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Prompt #25: “sometimes you can even see”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker
Words: 477
Summary: College Freshman Michelle Jones is smitten.  
Author’s Note: It’s another rare divergence from canon, yay! I wanted to put our kids in college and didn’t feel like messing around with FFH identity reveal complications, so AU it is. (And an AU is also an excuse to play with a more confident Peter and MJ). 

Michelle doesn’t know how she got here.

Five weeks in to her first semester of undergrad at ESU, and after swearing she’ll focus solely on her studies, she’s already fallen for a guy.

It’s bad enough that she was immediately taken with Peter Parker, the Physics genius who’s known for his flakiness and general irresponsibility.

It’s worse she learns by chance that the amiable guy’s shortcomings are explained by the fact that he’s NYC’s favorite superhero.

And it’s the worst that he’s somehow convinced her to go on a date, and he’s now in the process of talking her into some Spider-Man shit.

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Has anyone else noticed that the fics posted during quarantine are mostly horny or sad? Like collectively the new ones I’ve seen posted are either filthy in the best way or a tear jerking angst fic.

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prompt: 18. “You don’t see it?” and 12. “Watch me.”

fandom, pairing: Sanders Sides, mosleep

stuffs: coffee shop au, telling a crush something without permission, food mentions

Remy went to the coffee shop on first and fifteenth almost every day. Sometimes they’d run into a friend, sometimes they’d just spend a half hour alone, observing the people in the area. It was nice and relaxing.

It became a little less relaxing when the coffee shop hired a new barista.

His name was Patton, and he was cute.

Remy had become so flustered that when they got their coffee they immediately left.

But they settled into a new normal. Remy would arrive, chat with Patton while refusing to blush when Patton laughed, get their coffee, and sit at their regular spot.

Their friend Roman knew about their crush. One day he had sat down across from Remy and said, “I thought you were going to find a new coffee shop.”

“I… I was,” Remy said. “But, uh…” They nodded toward Patton, who was helping another customer.

Roman grinned, and made it his mission to pester Remy often about their crush.

“Just tell him,” he said one day, sipping his coffee as Remy waited for theirs.

“Why?” Remy asked. “There’s no point. He doesn’t like me back.”

“Did he say that?”

“Well, no–”

“You don’t see it?”


Roman laughed. “I’m pretty sure Patton likes you as much as you like him.”

Remy bit his lip.

“Look, if you don’t tell him, I will.” Roman had admittedly grown a little tired of watching Remy watching Patton as Patton did his job.

Remy glared at Roman. “Don’t.”

Roman gave an easy smile. “Watch me.” He got up and started walking to the counter.

“Roman!” Remy hissed after him. They covered their face, not wanting to watch Roman talk to Patton.

Roman came back and sat down. “He thinks you’re cute too,” he said.

Remy peeked through their hands. “Really?”

Roman nodded, smiling, and held up a finger as if saying ‘wait for it’.

Patton called out Remy’s name for their coffee order, but had gone back to taking orders by the time Remy had gotten to the counter. Remy felt a little disappointed, but when they grabbed their cup they noticed extra handwriting. 

‘I like you a latte!’, a smiley face, and a phone number.

Remy looked over at Patton, who glanced at them and winked.

This turned out better than expected.

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Fictober 2020, Day 25

  • Prompt: “Are you kidding me?”
  • Original Fiction
  • Rating: G
  • Warnings: mention of death in the family, mention of grief / depression
  • Word Count: 671

Laurie shoved her chair back, screeching it across the floor as she stood up. “Are you kidding me?” Matti stayed seated and looked straight into her eyes. “No, I’m not.” Laurie threw her hands up in exasperation and paced behind the chair. “I thought we talked about this, I thought…”

Matti finished the sentence for her. “You thought I had changed my mind?” She yelled back, even louder, “Yes!” Matti gave her a minute, noticing how she was clenching and unclenching her fists, trying to get her anger under control, then replied, “You agreed last night, so I went ahead and scheduled an appointment.”  

Laurie stopped and looked at him, confusion on her face for a moment until her mouth turned down into a grimace. “I did, didn’t I? It wasn’t a full agreement, though, it was in the moment and I just…” She stopped, and came back to sit down at the table, sinking into her chair. “I didn’t mean for you to go ahead, I was just upset at the time and thought it might be a good idea.” 

