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yahoo201027 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
April 20: Happy Birthday to One of the students attending U.A. High School in Class 1-A (Student Number 17 out of 20) training to become a pro hero and the deuteragonist of the series, known as his childhood nickname of “Kacchan” by his childhood friends and Izuku, the My Hero Academia character of Katsuki Bakugo.
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mckinlily · an hour ago
So, I'm legitimately curious: What did you think of Kuron? I mean, I have my own AU ideas about him, and one I'm trying to write right now about how he can 'survive' the whole fiasco of his fate in V6, but I'm curious to know other opinions. :)
I’m happy you asked! The clone arc spawns so much fandom creativity. Though I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer this. Mostly because my feelings about Kuron aren’t informed so much by Kuron himself as by where I was at mentally and emotionally when season 3 dropped.
When I first got into Voltron, I was a young twenty-something in grad school, overwhelmed by adult and personal life, no idea what I was doing, far away from my family, and terrified that I was replaceable and forgettable to the people I loved most as well not even cut out for the career that I was going into debt for. (I’m glad I did it, but grad school kind of completely destroyed my mental health and only that I’m writing this now am I realizing exactly how bad it was). 
In the midst of all this, I met Shiro. Here’s was another young twenty-something, completely out of his depth, trying so hard and so scared of failure. I especially remember realizing that Shiro was scared of being rejected and replaced by the people he loved and sacrificed for. But he was Shiro. He was competent and strong and so, so good. Obviously HE deserved his team and family and every good thing in the world. And he had a team that (I thought) recognized that in him. So I told myself, if Shiro can handle being responsible for Voltron and the entire universe, I can survive grad school. And if even Shiro doubts his worth to his friends and family when he’s Shiro, then my own fears about my loved ones were unfounded too.
And then season 3 hit, and I have to hand it to them, I don’t think they could have triggered every single one of my worst fears better if they had tried. Yes, no one will really care if you’re gone. Yes, all your loved ones will just move on if you disappeared. No, you aren’t capable or worthy of what you want to do. You are literally replaceable.
And Kuron was a big part of that. I pegged immediately that he wasn’t the same Shiro I had fallen in love with in the earlier seasons, and although I never hated him or thought he was at all at fault for whatever Hagar had planned for him, I could never get over the feeling that I was being lied to. That was not my Shiro, but the story kept trying to convince me it was and it wasn’t. And I was projecting HARD onto Shiro, so I didn’t just react to Kuron as the clone of my favorite character but like if Kuron were a clone of ME that was taking my place in MY family and everything was trying to convince me it didn’t make a difference. Your family still gets a version of you (and maybe even, less deep and struggling version of you, one that’s a little less in all the ways that just make you palatable), so why should you have a problem with it? They’re good, possibly even better, and so they never needed you, right?
Meanwhile, I felt so guilty about reacting like that. Because for all that I hated everything Kuron represented and seemed to say about me, I also knew he was a victim. I could see how hard he tried and that he was also struggling in an impossible situation he didn’t even understand. Kuron deserved love and support and a family just as much as Shiro did. But for Kuron to get the things he so desperately wanted, it seemed Shiro would have to lose those exact same things, and I couldn’t figure out a way to get out of the zero sum game. Particularly because they both needed so much intense personal and emotional support from their team. And as much as it isn’t fair, I knew from long personal experience that emotional resources are not infinite, and if you can fake being reasonably okay, the people with the most obvious emotional needs will always be taken care of first. And I couldn’t see in such a situation, and with Shiro being the self-sacrificing person that he is, Kuron not winning that unspoken competition. Meanwhile, if I tried just putting Shiro first anyway, I felt so guilty because Kuron deserved all the love and support too.
Which isn’t to say that a story can’t manage to be fair to both of them. I think a few fics have even managed to do it (The Monster in the Mirror by squirenonny is perhaps the most satisfying one I’ve found, and I continue to be astounded by how it manages to cover so much while also staying relatively short. How???! What did you have to sell???). There are also plenty of fics that are still good, and some that even enjoyed, even if they don’t strike the balance that I really want. I’ve just never managed to find the balance I feel like I can write. I still feel some guilt about that because Kuron deserved so much better, but I’ve also accepted that fanfic for me is self-indulgent and about writing the stories I need. So, for instance, there is no clone or clone arc in Stars From Me which is 100% a story that I needed to tell for me.
I will say, that until they killed Kuron off in a move I did not see coming at all, I fully expected to embrace Kuron once the truth came to life and I was able to interact with him as himself instead Not Shiro (Stop Lying!). But that never happened, and he was never given that chance. I’m...honestly still shocked that didn’t happen. (I also have gripes about how the clone arc makes no sense from the Galra/Hagar POV, but that’s for another post and also assumes Voltron was trying to have a coherent plot at that point which is demonstrably false.)
Anyway, all that is probably WAY more personal information than you were hoping for. The TL;DR version is I think Kuron is a good character (and a good person) who tried so, so hard in circumstances that, narratively speaking, are extremely interesting. I just never managed to latch onto him the way I did with the rest of Team Voltron, and there’s a little part of my that irrationally and unfairly resents his existence. I am even sometimes very interested Kuron stories, but I am very, very picky. And I’ve had to quit some otherwise good stories because they inadvertently threw me into a bad headspace.
So how’s that for an answer? XD
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cssk-0000 · 2 hours ago
I coughed up blood, feeling very much like a Victorian orphan dying of consumption in a cold grey alleyway in London. I raised a trembling hand, wishing to touch his face one last time, to brush my fingers against his lips and remind myself of a time where I felt alive.
“If you get blood on my new suit, I’ll personally send you to hell,” he snapped, handing me a wad of tissue. “Clean yourself up.”
