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hearticho · a year ago
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“We aren’t a team,” Blake says, aiming for flat and hating the way her voice wavers. “One job. Nothing else.”
GIF set made for: @fiddleabout​ and her Team RWBY + Ilia Amitola Leverage AU
A peek inside the fic: FOUND FAMILY, “sometimes bad guys make the best good guys,” (un)resolved sexual tension but also Soft bees, schneekos and their gay yearning, plotting Jacques Schnee’s demise
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ultranos · 3 years ago
fiddleabout replied to your post: above-d-clouds replied to your post: ...
it’s not the same as indiana jones, for example, using nazis as bad guys. for one, period pieces set in WWII are different. for another, it wasn’t making the overt question of the whole story arc “what if the hero of your story was a nazi?”, which is way different. this would have been more like if when jones found his dad in the third movie and sean connery turned out to be a nazi.
I mean, i have trouble with the premise of “the Nazis win WWII” because jesus fuck, they were not that competent and there’s a lot of bullshit heavy lifting that needs to be done to actually make that plausible. Which no one ever does with this type of story line. The other huge side-eye is that at least some people on 52 other Earths may have known about this and all...decided to do jack-shit? Hope it wouldn’t affect them ever? Because that didn’t even work in WWII so what the actual fuck.
But I think there’s a fundamental difference between this crossover and, say, Secret Empire which also had “what if your superhero was a Nazi”. But articulating this is a problem we’ve collectively had since Arendt.
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smallandsundry · 2 years ago
hi hello for the prompt thing supercorp and the delicately palette please!!!
Tumblr media
here ya go also have some puppies
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bigmammallama5 · a year ago
“Sometimes, being a complete nerd comes in handy.”
Kara adjusted her glasses smugly with barely a shoulder shimmy as Lena tried to burn a hole in her with her eyes. Lena glanced at the board of little colorful trains arranged on the simplified map of Europe, and the little blue train car Kara had just parked at Paris effectively earning the longest route. One perfectly manicured brow arched.
“Did you know your train is in the shape of a di-”
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catalyswitch · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“We’re a bunch of thieves”  For @fiddleabout‘s fantastic Leverage AU (which you can and should read Here). A gift of a fic series based on a gift of a show. 
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sinand-misery · a year ago
dinah/helena 42 ayyyyyyy
42. “I’m only here to establish an alibi.”
Title: i don’t wanna keep secrets [just to keep you]
Author: Sydney Redfield
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Pairing: Dinah Lance/Helena Bertinelli
Rating: T+
Disclaimer: This isn’t real. I own nothing.
Summary: Harley needs an alibi and finds out a secret in the process.
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“Are you really going to bitchsplain Picasso to me?” Weiss snaps.
for you, it's gotta be something from mixed media! weiss & blake snotty art students 4eva
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catalyswitch · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pacific Rim AU sketches for @fiddleabout and @smallandsundry!!!
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perpetuallyfive · a year ago
Tumblr media
I see you feel strongly about this.
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thecousinsdangereux · 9 months ago
smalls' art hostage demands OBVIOUSLY
hkjfhskldh this is from April 2017 apparently and thus for Power Rangers (of course). After this, we made Ranger Danger snapbacks, which I (of course) still have: 
“Zack and the Rangers?” 
It’s their second practice and Zack is running out of names. The others have also long stopped listening to his suggestions. He’s hardly put out though, not when Billy has somehow found the time to screen print their lightning bolt logo on a personalized item of clothing for each of them, in their color and style of choice. 
It’s somehow almost as cool as the first time they’d gotten their armor, and Kim is the first to whip off her current shirt and replace it with her new tank, pink and oversized and a little distressed, just the way she likes it. Everyone does their best not to stare at this particular display, mainly by busying themselves with following suit; Trini pulls her new beanie on so fast that the rest of the rangers nearly miss the sight of her pinkening ears. 
“Dang, B, this fits perfectly. Like… weirdly perfectly.” Zack runs a hand down his black v-neck, eyebrows lifted as he does a little twirl to show of the fit. “Have you been sneaking into my bedroom and taking my measurements when I sleep?” 
“Oh, no -- no I can just tell. 5’ 10”. 170 pounds. 41” chest.” Billy glances around, as though baffled by the rest of the Ranger’s confusion. “It’s-- you can just look at him, guys! Come on.” 
“Billy knows my body,” Zack sings, stretching out the ‘y’ as he does a little hip roll. “Aw yeah.” 
“Billy apparently knows all of our bodies,” Jason says with a little grin, stretching his chest to show off his own shirt. “You’re not that special.” 
Zack just shrugs though, then revises his song, this time adding a little guitar riff at the end. “Billy knows all our bodies.” 
“Aw, guys -- no, no.” Billy waves his sticks in the air in protest, but there’s a bashful little smile in place too. 
“It’s okay, Billy. We like it,” Kim says with a little wink. “No danger of any of us taking offense when it comes to you.” 
Trini smirks. “No danger from any of the Rangers.”
The gasp Zack makes is audible and the group seems to almost collectively exchange a glance. 
“Ranger Danger!” 
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catalyswitch · a year ago
Tumblr media
Good morning and Happy Friday!
Any Schneekos I draw is By Definition for @fiddleabout
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powerbottomblake · a year ago
fiddleabout replied to your post “The reason why the Fur Situation is ambiguous and required the...”
just watch it and be in denial. i reject the fur. it's not there.
fiddle reacting live from ba sing se
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smallandsundry · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
via @fiddleabout: #alex wants a dragon so bad you don’t understand      #and like      #omg      #do i also want a spike the dragon who can shrink down into an iguana?      #you know i fucking do oh my god     #but like      #pls imagine director danvers harrumphing around the deo being all boss-like     #with her wee little iguana-dragaon just always chilling on her shoulder      #her name is priscilla and alex uses her to scare the pants off of uppity new recruits
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thecousinsdangereux · a year ago
Sorry to bother but there’s an au that I’ve been desperately trying to remember and wanted to see if it rang any bells? It’s like a secret agent/break in type au but yang and Blake aren’t that acquainted with each other yet and they have to make out to blend in/hide and things get kind of hot and heavy between them.. any clue?
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this, anon. I asked around and couldn’t find a fic that totally matched your description, but if you’re looking for a good heist AU, I can easily recommend @fiddleabout‘s Leverage AU series we are falling but not alone.
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lightsaroundyourvanity · 7 months ago
13 14 26 and 27 please and thank you VERY much
you woke up and chose violence this morning huh
13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character?
i don’t care about marrow even a little bit!!!!!! i think he is boring. i am sorry.
14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?
ummmm a lot of people are not as deep as they think they are and a lot more smug than i think they realize.
26. Most shippable character?
yang or winter!
27. Least shippable character?
tyrian................... no thank u 
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bigmammallama5 · 11 months ago
fiddleabout replied to your post “fiddleabout replied to your post “I really, really, really missed...”
I WANT 47 OF THEM like i have ZERO uses but also i want them so i can strategically deploy them around the department just so i can squee over them constantly
ME TOO like I do want a few little spice bowls but I have no practical use for the tiny ones
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