Matti got up and came over to sit next to her. “I know, but that’s the point. You’ve had so many moments where you thought it might be good, only to change your mind later. Isn’t that an indicator that we should just go? That something is wrong?” 

Laurie shook her head, “No, those were just moments of weakness, everything felt like a lot to handle then but it’s better now, I’m handling it.” Matti shook his head, the lines around his eyes tightening, and Laurie realized that he was starting to get angry. 

“Why won’t you admit it, Laurie? You love me, right? I know this has been hard, but you barely talk to me about it, you just pretend like everything’s fine, and I can see how upset you are, especially when you think I’ve turned away and your face just collapses, I…” His face crumples, and Laurie realizes, perhaps for the first time, that she really hadn’t been hiding her sadness as well as she thought, and how unfair she had been to Matti. 

She reached over and took one of his hands in both of hers. “I’m sorry, Matti, I just… I didn’t want to weigh you down with how I felt. It’s been months since Aunt Nal died and I just feel like I should be over it, and…” He put his other hand over hers. “I know, Laurie, I know. But we’re in this together, right? And getting help doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re finally recognizing your problems and trying to do something about it, instead of pretending they aren’t there. This has been hard for you, too hard, and I think that sometimes we need help processing things. Trust me, I wish I could have been there better, I wish I could have helped you work through it, but…” 

He trailed off as he looked down, and Laurie immediately replied. “Matti, that’s not fair and you know it. You’ve been wonderful the last few months and if anything I’ve felt like I’ve been the burden. I was so afraid of causing you more pain that I thought I could just deal with it myself.” 

She gave a half-smile as she peeked under his hair so she could see his eyes. “Clearly I didn’t do as good of a job as I thought, though.” He gave a half smile back, and raised his head as he replied, “So you’ll tell me when you’re upset? You’ll go with me to counseling?” 

She nodded. “Yes, and I am sorry, Matti, for what it’s worth.” He shook his head just a little, “No, it’s alright, I know you were doing the best you can. I’m just glad you’re willing to be honest about it now, or at least try to be.” He gave her a smile, then leaned over to kiss her cheek. “I love you.” She kissed him back, properly, then replied, “Love you, too.”

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Prompt: “Sometimes you can even see”
Fandom: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Rating: G

Byleth always had such a stoic look on his face, that the first time Annette found him playing with the cats, she rubbed at her eyes, wondering if she was seeing things, or dreaming.

But no, there he was, teasing one of the monastery cats with a long stick.  They both seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Before she knew it, Annette had Mercedes beside her, and they were both watching in wonder.

“Sometimes, you can even see him smile,” Annette whispered to her friend.  “Are we sure this is the same guy?”

“Everyone has a weakness, Annie,” Mercedes said with a gentle laugh.  “I think we shouldn’t point it out that we’ve seen him, though.”

“Aw, but I want to play with the cats with him.”

“Perhaps another time.”

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25. sometimes you can even see

FOX! 911 | description of a fatal car accident, hurt / comfort

Buck sat down heavily on the bench in the locker room. The only sounds were those of lockers opening and closing, or the rustle of clothing as two crews changed. Those who were coming on knew what those who were leaving had faced, and no amount of banter could lift the veil of grief.

He stayed there, stock-still in a uniform still damp from sweat. Soot marks covered his face and hands from pulling people out of a burning car.

No, not people - bodies.

His fingers tightened around a dirty stuffed bunny as he struggled to swallow past the lump in his throat. He should get up and go for a run. He should shower. He should get out of his dirty work clothes.

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Prompt number: 21 - “this, this makes it all worth it”
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Some minor blood and violence - Minor torture, sort of.

The beginning of this has Dialogue taken directly from the episode it is based on; Season 11 - ep14, I believe, The Vessel. I’m sure you’ll recognise the dialogue if you watched the series.


Sam entered the main room looking for Cas. He found him standing at the table cutting up ingredients for something. Curious and confused, he approached his friend and tried not to grimace at the sight on the table. Those were some gruesome ingredients and he’d seen his fair share of the horrific.

“Hey. Cas, what is that?”

Cas didn’t even look up from his cutting as he answered in an almost casual tone of voice. “It’s your spell of gathering.”

“You nuts? You’re not strong enough Cas, you could get hurt!” He argued back immediately. Why the hell did Cas continue with this when it was clearly not going to work?

“You found a better option?”

