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lettersfrom-s · a year ago
I still dream about you sometimes. I don’t know what that says about me, but every time I do, I wish I could’ve slept longer.
— Letters from S
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be-fearless--free-yourself · 6 months ago
I wish you thought I was worth fighting for
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · a year ago
Maybe you don’t think I’m worth fighting for
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euesworld · 5 months ago
"I will always be there right by your side whether it be winter or summer, joyous or a bummer.. I will always be right there fighting for you, all the while trying to make you smile, cause I love you more than anything."
I wish I could explain how much that I love you, it should be a crime to love you this much.. but here I am loving you with all of me - eUë
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howifeltabouthim · 28 days ago
Because she's the only person who has ever fought for me when I'm down. Everyone else just runs.
Soman Chainani, from Quests for Glory
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depressed-bi-nerd · 4 months ago
I just listened to the Heathers playlist with zero context and… WTF IS THIS MUSICAL
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starlitink · 4 months ago
Friendly reminder that there is an entire Broadway song where the only thing the ensemble sings is “holy shit” over and over.
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lestalkblogs · 5 months ago
For once i want to be the one someone fights for
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justthetruth6 · 2 months ago
I just want someone to fight for me.
I want someone to stay when I tell them to leave.
I want someone to see that I am not okay when I say I am.
I want someone to look me in my eyes and tell me I mean everything to them.
I want someone to want me.
Not just my body. Not just my actions.
But me.
My soul. My mind. My spirit.
I hope that someday someone will see me. And I hope that someday someone will fight for me.
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lettersfrom-s · a year ago
Not knowing where this will lead scares me, but the thought of losing you scares me even more.
— Letters from S
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angelyk-fruitcake · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · a year ago
I start an argument when I want you to fight. Show me you fucking care don’t just leave like a coward
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euesworld · 2 months ago
'Good morning, please be as gentle as you can with me today cause I'm fragile.."
I need you to care about me sometimes or what is this life for? Just fighting all of the time? No, I don't think so - eUë
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howifeltabouthim · 11 months ago
Did you love me at all, to let me turn from you so easily?
Tanith Lee, from White as Snow
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dontcallmeidontexist · 5 months ago
Why do I dream of you
Every night that I lay
Awake in my bed
Dreading the moment I close my eyes and see you
Heaven knows I'll see you there
Staring at the empty space
I'll fight the void
That fills the distance between us
My only hope
That you'll play along
And fight with me
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thatonenerd · 11 months ago
Veronica: Wanna fight for me?
JD: *kills Heather C, Kurt, and Ram*
Veronica: Wait no not like that-
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weyounbathwater · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
For every hater you will have at least one lover ✊😔 Keep fighting
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aphspain-pure · a year ago
Fight for Me (Heathers crossover animatic) | HetaGakuen! AU EngSpa
Toni (member of the Bad Touch Trio, the badass boys group of the academy) falls in love with Arthur, the President of the Student Council. 
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donny-the-dinosaur · 2 months ago
I love when musicals acknowledge the slow-motion being done onstage. Examples include Aladdin’s High Adventure when Omar repeatedly asks “are we there yet?” and (I think) Babkak says “we’re not moving!” because they’re running in slow-motion and in place, and the Urinetown Act One Finale when Lockstock goes, “The rest of us have been thrown into confusion because — well, because we're all moving so damned slowly” and it’s because they’re also running in slow-motion. It’s so freakin funny. And of course Fight For Me from Heathers is notable but that’s more like the choreo is comedic slow-mo. Still great
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lettersfrom-s · a year ago
The worst part of this is I still want to fight for you, knowing full well it’s a losing battle.
— Letters from S
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