I scowled at him. “I was having a moment.”
“You had a moment. When you insulted the mob boss and got beat up and dumped on my doorsteps the morning of my wedding. I think you’ve had enough moments.”
I stared at him through the mirror. “You look good. What a lucky bride.”
His jaw tightened. “Clean your face.”
I cupped a handful of water and splashed my face but one look at my reflection told me I’d need more than water to salvage my face. “I guess I won’t be attending your wedding, dear. I look a mess.”
He circled his hand around my wrist and spun me around, his hand gently cupping my face. “You have managed to ruin everything nice about weddings and yet, I put up with it. Now get into your dress and I’ll send the stylist over. I’ll meet you at the altar.”
I laughed. “I’ll be the one in white.”
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lylakoi · 4 hours ago
Racist homophobe much?
Greetings, anon.
Thank you for wasting your precious time on sending dumb asks to stranger’s blog. Hope that make you feel better, I sure am honored, cause that’s a first time I’ve been called both.
Generally speaking, in this part of the world people use word ‘nationalist’ more often, as the blend of races is far too diverse for ‘racist’ description being a thing. So assume you’d be from US or Canada. Which is fine, just note the rest of the world have different race dynamics than you do. Different history, different attitude.
That being said, no, I am indeed neither racist or homophobe. But that’s not gonna satisfy you, or the likes of you who think they can judge a person by his online presense. Who think humans are like boxes to be labelled. Go on, label your boxes till the life’s end, maybe one day you’ll learn think outside the box and will see human beings as wonderful and awful multi-dimensional characters that they are.
On a less nicer side: You know nothing about me or my life so shove your judgement into where it came from.
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sylvesters-sweet-ships · 6 hours ago
God I know I barely talk about him but
Tumblr media
Ryota,,, sir you own my heart
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bunbedo · 6 hours ago
kamisato ayaka came to me in a dream it was surreal
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retro-rezz-the-est · 7 hours ago
idk why i’m feeling like this rn but i’d kill to have a friendship/have friends like the one(s) that these five girls have:
Tumblr media
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fuumam0nou · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Levi and Lelouch and Fuuma, reading over my shoulder like creeps: OoH iS iT eReN?!
you guys wasn’t that joke EVEN FUNNIER the second time?
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sunflowergirl522 · 8 hours ago
Fun fact your brain can’t tell that those characters aren’t actually real so that character that you’re in love with or that you’re mourning over, you’re actually going through those feelings
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jelliedfox · 8 hours ago
Hi! Just want to say I’ve been following your work since the deviantart days and really respect how you write your characters storylines. In all the snippets and wips the main cast is never perfect and you always wonder who’s safe and who isn’t. I like that just because they’re the main characters doesn’t mean they’ll make it to the end and whatever sacrifices they made made sense if you know what I mean.
Aahhhhhhhh!! Deviantart writing!! I miss that! But yesss! I think I know which story you’re referring to, as well. The Original Work, right? I think lol
But yes aha. I always hate when I read a novel and the cast is protected by the plot or love of the writer. My characters in my epic fantasies are neeeevvvver safe. And in that particular story, so many of the main cast do not make it because it just...DOES NOT FIT THE NARRATIVE. I cried so hard writing some of those deaths but it needed to be done or else it’s obvious I’d be just favoring them too much. And it progressing the story, and gives even more barring to the plot!
So thank you anon! This made my day!
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tuwhacca · 9 hours ago
white ppl portraying moc (or male characters who are coded as poc) as like. haha stupid funy h*mbos is always going to bother me bc not only does it often result in instances of white people turning moc into harmful stereotypes, its also them taking away the intelligence and autonomy of moc in an attempt to render black and brown men into something completely palatable for white audiences because moc with intelligence, strength, and autonomy are just too scary and threatening for yall ig. like this bs comes in 2-3 flavours: u either dehumanize moc and portray us as stupid and/or brutish which feeds the broke white narrative That moc Are Dangerous and should be Put Down by c*ps or w/e, or its reducing moc to the dude who dies first and exists purely for the sake of making white ppl laugh, and/or they exist to solely be juxtapositioned to a (white) leading character in a way that makes the white lead look good (usually at the expense of the mcoc being taken seriously)
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shygirlbrenizquierdo2 · 11 hours ago
Okay, I'm just going to be brave and say it right now because it's been driving me a bit crazy for while now but am I the only one who DOESN'T really like or want to celebrate fictional cartoon character birthdays? Especially with this fandom? I mean, unless if it's their "birthday" as in the anniversary of their first debut or appearance then yeah, I probably will celebrate but that's is very different thing to what I'm saying here. Please don't give me hate if I am the only one here. I understand people might do it for fun and because they might love certain characters and trust me I do too but I...I don't know? This is just how I truly feel okay.
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oversizedbats · 12 hours ago
me talking about cassian to my roommate: yeah idk there’s just something so sexy about him when he gets angry like he’s just such an emotional person and he feels everything so intensely and I love to see that come out even if it is in a moment of anger and like he’s just so passionate even in the middle of a fight and he would never physically hurt someone he loves and even verbally he usually realizes he went too far right away and apologizes and ugh I love him
me when a real life man raises his voice slightly and it’s not even directed at me:
Tumblr media
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bucky17 · 12 hours ago
Name someone who hasn’t done something problematic, I need new people to stan
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evening-svn · 12 hours ago
I know i’ve already reblogged something similar~
Fuck you my child is completely fine!
Your child dreams of a relationship with a fictional character that isn’t even a good person, they just seem mean. But, they like the idea of being the only person they like, and they see them differently from others.
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