Sam wants to say yes, wants to offer something, anything that won’t end in his friend being torn to pieces. “Well, no, but… without a serious boost to your angel power, that spell won’t even work!” It’s a feeble defense, he knows. He can tell from the determined look from Cas. For Dean, both of them would do whatever it took.

“My strength may surprise you.” Sam appreciated the attempt to instill confidence, even though it didn’t work. An idea hit him then, something that might work.

“Wait a second. I remember Bobby told me when you needed strength to retrieve us from the past, you used him to power up. You touched his soul, right?”

“That’s right, I did that. But that procedure can be fatal.” Sam ignored that, his mind already moving on to saving Dean. This could work!

“Use my soul. That way maybe you’ll have enough power to wield the spell.”

“That isn’t necessary.”

“It’s worth the risk. Cas, Dean needs our help. I trust you.” It was the truth and he hoped Cas heard that, but instead his friend started to laugh and if that wasn’t strange enough –to hear Cas laugh, so open- the way his voice slowly shifted into an eery cheerfulness had Sam bewildered and uneasy. “What?”

“Oh, it’s just - I don’t need you anymore. I mean, Dean’s the one with the link to Amara, why have I been trying to spare you? I mean maybe it’s because you’re like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom.”

Suddenly Cas grabbed a hold of him and slammed him against one of the Bunker’s support columns, hard. “I will touch your soul. Just because you asked so nicely, and I’ll use your spell to blast through the warding and retrieve Dean and the uh, Hand of God, and then when Dean comes back and he finds this place decorated with your guts, I will tell him the truth, Sam. I’ll just say, ‘Dean - ’

He paused and smiled, before shifting his voice back to his normal, serious voice.” 'Dean… he knew the risks. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.’

“Lucifer.” Sam gasped in horror, hoping beyond all hope that he was wrong. But the words, the tone, the look in those once friendly eyes…It was him.

“In the flesh.” He answered cheerily, and then he reached into Sam’s chest, reaching for his soul. Sam screamed as the agony seared his entire body from the inside out. Cas -no, Lucifer- was smiling, almost like he was savouring the moment. He probably was, Sam realised.

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Prompt: 25. “Sometimes you can even see.”

Fandom: Critical Role

Pairing: Yasha Nydoorin/Jester Lavorre

Rating: General Audiences

Summary: Yasha shows Jester some special flowers.


When they walked through the tree line, Yasha could feel Jester’s excitement radiate off of her.

The tiefling skipped through the lush field, stopping at different flowers and plants. “Is it this one? Or this one? Maybe these?”

Yasha knelt down in front of a beige flower, its petals slightly shriveled. She cradled the bulb in her callused hands. Jester plopped down onto the ground beside her.

“This is the one I want to show you.” Yasha said. “Sometimes you can even see it change colors.”

“Whoa.” Jester’s eyes widened. “That sounds pretty cool.”

Yasha nodded. “It is.”

A fuzzy bee landed on the flower. As it collected pollen, the petals flourished with hues both dark and light. By the time the bee flew away, the flower settled on a gradient of blue and silver.

Jester gasped. “Yasha, it’s beautiful!”

“And now it’s yours.” Yasha gently plucked the stem from the ground. She wrapped it around one of Jester’s horns, tucking the bloom against the side of her hair. “It looks good on you.”

“Oh, Yasha.” Jester’s smile lit up her entire face. She raised a hand and cupped the barbarian’s cheek. “Thank you very much for bringing me here.”

Yasha looked down, suddenly overwhelmed by a rush of emotions. “Ah, well. You know. We passed by them earlier and I knew you’d want to see them.”

“You were right. They’re very lovely.”

Yasha met her soft gaze. “Yes, you a- They. They are.”

“I heard that.” Jester said in a singsong tone.

She noted Yasha’s intense blush, but Jester knew there was a very good chance Yasha would pass out if she commented on it. Instead, she rubbed Yasha’s back and stood up. “Come on. Let’s head back before it gets too late.”

“Yeah, okay.” Yasha pawed at her face, as if she could wipe the blush away. “Right behind you.”

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Prompt number: 13 (“I missed this”) and 15 (“not interested, thank you”)

Fandom: Gravity Falls (Transcendence AU), All The Wrong Questions

Rating: T

Warnings/Tags: None

Read on AO3

I’m posting this on Tumblr around a week after i posted it on AO3, for some reason. Anyway, enjoy the crossover that no one needed!

Dipper had found the town with the seaweed forest a few days ago (or weeks ago, or months, time is an illusion and no one really gives a shit), when he had woken up from a nap and the apocalypse that was devastating the planet had been over for thousands of years.

