heard in the past. He hands you his bandana as you sit promptly, feet digging into the sand and eyes scanning the low watery tides and secludedness. 
“This must be kept a secret,” he whispers as he draws closer to you. “I want you to know what your grandmother knew about my kind because surely she trusted you.” 
You scrunch up your eyebrows in confusion until Taehyung backs away from you, arms quickly crossing and lifting off the large white tunic off his torso. The motion is swift and catches you off guard. Naturally, your hands come up to help block the view as you suppress a squeal. 
“Taehyung! What are you doing?” you shout with exasperation. The act is so fast you are unable to process the possibility of standing up and running away. Instead you sit frozen on top of a rock, yards away from the incoming tide. 
“I can only show you for you to understand.” 
A small piece of you allows yourself to peek through your fingers, to check if the coast is clear and that Taehyung is only merely joking when he decides to take his shirt off. However, it’s the other result. 
You see it in seconds, enough to have it ingrained into your memory, of Taehyung walking closer to the shoreline stark naked. His smooth and toned backside faces you as he tosses a smirk over his shoulder toward you, as if he already knew you were looking at him. 
“Keep looking,” he requests as his feet finally hit the ocean water. 
In a flash, you see Taehyung dive forward into the ocean, sinking his entire body under the water. With the sun setting, the waters become rather difficult to see through from the refracting lights that bounce off of it. Making finding Taehyung even more tough on your eyes when he never pops his head back up. 
You stand yourself up, clutching your shawl a bit closer to your body as you step forward. Twenty feet out you finally see a mop of black hair emerging from the water, hands slicking the strands back. He holds still regardless of the moving current, an expressionless face as he stares over at you. 
“What are you doing?” you question with the shake of your head. 
Slowly, Taehyung swims closer. “Come in,” he bids. 
You let out a dry laugh, “I’m not interested in swimming. You’re supposed to tell me where you got my necklace.” 
Taehyung remains low to the surface of the water as he edges into the shore. With a small wave of his hand, you notice areas of water around him seize movement. Like a force of indescribable nature, he flicks his wrist toward you. Moments later, a small semi circle cuts out of the water and exposes the wet sand for your feet to step onto. With a curl of his finger, the circle drags out further into the ocean, parting the waves around it and emptying into a path. 
You stand there frozen, eyes transfixed on the abnormality of water bending that’s being displayed before your very eyes. Nothing makes sense to you, no physics or science can make this possible. 
“Don’t freak out. It’s ok,” his calm voice resounds in your ears, gaining your attention and eyes back to him. With a slow nod he speaks again, “Step forward.” 
As if you are spellbound, you follow the peculiar request. After all, you aren’t exactly afraid… only curious. 
The moment you do so, Taehyung stands up in the water. His chest glistens with small beads of water dripping from his shoulders, a golden patterned of shimmer cutting into the edges of his pecs and clavicles. Your eyes are trained on admiring the unusual skin that you don’t notice the way the outside of his forearms look scaly and shiny. 
“Would you believe me if I showed you that merfolk are real?” he asks at the same moment a large emarginate fin rises from the water behind him. 
If your eyes haven’t gone wide by now, they surely have now. The tail flops against the waters, a beautiful lush blue mixed with a rich and vibrant violet. It looks like a rare and precious gemstone as it mirrors the sunlight. Taehyung opens his palm up toward the sky, reaching out for you as an invitation. 
“That can’t be…” your voice drops as you process the scene before you. “You had legs!” 
A small smile creeps up on Taehyung’s face. He nods slightly, “That I did. Happens when we are dry of the ocean’s water. We walk on land.” 
He magically draws the path wider and closer to where he is. The thinning shield begins looking like moving glass, clearing up your view to see the rest of Taehyung’s body as if he is being displayed behind a window. 
His tail bends skillfully into the coarse sediment to help hold him higher as you step nearer. The entire section of him is covered in tanzanite scales, several gradients separated across the surface. 
“That doesn’t make sense at all.”
“Which is why I needed to show you, Y/n.” 
You stop a foot away from his outreaching hand, eyeing it with suspicion. His colorful headband remains squeezed inside your fist as you place your free palm in his. 
Soothingly, his fingers graze over your skin before they reach your wrist. He whispers a small “trust me” as he pulls you closer. The water around you continues to bend and not touch you, even in the moments of Taehyung placing your hand directly onto his chest. 
His eyes shimmer as he stares into yours and inquires, “From what it seems, your grandmother must have bonded with a merfolk. How else would she have gotten that coin?” 
“What do you mean by ‘bonded’?” 
Taehyung’s mouth twitches before he speaks again, “She was acquainted. She had the sight and everything she’s encountered and experienced had passed down into that necklace you hold so dearly. That coin was a gift of a merfolk. Blessing her with the sight.” 
You delicately run the pads of your fingers against his chest. The ocean bends around you with every movement you make, making you ponder the unfamiliarity every time you attempt to poke at the surrounding water around Taehyung. 
“None of this makes sense,” you mumble. “I feel like this is another dream.” 
Taehyung chuckles deeply, hand quickly moving to encircle the two of you free of water. The tide rises above your head, water bordering you on every side and cuts off your only way back to the shore. Taehyung’s ability to swim is eliminated, resulting in him sitting on the ocean’s floor as he looks up at you 一 long lengthy tail flopped down beside him as he props his torso up with both his arms. 
“It’s not a dream. I’m real,” he emphasizes with the slap of his tail against the floor. “You can touch it if you wish.” 
He sits there, defenseless and majestic all at the same time. You kneel down beside him as he watches your every movement, hesitantly sticking out your hand to the lateral line of his tail beside the dorsal fins that stand out on either side. The scales are cool to the touch, smooth and tough at the same time. 
Shyly, you retract your hand when you hear Taehyung speak up. He tilts his head like a puppy dog, a lopsided grin covering his face as he takes in your astonished one. 
“Wow…” is the first word you can utter. “I don’t know what to say? This is unreal.” 
Taehyung hums between the spur of water surrounding the two of you. Eyes staring down at his own tail as he ponders the differences between the two of you. 
With the clearing of his throat, he admits how he came across the coin that hangs from your neck. “That day when you dropped that necklace off the boat. It fell in front of me while I was cleaning up the nearby coral reef. It was strange to me why someone would tie a piece of money with a chain, even stranger when the item was falling from the surface when there was no merfolk around me.” 
“There’s more of you?” you ask with excitement, shocking both you and him. 
He nods with a toothy grin, but there’s a softness to his eye that flashes an emotion you can not pinpoint. “Y/n. Don’t you understand that your grandmother must have had a bond with one? Of course there’s more of us.” 
You bite the inside of your lip, trying to fully accept and wrap your head around the whole phenomenal idea of merfolk. With a small nod, Taehyung knows to continue. 
“I was only wanting to find out who this belonged to,” he says as he points to your chest. “So I swam up, followed a boat into the mainland. And that’s where I found you. All sad and broken.” His round eyes capture yours with his next words, “Your voice… It has something unique to it. Something I haven’t heard before. Like little bells ringing against each word you speak. I can’t unhear it.” 
“What does that even mean?” 
“Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. I thought it was a way to determine that you had the sight, but normally humans with that ability… their eyes would kind of… glow.” Taehyung begins twiddling his fingers in the air toward the barrier of water; whatever he is doing ends up calling upon a small gathering of fish, one carrying a small item in it’s mouth before spitting it through the wall. It lands beside him, indenting itself into the moistened sand. “But I realized soon after I greeted you, that you could not see me for me.” 
“My eyes would glow if I was bonded? Then why do your eyes sparkle when I look at them?” you question with curiosity. 
“Because you do have a small sight to be able to see me. The bond your grandmother had with a merfolk must have passed through that pendant and onto you as you developed a strong bond with your grandmother.” Taehyung smiles, grabbing the small item beside him which looks like some sort of rock and inspecting it between his fingers. “The moment that pendant was in your hands, you began seeing. Your eyes brightened, and I'm sure you started seeing my eyes sparkle from that point on.” 
He isn’t wrong. You recall the time when you noticed how his eyes looked different that day. How struck you felt with not only obtaining your personal item but seeing him and his beauty. That blue haze which follows him faded the instant he exited your sights; which now that you think about it… you glance at him again. Noticing that same exact haze that hovers him. 
“You’re beautiful,” you utter without a thought. 
He smiles in reply. His hand holds up the rock toward you, twisting it for you to see. “Take this. You’ll remember this day.” 
You recognize that it is a small oyster, clamped shut until Taehyung taps on the top of its shell twice. It opens slightly, enough to notice the inside movement of the animal as it surfaces a small black pearl. He tips the oyster in his hand the moment you hold yours like a cup below his, catching the pearl once it’s fallen. 
“Are you leaving?” you sound worrisome, a frown forming on your face to match. 
Taehyung leads the oyster back into the water, sending it away and hopefully back where it came from. “I must,” he mumbles. “I should be filling out my duties right now. I hope you understand.” 
“Will I…” you hesitate, eyes looking at the water around you. Slowly the path begins opening back up to the shore, parting itself wide enough for your frame to walk back. “Am I going to see you again?”
Taehyung ponders the thought, knowing very well the tug of the need to hear you continues to grow every time you speak. He sighs quickly, using the water to help pick his body back up and grant him movement once again. His body hovers at the break of water, hand gesturing for you to step closer to him. You stare innocently into his eyes, letting your feet take you to him like a magnetic pull. Once you're close enough, his palm cuffs the round of your cheek. 
“Would you like to see me again, Y/n?” 
“Of course I do.” 
His fingers delicately hook around the back of your neck, leading your head closer to his. Taehyung keeps his actions slow as he observes the way you respond. There’s no sign of your dither, no pulling away or shyly hanging back. Which grants Taehyung the clear sign to continue what he plans on doing.
At first you don’t process the soft and gentle kiss he plants on your mouth; you are too busy staring at his eyes. It’s slow-moving, as if the world stops around you. Taehyung feels you steadily kiss back against his lips, turning the light peck into something a bit more.
He doesn’t allow it to flow much further, breaking off contact with you and has his fingers trace against your cheek. Taehyung wears a grin, it glows from ear to ear. 
“I’ll come back,” he whispers. 
Tumblr media
The two of you agree to meet up throughout the fading days, when the sun begins kissing the horizon and the stars start peeking in the skies. Long, late walks on the beach (something oddly similar to what your grandmother used to do) become a casual occurrence for you. With each passing day you stroll yourself to the safe and secluded cove off in the distance, away from wandering eyes and reality. 
Each time you step into Taehyung’s sight, it feels like a dream land. Catered to your wildest thoughts and fantasies about the newly found merfolk, living in a secret of learning the wonders of a world far below the ocean. Small, interesting pieces of Taehyung’s world come with him every time the two of you meet. Lots of golden jewelry and miniature glass sculptures that serve as decorations, even presenting to you small snack-like foods which merfolks casually eat. 
You attempt to try some, understanding quickly that you aren’t too keen on the kelp he provides. Taehyung tells you about some of the normal living situations; how it’s always likely a merfolk is on duty to clean up the waters and provide a healthier lifestyle for the aquatic beings. Even telling you how they sleep after you request the answer; who knew that there are sea sponges that expand larger than seven feet down there? 
What surprises you the most is when Taehyung explains that routinely, most mermaids prefer sleeping on land 一 like how seals do! However, it’s quite difficult to find hidden areas where there is little interaction and freedom for merfolk to casually sleep on the shore. So once in a while, they take a trip up to the surface and find themselves in an underwater cavern or in some cases… they have to hook up at specific hotels. 
Apparently the closest one is about twenty minutes away from where you live and you had no idea it serves a secondary purpose to help merfolks out! 
Tonight feels different.
Something in the air shifts when you enter the cove where Taehyung patiently waits for you. You have brought along with you a small picnic blanket with a basket of gummy candies. He’s never really tried your favorite treats before so he might as well try now. 
He’s already dry from the water, leg’s fully equipped and crossed over another as he’s plopped into the sand meters away from the tide. Thankfully, you have given him a supplies box full of random clothes your brother refuses to acknowledge anymore, so that he has different options of clothes to wear if he so chooses. 
You greet him gingerly with a pep in your step; your sandals kick up sand behind you as you plow forward toward him. A green bag of gummy worms is the first thing you wave in front of his face, all multicolored and tantalizing. 
“These are one of my favorites,” you chirp with a smile, already ripping open the bag. “I like the blue and red ones the most, but they’re all tasty!” 
Taehyung laughs along with you, sharing and biting off pieces of another’s candy. He’s fascinated with the yellow ones, pineapple flavored, and he tends to horde them to himself as a playful joke. 
His aura, that blue fade that he carries around with him, has become distinctly brighter the more you’ve gotten to know the merman. It’s oddly… attractive. Drawn like a moth to a flame. 
You listen to the relaxing rolling waves of the ocean as your senses fade out, admiring Taehyung’s entire being before your eyes. He’s ethereal; a graceful beauty that is crafted by some magical rays of light from the mystifying fathoms below. Nobody on the planet can even compare to the way he looks, there’s no doubt about it. 
He catches you staring at him, raising his eyebrows with an expectant look, “Everything alright?” 
Your hands dig into the blanket below you, twirling the loose strands that unweaved themselves from being overused. There’s a shininess that develops, unusual for you, which you can not bring yourself to look him back in the eyes. 
“Yeah. I just like looking at you,” you confess. 
Taehyung’s fingers tilt your chin up swiftly with a smile beaming so kindly at you. “There’s nothing to be shy about. I enjoy seeing you too, Y/n.” 
“I feel like I kind of look at you in the way of a lovesick puppy,” you admit with a nervous laugh. “I’m not saying I'm like ‘in love with you’… more or less I kind of… like you.”
There’s a wave of confusion on Taehyung’s face as he tries to contemplate your words. He leans closer to you, hands grabbing at your arms to come closer. “Wait, do you think I don’t like you?” 
“What? No! I-I just, I was worried… that I’m being ridiculous?” 
“Ridiculous? How so?” His confusion has his eyes dancing over your face, scanning all the distress and worriedness embedded into your forehead. 
“I don’t understand how I am so comfortable with it.” 
Taehyung doesn’t feel the need to hear any more dwelling thoughts that have you second guessing things. Frankly, he doesn’t understand what stirred you up in the first place. There are reciprocated feelings, maybe he isn’t giving you enough validation to reassure you. 
“I’m comfortable with you too, Y/n. I like you too,” his deep baritone voice speaks. “I’m sorry if I ever made you think otherwise. Will you forgive me?” It is at that moment that Taehyung’s hand fishes out something from his pockets and closes his fist around it. A small, chic tanzanite gem rests in the palm of his hand. The blue and violet variety of colors that sparkle in the early moonlight is perhaps the most beautiful blue stone you have ever seen. “I think it suits you perfectly…” he trails off, eyes looking down toward your lips. 
It would look gorgeous on a custom gold ring, one you could wear day-in and day-out. But for now, the stunning stone remains sealed inside a very small glass bottle with specks of sea floor sand from his realm. 
“You’re giving me this?” you question in awe. 
“If you let me… I would like to give it to you properly.” 
You look up at Taehyung who is only looking down at his hand. He wears a serious face, battling a war in his mind with himself. 
His grey eyes miraculously shift in shade, representing more of a deep blue as he looks away toward the ocean. “Y/n… I want to bond with you if you’ll let me.” 
Stunned is an understatement from the way your feelings skyrocket to new levels. Your eyes flicker between the glass bottle and the side of his face. “What do you mean by ‘bond’?”
Taehyung chuckles at the naive undertone in your voice. He looks over at you, smitten with how you still seem so clueless when it comes to anything to do with him. 
He sighs as he takes his free hand and places it on the side of your head, fingers slotting in the same exact places as they do every other time. Hesitantly, he lowers his head. He leans closer to yours and whispers, “I haven’t bonded with a human before, but I know how it works.” His eyes capture yours, “Do you want to bond with me?” 
“I… Yes.” 
You look at the way Taehyung’s eyes circle like glittery blue waves, very unlike the grey ones you were only just getting used to seeing. You don’t question the way anything happens around the two of you, nothing is ever justified. 
Everything simply is just magic. 
“Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong,” he whispers as he closes the space between the two of you. 
His curved lips gently place themselves on top of yours. It’s different from his typical ‘good-bye’ kiss, there isn’t a feeling of yearning to see another soon. But, there is a new infatuating feeling that releases with the way he tilts your jaw to the side to deepen the kiss. 
The steady breeze from the ocean presses against your face as Taehyung masters the ability to calm that erratic beating heart of yours with soft whispers of compliments. 
“You’re beautiful.” 
“Your lips are always so soft.”
“You have the loveliest voice I have ever heard. Please don’t be shy with me.”
You allow his large hands travel along the curves of your body, fingers diligently hooking around the loose cardigan that envelopes your frame. He slides the material off your shoulders as his tongue tangos with yours. 
Heat rises to your cheeks while Taehyung’s palm cups your breast. He adds pressure, testing your responses when he latches his lips to the column of your neck. 
A meek hum escapes your nose when Taehyung requests you to lay back. His hands guide you gently as he litters small pecks across the surface of your skin. With caution, he looks up to you for approval to pull off your top. 
“May I?” 
You nod, insisting to help him along the way as you arch your back off the ground to yank the shirt over your head. A small chuckle leaves you when you see how puzzled Taehyung is when it comes to your bra 一 a device he has yet to come in contact with. Swiftly, you unhinge the binding of it from your backside and accept gravity to let the piece fall from your torso. 
Your nipples stand pert from the chilly ocean breeze, calling upon the warmth and attention that Taehyung is quick to reply with. Both of his hands come to squeeze your boobs, thumbs rolling over your nipples ever-so-often to tease your body. He kisses you back down to the floor, his body hovering yours. At his own leisure, his mouth makes way toward your nipples. He sucks and nips at each of them, maintaining equal attention to either side and pulling more arousal to both his and your nether regions.
Taehyung adores the way you twitch slightly under him. Especially when your melodic voice resounds noises of pleasure. Goosebumps run down his toned body, excitement pricking at his skin with the way you react to him.
Your hands roam his broad shoulders, fisting the sleeves of his shirt in hopes to speed up the process. “Take off your clothes,” you breathe, “I want to see you too.” 
He complies instantly, tugging off and discarding the useless material from his body and resuming his ministrations back to you. Taehyung’s head dips lower, traveling kisses lead down the length of your torso to your stomach. 
His thumb toys with the idea of popping the button off your shorts, threatens your zipper to be unzipped 一 which you permit him to do so. You admire the flick of his biceps flexing as he manuevors his arms around you. His golden skin creates a dreamy contour around the crevices and angles of his muscles; even highlighting the slim abs in his stomach. 
He takes a moment to really take in your nude form after the disposing of all of your bottoms. His curiosity strikes the most with the area between your thighs, and understandably as expected. You notice the bob of his Adam's apple and deep breath he takes before he speaks to you. 
“Tell me if I do something wrong,” he pleads. 
Taehyung takes his place between your legs, admiring the glistening of your arousal already the moment you spread yourself open. There’s nothing too different between merman and mermaids in the form of sex, they have equal parts that work together. However, they have separate approaches especially with the fact they are underwater and their species work… differently. Taehyung knows this.
His mouth comes in hot, heat directly applied to your core along with the experimental flicks of his tongue. It takes him a few awkward adjustments and reading your body language to understand where he should focus. 
“Oh 一” you sigh at the pleasure. Your walls are already fluttering at the attention it’s given. “一 yes! Right there.”
Your hands push up Taehyung’s bangs, holding them away from his face to admire the way his nose nudges against your pelvic bone. He looks up at you when you do, eyes fizzing with desire and dark lust. 
“Thank you.” He smiles the most innocent of smiles that only looks like sin itself. How such a celestial being can be so wholesome yet deadly at the same time will never make sense to you. 
You feel the closing in on the staggering of your orgasm, stepping closer to the edge of combustion. The way Taehyung’s tongue carries between each of your folds has you drawing short breaths. It isn’t until the vigilant pursuit of his nimble finger entering you which has you calling out to Taehyung in a panicked warning, frightening Taehyung who quickly disengages himself. 
“Are you ok?” he questions with uneasiness, “Did I hurt you?” 
You lay there, mouth parted and eyes wide, staring at Taehyung as he unintentionally stripped you from your promised orgasm. If only he continued driving his finger deeper inside of you… 
“No-no, I’m ok!” Your hands reach out toward him, gesturing for him to come back to you. A wave of heat flushes your face, “I was calling to you because… well… You were doing exactly what I like.” 
“Oh?” Taehyung blinks with astonishment. He looks down between his slick covered hand and your parted centre. “You get more wet when I do it correctly?” 
You bite back a smirk, he’s insanely cute for being less informed in this domain. But he seems excited for his hard work, knowing that he is making you feel good. 
“Yes, that happens when you get turned on. Just look at yourself.” 
You point at the small patch of damped darkness on Taehyung’s straining shorts, an indication that he has worked not only you but himself up as well. 
“Interesting,” he hums to himself. His palm comes over to grope himself over his bottoms, touching the patch to clarify it is actually wet. “Makes sense now.” He scavenges for the bottled gem that is placed beside the two of you before he attempts to pull down his shorts. Taehyung places his hand with yours, the bottle snug between. 
“Are you alright with going forward?” you question as your eyes watch the way his free hand begins to nervously remove his shorts. Once again, your eyes widen, but this time at the final exposure of what lies between Taehyung’s own human pair of legs. 
For a merman, you aren’t sure what you were expecting. Something normal yet not natural? Seeing as a thick and large appendage hangs heavy from his crotch area, your expectations are true yet completely unforeseen. It dangles in the air even when it’s hardened; strong veins pump vigorously into the swelling and leaky member. 
“Are you?” His inquiry feels airy, light hearted yet it serves with a strong impact. 
Nevertheless, you nod. Scary as it may be, you are eager to have him… to take him. 
Taehyung slots himself between your legs, his waist floats between your thighs, and your conjoined hands get pinned down to the side of your head. His other hand comes to spread your leg further, prying you open like a clam as his pelvis moves closer to yours. 
The tip of his cockhead runs against your entrance. You calculate the feeling of it before it even enters you, seeing how girthy the circumference of him is. There’s nothing but blissful pain that runs through your mind, anticipating that every inch of him will fill you up without any problem. 
“Y/n?” his voice snaps you out of whatever trance you were in while staring down between your bodies. 
“Yeah?” you look up at him, admiring the way he shines all around. 
He lowers himself, dick aligned in preparation of moving into you, and sets his face before yours. His eyes flicker with a dark flare, twinkling in comparison to the night sky above. He seeks your lips, re-kissing you as your heart trembles inside your chest. 
Slowly, Taehyung pushes himself into you. Breaching your velvety walls and submerging his lengthy cock inch by inch. He halts midway to gather his breath, eyes blown out and wide with thrill. The stretch is intense, leaving you gasping at the initial intrusion as you grip your legs around Taehyung’s waist. You clamp down tightly, holding Taehyung with a near iron grip as his forehead drops to yours. 
“Are you alright?” he asks, eyes searching for yours. 
His hips move carefully as he pulls back, leaving a portion of him still snug inside. Your free hand grips on his forearm as you squeeze his hand with the other. 
“Yes,” you breathe out, eyes fluttering slightly. “Keep moving for me.” 
Taehyung rolls his hips as swift and lithe like the ocean’s waves; his pelvis finally sinking deep enough to hit against yours. He kisses the soft moans flooding out of your mouth as you’re adjusting to his impressive size. 
He fucks into you sensually, slow and tender, but impactful. His dick fills you up completely, leaving no corner untouched from the way he bottoms out. 
“Oh my…” you smile at the next blunt thrust from him. Your head tosses back as you shut your eyes with a spike of bliss coursing inside your body. “Again, Taehyung. Again.”
The more you chant, the more Taehyung listens. 
The sound of your voice rings in his ears, lighthearted bells jingling in the wind with each heightened pitch.Taehyung is considerate, grinding unhurried and taking you in with delicacy. It’s an unusual approach for something you’re used to, much more vanilla, but it feels more world shaking than any other encounter you’ve had before.
Maybe it’s simply because of him. 
The way his bangs fall over his face from above; the way his pretty lips twitch and part with a shortness of breath. How his torso, thin and toned, still makes you feel secure and safe under him. Perhaps it is even the way his warmth and comfort, which has been with him all along, is truly what has driven you crazy in love with him. 
So this is love.
From the way he gleams at you with heavy eye contact while thrusting into you with such a carnal desire 一 you can tell he feels the same unexplainable feelings. 
A small light radiates between the two of you, you notice this as it reflects off of his face. You glance up and notice how your hands hold onto a light, symbolizing the bonding which is being developed between human and merman. 
“You can see me now…” he smiles as his head hangs between his shoulders. He holds onto a shaky breath, keeping himself from losing his all in the most magical seconds of the two of your lives. 
“What?” you blink at him, waiting for him to look back into your eyes. 
The moment he does, you are hit with a whirlwind of feelings tied into a visual you can only describe as a hallucination. His eyes, as unique and beautiful they are already, now shine as if you’re peering through a kaleidoscope. He is glowing unlike anything you have seen before. 
Taehyung’s palm rests at the side of your face, a warm smile emits from both his mouth and eyes. “You’re glowing,” he states with astonishment, “your eyes are glowing!” 
Urgency runs through your body, too preoccupied with gawking at the man above you to notice the way you're tightening around his entire frame as if you were holding onto him for dear life. A sharp and delicious roll of Taehyung’s hips sends you sputtering out words while your walls quiver around his dick. 
Leaking off-white cream onto him the more he surges through your orgasm. He watches the way your face contorts with pleasure, how your teeth nip down onto your bottom lip. Your legs shake around his waist, body sucking himself in as close as possible. 
Taehyung kisses you with fervor with one last thrust, stalling his movements and keeping himself completely immersed inside of you. He groans at his release, unloading himself into your lovely cunt. 
Seconds feel like minutes before Taehyung pulls away from you, quick to wrap you up in his arms and hold you close to his body. His lips attach to your forehead first, then down to your nose. Finally, he leaves one last peck to your lips before either one of you speaks. 
“Was that good?” His kindhearted words only make you feel like putty in his arms. 
Your face nudges into his chest, nose pressing against the naked surface of his pecs as you inhale the crisp ocean musk he wears. His skin feels smooth, completely blemishless.
“It was amazing,” you admit with a smile. 
His fingers trace small outlines onto your temple as he combs through your hair. Warm breath fans out of his nose from above you as he sighs with content. He’s sure to hold you close when he wraps your predisposed cardigan around the two of you. 
“Stay with me a bit longer tonight?” Taehyung asks with sincerity, his heated body pressed against yours. “Watch the stars fall with me.” 
His hand tilts your chin away from his chest to face the sky above, twinkling lights litter the darkened stratosphere. Taehyung points up with the extending of his arm, toward a very small cluster of bright lit stars 一 almost impossible to notice with just the naked eye.
“That one is called ‘Delphinus’. It represents the dolphin who has helped the sea god, Poseidon, win the heart of his wife, the mermaid Amphitrite.”
You recall the name of the boat, which was owned by your grandparents initially, being named the same as this constellation Taehyung identifies. The gears in your mind continue to unravel the hidden mysteries your grandmother carried throughout her life.
Slowly and surely, you’re developing a few of your own secrets too. 
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved under @kimtaehyunq​​ - do not copy, repost, modify, edit, or translate any of my work without my direct consent. This tumblr and my ao3 are the ONLY places my fics are posted.
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cutechim · 8 months ago
picking petals|pjm
Tumblr media
summary ↣ you asked for a baby, so a baby is what you’re going to get. 
pairing ↣ f. reader x idol!jimin
genre ↣ married couple au|smut, fluff
word count ↣ 6.3k of pwp i’m so sorry
warnings ↣ nsfw (18+), good old-fashioned baby-making aka unprotected sex, post concert sex, impreg kink, mild pregnancy kink, talk about conceiving/not being able to conceive, dirty talk, soft dom!jm, sub!reader, thigh-riding, oral (f. receiving), brief cockwarming, handjob, cumplay, nipple play, praise kink, jimin is a pretty boy with a pretty cock, use of “daddy” in a non-sexual manner: oc affectionately calls jimin her baby daddy, gross amounts of fluffiness, too much kissing, it’s soft, there is no plot!! (currently unedited)
notes ↣ banner credits: 1, 2, 3, 4. this is technically a stand-alone one shot but it’s set in the owaw universe. enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Jimin knows he’s in trouble before he even steps backstage.
His veins are already pulsing with adrenaline, chest still heaving from two hours of non-stop exertion in the summer heat, but he can feel his heart rate skyrocketing from the mere knowledge of your proximity.
The show proceeded as well as it could have. Jimin takes pride in technical perfection, something that’s become second nature to him. He can perform this choreography in his sleep and no one would know the difference.
But he enjoys being present during concerts—being able to feel the ebb and flow of movement during the performance, using the stage as his canvas, letting the energy of the crowd guide him. Performing was his first love, and to this day, that zeal is undying, pumping through his veins as strongly as ever before.
