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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#fight for 15

What the hell is so radical about this? Imagine all the money the government would save on welfare, health-care, prisons and the like if the private sector paid a living wage to its employees. Betsy DeVos has nine yachts yet teachers in her Education Department have to buy their students school supplies.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Germany, Holland, France, the Scandinavian countries have figured it out.

Time has come for America. 

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Instead of cop shows, make shows about: janitors, grocery store workers, taxi/Uber drivers, restaurant workers, nurses, truck drivers, retail workers, fast food workers, teachers

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Not to be a union spokesman on main or anything but…

Y'all who get underpaid for crap jobs should really strike right now for contract rights. If you went on strike right now you would break your employer’s so fast they would be scrambling like crazy to get you back to work.

Being stuck at work during this pandemic is not fun when you know you are the most underpaid and the most at risk of catching due to just continuing to deal with all the wild people who are ignoring the calls for social isolation. Fight for sick leave so if you do catch it, you can afford to take time off.

Fight for higher wages so you can save for things like this too.

They’ve made it clear you are essential. Use it to your advantage. This is the time when the system is weak. Break it until it agrees to accomodate you.

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I’m so hung up on the classism of this all. The fast food is vital and can’t close! When I remember “those are unskilled workers, they deserve an (out of date) minimum wage, dream of the day you can get a union job that suddenly gets laid off because the hospitality industry has been canceled!” 

It’s not the end of the world, so let’s make it the end of capitalism as we know it. Power to the people.

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You deserve at least $15 an hour

Even if you…

Are a student

Work part-time

Are a teen parent

Have a criminal record

Are an immigrant

Are undocumented

Work in retail

Work in a bar or restaurant

Didn’t go to college

Live in a small town

Have a disability

Have a mental illness

Are in debt

Receive government assistance

Have chronic pain or illness

Speak English as a second language

Are homeless

Don’t have work experience

EVERYONE deserves a living wage

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