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Prompt 24
: “Are you kidding me?”
Fandom: Mass Effect
Title: Not Covered In Basic 
Pairing: Malcolm Shepard/ Ashley Williams
Rating PG
Warnings: Krogan

When they got to the c-sec headquarters after they had dealt with Fist and taken on Tali as a new crew member - the Krogan that Garrus had mentioned was standing by the lift to the docking bay waiting. 

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Fandom: Doctor Who/BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Amy Pond x Sherlock Holmes
Rating: T
Summary: Amelia Jessica Pond was not one for mess.

Sure, you could say that life itself could be messy sometimes, but she did not like when the house was a mess. Clean house, clean mind. And that was put to the test when she moved in with one consulting detective.
Words: 912
Notes: Written for Fictober-Event, prompt #28. “do I have to do everything here?”

Read @ AO3

Amelia Jessica Pond was not one for mess.

Sure, you could say that life itself could be messy sometimes, but she did not like when the house was a mess. Clean house, clean mind. And that was put to the test when she moved in with one consulting detective.

Sherlock Holmes could be a mess. Papers here, experiments on the fridge, odds and ends here and there, a thin layer of dust on the furniture… her patience was tested the first few months. But, Sherlock being Sherlock, made it all the more rewarding when she managed to get him to clean. Of course, a clean flat didn’t last, but it was the fact that he tried, for her.

She had kept her modeling job, one that was turning out to be lucrative. Her Petrichor ad had opened some doors, now, she could do commercials and be on the telly. Take that, everyone who said she wouldn’t make it!

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Prompt: 25 - “sometimes you can even see”

Fandom: SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic)

Rating: G (mentions of death) 

Paring: mentions of Theron/Sith Inquisitor

Jace was never exactly close to Theron. That was something he had always regretted. He may not always agree with his son’s choices (Darth Imperius), but he still cared about him. Satele’s and Theron’s disappearance was something that hit Jace hard. The last time Jace saw Theron they talked about his relationship with Darth Imperius. Now the Sith Lord is dead by Emperor Arcann’s hand and there was a fragile peace between the Zakuulan Empire and the Republic. 

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this list | msr | post-ep for s4x04 unruhe | angst & hurt/comfort | 1.6k words | pg(-13) | ao3 link 

prompt 8: “i’m not doing that again.”

thank you to iz @dianafowleys for helping with the german!

tagging: @today-in-fic @xffictober


Outside the RV, the glare of day is nearly blinding. Scully stumbles into the grass, her stomach rolling, mouth twisted into a knot.

A few yards away, a clump of officers are talking, and she catches bits and pieces, something about profiling, about genius. She rests a hand on the metal to steady herself, needing to keep her composure. It wouldn’t do to collapse in front of them. 

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prompt: “sometimes you can even see”
fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
pairing: Jounouchi Katsuya/Kaiba Seto
rating: teen
warnings: none
a/n: look, i’m not sure what i wrote for Kaiba’s birthday here. but it includes both pre-established relationship and a dimension-hopping Kaiba from a parallel universe | Kaiba had always been his own worst enemy.

His feet slowly descended onto the floor. He sensed it was carpeted before the bright blue haze of the protective field generated by the Dimension Emulator cleared. The familiar sight of his office greeted him. Well, maybe not his specific office, given the shiny barrel of a handgun he was currently staring down.

“Who are you?” the man pointing the gun demanded with fury blazing in his narrowed, blue eyes. “What are you?”

Kaiba raised one confident hand, his arm adorned with the active Duel Disk and pushed the firearm aside. “That should be obvious. I’m you. From another dimension.”

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Prompt number: 25 - “Sometimes you can even see”

Fandom: The Old Guard

Rating: PG-13

Warnings/Tags: Outsider pov, joe x nicky

Andrew smiles at Bri. She’s the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and he doesn’t know how he convinced her he’s worth her time. “Do you want to hear a local love story?”

Her face dimples with the smallest smile, and she ducks her head, peeking up at him through the curtain of her hair. “I’d love to.” For a second, Andrew forgets how to breathe. He’s frozen in her golden gaze, and if he dies right now, he thinks it would be worth it if her face is the last thing he sees.

“Long ago, two enemies from different parts of the world traveled here together. They were both of similar stature, tall and sturdy, but while one burned in the sun, the other one glowed.”

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