Yet, he’d been distracted all evening, too busy anticipating the moment the curtains would close and he could get his hands on you again.
Even amidst the chaos of his entrance into the green room—a horde of crew members immediately swarming towards him, pulling off his mic gear and stage jacket—his eyes are able to find you immediately.
You’re conversing with one of his staffers—hair loose, styled casually as it normally is, and there’s a warm glow to your skin that exudes utter radiance. Your eyes are sparkling with enthusiasm, a broad smile filling out your cheeks as you animatedly discuss the show.
And if that isn’t enough to have his heart skipping a beat—your tight jeans hug your figure perfectly, the plunging neckline of your plain blouse providing a generous view.
And though his first thought, regrettably, is how much he wants to tear it off of you, your unassuming eyes light up with excitement when you catch sight of him, and an instinctive smile finds his lips in response. (How you still manage to take his breath away with the smallest, most innocent of actions—that’s a mystery to him.)
He utters quick words of thanks to his crew members as they disperse around him, his surroundings fading into the background as you cross the room to jump into his arms.
“Baby, you were so good!” you exclaim, throwing your arms around his shoulders, completely undeterred by the sweat-drenched towel around his neck. “That aerial was so amazing,” you immediately begin to gush, “and that other move—you told me what it’s called but I forget—it was all so perfect!”
Jimin chuckles in appreciation of your enthusiasm, equal parts endeared and amused.
“You think so?” he asks, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
His mind is already racing to determine the fastest way he can get inside you, but he figures he has to try to show his wife some basic consideration before fucking her senseless.
His attempts sorely fail when your smile broadens to accompany an eager nod, his gaze falling onto the sight of your rouged lips automatically.
Fuck, if the image of them around his cock hasn’t been haunting him for the past few hours.  
“All of it—the choreography, the songs, all that hard work paid off,” you say, reaching to run your fingers through his hair, blissfully unaware of his affliction. (It’s an innocent gesture, but maddening to his sensitized nerves that are yearning for more of your touch.)
“I’m so proud of you, Jiminie,” you whisper, gaze achingly sincere. “You were perfect up there, just like always.”
He feels a twinge of guilt when your sweet, heartfelt words only leave him hungrier for your taste. He values your opinion more than anyone else’s; he cherishes every word of encouragement and support you’ve ever given him.
But what else could he possibly be thinking about, at a time like this? Every passing moment is precious, an opportunity for him to be buried inside you and filling you up again.
“I’m so happy you think so, sweetheart,” he says, pressing a more sensual kiss to your lips—now that the two of you are in the privacy of the hallway. 
You reciprocate gently, letting him take the lead as he molds his lips to yours.
Upon entering his dressing room—while still eagerly chasing your taste—he pushes the door closed with his foot, gently laying you onto the chenille couch.
He wishes he had the self-control to wait a few more hours. He prefers more romantic venues these days, allowing him to take his time and go slow (the complete opposite of most post-concert trysts the two of you engage in).
But this particular room is definitely on the nicer side—resembling a hotel suite with its fancy furniture, a full bath and restroom attached. And it’s insulated from the steaming humidity outside, a dim orange glow illuminating the space, fresh flowers gifted by the venue hosts sweetening its aroma.
Admittedly, this is only the bare minimum he’ll accept on your behalf, but at this moment, he simply needs to be close to you.
Crawling over your form, he bends down to give you a proper kiss, cupping your face with his hands.  
“What else did you like about it?” he asks, mumbling into your lips, refusing to part from them. “Tell me everything, baby.”
You know him well enough to know what’s going through his mind, responding to his leading words with a shy smile.
“You know how sexy you looked up there,” you tease, letting him cage you between his arms. “Anyone with half-decent vision could tell you.”
“I don’t care about just anyone,” he scrunches his face into a pout, shamelessly fishing for compliments. “Just care about what you think.”
He finds your jaw with a dip of his head, gently brushing his lips against your smooth skin.
You let out a faint sigh when he nuzzles your neck, trailing his lips along the contours of your skin languidly.
“Wanna know—” he pauses for a lingering kiss to the nook of your neck “—what my pretty girl likes.”
Meeting his gaze, you take the opportunity to thread your fingers through his hair, encouraging him to lower his weight onto you.
And he loves nothing more than to have you beneath him like this, chest to chest with your beating heart against his.
“I—” You’re distracted from your train of thought when he deftly flicks your jeans open.
Stiffening, you reach for his hand, your eyes darting towards the door.
“Baby—people might walk past—”
“The door’s locked,” Jimin assures you.
He’s a performer through and through, but certainly not an exhibitionist, not when it comes to you. No one else needs to hear the pretty noises you make for him, or to see you all wet and needy.  
“And they won’t be able to hear, it’s soundproof.”
It speaks volumes about how much you trust him, that the tension in your shoulders instantly dissipates, your grasp loosening on his hands to permit him to continue.
He gathers the dark denim of your jeans in his hands, waiting for your approval before pulling them down to expose your panties.
“Tell me what you want, sweetheart,” he utters, hooking a finger into the scant fabric, gently circling his thumb over your clothed clit. “Let me take care of you.”
He’d been hasty about it this morning, and though you insisted you didn’t mind (more accurately: thoroughly enjoyed the rare appearance of his rougher side), the future mother of his children deserves to be taken care of properly.
He gently traces your slit over your panties, pleased to find the fabric soaked through already—a fact that has your face flushing with warmth.
It’s adorable, how you still get flustered by his amorous advances, even after years of being together. It reassures him, that you’re still as smitten with him as he is with you, that the butterflies are yet to subside despite the rollercoaster of highs and lows that you’ve seen each other through.
You hesitate for a moment, as if to debate whether or not to beg him to get inside you as fast as possible, but the sensation of his thumb brushing against your clit coaxes the desirous words out of you.
“I—I was thinking about riding your thighs,” you admit, taking your lower lip between your teeth. “They always look so good on stage, when you dance...”
Jimin hums in approval, feeling his length stir at the mere thought of you on top of him, immersed solely in your own pleasure.
“Yeah, baby? Want to use me to get yourself off?”
With a flushed nod, “Want to get you all wet and messy,” you add breathlessly.
Jimin rewards you with more friction, rubbing the heel of his thumb against your sensitive nub. A little mewl escapes from your lips at the sensation, hips flitting upwards to chase the gratification.
He knows your body, every inch of your flesh, better than his own. He knows exactly what makes you tick, what makes your toes curl in pleasure, how to coax those pretty sounds from your mouth.
And he knows what you like on him as well—it isn’t like he doesn’t notice you eyeing his ass and thighs in this particular pair of pants. But he certainly doesn’t mind hearing you say it, too.
“What else, sweetheart?” he purrs. “That’s not all, is it?”
You squirm beneath him, impatiently grinding into his fingers.
“I want to touch your pretty cock,” you whine, letting out a whimper when he attaches his lips to the dip of your collarbones, nipping gently. “Want to feel you get hard for me, make you feel good.”
Your breathing is becoming ragged, whines growing desperate as he continues his leisurely teasing with an expectant expression.
“I—I just want you to fuck me,” you plead, a swipe of his fingers against your clit snapping your resolve. “Wanna be full of your cock. Fuck a baby into me, Jimin, please.”
He can’t help but kiss you again—earnestly, rougher than he normally likes to, but his fervor is matched by your eager reciprocation, your hips rolling against his impatiently.
After more than a year of marriage to solidify the fact, Jimin can testify to every single cliche he’s ever heard about finding the one. He can see his entire future reflected in your starry-eyed gaze, all the encouragement and assurance he could ever need spoken in your voice only. The intimacy of the stage of life you’ve reached together is only more proof of that.
“Were you good for me?” he asks, his own breath becoming slightly uneven as his mind races in anticipation. “Did you keep your legs up after I left?”
It’s shameless, the way he relishes in the visual from this morning—you in his oversized T-shirt and nothing else, your bare legs resting vertically against the headboard of the bed, cunt plugged up with his seed.
You nod shyly, rubbing your thighs together in an adorable yet infuriatingly-arousing manner.
“You can check,” you breathe out.
It’s an invitation rather than an offer of proof, one eagerly given and even more eagerly accepted.
He drops a kiss to your chin before reaching for the waistband of your jeans, peeling them off your skin to leave you in the scant satin number you have on underneath. A swift tug on your blouse reveals your nipples provocatively visible underneath sheer tulle, the pink of your bra’s binding painting a vivid streak against your skin.
“Fuck,” Jimin mutters under his breath, momentarily distracted by the sight. (Just long enough for you to decide that the new purchase was worth it, simply for the look on his face.) “I have such a hot wife.”
You giggle in response, allowing him to press a grinning kiss to your sternum before lifting your hips to help him shimmy your panties off of you.
He’s greeted by the view he’s been eagerly anticipating all day—your stuffed cunt, still slightly swollen from the treatment he afforded you earlier.
Using his fingers to spread your lips apart, he has to wait a few moments for his cum to begin leaking out, the watery liquid dripping from your lips only sparsely. The fact has him preening, his chest filled with smug pride—knowing that he’d filled you up properly, with his cum deep inside you where it belongs.
It isn’t like the pearly-clear substance coating your walls is a foreign sight. You nearly always convince him to cum inside you, pleading with that doe-like pout of yours until you get your way.
But things are different now, now that your pills have officially been tossed. Now, when you beg him to fuck a baby into you, it isn’t just a fantasy or a distant possibility—no, he’s actually going start a family with the girl of his dreams.
And if he’d been crazy about you before, he’s insatiable now.
Thoughts of you occupy his mind constantly, everything from the most innocent images of you as the beautiful mother you’d be to his children, to what it would be like to cradle your belly and play with your swollen tits while he fucked you from behind.
“Shit, that’s so hot,” he curses under his breath, palming his crotch to relieve the ache that’s building there.
You shiver below him as he runs a finger along the seam of your entrance, fresh dampness already slickening your walls.
“You’re so pretty, baby,” he coos, lifting his reverent gaze back towards you. “You didn’t waste a single drop, did you?”
You nod immediately. “I kept it all in,” you promise, spreading your legs wider for his viewing pleasure.
The earnestness in your voice has his cock stirring.
“I know you did, Princess,” he acknowledges with a breathy exhale. “You want me to get you round and swollen with my baby, don’t you?”
“Please, Jimin,” you beg, once again squirming to get some friction between your legs. “So, so badly.”
Your gaze is so desperately sincere that he has to resist the urge to forget everything else, to spend the next hour simply kissing and teasing you—just to hear more of that sweet, needy voice of yours.
But the sight of your leaking cunt beckons him with primal urgency, overshadowing the flowery sensation in his chest.
If you want a baby, you’re going to get a baby.
“Get on top of me, sweetheart.”
You eagerly comply, swiftly pulling your panties off and switching spots with him. Your hair falls forward to frame your face as you lean over to unbutton his pants, a quick swipe of your fingers popping them open.
To help you out, he pushes his jeans down just enough to expose his thigh, while you clamor for the hem of his sweat-soaked shirt. Your fingernails scrape against his skin lightly when you pull the white tee over his head, before reaching to release his cock from his briefs.
His length instantly springs out of the confines of the fabric, already rock hard and leaking from the tip.
You eagerly wrap your fingers around his girth, but he reaches to stop you.
“Not yet,” he says, lifting you up by your hips to pull you forward, slotting your bent knees on either side of his thigh. He instantly feels your wet folds brush against his skin, a mixture of your fluids and his sweat beginning to mix onto his leg. “I’m not going to last long. Just get yourself ready for me.”
You don’t need him to elaborate, readjusting yourself on his leg, the lips of your cunt rubbing against his flexed muscle.
Hesitating slightly, “I might need some help,” you admit.
You’re clearly seeking reassurance with that worried frown of yours, but he can’t pass up the opportunity to tease you.
“My pillow princess isn’t used to doing the work for herself, huh?”
Your lower lip juts out in a pouty display of displeasure.
“I am not a pillow princess.”
It’s a total lie, but he certainly doesn’t mind.
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” he affirms with a cheeky grin, leaning forward to drop a kiss on your forehead. “Tell me how to make you feel good.”
He doesn’t require instructions anymore, but he won’t turn down the opportunity to hear the words in your silky voice.
“Touch me,” you request, breathily. “Wherever you want, just touch me.”
He takes the directions easily, placing his hands on your thighs, enjoying the softness of your skin as he slides them further to cup your ass.
Spurred on by his reassuring touch, you begin rocking against him, easing yourself into the movements slowly.
It takes a few moments for you to adjust to the feeling, but within a minute, you find your stride—grinding down into him while he keeps his thigh flexed.
Jimin’s eyes are instantly drawn to your chest, to the glistening sheen of sweat coating your breasts. Each roll of your hips sends the rounded flesh bouncing in your bra, the fabric lying taut over your perked nipples.
Small whines and whimpers accompany your rhythmic movements, eyes fluttering shut as a wave of pleasure begins to mount in your core.
With a firm grip on the curve of your ass, he reinforces your steady pace, guiding your hips. The wetness of your cunt has smeared onto his skin, allowing you to glide along the length of his thigh without any harsh friction.
And lying beneath you, Jimin is fairly certain he’ll blow his load just from the visual he’s blessed with, without a single stroke of stimulation. There are very few things he enjoys more than fucking you raw, and just seeing you fall apart for him, using his body for your own pleasure—that’s one of them.
For an extended moment, he allows his gaze to linger on your figure, soaking up the beauty in front of him—everything from your pretty eyelashes fluttering with pleasure, to the way your tits sway with each thrust of your hips.
“There you go, baby,” Jimin can’t help but coo, ignoring the ache of his neglected cock. “Look at you, making a mess on me. Is this what you wanted?”
You nod immediately, trying to stifle a moan as you drag your clit against him.
“Let me hear you, pretty girl. No one else is around.”
You let out a soft whimper while continuing to rock against him, prompting Jimin to slide his hands up to the clasp of your bra. With a deft flick of his fingers, he releases your tits from the fabric, tossing the dainty garment onto the pile of clothes at the foot of the couch.
Tweaking one of your nipples in between his fingertips, he rubs circles with his thumb against the other, feeling your peaks pebble under his touch.
“Keep doing that, Jimin,” you gasp, leaning forward onto your hands for a better angle against your clit. “Keep—” you take a clipped breath “—doing that.”
He has no intention of stopping, but your lowered position now gives you perfect access to his leaking cock. You drop a harmless kiss to his base between thrusts of your hips, but then another to his tip, and then one with a hint of tongue—
“Baby,” he interrupts you firmly, taking his desperate, twitching cock into his palm. He barely manages to force out the words, “I want you to cum first.”
You give him that doe-eyed look in response, begging him to reconsider.
“I wanna touch you, Jiminie,” you plead, leaning forward to rest your head on his chest, keeping your legs tangled around his thigh.
Continuing to grind into him, you gently take his cock from his grasp, your imploring gaze fixed on him. “Wanna make sure my baby daddy feels good too.”
He nearly chokes on his own spit at the unfamiliar term, the throb of his dick confirming that the surprise is a welcome one.
You remain completely unaware of his affliction, continuing without missing a beat.
“You have such a pretty cock,” you purr, tracing the prominent vein decorating his underside, teasing his sensitive skin with the feather-like lightness of your touch. “Please, just let me make my pretty boy feel good.”
You’ve certainly come a long way since the two of you first slept together, when you could barely say the word “cock” without a shy stammer. Now, your coy veil is a weapon you use to your own advantage, lifting it off strategically to leave him at your mercy.
“Okay, just—”
You don’t even let him finish his sentence, giving him a pump that has his previously-neglected cock spurring to life, jumping in your hand.
Melting into your touch instantly, he has no choice but to wrap an arm around your frame, his skin craving close proximity to yours. There’s no point resisting his fate—he’s putty in your hands if you decide you want him so, and the way his hips automatically jerk forward into your fondling strokes is proof of that.
Gently circling his weeping slit with your thumb, you spread his precum around the head of his cock, before reaching between your legs to gather the slick that’s dripping from your folds.
You rub his length up and down with your fluids, using them as lubricant for your gentle pumps.
The stimulation hits him all at once—your face buried in his chest, hips rutting against his leg, fingers wrapped around his girth.
“Fuck, Y/N,” he whispers, holding your naked body against his, fingers splayed across your ass for a tight grasp. He takes his other hand to brush a few strands of hair out of your face, looking down at your blissed out expression. “You’re so needy today, baby, aren’t you?”
You nod shamelessly, meeting his gaze with guileless eyes.
He massages the supple flesh of your ass with his palm, encouraging you to keep rocking your hips.
You let out a faint moan in response, release fast-approaching—if your erratic breaths are any indication.
Pressing a kiss to your forehead, “This morning wasn’t enough for you?”
“N-no,” you whimper, caressing him with languid strokes while your cheek rests on his sweat-slickened chest. “Want more.”
Jimin returns his fingers to your nipples, gently rolling them under the pads of his fingertips.
“Take it then, baby,” he encourages you softly. “Take what’s yours.”
You cum with a breathy cry, a shudder running through your frame, limbs going slack in his arms.
Jimin holds you close until the tremor makes its way through your system, pausing to afford you an opportunity to breathe before flipping you over and stuffing you full.
But the moment you catch your breath, your lips are on his.
He’s caught by surprise with how earnestly you kiss him, hands exploring his bare torso, but he accepts the advance easily, breathing life into the kiss with a gentle swipe of his tongue.
You reach to fiddle with the chain around his neck, entangling your fingers with the metal and making yourself comfortable on his chest.
It’s easy to melt into the feeling, your soft hair between his fingers, plush lips caressing his chin and cheeks, chest pressed up against his. In between heavy lids, he catches sight of your crossed legs, feet leisurely suspended in the air.
And the fact is equal parts endearing and amusing.
“I’m not complaining,” he says, smiling in between stolen kisses, “but I thought we were, you know—fucking.”
“You can put it inside,” you hum nonchalantly, continuing to lavish his lips with yours. “Just wanna kiss you for a little longer.”
He can’t help but chuckle at that, though he appreciates the brief lull—it allows the fog of adrenaline from the concert to clear. With his blind lust satiated by the eroticism of what transpired, he can appreciate your presence for what it is.
Comfort. Happiness that seems to seep through his skin and soak him down to his bones.
And so he focuses on the feeling of your lips—soft as the inside of a rose—as you align his cock with your entrance and sink down onto him.
“I love you so much,” he says softly, as your walls ease him into a tight, velvety embrace. The warmth spreads throughout him with an emanating pulse—and once he has your frame wrapped in his arms, his chest is full to the very brim. “You know that, right?”
An endeared smile fills your cheeks as you cup his face with both hands, peppering soft kisses to his nose, mouth, chin.
“You make it hard to forget,” you whisper, stroking his hair as you continue to kiss him, sucking gently on his lower lip. “I love you too, baby. Our kids are going to be so lucky to have you.”
His body responds for him, cheeks flushing pink, cock twitching inside you impatiently.
“Don’t say stuff like that,” he whines. “It’s hard enough for me to last these days.”
Your lips curve into a moony smile, eyes flitting down to his lips momentarily. 
It’s ineffable, what you convey with just that little look—a contrast between contentment, complete happiness, and anticipation, so much excitement and optimism for the future.
“It’s true. You’re going to be an amazing dad.”
His face is practically aflame, and for a moment, he forgets everything else.
“You really mean that?”
You’ve assured him a million times, but years of believing otherwise have left their scars. He’s lucky in that regard, that you’re willing to say it again and again, with as much conviction as the first time.
“I know it,” you assert with a tender gaze, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I can’t wait to make you one.”
You have him under some sort of spell—he’s convinced of that. There’s a form of magic laced in that silvery voice of yours, because he truly believes you. He can see the best version of himself reflected in your eyes, someone selfless and loving, someone worthy of creating life with you.
With one last peck to your lips, he takes you by the waist, gently pulling you off his cock.
“Do you want me to—”
“It’s okay, baby. Just let me take care of you.” He shifts to lay beside you, situating his chest against your back. Snaking a hand between your legs, he rubs a few teasing circles into your clit, eagerly soaking up the pretty sighs that come from you in response.
Gently lifting your leg, he brings his cock to your dripping entrance, nudging your lips open with his head. Collecting more of your slick on his tip, he spreads it along his length with his palm, giving himself a few shallow pumps.
“My gorgeous wife,” he hums upon entering you—slowly, supporting your leg to keep you open wide as his girth forces your walls apart. “I’m gonna give you exactly what you want, I promise.”
As always, despite sliding in without resistance, his size still takes a moment for you to adjust to, and you let out a soft mewl when he finally bottoms out inside you.
“So big, Jiminie,” you whimper, cunt clenching around him erratically.
“Too much?” he asks immediately. “Am I hurting you?”
“No, no,” you shake your head. “It’s good—wanna be full of you.”
He presses a kiss to the back of your neck, attaching his lips there to suck a gentle bruise while his fingers return to your clit. Your silken walls pulse around his length as he flicks at your swollen bud, remaining buried deeply within you throughout.
Despite being unable to see your face, the intimacy conferred by this position—being able to spoon the curve of your backside, hands free to roam your tits and soon-to-be swollen belly—is incomparable. 
He can’t stop imagining what it’ll be like to feel your shared love growing inside you, to caress your rounded flesh as he holds you in this very position.
And though your soft moans communicate your own bliss as he continues to tease your clit, he can feel you grinding your ass back into him impatiently, begging for movement.
He complies, pulling out slightly, then testing shallow strokes to get you acclimated to the friction. Pleasured sighs fall from your lips with each rut, the sounds stringing together to form an intoxicating melody. Maintaining a persistent rhythm with his fingers, he pulls out almost completely, before fucking back into you deeper than before.
“Ah—god, Jimin, keep going,” you plead, prompting him to set a slow yet potent pace. “Don’t stop, please.”
He can’t anyways—doesn’t want to, relishing in the sound of his name falling from your lips over and over again. Your cunt is warm and wet around him, juices soaking his length and dripping down to his balls as he brings you towards your second orgasm. And he can feel your ringed muscles clench around his cock, their frenzy only intensifying when he pinches your clit deftly.  
With your thighs trembling around him, he carries you through your climax, maintaining gentle thrusts to help you ride out the euphoric release. The sounds you’re making only fueled the volition of his hips as they snap into you again and again, prepared to draw out his own cum.
When you finally collapse next to him, muscles spasming around his throbbing length, he slows to a still, reaching to pull your chin back towards him.
“Come here,” he says, meeting your plush lips with a deep, searing kiss. He slides his tongue against yours, caressing it in a manner equally as doting as it is lewd. He absentmindedly rubs your midsection as he does, tracing a circle around your navel with his fingertips.
When he pulls away a few moments later, he catches a glimpse of your eyes fluttering back open, sweat shimmering where your collar bones meet, damp strands of hair sticking to your skin. The sight sends his stomachs doing backflips.
“How are you feeling?”
You don’t hesitate. “Like I want you to fill me up already,” you whine impatiently, despite the fact that your breathing is still shallow from the intensity of your orgasm. “Please?”
He nods, smiling softly at your earnest eyes. He can’t help it, endeared by how blissfully unaware you are of how much self-control it takes for him not to. Sometimes it’s completely unpredictable—a heavy-lidded glance or a swivel of your hips and he’ll unravel like a teenager.
Not that you ever hold it against him when he does. If anything, you get a flattered glow to your cheeks, and he forgets the embarrassment in favor of enjoying the shy giggles that bubble from your lips.
“Anything my baby wants, she gets,” he reminds you with another chaste peck. He slips out of you momentarily to pull your thigh over his, turning you over so that you’re facing him.
He doesn’t waste any time re-entering you, cupping your ass with splayed fingers to draw your hips in. Your heat is sopping by this point, clamped walls coaxing out his release forcefully.
Eagerly scissoring your legs through his, you lean in impossibly close to press your soft tits against his chest, resting a hand on his waist.
“Perfect,” you hum happily, closing your eyes.
He doesn’t have much leverage for his thrusts, but it isn't necessary, not like this. With his cock nestled perfectly inside you, your lips on his neck, short strokes are all it takes. His head kisses your cervix just barely, a gentle sigh into his skin alerting him to the perfect depth for each rocking movement.
“You’re so good to me,” he sighs, as you run your fingers through his hair, cradling his head. He holds your frame tightly in response, grinding his pelvis into yours to give you some more stimulation. The movement draws his attention to his chest, where your pebbled nipples graze against his skin.
He can’t resist the opportunity to take one of them into his mouth, sucking at the sensitive skin with an occasional flick and stripe of his tongue.
You squirm and whimper in response, the stimulation starting to overwhelm your senses.
Lifting his head with a lewd slurp, “You’re going to be such a beautiful mom,” he pants, his warm breath raising goosebumps around your saliva-coated nipple. He drops a kiss to each of your breasts, worshipping their perfect form, trying not to think about how gorgeous you’d look—nourishing the baby the two of you make. A sight to be reserved only for his eyes.
“Make me into one, Jiminie,” you request, in that melodic voice of yours—sweetly innocent and sensuous all the same. You meet his eyes with the most delicate of gazes, reaching to caress his jaw. “I waited so long for you to come into my life, I don’t want to wait anymore. Let’s make ourselves a family.”
He feels his balls tighten, the steady build in his core suddenly tipping over the edge, and he gently pushes you back down against the couch, rolling on top of you. Hooking an arm around your knee, he spreads you open as far as he can, tossing your leg over his shoulder.
And when he meets your anticipatory eyes, so open and earnest, looking at him as if he’s the center of your entire universe—
A groan of “I love you” is all he can manage before his cock begins throbbing inside of you, splashing thick coats of white against your walls. He continues rocking his hips gently as spurts of cum spill into you, his length pulsing while your tight muscles milk him dry.
As he finishes, slowing his strokes down to a still, you cling to his shoulders tightly, peppering his neck with kisses. Other than his chest heaving with panting breaths, he remains purposely motionless, keeping his cum plugged up inside you and enjoying the warmth of your heavenly cunt.
Only when he begins to soften and slip out of you does he stir again—
“Baby,” you whine, protesting his movements. “Don’t go anywhere.”
He chuckles lightly, simply reaching for a cushion from the other end of the couch and sliding it beneath your hips.
“Don’t worry, I’m not done with you just yet.”
Before you can respond, he ducks his head between your legs, ensuring that nothing is leaking out from your slit.
“I didn’t mean—ah!”
He attaches his lips to your clit, lathing your swollen nub with his tongue and draping your legs over his shoulder. Your ripe essence is mixed with his, and he can’t help the instinct to lap up the heady taste, shamelessly reveling in it. 
You instantly begin writhing under him, prompting him to pin your thighs down while he sucks at your sensitive bud.
“Too—too much,” you yammer between gasps. “I don’t—I can’t—”
“You can, sweetheart,” he assures you, relentless. “Need to make sure everything stays inside this pretty cunt of yours.”
You begin bucking your hips into him after a few perfectly-timed flicks of his tongue, waves of pleasure possessing your body. With your spine arched off the couch, your cries sound out with a crescendo, before a shiver marks your climax. The ebb of your release descends with a muted mewl, your thrashing limbs falling limp.
He drops a kiss to your ankle as he unwraps himself from your legs, guiding your feet to the elevated backrest of the couch.
“Are you comfortable like this?” he asks, slightly concerned—it isn’t exactly ideal to have your lower half sticking up in the air as it is.
But you nod without hesitation. “Just come cuddle with me.”
He obliges easily, crawling back up towards you to lay his head on your chest, extending an arm around your waist.
You wrap him up in an affectionate embrace, dropping a kiss to his forehead as he curls up to you.
“I love you so much,” you murmur into his hair. “So, so much.”
“Because I fuck you so well?” he teases, lifting his chin to give you a cheeky grin.
You roll your eyes, through your touch remains tender, fingertips tracing meaningless circles into his skin.
After a few minutes of silence, nothing but the sound of your chests rising and falling in tandem to speak of, “How long do you think it’ll take?” you ask quietly. “For me to get pregnant?”
With post-concert fatigue and fucked-out bliss flooding his senses, he has to force his eyes back open, slightly concerned by the pause in your voice.
“Six months to a year—that’s what the doctor said, right? Why?”
You hesitate for a beat, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m just wondering.”
It doesn’t make sense to worry this early in the process, but he bites back the instinct to tell you so. You’re a worrier by nature, and he knows that this decision places an unfair burden on your shoulders.
A gentle stroke of your cheek draws your gaze back to his face, and he gives you a tender smile.
“I want this as much as you do, but you’re always going to be enough for me.”
You smile weakly in response, eyes soft. “I know that, baby. Trust me, I do.”
“And you feel the same way, right?”
“Of course I do,” you reply without hesitation, almost indignant that he even asked.
He smiles, subconsciously reassured by how confidently you answered.
“I just—I love you a lot,” you explain sheepishly. “I want to share all that love with some tiny humans. Our tiny humans.”
The giddy sensation that fills Jimin’s chest has him floating on air.
“It’ll happen for us, one way or another,” he promises, taking your hand in his to give it a squeeze. “And don’t worry, I trust my swimmers.”
With an amused laugh, “Your swimmers have the easy job,” you reply. “My wrinkly old uterus is going to be the problem.”
