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#fig faeth

bad kids but that one episode that had an arcade and instantly made me think of cabinet man

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d20 alphabet day three: c (cooking)

[the bad kids’ semi-disastrous attempt at baking cookies]

read here! ( @dimension20alphabet )

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C: Cooking for @dimension20alphabet 

Summary:  With all the adults in Mordred Manor gone at the same time, which is a rare occasion, the girls of the house decided they were going to try and cook something for themselves. With this group of teenagers, what could possibly go wrong?

Characters: Aelwyn Abernant, Adaine Abernant, Kristen Applebees, and Fig Faeth

Word Count: 1.5k

read on ao3!!

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Fig and Gorgugs friendship: Friends supporting each other through and through.

Fig and Fabian friendship: Fuck you. Fuck me yourself coward/ look at my friend, their a bitch but i love them

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Drabble #2 for the @dimension20alphabet​! Prompt: ball

Fabian waits just outside the ballroom. He doesn’t adjust his mask, because his mask is perfect, but he does catch his reflection in the filigree of the door handles and preen for a moment.

The announcer finishes the last of his titles, and he steps through, and begins descending the stairs

Fig watches the newest arrival enter. They’re wearing a mask that ‘ornate’ doesn’t quite cover; a gleaming white swan, accented with gold detailing. It connects to what she thinks might be real swan feathers worked into their white hair, that connects down into a feathered cowl that perfectly matches their gown.

The feathers taper off at the shoulder and the entire front is glittering with silver—gems? Glass? Fig can’t tell, but where it should be gaudy, they manage to pull it off. She starts as she realizes that they’re not just moving toward the snack table (which is so big it takes up a whole wall of the ballroom) but gliding towards her.

Fabian looks over the crowd as he crosses the last step. He can recognize a number of the people here, and makes note of which ones to talk to later. His gaze catches on one person in particular, though, that he doesn’t recognize.

They’re wearing a black silk suit with just the faintest red embroidery, but that’s not what catches his eye—though the detail work is impressive, even from this distance. Their mask… It’s a grotesque thing, really, the twisted face of a devil snarling at anyone who looks at it, painted matte except for metallic red lines that only add to the already sharp lines. That… that is the mask of somebody Fabian would like very much to get to know.

“Fabian Seacaster,” he says, holding out a gloved hand.

“I heard,” they say, and look awkwardly down at the small plate of snacks in their hand, “Sorry about that, I, uh, wouldn’t want to get your uh. Gloves. Dirty. Fig.”


“My name! That’s my name, Fig, that’s me,” Fig says, and she wants to just give up and wipe her hands on her suit but Gorgug might actually kill her for ruining it.

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sooo how do y’all draw the bad girls? because i’m starting to realize i take a lot of creative liberties

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fig time <3

[Image ID: A digital drawing of Fig Faeth from Dimension 20, posing and looking forward. She is a fat woman with horns and pointed ears poking out from her bangs. She has her hand up in a fist, with the pointer finger and pinkie finger out, and her other hand is behind her. She is winking and sticking her tongue out, with her hip cocked to one side and her two plaits  behind her. She is wearing a crop top with a wizard on it over a long sleeve black mesh shirt, as well as black platform boots and a black overalls skirt.]

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i LOVE when fig does something particularly hell-ish, especially before she became the archdevil of the insatiable pit, because everyone else’s reactions are just SO funny, like here fig is dragging people to hell and cackling about it, and before they all became Besties i can just picture the unease on everyone’s face

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