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#fictional characters

Emoji của các thành viên nè:

Minsu: 🐨 Ngoại hình thân thiện xù xù

Haneul: 🦋 Visual mong manh lộng lẫy

James: 🐻 Bự con nhưng ấm áp

Akio: 🐱 Kiêu kì và khó đoán

Yeong Hyun: 🦙 mi pan sususu chất đầy trong phòng

Woojin: 🦌 Bề ngoài điềm tĩnh, thanh lịch

Jang Wan: 🦄 weird as fck

Leon: 🐴 Tự do, phóng khoáng

Daehan: 🍓 Tươi mới và đáng yêu

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So I thought about doing my own version of questions that you can all answer about your characters! 😅 I dont know if anyone gonna use it, but I did, so thats okay 😂 You can write your answers and Im gonna be more then happy to see them, so yea! They can be kinda “dark” and serious, but maybe its just me, you decided 😅👍✨

1.What’s their favourite color?

2.What’s your character likes to wear?

3.Do they have some trauma?

4.What was their childhood like?

5.Which Parent is their favourite? (you can add why)

6.What’s their favourite food?

7.Are they or when are they mean to someone? (in what situation?)

8.What would be the reason for them to cry alone without telling anyone?

9.What could they be depressed about? (Like seriously depressed)

10.What do they do or what would they like to do for living?

11.Are they tough? (Both mentally and physically)

12.Are they brave or more cowardly?

13.What kind of music are they listening to?

14.Do they need to live with the other person or they fine just by themselves?

15.What kind of movies do they like and watch?

16.What’s their talent?

17.Do they know how to fight?

18.How would they react to someone being mean to them or someone they know constantly or very often?

19.Are they religious? If yes, in what religion do they believe in?

20.Where are they from?

21.Name couple things they hate.

22.Would they get along with cynical and sarcastic person?

23.What’s their handwriting like? Messy or neat? Nice or not?

24.What’s their favourite sport to watch or play? (or, and…)

25.Are they “open minded” and tolerant people?

26.What would make them cry in relationship?

27.What would make them angry?

28.What’s the food they hate or just dont like?

29.Who’s their favourite music artist?

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I wanted to share my opinion, see that Internet is a free place and everybody can share their truth. 

I’ve read a lot of posts of people criticizing various ships: Vanddermorgan, Morston, Morbell, people who say we shouldn’t ship something, or that we can’t like a determined character.

In Italy we have a saying (I don’t know if it exist in you language too). Live and let live. If you are reading something you don’t like, close it and go away. It is my choice to write that, it is your choice to read it or not. 

I don’t think a ship for a fictional character in a videogame might hurt someone! Because that’s what we are talking about: a Videogame. Let’s fight the real battles in real life and respect other people fantasy. 

I’m only saying this because this fandom is full of love and I care about it, and it feels like a safe place where we can all say out loud what we like without being judged. I don’t want it to turn into something hideous where people insult each other for the things they like!

Please, don’t take this as something personal. Of course, we are all free to share our opinion but always remember that our words may offend someone. 

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Originally posted by doctorwho247

Pros of Dating Him

  1. Travel through time and space, duh! He knows how much history and science fiction fascinate you and takes you to times and places he know will delight you just to watch you nerd out. “Oh- oh my God… is this… are we in REGENCY ERA BATH?!” “Fancy meeting Jane Austen?” “OH MY GOD.” “Allons-y!”
  2. Explaining Earth pop culture references - especially sci-fi geekery - to him would be so much fun. Like, can you imagine making him watch Star Trek? “And these humans just travel around the universe on their space ship exploring and saving the day?” “Yup.” “And they have this Prime Directive that they cannot interfere with the normal and healthy development of any alien race… but they break it all the time because morals and ethics are just a tad more complex than that.” “Yuuup.” “Well, I can certainly relate to that on a deeply personal level.” *snort*
  3. Converse. The stripey suit. The HAIR. He’s just so gosh dang CUTE.

Cons of Dating Him

  1. Uh… he’s immortal, which is the reason why none of his companions can be with him forever. Same would apply to being in a romantic relationship with him, as we know from canon. *stares listlessly into the abyss*
  2. He’s got 900 years’ worth of emotional baggage, including carrying the burden of being the last of his race, having survived the Time War and subsequent death of his planet. Talk about a guilt complex. Yikes.
  3. I dunno, man. I’m tired and can’t think of anything else that’s major right now. The first two are big enough problems anyway, lol.