“Don’t talk about your uterus like that,” he scolds you. “It’s perfect, just like the rest of you.”
If the look on your face is any indication, that was the right thing to say. Though you playfully feign otherwise.
“You’re such a cheeseball.”
Jimin smirks at that, puffing his chest out slightly. “A cheeseball you’re married to,” he gloats. “And want to make babies with.”
With a dreamy sigh, “I do,” you admit, cupping his face. “I love this cheeseball very much.”
You kiss him again softly, and he feels that inexplicable contrast tugging at his heart once more. 
He could live suspended in that very moment for the rest of eternity, and paradise would pale in comparison.
But he also has a lifetime to look forward to, one filled with unconditional love for the person he knows he’s meant to be with. Whether or not that love will manifest itself into tiny humans—that won’t change anything.
He pulls you in closer to enjoy a few more minutes of solace and intimacy, with the world kept at bay by the dressing room door. The crowds and blinding lights, the spectacle of his career—he loves all of it, but this is what keeps him going. A stillness that filters out all the white noise, attuning his senses to what really matters.
Your thrumming heartbeat lulls him into quietude, both of you blissfully unaware of the bud that started to bloom inside of you a few days ago.
And you’ll have a few more days of calm to enjoy, before the appearance of a simple blue line will mark the beginning of your next adventure together.
Tumblr media
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h0neypjm · 2 months ago
Confident 03 | jjk
Tumblr media
↳ Summary: After giving Jungkook the best suck of his life he’s left wondering if what you said was true. Was it really your first time? ‘Cause Jungkook thinks you might’ve lied.
↳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
↳ Genre: Smut, fluff, angst, college au, fuckboy! jk, our fav cheeky virgin reader!
↳ Rating: 18+
↳ Word count: 4.2k
↳ Warnings: swearing, grinding/humping, lip biting, slight mentions of manipulation, hickies 
↳ a/n: lmao i’m so heckin sorry this took so long to be released yikes,,, thank you all for being so patient with me and i hope you enjoy this part ! + please feel free to leave any feedback <3
↳ Series: 01 | 02 | 03 
Tumblr media
With you he lets go of everything, all the past mistakes, all the hurt because at this moment he feels like he could fly, soar into the clouds.
He feels infinite.
Tumblr media
When Jungkook really thinks about it, sex is kinda weird. 
He finds it weird how his dick swells and oozes with pleasure at the sight of naked curves paired with the simple action of thrusting into tight, wet muscle. It’s weird to think about, though he won’t complain when he’s given the offer.
“Fuck, harder Jungkook.”
Genitals are weird. He’ll admit it, dicks are really fucking ugly and if Jungkook somehow woke up one day in a woman’s body the last thing he’d probably do is find himself face to face with one. Women are fucking troopers. 
“Jungkook, please!”
Oh right, back to the task at hand.
Jungkook really isn’t in the mood anymore, he’s surprised he hasn’t gone soft on her yet. Said girl below him stretches back to grab at his hip, her perfectly manicured nails scratching into his skin. It’s a telltale sign that she’s noticed Jungkook has drifted off into a world of his own thoughts. 
She’s not wrong, Jungkook wants this to be over now. He’s never been great at maths but if he adds up the minutes correctly, he’s been blowing her back out for probably two hours and three orgasms. Jungkook’s beat, and just wants to take a hot shower before his class starts.
He lets out a huff before deeply thrusting the length of his cock into her heat. She meets his thrust, pushing her ass into his hips letting out a satisfied groan. 
Lately Jungkook thinks he should take a break from sex. He weighs the pros and cons in his head while simultaneously pleasuring the whimpering girl under him. It’s a true fact, sex has many benefits but having sex six out of seven days of the week is surely taking a toll on his body.
Wiping a drop of sweat off his brow his mind wavers over to thoughts of you. It has been a little over a week since you both yelled into the darkness and spilled your weighing thoughts to no one else but the moon and yourselves. Jungkook’s throat still itches but he also thinks he itches for you.
He doesn’t know why or how, but somehow his brain decided to conjure the perfect picture of your pretty face and ravishing body. He shuts his eyes, letting the smoky pictures haze his mind. He lets a moan tumble out, his release getting to him. Flashes of you and only you fogging behind his eyes.
Jungkook grunts, the girl below him clenches around his length, pushing him to the edge. He doesn’t care about her, not when his mind is preoccupied with the memory of how your mouth fits so perfectly around his cock. The way you made him melt under your touch.
Jungkook cums.
He cums hard and fast, pushing the girl’s face deep into his pillows. The sound of her overly practiced, high pitched moans that he is so painfully used to, drowned out by the density of his pillows.
Thank fuck it’s over.
Tumbling out of his bed rather ungracefully, Jungkook is ready to leave. Bare ass and glistening dick stumbling towards his bathroom. He doesn’t look back, headstrong on getting cleaned and maybe, just maybe, a little headstrong on you.
The door doesn’t close like Jungkook expects. Instead, it’s met with small dainty palms pushing it back open. “Can I join?” A sultry sweet voice asks. Jungkook huffs, a hint of annoyance laced in his breath, though he knows he can’t say no to her.
She remains bare, not an ounce of shame written on her face. Her eyes cat-like, lips full and skin flushed. It reminds Jungkook of the first time he hooked up with her. He sighs, nodding his head curtly. She grins happily.
The water is ice cold, though Jungkook revels in it, letting it wash away his past debauchery. The pipes whine and squeak, shifting the once icy waterfall into a hot, steamy cascade. 
Jungkook faces the shower head, letting the water hit his face like a blanket and he hums in delight, almost forgetting about the presence behind him. There's a scratch at his back pining for his attention, breaking Jungkook out of his post-nut clarity. He moves to the side, tugging at her waist to help wash her pale skin
“So, I was thinking”, she utters quietly.
“That’s not a good sign,” he quips back, gently moving long wet locks over her shoulder and leaving a small kiss there.
“I was thinking maybe we should stop this… thing”
Jungkook pauses and the petite girl turns around to scrunched eyebrows and a perplexed frown drawn onto his handsome face. His voice is quiet, barely discernible under the warm stream, “Sana, where is this coming from? Weren’t you the one who proposed this idea?” 
A stray piece of hair is pushed out of his eyes, “Jungkook, I- you know what never mind.”
Jungkook’s too tired to question her further, shutting off the water and grabbing a towel, “I have class in an hour, you should probably leave as well.”
Sana stumbles after him, collecting a towel from the nearby rack, “are you mad?”
Jungkook shakes his hair out, miniscule drops of water flying around his room before throwing on a shirt. He shrugs, a small grin dancing across his lips, “I’m not mad, just sad I won’t be able to fuck you.”
Sana scoffs, fully dressed and shuffling past him, “you’re such a boy!”
The door shuts right as Jungkook finishes getting dressed, humming out a reply a bit too late.
Jungkook wasn’t as mad as he thought he would be. However, he's sure that if this were to happen a few months ago, Jungkook knows he would be crushed. 
Here’s the thing, Jungkook hated to admit it but he’s become rather attached to the beautiful woman that is Choi Sana.
Entering college is daunting, especially coming straight from high school and a sheltered home. But Sana made the transition so comfortable, so easy.
She’s older than Jungkook by a whole year, already experienced with most obstacles college can throw at you. She took Jungkook under her wing, introducing him to the friends he knows and used to know. And of course, they had sex. A lot of it.
It would be a complete lie to say that Jungkook hadn’t fucked his way through most girls he’s met. Sana however, was a different case.
You could call it a friends-with-benefits turned into a sort-of-relationship which then got too complicated and now has ended into whatever just happened. 
Jungkook truly treasured her company. Whether it was fucking or just simply talking, he would never pass up an opportunity to be next to her. So it’s safe to say Jungkook’s just a little bewildered at the events that just took place in his own dorm room.
Jungkook keeps eyes trained on his beat up converse as he walks down the familiar winding hallways to the lecture hall. There’s a group of quiet giggles that follow him and his head is quick to snap towards it.
Sana’s small group of friends stare at him before gathering into a small huddle, their giggles continue to echo around the hall. Sana must’ve already told them.
It’s like someone is playing some strange prank on him and Jungkook can’t think of a sincere reason why. An ugly pit begins to burrow in Jungkook’s stomach because it feels like he just got broken up with.
And then there’s you.
It’s the first time Jungkook has seen you on campus and he can’t help but admire the way you look so cute and cozy wrapped in your oversize sweater and light wash jeans. You have yet to notice the way Jungkook heads towards you, burning holes into the side of your head, almost reminiscent of the first time he saw you.
You jolt and your posture straightens at the feeling of a hand on your shoulder. Jungkook thinks he sees a sparkle in your eye when they meet his own, or it could be a trick of the light. He doesn’t know for certain, though the part of his brain that aches for attention convinces him that you’re excited to see him.
A sweatshirt is thrust into his face and it smells like you, laundry detergent and lingering hint of his own cologne. 
“-I washed it and even ironed it, do you even iron sweatshirts? I don’t know, but here it is!”
Jungkook missed the first part of your greeting and suddenly an hour-long lecture isn’t something he’s interested in attending today. Not like he’s interested in attending any of them for that matter.
The sweatshirt that was once clutched within your hands is gently plucked away and replaced with a hand that’s significantly bigger than yours but fits all too well when paired with your own.
You don’t realise what’s happening until your legs start to pick up the pace to match the speed of the longer ones beside you.
“Where are we going?” you ask, staring down at pretty tattooed fingers intertwined with your bare ones.
Jungkook stares straight ahead, “I don’t know, are you hungry?”
You don’t miss the way the small huddle of girls stare and whisper at the sight of you with Jungkook. “Don’t you have class?”
“Hm? Oh yeah, don’t really wanna go anymore,” he says with a nonchalant shrug.
He looks too calm, too collected, so overly cool that it’s obvious something is clearly bothering him. You don’t know how to approach the matter, nor do you know if he even wants to talk about it, so you simply let him pull you along.
After a short three minute walk off campus, you find yourself walking towards the college hotspot. It’s a busy street lined with cafes, restaurants and small stalls, each one selling meals of different cuisines. It’s a hungry college student’s wet dream, some would say.
A flurry of students rush past you, each one with a different expression on their face and or guzzling down shots of espresso. Jungkook mentions something about eating ramen and you nod along in agreement.
Tumblr media
The sun’s golden rays spill through wide open windows allowing for a warm and cozy aura suited perfectly for a warm meal. A bell chimes above your head when Jungkook pushes open the restaurant door. He lets go of your hand only to gently place it on the small of your back, leading you to an unoccupied table.
It’s terribly awkward the moment the both of you take your seats.
The both of you keep your eyes on everything else besides each other. There’s a tension that shouldn’t even be there considering the fact that you’ve basically let out your frustrations to each other a few nights ago. And plus, how could you possibly forget? You’ve sucked his fucking dick.
Jungkook is zoned out, eyes stuck to the excessively tall menu while you tap your fingernails on the table, waiting for something eventful to appear out of the thick air.
You examine his expression and you come to the conclusion that he looks kind of sad. He’s not his usual chirpy self, and honestly you don’t claim this type of negative energy.
You pull down his menu and he raises a brow, “I'm tired of the silence, what’s up with you today?” Jungkook leans back to fold his arms over his chest, he gives you a look that you assume is meant to be deep seriousness but it comes out more comical than it is serious.
“Do you know Choi Sana?”
An amused chuckle ticks out of your mouth. “Yeah of course, super hot, blonde, long legs, and your-”
Jungkook shuts the menu and slaps it down on the wooden table so quickly it shakes slightly. “Well she’s not mine anymore”, he looks away before mumbling under his breath, “she was never mine in the first place.”
Closing your own menu as a means to distract yourself and collect your thoughts, you reply slowly. “Did you wanna tell me what happened or…”
Jungkook leans forward and motions over a waitress as he speaks, “look, I know you think of me as this whore or whatever, and yes it’s kind of true, I like sex and I like women, there’s nothing wrong with that.” A waitress approaches your table and without missing a beat Jungkook exclaims his order before giving you a short glance. You order the same meal as Jungkook and he takes that as his cue to continue his ramble. “But Sana is- she’s-” he stutters over his words, trying to formulate the rushing thoughts in his head. “She just hits different.”
You knew Jungkook and Sana were somewhat quite friendly with each other, always finding the two in suggestive positions with hands wandering towards places that most would want shared in a private space rather than a lively college frat party. Although what you didn’t know was the fact that Jungkook was capable of harbouring some sort of feelings towards the gorgeous girl. 
Sure, it may be a little rude to make such a statement but it's fair to at least be taken aback by his confession considering his notorious reputation of toying around with women. 
All too soon there's a lurch in your gut and you’re suddenly reminded of the words he spoke to you on that chilly night. The vulnerability he shared of never having a first hand experience of treating someone other than just a means for sex.
Jungkook is a true romantic at heart, however, he is yet to be shown how it's properly done as his only source of romancing came from the asshole that is Jeong Suho.
Without any hesitation your brain (or maybe your heart) quickly makes the decision to help out the poor man. “Chill out Romeo, this is confusing as fuck”, you tuck a stray hair behind your ear while shuffling in your seat towards Jungkook. “Do you like her or do you like like her?”
Jungkook knows what you’re insinuating, however it’s not entirely true so he timidly replies, “what we have, or uh had, is sort of complicated I guess?”
The food arrives right as you roll your eyes at him and you peer into your bowl, wisps of steam dancing and exciting your tastebuds. “That's what they all say.”
“No, it is really complicated,” Jungkook whines, “I never really had any experience with girls prior to college. My mother was the only female figure in my life so when I met Sana everything I experienced with her was like a new lesson being learnt. I took it all in, and of course adding Suho to the mix didn’t really help at all.” He stirs the broth of his ramen slowly, “So yeah, maybe at some point I did like like her, but that was when I was somewhat new to everything, naive, innocent, vulnerable. And even though she can be an annoying bitch sometimes, I still want her. This is so dumb, I’m sorry.”
He shakes his head to cover up the blush that flushes across his cheeks, though you notice it very easily. He dives into the warm meal, eating as if the food has just personally insulted him. He shovels noodles into his mouth so intensely it’s as if he’s breathing it in. His eyebrows are furrowed, eyes so big and so wide you would think he’s eating to get it over with but surprisingly after one large slurp he sits back and groans in delight.
“Jungkook, why are you telling me this?” you ask, watching with close eyes as Jungkook continues to eat with gusto and not like he just spilled some personal information.
He shrugs. “I don’t know. It's weird, we only properly met a few weeks ago but it feels like we’ve been friends for years.” He stares at your untouched food. “I just feel comfortable around you, that’s all”
Nodding slowly, you smile, “I also feel comfortable around you Jungkook.”
“Good.” he confirms with a handsome smile, grabbing your lonely chopsticks to gather a tasteful bite of ramen for you. “Eat up princess.”
Something about that simple action suddenly makes you feel just a little bit more than comfortable with him.
Tumblr media
The afternoon wind wizzes through the messy strands of your hair and you pat your belly with a satisfied grin on your face. “This was really nice Jungkook, though you need to let me repay you someday.” His reply comes quick, not a single thought entering his head before he speaks. “Why don’t you repay me by coming back to my dorm with me?”
Halting your steps, your jaw drops, “Jeon Jungkook I hope this is not an invitation for sex, because I’m not interested.”
Jungkook freezes beside you, choking on his next words because he genuinely didn’t mean for his request to come off as an invitation for sex.  “No, no, oh my God I’m- that’s not what I meant.” He scratches the back of his neck with regret. “I’ll just walk you back to your dorm.”
An airy laugh bubbles out of you and Jungkook never knew a laugh could be so captivating. “I’m just teasing, I wouldn’t mind coming over,” you playfully shove his shoulder. 
“You’re not tired of me yet huh?” he chuckles, rebounding from your joking shove to tightly wrap an arm around your shoulders and pull you into a sort of side hug.
“Ask me later and my answer may change depending on how the rest of the day goes,” you say, pointing an accusing finger.
For the first time today a smirk crawls and wriggles its way onto Jungkook's lips before melding into a cheeky grin. You should be wary, though the feeling never arises.
Tumblr media
Jungkook’s brain is stupid and he hates his dick.
What first seemed like a friendly conversation accompanied by the background chatter of Tony Stark’s smart mouth, has turned into a reenactment of the sexual tension he felt when he first met you. 
Jungkook didn’t mean for the afternoon to turn out like this. If anything it was your fault for being so damn pretty sitting there on his ugly brown couch, munching on overly buttered popcorn with a lacking amount of salt.
It was your fault for sucking his dick many nights ago, because instead of focusing on his all time favourite hero, Jungkook is focused on those goddamn lips. The same goddamn lips that essentially left him feeling sexually empty and confused.
Jungkook blames his dirty mind to excuse the beginnings of an embarrassing and uncalled erection. Jungkook’s jeans are tight, though the swell of his cock makes it unbearable now.
He felt like a teenager sitting next to their crush with the way he hastily grabs a pillow and lays it over his lap.
You, of course notice the fast movement and avert your eyes from the screen to meet guilt stricken ones.
“Jungkook.” you say steadily.
“Yes?” he replies hesitantly, holding onto thin strands of hope that you don’t know what he’s hiding under his pillow.
Your eyes flicker to his lap and back to his face. It may be dark but you can still see the embarrassment shadowing his features.
“I’m not an idiot, I know you’re hard right now.”
It seems hope is not on Jungkook’s side today.
“Fuck, I- I’m so sorry. This is so embarrassing.” he groans, looking everywhere else but you.
There’s a dip in the couch beside him that forces Jungkook to break out of his nervousness.
Your eyelashes flutter and there’s a slight hesitance in your voice when you ask, “do you want me to help you out?”
Scratch that previous idea about hope. 
Jungkook doesn’t verbalise his answer, instead his answer comes to you with a feather-like touch to your cheek. You lean into the warmth of his hand and allow for your lips to meet.
A familiar fire burns throughout your body and you smile into the kiss. He cradles your jaw like it’s made of the finest China, however his lips begin to tell you a different story.
His tongue snakes its way across the seam of your grinning lips and places a tight grip on your thigh. It asks you to move closer to him and you do more than just that.
The pillow that was once settled on Jungkook’s lap is replaced by the swell of your ass and the curves of your thighs that tighten around Jungkook’s waist. He welcomes you with a squeeze to your hip and you dive back into his mouth.
“I missed your mouth,” you murmur, biting down on his lower lip as your arms wrap around his neck. Jungkook sighs at that, bringing both hands onto your hips to press you further onto his hardened bulge.
You whine at the small sparks of pleasure that shoot through you, though you crave for more. Without breaking the intense dance of tongue and teeth you move your hips at a tantalising pace, whimpering at the feeling of his denim jeans rubbing at your pulsing clit.
Jungkook breaks the kiss to stare at the seductive movement of your hips and they way you squeeze your eyes and pant. He gets lost, so absolutely lost in both pleasure and you that he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
You throw your head back and place your hands on his shoulders to leverage yourself while Jungkook allows his hands to wander away from your grinding hips to the peaks of your breasts. 
Too much fabric is in the way, Jungkook thinks. He wants to feel you, all of you.
Bringing a hand to your chin as a way to wake you up from the arousing slumber, Jungkook leans his forehead against yours. “Fuck baby, who taught you how to do all this hm?”
You giggle, leaving tiny pecks on his jawline, “Taehyung.”
Jungkook slides a hand under your shirt and pinches a nipple over the thin lace of your bralette. “You are fucking joking.”
You know he’s not mad, so you tease him further all the while littering wet kisses along his neck. “You jealous?”
He hums when you suck at the particular spot on his collarbone, “should've been me.”
With that he lays you onto the couch, kissing the same spots on your neck as you with him. Jungkook goes back in for another kiss, exploring your mouth with his tongue like its new territory. You moan in response and Jungkook thinks he could never be bored of such a sweet tune in his life.
His fingers continue to work, delicately caressing your sides before reaching the hem of your shirt. He peels it off your head and his eyes instantly zero in on the sight of your breasts decorated in baby pink lace.
Jungkook lets a low growl rumble and you feel your stomach dip with excitement, your pussy clench with want.
All too soon, a phone chimes, effectively shattering the bubbling heat of tension in seconds.
It’s Jungkook’s phone that rings next to your ear annoyingly and there’s a greedy pang in your chest that desperately wants to click the decline button just for another taste of Jungkook’s lips.
The greediness turns into curiosity when Jungkook’s expression changes ever so quickly. If you weren’t watching him you would’ve missed it completely. 
“Hello, Sana?”
You slump back onto the couch with a huff.
Jungkook moves to what you assume is his bedroom as he chatters away. From the tone of his voice the conversation seems serious and you understand why considering the things he told you earlier today.
Rolling over, you locate your shirt and place it back on languidly. You’re a bit disappointed, that’s a lie. You’re highly disappointed, but you know this wasn’t the true intention of your spontaneous day together, so you shouldn't feel this way.
Maybe you should put your shoes back on? You don’t know if Jungkook will kick you out. He couldn’t do that after what just transpired. Right?
A fast shuffle is heard from the direction of Jungkook’s room. It’s fast because Jungkook seems like he’s in a big hurry.
“Uhh, so something came up and I need to go, Are you gonna be okay walking home?”
Out of all the things Jungkook would say, this was the last thing you expected.
A part of you thought that Jungkook would kindly take you home, but maybe you were asking for too much.
It’s silent, the only source of noise coming from Jungkook’s television.
You give him the benefit of the doubt, counting to three in your head. He’s just slow sometimes.
He doesn’t do anything else but stare at you impatiently. You think there is a hint of annoyance there too.
On the screen, Tony Stark’s heart deteriorates. 
You don’t know why your own heart feels the same.
Tumblr media
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almost. (m) jjk.
Tumblr media
not yet, almost, right now
pairing. jungkook x reader genre. fluff, baby angst, smut word count. 6.4k warnings. two idiots!!, pining, masturbation (m. and f.), use of vibrator, accidental voyeurism?,  more feelings come to light!! summary. jungkook tries to be the best wingman he could be in your new venture after your breakup. he could do it, right? note. part two of not yet, some more feelings are exposed, please don’t hate oc she is but a pendeja that doesn’t see the obvious feelings jungkook has but she has good intentions i promise<3 there will most likely be a final part,,if you guys are into it lmao okie bye
Tumblr media
The cool summer breeze flows around you as you’re sitting under the shade, eyes focused on the chaos of runny yolk and hashbrowns that is your breakfast. Jungkook on the other hand, is focused on you. His signature yellow shades block out the sun reflecting from passing cars, concealing his eyes just enough for you to not see him blatantly staring at you while you stuff your face. 
The charmed smile he has falters slightly when you look directly at him, hashbrown lingering by your lip as you repeat his name. “Sorry, what?”
Your brows come together as you smile at his zoned out state, something you had grown fond of in the years of knowing him, always enjoying the small dazed look that graced his face whenever he was lost in his thoughts. His lips push out slightly in question, curious eyes wondering just what you could have been asking him. 
“I was saying that I think I’m giving up on crushes and love.” You say it so easily, mind made up as you grin at him before continuing to shovel hashbrowns into your mouth, only pausing to take a sip of your iced coffee. 
Jungkook tries his best to seem unaffected, nodding along in interest as he takes a steady bite of his own food. “Really?”
“Yeah,” you sigh, taking a look around at the people surrounding you: friends having breakfast together and snapping photos, couples feeding each other food with smiles on their faces, a lone man with his dog perched on the seat across from his while he worked on his computer. You briefly wonder if all of them, even the dog, have better luck with love than you do. 
“I think I’m cursed,” you continue. “All of my exes have been assholes, and I’ve always been too blind to see it until it’s over and I’m left crying over Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.”
“Maybe you’re just looking for love in the wrong places,” Jungkook shrugs, internally screaming because he’s who you should be looking at if you wanted love. 
Not to toot his own horn, but Jungkook liked to think he was a good guy, a great boyfriend even. His previous track record of relationships could attest to that, all of them ending on mutual terms, still friendly and civil with each other. He’s almost certain if there was a Yelp page for him it would be at least 4.5 stars with comments raving about how great he is, even little anecdotal touches about how he always gave away his hoodies or offered to cook breakfast. 
He was a god damn catch, why couldn’t you see that?
“Maybe prince charming is a lot closer than you think,” he grumbles out, stabbing his omelette with a little more force than necessary, fork clanking against the plate. And when you gasp in realization he freezes, slowly looking back up at you and seeing the way your eyes widen. 
“Wait, maybe you’re right!” Your hand shoots across the table, gripping onto his forearm and it sends a shock throughout him, skin tingling at your touch. “You know that coffee shop below our building? That cute barista always puts a heart next to my name. Do you think I should ask for his number?”
Jungkook blinks once, slowly twirls his fork in his hand and blinks again before staring up at the sky, mentally asking why he couldn’t just go out and say it. “Hm, I don’t think you should.“
With a defeated sigh you retract your hand, slumping back into your seat and grabbing your iced coffee once more, stirring the straw and ice around as you nod. “True. What if he feels obligated to give it to me just because he doesn’t want to get fired in case I go all Karen on his ass.”
That wasn’t why Jungkook had said not to, but sure, that works too, so he hums along. 
“I bet he draws hearts on all the other girls cups too.” You huff, playfully wiping a tear under your eye with a smile. 
“I’ve actually—“
“You know what I—“
You both freeze mid sentence, Jungkook’s cheeks tinted a light pink as he stutters on his words, wide eyes staring at you as if he had caught himself before you cut him off. But as you’re about to tell him to go on, he waves you off and urges you to speak first. 
“I was just gonna say that maybe I should go through that wild phase people usually go through after breakups.”
He sets his silverware down on the plate and sips his water, giving you an odd look. “Wild phase? Like you wanna dye your hair red and get bangs?”
“No,” you cackle, ruffling a hand through your own hair as you picture yourself with that combination. “I should just go out and hook up with people. I feel like I’ve either been in a relationship or entirely single, so it could be fun right?”
“Uh, maybe...” he trails off, rolling his lips together in thought, not exactly fond of hearing you say that when he had felt the confession about to roll off his tongue. He takes a slow breath, trying to see this from a neutral point, the point of a supportive friend wanting to help you get over a breakup. 
“How do you go about it?”
“Me?” he chokes, pointing at his chest as if there was magically some other person you could be addressing. 
“Yes, you. Need I remind you, we share a wall between our beds.” You roll your eyes, but the smile on your face shows that you’re speaking of this lightly, not entirely annoyed by the fact that you had heard Jungkook during his own fair share of hook ups. 
He’s not ashamed of it, but considering he never really brought up being able to hear you, he thought you’d pretend to never hear him. It wasn’t too often that he had a girl over, the number of hookups only increasing after you got with Hajoon and loosely cut ties with Jungkook. But from what you had heard—and seen thanks to your nosey self looking through peep holes once they left—it was very rarely the same girl. 
So to you, Jungkook was a pro at the art of hookups. 
“Right, sorry,” he grimaces, a sheepish smile on his lips as he wonders just how many times his activities kept you up at night. 
“It’s fine, consider us even.” A teasing laugh follows your statement, enjoying the flustered look on his face, how his cheeks get even darker in embarrassment. Jungkook was used to the two of you talking like this, neither of you having a filter especially when it came to sexual aspects, but he hadn’t had a conversation like this since before you got with Hajoon. It would take some getting used to again. 
“So, give me the tips. Where do you find people?”
Jungkook leans back into his chair, arms stretching out on either side of him, short sleeves of his black tee bunching up and revealing more of his tattoos and the rippling of his muscles. With a small laugh he rakes his hand through his fluffy hair, giving you a small smile. “Honestly? Anywhere. I’ve gotten girl’s numbers at the gym and at coffee shops, but bars are the best bet for something quick.”
“Ugh, fuck you and your pretty privilege.” 
“What?” he guffaws, smiling wide and showing you his adorable smile as he laughs loudly, not caring about the attention he draws to your table. He doesn’t even realize how the table full of girls is now trying to discreetly stare at him, because his eyes are on you. You see it though, and it further proves your point. “What the hell is pretty privilege?”
Your wild hands gesture towards him, a look of disbelief on your face as you do so. “You! Of course girls line up to hand you their number, have you seen yourself? Pretty privilege,” you jab your fork at him in time with your final words, a smirk on your glossy lips. 
Jungkook feels his confidence grow at your casual compliment, tongue prodding at his cheek as he stares down at his food, trying not to smile too hard. You thought he was pretty, that was a win in his book. 
“C’mon,” he teases, foot gently nudging your leg underneath the table. “You could totally score someone's number. Plus there's always apps if you just wanna test the water.”
You give your plate a contemplated stare, “Sure, how hard could it be?”
Tumblr media
Admittedly, the answer to that question was: not hard at all. You had met all your previous boyfriends in person, through mutual friends or shared classes back in college, never once dipping your toe into the world of Tinder or Bumble. Who knew all it would take was a couple of selfies and the strategic body shot to have boys circling around you like some new-age, slightly filthier version of rapunzel. 
