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Tag someone who could do these moves 👇
🎥 @sasuke_nin_ja Autumn foliage and kenjutsu🍁⚔️
#gopro #goproのある生活
#asia #japan #yokohama #autumn #view #workout #training #martialarts #budo #iai #kenjutsu #katana #fight #MartialArts #samurai #ninja
👍 by @katana_sword_reviews

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It’s tough to stay put in the same place for a very long time, lalo na kapag malayo sa mga mahal mo sa buhay. However, maybe the word “tough” wasn’t in my dictionary, basta para sa pamilya kaya!💪 Sabi nga nila , sanayan lang yan..patibayan ng dibdib at palakasan na lang ng loob. 10 years ago, i decided to go out of my comfort zone… miles away! When i had set foot on Hongkong soil, para akong isang isda na hinango mula sa tubig at nilagay sa lupa. Parang gusto ko na agad bumalik sa Pilipinas nung nandito na ako. Pero di ko nagawa kasi nandito pa din ako makalipas ang isang dekada😂

The Yung family have accepted and considered me as part of their family since December 02, 2010. They have loved me through every circumstance that came my way. They have smiled and celebrated with me during the highs of my life and cried with me through the lows, even during the darkest days of my life they have hugged me and even shared me some light. I have watched them go thru difficult situations too. I have seen them endure hard times, sickness, and loss, but despite the pain and the hurt, i can still see a smile on their faces everytime my eyes meet theirs.😊

And today, im happy and grateful that God gave me this family to work with. Suffice to say, for the past years ive worked harder than i thought. Im proud of how i have been handling my life away from home despite of all the challenges that came along the journey. I have fought many silent battles thru prayers over the last 10 years. I have silently cried at night and wiped my own tears a lot of times with my bare hands kapag pagod na ako at namimiss ko ang mga anak ko. Nauusal ko na lang lagi sa sarili ko pagkatapos kong suminghot at suminga..😝 “laban lang girl, kaya pa!”

Thank you God!🙏 My cup is overflowing..

December 02, 2010-2020

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Hey sisters. I’d like to ask you all to listen to spend 10 mins from your life on Madonna Woman of The Year Full Speech | Billboard Women in Music 2016 I promise you that you wont regret it. ALL WOMAN HAVE TO HEAR THIS.

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At the park playing around with sticks and the different ranges.
Always have fun and enjoy the journey
#discipline #hardwork #focus #determination #defensivefit #fighting #fearless #combatconditioning #fitafter40 #fma #filipinokali #filipinomartialarts #arnis #escrima #stickfighting #fight #selfdefense #combatives #boxing #panantukan (at Nomahegan Park)

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Q:  Who would win in a fight between Spider-man and Batman, and why?

A:  My deep and abiding love for Tom Holland demands that I say Spider-man, but I really do think he would win.  Batman has brute force and great gadgets, but Spidey is quick and wily and young.  Youth counts for a lot in these battles.

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@crazyangelgarcia says it doesn’t matter that @dannyswiftgarcia is being pegged as the underdog vs. @errolspencejr

#Boxing #Boxeo #RBRBoxing #RoundByRoundBoxing #SpenceGarcia #PBConFox #PremierBoxingChampions #BoxingNews #Fight #Champ #Welterweight #Philly #AngelGarcia

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Fuck Ellen Ripley…I’d rather be Lynn Peltzer

#gremlins #badass #billysmom #getoutofmykitchen #watchoutforthattree #christmas #fight #goals #creepmas #horrorchick #horrornerd #youtuber #snarkmastergeneral #nerd #shenerd #fairygoremother

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Hey Tumblr followers. Today is the Birthday of Housamo: Tokyo Afterschool Summoners. :D (Dec. 2, 2016) 4 years! Since it’s going to be christmas soon, here is my favorite monster I fought so far. Did this in my first play of the game!

My favorite battle so far, dealing with a killer Santa. When your party catches up with him, he throws his whole arsenal at you.

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For anyone scrolling by:

My name is Kayla and I live in Louisiana. It’s one of those days where it’s cold and rainy so you spend all day inside.

I guess the purpose of posting is to get all my thoughts out of my head and shed light on a daily dose of my life. I’m 21 and engaged to the man I have always thought I was going to marry, i call him my husband already but just know we plan on getting married in 2021. 🔐

I struggle with serious depression and anxiety, it’s been that way since I was little. It’s always been around. Some days aren’t as bad and some months are better than others but it is ALWAYS there. It doesn’t mean I’m not greatful for what I have and the friends and family and love that surrounds me.

But there’s just some things people don’t understand and that’s okay. Everything isn’t suppose to be perfect 1.2.2020🖤

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