Send me a character for headcanons of 3 pros and 3 cons of dating them

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if members of the bau became unsubs:


Aaron Hotchner: the story starts with foyet and haley. so in this case hotch doesn’t get to the house in time and foyet kills both haley and jack and escapes. no one hears anything about foyet after that. after this hotch slowly starts to lose himself he starts killing more unsubs on cases and pushing himself too hard that like you can tell he’s not sleeping or taking care of himself. he starts drinking more in a way to get drunk rather than to just have a drink and then one day the team is trying to get him to get help and he just snaps at them yelling and telling them he doesn’t need help all that stuff. strauss makes him take a 3-month leave from the job so he can control himself and work on healing from the death of his family but those three months are up and he doesn’t come back. soon there’s a killer who is traveling across state lines killing people as killers do. then one day when they’re looking at the case and they’re looking at the people that are dead spencer realizes that most of the people look like foyet. dave decides now is a good time to call hotch when he calls his own number no one’s there so they assume he just changed his number. The team then goes and start trying to profile this unsub who’s killing all these people who look like foyet. they end up making the profile lead straight back to hotch which no one can believe because he was their boss for years so they don’t want to believe it. until they catch him the act of killing someone at this point he actually is killing foyet because he found him in hiding and he ends up killing him with his bare hands rather than a gun like in the normal episode. The team ends up arresting him and bringing him to jail but he has no regrets for what he did because he snapped after the loss of his wife and child. (this one is super long because the idea was already in my head)

Spencer Reid: after he gets out of jail he learns that cat and lindsey killed his mother. he does not return to the bau because he lost his last family member. he starts hunting teams of hitmen and women taking them down so no one can lose their family. JJ is the one who makes the connection of how all the people were hit women and finds spencer. he ends up going to a different jail where he is respected instead of hated.

Elle Greenaway: after she leaves the bau she starts to go around killing rapists or people with sexual assult complaints in high power positions. she always leaves red roses at the crime scene and taunts the bau for not being able to catch her because she knows how to get away with it. in the end spencer catches her in the act and is the one to throw her into jail.

JJ: will ends up dying at the end of season seven and the face cards get away. izzy also sees the opportunity and kills henry and gets away. jj quits the job and spends a few months mourning the death of her husband and son. she then ends up finding the ‘face cards’ and killing them for what they did to her family.

Emily: she truly falls in love with doyle but when he is arrested she pushes her love for him aside. after he escapes prison she starts to track him down. when she finds him she leaves the bau. they end up being an international team. matt simmons and his old team end up catching her and they bring her and doyle to the bau so they can all see what happened to their old teammate.

Derek Morgan: after the run in with buford in season two he starts getting more reckless during the job. soon he quits realizing seeing people who went through the same thing as him is too hard. he ends up going around the country finding public figures, who are important in small commuities, who abuse their power to do harm. he kills them but leaves no trace until there is a witness. the bau comes in and learns that its derek and sadly have to arrest their old friend.

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One week, folks! One last dance for the 2020 race for the championship. Who will succeed the incumbent champion, Gary Goodspeed and Final Space, and taking home the crown? Yukio Okumura and Blue Exorcist? Or Alex Papasian and Bob’s Burgers? Polls open Next Sunday!

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Duncan looked around the bar as he watched his friends enjoy themselves before their next mission. Their next mission was taking them off planet to the Moon colony that was attempting to leave the planetary union that was created after Earth was attacked by an alien species that Duncan thought he would never see again. One that caused major destruction on his home planet, where he was always in his true form, that of a Red Regal Dragon Lord.

He was the leader of his people. He should have been there to protect them when this species, who always lurked in the shadows while hunting their prey, attacked his planet from within its own ranks destroying everything that meant everything to him. But instead, Duncan was here on Earth in his human form messing around with strippers and having a grand time in the club that he opened once he was able to learn more about Earth culture. It was a bar or club that all mercenaries could come to hangout and play around. The girls he hired were always of the highest quality from every species that consisted of the planetary union.

Yes, he owns the club and ran it when he was not out trying to hunt these creatures who destroyed his family and his home. But because of the secrecy of his society, he had to stay in his human form except when he was on mission with the men and women that he had come to call his other family. His Mercenary crew, the Dragons as he thought of them. Although many of them were of human form, there were a select few that were of magical powers like he was. These men and women were also not originally of Earth origin, but they were summoned to Earth to protect Earth by those like Duncan who have God-like powers.

Duncan turned to his right and saw his human wife walking down the stairs from the VIP level where all of his closest friends would spend their time at the club and talk about all of the missions they’ve been on or the people they’ve all lost during this conflict with an alien entity that they couldn’t see. One that everyone referred to as the Shadow League. A species of non-human beings. Shadows basically as humans saw them. They were a non-corporeal being that are super difficult to kill let alone to capture. Human ways of killing will not even leave a scratch on these beings. That is why the men and women who were up in the VIP section were summoned to fight the “demons” as humans thought of them.

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