Jungkook knew though, not at all shocked by how quickly you get a match the following day when he’s at your place. His eyes are focused on the screen in front of him, helping you beat a level in your favorite game that you had been stuck on. But the second you gasp as if you’ve won the lottery, he pauses the game entirely and gives you an odd look. 
His answer comes in the form of your phone thrusted in his direction, lit up screen displaying your profile picture and the one of the boy you had just matched with. Jung Hoseok. Jungkook’s eyes narrow as he reads the name, trying to remember it in case he somehow had a friend in common that knew all the dirt on him. 
He has a similar pair of yellow shades on his own head, thicker black rims around them and a charming smile on his face. Jungkook chuckles to himself. Yellow shades? How original. 
“What do I say?” you question, eyes looking nervous as you wiggle the phone in his face. The small white bar beneath your match urges you to start a conversation, and coming up with the right words to say makes you overthink it all. 
“Just say hi and tack on some cute emoji. It’s not that hard,” he laughs, pushing the phone back at you. Jungkook knew you could start the message off any way you wanted and this Jung Hoseok would eat it right up. How could he not, the alluring smile in your profile photo would draw anyone in. 
“Okay, I did it.” Your phone is instantly locked and chucked aside in an attempt to be forgotten, choosing to grab the remote out of Jungkook’s hands for another distraction. It only lasts a brief second before you’re killed by the boss Jungkook was trying to defeat. 
“Really?” Jungkook huffs, yanking the remote back into his hands, needing a distraction himself. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that you were searching for a fuck buddy while he sat beside you. How crazy would it be if he suggested being your fuck buddy, offered to help you through this so called wild phase you were searching for. 
No. That’s not what he wants. 
Would he enjoy it? Sure. But he could already imagine how much worse his heart would hurt if his feelings came to light and yours were non-existent. That is if you’d even agree to it. 
“Relax, he’s probably thinking of what to reply.”
You make a noise of disagreement, fingers itching to unlock your device to see if it was true, slowly inching towards it until you finally grab it and go back onto the app. Jungkook just chuckles as he goes back to helping you with your game, not wanting to look at you as you giggle at your device. He could already imagine what this guy was telling you for you to turn into a giddy mess not even two minutes in. 
He tunes it all out, eyes focused on the screen, fingers gripping the remote with a little more force than needed. His concentration helps him though, finally passing the level you’ve been stuck on for the past two weeks. 
“You’re welcome,” he sighs, making a show of stretching out and sending you a smile, having it falter slightly when he sees your eyes still focused on the screen of your phone. With a frown he looks back at the television, saving the game before turning it off altogether. 
Once he gets up from the couch, making his way over to the media console to store the remotes, is when you look up at him. “You’re right, this is easy!”
Jungkook doesn’t feel the usual pride that comes with being right, but the cheerful look on your face prevents him from feeling salty. Coming back towards the couch, he sits beside you once more, facing you as he rests his elbow on the back cushion to lean on. “Told you so.”
He keeps that same smile on his face as you mention how quick Hoseok was to ask you out on a date, even as you bring up the fact that this date would be at his place, and Jungkook could decipher netflix and chill any way some greasy boy tried to conceal it. 
“I hope he knows I don’t want anything serious,” you mumble, chewing on your fingernail as you scroll through the messages. 
Jungkook could almost laugh at how blissfully unaware you were of the piranha infested water that was the great sea of Tinder. Of course this yellow sunglass wearing wannabe version of him knows you don’t want anything serious, why else would he be so quick to invite you over with the cheeky excuse to watch movies. 
All he can do is shrug as he stares at you, lips pressed together in an effort to not say something that would totally ruin everything. Instead, Jungkook does everything he can to be the best version of a wingman you could get. He tells you the ins and outs of hookups, how you should definitely not text him the minute you leave his place and tell him you had fun, don’t talk about anything super personal involving family or your work, and if he doesn’t offer to go down on you but expects a blowjob he’s a loser. 
It’s solid advice that you mentally jot down, subjecting him to further questions your mind comes up with and even asking him for help on an outfit via text the night of your hangout with Jung Hoseok. 
Jungkook stares at the photos for a little too long if he’s being honest. They weren’t spectacular selfies that you had taken much effort for, their sole purpose being showing off the outfit, but the way you look so focused as you snapped the shot had him zooming into your face and smiling like an idiot. When you double text him with a long line of question marks he snaps out of it, deciding on the second option you picked of mom jeans and a cropped shirt. Cute and casual, and definitely something Jungkook preferred, but he’d never tell you that. 
When you finally text him a thumbs up and tell him you’re on your way out he just hearts the message before locking his device and trudging to the living room. It’s not often that he wallows in self pity, spacing those days out so far he barely remembers them. But they usually went exactly like this, ordering a large meat lovers pizza with extra cheese, drinking far too many Mike’s hard lemonade—because despite how much they made his stomach hurt they were tasty so he didn’t care—and binge watching his comfort show: Modern Family. 
But even as he sulks on his couch, practically sinking into the cushions with horrible posture and a slice of pizza resting on his chest, he can’t find it in himself to chuckle at Cam and Mitch’s usual banter. He’s too busy thinking about which movie you’re currently watching, if you were watching it. Who’s Jungkook kidding though, you were totally getting your guts rearranged right now. 
Taking an aggressive bite out of the crust he frowns and raises the volume up on his television, attempting to drown the mocking voice in his head calling him a loser for not admitting to his feelings. He knew this, knew he should have said something when he wanted to at breakfast, but Jungkook was afraid that if he confessed as you were talking about hooking up, that you’d see him as taking advantage of a situation instead of being genuine. I mean who wouldn’t? You say you want something casual and suddenly he’s spilling his heart out and you’re supposed to believe he’s not some pig trying to butter you up. He didn’t want to get labeled as a creepy neighbor after the good times you’ve had. 
“So stupid,” he grumbles to himself as he takes another swig, the last drops of the alcohol hitting his tongue with a tangy aftertaste. As he sits up to place the empty bottle onto his coffee table his muscles ache, neck stiff from the unfortunate position it had been subjected to for the last three hours. With a small huff he’s rolling his shoulders, reaching for his discarded phone to see the time—and also check if you’d sent him some SOS text—but he finds nothing besides the bright numbers indicating that it was nearing midnight.
In true pity party day fashion, he doesn’t even bother cleaning up after his mess, just tossing the dirty dishes into the sink to be washed tomorrow when he would force himself to be in a better mood. Instead, he grabs a water and his phone and waddles into his bedroom. 
The moonlight illuminates the space enough for him to keep the light switch off, undressing from his crumb covered sweats and shirt, choosing to remain in his boxers as he slipped under the cold duvet. The sheets feel fresh against his hot cheeks, flush from the alcohol, cooling him down and making his body relax. 
Jungkook knows he should sleep, needing to be up early tomorrow for work, but he can’t stop his mind from wandering into dangerous territory. His buzzed brain has no qualms imagining exactly what you were doing right now, wondering if you’d be the type to act shy at a guy’s house for the first time, if you’d initiate the first move or not. Jungkook had only seen it up close once under the flash of strobe lights and the haze of alcohol, but he can still picture the soft smile on your face before you go in for a kiss, and he grumbles under his breath when he realizes that he wouldn’t be the one kissing you tonight. 
What he doesn’t know, is that you wouldn’t be the one getting kissed tonight either. The Jung Hoseok you had perceived through Tinder, assuming he was all casual and DTF with his netflix and chill suggestion, had been anything but. What you thought would be a steamy night, ended up becoming a nice dinner and comedy watched, morphing into some version of game night where you discovered he was a little too competitive than you were used to. The only action you got was a kiss to your cheek as he walked you to your car and a promise for another date. A promise you would not be keeping. 
So as Jungkook lays in bed while his thoughts turn into some fantasy of you moaning out his name, you shuffle into your bedroom and slip into your pajamas with a defeated sigh. You had already texted your best friend telling her what a bust tonight had been, deciding to just tell Jungkook all about it tomorrow because you knew he was most likely fast asleep now. And as you settle under your own covers, inches away from Jungkook with only a wall seperating you, you decide to just call it a night and pretend it never happened. 
Just as you shut your eyes, nuzzling into your pillow, you hear the first moan come from behind the wall. A small cry of despair escapes you as you bury your face into your sheets, tugging them up and over your head to block the sound of Jungkook getting some action the same night you had been left high and dry. Of course he would, assuming you’d be getting the same treatment at your date's place, why wouldn’t he take advantage of your absence and not have to muffle his partner’s moans the way he usually did. 
You’re just going to ignore it, until you hear a moan that sounds strangely like your own name. Maybe it's wishful thinking on your part, your horny brain deciding to pretend that Jungkook was calling for you instead of whoever he was with. It might be a little wrong for you to have that fantasy of your neighbor, but you aren’t blind. He’s hot, and adorably sweet, the perfect package for any girl he tried to swoon. And judging by the cries you’ve heard of lucky girls prior, you know he was good in bed. 
You’re just desperate now. That’s the excuse you tell yourself as you slowly settle onto your back, feeling your body warm up when you focus on his muffled groans, desperate and needy. As your hand slowly slides down your shirt, you shut your eyes, biting down onto your lip to muffle any sound you could make when your fingers slip underneath your pants and past your underwear. 
Jungkook on the other hand doesn’t care about his volume. His boxers are tugged down his thighs, knees bent as he slowly ruts into his sticky palm. His hand is tacky with the lube he had messily squirted on, thick cock glistening in the light coming in from his window. He can’t look away from it, mouth dropped open as he groans, imagining it was your hand tightly wrapped around him, your spit covering his cock instead of that strawberry flavored lube. 
“Ah fuck,” he moans, shutting his eyes and throwing his head back onto his soft pillows when his thumb rubs along his slit. It continues to leak beads of precum, quickly wiped away to join the mess on his cock when his hand slides back down and squeezes along his base. 
You hear that loud and clear, and when the female voice you’re expecting never follows, you realize he must be taking care of himself. It makes you feel a little less guilty now as your fingers trail along your slit, collecting the slick coating your folds before you softly circle your clit. A choked gasp fills the air at the small sensation, your body already wired after having expected to get some action tonight; it totally had nothing to do with your hot neighbor jacking off inches away from you. 
With your eyes fluttering shut, you strain your ears to make out any other noise, muffling your own groans with a hand pressed against your mouth. The bed creaks lightly underneath you as you roll your hips into your hand, getting into a smooth rhythm that makes your body buzz. 
Slowly, your imagination runs wild, and you wonder just what Jungkook was thinking of as he did this. Was he watching some porn as he did it, using his own filthy thoughts to push himself to ecstacy, or was this just something he needed to do to be able to sleep? 
“Shit, so good,” he groans out, voice raspy, but you can sense his desperation through the drywall. It’s what has you sinking a single digit into your drenched entrance, biting down onto your lower lip when you feel the glide of your walls as you start to thrust into yourself, easing in another and mewling at the slight stretch. 
Jungkook would absolutely give his left leg to know what your pussy felt like, he didn’t even care how disgusting he sounded by admitting that to himself, it was true. Blame it on the hard lemonade that made his stomach ache and his mind unfiltered, but he could almost visualize how you’d look above him, could practically feel the warmth of your core wrapped around him, dripping down his length as he fucked into you. 
He knows you’re loud in bed, never being one to conceal your cries of pleasure and he would die happy to hear his name come out of your mouth as you creamed his cock. But for now, his hand would have to do. 
His lids feel too heavy, jaw slack as the pleasure flows through his body. The wet squelch of his palm fills the room, mingling with his pants and groans, air growing thick around him. It’s been a while since Jungkook had jacked off, and even longer since he’d been able to do it shamelessly in bed without the fear of you hearing him, but now that he thought you were gone he can’t find it in himself to cover his mouth or groan into his pillows like he usually did. 
The pent up frustration fogs up his mind, cranks the lust up to 11 until his free hand is gripping his sheets beside him, bed frame creaking as his thrusts speed up. The thuds of his headboard hitting the wall come from behind you, a choked moan blending in with it, and it has you scrambling for your bedside drawer. 
The pajamas you wear get yanked off your legs and tossed aside after you grab your trusty vibrator, settling onto your back once more with huff. All it takes is a press of a button for the device to come to life, buzzing in your hand as you trail it up your thighs. A gasp escapes you when you pass it over your mound, brushing against your clit and sending a jolt of pleasure through you. 
“Oh my god,” you whimper when you finally press the vibrating head directly onto your sensitive clit, legs spreading further apart as you increase the intensity. You could clearly hear the raise in Jungkook’s moans, and that's when the first irrational thought pops into your mind. 
How easy would it be for you to head over to his place and deal with both of your problems. Surely Jungkook wouldn’t have an issue with you offering to suck his dick, wouldn’t mind letting you sink down onto him if it was just a friendly favor. 
The little devil on your shoulder tells you it would be mutually beneficial, urging you to get up and walk to Jungkook’s with the vibrator still in your hand, but you can’t. This alone felt like enough of a dirty secret, a secret you’d have absolutely no problem keeping because although you feel slightly ashamed, you couldn’t deny how turned on you are. 
The flashes of all the times you’ve heard Jungkook with other people play in your mind, the screams of his name that he tried to muffle, pleas for him to go faster, the resounding smack of his palm on flesh that always left you wide eyed when you heard it. And you start to wonder if maybe you’d be into that, the feeling of his large tattooed hand connecting with your ass, gently tapping against your cheek for you to open up for his cock. 
That fantasy is like the first ember needed to start the fire inside of you, spreading uncontrollably until you’re bucking into your vibrator, teeth biting down on your lip to keep any potential moans of his name from slipping out. 
“Fuck, fuck,” he chants, the same fire burning within him. Maybe your minds are linked telepathically, his thoughts gravitating to the same filthy fantasy you had. Jungkook was very much an ass man, knowing very well how good your butt looked in jeans from how often he stared at it, he could only imagine how good it would look as he fucked you from behind. Picturing the way it would bounce back from the force of his thrusts, eyes glued to the way you’d soak his cock, mimicking the tightness of your walls with a firm grip of his palm. 
Jungkook can sense his orgasm approaching, leaves his chest feeling tight as he pants, legs gliding along his sheets for leverage to continue fucking into his hand. You’re not far off either, vibrator set to the highest setting you can practically feel your bones rattling, free hand slipped under your shirt as you pinch at your pebbled nipples. You’re both on the brink of falling over the edge, the same question playing in your mind: where would you want Jungkook to cum?
As his moans get breathier, whiny in a way you’d never imagine them to be, you mentally decide that you’d want him to cum inside of you, wanting to see the way his cute face would twist up in pleasure as he filled you up. Jungkook hopes you would, throwing all responsible thinking aside for that sweet moment of ecstasy and the mental picture is enough to finally push him over. 
“Ah shit, baby,” he cries out in his room—thankfully having half the mind to not cry out your name as he came—eyes rolling back as his cock twitches in his palm, ribbons of cum splashing onto his stomach and chest. The warmth hits his skin, more droplets continuing to leak out as his palm milks his orgasm, stomach hiccuping and back arching from the stimulation. 
The choked moan is what has your own orgasm washing over you, your palm slapping over your mouth so hard you know you’ll feel the ache later but you don’t care. A muffled gasp blends with the buzzing of your toy, thighs tensing up as your body tingles and writhes around on your sheets. 
The only thing you can think of is Jungkook, the charming smile he’d give you when he listened to you rant about anything, his annoying habit of rolling up his sleeves to show off his muscles, the cute scowl on his face whenever you managed to beat him at Mario Kart, and the soft feeling of his alcohol coated lips on yours. It leaves you feeling warm as your orgasm flows through you, lying limp on the bed as you mewl at the sensitivity. 
When you realize your thoughts have strayed from ‘pure sexy Jungkook fantasyland’, and switched over to ‘Jeon Jungkook your adorable neighbor’, your eyes go wide, finger immediately going to turn off the vibrator. In your haste to shut it off, you click the wrong button, changing the pulsing settings and nearly screaming when the device starts to buzz erratically against your overly sensitive clit. 
With a strained gasp you yank it away from yourself, turn it off and throw it aside, horribly miscalculating the size of your bed and watching in horror as it lands on the floor with a loud thud. The complete silence from both sides makes the noise sound deafening, and all you can do is sit on your bed, half naked, and hope Jungkook is still too busy basking in his post orgasm bliss to hear the bang. 
Although the blood is still pumping in his ears, he heard the thud clearly. His heart stops in his chest as he lays there, too scared to breathe in case he’d somehow make too much noise, suddenly afraid of being too loud after he had just made a show of himself. Jungkook slowly sits himself up, grimacing at the stickiness on his stomach before pressing his ear against his headboard to try to hear anything else. 
All you want to do is yank the covers over yourself and go to sleep, pretend your horrendous date and your dirty thoughts about your friend never happened. The sobering mentality that comes after an orgasm settles into you, leaving you staring at the floor with a crease between your brows as you wonder what the hell came over you. 
When Jungkook hears nothing else, he sighs in relief, hauling himself out of bed to grab another pair of underwear before entering his bathroom to clean up. As he stares at his own reflection in the mirror, he frowns at how pathetic he feels. The throbbing headache of his earlier drinks is already starting to kick in, body now sweaty from exertion, stomach covered in his cum. 
“Such a loser,” he grumbles out, grabbing a wad of tissues to wipe away the mess on his skin before walking back out. Here he was, getting off to the thought of you, while you were out having your post-breakup wild phase. 
His hands grab his phone as he reaches his nightstand, flopping back onto the bed and unlocking the device. It’s now one in the morning, and you still hadn’t text him, which either meant you were having the time of your life, or Jungkook had to track down this Jung Hoseok. The slightly protective side of him won’t allow him to sleep until he hears back from you, fingers already typing out a message and hitting send. 
Jungkook 1:23am : you safe or am i gonna have to go all Liam Neeson on this guy?
When your phone vibrates on your nightstand you gasp, grabbing it before it could make any more noise. Seeing Jungkook’s name flash on the screen makes your blood run cold, already imagining what the text could be: calling you dirty for getting off on him, making fun of you, telling you to come ove—no stop that. 
Finally mustering up the courage, you open it up, a small laugh spilling out as you read his message, relief flooding through you as you realize that meant he thought you were still with Hoseok. 
Y/N 1:26am : oh yeah, you gonna show him your very particular set of skills? lol
Y/N 1:26am : i just got home though
Y/N 1:26am : like right now
Y/N 1:26am : still sitting in my living room
Y/N 1:27am : haha
He laughs at your string of texts, something you hear as he settles into bed. Jungkook ebbs away the small feeling of jealousy in his chest, trying to see the silver lining of this. You weren’t rushing to tell him anything about your date which meant it either went so good you wanted to keep it to yourself, or it was subpar and you wouldn’t be seeing this yellow sunglass wearing copycat again. 
Jungkook 1:29am : glad you got home safe, goodnight y/n!
Sending back a goodnight text, you lock your phone and slide deeper into bed, pulling the sheets up to your chin as you stare at the ceiling. You already know the only thing you’ll be dreaming about is your cute neighbor with a bunny smile and body proportions that contradicted it. And as Jungkook lays in bed, wondering if he’ll have to push the crush aside, you’re barely coming to terms with the fact that the small glowing feeling that came with being around him might be something else. 
Every single one of your interactions gets rewinded and played back like a seamless montage, remembering just how many almost moments there was between you. The way his eyes would flash down to your lips whenever you playfully argued on your couch, hands yanking the remotes from his in a game of tug of war that left you way too close in the heat of the moment. How he’d let you braid his hair anytime you found a new youtube tutorial, his starry eyes staring at you with so much adoration it made your stomach flip, brushing it off as love for a friend. 
Then came the jokes from your friends, constantly teasing you about Jungkook, playfully saying they would try to sleep with him just because they liked the scowl on your face, and how quickly you tried to play it off. How the sweet old lady from the convenience store downstairs always assumed you were dating when you came in together, the low jab she sent when you walked in with Hajoon and she said she preferred you with Jungkook. That argument had been one of the ones that left him bolting out of your apartment with a nasty slam of the door, spewing nasty words at you, calling you blind for not seeing it and dumb for acting like you had no idea what he was talking about. 
And for the first time, you come to the sudden realization that Hajoon was right. His deep set insecurities about Jungkook had stemmed from scraps of the truth, not just from him but from you too. The amount of times you’d find a way to slide Jungkook’s name into a conversation about anything, telling him funny stories about him, too lost in thought to see that while you were giggling as you reminisce, he was staring at you in disbelief. 
The final thought that makes you want a blackhole to swallow you up, comes in the form of you, grabbing Jungkook’s face before planting a kiss on his unsuspecting lips at the club. You want to scream into your pillow as you recall it, how he had almost leaned back in to kiss you again before you had sobered him up with your dumb question rooted in revenge. 
“Oh my god, I’m such a bitch.” you whimper. Subjecting Jungkook to be your wingman, jokingly telling him he should be your fake boyfriend more often, asking him for tips with hook ups. If everyone else could see it but you, he probably thought you were purposely friendzoning him. 
The guilt piles on top of you as you start to piece together every moment that flew over your head, only making you bury yourself deeper into your sheets. It makes your heart twist, taking note of how Jungkook was always so quick to put a smile on his face despite how naive you were to it all, wondering if maybe it was too late to try to make something of this now. How many times could you call Jungkook ‘bro’ and treat him like you didn’t see him romantically, before he decided there was no hope for him anymore. 
So as you force yourself to sleep, nerves and uncertainty weighing heavy on your mind, Jungkook snores away as he dreams of the almost moments that could have been.
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jimidol · 8 months ago
i’m a daddy now | jjk
Tumblr media
⏤ pairing: tattoo artist!jungkook x female reader
⏤ genre: fluff, and smut
⏤ rating: M
⏤ warnings: dom!jungkook, big cock!jungkook, long-haired!jungkook, blonde-haired!jungkook, impregnating kink, swearing, pet names, praising, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, rough sex, and creampie
⏤ words: 5,423
⏤ summary: jungkook as a father is something you never thought you needed in your life. he’s always taking care of you and your son, hye-jun but your favourite moment of the day is when he gives him his bath, spending some dad-and-son time. what would you say if jungkook tells you that he wants more babies?
⏤ author’s note: hello everyone! it is finally here and i hope you’ll like it. this was supposed to be a drabble but as i was writing, i knew this was never going to be a drabble! i hope you’ll like it 💜
⏤ tag list: exceptionally the tag list was added at the end ✨
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
After an intense day of work, you finally come back home.
“And here goes another spoon of banana.” Those are the words that you hear as you enter your apartment, and they instantly put a smile on your face.
Jungkook is singing and feeding Hye-jun as he always does. Your son is now used to it and refuses to eat without having his daddy singing to him. In the first ten months of his life, this little man has been very demanding, always wanting things to be done the way he wants.
When you enter your apartment, the first thing you do is take your coat off to join the two men of your life. You missed them dearly, as always. If you could, you’d take them with you to work but you simply can't.
After the birth of Hye-jun, going back to work was not easy at first, you were constantly missing him and you were worrying about him all the time. Even today, it’s still hard but it’s easier than it was some months ago, especially because Jungkook spends a lot of time with him. When he finishes tattooing and needs to focus on his own little projects, he goes pick up his son from the nanny, spending the rest of the day with him. That little human inspires him a lot, some of his best projects were done with Hye-jun sleeping in his arms.
Jungkook has been beyond the father that you were hoping for your baby. For sure, Hye-jun will grow up loving that man more than a son loves his father, and you know that he will look up to him. He’s only ten months old but the bond they share is so special and magical.
As you take your shoes off and put your slippers on, you hear your baby babbling. Hye-jun is a very talkative baby, especially with you and Jungkook. Your mother keeps praising her grandson, always saying how advanced he is for his age when you think that it’s totally normal to speak around this age. You’re sure that she has repeated that to all her neighbors. But it just warms your heart how proud and delighted she is to be a grandmother. Something that only happened because Jungkook decided to be the father of your child.
Concerning Min-ho, the biological father of Hye-jun, he’s been around more than you thought he’d be. Once per month, he comes and offers to the three of you some expensive gifts. His wife, Ye-ri is not aware of the existence of your son, and as long as Min-ho lives, she’ll never know. He made you the promise that he’ll protect you and Hye-jun from his family and that goes with hiding the two of you.
Min-ho is not very happy in his marriage, the birth of Hye-jun completely changed his life. Everything seems meaningless now that a small human being can make him happy with just a simple smile. With Hye-jun, he’s now even more convinced that having a child in this family is probably not the best idea. But he knows that sooner or later Ye-ri will want to start a family with him.
“Junie, open your little mouth for daddy.” Jungkook says in an adorable tone. “You need to eat just one more.”
Hye-jun doesn’t want to eat any more mashed bananas, a fruit that he adores just like his father. You don’t need to see your son to know that he’s shaking his head to his father, not wanting to eat more bananas.  
When you enter the kitchen, you’re greeted by a blond Jungkook, and on top of that, he’s not wearing any shirt, revealing his tattooed torso. You completely freeze as you see him, biting your lower lip. This man is so effortlessly sexy.
Hye-jun is sitting in front of his father, in his high chair. His round cheeks and lips are covered with banana while he shakes his head at the man in front of him. Jungkook is holding a spoon in front of your son’s face while he holds an empty bowl with his other hand, desperate to make him eat the last spoon of mashed bananas.
What is cute to you is the fact that Hye-jun is also not wearing any shirt, his little chest and tummy exposed to the fresh air. For sure, you know that there was an incident with the bananas, and Jungkook had to take off their shirts.
“No, no.” Hye-jun says as he keeps shaking his head.
“It’s the last one, baby.” Jungkook tries to convince him.
The little man is very stubborn and when he decides that he doesn’t anymore, there is no way to convince him otherwise. Jungkook sighs as he perfectly knows that there isn’t any way to make him eat the last spoon of banana.
While shaking his head, your baby boy notices you, stopping for a brief moment before clapping his hands and smiling.
“Mama.” He says.
There is nothing that warms more your mommy’s heart than having your baby saying ‘mama’ and smiling. It makes you feel important and loved by the person that you carried in your womb for nine long months.
Your boyfriend looks at the kitchen’s entrance when he hears his son calling for you. A smile of relief spreads across his face when he sees you. He’s been struggling to feed this crazy baby for the past hour.
You walk towards Hye-jun and take him from his chair, holding him tight in your arms.
“How’s my baby boy going?” You ask before pressing a kiss on his dirty cheek. “Daddy is not torturing you too much?”
You quickly glance down at Jungkook who has already put the bowl and spoon on the wooden table. Now that you’re here, Hye-jun is going to finish eating. Jungkook has been trying without much success for the last hour to make him eat his fruit.
“Daddy is desperate with this crazy child.” He says as he stands up.
As he comes to you, you notice that he has some mashed bananas on his torso. This must have been wild today but you’re sure that your boyfriend stayed calm and patient as always. This man has all the patience of the world when it comes to Hye-jun. But as a father, he doesn’t want his son to be afraid of him and to grow in a bad environment, so he naturally stays calm for him.
It is clearly not a good environment to grow up in a place where the parents are yelling at the baby when they don’t do what they want them to do. Being calm and patient is the key to growing physically and mentally healthy humans.
Hye-jun well-being always comes first. It isn’t anymore about what you and Jungkook want, it’s about what is good for your son. So, if it’s going to take him an entire afternoon to eat bananas, then, that’s what’s going to happen. No forcing or anything else.
Jungkook presses a kiss on your lips, one of his hands going to the bottom of your back. You discern that he’s a bit stressed, and for sure, Hye-jun is not the reason behind it. There’s something more. But since you’re sharing a moment with your son, it’s not the time to mention it. Maybe when the baby will be sleeping, you’ll mention it to your lover.
You take a towel and clean your son’s adorable face. He’s smiling and looking at you like you’re the prettiest thing he has ever seen.  
“He still has one last spoon to eat.” Jungkook adds, looking down at the small human you’re holding.      
Hye-jun rests his head on your chest, making it flutter a bit more. When your baby shows you his love, you can’t help but melt instantly. You caress his dark fluffy hair and pout to Jungkook. This is the best way to come back home.
“I see that I’ve been raising him well.” He smirks before caressing his son’s hair. “Always loving the women, especially your mama.”
When he sees the two of you showing love to the other, Jungkook instantly forgets the terrible hour that he just spent with Junie. Quickly, he grabs his phone and takes a picture of this adorable moment. This is for sure his new lockscreen.
He also seizes the occasion to feed baby Junie with his last spoon of bananas. In your loving arms, the baby will do whatever anyone asks him to do. All that matters to him is to be in his mama’s arms.
“You’re raising him pretty decently.” You say.
The blonde hair man will do everything in his power to teach his son how important it is to respect women. A value that is beyond important to him, and if his son could simply respect them as much as he does, then, he’d be the happiest man on earth.
“Open your little mouth, Junie.” He says, showing your baby the last spoon of mashed bananas.
Without any once of hesitation, Hye-jun opens his mouth and eats it, finally relieving his father.
“It’s always easy with mama around.” He says, looking up at you.
The truth is that everything is easier when Junie has his two parents next to him. Having his mama and daddy is the only thing that brings him peace.
You never stop brushing your son’s hair and Jungkook gives him his pacifier. Now, with a tummy full of food, Hye-jun should fall asleep easily. In your arms, head pressed against your chest, your son doesn’t move at all and you sit on a kitchen chair, eyes never leaving your boyfriend.    
“My baby daddy looks so hot with blonde hair.” You smirk at your hot boyfriend.
He puts the bowl and spoon of Junie in the washing machine before sitting in front of you. He glances at you with marvel, he can’t help but find you extremely attractive as a mother. You’ve been glowing so much since you became a mother which has attracted him to you even more. There isn’t a day that passes where he feels so thankful to have decided to help you out.
Today, everything would be so different if he had never proposed to be Hye-jun’s father.
“Jimin dyed his hair in silver when I went to his place with Junie.”
Since both Jimin and Jungkook had finished work earlier today, they left the tattoo shop to go get Junie from his nanny and they went to Jimin’s place. The now silver-haired man tattooed a hairdresser this morning and he asked her if she could dye his hair in silver still today. She accepted to come to his place and do it.
“I wanted to change a bit, I have been keeping my black hair for way too long.”
Since you met Jungkook, which was four years ago, his hair was already black and for the past four years, he has never dyed his hair once, only cutting it from time to time to not let it become too long.
“And since you liked the young blonde hair Jungkook, I decided to go blonde just for you.”
When he showed you pictures of him before you met, you found out that he loved to dye his hair quite frequently. Of all the colors he had, the blonde one was your favorite. Not only did it turned you on ⏤ which led to a passionate night ⏤ but you craved him to go back to blonde.
“I prefer by far this blonde Jungkook.” You offer him a big smile. “Because he’s mine.”
A grin appears on his sweet face, delighted that you love his new hair color. If you didn’t like it, he would have dyed it back to black.
“And because this blonde Jungkook is a daddy.”
You don’t really know if it’s because you got pregnant or because he’s a daddy now but this man right in front of you always looks like a snack to you. The attractiveness you feel for him is huge and never decreasing a bit. On the contrary, it’s always increasing exponentially.
“Said like that it could be misinterpreted.”
Jungkook’s dirty mind is interpreting it as ‘he’s your daddy’ instead of ‘i’m the father of Junie’ which is the meaning that you were giving the sentence.  
“God, Kook.” You say, shaking your head with a smile plastered on your face. “You’re always so dirty-minded.”
“Not my fault if my girlfriend is the prettiest.” He says, shrugging his shoulders and winking at you.
Even with mashed bananas on his chest, he looks hot. Your eyes get lost on his toned torso before staying a little longer where he tattooed your son’s name.
After Hye-jun’s birth, he asked Jimin to tattoo his son’s name on his chest. There wasn’t any other place where he wanted to tattoo it because right under his chest, his heart is beating. The place where he dearly holds his son.
Your eyes go up, meeting his eyes filled with lust. This man can’t hear daddy without giving a dirty connotation to that word.    
“Don’t start anything with Junie in my arms.” You roll your eyes.
“I wouldn’t dare to traumatize my son.” He replies, and you nod.
The two of you stay like this for a little while, speaking about the day you two had until Junie falls asleep in your arms. It took him a while, he was babbling some times while you were speaking with Jungkook. It was like he was participating in your conversation.
Once he has completely fallen asleep, you went to your bedroom and laid your son in his crib. Jungkook followed you and laid in bed, watching you covering your son with a blanket that his mother bought for him.
“My parents are coming this weekend.” He says as he remembers that his mom called him earlier today to inform him that she was coming with his father.
Just as your mother, his mother has fallen in love with her grandson and wants to shower him with love. Your parents spoil your son way too much but you can’t help but find it extremely adorable. They just love their grandson.
“Okay, but we will need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow then.” You say, quickly glancing at your boyfriend. “We barely have something in the fridge for tomorrow.”
Jungkook nods, and you take one last glance at your baby. Once he’s asleep, nothing can wake him up besides hunger. You don’t even count the times you and Jungkook had sex in your bed with him sleeping in his crib placed next to your bed.
“He looks like an angel.” You whisper as you look at Hye-jun.
Your heart bursts with love as you look at the little human you made. It’s still unbelievable to you that this little baby was conceived by you, and that your blood is running through his veins.
“That’s because he inherited his mother’s features.”
To Jungkook, your baby is a mini-version of you. Everything about him reminds him of you, and in a way, he’s thankful that he doesn’t look too much like Min-ho because he knows how painful it’d sometimes be to be reminded that he’s not the biological father.
You lay next to him in your bed. His usual strong scent coming from Y Eau de Parfum of Yves Saint-Laurent is replaced by the smell of banana.
“You smell like banana.” You look up at him with a bright smile on your face.
“Your son threw over us his bowl of mashed bananas.”
Spotting the rests of the bananas over his chest, you lean closer before licking it with your tongue, sending shivers down Jungkook’s spine. This comes as unexpected to him but he’s not going to lie, he loves the feeling of your tongue over his skin.
“You’re such a good man, Jungkook.” You mumble against his skin.
“I’m a daddy now.”
You clean all the leftovers of the bananas on his chest, making the man under you groaning and closing his eyes. After almost two years of relationship, Jungkook can say without any hesitation that you’re his soulmate. It’s just funny that you needed to get pregnant from another man to finally be together.
But he wouldn’t have it any other way. If things had happened before Hye-jun’s birth, his son would have never existed, and he can’t picture a world without him.  
“Take your clothes off, baby.” You look up at him with innocence, something he knows that you don’t have anymore. “I need you, now.”
Today, something happened that still messes up with him. He needs to have your velvety walls around his big cock to reassure him in a way. Sex won’t solve his problem, and he’s aware of it but that’s what he needs at the moment.
Without questioning him, you take off your clothes quickly while he does the exact same thing. Today, the preliminaries can go to hell for him.
“Lay in bed, baby.” He orders you when you’re completely bare.
The urge he’s feeling is something that you sense, and you don’t even question his commands. His body hovers over you, his eyes getting lost in yours.
“I miss your swollen womb.” He admits with a deep voice, his hand caressing your stomach. His touch always manages to grow you wetter. “I want to have more babies with you, princess.”
Without any warning, his hand goes down to your core, his fingers brushing over your folds, snatching a moan out of you.
“I want to see you full with my babies.”
His thumb rubbing your clit, making you moan loudly. He’s doing this to prepare you for his huge cock, knowing perfectly that he can’t just slip it into you, it’ll hurt you too much.
“I want to give many siblings to Junie.”
Since your son’s birth, you never really talked about having other kids, so it comes as a surprise when you hear those words.
“Then, do it.”
Of course, this surprises you but god, you’d give anything to carry his baby again. Hye-jun may not be his biological son but he’s still his son. Nothing will ever change that. You love to see him as a father, and you’d love to see him with another baby.
“Come deep inside me, and get me pregnant again.”
Those words send shivers down to his spine, and he can’t wait anymore to fuck you until he loses his mind. He places himself in between your legs, spreading them a bit more while he pumps his cock with one hand, getting ready just for you.
His face leans closer to yours, whispering the words that always get your heat fluttering: “I love you.” His lips find yours for a passionate kiss as he buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your velvety walls.
His large hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin. Both of you groan as he slowly pushes his long and thick cock inside you, but his lips swallow every sound. Your eyes roll back, loving the feeling of his length stretching you open.  
The feeling of having him inside you and filling you up to the brim is something you’ll never get tired of. Although it is complicated to maintain a certain sexual life with a baby, you have to say that you always savor those moments even more.  
Your boyfriend leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you and snatching a loud moan out of you.
“I’ll fuck you nice and slow.” He whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “Until your cunt is completely filled with my cum.” His deep voice groans in your ear.
Those filthy words with his voice can make you come right at the moment.
“Please do it, Kook.” You beg him. “Please.”
You know that he’s going to fuck rough and good, and that’s exactly what you want. You want him to fuck you until all your mind can think of is him. You deeply want him to come inside you until you’re carrying his child again.
“I fucking love to hear you begging, princess.” He pulls back a bit to look at you in the eyes, and a smirk arises on his face. “After this, you won’t even be able to walk.”
You desire nothing more than this. To be completely sore and full of him.
Jungkook slowly pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you moan under him. That sound is his favorite music, he could record you moaning and listening on repeat, never growing tired of listening to you moaning.
“I’ve been dreaming of fucking you for the past day.”
Last night, after a very tiring day for the two of you, you just fell asleep. Hye-jun spent the entire afternoon crying and being a mess, and it took you a lot of time to put him to sleep. That morning, you had even planned with Jungkook to have a romantic night but your son threw all your plans by the window.
So, today, Jungkook kept imagining you under him, moaning his name and it has been driving him completely crazy. It led to him jerking off in the bathroom of his shop in between two clients.
Brutally, he pushes his cock fully inside you, and a loud moan leaves your lips. For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes look down on your body. Watching your pussy sucking his cock is something that he always likes to do, a vision that helps him to come when he’s all alone.
Jungkook groans as he watches himself buried deep inside you. “Your cunt takes me so fucking well, princess.”
You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he pulls back brutally before slamming himself back into you. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you.
Your lover once again stops when he’s fully inside you, torturing you just to hear you begging him to fuck you. This is of course not enough for you. You need more.
“Please, Kook,” you start saying, “fuck me.”
As he loves to hear you begging for more, he just gives you what you want, pushing his cock back before slamming into you with both hands on your hips. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock as well as your moans quickly fill the room.
“Shit,” he gasps, thrusting into you with no mercy, “you feel so good.”
You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock. Jungkook smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing.  
His cock is buried deep inside you, brushing against that spot that causes you to moan even louder each time. You grip the sheets as hard as possible to steady yourself from Jungkook’s hard thrusts.
“You’re so fucking wet, baby girl.” He hisses before biting his lower lip. His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him. “And making such a mess on my cock.”
Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. Nothing drives him crazier than seeing this, you can see it in his eyes.
Jungkook bends down, pressing a sloppy kiss on your lips while his thrusts slow down. A desperate whine gushes from you, a sound that he swallows directly. His hands go up on your body, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them to make you moan with desire before his fingers start playing with your nipples. Moans flood out of your mouth as your lover keeps torturing your body at a slow pace.
His thrusts are slow and harsh again, and his fingers on your nipples are just too much for you. Your nipples are very sensitive since you still breastfeed your baby boy. It was something you really want to do because the moment you share with Junie is beyond unique.
“It feels so good.” You whine.
Gradually, Jungkook begins to thrust hard into you again, and you moan at the feeling of his brutal thrust. Your walls suck his cock as he slams his hips into you with more force. His fingers keep playing with your very sensitive nipples, pushing you closer and closer to the edge. It’s clear that he knows your body very well.
His eyes look at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you. You’re trying to not moan like a crazy bitch because you’re still scared to wake up your baby boy, something that none of you want.
“Fuck, baby.” He says as he goes deeper and harder to make you scream with pleasure. He loves it so damn much. “This feels like heaven.”  
His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further.
“Fuck.” He groans when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him. “Your cunt is clenching so hard, baby.”
The sweat is dampening his body, sticking his long blonde hair to his face. That vision alone can make you come undone right now. He’s so hot when he starts sweating, especially now with his blonde hair.
As you look up at him, you can’t help but think how lucky you are to have this man all for yourself. His eyes stare down at you with passion and lust as his tongue licks his lower lips. He keeps growling your name, thrusting into you with more urgency each time.
“Fuck,” you say as you move your hips to meet his thrust, “this blonde look is so so good.”
Jungkook smirks, loving to hear you say those words. Although he knew you loved his blonde hair in the past, he was scared that you wouldn’t love it. He lives to please you and love you. What you love comes before his passion.
“If I knew you loved it so much, I would have done it earlier.” He giggles while you keep creaming his cock with your arousal.
“You have no idea how much I love it.” You add. “This long hair plus the blonde is something to die for.”
You bite your bottom lip as your eyes scan his face.
“I’ll keep this just for you, baby girl.”
Jungkook leans forward, pressing another sloppy kiss on your lips. He loves to feel your lips on his, even if the kiss is a disaster. As he keeps thrusting into you, he senses how close you are to be hit by your orgasm.
“Gonna be a good girl and come for me?” He asks, and you nod. You want to be a good girl for him. But Jungkook wants to hear you begging to come, he wants to know how badly you want to come. “Use your words, baby girl.”
His fingers pinch your nipples harder, making the wave of pleasure growing bigger inside you.
“I wanna come.” You say with despair. “I wanna come so bad, Kook.”
Jungkook feels his cock twitching inside of you, a low groan rumbling in his throat as you practically beg him to let you come. He smirks like he has won the award for the best fuck of the year. One of his hands slowly goes down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot as his cock keeps hitting that sweet spot that drives you crazy.
“Beg for it, baby girl.” He says.
His fingers show no mercy on your clit, and you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to beg for anything before coming.
“Please, Kook.”
With the way he’s torturing you, you can’t even form a proper sentence.
“Tell me, baby girl.” He keeps teasing you with a smirk on his face.
“Let me come.”
His smirk grows bigger on his face, happy to have you begging. The wave of pleasure inside you is growing bigger and bigger, almost becoming overwhelming. You’re moaning like a mess, but at this stage, you couldn’t care less.      
“Do it, princess. Come for me.”
Those words are what you needed to be hit completely by your orgasm, making you come hard around him. Your arousal covering completely his cock and your walls squeezing him on repeat.
While you’re completely euphoric from your orgasm, he speeds up the pace of his hips slamming into you, chasing his own high.  
“Gonna fill you up so much that you’ll bear my baby again.” His low voice is near your ear and his words send shivers down your spine.
The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. The only thing he sees is the image of you coming under him.
“Then do it, babe.” You whisper as your walls squeeze him.
Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. His eyes are completely hypnotized where your bodies meet.
A desperate moan leaves his mouth when his orgasm hits him hard. His eyes roll back with pleasure as his body tenses up and releases his cum inside of you. Loud cries of euphoria leaving his lips.
He collapses on you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this intense sex session. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in your bedroom while you hold him tight in your embrace.
After several days without having sex, it feels good to have him filling you up with his load.
“Let’s go take a shower.” He whispers in your ear.
You kiss his cheek before he pulls out of you, your walls clenching at the sudden emptiness. Both your cums leak down your legs. Jungkook holds you in his arms as he takes you to the bathroom.
Your boyfriend turns on the water in the shower after dropping you on the floor. Once the water is hot, you both enter the small cabin. The water running down on both your bodies, soaking your hair. This new look on him with wet hair is more than hot.  
“I saw Min-ho and Ye-ri today when I went to Jimin’s place.” He confesses.
That thought alone breaks his heart all over again.
“Junie was in my arms, and Min-ho pretended to not know us at all.”
Even if he was aware that it was going to happen sooner or later, it just shattered his heart into a million pieces. Despite everything, Min-ho is still ⏤ and will always be ⏤ Hye-jun’s biological father.
“It broke my heart for Hye-jun, but it hurt me even more that this will keep happening. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle our son’s heartbreak when he’ll get older.”
Your head crashes against his chest while your arms go to his back, holding him tight in your embrace. This is something you imagine every time Min-ho visits you. Of course, your son will only know the truth if Min-ho wants it but he’ll know that man. It will be hard to pass by him in the streets and be completely ignored.  
“I know, Kook.” You whisper. “It’s also my fear but I’ve come to realize that all that matters is our presence. Junie will only need our love and support.”
That’s the only thing that right now comforts you.
“But will it be enough?” He asks.
“I don’t know, babe. I don’t know.” You close your eyes, holding him tighter. “But I hope so.”
You stay like this for a little while, worrying about the future of your son. As a parent, all you hope is that you’ll be able to help him through his dark times although you don’t want him to face it in the first place. But that’s life. Hye-jun will need to face the good and the bad that the world has to offer.
“I love you, Kook.” You mumble.
“I love you too, baby.”
His words warm your heart, and that’s all you need to end this day.  
Tumblr media
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personasintro · 3 months ago
her bodyguard | jjk drabble
Tumblr media
⇢ 𝒔𝒚𝒏𝒐𝒑𝒔𝒊𝒔; decision that seemed to be so stupid probably turns into the best decision your overprotective father could've ever make
⇢ 𝒈𝒆𝒏𝒓𝒆: fluff, smut, angst (?), bodyguard!jk
⇢ 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔: explicit language, unprotected sex
⇢ 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕: 4.7+
𝒂/𝒏: commissioned anonymously!
𝒎.𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕 | ☕️ | © 𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒐 (𝒏𝒐 𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒐𝒔𝒕𝒔 𝒐𝒓 𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒐𝒘𝒆𝒅)
Tumblr media
June, 2019
“Why did you want to meet here?” you ask your father, eyes lingering around his office, finding it minimalistic and mostly white. You've always thought it lacks some kind of personality and being here after a few months, you still think the same thing.
You've never had a reason to visit him here and it's not like your father wanted his family to come to his company or office, distracting him from work. And it's not like he ever said it or admitted it, but it's been an almost unspoken rule amongst you and other family members that might think about visiting him. On another hand, you understand it. He's the CEO of one of the most successful companies in South Korea and owns LG. He's working very hard for your family and always has been. He doesn't have time to hang out with you or any other family member just like that.
Company is his work place.
So you were a little surprised when he asked you to come here.
Almost going unnoticed, you catch a glimpse of your father pressing a button on his work phone, telling a simple “Send him in” before he pulls his hand away and sits back on his huge chair. You look at him skeptically, sitting on one of the chairs in front of his desk.
Soon after that, the door from his office opens and you're met with another presence in the room.
A man, a young man, makes his way closer to you and your father as he greets him. Their greeting goes completely ignored by you as you stare at the young man, surprised by not only his sudden presence but the aura he holds. He's wearing a suit, black raven hair slicked back as he exposes a clear forehead but there still is a restless small strand of hair touching it. Dark big eyes are set upon your father while he sports a slight frown that makes him look so serious.
Surely, he isn't that much older than you but still – even through the suit, and the way it hugs his whole body perfectly – you see how buffed out he is. Without a doubt, he must be working out and hiding defined muscles underneath all that clothes.
You've never really been the one eyeing every guy that seemed slightly attractive, but this one… is a whole nother story. And maybe that's because he's not just slightly attractive, but fucking attractive. Probably the most attractive man you've ever seen and he's been in this room barely for a minute.
He's got your attention and you don't budge when the young attractive man in a suit looks at you while your father speaks, probably telling you something. Shaking yourself out of your interested stare, you glance at your father to listen to him.
“Y/N, meet Jungkook. Your bodyguard.” he says as the young man automatically outstretches his arm towards you.
You take it, giving him a slight smile as a small and embarrassing “Hi” leaves your mouth. Jungkook. Pretty name, you think before you think of the next part your dad has said.
“Wait? What did you say? My what?” Your suddenly soft and timid voice turns louder, not surprising your father when he just lets out a sigh.
“Your bodyguard,” he decides to answer casually, “And before you--”
“You can't be serious,” you cut him off, glancing at Jungkook who just stands there and doesn't make any expression as if he couldn't hear you. But you know he does, he controls his reactions and probably feels awkward because your voice and face of betrayal speaks for everything, making the atmosphere in your father's office even more uncomfortable.
“Why the hell would I need a bodyguard? What am I? A princess?” you scoff, crossing your hands over your chest.
Your father has the audacity to look at Jungkook, giving him an apologetic look for your sudden outburst which makes you annoyed at him even more. Why does he act like you're acting wrong? He's the one assigning you a freaking bodyguard. And you don't even need one!
“Is this about last Friday? Nothing happened, dad.”
Yeah, last Friday you had a little trouble with one of the drunk men when you went out with your girlfriends. But nothing serious happened but of course, your dad found out because one of his employees' daughter was in the same club.
“Partly, yes,” he answers, still casually and you see how determined and serious he is about this. “But it's not just about that. You're reckless, Y/N. You're my daughter, people know that. People that would do anything to hurt me.”
“That sounds like your problem,” you mutter, “And this sounds way more serious, dad. Is there someone threatening you?”
He clears his voice. “No, don't worry about that. I just don't want to risk it. And this is more about you than my possible enemies, or some idiots that are jealous.”
“More about me? How is this about me?” you exclaim and your father glares at you for raising your voice.
But you don't budge, glaring at him back, completely ignoring Jungkook's presence.
“Because you're acting like a teenager! You're reckless, partying, there are guys bothering you everywhere you go. You're supposed to take over this company in a few years and all--”
“Oh, so this is about you wanting me to take over, isn't it?” you huff, “Why don't you tell it to Maria? Oh yeah, because she is getting married and being the good first daughter she has always been.”
You're mad. Voice loud and cold.
When you turned eighteen, you were interested in working in your father's company. You used to come here while being in a college, trying to learn everything you possibly could and that meant starting from the lowest position to sticking to your father at meetings. But over time it felt like both of your parents were trying to control you, imagining this life for you and the older you got, you had realized it's probably not something you want.
So you took a step back and now you live your life the way you want to.
“That's enough, Y/N. You know it's better to have Jungkook by your side. He's not going to be there every day and will leave you alone, you won't even know he's there.”
“This is freaking stupid,” you spit, “I don't need a bodyguard!”
“Yes, you do,” he points out seriously,”You do because your reckless choice of life and choices put you in danger. Maria doesn't need a bodyguard because she lives in another country and has Ben by her side. You're the one partying and being--”
“Oh my god! I'm twentythree, what am I supposed to do? Sit at home and do nothing? I'm living my life!” you exclaim.
“This is the end of discussion. You're acting like a brat, Y/N. Either you do this the right way or the wrong way.”
You stand up, straightening up your skirt as you scoff at your father. “You haven't changed,” you almost whisper, “I know you're worried about me and I get that. And that's why I allow this,” And maybe having someone watch you will make you feel more safe at the nighttime.
“But we're doing this my way.” you tell him, glancing at Jungkook.
Your father opens his mouth, probably ready to disagree but you don't let him utter even a single word before you're turning on your heels. By the time you get to the door to get the hell out of here, you hear him asking Jungkook to go with you. This is pathetic.
You're not waiting for anyone, angrily stomping towards the elevator where you frustratedly push the button a few times, more than it's necessary. Your mood turns even more sour when you suddenly feel a presence beside you, a whoosh of air and musky scent hitting you. There's no need to turn and see who it is, the black suit visible even from your peripheral vision. It makes your jaw clench, even though you know he's not really the bad guy here. However, it pisses you off that he's listening to your dad.
The elevator's door opens, a few employees walk out of there before you push your way inside, glaring at Jungkook who does the same thing and stands beside you as if he hasn't been following you. You push the button, crossing your arms over your chest and stand there angrily.
You send a few short glances towards him, growing even more annoyed how unbothered he seems to be about this and when he glances back at you, cocking his brow at you is the last straw.
“I don't know what my dad was thinking, but I don't need you,” you tell him, voice cold and angry.
A part of you is aware that you're acting like a bitch, the reason behind it is your father and his decision to control your life. You know he thinks about your safety and after a few incidents of men approaching you, nicely said, it is something to be concerned of. But it's something unfortunately women experience every day and they don't have a bodyguard for it. You're not even someone who parties every weekend, you're not who your father thinks of you.
He calls you reckless but that's not who you are. You're not stupid, this idea of his must've came from somewhere and his partners and friends were the real impulse of his stupid decision. It's all connected. His partners' daughters are your friends, girls you went to a school with. They're all cool, but still different from you. They all have bodyguards, something their fathers have decided to do and you were the only one without one.
Also their reactions of having a bodyguard, each one of them, were different. They actually love it.
“I can just fire you.”
“I'm working for your dad.” he says, surprising you by the raspiness and hardness of his voice as he stares at you, brows furrowed in a serious manner.
“But don't I have any say in this?” you exclaim, frustratingly rubbing your forehead as you glare at the young man.
“That has nothing to do with me,” He said what? “Listen, I'm just doing my job and I don't care who you are or what you do. I need this money and from what I heard, you could use my help. So suck it up, princess and let me do my job without being a brat.”
By the time he finishes, your jaw is on the floor as you stare at him in utter disbelief, especially when he scoffs a little.
You're in too much shock to react, but the way you swallow and your stomach quivers tells you that you're not annoyed as you'd think you are. You find yourself being speechless, the corner of your mouth twitching into something you can't quite define.
And then you realize… princess. He called you princess.
A little amused smile makes its way to your lips, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as you clear your throat, trying to act unbothered. The only proof of you actually liking it is your beating heart and the tingling sensation in your stomach.
You still think you don't need him though.
Tumblr media
“You literally won at this, Y/N,” Suki, one of your friends says with a little smirk she throws towards the person standing in the distance. You don't have to turn around to confirm your suspicions about who that person is, her words already making a perfect sense. “Shit, he's so hot.”
Jen and Yua laugh at her and kind of betray you when they still nod, agreeing with Suki and her heart eyes she's giving to Jungkook. God, this is embarrassing. It makes you turn around to check on Jungkook, seeing him standing on the exact spot he's been standing since you came here.
Brows slightly furrowed, he leans against the bar with his elbow while he scans the room. Non-alcoholic drink lies beside his elbow, eyes still focused on his task even though there's no real danger here. It's quite funny – how serious he's looking and taking this job.
No one would be able to say he's not here to have fun. No one would be able to say he's a freaking bodyguard. He even got rid of his black suit he was wearing when you first met him. He's wearing an all black outfit – black jeans ripped on his knees, black shirt and black leather jacket covering most of his buffed out upper body. Even his boots are freaking black but he's looking absolutely amazing.
Suki is right, he's so hot. Not that you didn't know that.
He stands there alone, obviously doing his job and if you weren't looking for him, you wouldn't even know he's here. Well, besides the fact he drove you here and is your drive back home since you're drinking. And taking a cab so late wouldn't be the smartest idea. Why would you even take a cab when he's here? You had to give him that when he pointed it out yesterday. Not that he really gave you a choice. He can be quite stern and persistent – but it's not like you don't like it. You're actually enjoying it.
However, even though he's looking hot and absolutely gorgeous, you feel bad. He's alone there, probably bored out of his mind. You know it's his job, it's also the unspeakable condition of him being a bodyguard. To stay out of your sight, not intervening when it's not needed. And still, your heart slightly clenches. It's stupid. He's working and doing his job and here you are, feeling bad for him because he looks so alone.
When Jungkook glances at you, checking on you every few minutes to make sure there's no one bothering you, he finds you already staring at him with a look he has never seen on you. It's been a week since he officially became your bodyguard, one week since he had the honor to meet you.
He knows you're not as bad as your father probably made you out to be. It's not like he was shitting on his own daughter in front of him or something, but he could see how it affected you when your father called you reckless and threw some words at you. He realized your relationship with your father isn't just pretty.
He understands he's worried about  you but so far, you've been hanging out with your friends like every adult. You're not making a scene or anything that could make his words be true. Of course, he barely knows you. One week of trailing behind you is a short period of time to decide whether your father was right or wrong.
Something tells him he was wrong though.
You gulp when your eyes meet, your head turning back immediately as you look at Suki before you take a sip from your Aperol. “It's not a competition, Su,” you grumble a little, trying to get her attention as she finally looks away from Jungkook and pays you attention.
“It's not like I chose him anyway.” you mutter.
It's true. If it was up to you, there would be no Jungkook. What's surprising is that you're not bothered by him at all. He's usually quiet, you only talk if there are your plans and his work involved. To be honest, maybe you're even glad for his presence. You do feel safer for some reason, even though there hasn't been anyone that approached you or any indication of danger your father was talking about. And he usually drives you which you appreciate on nights like these.
Do you think having a bodyguard is unnecessary? Yes. Do you like having him here? For some reason, yes.
“Ah, who cares girl?” Suki exclaims, scoffing a little with a grin on her reddened lips. “If you don't want him, we can switch. Or at least give me his number.”
Jen and Yua laugh again, shaking their head at your friend's straightforwardness and even though she's grinning, you know she's hundred percent serious about that.
“Forget about that.” you tell her immediately, surprised by yourself and your defensive tone right away.
“Careful Su, Y/N seems to be very protective of her bodyguard.” Jen wiggles her brows at you causing you to roll your eyes. You don't protest though, knowing they're just teasing you and there's no point of protesting anyway.
“But she can give me that number if she's not gonna snatch him. Come on, Y/N, don't be so greedy.” Suki jokes, albeit you know there's some truth in her words. There's a little hint of tipsiness dancing in her eyes and for that, you settle on a minor glare instead of saying something to her.
“Yeah, Y/N, don't be so greedy,” Yua teases you, nudging your side as you roll your eyes at them and calmly sip on your drink. “But really, if you're not planning on snatching him, give me his number too.”
“Bitch, I was first!” Suki exclaims, your friends laughing again as you shake your head at them.
“What, he can choose which one he wants.” Yua sticks out her tongue at her causing you to snort.
You suddenly feel sorry for their bodyguards.
“No one's gonna snatch anyone.” you inform them, ignoring your friend's disapproved look they give you.
“Oh, so you're going for it?” Jen grins.
“As if,” you scoff, “Not happening. He's my bodyguard and it stays that way.”
June, 2021
“Fuck, fuck, fuck princess,”
It's crazy how a set of curses and that pet-name push you close to the edge, moans and whimpers leaving your mouth as you grip Jungkook's shoulders even more. Your lips meet in a messy kiss, more teeth than tongue but both of you don't care. Chasing your own highs is more important right now.
Jungkook's cock stretches your walls deliciously, his hands gripping your waist to help you ride him. You feel already exhausted, your legs hurt from the awkward position of you sitting on his lap and in his car and you're sure your head bumped into the car's roof a few times. But you can't seem to stop, nor do you want to.
Your boyfriend helps you, pushing his cock into you with each thrust, thrusting into you with the same determination. Having sex in his awesome black car in some dark alley isn't the most romantic set-up or a place to have a sex with, but it's also not the first time this is happening. It's Jungkook's fault that he couldn't keep his eyes off you during your date night. It's your fault you teased him to the point he couldn't wait to drive you home and devour you there.
It's unbelievable how time and things change.
“Jungkook,” you whine, feeling yourself getting close to your edge.
Two years ago around this time, you met Jungkook and he was assigned to be your bodyguard, thanks to your father. God, how mad you were at him for thinking you needed a bodyguard. There was a time when you were annoyed at Jungkook too, obviously projecting your own annoyance and anger towards your father to him.
You've realized very quickly that it's stupid and Jungkook is the most innocent person in this. At first, you barely talked to him – keeping it all professional while he was like your shadow.
You're not sure what has changed in your relationship that's been strictly professional. It hasn't happened from day to day. Jungkook kept doing his job amazingly, always rescued you when you were out and some drunk men would come to you, not leaving you alone. He'd accompany you on your father's gala, doing little things like rescuing you from sleazy men and boring conversations.
There hasn't been an exact danger lingering around you, it was all the small things that usually your boyfriend would take care of. But you didn't have any.
Jungkook became your friend, slowly and smoothly. He'd join you and your friends, no longer lingering in the shadows and distance. A few moments of your friends trying to flirt with him irked an uncomfortable feeling you were trying to ignore. It was stupid. There wasn't any reason for you to be jealous.
During casual conversations you and Jungkook had, he did admit he doesn't have a girlfriend and although you weren't planning on getting closer to him that way, those news left a very satisfied and content feeling in your chest.
You became drunk? Jungkook took care of you, did things beyond his work. He'd talk about how he needs this job, helping with debts his parents have while trying to live on his own. You've realized how inspirational, sweet and caring a young man he is. After he dropped you home, he'd always go upstairs after your invitation and you'd talk for hours. You'd spend your time with him just because you wanted to.
At first, things were a little bit awkward – you both knew it's not something he's there for and it's not his job to hang out with you outside of work, but none of you said anything about it. You both successfully ignored it and just went with the flow.
You'd ditch your friends a few times, telling Jungkook to come over because you're going out and once he stood in front of your front door, you'd tell him you cancelled your plans but he already came over, so he should come inside. You thought you were being sneaky, although some part of you knew he probably knows. The little smirk dancing on his lips when he agreed to your invite said it all.
You'd tip toe around each other for a few weeks, until you and Jungkook kissed for the first time while watching a movie in your apartment. It was the night you came clean to him about your plans. Wanting to open your own coffee shop, admitting taking over your father's company is not on your list of dreams. He'd talk about his family, how much it means to him. You wouldn't peg him for a type, that young and intimidating man that came to your father's office to be introduced to you as your bodyguard, for a family guy with such a precious and sensitive heart.
That night after you kissed, you swear you've never felt that way about any guy. More kisses happened each time you met. Jungkook was the first one to voice out the elephant in the room, admitting he doesn't want to just fool around and that's not something he wants from you.
He asked you on a date after that confession which you agreed to immediately with even more kisses. You and Jungkook have been dating for over a year, not getting enough of each other. Maybe it's too soon for someone to think this – but Jungkook is the one. Everything you've dreamed about your love-life and future with someone, he's a part of it. You can picture him in your wildest and most vulnerable dreams.
However, your father doesn't know about your relationship. You and Jungkook have decided to keep your relationship low-key since he needs this job. Your father pays him good money, an amount Jungkook wouldn't be able to find just anywhere. He's still your bodyguard but it definitely doesn't feel that way because he's hanging out with you and your friends. Instead, you see him as your boyfriend who's having fun with you and your friends, all while being protective like any boyfriend would.
Jungkook didn't want to keep this job, he told you he wants to be your boyfriend and doesn't want to use you or your father for money. But you insisted, keeping it this way, at least until Jungkook's parents' debts are paid off. He didn't agree at first but like you said, you insisted. It was your father's idea of you having a bodyguard in the first place.
As much as you're grateful for that because otherwise you wouldn't meet Jungkook, he wanted to employ someone to keep an eye on you amongst other things. Maybe you're selfish, but it's beneficial for you and Jungkook.
“Fuck, Jungkook. I love you.” you gasp against Jungkook's mouth, knot snapping inside of you as you cum around his length.
“I love you princess,” he groans, fucking into you with a frown and pleasure written all over his face. “I'm gonna cum inside you, right?”
It's not the first time this is happening and you nod eagerly, ignoring the overstimulation as you beg him to cum. At some point, his length twitches inside you and his thrust still until he's spilling inside of you with the prettiest and lowest moan that erupts in his throat. You moan at the feeling of his warm cum painting your walls white, your mouth and teeth clashing against each other right away.
“Fuck,” Jungkook gasps, hearing you giggle as you peck his nose. He opens his eyes lazily, giving you his handsome grin as he licks his bottom lip. He stares at you all lovingly, something he's always doing after sex.
“I wanna tell your father.” he suddenly says, your mouth falling open as you get off his lap, hand quickly going between your legs to keep his cum in as you give him a sheepish grin.
He grins back at you, mirroring the sheepishness because he knows he's the one at fault.
Once you put on your panties, cringing at the wetness pooling between your thighs, you plop back onto your seat and look at Jungkook.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah,” he answers almost immediately, “My parents' debt is already paid off. This month was their last installment.”
“I thought you needed the money,” you murmur, “Don't get me wrong, I know you wanted to leave ever since we started officially dating, but… my father pays you well. Don't you want to wait at least for a few months? To save some money?” Your tone is soft, eyes softly watching your boyfriend as he tucks himself back in and nods along your words.
He doesn't have to work too much. He already spends every day with you. And he's getting paid – that's a win-win!
He gently takes your hand, fingers caressing the back of it as he gives you a soft smile.
“I'd rather be your boyfriend than your bodyguard,” he admits, “I'll look for something else. I want everyone to know you're my girlfriend, your parents included.”
Right, your parents and family are the only ones that don't know. Jungkook's family loves you and you can't wait to officially meet them in person. You're not sure how your father will react to the news, but honestly you don't care about that too much. He's not a bad person and you know he'll understand. Will he get mad at Jungkook? You don't know.
He was supposed to be your bodyguard only, after all. He didn't employ him to become your boyfriend. If he knew he's been fucking and dating his daughter this whole time, you're not sure what would he do.
But somehow, when you look into your boyfriend's soft and dark eyes, none of that matters. Your father doesn't matter. His possible reaction doesn't matter. You and Jungkook matter.
“Whatever you want, Kook,” you smile at him, “Although, I'll miss you being my bodyguard.”
“I'm not going anywhere, princess,” Jungkook grins, kissing the back of your hand. “I'll still protect you.”
You grin, heart warming at Jungkook's soft words and that's why you pull him in, kissing him. Jungkook lets out a surprised gasp, relaxing as soon as your lips meet his as you smile into the kiss.
“Now drive me home, boyfriend,” you grin when you pull away, “I thought we're not done tonight.”
Jungkook smirks at that, turning on the engine immediately as he gives you a last glance before he drives fast out of the dark alley.
“Don't tempt me, princess. I'm nowhere near done with you.”
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kimtaehyunq · a month ago
Shake Shack [PJM]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shake Shack [Jimin x Female Reader] ⟶ Genre: Smut | 21+ | Strangers to Lovers | One Shot ⟶ Warnings: mentions of alcohol, scratching, fingering, oral (f), blow job, hand job, thigh riding, face riding, praise kink (i tried), exhibitionism, etc ⟶ WC: 14.4k+ ⟶ Summary: Crushing on a man ever since high school, you failed time and time again to actively talk to him. Until one sweaty summer day, you finally developed the courage to ask him out on a date.  ⟶ Beta: Woowee, ok here we go: Thank you to @joontopia​, @sunshinekims​, @taegularities​ and @balenciaguks​ in helping me throughout the areas of this fic! I know I doubt myself often, especially when I stare at a story too long, but each of you reassured me in your own ways that the fic is great. :) ⟶ Teaser: [Jimin’s quick to reach across to you, hands patting the table in hope to bring yours back. “Hey now, don’t feel embarrassed! I like it. It makes you even cuter.”] ⟶ Author’s Note: Hello! Yes, this fic idea popped up in my head when I first experienced heat on vacation mixed with the Butter concepts. I lost a little motivation throughout and my ideas continued to change... thus why somehow my plan of pwp ended up being not that. Dedicated to the one and only, @ppersonna​! Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
The first official month of the summer season in the northern hemisphere is June. It contains the summer solstice, the day with the most daylight hours, and a handful of national-celebration days like donut day, lobster day, tropical cocktail day, and more for each individual day of the month! However, June is also the time you return back home from college and it’s the beginning of the hotter season. Clear skies and rising temperatures, you feel the approaching season welcome you with excitement to summer. 
The tall glowing man stepping at the same pace beside you is none other than your childhood best friend, Namjoon. The trustworthy, smart, and a tad bit clumsy of a man never deterred your friendship throughout all 13 years you’ve known another. The type of friend that comes once in a lifetime, someone you share deepest thoughts and secrets with. Die laughing at another enough to make your sides hurt. He’s your ride-or-die, friend for life, like a spellbound bond tied by the red string of fate. You swear he's the type of soulmate your atoms connect with, strictly platonic in the meaning. 
Namjoon and you both have received the constant pestering questions in regards to your friendship from others. 
“Are you two dating?” 
“When are you going to date?” 
“Do you like them?”
Time and time again, you both decline and joke about it to another. After all, why can’t a man and woman just be friends without all these harsh implications society just “expects” to see? 
The two of you enjoy the comforting breeze coming in from the ocean line, cool air kissing your bodies which helps decrease the current temperature enough to make the shade from your table’s multicolored umbrella bearable. You’re debating between the two of you what restaurant you want to eat at, feeling out what foods would sedate the rumbling in your stomach. 
“It’s so hot,” you exclaim. A bead of sweat falls down the side of your neck as you fan yourself with your sunhat. “There’s not a cloud in the sky to block out the sun. I don’t care where we end up eating, I just need it to be in the shade.”
Namjoon’s loosely buttoned tropical shirt dangles off his shoulders, sunglasses hanging off the bridge of his nose as he scrolls through the boardwalk’s food shops from his phone. He, too, has taken a bit of a beating from the blazing sun during this sunny afternoon. 
“There’s a few spots just up ahead. Ricardo’s Pizzeria. Tapioca Pearl Boba. Jumbo Shrimp.”
“I don’t care, Joon. You pick.”
“I need something cold, but I want to eat a meal, too.”
He ponders deeply at the storefront names along with brief descriptions of what types of service they have. You’d think between the two of you that someone would remember the layout and majority of all the stores on your home cities boardwalk, but unfortunately it’s been a whole year since either one of you have visited the beach. 
“How about EatJin’s Shake Shack?” he questions as he shoves his phone back into his pocket. 
You squint your eyes toward the tinted frames of his black-rimmed sunglasses, and you know very well Namjoon is matching the same action. 
“You said, and I quote, ‘I don’t care where we end up eating’.”
“Ok, but now I care.”
Namjoon begins to stand up, gesturing his hand to the direction you need to walk. “Up we go. They have ice cream, fries, and more. Let’s go.” 
“Joon!” You raise your voice in protest. 
He’s already walking away from the table, back facing you and feet trekking down the wooden planks. “There’s shade, they have fans, and who cares if he’s there. Shouldn’t you be wanting to see if he is?” 
The pit of your stomach drops miraculously at the shaken nerves Namjoon unintentionally bestows upon you by referencing the one and only man you have ever been completely and utterly head over heels for. Things will be fine, you tell yourself. EatJin’s Shake Shack does indeed have mouth-watering food and desserts… and a mouth-watering server/cashier .
Maybe, just maybe, there is that slight chance that he isn’t there this year. Possibly moved on from his routine summer job to bigger and better things now that he’s older. But, do you hope for that? Or do you secretly pray that he is there?
Tumblr media
“Are you really going to sit here while I go up and order?” Namjoon clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth. 
He stares down at your stubborn placement in the corner of the establishment’s screened-in deck, your arms crossed over another. Securing yourself to hide as much as possible  and admire the most handsome man working beyond the counter, the one you’ve had a crush on since 9th grade in your AP Biology class back when you moved to this city.
What also doesn’t help is the fact that Jimin grew up in the same neighborhood as you, three houses down on the left-hand side. You felt invisible to him, no matter how close or far you were. Thankfully, or unfortunately, you never ran into him often due to all his extra curricular activities throughout high school: the science club, honors club, debate club... the man even participated in wrestling, tennis and track! The perfect combination of brains and brawn. He is the best in everything that he does, no wonder why you are so infatuated with him to this day. Even his valedictorian speech brought a tear to your eye.  
The two of you spot him as you enter the vicinity; you first with your hawk eyes scoping out the premises. Instantly you whip yourself around in place, only to be stopped by Namjoon’s hands clutching your arms to force you back forward. You only wanted to make a bee-line back the way you came… 
“Somebody needs to save the spot,” you say as you raise your eyebrows up at him. 
“Y/n, there’s plenty of spots open to sit. Are you really being this ridiculous?” 
You nod your head, humming to confirm that you indeed are being ridiculous and you’re content with it. It’s not that you are antisocial or have difficulties talking to people 一 you’re known for making a handful of friends and you genuinely adore connections with others. However, when it comes to this one man by the name of Park Jimin, your face flushes instantly and you begin stuttering over words left and right as if you have no clue how to speak! 
Just his presence itself, glorious and shining, is enough to assume he is your personal celebrity-crush minus the status. Someone you admire and respect from afar, loving all his actions and ultimately, every single thing about him checks off the boxes to your ideal type. His smile makes your insides flutter with butterflies. His smarts and quick-witted brain captivate you. Even just the way he moves, whether it be walking or just sitting in a damn chair, is attractive to you. 
You have it bad. That crush never went away. And every single summer you see him working here, at EatJin’s Shake Shack. 
“Give me your card then.” Namjoon extends his hand out, “If you’re not coming, then you’re buying.” 
You take a few minutes while your best friend is up at the counter ordering food to recollect yourself as humanly possible. Deep, calming breaths. Refusing to look over at the counter where Jimin is taking said order currently and preferring to use any scenic view as a distraction to disconnect yourself from the current place you are sitting in. 
God he looks so great with his new hair, all pastel and colorful. You reckon he dyed it for a summer-vibe look. 
You shake your head to rid those thoughts. Quickly, your eyes find a pair of seagulls to watch and divert your attention back to reality and not remain stuck in a daydream. To not think about the way his arms look super defined and tanned ー probably from working out here in the sunny climate nearly every day…
Stop it! 
You’re laughing at yourself now, mentally frustrated at the fact you ー a graduate student getting your doctoral degree in linguistic studies (yeah, a major you study which you cannot reciprocate when it comes to Park Jimin) ー cannot stop thinking about the things that are flooding your mind. It has to be the heat, right? Your body overheated and is now making you delusional? 
Namjoon takes his seat across from you, two drinks placed down on the clothed table. You blink at the empty display of food, and with a skeptical look you tilt your head to the side. 
“I only have two hands,” he shrugs. “They’re going to bring over the food when it’s ready.” 
There’s a small hint of a smirk playing on the corners of his chapstick lips, pleased at your unlucky misfortune. 
“You didn’t.” 
“If you came up with me, then we’d have our food.” He tosses your credit card toward you while taking a swig of his own soft serve milkshake. 
An urgent panic shakes your core, frantically bouncing your eyes around the deck to see where and most importantly who was going to deliver your order. Even more anxiety builds up the moment you lock eyes with Jimin who’s trailing out from behind the counter with a tray in his hands.
His hair bounces slightly with each graceful step he takes and a warm smile with eyes that match take over that gorgeous face of his. The t-shirt that sports the business name in striped print hugs him in all the right places, and those beige cargo shorts grant you a view of never ending muscular legs. 
Suddenly, your mouth feels dry. Your heart is beating erratically the closer Jimin comes in proximity to you. You feel like a hot mess, inside and out. 
“One double packed burger with a side of curly fries and frozen yogurt,” ㅡ he places a basket down in front of Namjoon and then turns to glance over at you ㅡ “and one EatJin’s famous no churn mango ice cream cup with a plate of chicken tenders.”
Time feels frozen as you fail to look up at Jimin who very clearly is leering down at you. Seconds somehow feel like minutes, and minutes feel like eons as you stare at the appetizing chopped pieces of mango sprinkled across your ice cream. 
Namjoon voices his thanks to Jimin, already digging into his fries as you bobble your head from the lack of speech ability you fail to have. 
Again, you hear his tenor and cheerful voice beckoning you. “Is there anything else I can get for you guys?” 
This time you notice Namjoon giving you an expectant look, seeing as he seems already satisfied with his order. 
“Uh…” you pause. You look across the table as if it has the answer for you. “Could I possibly have like, another cup of diced mangos? By chance? By themselves. I just really like mangos. Do you do that? Can you do that? If not, that's ok! Don’t worry about it!” 
You manage to look up toward Jimin, but actually you end up looking past his head to the spinning ceiling fan above. If you lock eyes with him now, you’ll completely lose it, you know that. You fear that.
Throughout the many years of summer, you always end up running into Jimin being the worker that assists you at EatJin’s. After multiple pep talks and psyching yourself up just to be able to step to the counter, you always end up nervously giggling and physically combusting inside the moment Jimin's charming greeting hits your ears. 
Through your peripheral view you can see Jimin smile before responding, “I can do that.” 
He nods quickly, backtracking his steps to the corner of the counter and through the kitchen door. Once out of sight, your eyes jump back to Namjoon who already has three bites in his burger and you have yet to touch any of your products. 
“God,” you exhale. “I don’t think I was breathing that entire time. My mind went blank.” 
“He’s just another person,” Namjoon mutters under his breath between bites. “You give him the power to make you act the way you do.” 
“It’s not my fault!” you fuss, hand slapping the table abruptly. “He’s so… so ㅡ gah! He’s amazing, Joon! Think of all the crushes you ever had and combine them all into one room at once and think how flustered you’d feel with all these people you like were surrounding you. That’s what it’s like with him for me!” 
Namjoon glances up through his sharp eyes, “Are you going to keep whining or will you do something about it then? Nothing has been stopping you from talking to him throughout all these years.”
You take the spoon to your ice cream with your fingers, pointing it at Namjoon. “My ability to not speak well and lack of cognitive or pure thoughts when around him is stopping me from trying anything.” 
“You’re not going to try anything? Is there something wrong with the food?”
Jimin has made his way toward your table just in time to hear the last bit of your sentence. He wears a concerned look as he scans over your untouched food while hesitantly stepping closer to put down the cup of freshly diced mangos. 
“Oh, no! No no no. No, not at all! Everything is perfectly fine! I promise!”
There’s a nervous laugh that escapes you in the process of taking a large scoop of ice cream and shoving it inside your mouth. You hum in satisfaction and give Jimin a thumbs up. 
“Ah, ok great. I’m glad!” he chuckles. “I was worried for a second because I thought I did a good job preparing the ice cream...” He raises his hand to rub the back of his neck, fidgeting with the chain of his necklace. 
“It’s amazing! So good,” you speak through swallows. 
You can hear the quick snort coming from Namjoon, low, not to be detected by Jimin but enough for you to hear clearly. 
“Thank you,” Jimin smirks, cheeks rising up. 
“No, thank you! You should try it sometime! It’s really tasty. Great job!” 
“Maybe sometime after my shift,” ㅡ he points to his wrist ㅡ “can’t eat when i’m still on the clock.” 
“Oh yeah, of course! That makes sense. I wouldn’t have expected you to go back there and make yourself a cup and eat it right now. Especially because you are working.” 
Jimin gives you a quick smile, you dare even call it a smolder, before looking back over to Namjoon who has already preoccupied his time with his cell phone. Your brain freezes either from the cold ice cream stuck to the roof of your mouth or from the way you see the most subtle lip bite Jimin gives you before averting his attention elsewhere. 
“Well if that’s all for now, I'll leave you guys to the rest of your meal, enjoy!”
Once left alone again by the biggest crush of your lifetime, you finally begin to settle yourself back into your chair. Now you feel more socially aware of your well-being. You cannot blame the heat for the way your perspiration now accumulated in another sheet of sweat, it’s the adrenaline and cortisol embedded into the stress your body experiences. But you can’t figure out if it’s from the excitement or overall fear of talking to Jimin that sends your heart pounding. 
“He’s into you, you know.”
Namjoon crumples up his used napkin and places it in his near-empty basket where his burger once resided. His voice is monotone, almost as if he feels unenthusiastic about having to spell it all out for you. When he meets your panicked eyes, he’s forced to exhale out of annoyance. 
“Y/n, are you really that blind? I know you’re a babbling brook around him, but I didn’t realize you needed glasses to see him too.” 
You sputter on your words, full offense covering your entire face. “That’s not funny! He’s not into me. I would know if he was!”
“You wouldn’t know because you can’t even look him in the eyes! Pansy.” 
Out of instinct your foot kicks into Namjoon’s leg from under the table. “I’m not a pansy, you ass!”
Baffled, Namjoon takes a small burnt piece of fry and flings it in your direction. “Maybe if you weren’t so shy around him and practically ran away at any given chance, you would get further than just telling him his ice cream is tasty!” 
“Listen ー”
“ー just eat your fuckin’ food, you lunatic,” Namjoon chuckles as he leans back into his chair. “After all, he did do a ‘good job’ with your ice cream.”
Reluctantly, due to not wanting to give Namjoon the satisfaction yet wanting to eat the food Jimin helped prepare, you shove your spoon into your ice cream to gather another big bite. Of course you’re appreciative and you will show your appreciation to this fine-ass mango ice cream made by that fine-ass man named Jimin by devouring every last bit of it. 
“I’m not a pansy,” you mumble under your breath. 
“Prove me wrong then. Go up and ask him out.”
Namjoon sits there with a challenging look, hands collapsing over another in wait for your response. He has all the time in his day to watch you fumble over your words once again, but he is more intrigued to see if his assumption of Jimin is true.
There’s a static stare-down between the both of you. Years and years of friendship does that between people. Do you fight against his provocation? Give in? Or give up? 
You swallow that pride that radiates within you, knowing very well that you are better than what your best friend is telling you. The gratification that’ll come from this will please Namjoon, but for you it’s a hit or miss. Either a blunt hit straight to your ego from your ever-lasting crush on the one man you’ve pined for nearly a decade for... or there will be a positive outcome that results in having an actual chance with the unreachable Jimin. 
“Ok,” you clear your throat and shake your hands to rid any imaginative dirt from them. “You think I can’t do it? I’ll show you.” 
Your chair skids across the wooden flooring below as you stand, alerting any bystanders nearby of your presence. The walk toward the counter is a dreadful one, seeing as there’s a line forming, and it practically guarantees to make you wait. Giving your brain the chance to process everything rationally and nearly talking yourself out of the dare. But you’re too darn committed to proving your self-worth to your best friend who continued egging you on. 
You fidget anxiously while waiting, you even begin plucking at the loose strings of your white laced shawl. Fuck! You don’t even know how to ask Jimin out. He’s working for crying out loud, isn’t it cringy for doing such a thing to someone who’s just trying to do their job?
The line moves up one spot, giving you another foot closer to the counter-boy and another foot on the edge of insanity. You overhear the customer’s order, recite it back and forth inside your head as you stare absentmindedly at the colorful menu hung on the wall. 
Maybe you should order another thing, make it seem like you had a real reason to come up here and not just for Jimin. You decide against that the moment you glance back at your table, seeing the untouched mango cup and chicken tenders. 
Another step forward and you can already sense your walls crumbling around you. What’s twisting your stomach up in a knot is the way you hear the person in front of you flirting their way through their order. Their voice is playful and light, lots of giggling and uncanny word phrases that you overhear. 
You roll your eyes at the existence of the person in front of you. There’s no way it’s actually working on Jimin, right? 
With your watchful eyes you glance at the way Jimin’s body language looks. Engaged, forward leaning, a damn smirk plastered across his oval-shaped face. He’s interested. 
Whatever confidence you have mustered up has significantly depleted in an instant. You question if it’s awkward to walk away now; would he notice? Does it even matter if you stayed or not? 
You blink. Head snapping to the source of the voice only to look at Jimin gleaming at you. Smiling with both his eyes and mouth. 
Like a deer in headlights, you’re stunned at the brightness of Jimin. Heart thumping, palms clammy, and chest restricted from breathing. Heat rises to your cheeks, most definitely coloring them a pretty shade of baby pink. 
“May I help you?” Jimin speaks up again, hand coming to tussle his bangs to the side and comes down to cup his chin. 
“Uh ー yes! Hi!” You step forward with uncertainty. “I don’t know if you remember me, but I ー”
“Y/n.” Jimin holds back a shy smile which only distracts you from your next thought. “I remember you.”
He leans forward, hand propping up his head as his elbow rests on the counter. Jimin glances around quickly for any indication of interruptions but returns his stare back to your eyes with an anticipative look. 
“How can I help you, Y/n?”
You could spend all day gawking at the way Jimin’s glossy puckered lips curl up in the corners, watch the way his jaw flexes while his tongue toys with the inside of his cheek ー but you have a duty to yourself. A commitment. Determined to somehow, someway, ask this near-magical human being out on a date. 
“I-I” ー you clear your throat ー “I was wondering if you h-happen to be free after work? Sometime?” 
Your face burns with warmth. You feel the pit of your stomach caving in as you twiddle your fingers between the others. 
Jimin’s eyebrows shoot up under his bangs, astonished at your straightforwardness. The way he looks at you makes your insides do somersaults. His eyes trail you up and down quickly as he readjusts his stance, head fully tilted into his palm now. He sports a mischievous grin, one that entices you to keep staring. 
“Sometime?” He repeats, tasting the word on his tongue. “I can be.” 
“Oh?” Your jaw drops. 
“Mhm,” Jimin nods. With a lick of his lips he continues, “tell me when.” 
Fuck. You haven’t gotten this far in the plot of your plan. Your brain and body only gathered enough courage for the asking-out-bit, not enough to mentally prepare plans right here and now! Your eyes shoot everywhere in search of ideas, any signs to help give you the light of day. 
“What about this weekend's boardwalk vendor fair?”
“I would enjoy that. Just the two of us?” 
You giggle at his minor confession, “Yeah, only us. Unless you want others to join? I - I mean you could invite others if you want. That’s ok with me.” 
Jimin’s fishing through the back of his shorts pocket to whip out his phone. He tips the device toward your direction, wiggling it in the air. 
“It wouldn’t be a date if there were more than just us,” he grins. “Mind if I have your number, Y/n?” 
Tumblr media
The bubbling nerves inside your stomach never went away after giving your number to Jimin. Never left you the moment you received your first text message from him and to this very second you feel the constant ache reminding you of the excitement brewing in your body. 
He shocks you, remembering which house you reside in ー the beige one with the large bay window on the corner of the very street he lives on. Only because you believed you were invisible to the man all up until this past week where he clarified that he does in fact know you. 
But now here you are, tossing between choices of outfit pieces that you know you’ll probably just sweat in, yet you’re still picking out what you deem is the best outfit for your date. 
Your date with Jimin. 
He picks you up in a slate gray Range Rover, a type of SUV that is a combination of refinement and luxury. An all wheel drive vehicle with a roomy interior, excellent off-road abilities, and screams out expensive. It has you questioning his career, curious to see what he’s been up to after high school and why he continues to live around this neck of the woods. 
“Good morning!” He smiles from ear to ear. 
You notice the colors of his loose shirt, blue and white striped t-shirt with a wider neckline that gives you a teasing view of his collar bones. A black baseball cap sits on his head, pushing out fly-away hairs and protecting half his face from the sun rays. You shuffle yourself into his passenger seat, holding your small crossbody bag close to yourself. 
“Morning,” you return a smile. 
“You look like you’re ready for a fun time,” he wiggles his eyebrows. Jimin notices the bashful glow already growing on your face so he continues with his words, “Comfy looking. It’s a great outfit!” 
The most quietest “thank you” squeaks out from your mouth, already anxiety struck within a minute of being in his presence. The compliment makes you feel wonderful, ecstatic, knowing how hard you worked on deciding the final outfit for this first date. 
“You look great too. Definitely different from the Shake Shack’s uniform.” 
Jimin’s tongue comes out to wipe his lips, “Different is good though?”
You nod with a hum, smiling like an idiot to yourself when you break eye contact with him. 
His car rides smoothly and you feel protected inside of it. Something about the size, look, and color just seems cozy to you. Placing your hands calmingly on top of another, you stare out the window to watch the views pass by. The radio plays some “summer mix” station that vibrates with chill house music. It’s catchy, and you find yourself bopping your head to the beat unconsciously. 
“So…” you begin. Trying to figure out your next words, “Jimin.”
“So, Y/n?” 
His voice is laced with a hint of playful undertones and charm. Your eyes scan over the way his one hand grips the steering wheel, strong and firm, while the other hovers innocently over the gearshift. He glances at you through the corner of his eye, checking to see if you’re paying attention to him. 
“This is an expensive ass car. What else do you do?” you blurt out, blinking at the technology screens on the dashboard. “If you don’t mind me asking you that. I mean, does Shake Shack pay that well?” 
You feel the embarrassment rise from deep within, feeling a sense of shame for even asking in the first place so suddenly. That tension eases immediately when you hear Jimin’s harmonious chuckle, insisting that EatJin’s does not give the proper amount of money to handle payments for a car like this. 
“Oh no no, I'm actually a wedding planner! I only work at EatJin’s to pick up some money on the side and it’s a family friend’s business. So I can pick up any shift at any time when I'm not booked.”
He gages your reaction, enjoying the way you look positively puzzled. 
Astonished, you speak with doubt, “Wait, a wedding planner?” 
“Mhm. Surprised?” 
“Very! Not to come off judging, because I'm not I swear, but isn’t that… like a female dominant field? How did you come to decide that that’s what you wanted to pursue? I’m so curious!”
Your entire body shifts to look toward Jimin for the answers to your questions. You barely notice the way his face turns into a pleased look, something proud circling inside him. 
“It is. But I'm good at it. And the pay is great! Actually, statistically speaking, I'm in the top 10 recommended wedding planners in the region.” 
You’re stunned, though you can totally see Jimin doing something like this. He’s organizational, a great listener, in-depth. Would know how to give the clients the best experiences and make their day the best day of their life! From everything you perceived from the past by admiring Jimin from afar, he completely can fit a job like this. 
“Wow. That-That’s actually amazing!” you exclaim, mind racing with thoughts. “There’s a lot of responsibility with planning and stuff, huh?” 
“There is,” 一 he nods his head, clearing his throat 一 “It’s a tougher job than what meets the eye. But I enjoy the responsibility of planning a wedding with clients. It satisfies me to satisfy others. It makes me happy to see them happy, you know?” 
It’s exactly how you predict. Jimin welds the words that sway your heart, just hearing him speak so boldly and passionately about his career choice makes you feel for it. Makes you feel excited about your own path and hope to achieve the same drive Jimin has. 
“Wow 一” you blink. A swelling of deep admiration floods your system; if you stare over at Jimin, you’re positive that you will have full-on heart-eyes for the man. Jimin continues to be Mr. Perfect in your view. 
“Enough about me, what about you? What have you been up to all these years?” 
“I’m actually still in school,” you say sheepishly. “I’m in the doctorate program at Bangtan University, looking to graduate with a degree in linguistics!”
“Really?” Now it’s Jimin who looks taken aback. Interested in your topic, he gives you a nod to continue. “I wouldn’t have picked you for a linguistics type of person.” 
You giggle at the way Jimin looks over you. Clearly he’s trying to analyze how on earth you of all people specialize in speech. It’s cheeky, but you pick up on his light teasing. 
“Yeah, I really am! I’m… uh, my dream job is to be a speech and language therapist for the younger crowd. Help people advance in their communication skills. Communication is really important after all.”
Jimin grins, “Whoah, riddle me surprised! That’s a great motive to work off of as well. Though, between you and me, I’d like to see how much linguistics you know because I'm not fully convinced quite yet.” He leaves you with a quick wink, a flirty tactic that has you instantly blushing in your seat. 
Before you know it, Jimin pulls on the exit that leads to the notorious boardwalk which is now crowded with vendors. Driving alongside the length of the beach, the two of you notice an on-going beach volleyball event. Nets among nets cover the areas in courts, players sporting colorful uniforms and sweaty bodies. You reckon the vendors will be even more packed than anticipated, but no doubt in your mind makes you think it will be a bad time. Not with Jimin being your date. 
The boardwalk is cluttered with shop after shop, banners after banners, and filled with food and activities as far as the eye can see. Groups of people hover each section, lines forming to get cotton candy or funnel cakes. The smell of nachos and pretzels with cheese flow in the air, chatter and cheers flood your ears. 
Together, Jimin and you walk side by side with small talk in between each step you take. Even though he maintains a bubbly personality, one that has you folding over twice and ready to spring out and do flips, the more Jimin chats to you the easier it seems to get for you to respond back. The two of you walk past the Shake Shack where Jimin waves to the owner, and friend, Jin. He shouts to the older man that he’ll stop by later for a bite to eat before the two of you are ready to leave. 
A few monumental ‘incidents’ happen, ones that send spikes through your entire body. Whether it’s purposeful or completely innocent, there are a couple occasional hand-bumps the two of you share. Neither one of you speak of it, perhaps you blame the overcrowded areas where they practically force you and Jimin to stand shoulder to shoulder. 
But your mind wanders to the desires of wanting to link your fingers around his… would he like that? You sure would. 
“Do any games interest you, Y/n?” Jimin questions out loud as he scans the gaming area. He spies basketball hoops, water gun contests, and balloon popping with darts. There’s even a lineup of skeeball and knocking over the bottles with baseballs 一 all come with and endless list of prizes. 
You ponder the choices, getting up on your tip-toes to gain the best view above the crowd. “What about the ring-toss one?” 
Upon descending back down to the flats of your feet, you feel a body push against your back. It forces you to lose balance and step forward into Jimin’s side. On instinct you cling onto his arms while adjusting yourself off of him. 
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” you begin to profusely apologize as you pull away. 
Jimin’s eyes are searching for the person who knocked into you, a furrow to his brow when he realizes it was just some ignorant guy too busy pushing through the crowd. His hands hover your elbows, tentative to hold onto you. 
“It’s ok! Are you alright?” 
You catch yourself leaning back to look at him, too conscious of how undeniably close the both of you are. A rise of heat seeps through the tips of your cheeks and you cannot stop the panic response that leaves your mouth. 
“Yeah! I’m totally good. No worries at all!”
Jimin sees your struggle, along with how you act around him due to whatever pent up nerves you have going on. He grants you mercy from stepping any closer, but insists to guide you with his hand on the middle of your back. 
“Perfect. Now let’s go play some ring-toss.”
He ushers you softly between the bodies on the boardwalk, drawing closer to the ring-toss booth. Here they allow two sets of objects to toss, the rings and ping-pong balls. The choices are either to secure the rings around the colorful bottles neck or to toss ping-pong balls into tiny fishbowls. There’s a select few bottles and bowls which come in an all pink coating, deemed to be the ‘hardest’ to score on and if you do, you’ll receive one of the top prizes from the highest shelf. 
Your eyes scout out for the perfect prize, one you would put a care towards 一 and you see it right there. Placed front and center all the way in the back. A large stuffed otter, red in color and holding a foam star on its belly. 
Both you and Jimin obtain the necessary items to participate in the small game and cautiously scoot closer to another. Jimin waits for you patiently, wants to see you take the lead and make your throws without disrupting you accidentally. 
“How many do I need to get that otter?” you question the employee walking around the length of the set-up. They scurry over toward you for a more personable conversation, no need to shout over the crowd of excitable characters. 
“Ah, that big guy?” ー they nod toward the stuffed animal ー “It’s going to take at least two secured throws onto a pink container.” 
You attempt, and unfortunately fail. Not one toss of yours even hit a container that consisted of pink, just clear bottles making those high pitch ‘ding’ noises from the constant tosses. However, you did manage to snag one ring around a bottle’s neck! But to win any prize available, you need to manage to at least land 2 or more. 
There’s not a moment for you to sulk when Jimin steps close to you. He fiddles with the rings between his fingers as he confronts the employee. He uses a tone, like something typical for customer service, but it’s sweet and somehow authoritative at the same time. 
“How about we combine our tosses? If I get another one here, it’ll count for two. Then she can pick out a prize,” he smiles cheerfully. 
The employee already looks ready to decline the swindling offer, until Jimin pushes further ー giving the man no room to think. 
For emphasis, Jimin bargains with his first ring. “This one. If I make this one, my first toss, she can pick out a prize.” 
Now he’s not even questioning the employee, Jimin has completely taken the reins of the situation and told the man what he wants. You feel Jimin’s hand come up around your back to the round of your shoulder. He pulls you close to his side and holds the ring up to your face. 
“Blow on it. For good luck.” 
An impure thought crosses your mind for a split moment, but quickly you understand the real reason he’s requesting you. You give a soft blow, enough for him to feel it pass through the ring and onto his hand. 
He prepares himself for the toss, eyeing the worker one last time to make sure he’s paying attention, and flings the ring straight into the collection of bottles. Like plinko, the ring bounces erratically around the lips of each glass bottle. Chiming noises resound around as your eyes watch the ring attentively.
Surprisingly, it lands around one pink colored bottle. You’re congratulating him already, excited for his excitement. 
The employee begins to walk toward the side, aiming to grab the box of smaller prizes, yet Jimin halts his actions further. 
“Hear me out,” he begins. Jimin is leaning over the counter, engaged and focused on the worker. 
There’s a funny laugh exchanged between the two, probably by the determination of Jimin and the charismatic nature of him. 
“That’s one pink bottle toss, yeah?” ー he nods in the direction of the overhead display of prizes ー “and that otter needs at least 2?” 
“Jimin, I don’t need the otter,” you whisper to his side. 
He turns to look at you, a smirk present on his face, “Let me work my magic to give you that prize.” 
The employee leans back on a post, arms crossed over another as he nods at Jimin. “What do you say now? You must want that prize badly.” 
With a wide smile, Jimin faces the man again. “Of course I do. So here’s my offer. I work over at EatJin’s right down the pathway. I’ll give you my recommendation for a free meal, anything of your choice, and I make just one more bottle with the remaining 4 rings I have on me ー then we give that prize to my friend here. Deal?”
The employee remains skeptical, a quizzical look plastered to his face. There’s roughly 7 otters up on display, no doubt more in the back packed in seal-tight bags, so perhaps he can spare just one for you guys. 
Jimin urges more, reminding the man that his ticket to his job covers an entire meal regardless of what he orders. He nonchalantly tosses another ring without hesitation, to show his lightheartedness with the situation. 
“It’s no harm, right? I just need to make one more ring-toss and we’ll be out of your hair.” 
Fortunately, the worker takes the negotiation and accepts Jimin’s proposition. Confidently, Jimin begins again at his toss. His third ring misses yet again, leaving him with 2 left. He hands one over to you, tilting his head toward the bottles. 
“Oh no, I can’t with just one! I’m not good at this,” you try handing it back to him, but he refuses. “Jimin, please!”
Jimin’s hand comes to rub your back. In an act of trying to calm you down, it only riles you up ー forming a massive crisis intervention inside your mind. You feel your throat dry up like the Sahara desert, heart beating erratic. 
“Relax,” Jimin’s voice comes surprisingly low. “You can toss it.” 
“Yeah, but I'm not going to make it.” 
Jimin tuts at you, using his hand to guide your elbow forward and extending your arm for the toss. “Doesn’t matter if you make it or not. What matters is being able to toss it.” 
You’re confused at the minor wisdom Jimin is trying to transfix to you, making little to no sense. What would be the point of not being able to make it if the goal is to make another bottle?
Floods of doubt drain through you, an uneasy feeling of pressure lingers. You don’t like being placed in the spot, but you remind yourself that it doesn’t matter if you actually get that stuffed otter or not. 
You make the toss with the flick of your wrist, and to your expectations, you don’t score. 
Even with the pit of guilt that develops deep inside of you, feeling bad that you failed completely, Jimin is already giving you positive reinforcements. 
“That’s ok, you did well!” 
There’s a minor pout protruding out from your lips and Jimin spots it. It boosts his ambition to get that prize more. 
Again, Jimin holds his ring up to you as a gesture for you to blow. He wants and needs your luck to help land this perfectly around one last bottle. This time he takes the toss more seriously, more than any other time before. 
He raises his eyebrows at the worker who’s still silently waiting for the deal to commence. With a graceful toss, the ring skids across a few of the bottle’s necks before miraculously bouncing up and over one bottle sitting at the corner of the table. 
Both of you two cheer and shortly after, you receive that big stuffed red otter that you had your eyes set on. It places one of the largest smiles on your face.
“Thank you so much!” you squeal, squishing the otter between your arms. 
Jimin is nothing but pleased to see you look as excited as possible, knowing he has contributed to your happiness. 
Time passes by as the day continues. You eat some yummy snacks (even happily have been fed some pieces of tasty cheese pretzels by Jimin’s hand), have a delicious corn dog, and exhaust nearly every single game available. Both Jimin and you share an equal responsibility of paying for things, mainly because your independent ass is too set on wanting to contribute to things even though Jimin had no mind on paying for things. 
The two of you share another awkward-but-actually-not-awkward and instead a too-close-for-comfort moment when you and Jimin accidentally bump into one another. This time his hand lands on your backside and his face turns two shades pinker under the rim of his hat. 
The sun is scorching, but it doesn’t ruin either one of your moods. However, your poor ice cream held in your hand is melting faster than anticipated, forcing you to constantly lap your tongue over the dripping liquid before it causes a mess. You figure now that the sun is descending from it’s apex in the sky, the weather will be the most brutal, and therefore you opt for the form of shade and ice-cold treats. 
You decide to go the plain vanilla route on top of a waffle cone while Jimin finally tries out the mango ice cream he has served you only days ago. 
“I didn’t expect” ー lick ー “that it’d melt this” ー lick ー “this fast!”
You’re suffering with the constant drip of ice cream across your fingers, unable to keep up with the melting process. Jimin giggles at the small chaos of vanilla liquid forming around your napkin and fingers. He immediately offers to go grab you a cup and spoon instead, insisting it will only take him two seconds because he works here. 
“Jin won’t mind me grabbing you some extra napkins and such.” 
You're too preoccupied to fully tell Jimin no with the way your tongue is trying to clean up the ice cream. More importantly, Jimin’s too distracted and reluctant to stop you because he’s eyeing the way your lips and tongue trace around the cone. Watching the way the white liquid covers and drips down your fingers and smudges across on your chin. 
“Here,” he reaches out absentmindedly. His thumb comes up to help clean off your chin, swiping the sticky liquid and bringing it back to his mouth to lick off. 
He lets out a small, nervous chuckle, but redirects his attention to the way your body remains stiff even when the cold frozen treat is smacking onto the table’s surface.
“I’ll go get you that cup real quick. Don’t make a mess while I’m gone,” Jimin smirks with a playful tone. He hands you the rest of his napkins before standing up and makes his way over to the other side of the counter where busy workers are roaming. 
You give up on trying to prevent the ice cream from it’s impending path off its cone. Instead you’re using your one and only free hand to create some form of a cup to prevent the rest of it from landing along the table. 
Luckily, Jimin is back and to your rescue with a handful of napkins, wet wipes, a cup, and a spoon. He’s grinning from ear to ear, placing the cup down for you and already ripping open a wipe to help clean up your hands. Delicately, he makes sure he cleans around every edge of your hands and in between each finger. 
His hands linger on yours for a hair longer than you expect them to be. Jimin’s concentrating on the ins-and-outs of the lines embedded into the palms of your hands to realize he’s finished cleaning everything up and he’s left holding your hands upright. 
You clear your throat awkwardly, slowly pulling your hands from his until he snaps out of whatever trance he was in. 
“Ah, thank you for the help!” you blush. You're quick to distract yourself with the pile of napkins, taking a few to wipe up the table. 
The entire time, Jimin is watching you curiously. He can’t resist the urge to stare at your bashful face 一 rather he fully accepts the fact he’s staring completely smitten by it. 
He hums, careless to resound anything more. His hand holds his head up, elbow stationed down against the table. 
By the time you collect yourself, you finally attempt to glance back up to Jimin. But you’re stunned once again at the man before you. 
He sits there, all dreamy eyed, as he looks like a whole ethereal angel. The small shine of sweat that layers around his face only makes him glow more, and the slow crawling smile that grows on his face makes your insides bubble. 
For a moment, you feel self-conscious. Slowly edging yourself back into your seat as you feel his gaze. 
“...What? Is there something on my face again?” 
Jimin shakes his head, a small sigh escapes his nose. “Nope. You’re just really cute. Do you know that?” 
You fumble on your words, sucking back a quick breath of air only to cough it back out. As you cover your mouth with your hand, Jimin watches with amusement. 
“No, I-I don’t think ー”
“ー I know so,” he states confidently. 
Once you assure him that your coughing fit is over and that you’re alright, you speak up. A quiet thank you leaves your lips, eyes settling on the melted food in front of you. 
A spoon with one single diced mango hovers in your view, Jimin holding it up for you and waiting with anticipation. He gestures closer to your mouth, bidding for you to open. When you obey, he slowly inserts the spoon in. 
“You’re right, the no churn mango is delicious,” he exclaims. 
There’s a twinkle in his eyes that makes you falter, finding yourself shaking your head unbelievably at the world’s, your world’s, most perfect man across from you. 
“I don’t get it…” you confess, looking bewildered. 
Jimin blinks up at you, just as perplexed.
“I honestly never could have imagined me being on an actual date with you. And here I am. Sitting across from you. It feels like it’s unreal.” 
“Why are you saying that?” Jimin looks even more confused as he ponders his next thoughts. “I thought you were never interested in me if I'm being frank.” 
Your mouth drops, completely dumbfounded. Your eyes project as if you were looking at Jimin if he were to have 3 heads and 6 eyes. 
“Ho-how… what?” you laugh. Your hand comes up to fan yourself because it suddenly feels 10 degrees hotter around you and you don’t understand where this temperature spike has come from. “Me? Not interested in you? You’re joking.” 
Jimin shakes his head, leaning in toward you with all his resolve. “I’m serious! You were never around when I was, not school events or even outside on the same street we lived on. And when I did get to interact with you, you’d leave so fast!” Jimin chuckles at the thought, reminiscing on the several hundred incidences he has seen you throughout the years. He grins when he comes back to the present, realizing there was something missing all along. “Until the other day. When you came up and asked me out. That truly shocked me beyond belief. Definitely changed my mind on a few things.” 
“I-I, I can explain! That… I wasn’t ever not interested in you! Never. I’ve had the biggest crushー” 
Jimin grins at you, wiggling his eyebrows and waiting for the rest of your sentence. 
“... I was always just too fuckin’ shy.” 
Jimin’s tongue comes out to wet his lips, a mirth of buoyancy floating around him. “I know that now, Y/n. It all makes sense. Especially when I watch your reactions to me now.”
You clear your throat, hands retracting from the table top to your lap as if you were caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. 
Jimin’s quick to reach across to you, hands patting the table in hope to bring yours back. “Hey now, don’t feel embarrassed! I like it. It makes you even cuter.” 
“Jimin, you’re only going to keep making me blush!” you nervously giggle, unable to stop the smile from spreading on your face. 
“Then I'm going to keep doing it because I enjoy seeing it.” 
“Jimin, please!” you whine out, hand covering over your face. 
He chuckles as he gathers up the remains of the food before disposing it in a nearby trash can. “Alright, I’ll let up on you for now,” he winks as his hand stretches out toward you. 
You assume he is only ushering you out of the deck of EatJin’s restaurant quickly because the ever-growing crowd is becoming much louder. But you realize he isn’t taking you directly out of EatJin’s ー actually he’s taking you further into the establishment. The entire time he keeps his hand with yours, even intertwining fingers the second the two of you enter through the kitchen doors. 
Together, you breeze past an array of workers and functionable machines and grills. A handful greet Jimin and some mind their own business. You soon find yourself stepping up to the back office, where a tall broad man stands in the doorway. 
“Hey Jin!” Jimin greets warmly. He signals between the two of you, “This is Y/n, and Y/n this is Jin, my boss and good friend!” 
You wave hesitantly, “Nice to meet you.” 
Jin nods with a soft smile, “Likewise. I’ve heard a few things about you, glad I can put a face to a name.” He’s quick to direct his attention back to Jimin whose eyes are scouting the office behind Jin. “There something you’re looking for?” 
Jin leans his shoulder against the frame, a smug look on his face. There’s an obvious reason for Jimin to come back here, unannounced, and Jin’s quick to sniff out his plans.  
Jimin acts coy, pretending he’s captivated by his own racing thoughts to fully pay Jin any attention. 
“Hm, no reason. Just wanted to show Y/n around.” 
Straight away, Jin holds up a keyring that holds an arrangement of shiny keys and chains. A buoy dangles with a smaller key, and instantly you know what it belongs to. 
Jin holds the keys higher when Jimin goes to snatch them, “Make sure you’re careful. You have to be mindful of another’s life when you’re on the boat. Not just yours.” 
“Ah, Jin. Do you not know me?” Jimin fakes hurt, holding his hand to his chest. “I’m only going to go along the shoreline, nothing further.” 
Tumblr media
A few weeks have gone by fast, so fast, that you haven't realized it’s already nearing the end of July. Jimin and you have shared so many tremendous and amazing dates ever since the first, many resulting in getting to know more about each other as if the two of you were making up for lost time. There was a week where he was completely booked, having to travel out to a venue for his job and leaving you to plan out potential future events with the man in the meantime. Namjoon has come to hang out here and there; of course you try your best to not only talk about Jimin-stuff, but some things slip out.
One date, you ask Jimin to visit the city’s aquarium for a few lengthy hours. Another, the two of you meet up to wine and dine at an inexpensive restaurant on the western side of the coast. Casual conversations flood your text messages and you can count over 10 times the two of you sharing facetime chats throughout the weeks. One of the last times you’ve seen him, he surprises you by dying his hair darker with a hint of maroon laced inside of it. It looks amazing on him and you aren’t sure if it is the hair or just the outfit he wears that day that has your knees buckling from under you. 
Nothing but good vibes have come from all interactions with Jimin ever since the very first date, where he helped you win that silly stuffed otter that’s now placed on one of the unoccupied chairs in your bedroom. He landed his very first move at the end of that day too, where you were caught off guard completely. 
By sharing such a wonderful interactive day on the boardwalk, even taking a quick trip on Jin's boat before heading back home, Jimin made sure that the end of your day was one to remember. With a seal of his lips on top of yours under your dim lit porch light as he dropped you off for the night. Your mind continuously trails back to that very moment, how time felt as if it didn’t exist and the only thing you could acknowledge were the plush lips of Jimin.
(Memories of your first date)
He steps you up to your door like a true gentleman. Jimin’s hand is already preparing to spin you around in spot before you can as he grabs your wrist. Slowly, you feel his fingers glide and sooth over your skin, softly touching you to keep you comfortable. 
“I had a really wonderful time, Y/n. We should do this again soon,” he smirks. His words are nothing but honesty, though his eyes which are casting down your face give you an inkling of something else. 
           You hold onto your otter for dear life, grip tightening around the arm of the poor stuffed animal. 
           “I did too!” you smile sweetly back at him. A creeping red tint inches its way to your face the closer Jimin draws near. “We should… we should really…”
           Jimin steps closer to you, a thumb coming up to hold your chin. He tilts your head only slightly, angling you up to face him. He waits for your resistance, if you have any, but you don’t. You feel like an absolute puddle under his touch, thawing your frozen state into a heap of nervous Y/n-emotions. 
           The moment his tongue darts out of his mouth to lick his lips is the moment you lose all rational consciousness, acting purely on instinctive behavior to whatever Jimin wishes to do. 
           “We should,” his voice comes out low and serious. 
           His lips attach to yours with devotion, sending an intense wave of simmering excitement throughout your entire being. You can feel your heartbeat in your throat, a shiver of cold sweat tickling the back of your neck as Jimin takes his time with his lips. He’s languid, relaxed, unhurried. Everything about this innocent kiss is slow-moving and exhilarating. 
           You feel his hand come up the side of your face, holding your cheek in his palm. When he pulls away, you feel dazed. Eyes fluttering, heart racing, body vibrating on all ends. 
           “God, you’re so cute,” he mumbles with the bite of his bottom lip. 
(Present day)
You give yourself some credit after all this time. Seeming as each time you do talk to Jimin, it gets easier… but on the other hand it proves to be more difficult when it comes to the impure thoughts that remain present in your brain. Wanting to do more but not too much, aching to jump his bones but take one’s time at the same instance. 
It’s a rough romantic life you have going on here. Full of sexual, pent-up frustration and naughty thoughts. Where you see Jimin in the light of an angel but wish he pulls you down like a demon from hell. Your small pecks of kisses have turned into energetic make-out sessions nearly every time. Where your tongue gets bold and each of your hands get even bolder with his body. 
Your most recent session had you nearly short circuiting completely, and to your surprise, both of your clothes were completely on! It was just that good of a time and you were left craving and wanting more.
Heck, even your shower thoughts have turned into nothing but Jimin.
Maybe he’s being cautious with you? You get rid of those assumptions when you over-analyse the way the majority of the reasons you end up making out with Jimin is because of him making the move for it. That cheeky bastard knows exactly how to make you cave into his tentative touches.
Maybe he’s waiting for you to make the move.
Well, that changes things.
Now you’re staring at yourself in your horizontal mirror, eyes scanning every inch of your outfit and criticizing it. Disliking it. You determine that it’s not good enough for a date like today.
You must go bolder. 
After double checking your foundation, hoping to make sure you can conceal all of the impending blushing that is bound to happen, you raid your closet. You toss clothes after clothes until you settle on one piece. 
A black spaghetti strapped dress, tight in all the right places, hugs your body exactly how you need it to. It drifts short only slightly, but it’s enough to let the wandering eye wonder. You top it off with a light pink floral cover up and dress your lips with a light shade of red. 
You don’t look like too much, but it’s more than usual. No doubt Jimin wouldn’t notice, he does tend to have a keen eye on many things. 
Jimin picks you up no longer than 20 minutes after you officially prepare yourself. The first hint of him catching onto your daring action is the way his eyes flicker down to your legs upon entering his Rover. He compliments you, as he usually does, but this time his voice delays. Possibly calculating the proper words to say to you compared to the words immersing his brain. 
You smile through it, giving him an innocent grin and acting like nothing is abnormal. Once seated, you lean over to exchange a chaste kiss, but you can tell by his response time that he's hesitating on something. 
The plan today is simple and full of quality time. Having planned a semi-beach hang out, renting out a small slot of land where you can drive out onto the sand to hang out. Typically, groups of people do this, bringing out their best barbeque skills and playing in the ocean or in the sand. You make sure to grab the necessary food and alcohol at the local convenience store prior to the beach, securing yourself a full case of watermelon White Claws and a case of Miller Lite. 
It’s practically a picnic on the beach! The lot Jimin reserved is just at the very edge of the seaboard strip that juts out into the waters. The admirable view is beautiful, full of glistening waters and squawking seagulls. The clouds look wispy over the horizon, the sun gleams a warm orange glow. The sky is painted with miraculous pastel colors that blend beautifully together as the sun sinks closer to the horizon line. 
You giggle to another, having your bellies full of delicious grilled food and a couple of drinks in. Two lawn chairs pin down a large striped beach blanket to the ground from where the two of you ate, but now you and Jimin sit on the edge of his car’s trunk. The overhead door hangs above you like a visor as your legs dangle and swing. 
“So you’re telling me that you placed a secret admirer note into my locker in 12th grade?” Jimin chuckles as he holds onto his beer. “Are you sure you got the right locker? Because I don’t think I ever received one.” 
“Listen, I've regretted it ever since!” you laugh, shaking your head. “I can’t believe I even thought it was a good idea. That’s such a childish thing to do at the age of 17.”
Jimin pats your thigh, “You have a point. I wouldn’t have expected someone to do that, but there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with doing it.” 
“What’s wrong is that I apparently put it in the wrong locker! Whoever received it… I feel even worse for them.” 
You glance down quickly to the placement of Jimin’s hand and you try your hardest not to think too much into it. It’s only there casually… right? 
Instead, you act out because of it by shifting your body closer to his. Now you face more toward him, allowing your coverup to slink down one shoulder while you lean your weight to the hand that supports you up. 
“True,” Jimin takes another swig of his can. “You may have given some poor soul some hope, that’s not very nice of you.” 
He cocks his eyebrow in your direction, eyes peering through the sides to look you over. Jimin reads the way your body is hinting at him, but he’s not sure how to measure the intensity of the gesture due to the light alcohol intake. 
So he plays with the idea and tests you out. 
Jimin leans in closer, tongue prodding the inside of his cheek as he makes heavy eye contact with you. He watches the way your small confidence diminishes in an instant, eyes averting to the coastline. You give him all the freedom to roam his eyes to your body since you refuse to look back at him. 
“Don’t you agree?” his voice comes out. 
You hum in his direction, glancing over at him. “Agree on what?” 
Jimin can’t help but smile as he edges himself closer to your face, to your cheek to plant a soft kiss. 
“It’s not nice to give someone high hopes if you don’t follow through.” 
You feel a fog cloud your mind, like a hazy mist when a cold and warm front collide.
“N-No, I supposed it isn’t.”
Jimin collects your near-empty can from your hand, placing it off to the side of the trunk and out of the way. His fingers replace the emptiness of your palm, tangling them between yours to regain your attention. 
“Look at me,” he whispers. 
Everything in your being sends warning signals, urging you to resist your head snapping over to see him. He’s probably staring you down, a smug grin on his face as he’s observing the way your face begins to burn up. 
This time you feel him shift in his spot, his other hand gliding up the length of your thigh before settling comfortably at the hem of your dress. The pads of his fingers play with the loose material, toying with it as they sneak up and dance around your skin. 
You were not prepared for this; not prepared for the sudden attention spike Jimin grants you. The bashful and shy Y/n is taking over completely while the horny and frustrated Y/n is banging her thoughts against the inside of her brain.
Slowly and finally, you twist your neck toward Jimin who waits patiently for you. The first thing you notice is the upturned corners of his mouth, amusement clearly evident. When you develop enough courage to look up, you notice Jimin isn’t looking back but instead is staring down at your lips. 
“Jimin,” you respond with a wavering tone. 
He hears it, loud and clear. Only giving him more delight with the way you’re acting. 
“So cute,” his voice trails off, tongue licking his lips. “I want you to kiss me, baby.” 
You must look like a deer in headlights, because Jimin starts to giggle at your reaction, aweing at you for a second before leaning into you. He whispers against your skin, smiling when he places a kiss against your neck that sends you into overdrive. 
“No need to be so shy with me. Relax a little, baby.” 
That’s twice now, calling you the pet name that has only leaked out a few times in the past. It’s driving you wild, insane. Even more so when Jimin is latching onto your neck like a leech. 
“God, Jimin.” Your hands move on their own accord, gripping around his face to pull him level with yours. His lips glide effortlessly against your own, plush and plump. 
With his hand, he guides you to the desired angles he needs you in. Tilting your head to each side while he takes the lead, tongue grazing out to ask for entrance into your mouth. 
You happily accept him, intoxicated on the way his wet muscle slithers itself to the corners of your mouth. Eating you alive just to get the taste of that stingy watermelon hard seltzer. 
The cool breeze from the ocean doesn’t help the rising temperatures of your body, doesn’t calm down the excitement and fever relishing inside the pit of your stomach. The low setting sun doesn’t help the bedroom eyes Jimin flashes back at you, only heightening the beauty of his dark colored irises. 
The hand on your thigh scoots up, bordering itself along the spread of your panties. The sensation tickles you lighty and before you know it you feel your legs spreading open. Inviting him to play with you, wanting him to touch you. 
His fingers skirt across your clothed core, skimming over the curves and edges of your lady bits and already feeling a warm dampening patch growing. Jimin hums in satisfaction, mouth reconnecting with yours as he hooks a finger to pull your panties aside.
You could care less at the public fondling, the indecent exposure can easily be taken as exhibitionism. The wrong person could call it a misdemeanor crime. But all those potential cares, the ones that really don't exist now, diminish the second Jimin pushes a finger deep into you. 
Jimin sucks in your bottom lip the moment you gasp at the intrusion, cunt eagerly squeezing around his deft digit. 
“Oh my god,” you whine out, hand coming to grip his forearm. 
There’s a switch that has turned inside of Jimin, something you haven’t seen before - but now you’re wishing you could have always seen it. He takes charge of the movement of his wrist, adding a second finger into your center and snapping up into you. 
“You’re so wet, baby girl. Tell me how much wetter you want to get.” 
He’s urging you to seat yourself on his lap with his other hand, dragging the rough flesh of his fingers inside of you for more emphasis. Jimin shifts enough into the trunk to lay on his back, one leg propped up to the side while allowing you to hover over his other one. 
Knuckles still deep, he pulls you forward to command you to sit on his thigh. Your head is ducking from hitting the roof of the car, hands supporting your upper body off from laying flat on top of him. 
“More. Make me more wet, please,” you huff with a shaky breath. 
Once he retracts his fingers, he’s pushing your hips down with both hands. Your pussy lands straight against his muscular thigh, right below the bunched up olive green cargo shorts. There’s a hint of a growing bulge below the fabric confinements, giving you a surge of accomplishment of having done something to Jimin instead of only him doing something for you. 
“Use my thigh to make it happen,” he commands. 
Slowly, he helps push and pull the roll of your hips. Allowing your clad covered core to run across the skin of his thigh. He can feel the heat radiating off of you, a damped slick kissing his skin with each of your movements. The skirt of your dress raises with his hand, exposing the area to his eyes. 
Your breath starts to pick up with each grind down onto his flexing muscle, he’s sure to time it right with every hump. Jimin takes the opportunity to pull your underwear to the side to fully allow the contact of your pussy onto his leg. Completely sheathing the area in a glossy liquid. 
He groans, “Oh my, look how pretty you are.” 
You blush at the compliment, feeling a flutter of butterflies dance inside your stomach. Jimin can’t take his eyes off the spread of your lips, intrigued at the bundle of nerves that stands bare for him. His tongue peaks out of his mouth to wet them. 
“Y/n,” he speaks with a devious smile. “Come here.” 
Out of pure reaction, you drip your head down with the assumption that he wants a kiss. However, he chuckles into your peppering kiss, hands hooking around your thighs to pull you up his body. 
“Come up here, sit on my face.” 
The headrest to the backseat becomes the new structure to help hold you up the second you mount yourself on top of Jimin’s face with no question. You peek down through your arms to watch his face disappear below your dress. 
The tip of his tongue darts straight out of his mouth and taps against your clit after he pulls your panties aside. If you thought his thigh was magnificent, you surely underestimated the power of his lips sucking around your nether region. The feelings are intense, awaking a new passion deep inside you. 
“J-Jimin!” you gasp, mouth gaping open. Your fingers curl around the headrest with each flick of his tongue. His fingers begin to re-enter you in surprise, earning a jolt from your body as his lips suck harshly around your clit. “Ah! Don’t stop!”
The sheen of sticky perspiration collects around your face becomes too apparent, a bead of sweat drips down your temple. A strong knot evolves in your lower stomach the more Jimin’s fingers press into that spot against your inner walls. It calls you like a beacon, a warning light flashing in your head to send out the signals of how close you truly are to combusting right on top of this handsome man’s face. 
Jimin works hard between your thighs, you can hear it by the sounds he resonates and feel it by the way his tongue and fingers match in pace. He feels your pussy tightening around is skilled fingers, matching your vocal warnings of how utterly close you are. 
He mutters against your lower lips, “Cum on me, baby.” 
The ‘come hither’ motion you feel inside your cunt does wonders for you. It sends you over the top, bubbles over your senses, and thrusts your back into an arch with a wanton moan to go with it. You feel yourself pressing down into Jimin’s mouth uncontrollably, the scraping of his nails against your thigh informs you of this. 
“Jesus!” you pant as you come down from your high. You’re still holding onto the backseat for dear life when you notice Jimin moving the fabric out of his face. 
He gives you an amorous stare, flirty and gorgeous. He’s worked up a massive sweat from being cooped up under your skirt, against the heat of your core and thighs. To match the glistening shine, he sports your essence all around his voluptuous lips. 
“You taste so good,” he hums. 
His hands grab the meat of your thighs, kneading them as his tantalizing tongue lightly plays against your oversensitive clit. 
You reach back, hand finding his abdomen and gliding down to the cut of his shorts. There’s no hesitation before you place your hand over his hardened cock through the fabric, squeezing the appendage to feel him up. 
He groans underneath you, breathlessly laughing when he sees your facial expression change from curiosity to desire. His girth is easily noticeable with the way you cuff him, solid and ready to be played with. 
“Oh,” 一 smiling to yourself 一 “you’re so big.”
Of fucking course he his… The man you pined over for years… the one who can do no wrong, always is the best at what he does… The complete, whole man who is Park Jimin is gifted in every single damn area in life.
He excels in all fields and he’s exactly, exactly, the type of man you’ve always needed. Craved. 
“I want to suck you off,” you blink down at him with wonder. There’s an apprehensive look on your face that tells him that even you’re questioning your own words, but he feeds into your request nonetheless. 
You shift off of him, leaning over his side to eagerly unbutton his shorts. Kneeling over him, you shimmy the fabric down with his help. His dick releases, free from the barricades and lays there stiff, angry, and in need of attention. 
A curse leaves your mouth, tongue wetting your lips before you cascade down to kiss the tip. The salty residue of precum enters your mouth, a delicious flavor that’s practically bidding you to continue tasting him. Your hand helps prop up his cock while your mouth roams its expanse. Open mouthed kisses, licks leaving strips of saliva in your tongue’s wake, anything and everything you can do, you will do.
“You like my cock, don’t you?” Jimin’s tenor voice resounds above you, an arm swinging behind his head to prop it up. 
He has an amazing view before him; the darkened colors of twilight scatter across the ocean sky, the tide rolling in and out of the shore, and your lips wrapping firmly around his throbbing cock. 
Jimin’s free hand roams to your backside as you bob your head along him, engulfing what you can while swirling your tongue every time you pull up. He groans, admiring the way you work along his shaft. 
“Look at you,” he huffs with a grin, “you’re drooling around me so much.” 
Your fist meets with the pace of your mouth, rubbing at the space of his dick you cannot reach. A hum comes out through your nose, vibrates through your throat and against the prodding tip of his cock. Strikingly, he bucks up into you, sending his dick further into the hollowing mouth of yours. It forces a small gag, enough to falter your pace but the hand that comes behind your head helps you stay exactly where you are. 
“There’s some of that linguistics I’ve been waiting for,” he smiles down at you. “Did my pretty fat cock do that to you, baby?” 
You attempt to nod your way through the blow job of your life, but Jimin’s hand has other plans. He pushes you down to match the thrust of his hip, holding your head still until he’s ready to release you. 
An angelic moan frees from his mouth from the way you choke around him, gasping for air. Jimin already is locking his hand around your jaw to pull you back up to meet him with a kiss. His hands are roaming your body just as you are doing to him. 
He flips you over after pulling you close, hovering himself between your legs after kicking off the shorts from his legs. Thankfully your dress rises easily, already fanned out to free your hips for his few as you struggle to wiggle off your undies. The spaghetti traps drop limp off your shoulders and your cover up is long forgotten. 
An ambition races in the air between you two. Two heavily frustrated and touch-deprived people finally getting their feel in. 
“Jimin, I need you now,” you beg with a whine, legs already lifting to wrap around his waist and hands searching for his arms. 
He pulls off his shirt in one shift motion, revealing his toned pectorals and abs. They’re accompanied by a bold faced font tattoo on the side of his ribcage that states “Nevermind.” A silver labret sticks through one of his nipples, two shiny balls on each end. Among all the times you were rendered speechless by this fine man, this time takes the whole entire cake. 
“Holy shit,” your hands come out to touch, or to block, his torso from your prying eyes. 
Jimin gives you a smug look, ready to dive right down on top of you but your hands prevent him from doing so. 
“You like?” he winks, hands settling on your knees as his nails rake over your skin. 
You shrink in your spot, feeling that his fully nude presence is in fact too much for you to handle without combusting completely. “I-I do. I like it a lot. Too much actually,” you stare at him wide eyed. 
You see your hands shaking as you hold them up, nervous jitters sending stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol throughout your body. Your heart pounds faster, muscles begin to tighten; you even feel your senses becoming sharper by the second. 
“What’s the matter?” 
“Please put it back on. I-I can’t…” you sheepishly squeal. Embarrassment comes next, making you feel the need to cover your face from flushing bright red. 
You don’t see the way Jimin’s eyes narrow with amusement, the way his teeth suck in his bottom lip. 
“Why won’t you look at me, baby?” He’s confident and cocky, grabbing your hand and forcing it to rest on his abs. “Don’t you want to see what’s yours?” 
He chuckles when you shake your head, finding it too cute how bashful you’ve become. Jimin leans down on top of you regardless of your pleas to put his shirt back on, edges his face as close as he can to your face. You feel his dick rest against your stomach, squished between your two bodies, and it’s twitching with eagerness. 
“Baby,” he whispers low after licking his lips. You feel his mouth on the curve of your jaw, trickling butterfly kisses down the length of your neck. “I want you to look at me when I fuck you. I want to see that pretty face of yours when you cream around my cock. Can you do that for me?” 
“Jimin!” you gasp at the raunchy words. 
The moment you look at him in shock is the same moment he reaches down between the two of you. His hand holds your leg up, pulls it over his shoulder as he straightens his back. His cock bounces in its place, red and impatient. 
He angles his member with his hand, collects the dripping juices from you to create a smoother glide. Jimin comments on how wet you’ve become, how your pussy is asking for him to enter. 
“Watch me,” he orders.
His cockhead dips between your folds, threatening your entrance with an impending stretch. Jimin’s eyes meet with yours, making sure you’re paying attention to him and to the way he feeds your cunt with his cock. 
He sinks deep, straight to the seat of his lap with a guttural moan. You match him, crying out at the intrusion and elastic of your walls expanding. His cock drags against the areas you love, keel at, all the while he makes sure your eyes stay locked on his. 
“You feel so good, so tight,” he speaks through thrusts, receding as far as his tip allows it, only to snap right back into you. 
The flex of his abdomen turns you on, the way his arm angles around your leg and shows off his bulging bicep… heck, everything about this man has your mind spinning in circles. Racing down a dead end road only to crash head-first into a brick wall. 
“Fuck me,” you curse to yourself. The only expression you could fathom to say that can show Jimin how truly fucked you are. 
His maroon hair falls over his forehead, moving with the motion of his body every time the roll of his hips hit into you. Squelching noises blend in with the sounds of skin slapping into another and Jimin’s on the verge of bending you completely back. 
So he does exactly that.
Jimin quickly scoops up your other leg, locking it over his other shoulder before he leans further up. It bends you like a folding chair, where you're stuck between the flooring of the trunk in his Range Rover and the continuous onslaught of Jimin’s cock impaling into the deepest crevices of your cunt. 
You cry out a moan as your pussy clenches around him. You have no roam to arch your back, only stuck pinned beneath him. 
Heavy breaths escape the two of you and if it weren’t for the trunk door still being open you’re positive the entire interior of the car would be coated with perspiration and foggy windows.
“God, you’re taking me so well. Do you think you can cum for me? I want to watch you.”
Jimin smiles down at you, slowing down his pace to measure the points and angles he needs to send you into overdrive. When his cockhead pressures up at a sharp angle, dragging harshly back only to prod right onto the spot again, he knows he’s found his calling. 
You nod aimlessly, incapable of a coherent answer from the overwhelming tingly sensation that spikes through your core. Nothing else comes out of your beautiful mouth besides the chanting words of “please, please, please!”
Jimin continues to pound into you, using the wave of his hips to plunge his cock deep into you and send you right over the edge. Your body starts to shake from under him, pussy suctioning around his dick as you ride out an earth-shattering orgasm.
Wimpers leave your mouth, nails indenting small crescent marks along the skin of his arms as he stares down at your face. He seethes through his teeth, losing his concentration over the way you’re milking him. 
“Where do you want it?” he questions breathlessly, stretching his torso up and giving you the whole view of his body. Hidden veins protrude out at the dips of his v-line and you spy your slick completely covering the base of his cock and around his pubes. 
“In me.” 
“In you?” he cocks his eyebrow. 
“Yes. In me. Fill me up, please!” Your hands grip at his thighs, hoping to assert some sort of dominance in your positioning. “I have an IUD, please for the love of God 一”
Jimin doesn’t need any more explanation before he’s bending you further, surprising both you and him with your flexibility. He races toward his orgasm, speed increasing as he’s chasing those sensations as he fucks himself into you. His cock begins to twitch erratically, finally building up to the point where he explodes. 
“Ah 一 ah!” he exhales. Rope after rope spurts out of his throbbing cock deep inside you as he grinds his pelvis against your cunt. “Fuckin’ sexy,” he smirks. 
You’re smiling back with a lopsided grin as he comes down from his high. Slowly, he helps lower your hips back to the flooring, being careful to pull out of your aching core without making even more of a mess. Jimin rests his forehead against yours, closing the space between the two of you in a flash. 
For a minute, the two of you bask in each other's afterglow. Lovingly staring back into another’s eyes, feeling the edges of another’s heated skins. You tilt your head up to place your lips on his in a lazy, yet soft, kiss. 
“That was…” you trail off. 
“Wow,” Jimin finishes your sentence with a lighthearted laugh. “You’re ‘wow’.”
Slowly, he removes himself off your body, softening dick slipping out of your messy centre. A small trail of cum follows suit, ready to race down between your thighs and onto the flooring of his trunk. 
He looks around through the windows to make sure the safety of your decency is kept covered. Thankfully there were no peeping-toms around. 
Jimin assists you to sit up, manage your clothes back to their appropriate positionings along with his own. Light giggles and tender touches mix between the two of you, soft smiles and glowing heart eyes. He can’t take his hands off of you, always wanting to touch a piece of your body and hold you close. With his warm palm he cups your cheek, pulls you closer to lock his deliciously plump lips onto yours. 
“Please let me call you mine.” 
You chuckle with the roll of your eyes, smile never leaving your face. “Jimin, I've been yours since the first day I met you in the 9th grade.” 
Tumblr media
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hobidreams · a year ago
Right Here, Right Now {M}
Tumblr media
what if little Red wants to get eaten by the big bad wolves?
pairing: rapline x reader genre: smut, pwp, humor words: 8k contains: werewolf au, college au, massive 🍆s, knotting, oral (f & m), dirty talk, too much talk about bulges, a bit of a breeding kink, double penetration, humor, it’s me so they’re still kinda sweet, not actually a fairytale au a/n: my brain decided it was time to (temporarily) throw all plot out the window & indulge in some pure filth. i have no excuses. enjoy!!
Tumblr media
Whoever invented sweatpants, specifically the light grey ones (Emile Camuset), can fuck right off. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Fuck right off. Because if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be sitting here under your best friend’s arm, trying your best not to stare at the bulge that seems determined to steal your attention.
What is wrong with you? They’re literally just a pair of pants but for some reason, they fit Namjoon in the most devastating of ways. Usually, you can survive when he’s next to you in lecture since he prefers to wear those baggy tees that hide anything too dangerous, but now? When he’s lounging on the sofa, shirt casually hiked up a few inches to reveal just a sliver of belly and the dark, printed band of his CK boxers? You are weak. So, so weak.
You shouldn’t have demanded he hang out with you today when you showed up at his rented townhouse without notice. Should’ve just stayed at home to celebrate the end of the winter finals season, but all those late nights got to your brain and the only thought on your mind twenty minutes ago after a single mind-cleansing shower was that you wanted to snuggle. And being a werewolf, Namjoon always runs hot.
Relax, you tell yourself. Stop wondering how thick he must be to make that bulge even when he’s not turned on.
But that backfires, obviously, and now you’re just thinking about how big that bulge could get. How big you could make that bulge get. It wouldn’t be difficult. Just a drag of your fingers across the surface, a light rake of your nails. Maybe if you sat in his lap, or accidentally fell into it… Oh god. You almost got carried away. You scrunch your face up and try to think about innocent things like cheesecake, shoes, calculus. Anything but the monster in Namjoon’s pants.
All of a sudden, said tempter leans down, his nose brushing against your forehead. You try not to jump as he asks, “did you put on some new perfume?”
“No?” You reply, trying not to focus on how he continues to sniff you, brushing it off as one of his wolf traits. But today he’s really going at it, easing you further so he can trace the slope of your jaw. “Um, Joon, what’re you…”
“Smells so good…” Namjoon’s low voice has gotten even lower, dropping down to a register that makes your stomach clench.
Now he’s nibbling at the softness of your neck, dragging his lips across the expanse of skin. Just teasing still, but enough to start that heat in your veins. You kind of wish he would suck harder, leave a mark behind. Then you have to swallow a whine when he does just that, a sharp sting that he soothes over with a hot tongue before leaving another just below your collarbone. Careful not to use his teeth all the while. You’re starting to feel like jelly, dissolving under his touch.
He’s done this once before. The first time you met Namjoon and his roommates at someone’s house party about year ago, you’d done some decently steamy petting before a drunk frat boy threw up on him and ruined the moment. Since you got along so well after that, you just kind of wordlessly decided to be friends (admittedly very close friends…) and nobody’s made a move to change things since. Since, well, now.
“Joon, buddy, what’re you doing…” You mutter, trying so hard not to groan. “Why are you acting like this?” Not that you want him to stop, especially when that bulge just keeps getting closer and closer. Even though you really should pump the brakes, for the sake of both of you after whatever lust haze fades. It takes all of your willpower to put a hand on his chest and push him lightly back. “Joon. What’s up?”
Yep, it was a total mistake to look him in the eyes like this when his dark irises are flecked with gold, glazed over with desire. Strands of dishevelled black hair falling over his forehead. Still, it’s better than looking at other things, especially since you can tell in your peripheral vision that ‘other things’ have… grown a bit in the last few seconds.
“Joon. What’s up?” You repeat firmly.
He blinks, hard.
“What… What day is it?” You pull out your phone and show him the calendar. He stares at it, eyes narrowing as he does some mental calculations. “Oh, fuck.”
“…I’m so sorry.” Namjoon pulls away from you, and you instantly miss his warmth. “All of that… was my pre-heat. I must have gotten too caught up in finals to remember. I shouldn’t have let you come in. I’m really sorry.”
“No, Joonie, it’s… It’s okay.” More than okay, but you keep that to yourself. Namjoon’s told you before that werewolves get their heat (thankfully) only once a year, usually during the winter, but he hasn’t talked about it much since. “It’s my fault. I didn’t know pre-heat was a thing.”
“It basically just means we get hornier than usual. Not as bad as full heat though, of course.”
“Is that even possible? You’re literally always horny.” You roll your eyes, thinking about the few times you’ve caught him watching porn over the year.
He quirks an eyebrow. “I mean normally I’m not going around licking you, am I?” His biceps flex when he crosses his arms. Lord have mercy. “But seriously, I’m sorry. It was inappropriate of me.”
“Don’t be. It, uh, wasn’t all that bad.” You’re putting it mildly. You are definitely several degrees warmer, your panties a bit stickier.
“No?” Namjoon smirks, and you think maybe the bulge in his sweats twitches.
You probably shouldn’t provoke the wolf further, huh?
“Yeah.” You turn on your front camera, staring at the mark that blossoms on your skin. “It looks good on me, don’t you think?” Your voice is nothing but a tease as you wonder if he’ll play along.
Namjoon growls at the back of his throat. You’re not imagining it; his cock definitely jerks slightly this time. “Would look better with a few more.” His jaw is set, his tongue poking a cheek. The look on his face is very clearly challenging you, testing you to see if you’re just playing or serious.
“Mhm.” You shift and before you can think better of it, slip your thick, crimson cardigan off to reveal the thin shirt you’re wearing beneath. “It would.”
The couch creaks as Namjoon leans forward, close enough to inhale another whiff of your scent. “You sure?” The gold in his eyes is becoming more pronounced – a promising shimmer.
You’re hoisted up off the sofa in Namjoon’s arms, his full mouth capturing yours. He gives a few brief kisses before his tongue is tracing your lips, begging you to open. You taste the coffee he’d been drinking before your Netflix session turned into Netflix and chill, and lean in for more. Trusting him to not drop you, to give you what you want.
Namjoon instinctively feels his way around the room, rushing up the stairs, practically breaking open the door to his room. He tosses you onto the double bed, his dim bedside light already on so there’s no doubt in both of your minds of what’s about to happen, and with who. You’re still shivering thinking about how easily he carried you all the way here.
Standing before you, he’s certainly tenting those sweatpants now, the imprint of his cock so obvious you wonder if he’s wearing any underwear at all. Or if he’s just that big. Both? You lick your lips appreciatively at the thought. Maybe Emile Camuset has some rights after all.
But it seems Namjoon has other thoughts in mind as he joins you on the sheets, mouth finding yours again as he starts peeling off your leggings. Has got his fingers hooked in the side of your panties too, getting rid of them in one go. “Your smell, fuck. I’m gonna lose my mind,” he groans against your lips as he throws the clothes somewhere, then returns to making good on his promise to leave more marks. “Bet you’re so wet.”
“Mhmm,” you murmur, feeling his bulge press against your body and you want nothing more than to grind up on it. Especially when he pressures your clit in a way that makes you think he might be the devil instead of wolf. Any other time, you’d want to make him cream these pants just because you can, but you want him too badly inside you right now. You need to know exactly how he’d fit inside you, how he’d force you to stretch.
“Gotta prep you first, babe.”
“Nooooo.” You twist your hands in his shirt as he dips two fingers to your clit and rubs. You practically arch off the bed with how indulgent and fresh the pleasure that punches through you is. “Don’t want to wait.” You are aware that you don’t sound very convincing when you fall apart with every time he pushes harder on your clit, undulating his hand to enact some damn magic on you that has sparks bursting everywhere.
“It’ll hurt otherwise.”
You force his eyes to yours. “And?”
He’s about to snap back with something just as clever when—
“Dude, you gotta close your door so the smell—”
At the familiar voice, you automatically throw a glance to the door and by a bizarre twist of chance, lock eyes with Jung Hoseok. And if that wasn’t enough, you see Min Yoongi coming right up behind him. Namjoon’s two roommates. Your friends.
Wait. They’re both werewolves too. Which means… Oh shit. They’re probably both in, or close to, pre-heat too. Which is why the smell (of your arousal! The thought of your desire floating so obviously through the entire house makes you feel just a tiny bit embarrassed, but mostly kind of proud) bothered them.
Hoseok’s jaw couldn’t get more unhinged if he tried. Yoongi just looks somewhat amused.
“Namjoon, we had a deal!” Hoseok cries, shoving open the door all the way as if he hadn’t just been complaining about the exact opposite.
“I’m surprised he lasted this long, honestly.”
“Shit,” Namjoon says.
“Deal? What? What’s going on?” You sit up, so confused that you forget your friends are seeing your bare crotch for the first time. “Namjoon?” You look at him for explanation.
“We, um.” He looks sheepish, one of his dimples appearing as he gives a small, apologetic smile. “We had a deal that none of us would make a move on you.”
“… What.”
“It was after Seokjin’s party!” Namjoon says, as if that makes things even a smidgen clearer.
“Basically, we all wanted to ask you out,” Yoongi cuts in. “But couldn’t decide who.”
“All… three of you?” You blink, a slight breeze making you realize just how exposed you are. You snap your legs together. What the actual hell is happening right now.
Hoseok nods. “I never told you, but we met once at the freshman orientation all those years ago. And when I saw you again at Jin’s party… yeah.”
“I had Music 100 with you,” Yoongi says, a palm pressed to the back of his neck. “Class ended before I worked up the guts to even talk to you.”
“So. You decided that… None of you…”
“It was the only fair way?” Namjoon says, as if he is doubting literally everything about that agreement right now, like he should. So this is why he suddenly became all platonic after that party? “We love having you around too much to fuck it up.”
“Except we find you like this. What the hell, man?” Hoseok whirls on Namjoon, a pout on his lips. He looks like he’s trying very hard not to breathe too deeply right now, a hand on the hips of his… god he’s wearing sweats too. Light grey, and somewhat tight around his legs. Is the universe out to punish you today?
“Things just happened! I didn’t realize it was time for our pre-heat and she came over and she smelled so good and…”
“You shouldn’t have let her in,” Yoongi snaps. “You know what it gets like. What were you going to do after, with her scent all over the house? We could smell it from the front door the second we walked in. It’s why this.” Yoongi breaks off to gesture at his pants, black jeans that aren’t any better at hiding the bulge that strains against the zipper. That’s because of you? You snap your eyes to Hobi. He’s not doing any better, the sweatpants freely exposing him. You swallow, thinking you could put those cocks to good use.
Look, you’re not blind. So, you’ve ogled your friends a few times before in the past, explaining it to yourself that you were just looking, so it was totally okay. But now to know that they were (are?) interested in you too? That they’re sporting hard-ons due to your wet lust? You’re getting yourself worked up more and more.
Namjoon frowns. “I’m sorry, hyung! At least you know how hard it was for me to resist.”
“Hey.” You snap before either of them respond, deciding you’ve had enough of this. “Not to interrupt but, is someone gonna fuck me?”
All three men turn to you.
What’ve you got to lose? You let your bare legs part slightly, really giving them something to look at. You can see the exact moment your scent hits them, stronger than ever. Something dark and hungry shifts into their eyes. Goosebumps scatter on your skin.
Hoseok clears his throat. “If—If it can’t be none of us, then…”
“Then it’s all of us,” Yoongi finishes.
“Are you alright with that?” Namjoon’s question is directed at you, who has just become aware that you may have gotten yourself into something deeper than intended. But you have never been one to run with your tail between your legs.
“What’re you waiting for?” You say, words brimming with a confidence you really only feel about half of as you watch the men absorb your words. For a second, you’re afraid tha